Newspaper of Evening Star, April 18, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 18, 1864 Page 1
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I I . I ? ? ? ?? ? ; V25. XXIII. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY. APRIL 18. 1861. N-. 8,473. ? /' Ktv ' * -i * Mi ' 9 - - - I ' AUCTION SALES. rVTttRK GATS, J C. McGUIRE .V CO.. Auctioneers. HA-NPFl'MF BUILDING 1 OTS ON M STRF.BT ?T)ffitT!.'wK?tS*S '0tiRTil AND ?"B On TUESDAY AFTERNOON,*April ljth, at 5 o e!o<*on the premise*, we shall sell original Lot, No. 1?. In tnunre No. .114. divided into throe hand building lots, fronting eaih 21li'feet oo M street north, between 4th and fitli streets we-t and :i:nr:ng,b*rk to a 30 foot alley. Th#?e Lots are located in a he?\t.,v and verv da J/mrfanSabeantifel*'^1 VTiv*t* re*idence' a t ?,*? ? 1 ? ***? 'if the whole City. rt,',n 1 -? ttro.e a small and desirable Lot on , }? * * - ?rTtet, near the corner of 4th. being part lSut ft*, in Square Bit. . Terms: one-1bird cash, the balance in six,twelve, ari l eighteen mouths with interest, and secure 1 by a deed of tragt ?* nveyarce* at cost of the purchaser. Titles per Ittt. ap ?> d J. C. McGUIRE & CO.,Amt? By W. I. WALL A. OO.. Aaetioneera. IMPORTERS 8 ALB ?We will Mil at publie auc tion earl? next month by order of Cromelien k, Co.. on their premise*. Mo. 393. Pennsylvania ave nne, up stair*, a very choice stock of Wines, Bran dies, 3t 0 ., consisting of about lgOU? dosen. The &aid rtock hat been on band in this city about 4 > ears, aad not before offered to tke public. Private faml lfee, the trade, and sutlers can avail themselves for the advancing season with tuck articles rarely met with, now sold only fry reason of a change of busj. ness, and one of the partners going to Europe. Cat alogues will be ready two days before sale day, which will be kereafttr announced. nti^ lw lOhron.) W. L. WALL & 00., Aucts. VTHB ABOVB SALE WILL POSITIVELY tate p'.ace on WEDNESDAY, the 2n:h instant, at )n o'clock. y,. ap 6 I^CVERNIUENT SALE. EMPTY B A BRELH !?EMPTY BARRELS I! Will be ?old at publie auction at Sixth street wharf. Washington. D C , on WEDNESDAY, April 71. at 11 o'clock, a.-m., the following empty barrels, n.vr- or tees, vir : 4.<*? Pork Barrel*, 1.000 Coffee Carries ^heavy) Jim Whisky Barrels, tfiOlIam Rarrels, IV Floor Barrels. 1*0 .Mola?ses Karrels, Si*? Vinecar Castes. Terms, Government funds. It. BitLIi, apll Ot ' Lieut. Col, and C. S? |^Y Ji C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. HANDSOMELY IMPUTED PROPERTY NEAR THE NORTHMEN BOUNDARY OF THE 01TY AT PUBLIC SALE, Or. TTESDAY A FTEENOON, April itfth, at half pa^t 4 o'clock, on the premises, we slall sell, on a m ount of the he'rs of the late Guy Graham, all of Square No 98 except Lot Mo. 3, fronting respec tively on Connecticut avenue, north R and 8 atreets. and Tweuty-tirat street west, handsomely eni-losed, laid out, and improve*! ana vegetable and frower gardeu and improved by a desirable Prame Dwelling House, with necessary outbuildings; the whole lying immediately opposite the hand >onie ere?nhon???f and Hower cardans of Mr. Doug lass. This desirable property will be sold In lo's to suit purchasers. Terms: One-third cash; the remainder in three, ?i*. and nine months, with interest. secured by <*?>ed of t:ust on the premises Conveyancing at the cos* of the purchaser. apli d J. C McGUIRE A OO.. Atnti. B V i. C. McGUIRE. A CO.. Anctioaoers. PEREMPTORY AND UNRESERVED SALE OP THREE DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON H STREET NEAR THE GOVERNMENT PRINT ING OFFICE. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. Ap-il ? th, at 6>a o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell Lots num bered 44 43, and 49, in sub division of Sqaare No. fS4, fronting each 24 feet on torth B street, be tween North Capitol street and Fir^t street west, tnd running back to a foot alley. These lot?; are fir.ely situated on the same front with the Government I'rirjting Office, and have footways lail and trees planted in front. Verms; One-half cash; the rema'nder in lij and r^onths, with interest, secur-d bv a 'i.?d of TrtiFt on the prfmises. Conveyance? at the cost of the purchaser. ap.l2-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. B Y J 0. MoGUlRE A CO., Auationeera. FIFTKEN VERY DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ?ON THIR1B#N1H 8TREBT WKHf AND NORTH O STHKEf AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, April 22d,a'Sorcl<v?. ?>n the pr- luls-'S. we shall s?ll elKbt des'r.tble B nl-1 ing Lots 011 the east fide of Thirteen h str-*?*i, be twe^n N and O streets north, fronting from L'?:. to W feet eack, and all tunning back t :? a 3) foot pub lic alley. , A !so, *?\ en Lots on North 0 atr'?t, at the c 'rn?r ?>f Thirteenth street froiitipg each 2) feet, and itiun'ng back 1'8 fee* 9 inobee to an a'.ley, Tlv>.se Lo'? are all vary desirable for biilding r rp' isa beiug well situate 1 ia a healthy aad rap, i4>y improving part of the city. Term* Ow? fourth ca^h: the remainder in six, twelve, aud eiifhteen mouths, with interest, se cured by a deed of trust <>n the preiu'ses l!cnveysne?s at the cost of the purchaser Plats nt?v be obtained on application to the Auc tioBeerp. ap lt d 3. O. M^GUIEK A CO.. Aucts.' By J. C MoGUIRE A Co . Auctioneers. | 'HANCBKY8ALE OF FORTY-SIX VALUABLE V> Lots in 8<>r<':*t ?? ?n?Bicn aaonin t>m T(W1 M ^IKKBT AWDHiI'IDK IJi.ASI- Al'KSPK *MD hUTIKRTIt III) SKVfcNTtKSTH ^TKBB--.-By ak th?r;ty of a decree of the Supreme Coxrt of thU District, pasted in a canee wbere.n RiggJ A Co. are cok (.laibanta and liie widow anc. aeirsofthe late Tbonia* Smith are defendant?. I shall s II to ttie highssl bidder, on the pr< jnises, on th? list day of April nrtl, at 4Ko'ef?>ek inthe arteraoon, aud con tinue t'rem day to day till all is sold tad whole of muare No. 18?, In tbi? city, <eicent tl>a eo I'.hwest oorrer, be! ng 1QO feet square, owned by G. W. Rigg<, Efe'i ) The portion of t Je square intended to he a >11 tae been divided into *j lots of ab yut tweutf feet front each^^ith suTable alleys. Ac., and is 4 part of the high ground between Sixteenth aui? Seven teenth stieete and M street ana R^ode l?l?nd avenue. A plat of the gliole c.