Newspaper of Evening Star, April 14, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 14, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMUSEMENTS TO-SIG UT. Ford'b Trbatbr.?Mr. Forrest appears to night in an play, written expressly for biro, sad entitled "The Broker of Bogota." This is the first time Mr. F. has announced this play here, but he has played it elsewhere, and with his usual success. The play, it is said, contains many points of interest, and will be well worth witnessing. G rover's Turatbr?The three -act comic, fantastical opera, entitled "The Merry Wires ol Windsor," will be performed to-night by the operatic company at drover's. This per Jormance will give one of the merriest enter tainments that has been announced tor a long ?vrbiThe whcle opera company is embraced n the cast. OAMTERBrRV.?There was another large and tleiighted audience present here last night, and the performance in all Its details ol song, dance, pantomime, ballet, Ac., was one of the best ot ;he season. To-niebt, again, there will be an admirable entertainment, and the pantomime, "The Honse that Jack Built," will b? per iOTmed. Metropolitan Hall.?The comic panto mime ol "Robert Macaire" is announced lor to-night. Annie Rush, Helena Smith, Leonora <Jreed, G. M. Miles, Scott, Brimmer, and others, will all appear in a good bill. Varieties. ? a glance at the advertised names of the performers at the Varieties will satisfy all that the concert hall company is one deserving of patronage. Especially is that the case this week, when an unusually "flue bill is announced. The Orphan Bovs Fair at Odd Fellows' Hall, is deserving of attention, both on ac count ot'the object for which it is held, and be cause the display of articles is such as to please ail desiring to purchase. Balls.?The American Hook and Ladder 4Jo. No 2, give a ball at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard, to-night; and the Independent So cial Club give one at Temperance Hall. Either will be worth attending. Msbtihg op the Goachmakers.-*-A meet ing of the Journeymen Coachmakers Society ?was held last evening at the Delmonico restau rant, (Eleventh street) to take iuto considera tion the propriety of demanding an increase of twenty per cent on their present rates of wages. Mr. D. D. 01 ark in the chair, and Mr. James F. Grown, secretary. Mr. Kane offered a resolution looking to an increase of twenty per cent on and alter the Urst of May; leaving it optional with those re ceiving *15 per week or upwards, whether they make the demand or not, and declaring that the Society will not countenance anv rate less than ?12 per week. Mr. Cla k did not know that it would be Justice to the bosses to demand at this time the increase, when some of the workmen already got all they ask, and urged that the societv proceed cautiously. There was danger that if the demand was made that emigrant labor would take their places. He had consulted with bis employer, and had ascertained that all the bosses of the District wanted a society lor the protection of themselves. Mr. B. Donnelly wanted the twenty per cent, and was rea-iy to"stop work if it was not given. Mr. Irwin offered as a substitute a resolution requesting the bosses to raise all wages be'ow two dollar* per day to that sum; above .hat sum. an advance of ten per cent; pieceworkers So regulate their own prices according to the quality of the work; leaving it optional with tfo'f whose wages have recently been raised, whether they make the demand or not, and re questing an answer on or before the 23d inst. Mr. I>cnnelly moved to insert "the lowest rat" of wages, #2.5t> per day. and get as much ai?ove it as po-^ible." He thought that those who were kicking against the increase were tho-e who were receiving $2.50 per day and upwards. Mr. Irwin said his principle was to get all lie roulo. Mr. Donnelly did not know any woodworker or blacksmith who receive# less than *2 per tlav. Mr. Clark knew that the employers would fcire a good hand in preference to a bad one, and they wanted *o know what was going on, and he thought that the employers should be consulted first. Mr. Donnelly did not seethe use ol the bosses ccming into the society. Mr. Clark said that the best regulated society in the world?the printers, or typographical acciety?numbered among its members the toosses. and they were in a great measure con sulted before a strike was made, and they had at least a right to be heard as members of the society. He wished to get the bosses among 7h. tr, and was satisfied that thereby the asso ciation would be placed on a firm basis. In this arrangement both the bosses and workmen would be benefitted. He, however, did not ?want to leave it to the bosses to fix the prices, tout would like to get their views before a de mand v as made. Mr. Irwin said that his resolution was not a demand, bnt an appeal, and he would press it to a vote. Mr. Clark moved that the resolution be laid over for one week; carried. A motion was made to appoint a committ-*-, consisting of the president, vice president aud treasure, with two members from each braneh, to invite the bosses to meet them on Monday evening ntxt at the Delmonico to confer in re lation to an increase of wages: which was car ried; and in addition to the above-named of ficers tfce following were appointed-.?Messrs. Joseph Crown and Wm. Powers, of the wood workers: Irwin and P. Fay, of the painters: F. Ii hne and Mason, of the Trimmers; .Tno. Crown and C. Stewart, ol the smiths. Adjourned. Post Opbicb Accommodations.?Our ener getic postmaster, Hon. Sayles J. Bowen, has effected arrangements, under the heavy press of responsible duties which daily devolve upon his office, to furnish additional facilities to the public, by having our city post office opened tor the delivery of letters and newspapers, yV'M half j'ast fix '?< half past seven o'clock every '?Sunday evening. The mails of the day all be ing in and assorted before the hour of opening the windows, it is believed that, in the time specified, all the calls of a Sabbath evening will be satisfactorily met. "Ihe postmaster is also having constructed two little sub-oflices?one on each side ot the ? rrinciral columns, immediately in front of the mam office, and easy of access to everybody. These are lor the convenienceol all who desire to have their letters registered, and one of them will be appropriated exclnsivfly to the lad es. Third Wart>Station Cases.?Ellen Clark, larceny; dismissed. IxJinsa Morris, having sti len goods: ,iaii for bearing. Margaret Bun day, suspicion of larceny: dismiss? V Louis* J. Neff, fraudulently taking letters tr?m the Pc$t Office: dismissed. John Roach, Thomas JDonegan, Edward Fizgera'd. David Barry, Jeremiah Lynch, .lohn Connor, violating cow law: ?5 tach. Elizabeth Williams, threats; bail lor p^ace. James Lane, bastardy: bail tor hearing. T>rro hv Rodgers, assault and bat te>y: bail for peace. Elizabeth Badger, drunk an 1 disorderly- *-2. Emma Young, disorderly; Marain Burin game, drunk military. Grabs Bali..?Owing to the very inclement w.s her on ti;e night of the kail recently given in honor ot he ladies of th^ late fair at the pa'eni Cffi' e, and there having been a strong d> sire to have it repeated, it will be seen bv, the advertisement tnat this will be done on Tues day. the 2?