Newspaper of Evening Star, April 20, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 20, 1864 Page 1
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V?. XXIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. APRIL 20. 1864. N?. 8,477. AUCTION SALES. riTTrnE Days. |>Y J. C. McbUUUB 8c CO., Auctioneer#. H ANDSOMEfcY IMPROVED PROPERTY NEAR THE NOBIHBRN %OUWDARf O* THE 01TY \T PUBLIC BALE. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, ApriUoth, at half past 4 o'clock, on the premise*, we shall sell, on a .-fount of thr heirs of tne late Guy Graham, ail of Square No. 9t2 except Lot No. 3,fronting respec tively or Connecticut avenue, no* Lit 3 and 8 ?treeta. and Twenty first street west, hnndsamelv enclosed, laid our. and improved as a vegetable and f.ower garden and improved by a desirable Frame dwelling Ilouse. with necessary outbuildings; the whole lyin* immediately opptsite the hand tone greenhouses and dower gardens of Mr. Doug lass. This <Je?irabIo property will be sold in lo's to suit purchasers. Terras: One-third cash; the remainder in three, six. and nine rionths, with interest, secured by ?eed of ttust on the premises. Oonveyaneing at Ihe eoat of the purchaser. apl2 d J. C. McGUIRl A CO., Anets. B Y J. 0. MCGUIRE & CO., Auctioneers, EXTENSIVE SAL* OF PINE BUILDING LOT? FRONTING 7 TH AND 6TII STREETS WEST, AND RHODE ISLAND AVENUE AND 3 STBEET NORTH. On MONDAY, the 25th day of April, we shall sell, in front of the premises, at *fi o'clock, p m.,part of Scuare No. 442, subdivided into handsome Bui ld ii k Lots running to alleys. This property is situ ated only One square from the Railroad Depot, on 7ih street, in a thriving and fast improving part of the city. Terms : One-fourth cash; balance in 6,12, JS. an I ?4 months, for notes, bearing interest from date. A deed given free of cost, and deed of trust, at cost, of the purchaser, taken. Title clear. Plata of the Square may be seen at the Auction Rooms. ap.15 d J. C. McQUIRE & Co., Aucts. B Y J. C. McQUIRE & CO., Auctioneer* FIFTEEN VBRY DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT' ON THIRT EiNTH STREET WEST AND NORTH O STREET AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On FBIDAY AFTERNOON, April 32d, at Co'clocfe, on the premises, weshall sell eight des rable Build ing Lots On the east side of Thirteenth street, bo t~w#en N and O streets north, fronting from J9JJ to 22 feet each, and all running back to a SO foot pub lic alley. Also, seven Lots on North O street, at the corner of Thirteenth street, fronttua each JO feet, and running back TO feet 9 inches to an alley. These Lois are all very .desirable for building purposes being well situated in a healthy and rap idly improving part of the city. Terms: One fourth cash; the remainder in six, twelve, and eighteen months, with interest, se cured ?y a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyance at th^ cost of the purchaser. Plats may be obtained on application to the Auc tioneers. ap,14-d J. 0. McQUIRE k CO., Aucts. J?Y J. C. McQUIRE A CO., AuCtion^fs. SIXTY-ONE HANDSOMELY LOCATED BUILD ING LOT8 AT PUBLIC AUCTION. CnTUESDAY AFTERNOON, Slay 3d. at4o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell nearly the whole or Square No. 341. known as "Kingman's QaMen," fronting about 25 feet each on 14th street, north Q ?treet, 13th street. the "Circle," *"'d "Kingman Court," all running back to fine ail* ' ;,with fine fa cilities for drainage thebeautiful location of these Lots, being en the high ground iminedately north of the Presi dent'sllouse and Departments, tie alvantage of a city pa?*engor railroad and Potomac water imme diately in front of th- premises, render them very desirable for Building bites, and. as the sale will be male without reserve, it should command spe cial attention. Terms of sale: One third in cash, and the re mainder in equal payments in six and twelve month", with interest, secured by a deed of trust ?n the premises. Conveyances at eo?t of purchaser MjTA cash payment of on each lot at the time ef sale will be lequired. ap 14 d J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. JJY J. C. McGUIRE &. CO., Auctieneers. TRUSTEE S SALE OF A HOUSE AND LOT ON ELEVENTH, BETWEEN L AND M STREETS. By virtue of a deed of trust from B. B. Bridge, dated October 2,1867. and recorded in Liber J. A.S., No. 137, folios 140. Ac.. of the Land Records of the connty of Washington, I will offer at Auction on MONDAY, the 16th day of May next, on the premi ses, at 53? o'clock, p. in., part of Lot seven (7) in Square three hundred and forty-one (341) in W??h inton. bounded as follows, via: Beginning forty nine feet seven inches from the southeast corner ef M and Eleventh streets, and running thence north twenty-five feet ou Eleventh street, thence due east one hundred feet, the whele depth of said iot, thenoe due north twenty-five feet, ani thenm due west to the beginning with the improvements, consisting of a Frame Dwelling. Terms of sale -' One-third of tke purchase money to be paid in cash, and the residue in nvo equal in stalments at six and twelve months, with interest, to be secured . . , The terms of sal*. ?t be complied with wivnn cne week after talc, or the property may be resold, alter a week"s notice, at the risk and cost ofthe first, cuf baser. CHAS. S. ENGLISH. Trustee. ?P 19 lm J- C McGUIRE A CO.. Aacts. ny J. C. McGUIRE & CO., Auctioneers. PUBLIC SALE OF A VALUABT-E LOT OF GR"T ND AT TKNALLYTOWN IN TilE DIS 1RICT OF COLUMBIA On SATURDAY, the ,3d day of April, 1364, at half past 6 o'clock p. m.. will be- offeredfor sale a valua ble Lot of tiround at Teualiytown. in the Diftrtct < f Columbia, bein^ a part of the tract of land called Mount Airy, as conveyed by Charles A. Ilsatty to Jacob Bobrer, by deed dnly recorded in the Land R?eo?d? of Washington county, D. C., fronting the Georgetown and Roc'tville turnpike road, runni g hack about fifty ti* perches. aad containing about four aud- a- ha it acres <?f isod. more or less. Ttrme of sale: One-^tird eash. balance in three and -ix mottl->for notes..and interest secure ! by deed of truat on the premise*. All conveyances at the cost of'the pui^hver. C. H. WILTISERGER, Attorney iu fact, up 16 td J. C. M--r.riRE Sc CO . An-ts. 