Newspaper of Evening Star, April 16, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 16, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. W. D< WALLACH, Editor and Proprietor. WABHIWGTON CITY: SATL'RDA? APRIL 16, 1964. ?STRJADINtt MATTER ON CY8RT PAOK BU OUTBIDS FOR INTERESTING TELE GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATNtR. NATAL CAPTURE. On the morning of the 20th of March, whilst lajing off Elbow Light, in l&t.26.33 north, long. TO 85 west, the U. S. steamer Ticga overhauled and captured the sloop Swallow, from the Cumbahee river, S. C., bound to Nassau, N. P. One hundred and eighty bales of cotton, eighty barrels of rosin, and twenty.five boxes of to bacco were found on board the Swallow. The captain and one man were sent to Boston in the sloop, and the crew were sent to Key West. NAVAL ORDERS. The orders assigning Lieutenant Commander John 11. Rnssell to the Cimerone have been revoked and he is granted one mouth's leave ot absence. Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Toung, detached from ordnance duty at New York and ordered to the command of the Cimerone. Assistant Surgeon George R. Brush, ordered o the Receiving ship North Carolina. The new two-cent piece which has been recommended for the sanction ol Congress, re sembles, as much as anything can, a gold coin. 0%one side there is a wreath of wheat, in the centre of which is stamped "2 cents," and aronnd which are the words " United States of America." On the other side there is the shield of liberty, bearing the words, ? Qodour Trust." Prkbidsvt Ljucolk.?'The President is quite indisposed to-day, we regret to say, and is not receiving visitors. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. New York Gold Market. April 16?11 a. m.?Gold 71 FROM EAST KENTUCKY. ? ATTEMPT TO CUT OFF THE REBEL RETREAT. LoriavitL* April 16.?Headquarters are ad vised by Colonel Gallup of Lexington that the ReV-els are in lull retreat from East Kentucky Colonel True is pushing forward to Pound Gap to cut off their retreat. The Surrender of Fort Pillow, Tennessee. Fiendish Conduct of the Enemy?Massacre */ ?f the Garrison?Description ol the Shocking Scenes after the Surrender. Cairo, April 15.?No boats ha re been allow ed to leave here for points below Columbus since the first news of the Fort Pillow affair. The attack on Paducah yesterday seemed to be a mere raid lor plunder. It was made by two hundred men, wno were shelled out by the Jprt and the gunboats. After occupying a Dor ??insqwads aboutanP>hofr?zy g ?wa,y a numtKT of horses and con sideiable plunder, and leaving behind hall a ?nlour side wounded. No one was hurt Vn^1 the captured by Forrest at w.eKre 8plked before fal,inK into his toands. The others were turned upon gunboat f1,?;'' which, from sheer exhaustion of ammu vin,r flred fome300 rounds, was com. pel led to withdraw. Although onlyTincUd she received but slight injury 7 ' arriTe? and assumed command at of toe battle, previous to which Chalmers directed the movements. ?fj/hrl? m", With th? maln force' retired after th.* tifred tu^de.WnSV ,akin& WIth the cap. j 6,eampr plat*e Valley lay under a severaf * on 6041,(1 the wounded, I offlce?< among them Chalmers, went aboard, and some of our officers showed : hem great deference, drinking with them, and I showing them other marlrs of courtesy Prominent among them is said to have been 1 < apt. Woodruff, ol the U4th Illinois infantry, j St. Louip, April 15.?The correspondent of ! the Union, who was aboard the steamer Platte \ alley, at Fort Pillow, gives an even more appalling description of the flendishness of 1 the rebels than our Cairo dispatch. Many #f cur wounded were shot in the hospital, and the remainder driven out and the hospital burned. 1 The morning alter the battle the rebels went ! ever the battle-field and shot the negroes who ! hart not died Irom previous wounds. Many ol these who escaped from the works and haspi- ! tals, and who desired to be treated as prisoners : cf war, as the rebels said they should be, were ordered to tail into line, when they were inhu manly shot down. Of three hundred and fifty I colored troops, not more than fifty-six escaped massacre, ana not one officer that com- ' snrvlv?- Only four officers of the escaped death. The loss of the nh Tennessee is eight hundred killed, and tue remainder wounded and captured. Gen. Chalmers told the correspondent that although it was against the policy of his government to ? ?fsro ?oldiers and th^ir officers, he t ad done all !n his power to stop the carnage at he same time, he said he believed it was : '.cht. Another officer said our white troops vouM have been protsct^d had they not been guidon duty with the negroes. While the *^bels endeavored to conceal iheir loss it was ("? ident that they sutleied severely Col. Iieed r mraacdiiig the Tennessee regiment, wa* -rrally wom.ded. Two or three well filled i I i:als were a short distance in the country. !MPORTA!*T FROM TE.%' LESSEE. ? m. .ivf Jehnsien Knifing a Lsr e Army? . ?.k i:2id Aiennrejjnr.l Senrtiuj. Troops At.eok on llionia* Probable. Namiviir^K. Tern, April 15._The colnmns ^. he i*h??i Memphis Appeal show that John 1 tuiic:-c!/up a lar*re army, and that m >st .V s I5,(jy?i have returned. ai:d 1 ci titria of Beacreeard's army have ar .'n-nn.v law Gforgia State troops, i. is not known what the intentions of the i e'- are at present. It is believed that Joha ? rrrW't :o dlsloci^ us- Grant at mi i> t take Richmond. The hulk of the reb.-l '? r rn,ov"d uP'o Tunnel Hill, but ^'imishing of importance transpire*. ?no. hKBU, ATROCITIES AT FORT PILLOW. .V-jjroes Buried Alive. ' airo. A: r:l H5.-Two ne^ro soldiers, who > wounded at *ort Pillow and buried by ?'-bHs, aft.rward.- worked themselves out .i.eir sra\ , ai:d are among those brought . pon thest^ftm-r Pla-fe V.