Newspaper of Evening Star, April 20, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 20, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMrtKtfENTS TO-NIGHT. (titPTEE'8 Theater?"The Octoroon" is announced to be performed to-night by Mr. Gr?-v?r'sline Philadelphia company, and from the well-known reputation of each iudividn&l Bfmtw of that company, and the enthusiastic greetings they received elsewhere when per forming this play, it is certainly not claiming too uifb when it l? said the play will be per formed as nttarer before. TORD'sTukatki:.-This evening, jolly C. B. Bishop, who has upon innumerable occasions convulsed Mr. Ford's patrons with laughter, and whose rotund form and pleasure-innpiring countenance will ever be welcomed with ap plause, takes a benefit, and will appear as ?' Touchstone." in Shaksp. are's ?? As Von Like It," a part he is admirably adapted far. The comic Shaksperlan Song. "Seven Ages of Man," -will be suug, and the performance will con clude with the larce of "Young England." Canterbury.?No one disputes the an nouncement that the Canterbury Hall com pany ever gives rao^t attractive entertain ments, and the investment tor a ticket is sure to be repaid with interest In fun and laughter. To-night. the pantomime, "The House that Jack Built," and many graceful dances and funny songs will comprise the bill. Metropolitan Hall.?At this resort to night there will be songs and dances, panto* mimes and ballets, and a varied entertainment generally, and it is safe to say that the audi ence will be delighted as npon many occasions heretofore. There will also be a challenge dance. Varieties ?1This resort advertises that it lias now upcn the boards ten pretty, giacefnl and fascinating female artists, all of whom will appear to-night, together with Foster, the pan tomimist, Kerns, Thompson, and many others. Fair kob Catholic Free Schools.?At Pompetan Hall, in Georgetown, a fair is open lor the benefit of the Catholic free schools of Georgetown. No object is more worthy of pa tronage, and at the same time visitors will find mncH enjoyment. The Fair at Odd Fellows' Hall, 7th street, lor the benefit of the Fourth Presbyterian Church, should not be forgotten. The display ef articles is admirable, and the company is of the pleasantest description, making an even ing's here just about the most agreeable way of spending an evening imaginable. Be sure and drop in at this fair To-night, the exercises ?will be particularly interesting, as the fair Toom will be visited by the children ?f the "Washington CitjkProtestant Orphan Asylum, and there will be some delightful singing, in teresting recitations, &c., &c. Dissolving Views.?A fine exhibition of phantasmagorial dissolving views will be given at Dun barton-street Church, Georgetown, to night. The subjects are of a scriptural, his torical and miscellaneous character. Levy Court.?The court met on Monday at the City Hall, the President(N. Sargent) in the chair. A resolution was submitted by Mr. Bowen directing the attorney to report the several con ditions imposed on the Washington and Rock ville Turnpike Company by their charter, and -whether such conditions, and all the require ments of their charter, have been complied -with, and whether, in his opinion, the company .have violated the charter; adopted. A letter from Mr. Tobias Boudinot, accepting the office of superintendent of roads, was re ceived. A letter was received from Mr. Utermehle, attorney of the court, in answer to a resolution in relation to the rights of the Washington and Jiovkville Turnpike Company to collect tolls, in which he reviews the law chartering the company and the decisions of the courts here tofore given, and gives hiscpinion that the com pany has a legal existence, and has a right to collect tolls over tnis road in the District of Columbia. Col. Belt submitted a resolution authorizing the appointment of two supervisors of roa is in each school district instead of one, as hereto fore; adopted. A letter was received from V.. C Robbins, Kegister of Wills, enclosing his third bill for recording wills left unrecorded by the late Ed. K. Roach, in which he refers to the speech made by Mr. M. Lamer in the City Council on the 4th inst., and denies that he has petitioned the Levy Conrt to allow him fourteen cents per hundred words for recording the wills re ferred to. He aiso states that he never has had any wills copied or recorded at so low a rate as five ceiits per hundred words, and none he permits to b* copied outside of his office unless at his own residence. In conclusion, he states that the copying of wills left unrecorded by Mr. Roach has cost him over twenty cents per bunded words; laid on the table. On motion of Mr. Burr, it was resolved that the supervisors shall receive ?3 per day when they work six or more able-bodied men, dri vers exclusive, and per day when working a less number. The court proceeded to the election of super visors with the tollowing resultIsaac Mar shall elected fur 1st district; Daniel Lightfoot, 2d district; James T. Osborn and S. P. Brown, fid district: A. P. C.Shoemaker, 4thdistrict: Rd. Burr and John Grinder, 5th district; William Barnes and S. M. Goldiug, oth district; Thos. {Sanderson, Tth district. Mr. Thomas offerecUa resolution directing the superintendent ol roads to examine the road leading lrom Tth street, in Georgetown, to t&e stone ware-house, with a view to place it in thorough repair, and to invite the co-opera tion of the Georgetown authorities; ad jpted. On motion of Mr. Blagden, an appropriation vas made for Piney Branch road. Adjourned. Pennsylvania Avence.?In noticing the Chronicle's abuse of the city authorities for not cleaning Pennsylvania avenue, we stated that Congress was the party really at fault in not affording the Commissioner of Public buildings who has charge of the avenue adequate means to keep it in proper condition. In this connec tion, Commissioner French says : " I h*ve only to say that Pennsylvania | avenue is four miles long and one hundred s.nd sixty feet wide, and prior to the establishment cf that blessing to all citizens, the horse rail read, was pretty much cut to pieces by omni busses; and the work of injury has since been nearly completed by army wagons. To keep cH this road in repair. Congress appropriated last year six thousand dollars. I called the attention of Congress to the concmion of the avenue in my last report, and to the inade quacy of the appropriation, and asked for iv.enty thousand dollars, which sum, judiciously expended, might keep the avenue in decent order. "By some means, the sum asked by me was reduced, in the printed estimates, to six thousand dollars, a sum as entirely inadequate to the purpose as six thousand cents would be; and the Committee of Ways and Meanb have, 1 understand, agreed to report that small sum, notwithstanding that I went before them and stated the error, (if error it was,) and informed them that Pennsylvania avenue must continue in a state of nuisance unless a more generous appropriation were