'NITEJ STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. In virtue r.f a writ of Fieri Facias issued from the Clerk s Ofticeof the Supreme Court of the District ? f Columbia and to me directed. I will sell h' pub lie sale lur i-Anb 'in the premises, on MONDAY, the 3?th day of April, 1854, at* o'clock p iu , all de fendant* ri(-'ht, title, claim and interest in an 1 to a frame Sliop situated on part of Lot No. 11, inS-iuare No 69o. commencing 5o feet from the corner of C street north, and New Jersey avenue, and run ning south alone New Jersey avenue 15 teet, and running west toward B street luO feet, seized aud levied upon as the property of Wm. H. H.Crandell, and will be 'old to satisfy judicial No. 338 in favor c" Francis M. Buckingham. _ _ar ? W ARD 11. LAMoN. U. S. Marshal. 14. C. ?JNITLD cTATES MARSHAL'S SALE. In virtue of a writ of fierie facias on judgment of condemnation i?sned from the Clerk's Office of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, aud to me directed. I will sell at public sale, for eash, at the front of the Court House door of said County, ?n FRIDAY, the 29th day of April, 1864, at 12 o'clock m., the following described property to ^ Lot No. 1, in Square No. 841, east halfo'f Lots No. IS 16. and 17. in Square No 7*4, in the city of Wash ington. D. C . together with all aad singular the improvements thereon, seized and levied upon as the property of Michael Maloney. and will be sold to aatiefy judicial No. 23o, in favor of ElUu Kelly. WARD H, LASlUN, ap.7-d t7. 8. Marshal, P. O. ^TNITED STATES MARSHALS SALE. In virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias is?ned from the Clerk's office.' of the Supreme Conrt, of the District of Columbia, and to me directed, I will sell, at public sale, for cash, at the front of the Court Houee door, of said county. on FRI DAY. the 39th day of April. 1864, at 12 o'clock m., the follow ing described proprtrty, to wit: ? The north part of Lot No. 19, in Square No, 68, commencing for the saiu part at a point on 21st street west, at the distance of 90 feet from the northeast corner of said Square, and running thence south feet with the line of said 21st street, thence west 85 feet, thence aorth 2 ? feat, aud thence east 65 feet to sain 21st street west, and place of beginning, estimated to eontain 1.7tw square feet, together with all and singular the improvements thereon, seised and levied upon as the property of Thomas' McNamy, and will be Bold to *ausfy ju dicial* No. 213, in tavor of Isaac Herzberg. WARD H. LAMON, ap7-d&ds U. 8. Marshal. D. O. B. MILITARY RAILROADS, Qjfi-c? of Assistant OuarttTmafter, WasHiNOTOif, April 15,18t>4. [ U, AUCTION.?Will he sold, on WEDNESDAY, the 18th day ef May, at the Railroad Depot, in Alexan WO Tons of Old Railroad Iron, lOo Tons of Old Car Axles, 250 Tons of Cast Scrap Iron, MO Tons of Wrought Iron, .1 Tons of Old Brass and Copper, Ssi Oil Barrels. ? J _ Terms Cash in Government Funds. Ten t lo) r r cent, to be paid at the time of parchaee, the alance on delivery. , . The property must be removed within ten days from date of sale. H. L. ROBINSON, ap.16 dts. Captain and A. U. M. pY J. C. M-GUIKE Ai CO., Auctioneers. TWENTY THREE WELL SITUATED BUILD ING LOTfcON THE ISLAND AT PUBLIC ALC TIOF. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. April 26, at half past 4 o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell twen ty thr^e well located building lots on the Island, telocgir.g to the "Convent of the Visitation,'' Gtorgetown, as follows: Eighteen lots?fronting each. 24 feet6 inches ou south G street, between Ninth and Teuth streets west, and running bank about 12-; fe?-t to a 25 foot public alley; four lots trontins 24 feet 6 inches each ou South W street, between Ninth and Tenth streets west, and run ?.?neb*0* about 12S feet to a 25-foot alley; aud one lot fronting 21 feet it) inch?t??on Ninth street, be tween t><>utu G and II streets and ranning back 93 feet. These lots are well situated for buitdins pur poses aui are Known as part of the "'Old Manjfon" grounds. Terms One half cash, the remainder in six mem'h-', . i?h interest, secured by a deed of trus{ on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. A pa> meat ? f .?ji, on each lot will be required at the tim<- of sale. spja-d J. C. McGUIRI Sc. CO., AuctM. |\f 0CLDINQ8! MOULDING SII 1*1 MOULDINGS"! The undersigned iar ?v prepared to exC'tuto or ?'.r- : r any style or ?. entity of WOOD MGULD 1NGS, of --uperior f! n't and workmanship. Car m and builders would do well to call and ? stiniine quality of work, Ac., before ordering elsewhere. By energy, promptnessund good work niAiishiu I Lope to merit a share of public patron age. E 8 TorreY, Excelsior Moul iiug Mill, ap7 In.* cor. 13th atl C sts., Washington. AUCTION SALES. jJY J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. PUBLIC SALE OP VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY. CORNER Of SIXTH AND 1> STREETS, (IBLAND.) By virtue tf the order And decree of the Orphans' Court of the District of Columbia, passed in the natter of Aon Eli?aUetl and Mary Ann Barnes, orphans of Hanson Ban;. ?>. deceased bearing date on the l?th aiy of February. A. D. 1^4, and^duly confirmed by the Supremo Court of tlie District of Columbia, in Chancery Bitting. I shall ofifor for sala ? t V A1 ?? * l-T^ J - _ Kale.. front ot An _ ridea right, title and interest of the laid Ann Elizabeth and Mary Ann Barnes, infant children of the said Hanson Barnes, deceased, of, in, and to all that certain lot of ground situate, lying, and being in the City of Washington, in the District of Columbia, and known and designated as lot num bered twenty-one (21) in "Todd and Gunnell's" subdivision of square numbered four hundred and rixty-ftye (405) of the ground plan of the City of Washington, with thefmprovementsthereon, con sisting of a large and convenient frame dwelling house. This valuable property it situated on the corner of Sixth street west and D street south, in the Seventh Ward, in ahealthy neighborhood,and offers great inducements to puree asers. Terms: One-half cash, the balance in 6 months, the purchaser giving bis note, or note*, for the de ferred payment, with approved security, bearing interest from the day of sale. Title deed to be retained until the whole of the purchase money is paid. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. J081AH SIMPSON, Guardian to Ann Elizabeth and Mary Ann Barnes. At the same time and place, and on the Fame terms mentioned in thw aboveadvertis?meat, I atn specially authorized to offer for sale all the right, title, and interest of James II. Banes, adult heir of said Hanson Barnes, deceased, of, in, and to the said Lot No. 21, in "Todd and Gunnell's subdivis ion of Square No. 4?5, of the plan of the City of Washington." All conveyancing at tha cost of the purchaser, JOSIAH SIMP3QN. Agent. ap.W# A23 J. C. Mi-GUIRB A CO., Aucta. |^Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auc? ; Georgetown. HANDSOME BUILDING LOT ON HEIGHTS Of GEORGETOWN, AT AUCTION. 1 will sell at publ:c auction, on TUESDAY AF TERNOON, April 26th . at five o clock. Lot No. 31, on the comer of Prospect and Frederick streets fronting 73 feet on Prospect street, and 90 fset on Frederick street: Persons wanting a beautiful site, commanding a splendid view down the Poto mac, will do well to attend this sale. Title Perfect. Terms at sale. apBMtd |lntel.] THOS. DOWLING, Ancts. J^Y J. 0. McGUIRE ?fc CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE IMPROVEDPROPERTYON MARY LAND AVENUE. BETWEEN FIRST ANDSEC OND STRE1TS WEST, AT PUBLIC SALE. On MONDAY AFTERNOON, April 25th, at 6 o'clock. ?n the premises, we shall sell Lot No. 8, in Square No.576. fronting ?9 feet on Maryland ave nue, between First and Second streets west, imme diately opposite the Government Botanical Gar den at the Capitol gate, sad improved by two ex cellent frame dwelling houses, the western part containing 4,110 square feet of ground, with a well bnilt two-story and attic frame dwelling-house with back building and stabling, thehousn containing nine rooms, furnished throughout with gas. The eastern part coutaining 1 .524 square feet, and improved by a two-story frame dwellins. The yards are finely Improved with fruit and (lowers, and the property is in all respects desirable as residences. Terms : One-third in Cash, the remainder in six, twelve, and eighteen months, with interest secured l?y a deed of trust on the premise*. Conveyance* ?t the cost of purchaser. ap.l9-d J. C. McGCIRE Ac CO. Au!t8. |^y J. C. McGUIRK A CO., Auctioneers. VACANT LOTS AT THE CORNER NORTH I STREET AND SEVENTH STREET EAST. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April 27th. at lialf-paBt five o'clock, on the premises, we shall for account of the Convsnt of the Visitation, Lots No. 13. 16.17. 18. and 19, fronting together ?72 feet W4 inches on North I street, between Sixth and Sev enth streets east, (in the rear of Mr. Follaubee's residence.) and J39 feet on Seventh street east, to be divided into convenient building lots, all run ning to alleys. Terms: OneOialf cash, the remainder in six months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises Cotvp,ances at the cost of the purchaser. 3. C. MOGUIRE k CO., Aucts. B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TRUSTEE S SALE OK VERY ELIGIRLY SITUA TED LOTS AND HOUSES ON THE ISLAND, liy authority of a decree of the Supreme Court of tliLj District, parsed on the 6th April, ISO-t, in cause wherein Kane and otheis are complainants, and Thomas Sinonand others are defendants, the subscriber will expose to sale at auction, to the highest bidder, on thp 5th of May next, between the hours of foirx and liveo'cl<>ck inthe afternoon, the following lotMn Sinon's subdivision of origi nal lots in Square No. 534, in Washington city, as may be seen in the Surveyor's office, namely: Lots marked in such subdivision A, B,C, D, K, L,M.N. and O. Each of the?o lots has a front ot' about 20 feet by a dep*h of 13? to 145 feet; A. B, C, ar<! D. front on street, and the other lots on south- B street, with suitable alleys to all. On lots C and D are two good Dwelling houses, fronting on 4,'i street; and these lots aud houses will be sold subject to the dower righttherein of the widow of John Sinon; the other lots will be sold free from her dower. Also part of Lot No. 1. in Square No. 581. front ing on Virginia avenue, beginning50 feet from the southeast corner of the lot, and having a front of 149 feet 72-lOOths on said avenue, and which has been divided into six lots, about 18 feet front by 113 feet deep, with a suitablealley. Also, tne eastern half of Lot No. 3, ia reserva tion D. The latter, as well as i0ts in square tel. will bo sold free from the widow's dower right. The terms as prescribed by the decree are : One third of the purchase money in cash; and the resi due at6,12, and 18 months, for which the purcha ser's bonds, with surety, bearing interest from the day of sale, will be taken, with a retained lien on the premises. A deposit of 8io on each lot will be required at the sale. The cost of conveyancing, certificates of sale, bonds, stamps, to be norne by the purchaser. If the terms are not fully complied with within five days from the day of sale, the property will be resold at the risk and cost of the defaulting pur chaser, after one week's public notice in the Eve ning 8tar. W. REDIN, Trustee. ap.13 eo3wAds GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. B Y J. C. McGUIRE &c CO., Auctioneers. TWENTY-THREE DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS IN THE NORTHERN PART OF THE SECOND WARD AT PUBLIC SALE. On SATURDAY AFTBRNOON. April 16th. at 4 o'clock.on the premises, we shall sell to the high est bidder, the whole of Square No. 3"7 and Square north of Square No.S34. sub divided into good sized Building Lots, fronting respectively on Vermont avenue and 11th street west, between S and T street* north, and Vermont avenue and 12th street west, between R and 8 streets north. Vermont avenue has been paved on the west side to the Boundary of the City, and is destined to be one of the finest streets in that section of the City. Terms: one-third cash, the balance in six and twelve months with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. Plots of the property may be obtained at the Auction Rooms. ap 9 d J. C. MoGUIRE Aucts. ?-THB ABOVB 8ALE 18 POSTPONED TN consequence of the rain, until FRIDAY AFTER NOON, April 22d, same honr and place. ap is-3t J. O. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. AUCTION SALE OF A TWO-STORY FRAME HOU8E AND LOT. On THUBSDAY, the 21st instant, at 6 o'clock, p. m., we shall sell in front of the premises, on 4th street, between Massachusetts avenue and 1 streets north, a good two-story Frame House, Lot 21, in Square south of 8quare No. 516, containing six rooms. 