Newspaper of Evening Star, April 20, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 20, 1864 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. PB.X5TICBA5A.?Fred Douglass thinks that tbe blanks cau never eft rid of certain mis chievous ideas except by amalgamation with the whites. No doubt this is the only way to get the kinks out of their beads. The Rebels call Gen. Butler "The Beast."' He will probably make his mark on some of them yet. Ana they deserve to wear "the mark of tbe beast." If any rebel drummer low his drnm in battle, let him pound away upon his own belly, which will no donbt be hollow enough to answer every purpose. W hiskey is so dear and mean in the rebel Confederacy that 'tis bankruptcy to buy it and death to drink it. A son of Wm. Lloyd Garrison has been making speeches in New York, advocating the right of negToes and women to vote, and inti mating that a convention would soon be called so as to amend the Constitution to allow all to exercise the right of suffrage, without regard to sexual or generic condition. A. T. Stewart k Co., of New York, hav ing been accused of purchasing large quanti ties of butter and agricultural producta for the purpose of controlling the prices of snch articles, are out in a card denying the state ment. By Great excitement prevails in Harrisburg ver the probable passage of the bill removing he capita] of the State to Philadelphia. Fivo million dollars is offered for the erection of new buildings in Philadelphia. The bill will prob ably pass. V Mayor Gnnther is endeavoring to re trench the expenses of New York city by cut ting off all but the most prominent papers from the privilege oi publishing corporation adver tisements. 07* Visitors to the New York fair are terribly xcited as to whether Grant or McClellan shall et most votes for the sword. The more ballots he -merrier, for the saOney realized goes to the f oldiers at last. BSTThe Boston city councils having made an appropriation for the reception of the Russian visitors, a temperance member introduced an amendment that none of the money be expend ed for intoxicating liqnors. It was tabled. W On the 12th Instant flags were displayed in New York in honor of the birthday of Henry Clay, and on the 13th in honor of the birthday of Jefferson. 9T A young man was caught in a shaft in Perkins' soapstoae works, at P?rkinsville, Vt., and had every article ?f clothing torn from him, but was wholly uninjured. Be/" a woman gave a storekeeper in Pongh keepf ie a f 10 gold piece in payment of 95 worth of goods, and received a $10 greenback in exchange. tST There are 14,233 comman and l?3 colored schools, and over 21.000 teachers?of whom 12,590 are women?in Ohio. Beornits Wanted TO FILL TBI QUOTA OF TBS DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. BOUNTY WOR~VSTBEANK. ?821 ef which will be paid in advance. BOUNTY POB Niw BBCRUIT8. ?452, S33S el which will be paid la advance. BOUNTY FOB COLORED B10BUITB. ?ISO, Paid in advance. PBBSONB WISHING TO BNLIST Will apply to any of the following BBOBUITING OilIOBRS: B. S. BAXBB. Bagine Bail, near the Market, oa Peantylvaaia ?venue, between Seventh and Ninth streets J. O. HYDB, Corner of Venrteenth snd New York svenac. 0. A. KEASBEY, Mstreet, near corner of Nineteenth and Penn sylvania avenue. J. O. PABKBB, Comer of High and Danbsrton streets, George town. O. 0. LANG LEY, Navy Yard Bridge, has been appointed Recruiting officer. HBNBY A. BOHBBTZ, Captain and Provost Marshal. 3 U-ti District of Columbia. (40.000 WORTH CfiV fH rfl BOOTS AND 8II0ES Have Arrived at heilbrun "8 BARGAIN STORE, 306 Seventh Strset, Adjoining Odd Fellows' Hull. The stock consists of all sorts and styles of Bal morals. Gaiters, Boots, Ties, Pumps, Slippers f.