Newspaper of Evening Star, April 15, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 15, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. wT 1). WALL At'H, EdiUr and Proprieter. WASHINGTON CITY: fRIBAV APRIL t*M. VRJIADINO MATTXR ON EVERY PAG* BMW OUTBIDS FOR INTERESTING T*L1 GRAPHIC ASP OTHER MATTER. Washington Mowr Market. Quotations for stocks, coin and uncurrent money, furnished by Lewis Johnson & Co., Baying. Selling. TT. S. Coupon Bonds. 1891......115 H" U.S.5.20 Notes llltf Snartermasters' Checks 'M ? ew Certificates American Silver 1*5 ? American Gold I"" ~~ N*w York Rates?First Board. Coupon fi's, IBsl, 115X 5.2o's, ll-i; Certificates Of I*debtedne?s, #0; Gold, 173 *(? Till; DRAFT. It being generally understood that the draft is to take place on the 15tb, (to-day,) or as soon Uiereat'sr as practicable, in all the States and iHstricts that have not filled their quotas, we would state that up to the present time no or der has been issned postponing it, and it is stated tbat none will be issued to that effect. The District will receive the benefit of the d. duttions due it from enlistments or over, ciiarae of quota, but the machinery of the iiratt will go on as heretofore. BIDS FOR POTATOES ADJECTED. I'p to twelve o'clock on Wednesday last, proposals were invited by S. C. Greene, at No. ?23 G street, for furnishing the Government with ten thousand bushels of potatoes. Only three bids were received up to the hour of opening, and they being at very exorbitant prices, werer?jeM?rt SUSPICIOUS CHARACTER Smith Bently, who represents himself as being a deaerter from the rebel army, was arrested ; esterday by Major Thompson, of the -id Mas fachusetts cavalry, as a suspicions character Pertly was committed to the Central Guard rouse to be held subject to the order of Oen'l Auger. RELIEVED. Captain ,T. B. Mix, of the llth New York cavalry, has been relieved from the command of the guards at the Old Capitol and Carroll prisons, and ordered to join his regiment, uow in the field. from J. Shillington, Odeon Building, t om Hudson Taylor,334 Pen nsy I van ia a*en ue, 8i.d lrom John C. Parker, 379 F street, we have Harper's Magazine for May. With the excep tion of the astonishingly silly story, entitled *? The Prescription," (and which is surely by the author of "Mr. Axtell," in the AdanHc Monthly,) it is a capital number. Also, l'rom Parker, we have No. 5 of "The Musical Host." Arroi>TED.?Mr. Robert Baymau has been appointed United States Consul at Funchal, Mat'elra Island. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. A ( OS FEDERATE VESSEL LAUNCHED AT BORDEAUX. FRANCE. THE BUILDER COMPELLED TO GIVE HIS WORD NUT TO DELIVER THE VES SELS 10 THE CONFEDERATES. THE PRIVATEER RAPPAHANNOCK IN CLOSED IN A DOCK BY THE FRENCH GOVERNMENT,WITH A MAN-OF WAR IN FRONT OF 1IER. Nk?' Yobk, April 15.?The Timet' Paris letter says one ot the vessels built at Bordeaux for the Confederates bas been lannched. An English vessel is lying there with her equip ment. The boiider has been compelled by the French Government to give his word that none of the vessels be is contracting shall l>ass into Confederate hands. The two iron ? clads will not t>e ready lor launching for three months, but the other three fwnnri?n will scon follow their consort into the water. The French Government has inclosed the Rappahannock in a dock at Calais, and placed a man-of-war in front of it. FROM Mexico. New York, April 15.?The steamer Conti nental has arrived trom New Orleans on the ?itb, with Alexandria dates to the 5th. All is qutet at Alexandria and ample prec iu iicn is takes against surprise by the enemy. Tfce heavy iron-clads have dropped down to Fcrt be Russey but there was sufficient water for the gunboats and transports to cross th tills. The atieets of Alexandria are barricaded in case of raids by the reikis. About people have tak<n the oath under the Amnesty Proclamation. The steamer Luminary, before reported d?* stroyed. was above tlie falls uninjured. ftd>ic?-9 lrom Texas state that Oen'l liana has b?-en relieved from the command of the trot>i'S at Pass Cavallo at his own request. Goceral Htrron is Hick at Brownsville with rt.e "mall pox. A b!( ck;>de i c ioontr tiled to run out ct Pa-- Cavallo on the-Jd and the gunbott E trella cha>ed her and the rebels fired h?*r, as c-apiue m tli<*ir boar-. Forty bales of sea island , o toe was saved and she was tb^o abandoned ti> 'ht* flames. Ihesloop-of-war Pensacola left New Orleans vn the Tih lor New York. Ad \ ices trom Matamoras r^p^rt tio Freucb or Franco-Mexican lorce there, nor known to I frear there. Jt><1g?' lmreil is President of the Fr.-e State < "f!i vt ution in session at New < ?rl?an-'. The rfj" rts o: a reb- l attack on Alexandria i : ? in;1rue. I ROM THE ARMYOFTHE POTOMAC. Division Re view?Report oi Re lit-1 Move ment*. I! E.\ t?^l*ARTKltS AEMV OF THE PoTOMAC April ! 1 - The :!d division of the 2d corps, cotn inprded by General Uirney, was reviewed to rt* v by General Hancock, and presented a splendid appearance. General Meade an 1 stall v.ere present, and complimented the divUiou a; d its cojrmander on its efficiency. Afer *he review the Generals partook of som?* r. fre.-hments with John M Botts, at his invi la i n, and afterwards with General Biruey. Tl lie day was beautiful. A rumor prevails In camp this morning that tVo rebels have been seen on the Blue Ridge, but uo credit is f.iveu it. FROM *E\V YORK. (?rest Fall in Gcld-Rfatoa Assigned. Nrw Yokk, April 14.?Gold is down to 175^', ?aused by a report that Mr. Chase has drawn for o sterling against gold sent from San Fraucieco last year. fANOTHER ni8VATl H.| Po*ipon?-meut oi the Draft?Closing Price of Hold. * Niw York, April 11.?Th* draft has been pottpored nntil the 1st of Jnne. G' Id clost d at 177. Stocks wera higtu-r after the second board. Itnltimore and Ohio Railroad I ompaitr. Kaltimobk. April 11.?The Baltimore and <?tio Railroad Company today ratified th** I'urihaoc of the Northwest \ irjrinia or Par kHtebur* railroad, and contracted tor a grand railroi.d oridge at Parker-burg cjniiecunr the 1 al'inu re and Ohio railroad with ilu* Man ?ttiHand Cincinnati biaucb, makins a couliuu <ns railv. sj-, without change of cars, bet wen >>u York? Wnshin^fon, and Cincinnati, lu ai'SnapvUs ai d Chlcaxo, by a lino a xt, mild.s l.eari r than ?h?i ('oluuibn^ route to Cincmuatt. Matt hey. Mi??., Kpa|>f>r Report*. Niw York, April H.?The -teamer Thomas .A J-Cott, from New Orleans, bus an*ivevl. Natchez p:,per> Of the lot ot April hav*> a report that the rebels have blown up tworaine, ^hrevtpcrt and Missouri, ?o prevent tliem falling iuto our Land?, and tha >liny bav 4?