>th of this month, the proceeds to go ti e benefit ot the families of the District soldiers. ForCocrt ?This morning Josephine Wil si n and Marr?lena Johnson, were arrested lor a-sault and battery on Timothy Rodgers. Rodgei* iwiiig under bail for pen o, the women atu? ked him. but Rodgers used U.s fists with consider b e effect, knocking one ot the women ?kwu and kicking her severely. Justice STfcojppson held both women to b ul tor court. AKIMBO Soldiebs TO Desert.?Yesterday, y >lioman ('line arrested Martin Glenn on cbarg-' ot furnishing citizens' clotuing to sol diers, thereby aiding them to desert. Glenn was turned over to Col. Ingraham, who com mitted him to the Central Guardhouse. m ? Sr?MiTTK.i> her Case?Yesterday, in the criminal court, Sarah Murphy, indicted for keeping a bawdy-house, whose* case was con unued, withdrew the motion for continuance, ai d ?uMnitted her case,-when Judge Fi-ber sentenced her to pay a tine of S4UU. A Special Mektiko of the ??Journeymen Bookbinders' Society'* of this city, was held on Apiil 12th, 1~W, at which the following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted >? Wh?reas, this Society has learned with tin Jvi^ned sorrow ot the d< ath ot John C. Rives, E-ki . who for many years has been so favor ably ideii ified with the history of this city and the*pen?-?.ii governm>nf, and who by his libe "Taii'y a: 1 beneficence has not only endeared tmn -'e.i to ai! who knew him, but has furnisiied tr.r bright evidence to the world, that when < a lied upon m the hour of need, he had never bet i lound wanting," be it therefore "Resrfr'i. Th?.t while we recognize in this iift'ic'.ion :lie hand o! 'Him, who doetb all t!i:n;s v eil, we cannot but #eplore his loss, an l iniiigl<? iu the general sorrow a3 we realize the r:.ta, that ? a (treat man has fallen among ' ? R.: ol red, That this Society attend lus funeral in a body," and ?K so'vtJ, That these resolutions be presented to toe papers of this city lor publication, and that the secretary furnish a copy to the ffcmily or Ui? deceased." Wm. McLase, President. Eec. Sec. Pbhmakemtly CLOeHD Vwterlaj, by or der ot the Pro Toet fllarahal, the iiquor estab lishments cfthe following parties, ail on C strert, near the Bal?imoreI?epo?, were perma nently clcaed, and their stock oi liquors coafli cated:?Michael Sherry, PatrickSuIlivan, Bird. Spanieling, and Barney Rice. Sh first pag* of to-day's Slsr for liuerest n* local articles. SPKCIAJj NOTICES.! JrwEUT! Jfwflp.t* For Cue Dollar. At 438 Pennsylvania avenue. near \li street. it the Dollar Jewelry Store. ap 12-6t* The Fret.?Beauty of carriage is tnostlv depen dent upon a judicious preservation of the feet: it is impossible to more in a graceful maimer if the great support of the whole frame be in a disor dered condition, and nothing impede* sr much a* Corns. Bunions. Ingrowing Nails, or other disor ders to which the feet are liable. To all skirted we would recommend an early call at Dr. White's office. No. 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4*? and Ctli streets. ai>6 tf Brown's Broschiai. Troches. These Lozenges are prepared from a highly esteemed recipe for alleviating BroncnUl ATtec tions, Asthma, Hoarseness, Coughs, Colds, and Irritation or 8oreness of the Throat. Pvblic s pealrtrs and foralisL> Will find them beneficial in r'earinsr th? voice before speaking or singini;. and relieviugthe throat after any unusual exertion of the rocal organs." having a peculiar adaptation to affections which disturb the organs of speech. mh29-dA wtf E. J. Wilkixs, Esq., has been appointed Agr-nt of the Great Pennaylvania route, vice K. O. Nor ton, to take effect 011 the 28th of March. Mr. Wil kina has been connected with the Office, at the corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, during the past two years, and is thoroushl y con versant with the business of the route in all its departments. All applications for information, tickets. & c., must be addressed to E.J. Wilkins, Agent Great Pennsylvania Route, Si ,*th ntr>?et and I'eDBsylvania avenue. Ed. S. Yoixa. General Passenger Agent. ap 5 Great Pennsylvania Rc-ate. HtADS THAT ReBKL against the rules of Taste or Beauty, in theireolor or in the loss of all their color, may he changed iu a few moments to any Beautiful Shade. by a single application of CristaDORO'fl Hua Dyk. The rapidity of its operation, perfect safely, per manent healthful effect. and the exceeding depth and richness of the hues it imparts,'distinguish tins preparation from all other Dyes in use iu this country or in Europe. Cristadoro'3 Hair Priservatfvb, a valuable adjunct to the Dye, in dressing and pro moting the growth and perfect health of the hair, and of itself, when used alon??a safeguard that protects the fibers from decay under all circum stances and under all climes. Manufactured by J. Cristadoro, No. 6 Astor House, New York. Sold bv all Druggists. A. n'.ied by all Hair Dress ers. mh ,tl-d\ weolm Colgate's Hoset Km*. This celebrated Toilet Soap, in su< universal demand, is made from the choicest materials, is mild and emollient in its nature, fragrantl> sce:it ed. and extremely beneficial in its action upon th* skin. For sale by all Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers. j*25-eoly Nravocs Drbilitv, Sbmieiai. Wkaknrss, ?tc., ( an Be Cvrtd by one who has really curel hiaisell and hundreds of others, and will tell you nothiag but the trvth. Address, witn stamp. JCliWABi) If. TRAVK3 mar 8-DftW,1y Lock Box. Bnrtoa, Mas*. Skckbt Uiskasxs. Samaritan's Gift is the most certain. s.*re and effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetVji- rem edy ever discovered. Curtis in two to four days, and recent ca^esin twenty-four hours No mineral, t>o balsam, no mercury. Only ten pUls to he taken. It is the soldier's hope, and a friend to those who do not want to be exposed. Male packages, %2, female, $3. iyammnan's Hoot and Herh Juires?A positive and pe rmaneut cure for Syphilis,Scrofula.L icers. jjores Spots.Tetters, Ac. Price 5!.or si* bottles for Si, Bold by S. C. Ford. 8ee ad*ert.sement. ui3 Diseases or the Nervoos, 8kmik-ai., Urinary ani> Skxuai. Systems?new audreliable treatment? in Reports of the Howard Association?Sent by mail in seale.' letter envelopes, free of charge. Address D. J. Skillin Hougnton. Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth street. Phi adelphia Pa. mh29 -3m Da. Dopomt'6 bugar coated Female Regulating Pills are the very best in v?e. They operate fpeedily and effectively. and beinz sunar-toated create no nausea upon the most delicate stomach. A trial of these Pills will prove their superiority over all others. Price SI a box. Sold by 8.0. Ford, corner 11th street and Pa. avenue.Washingtou.and Henry Cook, Alexandria. Ja6-1> Spbrmatokrhoca can beCorxd.?Dr Hand's Spe cific cures Sperniatorrhia, Seminal Wenkiuss. Im poteney. Loss of Power. ttc.,<peed'!y and tftrtually. Its effects are truly magical. A trial of the Specific will convince the most skeptical of its merits. Price 81 a box. Sold by &.C. Ford, corner 11th street and Pa. aTenae, Washington, and Henry Cook, Alexandria. JaU-ly Thbcheapxst a?d best H'air Dy* ikthe Wori.d ?Aever Fades or Wash** Out.?Uphain'a Hair Dye, 60 cents a box. The best in use. Trv it. Soli by 8. C Ford, corner 11th meet snd Penn. avenue, Washington; and Henry Cook, Alexandria a6-ly W abb a NT ed To CorbinSix Days.?Dr. Godtrey's Antidote, an Inglish Specific of sixty-five years' standing, will cure Gonorrhoea in six days. No change of diet requirod. Price SI per bottle. Sold by 8. C Ford, corner lltb street sad Pa. avenue, Washington, and Henry Cook, Alexandria. J?6 ly MARRIED, On the4th inst . by the Rev. Mr. Thrush. EZRA CORNE1LUS SOI*LBS. of Brock^ort N. Y., t?. Miss ELIZA ELLEN GODFREY. o^this city. Lines to the MkmOi y ot Miss M. V. M. By hep. Mother. And art thou gone? my eldest, dearest daughter ! To where the angels tune the golden lay: Where flowers bloom, and fountains teeai with water. . ... .... And all is "shadowy stillness and eternal Jay. Thou in Ihv virgin youth, with hope untainted. And all tli\ virtue from fruition Iree. Ilast lett the reapless hopes of love uosbakca. And gone a- reaper towards eternity. And would that I had gone and left the-, only To follow to tiie upward path Above: The iiardef'ii of the spring of lire and ii>> so lone!> . I'm left with wrecks of t?- uu-ve. Where'er T rove. f>r wove.'>r live, ti.-ar Mai*. My In art belii-vts in Jesus, and \* ith thee Wh'o.-e voire r::i:^'c, and whOM-toot step? ft ? Sliall make the Edetrof my he^V'-n ?m-. y. s ' lam left to weep and show n? ? angt' To walk the uiaxescU life'scrowds aloiie: V. to the realms of npnce uiy spirit* I *n- n" , f. swell t!:e anthems r< un<i the gie:.l .-. liiie throne. \V ?*BCOO..?M. w.m kr cWkiij A l<r^e t mint received this (in*, and tor sale at lah YEA^s & House-Furnishing Store, ap 12 fit 3IS Ir 'H Hall._ CAilD rnOTOCBAPIIS F Noted individuals or works of art, pfnm >r naiuted in oil colors, wholesale and retail, at ' FRANKLIN .V CO.,?. Opticians . \J4 t Ph. h\.. bet. 12th and 13th Slieets Also, Pa. hv? under the National Hotel Catalogues furnished on applieytion. 93TPhotograph Albums ol all siie-au ? patterns itrd at the lowest figures. ap 12-1 w MILKS! ? MILKS M I" L K S !'! . Tlie subscriber has for sale or exchange! T<> bead of large voung broken MULKS. Also, some good u SUREVK. ap 12-3t* 7th st., bet. H and I at-. AT N?>. 4HO NINTH STKEKT.-We are now re ceiving a fresh supply of GROCEllIKS. such SYRUP, white and brown SUGARS. TEAS of all tirades. Green, Black, Knglibh Ilreik fast and Japan. ??? , , . SMOKED BEEF and TONGt KB ot choice Huatity. BUTTER from Orange county. N. Y. For sweet ness, not to be surpassed in the city. To all of which we invite the citizens of Wash ington and our friends geueiully. at iNt*. 4*>V? Ninth street, between E and F. . ?(1 ap 12 5t" A. H. \Ol NG A C>. Tew goods?new goodsi CST Received, a fine and handsome assortment of Parasols and Sun Umbrellas of late st yles; also. Quaker Hoop Skirts. Dres.-. Triiumings. Bugle (tiinps, (|ui'.!t?d Ribbon, Drcs^ Ki^ other Clovt'H. Braids of all kin Is, Hair Nets. l>res-HM. Matfic Ruftiinir, \ elvet *iv\ Belt Kibb??n, Ladies' and Gents'Collars and CulTs. LndersUirt and Drawers, Handkerchiefs, Stocking>. Soc_ks. Neck-ties. Combs, Brushes. Soaps. Extracts, lo mades, together with a full assortment ol tancy HooHs. Toys, Musical Instruments. ,Vc., Ac. Come every one aud f^^lf'SK^cy Store. 302 E street, near I4t! Depot for Boswell A Warner's Colorific for eo? oring the hair. DOOF1NG FELT Conbtautly on handed torg^ 31^ Peuua. avenue, iup stairs,1 mh 16 eolia between 9th aad iuth sr<. BKICKS AND WOOD FOR SALE.?One hnii lr. d thousand Hard Brick, one thou,aud cord> sea soned Oak and Pine Wood for ?a e by ap 11-1 w* r>4 Bridge st. eet. Geor4?? town l.-OK SALE-A few barrels of pare Jl'-w^'if;1* r wniSKY.from 2J? to I" yearsoln. made ?t the celebrated Lowry Distillery on the Moiu?ugaheN river. It would answer well for hospital pwra -se or for any one usinga stimulant of thai kind, oem^ perfectly pur-?warranted so. lnauir<- at 17.? ?itii "'I;',',-';"' OW)HHR.<. HATS. CTTKR AND EGOS.?New Butter arriving dailv, for sale st Baltimore prices. Twenty barrels fresh Eggs, iu store and for sate^t^^ jg, u 6t* 4>'i# dth street. JDEAFNSfilft, CATARRH, and diseases of the EAR, THROAT, AND AIR PASSAGES. Da. LIoHtHILL, from 34 St. Mark Place. New York, AutUvr of "A Popular Treatise on Deafness," ?? Letters on Catarrh." is now in WASHINGTON, and can be consulted at tke Ebbitt Horsa for own wiik until Saturday evening, April 16 th, on DEAFNESS, CATABRH, and all the various diseases of the EAR, THROAT, AND AIR PASSAOFl*. Frsm the Rev, Fred. S. Jewell, l'rofesssr ?f State Neraal Schoel, Alter , N. Y. This may certify that I have been, since 1914, subject to violent periodical attack; of catarrh, marked by a highly inflamed cond ttou of the lining membranes of the cavities o.' the bead, producing a most distressing species of head* ache tor days at a time, wholly Incapacitating me lrom business, and during the paroxysms confining me to the bed. In some instances the inflammation has extended to the teeth, occa sioning toothache : to the threat, producing hoarseness and partial loss of voice; and and twice it has so affected the left eye as to con* fine me for a month or more to adarkened room. These attacks have been accompanied by strong febrile symptoms; by stoppaee ol the head, and, in the first stages, by watery discharges from the nose, subsequently becoming acrid and yellow, and towards the cloee of the attack becoming bloody and purulent. I have tried medicines of almost every kind; external ap plications to the head, such as camphor, gin ger, hot bandages, and fomentations of hot vinegar; snufffe of some half a dozen kinds, and other catarrhal preparations, together with in ternal remedies, such as alteratives, cathartics and emetics. These have produced no change in the occurrence or character of the disease, and, in most cases, with little or no temporary relief. I had come, at length, to believe the disease to be practically beyond either cure or material alleviation. Under tbese circumstances I was led some fiTe months ago. to make a trial of Dr. Light hill's treatment. His method at once approved itself to my judgment, as simple, philosophi cal. and likely to be effective. Notwithstand ing the disadvantages under which he labored, In dealing with a disease of such long stand ing, aggravated by nervous debility and dys pepsia, and constantly induced by the acci dents of my professional labor, I found the treatment reaching the disease as it had never been reached before, and prodncing such a modification and alleviation of its character, as 1 had supposed imnossioie. 1 chronicle the results thus. Although I have been situated several times, so that 1 should formerly have believed a severe attack of my catarrh inevita ble, I have escaped thus lar: the symptoms of threatened attack have been very light, and have vielded to the remed' ? ? employed by Dr. Lighthill, without need ci recourse to the old hot fermentations, or emetics; and the dischar ges trom the head have resumed the original and natural condition. 