*n be ie?n atj.o McGnire'e auction roouu*. The terms as preaerib'el bt the decree are, ose fourtk of the purchase m-.o?y in cash, and the resi daeatsia, twelve, and eiatbteea months, to be ae enred by tie purchaser's boads with aurety aad a lien en the premisss boaring Interest from the day of eale. All convev>a?ing. bonds, fce., aud stamps to be at the pcrcha ^r's expens*. If the terms ef sale are not com riled wi:h within Eve days Irom the day of (ale. the lot 0 lot will he re-told at said auction rooms, at the pur^'b u?r 's cost and risk, at public auction, after o&e week's notice ia the Natioual Irjtelligf ocer. ? W EdDIN Trnates. ap7 3awt l J. C. tfoGUIEff A CO.. Auits By J C McGUI EE A CO.. Auctioi e-rs. IVJOTIOE ?In pursuance ol ai order of the Or 1" phans' ?>iurt of Wa?hiajr'ur county,duly rati f^-d and confirmed by the anpremn Coartcf tka D strict or Colombia tilting in equity I shetl, as the guardian of Thomas Tl , and Mliabln 6. DeVaagkan. miaor heirs of Thomas ?. DeVaughan deeeaied, sell at publicat ion, on tt* premises, on FRIDAY. the 2:3 day of t pril next at 5J? o clock p. m? all the r ght. title, interest claim, and de mand of the said minor Knirs of, in, aad to the ?oath part of L;.t nunb'-r 14 in square number In tke plan ?? the cl:y of Watb a^ton, together withthsir interest inlhe improvetr.rotsonsaid Lot. Terms Cue third eieb; balance in four instal ments, payable respectively in thr. e, six. line and twelve months; tke deferred payireut* to be ee enred hy a deed In trn>t on the premises. All convey anciBp, inclodlr * revenue starepd,to be at tne expense of thr purchasers. Tae eonveyac^s to b* prepared pnder the direction of the solicitor 1? the cause i ELI/AFETH A. DaFAl'GlIAN, Gnardlan of Tkoiuas H. and Elizabeth b. Ds* Vanghan. mh?'2awAds J C, Hc^U IRi A CO . Aocts. J "NlTi'.D itATJ.S'MAltiHM.'S SVLE. 1 0 \ irtiie ot a writ of >'?. ri Fmis* ii?usd from the ( '? rk'* OfSceff'1-e Supreme toiirt of Ihe Histrift >.fi.V.l:iru' ?? ?! ;?>. dir<-e:.-.!. 1 wi".l s-!1 *?. j'ub i; - ->?)-? f'?r<;?-*> on'he jireaiise*,on DfiON 1>AV,the 45th day of Aoril Hit a*. 4 u'cl ; "V r* ?l . ?!' f.-#d*u -jisht titli", fl%im tnd in'ere >t la sn I ton f 'ann' *!!?>* situated on p.Hrt<-fCot N > in fuu. C'. > omiiit?tcin?r !>? t? t Orom ti ? c-ri e? of C street north and New Je avuv. si! ! ruo ring soutk aloosf Jersey rvei;- ^ r-c." sod riint.Dt we?>t t"Ward B street I'^t (Vet. *ei/.;i j?ud kr\ ied ? leu a- pr>>p^; : i of lViii m1.11. C; andell, a>id will be sold to satiNl'y Judicial No; .?tM in favor ?f Frsiucis M. Ru?iiin<rham. a i 13 W\ni) H LAMoX.U. S. Mars ?.?si. DC. IGNITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. In virtue of a writ of fieri.- fa?*ias on >ud^ment of ? ? n<;> ii ration issnei fr< m th4 Cl.eik'i? 0?.l?e of the Miip'enif C'iDrt of the District of Columbia, and tt i f directed I wiil pell at pgblic Salt', for <^sh. at the front of the Oj?rt House door of said County, *n *R1DA\. the 2trth d*y of April, 1:54,, at li o>li<cl it... the follouiutf iesegft-ed pr? p^rty to wit: L?it No. 1. ic Square No. ?tl. ea?t haKof Lot* No. 1*. l?i. arid 17, in Square {In 7?4. in the ei'.) of Wash ington. D. C .togethitr with altaa<l slaaular the ltnyr. v inieuts thereon . seized aad levied UpoUa* t ti? pri l- rty of Mlehiel Malonay. iud will be soid t? s?l.M) judii ial No. '^>,ir: fa^ or ?.f Ellen Kelly. W \HD H. LAMON. apl-^i _ U. S. Marshal, D C. F'VlTElk tTATES MARSHAL 8 SALE, in virtue of a writ of Jierf Facias iesned from the 4)i?rk*s i>Bie?.'<if the Supreme Coart, of the metrirt nf Ooluinhia. and io uie directed, I h;u ?s>ll,at public sale. f'>r fa-li. at the front, of the i'?iurt H' f?e diMir, of aaldft:nnty.o.. FRIDAY, the fifth day f f April. Vv.M. at U o'clock va., the follow ilk described property. to wit: T!?e n rtb part, of Lot No. H. in Square No,?W roi.imenclng for the said part at a poiht on ilsl ? :r.?t-i ??.'?*, at the distance of test from the acrtheait corner .>f said ^>|nare. aid rtuamg tseii'-e s.ui'.h A) f?x t with the':t?.- of aal 1 21st street. west Sofeet,the?rein> th 21feet,audtbsace eKpt 85 feet to said 21st street went, aud .plie-t of I ?sgiui'in?. estimated to contain 1.7-<*> square fee%., fgvther with all and singular the imyropeptmts ;>?r#M. seised and levied npouM *^e property of Thomas MeVamy, and will be Mold to sa'iefy .u i.s... So. tts i. ...or or VWiBlfJCatoJ,. ap7-lArds _ U. 8. Marsha), P. C., WALEOJf CONDEMNED tfOE*ES AVD MlJLMS ^ . Oafl? VlCA?TKKJil3Ta'i<0rei?B,t i | D-pot ?J Waskmi jn, J w _ Waikintten, it. <., March WM.> Will t>s sold at pubflc auctioniat the Corrals, aani IUe Obeersatory, in tha Ciferof Washington ? Jl-t, 22 v K MDAY. Ap'iletk; 1844. aud on ?"E':.N*3DAY. April 2f?th J8&4. ? Ktof . _ 4 . BPE-ES AND M\?L>;g, . . 1 Cu?iaaaped as gnu t for public service / 2*: ma cash in G jveruvpent fnuds, ' """ *o e ' at It* o'clock a. ta. D II. EL OB 111 , . _ Brig. Odd. gud Chief (^anrtorriiasteT, t'?ni ot WMbiflg'-QB, AUCTION SALES. gY tJREEN &. VlLMAM?'. Auctioneer*. T'AtJSTEE'S SALEOK VERY ELIGIBLY SITUA TED LOTS AMD HOUSES ON THE ISLAND. By authority of a decre* of the Supreme Court of this District, passed on the 5th April. 1 So4, in cause wherein Klnc and otheis Arc complainants, and Thomas Sinonand others a;c defendants, t|he subscriber will e\p<.se t<> sale at auction, to the highest bidder. on tic 5th ot May next, between the hours of four ami ti ve o'clock in the after.icon? the following lo:s in ginon's sutali vision of origi nal lots in Squat" No.YH. in Washington citv, as may he seen in the Surveyor'* office, namely : Lots markc'l in such subdivision A. B, C, D, K. L, M. N. and o; Each of rhege lots lias a fr inl or about 20 feet by a dep.n <*fl3ito 145 feet; A, U, 0, and D. fronton street, and the other lots <n. south B street, with suifanle alleys to all. On lots John 5inon; tb? other lots will be sold free from her dower. , - , . Also part of Lot HO. 1. in Square No j-?l. front ing on V irginia avenue, beginning feet from the southeast cornercfthe lot, and having alYoat of 149 foel 7?