^r n.?"n, ladies, misses and children, which will be sold at last year's prices. Any Shoes not giving satisfaction will be men 1 ed free of charge. No trouble to show goods. "Wholesale rooias in the basement. ?p 8-2w * 506' Seventh street. PUBLIC STOREHOUSE, (Covering llalf an Acre of Ground,) COMMERCIAL BUILDING. PRODUCE AND COMMISSION MARKET IIOVSE. JOHN FARRELL. Bole Agency for WILLIAM OLAGBTT & 00.'8 Baltimore OBL&BBATED ALB AND POBTBR, in Barrels, Hatfs and Bottles. Agency for M. P. BBBD'B NBW YORK M.P.XX ALB. Adapted for Bxport Trade. Warranted to keep ia any Climate. Agency for mcknight ft BON B, Albany,N. Y? CBLBBBATBD MifLT ALB AND WINB BIT TERS. Agency for GBANNIB A TAYLOR'S, or Balti more. OBLBBRATBD CANNED 0YBTBB8, CO VI, SPICED, ft c. Agency for TELBGBAPH f LOUR MILLS, BAL T1M0RB, all the family, Bxtra. Super and Vine Brands. Agency for ALDBICH ft YBBKBS. of Philadel phia, tor ail their well known Brands of P10KLE3, PBBBEBVES, JELLIES, SPARKLING CHAM PAGNE CIDBB. Agency for BRADVORD A MELLIN *8, BOSTON MASS., PATBNT ARMY OHAIBS AND COTS. ' Agency for the CBLBBBATBD KENTUCKY WH1BKBY, THB OBBBCBNT XX BRAND, TUB DIAMOND COPPER DISTILLED. Also, the Baltimore OLD BYB '?WELBY BRAND.'? Of these we are Instructed to "sell out" to large buyers at eleie prices, as tbe owners lateadtokeep a aniform and anllmited supply on hand. Agency or tbe NBW 10RK AND HUDSON NAV IGATION COMPANY. Prom this Company we are in weekly receipt o Cargoes of Hay, Brick.Grain, Potatoes, ftc., and North Hirer Produce, all of which will ba offered to the Trade in Cargo Lets. SALEB 8TBI0TLY ON COMMISSION. louisiana AVBNUB, BETWEEN NINTH AND TENTH 8TBEET8, apl-lm WASHINGTON, P.O. 6. W. BoTSLKB, Jno. W' LOTSLB1, t. W. BOTELER * SON, lMPOBTKHf", WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS in CBINA, GLABB. AND CROCKERY WARB. TABLB CUTLBBY. SILVER PLATE* WAKE, EBITTABIA WARB. BLOCK TIN GOODS, TIN chamber SITS. OOAL OIL LAMPS. JAPANNED WAITIRS, DOOR MATIS, P?ATHBR DUSTERS, BRUSH BB, "%OOD WARE, AND HOUSES 12 PNG articles GINIRALLY. mr houses, botblb. and steamboats rURNISBED AT SHORT NOTICE. 318, IRON HALL. PENNSYLVANIA AMERCE, i? n-eo?m jJ?twees 9th and ltifc ste. official. War Department, Adjutant General: t Office, ) Washington, March 17, lso-1. j Ail applications for leaves of abeence'or per mission to ? l?it Washington mast be addressed to Major General Hallecfc, Chief of Staff, and must specify the business for which the officer desire* the permission. Telegrams addressed direct to the Secretary of War on this subject wHl receive no attention. By order of the Secretary of War: E. D Towitbwto, Assistant Adjutant General Headquarters Military District of Washington, ) Washington, B. C-, February 18,18W. J General Orders No. 3.?<301. T. Inrraham, 38th Massachusetts volunteers, is hereby detailed as Frovost Marshal of the Military District of , Washington. He will be respected and obeyed accordingly. By command of Brig. Gen. Martind&le. John Y. Shbhbornb, fe 16-tf Assistant Adjutant General. I " ? ; Passes ?? visit the Army ef the Petemae. 1. Applications must be made at the office of Majer Louis H. Pelouze, No. 203 F street, be tween 17th and 18th streets, between 11 a. m. and 1 p. m., except Sundays. Major Pelouze Is authorised to sign the passes. 2. If not granted at the office of Major Pe louze, the decision is final, and no reference need be made at the War Department 3. Passes cannot be given to females to visit the army. By order of the Secretary of War. E. D. Towbsbhp, Assistant Adjutant General. PEBSONAL. IVOTICE.?The person who. left a bavgy at the ' shop on .Prospect street, Georgetown, some time requested to call and get it immediate ly or it will be sold to pay charges. ap 15 3t* jVflU?., CHATHAM, An excellent Clairvoyant, 1V1 tells the Past, Present and Future on C street, De?&P 14 It* POt' ?Ver the Unite<l states Bakery. and Electricity is cur diseases wben all other -- J?nw>. WREN.449 K St., u q t a- between 6th and 7th, Washington. P. Ladies attended and boarded daring con finement. ap 13 lm? MRS. L. SMITH, an excellent clairvoyant and test medium, 339 corner of 6th street and Maps, avenue, over grocery, examines diseases, heals by magnetism. sees your dead and living friends, tells their character, gets nam^s, reads the future. Hours from 10 a. m. to 8 u. m ap 11-Im* f /DIES, ONLY LOOK AT THIS !?We are now w-iJrrt$?rc j al)y kind of Embroidery by skillful hand* on such terms that cannot fail to satisfy We i!o your stamping in elegant style, and no botching, and wish it t?.l)e understood that we aTe not connected with any other place of the kind m the city where Stamping is advertised. !KT.2UrJLla(T!'