Newspaper of Evening Star, April 15, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 15, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AM08J!MINTS TO-NIGHT. Oroykr'r Thratrr?Tbe opera season is , draw. * to a close, and the opportunities of | witn -Mug the performance* of the best opera ! ?omp u.t erer performing here hare been nar row*.' riown to two cigbts. This ereninz will ' foe p*r termed ?Fidelio," and M'me B. Johan- ! een v ill appear in what she acknowledges i herself as her best part. All the company ap- * pear. FoBf " TH*ATRR*-Mr. Edwin Forrest was ?n well received last night as " Febro," in the rew original play, ??The Broker of Bogota," that be i? warranted in repeating it to-night. The piay is a grand one, fall of original thoughts and ideas; and each character, from that by Forrest down, is performed in a most satisfactory manner. (.^AMlcBritY.?Another spirited entertain* m4*nt. embracing song, dance, pantomime, bal let, &c , will be given to night at Canterbury, much to tl e delight of the crowds who are always wc t to resort there. The new paato *nlme. "The House that Jack Built," has proved ?very successful. A matinee to-morrow after noon A A8tETi*s.?A better or more varied enter tainment than that nightly ottered at this hall could rot be desiied by lovers of concert hall amusements. The habitues there are fully im pressed with this fact judging trom the manner in which the house is nightly crowded. Mktropolitar Halt.?Here, too, very sat is tauory concert hall entertainments are given nightly. The hall is a new one compared with the owners, but it has already sprung into favor with the public. Tjik Ori'hajc Boys Faih at Odd Fellows1 Wall will close to morrow night. A number of fancy and useful articles are still to be dis pose d of. Every cent of the proceeds will he devoted to the orphans, and the fair therefore commends itself to all. i iiiTrm Ml-rdkb Casr.?Yesterday, aftsr our report closed, the following witnesses in the case of Cornelius Tuell, indicted for the murder of his wife, were examined. Jo!m A. Somen sworn?Testitifled that he Is an undertaker and knows the prisoner by sight. An old gentleman and the prisoner came into the shop (Mr. Plant's) the day before he heard . of the death, and the prisoner asked for a cof fin for a lady who had died, and witness asked il he should get the measure, when he replied that it was unnecessary a? she was a very low woman. Witness showed him a coffin and be bald it would be about the size, and he paid the price and told witness that he would vail or send for it that evening, for he would bury the woman soon next moraing as she died of small.pox. The old man said the same thing. He stated that he was going to bory her in Glen wood about six or seven o'clock next irona&g. The prisoner did not say who the woman was. Witness went to Gienwood the next day and saw the coffin which he recog nized as the one sold. \ Conrad Ilrtiler, policeman, sworn.?Witness was called on to go to Tuell's house aboat 12 OM ckOi the night of tu-- lfrih of February. WiU-ess and Mr. Howard went to the house and demanded the doors to be opened, aud af ter rapping four times they entered and struck * ''giit. Ttie first thing the witness saw was an axe against the chimney in the back room, ^aw a pool of brood leading up stairs where be foui.d a little boy and girl in*bed. Under tie bedstead there were some long bandages and no sheets or pillow slips on th ? bed. They then lookec at the children and the smallest one had some blood on the left side, and the pillowo were also bloody. On coming down &taiis they found a wagon hammer lying on the bureau in the front room. [Witness here examited the axe and hammer shown him which he thought were the same.j There wa^ bl^ou on the floor and a puddle in front of the the stove was covered with ashes. There was a cracie in the room full of clothes, those on tup teu.g apparently very clean, while tho^e underneath were bloody and wre frozen to gether. They looked as though they had bees u.-eo in wipiug, just behind the cradle there wa- another puddle of blood about the size of the top of a man's hat, near the bureau. There w<<sa*mall hole in the plastering near this puddle as il a blow had been struck and it Joik-d as if it had been fresh broken. It was broken clear through aud there was some of the plastering on the Hoor. This hole was near the top of the washboard It was large entuib, witness thought, to run his t*o fists ii'. 1 he little boy let ihem in, and witness and his partner put him to bed. This was the sari- night as that on which the body was re- I moved and witness remained there all night. By the defence.?The bureau was near the I iutti>*ast corner of the house, and witness df-cr:lKd the hole in the wall but did not ob ?er\e ai.y other hole. By oi.e ot the jurors.?The clothing in the viable appeared to be cotton, but witness did not examine it carefully. A. EclJoff, policeman, sworn.?Witness visit- ; ?*d tt.e house of the prisoner on the morning of February lirth, in company with officers Hess- | ler and Howard, and on going up stairs, found j the ihildren in bed. The bolster of the bed 1 had a large spot of blood on it. which had Weu ! ti.rixl over. Witness found the clothing in the crib covered with blood, aud some rags oil the floor, covered with blood, and the hammer with marks of blood on it, [ witness identified th.- hammer and axe.J There was some blood cn ? e axe. Th* olock was smashed, aud the lt.rriuire looked like a break up. Witness saw some blood near the crib, aud spots in the bed rcom. By the defense.?Witness stationed otlicers Howard and Hessler. tijir.T Crown testified that he saw Tuell a m? ment after his arrest Witne's as-fcea l'uell at ?hat time where his wife was, and th^priao ner replied she was dead, and buried in Glen wood Ometery. Witness then asked l'uell v. h> he buried her in the night, and Tuell re plied be had buried her in day time: and in r*ply to the questions, prisoner said he did not n?e<i a certificate lor bnrial, aud that he had buried his wife that moruiug. Tuell said his wiir'i ceath was caused by her Ulliug down stairs in a drunken tit. Ballard was arrested, and while going tj jail, tried about the scrape | he Lad got in, and Mr. Tuell tyld the officer lie < mifh' as well let Ballard go. as he r II ) had i no' ^li'g to do with It, as the prisoner had tsld , h.u. lies. Witness was present at the Corouer'> j ii qU'S.', and when the body was exhumed, the ? lid ud :he loiliu was only partly fastened on. ai;d a the feet the lid was loose. The body had jtorMt.g fn but a chemise, and a sheet was wrapped around it. Both the sheet aud chemise were in a bloody conditiou. There was a new pair of stockings and slippers upon.the feet. 