Newspaper of Evening Star, April 18, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 18, 1864 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. A WomaW's Trick.?The J:t*t ptuife of the '?confidence same ' wsfdw-v*loped on Friday, tij :* ?. in>Iddmi fe rr,ale. The wox:tn hxying aa earthen vessel enieied acrocery store and bpu*fct n. poi:nrt of coffee. Removing the lid ?hp dropped th? coffee in ^aid ve?g#i, replaced the lid, and vcn* abont to pay lor it, when she ?liseo"vered s-he had lorgott-'u to orli'g her mon *y. Net to hiiv.' hir honesty taspeeie.1, she ?>"Id she -would lea\e fcer purchase till she went Heme and po' her money, and ac.'or^injtly ret her cro?*tcerv on the counter. where it re mained tintil the rrocr thonjcht something van?: be wrong, and on removing the lid, h? found there was no bottom to the vessel, and of . our?e the woman had gone ?fl' with the cofi'ee *n her apron. *T Somebody who Knows and somebody who is sensible, observes that when two or more wemen approaching you cm a narrow walk, fail behind one another to enable yon to pass, you may be sure They are ladies of uncommon j ?litenesa :vnd consideration. The usual vourse pursued by womeu is to ohaflje all abreast, sweeping everybody before them into ? he mud ?CAt a printers festival ihefollowingeenti jaent offered: "Printers' Wives?May Thf y always have plenty of small caps lor the heads of their little original articles." ?^-Ic England they have pablie readings for the milli ?n?, admission one penny, the poor flock to them m crowds, and listen with won* lUrfut interest. ?GfTlie New Yorkers are goinp into front f'?r.ii,g v. ith ii. rush. Fi ve-p juiuiers are not ixcommou. Wtf l^ien'. ('ochrane, an officer of the British army, ;>nd a son of a New Tork merchant, was lulled while on a tigei hunt in India. ^ James M. Perry, of Kaaknkee < onaty, 1:1., has been nominat ed for Auditor ot that State. WAn Albany paper advocates the use of < ummy engine* on the street railroads of that ' v WThe last book trade sale of r?ew York proved one of the mot; successful that has yet been held. t&~A wealthy farmer h*s just died af Mil ton, Canada. fiom the effects ol the bite of a pip. MT Kev. J.C. kimber, a leading mmuber of the Illinois tJorrtereuce of the Methodist Epis copal <;hurjh, died a few days ago. 9W An otter, weighing i:"> pounds, wa a few ?tays ago shot in Chester connty. Pa. WOi a family ot eleven children living in Middlesex, Canada, seven are dejif and dumb. *.'0.000 WORTH fU rli u 0 0 r S A N D P II o K S Have Arrived at m il.l'Kt N S BARGAIN STORK, AGO fctUMH ,cthk>:t, A<!joininj: Odd Fellows HkII. PI * fU k consist.* of .sjl .-'Olt* aud styles of B:il ii.oralp t.6it.?i>:. Bitot* Tien. Piii'ij/" Slippers for i ur.ei), lfi.lits. tuiMce and children, which-will l)* fold At la.-i year'* prices. \uy h'botfri not giving ,*aiisfS'tion will l>? iiiiT'i '?I free of rk?rgf. So trouble to <hiw ?ro<?da. Wholesale rooms in the basement. .100 Seventh strwt. PUBLIC STOREHOUSE, (Covering Half an Acre tf ?irouiv! J COittMEBUlAL BUILDING. r ROD ret AND COMMISSION MA liKE T HOUSE. JOB .1 FARRt LL. Pole Afeney Ibr WILLIAM OLAQWP A CO,'8 ?*Itimc-re CBLBBBATED ALB AND PORTBR.'in Earreta. Haifa and Bottles. - A^epcy for M. P. HMD 8 NBW YORK M. P. W ALB. Adapted 10/ Export Trade. WarraaUd to keep In any Climate. Agtpey for M. KNI6nT ?0S P, Albany,N.Y , C1L1ERATJD MALT AL? AND WIN* BIT TJR8. Atecef for GR&NNI8 Jt TAYLOR'S, of B?iti r. ore.ClLlBRATXD CANNED OV8TBB8. COVB, PPIOBD, Ace. Afitrr lor TKLBORAPH f LOCB MILLS, BAL TIMOR1, all the family, Bxtra, Super aod l ine Lracds. ( ' | Agency for ALDR1CH .V Y1RKK3. ofPhila-ijl ?t ia, for all their well known Brandr of PICK uB J, f KE8BBVB9. JELLIES, 8PARKLIJ? CUAM< j PAGNB CIDXR. Areccy for BRADIOBD &. MELLIN 8, BOSTON, i MAfcfc .PATBNT ABUYCHA1HB ANDC0T3. ' Aetnry for the 0I1/IBBATID EBNTUCKY VHI8KBY. TUB CRB8CBNT XX 11 RAND. TUB DIAMOND COPPEB DlsTILLBD. Also, tte Baltimore OLD BYE '? WELBY , ERAND."' t>f these we are instructed to "i?ll onf'to large tnyeis at clef e prices, as the ewners intend to keep a coifi>rm ?L><i unlimited snpply on k?ad. Agetcy rf the Nlff TORI AND HUDSON NAV IGATION COMPANY. Prom this Cccs^acy we are in weekly receipt o Caifoes of Hay, Brick, Grain, Potatoes. A e , and Ncrth Biver Produce, all of Whlob ifill !>?> off -red to tte Trade in Carirc Lots. I ?AL?8 ETRICTLY ON C0MMI88I0N. LOUISIANA AY1NU1, tBT^EBN NINTH ANDTBNTQ HTR?BT8, aya-lm WASHINGTON, D. 0. Ml ED BT A1ES? 40 BONDS, < I NITEP STATES < "JO TREAfiOB^ NOTBg, UNITED STATES COUPONS OP 1VM, BNlTED STATES CERTlUCATfiS OK IN DEBTEDNESS, * Sold . f*il v? r. U Bcurrent B<rhani;i' on j!l I arts ot Enron* *,lfl 'he Northern Citi?n, BOUGHT AND SOLD. , f We at* anthf>r5i?*d to f'lrmiih 5-2<? B^md- a! fljir until tlie let of August next, wneii the privilege tf conversion <-t:tse?. f., r St<>vkaKC^ ?<?!<!e\ecute-! in Ne* York ? -el?i*iTe!y >.n totnvniAilofc. K1TrKNHOI"S'E. FANTA CO " jyli-tf Bankers, Prnn. aveaij** '?"Hlf IS TO G1 V K NOTICE, that thv sub-orib^i ? obtained IV'-m theorplun- I'onrt o;'Wf-t^ I uft< ii Cp'inty. in the Oi-'tri'-t of Ortlnuibin. |et'*-r * ' administration an the personal < stn of John -l. S1 uk, Ute ot \V??liir.^t?>ii Oil>. 1> t'.. ?lf'va v 1. All h;?v .t.ji ? i:*? 10~ a'^.iilint ^'ig^ai?l*! ???????d, ate h. rel>> ?arin <i t<. . vltibif tLe ^aun * Ith the '. uucbrrn tLcicoi t.< t.n >n!??, ril er, on . 1 before 11-?- i'-i> I April n- il> ? nv.?y .?!herwis<* l-\ law !?? *? s* ! 1??IIi.iii :?!! !>en>'lit t II h ?^ti<i estate (iiM-n ni* liaiol tills l?th ilf. ' Ai>rjl, ,V D 18*4 (ap B-w.1n*l JACTIrj* rlgjt. ?pai8 is to t:iv>: NOTjrB TtV- ibacri ' ber 1 gtJ < lii aiin <1 *1 mn 1' e Oi j 'i; n w' Ot?u rt ? f Wauhhit'oi. >u 1.1>. in tl-i I' sti I I .tf ?. ?iimi,i!.?. '? t:eim administratis" ? 1 per-oral < -rite i?f William All ilr?-l. late of lVj.|ilii?toii eifjr. D. (J.. ? e<*ease'l. Ali - Int. ii i ??lain - i\ in?.t 1,9 said dec0a?ed are hereby Harii4w t.? exhibll :|i? -al. e h t*l tlifl vom-hAr* tln ri'of. to '! ?? sub-eribiDr, ??ii 01 i^*tore-tfcv Ail It day ??' Mb. rli |i f' t Ii.1 y f AthMiM ' V >'?: exeluiled frO? I a.!l benefit of th. taiil ? <?t?? Gi>*-n inil?r in> U- t.'l,'lti- ; h ?! \ of Man-L A I> J OS K III friWI.ER mh lav. 'T' * ^ A tin'iii-trator "*411P IS TO <il\E NOT ICIE THAT THKJSUb" J ?criler In- oiif*iio-ii irnii. the Con >?: ? if Wa?hiu(toii Coo?t >. in tin Dt-trf"t orC?dinnbiri. tetters <?f ?"Iniiniatration on tfir j?- r?i?h;tf of IKnry C. W iNtorf. late of Ge"jrgvtov^n. I). 0., .[?? ,.as?d. All persons havirs flnicn M_-aln tih.xHid ?le^eat-ed are here?i> warlord t<i ejh'liit fbe ?ame, ? ith th?i vouoh?