made. "The appropriation of last year was long since exhausted in endeavors to make (be ave nue tolerable by patching the worst places -along it, and removing the dust and mnd. I bave done my utmost with the means placed in my hands, and can do no more until further means are at my disposal, and ?fi,000 will do but little, as all practical men must be aware." An *MrsovEMEWT ?Messrs. Job Angus (not *' Augur," as a city paper has it) and Thomas Lewis Lave leased from Mr. Thomas Donoho (not " Dougherty, ' as another city paper has it > the ground at the northwest corner of D and !'th streets. adjacent to the residence of Mr. .Donoho. The lessees have tak^n the ground for a term of ten year? at the rate of SI. t0?? per year, the buildings they place on the ground to revert to Mr. Donoho at the end of that period. !They propose to place upou it a two-story building, l(?v feet by 4u, the first floor to be used for stores and the second story as a first-cla#s saloon. The venerable owner of the property (well known as for almost a lifetime the respected chief clerk of the Intellijericrr office) will doubt less miss the grateful shade aud other pleasant accessories of these grounds, but we suppose be thinks that 91,100 per year is rather too much money to pay lor the luxury. The Rev. Dr. Bcdinoton, of Brooklyn, N. Y? requests us to state that the announcement in the marriage notices of the Star ot the 11th instant, purporting to be the marriage of his daughter, was entirely lalBe, as well as ma licious. On referring to the advertisement (marriage notice) in question we find it dnly endorsed, according to the requirements of the office, with the name of the party bringing it, nd vouching for its correctness. This style of silly &s well as malicious mischief is growing too common, and the northern courts, we e, have lately punished the pa n*s practising it severely. We trutthc guilty party in this case may receive sodQgpuch wholesome lesson. Very Fine.?A city cotemporary, describing the search for a girl in a house of iaiamy says cf the young lady : "She had a mark on her cheek which neighbored a dimple whi never ber lips would be wreathed in smiles, aud which showed itself perceptibly wheneversne manifested colloquial animation." This is Tery fine. Assault ani> Battery.?On Monday alter roon Levi Pumphrey and a German, named Otto H. Evring, met in a restaurant o*?4, be tween 4 % and 6th afreets. Pumpbrey,' on some provocation, real or imaginary, struck "Eyring in the face. Officer McColgan arrested Pum phrey and took him belore Justice Glbereon, who sent him to jail lor ?ourt. Meeting oftdkSa.ddl?ahdHakne88 Ma kers.?A meeting of the journeymen saddle and harness makers of the District was beld last night at tbe Germania Hotel, V street, for the purpose of perlectlng the organization of an association. Mr. George A. Sessford in the chair, and Henry J. LeesueiUner secretary. The resignation of George ?. Baylis, Uva? nrer, was receiTed an? accepted, and Mr. Wzn. Daw was elected to fill the vacancy. The committee to draw up a bill ol prices reported that they had not yet completed their work, and asked further time, which was granted. The constitution and by-laws were reported and adopted. The constitution is prefaced by a preamble-which sets forth the object to be "to assist each other in obtaining and uphold ing a uniformity of prices, and such other regulations in tbe various branches of our trade as may tend to the benefit and happiness ot all concerned, both journeymen and em ployers." Among other provisions is one constituting all the members in eacb shop a committee of inquiry, who shall procure the names ot each journeyman, not members of the society, ob taining work, and propose such person for membership at the next stated meeting, and if such person neglect or refuse to join the society at tbe next succeeding stated meeting to demand his dismissal from work. The signatures of forty-one members were affixed to tbe constitution. Mr. Samuel Smith was elected financial sec retary. Adjourned. Goverkmewt Clothing Delivered to the Authorities.?'The proprietor of the McUlel lan House, corner of 2d street and PennsyU vania avenue, yesterday delivered to the mili tary authorities two carpet-bags, containing Government clothing, which were left at his bouse bv a man dresseft ifc citizens1 clothing. The goods were placed in charge of the property sergeant at Col. Jngraham's office. Real Estate Sales.?Yesterday, J. (J. McGuire & Co., auctioneers, sold the following described property, on Lt street,?between 15th and 16th west: One lot to F. T. Wilson, for 2-* cents per foot; one lot to same, for 29 cents; one lot to G. Snowden, 25 cents; one lot to J. A. Gray, 27 cents. On M street, between 4th and 5th west, one lot to Jno. Myers, 33 cents per foot. On N, near 4th street, one lot to M. J. Sauter, for 26 cents per loot. Committed.?Monday, Justice Thompson concluded his examination of the cases against Henry Plumber, colored, wbo, ag the readers of the Star will remember, was %rrested last week for various larcenies. The Justice de cided to commit Plumber to jail for court in four cases of gTand larceny and three of petty larceny. Bridget Feeney, a white woman, was also committed in two cases of petty and one of grand larceny. SPECIAL NOTICES. One Doi.lar-Ove Dollar. Gold Plated Jewelry in cvariety?both la dies and gentlemen'6 wear?at !3M Pennsylvania avenue, near 4'? street, at the Dollar Jewelry Store. ap 19-lw* Heads that Rebel against the rules of Taste or Beauty, in their color or in tbe los6 of all their color, may be changed in a few moments to any Beautiful Shade, by a single application of CaitfTADORO'S Hair Dyh. The rapidity of its operation, perfect safety, per manent healthful effect, and the exceeding depth and richness of the hues it imparts, distinguish this preparation from all other Dyes in use in this country or in Europe. Cristadoro'8 Hair Prisi jvativk, a valuable adjunct to the Dye, in d ressing and pro moting the growth and perfect health of the hair, and of itself, when used alone?a safeguard that protects the fibers from decay under all circum stances and under all climes. Manufactured by J. Cristadoro, No. 6 Astor House, New York. Sold bv all Druggists. Applied by all Hair Dress er*. mh 31-d& weolm Brown's Bronchial Troches. These Lozenges are prepared from a highly esteemed recipe for alleviating Bronchial Affec tions, Asthma, Hoarseness, Coughs, Colds, and Irritation or Soreness of the Throat. Public f-peakers and Vocalists Will find them beneficial in clearing the voice before speaking or singing, and relieving the throat after any unusual exertion of the vocal organs, having a peculiar adaptation to affections which disturb the organs of speech. mh29-d&wtf Nbrvoub Deeilitt, Bbmisal Wiaemss, etc.. Can Be Cured by one who has really cured himself and hundreds of others, and will tell you nothing but the truth. Address, witn stamp, IDWAID H. TrAVKK. mar J-D4. W,ly Lock Box, Boston, Mass. Skorit Diseases. Samaritan's Gift im the most certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable rem edy ever discovered. Cures in two to four days, and recent cases in twenty-four hours Nomineral, no balsam, no mercury. Only ten pills to be taken. It is the soldier's hope, and a friend to those whe do not want to be exposed. Male packages, #2; Samaritan'* Root ar>d Herb Juices?A positive and permanent cure for 8yphilis,8crofula,Ulcers, Sores Spots, Tetters. Ac. Price $1, or six bottles for $8. Bold by 8. O. Ford, gee advertisement. m5 Diseases or the Nervous. Seminal, Urisart and Sexual 8tstkmb?new andreliable treatment? in Reports of the Howard Association?Bent by mail in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address D. J. Skillin Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth street, Philadelphia pa mh 29-3m Da. Dopoet'8 8ugar-coated Female Regulating Pills are the very best in use. They operate speedily and effectively, and being simar-coattd create no nausea upon the most delicate stomach. A trial 01 these Pills will prove their superiority over all others. Price 8_1 a box. Bold by S. 0. Ford, corner 11th street and Pa.avenue,Washington,and Henry Cook, Alexandria. Ja6-ly The Feet.?Beauty of carriage is mostly depen dent upon a judicious preservation of the feet; it is impossible to move in a graceful manner if the great support of the whole frame be in a diaor dered condition, and nothing impedes so much as Corns, Bunions. Ingrowing Nails, or other disor ders to which the feet are liable. To all afflicted vp would recommend early call at Dr. White ft office. No. 424 Pennsylvania avenue, betweenA/% and Gth streets. ap 6-tf E. J. Wileins, Esq., has been appointed Agent of the Great Pennsylvania route, vice E. O. Nor ton, to take effect on the 28th of March. Mr. Wil kins has been connected with the Office, at the corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, during the past two years, and is thoroughly con versant with the business of the route in all its departments. All applications for information, ticKets. Ac., must be addressed to E.J. Wilkins, Agent Great Pennsylvania Route. Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue. Ed. S. Young, General Passenger Agent, ap 5 Great Pennsylvania Route. Spermatorrhoea cah bs Cured.?Dr Rand's Spe cific cures Spermatorrhea, Seminal Weakness, Im pofney, Loss of Potter, etc.. speedily and if ectually. Its effects are truly magical. A trial of the Specific will convince the inost skeptical of its merits. Price 81 a box. Bold by b. 0. Ford, corner 11th street and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Henry Cook, Alexandria. Ja#-ly Waiiaht?d to Curb is Six Days.?Dr. Godfrey's Antidote, an English Specific of sixty-five years standing, will cure Gonorrhoea in six days. No change of diet required. Price SI per bottle. Sola by 8. C. Ford, corner 11th street and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Henry Cook, Alexandria. Jaft-ly DIED On the 19th instant, of congestion of the liver. RICHARD HENRY DOUGLASS COOPER, aged 25 years and 13 datp. The relatives and friends of tbe family are re spectfully invited to attend his funeral from the residence of his father, Ilenry D. Cooper, on New York avenue, near 6th street, to-morrow after noon, at 3 o'clock. I Baltimore papers please cop~. 1 In this city, on the 19th instant, JOSEPH WIL LIAM, son of Emil) and the late Joseph Blackie, aged 2 months and 8 days. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral from No. 530 Massachusetts avenue and Fourth street west, on Thur*day atternoon, at 3 o'clock. On the atth of April, ELI AS H. EAKLE, in the ,mhV' funeral wnf be attended on Friday, the 22d instant, at 3 o'clock p. in., from his laUs residence, on Tenth street east, between B and C streets north. The friends of the family are invited to attend. On the 2>rth of April. ALBERT MOORE, aged 2 vears and 5 months, beloved child of Douglas and Elizabeth A. Moore. Relatives and friends are respectfully requested to attend the funeral on Thursday afternoon, at 3 o clock, from 412 F street, between 6th and Yth.* In Georgetown, on 20th instant, MARY ANN M ACKIN, in the 23d year of her age, formerly^of Baltimore. FOR SALE?A new 3Vhorse power Upright Tu bular BOILER; one 10-horse power second hand Uwright Tubular BOILER. Also, one 60 horae power Horizontal Tubular BOILER; also, one 110 and one 15-horse power locomotive style Tubular BOILERS. Also, second hand horizon tal. single and double, Return Flue BOILERS; sites from 8 to 36 horse power. Also, different sites Upright and Horizontal ENGINES from 3 to 9" horse-power. All guaranteed to be in good order. Enquire, either by mail or in person, to THOMAS 0. BASSUER& CO., No. 86 Light st., Baltimore, MdJ ap 8-l?t OVAL PICTURE FRAMES. -NXW STOCK-.? Just received the richest, handsomest and most ?aried stock of Gilt and Dark Wood Oral Picture Frames in the District. These goods are warrant ed to be gilded with gold leaf ana of superior work man ft hi p. Also, a beautiful assortment of Card Visit* Frames of foreign and domestic manufacture. All ...i. M " No. 7th street, eight doors abo^e ?p 1-lmlf* Odd fellows'Hall. BALLS, PABTIES, &c. *% PROF. J. W. KREUB'S ft* M MAY BALL AND EXHIBITION JA CM Transpires at rjB. ODD FELLOWS' HALL, (8eventh street,! On TUESDAY EVENING, May 1<H*, lUt. See future advertisements. ap 20-4t* of the 'A I? I i( S T GRAND BALL F or the ACTIVE ASSOCIATION or THE METROPOLITAN HOOK AND LADDER COM PANY, No. 1. The Members of the Active Association of the Metropolitan Hook and Ladder Company take great pleasure in aneouncing to their friends and patrons that their First Grand J l?all will l>e given in the Hall of the TrurkI House, on Mass. av,. between 4th and Sth sts., on THURSDAY EVENING, April 21st, IBM. Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admitting a gentleman and ladies. ap 15-lw* GRAND BALL Ilf HONOR or THB LADIES OF THE LATE FAIR, AT THE HALL OF THE PATENT OFFICE BUILDING. IN WHICH THB FAIR WIS HHLD, On TUESDAY EVENING, April 26, 1964. The proceeds to be applied for the Benefit of the Families of the Soldiers of the District of Columbia. MANAG ERS?Badge. Red Bibbon. Hon Hannibal Hamlin. Vice President U. S.I Hon Schuyler Colfax, 8peaker House of Reps. U.S1 Hon Solomon Foot, of > ermont. Senator. Hon Richard Wallach, Mayor of Washington. Hon Henry Addison, Mayor of Georgetown. B B French DeVereBurr Henry D Cooke H I Gregory S J Bowen W M Shuster L E Chittenden Job W Angus D P Holloway Samuel P Bell W P Dole Chas F Stansbury James 8 tirinnell John H Semmes Hon Wm Whiting J P Bartholow Fred W Seward G M Wiaht John G Nicolay IraGooaenow 5, W Taylor Major O R Latham ohn M Brodhead Joseph J May John L Hayes H C Fahnestock Hon Edw'd McPherson A H Shepherd Hon John W Forney Edmund F French non Augustus Frank Col J G Stephenson Hon Robert C Schenck W L Averv Hon Wm D Kelley A B Stoughton Hon F E Woodbridge William Whelan Hon Justin 8 Morrill Capt W T Hartz Hon Portus Baxtec A Coleman Hon Killinn V Whaley C C Svmpson Hon T 0 Howe M H Bohrer Hon J F Farnsworth