'In. body of deceased was much bruised all over, ai.d the heart wa^ mashed in ou b >th sides. Thf body was blue all over; e.penally abjut i the hips aud legs. Cross-examined.?Mr. Morris v. as present when witness had ihe abovecon vers itio-i with Tuell. The latter a Ho -aid that his Wife had j always been a cur>-e to him and his children? ? at lea^t witness thinks Tuell s-aid so. Jk>"s not lec-eliect wheth-T Tuell made the ato\e re Uiatx i? i the watch house or on tb ?> street. John K',an t' stilled that be h id kuo* u Tue'l to whip and bea1 h s wile. Tuell Iiim-elf told i witress be was lu the habit ot beating his wire. Witness went Lose-* her about 11 ve or-ix week - j before she died an l lound deceased severely beateu and foun.i bruises aud AejH ou her j body. Tuell a nd he beat his w ife t?;cau-e she wa^drui 't. Hts-eeu T u?li drink as v. ell a* tns wife, but never -awTueii drm.k. Witness >aw Tuell after hi> v. ile di: d Tuell vva^ act trg like a distracted man and waving his bai d?, and crvin?. nud he said hi> wife wa. da. il I asked tiitu lio a" i' hiippeued and a&kt d il it was ou account ot ?n > !bn<g the drank, and Tuell said -Meg. she vas drunk.'' The pnrorer 6aid further that Himself aud wife wet * quarreflinf. and that in artteiupting to icri away from him ?iie fell down stairs Pn rn-r was tb?n asked if hi- wife was cut and he s ua ye-on the head,-imd Tuell exprrss^d the ? ?pu icn tfcat it was ih>' the cut ;bat Was the i ati e (. f the dea.h l?ut th>- liquor. At prison ??i s lequett, wiai?e- ?{ot bitti some money and als<' '.vent to Glen wo. d to secure a grave. Ti.ell wauttd to bury his w ife as soon a- pos sil> e, t>at tue superintendeut at the com?'i*rv said she c?'Uld ti"t be htirieil till nine o'clock the next rooming. Tuellsrepcrted atGleawoo I that h>s wile dn-d of sinnil pox, and he .gave ber t ame as J*be Kairell. Witness and pris oner tinu went to Plant s and got a plain pine ccttlii. Witness did not go ti>>ee Mrs. Tuell, piitoner siiid n?< would V?"y her a1 priv.v. lv as pos.-ible.- Wltne*? fidvitied pris on-.r not o do so lor Ue would thereby Oedoiuc wroiiz and would ^et himself into tirouide. Wi'i fss further advised him to report the case and have a *urv 'o discover tbe cans* ot h-r dea*h. He said be would not do so, the excu-e be gars wa- that it would icatuer all tbe neighbors tozetber. aud he <ild not wish it to be n ade public that she died trom bqn >r We secured a grave at Gleuwood b^>.<vtise "he could not be buried in Mt. Olive! as she died ?n liqnor, aud could not therefore receive toe ot her church. Witness and the prison* r vou^ulted with Father Met artby re lative to the matter and he told them as she had dunl trom liquor she could tjijt b* burind in Mt. WiTet Tuejl represented tn tbe hut las-w ile had died In liquor. Tbisoccurre i ih^duy af'erMr.- Tuell's d? atb. Witness did n? s ).o the funeral, because when Tuell na il he ? a* troing u?bury da*, used privately, wit i; .-<? did not w i-h to hate anything to do with ih" i> n-ter *? i i vi-xamiaed.?Ha-sesi. Mrs. Tuell drink, but i t icr raw her drunk; sue may nave been dm. * at night aud witness not know it. Tbe ii: me given at the cemetery was Jane FMrtU, w bicb whs her maiden usme. 1'r. r.cev testified that he was called to make a post r.iortem examination at < Hen wood Cem et.>rj We found a number of brutoee in va rious s'ages of discoloration Some of the ten*??# I 'oksd as though they had been givan ?brpe tr tohr-wMks belora. and olhort within t. uf., The f&w? locked vk'rli. 0&mt a * ? -iifu ,<J . v .1 eJTi-w wound upon the forehead, which extended to the hose. It was not a cot, and dirt not ;?.?ok as though it had been canted bv ft fall or in flicted with a fist. It was not" a blow that would necessarily have caused death WIN ress did not believe a fall or a fixed object could have caused so peculiar a wonnd. Wit ness never conceived of a fixed bodv that could have caused such a wound. Witness believed a wound like the one'refcrred to could have been given bv a human agent taller than the woman. It would not have been impossible for the wound to have been caused by a ham mer. The deceased also had wounds "upon the temples, which appeared to have been inflict ed by some hard snbstance. Either of the lat ter blow* could have caused death. On crois-examination Dr. Bogan said he did j net thli.k any cne could receive &uch wound* as Mrs. Tnell had by falling down stairs, un- 1 less she had first struck one temple and theu the other, and that striking would have to be only rpon a hard snrface. the size of the wound. GtwrQr Ilallard sworn.? Witness saw-Tuell the evening of Thursday, at his (witness) house. Tnell told witness he had a job for him, and that he was in trouble?that his wife was dead. Tuell seemed to be fretting and crying at the time, and look'ed as though he had had a couple of glasses of liquor. Tuell told witness his wife died from the effects of liquor. Tuell taok tea with witness, and then banded him $10, remarking that the money was to pay for tfte job; that was what he (wit ness) would charge if he did the job. Witness asked what job, and Tuell said to bury his wife. Witness refused to take the *10; and then he and the prisoner went out of the house, and wltnees was again offered the ?10 and ac cepted it. Witness and the prisoner then went to Plant's to get a coffin, and on the way down witness appeared to be anxious to have his wile burled early in the morning. Tu>-ll at length argued that the corpse should be taken ont very early; and witness and prisoner then went to the house of Tnell, and put the body of deceased in the coffin and took it to the stable of witness, where it was kept all night; and early in the morning it was taken to Olenwood. On cross-examination, witness said he re marked