35 feet front, 80 feet deep, with side aRey. This ia a fine chance for anyone wishiog to pur chase a small residence, as it will be (old without reserve. Terms: One half cash, balance in six and twelve months, secured by deed of trust on the premises, notes bearing interest. All conveyancing and reve nue stamps at tie cost of vhenurchaser. ap.16 GREEN A WILLIAMS, Ancta. By J,0. MoGUIRE A Co . Auctioneers. CB ANCBRYSALB OF FORTY-SIX VALUABLE Lots i? SyuAKg 182- ox rui high grouxd bb Twin M STRKBT AMD R.H"DK Ihl.AND AVSSiQE AND SlXTBUTH AMD SkVBXTKXNTH fcTKBET.-.?By au thortty of a decree of the Supreme Court of this District, passed in a cause wherein Riggs A Co. are complainants and the widow and heirs of the late Thomas Smith are defendants, I shall sell to the highest bidder, on tha premises, on the 21st dap of AprU next, at 4J6o'ciocx in the afternoon, and con tinue from day to day till all Is sold, the whole of Square No. 18J. in this oity, (except tha southwest corner, being Kin fast square,owned by G. W. Biggs, Esq. 1 The portion of the square intended to be sold has been divided into 46 lots of ab mt twenty feat front each, with suitable alleys. Ac., aad is a part ot the high ground between Sixteenth aad Sevea teenth stieets and M street and Rhode Island averue. A plat of the whole can be seen at J, 0. McGuire'a auction rooms. The terms as prescribed by the decree are, one fourth of tha purchase meney in cash, and the resi dua at six, twelve, and eighteen months, to be se cured by the purchaser's bonds with surety, and a l'.en rn the premises, bearing interest from the day of eale. All conveyancing, bonds, Ac., and stimps to be at the purchaser's expense. ? If the terms ef sale are not com plied with within five days trom the day of Sale, tne lot or lots will be re-sold at said auction rooms,at the purchaser's cost and risk, at public auction, after oaawaelt'a notice in the National Intelligencer. W RRDIN. Trustee, ap 7 3awt<l J, C. McGUIRE A CO., Auita, AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC J CANTERBURY HALL./ AND HAL LJCANTKRBURY HALL,{ TUB ATBR Louisii*a Avkxttk, Near Corner cf Sixth Strut, Riar of National and Metropolitan Sign of the Big Calcium Light. Giorgk Lea .Proprietor W. E. C'JJf.ivAOcn. Stag"Manager. TUB ONLY FIRST CLASS CONCERT HALL IN THE CITY. UNEXAMPLED SUCCESS ; OF THE GREAT STAR ALLIANCE. GREAT STAR ALLIANCE. GREAT STAR ALLIANCE. . GREAT STAR ALLIANCE. ' HOUSES CROWDED NIGHTLY. HOU8EB CROWDED NIGHTLY. HOUSES CROWDED NIGHTLY. AUDIENCES WILD WITH DELIGHT ? AUDIENCES WILD WITH DELIGHT ! AUDIENCES WJLD WITH DELIGHT I Tlie Management determined that no ojber es tablishment in the world shall |&-X-C-D.?# the Canterbury, either in the quantity or quality of attraction offered, has. at amtnlimited expen-*>\ engaged the following artistes. wh?se world-wide reputatlo'nhfW stamped thorn theVervacme of pro fessional excellence : JOHN MULLIGAN, i JOHN MULLIGAN, . , JOTIN MITTJGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN. i JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN' JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, Without any exception,the besfEfhiopian Com edian of the age. W. B. CAVENAUGH, W. B. CAVENAUGH, W B. CAVENAUGH, W. B. CAYENAUGhJ LEW DONNELLY, LEW DONNELLY, ? > LEW DONNELLY, DELEHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD) DKLBHANTY AND WARD DELEHANTY AND WAKI), .. DELEHANTY AND WARD, , DELEHANTY AND WARD* DELEHANTY AND WaKB, The greatest Clog Dancers in xhe wdrid-. BILLY WEST, BILLY WES*. BILLY WEST, BiLLY WESi', J. H. DOUGHERTY-, J. M. DOUGHERTY, J. Hi DOUGHERTY) W. IT. WILLI AMS, ? W.H.WILLIAMS, , W. IT. WILLIAMS, With the entire Canterbury Company, in a num ber of Original and Laughable Arts. First appcarance of MISS MARY FIELDING, MISS MARY FIELDING, ? MIS8 M A K Y FIH L I>1 X?, MISS MARY FIELDING, r The Talented Comedienne and vo!'ali--t, MISS JENNIE KNGEL, MISS JENNIE ENGBL, MISS JENNIE ENGEL, The Sweet Vocalist. , t> .. .. , ? | THE RONZANI BALLET TROUPE, Consisting of Sixteen Young La'ies, in the beau tiful Freheh Ballet entitled the NYMPHS OF THE SEA, ' NYMPHS OK THE .SEA, NYMPHS OK THE SEA, NYMPHS OF THE SEA. THE CANTERBURY BOUQUET OF BEAUTY. Consisting of JENNIE FORREST, NELLIE RAIN FORD, ESTELLE FORREST, MAGGIE WILSON, NAOMI PORTER, JLORENCE RIVERS, LUCY CLIKTON, EMMA SCHELL, In two New Divertisoments, Positively the Last Week of the successful Trick Pantomime, entitled THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT. Simon Blendershank, the Clown.. W. B Cavenaugh Bobs Trowell, the Pantaloon W. II, Williams Jack Stoat, '? the man all tattered and torn," the Harleqn'n_..? L. Donnelly Angelina, "a maid all forlorn," the Columbine ? -....... Em ma Sciell Miles O Beilly.from Morris Island .Mr. Dougherty PqulreGntzleale__.?? Mr. Ward Black Sheep. a Walter-... Mr. 8wltier Graball, a Policeman 0. B. Cash, a Landlords? .. .Mr. 8mith Sergeant Drills.? Mr Johnson Troohiaco_*? 1 ( ..Miss Roulette Flashottghteeris. I Mlis Ooulson Firebrando. I I ....Mast. David ISSS'Jl.?: J'SSS Lapwing ........Mast. James Firefly _.. I Mast Aadrew Sulphuriso....... J I. .....Mast WilUam The Bat ?. ?? Mast. Longwblskers The Oat..... Misa Mouser The Dog_*_? ?.Mast. Canine The Oow_ .?.? . .. .__?Miss Brindle The Priest, "all shaven and shorn .Mr. Jollyman The Rooster, "that crow'd in the mora,", .. Mr Cocky-doodle-doo Qu? en of the Gnomes ?.? Miss Clifton Btarlight Sunbeam. Swandown .? ? ear ripple... Pearlhrow ... Dewdrop Cowslip Sweetpea.... Primrose Crystal (. 4. .Miss Forrest Miss Marian ..Miss Isabel Wnnd Vrmiihi i ....... Miss flarah of th? Miss Julia of the Enchanted Dell. Miss Katy .. -MiseBttie Miss Oarlotta .Miss Lorena Miss Rose Miss Starch, Governess at Miss Howdy do'a establishment for Young Ladles Miss Prideall Lady Gussleale Miss Aotlve Gnomes, Fairies, Ac.,by? .The Lilliputian Family Scenery entirely new, by ? W. Feltman Machinery, Tricks, and Transformations. by . ?W. Watson and Awlftaita Costumee, by ? Marshall Properties and Appointments, by Benson aad As sistants Mnsie, arranged,selected, and composed by Jos, Braham The IUnminationa aad Galeium Lights. by ~ - - J. Swaggart The whole produced and under the imme diate direction of. W. B. Cavenaugh Admis.'ion 29 Orchestra ......... 