-tHey. Thevareuow = 'he hospital at Moucd City, 7 *** U?W C r ^<Ler,;0? lhr Valley deserve great a?y au'hor''ies for landing ? >,h , l0^'at ,1rcmineul risk, and tiking our W; rndr d on board. v feiif rts%i i Expedition Across the Potomac 1<a timohk, April 15,-Tue American h is rtu wVT tro,n K"I,r I'Ookout, stating - ednr -T^ thaf POPt' rf!* ;t'? til. Thrrstf tv from an expedition across on,?ir \ irginK, having captQr^d ? - ^ wot'ii of tobacco on the way trom Rich c d to Raitucoie, and a gang of blockade Kehel Iron Clad? ?uiMi,u French Ports. . York Messenger Franca-American J ^aursday pubitsnes an ar icle ?rom the Pans Opiokii Na??onale, which zopi f ir to I ' vethat Frat.ce is acting towrtrds us verv I,T*1tC?ras^infl^ad bas dOH* bjr Prat?nK loudly ot her boasted neutrality and allowing h-r cmau-ns t? indirectly aid the Confederate c ius-> by biiilding ves>eh> tu serve as pira es, Kk ? the Aintomaand Florida. It appears from the statement of the write" i m the f)j)ii ion that fie Confederal iirfnts Ending of late that their negotiation< with ! r.2li>-h su.'p-btillders were liable to govern raental i? terru)>tlon rres.-ed the channel to > rauce a?d m:?.ie arrangements for an entire i'eet. for ns. bombs, ani ?>ven huliets. M. ri Armaii, ot llorde iux. and Vornr,of Nantes! ' at once agreed to have fully armed war ye??els as required In t-n months, f' was announced V^eis w. re for a new line to be Frai ci co betwe"n t'luua, .J.^pan, and Saa Minister I*?yu r\ is long ago -tJ ia=t Septera b? r. cbtained ntftn mtiiir.ii ou matter and fcent proofs to M I?r?>nvn del^hn vs of tbe'coh le<1erate desiinrttion . t the v-se|s. One of these proofs was a letter trom M. Arirtan ac bnovrledgikg the receipt Irum the Confederate agent, Oapt&iu Bi;liuck, of 7-?u,(.oii francs, b?ing ore-tilth ir ad^a^ce ot 'he sum required fjr building two war vessels at Boi'd*a?ix at the t<ame time Torn* ttfcn bmidinsat Naut#< two other vessels These vessels wer - begun jM?t a year ag?,ou the lfith of AvhI, I-';;?, uud ?ubs*qusatir the Minister ol the M<h ;r= asw-d permission to aria them (tu.-'r iMt-er* .now?Kt that ^rmti and Vornx w? 4 "l.-o Vuild .-- sa.^s a"4 casting bombs and cannon (or the Confeder ates. Another letter from "Admiral" Maurjr wni- al-'o brouchi at proof. Mr. Dayton artdre/fed RT. dp L.liuvs cn the subject, who in torn communicated wuh the Minister of the Marine, wbo on his part re plied that as Yoruz and Arman bad declared that their new vessels were for Chinese waters, ai.d as merchant ships in 'hat part of th?* world are usually armed?he could not refu?e them the permission to arm the vessels. He howev er declared, he would ask the ship-builders themselves about the matter. He did so. But Yoruz and Armm -the Lairde and Denny of France?re-asserted that The ohips I were intended for China, and denied the exist ence of the letters compromising them. Their proofs of innocence must, however, have been very weak, for iu October last the Minister of the Marine withdrew, both frem Voruz and from Arman, the authorization for arming the vessels, and M. de l'Huys, in a no'e to Mr. : Dayton announcing the fact, dilate- upon it as a signal example of the determination of the I government of the Emperor to maintain a strict I neutrality. This was all very well; but the case or griev ance on our part is that, according to the Opin ion Rationale, the bnilding and arming of the iron clads was suspended only for a month or two; and the work, resumed long ago, has now so far advatoced that two of the vessels are ready as per contract to be delivered into the hands of the ) Confederate agents. r>^==? METHODIST PROTESTANT CHURCH, ILji NINTH ST.?Rkv. J. T. Ward. Pastor ? SaTibatta Services: Preaching 11}* o'cloc* a. m., 7.45 p.m. The public are invited to atten 1. Seats free. lt_ WESLEY CHAPEL, corner of Fifth and F streets. Rkv B. H. Naoal. !>.!>.. psntor (fir of We ^ ^ C Dill Tin. MA * ??. ?-* ? " ? ? of Wesley Chapel, will (by divine pormmionl preach TO-MORROW (Sunday), at 11 o'clock a. ui and 7Jf p. m. .OCF wp THE CAPITOL HILL PRESKYjflEftIAN II P CHURCH will be organised by the I'resby fery of Potomac, on SABBATH AFTERNOON*, at 4 o'clock, at their present place of worship, the school-house, corner of Third street east and A Btreet south. * [VW-* NOT ICE.?All Carpenters and Cabinet Ma - lLJf kers are requested to meet at the United Hall. 11th street, near E. on next MONDAY EVE NING, at 7H o'clock. A large attendance is re quested, an the committee will report upon the Constitution and By-Laws. By order: ap l6-2t* F. W. W. LETOURNAN, Sec. THEH0U8E OF REPRESENTATIVES rill be open for worship at 11 a. m. TO jflTJRROW (Sunday), April 17. Rkv. Dr. Orvillk Dewey, of Mass., will conduct the services and preach. Dr. Dewey will preach also at the Unita rian Church, corner of D and Sixth streets, at 7)? p. m. No services in that church in the morning.* HAND8 WANTED.-HANDS WANTED To work at gravel roofing. Steady em plovment and good wages given. Apply to H. C. WILSON A CO., 161 22a street west, oelow Penn sylvania avenue, between the hours of 7 and 9 a. ra. and 12 to 2 p. m. ap 15-.1t* P=?NATI0NAL BASE BALL CLUB?The open f ing game of the season will be played on grounds south of the President's Mansion on MONDAY EVENING at 4^ o'clock. Membersare requested to be punctually on the ground. By order of the President. ap!5 2t* WM. F. WILLIAMS, Secretary. rv"=F=? WASHINGTON SPIRITUAL CONFER 1L_5 ence SUNDAY, at 2J? o'clock p. m., in Smeed's Hall. *81 9th street. Mrs. L. Smith and Mrs. E. Week, Mediums, will open and conduct the meeting, inviting all to speak that wish, both male and female. Admission, gentlemc.n 15 and ladles 10 cents. ap 15 2t* iy?=?THE WASHINGTON LITERARY AND ILS DRAMATIC ASSOCIATION takes great pleasure to announce to the lovers of the drama and the admirers of the Immoral Bard that they have perfected tlieir arrangements to celebrate the ter-centenary birthday of 8ha>ispeare. at the Washington Theater, on SATURDAY EVENING. April 23,18i4. 