Newspaper of Evening Star, April 16, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 16, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. UJSNT8 TO-NIGHT. Ford's Thiatur.-Mf J. A. Heme, an old f avorite of Washingtonians, and a go >d actor, will in uif tt take a benefit, and will appear as ??Young Mirabel," in the comedy, "Wine Works Wouders," and as ?? Horse Shoe Robin son," in the play of that name. All ot Mr. FVrd'sfme company will appear in both plays, and Mr. John McCnlloch will recite the poeta ot " Shamus 0'Bri?n." CiBovM'e Theater?This is the closing nicht ot the grand opera season, which has cer taioly beei. unusually snccessfal, and oa this o? casion will ?e reformed gems from three grsnd operas, viz: the third and fifth act3 or *? Faust, ' tlie third act or ? La Dame Blanche." and the tercndand third acts of ?l)er Frie s-bntz," the whole performance to close with the prand incantation scene. Canterbury.? Manager Lea has now a splendid company of first-class concert hall pertormers, and that they give splendid enter tainments all know who visit the hall. The bill announced for to-night is one of the best of the season. Varieties.?Fun and frolic, mnsic and dance, are the nightly order here, and their Saturday night bill is always a specially good one. The performers are all popular favorites with amusement seekers here. Metropolitan Hall.?The comic panto mime " Robert Macaire" is the special order Here to-night again. Song, dance and ballet will however be given, and the bill is altogether such a one as to prove a source of attraction. Thb Orphan Boy a Fair at Odd Fellows' Hall closes to-night, and it is earnestly hoped that all the articles will be disposed of, in order that as large a sum as possible may be realized lor the orphan children. ThbTubll Murder C abb.?Yesterday, after our report closed, the following witnesses were called for the defence: [Alter the prosecution had closed, aa effort was made to adjourn and meet early this morn ing, the defence believing they could much ab breviate the case by having an opportunity for consultation; but there being objection on the part of the jury, the case was proceeded with.] Dr. S. W. Jonet, former proprietor of the Na tional Hotel, testified that the prisoner had been employed there as waiter and head waiter, and that he was uniformly of good character, and his character for peace was a good one. F. Tenney, al o formerly a proprietor ot the same hotel, testified also that Tuell's general character tor peace and humanity was very good. U. 1\ Chandler has known Tuell four or five years. He bears a good character for peace, and is a man of kindly disposition. He was a faithful and upright man. Prisoner has lat terly been driving hack. <r. W. Bunker has known Tnell three years and over, and has had opportunities of seeing his character under peculiar trial. Tttell has always borne an unblemished character in every respect. Cross-examined.?Never heard of anything against Tnell nntil this recent affair. Michael Carpenter?Witness attends to Na tional Hotel coach. Has known Tuell for eight years. All who speak ot him wish him well, and are sorry tor his tronble. Mr Murphy, keeper of National Hotel stables. Tuell was in his employment eighteen months. He was looked upon ?s a quiet, inoffensive, jrood-natnred man. Always treated the stock well. AUm Dortey, foreman ol Mr. Murphy's stables. Knows U. Tuell. Never saw him out of temper mo:e than an ordinary man. Never heard any bile speak ill of him. Patrick Downs, a carpenter, has knowa Tuell since 1851. Tuell has a good character as a peaceable man; attepded to his business and -was esteemed among his associates. Oeorge Ballard has known Tnell for six years. Was waiter at he National with him. Never heard any one speak aught but well of him. Mr. D. Hanlan has known Tuell for eight yearr. Saw him frequently. Has a good repu tation for a kindly disposition. He was a good husband, so far as witness knows. Tuell was sober and industrious. Center Market.?The prices this morning were:?For Beef bestcuts.prlb.SOstV Broadbllls.75 next . 15*18 j Rhubarb, per bunch 10 salt.?.. 12al5|Spinnach, per pk ... 40 dried ? .18*25 Kale 26 Teal ia*ao! Sweet potatoes 81 Mutton, best chops.. 20 Celery, per bunch. Lamb, perqr 8150,Onions, perpeck 91 Pork.freih.perlk.. .1(5*18 Turnips ? ? 4o cornea.. 15 .Carrots........ ... 60 Bacon,hams,uncut.. 17*13 Beets. #0 hams, sliced .20*25 Beans, butter, pr qt. 25 breast 15 white 10al2 shoulder 13 Lettuce 5*25 joles . M) Cabbage, per head ? 6*40 lard ? 18'Raddisnes, bunch... 6a 10 pair.Sl.50a2 Large rock, eftctw... $3 SBfffi.prdo" 30 Small rock, prWh.. 50 Butter, pr lb 50*60; Halibut, lb ? ?- ? -.. 10 Kew apples, pr pk...40a?0 Be*bass? 12 dried fW*811 Blue fUh _ 12 Peaches, qt 20a25 Shad, per pair ...81*1-50 Potatoes. Irish, pk.. 40, Pike, per bunch .. 50a.fl Cucumbers, per dox. 25! Herring, per doi... .25*30 Cranberries, per qt. 15, Perch, per bunch .. -25a*J Wilrt turkeys, each. 82a4l Lobster, per lb 12 Grev squirrels 15 Catfish, bunch 25 Pr*l-iechickens, pr. ol Rye, pr bushel.. .-.?1.60 Hominy, per qt.. . loCornmeal 81.35al.40 Country beef,100 lb812*14, Ship stuff ..ti0*90 pork.. .512.25a 13, Brown stuff . 6" Tiykeys. each 83*5 Dried cherries,qt .. 25 Yeuiscn per lb 30 tie<-se. each 81*1.52 ?^anvasbacks. pair .. 82 Blue wine duck 81 Widgeon 75 Mallard glal 26 Shorts..^- ? 45 Corn,shelled ..81.10*1-35 Corn, in ear, tbl 83 Oats 8lal.l' Hay, per Straw_ _81-60al.75 Clover hay. 81.Go Baltimore Annual Conferebck op the A. M. E. Church.?Conference m?t this morn ing, Biihop Payne in the chair. Religions ex ercises were conducted by Rev A. W. Way man. The fourth question was taken up, when U. Reeders, of Ilagerstown station. James Ow.-ns of I->ong Green circuit, Joseph A. Nelson, of Harrisburg. Pa, Thomas B.Cole and Henry Rakes, of Easton circuit, George Whiting, ot I.ewiatown, Pa., and Jas. Lynes, of Norfolk, Va., w? re recommended and referred to the committee for examination. Ajtpotntments for Sunday. T'liion Bethel Church?11 o'clock, Bishop Payne: 3 o'clock, G. Greely; o'clock, F. J. Pef k. Israel Church?11 o'clock, Wm. H. Waters: 3 o:clock, John M. Brown* 7# o'clock, A. W. V'ri man. Georeetown?II o'clock. Isaac W. Brown: 3 o'clock, Joseph A.Nelson; 7% o'clock, Wm. U Williams. E Su? nt Chnp"l?li o'clock, Wm.H Russeil: 3,(5 Feeder; 7%, .1: Neekoison. Baptis-t Church, Georgetown?3 o'clock, J. R Hrury; 7%, J. R Whitinr J< hu Wesley Church?11 o'clock, J. M. Brown: ~X, J. Nickolbon. Alexandria?Wm. H. Hopkins. Asbury Chapel?11 o'clock, R. A. Hall;'/#, R F. Wa-- man. Ehenezer, Navy Yard?11 o'clock, N. H. Turpin: 7^, H. J. Rhoilei. The NrMr.BR of Videttes Increased.? The number of videttes heretofore stationed through ut the ciiy to prohibit fist driving bavins b-?