50 Private Boxes, holding six persons 3 00 Doors open at 7 o'clock; Performance to com mence at 8 o'clock. FAMILY MATINEE ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, AT 2 O'CLOCK, TO LADIES: NOTICE.?On account of thevery unpleasant htate of tlie weather for the last four Saturday Afternoon Matineec, the proprietor, at the re quest of many families, will have repeated, POSITIVELY FOR THE LAST TIME, POSITIVELY FOR TUB LAST TIME, POSITIVELY FOR TnE LAST TIME, the highly successful Trick Pantomime, entitled THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT. which will be performed at cheap prices, positive ly for the last time. Admission?Ladies25 cents; Children 10 cents. SNOW'S CELEBRATED TROUPE OF PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS Are engaged and will shortly appear. In rehearsal, the great Prize Drama, written by John F. Poole. Esq., of New York, for which he received the prUe of $500, entitled the MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, and played for upwards of two weeks in New Yv-rk city with the greatest success. AMUSEMENTS. FORD'S NEW THEATER, T*HTH STSBKT, ABOVE PENXSTLYAHIA ATESCB. THB SHA K SI' LAKE A N T ER -CENTEN Aii Y. "TAf tido of time, which is constantly wearing away^the dissoluble fabric'of ether poets- p*s~?>3 ifjpf without injuring the aaauiaut ot'Sliaksueare."' ?.?. iOr. Johnson. WM. SHAKSPEARE. Born Appi? 23. l.V*. Dieo April 23. KVi. e shall r.ot look upon his like again." The Manager, in order t<j lend proper t'Jat to tk? Ter-centenary ceNbration of the birthday oi the great poet of the time, will inaugurate A GRAND DRAMATIC FESTIVAL, By th*t production exclusively of Sli.iXspearean plaTS illustrated by the best shakspearean r.ctor of the- age, E D WIN FORREST With the be*+ Sbakspe-reari Company now nni't p single management in the country. THIS (Wedm-May) EVENING, April ?, 1SS1, BENEFIT OF MR. C. B. BISHOP. ? cSftHbpeare's sublime Comedy of AS YOC LIKE IT Touchstone .. Mr C. B. Rishop Jacques.- ? Air, J McCullongh Rosalind. ^?? Miss Alice (fray Comic Sbakspearean Song, "The Seven Ages ot Man,'' Mr. Jos. Parker, who has kindly volunteered. To conclude >ith the Farce of YOUNG ENGLAND. Jotar James Pooley ? i -? . Mr. C. B. Bishop THURSDAY. April 21, EDWIN FOBRE&TLAST TIME AH. KING LE VR FRIDAY. April 21, EDWIN FORRK8T LAST TIME AS MACBETH SATURDAY. Aprils. THE SHAKSPEAKE TEK-CENTEN ARY GRAND SHAKSPE.VREAN KESTl\ AL. Commemorative of the three-hundredth anniver sary of Shakspeare's birthday. The Theater wiil be illuminated 'oil theoenasioD. In preparation, anew Grand Military Drama, entitled _ COLUMBIA'.* TRIUMPH. fniCBS ?">?> .V0MT?.sto^. Dre?s Circle .r. 30 cents Orchestra Chnirtf.... . ...- . ... .... .75 <!eats Family Circle... ...,; . ?. ... ?5 cems Private Boxes Sktatid Reserved seats on Mr. Forrest's nights 2". els ejt?.ra. Doorfopen at 7.'^; performance to oomingnc*1 at 5. (iHOVER'8 THEATER" Pennsylvania av., near Willard's Hotel. Leonard Groveh......... Director? ENTHUSIASTIC SUCOKgS OF GROVER? GREAT PHILADELPHIA COMPANY! ( ROW 01 NO TiJK ri'l'ATBR To KXrESS. The flattering commendations of the Philadel phia press were most unmistakably endorsed hy the hearty plaudits of th -large an<l fashionable a* semblace. . ? PERFECT THUNDERS OF APPLAUSE were showered upon them, in several instances' cansing an interruption of five minutes. This ereat company will appear airain llilS (Wednesdayi EVENING, April JO, 1 8-ij, Boucicault's Great American i>r;inia, THB OCTOROON Pronounced by the entire Philadelphia pr?<?3 tL" ureatest dramatic succes- *f flic ai;*. THE BEAUTIFUL SCENERY, SUPERB ACTING and . .. THRILLING EFFECT. Nightly received by LONG AND CONTINUED APPLAUSE. FoPfitz and the Gran 1 Orchestra will run ! ih beantiful music of the drain*. TO-MORROW, (Tb'itr- lay.i Ap- 1 21, Most positively last time u: COLLEEN BAWN. - c ENEFIT TO THE HOSPITAL ?WASHINGTON GALA NIGHT! HONOR TO THE IMMORTAL BARD; Ti:iV CENTEX A RY A "NIVERFAB7 , , . OP TUB >. WORLD'S POET, WILLIft >i!t H A K PPE AR E. ? V The froot of Jove himself; An eye like Mars, to threaten and command: A station like th?* herald Mermr?, A combination and * lorfn, indeed. Where evi rytfod did se-'iu f*> set his - at. To give the world ass'ltunce of ? man -Ha?u?, Act 111 , fcr^j : THE WASHINGTON LITERARY * AND ' DRAMATIC ASSOCIATION Take great pleasure in aunotsnring to the public that they will celebrate THIS IMPORTANT EVENT AT THE WASHINGTON THEATER, ELEVENTH STREET, ON SATURDAY EVENING, APRIL 23, IS'1. rHOGKAMME. OVERTURE. From Midsummer's Night's Dream. Orchestra underthe leadership of Prof. Ilosc wald, cf the Ilellida* -treet Theater,Baltimore: ODE, composed by Spracne Re'ited by Mi-s Jennie Gourley, ol Grnvor's Theal r. To cwiicludo with the Crowning vi bl^akspearo't bust. FIBST ACT OF HAMLET, by Members <>f the A - sociation. MUSIC .?- Othello. Part II. P.ECITATION, Trial scene l'roni "OtJ.ello," by the distinguished PnaK-n.-areni ? ? reader F.'Tahiatro, Ego ESSAY ON THE GENIUS OF SiiAXSPEAKE. II on. H. L. D'iS;ner. MU8IC~. From'Tricbeth. SCENE 1, ACT III, MERCHANT OF VENICE,by Members of the Association REMARKS ON SHAKSPEAUK. >>y the di'tin gUished Elocutionist. Prof. Donald Mel.eod. SHAKSPEARKAN TABLE\U\. Closing with an allegorfcal picture of Shuks peare, under the management of the able W. C. Cohnheim. Esq. MISS GOl'RLEY, MISS FRIEL. PROFESSOR R0SEWA1.D. end F. TAdlSTRO. Em., Have kindly volunteered their eis inen- v?rvice*, und it is confidently expert< d th it one or more ladies from ?rove,'s Theater will take part in Hamlet and the Tableaux. The President, Lord Lyons, and Members of the Cabinet are invited, and are confidently expected to be present. BOX OFFICE will be open on We Ineslay, Thurs day and friday, from v a. m. to 12 in.; on Saturday, from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. Orchestra Seat!