8ome of the most eminent gentle men in the city have kindly volunteered to assist this worthy enterprise?worthy.Jas half of the pro ceeds go to the hospitals of the city. Programme in the Sunday Chronicle and the daily papers of next week ap :.V2t . [Y"sF?LAST WEEK OF THE ORPHAN BOYS' 1^5 FAIR.?A variety of Fancy and Useful Ar icles for sale. The lady managers, in the name of the orphans, ask the patronage of the public, ap 13-4t* BT' ?NOTICE- TO THE TAX-PAYERS OF WASHINGTON Assessor's Office. t WiSHiNOTeH, March 14, 1864. ( The Board of Assessors, having completed the General Assessment for the year 1864, hereby give notice that they will sit as a Board of Appeals, and for the purpose of making any correction, from Monday, the 21st day of March, to Tuesday, the 2Sth day of April, inclusive, (Sundays excepted,) at their room. No. 6, basement story, west wing City Hall, from 9 a. m to 3 p. m. each day. By order of the President: JAMES W. SPALDING, mh T5-tAp26 Secretary Board of.Appeal. nrsp-ICE CREAM, CONFECTIONERY to. Lk5 Receptions, Parties. Weddings, Balls. Sup pers. Fairs and other entertainments furnished at shortest notice and roost reasonable terms. Ic Cream and Water Ices made by steam power, war ranted to be the best in the city, wholesale and re tail, delivered to any part of the city. Chariot! Rusae, Jellies .Pyramids and WeldingCaVea male to order, at JOSEPH SHAFFIKI.P'S Confection ery. 3fr>6 Sixth at., bet. O and H. f? 11-3m* fyte WASHING AT SHORT NOTICE.-The Us_5 National Setam Laundry has cha-iged hands, and is now in full operation Rou;rhdry washing for families at fifty cents perdoren. G"odn will be called Tor and promptly delivered by ie-tv ing an order at the office, south side Pennsylvania avenue, betweeul3th and 13]? streets. Washing tor hotels, restaurants, steamboats. Ac., doiie at short [mr 14-lm* 1 PERKV COLMAN._ (Y3=*CALVARY BAPTIST CHUKCtl ME1TH ILj? every SABBATH in th? Oid Trinity Church o 5 h street, between B and La. avenue. Service* at 11 a. m. aid 7>4 p. m. Rev T. B 19owlstt, Ststor. Strangers are cordially invited to att?cl eats free. oe31-rt,tf FOB PALE.?One of the best and entirely new, Geo. A. Prince's MELODEONS. by a gentle man leaving Washington, and is to b.*seen it I'rof. ALEX. WOLOWSKI'S rooms. No. ni<? F street, corner 11th. Hours of reception, only from P to lt? o'clock, a. m. ap lfi .!f TVOTICK.?All persons having aecounts with the la firm of W 5L 8HUSTER A CO. are request- I to make an early settlement. They will find the books in the hands of W. H. Clagett, at the old stsnd. All persons liavinu accounts against t'-ie :ir n are requested to present them for settlement. :n>l *i-l,u p 11 O P O S A L S FOR FLOUB. Qfiicf Dfpnt Commissary of Sub si -t n--. t Washington. 1). C . April J5 Sealkd Proposals are invited until the ir>Ui inst.. at 12o'clock m.. for furnishing the Subsist elite Dewirtmentwith eight thousand it 0' rcls of FI.OUR. The proposals will be for what ia'? nowii at this Depot nsNos 1.2 and 3, and bids will be entertain" I for any quantity less than the whole. Bi'ls must be in duplicate, and for ea^h ,tj 1" on separate sheets of paper. The Flour to be fresh ground, atrl 'lolirer-I in new- oak barrels, bead lined. The delivery of the Flour to comment-? within five days from the opening of the bid*, an i iu s ic'i quantities, daily, as the Government may direct; deliver, d at the Government warehouse i :'i': town, at thewharvesor railroad d'-jvt in \V?.sh ington. D. C. The delivery of ail Flour a ward el t.. 1>> ?-.?i - j.leted within twenty days from the opciium r?t't;ie Payment will be made in certificat - .i io' le' t eiinew. or such other funds as the (| .vvriii:i it ni-iv have for disbursement. Tlie usi;al (iovernmi-nt inspection u HI H< i juj-.t Vefore the Flour is received, and none will <??? accepted v hich is not fresli ground. An f-ath of UlegiaQce must accompany th* bid of ea^h bidder who has not the oath on (i!o I:i tbi.-> effice, and no bid will be entertained from i?trti. who have previously failed toc*?mply wst'i ?ri-;r bi'ls, or from bidders rot present to resix.n l. Government reserves the right to r-eiect s:iv for any cause. Rids to be addressed t<? tbe nndei sianed. at No. i!'J3 (i street, endorse i for Flour.S. C.GUEKNE. . ap K>-d Captain and 0. S \ . J) R01'< ?S ALS FOR G R A DING, STON K\\ < >? K \ . Ornrt of Washington Ar>knai.. < Wasuixgtos, D. C.. April l i, ls.i\ 8cRl?d Proposals will l>e received jit this oiftc for ten days from this date, fnr Oraiiu, that p<.; tiott of t!?- Aff.eiir.l arounits north of tl> - Peuite;s tiary.and for building ai>d fiirnishin.-r ft put "f the atone for soM wall on the west ? of -ii i ground*, in accorilancc with and sections to be se? li at this office. The bids will be by the cubic.>a I for tbeexc.' vatitig. and by the nerch of twenty-iiv,- -uidc let t f<ir the stonework, the prices to b( wiTt'ten out iu v.ords in the bids. Each pr<ip<'sal ^ ill be accompanied In a ifiinrjtn'y signed by two responsible pers*.us. that in such bid is a,ccepted, the principal or llie truwran t?.rs Will, within live days thereafter, exerole the contract with sufficient sureties in a sum e?iml <>ne half of the amount of the contract, to fulUI th. same conformably with the specifications- an.t,];i ?'8>e said bidder should fail to enter into the con - truct.theyto make good the difference betwe,- i the ofT-r of said bidder and the next lower bidder, or the person to whom the contract iu ??? b - awarded. The responsibility of the guarantorkmusl be -Jr tilied to by an officer under the United 8tate* Gov M-nnieut. or a responsible person known st thi ;? flic*. Proposals t?