Newspaper of Evening Star, April 20, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 20, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAB, j W. D, WALLACH. Editor and Propneter. WA8HINQTOIT CITY: WEDNESDAY APRIL 20, 1*64. WREADING MATTER ON EVERY PAGE III OUTBIDS I0S INTERESTING TELE GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER. W ashingten Meney Market. Quotations for stocks, eoin and uncurrent money, furnished by Lewis Johnson &; Co., Bankers: N*w Yobk Rate??First Board. Coupon 6's, 1891, 114; 5.20's, 110^: Certificates of Indebtedness, 9?X; Gold, 16S-, Quicksilver, ?t ,V; Lrie,113'4-; Hadson,irK: Missouri bonds,G!>. Chet rin? News from Banks' Expedition. BANKS WUIPSTHE ENEMY SEVERELY AF Tl.R 111? REVERSES ON THE ?TII INdT. LOSS HEAVY ON BOTH SIDES. The Nary Department to-day received the following telegram: Cairo, III., April 19, 1964.?Hon. Gideon VTcUet, Secretary qf the Savy: I have received private letters from Red River, one dated Grand Score, La., April 10, and one dated Alexandria, April 12, stating that the army under General Banks met with reverses on the ?tb, near Mansfield. Our army fell back to Pleasant Hill, and the nest day the rebels attacked them and were handsomely whipped. Loss heavy on both aides. The Admiral, when last heard from, was about 40 miles above Grand Ecore. River low. A. M. Psxkock, Fleet Captain. NAVAL ORDERS. Lieut. N. H. Fauquhet and Assistant Sur geon Samuel Weber have been detached from the Rhode Island, and are now awaiting or ders. Paymaster R. H. Donglass, detached from the Rhode Island, and settling occounts. Surgeon J. A. Lock wood, detached from the Pacific Squadron as surgeon of the fleet, and is now awaiting orders. Assistant Surgeon D. M. Skinner, detached from West Gnlf Blockading Squadron. REBEL DESERTER ARRESTED. Yesterday morning, one of the detectives attached to General Martindale's headquarters arrested Joseph Pearson, a deserter from the 1st Arkansas (rebeij regiment. He was taken before Colonel Ingraham, who released him upon taking the oath. w ? Tu* Rkcbption at the Wititb Hocse Lart Night.?The jam last night at the Wh^te House was terrible, it being the last public reception ot the season. By half past eight o'clock a line ot persons extended up the various approaches to the White Honse from the avenue, and when the doors were thrown open a rush was made for the entrance which baltied all the repressive efforts of the military and police force. Many of those who were caught in the jam lost portions of their clothing, torn away, and some of the yet more unfortunate actually shrieked with pain from the pressure. At half-past 9 o'clock it was found necessary to close the doors until some of those in side fit to retire, as the house t3d become so densely packed that it was almost impossi ble ro move: and when once in, considerable diffic u lty was experienced in getting out. The throng was equal to that of New Year's day, when it was found necessary to make an exit through one of the large windows leading from the Fast Room. It was out oi the question to distinguish in dividuals in such a jam, but we noticed the British. Peru vian, Belgian and Italian Min isters, Secretaries Welles and Seward, Mr. Har rington, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury; Mr. Barrett, Commissioner of Pensions; Ex Oov. Randall. First Assistant Postmaster Gen eral, J. D. Defrees, Superintendent of Public Printing: Mr. Faxon, chief clerk of the Navy department: Generals Doubleday, Augur and Perham: Capts McGowan and Beatty, of Gen. j Martin dales staff; Admirals Paulding and Smith, of the Navy; Gov. Newall, Senators McDougall and Hale, Speaker Colfax, and a large number ol members of the Lower House of Congress. Several beautiful iloral baskeuupon a center table in the Oval Roem attracted the attention and admiration of all who lingered there. The President and Mrs. Lincoln were sta tioned in this room, and received the guests with habitual kindness and cordiality. Mrs. Lincoln wore a plain white moire antique, with a rich black lace bertha, the skirt of the dreas being quilled with white satin ribbon Her only ornaments were a necklace of pearls &nd a headdress of flowers. At 10 minutes past 11 o'clock the President entered the East Room, escorting the daughter cf Gen. Schenck. Shertly after, Mrs. Lincoln followed, leaning upon the arm of Gen. Gar ?eid. and after mak-qg a circuit or two of the ruom retired, but the visitors jstemed unwill ing to depart, ani it w:~ la o'clock tjpfore the mansion became entirely clear. Thus closed the last :jception of a brUliant season. The President's Visit. At-art from the prestige given to the fair bv the attendance upon the introductory exercises ct the President of the United State.; there wa* a personal tigmflcance in his visit which is a Wh '-hfth ">ll*ratulat1IOIi- The heartiness with which he was welcomed, and the un bounded applause with which he was greeted ^'hi ^ S? brPadly Wlth antagonism v huh he avoided encountering on his llrst na*. election, that he must have been keenly and gratefullv im. Chan pre. The transforation ir.a has been wrought in sentiment in the ?h?,r&AT i i? ?'ears 80 ^"eat and so striking r^r I ?% -"foin c?"ld not refrain from allu f mg to it. The community which, three veara ago, objected to the transit of United Slates rh? tbrouGh tlieir city, are now engaged hf buna!;0 work of adding to the coralort and efficiency of the soldiers. ,, V.S ,e/y *vldeiu that the personal good ? rt* f?r wbitb tLe President is disun guicied -honesty, sincerity, simplicity and i-itive g odi.ess of heart-have won hrm ? uptu the e-teem and arteetion of our citizen^ The tributes ot respect and admiration ac.* co.ued were us genuine and cordial as thev were frequent and llumerous. HU careworn h ' aP,Vraran?e, evidencinjj not so i nuib his recent illness ;is the heavy burd ?n of *i.xiet> ?nd re>pCns.bili.yhei,obligedfo^ awakened the sympathy of all, while thecharl . i-eristic hi'mor and cheerfulness, which sud j crt hirn tn his heaviest trials, afforded a weU grounded trust that his health may not sink "eJ'ht ot h* dulies. The l rZJ t?