Charles E Mix Hon John A Kasson James R Doolittle, jr Hon John E Rice Major C Raymond Hon H Winter Davis Capt J R Howard Hon Z Chandler J Burrows Towers Hon John W Longyear Samuel- Bacon, Jr Hon M S Wilkinson 8 Yorke AtLee Hon Wm Windom John F Ennis ? Hon Daniel Clark W G Metierott Hon Theo M Pomeroy Win Henry Phillips Gen J H Martindale Remus Riggs Gen C C Augur Capt Montgomery Gen H W Benham Capt Wager Col E M Greene Joseph F Brown Col J B Fry ' William B Todd Col L Towers Major John C Cash Surgeon D W Bliss George W McClellau Surgeon W Thompson A W Randall Capt H L Scheetz C F McDonald Capt F M Cooly Major R R Scott Capt J G C Lee James Steele Jonn Marbury. Jr Executive Committee. B B French Rich'd Wauach S J Bowen Wm B Todd J no H Semmes Committr. on Invitation and Reception? Badge, B1 ue Ribbon. Sam'l P Bell C F Stansbury Col L Towers ZD Oilman E L SterenB Dr Wm Mehafey Hon II Winter Davis Hon M8 Wilkinson Floor Managers? Badge. White Ribbon. Capt H LSheet! Dr D W Bliss B B French, Jr Maj Stebbins C H Ileustis Sam'l Bacon Jr ZDGilmau JasGalway J W Angus A L Hays N H Barrett JasC Snankland T J M Barchus Cap L G Benedict Committee on Mnsic. Col E M Green Capt F M Cooly Committee on Decoration?. J B Will A Witzleben Jas Steele Committee on Refreshments?Badge, Red, White anil Blue Ribbon. J P Bartholow S P Bell J W Angus Committee cn Police?Badge, Yellow Ribbon. Wm B Webb 8 J Bowen E 8 Wicklin Tickets, S3; to be had^it the Bookstores and Ho tels. Gentlemen desiring Cards of Invitation- for Ladies will leave names with 8. P. Bell, at the managers' room. Patent Office, or at the Drug Store of Z. D. Oilman, or Hudson Taylor's Book store, Pa. avenue. ap 13-2aw&db $5 WAT LOST AND FOUND. REWARD.?Lost, on the20th April, between 16th street Rnd Kirkwood House, a GOLD ATCH CHAIN and KEY. The finder will be Said the above reward on returning it to Kirkwood touse. ap 2U-3<* LOST?On the 18th instant, a WATCH KEY at tached to a $2'? gold piece. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving at No. '209 G street, between 18tli and 19th. ap 19-2t" C? fT REffARP.?Lost, this mornine. somewhere about the Circle, an ACCOUNT BOOK, The above reward will be paid if returned to W. C. Hazel or John Crumbaugh. Georgetown. D. C., No. 16B Beall street. ap 19-3t* W. C. HAZEL. C REWARD.?8traved on Saturday, 16th. a DARK RED COW.with lar?e sharp horns; about half of the tail cut off. The above reward will be given if returned at No. 209 4th street, be tween K and L streets. ap 19 St* TH08. DRAWXY. T~ O SUTLERS?LOST OR MISLAID?kt Bran dy .Station, on Friday, April 16th, one large CHEST, (fastened w ith padlock,J containing per sonal clothing. accounts, books and notions., be longing to W. G. Smith, Sutler llth Ma*s. Vols. Any information left at JOHN H. BARTII & C<?."S. 237 Penn.avenue, will be suitably reward ed ap 18-Iw* The undersigned wishes to state tliat this Bionday morning. April 18.18>4, he left his house from corner of H street and Vermont avenue, down 15th street to Pennsylvania avenue-, and came to his place of business, comer of loth and F street, where he missed his POCKET-BOOK, in which was a large amount of money and his license for the said place of business. The finder will be suitably rewarded for the delivery of the same, EDWARD BARRETT, of the firm of Barrett A: Farrell. ap 18-3t* corner of F and 10th streets. fi? C REWARD.?Strayed on Thursday. 14th, a blaek COW with a white face; she was about 3 years old. The finder will receive the above re ward if returned at J. BROWN'S Restaurant, cor ner 13th street and Pa. avenue. ap 16-lw* BOARDING. PERMANENT OR TRANSIENT BOARD can be had on moderate terms, at No. 3*6 North Cap itol street, near the Depot. The house is kept by a Pennsylvania lady. ap 19 3t* B"oarding and lodging can be had in a German private family, at No. 529 Oth St., op.yM-a-"'c"ter"?""*?"""wA. YOCNO. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS CJTOCK OF THE CORPORATION OF OKORGK ?3 TOWN, D. C.?Persons who would wish to pur chase stock of the Corporation of Georgetown. D. C.. on which interest will be payable quarterly. rpil can obtain some on application to WILLIAM LAIRD, Esq., Clerk of the Corporation. ap 18-d3w OS. H. DONOHUE & CO., PLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS, No. 70 Bridge Street, Georgetown. All orders for Gas Fitting, Alterations and Ex tensions will receive prompt and faithful atten tion. Plumbing in all its branches executed in the best manner. Water introduced and Hydrants put up at short notice. mh 22-lm* 486 PICTCRE OORD A!JI> TA8SELS. 4c. The largest and handsomest assortment of Pic ture Cord and Tassels, Rings, Nails, Ac., in the District Just received at ? J. MARKRITER'S, No. 486 7th street, eight doors above , Odd Fellows' Hall. ?^"Terms cash. apl-lmif* SUPREME COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF CO LUMBIA. No. 86?EQUITY. Mary M. Mclntire, John A. Mclntire, Clarence B. Baker and Laura E. his wife, Stephen McDonald and Mary Eliza bis wife, Quincy L. Page and Mary E. his wife. Thos. Davidson and Delozier Davidson against Williams A. Mclntire. The parties above named, the guardian of the minor and the trustee are hereby notified that on the 28th April, 1804, at my office in theCityHall, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, I shall state the trustee's account and ascertain and report to the Court the shares of the parties and their assignees in the trust fund. They arereouested to attend. t ap?-3taw3w W. REDIN, Auditor. SPRING STOCK. 486..... PAPERHANGING8 486 Just opened,* beautiful assortment of Gold and Velvet, Gold Embroidered and medium priced Gilt Papers. Also, a varied and choice stock of Satin and Blank Papers, Borders, Statues, Center Pieces, Ac. Orders for Paperhangings or Window Shade* punctually executed in city or country. Terms cash for goods and labor. J. M ARK RITE R, No. 486 7th street, eight doors above apl-lmif* Odd Fellows'Hall. PERKIN8, STERNE <6 Co., 180 Br?adwajt EXCLU8IV H DEALERS IN CALIFORNIA WINE. We rtwrantee them all to be ABSOLUTELY PCKI. For tale by all first-claa* Grocers and Druggists ?Terrwhere. mh 90-3a* WANTS. \JkTANTED?At tli?* Avenue lieuse. two BELL ? T BOYS, one PORTER, one WOMAN to scrub, ap 2li-3t* PAINTERS.?TWO PLAIN PAINTER? WANT" ed. Apply at 245 C street, between I2th and 13th street*. It* \\JANTED?By a respectable young laly. a sit * * uation at- SALES LADY inastor*. Call oil Sixth street. No. 345, between II and I. A WET NURSE WANTED.?Applr between the hours of 8 *nd 9, and 12 and 1 o'clock to Dr. WM. P. JOHNSON, 466 7th st. ap 20-St* \lTANTED-TWO GOOD CARPENTERS Ap Tf ply to SANNER A BYHAM, corner of 2'th and II streets. First Ward. ap 2>-3t* WANTED? A middle-aged lady want## 8ITI* A TION in a small family to <^>ok. wa*h and iron. Inquire at No. 50 4*? street, between Penu. avenue and Missouri avenue. It* WANTED?A strong, active BOY, about 16 or 1? years of age, to attend in a feed store. Rec ommendations required. Apply at 471 8th street, betweenJD and E, near the Post Office, ap 20-2t* ^JITUATION WANTED?By a respectable young Ik5 lady, to teach small children. Reference* iriv en. Call on Sixth street, No. 345, between H and I. It* ftTHO AN INTEREST WANTED in a Drng I Store, br a thorough Druggist. with the above amount. Address " EUPATORIUM," at Star Office. ap20 2t* A RESPECTABLE GIRI. wishes a SITUATION in a small family, to do general housework. Can come well recommended. Please apply at 3^7 Sixth street west, between G and II * 1*7 ANTED? Two white BOYS, from 12 to 17y?ars TV of age, to run errands. CHAS. 8. LOCK WOOD A CO., 334 Penn. avenue, between 9th and Krth streets. ap 2->-2t* WANTED?Ten good tVAITERS; good wages will be paid. Also, a PORTER, an Irishman ?referred. Apply at Avenue House. 