the disorderly condition of the house, and remarked to him that he was surprised he could live in that way, when Tuell remarked that he endured it all for his children's sake. Mr. Clendennin, superintendent of (Olenwood Cemetery, testified to the fact ofTuell bringing his Wife there, and stating the disease to be small-pox. The lid of the coffin was cot fastened down. Tivtotky Gallaffhtr, grave digger at Olenwood, testified that he d utr the grave, and Tnell helped him to do It. Tuell told witness ait first it was a small-pox case, but subsequently that death was caused by liquor. He (T.) represented deceased as a widow, whosehusbitnd had been dead three jears, and that he(T.) Waa only her first cousin. Tuell also represented that de ceased lived on the Island. He seemed anxious to hasten the interment, and wauted the grave dug only three feet deep. The court adjourned until this moruin ; at ten o'clock. Port of Obobopto wEn tered?Schooner Norrissa, Grace, Baltimore, merchandize. Cleared.?Marv Willis, Frank, Baltimore; Emily Frances,'Crockett, Annamess<-x: James Riley. Meredith, Deals Island; Beu Dauer. Creighton, Baltimore; Farmer, Bed well, Mag got hey: Martha, Adams, Annapolis; Wm. A. EJlis, Hughes, New York; Orator, Bounds, Sauls-bury; sloops, Sea I>ark. Cheseldize, St. Mary'** Seal, Iligby, Baltimore; T. Burly, Hunt, Smiths Creek; Greyhound, Wallace, Philadelphia; Schooner H. Walcot, Nicholson, Philadelphia. Chtmju-oJcf and Ohio Canal.?Arrived?S. T Trundle, corn and wheat to Jospph O. Waters E. Watson, Hour and wheat to George Waters Departed?E. D. Hartley, for Conrad's Ferry with groceries, Ac. S T. Trundle, groceries and plaster to Nolnns Ferry. E Watson, lime cement and plaster to Mercersville. Seneca, eroeerles, iron, lime and fertilizers to Seneo:L SPKC IAL NOTICKS. LecTFRF O.N THK RUBFt.l IOV, B V G ".\' K Gki.KN wood. (Mrs. L. K. Lippencott.) ?>? the evening of ?ATFRI>AV. April 16tii. At THK 8k5ATP ClIAMRFR. For the benefit of the National Association tor the relief of destitute colored women and ciiil IreD. organized under act of Congress. On invitation of the President of the Senate. Speaker of the House o-f Be present at i ves. and other members of the two House* of Congress. Lecture to commence at 8 o'clock. Title,''Lights ?f the War-cloud." Tickets to the floor of the Chamber, f 1: naileries, 3> ce-nr*. To be had at the bookstores of William Ballant vne anil Charles II Auderson, Seventh street, ami Frauck Ta>lor, Pennsylvania avenue. and at the doors. ip 15-2t* . JiVELKf ! Jewklkv! Jkwki.rt : For One Dollar. 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IY0TICK -The person who left a bus try ?? the 1 v fcbop on Prospect street, Georgetown, some time ago, is requested to call trnl set it immediate ly or it will be sold to pay charges. ap* 'tlltS CHATHAM. An excellent Clairvoyant, iVI tellK t h<' Pnst. Pii t and Future ont' street. near The depot. over the 1 nited State* li?k*r *. ap it 3t* KDIO Al,.?Magnetism and Electricity is cur iug chronic and acute disc*H"' when .tW othef treatments fail MAS. WltKN. 4 t!> K between titli aud7tb. W;iohia?f.>u. P. J". I.ndies attended and boarded during -. n lineiueut. . ap U> Ji;i' \ GOLD WATCH WANTKD.-Th e gCDt leVivill who purchased ii double-case Engtiik'i ijulil watch at ii re.-n'? ancti ? >11 store on Tne?"tay, the ?? t >i i nst.. and for w hich be pa-id ?5'. will confer :i great favor if be will ?all at Isaac Ilerzberg ,V Son. pawnbroker", on (< street, hctween and i'.th sts. The original owner will give a tnir profit on fie same. it w:i< left to biln by a deeeasvd p*i'iit. ap 13 3t * __ _____ |\f US I.. SMITH, an excellent enirvoy??t -mid lvj te-t uiiHliuw ?orner of nth -11 -?*t mid Ma's, avenue. oior grocery, eyanlinei. beals by in.<tenetisin. wees ?onr d.-a't and living frlentla. tells their character. get-; nam"# reals tbe tutor.? Hours from fe h iii iii S^.m H Ji It'll' BOARDING. {?n\KI?IN<; \SD I.OT><; JNG LAN U? HAD IN ) n German private family.'At No. ?:{?? yt h Ht.. opposite tli,- I'e liter Market, up ht;i>'r*. ap 14-f.t* _ _ WM. VOLNli. IX) A "1)1 XGThose \vV> desire a plf$-..,nt sji'ii ^ y ;, ii J Kiiiiiiner resident' ? wjll'lndit to theirsrt \'ant?Ve to en!) at Xo. Ul'i Itridge street '-Jeorg ? town. I* C., xi';tr Frederick ftrect. one of the ? i f. ~ t ?l<-tisuhtful locations iu Gnorgvtow r\. ;<p It ,*!t* ('()()]> lWl\RpINO ari't ilba-'iiC |..oni? #?li I bal ai reasonnJde rates. ?i So *J5 VV'ushiug ton -irei t. (ieortfet"?ii. an t*> I"' 'JtWO trJJNTLRMKN wljbitig perinM.iient board. 1 fan be aceonimodated with large-sized front cbanibwi*. On ?econd ttoor in a ytdvate family, in fW ?i!-{tiin* n. For parMeijl?r^j addrf?-? lk>< ??0 Georgetown I' O. Referenced re?i?lr'*?l Hp lj-.1t1 GEORGETOWN AOVER'MTS 'I'M Kl l| AM, COXTTIAl'VOKII Tin witbi>'-ri''<-rs will receive ???;.? I pr<'h..|iaKTor t tie erection of a ^lafket lloi|??? hi flit* tt*l! IIII t il ii.? on of tbe tftt h ^av of A pril n - \ Tin building i.- !?> be erected oil ?li ? ->;t,e of the |.n + nt Vtirktt II..use, atid will be ai-ouft. lyi'lK fei t in n idt h and neartj t\n? ImnflMd aoil Kf^|> fe.-t fi! eii^tli. i part of wliicti i.? to be l?i. fc!.n't ; mmJ 'Ii.- remain.let miv ?lory liihli, and !hn cre.T | til n to 'c vf I be U}:ite rials nU"v ?oidiiiiaO-.!i: i?. i The. plan.-, drawing^tid fepcrilicnUiiiir,. i:i ful'. ; can !<? >? .-n .>n appTfc?itio? to Win. Livrd, K-^,. j (V..-ik of the lUirpor.iti' ii. nuil will ftuord .-ul (Fie info ran *tj on Ibat can be 4esir? 1 by tlnwe wlio may i te.-l df?prt>ed to contract. f?r the Tbe party or parUrvwnose proje-sxls inaj? '?? ! ?cce|.led oau b*ve in.mediate pos%>^tioit of ti?" >ite, jinil il will Im i-xp?-cLeu t'tat tiie'*i>r\ will lo? cotuiofnc^l witliout delay y-id prosecuted t<? *<4 efcrrv (oinpTclio'n as practiei t.Te" ItKNUT AlUU^OS, 1UI.KY A. SJILXN. j 1'KTKU UKIIBY. i ? ? ? ,9. . 4ACOH C. nfiWOX, / A. CI.KMV.NT A I'v:rK ^ ? !i-e. (U otjyjlf.WC, IJ. I' . March 24tli. !+?! tul ^1 -4td ?' rl?3V^- l>OK<>tiffKV&-^7(i.. ? WlHIPiw'I. I 1 1>IA MliVKS A.yu If I S' FITTERS ' i "Xx.'tO ltmiMik KntKiiT, (Jnouchiu?>, All ir*der? for (ias Fitting, Alteratiojia and Ex tensions will receive prompt ?ud. laitliful atten lion. IMumMiitf in all Its braucfies et"?(nttid iu tbe hot manner. Water ilitrodncad atld Hydrants i?t ap at short BqUn. nth '.'J-lin* j ?