^P0l:se* and Plat,di^ which were successive points in his address, ?how how consonant with his own feelings cpiiuotis and wishes are those of our peotfle W h?n ome enthusiastic indivi.1 n?i ?w.. p J thre* cheers for the President of the BJ States. they were given with an energy and vest that had a meaning. They implied coufi^ tlence in his pa?t integrity and tr ut in his future efforts. They implied a wish U ta guided by his counsels and governed b^h^ Visiiom dnnng another term of ottjee Tbev meant to c:?st no rellection upon other J\tp*. wl^h hun. patriot8' but t0 exPress satisfaction 9-ii<'rs P^- i. perhaps, a? he 1 liere may l?e; H^art in hand. sM-king for the Right in Heaven's name? Lft the Nation ask*him, then, Once agkin -.T? rud'ler in thi??tormy sen Tell bira that each alceyleKE! night, Park to light, lohers in a morning for the Free. Let us not forget our rale Cirat?tude I But lend our servant the poor crown we may I CiiTe him four more years of toil. Task and moil. Knowing Ood shall crown him in Hi* day " , (Haltimort American, i&fV $0" Tb? New York Assembly bas authorized the degree of M. D. to be conferred upon female*. r A new Union paper is to be started in ZjOnUvilie. Ky. VTbe Western Pennsyivanians are goln* o told ft SftnJury Fair at Pittsburg tnJuae TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Important from the Southwest* UNION VICTORY ON THE LICKING RIVER. IMPORTANT CAPTURES. TIIK BEDEL COL. CLAV TAKEN PRISONER. Cihcikkati, April 20.?A dispatch to the Commercial, from Catlettsburg, Ky., of the l!>th, Bays Capt. Patrick had arrived with over 100 prisoners captured in the battles of Painesville and Half Mountain, on the Licking river. Hodges' rebel brigade attacked Col. Gilles pie's force at Painesville on Tuesday night, but was repulsed. Gillespie pursued the retreating rebels with 600 men of the 14th and 39th Kentucky regi ments, and surprised them In camp at Half Mountain on the 14th inst., captnring 70 pris oners, 200 hcrses, 100 saddles, 300 stand of small arms, and all their camp equipage. Eighty lite rebels were killed and wounded. A large amount of stolen property was recovered and returned to the citizens. A rebel wagon train was captured and burned. Our loss was one man billed and four wound ed The rebels were commanded by Ools. Clay, Prentiss, May, and Johnson. Col. Clay is among the prisoners. THE RED RIVER EXPEDITION. THE FLEET WITHIN ONE HUNDRED MILES OF SIIREVEPORT. FROM MEXICO. A TREATY OF FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN MAX IMILLIAN AND THE CONFEDERATES PREDICTED. St. Louie, April 19?The Democrat has sev eral dispatches from Red river. They, how ever, contain nothing of special Importance. But little had, they say, occurred excepting skirmishing. Banks' army left Grand Echore on the 6th, and the boats last out Red river report the fleet within one hundred miles of Shreveport, and the men expect to reach there on the 12th instant. It is reported that Captain Carthwas, of the gunboat Chilicothe, was killed on the 4th inst, by a shot from the shore. Prominent Frenchmen from New Orleans predict a treaty of friendship between the Confederacy and Maximlllian, backed by Na poleon. The French Commander-in-Chief has or dered Admiral Borst to make an effective demo&stration against Cortinas, on the Rio Grande. t General Santa Anna has returned to St. Thomas. FROM KENTUCKY. GUERRILLAS AT SHAWNEETOWN. STEAMBOATS FIBEp INTO. Louisville. April 20.?The steamer Liberty No. 2, on the upward trip from Memphis, on Saturday at midnight, was fired into by guer rillas on the Kentucky shore, opposite Shaw neetown. The boat received one hundred and fifty shots, some of which passed through the cabin. The passengers were asleep in their berths. No one was injured. PARDONED AFTER TWELVE YEARS PENITENTIARY SERVICE. Louisville, April 19.?The Rev. Calvin Fairbanks, who was implicated with Dela Webster in enucing negroes from Kentucky several years ago, and who had served twelve years of the sentence of fifteen years in the Frankfort penitentiary, was pardoned by Lt. Gov. Jacobs while the latter was performing the executive dnties during Gov. Bramlette's absence from the State. THE KANSAS ELECTIONS. A TRIUMPH FOR PRESIDENT LINCOLN. St. Louis, April 20.?A Leavenworth dis patch say s ?ll the important counties of Kansas show a triumph lor President Lincoln. Tb* United States Express Company wa3 robbed at St. Joseph yesterday, of S30,000. GRANT AHEAD. New York, April 20 ?In the contest tor the sword at the fair last evening Grant had 78 majority. PRICE OF GOLD. [By the People's Line.] New York, April 20?10 a. m.?Gold, 67; II a. m., 66#; 12 m., 69; 1 p. m., 68; 8 p. m , 67; 3 p. m, C7tfa67*. 'Queen Victoria has discharged all her papa's, the duke of Kent's debts. He was a sad fellow, spent other people's money with a generosity peculiar to English princes. ?9~The Paris coachmen have established a newspaper. Considering that talf of them cannot read it will be beneficial. ?7"At a concert in a palace in Florence where Tamburini sang tickets brought $200 each. ?67"At the Irish dog show in Dablin some prize degs were valued at fifty thousand dol lars. ?^"Duels with swords have been frequent in Paris recently. tO" A military hospital is to be built at De troit, Michigan. |Y"5=?I. O. O. F.?The members of WASHINO 1L3 TON LODGE. No. 0. are invib-d to attend a J-pecial meeting THIS Wednesday) EVENING, at 7>i o' make arrangements for the funeral of Brother Douglas Coopkr. lt J. P. McKEAN, Rec. Sec. [fp ADJOURN ED MA8S CON VENT ION.-Ob 1L3 .iectffcn having been made by the janitor of file Union Leasue Reading Room to the holding at that place of the adjourned meeting on Friday evening next, for the Selection of delegate* to the Union Convention held at Baltimore on the 7tli of June, the privilege of usin.$ the City Hall lias been obtained. Therefore, all "qualified vo ters" of tbi6 Dintrict, "who desire the uncon ditional maintenance of the Union, the supremacy of the Constitution, and the complett suppression of the existing rebellion, with the cause thereof, by vigorous war and all apt and efficient means. nre invited to meet at the City Hall, on FRIDAY EVENING. April 22d, at 7% o'clock, for the pur pose of choosing delegates to said Baltimore Con vention. An pie arrangements will be made to se cure an opportunity for all to vote. J. J COOMBS, President. D. CnrMBACKER. Secretary. ap 20 3t (Y"5=*CATHOLIC FAIR AT POMPEIAN hall. UJ? CEORGETOWN.