Newspaper of Evening Star, April 18, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 18, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMC8EMENT8 TO-NIGHT.. Oro\ kr 8 Theater ? Mr. drover is about for a ww nights to delight the citizens ot V a-hington with his fine Philadelphia Company, ana will give a change of pro gramme "nightly. To night will be performed the gieat Irish scenic drama "The Colleen Bawr." one of the most popular and at the same urae one ot the most beautiful of modern plays. Fokd'p Theater.?The three hundredth an niversary of the birth of Shakspeare will be celebiated this week and in order to properly honor the event Mr. Ford announces an una. sual number of Shabsperian plays for the present week. Mr. Forrest will to-night again personate "Hamlet," and for the last time. To morrow night we will have ?? Othello." Canterbury.? Manager Lea offers a fine bill tor the present week, and as the new pan* lomimt* ?? The House that Jack Built," has met with such decided success that It will be re peated. Among the performers aresome of the best of the concert Hall profession. Varieties ?The ballets ? Flowers of Erin" afld the ? Floral Offering," will both be per formed to-night. Also the new ethiopian act, the " Gay Gambolieis" and the comic panto mime ?? Mons Dechalumeau." Lina Windell, Maggie Friel, Agusta Walby, and all of the old performers will appear. Metropolitan Hall.?New faces, new acts, new songs and new dances are offered for the present week. Larry Tooly and Billy Thomas will both make their appearance, while it will be a satisfaction to know that all of the old performers remain. The Trial of Corwblhtb Tcell fob thb TVU roeb ok his Wife?He is Found Guilty.? On Saturday, after our report of the proceed ings ot the criminal court in this case concluded, Mr. Hradley, for the defence, continued the ar gument, reviewing the evidence in a masterly manner. He contrasted the prisoner, whese character had been proven, with the deceased, who. without a sympathy with his hopes, drag ged him down to daily shame, and argued that rhese facts were of some weight in counteract ing circumstantial evidence of malice by show me what broke the prisoner's health and over whelmed him with a brief and terrible mad ness. Shortly after five o'clock, District Attorney Carnngton began the closing speech: and be referred to the evidence of the boy, which was contradicted in some particulars by Ballard, and he explained how easily could the color of an object be mistaken when the moon was shi ning upon it, and explained on natural prin ciples how the coffin, of freshly varnished wood, and with the lid imperfectly seenred, without a white covering, might have looked white to the inflamed imagination of the little motnerless gazer in the moonlight, at the steal ing of his mother's butchered body. To the ar gument that the wife was adrunkard, he asked if a man uoutd teach his wife to drink and then kill her for being a drunkard, but if the worst was true could it palliate ! Mr. Carrington, closed at near seven o'clock. Judge Fisher then charged the jury as fol lows : of tht Jury: The cause in which lor several days you have been engaged is on a charge the highest known to law, treason only -*xoep?ed. and that only because it involves the lives not of one or two, butof thousands. You have been empanelled to try Cornelius Tuell, ? harped by tne United States with the murder >1 his wife, Jane Tuell. On this occasion of ?iWful solemnity we all have had, and, I trust, a!4 h?ve?fl?i resting Upon us the weight of onr respective obligations. It was the duty ot the District Attorney to present the case to the erand jtny, theirs to present it to you. The prosecutor was bound to avail himself of all competent and relevant evidence. The coun sels for the prisoner were bound to avail them ?el\es of every circumstance within their reach and within their capacity to acquit the prisoner ol the charge preferred in the indict ment. You, gentlemen, are bound to weigh the facts detailed from the witness stand, and, ?aking that evidence only, to apply to it the law as it snail be given you by the court. It is proper that I should state to you, in the ouuet. as simple a definition as 1 can frame of 'he crime of murder; and I doubt if I coald as well do it in language of my own as in that of boohs of the best authority. [He here read trom Russell on Crimes the definitions 01 murder and manslaughter, and* gave m merous illustrations.] The Court here collated such of the facta as had not been drawn into dispute. The evi dence on which has been founded the cbiet part ol the arguments of counsel embraces the testimony of several witnesses, but mainly that of James Tuell, the little son of the prisoner. You are called on by counsel for the defense to discredit the statements of this boy, because of the terder vears and consequent liability of the child to be betrayed by his memory or bis ima;nation. and because ot tne fact that he was contradicted by adult witnesses. You saw his manner, you heard the matter of tys testimony?the question of his credibility is for yen You are as capable as I am or judging ns to what imprison the scenes of that terri ble night made upon his mind. You are to ?udge as to whether the impression was such hs would be easily eftaced, or such as will go with him as loHg as mind and memory remain. It is tor von, also, gentlemen, to determine as t?the veracity of the boy. You are to take into cenfideration all that he said and compare it wi.h the testimony of the other witnesses, and if von fir.d other witnesses in whose integrity, or "in whose correctness of memory or under standing. >ou have more confidence, and if von find discrepancies in his testimony so wide it to biffleall yourattemptstoreconcile them ? tor ton are bound to do this. if possible?or to wciunt for them, and discrepancies such as to create the impression c?n your mind that the h.cccunt which he bat given ot that evening's transaction is untruthful, because of his want >1 veracity, then you are to give no weight or consideration to his statements. But, gentle men, let me say to you that no slight discrep ancy wiil justify you inthisaot. There are t .such discrepancies in the Gospel of our Lord ( ?ind t-aviour Jesus Christ, and if you were o tjik* mere discrepancies alone, without weigh- ! ing and giving consideration to the main facts, no trath would appear iu th-j Gospels. It is the duty Of the jury, where they find that a v. itness has in one instance spoken f;?l>e!y, to throw out his testimony altogether. Hut you must be satisfied from the evidence hat he Jibs wilfully subverted the truth, not -imply that he has made a mistake. * # . * Now, if you are satisfied, iu the first place, that Jane.Tueil did come to her death by the