Newspaper of Evening Star, 15 Nisan 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 15 Nisan 1864 Page 1
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WASHINUTOiN. D. C V-2*. XXIII. '? i FRIDAY. APRIL 15. 1861. N2. 3,173. AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MUSTC ^canterbury IIALL1 AND HAL L{CANTERBURY HALL,\ THEATER LooiBjami Atrnoi, Tftcu Cema (J Six tit Strut, Ri-ttr of National <M i MttropoJitan fioius. fignyt the Calcium Light. ttiontu Lba??.. ?...... ? .Proprietor unparalleled success OF TEE GORGEOUS PANTOMIME, ? NT1TLK0 : TBE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT, With additional tliJCKS, SCENERY, AND transformations, 5'0Tb,V W. B. Cavananeh Harlequin L. Donnelly Pantaloon W. H. Williams Columbine. - Emma Schell Ja<r> Gnome i...?y Clifton The piece abonuds in Funny TricX*. Mechani c! Change* Startling Transformation-), TaLleatx, Choruses, 4tc., terminating with a J.EW AND BEAUTIFUL TABLEAUX 1 REPRESENTING THE GENIUS OF AMERICA. Washington is discovered on an elevated Pedes tal, holding the Constitution,supported on either ?ide by Faith, Hope, and Charity Liberty, Justice, and Mercy. Agriculture, Commerce, Art, and Lit erature. Ceres, the Goddess of Plenty, is ponring her rich gifts at the foot of the Nation. In the foreground. th? North and 8outh are endeavoring to read the Union in twain?the Demon of Seces sion, with War. Famine, and Pestilence in his train, stands exulting by. while unrelenting Time, with his Scythe and Hour-Glass, looks coldly on The whole forming a picture of UNPARALLELED GRANDEUR I in addition to which a magnificent DIVERSIFIED PERFORMANCE Will be given by the GREAT COMBINATION TROUPE 1 Now attached to this Establishment. HUNDREDS UNABLE TO OBTAIN ADMISSION! UNANIMOUS expression OF WONDER AND DELIGHT BY THE THOUSANDS PRESENT. The public are respectfully invited to read the list of tirrt-cla*? Artists attached to the Canter bmrv and compare the names with any other Es tablishment in America. ALL WILL appear MONDAY NIGHT. john MULLIGAN, john MULLIGAN, john MULLIGAN john MULLIGAN. john MULLIGAN, john MULLIGAN john MULLIGAN, john MULLIGAN, john MULLIGAN, john MULLIGAN, W. B. cayenaugh, W. B CAVENAUGH, W. B. cavenaugh, W. B. CAVENAUGH, W. B. cavenaugh, W. B. CAVENAUGH! billy west, ? M.LY west. i..,.LY west, BjLLY west! BOB hart, BOB hart? BOB hart, delehanty AND ward. DELEHANTY A.*D ward dilehanty AND WARD delehanty AND wahd DELEHANTY AND ward delehanty AND ward DELEHANTY AND ward delehanty AND WARD, LEW DONNELLY, ! LEW DONNELLY, J H. DOUGHERTY, J. B. dougherty! H. RAYNOR, H. RAYNOR! f* BILLY THOMAS. BILLY THOMAS. THE BOUQUET OF BEAUTY. Consisting of the ffellowing Ladies : KNNIE FORREST, MARY C0UL80N, LOUISA ROULETTE. NELLIE iRAINFORD, ESTELLB FORREST, MAGGIE WILSON, NAOMI PORTER, FLORENCE RIVERS, ' LUCY CLIFTdN, EMMA SCfiELL, 1 EMMA THOMAS, ] n tbe Beautiful Fairy Divertisement of THE'SPORTS OF THE PERIS ( " Qneen of the rose bad, garden of girls." " Lily and rose in one." EVERY ACT NEW. NEW ETHIOPIAN ACTS by tbe CORKOLOGIAN3. Who will appear in New Songs, Dances, and Ex travaganzas, including , BOW TO EVADE THE DRAFT ! THE RIVAL DARKEYS ! THE GHOST ! The entire Evening's Entertainment combining o?r FIFTY DISTINCT ACTS. Adwis*1100 ... m.4..-.......() 25 Orchestra - 5) Private Boxes, holding six persona fi 00 Doors open at 7 o'clock; Performance to com mence at 8 o'clock. FAMILY MATINEE ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, AT 2 O'CLOCK, On which occasion the Grand Pantomime of THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT, Will be performed at cheap price*. Admission?Ladies 29 cents; Children 10 cents. SNOW'S CELEBRATED TROUPE OP PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS Are engaged and will shortly appear. PERKINS, STERNE & C<x, 180 Broadway, If. Y., EXCLUSIVE DEALERS IN CALIFORNIA WINE. We guarantee them all to be ABSOLUTELY PURE. For sale by all first-class Grocers and Druggists everywhere., mhSQ-ftn* CH)R SALE?IS,COO .'\tra choice hardy Ever * Bloomins Roses Magnolias, Trees, Peoney, Wisterias, Clemntite. Orange and Lemon Trees, *?'l?r Plants, 4ce.. Ornamental Trees. Shrubs. Plants, Evergreens, Emit Trees, Ice. The ebllection com prises The most celebrated kinds known io Europe or America. A. JARDIN, Florist. Uth St.,cor. ofil AMUSEMENTS. FORD'S HEW THEATER, Tenth Strmt, above P??mbylvania Avbnu*. THIS (Friday) EVENING. April 15 SECOND APPEARANCE?)*' ' -EDWIN FORREST jt. In' great character of FE " RO. iii &u oririn&l play wrii ,en e\pres?ly for him bv ?1 ? author of "The Gladiator.'' enniled M the brokkr of boooVa Jli Forrest will be "uptorted bv J ???&,?, <&?&'? ?? AND THE ENTIRE COMPANY. TO- MO RROW, * BENEFIT OF JIR. J. A. IIERNE Jni quhar s comedy of "Wine Work" Wonders, ? wn r PROf. WILLIAM WITHERS W"' A'Ar.rnild.^lo Fantasiaon the violin. " THE GIRL I LIFT BEHIND ME." Mr J. McCullough will also recite i , , BHAMUS O'BRIEN. And the celebrated drama of "Horse Shoe Robin son. will be performed ? , BOX 8HBKT NOW OPE*. Monday?Commencement of a GRAND SHAKSFEAREAN WEEK. , EDWIN FORREST in ot-e of his grandest impersonations. THE SHAKSPEARE TERCENTENARY. . Prep*ration, a brilliant Shakspearan festival lIi 'ov!>r ?'^e three hundredth anniversary of Shakspeare's Birthday. The Theater will be llJuixiinated on the occasion. EDWIN FORBE8T S NIGHTS, MONDAY, TUES DAY, THURSDAY ANb FRIDAY. . IMPORTANT NOTICE. Persons holding Reserved place* are respectfully requested to attend early. The immenne throng of patrons now attending the Theater fill the thor ougt.Tares to an extent rendering access to secured places somewhat difficult after rise of the curtain Doors open at7; performance tocommence at 4 GROVER'S THEATER^ Pennsylvania at., near Willarh's IIotbl. L?ona*d Ghovkb Director SPECIAL GRAND OPERA NIGHT, LAST NIGHT MOST POSITIVELY BUT ONE OP TIIK OPERA SEASON THIS (Friday; EVENING, April 15, Opera?