-, *1; Dress Circle and Parquette, 75 cents. Seats can be secured without extra charge. Gentlemanly Ushers will be in attendance. PROCEEDS TO BE GIVEN TO THB II0SPITAL8 OF THE CITY LIBRARY OF THE ASSOCIATION. ap 18-d6t *" ..I VARIETIES! VARIETIES ! MUSIC HALL AND THEATER. Fsoktino Pensbtlvasia Avesoe & Ninth Street Hamblis A Co ? Proprietors Pits SiMMQSd-...SLage Manager and Advertiser. Full of the First People Niphtly. Great Public Resort of the Amusement-Xoving People, Ten Pretty Lady Artistes. All yoitug, graceful and attractive. Last week of the World's Pantomimist, MR. HERNANDEZ FOSTRER. In addition will also appear the following Lady Dancers: M'LLE LIN A WTNDEL, AUGUSTA W \LBY, LOUISA WALBY. FANNY MAY, KITTY LEE. MAGGIE VERNON. ANNIE ELMORE Also, the two Gfeat Star Ethiopians, the Favor ite Artistes of this city, KERNS & THOMPSON, The Best Ethiopians of the day. MISS FRIKL AND MISS ATL \NTA, The Actress and the Vocalist. The Great Comic Pantomime. MONE. DECHALUMEAU, The Ballets of _ % FLOWEBS OF ERIN AND THE FLORAL OFFSRINO. Also, the New Act. GayGambolfcrs! Wednes day, Ladies and Clerks' Levee. Maflit, the Groat Pantomimist, is coming. &p 1? METROPOLITAN HALL, PlKKSYLV ASl A AVENC* AMD EUVBSrH BTMKT. GABDiNER & CO - ? Proprietors. XO VEL TV- #0 VEL TY' An entire change of programme will be offered this week. New performances and a superior Ballet Troupe, First week ot LARRY TOOLEY AND BILLY THOMAS. Great success of the old favorites, BARTHOLEMEW. CONSTANTINE. MILES, SCOTT. BRIMMER, MASON, MISS ANNIE RUSH, M'LLE ELISE, HELENA S>MTfl, MOT. LIE LANE, AND THE BALLET TROUPE. The laughable musical sketch of JESNY LIND. Jenny Llnd ?.M'lle Eiise GranbyGay -W. H. Bartholomew GRAND CHALLENGE DANCE. To conclude with the brilliant comic sketch ?'f , THE SWISS COTTAGE. In r#hear?al, the FAIRY OF THE GOLDEN WHEAT tULAF. FAMILY MATIWKR EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON, at 3 o'clock. . ? Admission 25 and 5o cents. Private Bow? ?>-. and Co. ap lti-2t TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. [ASSOCIATED PRESS DISPATCHES.] IU? RED RIVER EXPEDITION. Severe I'nion Disaster Reported?Part of the Thirteenth Army Corps Engaged.? fien. Stoneman in Command-General Ransom Wounded?L'nlon Loss 9.000? Rebel Loss also Heavy. Chicago, April U>.?'The Evening Journal publishe? letters from the Red river expedition, dated Grand Encore, April 10th and 11th, Riv ing the details of a severe Union disaster at PI asant Hill, De Soto county, Louisiana. Our cavalry of the 3d and 4th divisions, of the ljth army corps, after a nard fought battle, were put to rout by a largely superior force of rebels. Gen. Stoneman was in command of the move ment. The Kith armv corps finally came up and qhfckert the pursuit. Our loss was 2,000. The en em v also lost heavily. Gen. Ransom, who con.iriai.tled the .'id and 4th divisions, was wounded in the earlier part of the' fight. The Chicago mercantile battery lost all its *uns, i officers and 22 men. Further Particulars* Chicago, April 19.?Tho Journal's letter from Grand Encore of the 10th mst., says our cavalry had been driving the enemy for two days, but on the forenoon of the 3th sent back word lor infantry supports. Gen. Ransom, in command of the 3d and 4th divisions of the 13th corps, was ordered to send forward a brigade, and hfl did so. At noon he followed with the 4th division, and after advancing about three miles fri m where the 3d division of his com mune and the 19th corps were encamped, the rebels niade a ttand, and our line, consisting of onlj infantry, was formed in a belt of the .woods wiih an open field in front, and the en err v in the wocds on the other side. St^ue. chief of Gen. Banks' staff, was on the Held und took the direction of the move ments. ii r,ca Ilansom was in favor of advancing only in force. hut his wish wa? disregarded. After a skirmish across this open Held for about rn hour Lhe enemy advanced npoa us in overwhelming numbers, estimated at 10,000 strong. G? tieral Ransom gcrt ali the available troops to th" front and opened on the enemy, lie lost h*ai. ily, but advanced steadily. Soon al? cf t?se cavalry gave way and the iufantry fpji ha k. Ju jl few moments theenemy pressed clo- ely up. The panic of the cavalry so de moralized the army that the retreat became a rout. The General did all in his power to rally tlit in, but finding it impossible without rein forcements, made every effort to save his artil ler>. V hile endeavoring to get the Chicago Mercantile Rattery oil safely Gen. Ransom was eevereiy woiiUvied in the. leg. Captain Cyrus E. liickey, his adjutant, was instantly killed. Onrlo* '-vr.s l:ir:;e, probably 2.00". ,The Mer cantile Battery last all its guns. Capt White wad taken prisoner. Lieutenants Throop and M Hrid* were killed. Lots ol the battery In killed ai d captured, 310. But cue ol these re tnrned ?0> cpm^ after the disaster. While the Vh division wasmllingbaekin disorder, the 3d division, numbering only 1,<00 men, came up una wa- imruediateiy routed. Finally the 19th corps, 7,(?0 men, came up and formed in line. y ?-t:^ii?ed ine enemy anu heid them until v. o.t-ot ill the trains oil, except that of the uav alrv. The whol* army is falling hack here, where it ran t wait to reorganize before proceeding further toward bhreveport. FROM ARKANSAS. Catture of a Rebel Mail-Carrier?Robbery by Guerrillas. Caiko, April i-.?The steamer Lady Pike, from Memphis on the 16th, hns passed. On the 4th, gunboat No. 2<,raptured a rebel mail-carrier near Cuejiell's Bluff, Arkansas, with 5('0 letters from Biehmond and other points, mid 00,000 per oust ion cap''for P/ice's army. The letters contained official commu nications for ShrevepOrt, and considerable Federal money. ? A squad of rebel? recently captured repre sentative Clark and the she-ill' of Kansas county, Arkansas, and earned them oil, burned a lot of cotton, and robbed several cotton buyers of several thousand dollars and Jet them go. Arraignment and Sentence ol Drinnnal*. Boston, April 10.?In the Superior Court to ds, y Edv.ard P. Jeflries was sentenced to two \ ears' hard labor in the State prison. The case was of an extensive swindling. Jeffries oc cupied a high social business position, and for a time wis reputed very wealthy. The airaigument of Edward A. Green, late postmaster of Maiden, took place at Lowell to-day before Judge Hoar in the Supreme Judicial Court. The indictment charged him with the wilful murder of Frank E. Converse, late teller of the Maiden Bank, to which Green pleaded guilty. He was remanded for sen tence. PAMC IX WALL STREET, N. Y. Wall street, New York, was the scene ol the utmost commotion on Monday. Indeed, its equal, it is stated, has scarcely been known in the history of the street for the past three years The World says: Houses ol the most undoubted stability and wealth were compelled to sacrifice largely in order to meet their engagements, while many others?some dozen in number, It is reported ? temporarily succumbed to the immense pres sure brought against them, and asked an ex tension of sixty days, in order to balance ac counts and start