Hands ot her husband, Cornelius Tuell, the prisoner a' the bar, and If you are satisfied be yend a.reasonable doubt that he did inflict.the ' blows'cr the b'.ow that killed her, then it is no j long' r incumbent upon the Government to j -?how express malice in order to convict ol r?urd< r. but in the absence ol circumstances .?lowing ont of and detailed in the testimony to iiminish. to lessen the offence of murder to i us us laughter, in the absence ol express malice, in he absence of evidence to show tliat 'here was provocation sufficient and consequent pas -tr n to reduce the crime from murder to man slaughter, it is not incumbent upon th* Gjv "Ti.ment to show express malice. That is the duty ot tne prisoner or liis counsel. On the subject of provocation, let me say , f> rt* that the drunkenness of a wife, or of a and, or of any other relative, is not suffi cient provocation let excite a man or woman to cinmit murder. No words can forma suf* tK-ient provocation, unless they are words I which embrace tJmats azaiust the life ot the 1 person, and one accompanied by acta which -how there Is a likelihood nW these threats be ing earned immediately Info execution. The iue is now in your hands. At 7 ^ o'clock the jury retired, and it was xpeeled bv the court and officers that the jury j having been without refreshment from early s morning, time would intervene for relief. The iurv, however, returned in a few minute-; but neither court nor counsel could be found. T?be prisoner, who h;vd passed most oi the ?Uo*in- daii ill paroxysms of grief, duringthe ..trii\eryof the charge sank into drowsiness, i md lor over one h.ur while the jury were i "waitingtor the court, slept soundly. At n? ar In o'clock, the court and counsel in; vicg returned, the |tirv pronounced their \t raici, "Guilty as indictetj." The jury were . P Jed at the demand of the defense. Just previous to th* adjournment, Mr. t nil- i ifp?, ih' counsel tor the prisoner, took him by ? tifrri ami *aul h* should bear up tlrinly, j tint- tli? xe was but little hope. He broWe into -obs, a i d was carried from the court room j limoat choking. A Female Refi'oek in Distmkss?Yester- j v.or.;an, named Hattie Lucas of Cul- i ? pei *r county," Va, was roamiug about the ' ?tr?-ets with a young child, begging money. ; Se\*ral gendemeu took compassion npon her and her miant and contributed lor her relief, j she*ays that she owns about thirty acres of l:u.d m Culpeper, but it is ol no use to her, and j -he came within the lines for help. She ob taiC?*U employment at seventy-five cents a wet a, but a* that would not provide for her ' hifit, she leftthe place to do betier it she could, lief husband volunteered in the early days ol | i hr* rebellion and coined the rebel army. Atthe baMje c! Williamsburg. he was killed. She I n<ed last nuht $t the Fourth Ward station, ai d tfii> morning started on her search for em ployment. _ < < iiRfcl Ttox ?Li the summary of th>- ^nar t> rly j. .ior' ol the Fourth Ward Station, ay l i Uli h*d in the .vf?r of Saturday, the omission ? : a cy phrr makes trie value ef the property r?-e*iT<-'d t .i be *1,511. U. It should have b<*en s-iiv'.n.M. I - Tinl'i-t ar Martial of Caft. Tobi> It is -tawd the court martial rftceutlyconvened X^r the trial cf (.'apt. H. B. To?td, late Provo&t Marshal of thiscity, ba>y sent*n?ed bun to^e , UuiHiSs-fC lie *%i yicc. > Mr. HowARnintrodoc*d n bill in tbs Swat* on Saturday providing tor ftu amendment of the btatuteB of limita'ion now la rare* in the district of Columbia, as follow? : Sec. 1. Tbat the exception of saving? in fa\ or ot persons "beyond seas" contained in the acta of Maryland, low in force in '.he District of Columbia, entitled an act for th>? limitation of certain actions for avowing suits at law. and in the act entitled an additional and sap plimentary act to the several acts for the ad min titration of justice in tesiHnentary affairs, and also in the act eutitled an act to prevent rigorous prosecutions on sheriffs , !wtam|>ii'iii,y, administration, and deputy commissioners bonds, be and the same are hereby repealed. Sec. 2. That nothing herein contained snin have an v effect OT operation in any suit or action now pending in any court of law or equity 111 the said District of Columbia. Wb are reef nested to call attention to the sale of three verv desirable building lots on north M street, between 4th and 5th streets wes., to tike place to-morrow afternoon at Socioca, on the premises. See advertisement in another column. W* have been to some trouble to ascertain the cause of the present excitement now existing among the wood-workers of this city, particu larly the carpenters and cabinetmakers, we suppose It is partly produced by the high P^es thev are compelled to pay in this market for the necessaries of life. On these similar causes their demands may be to a certain extent jus tified. But would it not be well for the bosses to give some little thought to the probable con sequences it may produce. We know that three dollars per day?the amount of their demand is but little at this time, hardly sufficient to supplv the simplest wants of an ordinary sized family. But would it not, when the difference is reduced between our metallic and paper cur rency, cause him to feel independent, and act in somewhat an arrogant manner. The condi tlou of the journeyman should be suen at an times as cause him to be easily controlled by the bosses. If otherwise, we can easily see the difficulties that are likely to exist. The mind of the working classes (as a general thin*) is not of the highest intellectual order. They seem to be particularly dsstitute of those higher executive or business qualities that bent man for intelligent action, as will be seen by their weak and impotent eflorts at necessary organi 7ation, for the purpose ol protecting their indi vidual interests and the respectability of their trade or profession. * Contractor. S P EC IAL NOT IC KS. Jewelry ! Jkwei.kt ! Jewelry ! For One Dollar. At 43? Pennsylvania aveuue. near 1 * Btreet, at the Dollar jewelry Store. ?P '-bt Brows'* Bronchial Trochf.3. Theae Lozenges are prepared from * "'!LI,'y esteemed recipe for alleviating Bronchial tions, Asthma, Hoarseness, Coughs, Colds, aul Irritation or 8oreness of the Throat. Public fpeakers and Vocalist* Will find them beneficial in clearing the voice before speakingor singing, and relieving the throat after anv unusual exertiou of the vocal organs, having a peculiar adaptation to affections * Inch disturb the organs of speech. nih 29 u? w ti Nk*voo3 Dbbilitt. Bsmisal Wsakksss, etc., (an Be.Cvred by one who has really cured himself and hundreds of others, and will tell you nothing but the truth. Address, wltnitam^ Trat? marJ DfcW ly Lock Box. Boston, Mas*. 