? 391 F street, opposite the Patent Ofhce.^a Lookout that yon do not mi-take the Ktrie4i J^e daily receive new Pattei us f.?r Braid and .Embroidery just out, and K:amp your goods while you wait. Machine Stitchin? neatlvdone DENTISTBY. ( ^REAL DISCOVERY IN DENTISTRY. Tuth Extracted without Pvin with the Muhrite of all persons having teeth to ex tract to call at Dr. LEWIE'S oOiw.^set and have them taken out by this new-B^gga and uarmlsis proces.*. Also call and^Z77TPw# I P^tor's new and , proved method of Inserting Artificial Teeth. If Inn ?i? *,,eat improvement in bis teeth i InH TIi 57 them in no otier style than this new I KJlSffiSSS;.?"- *,ie* """? POVI3 S. R. LEWIE, M. P., Dentist. I*-E E T H of the P. utj?e IPJKBtor.and Patentee tends personally at his office in th;a ft*? Many pwnns can wear these^Z/TrW^ te.-th who cannot wear others, and no " person can 'wear others who cannot wear these. e rson s eaUmgat my office can be accommodated wnh any style and price of Teeth they may desire, but to those who are particular and wish the pu rest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that art can prod-ice, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Booms fn this city?No 339 Pennsylvania avenue Phn 5n.9tK &nd 10th Htreets. Also, 'J07 Arch st? Philadelphia. man-Iy United States 10-40 Lean. JAY COOKE A CO., 4S9 Fifteenth Street, Rkcitvk SrBscsipTioxs ros thb NEW NATIONAL, LOAN authorized by act of March 3, 1S61, and known as TEN-FORTY BONDS, being redeemable at the pleasure of t.he Govern ment, after ten years, and payable forty yearB from date in coin, bearing interest at FIVE PER CENT A YEAR, payable on bonds no. over $100 annually, and on large bonds semi-annually, IN COIN. The COUPON BONDS wiil be issued in J50,1100, I600, and $ 1,000. The REGISTERED BONDS will be issued in *50, flOO, f50>, ?1,W0, $5 000, and ?10,0<t0. These are the only gold-bearing securities of the Government now procurable at par, and, yielding at pretent value of coin OVER EIGHT PER CENT PER ANNUM, offer a very desirable investment for large or small sums. We Buy and Sell, at market rates, GOVERNMENT BONDS, OF ALL ISSUES, TREASURY NOTES, CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS, and COIN, and pay the highest prices for QUARTERMASTER'S CERTIFICATE CHECKS. rah 29-tf JAY COOKE fc CO. IV R. WOODWARDS LIVERY, BALE AND 1^1. ? HIRING STABLES, No.4T North Street. Baltimore, N ear Saratoga Street. HORSES, CARRIAGEST HARNESS, Ac? pur ceased and sold on commission. The subscriber offers his services to the public, which from long experience and extensive acquaintance gives him superior Opportunities. Particular at ^Uk tention given to the selection of Saddle and Har ness Horses. Persons wishing horses shipped in any direction by sending them to my address may rely upon having them promptly attended to with out the personal attention of the owner, thereby saving themselves mueh time and trouble. Refer to W. D. Wallach, Proprietor Washington t John Gregson, Veterinary Surgeon; nfh 25-tf HoQHton' Quartermaster's Department. VyHITE VIRGIN WAX OP ANTILLES?A new .11 French Cosmetic for beautifying, whitening, "lF^lefTln* the Complexion. It is the most \?aerful compound of the age. There is neither chalk, powder magnesia, bismuth, or tale in its composition, it being composed entirely of pure > irgin M ax?hence its extraordinary qualities for KSflT111* the making it soft, smooth, fair, ? H?iJr^R/>arun U It makes the old appear young, t!fni handsome; the handsome, more beau 60 cent? most beautiful divine, trice 26 and i f BLOOMOF ROSE8, a most perfect color i for the cheeks or lips, does not wash off or injure TOII FT POWnvHCe*nts "J??