* ? B"6thyven'8 Mutter-work and only FIDELIO! FIDELIO! . M'ME BERTHA JOIIANNSRN in her greatest part; so considered bv that la ly and by her consent so announced. ? M- HIMMER in rne of his finest ohavaetcrs 8TEINECKE, GRAFFO, M'LI.E CANISSA. ALL IN THE CAST*0 LEMAN1? THE WHOLE POWERFUL CHORUS AND TIIK nAf. aS5JI5S.5RANI) ORCHESTRA. CARL ANSCHUTZ Conductor of the Opera On Monday, Grover's Great Philadelphia Com pany. from the new Che-tnut street Theater, will commence a brief ?.-a*nn at. this Theater. METROPOLITAN HALL, iffS"n'*l;li*LXA?E*V9 iKD Elbvinth Strsbt. GA.HDiN?11& CO~.?..Proprietors First week of the Comic Pantomime, M . ROBERT MACAIRE. W. H. Bartholomew Jaques . trop.-.? Sig. Constantine Angu?ta M'He Elise ConUnuedand^m r^aMn^op^larit; ofthe To-nigbt. the Musical Skalcb of JENNY LIND. 3 \t rc? 'St-'Xt.following artistes : *VsI1- "KLENA SMITH. G. M. MILLS. WM. SCOTT HANK MA^OV LEW BRIMMER AND OTHERS ' A CARXIVA L OF DEL fhIfT! titled the*"** gorgeons fairy pantomime en FAIRV OF TI1E (J OLD EN WHEAT SHEAF Admission 25 cents. Orchestra 50-ents. Private noses *3 and 5>5. LARRY TOOLEY, The celebr&t-d Ethiopian Comedian,Monlay night GRAND MATINRB EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON. For ladies and children. Ladi"s 25 cents; Children in rtents. ap H-Jt Varieties: varieties: f MUSIC HALL AND'THEATKR Fronting Pennsylvania AvexukA N'intii Street Hamblin k Co Proprietors Fitz Simmons Stage J^uager and Advertiser. THK GREAT MUStC IIAXT. OF THE METROP OLIS, PRESENTINO'THE FIRST class STARS. A MAMMoTH PKR _ _ FORMANCE NIGHTLY - . "he Young Danseuae. Miss Louisa Walhy, M'lle Lina Windell. The dashing Lady Dansense, Miss Augusta Walby. The Young American Vocalist, Miss Fannie Gillmore, Th.* great Ravel I'anto mhryst of the age, Hernandez Foster. The popu lar joung Actress of the day. Miss Margie Friel. ^'.K" th.p following Lady Dancer': Mis-! Psnny May Mi*8 Ritty Lee. MisaMaggie Vernon. Miss Annie Jtlmore. The Ethiopian Monarchs. Frsuk Kerns and James Thompson The popular performer, Mr. Geo. T. Sheldon. The people's fift-qritcs, Mr. Francis. Mr. Charles McGuire. and the Stardom PJn.T; The Magieal Ravel Pantomime, full of Tricks. Changes. Magirel TmnsformationiH and i MAGIC TRUMPET: ^,ITTO Or. THJB MERRY CLOWN THIS (Friday) AFTERNOON and NIGHT, FRANK. KERNS' BENEFIT A HOST OF VOLUNTEERS. ?fit $30,000 WORTH Wife* ffll i BOOTS AND SHOES ? , Have Arrived at HEILBRUN'S BARGAIN STORE, 506 Seventh Stueet, j, Adjoining Odd Fellow s'Hgll. ' The stock consists of all sorts and styles of Bal morals, Gaiters, Boots, Ties, Pumps, Slippers for men, ladies, misses and children, which will be ?old at last year's prices. Any Shoes not giving satisfaction will be mend ed free of charge. No trouble to show goods. ' Wholesale rooms in the basement; ap 8-2w* ? 306 Seventh street. MOULDING8! MOULDINGS" MOULDINGS?!! The undersigned iarow prepared to execute or d?rn for any style or quantity of WOOD MOULD INGS, of superior nniah and workmanship. Car penters and builders would do well to call aud examine quality of work, &<\, before ordering elsewhere. By energy, promptness and good work manship I hope to merit/a 'toJiREY patron' ExoeJsior Moulding Mill, ap 7 1m* cor. I3tb and C sts., Washington. ?? H E A P. BOOKS.* Upwards of one thousand works of English and Foreign Literature,embracing HISTORY, TRAV ELS, POETRY, NOVELS, etc., etc., "t 1'roni 10 td 40 per cent, below the regular prices, at IIEILPRIN'S Bookstore, 5i4-l Pa. avenue, ap 11-lm between 12th and Mth streets. "HER MAJESTY" CHAMPAGNE, THE ROYAL 1F7.VE OF EXGLASD. A limited quantity of thia superior Wine has been secured for the undersigned, and the first shipment of 500 cases has arrived, by the steam ship Olympus, direct from the cellars'of the well known house of Messrs. DE VENOGE k CO., at Epernay, France. The present invoice will be introduced into this market at the very low price of TWENTY DOLLARS PER CASE OF QUARTS, pt>&ble in currency, which is much below ita first eost. The superior quality of this Wine is guaranteed, and it is offered with con&denee of its approval by connoisseurs. Orders for one or more cases may be addressed, by letter or otherwise, to the undersigned. WM. HENRY WARD, Wine and Fruit Dealer, No. 7 Broad street,near Wall, New York, ap l-3Ct E7XMALE COLLEGE, r _ BORDENtOWN. N. J., The Summer Session of thia Institution will ?pen April the IStb. A few vacancies only re main. for catalogues containing terms, Ac., ad dress Rev. JOHN A. BREKELEY, A. M., mh lt-lm* President. SECOND-HAND PIANOS rery cheap, to mate room. One Mahogany Nunns & C!nrk__*^w Piano, for #8<; one Ro-ewood Laude A MfiPVQN Co., for one almost new Nunns Pi-?TTm?l ano, for #25\ Mason k Hamlin's Cabinet Oreans, ? from #86 to $3n. Steinwav k Sons. Raven A B.v ;con, and Haines Brothers Pianos,*at lowest fau I tory prices, at tlfe warerooius of ? W. G. METZEROTT, - ap 9 -cor. 11th street and Pa. avenue. f\IGEST OF-THE LAWS OP THE DISTRICT mJ of Columbia. By M Thompson. $;!. t(U Ft A NCR TAYLOR. LIHT OF LETTERS REMAINING IN THE WASHINGTON CITY POST OFFICE, THURSDAY, APRIL. 14, 1664. OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED IN THB PAP1B HAYING THS LARGEST CIRCULATION. Iff" Free Delivery of Letters by Carriers at the residences of owners may be secured by observing the following Rules: 1. Direct letters plainly to the street and number of the house. 2. Head letters with the writer's full address, in cTu<Hng street and number, and request answers to be audie&sed accordingly. ? 