8kcu?tDissa8?3. . Soma* iton's Gift is the most certain, sari? an effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable rem edy ever discovered. Cures in two and recent cases in twenty-four hours Ho mineral, no balsam. no mercury. Only ten pillIs t<\be -aken. It is the soldier's hope, and a friend to those who do not want to be exposed. Male packages, ^sfinirlun't Foot and A j?otive and permanent cure forgyp.hiliH 8crofula.ncers 9or^i Spots.Tetters.Ac. Price fl, or six bottlea t?r ?5 Bold by 8. 0. Ford. Bee advertisement. nva Diseases or the Nkrvods, Skmimal, Urisart am> ?k xc a i. Systems?new and reliable treatment in Reports of tlie Howard Association?Sent by mail in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Aodre" I) J. Skillin Houghton, Howard Asso ciation. No. 3 South Ninth street. Phlm^lp31^!l Pa. Da. DuroMT's, Sugar-coated Female Re*alftl?.* Pills are the very k-nn vst. They o and effectively. and being snear-coated create no nausea upon the most delicate stomach. A trial of these Pi^ls will prove ^f/^'cWd^orne nt tiers Price 81 a box. 8old hy S. O. rora, cornnr Hthstreet indVa. avenue .Washington, a?J Henry Cook. Alexandria. J*? ly Thr Feet.?Beauty of carriage is mostly depen dent unon a judicious preservation of the feet, it i? impossible to move in a graceful manner if t ie trreat support of the whale frame beiuadi or fiered condition, and nothing impedes so much as Corns' Bunions' Ingrowing ^aits. orot her d so? ders to which the feet are liable. To all alt ct. l would recommend an early call at Ur wniie a No 4S4 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4!, and tfth streets. apo-? K J Wii.kiss. Esq., has been A3,'"t of the Great Pennsylvania route, vice E. O. Rpr ton. to take effect on the 28th of ^hVofflce at^he tin* bus been connected witli the onice. ai ine ..rner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, during tlie past two years, and is thoroughly con^ vcrsant with the business of the route 111 all it deparVnients. All applications for informal.en ticket-. A' ., must be addressed to L. ? w iiuins. A sent Great Pennsylvania Ron*'; s Yori'ii Pennsylvania .veM.^, p^geVAgeut. ap5 Great Pennsylvania Route. 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Alexandria, jaii-ty 1)1 EP On th?- iBth in-tsnt !c -vn'ii ???!-' 1 o'.-l t?'< . in., alter (i painful ilhii- -. M ViiilAliKT Fl.Olt- , KNCK ANN A t!i<- infaht child oTIV ;lij>aii l Kli/. 1 a'eth H LieJiau. ? The frieni'1 and m gii lititin ?? t'?,. f.iinilyji iir>' rehi.ei 11uII> in\ it. d to att' thil f^wal, Itn | Tt:. -'la* . at .I'. o"di'A . at her i?ai i iiIa' ri-si'l'jiu >?. ' 4-9 Sixth street . f Pn.-t h?r -i?fl-*ri?:her p;iln. Cea.-f t?. ?fcej>. for tMr- ;ire vain. I'ulni the tiiuiult r.f the breast. For fcbi ? 1 o ?.i.fl'i'ied is at r.'^t. Id Georgetown, D. C-.^ou the 17th inst., tHRA HAM the (ftth year uJ'his a?e The friend- <?! the Uniily nr* invite.1 l<. attend > hi* funeral from the resident' of his daughter. I M -. M&riiiu* Wiileti. on Hiirh 4 p. in 'f nesdav. He fnlfille'l all the duties of husband Snd father J ? it h uiiusual fidelity. ?ud leav.*alar-;e nuniber >i( 1 descendant-arid friends t?? mourn his death. * ! At bis residence. M*:.' Beverly Prince (Jeorgij's ' ei-nnty, ftld.. on Mcinlaj, tlie 11th in.-t.. HKNUV D. 1IATTON Ksq. in the t#lth year of hi- as The deceased ?as a gentleman of amishle ruid'j exemplary character, and will he d"eply latnenfed I liv a wide circle of friends, while his loss will he ? irreparable t?. his immediate familv II" lem e< h wife and tjve childivii t" nioiien his nntimely ! death. OCARD PHOTOOBAPHS K Noted iandividua)s or works of Mtt. plain o? ' pa.nted in oil colors, win.(.-sale and retail a' I KirANKl.lN A Ct).'A. Opticians, ^44 Pa. av.. bet. li'th and Ktth street... ?M?4j. Pm. av? under the National Hotel. Cat il<.sues furnished <? ti appjieytion. ftS*Photograph Albums ol all siaea and i>att?-rns and at the lowest li?urcs. ap 12-Uv F^Ol! SAJ.K?A new ji-'.n-rse power 1'prl^ht Tu bular BOTLKR; our lfl-horse power bwond I l and I'pright Tubular IIOILKU. Alan, one lit- ' hor?e p..wer Horizontal Tubular BOILER; a' o. one lie ??: I one 15 horse (>ower locomotive -tile Tubular BOILERS. 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On MONDAY, May 9th, and can be con salted at Ebbitt Houbb for on* wbk until Saturday evening, May 14th, | : on DEAFNESS, CATARRH, and all the various diseases of the | EAR, THROAT, AND AIR PASSAGES. Testimonials, Washington, D. O., March 5, t?(M. Da. Liohthill?Dear Sir: I take this oppor tunity to publicly express my gratitude for the wonderful cure of deafness you hare in so short a time effected in my case. 1 was deaf for about six years, and for the last tew years so much so that 1 could not hear preaching or caramon conversation; but now since your invaluable services have been rendered, I can hear as well as ever. In conclusion, let me say that the noises with which I have been troubled in my head for years, have also disappeared. Very truly yours. Jahks R. McUathban, 10th street, between E and F. Washington, D. C-, March 4, tt*6i. This is to certify, that having been deaf since the year 1&5S, and since that time gradually losing my baring until 1 was unable to hear common conversation or public speaking, I applied to Dr. Lighthill, of New York, who, alter a short and painless course of treat ment, entirely restored my hearing. I hearti ly recommend Dr. Lighthiu to the aeaf. Fbbdkrick Rorbbtson. Residence near Fort Saratoga. Wahhington, D. C., March *2, Ittfii. This is to certify that having been attected for twenty years with deafness, and having tried some of the most eminent doctors of our city without any relief, I at last heard of Dr Lighthill and put myself under his care. His treatment was brief, and successful. I am now completely restored, and the cure is ap parently permanent I have all confidence in Dr. Lightbill's skill, and would advise all af flicted with deafness to go and consult him at Once. .fOSBPH WrtlTNKV, Residence near P and lltn streets. Remarkable Cure of Deafness. From th> Rev. Joteph M. Clarke, Rector of St. James' Church. SYRACrfB, February *20, 1961* I have been deaf in one ear, ever since 1 was in college, some twenty years ago. By the skill of Dr. Lighthill, its hearing was entirely restored, so that now I hear alike with both ears, and I find that I can use my voice with much more ease and comfort than belore. Joseph M. Clabke. mar 3B>eo3vtr BALLS, PARTIES, &c. F ? I K ST 6 R A N I) BALI. OK THE ACTIYK ASSOCIATION or THE METROPOLITAN HOOK AND LADDER COM I'AlfY, No. 1. The Members of the Active Association of the Metropolitan Ilook and Ladder Company take great pleasure in announcing to their frit-mis ami patron- that their Kir.-t (i-randj Ha'l will bp given in the Hall of the Triiek| Jlmise fin Mass. a\ .. between Itli an>l 5th -its., on THT'RHDAV KVKMNO. April 21.