-l<**hs on fluid avtuue. and whiih has teen divided into <ix lots, about 18 feet front by 113 feet deep, witli a suitablealley. Also, the eastern half of Lot No. 3, in reserva tion D. Tbe latter, as well a? lots in square 181. will be sold fre?j from the widow's dower i i?lH. ?b e terms as prescribed by the decree are : One third of the purchase money in ea^h; and the resi due at K, 12, and 19 months, for which the pureha str'? bonds, with surety, bearing interest from the day of sale, will be taken, with a retained lien on the premises. A deposit of on each lot will be required at the sale. The cost of conveyancing, certificates nf sale, bonds, stamps, to be borne by ihe purchaser. If the terms are n>>t fully complied with within live days from the day of sale, the. nr.. perty wiil be resold at the risk and cost of the aefaulttng Pur chaser. after one week > public notice in the Bve nicgStar. W. REDIN, Trustee. ap.U-eoSw&ds GREEN A WILLIAMS, A icti. b Y GREEN WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. THREE VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON THE ISLAND AT AUCTION. On TUESD AY, tte 19th instant, at six o'clock, p. in*, we shall sell in front of the premises the west part of Lot 7, and all of Lots 8 ana 9, in Squire ,^38. each bavin? a front of tii'ty.'feet. This proper ty front* on seutb F and is between 5*1 and 4!* street west. Persons desirous of pjrchasi'Hr Build ing Lots in this section of the city would do well to attend t be sale as the property will he sold without reserve. Terms of sale: One-half cashj balance in s;* and twelve W'Bihs, Tor notes bearing interest,* deed, given and a dted of trust taken. ?20 will be retjirfred of each purchaser when the proper y is knocked down. A warrantee deed given. ap.14 eods CREBN ft WII.LIAMS. Au-.ts. |^Y S. C. McOUlRB k CO., Auctioneer!. SIXTY-ONE HANDSOMELY LOCATED BUILD ING LOTS AT PUHGIC AUCTION, tin TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Miv.i1. *t<o'c! x-K. uo tbe |<remises, we shall sell nearly the whole of Square No.24l, known as "Kingman's Ga*<ti>n," fronting ab< nt 25 feet esch > o 14th street., rorth Q street, ltth street, the "Circle." and "Kinsman Court," all running back t" fine alleys, with fine fa cilities for drainage. The beautiful location of these Lots, being ?a ^he high gn und immediately north of the Presi dent's House and Departments, tie a'lvgi.tatre of a city passenger railroad ?nd Potomac water imme diately in front of tbe premises, render the -n ve'y Ue'iiahie for Bnilding :.?ites, and. as the sale will bn made without reserve, it should command spe cial attei lion. . i Terms of ssle : One thud iu c?sli. an I tbe re mainder in e<iu&l payments in sir and twelve months, with interest, j?vfeured by adeelof trust on the premises. Conveyances at cc-st of purchaser 1WA cash payment of on each lot tit the time of h--le will be required ap.U-d J. C. McGUIRE & Co., Angta. J-?v J. 0 MoGUIRB A CO., Aactinncer.i. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF ~A HOUSE AN I) LOT ON ELEVENTH, BETWEJSN L AND M STREETS By virtue of a deed of trust from R B. Bridge, dated October 2,1857. anlrecorded in LiV r J. A S., No j:!7, folios 440, A c., oftUe Land Records of the cornty of Washington, I will ritfer at Auction on MON Da Y. tbe 16th day of May next, on th>> p?emi ses. at b}i o'clock, p. m .. part of Lot seven . 7 I in Square three hundred and forty-one (341) in W.ish Uaginuaeif fV?r i.y southeast cornir , 1 runningttenoe north twenty five feet On Eleventh street, thcn~i dn* ?-ast one hundred feet, the whele depth of sai I lot, thence flue north twenty five f*?t. an1 tl.n-n ?? due west to the beginning with the improvements, consisting of a Fran:e Dwell'ng. Terms of sale Onu-tbird of tte purchase Oii?y to be paidln cash, and the residue in two eri lal in glalment.sat si\_?ud twelve months, with nit.-rest. to be secured ? ? The terms of ^ale must be complied with eittiu Ciie week after sale, or th? property may be rrsoid. after a week noti e. at the rl.-? and cost of I lie first pjrehaser. CHAS. S ENGLISH Trustee. *? 19 1m J . C McGUIB y 00Ai-ts. square mree nunnreo ana torty-on< iUiOB. hounded ?s met ftetsev^u iacu?s from the so of 11 sr.d Elejent^' stteetH, and i I' S. Mfi.IT*BY RAILROAD? I. ? ' (~>?>ct <'f 1a*i*Utnl Quartermutln, Wa^hIS^TOV. April jU.lM. AUCTION .?Will be ?old. on "VEON B^DA Y. the l&tb day oi May. at the K?ilro;td Pepjt, inAI'im dria. Ya.. ; '? 800 Tons cf Old Railroad Iron, ? 10" rot# of Ola Ctr Axle*. 2.MJ Tens of Ca't Scrap Iiou, l?n Tcne of Wrought Irf?ii. S Tona.of Old 4ir*ss and C?i'?sr, ' 3no4lil Barrel*.- . Terms : Caf'n in Government Funds. Teu ( !'?> per cent.+o be paid at the time of purcha?<-, the taluce pnfleliverj^ . ? The proi!?<rt> inr't be remove.! wi'bin tor .ifcys from date of s^le ' II L. BoBfK.Sf^N, ap.ld diM. > Captain and A", f. M. / ' 0 V K '. N M E N f S ^ t ^' If 'SUBSISTENCE 3TOT.ES. Willi e - >bl at p tolie aue'iou, at eleven ( "clo^-k *. tn., on THURSDAY, \pril2). 1SS4. at O street wharf. Washington . l>. the fo lowin r articles of RnhsisU-nce Bt?-rui. (in-p I(-.J na-i cond irnne-i hi. elifit for is?ne.) viz : > ???-?*? Mils P. It, 2 S44 <l?s. Bacon, ' 1 6.4SJ Ihs. Ham, i'l !39-at?> t.blf. Be#f,. ? 3* 116 bbla. Flour, li 7o5 lbs. Beans. , ? 4.S76 li e Split I'eas. '2 SSI It*. Rice. 148 lbs R. and fi Cotf- e, 29 lbs Te?, > Hj78 lbs. Erown Bagar, SI lbs White Sv.aar, , 2S gallons Whiskey. 89211m. Deskcaied Pofa*?>es, I9iilbs Dried Apples. l'> lhs. Pepper, * JCSlbe. Preserved Meats, 7*lb* O* Toagues. T. rBH ca*h. m Govwrviment funds. II. H. YOSS. Captain a el 0. 