- ,mi '* ' *' ' *?* ? ^- ' ?? ? ? . - - m t iM-PHEMB COfll'T Or Till; DL-TRllIT ul CO I Is I.^'MUi A. NV -?5-Etil rTV. Murv M. McT-ntire, Jf.hif A'. MeTrftfrf. fHareq<-,? It. j ltnk?tsii?l Laura E.'^ii" wiR>. McDonald and Mary Eli*a bis wife, (faincy L. Pnge and Mary E. bi.* wife. Th.m. Davidson an l D.<lt>rUr Uf^idsou a(rainat Hiii?*i?a AM'Iniir/ Tbe parties :w?<?Vv nwi, the suardian of |h? ln'nor and tbo truatve i?rc herebj, uotiti. d that on . the'^Hth ? April. tSM, at my oWe.i ?n Tli - t'it y HaJI, ? at 11 oarlock in the f#?imin, I sluitl state the trust.>#*^ account aii4 ascertain au-t ruuocl to Qii Court tLfnbarcs wf tlu- end '.H'Mr-na-igVts-* I ijuJbe trust Fnnd! Tbef are rcattested to atteiuf.v Hpfi-stawa* ? w. ttimwr.-'AhtartiK . v V 1 1 JW'f y ! 'r'eii ??? ? ? ?? ^ 1 l ?""'i w'iili'' I 1J*&B SAI<E?A few barrfls of i??re MoimngaU^a ? J ?niPKy, from2Jf *rt iaT?rs oW, nti ee4e?ratcd fcowry BufiHerr on the Mrrm.iijfahrJs river. It vronld-ati^w^r well for bo?t>?ta' Vmrnjist'S vu'K I .?swJTa/.!''! *'; V WANTS. W ANT*.D? By a reaneciabla woman, * altu?tiu? * a? TOOK m ? restaurant ??r in ? private faia i.r. A'idrejg Boa 3, Star Office. it* \\f AXTKD? By a respectable yonng girl. * r?IT ;? *--\T10N a* nurse rr cbatuber Jiaid. Please address Box No. 14 SUr Offic*. ? WANTKI>-At R. P. Burfc-.l"* coach factory, a C'?\CB SMITH aad PA1NTKR. No. 7 Briflge Mrt-el^jGeorgetown. ap 15-.1t* W A N TKD-B T a r^TpectaMc si-fTajTl* AT ION a? chambermaid. Address BBIDOKT. Star Office, * VV* respectable white girl. a 8IT ,*T?vN a- nurse or chambermaid. Apply at W.> K street, between llth and 15th. Be,t ref erences c>n be given if repaired. * l^ANTE^-For a small famitn, a ti rat class .* . y.wK, of good diameter, App'.y, betw.-ea inand 12 o'clock. to J. DENT. No 4ot> fifteenth, crer Jay Cooke A Co. It* ANTElpA white woman as COOK. a:*l two ?7 ? colcred men in othar rapacities. Inquire oo K,yrfct ^n?>rth. between First and North Capitol, middle buildlog * WANTED-A SITUATION? St ft medical stu ?? dent of two years standing, in either a drug More, hospital. or as clerk to a N|tv Surg-on. Address MEDICAL 8., Star OBice. ap \vr ANTED fMMEDI ATKl.Y?Two or three, good " BOOT and SHOE M AKKBR Those thafcsn make sewed and pegged work preferred. Call at No. 61 High street,Georgetown, D. C. ap 14 3t* W'ANTKD?A first-rate plain COOK. Onowho understands ber busmes- can obtain good *???? Also,* good Washer and Ironer. Apply at 964 F, between LTth and 14th sts. ap 14-."it* 1*WO GOOD COLORED SERYANT8WANT+Td in a small private family?a co<?\ and a b#y to wait on the table. Inquire at Mrs. KINO'S. .?05 F. street, between ?d and 3d. ap 14-ft* \\7ANTED-A competent SALESWOMAN "for ? " the millinery department, Kone but those full) capable and with good reference need appl y. No. 4 Market Space, up stairs, first inor. ap !4-3t* IUY GOODS~8ALHUI AN WA NWD-Ona we!! mW acquainted with the ai,ty trad*;?a single m*n l?to 59 years of age. None others need apply. Sit uation permanent. PEBRY A BRO., ap Penn. avenne and fttb afreet. %V ANTED.?A good COOK, WASUER and V% 1KOKKK. Aleo, r first rate CHAMB1R MAID. None others need apply. Call immedi ate!) at No. iiSU, F street, bet seen ISth and Itth streets. ap >t-2t* WANTED?A WAITER, at t le Gosling House. To one who understands th? business #20 a month wage- wilt be given the whole year round. Inquire at the restaurant, 947 1'ena. avenue. be tween !;th and 1Mb streets. ap ll-2t* W7ANTED-A WHITE WOMAN to cook, wash ? ? and iron in a private family. To one compe tent a good home, a permanent situation and lib eral wnge? will be given. Inquire of Prof. S. M. SHITE, Columbian College. sp U-3t* ?r fl /Vrk W A N T EDA Partner with $.-.,<*0 ^ptliuUU capital,to rugaS'' io a prnlitahle and regular manufacturing business in Baltimore. A tine opportunity is offered for one possessing the I shore amount. Address ''Manufacturer." Balti more Post Office. ap lt-Ut * I tvTNTED-Asituatir nasORGANiST.or ALTO ? ? SINGER, for two young ladiealna choir, where compensation for one only would beaskt-d. Also, a few scholars taken for instruction on the Piano. Beference given if required. Address A. B. K., Georgetown P O., D. C. ap U-3t* \V A N T K D _1 MMKDIA T KLY-Two good "CAR >? PENTKRS. Appl> at 8tar Office,^ i^HAMBffRMAID W ANTKD, immediately. Ap ply at No. 1<?4 F street north. German girl preferred. apl3-3t' Uf ANTKD?SO DREsF~liAirtfC||N.>ii? but v? competent ii?nds wanted. (inPParjr paid. Call IV.rone wv*?t al 2213 Peun avenue, first floor upstairs^ ? ap 13-St* fTriNfEMwo good PAPSBn A NGKRSTNone but experienc.fd workmen need apply at J. L. KIDWimT/S, SAT D street, near 3th. ap li lt . WANTED?By a rerpectable man, a SFTU.V " TION a? oarria^e siuitli or f??rye machinerv. Apply at the Star Office Tor " T. B." ap 13-3t* \irANTED?A SITUATION, hy ? gardener, a 1* single-man. He understands gardening nnd farming in all its various branches, and will tfive good satisfaction to his employer. Give him a rhance and he ?ill pay yon a high jht centnge. Address " C. S. D.," al the Star Office, for one week. api::-?t* \\TatTTED-A DINTNG BOOM SKRVANT; v* one who will make himself generally useful. A colored boy between tlieages of I.j and '<!U pre ferred. Good wages an I a comforta'>Ie home of f<*red. Iiiquir** at No. 1 I >treet, u"ar 21ft street north. apl2-lw* 1 000 ABTIIjTeRY hobses wanted at Offir* of Chirf Ot?ir!' rmaMrr, Depot of TFn.?A?A?fo?, I W ASHIM?TON. f>. ('.. April 11. |9U. \ 1,000 llOBSKS, suitable for Artillery servicr wi!l be purchased af this depot, by the undersigned pn open market,from date until Msy 11. IS 11. in lots of oiih to fifty, at one hundred and sixty-five dol ls ra (# 16SI per animal: eaeh animsl to be subjected to the usual Government inspection before being accepted. Horses to be delivered to. and ijis??cted Ivy, Cap tain C. H. TOmpkin?. A. Q.M.,1". S.A , corner of ?j2d and G streets. Washington l>. (T, l>. If KIirKKB, Brigadier Genera! and, j ap Il-li7t Depot of Wa^Wvngton, D. C. | ANTED?At No.sti.- -T," b. tween 8th j and 9th sts., a good WAIT Kit tp!>l?''; | i> IIIIQ HOUSES War Di P4i-.TVKvr.C iv m ? lVei.f \i. i OfUrf of Chitf 'Ji>nrt*r "ttntir. W vsiilSiiTO*. I> C., Aprfl .s, Jsil S One hundred and tiftytSV")dollars j?er head wilM be paiil for all CAVALRY 1IORSK4 delivered within tlie next fifteen ,15)days *t th(; tiovernnient Sta'des. tiicborn. I). C. .