7th street and ionisiana avenue. ap20-2t* WANTED-A BUILDING LOT about 25 feet front and 100 feet deep, with convenince of alley, some*here between F and N streets north and 3d and 11th streets west. Address, stating size, location and terms "H. G.," Composing Room. Globe Office. ap2?-4t* WANTED ?By a respectable woman, who is well experienced in taking care of children, a SITUATION as nurse or chambermaid, in a re spectable family. The best of referioce given if required. Apply at 258 B street north, Capitol Hill, between 1st and 2d streets. * qaa LABORING HANDS WANTED-At the ?UU Georgetown coal wharves. Wages paid weekly. ap 19 3t* WANTED?A HOSTLER and a MAN to clean harness, saddles, and bridles. Inquire at FLEMMING'S National Stables, on C st., between 4>, and 6th st. ap!9-3t* ANTED?A first class white woman COOK, where a good home can be had. Apply for three days at MITCHELL'S Park House, near Grover's Theater. ap 19-3t* N UNFURNISHED OR PARTLY FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED, of 10 or 12 rooms. Loca tion must be central, and terms moderate. Ad dress T.. Box 238 P. O ap 19-2t? WANTED?A YOUNG MAN, between the ages of 16 and 20, to attend a variety store. One living with his parents preferred. lie must be a good practical Catholic, and willing to give strict attention to business. Address J. J. T. up 19 3t ANTED?A competent WOMAN, to do the cooking, washing and ironing 4n a private family. Good references required. Wages lib eral. Apply at No. 537 13th street. Island. Iu competent persons need not apply. ap 19-3t* ANTED?APARTMENTS, suitable for house keeping. by a gentleman and wife; neighbor hood of War Office preferred. Address P. CUR REN, No. 181 Penn. avenue, above 17th street. ap 19 2t" ANTED.?A white woman for COOK, WASH ER and IRONER. Apply at 360 C st. aplS-.U* w w ANTED?A BOY. at No. 34 Market Spa^e, be tween 7th and 8th streets. ap 18-3t* WANTED?A BREAD BAKER, to work as sec ond hand. Inquire at 499 11th street, or corner and L streets. Island. ap 18-3t* C^OOD COLORED COOK WANTED-For officer's I me$s, 2}j miles from city. Apply at 481 Ninth street. ap 18-lw* \\T ANTED AT ONCE-Three first-class COAT W MAKERS; also. 3 or 4 PANTS MAKEHS. None need apply but the best. Apply at 478 9th, between D and E sts. ap l8-3t* ANTED-A good BLACKSMITH HELPER; also, a HELPER in the ualnt shop. Good wages wili be given at WALTER & KARMANN'S Coach Factory, 346 D street, between 9th and 10th streets. ap 18-3t* ANTED?Two or three ROOMS, for house keeping*furnished or unfurnished. Address S G., Box 4e> Post Office, or call at National Bank Room, U. 8. Treasurer's office. References ex changed. ap 15-6t* 3000 H0KSES WANTED. War Department, Cavalry Bur fan. ,1 Office. Qf Chief Quartermaster. Washington, D 1 , April 12, 1864.. One hundred and fifty-five ($155) dollars per head will be pajd for all _ CAVALRY HORSES delivered within the next fifteen (15) days at the Government stables at Giesborn. D. C. Said horses to be sound in all particulars, not less than five (5) nor more than nine CM years old; from 14H to 16 hands high; full fleshed, compactly built, bridle wise, and of size sufficient-for cavalry specifications will be strictly it'lhrrtd to and rigidly enforced in every particular. * Payment made on delivery of ten (l<>) and over. Hours of inspection. 9 A-M.^P. M. Lieutenant Colonel and Chief Quartermaster, ai, 12 ist Cavalry Bureau. 7"Ann ARTILLERY HORSES WANTED AT 1 ,UUU ONCE. Office of (kief Quartermaster, Depot of Wathintton.l Wasiumoton, D. C., April 11,1864. \ *.000 HORSES, suitaWe for Artillery service, will be purchased at this depot, by the undersigned in open market, from date until May 11.13t>4, in lots of one to fifty, at one hundred ami sixty-five dol lars (8165) per animal; each animal to be subjected to the usual Government inspection before being accepted. ,. ... ~ Horses to be delivered to. and inspected by. Cap tain C. II. Tompkins A. Q. M., U. S. A., corner of 22d and G streets, Washington. D. C. D. li. HIjCKKK, Brigadier General and Chief Quartermaster, apH-27t Depot of Washington. D. C. 3~(~00 I10RSKS wanted. ' War Department, Cavalry BbreacJ Office of Chief Quartermaster, . Washington, D. C.. April 8,1864. \ On?' hundred and fifty ($15U) dollars per head will be paid for all _ _ CAVALRY HORSES delivered within the next fifteen ?15) days at the Government Stables, Giesboro, D. C. , Said horses to be sound in all particulars, not less than five (5) nor more than nine (9) years old; from 14*2 to 16 hands high, full fleshed, compactly built, bridle wise, and of size sufficient for cavalry purposes. , These specifications will be strictly adheiea to and rtnidly enforced in every particular. Payment made on delivery of ten (10) and over. 1 Hours of inspection from 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. JAMES A. EKIN, Lieut. Colonel and ay B-15t Chief Quartermaster, Cavalry Bureau. ANTED IMMEDIATELY?200 LADIES to - . Embroider on Muslin, Linen and Cambric. To good hands constant work and good wages given. Ladies applying will nlt-aje bring samples of work Applv at WM. PRINCE'S 8tamping and Machine Stitching Depot, 3?1 F street, opposite Patent Office. fe >8 _L AT 381 F YV s Zt\ AHA LADIES WANTED TO CAL ?)U?UUU PRINCE'S Stamping D?*pot. a^. . street, opposite Patent Office, and get their Stamp ing. Stitching, Pinkiug and Embroidery dene. At, there are other Richards in the Held, ladies better look out that they come to Prince's, who is the Only practical hand in the city. Be sure you go to F street, opposite Patent Office. inh 4 WA N T E D-SECOND-HAND FURNITURE. Also, Mirrors, Carpets, Beds, Bedding and mh 30-tf bet. G and H, east side. PERSONAL. rilUK PERSON WHO LEFT VALICE ?t B*rb<r JL Shop, C street Depot, will call and pay charge*, or it will be sold to pay expenses. ap 2 >-2t NOTICE.?Was left at my shop about five months ago. a TOP BUGGY, to be repaired. The owner of said Buggy is requested to come forward, prove property, and pay charges, otherwise I shall expose it at public auction on Saturday morning, April 23d. 18&, at Wm. L. Wall & Co.'s Bazaar. ap 20 3t* GEO. R. HALL. HEREBY FOREWARN ALL PERSONS FROM trusting nay wife or any other person or persons on my account, as I am determined to pay no bill not of my own contraction. . ap 18-3t* EDWARD ESPILTA. WO LADIES. YOUNG, AND