-1. Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admitting a gentleman and ladie*. ap 15 lw* ' LOST AND FOUND. or ttie A 1 FOJ'N'D?(<ii the 71It iustaut.a white and liver colored SETTER Tin* owner can get Lim ti> calling at So 3, 8th street. between M and N ? hy paying the charges It" "Ml E IXDERSIONED WISHES Tin STATE that this )iomla> morning. April is.lriil, lie L-ft his house from corner of 11 street and Vermont avenue, dow n 1Mb street to Pennsylvania avenue, and came to his place of business. corner of loth and K street, where h<#niissed his POCKET-BOOK, in which a larjie amount t.f money and hi* license for the said plate of business. The tiiid<-r will be suitublv re?:irde.l for the delivery of the saflie-. EDWARD BARRETT. of tht tir i of Barrett A Ifarrell. ap Is U corner of E and 10th street-. I O^-OutLriJlh of A~|?ri 1.a MORSE BI.'vXK I'.T. 1 i marked II P The tinder will b>- suitably rewarded by h-ating it at m.}, corner of l'? and C st rt-ets ' up 'I Ml KSI'ArtS 1 Ntt \N1> T A K EN CI* ? TH HEK I LOWS. Ttieovner ?iil prove property. i>.iv charges and toke them ?v*?> . MHNDERk MOfKAT ap If. .'St* near Harmony Colored Cbmet'-i t. REW \ flJ?.?-81rayed on Thursday. 14th, a Ida- k COW ^-ith a white face; she was about 3 years old. Th? finder will receive the above re wnrd if returned at J BROWN'S Restaurant, cor ner 13th istreel and Pa. avenue. ap 1?> lw C RKWA RD. ?St i*afed away "lithe 12th in-t., two while MOOS. one about 13' and tho other about .71 pounds. the little one lame. The tinder wi H-jreceive tile alntve reward b> lea vi tig theut at > tl-e corner of 10th mi l M streets. up iti-3t* K. HKliBHttT | ^TKAYED OR STOLEN'?From the snbacri n-r i on Th'ira'iav A pril u. a white COW with dirty j blue"spots; -h??rt ernmpled horns; had but three tit> for milking S4 reward will be |Aid ff returned to ERAN01S JIO.V 1!Y, corner L ami Delaware i )H ejiue. ap 1<; 2t* I I^Ol'ND ESTUA V I'pon the premises of the *a'.- j -crii er. a I?aa HORSE, about IS f?and? high. , >t?r in hi< forelwl | son- ?n the left hind J Tlii* owner w ill ci-me forward, jjrove proju-rty. > j charges and take bim away. I JO?I MI HITCHCOCK. . ap 16-St* Park Hotel, 7th -t. t BOARDING. I>OARD AN D FURNISHED ROOMS FOR <i K\ J y tie man anf? wife or siugle peixin-. Location | ide?-ant An i xpeyii ftced i??si*k>? n wanted as lions Keeper Appl> southeast flotner 21>t and If -ts.. ! near I'm. av. ime. ai? lii it* j no \ R DIN'<? AND LfTntHNO CAN liK HAD IS ! iitierman private fitmHv, at No. .?*J9'JthN? , f opposite the Cefit-?r Market, up stairs, ap 14-tif WST YOl'N'0, (*OOD BOARDING and plea-taut nwnns i-?i lie * hatJ at reasonable rate.i. at No Washiug tc-u -treet (levrjji-town -VP 1-'! lW* ^S -! N EW (itlODS?NEW tioODS I LST RecefSfl. ? tiue aud litn-lMum* a-^?trtlllellt of Fara-t 1- ,-uid Sun ITtnbreltal of late styles: a'?n. Quaker Hoop Skirts, Drf?i< Trimmings, itu^l,* tliiiip- Quilled Ribbon, lire-* HiiUnns. Kid au-l ..tlie: (Moves, Braids ?f pi! kinds. Hair N-b. ll-iwl i Dressy, Magie RuiUiiig. Velvet and Belt Ribboa. Ladies' anil Cents'Collars and Cuffs. Under-hirts ; aud Drawers. Handkerchit?fs Stockings, So<ak-t, Neck-lies. Couth*. Bru-fces k>o?j?>. Extr.n t<. Pn- I lnailes,together ?itn a full assortment of PaAcy j T.o\s. Mu.-jcai Instruments. Ac., ' J t.^ome every <<io :\.m\ get eticaji good*, at BOS WELL'S Kancy S|or4 lill'J K street, "'??w; llth, fiepot for l!i.K*t?li A Watuer's Colorific Tor-c.ol mingtlic hair. mh ?*' -ojw R~ 00 KINO V K I. tT AND C?MKNT CvBstaut!y hau-l and for vale. Afply tQ BOTELKR A WILLSON. j 319 I'enna. avwutie, iu? stairs.> mk 1* solui beiweea 9th and lUt'u sts ^ 48^) l*lCTlTKK tJun? As" TASSELS, Ac. The lartert a?d liandaomast ag*->rtment of Pic ture Cord ?nd T*sselg, Rim?, Nulls, A.C.,,iu til# Ui-trict Ms' reseiveJ at " " S. MARRR1TKRJS, . No. 486 7tK street, eiaht duors 0?d ITel'ows' Ha;. . ? Ml-Wf ?? ? WANTS. WANTED -A whfte f?rOWK, WASH Ells:-1 Ii'ONER App'> at 300 C ~V a pi 3 .'it* WA N TED~-A~BOY.?tKo 3t Market Sptce. bp Iwew 7tb and 9th *tre?ts. ap H 3t* HOUSE PAINTERS ~WANTKD. ? Two Painters wanted. at M T. PARKER'S. 59 La. avenue. be1 ween 6th and 7th struts * WANTED- A BREAD BAKER, to work as sec ond hand. Inquire at 49# Uth street. or corner 4?* and I, streets. Island. ai> 1* 3t* f~M)OD COLORED COOK WANTED?Fur oflleerN mess. ::!* inilee from city. Apply at t?? I Ninth street. an 1<-Iw* %\j ANTED?A Yol'Xft MAX. W or I.h vears of *? US'-, to attend a Cigar and Soda Stand ' Mu-t be 'lonest and attentive to business. AppW at R>? freanmeat Room, Baltimore Depot. * WA NT ED? By a respectable middle a ged wuniitn ? situation as COOK in a priv ate family.'Good referenre,? eau be gi \ en by appl yiny at No 191. I street. between 3>th and 21st. it* WAN! ED? A situation by a young woman to do GENERAL HOUSEWORK in a small family Has no objection to go in the country. Apply at t lit corner of 7th and I) sts.. Island, No. ISft. " It* yr ANTED AT ONCJS?fhrea firat-clas, C'?AT MAKERS; also. 3 or t PANTS MAKERS. None need apply but the beat. Apply at 17 ?* 9tii. between D and E sta. ap 13 -St' WANTED?A good BLACKSMITH HKLPKR; alio, a HELPER in the paint shop. Good wage-w ill be given at WALTER A KAR.MANV'S Coach Factory, 3-41? D street, between Oth aud ldth streets. ap IS 3t* ' WANTED?By a gentleman. for himself, wife and child, a portion of a DWELLING, in h respectable neighborhood Three rooms, consist ins of parlor, kitchen and chamber. Address, stating'oration, term.s, fee., Box No. 7 3 Post Of 6ce. * WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A good BARKER at 57 4 7th street. Island, between B street and Maryland avenue. ap'* 11/"ANTED IMMEDIATELY- A GARDENER ? * who is acquainted with the business: a single man preferred. Inquire at 45sl 8th street. (Our House.) ap 16-3t* WANTED ?An American woman wishes a 8IT U ATION as wet nurse. No objections to go in the country or travel. Enquire at the Star Office. ap 16-2t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A furnished or " untarnished HOUSE, medium siite. Will buy apart or whole of furniture if parties desire to sell. Address Box 407 . ap lt?-3t* WANTED?A SITUATION as nurse for the sicV in a respectable private family bv an expe rienced middle aged American woman. Rest of references given. Address Mrs. HANNAH MA R AN PER, 470 12th at., bet. F and G. ap 16-3t* MILLINER WANTED-A first-cla*) hand caa obtain a good permanent situation City wages will be given, and can board with the fa mil v if desired. Appl y to Mrs. G EO. WATTS'S Millin ery Store, 1 54 Iligh street, two doors above West street. Georgetown. ap 16-2t* WANTED?Employment in a Hotel or some es tablishment, by a first rate Carpenter, who. being disengaged a part of the time, would work at anything in his line in part pay for board, iu advance if required.and on very reasonable terms. Address immediately Box ;{?? Star Office. apltj 3t* WANTED?At R. P. Rurford's coach factory, a COACH SMITH and PAINTER. No. 7 Bridge street. Georgetown. ap 15-.'