*a< uated >bre\e|?oit. The Rebel Ram T*nars?ee. New York, April M.?A letter irui? the Cjeckading fleet otT Mobile, March *?;1. says the fi.rxnldabie rebel Ram Tenn??~*ee in go^ting raa4y to par the fleet a yisit | We inter from tills thai tneTennes*.p*<rH- not sttegas roj?or? <- 4 fcinc^j COIfOBESSIONAL.. XXXTIIIts CON GR&33.-FIRST BE3SI0N. F?ii?at, April 15. Smat*.? Mr. I>oolittle presented several memorials of the legislature of Wisconsin, including oce relative to the tax on agricultu ral implements. Mr. Sumuer presented a Terr large roll of petitions, signed bj -11.2IS persons, men and women of the United States, for the abolish ment of slavery throughout the country, and giving the freedmen citizen's rights. He stated that the memorials were not only signed by citizens of all the free States, but by persons in Louisiana, Maryland, Florida and South Caro lina. ? Mr. Sumner remarked that as one subject embraced in the memorial had been acted on, he desired its reference to the Committee on Slavery and Freedmen. Agreed to. Mr. Morrill presented a petition from colored citizens of the District of Columbia setting forth that they were subject to taxation without representation: that their loyalty has never been questioned; that they have furnished two regiments now in the field, and have a third one forming, and praying that legislation be had to give them the "pn>Per relief. Referred to the Committee on the District of Columbia. Mr. Howard introduced a bill to amend the statutes of 1 imitation in force in the courts of the District of Columbia: which was referred to the Committee on the District. The House hill confirming the title of Joseph Ford to lands in Pike county, Minnesota, was passed. On motion of Mr. Sherman, the bill reported yesterday, to prevent speculation in gold and foreign exchange, was taken up. Hocsx.?Mr. Wilson again asked, but failed to obtain, consent to offer a resolution provi ding for night sessions for the transaction of business. Mr. Beaman, from the Committee of Confer* ence, on the disagreeing amendment to the bill providing a temporary government for Mon tana, made a report, recommending a concur rence in the Sena e'e amendment, striking out the qualification of whit* for voters, and sub stituting every male citizen of the United States,and those who nave declared their in tention to become such. Mr. Beaman, presuming that all gentlemen had made np their minds, moved the previous i question. Mr. Holman moved to lay the report upon the table. The question was decided in the negative?yeas 66, nays 67. The report of the Committee of Conference was disagreed to?yeas 53, yeas 83. Mr. Holman moved that the House adhere. Mr. Beaman moved that the House insist and ask a Committee of Conference. Mr. Webster moved the following Instruc tions : And that the committee agree to no re port which authorizes any other than tire white male citizens and those who have de clared their intention to become such to vote. These instructions were ngreed to?yeas 75, nays 67. And Mr. Beaman*s motion for another .com mittee was adopted (aocompanied by the above instructions.) I The consider tion of the joint resolution to dispose of the unemployed generals, was post poned lor ten days. Mr. Alley, of Mass , from the Committee on Post Offices and Post Roade, reported a bill authorizing the establishment of ocean mail steamship service between the United States and Brazil. Mr. Alley made a speech in snp j port of the bill. 11ANOS WANTED.? HANDS WANTED To work at gravel rootiDg. Steady em nr. OCT _. _ nloywent and good wages given. Apply to H.C. WILSON A CO , 161 22d street west, below Penn sylvania avenue, between the hour* of 7 and !>?. m. and 12 to 2 p. pi . ap 15-3t* rV??=? NATIONAL BASK BALLCLUB-The open tlof came of the season will be played on the grounds south of the President's Mansion on MONDAY EVENING at 4*j o'clock. Members are requested to be punctually on the ground. By order of the President. ap!5 2t* WM. F. WILLI A MS. Secret ary. WASHINGTON SPIRITUAL CONFER ence SUNDAY, at i\* o'clock p. m.. in Smeed's Hall. 4!*1 ?Kh street. Mrs. L. .Smith and Mrs. R. Wbk*. Mediums, will open and conduct the meeting, inviting all to speak that wish, both mala and female. Admission, gentlemen 1.5 and ladies 1Ucents. ap lS '.'t* me=?TIIE WASHINGTON LITERARY AND LLS DRAMATIC ASSOCIATION takes great pleasure to announce to the lovers of the drama and the admirers of tha Immortal Bard that tlie> have perfected their arrangements to celebrate the ter-centenarv birthday of Shakspeare. at the Washington Theater, on SATU*DAYrEVENING. April 23. Wit. 8ome of the moat eminent gentle men in the city have kindly volunteered to assist this * orthy enterprise?worthy Jas half of the pro eeeds go to the hospitals of the eitv. Programme in the Sunday Chronicle and tli;? daily papers of next week ap tf-lf (Vw="LAST WEEK OF THE ORPHAN' BUYS' ' L I FAIR.?A variety of Fancy and I'seful Ar ich-s for sale. The lady mauagers. in the nnm<* of the orphan-*, ask the patronage of the public, ap I.S-4t* rv^=? ATTENTION. TIN PLATE an 1 SUEET I L 3 IRON WORKERS.? You are requested i?i attend a meeting at Temperance Hall, on S VTUR PAY EVENING next, at ft o'clock, to adopt meas ures beneficial t<> the trade Hy request of th?* ap 12 TuTh,V F* COM MITT EE. CONVENTION.?Pur-u;int to a res LK_3> olution pa^si-d l>y the Republican Associa tion of W:ishiiigto:iaFen. 28th mid Vpril Sth. IS >1. a'l the qualified voters of tin- District of Columbia "'who desire the unconditional inrtinteuance of the Union, the supremacy of the constitution and the complete suppression of the rebellion, with tto cause thereof, by vigorous wnrand all sot an l eftj cient means,'' are invited to meet in ina-s eonven ti'-n to be held under the auspices of said \ssoei< tion at the Union League Rendiuz Room*. >>nnth stre.-t. Washington. hotwe<-n D and E streets on FRIDAY EVENING next, at half past 7 o Vlock . for tbe purpose ol choosing delegates to renres. jit the l>isfriet in tlie convention to lie held at It ,tti - inorv on Tnesda y. t he 7th day of J tine, IH-i t. t o no 111 inate candidates for the offices ..f President and Vice President <>f the Unite.! Stat I .1 J ntoMR-i. Pres f 11, I'll I M HArl\ KIt See. Hp {*.14.15 nr&? NOTICE- TO THE TAX-PAYERS OF UJi WASHINGTON Assessor's Offick. I W ASMIN6TM.