3. Letters to strangers or transient visitors in a town or city, whose special address may be un known, should be marked in lowerleft band corner with the word " Transient " 4 Place tfce postage stamp on the upper right land corner, and leave space between the stamp and direction for post-marking without interfering with the writing. A request for the return of a letter to the writer if unclaimed within thlrtv days, er less, written or printed, with the writer's full address across the left hand end of the envelope, farce side, will be complied with at usual prepaid rate of postal payable when delivered to writer. IiADlES* LIST. Adam* Cath E Gibson Zulible Parker Lizzie Auge Mrs H Guerine Cath Parker Sophra Adams Nellie GoddardMrsGM nia A Austin Emma A Gienemann Ma- Pri.lham Mary A Adams Nellie tilda Potter Kllen Austin Jane Gordon Mrs Prescott Eliza Allen Emeline F Jno H Peters Louisa Adams Enmia R Gaither Sarah Parker Fannie Adams Susie E Goodwin Lillie PowersMargaret Andrew? Gardnr GoodnnnMrsEAParker Mrs or ArmstrongKatieGeiger Sophia Miss Austin Mrs Gurney Adelle Parker Hannah Ashton Winn A GiasgowEli'.abh Porter Mr.s E Anderson Lizzie HamiltonHarr't Patten Mrs Win Allen Sarah Hallenbeek ' Rivers Kate * Brown Kate . Alvira R Reed Rebecca Byron Mary BenrvMariaL Rine Mollie Birth Maria L-2 Hessler Francis Rich Bridget Blirs Mrs R Hanson Eliza Remington Elizh BestBo^etta Howell Evey E Ram'fy Bllen Bartlett Fanny Heard Mrs Jni Riddle Mrs Win C Burch Julia A Hoi back M rsJ A Ripley Myra Brown Martha Hilton Kitty R&iley Margaret BurrMrsDavidll Hackor Ryan KateM Brown Sarah F HartwellMrsCM Richardson Barnes Sallie Howell Caroline Marcia Brown Miss M Horton Lucinda Rnrobaugh Beard Nannie C Hurley Lucretia Lydia A Holes Maggie Holy Fanny Robinson Sally BrownEli?abeth Hicks Jane E Ryan Margaret Bell Mrs E M Hiet Mrs M A Risley Josephine Brown Emma HartwellMrsCM Reynolds Jane Blake Emily Hamia Eliza Rustle Ann Planch Mattie Hollingsworth Richard Sarah Bareroft Maria Emma Robinson Isabila Brown Rebecca nicks Emily Rau Christine Brown Sarah Hitchcock Mrs Ryder Ann Bryan Kate HorsemanFrncesRoland Kate J Bradley Mrs Col Hunter Hattie Riley Elizabeth Burson Eveline nazon Mr<AlfdF Relarker Ann Baldwin Mary HarmonMarthF Reynolds Juliet B. lmont Bern'a Hickman MarvL Smith MrsNo.ihS Brodrick Cath HiMebrardElizaStotl- r Mary Banner 8arah E HartwellMrsCM 8tull Lvdia J-3 BuckingMrsJ F llol.iday Mary Swan Harriet Barcroft Maria Horsman Jane E S'rain Mrs Allen lirereton Sarah Hoxie Nelson Slone Lnnrettic Bishop Sallie Hollister Mrs Smyth Mrs T Batrhelor Mary Justin Swit't Sop'ii;; Bradley Mrs E A HinckleyMrsEM Smith Ilabi'tte BergroerMrs Howell Lucy St.ier Annie-E Benter Annie Hamilton Minna Stroll Mrs E Butler Sa lie Hull Mrs TM' Smith LibyL Boswell Kasie P Homes Mary A S.nith Mrs Co v BanticonMisDrRIIill Ann ington Bailv Mrs Marth Hale Nellie Sayer Marv Barnet Mary Hall Mrs A M 8mith Mrs K W Bowie Eliza Hyde Mary Smith Charlotte B'jrtchy Mr= J A H unt Er.ira E Smith Mary C Bennett Mrs Hunt Emily Shaw Eliza * Bow < ns Rachel A Hays Michael Swift Sophia E Boyels Nancy C HalUjocu: Shea Maggie BntlerKli/abeth Hoyt Nettie G Ste le Mr-- M K Bond Mrs Joiinsun MrsE A Slarr Mrs E Brow n KmnH R Jones Jane Smith Mrs I'.* !k' r s M J Junes Fannie Steels Nellie Br. ? roline JackFon Alice J Scott Rogev Br:"!1- /"Mrs E A Inch Mary A Stevenson Jtrrmia Beituo;. i HattieC Jones Mary E Sharrey& IIo Bradtoril Mrs Irvan MrsAlbon miller Josfie K Jennings Pbebe Stafford Hannah Burk Mary Jeffries Carrie Summers' Jacob Baun.ap Mary A Janney Mrs Sullivan Mollie Brown T.ouiFa Stillman Smithson Mar 5?*"'" 'iOflisa Jackson Winnie tha E Bishop Kliza Jenkins Migs snoeinaKer BrohornVirgina Lorry Martha Bui -on Harriet Johnson Fannie Scofield Mrs H Berber Fred Johnson Julia Befton Sal'ie Benter Mrs Ann Johnson Gto'na Schiebler Mrs 0 Bap'isElen Kelly Ellen _ Schlegel Mary L Becket Mary Kennard Jennie Schreiu'T IL-n Brown Martha A Kenersorf Ah- rietta Barron Margery bie L Storey Lide Bryan Mrs S Knight Caroline Serrin3Christirm Corse Mary W Kelley Mrs Win Sheperd Mary E Curtin Ellen King Louisa Shearer Agnes* CrossvuanEinlyJ Kenned v'BridgetSuinmervi lie CristlanRehecca Kent Milly Sophronia Crain Harriet P Knox Mrs A K Seefred Lizzie D Clarke MrsJnoG Kerr Mis' Simons Helena C Coo* MrsC L Kernalle Hattie St Clare Molley Chase Lucy Kilpatrick Cath Spinner Caroline Cathcart AnueR Kimball Mrs Stoddard Kate Cox Mary V Lodema D Schneider Anie Carter Mary Kint Olive E lia Conway Alice L Lieuke Mafia Summers Eliza Craig Mrs J O H LuckettMinrval-'Smithard MsryK CoolidgeMrsDrSLee Margaret Ski imtre Gincie Conican Jenny Lokes Laura Speccer Josphue ColvilleLauraDLone Charity A Simpson Bebecca Clearry Mary Lee Elizabeth B Sims Mrs Corne.lGertrudeLee Jennie Sewell Elizabeth Clarance Juliet Lucas Laura Seep Sophia Casey Masrgie I.inwood May Sunby Mary Cahoe Emily Lomax Ellen Sand ford JanetS Cannon Ellen Lacy Anna Sdoth Mrs Derys Coberth Mrs LannieEvelineT, Slade Louisa Congdon Jnlia Lotlin Mrs J Smith Martha M Constable Kate Logan Mary Shiebler Amie CallouiClara B Levin Julia. Smith Mary Coleman Ellen I.eeMrsJas Shay Mrs Chapin Maria D Lucas Napcy Spinner Jeasic Crocker Mrs Lewis MargtR 'Scott Mrs S Chas W Lee Fanny Thornton Jennie Clifford Addie Lewi? Mary Thomas Lucy Chase Mary Lucas Maria Taylor Mary E Cakruthers Ele- Maury Isabel . Thies Anerstasia anor MoreyMrsGeo Trudean Miss Crooks Flora MerrellElizahth Olaire Ca?le Mary Mills Hannah F Taylor Sarah J Chitinier Nancy Mann Maria R Tingle Olivia Clemens Sophia Maines Mrs Tucker Mrs M L Clark Henrietta Moore Jennie Tolerway Haanh Cunningham Murray Eliza Til^huian Ann L Mrs Comfort MalvernGertrde Tolsou Mary ColmooMissElsyMartin Mrs Tolson Mary G Clary Mary Decette Tyler Mary Dickings Ann M Blorem Mrs Van Zandt Dorsey Mary C Franklin Nicholas Buvall Mary A Murphy Kate Vaughn Alice Douglis* Lottie2 Morgan Mrs Geo Van Wyck Miss M Dobs Alice Madison Mary A Veddar Mrs Dr Dnwd Sidney-2 Morley Eunice A M Damore Madame Marten Susan R Vanhorn Rebaca Dougla>sChrlteJMyers Sarah VanzantCom l)?iuglass Jennie Mitchell Maggie Warlton Mrs Davixon Lizzie Moitltoullarriet