8. V. ap 14 iChronicle.) Recruits Wanted , TO fILL THE QUOTA OF THE DISTRICT' OF (jOLUMBIAi EOUNTY rei YETEEAN8. tU'Ji 0t which will be yaid In advaaee. JKWJNTT V0B NEW RECRUITS, ^463, t'J'ii af which will he paid in advaaea. MUHTY fompotoui) HJ0KUIT1, *lSO?, Paid la advhac*. i < . F i > ? fEEJOHB WISHING TO ENLIST ?' WUI ?pply to any of the following EECRDlTjNG Of TIGERS: 0. ?. EAR EE. Eagfhe Hep, sear the Market, oa PeaalylTaala afeaof, hetweea Beve'ntt aad Ninth street*, J O. BTDE, ? Ouree; of Eenrteenth end New York mm, 0. A. KE^SB^Y, H street, near eerner of Nineteenth and T ?y! rauia avenue. J. 0i PARSER, ,*'h Corner of High and DuBbarton* street#, deorge lewa. ) ' ( O. 0. LANG LET, fcavy Tar<; beta ai pointed Recrciting Officer. . ' *SBRY fL. SOHJEET^'.; Oaptam aad ProT?at Uarahal, ^ 1 __ f X>|Ptftet of Qolam bla. I?1LL1AR1? TASLBS TOR SALE.?The Snbee-l I> ber haa three '.r?t class Bil'Iard Taklea nearly ?*^v"kief5 b? wiil dupo?u,ofvery low. Intalre at tko Billiard room, ccrner of JJtU gtreet and T?*;? ?T?Ah?. uh Ji-u AMUSEMENTS, CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC ^CANTERBURY 11 ALL,) AND HAL L /CANTERBURY HALL.\ THEATER Lobisiam Atistb, JS'tar Cointr (J Sixth Strut, Rtar of Rational and Mttropolitan Hotels. Ufa of tb? Big Calcium Light. flsonov Lkj- ? ?.. .........? .Proprietor W E. C(jnTiOGM.... 8t??eMan?K-r. ' T11E ONL> FIKST-CLA?8 CONCERT HALL IN TUK CITY. ?. i . UN EX A31PLED SUCCESS CK THE GREAT STAR ALLIANCE. GREAT STAR ALLIANCE. GREAT STTr- ALL! GREAT ST A U ALLIANCE. i. ' HOUSES CROWDED NIGHTLY. HOUSES CROWDED NIGHTLY. HOUSES CHOWDED NIGHTLY. ? AUDIENCES WILD WITH DELTGHT ! AI DIHNCEP WILD WITH DELIGHT ' AUDI EN CEP WILD WITH DELIGHT! The Management determined that no other e< tahlishm?nt in the world shall ?f7\\-C-D^j| the Canterbury, eitho# in the quantity or quality of attraction offered, ha*, nt an unlimited expense, engaged the following artistes, whose world wide r.'pnt&tionhas stamped them the *?ry?cme of ?>ro fewiohal excellence: . JOHN MULLIGAN, J"nN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN JOITN MULLIGAN. JOHN MTTLLTG A N, JOHN MULLIGAN. JOHN MULLIGAN, JOBN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, Without ?v exception, the bwt Kfhiopian Com ?i'l mn of ti e mt-'C W. B CAYENAUGH. W. R. OA VENA UGH, W |< CAVKNAUfilf. W JB. CAYENAUGH, LEW DONNHLLY, i . LEW DONNEI LY, I.JtW DONNELLY, I>EI.E??ANTY ASD WARD. DELKd ANTY AND WARD, DKLHHANTY AND WARD DKLE1IANTY AND WARD. DEr.EHANTY.AND WARD, DELEnANTY AND WARD DELEIIANTY AND WARDi DELEUANTY AND WARD? TIi?- greatc*tClog Danc-rs in the \forld. BILLY WE'T, P1L!,Y WEST BILLY W K8T, H LLY WEST, J II. DOUGHERTY, J ti DOUGHERTY' . .1 H DOUGHERTY, W. H. WILLIAM*, W. li. WILLI A MS, V. II. WILLIAM;?, t With tlie ? ntirg Canterbury <V-nj?*?y, in r?mn her ol Oriffinnl aV;d> J'ii.-t . | pimaliCv vf M fSS MA RY FTELDINU MIPS MARY FI K f Dl.MH MI8S MARY FI Kl.IUNG, I Lt T tl' nK l C-ormMicnne and Vocali?f. MTf-S J EN NT E FN GEL, Mrss .1 UNN1 E KNOKL, Mr?? I V\ V I K V?KO KL . The Sweet Vocalist. Till? nON/.ANl BALLET TROUPE, C?ii<i<-tintf <?"' SixKen Ymimr L.*.Ji< f. in the benn tiful Fti-nch eiiti11?-'T the NVM'fH? OF THE SEA, NVMt'llS OF THE PEA. NYMf'HS OF THE s|-:a, fi YMPHS OF THE SKA. the oA\TFnr,uj:Y bouquet ok beauty. ,Oiiasi?tiui( <>( ' JENNIE FORREST, NELLIE It UN FOR I). ? TEL I E Forrest. MAOGIE WILSON, NAOMI PORTER, FLORENCE RIVERS, LUCY CL1FTJN, .EMMA SCHELL, - !? iwti New HiverUgrUients. I'oKitivelfitf '* Lust \\,-,*k,"I tii?t i-ucecitMul Ttick I'antoljiiioc, entitled , THE HOUSE THAT JACK BFILT, ; Simoc UleiKlershank, th# Clown W. B Cavenaiigh boss Trowel, tbe Psctab on ... W. II Williams Jack Stoat, ' the ate til tattored and > torn." tbt llarle?iu;n_?? L. Donnelly Angelina, "a traid all forlorn,'1 tie Oolnrabsne ?. Iscma Schsll MMe? O'Reilly, from Morris Island Mr. Dougherty P^tilre Gutziaal* _ Mr Ward biscl Sheer a Waiter Mr. Swiiier Grabs II, a Policeman... C. b Ca*h, a Lacllord.., Mr 8mith Serjeant Dri'l Mr Jobnson Trocbiatso...? 1 ! MiM Roulette Flaahofi*hteeris. | I ' ? Mi;s CotiUon Firebrando !| | /Mast. David bteaxup>o ! Ma?t Thomas Kin4f.ri l 0?nome?. ? j^hn Lapvir(( I, [ Mast Jamei FnrtLy ? f. I Mast Andre* eu'fhaTiso J I >Iast William Tbe*B?t ......Must Lnngwhlskers The Oat? .^.Miss Mouser The Dog Mast. Canine The Oow Mies Brindle The Priest,-'all shaven and shot n ". .Mr. Jolly man TheTU-o?ter,'"that erow'd In the morn," T. Mr OocVy doodle-doo Qtif en of tjie Gnomes Mias Otifton Starlight ... | (....Miss Forrest Scnbeant.4.. | I. Miss,Marian Swapdows .. I , - I*. ....Miss Isabel Wood Nymphs Petrlbrow .. 1, . th "? ^ Misa Julia Dewdrop.| j._chauted Ddl )?????? .Misa Katy Ccwilip../.. I *tcnauwa u?u. MisaBttie Sw?etji-a I...Mffi Oarlotta Pritnroee | 1 ' |Miss Lorena Cryst&l ) Miss Rose Miss btarcb. Governess at Mjrs Ho?dv do's establishment for Young Ladle* ' ? ^ #, , , *iM TriiMll l ady Oarzleal*.. 1 Hiss Active Ocomes, Fairies, Ac., by.. .The Liiirpntian Family Scenery entirely new, by W Feltman Madiaery, Trioks, and TraDeS?rmatioBf, by W. Wfctson and Assistants Costumes, by Marshall Properties and Appoir tmenta, by Bsnsoa and Ah sletaala ' Slnsie,arranged,aeUoted, and composed by..?1..?.....i?............. - ...?.Joa, Braliam The Illuminations and Caletum Lights by J. Swaggart The wholf prod teed and nnd ?r the imme diate directicn of. ? W. B Caver aug^ Aflinis. ion $ 1 Orche-tH ?. 51 Private BiiXfi'. lioldinu six pers-ma. j.?...,.,t. 5 4jf? I)oors opes at 7 o'clock; PerfurtQatice to com UIKIri' III * ?> clock . I FAMILY MATINEE UN S .\TURDAY AiT^ENOQN, AT 'J O'CLOCK, TO LADIESr HOTK'K.JIIn acOoinit of the \?>ry unpleftsant -i*t? of tl'e v<atb<-r for Ik' lust ft,nr Sntnrday At't?m?'*n Mai-tii????<?. tli* proprietor, at th?- n> iju> of ma?> ^n?ili?*s. will have r?-pcutc?l, ^ I'osiTivrj.y for the last time positively for the last time. POSITlVIjl.Y for Till. LAST TIME, tin- l?5?.'hl> >???'"? rfful Tri.-k Pantomime, >>utitI.-ri THE HOUSE Til\"t JACK J1UILT. wlii. li will p^-forn*^! at chegp priceg. p?3itivei t I > for Hi< last limg. Adti'i'-^ioii?La'li''" 25 <?> lite : Cbll'lres In Cents. 5 ~l ' SNOW"S CELF.BUATED TROUPE OP fEHrOKMING IKX.8 AND MONKEYS . Are t-n^agt:<l aif?l will shortly appear. In relo ars^ilj tin- eT> at Prigi- Ifratua, written by Join F. Poo!e, of Jitw York, /or which r< t? iv< <1 tl"' prize of entitled the mountain'octlaw, ' i moi'ntatn oni'Mt, MOUNT A IS* OUT LAW, ? 