\. March 11. [ The P.oard of Assessors, having completed the Cell era J A?-. SKIIient for the year l*;t. hereby give notice that they will sit as a Hoard of Appeals, and for the purpose of making any correction, from Monday, the ^l?t day of March, to Tuesday. the ?,th day of April, inclusive, (Sundays excepted, at their room. No. S, basement story, west win* City Hal I. from !? a. m to p. in. each >Kv. I.) ig ? J p. m. each day. 15y order ot the President . JAMES W. SPALDING, inh 15-tAp3ri Secretary Hoard of Appeal. ry-^?ICE CREAM. CONFECTIONARY, *c - Uof Receptions, Parties, Weddings. Ball*. Sup per*. Fairs and other entertainments famished at sh"rte-t notice and most reasonable term*. Ice Crt-acu and Water Ice* made by steain power, war rented to be the best is the city, wholesale and re tail, delivered to any part of the city. Charlotte Kus?e. J eliies. Pyramids and Weddi ugCakes made JOSXI'H HIAFF1 Kl.D'S Confection ery. s>i*tk at., bet,G and H._ fe il-3m* WASHING AT SHORT NOTICK.-Th* LJs_3 Nati<nal Setsm Laundry has changed l7>iuds. and Is now in full operation Ronzh dry washing for families at fifty rents perdoien. Goods will be called for and promptly delivered by leav iilg an order at the office. Month side Penn?y'vauia at eime, f>etween 1.1th and I.V . streets. Washing for hotel-, restaurants steamboat*. A c... done at short notic. fmr 14-lm'l PERKY COLMAN. \Jt' SUCAR CURED HAMS. ? * E ll)i\e reeeiy.'d another lot ol those fhoic Siiasr-niro'l llains Also, Smoked Salmon hI KUAN A P ERR IK. aplj-.'tt 0-ruer K and 9th streets. I.N.if SAI.E- " ~ * LADY'S DOG. the smallest and !.a?id.-olne?t blaok aiel-g t?ii te'i ier in Washington. Apply to the Star Office. _' SUOAR. ? Forty hhd*. Cuba aud Porto Ki<-. Suaar. part irime. Just re..^'ive.t and for sn|.. hy JOHN H SEM.MES Ar CO., No. corner 9tU at. aud Louisiana sv . *p 15-ijt t'PIH. vest end Center Market. 1 tjfORAGE' STOBAGI! ? To let. nart^.f first and all <>f second floors, in buildiati No. :t.i Maine avenue, between 4',^ and uth st.. Inland Size of floors. ft'? h? 2'. Suitable for storage of slit lers'goods. Appb ?s above, gr sf41t?G st . cor ner of 9th. ap I j .'It* HI H LOl'N 0 E S ! *" It E D LOUNGES ?? We have just received per steamer? ?JO ASSORTED HBD LOUNGES. to which we call the attention of the eiti/.en; Kn l public gvnorall) ap 1.Mm t,t HONT'/. A KIFKITI1 Boofkkes-coffbes: ROWN'S. Gi! ie> and Merwin's Dandelion OofleeS, (?illle's Plantation Coffee. Brodl?eiit's French Ciiffot-s. For sale by EG. AN A PIS ICR IK. ap'o J'.t Comer Kaud Otli streets, _ ^-|N J-J. Xxu JjqvobsT M E Have now on li-tiid it full supply of Califor nia \V iTi'-s and Rraroli* J. Also, Cliampag!ic Wines on draught, a rich n.-ttive Wiln>. AI?o. Gibson's m l Paper's Old Rve. Rourhon and Nertar Whiskies on draught a^d ill bottles. W ilson's Old Rye PancatliartlcOJiixed Whisky for sale hy . EG AN A PER It I E, SP 13-6t C'-rrn-r Band Oth streets, X'KW ,sTEAM PROPELbiit LINE HBTWBKV i'll 1 l?AI>E1.Pll I A AND W \HIII.VGTON AND M.KXANDItl A. The fast and st'Mineb Steamer Propeller TIIOS E CAI1II.L will leave the tlrst wharf .yAAM al...\e Vine ?tr.-et. Phi lad el phia, Al.Mindi ia si d Wa; hlngton. ou every""E?^Hfc EDNJBSDA1 AFT Kit NOON, and. ret urntng. will leav^ Washington, Bleveuth street wharf, every .-A TURD AY AFIERNOON. F..r freicLti. ?liich * ill betaken at low rates Hppb ?o McFAIJDEN A THOMPSfJNv No. 3*J1 North lH?la'ware ave. pYlila MAULL, BLRTON jc CO , Ifos. fiSO and H3S Jtleventjijit,, Waih'n. ep IVe? C1IAS. WfLSOIv. Agent, W'aahington. IV AN TED -81COKM AND FURNffURB ?v Alio, Mirrors. Carpets. BwU, Ke ld iitf Hud B'>n?ef jrnl^bi-i* <W'tds of every d -script ion. ?; BHCni.Y, 4tf?*7tb?trwt, ?jt> '7 %'~ bet. Iji aud l|,ra?1 aid". of th? ? m First grand but, OF TH* ACTIVE ASSOCIATION METROPOLITAN HOOK* AND LADDER COM PANY. No. 1 The Members of the Active Association of_th> Metropolitan Hook and Ladder Compter take great pleasure in announcing to their friends and patron* that their Kir3t Grand J Rail will be given in tk? 11 all of the'Truckl House. on Mess. av,. bet wepu ith and 5th sts.,oo THURSDAY EVENING. April 21*t, ISM. Tieket?ONE DOLLAR, admitting, a gentleman and ladies. ap !>?'** ^OCOA MATTING AT PRIVATE SALE. ffp have just received from thw imported, for private rale, ten thousand yard* of Cocoa Matting, different widths, at our furniture warerooaia, ia the rear of our auction rooms. W. L. WALL A CO.. Auct'rsand Commission Merchants. a p 15 south c?>rner Pa. av. and 9th "t. W GROCERY SUPPLIES. Ji HaTe received a fine assortment of? Gr#>n. and Japanese Teas, Java. Rio, Maricabo and Saguayra Coffees. Rakera' Cocoa Shell*. Bromo Chocolate and Co<?oa. Cox'* Gelatine, Graham Flour. Split Peas. Wheaten Grits. , Spanish Olives, Chow-Chow, Picolilli- Pickled Onions, Macaroni. j Tomato. Mnsroon and Walnut Catsup. All at the lowest prices. For sale h> KG AN A PKRRIK ap 15-3t Corner 9th and K street*. |?Y WM L. W ALL A CO.. A^etioa*?r?7~ 8ALE OV IMPROVED TioPERTY ON THE ISLAND. By virtue of a decree of the late Circuit Court of the Diatriet of Ooluabia, bearing data on the 90th dayofllay.A.D I86it, and passed in a eanae in which D. W. Moore A Oo. are complainants, and Geo. E. Kirk and others are dafeodanti, I shall offer for aale at public front of the premises,on Thqrs par, the 14th of April, A. D. 13W, at? o'clock,tarta Lots of graaad numbered seven <7?and nine (9,1 in square numbered four hundred and thirtr-savm (457.) of the plan of the eltr of Washington, as de scrihed in the yroceedlngs la the said eause (the dimensions of which will bo riven on the day of sale) with the improvement# tbereon. oonsi sting of a neat ard substantial two story brink house. This property is situated on V street south, be tween 7th and 8th streets west, ia a thriving and healthy neigh ho* h pod. Terms: Onethird easa.taarenau ments of sis and twelve mdnths. aue in two install the purchaser liTlBf his aotea for the deferred payments, bearing interest from the day of sale. The deed to be re tained uatil the whole of the purchasa money is paid All ?oaveyaeclng at the cost of the purchaser. EDWARD0 CARRINGTON,Trustee. mhX>-eo?w W. L. WALL * CO., Aucts. ?STTHE ABOVE BALE 19 POSTPONE* TO TUESDAY AFTERNOON, April