-r'i thereof, to th?- anU^-riber, ,,1, ,,r before the Jitb "la% <>l Mar<*h ne^ct; t'li rsr ?.y other wine by lp? beaxcluded frotn a!! h n- !it ot '!? 1 | entate. Uiven under ifi> ' ait I tHiP .?it' dav ? <f Mn*. A D. IRfil. JOJIN .1 BO'iJ K ?i.k* 'M 1 a*3a* Adinfnigieator; ? . W, XOTBI.KR. mo. W boTBt.wp. V. \V. HOTELKR * SO\t IMVOKTKR^, / j waoiKSJUK asd be tail DtALeu.i m CHINA. Gl-AfV, AND CROCKBRY \?Afc*. TABLB OUTLEBT. BILYVB platbb wahb. BB1TTAHIA KA3I, BLCOK TIN G00D8. TIN CHAMBER SBT0, COAL OIL LAM I'fl^ JAPANNBD WAITBW, IKK)It KAT'ia, fBATBJH DU8TB&9, BBLS^BS, WOOD WARS, AND BOUBJKAlFlNG ARtlCLBS GIN BR ALLY, iwr HOUSB8, HOTBuS. ^ii> STBAMB'JATS PI BNUSB BP AT BHOP.T NOTICE, ,h ? 31?, IKOM HILL, PANNfyLVAMA Apr^Ul, 4 % 17 coCzd iJetweei; 9t'? an I 1 th *t? tHB^BLYODAO ANl' TBM BAXTJUi PIBLO* I or. Gutptig* 8ae:rhef is Vli^Liia and M*ry? official.. War Dtfartw\<it, Adjutant OtnerzWs OjgUe, I Wasiivf'<>??, JfarcM7,1&64. f Ail applications for leaves of absence or per I mission to visit Washington mast be addressed to Major General Hallerlr, Chief of Staff, and must specify the business for which the officer desires the permission. Telegrams addressed . direct to the Secretary of War on this subject willTecelve'no attention. j By order of the Secretary of War: E. I) Towws*NT>, Assistant Adjutant General headquarters Military District of Washington, 1 Washington, D. G., February 16, 1WM. J General Orders Ao. 3.?Ool. T. Icgraham, 30tla Massachusetts volunteers, is hereby detailed : as Frovost Marshal of the Military District of Washington. He will be respected and obeyed accordingly. By command of Brig. Gen. Martindale. John F. Shbkbcrnb, 'e lfl-tf Assistant Adjutant General. Passe* te Visit the Army ef the Fetemae. t. Applications mnst be made at the office of Major Louis H. Pelouze, No. 203 F street, be tween 17tii and 18th streets, between 11 a. m. and l p. m., except Sundays. Major Pelouxe Js authorised to sign the passes. 2. If not granted at the office of Major Pe ; louze, the decision Is final, and no reference i teed be made at the War Department. 3. Passes cannot be given to females to Ylslt I the army. By order of the Secretary of War. E. D. Townpisd, I . Assistant Adjutant General. DENTISTRY. {^REAL DISCOVERY IN DENTISTBY.' Tdth ErtfOfttd without Pvin mth the Mtthrite cS pei-sor* having teeth ti ex ir?t to call at Dr. LEWIE'S office, *n2 v 'xe them taken out by this and harm leu process. Alto call examine the Doctor's new and im-^ T proved method of Inserting Artificial Teeth. If iSiVk8''.? i"i? improvement in his teeth It!* Tii IT* *he,n 'n no other stjle than this new rnh ISftith streets'0* U2' P* &VeBue' betWeen no via s. it. LEWIE, M..D , Dentist. * 7\ I T ? E T H ?.f !u iir?2 l^Ventor and Patentee yf the Ml NEK A L PLAT* TEETH, at- ?? ^ tenug perscx.aU>- at his office in tbitflfa^SisS any .Many can wear thesevu^Tff# teetl Who cannot wear others, and no ^*-?-U_U-r ; person can wear others who cannot wear these, renoiiii cajlit-gat my office can be accommodated with snv style and price of Teeth they may desire, t<" ttose w ho a re particular and wish the purest, c.eanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that ' Pr?dnce,the MINERAL PLATE will be Xitore fnlK warianted. ? k h 1S.0 '*s^ Pennsylvania avenue streets. Aiso, 207 Arch st? Philadelphia. m%r4-ly' PERSONAL. jV OTit t.-? The person who left abnirgy at tho stii>p on Prospect street, Georgetown, some itinr **<>.? requested tor-all and get it immediate ly or it mil bf sold to pay charges. ap 15 .'St*' \ I \V '"^ellcnt Clairvoyant, tt V . I resent and Future on (J street, M 'r?'P< ,0V, r e rn'l^',SUt?8 Bakery. ' ft I >;L,,< ,A *???M?gn.-tism and Electricity is cur in.i ?,Di,c ",,<J 'fiseaseswhen all other ! tr?atmentp Call. MBS. WREN. 4 1 <? K <t ! 1? x i.i; fth and 7th. Washington, i attended and boarded lnrhitrcon r 1 hp 13 im* i fc-M' excellint clairvoyant and ' mA? medium. 3,{?> oornir of 6th ?tr.;ft and k .i .aveuue' ?\<'r sjrocerv, examines dis'-a^^s. f-'i your d.-art and livinsr rI ? ? ? character. get? nai;i.-s, r<>a>N - ?i f i ""ur^from 1m a m.toSp ?J1 ?p ii* lm" Wi rfoTnn* ivr1. ?Jr* x muno1 Ihn xo as ri'MatKis tf5iiryt??,nS?ner-/4Uern,f0r Brald ?d R??'btoi i.;t o*!. yo?v goods while you wftif Btitobinf oei{Iy?Soo9, /e 18 0nltt< States 10-40 Loan. JAY COOKE ?Jfc CO., ?8'J Fifteenth Street, RkCKIV* Sl'BPCBl"l>Tro>?ii pog r^K N t W NATION A I. I. (J A N a'Jth.?ri?ed bf act ?.* March 3, 1354, and lyiown as ?IKS-KjH'lY HOyDS, being redeemable at the pleasure of the Govern Kent, after ten yct:irs. and payable forty >'*ara fron| d?ve in coin, bearing interest at IIVJJ CENf A TEAR, pf.yable on bonds no over jhw1 annually, and on largf bonds seoii annaally. IN COIN. The COUPON U0ND? wLl be isMied in fi'n), fSXv, aod fl,ilift. The BK(< IS I KRBD BON D? wf!i be isjue 1 in |1*', ??'?', Sr !,??<?), 55 Cn/i, fctd SI0,<" t?. T i t-he are the only gold-bearing securities of the O'lTerumei-t now jrecuraMe at par, and, yielding at (relent value of coiu 0\ Kit EIGHT PER OKNT I'JtJi ANNUM, iifier a very desirable invt-stiaeut for )kTj{e or rmall 9iiin? . We Bay arj'l Sell, at mtrket rates. (i <> YK JtXM t: A" 7 HO.\r>.y OF ALL I.S.SCES, iHEA.sisrfiores, CKRTJFlCAfES OF INDEBTEDNESS, and CO/iV, and pa> the hiKbest prices for QUARTXBMASI KR ? CKKTIEICATJ CHICKS. mhV'i-M JAY COOKE fc CO. \ R WOODWARDS LIVERY, SALE \ND . HIRING STABLES, N-. 47 NojtTH SiKHK.r Bai.T!Mork, A'-flr Saratoga Street HORSES CARRIAGES? HARNESS, Ac., Pur ci-?f#M( huu h>?|?! tnj ?Ai(in. I'tiH V.t offer*. Iiiservice* to tin' public, whi' h from Inngexp-rience aiici e.\teIi^ive acfliiaintiOice sives him jujwrior opportuDities. Particular at i. i Vdtfr.n given to the selection vf Saddle^nd ilar ?i?ss Il<>rs?;s. Person, wishing horses siii| pt*l in aa j direction h> ??en.iiDK thein to my address may -? ?; huHng then promptly attended to w:tl fuf thfi r^r^Da. *'t<fUV'-~ tff ttt ownft-t||v -Kivuig then BPlv^e loach time and trouble. <. r Jo . I> M allai-h. Proprietor Washington t'*r ' , t *i' Gregaon, V-jterinary Surgeon; tfitiMiej i Houston, vluarterma^ter's Department. , ?vc., pur ! ? gg \V'iirrK,^!,!'l,N' OP ANTILLES-A new ?? I rein Ii Co'iJo'tin for beautirying. whitening. M.U i.r.-. j vity '''?? Complexion. It in the most % - I ?lei iii, ri?j;ip, i.ijii oi th.- aue. There is neither k ).????? >?r. i syyefcia. bisui ith. ov' tale in its I1 ?''?.?? '-.ouipohtd entirely of pure it< extranr iinary qualities tot t' ' ' 1 ? i io, ma.viiii; it hoTt, Mjiooth, fair, ?.in, v "I- ? j,-. t j?nt lt?mVe? t})i ,,],i appear young, ?>, till- haaJsoiiH". lilore beau v 'liv'UeVu.V. ice'w And ' H I,'j|i> I!r.O?M 01'ROSRS h most perfect coloi* t<?t i? C I. ? ??