> be addressed to Captain J. G. Ib:\ ?ton at this post.and endorsed " Proposals for tiyii ? dlriK. Stonework, &c." All proporals received under this advertisement will be opened on Tuesday. April 2->th, at li o'clock in., when all bidders may he presimt. No bid will be considered that do.-* jo.t e?>nf.irvi to the requirements of thisadvertisnueat. an I tbi Uovernment reserves the right to reteet any or all of the bids if it be considered to its inter--* tw doj so Pr?eeifieati?ns can be obtained at this offlc'-?. t?r v ill be mailed to applicants. J. G BENTON C? t?t. Ordnaire.-, ap 16-td Com'g Wash fiyt.ii Arsenal. i^rOAR. ? Forty hhds. Cul't -suJ Port-i Ric ? !*ugar, part prime. Just rrjemt-ed ^nl f'?r <.?' - by JOHN H. SEMME9 A CO . ? No. #23. corner 9th st an t botrixinna mv, apl5-6t_ wewt end C?nt?r Market. a*r WINEf ANf> LIQUORS. V\ v Ti-. p now on band a full supply of L j'/for fc*a? lfcG^ > ' Qvrn^r K ^n^ WILSENFELD & CO., OdiOQ Hall (iolhin^ Rooms, (ESTABLISHED 1 -* 17 .1 CoiiNlR PennoTTVak 14 Afisor \.vr? I'i Strks r. Beg leave to call tho attention of the citlf^n* an>1 strangers of Washington to our very large and extensive assortment of SPRING CLOTH ING. We say extensive, for, bavin;; the most un bounded facilities for manufacturing, and having a buyer always In market, rea'ty to avail himself of all the rich and fashionable style,-, of good.* that maybe offered, we flatter ourselves thO we can exhibit the most fashionable and varied a-?rt ment of clothing ever offered in this city. We enumerate in part Black Cloth Frock ant Dress COATS. running to the finest grades, Gen uine Black French Do^Skin PANT'S; Black Gren adine and other Silk VESTS; from which maybe selected a dress suit of the very finest material, equal in finish and workmanship to the very best, and at much lower prices. Our assortment of CASSIMERE GOODS c?ioot be excelled in variety of colors and ;<?auty of styles, and all cut and made in the most t..?hion alde manner. We name in part the English Waiv ing Colt, the French Jacket, the Business Frock Coat, American Back, and all other styles now in wear. A most splendid assortment of plain and fancy Cassime e Pants and Tests. We call the mo6t especial attention of the ladies to our superb assortment of BOYS' CLOTHING, which for beauty of styles cannot be surpassed if equaled in this city. We most respectfully ask au examination of those goods before purchasing elsewhere. In the line of MILITARY CLOTHING we have the most extensive assortment in this city, con sisting of Dress and Fatigue Coats; Infantry and Cavalry Jackets; Tight and dark Blue Pants, both plain and reinforced;8houlder Straps. Sword Belt#, Sashes, and in fact everything pertaining to an officer's outfit. In the line of FURNISHING GOODS we have an elegant assortment of Cassimere Over Shirta, White and Brown Linen Shirta, of all grades; Under Shirts and Drawers, a full line; Military Cloven. Kid, Bilk, Lisle Thread and others. We most respectfully solicit the patronage of the public, who may rest assured of tair dealing and good articles. ENGLISH WALKING COATS. KNGLISH WALKING COATS. ENGLISH WALKING COATS. FRENCH WALKING JACKET. FRENCH WALKING JACKET, FRENCH WALKING JACKET. FINE BLACK CLOTH FROCK COATS. FINE BLACK CLOTH FROCK COATS, FINE BLACK CLOTH FROCK COATS. BLACK CASSIMERE PANTS, BLACK CASSIMERE PANTS, BLACK CASSIMERE PANTS. VESTS OF ALL DESCRIPTION'S. VESTS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. VESTS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. MILITARY FROCK COATS. MILITARY FROCK COATS, MILITARY FROCK COATS, MILITARY JACKETS. MILITARY JACKETS. MILITARY JACKETS. MI LIT MILIT MILITARY ARY PANTS AND VESTS. ARY PANTS AND VESTS! ARY PANTS AND VESTS BOYS' CLOTHING. BOYS' CLOTHING, BOYS' CLOTHING, SIX LINEN BOSOM SHIRTS FOR M*. SIX LINEN BOSOM SHIRTS FOR*!* SIX LINEN BOSOM SHIRTS FOR SI4*', SIX LINEN BOSOM SHIRTS FOR $16 SIX LINEN BOSOM SHIRTS FORSlti SIX LINEN BOSOM SHIRTS FOR SIR. UNDER 'SHIRTS AND DRAWS UNDER SHIRTS AND DRAWS. UNDER SHIRTS AND DRAWS. KID GLOVES, KID GLOVES, KID GLOVES. NECKTIES AND SCARFS. NECKTIES AND SCARFS, NECKTIES AND SCARFS. WIESENFIELDIc CO., ODEON HALL CLOTHING ROOMS, ESTABLISHED 1?*4T. Corner 4fi street and Pennsylvania avenue. apj^ \\r SUGAR CURED HAMS. *' E Have received another lot of those choice Snnar-cured Ilams Also, Smoked Salmon at EGAN tc PKRRIE. $ '? p 15-3t Corner K and 9th streets. I/'OR SALE LADY'S DOG. the smallest and handsomest black aud^Lj^^T '.??n terrier in Washington. Apply to tin -31 Star Office. ap IS 3t* ( HiCOA MATTING AT PRIVATE SALE. We have Just received from the importers f-.r private sale, ten thousand yanlR of Cocoa Matting, ?tifferent widths, at our furniture warerootns. in the rear of our auction rooms. W. L. WALL A CO., Auct'rs and Commission Merchants, ap 15 south corner Pa. av. and 9th st. U/ . GROCERY SUPPLIES * V E Have received a fine assortment of? Green. Biaek and Japanese Teas. Java. Rio. Mariraho and Saguayra Coffees. I'akers' Cocoa Shells. Hromo Cboeolat*? and Cocoa. Cox'* Gelatine, (?raham Flour. Split P-as. YVheaten Gri* . Spanish Ol ives. Chow-Chow. 