1 count upon a com plete cure. That I have been able, however, to obtain so material a reliet is to me a cause ol gratitude. In that alone, I am repaid for whatever the treatment may have cost me. 1 make thls.statement unsolicited, as a means ol acknowledging my obligations to I)r. Light hill's method of treating catarrh', and with a view to aid any who may have suffered from that disease, in forming a just opinion ol its merits, and its probable utility in their own case. Frkdk. S. .Tkwkll. Prot State Normal School. Albany, N. Y., March 14. l"?fil. Catarrh < ured. Prom Rtv. H. IJ. Hussrlt, Lynn, Mass I have beeu much troubled with Catarrh of the worit type lor some twenty years. It gradually grew worse, producing cough and hoarseness, destroying the sense ot smell, and breaking down my general health to such a degree aii to compel me to resign my pastorate, and suspend public speaking. 1 made diligent use of the useful remedies, such as snuffs ol different kinds, nitrate of silver, tar water, olive tar, and inhalations, but without an v salutary effects. Last sum mer I heard of Dr. Lighthill's successfnl mode ot treating catarrh, visited him, and put my self under his treatment. I began immediate ly to improve, and this improvement has gone on to the present time. My catarrh has gradu ally melted away, my cough has disappeared, my voice has become natural, and I am once more able to preach the blessed Gospel. Let me advise all troubled with catarrhal difficul ties to apply to Dr. Lighthill. P. R. KrseBLL. Lynn, Mass., Feb. 1, ISIS. mh Hl-eo3w BALLS, PARTIES, &c. fjUGHTIl GRAND ASSEMBLY J OF THF AMERICAN HOOK AND LADDER CO., OlU> FELLOWS1 HALL,i Mnry Ynr.t .) ?N 1 THURSDAY* NIGHT, April 14 1861. The committee, will use their utmost endeavors to make this a pleasant time for all who rnsy favor us with their patronage. A general invitation is extended to all the Indies, as no specials will be served. Ticket;., admitting a gentleman anu ladies, fifty cents. No postponement ?n account of the weather. Committee. J. W. Cross. James Anderson, A. 11. Vermillion, Thomas Johnson, George K. Hoppell. Dancing to commence at So clock. ap7-7t* ^ K CON D~~G HAND HALL v or the , INDEPENDENT SOCIAL CLl'B. To l?e given at the TE MF EH A A'Cfc HALL. E street. between Oth and 10th streets, on UlURSDAY EVENING. April lith. The members of the Club return their s:ucere thanks/to their friends and the public for past fa vors. and respectfully solicit their patronage at our Second Grand Bali, and we promise those that will favor nswith their presence a a evening of p!easnre. The celebrated Ilolr Hill Band has been euigaged for the occasion. Tickets One Dollar, admitting -i gentleman aurt ladies. Hv order of C"mmittee. ap7 7t" T. E. CLARK, Bec'y. Bk PERSONAL. 1\|RS. CHATHAM. Ar. excellent Ciairvoynit i* 1 tells the Past, Present :md Future on C-.-treet, rear the dej>ot. over the United States BxKerjr. a p II ;d *" MEDICAL.-Magnetism and Electrieit> - -^r ing chronic and acute diseases when all other treatments fail. .MRS. WREN. 44<i K t.. between filh and 7th. Washington. P. S. Lsdies attended and boarded during con finement. ? ap 13 lm* A-OOLD WATCH WANTED.-The gen11 einati who purchased a double-case English gold watch at CI reen's auction -tore on Tuesday, the 'th i nst.. and for which be paid *52. will confer a great favor if he will call at Isaac Herrberg A- Son. pawnbrokers, on C street. I>etwean and i>lii sts. The original owner will give a tair profit on tile same, as it was left to him by a deceased parent ap 13-3t* M1 JRS. L. SMITH, an excellent clairvoyant and test medium. 335? corner of fith street and Mass. avenue, over grocery, examines diseases, heals h> magnetism, sees your dead and living friend*, tell* their character, gets names, reads t he future. Hours from 10 a. in. to s p. in. ap 11 -1 ii. * IVJOTICE.?All persons are herebjr warned against i* purchasing either of the following described promisory notes:?One note for five dollars, pay alde thirty days after date: six for the sum of five dollars each, payable respectively two. three, four, five, six and seven months after date; and one for eight dollars and twenty-five cents, payable eight months alter date. All of said notes are dated March 12.1*fi4. each made payable to John K. Beli rms or order; signed M. [her Xmsrkl Baltz ant witnessed by E. II Hate1-. The ahove described notes are without consideration; were obtained by coercion, and will not be paid. ap 11 3^ PHAUND BARNES. A LADY WISHES TO M AKE the acquaintance of ? gentleman with a view tojnatrimony. He inunt be gentlemanly in appearance intelligent and industrious. The best of reference given and required Address, with reai uauie. "Fannie."' Washington City. ap9-"eo3t* BOARDING. Hoarding and lodging can be had in s German private family, at 30. ;W9 9th?t.. opposite the Center Market, up stairs MP If ar WM YOlTNti. BOARDING.?Those who desire a j>' **ant spring and summer residence will find; ? t to their ad vantage to call at No. Bridge street, George town. D C., near Frederick str<?*'. one of the mo-t delightfu 1 locations in Georgetown. ap H-3t* ('OOD BOARDING and pleasant ru/ijn* ran he > had at reasonable rates. at No. f>f> Washing ton street. Georgetown. ap 1:1 1?J TWO GENTLEMEN wishing permanent board, can he accommodated with a large-sizM front chamber, ou second tloor, in a private family, in Georgetown. For particular* address Box HO Georgetown P.O. References required. ap re-gt* BOAlD.~-8ix or seven gentlemen can be accom modated with board and lodging, on reason able term*. at No. 134 22d street, between K and L, a?*r Pcuu. aveuue. * WANTS, W ? IMMEDIATILY-Two or thr ?e go A n?k*SS ^?,SH?K MAKBRS. Those ttaafaMi R <> Kin^L*? work preferred. Call at ^ ? ^for*etow"- ^ ^ apll-.1t* W AN*EDpA first-rat* plain COOK. One who <r.o understand* her Iwunfw run obtain ?ro#d ?t%SZa ?ALs04- * *ood Washer and Ironer A.pW at 2b4 F. between 13th and 1 tth sts. ap 14.3" i ? rpsJ*cl4bl? woman, a girl T NATION as seamstress. by the dar or we#?k If 5??M.?"n.'1 ?*?" kind, of iMVe.i oWa at3E5 13th street. between H and I, ? TYrP.G??n ?OLOHSD aKRVANTS WANTED wait on th^*f.K?"T r f**nilr-a cook and a bov to WHITE WOMAN to cook, wash tent a mtnlV*in a pr,Tate family. To one eomp? prSl^mifnf:' permanent situation and lib fttrrt'cln'bJ SjfX'on toOtowtOTra ?r? towm 'for n feVdlv* M?utff0raery House.G*orf e VV PINTERS,maK?f ATt*? Y"??0 *00* CAR - ^T-KKo. AppI) at Star Office, ap 13 3t* ^^>fr,ftEjvnI'^yi WANTED, immediately. A^ preferred! street north. German ^irl VV ?*KSS MAK1R8.?NomTTot r?U V ?ood ?a'arr paid. iS sUir?ne Wffek at ~43 Pcnn- **enue, first floor up stairs. ap 13-St* W AhnT?D~^wo*^od PAPKEHANUBRa. None KIDWKLT '?%k?C?, ^orkmen need apply at J. L. muwjll 8, 367 Dstreet, near 9th. ap 13-3t W Vrn?D~By ,* rMP*ct*hle woman, a 8ITCA j1' as cook, or as washer and ironer. Ad dress Box 37 Star Office, for two days, ap 13-2t* WVrnfiD~By ? respectable man, a SITCX ? 