O# PREPOSSES sing appearance, are desirous of obtaining the attentions of two young gentlemen. Agreeable manners, good education, and pleasant address are indispensable. Money is no object. Address Miss LOTTY BRANDON, Post Office, Washington, or IDA LIVINGSTON. ap 18 3t* t>HER MAJESTY" CHAMPAGNE, THE ROYAL WINE OF ENGLAND. A limited quantity of this superior Wine has been secured for the undersigned, and the first shipment of 600 cases has arrived, by the steam ship Olympus, direct from the cellars of the vrell known house of Messrs. DE VENOGE k CO., at Epernay, France. The present invoice will be introduced into this madtet at the very low price ? TWENTY DOLLARS PER CA8E OF QUARTS, payable in currency, which is much below its first C06t. The superior quality of this Wine is guaranteed, and it Is offered with confidence of its approval by connoissenrs. Orders for one or more eases may be addressed, by letter or otherwise, to the undersigned. WM. HENRY WARD, Wine and Fruit Dealer, No. T Broad street, near Wall, New York. apl-aot rMuwrlvaai* dVMMM. afclMf FOR RENT AMD SALE. E'OR SA-LE A RE5T AURANT now doing a good * 1 (,r particulaiB inquire at O ld *>1 lows Hall. Navy lard. ap2>3t* IJ'OR RENT ?A neatly furnished COTTAUK ? ro^easion given immediately. HrV.?rence ex chahged. Applj at No. 137 I street, between 21*t and22u. ?p2u-2t* Handsome furnished parlors for rent to oneortwn gentlemen without board also, a Bed Room. Location the b?M in the city. Inquire at 400 16th street, between I au 1 K. ap a'-lt* t^OR SALE?A iniiall two storv FRAME HOUSE and lot, situated on N street, betw?*n 231 and 24th streets, two squares north of the Circle on PennBjlvauia avenue Apply to THOMAS W. MILLER. 443 Penn. avenue, south side, between '2th and 13th streets. ap20-lw* .CM /W?n T0 L0AN FOR TWO TOrFIVE ?uV i! years, ou Real Estate Mortgage, with full margin. To LEASE for a term of years. Lot 10, square 423. street, near O. Inquire of J AS F. HALIDAY, Real Estate Broker, ->16 11 th street, near l'enn. avenue. ap 2u-3t* SE3IRABLE IUILDING LOTS FOR SALE^I offer for sale the following lota :?One lot in are 33f>. on 10th street north, between O and P streets, 20 by 95 feat, containing 1.9n0*qu 'feet. Also, two lots on 6th street, Island, bet we- I and K streets, with small Brick House on one of them, in square 499. Could be divided so as to put up three good-sized houses. Will be sold law for cash. Apply to J. W. M0RSELL.No.3d3 C street, between 6th and 7th. ap20-4t FOR RENT-A BRICK HOUSE, on Fourteenth R *nd S. Inquire of JOSEPH F. SMITH, in square above. apl9 3t* A BRICK HOUSE, contai ning si* rooms, for rent, situated on north II street, corner 2d street east. ApnlytcC. OHENSTEIN, 375 north B street, Capitol Hill. ap 19.3t* 1?0R SALE-THE UNION EATING HOUSE, A on the corner of Fourteenth and G street* west. It will be sold a bargain, as the owner is going into another business. For particulars iu quire on the premises. * ap 19-6t* For RENT OR FOR SALE-A RESTAURANT in a first-rate locality and doing a good busi ness; contains bar room and kitchen on Ilrst Uoor and four rooms on second floor, with large yard. Apply at 137 F street, bet. 21st and 22d. ap 19-3t* CftOR RENT-A furnished PARLOR and sev * other adjoining Rooms. Also, a Basement with conveniences for cooking. The rooms will be let together or separately as desired. No. 31S porth B street, Capitol Hill. The bouse is near the Capitol ana within a half a square of the city railroad. 19_3t? NEATLY FURNISHED SUITE OF ROOMS, with parlor and bed chamber on the first lloor, can be obtained by immediate application at No. 37 7 13th street, between New York avenue and I street. Also, single gentlemen can be accommo dated with good board and pleasant rooms. Termd moderate. ap 19-2t* FARM FOR SALE?in Montgomery county, Md.,?containing 100 acres of land, and be tween the river an<*. old Georgetown road*; ?>acres in cultivation. and the balance in heavy pine, which will cut 50 cords of wood per acre; improved bjr a small frame dwelling, orchards, Ac. It is eight miles from Georgetown, in a good neighbor hood. and convenient to churches and school. Apply to F. MACE. "ale of Maryland lands, 517 7th st. rOR SALE?A large Brick House on 9th street, llTooma: a handsome Frame House on L st , near loth at.. 8 rooms; Brick. House on N st., near 5th st., 7 rooms; a new Frame Store house on Mary land av? bet. 6th and 7th stg., 22x42 ft. apl9 1w* I)1 URN I SUED ROOMS TO RENT-^No. 360 C ? street. ap!3 lw? FOR RENT ? Four unfurnished two-story FllAME HOUSES, with ground attached, on square No. 520. Apulyto JOHN MILLEK. ou Q street, between 3d and 4th. ap 18-6t* House for rent?a frame house con taining five rooms. The furniture for sale. Apply on the premises. No. 463 M street, south side, between 12th and 13th. Possession given im mediately. Reference required. ap 18-3t* Ij'OR RENT?To watchmakers. Jewelers, or j 9, er.R< R Par^ HOUSE, with Bow-window and Gas. in the upper part of the city, desirablv located, and near all the Departments of the First Ward. Apply at this ofliee. Box No. 44. ap lS-3t* rp WO C11AM BERS on second floor. furnished, i and in every respect very pleasant and desi rable, will be rented to gentlemen of respectabil ity by the month. Inquire at No. 39, K street, between 1 th and 8th streets. ap 18-3t* F"OR SALE.?The GOOD WILL of a Grocery Store now doing a good business, a small lot ?1. Groceries, and many other articles of Dry Goods will be sold at a bargain: and the house and store for rent immediately. Inquire on the premises, corner of 9th and N streets. ap 18-3t* FOR SALE-The FURNITURE and LE ASE of a house (private boarding) in a good locality. Kent very, low. Pricef2.?*io cash. None but those ready to comply w ith the terms need apply. Im mediate possession given. Apply by note or in D- c H ARRIS. 291 G street, bet. Kith and 141 n . from 6 to 7 p. m. only. ap* FOR SALE.?A f ARM in Prince George's county, 2}i miles from Scaggs's Switch. 12 miles from Washington; 189 acres, MO in fine timber, balance cleared; fair improvements. Will be sold cheap for cash or exchanged for improved city property. Call at No, 300 corner of 9th and M streets. ap IS 3t* I^OR RENT-A FURN ISHED HOUSE in George - J. town, eligibly situated,containing 14 rooms in complete order, having gas and water. Terms: *150 per month, payable monthly in advance. Sat isfactory references required. Apply to H. C spalding, AUoruey. No. 33^ D street, near ?1th. up stairs, Washington, D. C. ap 18-6t* FOR SALE OR RENT?A first-rate tRAME HOUSE, containing nine rooms, to gether with nine BI ILD1NG LOTS, all set out ? ith choice fruit, such as ped'-hes, pears, plnni" cher ries, grapes, all of the best selection; wit ha pump of excellent water in the yard; on the corner of G and 13th streets and Penn. avenue east. For furtlu-r particulars call at residence No. 575. ap 16-lm* D. C * RROLL^ I^OR SALE?9&?