*n lound inadequate, the force has iiureaeed to twenty one, and will be ?sta'ioned at tte following designated points :? Railroad depot, corner of C street and New Jersey avenue, on Penr.sylvaniaavenne at the corners of 1st, 4%, fith, 7th. 9th, 11th, Uth, 15th, 17(h, !i?th, "21st, 2-2d, and Aid streets: on G street a: 'he corners of 1uth and 22d streets; on H B'reet forcer of 17th; on 7th street corners of K and F streets north, and Maryland avenue south. The videttes will be posted at the above named posts a' 8 o'clock, a. m. and relieved at S P m. ot each day. Accident.?About o'clock on Thursday afternoon two hordes attached to an ambulance, in which were seated Snreeons Pencoast and Muse*, of Finley Hospital, S. A. Pencoist, father c>i th? surgeon, another gentleman and ihe d iver, ran away. At the corner of 3d and <i - ttetts the ambulance upset. Surgeons Pen oast and Moses had their collar bones broken, JMr. S. A. Pen coast had hia hand and wrist mashed and the three were severely bruised. The other gentleman and the driver escaped "W ith slight injuries. They were taken into the provision store of R. Eicborn, corner of 3d and F street, where their injuries were properly attended. The police of the preciact, officers J.ynch, Crown and Howard, remained at the store rind rendered every aid required gf them. 111' AKTERLY RSl'ort OF thb FOTTRTH WARD Police.?Sergt. Cronin has returned his jeport for the quarter ending April 1st, from which it appears that the property received by the police of that precinct was valued at 41 Horses taken up, 38; vehicles, 5; unfortoaate persons cared lor, 17; fires attended, 3?^ost children restored, 4; doors found open, 6; lodgers at the station house, 2l>3. The arrests were 965, <iiept sed ot a? follows : Fined, '248; amounting to #ou u>. I*ismle6ed, 413; turned over to the mili'ary, 5?; jail for court 59: workhouse, 3o; bail tor court, *: bail for peace, 3-2; jail for heHnnr. t* bMI forb??arlug, 17; miscellaneous, ?H. h^it^tor Le.'irirg, 9. Fl KMKHIHC Eiquou TO SOLDI ERA.?William Smith, a loin:ger about the Baltimore and W -it-bit; iff on 1^ pot, *was smsted yesterday niori ii e ??> on?? of Capt. I>olan's detectives for Ji.riii-huc liquor to soldiers. Jn^ti?.*e Fergu ?"?n smith and in default of payment commiiD-d him to the C?-%tral guardhouse. Gearoetown Uot Ki il^.? Last eight there wa> no bOMnMs transactic, saber board of thn (Georgetown Cooncil; SBB FIRHT PAOB Of to-dJ/ a fjr og local article*. Kl'KCIAl* NOTIONS. LKCTVPk ONI 111. IIf C tUHO >, lit (j. ACt (jtxes woOp. (Mrs. I.. K. loppencott.t <.'U the cveniog o( Satckday. April lotb. At THf Hfsit* For the benefit of the National As?ociat;on for the relief of destitute colored women anl chil dren, organized under act of Congress. On invitation of ihe President of the Senate, Speaker of the House of Representative-*. an4 other members of the two Houses of Congress. I.ectureto commence at 8 o'clock Titie."Lights of the War-cloud." Tickets to the floor of the Chamber. $1; galleries, 50 cents. To bo had at the bookstores of William Ballantyne and Charles U. Anderson. Seventh street, and Francis Taylor, Pennsylvania avenue, and at the loors. ap 15-2t* . Jkwei.rt! Jewelry1 Jkwei.rv! For One Dollar. At 4:!H Pennsylvania avenue, near 4,* street, at the Dcllar Jewelry Store. aP IZ-Gl HlADS THAT ItRBBL against the rules of Taste or Beaut r. in their color or in the loss of all their color, may be changed in a few moments to any Beout fvl Shade, by a single application of CiitfTADORO's Hair Dtk. The rapidity of its operation, porfeet safety, per manent healthful effect. and the exceeding depth and richness of the hues it imparts, distinguish this preparation from all other D>e? in use in thU country or in Europe. Cri3tadoro'i? Hair Prbsbrvativb , a valuable adjunct to the Dye,in dressing and pro moting the growth and perfect health of the hair, and of itself, when used alone?a safeguard that protects the fibers from decay under all circum stances and under all climea. Manufactured by J. Cristadoro. No. 6 As\or, New York. Sold by all Druggists. Applied by all Hair Dress mh .H-d&weolm Coloatk's Honet 8oaf. This celebrated Toilet Soap, in such universal demand, is mad? from the choicest materials, is mild and emollient in its nature, fragrantly scent ed, and extremely beneficial in its action upon the skin. For sale by all Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers. _Ja2S-eoly Nervous Dbbilitt. 8bmi?al Wramess. etc . Can Be Cured by one who has really eared himself and hundreds of others, and will tell you nothing but the truth. Address, witn stamp. Coward H. Tratbr, mar I-DA W Iv Lock Bor. Boston, Maw. Secret Diabases. Samaritan's Uift is the most certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable rem edy ever discovered. Cares in two to four days, and recent cases in twenty-four hours No mineral, no balsam, no mercury. Only ten pills to be taken. It is the soldier's hope, and a friend to those who do not want to be exposed. Male packages, 9*! feStoinar?#<?n's Root H^iJurrej?A ooni\\ve and permanent wire for Syphihs,8CTr>rula.Ulcer8, Sore. Spots. Tetters, A e. Price fl, or cj* bottles for 88. Sold by 8. 0. Ford. See a^wrtiwnie.-it. ra? Diseases or thb Nervous, Sbhihal. Crikart and Sexual Systems?new andreliable treatment? in Reports of the Howard Association-Bent by mail in sealed letter euvelopes, free of charge. Address D. J. Skillin Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth street. Philadelphia pa ma 29-Jin 1)1. Uupomt*t> sugar-coated *eniale IW'gulating Puis are the very but in tut. They operate speedily and effeitivtly. aud being suitor-coat'd create no riHUsea upon the most delicate stomach. A trial of these Pills will prove their ruptrran ty over all others. Price 81 a bo*. 8old by 8. C. Ford. corner 11th street aud Pa.avenue,Wa*hingtoa,and Henry Cook. Alexandria. 1*8-1* The Feet.?Beauty of carriage is mostly depen dent upon a Judicious preservation of thoU-e1,!! is impossible to move in a graceful mannei if the great support Of the whole frame be in a<Jihor dered condition, and nothing impedes so much a* Corns. Bunions. Ingrowing Nails, or otherdjsor, ders to which the feet are liable To all afflicted we would recommend an early call at l?r V* hit s office No. 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between Of and Oth streets. ap 6-tf E J. Wilkiks, Esq.. has been appointed Agent of the Great l'epnsylvn-ua roiite vice fc O, ton. to take effect on the 28th of March Mr. Wil kins lias been connected with the Office, at trie corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, during the past two years, and is thoroughly con versant with the business of the route in all its departments. All applications for 'nJfor^H?"' tickets Ac., must be addressed to fc. J. wuKins. Agent Great Pennsylvania Route, Sixlh street and Pennsylvania avenue. kd. a. vocnh. General Passenger Agent. ap J Great Pennsylvania Route. BP*RMATUKRH<RA OAR BE OORKD.-Or K*ndVt Spe cific cures Spermatorrhea, Semrnni W**km*x, Irn potency, Los." of Power, ext., speedUynnd-fitrlunlbj Its emeets are truly magical. A trial of th? Specific will convince the mo?t skeptical of its merits Price 81 a box. Sold by fe. C. Kord, come. 11th street and Pa. avenue, Washington, R?4 1?e,?rjr Cook. Alexandria. Ja6-iy Thrcheapest ahd best Hair Dtz I*T?Jl?<iwi) ?Never hades or Wa?h*t Oyr.