Fanny G DennisMrsERB MurphyHonot ia White Mary Dokiii Mary Mack Katy Welch Mary Diehitsli Mrs M McGuin Maria Wella-Nellje DarrowMrsJasH McBuell PsrahA Wary AnnieS Davis Mary Malley Emil y O WhiteMraJT Deveraux Kate McCanlev Alice WinchMrsJaneK Lunran Sarah MeMe.rray Wells Agness Diirgle Mollie KuiiaA West Mrs Ver D< wny Fanny McNickles Mary noss B Davis Frances McKnew Maria White Sophia D>istan Maiigie 11 McCaffrey Mrs White Elten Dunneyan Mrs B MF Wbaly Hannah Dellow Eliza McGuireBridget Wools Lizzie Evana Annie E McKeen Ida Williams Kllen Eborall Anna McCoy RebeOca Wright Ann Eldridge Alice McCasker Mary Waugh Annie Earhart Mrs C A Mack Mrs Thos Williams Nellie Earbart Cecelia Madison Lucv Winson Bliza A-2 McPhersonMary beth E Xdenber Cecelia Mitchell Mary Whistler A&tiie ? EdelinChrist na Murphy Mrs Wineberger Eliot France MotnerwellMary Judie Farrell Susan MagaJane Wooster 8 R Field Sue V Mounshour Williams Nelly Fo* Nellie Frances W?il Mrs Fales Jane E Moore Ann Welch John Frizaell Ellen Madison Olivia Westrer Panna Fish Mrs Ross Neely Mary Wilson Susan Ferris Ellen NewhassSusanJ Wilson Priscilla Foley Mrs Nelson Annie Warren Kate Fletcher MrsMA Old MrsGcnEOC Waller Rosetta F?.x Mrs C J Osborh Jane-2 Walter Olivia FellcrMivsJostieObryon Lizzie Willson Mary F Fishman Eunuia O'Connor Han- White Maria Fit/patrick ora Walker MrsSaml M is** W Olmstead MarvL Windgon Mrs Fret-m n n Mrs Parris Julia W Luke Olive P^k Mollie Williams Mrs F? sserden Mrs E PeadeMrsWIlson Mary Fletcher Becky Pier Sarah M Wheeler Hellen Fox Bridget Pauly Catha- WoodiugLavinia Forel Vileer rina M Watson Angie W Gale Clara PeckBugeniaA-IWalborn Lizzie finy Atla ?age Eliza D Wall MrsElizbth G . een Knte Phelps Sally Wells Bllen G Grimes Kate P*ge Harriet WertJanett Green Mrs J C Pocl Sarah Ward Mrs G lesMary Pinkoey Emily Wilnten Harriet G een Jenny Purviance Wise Louis G idshv Mrs M A Marian Williams Blieth Gains Louisa Phillips Butha Young Matilda Green Mary Potter Sarah MiscELi-aMOPfMiss Ida. GENTLEMEN'S UST Jk. Andrews A T Arnold Bev G W Avery Otis B Abbott Dr A R Alcom Jno AlexanderPeter \ukingAY-2 Abell Jno B Anderson Peter AlexanderA G-2 Allen Hon J Addison Paca Mien AH Abbott J B AyersPhiUip AndrewsGenCC AlemanJP Adriance Kichd Alleman Chas Amerman L B-2 Acker Rubca Anderson C D Austin Leander Austin Seth 0 Adams Cbaa E Arnold Lt M A Amory Col T J 0 A bells Frank Allen MajNM Averifl Wra Adams F C Ayotle Nasber Abbott W D Archibald G W ^ Burke A BaiUeulGeo Bradley Cant 3 m Bruce A G Becker Geo L-2 <of Michael I Brooks Cant A O Blood G L HrotkmumerM-2 Baleomb Maj Lt Brewer LtG D Burke Mr " p . BlaukiugshapeM Boyle* A O Bros.s Benrv L BoleniusCptA W Brown Henry Faker Anion Boid Alex-2 Barnes B A Blake C E Bowman Chan laker Capt A Bits Chas Bumham C W Bonnal Hairy Bateman H P Butler H W Beaier Henry Burton J H Burdick Lt J H Becksler Jno Burkman J Bauder Rev C S Poynton J H Banghter Chas Jtlarkiston Jn'o EenihamC W Bridtman O J Blomberg Chap Bassett Chas Bennett J Bellony Jno Bowler Jno Becket Jno BurbanhSurgCHBasRett Dr J A Brifiiok Chfts-'j Burbank J A Binkley David Barber Danl Brooks Capt D Brotberton D Buchen D Z Barclay Jno Bowie Jas W BoughtonJ Barron Jas Boysead J O Bedetijon David Bumbaugh Jno Blake 15 8-2 Brevfington E BakeT B If Bell Edmond Brown Elmer Beard E L Bartlett E 8 B?u)Mna BigcloWT>tTE P Boynton FJ Baker Dr F Banker F D Ben'bxmri F M Brown Fredk B.nily Jos Burth J A BenyJ C Ba'l Jas N Boll J F Boyle Gen J F Brocfks Jno T ltntre. J W Btfcn* Jno Bruce J' Barnes Ira Ball J 9 Bnell A D BrookpJno T Battenfelder F-2 Bond J B Baker Geo Bates DrG A 2 Brown Geo-2 Bayer Geo Busch G L Bemns Col Geo Brooks Geo Cash Albert Carrier A L Crane Albert Craig Aug Chandler A B Brunett L L Barker Levi Blomers Ly man Baxter L Berdin L E Brown M G Bixbauni M Bailow Martin Brown M G Bonney Mr Byme Martin Bumside Mr Butler Kev N Bloney N Brumagin N Bruce Norman B.~>mton O Bay Oliver Briscal Phillip Baumann Paul Bland l'atk Boyd Perry Barrett Richd Boynt-on R M Brown S H Barstow 8-2 Bein Saml Beach Col 8 E Baseh 8 Bradley Capt TH Black Thos C Brn^h Truman-2 Bailey Thos Bradey Thos G C Brown Theodore Barne't Theo Bossennau Wm D/vrucH Wm P Bates Win Burke Wm H Boyce W B Bates Wnj H H Blow Wm E Bird W T Blair Wm W Brown Wm Bailey Wm Birnie Wm Ballard Wm A Borman Wm Barton Wm Cazossa Geo Cunningham MJ Chester G"o M Campb' II Esq Child* Dr G P Att'y-2 CroRsmanOl GHCliapmnn M C Cnshman H H Cdnoy Martin : ChamberlainAdjChutenden Capt Copley Mr A L HO Campb>'11 B J Colhown A M Craig Col H K Coll Rev J C Craft Dr A P Campbell H C Carpenter R P Caudon A J Clynier Hon H Cox Richd Collins A ChriatLanUcnry Chase 1!uhf'.'11 CulbertB Carroll Henry Chaffee R A Coslor BenJ E Clark HP P Camp Nettleton Clifford B M Crosby H R A Co Carpenter B T Cridlin Hsnry Caldwell 8 W Corwin C L CovodHonJno-2 Campbell 3 < ary Chas CarpenlerDrJas Cheney ThosP Cleveland C F Christian Jos A Cunningham T Ciimmings Col ClemontH HonJ-2Cramer T CorwinCX-2 CarberyJnoA CivahenThos IF Coon Cha Colt Cha* L-2 Curtis Chas D Cnrrin Chris Clark Geo ClarenceC W Caswell Calvin Custelloe Chas Casbton C W Callahan D Chamberlain DC Crowley J D Comstock Maj E Cruv Jas Carr EnocK Clark Jno CarryerEdniond Cross Car>t J 11 Corning? Edwd Church Jno K Crowley J ere Cropley Juo S Coffin J as A Chapin J F Cooper Jno Jno Carroll J Bond Collins Jerry Conkey Jns B CotiHut J 8-2 Choatc J no F Co\ Jos L Crocker L B Cary Mai E M I'oupi r r C Christie Fred Clapp Geo ChandlerLt GW Conertoe Lewis Carrson Geo CI j? r k. M? j G D Cook Geo H Crain Dr G Carroll Thos Coffee Tishean Costello T Clark Wells Clark W F-2 Combs Wm H Chase Wm Cromey Wm Caw ins W J Cutler Wm Chandle r Win Clark Wm Clemmane Wm Cheney Lt W Custis Wm H Crt'l wallader WJ Chamberlain A West Crum Lafayette Collom Rev W M Chambers W II Cutting Maj W (barter JudgeWA Cut!ing Maj W Draper A H DeCbacon A Downer A Jl Ba\ ison A G D< utermann B Dowd B W Desmond B Eormond C Da\ is <'has A Dodge Chas Dji vis Cha* A Durham D L Ditch D L l. upoe E'!w Davis Elick Dawley F J Dustin Frank Desmarens F Donovan G M Diesser Geo .1 Dewey G?