1 " " MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, nli'l plajf-d lor upward*of two week' in N^w Vt>rk < ii> grfftfc-rt s^v'CCW. AMUSEMENTS. FORD'S NEW THEATER, Teste Stkeet, abo*r. pennstltajiia Avkjio*. B II A % S P E ARE AN WEEK. WM. SHAKSPEARE. Foix At mi. 23. l.VU. Died April 2?, 161?>. "Tbe tide of time, which is constantly wearing (iwftv tho <i'??olubIe fabrics of other poets. pas=e? by w ithout injuring the adamant of Shakspeare." Dr. Johnson. "We ahtll not look upon his like again.'.' The Manager, in order to lend proper e,!nt to the Tcr-centenaiy celebration of the birthday of the great poet ofthetime, will inaugurate ? A DRAMATIC FESTIVAL WEEK, Commencing THIS fMonday) EVENING, April 18, 1A?. Which wiLl le devoted exclusively to the produc tion of Shakspearean play*, illustrated by the best Shakspeareai actor of the age EDWIN FORREST Once more and positively the lost time in hi* crand impersonation of HAMLET. Ghost of llrjilet.'s Father..... Mr. J, McCullough Ophelia..... . Mr?. J.H.Allen <?ueen Gei? trade..... _ Miss Alice Gray Tuesdays-Edwin Forrest for the last time as OTHELLO. _ .. . , Wednesday?Benefit of Mr. 0. R. Risbop. ShaV; speare's elegant Comet) y of . AS YOU LIRE IT. T?uteb8tone.? ?. j.?. .Mr. C. B Bishop With the Farce of YOUNG ENGLAND. Thursday?Edwin Forrest a* King Lear. Friday?Edwin Forrest as Macbeth. Saturday?The Shakspeare Ter-centenary. (iI'AND SHAKSPEAREAN FESTIVAL. In celebration of the anniversary of Shakspeare\ three hundredth birthday. The Theater will be bri liautly illuminated. OROTER'S THEATER. PENNSYLVANIA AV., HEAR WtLLARD'S HoTEL. Leonard g ro vkr -. Director IMPORTANT EXTRA NOTICE. Fiist appearance of G rover's great Philadelphia Company. The company entire, pronounced by the Philadelphia pr#ss. universally, the finest Dramat ic Combination in America.* They will lie accompanied by MR. CHAP. ROPP1TZ Ar.d several of the lending- MusiciaiA of hi? re nowned Chestnut street Orchestra, who will be &dd?d to the. present Grand Orchestra of thi? The ater, which this accomplished Maitre had tue hon?r of organizing 4?id perfecting. The great, company will appear THIS (Monday) EVENING, April 18, in the great Irish scenic drama. ? ? ? COLLEEN BAWN ; On, THE BRIDES OF OARhYOWEN ! Wbich will be presented with its niairnifWnt Mvnery. superb music, and great strength of cast. The utterly unprecedented popularity of thedraina at the Chestnut street Theater caused it to run for thirty-iwo nights, turning hundreds and hun dreds of people l'rom the doors, who were unaMe to c?in admission TTiKSDAY EVENING, TICK ET-OF LEAV E M AN. B ENEF1T TO T1IE HOSPITALS OF W ASHINGTON : G*\ L A NIGHT! HONOR TO THE IMMORTAL BARD 1 T) K C?NTENAliY ANNIVERSART OF THE WORLD'S POET, WILLIAM SHAKSPEARE. The front of Jove himself; An eye like Mars, to threaten and command; \ station like the herald Mercury, A combination and a form, indeed. Where i ii God did seem to set his s.-al, To give the world assurance of a man.'' ?Hamlet, Act LI I., Sobsi 4. THE WASHINGTON LITERARY A N D DRAM \TIC ASSOCIATION Take treat pVa- ire in announcing t<) the public that they will celebrate THIS IMPORTANT EVENT 4T THE W ASH INGTON TIIEVTEH, . ELEVENTH .STREET, ON SATl RI'AY EVENING, APRIL >J, l-'i. PROG it AM ME. CiVKKTVHK. i'riiin Mi )-cimni?-r's Ni-jht's Dcain. Orchestra underthe aide leadership of Prof. Ko,se wald, tfthe Holliday -treet Theater, Baltimore. ODE,composed by Sprag'ue .Recited by To conclude with the Crowning of Shakspoare"s '?MSt. FIB ST ACT OF HAMLET, by Members of the As sociation. \fVSIC Othello. .. ' . I'AKT II. RECITATION. Trial sc-ne from "Othello,"' by the distinguished Shakspeareali ?reader. P. Tasi^rra^ Br? fcSSAY ON THE GENU'S OK SHAKSPEAREl Hon. li. L. Hosmei', M C SIC ' Frpui ^tacbeth SCENE I, ACT III, MERCHANT OF VENICE, by Members of the Association. HEM ARKS ON SH A K SPEARS, by the di?-tin t tuished Elocutionist, Prof. Donald McLttod. 6HAKSPEARFAN TABLEAUX. Closing with an allegorical picture ol Sh.-iks } >are, under the management of the al le W. C. C'lhuheiui. Esq. M1S8 PR I EL, ' ' ? PROFESSOR ROSKWALl), a d K. TAS1STR0, Esq., Il:ive kindlv voKuiletitlo-ir emiuent service and it is contidenil v exyejted that'one .>r mor. ladies trom Gnm-rn Theater will take part in lit: inlet and the Tabl?-nu\. The President, Lord Lyons, ani Members of the .Cabinet are invited, and are confidently expected to he preset t. ' JiOX OFFICE will be open on Wednesday, Thurs day and Friday, from ;i a. m. to ti in.; on Saturday, from D n. ni. to t p. in. Oi'Chestra Seats, .>1: Dre^sCircle and Parquctte, 7f> cents. , . . Sea^ s can b?- secured wit ho'ut ev tra charge. Gentlemanly Ushers will he in attendance. PROCEEDS TO BE GIVEN TO THK HOSPITALS "OF THE CITY AMI LIBRARY OF THE ASSOCIATION. dp 18-'! it ' VARIETIES'. VARIETIES.' MUSIC HALL AND THEATKH Froxting Pennstlvama Avejjdk 4, Ninth Strket FIamVLIN A Co Proprietors Fite Siwmos?~~Stage Manager and Advertiser. Full of the First People Nightly. (Jrent Public j{*s<irt ol the Amusement*Loving People, 'fen Pretty l.ady Artistes. All young, graceful and attractive. t ?st week of the World's Pantominiist. MR. HERNANDEZ. F08TRER. In addition will also upp. ar the following Lady Dancers: M I.LE LINA W1NDEL, AUGUSTA WALBY LOUISA WALBY. FANNY MAY. KITTY LEE. MAGGIE VERNON. ANNIE ELMORE Also, the two Grent Star-Ethi'ipiaws, tile Favor ite Artistes of this cit*y, KERNS A- THOMPSON, The Best Ethiopians of the day. MISS FRIEL AND MISS ATLANTA, The Actress ?.nd the Vocalist. The (ileal Comic Pantomime. MONS. DECHALUMEAU, The Ballets of FLOWERS OF ERIN AND THE FLORAL OFFERING. Also, the New Act. Gay Gauibulier*! Wednes day. I.adies and Clerks'Levee. Maffit, the Great Pantominiist, is coming. 1 ap M .METROPOLlTAKi HALL, ?Pihrbvlvaxia Avuciiis Eleventh 8trbet. GARD.NER A CO.? Proprietors. A" (JVF.LT v: a?