-Upham "HRirDye. ?la f?utK a box. The best in use. Try it. Sold by S C F">rd, corner l?tli street and Petri, avenue, Washington; acd Hen'y Cook, A exaudriji. a6-ly ' _ WarrahteutuUpkbiwp:'* V a vs. ? Ur.Godfrey <? Antidote an English 8pecitic of sixty Ave fundinff.' will cure Gonurrhr^,in vr dnyi. No change V f diet require 1. Price .? 1 per bottle. Sold bv 8 C Ford, corner 11th street aud Pa. avenue, Washington.and HenrvQock. Alexandria, la6-1 y ~ SlAKKIKD, On Friday evening, the l*f!i ii'.-t'Mit. '?> R 'V. ^lr? Tliru-h CON K AH 'WKNT WOUT11, of St. V>u. Mo to Miss C ATHERIN E CISSF.L. of t tu- cit v. Oh the llth instant..b> .,KtL,u?T;)Slr/: 'oTr?' JAMES A. PAl ADELAIDE 1 At both of Georgito.wn- 1*. 0. V piEP After a short >u?<l severe iU^ o?? r"1: Jf'*'1 "j \-n-ti wiiiMB -1.U0AS. tiu? 1 tinwti'and Williaui ..u? a->. auwl i/. llis funeral will ti.fce pta.-e ?rom the r<estdenee ol bis p!?renth. I?>l Street, on the l ?t.i ui?t.. it " wVuVw?s'?.n assiduous K''."lentr J',f ?h"k h:m loved him IV rhisami .hiean I manlv i?. .1 Mhv he re*t it* p<??ce. _ __ On the 16t'i .ns^atit. of.!ipth-'t{'f?? ?AMi:3 JhiSK LII^C"?ier?l*1 w!^'tak?? 1?!'"" ' '^norr^w lSunday;, at 4 o'clock, from ?hr Sccon I Church, cor ncr of Fourth st-eet ei-t an 11 vrgm,^ a mc Hi Til, thild fchter o? Oeo.icf . ?n the Smrah K. Co<'brHn d-Jt'u . 1 4 , Th. f.iends of 1 h fi'nay.-ire .?v. ^ - ," tN i 4447 k iij'Hb. t*#-!uoi:fow ?f?^ 3 * ' On the th lam J . >V . !?:* F? !i. ?u l\ n.t'." 1 . "???rthrNav,- V,;%KU/A. the h.- v I v the Rov. G *orte I.. fiU .heuav-iuivt. ?3,000 H O ItS ES *> A N T K I>. H' it l)-virn>f nl. (r.rnh y Bureau. ) ? ?fie of CM: f (Jujturmo >Ur\ J WVi-/?>/?<tnp% It < . April 12, On. Ijnn lr l aj.'i tifty &ve dollar.? i?" r JiV;i I will be i>nid for il! CAVALRV HORSES delivered within the n?-xt lift-f-n > ir>' it 4,ie Government st?ibJes ?t Gieshoc^. D. C. Snid horRp? to i"f mnni'l in all particulars, not U'Sr than li v<- nor more t'uau nine (f?> t?*ars old; from ll?? to 1 l hands bi^'i; full io^h.-?i, couipuvtly built, hridl- ? 1 or xiae su tici-''4t for eav.airy purposes. tP"'.I" ii?tni* rrUf A.- ttr-- ?.?*?/ n lhrrid tf> and ritidly fnUrff^in rvtrv pirjirvl,iy. Payment made oil deliv.;o ot ten < l"Ja:i l oVer,. Hours of inspection. > A.M. '5 1*. 51. JAMES A. EKIX, Lieutenant Ci l n- I and Chief Uufcrfenpaster. ap 12-lEt . Cavalry Bureau. AH I ll.l.K '.Y HORSES WANTED A'l ONCE. 1,000 Ojprt of Cht'J '{vAr'-rn ~. liepot of Washington. I M A>Mf?mTOK. 1?. C.. April 11. ls?4. \ l.OfMt IU'USKs. auitable for Artillery service, will be purcha^vati at t his depot by th?* undersigned in open market.from date i n(i 1 May 11. ISM. in loN id one to fifty, at mm hundred and sixty-tiv? dol lars (& lo.'> > pt-i anim?!; ej.eb animwl to he subjected to the usti?! Government iuspaetiou before beiutr accepted. . Horses to he delivered to, and inspected b? ,Cat> tain C 11. Tompkiiis. A. M.. I*. S. .\ , corner g; ?^.d aud t? sire.-'.. Wi->hiiigt?n D. C. 1> II. RiruKKIi. Brit ? ? * T - - i Ue'.ns .rand Chl*f'.Ib.-irt >rrtU>t-r. ap 11-271 li.'^r ofWiv' in^tfrn. 1). C. OOA?-U l'HOTOOKAPffH FKfitiiVlrH'.'vi luttls or worko ot ait. plvn <.r painted in oil cob rs, whoU-ale ajul reuuKat * V ' FRANKtiN A CO. S. Opti^iT. ??4t I'm av.. h-\ t-.tii 8nd !*ttfi st A!>o, P.i -... undar the National Hotel. Catalogue* furwis'itsl I'ti .ipp!iejrti^u. ayphoin?. Aihui-iiofajl no I p.ifei". and at the loTiest-tiinre; -ipl^ltr B RICKS AND WOO!? FOR SA1.E,?One hundrt- l thousand Hhta !? ick.( ne thou>.tii 1 . -I'-l- ^?vi* soned 0:tk and Pine Wood ; rait- i>> J. M. STAKE. ap!l-lw* .>1 Hridgc stretd, Georgetown I^FTTI-'K AND FIJI'S.? New Hett^r arrTviug > .Liily, for ?*!.- nl BnHlmofe price,. Twenty barrels lr?-?b Kar*, in store and for call- !?? i). k nrTROW. ap 11-flt* ?Wh street. t*OR SAi-K?A ii, v. v.-horse jx.wer Upright Tu 1. hu'nr ISO J I. JC'iC;. one L'rUor-c ooves ^oyoi.ji hBrol I'prisrht T. iitjinr ltoTTif?i;. Als ? horse power Horizontal Tubular BOILEI!; n\*o. one lie and one Irebors* po*?-r v - v>'r tal. sing!" and doable. Return Fine, BOIfiFR*; sixes fro"; * to V> horse w iut. Afso. di'.Tore 11 sixes T'pright and Horiron^al JSNGTSK^ from .'t to SJo horse-p-twer. Ail guaianteed ito he in srood order. Enqiiir??, either by nail or in per^ >?;. -to THOMAS 1!. B.*h#llFR 9c CO., No _'*i I.iifht Ittltimore, Md aj?H-l"t" UIGKS'fOt 'CKlt LAWSo: T:iK DiST.iv.CT ol CoUunlit, 0> K TheiuMoi. 1< ocU " UEAFNCftl, CATABRtl, and diseases of U\e CAB, THROAT, AND ALE PASi>AC?Li>. L'B. LIQUTH1L.U f-im 34 St. Marie Place, New Yortc. Autuoi of ;?A Popular Treatise on LMafaes*.'" ?* letters on Catarrh," is sow tn WASHINGTON, and can be consulted at the Ebbitt Hocsb lor on wbik until Saturday evening, April Ifittu on DEAFNESS, CATARRH, and all tbe various diseases of the EAR, THROAT, AND AIR PASSAGES. From the Rev. Fred. S. Jewell, Prefester of 8>tate Normal School, Albany, N. Y. This may certify that 1 hare been, since 18H, subject to violent periodical attacks of catarrh, marked by a highly inflamed condition of the lining membranes of the cavities ot the head, p*>ducing a most distressing species of head ache tor days at a time, wholly incapacitating me trom business, and dnnng the paroxysms confining me to the bed. In some instances the inflammation has extended to the teeth, occa sioning toothache ; to the tbreat, producing hoarseness and partial loss of voice ; and and twice it bas to affected the left eye as to con fine me for a month or more to a darkened room. These attacks have been accompanied by strong febrile symptoms; by stoppage of the head, aiid, in the first stages, by watery discharges from tbe nose, subsequently becoming aend and yellow, and towards thecloee of the attack becoming bloody and purulent. I have tried medicines ot almost every kind; external ap plications to the bead, such as camphor, gin ger, hot bandage*, and fomentations of hot vinegar; snuffs of some half a dozen kinds, and other catarrhal preparations, together with in ternal remedies, such as alteratives, cathartic* and emetics. These have produced no change in tbe occurrence or character of the disease, and, in most cases, with little or no temporary relief. I had come, at length, to believe the disease to be practically beyond either cure or material alleviation. Under tbeee circumstances I was led some five months ago. to make atrial of Dr. IdRht bill's treatment.