**1'. HUNT'SCOtJET I POWDER, for whitening and preserving miNT* ? a^n 8i. Manufactured by I HUNT A Co., 41 South Eighth street. Philadel phia. .None genuine unless the name of " Hunt Sc. I CROYEAn*r\V\ ihf,bott,e8v VoJ "ale at A. ' . X n Ji;JUlBaltmiore street. Baltimore ; and W. B. ENTWI8LE, corner Twelfth street ani j Pennsylvania ave., Washington D. C. apl-3m ^ THkK 8*0?*TARY OF THE in* A BURY. I hereby give Jiotice that I am prepared to receive subscriptions on acconnt^r i wis * Sn?s authorized by the act of March 3.1864, beinag date March 1, 1864, redeemable m.t the pleasure of the Governmeot, after ten vaa.p?? I and payable forty years from Sate beannginWt at five per centum a year, payable on Bonds nnt ^Vhr.?Ke Hhundr^ innually ^nd on all o^her bonds semi-annually, in coin. subscribers will receive either Registered or | Coupon Bonds, as they may prefer. XMS?lBierea or ? b?n,t}9 will be issued of the denomina I i it? i? i 0n? Hundred dollars, ' fira rfir> P ?tk (*^'i 9?? Thousand rive ThouHand dollars fS'iftm \ and Ten Thou.^aud dollars (Sin noii v fin.i' nn ' Bonds cf thedenomioations of Fi^'dollar?0,to?", O^ Hundred dollars. ($100,) Five Hundred doikrs I if and One Thousand dollars, ($i,nyn ) ' i iA ,i 8rl required to pay. in addition f!l? amoant.of the principal of the Bond? in l i >tU/.y = accrued interest in coio,(orin Banks tddlnl ?? ' 0r ! notes of National ?SX? receij.t of subscriptions I will issue mv ,oT therefor in datSlioate the Server tn"/iTs'C ,wiU b?.foJ,warded bythe'sub t^n with ? i ofJhe Treasury, Washing-. too. with a tetter statins the kind, (Ke?ifltpr^d Coupon,) and the denomination of f>ond? required Iron th. receipt of the original CeniffiT tmeut. the Bonds subscribed for will b? trsnsinnted to the subscribers respectively ?? soon as the ?am* he prepawl. P eIy' as !t lsexpfciH that the first deliveries of Cor?nn Bonds.w-h be made not later Jhan the fourth, (Ah) ? ? ' Trsasnrer U^ted guJ:. IM0111 HAMLR1L.VN REVIEW ? Aihil m-. " Ijei.26. , CoxTkSTa: ' UIL' TheoJ.-re l'urker, Shakspenan Pronunciation The i>*mtsry CuinmisMou: St Lunw i : ? ville; The Navy of th? Uuitod States; The Fnt',1!1. ..jppjy ot Cotton; Citrl ILtter; Loyal \Vork in Mi-i rVitil ,\^PoH;?vn?rf^"caellan's Repoit ?.iiti?ul Notices; Lditorml Nii?h; L?>tt>'r from tt J Bres.dent. FRANCK TAYLOR * mk PROPOSALS. fARBSANQE OFPICE, " WAR DEPiRTMKTr, _ , _ ? . Washington, April#, 18*4. Sealed Proposals will be received at this Depart * o'clock p. m. on Wednesday, the 4tb day of May, i$64,for t So deli very of all the Wrought Iron Plates and B.-u> a* hereinafter spe?ified, ne cessary to build the following Carriages : For 15-ineh Guns, 70 Barbette Front Pintle, 3T Barbette Center Pintle, For ln-ineb Guns, ItJO Casemate Carriages, ?? Front Pintle Barbette, For 8 inch Guns, 70 Front Pintle Barbette. The parts required for Wrought Iron Barbette ?ina Casemate Carriages are as follows : /-.V ? . rOR TOP CARRIAGE. /? j c?r .atc';? Brao< s, Caps. Shoes, Transoms, <tuide Hooks, Guide Hook Bar, Trunnion BedJ, Angle Shapes, Bolts. o ?, CHASSIS, FROST AND CENTER PINTLE; Bails, Rail Plates, Bail Chords. Rail Braces, Transoms, Angle Iron Floor Cleats. Pintle Tran soms, Transom Washers. Axle Shapes, Fork shapes, Hnrters, Chassis. Step, Assembling Bolts. CATENATE CARRIAGE CHASSIS. Parts named before and rail top bars. The number and dimensions of the iron plates oars for each carriage to be as specified in the bills of iron m ordnance memoranda No. 6. copies of which can be obtained upon application at Wat ertown, Frankford or Alleghany Arsenal?,tlie New lork agency, or at this office. Printed schedules, containing the number of plates and bars required, ??n "5e.obtained at the shove named plitees. On thece bidders will state the price at which they propose to manufacture each part, in the manner therein prescribed. The iron to be used in the manufacture of the plates and bars to be as follows; ROLLED !RON. Check-Plates and Kail-Plates of medium quality of iron, fibre in direction of length, tenacity not ?? 