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Grocery ?ad Kxutt*** Wbgons feim'Mnj protnpth att?n4ed to ^ KOBT. iT.'GKAHAM, Coseh-naker W y ili fclghU S OVLWK P. II. THE CAPTURE OF FORT PILLOW. Elsewhere the reader will find the dispatches of the Associated Press from Cairo, received since the last issue of the Star. They embrace more details of the recent occurrences at Fort Pillow, Columbus and Padocah. Yesterday afternoon at about Ave o'clock dispatches were received here from General Sherman, confirming the surrender of Fort Pillow and the brutal conduct of the rebels immediately afterwards, which bids fair to be amply retaliated in that quarter in due time. According te General Sherman, our lpss was fLty white troops killed, one hundred wound* ed, and three hundred black troops murdered in cold blood after the surrender. Fort Pillow is an isolated post, of no value whatever to the defense of Columbus, and utterly untenable by the rebels, who have doubtless skedaddled from that vicinity ere this; having been disappointed, with consider able loss, in the object of their raid thither, which waa the capture of Columbus, whence they were promptly and severely repulsed, with Bo loss to us. We are satisfied that due investigation will show that the loss of Fort Pillow was simply the result of a mistake of a local commander, who occupied it against direct orders: a contingency incident to all wars. The rebels, according to official dispatches received here last evening, effected nothing at Paducah, losing a soldier killed or wounded for every horse they succeeded in stealing, and doing na no other damage than by a few thefts. It is believed that Forrest's raiders will next appear in the vicinity of Memphis, where they can effect no more than at Columbus and Pa. ducah, and stand a very fair chance indeed of finding themselves surrounded by overwhelm ingly superior numbers. FROM FAIRFAX COURT HOUSE. 8IX OF MOSEBY'S MEN CAPTURED. We have information from Fairfax Court House to the effect that a scouting party, sent out from that place on Thursday afternoon, returned yesterday, bringing with them one corporal and five privates of Moseby's battal ion. These prisoners belonged to the party which came down with Moseby on Thursday night, whose intention it was to destroy bridges, fiom the fact that one of the party taken had a canteen of turpentine in his possession. SENTENCE COMMUTED. A Military Commission, held at Kansas City, Missouri, of which Lieutenant Colonel J. e Hayes, 12th Kansas volunteers, was president," arraigned and tried James Williams, citizen! for a "violation of the laws of war." It was charged in the specifications that after Wil liams had taken the oath of allegiance to the Federal Government, he took up arms as an insurgent and guerrilla against the laws and authorities of the United States, and joined and co operated with an armed band of insurgent* and guerrillas, who were engaged in plunder ing the property of peaceable citizens, (Wil liams not being a soldier commanded by any regular, civil or military authority whatever,) contrary to and in violation of the laws and customs of war. Upon the evidence produced, the Commission found Williams guilty, and sen'enced him to "be hung by the neck until death." The action of the Commission having been forwarded to President Lincoln for his action, he directs that the sentence be commuted "to imprisonment in the penitentiary at hard labor for five years." OFFICERS CASHIERED. Hefore a court martial, of which Lient. Col. J. K. Lewis, 5th regiment Vermont volunteers, is President, now in seosion at the headquar ters, 2d division, 6th army corps, the following officers were arraigned and tried: Captain Robert W. Laird, 4th regiment Ver mont volunteers, for conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman. Found guilty, and sentenced to be cashiered. Captain George Uossert, 06th regiment Penn sylvania volunteers, for absence without leave and drunkenness on duty. Found gnilty, and sentenced to be cashiered. First Lieutenant Edward Matlock.?, Adju tant 3d regiment Vermont volunteers, for con duct unbecoming an officer and gentleman. Found guilty, and sentenced to be cashiered. The sentences in these cases have been ap proved, and the above named officers accord ingly cease to belong to the military service of 'lit- I nited StJites. FOR THE DRY TORTUGAS. Yesterday, Gen. Patrick, Provost Marshal Heneral, Army of the Potomac, s?nt to this citj the following named enlisted men, under of iourt martial:?Wm. Collins, ij'Kh New York volunteers: Stephen D. Wilson, 1st 1'. S cavalry: Samuel T. Tayman, Stli Mary land volunteers: Wm. Smith and John Tortee iitti U. S. Infantry. Col. Ingrah.-tm committed them to the OJd Capitol, from whence tbey will be forwarded to :he Hry Tortugas to serve out their terms of sentence. ?. , y* T<? BE SHOT FOR DESERTION. following named privates have been found guilty of desertion by a court manial re cently held within the lim s of the Army ot the I'otouitu^and will lieshot to death by musketry on Friday, thetwth instant, at such hour, after la ii.., as the Division Commander m;ty desig. uate:?James Gray, company A, 15th New Y'ork Engineers; James Cusick, company L>, 15th regiment New York Volunteers; and John Crowley, 5th New York Cavalry. NAVY YARD The lr. S. steamer Sassacus. Lieutenant Commander R< e. h it yesterday for the Block i ding Fleet ?-fl Wilmington. \V n slung tan jjoufy Market?Lufki C|uo. tatisns. Fnri ished by Lewis Johnson ic Co., Hank ers : fluking. Selling. I . > Co"i>v?n Bonds, Idcl iiu U.ju U. S. .vjfi Votes. HI na* Quar'ermasters'Checks.... .'. ?ifi _ New Certificates^,; < _ American Silver..... 15.: _ American Gold.,.. jto _ VBW YC'JKK RAT KB?PKC'ONEi lioAKb. Coupon fi's, 1P*|, 1!.-,; ;V?trs, lllj?: Certificates ot Indebtedness, !?!?: Gold. 171 Canton, <>-<? Cumberland, Quicksilver, 7-: N. Cen tial, l:;-; Erie, ll>J$j; Hudson, HI: Reading, 150: Michigan Central,11!>: Michigan Southern, to: Illinois Central, in-: Cleveland and Pirt?hur5. l-'I: Rock I-land,-! IB. v CONORESSIOrCAh. XXX VI 11th CONQBK8B.?glKBl'tt*SS>IQN Satikday, April 16. Skp-atk ?Mr. Foster offered a resolution di recili.g the Secretary of the Treasury to report to the Senate if it is in contemplation'to alter or take down the south front ol the Treasury building, and state what amount of expense is being incurred in the work. Mr. Foster explained that he had understood that the design In the first place was to increase the architectural beauty of the edifica: and in the second, to increase the room inside Mr. Sumner confirmed the fact that the al teration was for the purpose of securing space, and the plan was to add an outside wall be! hind in place of the columns. Mr. Fesseuden thought this would be a inf use of the public money, as that part ot the building was now finished, and the appropria tions were for other work. The resolution passed. Mr. Howard offered a resolution that the ikmmlttse on th* Conduct of the War Inquire into tp? truth of the rumored massacre of Union trvoj* ftt Fprt PiHcw niter ttwu ? : i ? and that for thU parpon* Uwjr, or inch of tb?ir number as they may depute, repair to tn<> neighborhood, and report as w in as possible. Mr Fessendeu thought that aniens in ca?