1 ION as psmwe smith or forge machinery Apply at the Star OflTce for ' T. B.'1 ap13-?t* W ??Jn r"~*i rood HOPS* SERVANT for a family; one that understands cooking. %4 n ian. 'romng. Apply personally at No 864 C street, between i}j and 6th. Island. apl3-tt* W Vtn?D-Br f r?RP*ctable woman, a SITUA [Pn.*r 001>n a boardinc house or in a P? *iti m,ly- AddreM Bo* 37, Star Office, for two aayi. ?p 13-frt* Vt/ANTED?By a mechanic and bis wife. good. "? plain BOARD in a private family. Payments mafle promptly, and terms must be moderate Ad dress, stating terms, Ac., Box 4, Star Office. ap 13-2t* WANTED?A SITUATION, by a gardener, a single man. He understands gardening and forming in all its various branches. a"d will give good satisfaction to his employer. Give hiin a chance and 1be will pay you a highper centage. Address C. S. D..'' at the 8tar Office, for one WPe?- ap!3-4t* YVANTKD-A COOK. WASHER and IRbNER vv lor small family. References required. A? ply at 35!* l"th street, between L and M. ap 12 3t WANTED?A COLORED BOY as servant at the Hauseatic Legation. 477 6th, corner D st Good references required. ap 12 5t* Wf ANTED-A good live WHITE WOMAN to do washing and ironing. Good wages will be paid. Apply at American House,7th street, corner Pa. avenue. W ashington, D. C. ap 12-3t* ASITI ATION WANTED?By a young man. as clerk in a dry goods or grocery store. Best of reference given. Address 15 at this office. ap 12-3t* WlANTED?By a young girl, a SITU ATION to vv do chamber work and assist in washing aud ironing, or do plain sewing. Apply at 423 F street, between 6th and 7th. ap 12-jt* VV ANTED?An experienced WASHERWOMAN. * T. *'h? come with good reference*, at No. 27.i Vermont avenue, between H and I streets ap 12-3f \\r K?od COOK: also, a dining-room vv WAITER, (ioodwascs and steadv employ ment. Colored persons preferred. Apply at 514 Utli street, one door from Penn. avenue ?Pj2 3t- H. R. BR0ADKR3. 1\T ANTED?Fifty good L ABORERS to put on felt ? * roofs. Wages $.'{5 per month and rations. ? W.E.BROWN. cup t Government Carpenter Sh ip, apJ2-3tJ cor, of N. Y. av. aud 18th St. WOMAN AND BOY WANTED-MTTdle-aged woman. Germsn or American. to do the housework of s small family. Good home and fair wages. Also, a genteel Colored Boy.'of about <8, for dining room servant. No. 456 New York av , between Uth and 15th sta. ap 12-31" W ANTED~A rood DINING ROOM SRTlVANT; y y one who will make him-st-lf general! v useful A colored boy between the ages of IS and 20 pre ferred. Good wages and a comfortable home of fered. Inquire at No. 1C2 I street, near 21st street north. ap 12-qw* 1*7ANTED.?A young man. who comes well re " commended, is a good penman,and graduate of Eastman's BuMne-is College, desires a SITLTA '? ION as C'erk or Book-keeper in some mercantile bouse in this city. Address J. CRANDON. jr.. at this office or American House. ap ll-St" 1 000 A^I1^LERY~in?RSES WANTEDAT Ojhrt of Chi'f (Junrtermasur, Depot of Washington.) VV ashim(;tok, D. C.. April 11. is'.*. \ I.OOO HORSES, suitable for Arfillerv service, will l>e purchased at this depot, by th" ;n jersigne 1 in open market, from date until .Slav u, lsu. in lots of one to fifty, at one hundred and -i\t\-fivp dol lars (,??liiS' per animal; ?-ac't aniiual to subjecteil t? the usual Government inspection before beii.g accepted. II orses to be delivered to. and inspjeted bv. Cap tain C. II. Tompkins. A. Q. M.. IT. S. A , corner of ??d and G streets. Wa-?hingt?n. D. C. ' . D. II. Rl.'CKER, Brigadier Genera', and Chief Quartermaster, ap ll-27i Depot of Washington. D. C. W ANTED?At No. 37^ E street, between 8th and 9th sts., a good WAITER. ap9-lw* OFFICE DEPOT CO.MMISSARY ^"SUBSIST ENCE. WARHIKfiTOK. D C.. April 5. Mil WANTED-ONE HUNDRED GOOD BAKERS at tlie Government Bakery in this citvk on G street, between Twenty fourth and Twenty-fifth streets ap7-pt S. C. GREENE. Captain C. S. V." C (inn T0NS "ONE-WANTED.?The under signed will pay one dollar per loO lbs. tor all green camp and hospital Bones, delivered at their factory, corner 27th and G sts mti 17-lm MORGAN A RIIINEHART. nnil IADIKS WANTKD TO CAM. AT ? 1'RISl'E S Stamping Depot. 3M F street, opnosito Patent Office, and get their Stamp ing. Stitching, I'inkins and Embroidery dene As there are other Richards in the field, lu lies l.ett -r look out that they come to Prince's, who i-the only practical band in the *ity. Be sure you go to F street, opposite Patent Office. < mh4 IA )S an d fo ij n dT^ 1 OST-A GOLD-HEADED CANE was taken from i.i a ear on the7.T0traiii from Baltimore last eve ning. A liberal reward will be paid for its return to 310 (. street, between 12th and J3th, Washing '?u' ap U :{t ? fOST? A bull terrier BITCH, white, with black -i ejee arid nose and a very small black spot <>n one side of the body; much scarred a'-ont the head. ! ivt dollars will be paid upon returning her to No. 2 Louisiana avenue. It* rl1AKKN UP ESTIVAY?A dark red and white' Jt C(i\V, with a young ca^f. Tiie owner i.> re quested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take her away. DENNIS BARRETT. A st. north. ap H-3t* bet. 2d and 3d sts. east, Capitol Hill. Sit ll) REWARD.?Was drowned on fhe lllhTu VJ " slant, in the canal, foot of Uth street a ' oy named CHARLES RATHA; about 8 years old. The lx.(I> .it is supposed, may liave drifted to the mouth if the canal near the Navy Yard. The above reward will be paid for the recoverv of the body. CHARLES RATH A. ap 14-3t* 301 C street, between ??th and loth. IOST?On Tuesday, the 12th instant, from No. u .>40 Massachusetts Mrenue. between 2d and td streets, a small white POODLE DOG. A liberal reward will be given if returned to *P 13-3t* J H. COWAN. 1 EL REM ARD?DOlr LOST.?Strayed or was. V ?/ n on Saturday last, r lar^ l)lack and white Newfoundland and St Bernard Dog, about 5 or 1. years old. The above reward will be paid for his delivery at No. (500 Mass. av. ap 13 'ltc CIO REWARD.?Strayed away ou the 12tti i;i <4. I I' stant, a bay PONEY with star in his fore head and right hind foot white. Theabove reward will be given if returned to BENEDICT MALA TLSTA. No. 298 B street north, between 2d and 3't streets. ap 13-it* %in REWARD.?Strayed or stolen, on the 12tli in.-tant. about 4 o'clock p. m.. a black MARK, very poor, with saddle and bridle; lump under tlie cnin. The artiove reward will be given if returned to Mr. EtlKHARDT'S, corner 13'i and E street north. ap TAKEN UP AS ESTRAY?f>n March 21th. one !'*y HOUSE by Capt. C. S. Hail, which the owner can have by coming forward, proving pr.yi erty and take him away from my stable, No. 3>i t otigress street, G> orgetown. D C. hp l.i-.rt* J. P. VAN E3SON. / 1A ME TO MY PREMI8ES, on the 10th instant, V lour COWS?two with horns and two buffalo J'ov s. Aiso, on the 12tli instant, one light colored C(<?