() VELI Y! An entire change of prnirrairtiiie will be this week. New pcrforinaiuvs uud asupurior Rallet Troupe. First week of LARRY TOOLEY AN'O BILLY THOMAS! Great success of the old favorites, * BAUTHOLEMEW. CONfcTANTISK. MILES, SCOTT. BRUIMER, MASON, MISS ANNIE RUSH, M'LLE E'.ISE. HELENA SMITH, MOLLIS IANE, , AND THE BALLET TROUPE. ( The laughable lunsica! sketel} of JENNY LIND. JeiiDy l.ind '.. .M'He Elise GraiihvGay ' W. 11. Bartholomew ORAND CHALLENGE DANCE. To conclude with the brilliant comic sketcJi of THE 8WIS8 C0TTAG1. In rehearsal, the . i- - FAIRY OF TI1E GOLDEN WHEAT SHEAF. FAMILY ikATINEE EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON, at 3 o'clock. Admission und M cents. 'Private Boxes S4 85. ! ? ' ap 18-3t . ? . i . ?. \f OH L DING 81 MOULDINGS!! ill. MOULDINGS!!! The und?r-rigned is row prepared to execute or ders Cor any styldor quantity of WOOD M(TULD ING8. of superioT finish and workmanship. C*r , pMite?s and builders <rould ilo well to all nu 1 esaiuinti, ?iu*lity of^ork, A-fc., belbre orderiujj j ei-rfwJiersi. By energy, promptne^^and good woek n>?nsl;ip I hope to merit a share of jjribHc patron Excelsior Moulding MilL >>?7 ]y* CS>1, WR A?>4 C kts., Wishinjfton. j TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. [ASSOCIATED PRESS DISPATCHES.] . LATER FROM PADUtAH. The Rebels again Demand the Surrender ?f the Fort?The Union Farces Marching Ont to Meet the Enemy. St. Lofib, April 14.?The steamer Baker has arrived from Paducall last evening. She has reports that on the 13th, at three p. m., the reb el?, eight hundred strong, appeared before that place, and sent a fiag-of-truce, again demand ing the surrender of the fort. Colonel Mitch ell, with the 51th Illinois and other troops went ont of the lort to meet the enemy as the Baker left, but no fighting bad taken place. All Quiet. Cairo, April 16.?The steamer Swallow from Padacah at eight o'olock last evening has ar rived* (She reports all qniet. No fighting bad occurred qp UMtye.time she left. The 3d, 7th and 8th Keutncky Rebel regiments were over running Western Kentucky with Impunity, ami the inhabitant* wore in a constant state of suspense, not knowing what moment they may be attacked.; Everybody had slept in their clothing the past two nights, ready to defend themselves or decamp, aa Mrcumstances re quire. Gunboats aie Constantly patron in* the river, taking.every precaution to prevBnt the rebels crossing by destroying all small boats apd other craft that could be nsed to crojs the Tirer. i ? }r ? . m.. ?,?>????'?>? . . ? V FROM < HATTA>'00(.A Desertions from < the Enemy?Hardee's < orps en route to V irginia?Destructive Fire, Cbattamoooa, April 10 ? All is quiet at ibe Iront, and no change in the situation of the rebel lines, .fcrebel lieutenant, and fifty-two noncommissioned officers and privates, came into our lines-last night. ? They report that Hardee's corps is ordered away from Dalton, and several trains left be fore they came away. It is believed in the rebel camp tbey are going to Virginia. A brick hcuse was burned, adjoining the mil itary prison, this afternoon, and jointly occu pied by quartermaster's and provost marshal's departments and the, sanitary comrniss.on. The jail in which the rebel prisoners were con fined was saved with difficulty, No prisoners escaped. No Government property was de stroyed. Major General Newton goes to Cleveland and will have command of the 2d division of the 1th corp?, formerly General Sheridan's. THE WAR 151 TJ:N?ESSEE. Fort Pillow Reported to be in Rnins?The River Unobstructed. Cairo, April 16.?The steamer Glendale, from Memphis, has arrived, with dates to the ISth. She passed Fort Pillow last evening. There was no appearance oi the enemy, and the river was all clear. Nothing remains ot the lort but the ruins. The Glendale brought up ?60 bales of cotton lor Cincinnati. She brings no newspapers or news from below. A Lumber of steamers are leaving here for the ?South.' [ANOTHER T>I8rATCU.} Cairo, April 17.?The main body of the rebels lelt Fort Pillow Friday morning, the r?ar guard in the afternoon, taking all the small arms. They destroyed all the ammuni tion and everj tiding else destructive. Meeting nt Knoxville, Tennessee? tman cipation Resolutions Eu<ior?ed?Speech of Governor Jolin?on. Knoxvili.k, April 16.?A large mass meet ing vcas held here to-day in front of the court house, at which resolutions were ottered by Parson I'rownlow favoring emancipation, and recommending a convention to effect it, and re questing Governor Johnson to call the same at the earliest possible period, and endorsiug :he Administration and tlie war policy of Presi dent Lincoln were unanimously adopted. Governor Johnson made a powerful, telling sperch, rebuking, in severe terms, the Capper h?ads. French Vessel*Going to Richmond for To bacco. F'.Rtbeps Mokroe, April 14.?A French arm?d transport, wi'h a bar & in tow, started up the .Tames river this morning, intending to bring down Lobacco from Richmond belonging to the French Government. A TT I'M PT TO < \PTUIir gV' N V. 15 \ I, <Hi A N T? A It >1Y OK Til!: POTOMAC. Depatclies from the headquarters ofthearmy cf the Potomac state that Friday, about noon, a party of rebel cavalry made an attack on the pickets at Bristow S'ation, but were driven <sfi" after a. brisk skirmish. One man was killed and two were wonndad, belonging to the Thirteenth Pennsylvania Several of the wounded were carried ott by their comrades. The mail tram, with Ge.ieral Grant aboard, haci jnst passed a few minutes before the at tack was made, and it is supposed tlieinteutijn w?8 to capture him. The body oi Captain McKee. of the Twenty first Infantry, who was killed by guerrillas, cn Monday last, was forwarded to Washington to day. . The man who shot him was named W. Flan ders, and he, with three others, made an attack on a picket post near Catlett's, on Wednesday, ft-htn he waa shot by a soldier ol the Second Infantry. A letter fivom the Army of the Potomac says that Gibbon's division of the Second Army Corps were reviewed by General Hancock, Generals Meade, Sedgwick and others being present. The division is a large one, well disciplined, and was eulogized by all. General Kilpatrick has been relieved from the command of his cavalry division, and mdered to report for duty to General Gregg. He will take command of a brigade under the latter. General Gregg's division was to have been reviewed on Saturday by General Sheridan: hut a storm having prevailed sinae Friday e veiling, it has been postponed till next week. Sutlers and citizens have all loft the armv, and will not be allowed to return to it before next autumn. x ?