l?th. samehour. ap 15 W. L. WALL * OO . Aucta. QRAY'S PATENT MOLDED COLLARS Hsve now been before the public for nearly a year They are universally pronounced the neatest and best fitting collars extant. The upper edge presents a"perfect curve, free from the angles noticed in all other collars. The cravat causes no puckers on the inside of the turn-down collar; they are as SMOOTH INSIDE AS OUTSIDE, and therefore perfectly free and easy to the neck. The Garotte Collar has a smooth and evenly fin ished edge on both tide*. These Collars are not sinijily tiat pieefs of paper cnt in the form of a collar, but are MOLDED ANDSIIAPED To FIT THE NECK They are made in "Novelty," (or turn-down style;) in every half sice from IS to 17 inches, and in "Eureka," (or Garotte.) from IX to 17 inches; snd packed in " solid sites" in neat blue cartons, containing WO each; also in smaller ones of tea each?the latter a very handy package for trav elers army ami navy officers. EVERY COLLAR is stamped "GRAY S PATEN1 MOLDED COLLAR." Sold by all dealers in men's furnishing goods. ; The trade supplied by WALL, STEPHENS A CO., | ap 14 3m 3tttt Pa. avenge, Washington. FOR SaLE-A small COUNT KR or BAR.TiT qoireat SIMPSON'S, Forrest House. 464 10th j street __ ap l3-3t* I ESSONS ON THE GUITAR. Are-/>,?,?..* in I j Frrnrk, It'll inn ami Spnnb.ii?Prof. G. RORG has removed to south loth street corner of C. at Mrs. Rolipy's, on the Island. ap U-.1t* J I M E . PLASTER. i'KMKNt" i l.Offl barrels of Lime, Plaster and Ceu?eot for sale at red ratea hv RICHARDS A GUINAND ap Ll-lt' ^ ^ foot of tth street e>i*?, PARTIES INDEBTED T0 US ARE REQUEST ??l to come forward and settle up by the 1st of J!*y as the partnership in about to be mutually ?lissol ved. All hills left oosettled at that time will ylnVCll ill t||?* Jialld* Of H CO| 1 t*ri?? |*. "H? 13-3f RICHARDS A GUINAND. 8hnn ?t*??KLS ST UBES SALT 1.00") bushels Tiirk? Island Sal I 4.(*m sacks Liverpool f? . A Salf ... . .V1"" ,io . d" tin.-Salt Afloat mid Hi store For sal? in lots to suit pur chasers. J. TIIOS. DANT,^?3 Water street, j "P 1.1-1 m* Georgetown, J). C. | C E PITCHERS!-! ('IT PItT'HK It's" A laree and h-autiful assortment of Sil I ver-Plated and Mrittauia ICE PITCHERS,! ju-t received and tor -ale at our usual low __ I Prices. C. W. BOTELERA SOVS II on si- I urn i siting Store. .'t I *? Iron Hall *P 13 rtt Pa av . het. (>th and l"th sts 3?|>-1 '? E F K I C E II A T O R S . tL=*J REFRIGERATORS Part i^nlar attention t.. our l:?i of REHtKi hRATORS. U-lieviiif; them t.. I... fc, 'M'.**? jiml <*|tfftpi*sf iii tin* tu.irki t. , l W. HOTKLER A SON'S House furnishing Store, .{l* lr .n Hall. ap 1.; .-..(.I I'd. av.. bet. nth and Hi'h sts. -1 8f) ?X A'? ?'lCTPRE FRAMK?: JttT NEW*"STOCK ,.4-Mi ^ Just r'-"i iv.-d the richest, handsomest and iu,i<t varied stock of (Jilt and Dark W I <Mal I'i.d.tre rV't" , OMrict. These are Wan ant *?<! v itli Ifjif ftU'l? f superior wi?rk ll'Hl'Mi 1 p. AI-o. a bAautiful assortment of Card Visit,, rraiue-sol loreitin and dome-tic Lrianufacture. All Roods warrauted as represented. Tefms cash V .1. markritir, ? . -r"' street, eisfht doors aU.v# 1 lm,f Odd Fellows' II*!I. 4 h'f> u 1N ,JO 11 a i) es; ~4-S() . No? opening spr^iie stoek (lilt Rand Window Shades. Muide Cord. Tassels and Pixtnres. ? , *?y required style or -i/.? made to or. , der. Terms cash. j. MARK R1TKR. .-?0- ' 1 ?' s'reet. eijfht doors ?.< mr * _ " - Odd Fatlows' Bail. 0R AT? T,llS DATK TI1E OFKKIF * ' of lhe ?sslmnftoii >fnrl- ?v, _ h.,ro' Maae alll h-. k, ,,t ,,t tIs? Hajde- ..f HOWARD A ROl'SE. I.. Ix (Keen ?>th and 7th streetn * Washington. D. C . April i. is;i. snVlm W TEH ART A COT - v ,H 1 v * K H >', No. 4M> Sr. OrtosirK Tin-; Trcasi kv. I Stales Roods ?t all descriptions. <iu?rtvr mast rs" Checks. Gold Silver and Uncurr^nt M.?ney bought and sold. Slock- houifht and so id at 'he New ork stock exchange solely oncommii sit n. Drafts furnished and collections made ?n uie most iavorahle terms apl -jtv* 4Sf) FIIIERO ARlT'p'|SINTS.~J^g Ju-t received an assortment of FRENCH KIREROARD PRIXTS V At.^. . . J MARKRITEifS,. , ... ->o. tsli .th,street, s .Joorn above ??l><> 7t Odd l-'ollotrs' 1LU1 CARRI AGES! CAKRI\G~BSft CARRIAGES! 9 ap " ?'? perior lot of Hue M?JTIT C \Tl H u i i',""1!Vh"- in? ',Hr.' ?f Extension Jml Half-tops. Roekaways, I!.iggi. ?, Hl|,| J( ' Wagons. Ac.. Ac. Also, fjrocerj uol Kv/n'i Masons Repairing promntly attended t,, ROUT. II. GRAHAM, Cn*abint?ker ?'IM D^.d 477 Eighth strv.?t J>ROP08ALF FOR SHINGLES! * llK.W.Ql UiTKKS OF W < S III S ,;T,. S I df Ckifj ij,,.,, vw?'w,|, < . " A.~His<;rox, April n. ijj,V. \ / I,, ??fy1*/1 *,'11 1'./ received at tilis office until . a I it rd ay noon, the l,!tl? imiant. f?. r furnish ' ? f lhit DtiV>"-Uorut. J.lo.ow), more or less \ I 2 Roofing Shingles. Said S binges to h",,f Ji. 'h,. t qi'alit> . and read;, for deify. r> on Monday norn .I'g the Hth Instant. They will be ha .led fc.nn Ihe M harf or nmber vard by ijoy-rniii-nt^WIOm Aij oath of allegiance should accompviy ciHi bid No verbal propositions Will be ei?. rtJ:n ? c*epr bid. oP modification of tb- sni?e miiil l e made in w ritin?. ???; , mijsi n? '".ri,3r wi" required for the f-iitI,ftil lisein^r ' rontraet ma le nuJcr this ivlver The Sbintfles w ill |? iuhj?.;tt,.? 4 i?,nil0f and PnyiiMtnt.fciH be made upon the Hc....p,aPu;,l dt In cry ol the ? note amount. caui I roposalH ninxt he endorsed. I,r..iir,sstt tv*r >h in vies, and addressed to ???*? 'ir ... ^ ELIAS M. OIIEENE ae II J1"'""""' ^icI Qatrtfrm^Wr. -I1 "_i! , Department ol Wsshin IV trcK*it. *? V j n *rt:H( 'TIAXJ TA11. OH, No 4 tth Pa Avkktk. Rktw 4>, A*b *r I"* '? tlie attention of Meml??T?.it Congress iiit "???'.his Customers and the publie !^! Ji ?77' > !" his line assortment of SPIII Nii-r GOOllS. consist iny of .* ,ulftu CLOTHS, UASSJMEHES. 1 VEsTlXGJk *m> __T_ , . , , . *USIN KSS o(\aTIN<tS which In- has just re-el v. d. and which will made up in the iv-st lsshi..i.?fcJh? ma liner. m I . fajfurins made j/ccrdiaif to the M *n'Jfclth*,8ll0fte^ notice. 5H iArfg~ytitn1 ?r. 0.>Min??.???is ,V1 2 O'CLOCK P. WL TELEGRAPHIC NEWS, Capture tf Fort Pillow by the Rebels. BRlfAL MlfRDKRS BY TUK CONFKI?