- His method at once approved itself to my judgment, as Bimple, philosophi cal, and likely to be effective. Notwithstand ing the disadvantages under which he labored, in dealing with a disease of such long stand ing. aggravated by nervous debility and dys pepsia, and constantly induced by tbe acci dents ot my professional labor, I found the treatment reaching the disease as it had never been reached before, and producing such a modification and alleviation of its character, as I had supposed imnossime. I chronicle the results tbus. Although I have been situated several times, so that I should- formerly have believed a severe attack of my catarrh inevita ble, I have escaped thus far; the symptoms of threatened attack have been very light, and have vielded to the remed* ^employed by Dr. LiigMhill, without need 01 recourse to the old hot fermentations, or emetics; and the dischar ges trom the head have resumed the original and natural condition. I count upon a com plete cure. That I have been able, however, to obtain so material a relief is to me a cause ot gratitude. In that alone, I am repaid for whatever the treatment may have cost me. I make this statement unsolicited, as a means ot acknowledging my obligations to Dr. Light hill's method of treating catarrh, and with a view to aid any who may have suffered from that disease, in forming a just opinion ot its merits, and its probable utility in their own case. Fbedk. S. .Tbwbll, Prof. State Normal School. Albany, N. Y., March 14, 1861. Catarrh Cured. From Rfv. R. P. Runtell, Lyn<t, Mats. 1 have been much troubled with Catarrh of the worst type for some twenty years. It gradually grew worse, producing cough and hoarseness, destroying the sense of smell, and hrtaking down my general health to such a degree as to compel me to resign my pastorate, and suspend public speaking. 1 made diligent nse ot the usetul remedies, such as snuffs of different kinds, nitrate of silver, tar water, olive tar, ai:d inhalations, hnt without anv salutarv effects. East sum mer I heard of Dr. Lighthill's successful mode ol treating catarrh, visited him. and put my self under hie treatment. I began immediate ly to improve, and this improvement has eone on to the present time. My catarrh has ^radu allv melted away, my cough has disappeared, my voice has become natural, and I am once more able to preach the blessed Gospel. L.?i me advise all troubled with catarrhal difflcul ,le, .o apply to Dr. R I>ynn, Mass., Feb. I, 1 Wi. mh :tUeo3w PERSONAL. Acknti.eman of prbpossessino Ap pearance. "J3 year.* of aiie. h s'.ranger in this cit>. would like t<> form thi- acquaintance ol so nc handsome yourir lady of modest and retirinir hi" it>. with a view to matrimony. Monnyno object, l'lenn'- address to FRKT>. C. LKsTMl. apl!>-3t? , Washington. i). I. LOST AND FOUND. f Oi?T-Ontbe 12th wf April.h IIOFSL BLANKET, I j mar' e 1 G. I'. The 'inler will ?><? sai'a >ly rev.aided by leaving it at 3< corner t?> I* streets. 2t__ 1 TffKSI'ASSTNG AND T \ K KN UP - THREE _ COWS. The owner will prove property, pay chf.rc. K >?inl te?e them away. WUNDKI: it MOFFAT no if. St* near Harmony Colored Cemetery. f 'OST-L^t Thurxlav ulalit. at the Independent I 4 Social Cluh Ball Ternm-rance Hall, part of a let ai. I gold FAJt-ltlKG, Ol no use to any one but the ov ut-t. The finder will be auilab.y rewarded Uy leaving it at tlie Star offlce 11 R RW A KI>.?St rayed on Thursday. Mth, A* ???> olack COW with a'white face: she was a'.oui 3 vear-? old. Tlie finder will receive the above re w-ird if returned at J. BROWN'S lit-.-,'?nrant cor i, - istb street and. Pa. avenue. . *P 1ft-?w wi'P.Avt;d 0B stoli:x-f. oaTthe hui? - ?r ^ ?-n Thursday. .\pr?l 1?.? white COW. with dirty blu?MK*h; short or'nmj.led ha I h" t thi i*'. tit-fr. mifkiiit. >4 reward * ill l.j |.t.d if returned t?. FRANCIS RONEV, crnec L ayi D.-Uw*r avenue. - I/Ol'ND KSTRAY? Cpon M.epr.-niis?-snf the ?ub senher. a !??> IIORSK. ai r.t 15 hawl/ hi-'h; >t*i in :.i? rondicad ; sore on Th. Mt hi'; i 1 ? i. I it- < ?? :.e." ? ill ''nine f<frw!it I. prow proi?s*' >. i? <> fhAPl'PH r,'i(J t;| k (? 111!}! !lV'?V. mr" ' JOS[AH HITCHCOCK, ill I'ai-V Iiolt-1. 7t-li st. I ' (?,st-A6OUTITkXIJkO'cANE~"tfr<? ? i 1 i on til-7.5otra;n from Itillun >:?? l?-t .-v niiii. A liherni reward will lie p^id for iU return '<>310 street, between 12th a 1 Ij'.h. A\;i-hius ton. Hpn-3t C? r RKW4KD?btrayed on 'l uealay. the 12tl. April, a WHITB COW. r ith dark brown fci?oi>; to <lr?p tops <?f blafk. JVlliLlAJl liAdlNUTON. corner ot I an I iKt streets. ap 1 < I^AKEN UP ESTKAY-A dark red atf' w liit 1 COW. with a youn* i alf. The owner i- it quested to come forward, prove property, p.v iliartjes and take her away DKNNIB BARRETT. A id. noit... ap 14-3t* bet. 2d andjid eaat. Cai>it?'li_H:n. & ? ft BEWARO.?'Ws< drowned on the 11th In I af Ktant- in the canal, foot ?l l)ttt .street. ,i boy named CHARLES RATH V. about :?? year- old. The body, it is supp; -ed. m ? y have drifted to tin mouth of the canal near the Navy Yard. T;ie tx r "e ?*? ap it it* 301 C street, between9th and jotti BOARDING. HOARD ANP FURNISHED ROOMS FOR OKN tlemau and wife or Hiusfie peifoim. Location tilia-nnt. Ai. e.xperienced person yinijteti a^ hou^a Ki-epcr. Apply southeast corner '-1st and II ?t?.. near j'a. aven-ie. . t>;? i6 3t |>0AHDlN(t AND LODGING CAN* RE TlAD TN I ? h German priv?t>i fatnil*. at No. .#09 .itn st ? opposite tlie Ce'itei Mt?iket. up stairs. ...... ii ct* ftM. iol Mi. UOAXDINO -Those w!io>lesirea i>jea*ant spfhi^ unci suinmef residence will find it to IShe'r ad \ anttae to ?a!Lat Ko< 'JI J Hrldir?- str.'.^t Georsrv tvtw l' t'.. near t redtiriekstreet. one ofrnMWW ii ntinPH in Geor^ -ip 11-31" ("*OOI? BOARDING md pleasant lorun* ran he I had at renBoRsbte. rates, at -No 9.1 "dasbin^ t' n strev t. Ge*?raetyvm. ? ? ap U- lw rj>wb (TENTLKMl".N wishing perwiNttant hoa> i. 1 can be Beeonmw fa ted with. :?1ar?e-sW.-d trout chamber, ou second Hoor. tu a private family, ni Geo-seti.wu. F?.r particular^ address lb>v ?o Vl"'1 K* 4 V ' - " ? ? ? ' t.e< rueti-wti P O. Keferencen require-W *pl2-?V GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS ri^HOH H. DONOHUB A CO., ? 1 HI. UMBERS diVD HAS FTTTEttS. No. IP UKIt'Gt STKWiT, G*??? All orders for Gas Fittinsr. Alter.?tion.? an t E\ teufdenn will reoeite prompt and faithful atten tii n. Plumbing in all its branehe* executed iu Oie Lest manner. o Watet iutiodoeed aud Uydrsnts pnt up at short notice. *"?' fl lm' '">15 JAME.- F. HALIDAV. 5|5 HEAL ESTATE PI'-OKKR AXU AOF.KT, No. &if' Fi'ntNTH afRr?T. rOcth or PfSNsrr ?*?'* tvt'Hr*. WisavvcToa'. t?r 1 v^lu w w WANTS. \\' ANTED I MM KIMATELY?A g-*>d BARRBR ' ?' ?*T4 7tli street, Island. between B street anO_Marj Ian 1 KTennt. ap li t!* WANTED imiEDIATELV~V~G VRDENBR ? * who is acquainted with the business; a single preferred. Inquire at 452 ?th street, (Our Hcojr.l ap 18-St* VV \?T?P-For * first-class restaurant, 2 good WAITERS; French, Germans or Italians preferred Call at the Ba*le Restaurant .No. 171 I'a. avenue. It* W ANTKD ?An American woman wishes a 3IT *' L ATION a* wet nurse. No objections to go in the country or travel. Enquire at the Star Office. ap lfi-2t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A furnished or unfurnished HOUSE, medinm site. Will buy n part or whole of furniture if parties desire to sell. Address Box 407. ap H-3t* Of ANTED?A SITUATION a? nu rse fv?r the sick : ?n n resnnetnMe privatA family bv an expe rienced middle aged American woman Boat of references eivon. Address Mrs. HANNAH M\ RANDER.47 0 )ith at., bet. ? and G. ap 16-lt* MILLINER WANTED?A first-class hand can 1TM obtain a (food permanent situation. City wages will be given, and can board with the faraily if desired. Applv to Mrs. GEO. WATTS^ Millin ery Store, 1 &4 High street, two doors above West street, Georgetown. ap 16-ft* ANTED?At R. P. Burford'a coach factory, a COACH SMITH and TAINTER. No. 7 Bridge street. Georgetown. ap LVSt* ANTED-A SITUATION, by a medical stu dent of two yeara standing, in either a drug store, hospital, or as clerk to a Navy Surgeon. Address MEDICAL 8.. Star Office. ap 13-2t* \Ai ANTED?Two or three ROOMS, for house " keeping, furnished or unfurnished. Address S G.. Box 4*? Post Office, or call at National Bank Boom. U. S. Teasurer's office. References ex c hanged. ap 15-6t* WANT ED-A PARTNER wUh n capital or *5.