\ with horns. The owners are requested tn come forward, prove property, pay charges aud take them away. A. GLBASt?K.on Walbridge Farm. about half a mile northwest of hp 13-3t* Columbia College. jikOflf) REWARD.?Stolen from tho stable of ? m Q EMERY, on Second street, be \wee" B mid C. on the uigbt of April 11. one large BA? Il('Bt>E. about seventeen hands high. J.'iio lbs.. eight years old. Also, two medium size BA YS,? (s match pair, > about fifteen hauds high, five years old. full black mane and tail. One of them had no shoes on front feet:'had scar from bleeding on same leet. The above reward will be paid for them, or a proportion for each. an 1.1-3t HPAKEN UP?On Sunday morning, April l"th, a -i stray buffalo COW. with speckled OOW. eup posed to be a beef. The owner can have her by ap p'yiug at Andrew Burgess' on 13th street esst. be tween (? ?nd I str?H-ts south, and paying charges. J2 3f ANDREW BURGESS. I (I REWARD.?Stolen from the stable of the or Tici. undersigned during Inst night, a small bay HOiiSK. white spot between the eyes and on the no?.p ? knot on the inside of the right hind lag; bund in the right eye. The above reward will be paid for information which will lead to the recov ery of the horse. F.DW. HAWKINS, ap 12-lt* , corner l"th and N sts. % ? fvfli REWARD.?Stolen from the subscriber 011 J? j ^">nday night. April lltb. bay JIORSB. lt'j hands high: one white fi*ont right hoof; white worn spots on back under saddle; aUo. McCIellan infantry saddle and army halter And bridle. The abtive reward will be pain for the recovery of the property ana detection of tne thief. JOHN ESPUTA. ?p 12 3t' ge, 513 3th st. cjnt, Navr *?vd. FOB BENT AND SALE. . , i. ...... - TO RENT-A new BRICK HOUeE to 1ft. la giilreat 4U6 Uth street. ay II it* C*OR RKKT?Four ROOMS. tw*? furnished. t*.i F unfnrnishe*. at 40S U itreet. between l-th (Hid 13th. .? It* FOR RENT?On* Bitting kuI oftr hf1 ROOW. well famished; second floor. Apply ?t 4I5 H street earner of ltth. ,it* FOR RENT-A BRICK HOUSE. on 7tli stratf, containing six rooms. Rent. 33>l * month, fa quire at WILSON' 4c BAN FELL'S. No. 4 46 Eighth street. up 14-2* FOR REWT-Seven UNFURNfSBED ROOM3 five rooms on the first floor, suitable for hoard ing or family. Inquire at the Star Office. aplVSt* TWO"WELL FURNISHED ROOMS, at J>H per month; also, one at 512; an<1 a basement at iu a small private family, at 393 H street, S. *1. corner 13th. between 13th and 14th sts. ap 13-St* f^OR BINT?A FRONT ROOM. 409 Seventh street. between D and E. suitable for an office. A good btiMiie~.- location. Inquire at STANTON "S, 495 7th street. a?13-2t* Furnished rooms for ren t .?De?irai>i? APARTMENTS en suite on iirst floor front. Private table if desired. Apply at 3'2'i Gst., be tween 19th and 13th. north side. ap 'VSt* E*OR RENT-A BRICK HOUSE, corner f 15th 1. and N streets, suitable for a ;irorery atore and dwelling. Apply to it. GREEN, corner nth and L streets. ap 13- 2t* For rent-a furnished HorsRTcUiruin^ in* eight rooms, havinu a lease of three years, in a central locality. If desired, the lease will be sold without the furniture. Possession immediately. Apply at 330 E street.between nth and Uth street*. ap 13 3t* FOR RENT-A second floor FRONT ROOM, and two third fl^or rooms. furnished or uufur nished, in a most desirable summer locality. Ap ply at 486 north N afreet, between 13th ant 14th streets, corner af Varmont avenue. Wanted, an elderly colored WOMAN, to do the work of a smil family. A pply as above. ap l:?-3t* FOR SALE-ASTORE and DWELLING HOUSE. No. 40l.'on7tb street, between H and I streets. Lot ?? by "<? feet. This is a first-rate business place. A BRICK HOU8E, No. fi#S, on M ween 4th and 5th streets. Hassix rooms. Sets back from the street. Lots'by 219 feet, running through to Ridge street. I? a very desirable place for a private residence. A BRICK HOUSE,No.432.an9tbstreet, between G and H streets. Has four rooms. Sets bach, with yard in front. Lot 19 feet 6 iivehes by 99 feet. A FRAME HOUSE. No, 373."Wn 9th street between I and New York avenue. Seven rooms. Lot 2" by I'O feet. A FRAME HOU8E. No. 343. on 1<nh street between L Rnd M etreeta. Ha* six rooms. Lot 2? by 1'*' feet. A FRAME-HOUSE. No. 342. on G ween 11th and 12th. Six rooms. Lot 2^by Hit feet. For particulars apply to F. 8. KERN. ap 13-lni* No. to33 M st.. bet. 4th and 5th. ZpOR RENT-A PARLOR and BED ROOM in the r immediate vicinity of the Treasury Dpart ment. Apply at No. 432 15tfi st. ap U-.ttw OR~RENT-A large finished BASEMENT. No. 500 8evsenth street. joininrOdd Fellows' Hall. One of the best locations in llie city for barber shop and bathing saloon. It will not be rented for a restaurant. Appl> in store above, ap 12-jt* OR RENT-One or more new FRONT ROOMS, furnished ?>r unfurnished. R?*nt very mod erate. For particulars apply at No: 16 Second street, between C street and Maryland avemie, Capitol Hill, near the CapitoL ap 12-3t" OR RENT?A Three-storv BRICK HOUSE, containing nine rooms and cellar; n?*wly re paired. and fitted up with gas. all complete?be tween Pn. avenue and M street. 011 2>?th street. I11 quire at No. 44 Water st.. Georgetown.* TO LET.?A nice small nOUSE. containing six rooms , with gss in all except kitchen; larse vard. and withiu two blocks of the Department!,. Furniture for sale cheap, as owner has to leavw town. Address" Rebecca." post office, one week, ap 12-lw* FOR 8AT.E OR RENT-A delightful COUNTRY RESIDENCE and FARM of 65 acres. 4H miles north of the city of Washington. It is high and healthy, having a li?e view of the Capitol; the house new and soil ^excellent. Apply to E1?W. SWANN . 32 Louisiana avenue, W asaingtoii. ap 12- eo2t* . ^O RENT? A nOT'SE containing II rooms, thor a _ oughly furnished. Can be seen between the hours of 12 and 3 o'clock on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday, the 13th! |4th and 15th of A prii. Apply at No.. i*9 Penn. avenue, between 21ft and sts. ap 12 3t* FOR SALE?One thousand dollars only f'?r an equsl partnership and one-half of the stock of an established business paying from Ji to per day nett profit. No bonns required. MITCHELL A SON. Real Estate Brokers. apJ2-lw* southeast cor. Pa. av. and 15th st. FOR SALE?LOTS n and 32, in Square 1513. front ins *houttiO feet on N street north, between 4th and 5tli. and running back to an equal frontage on Ridge street, containing, in the aggregate, say 13.153 square feet. Cash purchasers can obtain a areat bargain. Address 51. SNYDER. Jr.. 30 N assau street. N ewVork. apPi 1 w* IfOR RENT?A large BRICK HOUSE, having been thoroughly re|mired throughout, con taining fifteen rooms including a Urge dining room, parlors, Ac., situated on High street. Georgetown, suitable for a hotel, boardtug-house. Ac. Inimedinte possession given. Inquire at No. 457 Thirteenth street, between E an.I F, between 12 and 1 o'clock. ap!12wr *0R SALE?/I P/l n<; A [~x ?Two LOTS er.ntig nous?5 and i? acres? beautiful. healthy, good neighborhood; 3'? miles n >rth of city Also Wanted?A small HOUSE and GARDEN in the country for the summer. Address Dr.H.N", WADSWORTH. :i6ti C street. apT-eo^t* F^'OR SALE?A three-story brick DWELLING, with a fine large st.-tre room attached to s*me; situated on the corner of tith street west :?nd N street north. Apply to WM. LORD, corner of 5th street west and G street north. ap IMvv * RIVATE SALE.?A new thr.-e -tory H|{1CK HOUSE, with two-storj back building, con tains eiaht roojns. No. 192 Fourth street. !> ? .??. ,-e'i L and New York avenue. 