-A Fair, for the benefit oftfce Male and Female Free Ssliools of George town, is now open, day and evening, at the Union Hotel, and contains a great variety of things too numerous to detail here. Admission 1(J cents, apl9-llt NOTICE.-A SPECIAL MEETING OF the Journeyman Coachniakers Association v ill be held at the Delnionieo Hotel. 501 11th street, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, 20th instant, at 7!? p. m. We hope there will be a full attend ance, as there is business of importance to be at tended to. By order of the President. ap 19 2t* J AS. F. CKOWN, Secretary. |Yw=?A CONCERT OF VOCAL MUSIC WILL LL3 be given by the pupil 1 of the female gram mar schools, under the direction of Prof. Daniel, at the Smithsonian Institution, on -THURSDAY EVENING, the 21st instant, commencing st 6 o'clock. The proceeds of the concert will be used for the purchase of pianos for the schools. Mr. J. F. Ellis has kindly offered the use of one of his finest pianos for the occasion. ap 19-3t ry?^FROM ONE HUNDRED TO FIVETICN llS DRED DOLLARS BONUS will be paid for the possession of a comfortable Dwelling House, ocutrally located, renting at a moderate rent. Ad dress, stating location, nature of lease, rent, bo nus required, Ac., 0. P. Q. B., City Post Office, ap lS-3t* nf"5=?FAIR AND FES 7IVAI -The Fair and Fes tival for the benefit of the Fourth Presby terian Church, (Dr. J. C. Smith,) is now open at ODD FELLOWS' HALL, where may be found a line c llection of fancy articles, confectionery, Ac., at reasonable priced. Come and see us. ap 18-tit* flf%?NOTICE.-THE MASTER HORSK-8HOERS livj of Washington, D. C., are requested to at tend a meeting at the Exchange Hotel, on 0 street, between 4K and 6th street*, on WEDNESDAY FAKMNO, at 7^o'clock, to take into consider ation the best way we are to meet the great de mand made on us by our Journeymen, and the high prices of material uaed now in our business, ap lo-Ut* fY"5=?A BEAUTIFUL EXHIBITION OF THE li Jf Phantasmagoria Dissolving Views will be given at the Methodist Episcopal Church, Dum barton street, Georgetown, on WEDNESDAY. THURSDAY and FRIDAY EVENINGS next. The subjects are el a scriptural, historical and miscel laneous character, and will be shown with the oz carbrohydrogen light?the most brilliant light now known The proceeds being devoted for the benefit of the Church. Doors open at 7V o'clock, commencing at 6. Tickets andlScenU, ftp 18->t* ITS? NOTICE- TO THE TAX-PA YERS OF [TS WASHING TON. Assessor's OrriOB, I Wi.8HllOT?5. March 14. 1864. \ The Board of Auuwri. having completed the General Assessment for the year 1864. hereby gi*e notice that they will alt aa a Board of Appeals. and for the purpose of making any correction, from Monday, the 31st day of March, to Tuesday, the 26th day of April, inclusive, (Sundays excepted,) at their room, No. 6, basement story, west wing City Hall, from 9 a. m to 3 p. m. each day. By order of the President : JAMES W. SPALDING-, mh 16-1A p26 Secretary Board of Appeal. fV-=3=MCB CBEAM, CONFECTIONERY, AO. UoJ Receptions, Parties. Weddings, Balls, Sup pers. Fairs and other entertainments furnished at shortest notice and most reasonable terms. Ice Cream and Water Ices made by ateam power, war ranted to be the best in the city, wholesale and re tail, delivered to any part of the city. Charlotte Basse, Jellies. Pyramids and Wedding Cakes mad* to order, at JbSBPH 8HAFFIELD'S Confection* err, 3?6 Sixth St., bet. G and H. fe 11-Sm" EJ. HOWELL. AT MISS SANFORD'S, No. 4 ? Market 8j>aee. lias just received a lot of Puffed Spencer in Wash Lace, Lace L'nder Sleeves. Arc. Cnenille Head Presses. ap 20-6t* STEAMER EMPIRE HAS ARRIVED FROM New York. ? Consignees will please, attend to the^_ reception of their goods at once. ap 2?-2t MORGAN A RHISEnART. Agt*. TMILK. HE Undersigned wishes a customer to take from 6 to 20 gallons of Milk daily from the morn ing train from Baltimore. Address by mail, C. S. TYSON, ap 20-3t* Laurel Post Office, Maryland. H' K1 vac 0 TO ICE CREAM MAKERS.?For sale a patent Philadelphia Machine for making ice cream. Ice Chests, Freezers. Signs, Ac., with everything complete for the business. The things were made to order and used but two months. Will be sold cheap, the owner having no use for them. Inquire at 371 Pa. avenue. ap2P-3t* AYS'S BRASS BAND.? Having secured the services of Prof. R. Brown, of New York, ' in connection with my old leader. James Pal-1 ley. and other valuable additions to my band,! I shall be prepared, from and after this date, to furnish the best of music to balls, parties, &c.. at short notice. Apply at my residence, 9th street, between H and I streets. It* ALEXANDER HAYS. FOR 8ALB?A Wheeler * Wilson'a SEWING MACHINE, with all the latest improvements; silver-plated, half case, and coat 981. Can be seen at Mrs. FLAGG'S, corner of C and North Capitol streets. Price $60 ap 19-3t MRS. E. J. HOWELL HA8 ? REMOVED TO No. 4 Market 8pace, upstairs, will open on Tuesday. April 19th. a handsome assortment of PARIS FLOWERS. The ladies of Washington, Georgetown and its vicinity are invited to exam ine tne goods before purchasing elsewhere. ap 19-31* THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING IN HIS pos session an excellent quarry, offers for sale any quantity of good BUILDING STONE, which he can deliver at any place in the cities of Washington or Georgetown at reasonable terms. Apply to MATTHEW CALLAHAN, Distributing Reservoir. ap 19-3t* ALLEN'S RURAL ARCHITECTURE; #1.25. Downing'* Country Houses; 96. Vaux's Villas and Cottages; 92. Loudon's Encyclopedia of Architecture; London. Hatfield's American House Carpenter; $3. Holly's Country Seats; 93.8?. Village and Farm Cottages; $2.50. A House for the Suburbs; London. Field's Rural Architecture; 92. Sloan's Constructive Architecture. 