48,?*) lbs per square ineh. Transoms all to be of best quality charcoal flange n-on, fibre m direction of length, tenacity not less than lbs per square inch. . Trunnion Beds to be of best quality of charcoal inch'tenaoity not lesa than W'no? ll)" Per square Checks. JBraces. Hnrters, and Ooanter-hurters, Xs[?fi$ood medium .lro,n- Tenacity not less than 4o,(ittj lbs per square inch. Rails, Rail Chords, Chassis Braces, Caps and . hoes, nnd Angle Iron, to be of good quality of S,?,ned famous iron. Tenacity not less than 50,000 IT s per square inch. Axles for ^ineb and in-inch carriagog, and all Traverse Wheel Journals, to be of best charcoal fibrous iron. Tenacity not less than 35,000 lbs per sqnareinch, . All Bolts and Rivet* to be of host charcoal Ibrons iron. Tenacity net less than 58,000 lbs per square inch, .i /. . hahmibed iron. Axles for l.Vmch Carriages, and all Fork Shapes, and Tongues for Casemate Carriages, to be of the best charcoal iron. Tenacity no less than 56,000 pounds per square inch. Bidders will specify the date at which th^v <*an commence deliveries, and the rate at which they ea*} each part thereafter. No bids will be received except from parties actually engaged in the manufacture of this or similar kinds of work, and who can bring ample evidence that they have in their own shops all the machinery and appliances for turning out the full work as specified by them. Bidders will be required to furnish proper sure ties for the proper performances of the work, and will enclose, with their bids, the written ackr.owl f^sementa of their sureties over their own signa Each party obtaining a contract will be required f ? }l?nds with approved sureties for its faithful execution. M,p?n the award beinsr made, successful bidders will be notified, and furnished with forms of con tract and bond. The department reserves th" rieht to reject any or all bids, if not deemed satisfactory. Proposals will be addressed to " Rri-mdier Gen eral George D.Ramsay, Chief of Ordnance, Wash ington. B. C., and will be endorsed " Proposals for wrought iron plates and bars for iron irun **ar n^;: ? . .. ? GEO. D. RAMSAY, ap fr-td Brigadier General. Chief of Ordnance. PROPOSALS FOR FLOUR. Qffiet Dtpcit Commissary of Subsistence, I np . , ? Washington, 1). C, April 15.1884.f Prop?sai..s are invited until the iith inst., at 12o'clock in., for furnishing th* Subsist ?el?eof?LOURU ei*ht th"us?nd <?<'-*?> >>ar The proposals will be for what is known at this Depot as tfos 1.2and .1 and bids will be entertained for any qnwtitv less than the whole ?n.i.7nutt b.e ,n duplicate, and for each *rade on separate sheets of paper. The Flour to be fresh ground, and delivered in new oak barrels, head lined. The delivery of the Flour to commence within five nays from the opening of the bids, and in such quantities, daily, as the Government may direct ? delivered at thefiovernment warehotisein Georxr?> ington" DC* wharvesor rai,ro&d depot in Wasli , of I11 ,Fif,u,r awarded to be eom f'ids twenty <iayt from the opening of the ^"=I?,"nt will,be made in certificates of indebt fn?h>?r such other funds as the Government na^e for disbursement. inV?r"/"a^,Go5?rnnient inspection will be made " .wHi-i Flour is received, and noye will be a< cepted which is not fresh gronnd. ,,'V1 \ ? ,i ot a,legiance must accompany the bid of f?<h bidder who has not the oath on file in this ofhee, an l no bid will fee entertained from parties who have previously failed to comply with their bids, or from bidders n ! present to respond Government reserves tne ri?ht to reje > aiiy bid for any canine. Bi'ln to >?e a?i<lr<.?*8.f>d to the ULMler i^r.ed. at No. UiiJ G street, endorsed "Proposals 0 c- gbekxL Captain aii'l C. 8. V. piiOPO^AI.S FOR GRADING, STONEWORK.&c Okfite of Washixgtox Arsenal i Wakhingtom, D. C., April 16,1854.? t*? alfd Proposals will l.e receivi*d at thisoBice. 