-o H Done Geo Dav. es Geo A Daven p?jrt G F Ellerbrock Ave Ed-iy Lt A 8 Evans Chas JCldrHye C W Enkridge C V Emmerson C Kakles Klias Euler Geo Ellingwood GF Ellison Geo C Eiuuretbu II Edwards Henry Fraser A B Farley ('apt A E French A M Fogg A J Friiler Ca pt A Field licja j Fern Chas Fillmore C W Fury C Fellows C M Foster Chas Fuller C 8 Fahlen C Fletcher Croton Fishur Chas Field-E 8 French Edwin Fingsem F W Conrey L B Church Levi Camp" I. G Close M T I> Bellinger IJ M Dinkelager H Dm ing. rUell JI D.irland J i:s II DeGrayLtJ 2 DunbarJ H Davis J no II Dobson Jno Daniels J as Dilihle Jas Darling Jas Dickins Jas J Doble J N DeLong Ja-; DeMotteCapt ML Dobbin O P Du ryea O B Downey Patk DeL.icy Richd Drjw Saml Dennis Thos Dndson Thos Dunn T W DcBertram T Dice Wm H D<- Witt Wm-2 Duvall W T Davenport Wm Drysdale Lt Jns Damson W S Darling Jas T Donnison Wm Drake J C Dringerfiieldi'ol Dann Isaac N Wm H Dodge Jno K DeBef.nelairWm I?e< esnolaV'oll?i*Uavi?i wm Dorsey Michl Dameron Win Dailey M ^ Douglas W H Dailey M O Dudley ?,'m T Dutten 51 O E Erwin Henry Evans Jno D Emory Jno M Eyler Jno >1,1 E:d red ge J as W Ellis Jas (j RffuiKer Rev J R El well Jacob -Edwards J as Eldridge L H Ejjui Patk Ewii.g P B Esiule Oscar English Saml Ellis t^auil C Edwards T M Eames Win H Emery Wm II E-tis W F English Win Eiy Wm 1 Eliot Z 1) Fisher Geo FavlerJasJ Franklin Geo II Khali Jos FullervilleG W Fike Ira Foster Geo L Forbes J M Field Harvey Fox Morris Forsinger H Fcader Nelson Farnham Henry Fox O C Fiff Henry Filer P Fifield Henry Fridley Philip Ford Henry Franklin R Foster Jno A French R DDL PryJolinson ACoFreas Saml ^tulic A J . Gurthrey A (iiven Alfred Gage Arthello Gardner Alex Gutehunst Albt Great Allen Greer Asa W Gconcr Andw Groh Carl Gansevoort Col Gamble D W <iracy Danl A GreeuleesEdw-2 (iarnsey Edw H Gunzerodt Ferd Greenwood Geo Garrett Geo W Greene Geo W Grow G A Herbert A Herbert Alfred Hnntz Alex Hooper Alonzo Uennings A J Huuser Alex Harding B F Hemenway A Bennett HigginsBL Hellenway B Hartwick C F Baboon Chas Havens Chus E Haris C Harris Chas C Hall Bev C G Hoyt C H Himnern C W Haborn Chas Haswell D B Hullings Dflul Hagen Dr Hays David Hitch DH HallettEE Hartshorn E H Haight Edward Hart E A Harris Egbert E M Ilazain E G Hamilton E Hartshorn E B Henery Frank Halbrook F Hers Frank Jay A James Alvin Joneu Alex Johnson Andw Johnson C W Jennings Oban Johnson Chas-2 Jarris Chas F Johnson *AA W Kerbough Chs Kelley Chas 8 Kelly Cor Kelley DB Keller Dr fenady Danl Kellogg E J Kenney Edw jr K ieman F Kirby Capt F F Kellogg F W Kid well G W Kur Geo A Kellogg G D-3 Lane A W Liedy Abm Lawrence A 0 Lode A J Lyman 0 L Lelina O Leonard C M Lee Chas C Leavitt C W fsswgii. Loomia Dwight Luainglon C?pt ? 11 Flaherty Juo Farmer Jos R Foster J C Fisher Jno J Fuller J II Fowler J L G Gray n J Gutherie Lt H F <ioewey Jno Guinea Jas Giisman Jos Galagher Jas Gossman Jacob Gardner Jas Getzenger Jno Gadley Jas (col) Gysler Jos GroffJno H George Jno Grimes Jno A Qosslin L-2 Garrett L L (iohlstine M Gillmore Col M Gastanbcrg N FahevThas Fish Col Wm ; Freeman W C Fuller Wm II Forwood Wijj Gibson A Warren Gihba 0 C :t Gridley K II Good Samlj B Gardner 8C Gonlor Saml Camels Thuo Gamble Capt T T? Green W D Gitt Dr W W-2 Greggs Wm J Grovcr Wm Graham W H Griffin Wm Y Goucher Wm Gardner Wm Gencher Wm Gallagher Win Gallaway Wm J3L Harrod F 2 Herwood G Hustings GT Ilubbar.l G S Harison II A Harlan A Hal lings worth Haswell H B Hendrickson H Hartaw H K Hawkins Hugh HenielbrightBF Halt W Harding H H Hyde M J Hallister Justin Hopkins M N 8 Hyde Jno Uonfan A- Kelt? r Hughes Dr J B Houck J W Hunt Jas Herchell Lem Heut L h Haushell L C Hinckel E M Heatli M >1-4 Hodgdon M W Holston J G F 11 an in an Jno Harris J M Hartig Juo Hopper Jno C Humphrey J E Hineslv Jno Heukel Jno Hudson Jas Heeley Jno Halted Jno W Hotden Oliver-2 Hagens (iuarter master HandOrvill Higgina Patk Heshion Patk Haskal R Henderson R J Hughes Robt D Hendlan Dr S II Hutchings L Hunt il 8 Haines Jno C llolcoinb JudsonHurley Pa nil Holly Isiah Holden Thos llanslom Jno Howard J B Hunkins Jno 2 llartig Jno Hann Thos Button T A Hameltou Wm Harbotts Wm Hutchinson Jas llocton Wm J Bawkins Jno Barrison W B BeimbuekJno Ball Wm W Ball Jno Polt Wm Herman Saml Baskins W E I-J Johnson Dr F J Jones Geo T-2 Johnson Bev J Jack man Juo G JonesJas D Jones J J-2 Jones John Joy Jno B K Kennedy B . King Maj B L Knowles H L Kerr Isaac W-2 Killeen John Kinder Jessie Kitcham Ira S Keller John C Keiler John Keeling Isaac Kendall Dr J B Keneeagy Jacob Kulp John-2 SJ Lyman Lt H Ligget Bugh A Leech Hiram P Lewis Jos W H Lucas James Lightin Jno T Layton Jos Leo man Jacob J hnson L -anott Mr Jennings N Irish Col O H-2 Jones Richard Joy Thos W Johnston Wm B Ingram Wm Kilgore John Kerwin Michl Kinuevan Patk Kuling Rev R J Koons Steph Keene Thos P Kieen Wm Kreps Wm Kirk W A Kellogg Wm jr Kamey Wm Kelleoy Wm H Kew Win A T.owry Jas H Little Jobn-2 Lybe Mr Lowentbal Max Lodsevick Mr Lynch P C Lynch Peter Lowrie B W Lutes Raiser " .mb Robert J3:fpic .enhard Saml _.ombard 8 R Lathrop Solon H Lane 8 U Ltwh E B Lawrence J P Littell Eugene LentJtrryU Lotter Prank LrardJ.s Laird Geo M List James Lir..bocherLt(.;HLee John H Larue Goo F Laren Geo F Lauber Geo L Lefever H C Lawrence H C Law maw L Li visard Lewis Lemons Lee LakemanColMB Lee Mortimer C Mooro AIM. Morris A L McMillan Ale'* McFrederick A McCarty Capt A McPherson Alx Morris A B Mann A J Major Allen Millard Adison Merriot Ale* Martin Ilenj 8 McCnuougliy B Minor Benj Mertle Col Mcllanna CbRS McClunfc C II McNeal Chas Merriaiu O S Morey liC E Martin C II Meyers Cbas Miller David S McLean D G Moyenhan