4lo; $6. Sloan's City and Suburban Architecture, folio; 912. [ap 193 FRANCE TAILOR. Notice to grocers of Washington, d. C. -The French Coffee has advanced two cents pr-r pound from this date, owing to the high price *.f Coffee and Barley Malt. The quality of the French Coffee will always be sustained. J. F. BROADBKNT Ac CO., 57 North Calvert street, Baltimore. Baltimore. April 18,1864. ap 18-6t* *po GROCERS AND OTHERS. I have on hand a small invoice of assorted Fruits, Ac., comprising Peaches, Strawberries. Pine Ap ples, Fresh and Spiced Oysters, Pickles, Jellies. Chow-Chow, Ac., Ac. They are in the original cases, and I will warrant each article to be as I represent. For sale low. JOSEPH L. CREAMER. ap 18-6t* 4 71 8th st., square below Post Office. R OOFING FELT AND PITCH Just received and for sale, a choice lot of Felt and Pitch, which will be sold cheap, together with LIME. PLASTER. CEMENT. HAIR. Ac. FENWICK A STEWART, ap 18-lm* west side 7th st., at Canal bridge. NOTICE.?All persons having accounts with the firm of W. AI\ SIlUSTKR A. 00. are requested to make an early settlement. They will find the books in the hands of W. H. Clagett, at the old stand. All persons having accounts against the firm are requested to present them for settlement. ap!6-lin CUOAR.- Forty hhds. Cuba and Porto Rico Sugar, part prime. Just received and for sale by JOHN H. SEMMES A CO.. No. 923, corner 9th st. and Louisiana av., ap 16 6t oppo. west end Center Market. \\T WINES AND LIQUORS. vv E Have now on hand a full supply of Califor nia Wine* and Brandies. Also. Champagne Wines on draught, a rich native Wine. Also. Gibson's and Baker's Old Rye, Bourbon and Nectar Whiskies on draught and in bottles. WilsonV Old Rye Pancatharticonized Whisky for sale by EGAN A PERRIE, ap 15-6t Corner E and 9th streets. ^OCOA MATTING AT PRIVATE SALE. We have Just received from the importers for private sale. te*n thousand yards of Cocoa Matting, different widths, at our furniture warerooms. in the rear of our auction rooms. W. L. WALL A CO., Auct'rs and Commission Merchants, ap 15 6outh corner Pa. av. and 9th st. 8 Ann BUSHELS 8T. UBES 8ALT r~ |UUU l,00>t bushels Turks Island Salt 4,000 sacks Liverpool G. A. Salt 1,600 do do fine Salt Afloat and in store. For sale in lots to suit pur chasers. J. THOS. DAVIS, S3 Water street. spl3-lm* Georgetown. D. C. jpC E~P I T C H E~R S !-I C E P I T C H E It HJ A large and beautiful assortment of Sil - ver Plated and Brittania ICE PITCHERS.^ Just received and for sale at our usual low _ prices. C. W. BOTELERA SOtfL ? Ilouse-furnishing Store. 318 Iron Hall, ap 13-6t Pa. av., Vet. 9th and lnthsts. 486 WINDOW 8HADES. 486 Now opening, spring stock Gilt Band Window Shades, Shade Cord, Tassels and Fixtures. Shades of any required style or size made to or der. Terms cash. J. MARKRITER. No. 486 7th street, eight doors atove sp 2-lmif Odd Fellows' Hall. 17<EMALE COLLEGE, I1 ^ BORDENTOWN, N. J. The Summer Session of this Institution will open April the 18th. A few vacancies only re main. For catalogues containing terms, Ac., ad dresa Rev. JOHN A. BREKELEY, A. M., mh 16-1m* Preaident. N AND AFTER THIS DATE THE OFFICE of tne Washington and Marl-, i fi u - ! w 0 boro' Stage will f>e kept at th Stables of HOWARD A ROUSE, on G. between 6th and 7th streets. Washington, D. C.. April 4. lft'd. ap 6-lm* FOR SALE?25/01 extra choice hardy Ever Blooming Roses, Magnolias, Trees. Peoney, Wisterias, Clematite, Orange and Lemon Trees, Parlor Plants. Ac.. Ornamental Trees. Shrubs. Climbing Plants, Evergreens. Fruit Trees, Ac. The collection comprises the most celebrated kinds known iu Europe or America. A. J ARDIN. Florist, mh.lS-lm* 13th st., cor, of M1 LADIES OF WASHINGTON, CE? 8, HELLER, No. 34 Market Space btt 7th and9th its.,^ - Has opened a very largs assortment of Spring and Summer Cloaks. Also, a great variety of Fancy Bonnets and Flowera. Embroideries, such as Lace Collars, Handkerchiefs, Sleeves, Ac., Ac. Fancy Goods, Fancy Parasols, Corsets. IIoop Skirts, and a large assortment of Ladies' Under Clothing and the best cheap price Gloves. Ladies, you will do well by calling and examining our stock of goods before you buy elsewhere. mh 24-lra* FAPERHANGINGS. A great variety of ENTIRELY NEW STYLES OF VELVET AND GOLD PAPER, SATIN GROUND PAPER, COMMON PAPER AND BORDERS, CANTON MATTINGS, Check and White Mattings, both fine and common grades. FLOOR OIL CL0TH8, From 3 feet to 12 feet wide, together with a great variety of WINDOW SHADES, BRASS WINDOW CORNICES. CURTAIN BANDS. DOOR MATS, PARLOR HATS. COCOA MATTING, *e All orders promptly attended to at RIFFLE A FALCONER'S No. 3497th street, between I street and mh 16-ee3m* Mass. avenue. f^ITTENHOUSE.FANT k 00., BANKERS, NO. 353 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUB, Will continue to furnish U. 0. IIVE-TWENTY BONOS As long as issued by the Government, at par, . Coupon 6*s of 1811, U. 8.7 30 Treasury Notes, U. 8. Certificates of Indebtedness BOLD AND SILVER BOUGHT AND SOLD. Exchange an all parts of Europe and the Northern Cities sold in sams to suit purchasers, Stocks and Geld bought in New York exclusively on Commission, T? RITTENHOUSK. FANT A CO. 1 kIGEST OF THE LAWS OF THK DISTRICT U of Columbia B>m Thompson. ??. ?c u jtran gs Taylor, 4 O'CLOCK P. M. Further Good News from Banks Expedition. CONFIRMATION OF THE VICTORY OF BANKS AFTER HIS FIRST REPCLSE. The following dispatch, received at thr War Department to-day, is Confirmatory of the dis patch received atlhe Navy Department (pub lished in our first edition) giving information of a victory achieved by Gen. Banks subse quent to his repulse on the Sth instant: Cairo, 111., April 19, 1S64, 10 p. m.?lion. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War: Two let ters arrived here this afternoon, both from na val officers?one from Grand Ecore, half way between Natchitoches and Shreveport, dated the loth. The other from Alexandria, dated the 12th. The battle was near place first named. Smith appears to have been worsted; also the 13th corps, which came to his aid Franklin took part and the enemy were beaten. FOUND GUILTY BY COURT-MARTIAL. George Boucher, of company E, 1st Maine heavy artillery, who, on the 16th of March, broke into the confectionery store of Mrs. Isa bella White, No. 545 O street, and stole there from a lot of articles valued at S6, has been tried by court-martial, and sentenced "to for feit tlO per month of his monthly pay for five months; to make good an amount of S10 to be paid to the proprietress of the store, and to be confined at bard labor at such place as the commanding general may direct for and during a period of six months." Gen. Martlndale has approved the sentence, an+ directs that the prisoner be confined at Fort Delaware. Music at the Capitol and White House Grounds.?The regular promenade concerts by the Marine Band for the season at the Oap itol and White House grounds will commence the beginning of next month, the first to be given on the grounds south of the Presidential Mansion on Saturday, May Sth, and thereafter every Wednesday at the Capitol and every Saturday at the White House. CONGRESSIONALt. ? , XXXVIIlTH 00NQRK88,?yiBtit 8I88I0N. WEDNESDAY, April 20. Senate.?The Vice President laid before the Senate a communication from the Secretary of the Interior in reply to a resolution of the 7th instant, as to what amount of fees and emol uments was received by the U. S. Attorney and Marshal of the District of Columbia during tne year ending December 31, 1863, the amount paid to clerks of the courts, &c. A report from the Comptroller of the Treasury, which fur nishes the desired information, is embraced in the communication. Referred to the Commit tee on the District of Columbia. Mr. Cowan, from the Committee on Patents, reported adversely on the petition for the re newal of the Wood worth planing-machine pat ent: and in favor of relief of Danfrl Fitzgerald and Dennis Duval in relation to a patent. Mr. Chandler, from the Committee on the Conduct of the War, who were instructed to inquire into the administration of Gen. Slongh, Quartermaster at Alexandria, Va., made a report, with voluminous testimony The report was ordered to be printed. House.?The House resolved il-self into a Committee of the Whole on the utate of the Union?Mr. Washburne, of 111., in the chair? and proceeded to the consideration of the bill to provide internal revenue to support the Gov ernment, to pay interest on the public debt, and for other purposes. The general debate was terminated by reso lution. The committee proceeded to make amend ments to the various sections relating to general regulations. An amendment was made authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to appoint five instead of three revenue agents, to aid in the preven tion, detection, and punishment o:' frauds on the internal revenue. [The Committee, when we last heard from the Capitol, was engaged in the consideration of tbe General Regulatiors, and an amend ment was made dismissing from office any assessor who shall receive from anv deputy assessor any part of his compensation as a consideration for remaining in effice or appoint ment, and subjecting him to a fine of not less than 950.] LATE TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM NEW ORLEANS. SUCCESSES BY GENERAL BANKS OVER THE REBEL GENERAL MARMADUKE. New York, April 20.?The steamer New Liberty brings New Orleans dates to the 13th. The True Delta has dates from Grand Ecore to the 7th and Alexandria to the 9tb. Gen Hanks' headquarters were at Natchi toches. Captain Conthorey, of the gunboat Chilli cothe, was killed by guerrillas on the 5th. A slight skirmish took place on the 2d at Compte, ten miles above Grand Ecore, between the rebels under Gen. Marmaduke, numbering 4,000, and the advance of Col. Dudley's caval ry, in which we lost 10 mortally woandedand 7 slightly, including 4 officers. The loss of the enemy was much greater. All is quiet at Alexandria. The ri rer is still falling. No news of the battle reported via Chicago is in the New Orleans papers. It is reported tbat the waters of the Red rivfrhave been turned down Bayou Pierre and the old channel for a hundred miles, also that the brigade ol Texas troops had got up and had a couple of skirmishes. The U. S. Troops continued to advance be yond Natchitoches. The New Orleans Times' letter from Baton Kouge on tbe 10th says on Wednesday last our advance cavalry had a small engagement with the enemy at Pleasant Hill within five miles of Shreveport in which we had a few men killed and wounded and the enemy about the same number. The steamship Evening Star had arrived at New Orleans on the 10th. The Star of the South and Caisandra has also arrived from Portland, with the 1st and 2d Maine cavalry on board. The quarantine is to oe rigidly enforced be low New Orleans on and after May 1st. The New Orleans Times has Alexandria let ters to the 8th, stating that there was no especial military news. The army was in fine spirits, and moving steadily upon Shreveport. At New Orleans the weather was warm and musqultoes plenty. An Alexandria letter of the 9th says the rebels are burning all the cotton on the Bed and Auchita rivers. Again on Thursday morning another fight took place, about five miles above Natche toches. Our troops were driven in, but rallied, when the enemy had to retreat with small loss. ' Our loss was .30 killed and wounded. The Free State Convention is fnlly organized for business. About 30 refugees from Red river had ar rived at New Orleans. ? Election in Chit-age. Chicago, April 19 ? E.P. Bunn, the Repub lican candidate fer Police Commissioner, was elected to-day by 306 majority. The Republi cans gain four Aldermen, making the Council a tie. Only a two-thirds vote was polled. Jacob Lewis and S. M. Pettingill, well known advertising agents of New York, are in court, the former claiming 910,000 of the latter for slander. NET" Jonathan Kitteridge, a prominent law yer of New Hampshire and a pioneer of the Temperance movement, is dead. ttr Farm laborers are exceedingly scarce in Ohio. ?W Bondoin College, Maine, has 132 stu dents. tor It costs fonr and a quarter million dol lars a year to govern Boston. ?T Kavanagh and Tleman have got up a match game ol billiards lor 910,000, LOCAL NEWS. DlSTEE.?PIN<? CA8B or SUICIDE.?Mrs. Blanche Cunningham, wife of a surgeon in the army, who is bow stationed at Sherburne Barracks, ^?arr<>ll Hill, committed suicide by taking pruMic acid. Mrs. C. resided on New Tort avenne, between 12th and 13th street, and abont 8u o'clock