<t* WANTED?Two or three ROOMS, for house keeping furnished or unfurnished. Address S G.. Box 4*? Post Office, or call at National Bank Room. I*. S. Treasurer's office. References ex changed . ap 15-tit* 1*7 ANTED?A PARTNER with a capital ?f ? ? to &>.'?*>. for a safe and promising enterprise, by an old and well known resident of the citv. Address, stating when and where an interview may be bad, W. A.,Star Office. ap 15-,'tt* IV *N T E iTT "immediately, two CABINET MA Kl'.RS. to work on coffins. None but good hands tieed apply. Highest wages given. Apply to H A I! V K \ A CO., Undertakers. No 410 7'ti street, let. G and II streets. ap 15 3t* WANTED?To purchase, or lease for a term of >ears, a suitable medium siite LOT, situated in the 1st, 2d, or 3d Wards, and convenient to the City Railway. Terms, exact location, and size of lot must lie defiuitelv -fated. Address, with real name. J. S. P.. Box City Post Office,* W ANTED?A young man Of business experi 4 ence. desires a SIT1* AT ION as clerk in some mercantile house, dry goods or clothing store pre ferred. Country references given. Have acted a clerk for the post office four >ears. Address JOHN F. SMITH. Star Office. ap 15 31* W'ANTED-A good DINING-ROOM SERVANT: * * one who will make himself generally useful. A colored boy between the ages of 15 and 20 pre ferred. Good wages and a comfortable home of. fered Inquire at No l^'-i I street, near 21st street north. ?P 12-lw* 8,000 H O R S E S WANT E D. Wot Department, Civnfry But'hh, i Ojfirt qf Chief QvnrttrmnsUr, \ Wi <h>n*lon, ti < . April 12. l^SCS One hundred and fifty five ($155) dollars per head will be paid for all CAVALRY HORSES delivered within the next fifteen (15) days at the Government stables at Gieshoro. D C. Said horses to be sound in all particulars, not less than five 15/ nor more than nine (9) years old; from M'-j to lt? bands high: full Hesiu-d. compactly built, bridle wise, aud of sire sufficient for cavalry purposes. These. sp rijicnlions will be Strictly ailhcTtii to m l rigidly ??? ftrrtui m rverti pnrtirninr. Payment made on delivery of tei, 11") and over. Hours of inspection, 0 A. M. ?> P. M. JAMES A. EKIN. Lieutenant Cojonel and Chief Quartermaster, ap 12-15t Cavalry Bureau. | ARTILLERY HWtSES WANTED AT Ojt>ii of Chi'I ({vnrtfrmnster. Depot of Washins>on.) \\ asiiimo rox. I>. C . Aiiril 11, is;?. < 1.000 'HORSES, suitable for Artillery service, will be purchased at this depo t. !t> the under si gned in open market.from date uut'l May 11. ISM. in lots of line to fifty, at on? hundred and sj\t>- !i/edol lars (Jjluf)) per animal: each animal to be subjected . to thp ussal Government inspection befori being HrCept.ld. Horse.- to be delivered to. and inspected by. Cap tain C II Tompkins. A.fJ M.. IT. S. A .corner of 2-d and ti streets. Washingt-n. l> C. D. H. RFCKER, iti igadier General and Chief uarterma-,tec. Bp ll-27t Dejyot of Washington. D C. 8 000 nOH?tKSI WANTKt*. \\ Alt 1>!'P USTME.VT Oav \I. tiV ItrKUAl" ) (l/hf of Chief ' (>tnf.*r mutter, W.isnixdTON, D li.. Aprils. JhM. ' One bund red and fifty (^1S>') iii>il?r> per h^ad will I c paid for ail f'AVALRY IIOIV-'E? delivered within the lo-rt 4ift?-?? it ?1 ">> <1 -,y?? at the Government Stables. Gicsbnro. !),(' Saiil horses to be sound in all partieijlari, not le~s than fi\ e (h) nor more i ban nine (*H vewv- old ; from i i" 16 nands high, full HwIim compactly built, bridle ?i,e. iilid ofsi/.c -iillicieut lor cavalry pu rposes. sp'i tlifnl ions vill ii ffffti-f <i.i ,-i ??<?(/ ?.i ,i,rf rttiiflj/ t/i'orrnl in f cerf i>irtifHlr%r. Payment mml<- on delivery of ten i l"j aint over. 11 <? ii rs of insjiectimi from i? a iii to ?? tn J \MES A EKIN Lieut. Colonel and ap - l.'-t Chief Quarteriiiaeter,'C.'vv;ilry H'if* aii. WANTED IMMEDIATELV--200 LADIES to '? Embroider on .Muslin. Linen and Cambric. To hand- constant work ami good wages given. Ladies applyiug will pi-a?e bring samples of work. Apply ar. WM I'M INCE'S Slauipiug and Machine Stitching iJfpot. HM E Mi?- t. oppoiiit.* Patent Office. f" Is iz/i1 AdTeS wanted TO CALL AT PRINCE'S Stamping Dipot.. ::^l ! sf i ;et,opposite Patent Office, aud ^ t Stamp m;' S'ltcning Prnkingund Kmbroidert ?1< n? .V therc are other liichai'd.') in l*ie licld i.ldies t'ettifr look out that Mie> to Prince's, who :g th' only practical band iu the <*ity Re -un- yo-i go t.. K Rtreel. oppoaito Patent Office^ n i i A NT E ^ SECOND* IIA N 1) kTRN" ITT' R E Also. Mirrors. Carpets. Iteds. BiwHiurg and II"usefu rni-jililog Goods of everv des?rii?tio?i B. ltL'CHI.V J-J-' ?fli street, nib :*i-tf ? bet. G snd H f-a^t side. \\ PERSONAL. I HEllEBf F0UEH A Rfil ALL PEPSON > FROM I trusting my w ile or any other person oi pei s?M of! in> account, a- I am deterniinol to pa) no i?ill pot i'f my ow n c<?traction. a.y* KliWARD ESP 11" T A. . 'I^Wo LAD1 KS. V01NG, andgf PHEPOSSl'S I si lit a ppea r? me, n re d isiron -? of uhlaiui ng the attentions of iwo young gentlemen. V*re?snbld manners, goixl rtlucairon . find jiloji.'Vin' mldress i"?* iii-iispeiisaV!e. Mouey is i|o object. Vddres- Mi--s l.t/l"l V BRANI?ON. Po?it Office, Wellington. oi: I l> V LIVINGKION a|. T-::t* A GENTLEMAN OK PRMPO^SESSINO Al? l??arany.-ars of age, a -?mnger in eit /. Would like ti> form the acquaintance of s-jiife hand>iime i?jie? lady of modest aud retiring hah it.-, wrth ? >,*ie\v to matriljopy. Moiinv no obJ.-.-L 1*1 els* addriMi t?. FilD.C LBSTER, nplii^it' Washii??to:i, D ?HKH Kl.t JKS1V" CHAMPA?*K. THE HO V.\L M'V.yA' OP y.FGLAXl'* A limited quantity ofjthi" sjp*l?<>r 4Win.- hn, been secn|-e?| for the undersigDe'l, and llie lirst shipment of 5f0 ca<es ha- arri?v4, by the fbol) inim.-, direct from ti?e'-fcl!4r< of th--wv';l know II bol|se of Mi?rs. DE VENliGK & 00 , a' Epcrnaiy. France. The pfrjeeiit itifotce will introduced into tiiis maikwt it tfli* ??r> l?w price id* TWWNTY IHM.f.ARS PKR CAfE OF QU ARTS. pa>atlein currtrncy. which t* iAU u |)<d<>w i'- ir-t rof-t The rupctior ittiaiit) of this Ktut is guaranteed. and il is offered ?ith toutideuctt of it* approval by count, igseui s. Ordefs lor one %'t more !*e ??ldr?4.?s*sl, bf Or otherwise, to the uadecsigtl-V WM. HENRY WARD. Wine and #rutt Dealt-' S?'. 7 Rroa't clrcet, ue'ir Wall, Maw York, ap l-?'t ? t W1LMAM HRAIH.EY BEGS TO INfOSM HIS ?* frt-'nds apd lha imMif that M fljj diii|4 * ! variety of large and beantifcl stytfc of M?