*s ol extreme urgency It was hardly worth whit; for members of Congress to go into these kin l of inquiries at A distance. Their place ol du v was here. We are coming to a period in the session when it was vary important to have all the members present for the dispatch of busi ness. It was the dnty of the War Department to look into these matters, and it was to be pre sumed that it wonld dnly attend to it. Mr. Wilson said be had called at the War Department this morning, and the Secretary bad told him be had a dispatch from General Sherman saying that about three hundred of our soldiers had been massacred at Fort Pil low, and he intended to make an immediate in vestigation of the matter, and had appointed officers for the purpose. Gen. Sherman was not on the spot however and had received his information in the same way perhaps as the other statements came. Mr. Johnson moved to amend the resolution by directing the committee also to inquire whether Fort Pillow could not have bean re inforced or evacuated; which was agreed to. Mr. Howard then withdrew his clause re quiring the committee to send some of their members to the snot, and as thus modified,' the resolution was adopted. Hovsa.?Mr. Randall, of Kentucky, offered a resolution, which was agreed to, instructing the Committee on Military Affairs to inquire into the necessity and expediency of construct ing a railroad from Cincinnati to connect with Cumberland Gap, for military purposes, as recommended by the President of the United States in his message of December, 1661. Mr. Kernan. of N. Y., presented the resolu tions of the Legislature of that State, asking that Gen. Robert Anderson be placed upon the retired list, with full pay. They wera referred to the Committee on Military Affairs. Mr. Rice, of Maine, presented the resolutions of the Legislature of Maine, asking tbe protec tion of the northwestern frontier of that State. The resolutions were laid upon the table and ordered to be printed. Mr. Washburne, from the Select Committee on Emigration, made a report thereon, accom panied by a bill providing for emigration from abrodd, to supply the vacuum in the indus trial pursuits, caused by the necessities of the war. Tbe bill provides for a Commissioner of Emigration, to have an office in New York, and among other duties, he is to see that they are not defrauded in their passage through this country. The House took up the report of the Com mittee of Flections, which concludes with a resolution that " B. M. Kitchen is not entitled to a seat in this House as a representative in the 38th Congress from the seventh Congres sional district in Virginia." Mr. Dawes made a speech in support of the resolution and of the report. The committee could not satisfy themselves that there had been such a freedom of election in that district as to warrant the conclusion that Mr. Kitchen is the choice of the loyal voters of the whole district. Messrs. Smith, of Ky., and Whaley, of Va., spoke in favor of Mr. Kitchen's claim. Tbe question was taken and the House de clared Mr. Kitchen not entitled *o a seat. On motion of Mr. Wilson, of Iowa, a joint resolution was passed< instructing tbe Commit tee on the Conduct of the war, or such members thereof as they may designate, to proceed to Fort Pillow^ and investigate all the facts and circumstances attending the rebel attack and capiure of Fort Pillow, and that they report as soon as practicable. LATE TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM NORTH CAROLINA. THE REBELS APPEARING IN LARUE FORCE IN THE CHOWAN RITER. Nkwbebk, April 1*2.?The rebels have ap peared in large force on the Chowan river, proDablyfor tbe protection of the shad and herring fisheries. Cape Lookout now burns as bright as ever. The Confederate conscription is suspended in the First Congeressional District of North Carolina, and amnesty offered to all North Carolinians who are or who have been in the U. S. service. LOCAL NEWS. Tub Trial of Cornelius Tuell fob trr Murder of his Wikb.?The trial of this case was resumed at!) o'clock this morning, before Judge Fisher, at which time the jury were brought into the court-room from their quar ters at the Metropolitan in charge of tlie bailiffs, and the prisoner was brought from the jail in charge of one of the guards. At the opening of the cour. there were but few persons pres ent, but as the morning advanced the court room became crowded with spectators. David Mahonry, who resided near the prisoner for seven months, was called by defence, to prove that he had known deceased to drink and to he very quarrelsome. Tbe prosecution objected, but as the prosecu tion had attempted to prove that deceased was industrious and temperate, the Court admitted the testimony, and the witness testified that he lelt the premises two veais ago last March. During the last three months witness resided there he was subjected to frequent annoyance by the deceased quarreling with him without any provocation. The deceased, when in liquor, was quarrelsome, and witness had olten beard her abusing her husband. When sober she was kind and mild, but quarrelsome when in liqucr. Ky the prosecution.?Witness never saw the deceased strike the prisoner, but seen her throw articles of furniture after him. Mrt. Ma > y Maiumry