last night left her home and tppaired to the barracks. After arriving at her husband's quarters, she toolc off her bonnet and cloak, and laying them aside, be gan a conversation which continued till near 11 o'clock, when she repaired to an adjoining room, and was presently heard tm cry, when a phvsician, who had been In her company, went to her assistance, and asked what was the matter. She said, "Oh, doctor, take me home." The doctor repeated his question, adding, ? Have you been taking anything I" She answered, " It is done, it will soon be over." She then embraced her husband, who was near by, and appeared much alarmed, and upon kissing him he detected upon her breath the smell of prussic acid, and exclaim* ed?"Great heavens, she has taken prussic acid!" Ston^ach pumps were immediately sent for, but before they arrived the lady had breathed her last. Her body was taken to her residence, where an Inquest will be held by Coroner Woodward. The lady is about 30 years of age, and has a daughter in England. No reason can he ascribed for her mysterious suicide. ? The rival steamboat lines between this city and Alexandria have not yet satisfactorily adjusted their difficulties, and we understand warrants have been served, and that the sub ject will undergo judicial investigaUon. The New Jersey company still maintains the block ade at the old 7th street wharf by keeping the steamers Phoenix and Tallaca moored there. The Young America, however, ot the opposi. tion line, until this morning continued to dis charge h?r cargo over the bows of the Tallaca; but the new company, claiming the wharf under their lease, put an end to that by placing a canal boat outside the steamers, thus making the blockade yet more effective. The Fulton and Thos. Collyer, of the new company, make regular trips, landing in Washington at their new wharf, a few hundred yards south of the old one. The Tonng America has for a few trips been making use ot the 6th street wharf for the purpose of transacting her business. Both lines have thus far been doing well, the opposition seeming to have increased the desire for travel; but the new line derived all the benefit from the increase for a few trips this morning, as the Young America met with a slight accident by losing a bolt, and had to lay by for repairs for a few hours. The damage was, however, quickly rectified, and she is in Tunning order again. Miscegentatton.?This morning, Nathan Heath, a fine looking white man, residing near the Navy Yard, was arrested by officer Harri son, of the Sixth Ward, on the charge preferred by Mary C. Pendleton, colored, of having com mitted an assault and battery upon her. The complainant is quite a likely looking colored girl of nineteen, and came from Virginia; and she states that about twelve months since Heath hired her from the contraband rarrtts af four doi'ars per month. On taking her to the house on M street sodth, between fth and 5th east, she discovered that there were no females living there, and wanted to leave, but he com pelled her to remain with him. A few days ago there was a flare up between them, caused, she says, by her getting out of bed after they had retired, and going to one of the contraband schools, when he beat her and made her sleep on the floor. The following morning she left, and subsequently on going to the house for her clothing, another colored paramour of Heath's assaulted her, and she had also some words with Heath. She also claims that Heath has not paid her her wages, and she has brought suit for the same. Heath this morning denied the story of the girl, and charges that on one or more occasions she has taken bis monev The Justice held Heath to bail for court. Suicidb in Gboboetown.?Yesterday after noon, about six o'clock, a colored boy, aged about 12 years, son of Henry Murphy, of Georgetown, hung himself. His mother had chastised him for some misbehavior, and he told her he would hang himself. He went into the yard of the bouse where he lived, on West street, and took a cord and made a loop In one end and made the other fast to a branch of a tree. He then got on a shed near by, put the loop around his neck and jumped from the shed, and was dead before assistance could reach him. He probably intended to frighten his mother only, but failed to calculate the dls tance from the branch of the tree to the ground, and his trick proved fatal to himself. An inquest will be held by the Coroner. Criminal Court, Judge Either.?Yesterday, John McNally, Indicted for larceny, was found guilty. Motion made for a new trial Sally Austin, indicted for keeping a bawdy house, was brought into court, and gave bail for her appearance. John Maglin, indicted for petty larceny, sub mitted his case and received a nominal sen tence. This morning, JndgeOlin presiding, Thomas Dawson was tried for assault and battery, and found guilty of assault onjy. J Thomas McGlven and Isaac McCracken. indicted for highway robbery, were found not guilty. The same parties, indicted for an as sault and battery, were found guilty. Seized under the Confiscation Act It orty odd cases of seizure of property ? for condemnation" under the U. S. Confiscation act, are advertised. The property belongs to wnifim?iU Hammill, (of Prlnee William) Meade & Maryre, Wm. Selecman, T. n' wili' burner Thompson, George Bailey, A. T^ol^n kandstreet, Manydier Mason, J. KjMcCarty, A. C. Landstreet, Wm. B.Tav. lor, M. S. Partlow, 1. L. Evans, J T Nails A T. Bust, J. W. Minor, George Rust". T f! Tebbs,D. T. Shreeve, Arthur Chichester, W ? Francis Mason, Richard Marlow,' n??.ifaT ?' JMc*?las Dawson' Charles Dawson, L. s Hutchison, J. H. McVeieh ? Alexandria Gazette 19th. ' Fourth Wabd Station Cases.?Edward ????JL0?; assa"lt and battery; jail for coun. Pat k Dunnaker, violating city ordinance; dis missed. John G. Gardnier, James Walsh, do.; 85.5o. Daniel Mmnegan, violating cow law: #158. Pat k McLaughlin, suspicion of horse stealing; Lewis Blout, Thomas Reagan, violat: ing city law: dismissed. Henry Hiltner, grand larceny; jail lor hearing. Mary Mertner. threats; lor hearing;. John Lager, violating city law; glu.58. Thomas McConnie, drunk and disorderly; military. Rachel McClellan, Win. Armstrong, John Wiggins, Wm. Sulli van, drunk; Brown H. Dawson, charge of lar ceny; dismissed. A ?? Speculation."