<K\TK TROOP?. horrim.f: SCFNE9 OF BI.OOD3IIKl>." FORREST TO KVAOVATK FORT ril.T.Ovr \ND MOVE ON MEMPHIS. Cairo, April 15.?OnTn?d?y morning,For rest, with six thousand mm, attached Fort Pillow. Soon after the attack Forrest seat a flag of iruce, demanding a surrender of the fort and the garrison, meanwhile disposing his force so as to gain advantage of Maj. Booth, 13th Tennessee U. S. heavy artillery, formerly 1st Alabama cavalry, colored. Tne flag of truce was refused, and the fighting wasfe snmed. Afterward a aecond flag came In, which was also refused. Both flags gave tfce rebels advantage ol new positions. The battle was kept up till 3 p. m? when Maj. Booth be ing killed, Maj.Bradford took command. The rebels now came in swarms over our troops, compelling their surrender. Immediately upon surrender ensued a scene which utterly baffles description. Up to that time comparatively few of our men were killed, i but the incaraate Confederates commenced an 1 indiscriminate butchering of whites and blacks. ! including both sexes. The previously wounded ! black soldier*, becoming demoralized, rusbed i to the rear, the white officers having thrown ! down their arms. Both white and black were bavonetted and shot or sabered. Even dead bodies were horribly mutilated. Childrenaeven or eight years of age, and several negro women, were killed in cold blood. Soldiers unable to speak from wounds were shot dead and their bodies rolled into the river. The dead aud wounded negroes were piled en heaps and Several citizens who joined our forces for pro jection were killed or wounded. Out or the garrison of 600 oaly '200 remained alive. Among our dead officers nre Captain Brad lord, J.leutenaLt* Barr, Ackerstrom, Wilson, lleuel, and MajtM Booth, all of the IOth Ten nessee cavalry. Captain Paston and Lieutenant Lyon, of the 13th Tennessee: Captain Young, ol the 2-lth Missouri, acting provost marshal, were taken prisoners. Major Bradford was also captured, but is said to have escaped. It is feared, however, be has been killed. The steamer Platte Valley cams up about 3X "'clock, and was hal'ed by the rebels. T/n. der a flag of truce met- were sent ashore to lmry the dead, and take on board such of the wounded as the rebels allowed to live. Filty ! se\en were taken on board, including seven ! or eight colored. Eight died on the way up. ! The steamer arrived here this evenine, and j immediately went to the Mound City Hos pital to discharge her suflering cargo. Among ! the wounded officers ol the colored troops are t'apt. Porter, Lieut. Libberts and Adjutant Learning. SI* guns w? re captured by the rebels and carried oil', includiiif?|two ten-pennd ParrotVs and two twelve-pound howitzers. A large i amount of stores were destroyed or carried I away. The intention of the rebels seemed to ! to evacuate the place and move toward Mem phis. LOCAL NEWS. An Eloi'E.mknt.?A few days a<?0, a young aud beautiful womau named Island, eloped from her husband in New York and came to this city with an ex-policeman of New York, named Varnell. The injured husband, un willing to give np his wife, followed the guilty pair to Washington, and obtained the aid <>' patrolman i>ouu ro senrcn ior tbem. They traced 'he fugitives to the boarding-house ol Mrs. Herbert, on H, between 1th and .>th sts. Thev were not in: but the husband waited for them; and in a shorl time they arrived, and went to their room. Some very rough word* were bandied between the parties, and th" handsome wile reluctantly consented to return to New York witli h?r husband, but not until orticer I>. said he would be obliged to take h-r into custody. She declared she will never live with her hashnnd again. She has a flue new uardrobe aud an abundance of jewelry with bri. She lelt the boarding-house aud stopped at <'asparis' Hotel last night, with her hus band, intending to leav* by he early train to dav tor New York. The husband is passably good looking, apparently an easy, well disposed sort of person. The ex-pu4icemau is no way chaiming in personal appearance. Thk Baltimoiik Aknial CONKEHKNCK "K thh Akkii an M. E.Chi bch asx'tubUd yester day morning, in th?i Union Bethel Chnrch. M strVet near 15th. Bishop Payne called the house to order and conducted the religious exercises. H. T Tanner aud J. R. Thomas were elected secretaries. There are about torty? live members in attendance. Bishop Paynf announced the transfer of .las. ll. Hall and J. I! Thomas irom the New York Conference. J. 1' Campbell from the Philadelphia.Conference, ai d N. rl. Tiirpln from the Ohio Conference to th? Baltimore ('otilfrrence. The usual standing committees were appointed. At t o'clock th annual sermon wis preached by Rev. .1 H. Campb II. A. W. Wtivman was apj>ointed reporter. The Laik A. A. Loyktt. Ata me?tin? of the maiiaicii-, operators and clerks of the p,?opl?"S 1 vlegr-^jdi I.iue. ftlr. t'. II. Noves, of tl.i Washington otliee, i>CVt>"d a prenmble ami !?-Soluti< us e\| Te-iivi< ol grief at t1 >-s'ot d^ceasfjl, and tendering to the Immediate ji ieri's of d-r?SM"d their sibewe donljleucec which wr?|e unanimously adopted. W'ANT KD?A PARTX KR With >. ??avitnl <.f S.-.. KI i" i, T?,r >? iwmPmI cnterpriM. !?> hu "M mihI veil ki??wu ri-jiidriit <?t tlin ?-? tv. \ iI?1ti , ?lat in a ? ! t) ami wlo-re *11 iii'e i'v iew m>?v b had-. W. A.-JtarOttee ap U-St* U> AN TKTt* iinfi '-'iiiit.-l v~ t 'x,r CABINKT M V K Kits tn wv-rk ou <v ill us \*i?ne but ;rrn?| li!?nfetJ *ppl> IIili1 wage-. ttven tpc'y t. HARVEY a CO , rtakers. V> 4 10 7Mi street, l et. O nn-1 II streets apl.'i .'It* | %A ANTlIl)?To purchase, i,r lea-^-ft'r a t.-nu ->f ?' vi ?rs, a aaituMe medium size LOT, ->ituated ii tie Jh|: id,?r :i?l Wards, .-ntd '???*! venient to t'u t'it> R)iil??> T?-rius i-\?('t lijcntion. and of j lnt inuM l?i-deiiiiftuly "luted. Aditrens, with i ii.-nie. J. ?>. (i., IU>\ "ll'j C i t > Post Office. aplo-Jt* \%7/ NTKl>?Two tlirei- HUOMjl. for h,?n?< * ? lse?-(iif!'', fnruii'l>e'l or unfurnislied. A'tilr.,>' j O. Ho\ I I'i -t Office. <-r eall st Vational Itnuk ' Kni'in. I* S Treasurer's uRii-i-, Rofe^eiiees ex* : irh?U^e?t up 15 lit* WAJiTlJi-A >ouu? in hi i nf 1iiisiio-?s expvui eiice.?lr?iri-? a SITl* ATIOX as clerk in ?otii'j !"? f?*ntilc III.US.-, dry tn?i*U "_r cl"tluna vtiir'' pre fi-rreo. Country ref?renee* aiveu. Ilitve acted cl'-i k for the pe-l ottice Iniir xi'iirs. Addri-s*. JDtl \ K s.MlTII, SiMi- "tliiv. ' up MWM _ Uf \f- PtCKKD UP On Prijag. the .stU instnnt, .?iTof Ocettliannock I'retk, Che sap -iko It.iy. n CANOK 1 lie owner will i-<-uie furoard. |rnv? properly. p?