testiiied that the prisoner was usually a quiet, well-disposed man, ex cept when' provoked. For the first three month's witness lived near Tuell and his wife, the deceased was a goed neighbor?the latter months she was very disagreeable, because ol the quarrels of the deceased' with her husband. Witness saw the deceased throw a piece of the stove and grid-iron at her hmliand, and heard her call him a a?d Irish . Heard deceased crying, and once saw her with a black eye. Witness never heard the husband whipping the deceased, hut had heard her crying. The cries were similar to those used at an Irish wake. Mrs. Barthclcmty recalled by the defence.? Witness saw .lirismy going in the house of de ceased just alter the fuss began. There is no fire-place up iiairs in the house. Jiimes Tw IU ^-on of the prisoner, wa3 recalled, and on his appearance on the stand the pris oner became deeply affected, giving way to tears and sobs. The boy also, was affected, as upon yesterday. He denied saying in his evi dence yesterday that hi? father told him to make a lire up stairs. Mr. Gcorgt Ballard recalled by defence.?The coffin, when it was carried out by himself and prisoner, had no sheet abont it. Witness drove round the alley way. The coffin was ft colored pine one. By the prosecution.?'The boys were driven away by the prisoner, and they could not have seen what they put in the wagon, and they could not have seen anything white. The body was wrapped in a sheet and put 1n the coffin, but the lid was not secured down properly. It vrns tight enough, however, to prevent anyone seeing inside. At hall-past It! o'clock the counsel, after some conver^RMona! discussion, agTeed to close the case, and Judge F sher stated that he was wil ling to sit until midnight in order to hear the counsel, te whom, in a case of this kind, fuil scope should be given. Mr. Feudal I, for the prosecution, opened thp c:<se. stating that he had hoped Jbat some cir cumstances would have been proved rebutting in some measure the evidence of the prosecu tion: and, continuing, he spoke of the enormity of tlie deed, which was murder, and referring to the evidence of the boy, defended the Distrlet Attorney in placing the son of the prisoner on the stand. Mr. Phillips followed,, sifting the evidence and referring to some portions of it, which h<> argued was inconsistent. The act was com mitted, doubtless, when the husband found bis wile drunk: and he argued thatat the time rea son was temporarily dethroned, and the pris "oner should have tb#benefitsof all doubts, and that a verdict of not more than manslaughter should be rendered. J While the case is being argued, the prisoner .is in the dobk, with his face on his hands be tween his knees, and evidently feels his posi tion, trequently groaning and sobbing when allusion is made to his boy as tbe circumstances 11 the murder is recited. It is thought that the argument will be closed tbis evening, and that a verdiet Will be ren dered to-night Matter* in Georgetown.?The damage to the upper div isions of the Chesapeake and Ohio ?Canal by the last freshet is now being ascer tained. i . The Williamsport division aboyt a hundred miles up the line was blocked up by the accn jmulatlon of sand bars which have since been ? removed, and the water let in. On the Shepherdstown division aboat 3<> miles below Williamsport some damage was done by the washing away of a portion of the tow -path. The whole damage will be repaired within a week and navigation reopened through to the western terminus of the Canal. The injuries tbongh sufficient to suspend tbe navigation! above those divisions, are not re garded as serious. The arrivals since tbe 19th tnst., were the J G. Morrison, assorted cargo to market. S. Cas t If man. limestone to W. H. Godey. TfiK CaVitol Hu.iTPresbyteriaa Qaureh will be organised to-morrow afternan*, at 4 p. txu vaUvijxfcr^mn esetwo* li itiNWAt Koi?n?RT ? Svallowing Mynry.? Yesteiday, Eira Payne, a soldier of the New York bat'eyy, which is in the city to be mounted and armed, cot on a drunk, and mi into company with John Horan, a rebel, ie cettly (iucherpfd from the Old Capitol on taking the oath of allegiance. Iioran was clad in a I'nitfd States uniform, and passed as a Federal soldier. On New Jersey avenue, near the railroad dfpot, Horau seized Payne and threw bun down, and rifled his pockets, rob bing htm of several dollars. A woman who saw the act sent a little boy to follow Horan at (1 have him arrested. Meeting with officer Seibcld, the boy told what had happened, and the officer went directly to arrest Horan. Ho ran saw the officer coming and filled his mouth with the money, and swallowed a portion. The portion that be bad not chewed np f?6.??) was taken from him. Horan was taken before Justice Olberson, who sent him to jail for conrt. Subjhttki? hkr Cask.?Caroline Schneider, indicted for keeping a bawdy house in Pear Tiee Alley, was brought in the court this morning and submitted her case, when she was sentenced bv Judge Fisher to pay a fine of fifty dollars or be imprisoned fifty days in jail. Obag'E CI keej< wood.?This favorite writer appears at a lecturer at the Captol to-night in bf half of a charitable object. See announce ment eltewfcere. Ra-AProi wtkd.?The Governor of Pennsyl vania has re-appointed Charles Walter, Notary Public, >97 I) street, opposite City Hall, a Com missioner of I feeds in the Districtof Columbia \1TANTED?A HOY to sell good*with a good ad ?? dress. Inquire at 409 9th street, up stairs. _apl?^lt"_ 1'HI GREENBACK RESTAURANT FOR SALE with furnished rooms attached sn i s lea*e of 5 years. Inquire at 4d'i loth street. Itrst door above Ford V Theater. ap H-M* ffi; C REWARD.?Strayed sway on the 12th in*t., <JP?