^"Governor Bradford has ordered an elec tion to be held on Wednesday, the 2?th inst., in the fourth (Rockville) election district of Montgomery county, Md., to take the sense of the people on the propriety of calling a consti tutional convention, and for the choice of dele gates thereto. This is necessary in consequence ol the lailure ol the judges of election te do their duty on the occasion of the late election, whereby there was no voting at that precinct, on that day. 87~An expedition from Fortress Monroe, under Gen. Graham, into Smithfield, Va, was successful in capturing several prisoners, and in recapturing a piece of artillery which the rebels had taken from the gunboat Smith Brigrs. Fifty contrabands were brought in. Gen. Hincks has also made anothor raid into Virginia from Point Lookout, capturing a large lot ol tobacco and bringing off a number, of contrabands. ^"The letter carriers of New York have pe titioned Congress to have their p^y raised from ?-i;o per year to f 1,000. Under the old law they used to make from t 1.200 to *1,500per year. ? Ortxiua ok thk Sanitary Fair?Prbsii ixnt Limcoik.?We learn that President Lin coln, accompanied by Secretary Seward, Post master Blair and Speaker Colfax will attend I the opening of the Maryland Sanitary Fair, on this evening. Mt. Colfax, on behalf of the ladiee, conveyed to the President their desire that he should be present at' the inauguration of the fair, and Mr. Lincoln promised, that unless something occurred in the meantime rendering his pr?-sence in Washington abso j lutely indesfiensahle, he would certainly bJ in Baltimore <m Monday evening.?Bnlt. American to-i'ay. " ?7*Heeuaa, the prize fighter, was thoaght to '~e gradually dying. WThe Printers* National Convention will assemble in l^ouisvUle in May. , KTAn eagle measuring ten feet from tip to tip has tteed thot in Maine. , T^ie fieion party 'of Davenport. Iowa* have carried the municipal election tfeere. W Dubuque, Iowa, is making preparations ?.a extensije Sanitary Fair. COHGRE98IONAL. I* the Sihatk on Saturday? Mr. Trumbull tntrodu<!?d * bill snpp'^m^nril tO'-au act to prevent frauds upon the Treasury of the United States," approved February ji, i8S3. Keferred to UommitU'e on th ? Judiciary. [It enacts that any person heretofore or here atter holding olfloe, who mvr wilfully nerle^t cr refuse to deliver to his succeasor any paper, record, book, or document, sU*ll be guilty of felony^] Mr. Trumbnll. from the Jtidici.iry Ownm?t tee, reported back the b?U 10 reauc* the ex penses for prisoner* confined for otfVnseit ag&inst the United Slates. He reported ftvmi the same committee adversely ou Mr. LKvik' bill to regulate the mode of ascertaining the value of lands and other real estate uktn ?or the use of the United States. The Senate then resumed the consideration cf the bill prohibiting speculative transaction* in golu and foreign exchange On motion of Mr. Harris, the ith section wa* so amended as to add a penalty of ?l,<KK)for each offense against the provisions of the bill though by that section itla provided that Mine of from "f1,noo to *3,000, with imprisonment Jiam three months to one year, may be .m posed at the discretion of the court, when a party is convicted of misdemeanor under trie act. Mr. Trumbull moved to strike out the ward* ?> the bona jidr owner, in regard to contrute of sales, just'before the words "in actual posses sion," at tlie close of the first section. H? moved this that on the .ground that when s jx?r son in the interior sends the coupons on (iov eirment bonds to a broker in the cities to col lect and sell the gold, the broker would be de barred from making the sale, lie not being the una fid' owner. The motion was agreed to. Tlie joint resolution passed by the House de siring the Committee on the ttanduct of the War, or such of their members as they may designate, to proceed at oace to Furi filiw and examine iuto the circumstances att?ndiiic the capture of that place, &c., was received from that body. On motion of Mr Howard it was adopted a<* a substitute for the Sen at? resolution on tU? same subject. I? TJlKllOtJSB? Mr. F?*nt6n Offered the following am-im ment to the Bank bill? Nothine in tht? ac? snail uo --ottctrned to prevent the by States of the capital stook of banks under this act the same as property of other moneyed corpora1 ions for State or municipal purposes, but no State shall impose any tax of capital, or dividends at a higher rate than the taxations imposed by such State on the same amount of moneyed capital in the hands of individual citizens; Provided, that no State tax shall be imposed on any part of the capital stock of such association invested in the United States bonds deposited as seeurity for the circulation." The amendment was agreed to by 10 majori ty " Under the operation of the previous question the bill was ordered to be engrossed and read a third time. Thb PnOrocBD Amendments to tub 1n tzbval Rbvent-h T*awV?The tax bill re ported ia the House of Representatives to in crease the revenue of th-government provides ih? following rates : Coal illuminating oil, etc.,<0 cts. per gallon; ground coffee and substitutes, 1 rent per pynn-l; molasses, syrup of molsssee, etc., 5 per cent, ad valorem; salf, I! cents per ion pounds, pig iron, #I per ton, blooms, slabs, or loops. *! * ? per ion: stoves and hollow ware, *>:i per ton; leather of all descriptions: 5 per cen', ad *a lOTem; wines, Scents per gallon, all otli?r wines or liquors called wine. 23 cents per gal lon; ready made clothiug, boots, shoes, icc.V per cent, ad valorem; manufactures of to ton, wool, silk, andwoisted, 5 per cent. ad viloreai: cavendish, ping, twist and stemmed tobac:o. ?5 cents; smoking tobacco, made exclusively ,?i stems and shorts and refuse, lb cents: snutf an 1 snuff flonr, 35 cents; tine cut, 33 cents; ciga. s valued at Sib per th msand, *5 j?er thous^nd. valued at Sit) to *20, *7 per thousand; valued at Sa?o to S40 per thousand, *12; valued ar x4 &T5 per thousand. #*25; valued at over p-r thousand, M0. First proof spirirs, sold or;e moved ft r consumj tion prl^r to July 1st, ti l cents per gallon, after July and prior tJ Januarv 1st, I*?