^aid horses to to- -.>nnd in all partieu!V-. no| ? lessthan five(.">>nor nu?re than oine <!?) old; ; from 1C -to 1H hand-liigli. full fleshed. compactly j built, bridle v. i-e, and of size sufficient for enquiry I purposes. liftf sr'< i firm inn? i rift >,e s'rfi'ly mtliereil m-unil j rtcidlf nfarred m >rerf p,jTtirnbir. I'a> ment made on delivei v f?*i ten (1?) and over. 11? >i11'?- of inspection from :? a. ill. t?> t! i>. m. ? JAMES A. EKIN. Lieut. Colonel and ap s l.'.t Chief <<uarteriuattiT. Cavalry Bureau. O" FF'l'CE DEPOT COMM ISSAKY'OF SCBSfM'" KNCE. WAkijiiM.TON. 1) C Apri 1 . l*<"I. WANTED- ONE IIf N DRED GOOD li \ K Kits at Mo* Government l.akery ill tV.i* eitv . on 4i -fre?*t between Twi-nty foiir'h and Twntv fil'tb -treet-. ?p7-kt S. C. GREKN K, Captain C. > \ 5|||\A4 TONS HONK WAH.TKD.?The under jl'UU signed v i 11 pay one dollar p r b*' lbs. for all gTeen camp and hospital Itones. delivere-l ?l tlieir Factory, corner '.7t'i and G sts. mil 17-Dn .MORGAN A ltlllNEHART. ri\ n<|i| LAD! K* W AKfHO lO OAl'.l. AT i'ItlN(!B'S Stamping Di-jh t. S"l K street, opposite Pateijt Olfie'i, :md get their Stamp ing. Sttt. bit," I'irtking ami Embroidery <k ne. As tlo-re lire oth< r Richard* in frlie *ield. ladies better look out that the.v eoine to Prince's, whir i? th?i only practical band in the He sure y<xi ^o t<< K ntrift,iippi'iiti- J'dfnt OlliCtf. " nib 4 LOST AN'i> Fotrxa !4J> KST1!AV? I'poa tfce prejnisrsot the sitlW fCilJ er, a ' ftv flOikSE. *bo?il 15 Uatel- liitfO. star in bis GireVcad ; H n ?- on the JeH. bind 'n*i{. The will come forward, ?ro*e property. p.i> cbarge* sad take htm a*?\. \ti litre icocic, ap i.Vit* IN ik Hotel,7th ??i. r'~<ftax- A G<?TD? WfTl?fD CANE 5*s t :,k". n fro... j n ejtr <>n ttie 7..r<i train from Rtvlt imore last ,-vm A liberal re.tvurd v iU paid for it"- return to 310 ?; Street.' beiw.en lith and litb. Wasliitis ton _ aplliit^ t2? JT BI.VV 4RI>.?Stl n%e.l .%n ^u-?? la<r, t!??- I'Jth <w ?) April, a Wli/TE CoW toltb lurk lrr.>? it ?p<?tl?: rendv tn tti'oii call; t b<- top-s<?f ber fer.ts bah.'k. W I Ll.l AM'1)A UlNttTON . coi iter.nt I lat -trci l>1 _ aplt ?,? t fTivAKKN l"K KS-; 1! ..\ da>*\- r.-i and wliTt^ I CoW, will, a v?.ung The owner re? quitted to come forward, prove proper^} p-iy eba. _ und take b< i ?wny DKNNIS BAKUKTT A -t. north, bet.'j.t and %t sts. ea'tf. Csprtol llill. W I It REW A I! It,?Wi>< ?t;i >i on >'e.: llt*iin" ?tjint in t 'i<? es ual. f. ? o t of 11'it sti.-tt, ji 1 f.y named.CHARLES RATH t' .mf S .?!?? old. The body jit is supplied, nlav have drij'ted to the mouth ot the caiml t.ear the Navy Yar-l. The abov?? reu?rd vfiil t>? paid lor ther eover;, of the liodv CHARLES 11 Mil A. ^ip 1 l-.'st^ 301 C street. \-i>t AC. u 9th and HJ?b. IOST?On T;t?sd:iy. the 12th iiiatanf. from K'? i 5-10 ^>-ne)ioset1 - avenue,' between Wd ati l 'M Sfreets. ii sohII white POODf.l' DO'! A lit"-r.?l reward will In- given if returned to aj>* J ..1I 00 WAN fi|C REWARD- /IOC LOST ? Stray?-<1 or etolen ob i>smrtlay last. u. lar?e black ami *l.lte NevrfounillancTand ?t Bert:ar<l Dog. nbouf# ?irH years old The ahoye reward will paid f.?r his delivery at No. fiO?> Mass. ;(v, at. ' ^ I || REW AED.?St aved a'Vay ihe |-jt'i in ? s" stant. a bar f'Ofc KV with star in his fore head and ritrhi hind foot white. 'Phe above reuacf will tie ai ven If returned to ItHXKlilQT M ALA TESTA. No 4Wa B direct north, l.ei ?rt?n J l 3d Mr. i ts, ___ BTe"istl? . a l.laeW - are: ifttup lindir the'ebiu. ' T be >l>o? e reward vviU tfi v a- r( 5i retuhii d t.. Mr. EURIIARUT*8, coriltt and E 'll'< et ii,.yth. ? gilT WMtH* 'PAK EN i'P AS HSTRAT ?D i^AlaivL V'th. .>& " IloRSK b* t'apt. tV S Tf .ll, which tlie owner can hlH ?> by oaiin^ forwant, proving prop ??rtyandtake hie. nway from ra* stible. No. t'ottL'rcss ?tp.-et, Gcorgetoaii. D. 0. , ap it-kt* _ j i; van aaaoN. ^ (^AME* TO MY PREMISES, on tiie loth'instant. 4 fbtir COWS?tvrd *i!th horns an'd twi? butTalo eon-. Also, on the lath instant,oue Ught-uol^red COW with horn*. Tufc.owuera we ie?ioest??d to come forward, prulv p?oper,tjr, l*y charge.- nul lakii tio m a wav. ' . A. GLEASOSi. on Walbridge Farut. ?houtV?if a raiU- tt'irthwost of a p ^ et _ _C<u?u?bi? C'alleg^. tiOAh RlfjrT\BD.- SU.Un from the stable o'f M. G. BMERY. ?ii SenonH street, t.o twaenlt atel C. on tbe niglit o| April It. one lanre HAY VGtBSK. abotit eer??ntr?n hands high. lbs , itglit yearn old. AlrO*t??niwtH?m sire BAYS, ta matiHi pair,) about litU-??n luiud< lush, five years old. full black inaue aud tail. One vt tlo-ni had no, sl.qca on frynt f.JBjt; wad scat from bleeding on sanhe fe. t. The above ra?ard will be paid for thciu,or aproyortion for caA. o -?^np 13 3t foi? $1 ?none: b knot on the 1us.d*<a tbe rl?til biiidU^;; blind in the rtMIt a/r. nt<. |ibrtra.t?ir*ra*fll be paitf for infcrn?AH6*wnH^'pf2?tia8' tf<? tbe reeov ery cflhe botutr . ' ?* ' W*. >9 ,n,, v..,R >a , l iX S4JR * ju sin ei.s. >1 filAllKWA RD. ?fcti ayed ov -i .fenVoi) Ca" instant, about 1 o'tvU.L'k p. ill., MARE, ycf) pii?r,with saddfe pnt nrid miv". ' -? - . .?.ii ? FOE RENT AND SAXE. HAP.BKR SHOP FOR SU.K-No .i-san _ ?ort>. between M and K at? Yp 'r6T*T^X7TS*n brick housb, *ix l' rX!tc,,1?- '? 17th *?.. near K *t 236 K gt.. nnr the premise*. apis-It' f^RrfPwT1? "a.*"* F[R!*ISHBO CHAM 8 H*"wi *venue FOB HUNT?A STORK op the r?rn*r of 3d and I 'f W u!njLANG?LIYMt* *?r p#rticoU" *"????' FjH)R RKNT-A FURNISHJiD ROOM, second atory. without board, to eentlomen only lnea.s can l.? obtained iurntdistci) opposite. In quire 3.>fl Hth st.. between Land M st. dp 1-5-St* F^/low? ril,: Af._A *n,n CONFICTION KRY * fTOR*, an excellent place for a aoda fountain AM'* immediately, a* tha proprietor l? going in other busting Inquire ?> OHAMBKRLIN 8 gro ft rF? corner i8tj at. and IV. ?r. ap 15-jt* l^'jn ^ A L K?tjtioit for four years LKA SRoTaTt ori> M oo P?. aventae. 2f b) *? feet, with room bark aaptea.,.,, ?^13 7t ?bntheast cor. Pa. av. and 13th st. $4,500 Hor-? l^c?u v * k a n? at framk j HOtS*. containing b rooms (includ 1.5 V r??T"' * 5 0 worth of stock. I??i. 2*>xll4, location unexcelled; title perfect and immediate possession. ir'U^ ' SON*. Real Kstat? Brokers, Sp i.?