anew. Men who entered upon the duties of the day yesterday morning with hearts light with hope and well matured plans for business, retired to their couches last night moaning over their losses, and with brains dis tracted by the nervous excitement of the day. Scarcely one among the immense throng of brokers In the street lost more or less heavUy, and none could recount the transactions of the day and feel that he had made one step in ad vance toward wealth. When the excitement was at its height, the throng in the street in front of the regular boards was so great as to com pletely bar the passage of vehicles, and the va rious banking institutions were overwhelmed with anxious customers, each eager to make immediately available whatever funds could be drawn or borrowed. Yesterday was a time when trne filendship was put to the severest test, and he who had money to lend had no difficulty in meeting those who desired to borrow. As the hour drew near when business must close, the excitement grew, if possible, more intense, and men, whose lace wa3 ordinarily sedate and whose temper was calm, ran through the streets like school boys, and acted as if suffering with mental ail ment. This panic was owing to the sudden con traction ol business by the banks; the caving in of loans; the indisposition manifested by the banks to favor their customers, and the in ability of brokers' clients to perform their con tracts, thus compelling the brokers to throw upon the market stock which they would oth erwise have held. Government securities were but Blightly affected. The principal fall was In railroad and bank stocks, over 100,000 shares of which, representing over815,000,000, were thrown upon the market, and. in many instances, sacrificed, in order that their hold ers might realize from their sales sufficient to make good inevitable losses otherwise. This immense mass of 6tock upon the market caused a decline in even the roost stable securities, and with the crash all went down, some to a figure which has not heretofore been reached. A? instance, we cite Fort Wayne, which fell 13 X at the first, 21 at the second board, and 16 out side; Erie sold C* at the first, and 3 3 at the second; Hudson Biver, 23; Reading, 19; Illinois Central, 23K; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 17; Rock Island UK- ?e6e ara tte most promi nent stocks, and th*ir decline shows what must have been the effect upon other securi ties less favorably known. Greenbacks commanded a premium of two per cent, yesterday over certified checfc", and the banks" exercised extreme caution in trans acting business even with these evidences of deposit. The Herald says: The firm ol Morse fc Co., stock brokers, gave notice to the board that they were forced to suspend, and requested an extension of six;y day?. They were what are termed bull ope rator!, and their heaviest liabilities were in Pittsburg and Fort Wayne railroad, after the announcement of the failure, feu fo 110-a decline of 33 per cent, since last Monday. Another young house of the regular exchange board eave way, and several active nieinhera of the public board were unable to respond to their contracts. Tbe Times, referring to the panic, remarks; The liberal subscriptions for the Government ten-fbrtten, the heavy payments for duties at the custom-bouse, tbe calling ia of tbe loans and tbe rapid contraction cf the volume of cir culating-noUs by the banks, all tended to in* crease the stringency in the money market and the panic in stocks and merchandise. At the various sessions of the stock boards, as well as in the open streets, stocks were thrown on tbe market unreservedly, and prices were de pressed? lightly on Government securities. bu ' roost fearfully on nearly the entire list of ??fancies." Principals were mercilessly sacri ficed by their brokers, margins wiped out, coil tracts repudiated, abusive epithets lustily inter chanced, and some lively pugilistic eaerclse* indulged in, much to the enteriainmen^pf dis interested and patriotic spectators ot ??the slaughter of the ionoeenis." At the otoae the day's festivities lame dncks wer? a drug i? the market, and tbe erstwhile much envied 6tock gamblers could flud none so pujr as to do them reverence. They have sowed the ?md and have reaped the whirlwind. The Journal of Commerce says: "The stock market had a most tremendous pressure brought to bear upon it, aud me fall was tremendous. One of the largest operator* in Fort Wayne, Messrs. Morse & Co., it ia said have lost <?<K*m>00 ou that single stock since Friday, and failed on Monday.'' The Evening Post has the following: "Tbe market Is recovering. (Governments are strong and active, and & large number ot orders to buy have been received to day from tbe country. Railroad stocks are generally better. Hudson River, Reading, Michigan Central and Wabash being the strongest on the list." The Express concludes its latest money ar ticle 'hue : "The stringency in money has sensibly abated, ard the panic it ovef tor the present. There were comparatively few loans disturbed to day, although lenders exact large margins. Greenbacks are more plenty, and some Iwnks have also paid out five per cent notes With two months' interest. Gold is decidedly firmer this afternoon, and has ranged from l67^alC0, closing at I68j<altt; ? at 3:30 p. m. The feeling in the stock market continued to improve as the day wore along, and public confidence in railway shares is being rapidly restored." "? ?' ' ' LQCALNEW8. Mrs. Dokovah's Hen.?Mrs. Mary Dono van went to the office of Justice Bosweli aud complained that a chicken had been stolen fron her?said chicken being a fine-looking white hen, well known for its egg-laying qualities? as she believed by one Mrs. Haney. The Jus tice regarding the charge as frivolous, refused to take cognizance of the matter; but she ap pealed to him with snchearue^tness that to get rid of the subject the Justice issued the folio v. ing warrant, expecting that that would be the last of it: District of Columbia, Washington County, *? wit: Whereas it appears to me, F. A. Bos we! . one of the Justices of the Peace in and for said county, by the information and oath of Nancy Donovan, that the following goods, to wit: one white chicken, have within one day las: pa*:, by some person or persons unknown, been feloniously stolen, taken and carried away out of the possession of said Nancy Donovan, in tbe county ale ret aid, and that the said Nancy Donovan hath probable canse to suspect and doth suspect that the said goods and chattels are concealed in the possession of Mrs. Hauey, In the said county: These are therefore, in the name of the United States, to authorize and require you with necessary aud proper assist*, ance to enter, in the day time, into the said premises and there diligently search for tb^ said goods, and if the same, or any part thereof, shall be found upon such search, that you bring the goods so found, and also the body oi the said Mrs. Haney, before me or sjme other Justice of the Peace of the county aforesaid, to be disposed of and dealt with according to law. Given under my haud and seal this l-th day of April, in the year of our Lord 1864. [Signed] F. A. Boswell, J. P. ft,. 