?The Chronicle of tuis morning says: "A branch railroad should at once bo built on Oth street, from Pennsylvania avenue to New York avenue, and along that to 14th street, thus intersecting at its terminus with the roads now in operation. Either the present street railroad company should build such a line immediately, or a charter ought to be granted to some com pany who are willing to favor our citizens with this desirable improvement," The Chronicle office is on Oth street. ^ n The Casb of Db. Gwtnnb.?The grand jury of this District have found three bills of indictment against Col. L. G. Baker, Provost Marshal of the War Department, on the charge of false imprlsonmeut of Dr. Stewart Gynne; of unlawfully opening a letter directed to him while in prison; and for libel in endorsing a written statement confession of Stewart Gwynne and causing to be published in a city naper a statement that he (Gwyane) had not Wen unconditionally released but was released subject to bis (Col. B.'s) ordqgs. Rao V endebs Abbestbd.?Since yesterday morning the Fourth Ward police arrested nine rag venders, whose storehouses are located in that ward, for violating the recent act of the city councils. Most of them are Italians and Germans, and were highly offended at the de cision of Justice Giber8on fining them 85.58 for storing filthy rags within two hundred feet of dwelling-houses. A Concbrt of Yooal Music, for the benefit (purchase of instruments) of the Grammar Schools of this city, will be given at the hall of the Smithsonian Institution to-morrow evening, commencing at six o'clock. The concert will be under the direction jot Prof. Daniel. Sbcond Ward Station Casxs.?James. West, disorderly; 82. Jas. Connelly, peddling unlicensed; for hearing. Mary Johnson, dis orderly; 81.50. Mary Brown, ao.; do. Horace Simmes, do. and drunk; 8'2. Geo. Johnson, profanity; 81.50. Jas. Hill, do.; 81.50. T\RUG CLERK WANTED.?Apply at the Drug mJ Store corner of Maryland avenue and 11th at. west, Island. ap 20-3t* FOR RENT?One good-*ized STORE on Massa chusetts avenue, one door above 4th st. Also, a Furnished Parlor and Red Room. Apply to Thos. G. Ford's Leather Store, 4307th street, above the Patent Office. ap 20-5t* Tj FEED. XXAY. Straw, Cora, Oats, Cora Meal aad Mill Feed for sale by , a J. F. CREAMER, ap 18-6t* 471 8tb st., square below Poit Office. C FLOUR. BOICE Brands of extra Flour delivered in any part of the city at $8.S0to JH.W per barrel. Also, Family Flour for sale by J. F. CREAMER, apl8-6t* 471 8th st., square below Post Office. RIBNIT7.KY, ? MERCHANT TAILOR, 478 9th Street, bstwxss D a*? K. A large assortment of Cloths, Cas^on and Vestings on hand and will be made to < -*dsr on rtwoMbl* twsu, 8P list* H B T GREEN ft WILLIAM?, Auctioneer!. | VALUABLE BUILDING LOT AT AUCTIOV Immediately eft*'tkB "?!? ?f the prop?rty of th? Pino* estate. we ?hall **11, (on the 6 th of May, at ? o'clock ?. m.,)on the premisefcLot No.7.iaaquar* M4 fronting 50 feet on 0 stref* south, between 34 and 4'a street*, running back 2T7 feet, containing 11.346 square feet. This lot has *' feet alleys, on the side and rear, and is well adapted to th? eree tiou of * Btinhfr ?BiH tfnoitjfnw. Terms : One-third cash ; remainder in 6 and It months, with interest . bKKBN & WILLIAMS, Aacti. B Y J. C. McOUIRE A CO.. Auctioneers. COMMISSIONERS' SALE OF R EAL ESTATE FRAME HOUSE AND I.OT ON NORTH 1) ST.. BETWEEN 6TI1 ANl> TTII 8T8. WHAT. The undersigned. commissioners appointed by the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, in the case of Elizabeth A. Fling and others against John Carroll and other*. No. 128. equity, in s*i<l court, to make sale of the real estate of whi<-h James W. Fling died seized, hereby giro notic* that in pursuance of an order of said court, en tered ou the Nth day of A pril instant, they will sell, on the premises, the following described Hous* and Lot. situate in the city of Washington. D. C , on WEDNESDAY, the 4th day or May. 18>M. at i o'clock p. m., namely: Lot No. 3. in Square No 450, fronting 16 feet on north L street, between *th ana 7th streets west, and haying a depth in th? rear 91 feet. The improvements consist of a two story frame house with a back building. Termscash. THEO. SUKCKELS. ANDREW OODDAKD, K. F. QUEEN. BEMET I1ENNING, W. L. ROSS. Commissioners, ap 30 J . C. McOUIRE A CO., Auct->. B Y J. C. MoOUlRX ft CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' SALE OF BRICK HOUSE AND LOT oa Twelfth street west, between C and 1) streets north. BRICK HOUSE AND LOT on Eleventh street weet, between G and H streets north, and VACANT LOT at the corner ef Twelfth street west and north P street. On FRIDAY A FTBRNOON, May 13, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell, by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Colunbie. sitting in chancery, passed on the9th day of April, 1864, in a certain cause wherein George W. Miller is complainant and Ellen Miller et al. are defend ants. No. 146? Part of Lot No. l.ln Sqnare No. 393. fronting 23 feet 9 inches on 12th street west, between north O and D streets, and back that width the depth of said lot, together with the iaprovemwta, consist inc of a two story Brick Dwelling Houee. Immediately after, part of Lot No. t. in Square Ho. 345. fronting 20 feet on 11th street weet. be tween G and H streets north, and running back with that width to the rear of said lot, together with the Improvements, consisting of a two-story Brick Dwelling House. Immediately after. Lot No 9, in Square 279, fronting 26 feet on 12th street west, at the corner or north P street, and running back as to a 15 foot al ley. and containing 2,12* square feet of ground Terms: One-third in cash, and the residue in three eqnal instalments at six, twelve, and eight een montha, with interest, for which the purcha ser shall give notes, secured to the satisfaction of the Trustee. Tae purchaser to have the option of paring all in cash. Conveyances and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days from the day of sale the trustees reserve the right to re-sell, at the risk and oost of the default ing purchaser, on one week's notic? in the Nations'. Intelligencer. GEO. A. BOHRER. B E. 0. MORGAN, S Trustees. ?