-?w southeast cor. Pa. a*, ami 15th at SIS 000 3Wl'L P.rRCHASK * PROPKR~ ** \" " ? T \ fron t i n g 4 > feet ou P.. a ven u e ^ fPond Ward. A thra<-story brick building ha> in? two good stores and eight large roouis add! tional now renting for 927<)i pit year *n k KLL A 80X. R* ai Kslate Brokers, ?P 15-3t aottthew cor. Pr. *f. mid 15th M. F???v V'\! (' ?t kr~nor*t _ * ^ *5^0^ feet of ground an?i im 5o V??P"follows; Slaughter house. IStW; on, irirv ? "r i J se?Y?'*2'1; s ta h I?]3x23?tm be ta n I i al cattle and stable yards well paved. ttSS?* w!if!:"id Jffisjsl ? MIT0HKI.fik SON, Ural K.state Brokers, - P 'S lrn southeast for. Pa. av. and 15th st. FH5 nK>'T?Sereral nine FtTRNISHKD ROOM? _ rent corner of L and ath ats. ap 14-St* F?ht rrR*.I?"to rent np l5-^? "vp'ication at Ko. 330 oth stre?t. i^OR sXTx-liRAWKRa and SHELVING, ne?rl, T . kL ]!'. kui|rA>1? soods.olothin* or shoes. T itreMea aJ No 390 "? '?treet. l>etw?eo K and i. streets. ap 14-3t? For rknt-a riuck norsic. on 7th~iTt7^7. containinir six rooms. Bent. *30 a month In WILSON A- BANFKI.L'S, X??fi6 Kighth -IreeI- ?P '? 2* F^nRKNT?Part of a fine la rite SHOW ROOM, suitable for dressmaking or any kind of fancy Iia ?-ne ?f .''u1 locations on Pe0n zZTTJ'- rn?iu?rett No. 4 Market Space, upstairs, hrstfloor.* A STORK FOR S.ALK FIT F0R~A~RKST7vT kitr-W ' f/iCn.ryu?F ^lothin*; three rooms and kitchen. It will be sold rery reasonable, a* the owner is going home to Ireland. 221 "d between O and 11. Washington. D C. a'p street. _ ap 14-?t* Pli.RNiSHK^r pARLOM FOR RKNT.-Tno m. hand<u>me Furnished Parlors to rent to on?- or rrVc.*'? VenifSxw.Iit*>Ht h"?r'i- Location the best *p lt "|f? street, between I and K. I^OIt RBNT-St-yen UNFURNISBKD BOOMS M. live rooms on the first floor.suitablefor board ip? or faiinly. Inquire nt the Star Offcce. apl.1-.1t* F "Tri nTM i F0R RENT.?Desirable iV ^ A | T JT? suite on first floor front. ^ "t 322 G St., l.e tv i en Ktb und 1.1th, north side. an K!-,1t* pOR BKNT?A FrRNIgilKD HOUSK contain x ma fijfht rooms, baying a lease of three years m a central locality. If desired, the We ?Ji 2" d without the furnitur.-. Possession L?* '?? ?a ^ yApply at 330 E street, between 1.4th and 14th t-treets. Hp ]1(r* F?.K RKlN-T7 ! w"n l FRf)NT ROOM, and ? '"'.third floor rooms, turuished or unt'ur 'iishejl. in a most desirable summer locality Ap pl> at 42h north N street, b.-tweeu 1.1th and luh Streets, corner of Vermont avenue. Wanted, air elderlj colored WOMAN*, todo the work ofaamal Iwiuily. A pp!> h.s abpye ? #j, ij-.k* SAI.K-ASTOBK and 1> UK I. LING HOT'SK t ? "il V h oU' li),H?r^et. between II and I st r-et^ L A BTtVcK nftr?'"v"i H "ir-t rate business pi,/.. .?i . HOI SL. No. b6t?. on M street.betwcen itli and ,,tli -treets. Has six rooms. Setsbaek from the street. Lf.t:pib> -Id running through to Ridge street. I?? ver* desirable pl?ce for a private residence. ' "" A BBK.K IIOU8K. No.432,on !?th street, bet ween '? and II streets. Has four rooms. Setsbaek with J \rd .J'J f?'t 0 inches by :*i iVet ' A ?KAME HOUSK. No 373. 9tl. atreet between T and Nmvlork avenire. Seven rooms Lf?t 2" ny IfO i ^ l*HAMK norSE. Ni?. 3l4i, on 1 ?tl| str?*et k S/n 1 i<*reets. Has six rooms. Lc?t 2.1 ny HH> feet. A 11 K AMKHOI SK. No. :?42, oh O.street.between lit.i ami l_'lh. Sn rooms. Lot Jn by 3o feet ror partiatilars apply to F. S KERN *P M-?m* No. M st.. bet it'll and 5th. TO LLT.?A nice sniall HOI SK, containing six r?'(.;ns , with iu all except kitchen; vard snd within two blocks..f fbe Departments, r urn it u re for sale cheap, as owner ha^ to leave toi> i). Address ?' Ttebeeea," po>t office, one wee, dp I'M* * ' . F OL SALC One thousand >lo*lars only T??r an .?.........-ou-. 'ii'unr. omy wr an _ ertiia partnership and one half of the stoek of an esiatilished business paying from?'; topper d?> nett profit. No bonus re<?uire,l MI H'H'KI.Ii A SON. Real Kstate Brokers, ap 1,-1 w* Mmtliea>t for. 1'a. av. and l?li st. I4 OR SALE? LOTS 22 and ;t?, in Square 51.1 frouf mi "'f ",'M,?t feet on N street north, between Itliaiid -'tli . ?ii<l running baek to an equal fr.-utage on Ridge street, containing, iu the abrogate, ?My l.I.JM Miuar* foet Ca-h purclia-ers (~ai?~obtain a arett bargain Add res. M SNVDKIi. Jr . ,{'l Nassau street. ^<?, York. i-_. j,v? L'OR P.KNT?A large BRICK HOFtrtf. having . ? tb"roug'ilj repaired lliroiigliout. con" taming tifi.eii rooms iueluding n larv dinin" room, parlor.4, Ac., situated ou lligl. f G.-? rgelow,,. suitable for a hotel, h-ardlug ho,is,-. J.!".'ro^se--iou giv.-u. Inquire .it \?. **'* ] birteeut.b street. Vt ween K and F to-tw.-Mi n and i o clock apll-Jw ? KrOR S A I K?A' th ree story^bri c|T"D W K L LINQ I a ill, a fine large store roam attached to sHiue. situated ( ii lu* rorner of nth sliv^t west nn?i \ r<*et liortlj. A (?)>i y to *Y M. !.<>(;]? corner <?i r?tH >lreet ue>?t unu 0 .-? < t ii??t H|i l>-hv * ?<ViK'_A w" tlire?? storjT"BRICK J IKMM with two-Ktovj baek ImiMing, con tH.ns. ight roc No. IMJ Faurrli Mreet, between I. M!??? !\#a\ nventif. I^riee * >lo?l imi'l-diste. If not sold byli.f Mar. win be soil) at auction. Appt- f.. JOHN F. Cfll'WS 1>| * ,J^ ? 'h hlveet apD-lw 1^'V.i.V'1"' ~Tii* 1 valuably BITSTN'KSS I'KOp" ? ti l l situate at eorner of Seventh ami K il fronting tlie Northern l.ilierties Mark, t II. ':>!? Also. t*o Mil-ill BRICK HfW SKS ..t4 K street between uthlaud 7?h . A long credit o;i (llV J I'V h-I'a'v Ti v"' .?^'"'L.'i'irs inquire ... l>i. j ', l,OI'' AN ' ?hns,.tt,-,Hveuue. iiet)A <*eii ??tli ?ti?I < tli s. * up ?? 7t* C*0R SAtK-.t 5.4 H<i Al\.-~Two LOTS con tig a- rt?beatritul. healthy, good iieighborhoo.C 5:? in. lei. nocfii of city. Also Wanted?A -uiall IlOt tfK Hnd GARDKN iu the mi miner. Address l)r H*. VI Al>> VTOkTII, C street. ap7-eo>t* | AKti'K'BRli K DWKiXlNfi on II. north, b." ?' and "th we r. will l.e solA for 1 '*"? ,r"",lf"l!Ht.' possess},,,,. Terms en->v. Wo >M Mlso sell-otherinvproyc.l :turt unimproved prop..rf? in eonvaiiit.nt lotions; R. MII.BrRS a p li-lm* ->2 f 1 street north. ^7~T,,Ht H1)W KLL J. l.NO HOLSr. au'l lot ?| gr ound at the sou 111 v est corner ot Priiieo an l Colunihns street"). Alex anuria. Fitle perteut r*tni immediate possession given. Inquire ,.f JaMKS A STOl'LKNBKRG A"-xai"lria. of the subgrriber. Franklin Row. Washington, onrner ljt'i and K sts *P r' "?