>rn?mci<t?, Jlr.i'l Stf'rie< and *11 kinds of fc'Me worlt??f to erder, iu<d 1? thankfnrfor past artd hopes u> iolicit? share of Ibeir paU'ouag*. l'eua. avemfa, be t wee a l^th *?d 1.7th tfs _ 1MRST CLASS BOARDING SOOOOfc FOftfcOVS, I at Mt. Joy, I.aAea^ter P* For ?iiteular?i ad drss* Prln?if*i, _ t "*,tWHW3<WU FOR RENT AND SALE. f^URNI?HKD ROOMS TO REST-No .ISO C ?trett , apis ;?? Brick house for rent?cnntai nins fir? rooms. Applynt the corner of south BandijtH streets cast. ap 13 2t* FOR K S K T?Four nnfurnishod two-storv FRAMB HOI SKS, with ground attached. on ? qiurt' No. 3'JO. Apply to JOHN MILLF.R. on ^ street. between 1 ana 4th. sp 18-5t* OUSK~FOR RENT?A FRAME HOUSE con taining five room.*. The furnitjre for sale. Apply ou trie pr>-No. 4(iS M Street. south side. between 121b and Kith. PoswisioajiTen im mediately. Reference rcqnired. ap 13-3t* FOR RENT?To wat'Umaker*. Jewelers, or others. a part. of HOUSE with Bow-window mnl Ga? in the upper part of the city. desirably located, and near alt the Department* of the First Ward. Apply at this office. Box No. 14 ?j> is 3t* '?"'WO CUAMBFBS on second tlor.r. furnished. 1 and in every respect very pleasant and desi ruble, will be rented to gentlemen of respectabil ity by tb?- mouth. Inquire at No. '2^. K street, between 7th and 8th street-. ap lS-3t* IfOR RKNT-A BRICK HOUSE on 13tli street. F second door noutb of 0 street, contains eight room? newly painted anil papered. Best of cit? references required." Applv toGKo. A I,ANR lltittcr Dealer. Center Market, or 175 K street, between 18th anil 19th sts.. Firat Ward. ap lH-2t* FOR SALK-The FUBNITUB1 and LEASlofi house t private boarding* iti x good locality. Rent pery low Price$.,?**? i mIi, None but those ready to compl) with the terms need apply. Im mediate possession given. \pply b> note or in person to D. C II ARRIS.'291 G street, bet. nth and Htli. from <; to" p. in. only. ap 18-3t* FOP. SALE.?A FARM in Prince George's county, 2,'? miles from Scaggs's Switch. 12 mile-from IVitshiniUm: W#?nr<'>. MHn fine timber, balance cleared; fair improvements. Will ha sold clieap for cash or exchanged for improved city property. Call at No. 300 corner of 9th and M street-, ap 18 St* FOR RENT?A FURNISH KD HOUSE in George town, el i si hi v situated. containing 11 rooms in complete order, having gas and water. Terms: *15** per month, payable monthl) 1n advance. Sat isfactorjr references required Apply to II. C. SPALDING, Attorney. No. SI** 1? street. n??r 4th. up Stairs. Washington. I). I' ap l#-3t* Pr? O R RK N T?Four 1 are*- U NFU BNI Sn E B ROOMS. Inquire on lutn street, between N aud O, first house north of X st. ap lu-2t* IIK GBKENlBACK RS8T ATR A NT FOR3ALK with furnished rooms attached and a lease of 5 years.v Inquire at 4?*2 10th street, first door above Ford's Theater. ap l.?-3t* FOR RENT?In a small private family. FUR NISll F.D ROOMS, on second floor, for gentle hieti. The location is in the vicinity of War and Treasury Departments. Inquire before t o'clock a. m. and after 4 p. m. Apply at Vermont sv eiiue, between II and I. ap* FOR SALK OR RF.NT?A first-rate two-story FRAMF. HOUSE. containing nine rooms, to gether w ith nine BUILDING LOTS, ail set out with choice fruit, sueh as peaches, pears, plums, cher ries, grape- all of the nest selection; with a pump of excellent water in the yard; on the corner of G and I3th streets and Penn. avenue east^ For further particulars call at residence No. 57 5 ap ltf-lm* D. CARROLL. north, between M and N sts. ap Ij-Jt* j^ARRER SHOP FOR SALE?No. tir.4 7tb street LP r BERS. No ** Missouri avenue. between 4'.; aj> I CD < fpOR RENT?Plea-ant FURNISHED CII \ M 1/ BEB8. No " Missouri avenue, between 4' and 6th greets. * ap IS .It* 17OR RENT-A' FURNISHED ROOM . second story, without board, to srentlemeu only; meals ??so be obtained immediately opposite In quire 3iiD 11th st.. between Laud M st. ap 15-3t* FOR SALK CHE \P?A small CON Fltf'T ION K R V STORK, an excellent place for a soda fountain. Appl> immeiliatcly. as the proprietor is guina i;i other business. Inquire at CHAMRKRLTN '8 gro cery, corner 18th st. and I'.*. av. ap 13-St F^OR SA L E?$?iuo for four-years I, RASE of a store on Pa. a venue. 22 bv 8"'feet with room back. Location good for any business. MITCHELL A SON. Real Estate Brokers, ap l5-7t* southeast cor. Pa. av. and 15th st. ffljT CHA WILL PURCHASE A NBATFRAME " U IIOUSB. containing r'-oms (ip^lu l ing store and bar room. v* ith <1.5 II worth of stock. > Lot 28x114; location unexcelled; title perfect and immediate possession. MITCHELL A- SON. H-al Estate Brokers, ap 1.V2w southeast cor. Pa. ar and 15th st. ?1Q AAA WI1.T7 PURCHASE A PRtiPTfR <5 lOt'H'l/ TY frontiii|f 4" feet on Pa. avenue. Second Ward. A three story brjyk building hav ing two goyd stores and ei?ht large rooms addi tional . now renting for per year. MITCHELL A SON. Rpal Estate Brokers ap 15-St* southeast CO*. Pa. av, and 15th -t. OR 8ALE?A valuabl" SELAFGllTKR~ ifoTSE PROPERTY. i'5,i(ii feet of ground and im provements, as follows; Slaughter house. 1(5x45;one do..2 x25; ic# house. 2^ix2"; stable JS.x^a?substantial brick buildings; cattle and stable yards well paved, admirably adapted for a soap and candle factory or tannery. Will be aold for MITCHELL A SON Real Estate Brokers, ap 15-lm southeast cf?r. Pa. av. aud lath st, F? OR SALE-A STORE and D^fFLLFNG HoUSE". No. 40 I. on7th street, between H and I streets. Lot 2' by 7" feet. This is n first-rate business place. A BRICK HOUSE. No. 40t>.on Af street.between 4th and Mb streets. Has.-ix rooms Set- back from the street. Lot Ho by 219 faet; running through to Ridge street. Is a very deirable plaee for a private residence. A BKICK HOI'SK No. 1J2.onOthstreet.between 0 and H streets. Has four rooms. Sets back, with \ ard in front. Lot 1'.' feet 6 inches by i>!> feet. A FRAMF. HOUSE. No. 3T3. on 9th street between I and New York avenue. Seven rooms. Lot 2" by Jt'O feet A FRAME HOUSE. No. :i I -?. on H<th street hetween Land M streets.- JI?s six rooms. I.oJt 2.' by l<?< feet. A FRAME HOUSE. N?>. onG street between 11th and 12th. Six rooms. Lot 2" by 3*1 feet. For particulars apply to F. S. KERN. %p 13-lui" No. H st.. bet. 4th and 5th. rpfi LET.? \ nice -mall HOI'SK. containing six JL rooms, with aas in a'l except kitchen: larsre yard, and within two blorVt of the Departments. Furniture lor sab- cheap, ns owner has to leave town. Address " Rebecca,"* post ofliee, one week, j ap 12 1? * C*0R SALE?One thi usand dollars ?inly for na JP equal partner-hip and oae-halfof the stock of an establ if bed business pavine from S'i to #s per ?lay nett profit. No bonus required MITCHELL A SON. Rual Estate Brokers, ap K-Iw* soothe#-t. eor. Pa. av. and l.'ith st. I/OR SALE?LOTS 22 and 32. in Square 513, front ing alM'Uttfi feet < n N street north, bet ween 4th and and running ba'K to an equal fro At a go on Ridge street, containing, in the aggregate, say* i:;.133 square feet. Cash purchasers eau obtains, ureat bargain. Address M SNYDER, Jr.. 30 KMsan stroet. Ne? York. >>It-lw* I7<>R RENT?A lame BRICK HOI'SK. having l>e?n thoroiigblv rc|?airel throughout, con ttfiliii ii f:ftt?n room- InrCudilig a large dioiui; room Mriots 4c., i*Ituat<-d oq High street. 