><> 'i.|M does liot wa?h ? If or injaru j '*?* v ii, IhIk and Si. IfrNT'SforRT lOll.l r I' UKli, for whitening and rres-rviug I';:;1,]", .! r"'l and ?| cents. Maut;ls;etUre I by II IM,V (.?>., 4 I fco|ilh Eighth street. I'hiladel-. > H1. . x -'eiisir.r unless the name of " IIun! <M!-.vV V"i 1V, ttl,'s- Sale at A. V ? vi- i- i'v?i ii'rui l- ,, r'' r,ri*'*t. Baltimori', ? i V\. l.M UlBLh, collier I Wetfti* btreet and ~"i'ns> ; < .-n:a svt'?. Washington D C. a pl.'fin T,!K '^CRKTARV or THM ? ' ll.aSM in. I hereby give uotice that 1 am fv'T7'Lll' *{?'' ? i-ui.^riptions on account of !?' u h'.In b>' theact ol March .1 M. beaiingitaU- March 1. ISol. redeen sble at< <? pleasure ol the Government. afu?r ten vears "'r '**'?? ,r"m interest I\ I. ,r? i 4 , f } >'*?*? payable ?n Bonds n.?t 'I'ii "k Jnede^d dolUre annually, au,i oB .n C>th?>i b/ ndwariiii-KiiiiiiaUy, ia o iii tul?s.;rlb.-rji will[ n o^ive either' Registered or C mi pun aa they iuav prefer. ,1. . .'^Mr.1 he i*saed of the llnmniinv' i L i3 dollar*, if si.) One Uundred dollars. 1hir V", !^V' a"i!*rK- "?e Thousand T 'it' - ? .'r,- Thousand dollars, <*5 irm,)( ?'*n'!.df,|1,ir"- i# I'ijmi. i aii i Con won BemK of the denominations c.f Kifty dollars,(fsft.l i^ mn.lTi ri*1*1 ?!"!- ,'5V" "undnd dollars', *'!? Oue Thonsand d?IIara. t<i.nui.)? to the"an.'?r? J"'? Vf r,"5y',',,d t" pay in addition Jawfa? xol'i v prftidiial of Ihe Bonds, in V,Tited*??ti^;4^ seemed interest in coin, (or in Barks aldin! J>T lh* r'"1*' of " riber n?Vb4 I fL' J'Vl ' I"T* vr*-ca?un until fc '! ,, ? hrKf ,la? of *?r?h or ?ni-c7!ptio'n and pavfui"? t"'** b#-*,"!l t!i^ da> 0f '.'I" ?'t stib-criptic.n* 1 will iaaue n>v eertificiittf of dep<>sttMli?iofot in 'dirplicate the o filial of %ln:h will te forwarded by the siib ; n of the Treasury, Wa'h In*: r,i,, with a letter i-tat ng the kind. (R?-?i?tered or O'.np.<o,)an i tlisid-nominationofboud? r?anir<Kl 1 !M.|i the rce?iut of the original Oertifieafi^t ' D-P?rn,1ent, fhe Bolls sabscrihod for will l?5 ?Utiiuitt<i to the subscribers rorfneetiTelv ?? soon the san,??Can bt-prepared. It leej-neiteti that tlie first deliveries of Coup<(? r'i be m ide not later than the fourth i tun Of April. V. E. SPINK ?? Jgb? ?w < Treasurer Haited tftnHes. IV^Ta amjwioWreyiiw ~\,.hn. ?,? Vr- ? Oo*K?T8: , . ri J* a..' C? Pa,r.!l?r>' I'rouunelati..,, gUf Louis and Joi" a i w,N.avy ?f,th ' PntTtflBtate*: The Future B"PP.I> <^?tton;Carl Bitter K.^a! W .rk ? Fouri. V. ht. I. mt; General M C.elVn\ it'o.), " t-rit'.^at .^oticee; K itorial N* . I M.-r fron. 11/.>' Profit t. m As CK TA VI OR H? A AT I ' PROPOSALS. t IHtoiASOii OFFICE, VJ War Department, Wasbiswtos, April fl, 1154. Sealed Froposal* 'will be received at this Pepart nifnt until 4 o'clock p. nl. on Wednesday, th* 4th day of May, IStVl.t'rfr thedelivery of all the Wrought Iron Plates and Pars a? hereinafter 'prettied, ne cesFary to build the following Carriages; For 15-inch Gun?, 7i> Barbette Front Pintle, 31 Barbette Center Pintle, Fit VMnch Guns, ltV' Casemate Carriage*. 2?0 Front. Pintle Barbette, For 8-inch Guns, 7'' Front Pintle Barbette. The |>a; ts required for Wrought Iron Barbette i &nd Caiscmate Carriages are as follows ; FOR TOP CM RKlAfcB. | Chech-Plates. Braces, Cap*, Shoe*. Transoms, ; Guide Hooks, Guide llook liar, Trunnion B'.'ds, j Angle Shapes, Bolt-. ' f CHASSIS. FROST > N D CKSTF.R PISTl.g. Bails, Rail Plates, KaM Chords, lt_aiI Braces* j Transoms, Angle Iron Floor Cleats. Pintle T^an ! Joins, Transom Washers. Axle Shapes, Fork j Shapes, Hurters, Chassis, Step. Assembling Bolts. CASEHATK CARRIAGE CBASS1S. Parts named before and rail top bars. The number and dimensions of the iron plates r.nd bars for each carriage to be as specified in the bills of iron in ordnance memoranda No. 6.copies of which can be obtained i. pon application at Wat ertown, Frankford <>r Alleghany Arsenals,the New York agency, or at this oflice. Printed schedules, containing the number of plates and bars required, can be obtained at the above named plaaes. On these bidders will state the price at which they propose to manufacture each part, in the manner therein prescribed. The iron to he used in the manufacture ??>' the platc6 and barn to be as follows : KU1.LC1> 1 RON. Check-Piste* sml Kail Plates of hi-dium quality of iron, fibre in direction of length, tenacity not less than 48lbs per square inch. Transoms all to be of best quality charcoal ilange iten. fibre in direction of length, tenacity not 'less than 48,***' 1 bs per square inch. Trunnion Beds to be of best quality of charcoal iron, tenacity not less than lbs per square inch. Checks, JBrares. Hurters. and Connter-hurters. all to be of good medium iron. Tenacity not less than SU.OOU lbs per square inch. Bails, Bail Chords, Chassis Braces, Caps and Shoes, and Angle Iron,to be of good quality of well-refined fibrousiren. Tenacity not less than 3,',ooe lbs per square inch. Axles for 8-inch and PHnch carriages, and all Traverse Wheel Journals, to be of best charcoal fibrous iron. Tenacity not less than 55,niKi lbs per square inch. All Bolts and Rivets to betof best charcoal tibrons iron. Tenacity not les;? than 5S,'*ki lbs per square inch. HAMMKRKD IRON. Axles for 15-iiiiJi Carriages, and all Fork Shapes, and Tongues for Casemate Cftrriages. to he of thu best charcoal iron. Tenacity no less, than 5j,flO0 pounds per square inch. Bidders will specify the date at which they can commence deliveries, and the rate ut w hich they can deliver each part thereafter. No bids will be received except fToin parties actually engaged in the manufacture of this or similar kinds of work, mid who can bring am pi" evidence that they have in their own shops all the machinery and appliances for turning out the full amount work as specified by them. Bidders will be required to furnish proper sure ties for the proper performances of the work, and w ill enclose, with their bids, the written acknowl edgements of their sureties over their own signa tures. Each party obtaining a contract will be required to enter into b >nds with approved sureties for its faithful execution. .f Upon the award being made. sn swful bidders will be notified,, and furnished with forms of con tract and bond*. The department reserves tin: right to rej'-cl ;?ty or all bids, if not deemed satisfactory. ! Proposals will be addressed to Brigadier Gen eral George D. Bamsa> . Chief of Ordnance, Wash ington, D C.," and will b" endorsed ' Proposals for wrought iron plates and bars for iron gin car riages " <; 1JO I). RAMSAY. iip8-td Brigadier General. Chief of Ordnance. piutpilf VI.H F O R P I. O r R . Iljfi,' !)