* J. 11. I.ATHKOIV OI SKS FOR SALl! ~ ?? .A Corn.-r Lot. ir#i feet front on P* tv.,eori tainiug S./mn square f -et of ground, improved by stores, ofli.-es and residences; i? one of the best l.M-ations Tor a first elass hotol iu Washington. 1 lie ?'l)nl?- of this exeellent. property ran be pur phased for I25,i?io? ?".5.i>T(i cash. bal'ince o-n'loii" tunc. A tinu Brick Re*ideii.-a on K <t.,?.ppo Frankl'n Square. 12 room*. 91 i.y i?, ft to .#> foot pavcl a|. lev. stahle and carriage house .... m ,?ki Desirable Brick 011 litb st.. near Pa. av.,2i; by t?so lu rooms s iiiii Jlrirk Residency on L at. 1 *J by 137, W rot.'iiiV, 1 good stable , ."i.iy'iO A substantial Itrirk.vd B st.. bet. 2"! and .Id, Is t.y ]i?i. ?vrooins ' | .(j) A snug little Brick Hons.-. on L st is by ]<hi^ <i rooms;....,? Frame Dwelling, hi rooms, and W>,3Hr? feet of ground 7,'\)0 A in at Frame Ilbu-n. ou 11th ?t.| 1? by ii?..; rouins . . ... ] One on r.ih st., j,et. N and 0 sts , 2.1 hv lai <i rownw l.iOO l?'i Frames on N st., bet. Itli antf Sth vfs, by i;?>. 4 rooms, each . l,b<l linitiiiliu I^.tn in all part* af fbi* city. A uiimb. r of .lesii nb'e Fa rm ? for sa.le. MITCIIKt.L A- S??N Red Kstat,- Brokers, upl tSII S. K. eoi tier Pa av. and 15th st F H * r?J 1 ' '?? ur-r ? ;i . :i? . KU'I ?.!? 'I ' polflA LK-Th^ItOT"?KNo.| &T^I^^a^:^^ J between 4th a.ivl .'>th ctrevts, * ill bo .-old old Ui>v f'/cash. Posftfssiyn uivt-n 1st of June. Also. LOP contHinina :t> ncrc-s of laiu^ pu thi> turnpike road, n.'nr Rla,deiisbni^ : adjowu- the farms ?>f Mes.?rB. Dodae and Rirea. S.-veraf other pieces or parrtl# ul land in The name ls'..>Rl!tr for Sale. Ad dicssj. W. V Kit Oil, AUoruev at- Law. Rladeno Lurg.Md. ap2?* F<ir-ale two three-story BrirJt Dw?- ' x Nos.51 ?ud 21 Penn,n-lTam?ii*?.ni4e-t -? 1 ?enTw?.n ty-l??qrlh and Twenty fifth strpcti.SW ihingpa?-h i flft??eii rooms, with large hall and*! tb modern ' improvements. The honw-s arft in till condition 1 having lately been thoruiigMy rr, iretl." At tached to one fcf ihe IrOllses ?s a t fr*>utltl" ' t2 Ie4?t on the aVfBUe. wiHi! rftoiii* .Vrtit t(*-.--T ! grapery, Jte. < T if ? Also, a three sfocy Bri#k Pwrlllug, Tf ,l? J street, w ith side'Tot, and ConTainro'g inni- r??o.iis, 1 with hat I. ... j ^ r . 1 | Also, a number txf A tfcflot'l^ts. froutinu' ab..-it 24 feet each on Penusylvanlft a*piii?t', ^f v. ?n j Twenty fourth and Tw(>nfy-(uTh streets wesf. For terms. Ac. a/rpir WAAf O. /McGI IKK a 4 O.. An.'t ."Turrs. .ut-dia F'R Rl'NT??"ith or'^l^iplil ^tiojrd. an (-xc-1 lent PAKLOltand Several w???fn?lshed BRD ROOMS, at *40 18th strn?t, u^iUun iij? minntP# walk of the Kirkwodd llCfWe, n"nd the Patent Oflici'. Pifcft Oflit^iWH'^rianuPy and State De^artatMUU. . - Tha IocAUmC if .Ohburpassed iu dut t . . ?; A i AUCTION SALES. F?r tlhtr Aartlia S?l?i w? lirst p?g?. THIS ArTEftKueW ASPTQ.M0MIOW J?Y J C. HcGVIP.E a CO.. Auction*era FOUR H AWD30ME RCILDING LOTSON NORTH N STREET. BETWEEN SIXTH AND SK? KNTIi STREETS. Oa FRIDAY AFTERNOON. April lo'M, on the (K'miMi. we oha.i aril four handsome Build leg Lot* on the south eide of North N street. be t*ffo Vh and 7th streets west, fronting eack If featV'S inches, and running bacVb'4feet to a l% footal.ey. The "astern Lot forms the nrwr el" a at wt 46 feet wide railed Oregon *tr??t. Terms: Una-third in cash. the remainder ta sis and twelve months with interest secured by a dee-l of truat ob tha premises. ConTp)fcuc?? at the cost of tbe pnrchaser. ap H J.C MeGUIRE A CO.Auets JJY 1 C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTYOPPOSITE THK CAPITOLOROUNDS AT PUM4C8ALE On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, April u, atJo'cJoch. on the premises. we ahall Mil th? western part of Lot NoU in Square No 6*8, fronting M fait on sonth A atrtet, between New Jersey ufaar snl First street east. and adjoining tha corner af f.rat street ?ant,running back 7i feet. i so proved by* two story and basement Frame House. the baaemeat occupied at present as a Green Grocery S*or*, tha upper part as a Dwelling and Barber Shop Terms : One half egah, the remainder in six anl twelve mnntha with interest, secured by ? dead of trust oa the premiees. Convepances at the coat of thennrehaeer aplJd J C. MoGriRE 4 CO . AuoU. I Rap. It ChrpB.)' WM. V. LEWIS A CO., Aufltwmeen. TBI8 EVENING, at ToVilock at onr .tore. No, 427, fceventh street, we ahall sell* splendid ti sort meat of Photographic Album*. Family Bihlee, Stationery md Fancy Good*. Silrer plated War*, at lea Pitcher*, Castors, Taa Sett*, Rretta Spoons. Furks.Ac.. fine Table and Poeket Cutlery, Gold and Silver Watches, Jewelry, Chaina, Peng anl Pencils. fine ,G*ld Sett*, Rings. A ?., with a great ?ariety of Faaey and useful articles. ap.U-lw WM B. LEWIS Ac Co. A acta. gY i. C. McGUlRE A CO., Auctioneers. TWENTY THREE DBSIRABLH HOLDING LOTS IN THE NORTHERN PART OF THR SECOND WAND AT PUBLIC SALE Ob SATURDAY AFTERNOON. April 16th. at <v, o'clock, on the premises, we "hall aell to the higk - eat bidder, the whole of Square Ne. 9? and Square north of Square No. XM. sub divided into good sired Building l<ots, fronting respectively ob Termcat avenue and Uth street waat, between Saud T streets north, ard V*rmout avenue anl Uth ilreet waet, between R and 8 streets north. Vermont avenue ha* been paved on the west side to the Boundary of the Citv, and is destined to he one of the finest streets in That section of the City. Terns: one third CMh, the baUnoa in sit and twelve mouths with interest, secured by a deed of trust en the premiaes. Conrejances at the eoit of the purchaser. ?Srploto of tbe property may be obtained at the Auction Room*. ap !> d J C. McOI"IRE A CO , *teta. BY WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. At :hi Hortt Bam nr. 9* south side Louisiana nr., bet. 9th and 1-ith sta. CABFT AGES. BUGGIES. WaGONB, II0RSR8, AND HARNESS. A e.. AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On SATURDAY MORNING. April 1G. coalmen cing nt H> o'clock.|we will *ellattlie Bsrua- ait Repository. Louisiana avenue, l>etween Nintis and Tenth streets, without reserve, for r*sh : One Elecsnt New Family Carriage, built toord?r b> Merrick, for tax'. Thrr-n NcvTnp bof-built Bua,sie'>, One Second-hend no-top Buggy, I u'lt t.y J. Brown. Five Fecond hand Family Carriage*. Sutler's Wagone, Carts. Harness. Ac. Immediately sftrr the above, we will sell a lar^e number of Excellent Work and Saldle Hor>*><. be - lougint; to Sutlers, and other.