01 ten days from this date, for Grading that por tion ot thf Arsenal grounds north of the Peniten tiary. an l for building and fu: uishing a part of the stone lor ;t f>< a-wxUfcon th-. west side of *id erounds. in accordance with specifications, plans, at this office. J.he bid- will be by the cubic varTi for the ex^a ? 1 y 'l"' perch of twenty-five cubic I'eet Irf, t ? ? !iUfT"ir 'tao 1,ricUfi to l>e written out in ot?is in tne I?i'1 s. h proposal will be accompanied by a guaranty Bitcneji bjr two responsible persons, that in case ^uch old is accepted, the principal or the guaran tors \\ ill. within hvedays thereafter, execute tlie contract w ith sufficient sureties in a sum equal to one halt of the amount of the contract, to fulfil thp Kame conformably with the specifications; and in case said bidder should fail to enter into the con ? L* Jr > sood the difference between the offer of said bidder and the next lower bidder awardedPer80n m lhe conlri4<;t may be The responsibility of the puarantnrR must be cer tified to by an officer under the United States Gov office A re8|,0D''ib'e Person known at this - ?r'?ls t0 be addressed to Captain J. G. Rrv rffno-8 h\ Vf f)"st,-R"'1 endorsed " Proposals for Gi a aine, otonework, ^J1 proposals received under this advertisement will be opened on Tuesday, April iith, at 12 o'clock it a ''"''ters may be present N o bid will be considered that doe's not conform to the requirements of this advertisement, and the V'.VierV^.en-!-rflorv<'^ the riifht to releet any or all of the bids it it be considered to its interest to do BO, Specification* can he obtained at this office, or Uill be mailed to applicant*. nn ifi td r " Capt. Ordnance, aP 'o-td Com g Washington Arsenel. JJNITED STATES 6-20 BONDS, CNITEB STATES 7-20 TREA8UBY NOTES, UNITED STATES COUPONS OF 1881, UNITED STATES CERTIFICATES OF* IN DEBTEDNESS, Gold, 8ilTer. Uncnrrent Money, Exchange on all parte of Europe and the Northern Citie*, BOUGHT AND 80LD. We are authoriied to furnish ft-20 Bonds at par ontll the 1st of August next, when the privilege of conversion ceases. Orders for Stocks ant Gold executed in N?w York exclusively on commission. RITTENHOUSE, FANT & CO.. Jyl<-tf Bankers, 352 Penn. avenue. ROOFING ?EL*T " ~ boofihq vbltii H. O. WILSON ft CO., loo* or SSD St. Wmt, Washmtoi, ?. o.. Manufacturers of BOOFUHe F1LT, ?BY AND TABBED SHEATH IBG, BOOTING OEMBMT and LAMP BLACK, VELT AND CEMENT, Wholesale and Be tail Dealers supplied on the most liberal terms Factory?Foot of S9d street vest. Offlce-16123d street, below Pa. avenue. th 11-am* J^BW YOBf AMD WASHINGTON STEAMSHIP COMPANY. The Screw Steamships BALTIMOBB, SALVOR, BMFIBE, JAMBS 8. GBBEN, A*D faibbanks oompose the line of this company. Wairstreet, New York, and TbSt* Georgetown, every Wednesday aad 8aturrf? ' . MORGAN Sc BH IN EH ART. A*ts^' - fe2?-ftn Foot High st., Georgetown |yj ASSJY COLLIN 8 ft OO.S PHILADELPHIA DBAUGHT ALB AND POBTBB fc-t'sfaction guarantied. 0M#W ^Orders^given to my driyer. wlU be p,.nptly at. Goods delivered fa all puts of WMhfagton and Georgetown, free of charge. Terms :-Ouk ?? delivery. B1LBY A. SaiNN, Agent Union BotUxng Depot. ar Green st.. _ap *-tf Georgetown, d. O. W. ? BUFFALO TONGUEsT B Have Jost received from the VeatiMD.n.1. PROJPOSALS. e ? OiurQuiiniKitm'i Oman. i _ Wnilwroj Daror. Deo. 8, 1853. | . 1 PaoroBAi.8 are lnrited by the and*! signed ror supplying the G. 0. Quartermaster's !>?? mjjrtmenuat Washington, D. O.. Baltimore. Md , Alexaddria, ?nd fori Monro*. V* or either of Hay, Corn, Oats and Straw . ?J2fL^P ?e recelYed for tk? delivery of 6,04 5 ?f flora or oats and B" tons of hay or straw, ana upward*. Bidders malt state at which of the abort named points they propose to make deliveries, and tbe rates at whichthey will make deliveries tlureat, the quantity of eaoh article proposed to be deliv ?red. the time when said deliveries shall be aora raeneed, and when to be completed The price most be written oat ia words oa the bids. Corn to be pot np in rood stoat sacks, of aboot two bushels each. Oats