? f'ft htl$>aru 01 Sllfjfi+t'lf I Washington. I), if'. April lf>. ri>4 * SKAI KD Proposals are invited until the 25th inst., at 12 o'. lo' S in , fur furnishing (he Subsist ence Department with eisiht thousaill ( h?r r- Is - f FLOl II. The proposal* w ill be for what i? known at this !??>p< t as Nos. f 2 aid ?'!. and bids wiII he entertain*: I for any quantity |csk than the whole Bids must I" in duplicate, and foi ?-.?I'-li i-ta-| on FeVarate shf Ms of paper j'he Flour to be fresh ground and delivered ill new onk bnrrels. bead lined. The de! i of the Flour to commi-int. within f 'la^s M'oio tli? opening i l the bids. and in eoch ?: j ntities. ilait v. as the Government may direct; d ,-l i vered at the Government w are home i it (r>- ir-r; tovu.nt the wharves or railroad depot in W*-h ir'gton, D C. The leliverv (,f fl|| Flour awarded to b? Com pleted within twenty d?> s from the openiug >il the ?;<!?. Pftynient will be made in certift> atijs ??! in ji bt -si. or (uch otlvr funds its ihe (iovi ruin lit Mkv have for disbursenn nt. The usual (iovei uiuent inspection ? I e i uist 1 efore the Flour iv received, and bone will '>e h'Sceptcd which is not fresh ground. An oath of allegiance nmxt accompany the bid of i ii bidder who tics not t*je oath on file in this i fSce, and n j i id will tt akitertaiaed from mrttek who have prevKiusl^tailed t? comply with their bills, or from bidders cot present to rettpon I. Government rev. rv? s tin right fo reje.-t nr-y i?m lor any -n -c. Bids ti be a/ldressed to the un l--r si'inod*. at No (I ?t.rect. endorsed '? F'rffix^als foi Flour." S. C GRKRVR, * *p lo-d Captain and C. S. V t^ROPOSALS FOK GRADING STONBWORKAV (>KKi< I OF Washixi.tux AHsKNaI,. / W A S M I NliTi IN l? ?' April l'i. Js'.l, \ Healed Pr'if.o-nl" vill We I'-ceived ,'it thif office (oi ten da>- tioi.i thisdate t>>r Grading tint pf>r- ; t ..ii of the A r?eim! grounds in tli of the P' ni' ii tiarv.and for huilcing and furnishing a p:irt ijf ; the stone for a Sea wall on the west side of said j to otiiid/-. in accordance wil h pp ilicaf i' ns plan*, and se*-i iftnk to lie t i his ? 'ftice. j The bhls will !?? 1^ 1 he cubic yar^l fop llie e*cn 11ii?. and by the j.. rcfi of twenty fivi cubic le--t |( >r t h- sto ni w > ? rk , 1 fie pi i '-es U/ lej W l"i t tyU Oilt i LI v ?. rds in the bids Ka> h i i pc a) ?\ ] ?? .i-'ciiiupunii- l lij a guaranty Mti'' I hy tv, o ri n^ible persons, that ill cast mch bid is aCecjitefl the principal or the g'i a run | tors will. w ithiu fi?edu>s thel'i after, execute the ' contract with suttcient sureties in a sum equal to ? ? ? ? li I ? f t he :i 'i ipu ii t oft he con t rat t ? to fu I CI tin} sniue C'Hiioi iiiabiy. v ith|tlie specifications: .m l, in i ase said bidder atiould fail to entei inl. thecoii ' tracf.ihi \ lo i..ak - good the difTereuce between the ofTel of -aid bidder and tl r? ? \t low -r bi-l-'ei or the pel son t i ti hoin the coufraet may be awarded. Th n poii-'l.i|it> if the jjiiaiantir- mii-t b' tified tij b\ all ofljl;i 1" i.rnli-r tile I'nit - f States (i'?l ? rnui'ut. ir a i'i 4p6iisible person know n :tlii. l . ftiie. l'roii salsto Imadliessed to (Captain J ti. Bun TO.M at this P\isl Slid fiidorsed Pro|M?^;i|s [or <i r.t- . ding. Stonewoi'k, A^c All proposal- received under this advertls -ment w i!! f<e npent-d oil 1 ucsda> , Apt ii 'J'it li at 1?! I: 1 'Jck m.. when all bidders ffnay be present. ; No hid will be considered that does not conform to the requirements of^ I bis advertisement, ti ud the tlovernmenl reserves the right to rei.-et any or .til of the bids if it be Considered to its itlTeresl to do Ificat !<?5is call be obtliiied at this Office, r mailml to aiidicants. J <; BENTON Capt Ofdnaii. p It", td * t'oni'g Washhigton Arseiiel 111 b? N A v i T 8 I' P P L 1 > 8 . NA%Y DtPARTM?!fT, J Bureau of fracixion* nn-i Cloth in*, > Msroh 1*?, issi \ Prr asatb Paor03AL8. sesled and endorsed'Pro tosals for Navy Supplies,wifl be reoe.ifed at this bureau until 11 o'clock m , on TUV^BAT. the 19th uay of April next, for fnrnithing and Aslireriag (on rectiTing ten days' notioe aUM Uaitad litatas is (sry Yards at Chsrlestown, Massachusetts, Bro >k> lyn, New York, and Pbllsdepitia 'PenUsf Iraois, in such quantities only and at micW times m may be rrquired ?r ordered by the Ohief of this Hureai, . cr by the Commandants of the said Nary Yards, ! respectively, dating the remainder of the fi^al ? yav ending June 3'. 18C< the (futilities of the dlfltrtnt ar'i :les aoi at the place* specified in tbe i following Hat. r\t: Chnrlt.-toi'-n. Jiiookly t. PhUn-l- h-kifi. Biee,lbs : fitt.iso 76,<ssi ?. Pried Apples, lbs. ftii.toi suaar.lbs ..J2fi'0i? ?#',??<?? Tea, lbs g.WHJ 1,TS? Coffee, lbs 8Pti,t?0 i Bi ans. galls ?! mm 30,1m la^ fl Molasses, gallfi.^ ... Itj OK) 7,'**' ' Ylnegar, galls 11 U? . beparate oflers innst be made fur esch article at e%eh cf the aforesaid navy yards: and ca?e more tian one article il contained in the offer, the Ohief of the Bureau will bavs the right to accept one or more ot the articles contained In saih offer, and | reject the remslnder. ! For the des^iiption of articlef in the above list I bidders are referred to the sampies at th? sai-1 navy I yards, and to the advertisement of this Bureau dated June IS. 186S, and for information as to the I regulations fin pamphlat form I rega? ding contracts, to Hie offices of the several Commandants of Nary Yard* and Nary Agents. Ht'ink form> uf proposals 11,ay bt obtaiw^l on np piicMion latin navy nr**#* nt I ortunuuth. N ft Jinrup.-hire, Boston, New York, Phila'Itlpkut Balii ?>n*rt,and at this Hurt**. inhl9 lawi^r R00'!"0 ?00??8 f M L T11 H. 0. WILBOM & OO., Foot or itn Sr. Wtst, WAbBiaaToa, 0. Q.t Manufacturers of ?? ROOFING TILT, DRY AND TAKBBD SH1ATU ING, ROOFING CRMKIT and ' LAMP BLACK,* r>LT AND CUMBNT, Wholesale and Retail. Dealers supplied on the most llhsral terms. Factory?foot of Ud street watt. Offle#? ifii 2*1 street, below Fa. avenne ? tab 11-3m* B??" "" ?i0"T0 ?0lf TU. tlUW We sga now manufacturing %}1 kinds of 000TB and tilu>XBf said oonstaatly receiving a sup-, p T of Bs^tern made work of eTefr ucncrip tioa, pad* express y to order, and will be jsai articles. >bld at a mueh lower price than has been heretofore charged In this e}ty for much 'li inferior. Person* lp want of BOOTS and Blip IS of Butern or City-made woik, will always Ru5 a good assort dentin store and at {he lowest prices. Give as a call. GclVFIN & BROTQUR, ap I tf ^ . T14 Pean. aeenua. W"' BdffALO TONOD JB. . - V Hare lustfeceivsd from the West MC Buffalo Tongues, which we recommend to our customers Thar a.t s.C4 1| cured