# two white HOGS, one about 13) and the oth*r about 5" pounds; the little one la'.ne. The finder wiH receive the above r?? ?r4 by leaving them at the corner of ISth and M streets. ap 16 2t? K. HERBERT. Wr ANTED?Employment in a Hotel or soma es tablishment, by a first rate Carpenter. wh?. being disengaged a part of the time, would work at anything in his line in part pay for board, in advancc if required, and on very reasonable term-t. Address immediately Box 35 Star Office, apis .It* f"i*NCRAYING, STATIONERY AND FANCY !i GOODS. WEDDING AND YISITING CARDS, NOTORIAL PEALS. CANCELING STAMPS. SEAL PRESSES. Monograms for stamping Note Paper, Ac.. A.c., en^raved in the most artistic manner by DKMPSEY ft O'TOOLE. 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Tbc Mantels manufactured by the above company ate too well known throughout the country to re quire any comment upon. For cheapness, dura bility aiid beauty they surpass all others. Samples can 1 e seen at my office. "H. W. HAMILTON, Agent, ap 10-eolm* 7th st.. oppo. Center Market. |?Y GKEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. AUCTION SALE <?F A TW0-8T0RY FRAMK HOUSE AND LOT. On THURSDAY, the 21st instant, at fio'clock. p. m..wenhall sell iu front of the premises, on 4th street, between Massachusetts avenue and I streets north, a good two-story Frame House. Lot 21, i? Square south of Square No. 516, containing six rooms 25 feet front, eO feet deep, with side alley. This is a fine chance for anyone wishing to pur chase a smalt residence, as it will be sold without reserve. Terms: (tne half cash, balance in six %nl twelve months, secured by deed of trust on the premises, notes bearing interest. All conveyancing and reve nue stamps at tte cost of the purchaser, jap. 10 GREEN A WILLIAM8, Aucts. S. MILITARY RAILROADS, " ? of Assistaut (Jnarterma*ttr, WASHIKUTON, April 15. 1*4. AUCTION .-Will te sold, on WEDNESDAY. the 181b day of May, at the Railroad Depot, in Alexsn dria, \ s. Son Tons of Old Railroad Iron, 10" Tops of Old Car Axles. ?50 Tons of Cast Scrap Iron, Ion Tens of Wrought Iron, A Tons of Old Brass and Copper, 3tH> Oil Barrels. Terms: Cash in Government Funds. Ten (1 ) per cent, to be pa;d at the time of parchaoe, the balaiio- on delivery. The pre ihrty n.n?.t be removed within ten days Iron date of sale II. L. ROBIN8ON, ap.l6-dts. Captain and A, Q. M. HY WM. L. WALL a CO , Auctioneers. S E. corner Pa. av. and ^th street A LARGE STOCK OF LADIES AND MISSEel BOO IS AND SHOES, DRY GOODS. HOSIERY AND FANCY GOODS AT AUCTION. <>n 'iHURSDAY MORNING, 21st'instant, at 10 o'ciocK. we n 11 at the Auction Rooms : rases of Ladies .t&paneee Boots and Balmorals, Teur.y Lind Morocco Boots, Chi sirens heeled no heel Shoes and Slippers, A ir:eat variety of Hats. 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C., fronting the Georgetown ami Rockville turopise runni g '^ack about tilty cix perches, and containing about four-and-a-half acre< of land, more or iess T. ms r.f s*ie : One-third eash. balaaft* ia thr^e slid s x iLontre ior noten. and interest secured by .eei of trust out! e premises. A i conveystK i s at the cost of t>e purchaser. C. ?1. Wl'.Tr.EltGEK. A ttornev m fact, ap istd . .f. C. McGUIRK A- CO., Anets. B Y J. C. MoliUIRE A Co., Aact.enears. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A H0U8K AN D LOT ON ELEVENTH. BETWEEN LAND M STREETS. By virtue of a deed of trust from it. B. Bridge, dat?<1 October 2. If57 and recorded in Liber J. A.?.. No. l.V, fo'.ios no. Ac., of the Laid Records of the county of Washington, I will otFer at Auction on MON DA Y. the ]6th day of May next, on the premi ses, si fi>a o'clock, p. in., part of Lot sev?n <7"? ia Square three bundi ed and forty-one >S41i iu Wash inton. bounded as follows, viz: Beginning forly i.sdc feet seven inches from the soutueast corner ot -V and Eleventh streets, acd rauuini. theuce ucrth twent> five feet on Eleventh street, thence due *ast one bun ued feet, the whel'# depth of said lot ihecct due ni rth twenty-five f*st, ani then e due west to th* beginning with the improvements, consisting of a Frame Dwelling. 'Perms of pale : One-tliird of ths purchase mone> to be paid in cash, and the residue in two equal in stalments at si.v and twelv* months, with interest, to be secured The terms of sale must be complied with w tbiii one week afu r sale, or th? property may be resol I, after a week's not ice. at the risk and cost of the tirst i.urcbaKer. CHAS. 8. ENGLISH Trustee, ap lyji.i J. C. McGUIRE tc CO., A acts. AT NO. 1?i0 NTNTH STREET.-We sr.-now re cvtvhi!{ :i fresii supply of GRUCERiLS, such SYBUl', white aatl l>ri>wn SUGARS. 'CU AS of.ill grnles. Green. Black, English Break fust and, _ SMOKED REEF a ml TONGUES of choice qu.i'ity, BUTTER from Orange county, N. Y For sweet lies*, not to b<- surpaaseil in the citv. To all of which we invite the citizens of Wasli iiigton and our friends generally, at No. 4tt!> Ninth street, between E and F. np re-5t-? A. H. YOUNG A CO. II E A P BOOKS. Upwards of one thousand works of English ami Frrreign Lite.rature,embracing HISTORY. TRAV ELS. POETRY, NOVELS, etc., etc.. at from li to ?(? per cent, below the regular prices, at IIEILPRIN'S Bookstore, 244 Pa av?eue, ap 11-lm between 12th and 15th streets. IJI/ATF.R COOLERS, fy W AT i B COOL RES. A large assortment received t'tis-dsy, a.ia l?r sale ?t i. ast teak's phioss. C. W. BOTELER i bON 8. House-Furnishing S'?re. ap 12-Gt 31? Iron H?ll. STORAGE!' STORAGE!-To let. part of Unit ?o end all of second floors, tn building Nf Maine avenus. between iti and 6th st., Isiand. Si/e of lloors, 60 by 2". Suitable for storage of sut* eril" goods. Apply as above, ot at 41b G 8t..cor" ner of 9th. ' ' ap I6-& COFFKES-COFFEES! J .. B ROWN'S, GiUieand Merwin's Daudehou Coffees. Gillie's Plantation (V>ffeo, Brodbeut's French Coffees. pfci;RIK ap 15 3t 0>rner M sitU 9tU sUeett. %*^RAPPIH6 PAFI3 _ . , I* for sat* at tke star o?os counter. .

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