(100 to $6,000, for a safe and pAmising enterprise, by an old and well known resident of the city. Address-stating when and where an interview may be had. W. A., Star Office. ap 15-3t* W~ ANTED, immediately, two CABINETMA KERS, to work on coffins. None but good hands need apply. Highest wages given. Apply to HARVEY ft CO., Undertakers. No. 410 7th street, bet. G and H streets. apl6 3t* WANTED?To purchase, or lease for a term of years, a suitable medium aire LOT, situated in the 1st, 2d, or 3d Wards, and convenient to the City Railway. Terms, exact location, and size of lot must be definitely stated. Address, with real name, J. 8. G? Box ^32 City Post Office. ap!3-3t* WANTED?A youne roan of business experi ence. deAvea a SITUATION as clerk in some mercantile house, dry goods or clothing store pre ferred. Country references given. Have acted as clerk for the post office four years. Address JOHN F. SMITH, Star Office. ap lS-3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?Two or three good BOOT and SHOE MAKERS. Those that can make sewed and pegged work preferred. Call at No. 61 High street, Georgetown, D. C. ap 14-3t* ANTED?A first-rate plain COOK. One who understands her business can obtain good wages. Also, a good Washer and Ironer. Apply at 264 F. between 13th and 14th sta. ap 14-3t* ANTED?A competent SALESWOMAN for the millinery department. None but those fully capable and with stood reference need apply. No. 4 Market Spare, up stairs, first floor, ap 14-3t* D~RY~G60D8"SALESMAN WANTED-One well acquainted with the city trade?a single man 1!) to 20 years of age. None others need apply. Sit uation permanent. PEBRY A BRO., ap U-3t Penn. are'* a and 9th street. U ANTED?A WHITE WOMAN to cooE, wash and iron in a private family. To one compe tent a good home, a permanent situation and lib eral wages will be given. Inquire of Prof. 8. M. SHUTE, Columbian College. ap 14-3t* WANTED?A situation as ORG AN 1ST, or ALTO SINGER, for two young ladies in a choir, where compensation for one only would be asked. Also, a few scholars taken for instruction on tbe l'iano. Reference given if required. Address A. R. K.. Georgetown P P.. D. C. ap 14-3t* WANTED?A SITUATION, by a gardener, a single man. He understands gardening and fnrming in all its various branches, and will give good satisfaction to his employer. Give him a chance nnd he will pay you a high per centage. Address " C. 8. D., at the 8tar Office, for one week. ap!3-4t* J ANTED?A good DINING-ROOM SERVANT; r one who will make himself generally useful. A colored boy between the ages of 15 and 20 pre ferred. Good wages and a comfortable home of fered. Inquire at No. 185i I street, near 21st street north. ap 12--lw* 3 000 Il0KSES WANTED War Department, Cavalry Bureau.) Ojfic of Chief Quartrrrnostrr, > Washington. D. C., April 3.13t>4. \ One hundred and fifty ($1$') dollars per head will be paid for all CAVALRY HORSES delivered within the next fifteen < IS) days at the Government Stables, Giesboro, D. C. Said horses to be sound in all particulars, not less than five (S) nor more than nine i9) years old; from lt>2 to 16 hands high, full fleshed, compactly built, bridle wise, and of size sufficient for cavalry purposes. Thru nxrifirations will he unrtly adhered to nnd Tieirilv rn'orcrd in everw particular. Payment made on delivery of ten (! ?) and ovor. Ilours of inspection from 9 a. m. to i>. m. JAMES A. EKIN. 1 .ieot. Colonel and ap 8-l.r,t Chief Quartermaster. Cavalry Bureau. 57w7nTONS BON E~ WAN T ED. -T he under signed will pay one dollar per 100 lbs. for all green camp and hospital Bones, delivered at their Factory, corner 27th and G sts. mh )7 1m MORGAN A RIIINEIIART. w en nnn ladies wanted to call at JMMJUll PRINCE'S Stamping Depot. SMI F street, opposite Patent Office, and get their Stamp ing. Stitcnint:. Pinking and Bmbroidervdene. As there are other Richards in the field, la lies bett>*r look out that they come to Prince's, who is the only practical hand in the elty. Be sure you go to F street, opposite Patent Office. mh 4 of toe BALLS, PARTIES, &c. 'P I. O. O. F. LEVEE. I HE GRAND ENCAMPMENT LEVEE Wil take place on MONDAY EVENING, May 2d, at Odd Fel ows' Hall. 7th street. The Committee will meet Tu; sday eveuiug. 11th instant. It LM R S T GRA N D B A !. L F OF THE ACTIVE ASSOCIATION METROPOLITAN HOOK AND LADDER COM PANY, No. 1. The Members of the Active Association of the Metropolitan Hook and Ladder Company take jrreat pleasure in announcing to their friends and patrons that their First Grand V Ball will be aiven in the Hall of the Truck) Ilnuse, on Mass. av,. between 4th and 5th s?s..on THURSDAY EVENING. April 21 -t. I&U. 'licketsONE DOLLAR, admitting a gentleman and ladies. ap )5-lw* GRAND BALL IN HONOR OF THE LADIES OF THE LATE FAIR, AT THE IIAI.L OF THE PATENT OFFICE BUILDING, IN WHICH THE FAIR W A ?> HELD, On TUESDAY EVENING. April 26, The proceeds to be applied for the Benefit or the Families of the Soldiers of the District of Columbia. MANAGERS?Bridge. Red Ribbon. lion Hannibal Hamlin. \ ice President U. S. Hon Schuyler Colfax, Sneaker House of Reps. U.S" Hon Solomon Foot, of -.'erraont. Senator. lion ltichard Waliach. Mayor of Washington. II on Henry Addison, Mayor of Georgetown, li P. French De Vere Burr Hi pry D Cooke 11 I Gregory SJ Bowen W M Sliust -r I. E Chittenden Job W Ang is D I* Holloway Samuel P Bell AV P Dole Chas F Stansbury Jmm s S Grinnell John II Semmes lion Wrn Whiting J P Bart! o'.ow Fr?-d \\ Seward G M Wielit John G Nicolay Ira Gooienow B W Taylor Major O R Latham J?.hii M I'.rodhead Joseph J Miy John 1. Hayes H Pshuestock IIoji Ei! w u MePherson A II Shepherd Hen JohaV Forney Edmund F French ll? n Avgu:-.tus Frank Col J G Stephenson lloii Robert C Scheiiuk WL Avery I!r-:i WmD Kelley A It Stouiiutou lion F E Woo'tbri.'ls'-, William W?.elan Hon ,lu?tin S Morrill Capt W T Hurt/ II 'ii Portus Itavter A Coleman ilon KiHi:?n V Whal<-> C C Svinn*-on Hon T O Howe M ll Bobrer Hon J F Parnsworth Cfinrles E Mi v Uei' Jot n A Kas.-on Jdincs R DooIitHe. n Hon John II Ri< e ftlajor C Rivmond lion II Wint'-r Davis Cupt J R Howard Hi m /Chandler J Burrows Towers Is? :? Ji hii W Sin.uel itaC'iu.ji Iltii M S Wilkinson .S Yi.ri.c AlL- e Hon Wrn Windom .lobn F Knnis liioi Daniei Clark W (i Metzerott Hon Thi-o M Pomer< ) W.n Henry PhiUij i* Gen J H Martindale Remus Risgs Gen l' C Augur Capt Montgomery <;?-n H W Bt nltam C?pt Wa^er Col !?. M Greene Joseph F Brown Col .1 B Fry William B T-.ld Col f. Towers Major John C Cm-1' J-nrge?n D W B'is>> Otnirae W MeClelltn Surgeon W Thompson A W Btuidall Capt 11 L Srheetz C F M.-Dona! I Oapt F lit Cooly Major B R Scott Capt J G C !*??? Jame-Steele J.ibii Mailmry. jr E' trulirt Cownitttr'. B B Prf-ueh RichM WallacU S J Bowen m B T< I I J no H Setomes * Co?'T??"