and In prim* order, KING ft hCROkBLL. Watr Utoti, uart V???ki PROPOSALS. IOIOBALI FOB 101191 Q?:?r QsiirimMB'iOfrioi. ?... Wa?hi*8to* Daroy, Deo. 8, 186S., S?alid PmorcBii-s are Invited by the under signed for supplying the t. 0. Qurttrmutar'a Do? partment, at Washington, D. C.,Baltimor*. Md.. Alexaddria, ua Port Monro*, VS., or eithor of *r ?.pU??.V*ltl1 H,T' Corn, Oats and Straw Bids will b? received for the delivery of bushels of corn or oats and 1? ton# of hay or straw, aud cowards. Bidders moat state at which of Ui above-named points they propose to make deliveries, and tho rates at which they will make deliveries tlureat, the quantity of each article proposed to be deliv ered, the time when said deliveries eh a'J be com menced, and when to be oompleted The price mast be written out in words on th# elds. Oorn to be pat up In good stoat sacks, of sbont two boskels each. Oat An like sacks of aboat three bushels each. The sacks to be foxnisked without extra charge to tke Government. The hay and atraw to be s?eureiy baled. Tke particaler kind or description of oats, corn, kay or straw proposed to be delivered moat b? stated All tie articles offered under tke bids herein in vited will be snbject to a rigid inspections ky tke Government Inspector before being accepted. 0 on tracts will ne awarded from time to time to tke lowest responsible bidder, as tke tnterest of tko Government may require and payment will bo made when tke whole amount 6ontraeted for shall have been delivered and accepted. The bidder will be required to acoompany kin proposal with a guaranty, signed by two responsi ble persons that in case his bid is aocepted he or they will, witnin ten days thereafter, execute the contract for tke same, with cood and sufleient sureties in a sum equal to tke amount of tke con trast. to delivsr tke foraco proyoeed in conformity tk tke terms of this advertisement; and in ease t^e said bidder should Ml to enter Into the con tract, they to make cood tke difference between tke offer of said bidder and tke next lowest respon sible bidder, or tke person to whoa the contract may be awarded The responsibility of the cuarantors must bo shown by tke offiotal Certificate of a U. 8 District Attorney, Collector of Custom* or any other olll cer under the United States Government or re aponsibie person known to this offloe, All bidders will be duly notified of the aeeeptanoo ortrejeetion of their proposals. The full name and P. 0. address of each bidder mast be legibly written in the proposal. Proposals must be addressed to Brig. Gen. D H. Backer, Ohief Depot Quartermaster, Washington, D. C., and should be plainly marked "Proposals ?Bonds3n a sum equal to the amount of the con tract, signed by the contractor and both of his Sarantors. will be required of the sucoessral bid r or bidders upon sicninc the oontract. Blanks forms oibids. guarantees, and bond* jnay be obtained upon application at this office. FORM OP PROPOSAL. (Town, County and Btate) I, the subscriber, de hpreby propolt to furnish ana deliver to the United States, at the Quarter master's Department at , agreeably to tke terms of your advertisement, inviting proposals for foraae, dated Washinctoa Depot, Deo. 8, 1883, tne following artioles, vis : bushels of Oorn, insaoks,at? per bushel of M pounds baskets of Oats, In sacks, at ? per bushel of ?pounds _ tons of baled Bay, at ? per ton of 1,000 pounds tens of baled Btraw, at ? per ton of 1,000 pounds. Delivery td commence on or before the day of , ic6 , and to be completed on or before the day of , 18# , and pledge myself to enter into a written contract with tne United States, with gocd and approved securities within the space of ten days after being notified that my bid has been accepted. Tour obedient servant. Brigadier General D. H. Bdcim, General Depot Quartermaster. Washington, D. O, GUARATY. We, the undersigned, residents of , in tha County of . and Btate of . hereby. Jointly and severalty, covenant with the United States, and soar an tee in case the forecoinc bid of be aeoepted. that ha or they will, within ten days after tne acceptance of said bid, execute the Contract for the same with good and ?nflcient sureties, in a sum equal to the amount ol iue con tract, to furnish the forace proposed in conformity to the terms of advertisement dated December 8, 1843, nnder which the bid was mads, and, in case the said shall fail to enter into a contract as aforesaid, we.cuarantee to make cood the differ ence between the offer by said and the next lowest responsible bidder, or tha parson to whom the contract may be awarded. Witness, Given nndrr our bands and seals this ? day of ,188. I8**1-] (Seal.] 1 hereby certify that, to the beat of my know ledge and belief, the above named cuarantors are good avid sufficient as sureties for the amount fox which tkey oSter to be security. To be . Jfied by the United States District At torney. Collector of Customs, or any other officer under the United States Government, or respon sible parson known to tkis off oe. D H. KUOK1R, deS tf Brig. Gon. and Q M. 1)K0P08AL8 WILL B1 RB0BIVBD AT TH1 J Tr<-a*ur> Department. Office of the Supervising Arciitect, ft afbington. D C., until T2 m of the 1st day of May, 1^64, for all the Fire and burg'ar proof Safe* asd Vaults required by the Treasury Depart ment priAr to Ma* 1,1808 Fians and specLications can be obtained by ap plication to this office P rsonally or by letter. Rids to be per flupertisial foot, inc'uaingdoor sud all necesaiary natures, measured on the outside; tae price namid to cover a'l charges whatever, except the freight and tbe actual travelling expanses of workmen to the place where the Vaults are to be erected Sales to be delivered at the Railroad Depot or Steamboat Wharf for transportation, in good order ai.d condition, without charge Locks for the Vaults or Safes will be furnished bytheLepartment.bat must be properly pat on d'y the contractor without charge. AH bids must be accompanied by the bont ot two responsible peieous in the earn of 95 if*1 tha'.the bidder will accept and perform the contract if awarded to him; the sufficiency of the security to be certified to by tbe Collector of Internal Re venae o' the District. The Department reserves the right to rejeotany or all the lids if it be considered its interest to do so. and no bid will be considered that does not con form to the requirements of this advertisement. Bids to be enclosed in a sealed envelope, endorsed "Proposals for Safes and Vaults *' > - ISAIAH R0GBR8, mb.JS 2awtd Sopervislng Architect. /''Hill QUARTSHMASThK'BOBflOB, v Daror or Washihgtob, Wntkinftcm. 