> 'ikiiTa> s and tak*- her a\v?y. v; JAMI'.H M GODWIN*. It* Mate Schooner Mary,Cherrystone Inlet. M ^ WM, L, WALL A C". Auctioneers. TIIRKB H1I LI4RP T ^ttLTj^AT.l. COMPI.KTB (in THt* ISo'clock m.. we will <?ll on the pi *mftes. under the Clarendon Hotel, three Itil liaid Tab ca with fixturea complete, half doiea t'litirs, ti\ 8ofn?, Stoves, Oas fixtures au<l every thirg req ilsite for a Billiard Saloon. Tl>e pla e is for rent. Terms cash. _ ?, ap.lj WM. L. W vLT. A. CO., \u-ts. t^~T IK AltOVK S?AL? 19 POSTPONKD TO MONPAY, the lath inst.. Kann* hiur. Hp 15 WM. L. W AA CO., Am* s. J. 0. MctlUIJtK A CO.. Auctioneers. KXTKNSJVK SALE OKTlKK IHT11.MVd LOTS KRONTIM1 VTll AND ttTH STItltKT.s W KIT, AND RlluDK ISI.AXD AVKNIK AND 0 8THKET NOKTH. I <?ti MONDAY, the g?th dav of April. %<? shall -eP, I in front of tl|e premi^-a, at *'? o*i?li?eV. p m..pait I i-t r-'-j?trt r-- Ni . 14.'. sdhdiv^jfeu int.* handsome Ituiid i u l.ids (iiiininic t?? alleys. Tl'i.? prm-. rty is s'tu ated only oue s-iujtre fro'n thi Raiiroa.! Depot.on 7ili r'Xif-t, in a in riving sin) fust improving part of ' the city. Ti-rtus: One-fourth ra?*u: balanee in't. 12. W. and 24 moBths. for Dnte?. hrariPK lutersai- from date. A dec! tfiveo free of Cosl, and deed ?f trust, at c?,*t of the pnrcliatifr, tskep. Title o1< ar, Plata of the Pauare may l*e seen at |h^ Auction Booms. . T _ ap ft a J c. MoOriRK \ Oo , Anets. 17?1KST CLASS BOARDING SCHOOL f OR U0Y8, F at Mt. Joy, Lancaster Pa. for circulars ad dresa the Prlnrif*!. A, 4 O'CLOCK P. M TflK CAIRO DISPATCR. We hesitated to fire credence t<? the dispatch from Cairo, Inserted in our seeond edition to-day, because aware that the Government had received no information whatever cor roborati^ ila statements. We Itvr now to add tbat up to 3 p. in. not a word or line ha? been received in Washington ou the subject, ex cept tbe dispatch in question: the authenticity of which is doubted nt official circles because Cairo is the most suspicions poiat on the con tinent in connection with news reports. If true in any particular, ten to one its de tails are most eaormdusly exaggerated, to en able some parties or otherto ''realize" in these times when huge tortuaes are being lost and won in siorg gambling operations on such news. (IOKK TO (HE rno*r. Lieutenant General Orant left this c?tv this morning in t#e regular train, for the army of tbe Potomac. ArrotNTBP.?Mr. Victor Bieiaskl has re ceived an appointment to.a tirst-class clerkship in tbe offlce of the Fourth Auditor, Treasury Department. LATE TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. ROIT or THR REBELS IM ARKANSAS. TI1K RKBKL GKKKRA1.S SHKLRY AND M \R MAl)t'KK RKPCL8KD WITH Littlk Kock, April 14.?Advices from Qen. Steele to the 7th have been received. His ex pedition reached a point Ave miles south of Kkin on the Little Missouri River, about 25 miles frcm Camden, where he expected (Jen. Thayer, with the Fort Smith force, to join him next day. On the 'id Sbelby attacked Steele's rear guard under Qen. Rice with 1,800 cavalry and two piece's of artillery, and was repulsed with altseof 100 killed and wonnded. Oar loss was H killed and wounded and 15 prison ers. On the 4th Marmaduke attacked with three or lour thousand cavalry and Ave pieces of ar tillery, on the south side of the Little Missouri After five hours fighting he was routed with a loss of 1 killed and 'J.t wounded. Our loss was SM killed Hurt wounded. There is a large force of rt-bfls Itve or six miles in Steele's advance, but it is not expected they will make a stand. Nothing has been heard from Rank? or the gnnboats. FROM HAVANA. New York, April 11.?The steamer Corsica, from Havana on the 9th and Nassau on the llih, has arrived. The schooner Petrel, at Nassau from t -harlee ton, reports the loss of the steamer Juno, from Wilmington for Nassau. She broke in two, and nearly all hands were drowned. The steamers Syren and Coquette had ar rived from Wilmington. The Greyhound, Will-o'-the-Wisp and Sy ren have sailed to run the blockade. Prince Charles Bonaparte, cousin of the Em pfror, has arrived at Martinique en route to Mexico, with the regiment in whi h he Is a captain. _ PAOK AH REPORTED TO HAVE HKF\ ATTACKED RY THE REBELS. i LocisviLLBt April 15.?Col. Pratt, commaud i ing at Fort I>?nelson, telegraphs that he is in J !ormed that Paducah has beeu attacked, and | the town is f?ll of rebels. ARRIVAL OF A 61VBOAT. Phxi adxi.kiia. April 11.?The U. S. ship Mohican lias arrived from Brazil via. St. Thomas. All are well on b. ard Capt.-fcn A. S. < S leasou, Commander. PRICE OF ?OLU. [Bp the People's Line.] New Yot:x, April 15?10 a. m.?Gold, ll a. ra., :3\3; 1-' m, 7'ltf. iJ.S. S.tiO's, C.S. coupons, (jew.) LOCAL NEWS. Tilk TCkli. Mrni'K# Tuiai. The trial ot Cornelius Tuell, charged with the murder ol bis wife, was resumed tUis morning before Judge Fisher. There wa? a larger attendaaje at the opening of the court than was present upon any previous morniag. Among others were home tfmale friends of the prisoner, wlio warmly greeied UiiTt. liictrnt Attorney t'arrington stated that he found tlie name ot the :>ri?ou?*r's son upon the indictments oue of the witnesses. It was an ^tnbarraesing act to place the boy upon tbe st lid to awear in Uie cape, but as he had been hi retofore used as a witness, he (the Jhstrut Attorney ) was relieved of much of the embar rassment attending the act Of placing the sjn upon tlie stand. Tbe boy was the only witness lo the crime, and although the duty of using ti e l oy a- a wituesa was a most painful <jjie, la 1 ? li-ved the ends of .)U-tice required it. Mr. Bradley itt lie clid not know what the ch l;l Would prove, hut he did not desire to have the bov go out with mav be a reproach ?I on him. it. wa? a serious matter to n,se lids testimony?a nmi heart-rending task, and ae licj tt<< ihe l?i trict Attorney would fully .-a i-tie?l tUa; his dn'y aKo!nte|y required him to plane the witiitss up<a the stand before he dni -o. j While lti> Bindley wrls speaking t!ie pria oj er secuie?| to he much allected, and .-died i leaiv?and hu- feelingg Were so wrought up j thai he even cried aloud. It wa- an affecting i time, lor the court room wa.- crowded, and | many shed tears: while even some of the bailiff* i auu ollicers ol the couit, who day after day ee* ] trials ot crinuna's and affecting sceaes." had 0 c '>ion to force back the ti-ars. The jury also st? nud sensibly attec.ied.j Mr. t enda ll (:or tiie prosecution) jmj lis felt , i' hit duiy, a.