?c o>> Inr-rtntionavd Hrrrf^xon?Ba lge. Blue Ribbon. .?J.irn'l P Bell C V St&nsbary Col L Towers 7 D ('Uman E I. Stevoca Dj tt ;ti Mehaffey Hon II Winter Davis Hon 31S Wilkinson P'lnnr Mnnasrr*? Badge. White Ribbon. Tapt II LSheet/. Dr V W B1 ?s B B French. Jr MajSte'-bin- tMIIL-uatis Sam 1 Bacon J r 1. D Giimau JasGalway J W Angus A |, Hh?. N H Barrett J:t* C 8hs ikignd T J M Barcliu.- Caj> L G Benedict Co)fT>iitr>+ on Miryir. C. l E M Green Capt F M 0?0l> Con; wine* om iJ'iPratieW-,' J B Will A WitKlehen /??? Steele I'umvttttf vn Ba l-ge. Red, \\ hitears I Blue Ribbon. . . J V Barttoolow S P Bell J VV Aligns ? f'omvniifr rn VMc ? Bailee, Yi'lIowRibbtni, Wm B Weld, S J Bovien ESWicklm Tickets, #S. to be had at the Bookstores and Ho" tels. UrntSomen desiring Cards oi Invitst ions for I>adiet> will leavi- names with S. r. Beli, at toe managers' room, FaVot Office, or at the Drug >u,re of Z D G ilmaa, or llndsvu Taylor s 7U?>ki .-.ti/^t, kVv?^v*. B FOR BENT AND SALE. 1<* OR HI! N T?Four large UN FURNISHES RCOM8. Inquire on lita street, l^wecn N and 0, first house north of N st. ap 1 j-;t' A FOUR-ROOMED HOUSE TO RENT. No7"951 , 21st st reet, between Land M. Ha> t>eeu doing a food business as grocery. Apply on premises. References required. It* FOR RENT?In a small private family. FUR NISHED ROOMS, on second floor, for geutle men. The location in in the vicinity of War an t Treasury Departments. Inquire before 9 o'clock a m. and after 4 p. ni.* h^OR SALE OR RENT?A first rat.- two story FRAML HOUSE, containing nin" rooms, to gether with nine BUILDING LOffl. all s?t out wijh choice fruit, such a* peaches. pears. plums. cher ries. crapes, all ofthe best selection; with a pump of excellent water in the yard; on the corner ofG and 13th streets and Penn. avenue east. Eor further particulars call at residence No. 575. ap 16-lm* D. CARROIiL. ARIIERThoP FOR SALE-No. 235 7 th street y north, between M and N sts. ap l5-3t* TO 1.ET-A small BRICK"HOUSE, ait rooms and summer kitchen, in 17th st., n?ar K st. Inquire 236 R st., near the premises, ap 15-it* CM)R RENT?Pleasant rURNT8HEI>~0H V M r BERS. No. 8 Missouri avenue, bet ? <>n I1/ and 6th streets. ap -3t* FOR~RENT-A FURNISHED R()Oir. second story, without board, to gentlemen only; meals can be obtained immediately oppoaite. In quire 359 11th st., between L and M st. ap 15^St* FOR SALE CHE AP-A small CONFECTIONERY STORE, an excellent place for a soda fountain. Apply immediately, as the proprietor is going in otner business. Inquire at CIIAMBKRLIN'S gro cery, corner 18th st. and Pa. av. ap IS-St* FOR SALE??fiooforfour-years LEASE of a store on Pa. avenue. 22 by ii feet, with room back. Location good for any business. MITCHELL A TON, Real Estate Brokers, ap 15-7t* southeast cor. Pa. av. and 15th st. ft/f Ron WILL PURCH ASE A NEAT FRAME HOUSB, containing 6 rooms (includ ing store and bar room, with H.**) worth of stock.) Lot 26x114; location unexcelled; title perfect and immediate possession. MITCHELL 4 SON, R*al Estate Brokers, ap 15-2w southeast cor. Pa. av. and 15th st. ftio lift A WILL PURCHASE A PROPER i.O?'F"vr TY fronting 40 feet on Pa. avenue. Second Ward. A three-story brick building hav ing two good stores and eight large rooms addi tional . now renting for S3 JO'' per year. MITCHELL A 80N7Beaf Estate Brokers, ap 15-3t* southeast cor. Pa. av. and 15th st. FOR SALE-A valuable SLAUGHTER HOUSE PROPERTY. 25.< (ft feet of ground and im Srovements, as follows: Slaughter nouse, 16x45;one 0..2T125; ic? bouse, fixSt; stable 18x25?substantial brick buildings; cattle and stable yards well paved, admirably adapted for a soap and candle factory or tannery. Will be sold for fS.oflO. MITCHELL ft SON, Real Estate Brokers, ap 15-lm southeast cor. Pa. av. and 15th st. f^OR RENT?8everal nice FURNISHED ROOMS F to rent corner of L and 8th sts. ap II 3t* juH>K RENT-Two FURNISHED ROOMS to rent r by early application at No. 320 9th street. np !4-3t* F^OR SALE-DRAWER8 and SHELVING, nearly new. suitable for dry goods. clothing or shoes. To be seen at No. 390 ilth street, between K and L streets. ap 14-3t* FOR RENT-Part of a fine large SHOW ROOM suitable for dressmaking or any kind of fancy business, in one of the best locations on Penn. avenue. Inquire at No. 4 Market Space, up stairs, first floor. ap 14-3t* F-OR SALE-A STORE and DWELLING HOUSE. No. 401. on 7th street, between H and I streets. Lot 2" by 7" feet. This is a first-rate business place. A BRICK HOUSE. No. 666. on M street.between 4th and 5th streets. Has six rooms. Sets back from the street. Lot ,V by 219 feet, running through to Ridge street. I? a very desirable place for a private residence. A BRICK HOUSE,No.432.onDthstreet.between G and H streets. Hafl fonr rooms. Sets back, with vard in front. Lot 10 feet 6 inches by TO feet. A FRAME HOUSE. No. 373, on 9th atreet between I and New York avenue. Seven rooms. Lot 2i by HX) feet. A FRAME HOUSE. No. 312, on Mth street between L and M streets. Has six rooms. Lot 2> by W feet. A FRAME HOUSE. No. 342. on G street.between 11th and 12th. Six rooms. Lot2> by 80 feet. For particulars apply to F. S. KERN. ap 13-lm* No. 633 M st.. bet. 4th and 5th. TO LET.?A nice small HOUSE, containing six rooms . with gas in all except kitchen; large yard, and within two blocks of the Departments. Furniture for sale cheap, as owner has to leave town. Address " Rebecca." post office, one week. ap 12-lw * fc'OR SALE?One thousand dollars only for an F equal partnership and one-half of the stock of an established business paying from 8(5 to fS per day nett profit. No bonus required. MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Brokers. ap 12-iw* southeast cor. Pa. av. and 15th st. F"*OR SALE-LOTS 2-.* and 32. in Square 513. front ing about60 feet on N street north, between 4th and 5th. and running back to an equal frontage on Ridge street, containing, in the aggregate, say 13,153 square feet. Cash purchasers ean obtain a great bargain. Address M. SNYDER. Jr., 39 Nassau street. New York. ap 12-lw* 17M)R RENT?A large BRICK HOUSE, having been thoroughly repaired throughout, con taining fifteen rooms, including a large dining room, parlors. Ac., situated on High street, Georgetown, suitable for a hotel, boarding-house, Ac. Immediate possesion given. Inquire at No. 4 57 Thirteenth street, between E and F. between 12 and 1 o'clock. apll-2w* f~^On~SALE.?That valuable BUSINESS PROP EUTY, situated at corner of Seventh and K streets, fronting the Northern Liberties Market House Also, two small BRICK HOUSES, on K street, between 6th and 7th. A long credit on pay ments of money. For particulars inquire of Dr. A. J . BORLAND. No. 452 Massachusette avenue, between 6th and 7th streets. ap9-7t* ARGE BRICK DWELLING on H northTbe _J tween 6tli and 7th west. ??2-"?. will be sold for &8.000. Immediate possession. Terms easy. Won Id also sell other improved ana unimproved property in convenient locations. B. MILBURN. ap6-lm* 524 I street north. OR SALE OR RENT?That first claTs DWELL ING HOUSE and lot of ground at the south west corner of l'rince aud Columbus streets. Alex andria. Titl? perfect and immediate possession given. Inquire of JAMF.S A. STOULF.NBERO. Alexandrip. or of the subscriber. Franklin Row. Washington, corner 13th and K sts. apS lm* J. H. LATHROP. H0U8ES-F0R SALE. A Corner Lot. 150 feet front on Pa. av..con taining 22.500 square feet of ground, improved bv stores, offices, and residences; is one of the besf^ locations for a first-class hotel in Washington The whole of this excellent property can be pur chased for ;J125,000?