1). f., January 4,1864., All dealers in Drags, Hardware, Lumber, Leat er, Offlof furniture, Harness, and Saddlery, are re quested to send to this office, on the MONDAY of each week, a sealed proposal or list,i? dupltrau.ot the articles they are prepared to nirnish to tnis L'enot ?ts' ort notice, with tbe price of each mark er in prain figures, so tkat, in case the exigencies cf the servioe require it, the article or articles can be obtained without delay, and at'the lowest price. Dealers wishing to sell to this Depot will be re quired tc furnish the list punctually every Mon day morning. D. H. RUCKBR, Brljadier General and Ohief Quartermaster, lal tf Depot of Washington. i. >3 000 HOR8J8 wantj,d ' Wi* Dipaitmixt, OiviLtr Bpmid, I Okfioi or ChiefQuarthbmastib. 1 W18H1BOTON, D. 0., March 8, ISM* One hundred and forty-seven (#147) dollars per head will >>e paid for all CAVALRY HORSES delivered within the next thirty (9>) days at tke Government Stables at Giesboro, D. 0. Said horses to be sound in all particulars, not less than five <*i nor more than nine (9) years old; from H}* to 16 hands high. fallDesked, compactly bailt, bridle wise, and of site sufficient for cavalry par poses. '? Thtft sptcifieatian* teill be strictly tdAtrtd to and ritidlytn.tott.fd in tvtry particulnr. Payment made on delivery of ten (10) and oyer. Hours of Inspection from 9 a. m., to6 p. m. J AMIS Jks MKIN, Lieut Colonel and Chief Quartermaster, mh9 aot i Cavalry Bareau. IN JXW YOBK AND WASHINGTON BTBAMBHIP COMPANY. Tke Screw Steamships BALTIMORE. SALVOR, 1MPIBB, ? JAMBS 8. GBBBR, AND FAIRBANKS compose tke line of this company, leavinc foot Wall street, New York, and foot Hick street, Georcetown, every Wednesdav and Saturday. MORGAN & BHINBHART, Acts., fs 26-Sm Poot Hick St., Georgetown. jyj A88BY COLLINS ft CO.8 PHILADBLPHIA DRAUGHT ALB AND PORTB1. I am now receiving larce quantities of DBAUGHT ALB and POfcTBB from this celebrated Brewery, which I am prepared to furnish on short notion to all persons wko will favor me witk their orders. . ,Satisfaction cuaraulied. Orders given to my driven will be promptly at tended to. Goods delivered in all parts of Washington and Georcrtown, free of oharce. Terms :?CkiA tn (Uliviry. R1LBY A. 8HINN, Agent, Union Bottling Depot. 47 Green St., ? ap'g-tf _ Georcetown. D. C. IVi ONITI MONBYI BON1T.I M. K. WALSH k CO., L?CEASED PAWNBROKERS, A O No. ?!> ? 0 street, between 9th and 10th sta.. Near the Varieties. Money advanced on Gold and Silver Watches Diamonds, Ladies and Gentleman'a Wearinc Ap parel. Ac \c. ? ' fe ll-Sm |7?OU *Aextra cbrtfee ltanlv Bver r Itloumiair R<^e(?, MuxnoHax, Tcees, Peoney, Wisterias, Clematite, Orangi'mil Tiemou Trees, l'*ili>r P!aS>t*. Ac.. Oriianieatal ShrnbH. Oiiu4.>i>)C Vlsnt*, Kvergrccnsi Fruit Tr?*es, &c. TlH'Coll??'tSon cou?pri?ej> the most celeb rated Kinds known iu Eurupo,*?r America. ? , A. JAtt|>IN, Florist, li li .18- Ibi* 13tj at.. Cor. <?f M POVtBBT W INB BBTTsiBS. B?u*l to any other bitter* ia the ecuatry. for sale by BILPY A. 8HINN, Nc, (7 Greene street, TRAVELERS1 DIRECTORY. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. K! On and after Sunday, April )Oth. rs>>4. Daily Trains ?will be rtin between Washington and New York and Washington and the West, as follows : FOB. PHILADELPHIA, NEW YORK, AND BOS Toy. Lear* Washington at 7.3o a 111,11.15r m.5.20 p m, except Sunday. On Sunday at5.20 B m for PniLADEJ.PllI A,and 7.r-> p m for NEW TORK. Passenger* for Philadelphia ill take notice that the 5.10 p in train is the latest imtn daily for Phila delphia. , The train at 7..V) p m does not to to Philadelphia, find is for iVfic York passengers exclusively > FOR BALTIMORE Leave Washington at 6.31 a m, 7.;W a m. 11.15 a no, 3.CM p in. 4.30 p m, 5.20 p in, and 8.2> p in, except Sundays. __ On Sundays at 7.3" a m, and 3 and 5.20 p in. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. Leave Washington at 6.30 a in, and 3 and 8.A) p 14 daily, except Sunday. Ou Sunday, at 3 and 5.20 p m, only. FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH. Leave Baltimore, at 3.45, 4.20. 7, 9 and 10 a in, and 3.:?, 4.45 and 7.50 p m, daily, except Hunday. On Snndsy,at 3.45 and 4.20 a in and 3.J0 p uionly for Ayy-jroLis. Leave Washington at 6.30 a m. and 3 and 4.30 p ni, daily, except Sunday. No train tor Annapolis on Sunday. Trains leaving Washington at 7.10a in and 7.50 p in go through to New York without changeof cars. ?Sleeping Car on 7.50 p in train. Berths in sleep ing car can be secured until 5 pro. daily, at the Ticket Officc; after that hour they must be secured of the sleeping car conductor. The first ahnfourth trains from Washington stop at all way points. For further information; tickets of eTerv kind, A-c;, apply to GEO. 8. KOONTZ. Agent at Wash ington Station, or at the Ticket office. W. P. SMITH. Master of Transportation, L. M. COLE, General Tfcket Agent. ap 11 tf WINDOW SHAVES. HOLD OPAQUE WHITE BUFF GREEN AND BLUB -HOLLAND FIXTURES; all approved, styles. G. L. A J. B. KBLTY, Manufacturers and Importers, 369 Broadway, New York. CURTAINS, NBWSTYLS8, H O 1864. i srx 80 S 0 NOTTINGHAM SWISS LACE. ? 2. SB LACE, MUSLIN, R ?. Z BROCATELLE REPS, 5 o ^ TERRY CLOTH, DAMASK, ? ? ? JAPANESE ? ? CLOTH. COVERS, FOR F1ANOS AND TABLES G. L. A J. B. KILTY, IMPORTERS, mh 10-lm 369 Broadway. New York. IflLPOfcTANT TO BTJTLEJJS. butlsb8~will fIND B. A. DOWNING * CO.'S CONCENTRATED CLAM TO 01 A MOBT VALUABLE ARTICLE PO THUS TRAPS. it Mila rtp rapidly, and is the moat ?eonomio* artt?u diet f tke oflear'a mesa. It la ir*iu*d ? oai minute, aad makaa a moat delicious Bob* or Okowdar. It ia kighly r?Mmmtsd?d ky Army Burgeons, Tk? profits are Isrg*. H. A. DOWNING * OO., Manufacturers of Conoentrated food, Mo. 111 Saat 18th at., Naw York, or Mid ky BARBOUR A BSMMS8, Bold Amt>. 81 Louisiana Avsnce, wMy Waakington, P. Q. KENDALL'S AIIOL1KI MA VII lilft, amboljn HOiattxe, ? MA U TIF IMA, UDOMAIMB, IMNGBTHM19&, UtTJOOBATMB, mOUMItfHMS, S MB ML L1BBM8 IBM HAIR CBN BALL'S AMBOLISS id a rara compound stimulaUna cxtract* from flowers, Roots, a* Barbs, for tk* GROWTH, B1AUTY, aad F2E t AN INT VIGOR of tkd H AIR. " Eighty beneficial U* hair require* gentle aUmulant." Dm. CHILTON, "Have never had anything which 10 partes answers tkd purpose of a heir dressicg WA22SN WAED, Ii?., So. ST7 Cans street, N. T. " Aftar baica bald for seven years your AM to LINS has covertd tic entire scaip with NBW EA1B," fro?. JOHN BSNIA, So. 3* Slog atraet, N. T. for tala by all Prussian and fancy Goc*? Dealers. fat In boxes, (containing two bottles.) pcioaSl. Manufactured and for sale at wholesal ky KEFDALL * BANNI8TEK, elfr-lm , Wo <*a BaoACWAT.M. ?. APP1NB88 OR M1BB&T \?THAT IS THE (JliJhSTTON.?'kae propietorsof tae " TAR! SlASCABtNSI Of Wo^'Laup, ASATOMV. a-1 MBP1C1NB." have determined? riga-dleas of ex* fense? to isaue,! free, (for the brapfft of snff?r ng humanity,) jour of their most ios*?uctiv? ?