- a-aoiiated with tlie prosecution i in this chse, to make a s:a lament. Nothing coitid V mor- paintul to him?e|f ai.d tbe IHs : trict A tori.ey than the obligation they were ur.tier to pla?.e ihe boy upon the stand. It the boy saw all the clrdimstances, it was due to j all?people and ja'ry?that all the lac:.- should i be brought out. Jle did not know what the | hoy's testimony Would he, but he did not nee that any reproach could attach ;o him. It was , due to the jury, who had a solemn duty to per Iorm. that all ihe testimony should hw elicited. lhi-1 b<iy wa> tjj^n called m. aud taken be j side Judge 1'ieiier, wlio closely qtie-tioued ? him relative to his understanding of the so lemnity of lii- position. Th<* appearance ot the hoy wa> the signal lor another outburst of evidently heartfelt feeling on the part of the father, who looked upon his son realty with something like affection. The boy was also much affert d, and shed tetll'S, exi'llllig the mpathy and pitj of all m the court. While the Judge was conver-mg with the hoy, Mr. Bradley etated that if the b >}? wa? not u-ed as a witne.-sthe detendam would waive all right to argue n. the prisoner's favor that the prosecution had lestiuiom th?y refu?ei| to i produce. After some further Cviiianltatloii with the boy, i th? Court stated that he found the Imy a ino-i lutelligeut one. lie should have iMten glad u" lie had touud not si)ltii-ient intelligepce to jus. tily tite admission ot the testimony, but he did not see how he could disallow the testimony as being incompetent. I<et him tell what he knows, and let the jury take it tor what it wa worth. Mr. Carrlngton said his duty was a most painful oue, aud oue he sincerely wished he did not have to perform, bnt it was due to th > public tbtti all the (acts should be known. He (Mr. C.) would hate been well pleased if tbe teHimouy had been decided ineompeteut. The boy Jam, * Tiit>7, a bright lad of JU years of age, wus then sworn and placed in the wit in^e stand, where lie srave way lo much emo t on and copiously shed tears, and showed mrch feeling. Before hetestilled, Judge Fisher stated that he could not, in accordance with his of duty, reject |h* testimony,aa the U v appear?>d to be a very intelligent one, and Wi fully understand the natnre of an oath. Bat he would instruct the jnry that the testimony of a child of such tender vearv, no matter how intelligent he might appear to be, must b? well weighed. Mr. Biadleyagaia addte?<eA the court, and desired to have the boy relieved of the an-, pleasant position be occupied. He Argued that it required something more than a mere idea of ?ere lit J tocoiistitate a competent witness. The vitneet should to imbaed with a full sen sibility of the position In which toe stood; shonld realize thai-he was in the preseuce of the 1 Almighty; and realise to the fullest exr-eut the awful vtrpo??ibUity reeling upoq hixo. Mr. Carrington, in reply, mad* a few rtisirkr, and said bo bad dona bit duty m ot tering to place the witness upon the stand, ?ud it was bow the duty of the Court to d*ci,i?> whether thd waa a competent one or not. Ts? boy bad bean examined before; the (J rand J ury had endorsed him as a competent witness, una could he have declined to offer the witness 'J* would gladly have done so, but he cunld not do so consistently with his seuse ol duty If the Court decided tbe witue?g was no' romp-, (eat no one would be more pleased than him self, (C.) It was, indeed, an unpleasant duty tojM?rtorm. Tbe boy was again closely questioned by the Judge, and his answers were so clear aud cor. rect tUat bis testimony was at once admitted under instructions, as above stated, to tn-? jury. Tbe boy testified that on one day h? wa* taken to Mrs. Se wall's house by bis tath?r ir, the atteraoon, who came for him in tbe evening and took witness home, and put him and his little sisf r in bed. J>oee not recollect wht*!) he saw his mother last, but it wa.~ the dav hit lather hit her. Ills father came home sici and went to bed, antf threw ap over the bed. And be came dowu stairs witb his bat and boots o:t, and his mother was at tbe tub washing the front room, and his father hit tbe mother ia tbe forehead w ith a hammer. Before be come do wa stairs Mrs. Tuell carried some tea ap stairs, and witness' father threw th? tea ia her tac?\ and pushed her down stairs, and then went down and hit her on the forehead and knocked her down. He (Tnell) then went in tbe kitchen and got an axe and strnck deceased twice in the head. He then drew the -harp part o! the axe across her neck, and theu pulled her oier the floor and pulled all thaclothes oil ol her, and then broke up the clock and th? oiber things in the house. Prisoner left wit ness's mo her laj on the floor till dark. Tu#l| hen went out and told witness to try to ge> his mother up stairs, and witness could not do it. Prisoner then tried to get witness's mottier up the front way and couTtf not, and then h put her on bis back. Tnell stood mother on her feet for a mo ment and then she fell and prisoner said she was agpner. Prisoner then carried deceased up siairs and put her in bed and told witness and bis little sister to get in bed witb ber. They did so. Mother did not speak: did not even make ber breath. Witness slept there till morning and then bis father came and woke bim up, and witness was about to pull the bed clotbes down and bis father told him not to Witness then drank some milk and went over to the colored woman's. Tbere was blood on the floor and ashes was sprinkled over it. There were spots of blood all tbe way up stairs. Saw a one horse wacon in tbe ba, k gate of lather's house. Was on my way to get Scotch snuff for Mrs. Sewall. This in the night. Saw two men aad thinks one was his father. One ot the men told htn to go away. The witness saw something come ont like a sheet witb something wrap ped inside. It looked like a stretcher 'hi' they carry dead soldiers on. Tbe boys witu witness said it was robbers stealing something and witness told the boys not to say anythmg about it. I?ater witness' father came to Mr.