Danl McKay E A Moore Maj E MaddlebrocK EP Miller Francis McGilvery ColF McKavHon F C Mack F A Msgee Geo A McFarlandGWJ MoCabe Maj (iF McAfee Geo McLean C D Moore Gro S MartinLtO,lG<; Mellimnn (> JIrmib (1i>o L Miller Ceo C Moore Geo B Nycum Andw Nichols Amos New myre A Norma n Alf J Nadal Rev B H NellisC W Newbrey Cant Niles Chts u Nardi C Nauman Chas Noel Chas H Need Chas Newcomer D Nullan Danl Orr Albert Orin Frank Quinn Francis Oliver Geo Cakes Geo A Cber J no S Ogd-jii Ji.o Pattingill A A Provort Andw l'hnlpa Rev A Perry A W Pierce Albert S M McCoinbs II McLaine H McCausland H M< Guinness H Mj.stersonllagh Mahan Hugh McLaughlan II Miller H MartiD Henry McPherson J B Milton Jos Mah er Jerry Murphy Jno W Monroe Jas Mt~?roone C J Murphy J as Moy??r John Meris Joshua McDowell Jas McNulty Jas F Mr'Millvi) John M' (?rew J M MeConnell Jno McDaniels Jos McKinleyJ Yf McNeal Jas McManus J110 McCabe John McKee Jas M McClond Jno Minks P W Muse Ja? W May J M Maun K R Mix Capt Jas B Mann J B Mack John Marr Jacob 8 Mudge J L M nh1 Jacob Markers!' Max McClure Mr Lewis S E LumjiXins T J Land is Uf jas Lane W"n Leman W J Lowell Wm Lisetor Wm-2 Laring Wm Locus Capt W W Leibick Win Maguire Martin Man*?r Martin May M Munanmery Mr Mannix Michl .Myer A Straus Mai. raw Maj MeComas Nich Miner N F Merwin P Mesick Peter Minor P H McBride Patk Mo ran R P Morgan R P Mo^es Reuben McRee, Rayall A Co McDonel Robt Mayhew R S McKnight HonR Mills Hon S-2 Middleton Sam Morris Dr 3 L Mnndheim S-2 McCarthy Tim Morrow S J McCracken Thos Mahou Thos-2 Maxwell T-2 Mott Thos R Moore WmD Mills W H Mowitt Wm Mount W G-2 Masters W II Mitchell W T McClure W 8 Marshall W M Miller Wash Murphy W G Michael-, Wm 3V Nichols CornET Northrop Edw Newton E H-2 Norment G North LtG 11 Nunam Henry N owl en J J Nichols Juliug Nather J Nntting J S Nek Jos New inir Isaac Nathan Isaac Name Jno-2 O-Q O'Brien J no Ofdisick Jos 0'Sullivan Jno 8uij;ley Jos P hsick Jos Quail Jno Osterhout S P Plumb Edw A I'latt Geo Payne Henry M P rather Henry Phelan Jan Peunell CaptBC Powers John H Perry Byron A Perry Jos Powell Rev C H Porter Chas B Paine Chas-2 Pannelee C Porter Jas D porter Jas F Potter Jno F Putnam Capt JC Phillips Chas L Patterson J.R Porter Capt Plummer C H Pease David Powers David Palmer Danl L Page Elliott 1'arker Jay Pancoast Josiab PcrrvJno J Parsna'l J no Prince John Peck J Porter Gen E E Payne IsaacW Pitsley Eben'r Peck J J ParkhurstES 'Pratt Jos Payne Edw Ro-ie Anthony Ryau A Ransom A B Reed Bushet Russ Benton Pane Jas L B Renville John Rolluws Jno I Revnold* Jos Ra>back Joshua Rondanez J B Re-'d Corporal-3 Rankin J K Ray C H Robinson Clias Ruby J i;hu Robinson Ja?- C Reminspeeker S ftoisYed er ^rcctK Koiii:is3n.- n How ell Geo A RohS James Robinson II F ReesJolin Boot 11 G Read J M Raymond Harry Roy Jno M Rich Hiram B Royall Major Richards? DW Roche M A Reed Janies Rceubart Mark RawlinsDr J W Rusch AsstQrm Rasbalk J L Rias Noah A F S bants A \nton banborn A D ?'-anborn Surg A Stump Abm Sanneri Byram Smith Chj;s V Stcarues Dr CW Smith Calvin Smith Chas Sulzberger D E Smith David R Shaen Danl Sherman D A ' Schenk D F Sullivan Danl Sobe/ Danl ShewellA Dun bar Daniel Ryan Stine Daul Stintin David Spicer Edwd Stevens Edwd S Stores Edwd Sayre E Spang E II Stroiueger Frk St Clair Frank SimkiuK Fisher Steer Francis Storms Francis Sntton Dr G L Smith Geo W-2 Skilton Geo C 2 Spencer Geo H Shears Geo W StevensG F Seeley Gregory ShepherdG SchaeferA. Kauf man Tcnney Amos T< my Amos Tony A C Tilley Byron Truman B C Thorn C M Thompson D Thompson I> B Twine David Tyler Eugene A Taylor E A Thompson F B Thompson F 1> Tethens Frank Tilly H K Tcarney J H Valentine A Van Busk irk A Vallely Bern'd Ulfaus Capt VonRadowitzCl Vcrindea C W V?ise D G Shane Henry M Stone Dr H Stout Hai ris Slonbor II F Sanderson U Spencer J D R Simons Jno A Stocker James ShererJos M Stewart Jas E 8witser Jacob Slack John Stewart Jas E Smallwood J R Stackliouse Jno Sheldon John Scran ton J L Skinker J 1IO H StonakerJ H Sullond John Smallwood J Smith J C Strang Jos Lindsley Jos Shee Jony Street Isanc L Strain CaPt J H Steele James Shaul Jno J Smith John F 8bodd Jerome J Smith Louis Scainmell Dr LL 8chriv?r L P Sampson Luther Sherwood L 8 Shepadsou L Serken Moses Scull Mark Schmidt Mr Sorry M L Shearman Mr Slattery M T Turner Rev.TD 2 Thompson J-2 Thompson J G Thayer Jared Trambly Jas Turner J D Trumbull J Talbot J W 2 Turner John M Trumbull ColJS Tyrol John Thomson J T Tori John O Thomas L Tarlton L A Taylor Lewis U-V Visser D J Vr.nderberg G VaughanGid Van Schaick I Vandewater JL Ulam John No" ton J N Nntting J W Newman Louis New housel M Nealon Michl Nass A /ahner Nado Peter Nigler Salomon Ni\ton T W Noble Wm Niclos Capt W A Nichols Win II 11 North Capt W O Nichols Z J> Oxley Mr O'Donnell Thos Olsen Thos O'Neal Thos Obridge Thos O'Neil Wm F Penn Jas W Poss Jno Pael Lt Jos Price Louis M Pettyjohn Lewis Parnish Louis Postella Louis Pierce M B-2 Page Mr Pennicke M Powers Morris Pardeans Mr Procter Mr Palmer Mnns Porter Nich J-2 Pullen Saniner B Porter Thos Pi ntland W D Painter Col Will Peake W H Parinenter W II Bobbins N II Read Og'len B Ryan Richard lUteliff R A Ruhiiison R Russell S-2 Hosiers S G Rossman & Son Re ad y Simon Ilui i tfaiuco Roulston Thos Reynolds Thos Ryerson Uzal C Richard?on W II Ro ben son Wm ltobison Wm Robbins W W Russell Wm G SwartzOtto Sage O G Senes Paul Shillinglaw Cat R Sntton Richd Spotl'orr R S Swingle Robt D Sykes R M Silvey R W Stires R W Smith Robt "tarr Sainl W Stover Solomon Bpencer Saml HI Soda Saml Sandes Stepk S Smith Sauil Spencer Smith Shrieves Thos J Sterling Theo W Scott T E Siuimes Thos Stetler The-) Scott Thos H Shinn T A Sewerson ThosU Smith W A Son Smith Wm H Smith Wm Shedd Wm E Stone Wm Sayer Dr W in Silvry Wm Stevens W H Shoemaker WmS Sherwood Wm Sayers W H Stevens Wassen 8 pence Win Stewart W M Slowen Wm M Shover W B Trickey Lewis Tucker Mr Tolbut L Taylor Col N G Tilghman Peter Thinkle S Terwilliger T D Tunnalt Col TR Thomps?