-1 itteresting Lectures on Marriage atd its dlaquatt flcaticna. Nervous iMbiiity, frematrre Dec'^e, Indigestion, Weakness, Depreraiou, or Ignorance of Physiology and Nature'a Law. Theae invaluable leeturea have been the means of enlightening and caving thousands,and will be forwarded free on the receipt of four stamps, by aldressing Secretary Par isian Cnbinetaf Anatomy ana Medicine, 563 Broad way. New York. Julj-ly Bwsbb a bevsripgb.jsjii 8CCCES6OKS tor ?gil CBARLB8B. fOWLBB A CO. ?? IMPORTERS, WB WBOLESiLK AS D BETA 1L DKiLKKS I * CHINA. GLASS AND SARTBBN WARS, Vine Cutlery, Plated Ware. Roll Metal Goods, led Pitchers, Block Tin Goods, Tin Chamber Beta. Japanned Waitera, Water Coolers, Btherial and Solar Lamps. Coal Oil Lamps, Lan terns, Stone ffarev&e., Ac., Ac. Goods Packed and Delivered in this Oity and Georgetown free of charge. 504 (Oddfellows' Hall) Seventh at., my t-eoly Washington. A^BAVIL SOOfBI vV GBAT1L BOOf81! H. 0. WILSON A CO., successors to J f. Walker A Son,'Waakington D. Cj manufacturer of 13d PRO VXD flRS and WATBB PROOf fBLT, OS MINT and GSAVBL ROOFS. Oftee?161 Kd atreet, below Pa. avenue. Order* may ke left at offlee Mutual Insurance Oompany, 7th atreet and Louisiana avenue, or addressed to Post Office Box 534. All work executed promptly and on the most reasonable terms, and warranted. Repairs mad* promptly. mh 11-5m E?TABtl?H?D JM. aMnnna t M(( S 20,000 to loan in all lu ?s on WaU!hee, Jewelry, Diamonds, Bilver Ware, Ladies' and Genta' A Wearing Appai elt and for the purpoee of A A enlarging our business, we have erected a? W warehouse and we now make loane on Merckan dise, furniture. Ac., at our old established stand, No. 3ftl 0 St., betw. 4Ml and 6th. rear of National Hotel. (mk l-3m| I HBRZBSBG A BON. rpRISSMAS?Protected by Soyal Letters Patent X ofSngland, and a*e?red by the seals of the Bcol* de Pharinacie de Paris, aad th* Imperial College of Medicine, Vioana Triesmar No. 1 is tke *fectnal remedy for Selax atlon, Spermatorrhot*. and Sxhanstion of tke Sys tem. TrieamarNo. 3 has entirely superseded tke nauseous us* of Cepaiva, Oubebs. A*. Triesmar MO, 9 is the infallible remedy for all Impurities aad MOondarv Bymptoms, thus obviating th* us* of mercury tsd all other deletarioua ingredients. mmam pi /paration is In ths form of a most agreea ble Loaenge. Secured from effects of ellmateaad changes or atmosphere, ia tia cases, at #3 each, or fo?r #S cases in one for $9, aad in #t7 rases, tans saving 99. Divided ia separata doaea as adminis tered by Valpean, Baliemande, Ronx, A*., Ac. Wholesal* and reUll by Dr. BAKBOW,No. 1B4 Bleeeker street, New York. To be ksd also of 8. O. fORP, No. 990 Pa. ar? corner 11th atreet. mh 9 3m OBAP1ROMA. By W. W. Btory, 2 vols.; ?3, Hunt's Life of Sdward Livingston; $3.60. elds of th* Boutk from Bull Bu R Battle f ielda of tk* Boutk from Bull Bun frederickaburg; SS.St"*, Gen. Grant and his Campaigns; $1 60. Cavendish's Laws aad Practise of W-hiat: Tkate Moatha in tke South. By Colonel frea uantie;9ll5, Pomeroy'S Municipal Law: 93. Thackeray, the Humorist. By Theodore Tay lor; 91 26 Be well's Bounty, Pension, and Prise Laws; &>, Gen. McOlellan'sReport and Campaigns; $1J0, Bdinburgh Review, Jsauary, I8S4, London.Quarterly Review, January, 1964, Bl^wood-. "feY^i'^ATLOm. Mttrtpelium Hotel, (Ute Bromt'i,) _ ^ *63 Pennsylvania avenue, odff-tf Waskiagtcn -S.O. L1"" Li nm ^*lrr Tke undersigned kave oa hand and for ?al* JTrosh Burned Potomac Lim*, at tk*ir kiln*, *n Bock "yifsr1"'- rim. KBAboWirHG. r^)Ttcrf.? for sale^SBe^s of 1,1, atd 4 > aecor.d kand HARNB?E,alfc., &*.' gool second hand bADDLBhand BBTPLBS. Apply to H. B. i JOHNSON, 1*0. 3? 3 ftp*, 4?* and ?tk 1 i m D""roiliHn?u QWriOB Bo. 7 BODTH ICK?ITUlV THE ONLY PHYSICIAN ADVERTISING.* Fa* discovered the most uert*!r, and 104 i -a?l il. th? tuid for _ _ DIB* ABM 0* IMP BODING*. Relitf in Sir Hours' No T\rfi%r Ftrson* Rvmtd bf Imorant rrttmdtrf, or fcp Dtadlv Poison Mercury, should afflw tmmedinulj. Weakness of the Back, Involuntary Discharges, Strictures, Affectione of the Kidneys *od Bladder, Impotency. General Debility, Nervousness, Dye may, Luiior, Low Spirit*, Confusion of Idtu, Palpitation of the Heart. Timidity, Treaabiin#, Dimneascf Sight or Giddiness. Disease of the Head, Throat Boa* or Skin, Affeetions of the Liver, Lungs, Btomach or Bowels? those Terrible Disor dera arising from Solitary Habits of Youth?tho bbobbt and solitary pi act ices mora fatal to thai? victims than the song of Byrena to the mariner* of Blyaaus, blight: ng their moat brilliant bopaa ox anticipations, rendering marriage. Ao? imposes hie, _ . 10UN& MEN lapeeially, who have become the Tletuci of Bolt tary vice,that dreadful and deetructive habit whic* annually aweep* to an untimely grave tbousanda of Yoang Men of the moat exalted talent and brilliant intellect, who might otherwise have entranced it*, tening Senate a with the thandera of eloquence, or waked to ezataey the living lyre,may eall with fill confidence. take particular notice. Theae are noma of the aad and melancholy effect* produced by early habits of youth, vis: Weahneaa of the Back and Limba. Pain in the Headv Dimaeeg biiity. Symptoms of Consumption, Ac. ManvjLLiTT.?The fearful effect# ou the mind are much to be dreaded-Loss of Memory, Oonfnaioa of Ideas, Depression of Spirit*, Bvil Foreboding*, Aversion to Society, Belf-Distrust, Lot* of Boll ?. tf, *iiARRIAQK Marrud Persons, or young men eo nteuplatl ? of,?w>TJloi" Weakness. Or rani* Debility, Wasting of the Organ*, Deformitie*, A*, should apply immediately. He who place* himself under the ear* of B . J. may religiously oonfide la hia honor a* a gentleman, " confidently rely upon hia afcill aa a Physician. S ORGANIC WBABNB88, IMPOTBNOT _ IMPBDIMBNTB to MABRIAGB. By Dr. Johnston's marvelous treatment. Weak neaa of the Organa i* speedily cured and full viae; restored. Thousand* of the most nerroos, debili tated aad impotent, who had lost all hop*, hare been immediately relieved. All impediment* to marriage, Physical or Mental Disqualifications, Low of Prooreative Power, Ner vous Irritability, Trembling*.and Weakness.or Bx hauation of the moat fearful kind, speedily cured. ? DB. 