> A. THOS. BRAOLKY.S ap 2o-eodftds J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Ancti. Y J. C. McGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneers. EXECUTOBS' SALE OF VALUABLE BRICK YARD AND APPURTENANCES The whole Squari No. Ill, irith .fine Briik Rendtnc end Out Buildints, large number of Lots, som> o< th'mtmproved irith Frame Vwillmn houses, to ge-.her with the Marhinny, Material, and lmvlt mint* for the manvjarture of Bricks. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. May l(Hh, at * o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell the whole of Square Nos 96 and 96. In the northern part of the FirstWard.on Twentieth street west, known ai "Hopkins Brick Yard,"' which is believed to be on ^ of the best located in the Digtrict, having both Georgetown and Washington for a market, aa abundance of fine clay, brick and temperingsh?4i, kilns. offices, and all necessary outfit for a first class Brick Yard; the yard will be worked until the day ol sale. IMMEDI ATKI.T AFTER, . We will sell the stock of? Horre*. Mule*, Carts, Wheelbarrows, Buggy, Moulds, Seines. Sand, Ac., Ac. ALSO, The whole Sqnare No. Ill, formerly the residence of Colonel Faton, fronting respectively on Connec ticut avenue. Twentieth street north, Q and R streets, and Nineteenth street west, improved by a large Brick dwelling honse and back buildings, carriage houses, ?tabling. Ac.. Ac.; the whole en closed and beautified with fruit and ornamental trees and shrubbery. ALSO, Lots. Nos 8,9, 10,16, It, 17. 18, 2n. 21. and 24 in sub division of Square No. 110, fronting each on Twen tieth gtreet, between B and S streets. Lots 96,37 . 38.39, 42,43,44. and 45, in same Square, fronting on Nineteenth Btreet west, between Band S streets; four of the latter are improved each with a small frame dwellinf-house. ana will be sold sep arately. ALSO, The whole of Square No 94. fronting respectively on Massachusetts avenue. Twentieth and Twenty first streets west, and north Q streets, with the improvements, consistingof one large frame etable ana sheds, two small frame houses, and an office. Terms of sale: One-third cash, the remainder in six, twelve, and eighteen months with intereat<ee cured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyances, including revenue stamps, at the cost of the purchaser A cash payaeut on each piece of real estate Will be required at the time ofsale. GEO W. HOPKIN8.J JOHN 8. HOPKINS.{ ap.20 d J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auetn. G RAY'S PATENT MOLDED COLLARS Have now been before the public for nearly k ye&r They are universally pronounced the neates: anl best fitting collars extant. The upper edge presents a perfect carve, free from the angles noticed in all other collars. The cravat causes no puckers on the iuside of ths turn-down collar; they are as SMOOTH INSIi)^ AS OUTSIDE, and therefore perfectly free anl easy to the neck. The Garotte Collar has a smooth and evenly fin ished edge ou both sides. These Collars are not simply flat pieces of paper cut in the form of a collar, but are MOLDED ANDSHAPED TO FIT TnE NECK. They are made in "Novelty," (or turn-down style;) in every half site from 12 to 17 inches, and in "Eureka," (or Garotte,) from 13 to 17 inches; and packed in " solid sizes" in neat blue carton*, containing 100 each; also in smaller ones of ten each?the latter a very handy package for travelers army and navy officers. K?"EVERY COLLAR is stamped "GRAY'S PATENT MOLDED COLLAR." Sold by all dealers in meu'o furnishing ?;oods. The trade supplied by WALL, STEPHENS A CO., ap 14-3m 322 Pa. avenue, Washington FOR SALE.?a gentleman's SADDLE H0R3E. very fine, and nearly thoroughbred; of great beauty. A lady's SADDLE MARK,"]^2V gentle, kind, and handsome. A tine HAR NESS HORSE, can trot in 2.4.r>: of gn at action powerful made; 7 years o'd. and fine style. Also, a splendid pair of family COACH>f tne style: not more than 7 years old.and good movers. The horses nave been selected with great care by the present owner, and are perfectly sound in every way. Any person wanting fine family horses, a bargain sola. Intending to leave the c ty is cause ofsale. Enquire at 314 E street Jbetweew l.'ith and 14th streets, one block below Willard ? Hotel. ap 18-3t* IVEW STEAM PROPELLER LINE BE I >7EEJf il PHILADELPHIA AND WASHINGTON AND ALEXANDRIA. The fast and staunch Steamer Propeller TI103 E C AH ILL will leave the first *hart~^?Aa* above Vine street, Philadelphia, for^KBlr** Alexandria and Washington, on every^^^^^* WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, and. returning, w ll leave Washington, Bleventh-street wharf, every SATURDAY AFTERNOON. For freights, which will betaken at low rates, apply to M^FADDEN A THOMPSON. No. 324 North Delaware ave. Phils., MAULL. BURTON & 00 , Nos. 630 and 639 Eleventh St., Wash'n. ap 15-eo3t C11A8. WIL80N. Agent. Washington. REFRIGERATORS. _ REFRIGERATORS. We invite particular attention to our large stock of REFRIGERATORS, believing them to be the ??' ch'"""VVtoTELPR 4 SON'S House-furnishing Store. 31% Iron Hall, ap l3-eo6t Pa. av.,bet. 9th and 10th s'a ?Vf OORE'S WEST END DRUG SORE, Jjl 113 PessstltakiI Avesck. Night Blooming Cereus, Jocques Pcnd^^? Lilly.Ladies' Bloom Youth. Ac. AgueCures.V^P Itch Remedies,Vermin Killers,French 8ecret IB Specific, ftc-yftc. ap 18-2w WM. TUCKER, MERCHAN T TAILOR. No. 426 Pa. Avknck, Betw. 4S asu Ct=! Sts., Invites the attention of Members of Congress, Git 1 izens. his Customers and the p iHlic gen erally to his fine assortment o. SPRING GOODS, consisting of CLOTHS, BUSINESS COATINGS, which heh?s jnjt received,and which wii: l-emale up in thetnost flisfaionable manner. Army audUtavy Uniforms male according to tuft latest regulations and at the shortest notice. ap 7-2w BID LOUNGES! _ nll BED LOUNGESII We have Just received per steamer? 20 A880RTBD BED LOUNGBS. . to which we call the attention of the citireni eat "SflS-SBr""'- B0NTZ ? CKmtJL piBllLD Old Barrels Coopering an ?#t notice. * mkU-eelm*

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