>. *1; after January 1st. Distilled spirits and refined coal oil may heex pcifed without excise duty. All citizens, at home or abroad, m-ist pxyflve per cent, on all income above ?ii?o, except that derived from United States secnriti?s. wttictt pay i wo and a half percent. Ironi the income is to be deducted State and municipal taxes, salaries ol United Sitit's ifflcevs, (on which a higher percentage i- to b* paid,) the receiptsfrom dividends of the capital stiMrk of banks, savings institutions, trust, in surance, and railroad companies, and boi.ds; also, the hou?e rent, to an amount not exceed ing two hundred dollars: but the owner of a homestead must inciade in hisincotne it* \'a!n?? atiOTe two hundred dollars pet anunm .The interest on notes, <!cc., held, over an J ;tb.> ve what is paid on notes, ,Vc., due others, is-p&rt of one's Income, together wl h the gair.sTrjm purchase ami sale of property. ln< Teased talne of livestock, nnd farming produce. Theaaiooot paid lor rents, labor, or interest, necessary lor ihe > onduct of a business, is to be deducted, bai rot for new buildings or improvements. United States ofHcers, cttil, military, and naval, must pay five per cent, on their salar.ts above six hundred dollar.-, to be deducted at the time cf payment. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MrS L IS! OF LKTTBIU? REMAINING IN THbTcM-T OFFICE. GEORGETOWN, D C , Ai'Rir. Itt, 1^61. T<? ol.tRin any of th?--e letters, the ai>pli<'?nt niu-t . nil lV>r " jm!vertise<l U-tier>. ' *i_ve tliclatiul imk list, and p? v one eei-t for a>! verlisin^. If toil fjtllefl for within one month, th?> \>ilt 1.^ ^Hl|t to 'be Dead Letter Office. IMai;v llie po-tagf st".mjioii the i: pv?T ri'ilit ha it roTTier and leave ?pa<*e hettlie bttmp ii I direction for pot>t-marklng without inter/eri.m with the writicg A request for the ret urn of s letter to the wri'er, if unclaimed Iritbin^hirty days or le*?, writien or printed with tlin writer'* utmc. vpust ofiii'e, a id .^tate. ?^rris< the left han't end of en velop"1, on *h,? Hee side, will be complie-t with at the nsita! pre-t i?id rate of uosti.y^,'le when the l?ltvr h deiivrred fo the writer. LADtlCS' LIST. Vlleii Mi.-- Mariiit llairi^in Mi->> ludfai's \twell M iss Ella-2 IviiiK Mr- V K It row u >lr? Nor.t Kibby ^fii^^i. tir&inard Mrs Kintr Mr- Oliaa W-i Hrown Mrs Mary Lorkwuod M-iss Eiivna Brown Louisu L? M t s> J OBejihice Itell Mary T.utlier Mrs Amelia Hail? Miss Mnriou-J McNier Mis- August, t Hai nes Miar> Elisa M?-rreol*or Miss liiit'i. Chase Mis*Pimen McDonaVt M!-s R Oartwriffht Miss .Mary Morins Misa \ Cults Mrs Li.cj W r i'riee Mrs S:1. rni. Puhoyce Mrs Elizabeth 3 Parkhur-t >f-? Nane* Dottson Miss Maty Pop,* Jn-lia DoUL'lass M is* Laii ra Kickult^ Mi? Kl-a Dofer ^1 iLui-v Ann It1 ??? Mr? Harriet Uxnder Mias^Enuna Sullivan M>-?S i?hii D?>dd Mra Bett> ."ainitle Mr* John K E'sin Mrs R O Stoin* Mi-s Kl!,aii Ellin Mis* A lire Smith Jlrsf It Groce Miss Sarah Trammell Mi? J \ Gain Mis> Maria Washiustou Jan* -r Howard >fr^ May Kite GENTLEMEN S LIST liritiaiu Win B Gartland Tho< Mi oi? Buttain IL v T Geahliu Smnl (Icaill G'la fter.tle% Silrj; llani.f Wm I'e.i -o m Vlhei i Bahell^fiebl llicxina S N pltlerlins-S Laities Mr Howard S H Vainell-v p V Raker M H Hooper U I -z Pr-acottOL Benjamin L Harris*Jas if Penrif.-r BatesWatsoii llale J F PultiT A E Tartlett John Hancox Geo S ll^s-ej Wm Biidiiii L*jr Tlainiltoi: f Hlioa le-.-Cip'I 2 Po>d Jh- Hirst A J Sullivan J n<? I ButeJafiM JainesJn,.R einiah or fiu? Besley Tsttae KeenJr.o W fwnllw ni>l l'lui Ballu'flTL KellevKdud S-wall il - Call Ww 11 Lit'y&old Harnall M ir?li - t t'nat Landy S Leflerer J L Sliaf-r J?mi%' h.> <t t'over Henry Ligiittoot G W Hpi'l'imn Inn ( tseitieo W LefiihanGeo S li oi-it Juo t'arbailiih r J Lowiiccr P Sa>ei'iJa? L Doyle Nifh das Ljwh Daniel 8hep<r-i Jno II Doueley Peter Mtilint<?n 'tlios 8h?rier Joo O DnyerMielil Martin Patk StsnL-v tte > W Deeble Mr Meenew Patl: Ste?ens Vran i?> Do.lteJ U McKenna B Thorn Tliii* Deeble E K S Morxan L Tito III |iSou t'ra iK Dixon Jas 8 Mischief Jf,- \ I. Dorsey Deeator MrDoutrJas Vo. kton Sli.'il DiHAdain-2 Mo*ei?G#o William W KvaunTlioa ?McKnew ileiij W--I R A Folson Win McMal an M Watiiii- J'1 Flanagan Miehl NacleDr J T Winsl<?? II PisherJB Nichols U P Wilson Ull'iert ?roesbcek W II Owen Jidin Voimv Jl?'? Orealish Thoa MISCELLANKOI'g -Ko u Water Ptre |. ft HENRY ADUiaOS.P M TBOS II. DONOHtTE A CO., PL UAIB SMS ASD O A S FITTERS, N*i. 7 0 B*U>li? STRKRT, GtOKOKTOWS. All oHern for Ga? Pitting. Alterations an l Ea tensions will receive prompt and faithf it atten' tion. Plunihin* in all ita branchet exac .ted in the beat manner. Water introduced a>dH><igants put up atahoft notice. uih 31 lm* LAPIES Oif WASHIKUTON, p. HELLER, A'a. 34 Mark*t 7ihnnd%tk # Has opened a *er* lar?* ass<.rtn?ent of ilpriag *?d Summer Cloaka. Also, a ere at variety or Tkn:t Bonnets and Flowers. JSmbrr.lderiea. such Collars, Handkerchief*. Sleeve*. to. Pi Goods, Fancy Parasols Cor jets, llovo Slurta. alartf* aaaortment of Ladies- Under Ctdtnia* Pane ? lar?? assortment or bMier Cnder dtfthiA Jill the beat cheap pri?e6l?yea. L*<|i?a. roe wftl do well by callinir and exanimiu* our stock of c.*,da before you buy eJLa^arl^r?, ? - * - piANoe.-^A n? 1 and Haines. been received at ?nr alvo oa hand one al4n Piano, cost f?<M. Which Will beaold for the owner leavin* the rtty. Several second-hand J'fanoa from $H?> te |U5. upon easy ?prroa, at i>* Music Store of W. G. MBTZBBOTr *? l Corner 11th ctreet aud I'a ?v?su?

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