in like saeki of about three bushels eaoh. The sacks to bo tarnished without extra charge to the Government The hay an? straw to be s*cnretp baled. The partioalcr kind or description of oats, corn, hay or straw proposed to be delivered most bo stated All thefartlftl's offered under the bids herein in vited will be subject to a rigid inspection by ths Governsssat Inspector before being accepted. Contract* will be awarded from time to time to the lowest responsible bidder, as the tnterest of the Government may rewire and paymeat will bo made when the whole amount contracted for shall have been delivered and accepted. The bidder will be required to aeoompany his proposal with a guaranty, signed by two reeponsi ole persons that la case his bid is accepted he or they will, witnin ten days thereafter, execute the contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties ia a sum equal to the amount of the con tract, to deliver the forag?proyoeed in conformity with the terms of this advertisement; and in case the said bidder should fail to enter into the eon tract, thep to make good the difference between the offer of said bidder and the aext lowest respon sible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. * \ The responsibility of the guarantors must be shown by the official certificate of a D. 8- District Attorney, Collector of Customs or any other offi cer under the United States Government or re sponsible person known to this office, All~bldders will be duly notified of the aeceptaace o^rejection of their proposals. The full name and P. 0. address of eaoh bidder must be legibly Written la the proposal. Proposals must be addressed to Brig. Gen. D H, Buoker, Chief Depot Quartermaster, Washington, 0.0., and should he plainly marked "Proposals ?Bonds^n a Mm equal to the amount of the con tract, signed by the contractor and both of hi* guarantors, will be reqalred of the ?uoeeaaful bid der or bidders upoa signing the contract. Blank forma of bids, guarantees, and booda jnay be obtained upon application atihla office, POEM Of PBOPOSAL. (Towa, County and 8tat^?? I. the hpfeby propose to furnish and deliver to the united States, at the Quarter master's Department at .agreeably to the terms of your advertisement, inviting proposals for forage, dated Washington Depot, Bee. 8, 1369, toe following articles, via : bushels of dom, in sacks, at ? per bushel of busfieSfor Oats, In sacks, at ? per busks 1 of S3 pounds _ tons of baled Hap, at ? per ton of 1,000 pounds tons of baled Straw, at ? per ton of 1,000 _ pounds. . . Delivery to commence on or before the ? day of , 180 , and to be oompleted on or before the day of , 186 ,andpled?e myself to enter into a written contract with the United States, with gocd and approved securities within the space of ten days after being notified that my bid has been accepted. Tour obedient servant. Brigadier General D. H. Bcoxxn, General Depot Quartern astir. Washington, D. 0. GUA&ATT. _ We, the undersigned, residents of , In the County of ?. and State of . hereby. Jointly and severally, covenant with the United States, and guarantee in case the foregoing bid of be aooepted. that he or they will, within ten days after the acceptance of said bid, execute the contract for the same with good and sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to the amount of the con tract, to furnish the forage proposed ia conformity to the terms of advertisement dated December 8, 1863, under #hich the bid was made, and, in case the said shall fall to enter into a nsntract as aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the differ ence between the offer by said and tke next lowest responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contraot may be awarded. Witness, Given under our hands and seals this ? day of ~'m' 4 (id:! I hereby oertify that, to the heat of my know ledge and belief the abave-Mgned guarantors are good and suffir ; as sureties for the amoaat for which they ot -o be aeenrity. To be . J6td by the United Btatea District At torney, Collector of Customs, or any other officer under the United States Government, or respon sible person known to this office. D. H. BUCKJB, de >-tf Brig. Gen, and Q. M. /\BDNANCBOmOB, yj War DspAkTMinr, Washington, D. C-, March 26, 1864, 8balbd Proposals will be received at thisoffise until WBDNkSDAY, April 27th, at 4 p. m., for HKJ.O' 0 sets of Infantry Accoutrements, calibre I?, to be delivered in the following quantities at the undernamed Arsenals, viz: 3(i.