1'riee 4.Posses sion immediate. If not sol I Kyf?t<t &;*>?. will l>e sold at auction. Apply to JOHN F.OREWS. 424 Seveiith street. __ FOR SALE.?That valuable BUSINESS PROP EKTY. situated at corner of Seventh and K streets, fronting the Northern Liberties Market H ouse Also, two snisll BRICK HOI SKS. on K street, between t>tli and 7tli.# A long credit.011 pay ments of money. For particulars inquire of I'r. A.J.BORLAND. No. 452 Massachasette avemie between tith and 7th streets. ap '.?-7t WO NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, with fir-t. class board, at 301 G street, between l."!th an \ 14th streets. ap i lw* LARGE BRICK DWELLING on U north, be tween 6th and 7th we>t. 525, will be sold for Js.OUO. Immediate possession. Terras easy. Would nlso sell other improved and unimproved \>roparty in convenient locations. B. MILBLRN. ap 6-1 m* 524 I street north. FOR SALE OR RENT?That first-class DWELL ING IIOUSK and lot of ground at the soath we^t corner of Prince and Columbus streets, Alex andria. Title perfect and immediate possession given. Inquire of JAMES A. STOULENBERG, Alexandria, or of the subscriber. Franklin Row. Washington, corner 13th and K fts. up5 lm? J. H. LAXHROP. Houses for sale. A Corner Lot, l.'in feet front on Pa. av., con ' taining 2J,.r><i<"> square feet of groun-i, improved bv stores, offices, and residences; is one of the best locations for a first-class hotel in Washington. The whole of this excellent property can be pur chased for S125.l'm>?S25.00Ucash. balance ou long A^fiu'e Brick Residence on K *t., oppo. Franklin Square. 12 rooms, 25 by 133 ft to JO foot paved al ley. stable and carriage house ?' 10,0i>0 Decirable Brick on 11th st.,uear Pa. av..2?i by 100. 10 rooms -.... 8,0t*l Brick Residence on L st., 22 by 137, If rooms, good cta'-le ? ?- 5,?X> A substantial Brick, ou B St., bet. 2d and 31, IS by li4i. 8 rooms - 4,000 1A snug little Brick House, on L St., 16 by hA', ? 6 rooms Frame Dwelling, Iti rooms.and lu.5t.i0 feet of gtound ?-? . ?....- WWO A neat Frame House, on 11th st., 12 by 10U.6 rooms ? jiOw One <>n t>th St.. bet. N au?l 0 sts., 23 by 126. 6 rooms ? v?r: l.Vw Two F rajnes on N st., bet. 4th and 6th sts. 1C by 13o. 4 rooms, each l.lOu Building Lots in all parts ??f the city. A number of desirable Farms for sale. MITCH ELI. A SON. Real Estate Brokers, npi-tMl S E. corner Pa. av. and 15th st. FTOR SALE-The HOUSE Sc. 4!?0 Mass. avenue, between4th and 5th streets, will be soil low for cash. Possession given 1st of June. Also, a LOT containing 32 acre? of IaitI on the turtipike n-ad. near Bladeiisburfe; aljoinB the farms of Messrs. DoOgeaud Rives. Several other pieces or parcels cd" land in the same locality ft?r sale. Ad dress J . W. YEITL'H, Attorney at Law. Bladens burg. Md. ap 2 2w* I^HREE DK^IUABLE BRICK HOUSES AND A number ot VACANT LOTS in the Western part of the citv at PRIVATE SALE.?We oiT.-r fors?tle two three-story Brick Dwelling Houses. Nos.21 and 2:1 Penusyl*auia avenue,between 1 ^.*n ty-fourth and Twenty -fifth streets, containing each fifteen rooms, with iar^t- hall an lail t.h*3 luo'leni improvements. The houses are :u liue condition, liaving lately been thort-uglily repaired. At tached to one *?f the houses is a side lot fronting 22 feet on the avenue, with choice truit tree-, grapery, Ac. ? .. . , ? ... ?.? ... Also, a three-st?>ry Brick Dwelling. No. 7* h street, with sida lot. aud containing nine rooms. Also, a number of Vacant Lois, fronting ab.>ut 24 feet each on Pennsylvania iwenue, between Twenty-fourth and Tw?ntk-8fth streets, For terms. Ac. nppiy toJAS. C McGL ll^r- A CO., Auctioneers. ap --<y'.v OR RENT?"tt itu or without ]5 >arJ, an excel lent PARLOR and several wcUturnishe 1 BE D ROOMS. ht 450 12th street., within live l ir.jutcH walk of the Kirkwood Hou>e. Wiuards ind the Patent Office, Post Office and Treasury and Slate Departments. The location i.- u.-snrpwlin Washington. No children in the bouse. qe2<:tt >R~LEA9B OR JRENT-A Urge qnantitt of bnlldin* LOTS. 8 minutes walk of the Pwu dent's House and all the offoe? In the f ir?t Wa*d. A. JABDIN, FioTiaU mhl5-lm lf.h at , eor. of M. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS I^HOS. H. DONOHUB A CO., PL UMBERS AND U A ?> FITTERS. No. 70 BaiDOK Str^kt. G> "Kr*trj^K All orders for Gs* Fitting. Aif?Tati->'s *p 1 ht. tensions will receive prompt and -1 a't-n tion. Plumbing in ail its branch#* iu the beat manner. Water introvluceii Jlyttr?i.te ^u. up at ahort notice. ^ ^ AUCTION SALES. jtob othbe APOT1QW mji mist w*mm. IHHAftgEWPOX AMP TO-lOEItW. gAlS 0* IlijPE^^^SoPxVt V*Vw"'TBB By -*????? the ter D. Kir* w wohibii, i iu.'i oJar r?rM? at ptfbllc auction .la front eft he artmlMM Tmi Dat, the 14th or April, A. D. 1*>?, at ft O'clock, porta Lota of groaaS nanWrtd nth m aad Ala* (??> ia aqnara Mab?r?4 (oar hoodr?4 and tkirtr Nno (437.) of the plae of the city of Washington. M Se acriked ia the proceedings la the itilniM (th* dlmenaicaa of which will b? givan on the dor of ?ale) with th? improvements tasrsoo. ooa?liti?| of ft seat ard subitaatial too aUtrg ftriek ho as*, Tkia propert y in kituated od f street aautfc, to tweenTtk and 8th atreets infill thriving aad kaaltky neighborhood Term*: Oae thiri eaah, thereaidae ia two inatatl Bsenta of six aad twtlft aoatki, tha parchaeer giving hto aot?a for tbe deferred paymenta. >fl>M interest from the day of aala. Tkt deed to be r? tataed aatll the whole of the purchase nna?r f? paid All ?oajeraaclBa aft the coat of the aarakan*. BO WARD 0. C A BRING TON, Trustee. mhyi?o3w W. L. WALL A 00.. Autf*. Y J. 0. McGUIRE * CO.. lactio??rt. 141 o, ?t A B STOCKS? AT PUBLIC SAUK. On THURSDAY AFTBRNOOB, AprU ...... ^ o'clock, at the Auctioa Room*, we shaU eell. io lota to aait? 1,990 aharea Firemen'* Insurance Company or Washiagton and Georgetown stock. 8J.?n? Bank of the Metropolis Stock. 6/K"* Washington and Georgetniro Railroad Uoai ?any Bonds. 8,000 Corporation of Washington quarterly ?i* par _ cent. Stock. Term* cash. ap.7-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. A'acts. |^Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. VALUABLE LOTS AT AUCTION On THURSDAY, the 14th inatant. at 4o'clock, oa the pr?misea we will aell Lot No 1. inSquateNo. 154, at tha corner 17th aad R atreeta, also, No. It aaa part of No. 10. ia earn* Square. Terms at sale. ap.12d GREEN A WILLI AMS, A acta. |?Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctions.-r?. VALUABLE BUILDINGLOT3NBARTHBNAW _ _ YARD AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY, tha 14th instant, we shall sell ia front of the premises at ?