$25,000 cash, balance on long A "tine Brick Residence on Kst..oppo. Franklin f quare. ii rooms. 26 by 133 ft to 30 foot paved al ey. stable and carriage house. SlO.OOO Desirable'Brick on Uth St., near Pa. av.,20 by It*), in rooms Brick Resiaence on L st., 22 by 137, It) rooms good stable 5,6(*j A substantial Brick, on B st.. bet. 2d and 3d, 18 by loo. 8 rooms - 4.000 A snug little Brick llonse, on L st., l<i by loo, 6 rooms 2,3U) Frame Dwelling, 16 rooms, and 10,500 feet of ground ?? 7,000 A neat Frame House, on 11th st., 12 by 100, 6 I rooms ; One on Glh st., bet. N and O sts., 23 by 126. 6 1.6i)0 1.400 rooms - __v Two Frames on N st., bet. 4th and 5th sts. 15 by 130, 4 rooms, each ? l.'OJ Bui I ding Lots i n al 1 parts **f the ci ty. A number of desirable Farms for sale. MITCHELL A SON. Real Estate Brokers, apl-tMl S. E. corner Pa. av. and loth ?t. ^LIFTON COTTON FACTORY FOR SALE. The above named Factory, with 3S0 acre^ of land, mostly wood, is offered for sale. This property is situated at the head waters ?>t St. Mary's river. The factory building is foui stories high, with ample water power and ma ehinery for manufacturing cotton yarn. There is a grist mill, tavern, blacksmith a d wheelwright* shop, storehouse, granery, tailor and saoeinaker shop with eight dwelling houses attache ! to the property. To an enterprising.niau or company this property offers very great inducements, situ ated at the head of a navigable stream, with alarg. and thrifty community surrounding it. au abund ance of wood and timbi#. healthy locat;'>n, it c:iu not fail to pay if properly worked. For further particulars apply to T. W. GOT Gil, Leonardtown {^t Mary s county, Md., or MORGAN A RlllNh H ART, foot of C. street LInt.] mh 26-eolm FOTTRENT?With or without Board, an excel lent PARLOR and several well furnished RKD ROOMS, lit 450 12th street, within five minutes walk of the Kirkwood House. Willards' and the Patent Office, Post Office and Treasury and State Departments. The location is unsurpassed in Washington. No children in the house, de 27-tf |?0K tjJtASB OB RENT?A large quantity o' r building LOTS, S minutes walk of the Pissi dent's Huqm and ill the ofiicsa?n^thalfirst W?ra.. A. JARDIN, Plonst, mhl5-lm 18th at., eor. or M. ORDNANCE OFFICE. >Vll Dkpartmrst. Washinutos, April 12. 1*?4. The following contracts have been awarded for Horse Equipments, under the proposals reeeived under call ot advertisement of February Hit. for 25.000 sets, the bids under which were opened April 2, )Hoi: Stirling & Co., St. Louis, 1,<W0 sets, at ?25.38?St. Louis Arsenal. ? ... Stirling A Co., St. Louis, l,?*m sets, at *2fl.28-St. Louis Arsenal. . . _? _. Stirling A Co.. 8t. Louis, l,?m set?, at *2I.87-St. Louis Arsensl. , ... Stirling A Co.. St. Louis. 1,<*"'sets, at 125 -^-Cin cinnati Departoient. . rr Stirling & Co.,St. Louis, 1J 0 * Kets, Ht Cm* cinnati Department. _ Geo. Peters,Newark. 2.!*?? sets, at Prank ^?G^oAlPeters. Newark. 1,?*> sets, at $31.oik? Alle ehnnv Arsenal. Geo. Peters, Newark, bets, at f28.<5?New YGeo. Peters', Newark. 1,W? setR. nt *29.?-New York Arsenal. _ _ ? Geo. Peters, Newark, l,ooo sets, at ^ SMESS; New York. 8,W sets, at *?..?>?New York Arsenal. ^ . s_,r J. CumniingH. Springfield, l.nno ? "LaceyMeeker"A Co.. New York, 4.,in" sets, at Wn.?'-New York Afseual^^ p BAMgAY. ap 13-41 Brig. Gen. Chief of Qit>"*n?e. PICTURE COBD axt) TASSELS, fcc. The largest and handsomest ajsortment of Mc ture C#rd and Tassels, Rings, Naila, Ac., u? th? District joat rertlTed a^ MAKKrITEr^, Ko 4SIS 7Hi htreet. eight doors abova r.n.?t?U7UiBtwt old rellowa'Ball. ?t^T^rnui CWh, ? ?pM?oin AUCTION SALES. Ft >?hw Airtita Sale* iff first page. THIS AFTERWiUOW AW^WTO-MOKIIOW |^Y J C. MeGUIRE A CO.. Anatio?aar?. TWENTY THREE DURABLE BUILDING LOTS IN THE NORTHERN fART OF THE - 8 It CON D WARD AT Pl'Bl,lC SALE ? On SATURDAY AFTERNOON. Apr.l IS o'clock .on the premises. we Khali *ell to the high astjbkltler. the whole of S?a?re No. *7 and Square north of 8<iaare Nc 334.sub divided iutogooiaiead Buildirg Lots, fronting respect i re y on Termant avenue and llth stieet went, aetweaa Sand T streets north, and Y*n?ont arena? aud lith street wm(, between R and Sstre-t* north. > erroont avenue ha* been ptred on thf wwt *14# to the Boundary of the City. and is destined to be one of the finest street* in that taction of f?e City. Term*: one third caah. the balance in six ao<t twelve months with interest. secured by a dead of trust on the premises. Conveyances ailhi cost of thegmchaaer BSr plots of the property may b? obtained at the Auction Rooms. ap 9 d J. C. McQl'IRE A CO . Aucfr. J^V WM. B. LEWIS A 00., Auotioneers. THIS EVENING,at 7 o'clock at onr store. No. 437. fceventh street, we shall setla splendid as sortment of Photographic Albnms. Family Bible*. Stationery and Fancy Goods. Si! ver-plated War*, as Ice Pitchers, Castors. TeaSetU, Bratta Spooaa. Forks,Ac., fine Table and Poaket Cutlery, Gild and Silver Watches. Jewelry. Chains. PeM and Pencils, fine Geld Setts, Bines. At., with a great variety of Faney sod useful ar*isles. ap.ll lw WM B. LEWIS A Co. Aneta. JgY THOM Agi DOWLING. Aact'r; Georgetown OLD LUMBEiTaT AITCTIOK. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, at ? o'clock. I will sell at tbe Bridge street Bridge, Georgetown, a Lot of Lumber, sbout 18,Quo feet. Terns cash. ao.l* THOMAS DOWLING. Aoct. B Y WM, L. WALL a CO.. Auctioneers. THREE BILLIARD TABLES ALL OOMPI.ITB AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY, at 12 o'clock m. .we will sell on tks premises, under the Clarendon Hotel, three Bil liard Tables with fixtures complete, half doaaa Chairs, atx Sofa*. Stoves. Gas Fixtures and every thine requisite for a Rilliard Saloon. The place is for rant. Terms cash. ap.12 WM. L. WALL A CO.. Auetn. W-THB ABOTE SALE IB POSTPONED TO MONDAY, the 18th iast., same hour. ap 15 WM. L. WALL A CO.. Aucts. |JY i. 0. MOGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. EXTENSIVE SALE 0F~FiNE BUILDING LOTS FBONTING 7TH AND 6TII STREETS WK9T, AND BBODE ISLAND AVENUM AND B STREET NORTH. On MONDAY, tbe 25th dor of April, we shall sell, in front of tbe premises, at 4)* o'clock, p. m.,part of Square No. 442. subdivided into handsome Build i? g Lots running to alleys. This property Is situ ated only one square from tbe Railroad Depot, on 7ch street, in a thriving and fast improving part of the city. Terms r One-fourth fash; balance in 8, IS, 18. and 24 months, for notes, bear in* interest from date. A deed given free of cost, and deed of trust, at cost of tbe purchaser, taken. Title clear. Plats of the Square may be seen at the Aaetion Rooms. ap,15 d J. C. MeGUIREA Oo .Aucts. B Y WM L. WALL A