> for four-years LEASE of a store on Pa. avenue, 22 by 81' feet, with room back. Location good fur any business. MITCHELL & SON. Real Estate Brokers, ap 15-7t* southeast cor. Pa. av. and i.r>th st. ft 4. Knn WILL purchase A NEAT FRAME 17* ww" HOUSE, containing <5 rooms (includ ing store and bar room, with $l.5"0 worth of stock 1 Lot 26x114: location unexcelled; title perfect and immediate possession. MITCHELL S SON, Real Estate Brokers ap 15-2W southeast cor. Pa. av. and 15th 6t. OR SALE-A valuable slaughter HOUSE PROPERTY. S5,'l)> feet of ground and im provements, as follows: Slaughter house. 16x45;one do.. 2 x25; ice house. 2 Ix2s>; stable 18x25?substantial brick buildings* cattleanustable yards well paved, admirably adapted for a soap ami candle factory or tannery. Will be sold for $5,000. MITCHELL & SON. Real Estate Brokers, ap 15-lm southeast cor. Pa. av. and 15th st. tr<OR SALE-A STORE and DWELLING HOUSE. No. 4 01,on7th street, between H and I otreet Lot 2:l by 7" feet. This is a first-rate business place. A BRICK HOUSE, No. (>66, on M street .between 4th and 5th streets, lias six rcoms. Sets back from the street. Lot 30 by 219 feet, running through to Ridge street. Is a very desirable place for a rrivate residence. A BRICK HOUSE.No.432.onDthstreet.between G and II streets. Has four rooms. Sets back, with yard in front. Lot 19 feet 6 inches by 99 feet. A FRAME HOUSE. No. 373. on 9th street between I and New York avenue. Seven rooms. Lot 2fi by KO feet. ? A F-tAME HOUSE. No. 342, on l"th street between ij and M streets. Has six rooms. Lot 2' by 1110 feet. A FRAME HOUSE. No.342.onGstreet.betweeu 11th and 12th. Six rooms. Lot 20 by 80 feet. For particulars apply to F. S. KERN. ap 13-lni* No. 633 M st.. bet 4th and 5th. FOR RENT-A large BRICK HOUSE, having been thoroughly repaired throughout, con taining fifteen rooms including a large dining room, parlors, Ac., situated on High street, Georgetown, suitable for a hotel,boarding-house, Ac. Immediate possession given. Inquire at No. 457 Thirteenth street, between E and F, between 12 and 1 o'clock. apll-2w* FOR SALE??.4r(i\4/.V.?Two LOTS contig uous?5 and 6 acres?beautiful, healthy, good neighborhood; 3J? miles north of city Also Wanted?A small HOUSE and GARDEN in the country for the summer. Address Dr H.N. WADSWOkth. 366 C street. ap7-eortt~ LARGE BRICK DWELLING on B north, be tween 6th and 7th west. 525, will be sold for *8,000. Immediate possession. Terms easy. Would also sell other improved and unimproved property in convenient locations. B. M1LBURN. ap6-lm* 524 I street north. FOR SALE OR RENT-That first class DWELL ING HOUSE and lot of ground at the south west corner of Prince and Columbus streets, Alex andria. Title perfect and immediate possession given. Inquire of JAMES A. STOuLEN'BERG. Alexandria, or of the subscriber. Franklin Row, Washington, corner 13th and K sts. ap 5-lw* J. H. LATIIROP. Houses for sale. A Corner Lot, 150 feet front on Pa. ar., con taining 22,500 square feet of ground, improved by stores, offices, and residences; is one or the best locations for a first-class hotel in Washington. The whole of this excellent property can be pur chased for $125,000?1126,000 cash, balance on long time. A fine Brick Residence on K st.,*ppo. Franklin Square, 12 rooms, 26 by 133 ft to 30 foot paved al ley, stable and carriage house ? $ 10,0W Desirable Brick on Utn at., near Pa. aT.,26 by HO, 10 rooms 8,000 Brick Residence on L St., 32 by 137,10 rooms, good stable.. - ? 5,600 A substantial Brick, on B St., betXSd and 3d, 18 by 100, 8 rooms ......? 4,0u0 A snnglittle Brick Honse, on L St., 16 by 100, 6 rooms 2,300 Frame Dwelling, 16 rooms, and 10,500 feet of ground.. ? 7,0(0 ? neat Frame House, on 11th at., 12 by 100,6 rooms. 1,600 One on 6th st., bet. N and O sts., 23 by 126. 6 rooms......?.. ? I.... 1,400 Two Frames on N st., bet. 4th and Sth sts, 15 by 130, 4 rooms, each....~.. 1,100 Building Lota in all parts *f the city. A number of desirable Farms for sale. MITCHELL & BON. Real Estate Brokers, ap4-t?ll 8. E. corner Pa. ar. and I6tb st. jQLIFTON COTTON FACTORY FOR SALE. The above named Factory, with 330 acres of land, mostly wood, is offered for sale. This property is situated at -the headwaters of 8t. Mary's river. The factory building is four stories high, with ample watar power and ma chinery for manufacturing cotton yarn. There is a grist mill, tavern, blacksmith a. d wheelwright ?hop, storehouse, granery, tailor and shoemaker s shop with eight dwelling houses attached to the property. To an enterprising man or company this property offcrs very great inducements, situ ated at the head of a navigable stream, with * Urtfi and thrifty community surrounding it, an abund ance of wood and timber, healthy location, it can not fall to pay if properly worked. For further particulars apply to T. W. OOUOB. LeonardU>wn. etTMary's connty, Md., ?r MORGAN * RHINE BAIT, fwt of a itrMt. 26-Hln AUCTION SALES. For ether Auction Sales ?f? first page. THIS AfUKSOOW AWI> TO-MORROW W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. BLACKSMITH'S WOCir AMD T00L8 AT AUG . TION. On WEDNESDA} AFTERNOON, 20th instant, at 4 o'clock, we will cell on the premises, the Blao* smith Shop, Stock, and Tool*, took of w?iiek are new and comprises everytMn* requisite for the business, on Ohio avenue, between uth and 10th streots. ap. 1ft W, L. WALL & CO., Auctioneer*. gY J. C. McGUIRE. ft CO., Auctia?eta. PEREMPTORY AND UNRESFRVED 8ALB OF THR1K DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON II |ngopfic!ak T1I1G0VKKNHJINT On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. April Joth, at 5>? o clock, oath* premise*. w.> ?b a 11 ?.?!! l,'>ts num bered 44. 48, ami a, in sub-division ef Square No. 614, fronting each 24 feet on north H street, be tween North Capitol street and First street wsat. and running back to a 31 foot alley. These lots are fiDely situated on tb? sa-ne front with the Government Printing otHre, and hare footways laid and trees planted in front. Terms: One-half cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a dted of trust on the pramlsss. Conveyances at the cost of the pureha?er. ap.ll-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Anoht. B Y TH0MA8 DOWLING. Auct'r; Georgetown. OLD LUMBER AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. at 4 o'clock. I will sell at the Bridge street Bridge, Georgetown, a Lot of Lumber, about 18,W feet. Terms cash. an.Ifi THOMAS DOWLING, Auct jgY WM.L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. CLOSING OUT SALE OF PAINTINGS. On WEDNESDAY EVENING, the 2^th inst.. atT o'clock, we will sell tf catalogue, at the auction rooms, the remainder of the choice collection ef Oil Paintings leftover from the sale of the 7th, ta braclng many valuable works of eminent artists. Catalogues may be obtained oir application. ap.18 3t WM. L. WALL A OQ? A nets. J?Y J. C. McGUIRE & CO., Auctioneers. BOOKS. A collection of miscellaneous Books will be sold at Public Bala at the Aaction Rooms, commencinr TUESDAY EVENING, Aprn 19th. at 7 o'clock, and continuing each evening thereafter until all ara sold. The collection is the Stock of a Collector and' Dealer in Old Books, and embraoes every variety in the Book line, naming- v Law, Medical. History, Statistics, Cyclopedias, Geography, Astronomy, Botany, Novels, Ac,, Ac. Terms cash. ap.14 J. C. McGUIRE A CO., A a its. B Y R. BCCHLY, Auctioneer. B MATTINGS, OILCLOTR8 AND C ARPETB, AND WINDOW 8HADE8. OnTHURSDAT next, 21st inst., at 10 o'clock, in front of store 42S Seventh street north, between G and H streets west, I shall sell as per consign ment, one hundred nieoes Matting, consisting of Plain, Checkered ana Fancy,from .1-4 to 6 4 wid*. Also, a large lot of New Carpets and Oilcloths and Window Shades, of different grad *. sp if 2t? R. BUCHLY, Anct. Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. H. E. corner Pa. av. ai-d <Jt!i street A LARGE STOCK 0F~LADIE8 AND M188ES BOOTS AND SHOES, DRY GOODS. liorilKKY AND FANCY GOODS AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY MORNING, list instant, at M o'clock, we will sell at the Auction Rooms : Cases of Ladies Japanese Boots and Balmorals. Jenny Lind Morocco Boots, Childrens heeled and no hee' Shi es and Blippers A great variety of Hats, ' ? Cal ico Prints, Lit en ana Muslin, and Colored Cam bric, Cloths, Cawimersand Alpaca. Merinos. Brilliants, Flannels, Shirts and Drawers. Handkerchiefs. Scarfs, Hosiery and Gloves, Spool Cotton, Sewing Siik and Thread, Fancy Silks and Dress Goods, Purses, Portmonais, Tooth Brv.bhes, Combs, Suspenders and Fancy Soap, A \ sriet> of Fancy Hardware and Cutlery. Terms cash. Hp.16 WM L. WALL A CO., Aucts. J>Y GREEN A WILLAMS. Auctions rs. AUCTION BALE OF GROCERIES, LIQUORS, Ac. On THURSDAY, the 2!st inst., at 10 o'clock, a inwe shall sell at the Grocery "tore, corner of Seventh and N streets north, a well assorted stoik of Groceries, Lianors. Ac , confuting in part of? Sugars. Coffees. Starch, Spices, Ae., Adamantine and Tallow Candles. Nutmegs, Mace. Citron. Allspice, and Cloves, Black, Ittperial, snd other Teas, Bourbon Whisky and Cognac Brandy, nolland Gin. Madeira, and Port Wines, Smoking and Chewing Tobacco, With many other articles too numerous to enumer ate Terms cash. ap.l9-2t GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. B Y WM. L WALL A CO , Auctioneers. South corner of Pa. av. and 9th st. ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF TOBACCO AT AUCTION. Will be sold at public auction at our auction rooms, south corner of Penn. avenue and 9th street, on THURSDAY, 21st instant, at 10 o'clock a. m.? 25 quarter boxes Royal Gun Tobacco, 3<> half boxes old Missouri Cavendish, 15 boxes superior Bright 10s do SO caddies Dark Sweet >4s do The attention of dealers are particularly request ed . as the goods are in fine order and will be sold by the package in lots to suit the trade. Sale positive. ap 19 WM. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. B Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. PAIR OF CARBIAGE HORSES. COUPEE. DOU BLE SKATED WAGON, SINGLE AND DOUBLE HARNESS, SADDLB AND STABLE UTENSILS ATAUtTtOM. On THURSDAY MORNING. April 21st, at U o'clock, at the private stable in the rear of H street, between 13th and 14th streets, we shall sell Pair of Carriage Horses, one a Dapple Grey and the other a Bay. One Douhle-Seatvd Wagon, and Coupee, Double and Single Harness, two Saddles, L'ianfcets Sheets, and Stable Uteneils generally. Terms cash. ap.l9-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. (VoYERNMENT SALE OF 1 SUBSISTENCE 8T0RB8. Will be sold at public auction, at eleven o'clock a. in., or. THURSDAY, April 21. 1864, at G street wharf. Washington, D. C., the foiowing articles of Subsistence Stores, (inspected and C&ndeuiaeA as unfit for issue,) viz : 28 lS92X?bbls. Pork, 2 344 lbs. Bacon, 6 422 lbs. Ham, 22 139-200 bbls. Beef, G2 1* 193 bbls. Flour, 13.705 lbs. Beans. 4.S7G lbs. St .it Peas, 2 8?i lbs Rice. 143 lbs. B. and G Coffee, 25 lbs. lea, 3,f>7R lbs. Isrown Sugar, SI lbs White 8ugar, 25 gallons Whiskey. 892 lbs. Desiccated Potatoes, 19ii lbs Dried Apples. 10 lbs. Pepper. ?52 lbs. Preserved Meats, 7s lbs Ox Tongues. TeMLs cash, in Government funds H. H. YObS, Captain and C. 8. V. ap 14 [Chronicle.] B Y WM. B. LEWIS A CO., Auctioneers. THIS EYEN1NG, at 7 o'cloek at our store. No. 427, fceventh street, we shall continue the sals of Photegraphic Albums Family Bibles Stationery, Silver-plated Ware. Cutl-ry Watches ard Jewelry, with an immense variety of Fancy Goods. ap 20-lw WM B. LEWIS A Co. Aucts. B Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. EXCELLENT BRICK DWELLING HOUSE WITH. WELL ESTABLISHED GROCERY STORE AND VAC - T SIDE LOT AT THE CORNER OF TWELFTH AND M STREETS AT PUBLIC AUOTION. On MONDAY AFTERNOON, April25, a. 5 o'cloek, oi. the premises wesfiall sell Lots Noa. 14 and It, ir. PquareNo. 232?each fronting23 feet?onTwelftk street west, at the corner of north M street bd* Twelfth street west. Lot 14. at the corner, is in J roved with a well built three story brick dwelling ouse, with back building, containing eleven roonj* vritii fine store room and call&rs. Lot R adjoins the above, and has on it a warehouse, stable, and carriage house, and will be sold sepa rately. This is the property of Leroy Edwards, Esq., who has conducted the store with great sncoess, ,.a? only sells on account of failii g health. Immedi at- posession given. ? Terms : One half cash, the remainder in six and twelve months with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises ap.20-d J. O. MoGUIBE & CO., Aucts. B Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. PORTT BUILDINO LOTS AT THE CORNER OF L STREET NORTH AND FI&ST STREET WEST. On THUB8DAY AFTERNOON. April J8. at hslf past4 o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell Vorty Y&caiit Lets at the corner of L street north and First street we?t, fronting respectively on L street. First street andlsixty feet intaerearofL street. Terms cash, and sale peremptory. Conveyances at the cost of the purchasers. A ca^L payment of $20 will be required at the U*9.l9-9t1*' J. C. McGUIBE A 00., AttCto. T>Y BOTELER A WILLSON. Auctioneers. EXTENSIVE SALE OF HORSES, CARRIAGES. BUGGIES. HARNESS. Ac., AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY MORNING. April 2bth. at 10?'elk. we will sell et the Livery and Sale Stables of Mr. Joseph L. Heise, situated on 6th street, south of Penn avenue, his entire collection of valuable Horses. Carriages, Ac., viz : 25 Horses, embracing several superior pairs, Also, many fine Trotters and Riding Horses, 1 Close Carriage, 1 Open Carriage, 1 Calesh, * Phaetons. These Carriages are nearly new, of superior finish and builtby the best northers manufacturers, , 10 Buggies, with and without tope, 2 Sleighs. 1 Sulky, . _ ? 15 Sets Double and 8.ngle Harness, Saddles, Bridles, Whips. Halters, Blankets, Robe*. Ac. Persons in want of superior Horses, Carnage* and Buggies will find it to their interest to atteat tbTh"une*pfrei,lease'of the stables t having ap wards of four rears to run) If not disposed of at rrivate sale will be sold a* auction at t ie same tuna an ? f chron.l BOTELEB 4 W11L90N, Aaef

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