4i er*etf?v n. suitable '."??? a hotel, boarding liou->1. Ac. 1 mmedlate po? e-.-iiui ^ircn Inquir -at No. 147 Thirteenth street, between and F. Uqlweeu 12 and I o'clock. _ npll-2w* trOR SALK?A liAH'i I M'VTw;".- LOTS eon tig # uous?5 and i? aeret?beantif'i'. healthy, good 10 'chborhood; miles nor'h of ? -it v. Al-o \\ante '? A -malt IlOlTSK and HARDEN hi llii' (inintri lor the -unimai , A'UiresS Dr H N, \\ \ PSVORTI1 :H>B C -tre-t. P p_T oo-ir IAI;i;"k r-KieK D\Vfcl.tiV(. if n~rth, b tweftn ISth a i.d 7! h *>v 1-t. . will be sold for Ss.H ,t 1 inuiediate pos-.---ion T-'Uns-M-y. Wonbl al-o 4<dl ottler iinproved and unimproved property in con\ <mit?nt location-. _ B. MILB1 1CN. , :ij.ii-im 5*4 Iiitreet north. 8AI K OR B EKT?That first-class DW KI.L 1 l.NG HOUSE an 1 lotoi ground at the south ? e^t COrnci of Prince and ("<duiobns -t reels. Ale\ andria. Title perfect and imtnediate pos-e-s:on given Inquire of .IAMHS A. STOUI.ENBKRG, Alexandria, or of the sub-criber Franklin Row. Washington, corner 13th ami K ' ap 5-lm* J H. LATH HOP. HOI SE? FOB SALE. A Corner Lot. IflW feet front on l's.av.,coa tainiug 22-.ri00 square feet of ground, improved by -tores, offires. and resideneesT is on<* of the he-t locations for a fi-rst-ciass hotel in Washington. The whole of this excel lent property can be pur chased for if 125,<H*>? cash, b:daace on Ion# time. _ . ? ..... A line Brick Residence on Iv-t..oppo Franklin Square. 12 rooms, 26 by 133 ft to ?i foot pave<l al lev. stable and carriage hf.ii?e ?' U>.UoO IV si ruble Brick on llth st .,neHr Pa. av., 2u l>y HB, 10 r<>on?s 8t*? Brick Residence on 1. st.. 22by 137. 10 rooinp. g?iod statile. - ?. , ? S,4U0 A -ubstantial Brick, on B St., bet ?1 and 3d, IS by l(l(l. S rooms t,'??t A snug lit tla Brick House, on L St., lo by lt*>, <; rooms. ? ? ? ? ? -? - -- ? ? ? - 3?" Frame Dwelling, rooms, and 10,W.t feet of ground ' *v *?* 7.01? A neat Frame House, on llth st . 12 by Ion. 6 rooms L?1-! (>ne on htii St., bet. N and 0*ts'., 23 by 12K. d Tooms. -?- ? ?-? 1,400 Two Frames ou N st.. l?et. 4rh aijd 5tli sts, 15 by 130. 4 rooms, each ? - 1,)00 llnildiji{ Lots in all part- af the eirv. A numbrr of desirable Farms for sale . MITCHELL A SON. Ileal Lstato Brokers, m P t t Vf 1 8. K. r<ir?*K PH. av and l?th -t. l^iiR BENT?With ?r witliour Board, an excel 1 lent PA BLOB and severs! %?eli fu rr 1 slled BLl? liOOMS at 4?>(? 12th i-tr et. within fivo minutes valk ot the Kirkwtfod House. Willards and ?h? I'atetitOflice. Post OftiCo alid^Trcaiury aa?t Stale UopjkrtKieuts. The location ia uinurpa?-d in Wa-Um^'tou No children in th ? b.yli"?e de 27 tf OBDNAyCE OFFICE. * . Vk'aa I)kpa*?)W 1 W lSlllSMTuJ. Api 1 y Il The followi?ig contracts have been ? aided fo| |tor.-e K?iovptnents. andee-the pi ooo 1 - receivw under call of a*lverti.-4;meiit of ?">* 21 for?2fi.?*n sets, the b?.H under whicA re ov>-|?ol h nril 2v t 1 Stirling A Co.. St. Louis. l,uo? j?-ta. -25. P*?St. Louis .Vr-*M nl. 1 ? Stirling A Co.. &t. l.OMIf. l.??K? se%S.i >fc, Lonis Arsenal , ^ : __ : Starling A t'i?? St. i-; I ,imi-ot-. ;i ^2t St. Louis Arsenal. ? ?. Stirliia A Co.,St. Loais,).<*?>a?tt..a J"> .s? t 10 clnnati Departi?eut. , Stirling A Co.,St. L?o\ft. l.'Oiaets, at '?t'.ss?t m citjuati Depfcrtwent. , . G->o. Peter*, Be war's . f ."?*'*e4-?, at -I raaa t'ord Arsenal. : ' . ?n Geo. Peters. N -wark, l,U>o * t#. at S'-U."'?*lle gliaiiy ArM-nal. ._ x Hhj Peters, Newark . 4,u*? -ets, at -?> 14r-> lork Arsenal _ J . .? .. Gel*. Peters. Nev? ar t. !,'<?? -<??-. a' **' 49? V ti(M. ApVterh Newark, -1*-. *S'.6V-S"ew f.C1 S. s\S'rn?!l Ne ?? V<,rk . N?w }!cumrnitietli Sprinatield, !."?? sot*,at W"V*?? Krr iprit Ars*q?I _ . 1 *<*>'? MMrker A Co.?7I-'a 4,?I> s*t .* ? ,5i?New YfrU Arsenal^-o RaMS vY sp 1^hi?f 1 AUCTION' SALES. " a *r AwUm SbIh ?w first r?<f. j^T, .^rWRilOOFI AWPTQ.WORROW i>Y J. 0. * CO., Aactioatara. EXTBN8IYE BJVam/J&S 22IktINO w? FRONTING 7Tc *?? OTH 8TBBKT8 WEST. AND RBUD8 IvLAND AV**C* AND A 8TBEET NORTH. . . - . . On MONDAY, the ?tb w ??f April. w*. shall sell, in front of the pre mis**, av *?? " ctook, p. m.,?art of Souare No. 442. subdivided ? nr? handsome BuiM i x Lots running to alley*. Tb*'s aroiwrty is situ* ?ted only one square from the Rai'rosa Depot. ?->ii 7ih street, in a thriving ami fast inliprorfug pirt of the city. Term*: Ona-fourth cash; balance iniS, IS, 18. and 24 month*, for note*, tearing inter*!? from date. A deed given free ofroet, and deed of traat, at rqst of the purchaser. taken. Tula clear. Plata of the Square ruay be sees at the Aaetion Room*. ap.lS d J. C MrQUIRR & Qq , An^ta. * |JY J. C. McGUIRE & Co , Auctioneers. THIBTY-8IY DB81RABLB BUILDING LOTS ON FOURTKENTH STREET AND ADJACENT THERETO. AT PUBLIC AUCTION. Ou MONDAY AFTBRNOON, April 13, at 4^ o'clock, on the aramiaes. we shaft sell the eartern half of R#uare No. ? f, rub-divided into thirty six desirable building lots, sixteen of S%cm fronting J* feet on fourteenth street betweea f and Y streets, and extending back IJ > feet to a 15-fuot aUey. and twenty fronting 17 feat eaeh on U and Y streets, near Fourte* nth atraat, and extending back ta a?v foot alley. Term a : One half eashjthe remainder in thrs* and nix nioiitha, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. Conveyance* at tha cost of the aurcha?ters. ?67" Plots of the lota n ay be obtained at the auc tion rooms. ap.H 7t J. C. MCGUIRB A 00.. J. C. McGUlBE A CO.. Auctioneers. CHiNCKRY SALE OrTALUABLB PROPBKTY. By virtue of a decree of the late Circuit Cos-rt of tha District of Columbia. si King as a Court of Jtauity, dated on the 30th day of November, 1362. and rendered in a-cans* (No. l.SRS) pending in ,?Md Court between Christopher O rammer ?n1 William B. Todd, trustees of the lata Gottleib C. Gramnowr and others, complainants, and Jnlius B. Grammar and William H. T>i:nkin*on and others, defendants, the undersigned trustees will sell at pnblic auction the following property, par? of the homestead of the latsG 0. Grammar, in Washington city, D.C.: AIOA'IMJf. April ISt/i, it half-pn^t ?