CO.. Anctioneera. SALE OF IMPROVED PROPERTY ON TBE ISLAND By virtue of a decree of the lata Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, bearing data oa the 30th day ofMay.A.D 18&>, and passed in a oanee la which D. W. Moore A Co. are complainants, anl Geo. E. Kirk and others are defendant*. I shah offer for sate at public auction,in 1 root of the prem ises.on T ho rs - dat, the 14th of April. A.D. WW, at 0 o' Lots of gronad numbered seven (7) and nins < r>. > la square nombhred four hundred and thirty-eevaa (437,) of the plan of the city of Washington. as de scribed in the prooeedinrs in tbe said cause ( the dimensions of which will be fives oa the day of sale) with the improvements thereon, touiitiag of a neat atd substantial two story brick houae. This property is situated on V street eeuth, be tween 7th and 8th streets west, ia a thriving aad healthy neighborhood. Terms: One-third cash, the residue ia two install ments of six and twelve months, the parch aaar giving his notes for tbe deferred payments, bearing; Interest from the day of sale. The deed to be re tained until the whole of the purchase money ia paid All oonvey&scing at the cost of the parehaaer. EDWARDC CARBINQTON,Trustee. mhjn-eoSw W. L. WALL A CO., Anct>. ?STTHB ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONES TO TUESDAY AFTERNOON, April 19th, same hour. ap is w. l. Wall a 00, auc?. J^Y J. C. MeGUIRE A CO , Auctioneers. THIRTY-SIY DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON FOURTEENTH STREET AND ADJACENT THERETO. AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On MONDAY AFTERNOON, April 18, at 4?J o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell the eastern half of Square No. 3 4, mb-divided iato thirty six desirable building lots, sixteen of them fronting 20 feet on Fourteenth street, between U and V streets, and extending back Ipi feet to a 15-foot alley, and twenty fronting 17 feet each on U and V streets, near Fourteenth street, and extending back te a2? foot alley. Terms : One-half cash; the remainder in three and six months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on tbe premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchasers. ?y Plots of the lots n ay be obtained at the auc tion rooms. ap.ll-7t J. C. MCGUIRE A CO., Auets. Y J. C. MoGUlBE A CO., Auotioneers. B CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE PROPERTY. By virtue of a decree of the late Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, sitting as a Court of Equity, dated on the 20th day of November, 1362, and rendered in a cause < No. l.?>3> pending in said Court between Christopher Graminer anl William B. Todd, trustees of tbe late Gottleib O. Grammer and others, complainants, and Jnlius K. Grammer and William H. Dunkinson and others, defeudanta, the undersigned trustees will sell at public auction the following property, part of the homestead of th? late (i C. G rammer, in Washington raty. D.C.: On MONDAY. Aprr' IHth, at half-past 5 o'clock p. m, Cn tee premises. Lot numbered nine.(9.) in Square numbered five hundred and thirty-three. (533.) frentii g fifty-six feet and two inches on C street north, between Third and Four-and a half streets west. It will be sold in separate portions, each to have a front of twenty-eight feet and oue inch. And on tkt.foiloicrns day, ( TU?3DA V) /h? 19tU 1ay of April. We will sell on the premises, at half-past 5 o'clock p. in., lot numbered fifteent 15land part of lot nam* bered sixtf-e.u.i 10.) in square uumb-*red one hun dred and ninety-" ight. (198. i Th?*e araluable an<t eligibly situated lots front about eighty wt on L street north, between 15th and lijth streets west, s.nd are opposite tbe residence of Alexander Bor land, Esq. The terms of sale are: Oue-third ca.->h; the bal ance to be paid in equal instalments, in six acf twelve months from the d?.y of sale, the said bal ance to bf ar interept from the day of aale and the payments thereof to be secured by the note- of the purcba-M r; aad saitf notes to securfd by a deed of tin0! "n tlie said property. J' th- terms ot aale be not complied wit*! in -five day s f>- Jin the day of ^ale the trustees reserve the rignt to re sell, at the risk and expense of the pur chaser. All conveyancing and stamps atth? of the rurchaser. CHU. GRAMMEK,/ WM B. TODO, \ Iraitea.,. ap>d J. C M< GUIRE A CO , Anets. SALE OF OLD UNSERVICEABLE GRAIN SACKS. Chief Qvarttrmas'er's Ojfiie, U po< of WashtHt'on.l WashinotoS, D C., April 8, IS'i. < Will be M'ld at public auction at Seventh t-treet wharf, in the city of Wash iugton, 1). C., MON DAY, April 18. 18bj. at V> o'clock a. m . 48,tx<t OLD AND UNSERVICEABLE GRAIN SACKS. Successful bidders will be required t fr -movetbe sacks within five days from tUrday of Sale. Terms cash in Government fu'.d-. D H. KI OKEK, apS t'l Br!?'r G.-r.V and Chief Onirtermaster. SALE BV THE UNITED STATES OF BAL LOONS AND FIXTURES. Chitf (titartermnsln''* D-potof Wnshintton.l Wash KutuS, D. C., April 8, ( Will be-so!d at Public Auction, at Governi unt Wurehouse. No. 5, N?w Yarn avenue, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets, in the Oity of Washington. D. C.,0u Monday. April 13, 1351, at 12 e'ciock in Seven t?) Ballooes and Fixtures, lot ofSllk nil Rubber Hom*. (?as Generator* on wheels. Carboy* oP \ itrfol, steel Filings, Ooppsr *ud Iron Kstvrts and Tubes. Va ves, Ac., Ac. J Successful bidders will ba required toi?emove the articles within five iS1 days from The day of ???als. Terms Cash in Government funds. D. U RCCKER, Brigadier General and Chief Quartermaster, ap 8-td Depot of Washington D. O. |^V J. C. MeGUIRE & CO., Auctioneers. BOOKS. A collection of miscellaneous Books will be sold at Public Sale at the Aaction Rooms,commencing TUESDAY EVENING. April l?t'? at 7 I continuing each evening thereafter until all ar? Sold The collection is the Stock of a Collector and Dealer in old Books, and embrace* every variety intae Hook line, raajinz? Law. Medical. History.Statistics, Cyclopedias. Geography. Astronomy. Botany, Novels, Ac,. Ac. Terms cach. j ^ Mr0i'nti8 ,y CO.; Aucts. I>V J. C. MrGDIBE A CO.. Auctioneer!. SITTY-0N1 HANDSOMELY LOCATED BUILD ING LOTS AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On TUESDAY AFTBBNOON. Maj 3d. at4o'clocx. on tbe-premises, we shall sell nearly the whole of Sauare No. 241. known as "Kingman's Oavdea." fronting about S5 feet each* on 14th atrcat. north Q street. 15th street. t?ie "Circle, aod "Einrnau Court," all running back to fine alley*, with ftnc fa cilities for drainage , . . . The beaatiful location of tbese Lots bein* aa tbe high ground immedately north ot the Presi dent's House and Departments, tie advantage of a city pasiienger railrc?ad anii Potomac water im diatelx in front of the premiMf. rpndcr tbeavarr desiihbie for Building S;tes, and. as lb? sale will be made without restrve, itshould comoaal spe cial attention. ? , . . , . _ Terms of sale: Ona third h? ca?h, anl the re mainder in equal payments in six and twaiva months,with interest, secured by adeedof trust od the premise!. lot..,??? ?sarw

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