> o'clock. p. m.. coimncn* cing oa the first named property, tha following handsome Building Lota, vis: All of Lot No. 4, in 8*aare No. 943. euh-divit*4 in .'1 Building Lota, nflSfest front each, on aouth B, Corner 9th street eaat. Also, all of Lot No S.aaJ part ?f Lot No 4. In Square No. 972. hanaaoinetr sub-divided ic 6 Bulhlfng Lots, fronting 3n feet each, on 11th street east, next to the corner of south i> atreet. Terais: one-kalf cash, balance In six and tvelv* month*. f>>r notes begringiutereaf from day ofsalo. A deed given and a deed of troat taVan. All conveyances at' cost of purchaser locluling? revtuue stamps. ap^d _4> RKBN A WILLIAMS. AjieM. _ |?Y YV M B. LEWtB A CO., Auctioneers. THIS RYENING, at 7 o'clock at oar store. No 421, Ireveuth street, we shall sell * splendtd ?? soi imetit of Photographic Albums, Family Bibles. Stationery acd fancr Goods. Silrer-platad Ware, as Ice Pitches, Castors, Tea S^na, Bretta Spoons. Forks. A c . tine Table and Pocket Outlerr, Gtl4 had Silver Watches. Jewelry. Chaina. Peoa ant Pencils, fino Gold Bette, Jtings. A?., with a f eat ?arietyof Fancy as? i*.-fnl arr'cL'S. ap.U-lw ^ WM H. LEWIS ft Co. Aneta. J^Y GKEJIN a WILLIAMS, a action-err,. EXCELLENT HOPBEHOLD AND KITCHBTf FURNITURlf AT AUCTION. On FK1DAV. the IStfi instant, vesliali K> o'clock a. ui., at the r?-si lenoe of a Kt-atlemau d? clihins hiiuseKeepipg. No. 4 Marylacd avenue, ba tween First pi d aecoL.fl streets, uear the Capitol, and opposite the PuMic Gardsns. an excellent as sortment of Furniture We nention in psrt? Marhle-'op Btireauaand W*?h'tands, Mahogany and other War i.ri Iter and Hs-dtteala* Lookirjg-elasse-. Sofas. Ciairs, Carpet", aad Ku<-, iieds. Kediiiiitf. and Mattre-taes. Window Curtains, China. Gia*a. and Crockery War?. Stoves, With many otner srticlea which we deem it ni??ec esaary to enumerate. Terms ca*h. ap-1". GKKEX.A WI 1,1,1 AMS, frtcf. |?Y J. C. AleGClKti & Co., Aactioneen. FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS AT PUBLIC SALE. On FRIDAY MORNING. April 15. at 1> o'closk. at No. I?4? F otrt-at, betweea Zlat and Rd str-?*t?, we thall S'.'ll all iLe Furniture and Ktf^ota compri ai??? Sola. Parlor Cliaira. an i Table?, Cane Seat Cliairs, Rockers, CsrpetR.Oil Cloths. Mstting. iiedhleada. Waahiitauila, Toilets?! ta. Mattresses. Bolsters and Pillows, Feather Beds. i;ianket^, A c., Wardrobe, l^ckirijt P?rlor and <ither S;oves, Curtains, Window Shades, Cbica, G'ass and Crockery ware, Cooking Stoves, Kitchau Utensil*. Ac. Terms casti. sp i:;-d i. C.McitlIRK A CO .Aucta. B Y J. C. MoGUlRB A CO., Auctiaaeera. IloUSkliOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS AT AUCTION. Oo FRIDAY MORNING, April 15th,at 13 o'clock, we will a?U at House No. Fourth street,oppy site the City Hall, the Hoasehoid Furniture and Effects.ccmpriaingin part Rosewood Case Pianoforte, 7 octaves, by Scho me-cker A Co. Walnut Hair-cloth I'arlor Suite. Merble top Centre and Side Tab'as, Pier Table, . Walnut &n<i Miht.'^auy B^dst(>als, Mahoeranr Wa<*bntauds, Mirror. C.itta^e Settn. French Bedstead, Mahogany Sofas, Marble-top Uureaua, Cane and Chairs, Hair and Husk Mattresses Feather Bed*. Bolsters and Pillows. Blankets. Quiita, Countarpanea, Extension Diniue Table>, Dicing Cuairs. CrccHery and Glasaware. Buff SIsades. Venetian Bliads, Three-ply and Ingrain Carpets. I'arlor. Cook, and Radiator Stoves, Tofjetbtr with a general assortment of Kitch&a Requisites, Terms cash. ap 12-il J. C. MoGUIRB X. CO., Austs. B Y J. C. McGUIRE Sc CO., Auctioneer*. FOLK HANDSOME BUILDING LOTSON NORTH N STREET. BETWEEN SIXTH AND SEV ENTH STREETS. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. April 15. atBo'cloe.k, cn the premiaes. we shall aellfour haadaoma Biu,d irg Lots on the south side of North N street. l?a tween 6th snd 7th streets west, fronting eacii 17 feetli inches, and runuio? back. 1iS feet to s 15 foot alley. The eastern Let form' the corner of a street feet widecaiied Oreaon street. Terms: One-third in cash.tho remainler in air and twelve months with interest secure i b> a deed o? trust on tha premises. CofVt-jancef at th<- c?>st of the purchaser. ap 11 J. C M> til'IRE .V CO .Au'N WM. L. WALL & CO.. Aactioueera. IV CLOSING OUT SALE OF PAINTINGS. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, 15thmst. aUo'clMk. n will sell by catalogue, at the aurtion remainder of the choice collection of Oil l>aintioe* left (?r0i from tfi^ sale of ths 7th, cmbr&ciQf mAoy vfclunb.e worki of eminent mrtitU Cfctilotfues m&y be obtain^'i on application, ap^t WM. L. WALL & 00.t Ancta. B Y J. C. McGUIRE ,V CO., Auctioneers V \LUARI.K IMPROVEITPR<?PERTYOPPOSITE TIlKCAPrroLGROL'NDS AT PUBLIOSALE. On FRI DAY AFTERNOOW". April 15. at 5o'clock. on the premises, we shall sa:l the western part of Lot No. 52 in Square No 6*3, fMntisg25 feet oa sonlh A street, between New Jersey- avenuo aa l First street east, aud adjoining the corner of First street tast.runniuK back 7? feet, improved by a two story ard basement Frame IIou*ip, the ba^cmiat. occupied at present as a Green Groc??rv Store, the uppei part as a Pwellint; and Barber Shop. Terms : One half cash, the remainder in six and twi-lve months with interest, secured by a dee-1 of trrst On t!ie premises. Conveyances at tte cost c.f the purchaser so 12 d J. C. McGUIRE A CO., AuetR. | Rep A Chron.l 15 Y J. C. McGUIRE & CO., Auctioneer!. SIXTY ONE IIANESOMELY LOCATED BL'Il.D ING LOTS AT PUBLIC AUCTION, ? On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. May *1. at 1 tfelocx, on the premises, we shall tell nearly tha whole of Square N^a.241. known as "Kingman's Garden.'' f routine shout 25 feet each on 14th street, north 11 st.-eet. i.'ttk street, the "Circle," and "Kingman Court," all running back to fine a!iejrs. with flneta cilities for drainage 1 he beautiful location of these Lota, being. t?a thehieh ground immedately north of the Presi dent's House and Departments, tae advantage of a city passenger railroad and Potomac water imme diately in front of the premises, render them vary desiiable for Rtiilding Sites, and. aa the sale will be made without reserve, it abould command spe cial attention. . : . ? Terms of sale: One third in caah, and the re mainder in equal payments in six and twelve norths, with interest, secured by a dee J of trust on the pri tni.-ee. Conveyances at cost of purchaser I/"A cash payment of i>'j ' on each lot at the tim* of sa'e will oe requifel. ap.U-d, J. C. M. GUIBE A CO.. Aucts DV J. 0. MtGl IKE A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE S KALE OF NEAR!.Y ONE ENTIRE SQL'ARK NEAR THE NAVt YARD. By v'rtne of a deed of trust from Joseph Curvil lier dated l?th day of May. 1854, duly recorded in Liber J. A. J"., No 77. foli?> 17, Ac., of the Land Becoras of Wa>lsington county. D C,anl at the renui st of all the parties interested. I slisl! aell at public Auction, on tke premises, on FRIDAY, tha Stb dav of May next, at 5 o'clock p. in.. Lota Noa I, 2 5,6 ~ 12. IS. 14,15,16. lu Square No. fc?2, in f?e city of Washington. 1 hese lot's are located on south D sud E, and east E'aventh and Tweiftk streets. 'I ?rms of saleone third caah.residua iatwoequal l^yments st six and twelve months, with purr.ha ?era' toti--, and deed given and dead of trust taken. Conveyancing and revenue st a m pa at the par ch a ser?*c?-at. ? _ _ W5! R. WOODWARD, Trustee. At the eauit- M"* sr?d on the aa ne ter::ia. t.La ui:derni*aeU a??3iacut?r c;f Mrs 0?r? < Iter, will kail at puflKaiiOThg. Lntaci an4 4 la tae sl< vesauaro JOS RV-DfETtE, Ex sen tor. ap;i4-?o?a J C. MoOriMB fc 0O , Anetc. (tio"y33J (SWISS) OHBBSB?Of vary akoiaa ? JBSSrtSieaau.. foMmMWi

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