>ii W-2 Tracey W Tay!or W 0 Tunell Wm Thomas W II Thompson W H Thompson WmR Verplank J G Vanderpool Jno Vandete M Underwood Mr Vanwormer O Viel S S Walter Allen Wilson Alex T Wilson And J Wilbur And Wood Andrew Wadkins A T Wheeler Cp AH Watson A Wilder Byron Williamson B Wright Col Ell Woel Chas Win Chas Weeser Chas Wilder Corwin Wacliter Chas West Chas Wykoff Cyrus Wilkins Chas Wells Dr C J S Wood ChasH Walker D Whitney David Whiting CpDJ 2 White Daniel Wood David White Edmund Warner E P Wataon BevlF3 Wright Ernest Wright Ed N W hi ton Ed N Wilson X W West gate Elisha W ooa E W Wail Edward Walker F V Weertb Cap FV Wivel Frank Willis F W Wells F Th Wales F W WwodrnffG A Way Hon G B Washington G Walts Garret White Geo W Watson G F Willey <+ W Weltse H A Worcester H A Winder Henry WMjple Rt Rev Ward Henry Weihel Julius Williams Jaa Wilbur Dr J G Washington J S Weyenger J H Wollough J R Waukins John W enner J P Weidler Jacob Weitsel Judge Whealon Jos Widensheim J Walcott J B Wilkins Judson Whit* James Weeks Cap J H Walsh John Wood John W Wolf John M Wyland Keler W.ol J N Wells Jas Woods Jas Waite Maj J M Wells Lewis Williams Lucia Winter M Winans Mr Wilson Mort'r Wilcox Maj X ?esser Hon N yatt Cap 0 0 Withers P C WattRF-3 Wells R F-2 Whittlesey R H West Rev R A Watt Robt T Wilkinson O J Wood Col S N Walker Sam Walker T 8 Williamson Dr T Wade Thos Walden T Wright Wm White W m Walton Mr Wharton W A Wlielati W F-2 Weaver W V W Washington W Wesenbaker WE Warner W 8 William W Williams W Young J L Zeigler Joseph It 8AYLES J. BOWKN. Postmaster. AT NO. 469 NINTH STREET.?We are now re ceiving a fresh supply of GROCERIES, such RS? 8YRUP, white a?d brown 8UGAR8, / TEAS of all grades, Green. BUck, English Break 8M0KFD1BBK^and TONGUES of chDice quality, BUTTER from Orange county, N. Y. For sweet ness, not to be surpassed In the city. To all of which we invite thoeitisens of Wash ington and oar friends generally, at No. 469 Ninth street, between E and F. ap 12-Jt* H. YOUNG 4c 00. Ik th* Skwatk yesterday? Tt.f bill to amend the act to establish equalize the gr&rte cf officers of the navy was U-.ken op. amended ar.d passed. Mr Wilier called up the bill 'o charter the Masonic Hall Association ot the ci:y of Wash ington The ancendments reported by 'be Seu tte ccmmittee, striking out -he initial letters indicating certain masonic titles, and so inocL ijing 'he bill as make but one corporation, authorizing the appointment of tone member of each masonic organisation annually as nmember thereof, were generally adopted. Oi mo ion of Mr. Collamer, tiwclanse Afci.h permits the corporation securing the payment of money loaned by it by mortgages on Y^al es ta e w?s stricken cut, on the ground ihat they ccuidthus prrctiially defeat the prohibitia-i for holding no more lmd than the site for their hail. Ou motion of Mr. Foster, a section was add?a that this act may be altered, amended, or re pea ed at the pleasure of Congrees. Mr. Sherman, from the Finance Commuter reported a bill to prevent speculative twanoac 1 tious in gold and foreign exchange, u pro vides that it shall be unla wful to make a.iy contract for the purchase or sale or loan or de livery of any gold coin or bullion, or of toreiga exchange, at any time subsequent to making el contract, or for payment of anv sum, fixed or contingent, on default of delivery of said coin, kc. It piovides also that none but bona fid" owners in actual possession, thai 1 make a con nect for the sale of gold, ard forbils any banl er or broker, or other person, to make saie I ' l *fcld coin or bullion or foreign exchange, or to male contract lor any such purchase or rale at other than his ordinary place or bnsinegc. All contracts violative ot this act nre void. The penalties for violation of this act are a fic* i f not more than ten thousand nor less than i ne thousand dollars, or imprisonment not lees than three months nor more than one year, 0 both, at the discretion of the court. 1* TUB HOCSE? Mr. Colfax, b??fng upon the floor, said tha* before be proceeded to analiae tne speech of the gentleman from Ohio, he desired to advert 11 some things which had been said on the oppo sition side. The gentleman from Ohio, (Cox,) -while he was pleased to speak of his fairness as the Speakei of h??m. said that he had descended from the chair to tne floor of tn*? House. But he had an illustrious example in one whose shoe latches he was not'worthy to unloose?one who filled the seat the generosity of the House bad given to him?the man ot liou heart and eagle eye?defamed by some while living, but reverenced now that be has passed to the spirit land. Mr. Clay came down from the chair, not once, but frequently. ? Mr Mai lory supposed the gentleman alluded to the period of 1S12, when the Speaker of the House descended from his position to reply to the remarks of .Tosiah f^uiney, of Massachu setts But Mr. Clay did not move a resolution of expulsion. Mr. Cellax said that in the Congress of 1412 and 1~13 Mr. Clay caine down from the chatr nire times to make speeches Mr. Mallory.?Did Mr. Clay ever move to censure or expel a member' Mr. Collax replied that Mr. Clay's speeches were on the side of th? country, and that statesman did not hesitate about the words he used. Mr. Davis called upon Mr. Mallory to stat* wha? language Josian Quincy used to justify Mr. Clay's speech. Mr. Mallory did not recollect the precise woTds. He recollected that Mr. Uuincy de nounced the war as being causeless and ag-iinst the interests of Massachusetts, and to whi^h h s constiuents were opposed. Mr. Dawes said Joslah Quincy was one of the most venerated and distinguished states men of the land. He knew that Mr. Cininey was opposed to fhe war of 1S1'2, but as a lover of his