*. ? Sa'e p? >iti>e Terms cash. af.IV It WM. L. WALL A Co.. Aacts. J C MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. BOOKS. A collettioB of sniscelNneou* Bonk* will b-? s?; t at Public Sale at the auction Rooma.cotnmeariig TCHSDAY EVENING, April 19th,at 7 o'clocs, an I eontlncing each evening thereafter until all are Fold Tli# colleciion i? the Stock of a Colieato- ?n-t Dealer In'lid Books, snd embrace* every variety in the Book line us ning? Law, M-.-S icsl. II istory. St*ti*tica, Cyclopedias.(ieogrspby. Astronomy, itotant. Novels, Ac,, A c. ? T? rins cask. up It J. C. McOi'Il'E A CO., Aucts. B Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Anetioneera. HFTKEN V?R\ DESIRABLE BUILDING L0T4 ON THIB1EFN11I STREET WEST AND NORTH 0 STI'.EET AT POBLIC AUCTION. On FRIDAY AFTERSOON.April ?al.atr.o'cioc*. on tb>? premises, we ah s 11 sell eight den r.,ble BuilJ ing Lctn'n the east "Ide of Thirteenth street. h-? iwcen N and 0 street* north, fronting from to ^2 feet .s?h, snd all rnlining back 11 a."*' foot pua licalley. of A No, segen Lits on North 0 street, at the corner f Thirteenth stree'. fronting each ?> feet, su l inning bee* 1' H feet !* inches to an alley. These L<?*s are all very desirabU fi?T bu'lding purpose* being well situate\ in a healthy and rap idly improviBg part of the city. Terms- One fourth cash; the remainder in nix, t?elte,and eighteen months, with interest, cured by a deed of tru*t i>n the premises Conve\*?e?? at the eo?t of the pur^haner. Piat? m?r be obtained oa application to the Aue tioneers. _ap.l<-d J. C. MCGUIRK A CO.. Auct*. WY J C. M<*GU^RE A; CO., Auctioneer!. SIXTY ON* HANDSOMELY 1.0CATKD BL* I ID JNG LOTS AT PUBLIC AUCTION. <>n TUESDAY AFTERlf?K)N. May M. a11 o'cloc k. on the prt nil^es, ve shall sell nearly the whole ??! Square No. SO. known as " Kinenian's Gsrd-n," froctinx about Sf> feet e?ch .n 11th strejt. north 0 street. i:rth frtreet. tbe ''Circle," and "Kiozcn*-i <'ou't,"' all running back to Snealb-y*. with flu# f* cilitieM tor drainage 1 lie beaatiful location of th?'*e Lot*, being ?u tbe hi{th ground iuimedately north ol the Pr?si dent's House and Depai tnieiits, tae adT.-tntage of a city pas-eiigiT r&iln ad and Potomac water i ntue diitely in Troct of tbe premises, render thern very deniable lor Building ^ites. and. ax tbe sawill b<- made without reserve, it should comman<l spe cisl attention. 'lermfof *sle : One tblnl in ^ash. snd the re mair.der in equal jmwaent- in sis and twelve months, with mterest. -ecured by a deed ot tins' <in tbe premises. Convej anres s.t rj;?t ot"pui, ha-ef %JTA cash paynunt of ? on each l<>t at th? tim et" sale will be required ap.l4-d J. C. MrGUIBE & C(?..Aurt i mi"\ ERNMEliT S \LE OF (l SUBST8TEHCE 8TORES. Will l>e sold h*" public auction, at eleven o'ci^ w ., u, ?n THURSDAY. April Si. 1M>4, at G v ' nrif Wa?hln?to?, D. C., the foHowlng nr'.;-a-, ol" SnbMM-'nce ?t..res, (iuspecte.d n?d eoa4v?.i I.. utit for i-s;ie ) v i* : *? ;s i,Ms. Pork, J 3U lba. Bacon. H4t2lbs Ilam. j-> ia?-2ft bbls. Beef, :>2 iSrt l% bbls. Flour, IS 7i ?? lbs. Beans, 4.87P lb". Split Peas, &<>i lbs Rice, 14J< lbs. B- aud (? Coliee, 25 lbs Tea. ;t.i 7H lbs. Brown Susar, t>l lbs White 8ustar. ..'i fetUons Whiskey. ,??i2 lbs. Desiccated Potato> l# IlMlbs Dried Apples,, 1(. lbs. Pepper. f-S lba. Preserved Meat*, 7* lb> Ox Tongues. T. rn * ca*h. in Government lunds. II. 11. VOtS. CaptMn 0;8; ^. apli 1 Chronicle.J B Y J Mf'ftUIRK A C(> , Auctioneers. TIIIRTY-SIV DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON FOURTEENTH STREET AND ADJ Ai'KNT THEBET". AT ITIiLIC AUCTION. On. HONDAT AFTERNOON, \rril W. at 4'i ? ?'clock . nu the premises, we s tall .->ell the ea^t^na half of fiquare No. Ji i, lub-dividet iato thirty cit desirsMt buibiint; tote, sixteen of them fronting S> feet <>q Fourteenth *treot between 1T and V'streofs. and e\tetdiiijf tiack lji feet to a IVfoot a'l?-; , tisl twenty fronting J7 feet each on 1" and T't-t . etg. near Fourteenth street, and e\tendinff-b<ick t* t.u foot alley. Terms: One hull' c?sh;the remainder in. three and tix months, with intere-t, pi'Citrad by de?*i .?f tcu?t on the prtmises. C<inve\aicre* at the costofthi- purchaHet* %3TPlots c>f the lots c ay be obtai .ed at the *n? tion r?>oius ap 1! 7t J. C. MUfiUfRE'A CO., x?ct* _ |JY .1 0. MOGUIRR A Ot> Auctioneers. CHANCERS SALE OfTaLL'ABL* IMUSi?KRTV. By virtue of n decree of tho late Circuit Cmirtot" tbe Di'-trir.t of Columbia Mtiinv as a Oourt of Xqnitv, dated on tb' Jlith lay of NovetnJber, l*a. aod rernlered in a cause ( No l,?S) pend"i?^s in na^l Onitt between Chriatoph?r tlrainiuer iwvl W iltiam B. Tod t tVu -tfces of the late GotU*il> C. Gntuimer snd others.'complainants, and Julius E, Giammor and- WiUlam H. D?inklnson and othera. <|efend?ntq the undersigned trustees will sell at piikKc austion the tollowing property, part of the homestead ?t tUi ia-eii C <?ranimer. in Washington eity. D, O.: On ill ON DA Y, Afrri Wih, mt kmif- pa^t ieVJeti p. m. On tLot numbered in cumbered five bondred md thirty-thro*, (5TU freuUi g fift> si* feet and two inehea on C etgeet north, between Third and luar-aud a Jialf streets *-e?\ !? -r,r. M =old in seiiarnte j^-rtion?, each to have And . of April, We Will sell on the premises, at half-past ft o'cioeX have a front of lw??v)-?i??t f And on fktJoile't'inx <ioy,{ TLE&XhA^ ) the Otsk ?ii, m*Naulu?tcu un?ni|igi'??i jwm vi beted sigteen fltf.J !? ~<iutkre ROHiDersd one h ?i? dred ned oinety-eight. (1M.> These valuable awl elifeitilv.situatedIota front *b?ut eighty feet" U an i are apposite the re*i*??*? of Aleaasder I: iand E?q. ' Tbe terms-?f sale are - One-third <?*; tbe '? ?iof t<. b? paid :n , n?sl instalments, to mt and twelve uiobtha ;,>mi 'be day of sale, the said IjaI swee to bear Inteeest freaa the day of nod the ps>a?ents therw.i t??heaeeured by th**vt&? gf the ptirdihser: and hsid notiis tn ttvuMiX by a deedot t? ii?t *>n the aald property. right to re sell, ?t the risk and"etpmtnrorth9 par S5?asi''l>? **.*&?* T?UT*a? AW1> ie?^9.i-N^e Btt4^iMv~iu? 1* daily, foi ?,?. barrels frrsh

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