'OHNSTON. Member of the Boyal College of Burgeon*. Lob* doa. Graduate from on* of tie moat eminent Col leges in the United State*, and the greater part ol whose life ha* heen agent in the hoapitala or Lon don, Paria, Philadelphia and elsewhere, has affected aome of the moat astonishing cures that were ever known; many troubled with ringing, in the he all aad ears when aaleep.great nervananees.b* alarmed at sudden sounds, bash fulness. with freeuen* blushing, attended aometimea with derancement of mind were cured^mmediatj^. who have injured themselves oy a certain practio* Indulged in when alone?a habit frequently learned from evil companion*, or at acheol. the effect* of which are nightly fait, even when asleep, and if not cured render* marriage impossible, and destroys both mind and body, tnould apply immediately. What a pity that a young man, the hop* or hia country and darling of hia parent*, should bo snatched from ail the prospects aad enjoyment* ol lib by the co***au*nae of deviation from the path of nature and indulging in a certain secret habit, Bueh person* must^befere contemplating refl*ct that a sound mind and b'odj are the moat neeeasary requisites to promote aonnubial happi neaa indeed, without these the Journey through life hacomea a weary pilgrimage; tfce prospect hourly darkens to the view; the miad Seoemea shadowed with dcapair and filled witfcjthe melan choly reflections that the happiness of mother it blighted with oar own. _ DISEASES OF IMPR VDENCB. When the c.egaided tr 4 imprudent votary oi rieaaure finds he has imbibed the sqaiisof t'aia pain ful disease, it often happens that an ill-timed sense of shame or dread of discovery deters hiin fro a? s? plying to those who, from education and respec'a bility.can alone befriend him. He falls Into the hands of ignorant and designing pretenders who, ?incapabie of curing, filch his pecuniary anoyance, keep Lim trifiing mouth after month, or as locg ?* tbe smtllest fee ;an be obtained, and in dsrpaiz l6aye him with ruined health to sigh oTer his ga!l ing disappointment; or, by the ua? of that deadly poiaon Mercury, hasten the constitutions! errap toms of this terrible disease such as Aflcc^ions of the Head, Throat, Nose, Efein etc.. progressing with frightful rapidity until death puts an end ta hia dreadful ee Springs by Eendlng him to that ua diacoTered country r "??! whose bourne nG traveler returns. OFVIOB 7 80UTH sRXDBBICS BTRBBT, left hand side going from Baltimore street, a few doors from the eorner. Pail not to observe name and number. KTNo letters received unless p^et-paid snd con taining a stamp to be nwd cn the reply. Pereon* writing should state age and send portion of ad vertisement describing symptom*. Tht Dt.'s Diploma hangs in kis OJhit. LNDOBBBMBNT OP THB PBBBS. The many thousands cured at this institution within the last twenty years, and the numerous important Buraical Operations performed by Dr. Johnston, witnessed by the reporters of "The Bun" aad many other papers, notices ot which have ap peared again and again before tut public be si dec hia standing as a gentleman of character and re aponaibility, ia a eufltcient guarantee to th* af? filcted. SKIN DISEASES SPEEDILY CURED. Ja g-ly BCRBT DI8BA8B8 1 BBOBBT DIBBAB*^! i SAMARITAN'S Ol SAMARITAN'S GIFT! THB MOST CBRTAIN RBMBDT BVIR USBD " Yea, A Poaitivs Cure" for GONORRHCEA, QLEET. STRICTURES, 4c, Oontaina no Mineral, no Balaam,no Mercury, Only Ten pills to bt Taken to Eftn a Cu t. They are entirely vegetable having no fcraell se? any unpleasant taste, and will not in any way in jure the ston ach or bowel* of the most deliest*. Cures in from two to four day*, and recent caseo in "tsenty-four hours." Prepared by a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, one ofthe mos j eminent Doctors and Chemists of the present day. KO EXPOSURE, NO TROUBLE, HO CHANGS VfllfBVKK. Let those who have despaired of getting eured, or who have been gorged with Balsam Copavia, ol Mercury try the SAMARITAN'S GIFT. Sent by mail in a plain envelope. Price?Male packages, $2. Female, 33. BLOOD! BLOODII BLOOD Ml 8CR0PU LA, U LCERS. B0BB8, 8P0T8, T B TTBftS, BCALB8. BOILS. 8TPHILIB OB VB NBBBAL DI8BA8BB, Ac. SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERU i VICES, Is offered the ntiblic aaa positive cure. 8YPH1LI8 OB YBBBRBAL DIBJAdBB. the SA MARITAN'S ROOT AND HBBB JUIOB, ia the most potent, certain and effectual remedy ever prescribed; it reaches and eradioatea every particle of the venereal poiaon, so that the cure 1s ihorougfr and permanent Tale then ef thia purifying reme dy and be healed, and do not transmit to your poa terity that for n^DbYp A?!?* ^***** Although you may be pronounced iacurahle, the 8AMAJUTAN *8 BOOT AND HBBB JCICB3 will remove every veatige of impurities from tad e j stem,.as well as all the bad effeots of Mercury. PBMALB81 PBMALBB1? In many affections with which numbers of fe males suffer, the ROOT AND HBBB JUICBS in most happily adapted. In Ulcernted Uterus, in? Whites, In bearing down. Palling of the Womb, Debility, aad for all oomplaints inctdent to the sea. Bent by express. Price #1 a bottle, or 6 bottiew f?r 96 BAMABITAN'B CHANOBB WABH. Price SS cents. Pull directions. _ DB8MOND A CO., Box ldl Philadelphia Pos) OMce. Sold by S. OALVBRT fORD. corner of Utb an Pa. avenue ? HBNRY COOB, Alexandria. mayt tf Y CONFIDE N TIAL. OUNG MBN who have injured themselves by certain secret habits which unfit them tor business, pleasure, or the dutiea of married life; alto middle aged or old men, who, from the folliea of Toutk or ofher causes, feil a debility in advance of the it years, before placing themaelvea undeir the Ueat xuent of mit on?i ibovld first read THB BlvKIT FKIBND." Married Ladies will learn something ?VSa?syJS??^J iU. ?l,t of I? o??. al0 de l?-ly Boston, Ma**. Adams bxpbbbs company. <"?o? 'Vis . W"T' MUB0HADI8B, MONBT, >BWBLRT, YALU lie .11 ^OKB. KOmtHW-T. CINOATI, BT. LOUI8. LUUIB VILLi, LBXINGtON. Coaaeetions are made nt New Totk ana Boston, ence bv Buropean axpresaa* to all sroaatneat to LJYBBPOOL, BOUTHaJUrTV? aw and thence by Buropean expreSMa to all prominent commercial town* In Great Britain andthe "Con Co Meet ion or NOTBS, DBAf TB^ad BILLS mad? at all acceaslhle parts ofthe United State*. ? _ O. 0. DUB*, Agent. _ de a Washington. D. O. JOHN ETON'S AGB10U LTUBAL CHBHIBTR* Wood1* Agricultural Chemistry: London. OhaptaTa Agricultural Ohemietry. Liebi* 's Agricultural Chemistry Llebig'a Principles of Agricultural Chemistry. Preach a Para Drainage. Deep-Land Culture, By Henry Stephens: Lon don. Stephens' Manual ef Practical Drainlge: Lon don Ditching aad Draining Tables: London. Donald's Land Drainage: London. tL0. detection. Circulars nee. n hy iOHl* J. BBOMBB.aucoesaor tof. it|JW staat irJL, Phft^althl^^waa.-^ istYr-i"

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