8.1 To any qualified offioer of the Metropolian Police. Having procured this doeumen*. Mrs. Dono van meeting with officer Maxwell, placed the warrant in his hands and accompanied him to the house of Mrs. Haney, where, after a pretty thorough search, a small batch of white feathers was discovered in a box or barrel, and Mrs. Donovan identified them as those once belong. 1ng to her white hen, and the officer thereupon gathered them up and marched triumphantly back to the station-house, with Mrs. Haney ia his company, where he indorsed his return oil the warrant, "Search made and feathers found.'' Mrs. Haney strenuously denied that the feathers ever were on the back of Mrs. Donovan's wb ite hen, aud the latter appealed to the justice to allow her to swear to them; but the justice refusing she tnrned and pitched into him, charging that he was a prejudiced, one-sided jndge; and the case was ended by the justice threatening to lock her up for contempt, when she leit the presence. Deaths op Soldiers.?The deaihs of the following soldiers have been reported at the office of Capt. Moore, Assistant Quartermas ter, No. 134 F street, between ioth and 2?st streets: William H. Dick, Co. L. '2d Penna. artillery; Charles H Crowell, Co. I*, 1st D. C. cavalry; Benjamin Hamilton, 1st D. C. cavalry, Hirain Zurnett, Co. C, l5th Penna. cavalry; War re a Carpenter, Co. D, loth N. Y. cavalry; Lewis Hartzell, Co. M. 6th N. J. cavalry: Orison Shufelt, Co. X, 76th N. Y. volunteers; Joseph Taibelt, Co. L, 2'2d N. Y.Cavalry: CecilCatlin, Co. F, tth N. Y. artilery: Charles Roberkin is: Ba'taiion V. R. C.; Edward Smith, Co. I, ICI. N. Y. cavalry; George Harrington, Co. H. -?d N. Y. Mounted Rifles; George Carey, 1st Michigan cavalry; Thomas McCne, t)d N. Y. artilery; Jacob Boore, Co. E, -id Pa. cavalry; Daniel H. Oliphant, Co. I, V7th N. Y ; A. M. Harding, *2d Maine battery: George K. Reid, Co. D, 15th N. J.: John P. Newkirk. 12th N. J.; Robert T. Kane, " Scott's 9<i0;" Wm. Englehar:. tth N. J. battery; George Hassman, V. R. C.; Wm. Young, Co. F, 1st N. Y. artillery; George P. Tell, 4th N. J. battery;. Michael BuTke, 4:fe N. J. battery; George Carman, 21th N. Y. cav alry; Jehile A vey, Co. C, 109th N. Y. vols.; Andrew King, Co. A, sth 111. cavalry. Charles J. Mcore, Co. E, 24th Mass.; Charles'Heald, 1st Maine cavalry. Orphans' Court, Judge JPurceU.?Yester day, the will of the late G. C. Grammer, be queathing three thousand dollars to his sister, Mrs.^Vnnie Dunkinson, and the residue of the estate to his s isters, Matilda G. and Alice W. Grammer, and brother, Julius E. Gramicer, and nominating W. B. Todd lor executor, was filed for probate. The first and final account of Moses Kelly, administrator w. a. of W. W. Russell: firs; and final account of Mrs. M. V. Goddard, guardian to the orphans of Daniel C. Goddard deceased; first general and fourteenth account of Henry Weaver, guardian to the orphan of Horatio Barnes, were approved and passed. Thomas Burke was appointed guardian cf the orphans of Patrick^leason; Virginia B. Baldwin, to the orphans of H. Clay Baldwin, ar.d Thomas Hutton to the orphan of Isaac G. Huttcn, late of Fairfax county, Va. Letters of administration were granted :o Wm. Crown, on the estate of Henry Gutriuge. Mart Sullivan.?This woman, the mother ol two interesting children, has been arrested very often during two years past for drunk enness and disorderly conduct. Her children have saved her from the penalty of the law in nearly every case. Monday night she was agai n locked up in the Fourth Ward station, and Justice Giberson concluded that justice to her children demanded her committal to the work house. Her presence with them while at large serves no good purpose, but on the contrary, tends to degrade them, and is a great obstruc tion to their chances of becoming useful mem bers of society. The youngest child was with her when arrested, and yesterday was sent with her to the workhouse for thirty days. The child is safe there. Malicious Mischief.? Joha R. Fairfax, Madison Jackson, James Jordan ard Williaci Parker, aged 12, 13, 16 and IS, were arrested by officers Boyle, Skinner and Canaher on the complaint of Mr. James E. Eliason that they had destroyed a large quantity of bricks in h.s brick-yard, and taken before ^Justice Bosweli, when the two former ruled'their cases for a hearing, and the latter were fined S10 each. Mr. Eliason has suffered severely by boys breaking up his bricks in bis yard, and e? i mates that over $1,000 worth nave been de stroyed within several months past. Thb Old Rao Depots.?The police are beginning to enforce the law of the Corporation approved February 20th, 1564, prohibiting the s'orage of old rags or bones within two hundred feet of any dwelling house other than tC9 dwelling of the person storing the rags or bones, nuder a penalty of five dollars for every day that the same shall be stored, putorp!a;ed as aforesaid. Patrick Dannaber and John G. Gardiner were arrested by the Fourth W:ir?l police. Mr. Da?naher never keeping the razs a day, was dismissed. Mr. Gardiner was fluei Grani> Larceny.?On Monday Elizabeth Johnson, a white woman, was arrested by officer Crown for stealing a watch from a .-ol ored man named Edward Grigsby, It appear ed from the evidence that Grigsby went to a house in Prather's alley, where the prisoner, with a number of colored fancy were coagre gated. Grigsby got drunk and laid down, and the prisoner stole his watch while he was asleep. Justice Giberson sent her to ja.1 for o? Pi sf \

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