country he had no equal at that time. Mr Mallory said the gentleman could not ?ft Kentucky and Massachusetts into colli sion, Mr. Colfax, resuming, said if any one had remarked at that time that traitors should be permitted to plai.t their Confederacy on our soil, he believed that Mr. Clay, with all his patriotic impetuosity would have moved to ex pel the m? mber from this floor. Tbi6 was no gladiatorial arena, aa it was when men with weapons, sought to suppress discussion in behalf of freedom. That time has passed away. They were here as patriots, as representatives to discharge the duties com mitted to their charge. Mr. Colfax quoted seme remark attributed to Fernando Wood, when the latter said it was not true. Mr. Collax said he took it from the New York Iii rald. He supposed that was good authority. If the gentleman said his speech was incor rectly reported he wonld let it pass. In the course of his remarks Mr. Colfax said he presumed that the offence of Joshua K.Gid dings, in If-12, w as the declaration that slavery did not exist ii the ships of the United S:ates on the high sea Mr. Rogers asked whether (biddings was cen sured or expeneu. Mr. Colfax said Mr. Giddings was censured, but resigned like a sensible man. He would say to the House that if his (Colfax's) conduct was esteemed a disgrace, he wanted no more pioper epitaph on his tombstone than that he dared to de his duty according to his conscience. [Applause.] He wanted the rules enforced. He had sat here when the galleries had ap plause for slavery, but none for freedom. Thefe. thero was on'y a mild rebuke. He Would rather have the "God bless you !" front some poor soldier's widow, or of the lone soldier, for what he had done in behalf of a country for which so much was perilled than the applause of galleries distinguished for learning and intel ligence. .; Mr. Colfax theb proceeded to review Mr. Loi.g's speech, which he argued showed a com plicity with treason and a willingness that the traitors shonld triumph. The speech was an echo ol Jefferson Davis himself, and through out the whole of it there was not one syliaale for cur distressed and bleeding country; and alter alluding to rebel barbarities, Mr. Collax said there could no:, as Mr. Long advised, be amicable relations with them. No, sir', the sword will be sheathed only on the grave ot treason! II our Constitution is dead, as the gentleman said, the inly Constitution alive was that framed at Montgomery. The hour to which he was limited having expired, he a?ked for an allowance for the in terruptions. Mr. Chanler objected. Mr. Colfax?1 atk no favor and take my seat. Mr. Eldiidge?1 thongbl it was understood the gentleman should have all his time. Mr. Dawson?I think the gentleman from In diana ought to be allowed to proceed. Mr. Ancona?Unanimous consentof the House was heretofore given. Mr. J. C. Alleu?I am no party to the objec tion. Mr. Long appealed to Mr. Chanler, as a per sonal favor to himself, to extend the courtesy to the Speaker of the Honse. Mr. Colfax?No repenting concessions from the gentleman from New York (Chanler) will 1 accept. [Applause.] Mr. Long, who had obtained the floor, said be was sorry that Mr. Chanler bad made the objection. He would ask the unanimous con sent of the House to allow Mr. Colfax to priut the remainder of his speech. He trusted th e would be granted. Mr. Colfax?I do not print what 1 do not utter. Mr. Long then proceeded to address the House at length in defence of himself against the resolution, either of expulsion or censure, and contended that he bad done no more than be had a constitutional right to do, and no more than had been repeatedly done by others, and by Republicans ever since the war com* menced. At the conclusion of his speech Mr. Cox, of Ohio, moved to lay the preamble and resolution upon the table, which was disagreed to, by yeas 70, nays 79. The first resolution, censuring Mr. Long, was then adopted, by yeas 80, r.ays 70. 1 he second resolution, which directs that the ie&oluUon shall be read to Mr. Long by the Speaker during a session of the House, was laid upon the table?yeas 71, nays 69. The preamble waa adopted?yeas 77, nays 63. The preamble tets forth, substantially, that Alexander Long, a representative from the Second District of Ohio, by his open declara tion, in the National Capitol, and by publi?a tiou in New Yolk, has shown himself to he in favor of the recognition of the so-called Con federacy, now trying to establish Itself on the ruins of the country, thereby giving aid and comfort to the enemy In their destructive prac tices, and to the traitors against the Government within our bottlers, bv assurances of their suc cess and affirmations of the justice of their cause; and that such conduct is Incompatible with his daty as a member of this body. ?GTThe Historical Society of Pennsylvania are making efforts to have the old slate cover ed house in Philadelphia, formerly occupied by William Penn, protected from tbe im ?>rovements and innovations of modern build ngs, which would tear the old landmark down. ?9" Tbe Hartford (Ct) Times, democratic, says the stashing defeat in that State on Mon day was^ming to the fact that the democracy did not turn out in force, not knowing it was election day. A rather harjl rap on the intel ligence of tbe party. MP* Miss Emma Webb has left the footlights and taken to tbe rostrum in dead earnest as the rival and opponent of Anna Dickinson. She challenges the latter to an oratorical contest. When Ana meets Em then comes the tag of wart tfT The "saints" of Utah hare been greatly excited ever a case of divorce, abduction, Jtc., Ac., which has just come off In that exotic community. ? ' ^Tlte Irish National (air being hWd In Chicago, under tbe auspices of the Fenian Brotherhood, is a great success. H %

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