* p. m. n the premise*, l>at numbered nine,(9;) inSqtiaro numbered five hundred and thirty-three, (6.13,) frantiPK fiftv-sis feet and two inche* on C street north, between Third and Four and a hair street* west. It will be sold in separate portions, each to have a front of twenty-eighl feet and on* inch. Awt on tkt foUmrin' day, ( TL'ESDA 1 1 19'a u'<?y of April. We will aell on the premises, at half-p**t S oYiook fcm., lot numbered fifteen! I51 and fat t of lot nuaa red sixteen. (16.) in square nam be red one hun dred and ninety-eight. (188.) These valuable aad eligibly situated lots front about eighrtr 'eatioa L stravt north, between 16th and Ifth atreeta west, and ara opposite the residence of Ategander B*r land. E>n. The terms of sale are: One-third cash; th* bal ance to be paid in equal instalments, in six and twelve months from the day of sale, the said bal anee to bear interest from the day of *ate. and th? payments thereof to be seen red by tha notes of the purchaser; and said notes to be secured liy a dewtof tiust on the said property. If the terma of Bale be not complied with ia Hre days from the dsy of sale the trustees reserve the right to re sell, at the risk and expense of the pur chaser All conveyancing and stamps at the expeaaa of the purchaser. CHR. GRAMMIR./? WM B. TODD. ( Tristeas. ap.H-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO . Aacta. B Y WM 1>. W ALL A CO.. Auctioneer!. SALE or IMPBOVBD PBOPBBTY ON TAB ? IH LAN D. By virtue of a decree of tha lata Cirenlt Court of the District of Oolambia. bearing date on the soth day of May A. D 134>,and passed inaoauaain whicti D. W Moore A Co. are aomplainants, and Geo. K. K i rk and others are defendanta, I aha!! offer for aala at public front of tha premises .on Tkcr^ day, the 14th of April. A. D. 1364, at 6 o'clock, parts Lots of ground numbered seven (7) and nine (9.) la sqnare nnmbered four hundred and thirty-ssvan (4T7.I of, tae plan of the city of Washington, as de scribed in the proceedings in the said cause itha dimensicss of which will be given on tha day of sale) with the improvements tfiereon eon?iatia? of a neat a?d aubstautial two story briok houis. This property issitaated on f straat aeuth, be tween 7th and 8th straetg west, in a thriving aad healthy neighborhood. Terms: One third eaah, the residue ia two install mruta of six and twelve months, the pur;haa?r giving his notes for the deferred payments, bearing interest from the day Of sale. The dsed to be re tained uatil the whole of the purchase meaty la paid. All oonveyaceing at the coat of the purchaser. BDWARDC CABRINGTON.Trustee. mh>i~eo2w W. L. WALL A CO., A nets. try THI ABOVE 8ALE IS POSTPONBB Tr? TI ESDAY AKTEKNODH, April Wk. *a*neho<!r. ap 15 W. L. WALL A CO . Aacta. r> V #. ('. McGUIRE A 00.- Auctioneers. A c< llection of miscellaneous Boek* will be sold at Public 8?le at the Auction Rooaaa, commencing TUESDAY BVKNING. April 7 o'clock, an 1 contintiing each evening thereafter until: all ar sold The collection is the 8f>ck tft a Collector and Dealer in Old Hooks, and unbraces every variety in the Hook line, na sing? Law. Medical. History. Stati-tici, Cyclopedias. Geography, Astronomy. l:?tany. Novels, &c? A c. Terms cask. J. C. McGUIP.K A CO., Auets. BY WM. L. WALL A Co., Auctioneers. S. W. corner Pa. av. and 9th at. AUCTION SALE OF GROCERIES, LiqUORa, AND CIMARB. Ou TT'EbDA^ MORNINU, the J?th iustaat. we will sell a" the Aa> tion Rooms? Itaxrel- White ?ud Yellow Sugar, Holes Sperm and Adamantine Can ties. Boxes Castile an<l Toi'et Soap?, Hoses Chewins and Bmokine Tobacco an t Cisare. Dnniiohns Hrandy an i Whiskey. Cases Brae ty ar.d Whiskey. Cordial and Hitters. Octaves and Quarters Brar.dv, loo barrels Whiskey, various brands, Csfes Boots a;iSb es. Small S'?i es, A c. A c. arts-It WM. L WALL A CO., AiictH, I JY J C. Ml (i LIRE ,v C(.)., Auctioneers. TWKNTY THREE DESlltAB1.1J RUII D1NU i.ots in the Northeun ^art ok thr SEC'CNU WARD AT PI KI.IC SAl.K On SATURDAY XFTBllNOoN, April 16th, at IS o'clock ,cn tte premise*, we nhall sell to the htgh est the whoie of j-quare No. 3'7 and aqtmre north 1'fP'iuareNo :t.'54.6ub divided into gool si/e l Building Lots, fronting re-pfctive!y on Termi. it avenue ao'i llth stroet west. t>etween S vid T straeta nocth.auK Vermont avenue aid Jith street west, between 1; ana Sstreftt* north. \ ermoiit av-au- lias l>eeu paved on the we-it .-<:d* to the I'.oun'lary of the City, aad i> iestined to b* one of the iin-"t streets in t>.al sfct^on of th ? C:t? Terms; one third cash th>* )>alf.!ice in sit and twelve month-with interest, sac ired by a desdof trust on tae premises. Coaveiances at the cont of thenurchaser ?/-?'lrts of the |iro^-rtymH\ he obtained a' the Auction Ro'^ras. apu.l J C. MoGUIRB ,V 00 . Auct?. tt>-TIi* AHOVB 8ALK lb PO8TPONSD IN Con4eijuinC"- of the rain, uut:l FRIDAY AFTER NOON, A pril same hour and irl?ee. an is-3t J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. TJIOMAS BOWLING, Auct'r; Georgetown. B OLD LUMHER AT AUCTION. OnWEDNESDAY AFTKRNOON, at 4 o'clock, I will<<ellat the llridte street Bridge, Georgetown, u Lot cd Lumber, aiiout ia,t?M feet. Teima cash. ai-l? THOMAS D0WL1NG. Anct. |>Y 01!KEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. AUCTION 3ALK (?> A TWH SToRY ThKHK HOUSE AND !.')T. On THUBSDAY, the 21st instant, at i>o'clock, p. m.. we shall sell in front of th.- premises, on 4th >treet. between Maissafhu-etta ?v?nm> and I str^etts north, a good twn-ftur> Krame llfiuse. Lot 21, in Square south of Siinar?* N<v. olfi. containing s:x rooms 25 fe>-t front. 80 feet d"0i>. with side alley. This is aiinechance for anyone ?:?hiri;to pur ehase n suvall residence, as it will be sold without reserve Terms One half ea.-h. halanca 'nsi* aud twelve . months, f i-cured b> deed of trust on the premises, notes bearing interefet. Allconre>an(.iuggnid reve nue stamps at tte cost ot the aurcha'er. ap lit GREEN A WILLI \>1S, Aucts. Y WM. L WALL A CO , Auctioneers S E. corner !'a. a\. as,"'- ^th o'r.-et A LARGE STOCK OF LADIES AND MIS8KH BOOTS AMI SBOBS. DRY GOODS. HOSIERY AND FANCY GOODS A.T AUCTION. ?On 'iHIfK.SD.VS MORNING, 21st instant, If <>*clo<3c. we will #ell at the Auction R .ouis : Ca>es of Ladies Japaneie iioutaaud Kalniorals, Jenny Lind Slorjeco Boot.-. Childrtns heeled axd no ln-el 8h<?'-s and 81ipper4, A ?reat variety ??f Hat?, Calico Prists, en and Mu.'.in, aad Colored Ctiu hric. ('loth s Csssimeiaaa l Alpaca. , . Mi'rim s. V>:il|iaut> Fljuue'.s, Sl^irt: and Diasvers. IIiiLQkerChii fs. Hotieryand (.loves, Sffol toftow. S6wiug Siik an t Thread, l>iney ^ilk,s and Dt e.-s Gi<vl>. e Pui>ei?, i'oituo i-ai?' T->tv. Brash* s.C?.n?B*. .?.i cum. Ip'lfi' ft M L WALL A CO.. Aucb*. 1?Y J. C. McGUfRE ."c CO., Auctioneer*. PUBLIC BhI E OF A~YALUABL1 LOl' GROWND AT TBNALLYTOWN IN TH* 1 1 K1421' Ol COLUMBIA On SATTBDAY, the23d day of April, IBM,atL |vr' -1 & o'clock p, m..will be offered f?r sale ay aii? bie Lot of (Ironml at TeDall>town. i? the District G * ores# <? wis a?i Uoekville tarnwke road, raanl c back iffont fifty fix perck?,. and containing about n ur and-aOialf acraa<of laid. mow or less. - Trims of sale: Oae-third aash. balance ta three and six moatlnftfr aotss, and interest secured by det*d of tTust on th# premises. i ?v ??"'????' ii>: ?af/,iv?ar Attorney iilitact. ap.i?U J <C. McQUIBK A QQ.. Ancta. ^Sf^%TssWi.r tasw;

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