-. Sewal's and took him (witness* away home aud asked him where his mother was. Wit ness did not see his mother again till be saw her at the grave yard, and then lie (witnessi was taken to tbe station bouse. Cross-examined.?The witness corroborate,! the testimony given in chief, and denied gon.g out lor liquor tfrat day. He did not gr? on' of the house alter bis mother took tbe tea upstairs. He further said, when lather came in tbe front rrom mother said, "Are you better. Can," aud father knocked ber dowu with the hammer When he knocked her dowu with the ham wr she said. "Oh, Con, don't bit me.'1 The boy further corroborated, in a very cor rect manner, all he bad said at the examination in chief, and each time he made allueiou to 'he fact of the bitting lii# mother his *yes would tw> suff used with tears, and his whole appeaianc compelled all to sympathize with him. and strong, meu unused to weeping, could not con trol their feelings. Many members of the jury also evinced much emotion, as did the counsel on both sides. Officer A. V. //(warrf sworn.?Testified tlia' he visited Ihe house at V2 o'clock the right alter the murder, and L'Ot in the back way, an-* tramped on a pile of ashes, which upon exami nation proved to be a covering for what wit ness took to be blood. He found the Inrnnnr* all broken up, and marks of blood about ti* house and on the steps leading up stairs and in the bedroom. Saw blood on the side of a little girl lying in the bed, and saw blood spot* also cu the bed clothes. Examined a trunk and fouud a pistol and a billy. A crib in ta-* front room was full of bloody clothe-. The prosecution here closed. Baltimore akmal Coskkkznck ovtwi Africa* M. E church.?The Conference fi st mbled this morning and was opened wits devotional exercises toy Rev. M. F Sluby. Kev. A. W. Way man aunonnced the dsathi ol Bcvs. John Jordoo, liennis lbtvis, W. H (laillnrd, J. K- Henry and Alexander John ston. Tbe official character of the members was called and all were passed except that of Kev I>. Smith, who last year was appoioed 'o Gocd Hope, but during the year left his ap. pointment, and one or two others wb3 wer? absent. A long debate took place on tlie pro priety of passing Father Smith's character, and tie was finally by a vote ol the conference reprimanded by tbe bishop A resolution'was offered in relation to tii collection of subscriptions for W ilberforce( col ored) University at, Zenia, Ohio, which wv laid over. The Bishop stated that the Ci,ivar sity is in a highly prosperous condition, hiviur now 61 students and four teachers; and *>."?>' had Wen paid oji the debt, leaving a ba.ane* of jsi.SI'O still due. all within twelve mona-. Tbe following are tlie standing commi>> ? in Orders?J. M. Brown, J. P. Campbell* 1! T. Tanner. On Admission into Conference-^ l>. Hammond, M. F. Sinhy, f?. W. Moore <>i Finance?J. A Handy. J. J Herbert. l?.Sini'h, R T. Tanner, J. K. Thomae. On Missions .T.M. Brown, A. W. Wayinan, Jas. Lyach, .las. A. Handy, H. M. Turner. On Memoirs J. J. Herbert, J. Nicholson, Wm. HI HopkO-. < >n Education-;-J. M Bown, 1). W. Moore, .s. I Hammt lids, RT.Tanuer, A W. Way mm. I Lynch,O T Watkins. Poet Office?J.Thomas. (Hi Book Concern?I>. Smitb. J. J. Herbert, J>. W. Moore, W. H. Waters. On Temperance- - Jas. A. Hardy, U. Kidont. N. H. Turpin. Ou I'uMic Worship?Ja-. A. Handy, 1). Smith, I ,T. Herbert, B. T. Tanner, J. 1?. Thnm?> T<? Publish the Annua] Minutes?the Secretaries ot the C-opterence. Oh Circuits and Station ? J M. Brown, A. Waymau, J.J. Ilerliert, H. 1. Khodes, Wm. H. Williams. At < iI'Sntai ShootinuC as*.?l,astever.ijz about ti o'clock, au acc-idental shooting tto-1 occurred at the corner of I and -itith streets, First Ward, under the following circmn Stance* : Richard Hill and C*eorge Kellv were passing down the street, and Hill noticing a friend by the name of Albert Parish stai <'inj on the opposite corner, remarked to his com panion that he would frighten Parish A rordiujrly he pulled out a pistol and pointed P a?-rots ihe s'reet, wh?*n it accidentally ex ploded, 'he ball taking effect in the leg of Mr. W H. Walker, who was standing near by, ctusing a slight flesh wound The attair oc casioned considerable excitement ia the vicini ty tor a short lime, and the guard stationed (leu. Martindale's headquarter? arrested Keily and took htm to the Pro\ost Marshal's office, wh?*re Hill shortly afterwards mide his ap pearance and gave hims^it up. The parties were turned over to officer Buell, who con veyed them to th<-station house, wbere Keily was dismissed, and Hill released oo paving a fine of if>5 60, the wounded man (Mr. Walker; ti.-tilyine that he Iteljevd the shooting wasac i cidental. Hill got ofl'preity easy, not even being t1n*l for carrying a iv.ucealed weapon as the l?w r^Kiifires. Thk Mhktin<? To-nkiht.? By published i^nIt there will he to-nipht a mass meetuu of t^e (jiia'ifled voters of the District of Colutubia "who d? sire the unconditional maintenance of Ihe Cuiou, ihe supremacy of the ConsIituHon, n nd the complete suppression of the ret???li.on. with the cause theteor. by vigorous war aud all apt and erti.ient means," at the t'ntnii 1 eagiie Kooros, on Nlmb street, Washington, tetweep 1? and K streets, oil this Friday) e?e ninr. at half-psst*e\en o'clock, for tbe ptir ' pose of choosing delegau>i torepreteui the l#i. tnct in the Convehilon to be held at Baltiimwe on Tuesday, the Tth <liiy af .lane, 1M>I, ta nomi nate candidates for the offices ot Pr?**rdeut ind Vice President of fhe f'nfted SfcWs. The platform annosuced is a broad oue, aud the hall designated will hardly atfbrd room for those disposed to rally tinder the call. Makshai. IwA.*(???Humor bad it about the City Hall to-day that Marshal l^amon bus placed his resignation in tlie hands of the Pres ident.- We have made enquiry, bnt those wtn> should be posted in the matter know uotbiiiit of h, and as the Marshal bas been abseutfroui the city for some day?, the minor ts doubles v Uhont fouudation. Sai.k ok St<k kb.?Yerterday, J. C. Mc(>olre A Co. sold, at iheir sale room*, corner ot fOtli and Dstnets, the following stocks Firs ?man'a Insurance stock, mi M hverage of shout 155 per cent.; *tl,ooo Washington aud (leorge town Bailroad stock,, at Mi per oent.; ? Corporation Washington quarterly il per cent stock, at 101 per cent* I.RCTtJaK BY l>RAakOKKJCNW?KM>.?Secelse where the announcement of tlie lecture hjr ??OraeoOreetf'wood," (Mr?. I<ippinbott,)st ?*?* Capitol to-morrow night. In behalf ol a?*?" dt serving cause. Tbe name of ?*Gracettre^a '? weed'* will a: tract a very large audieaoeaa donbtfdly. Sbe speaks 1ft rt? ? by layltattoa w very man) dislh gufchrd pf?=ohate4 if wIM ? seen.

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