('0O sets r.t the New York Arsenal, Governor's Island. 20,non sets at the Frankfort Arsenal, Biidesburg, Sn.ioo " ?? Alleghany " Pittsburg, Pa, 23JO) " " St. Louis " 8t Louis, Mo. These accoutrements are to be made iu strict con formity with the new pattern seta to be seen at the Alleghany, New York. Frankford, St. Louis, Water vliet, Watertown, and Washington Arsenals, anl the Springfield Armory. They are to he snbject to inspection at tbe Arsenal where delivered, before being received for the Government. None are to be accepted or paid for but such as are approved upon inspection. The belts to be of grained leath er, and all the stock to be the bestoak tanned. The sfceuHer belt will be included in tbe set. Deliveries must be made in lots of not less than one -fifteenth (1-16) per week of the whole number contracted for; the nrst delivery to be made on the Sflst day of May. failure to make deliveries at a specified time will subject the contractor to & forfeiture of ;he number be may fail to deliver at that time. Tbe accoutrements must be boxed in the usual manner; tbe boxes to be charged at cost, to be de termined by tbe inspector. Bidders will state explicity the Arsenal or Arse nals, where they propose to deliver, and the num bers ef sets tbey propose to deliver at each plaae, if for more than one. No bids will be considered from parties other than regular manufacturers, and such as are known to this Department to be fully competent toexe cute in their own ahops the work propesed for. Should any party obtaining a contract offer ascou trementa other tnan those made in hia own ahops. they will be rejseted, and the contract rendered anil and void Bidders will enclose with their bids the written acknowledgments of their sureties over their own signatures. Each party obtaining a contract will be obliged to enter into bond with approved sureties for its faithful execution. Upon the award being made, successful bidders will be notified, and furnished with forma of con traot and bond. ? , . The Department reserves the right to reject any or all bids, if not deemed satisfactory. Proposals will be addressed to "Brigadier Gene ral George D. Bam say, Ohief of Ordnance, Wash ington, D. C.,"and endorsed "Proposals for Infan try Accoutrements." GBOBGB D. BAM8AY. mh26- eotd Brig. Gen.. Chief of Ordaance. Architect, Washington, D. O., until 12 m. of the 1st day of May, 1864, for all the fire and Burglar-proof Safes and Vaulta required by the Treasury Depart ment prior to Mar 1,1865 _ . . Plana and specifications can be obtained by ap plication to this office personally or by latter. Bids to be per superficial foot, including door and all neceaaaiy fixtures, measured on the outside; the price named to cover all charges whatever, except the freight and tbe actual travelling expenaee of workmen to tbe place wbere the vaulta are to be erected. Safes to be delivered at the Railroad Depot or Steamboat Wharf for transportation, in good order and condition, without charge. Locke for the Vaults or Bafea will be furnished by the Department, but mnst be properly put on by tbe contractor without charge. All bids mnst be accompanied by tbe bond of two responsible peiaons in the sum of 95,000 that tbe bidder will accept and perform the contraot If awarded to him; the sufficiency of the security to be oertified toby the Collector of internal Bevenue of the District. The Department reeervea the right to reject any or all the tiida if it be eoasidered its interest to do so. and no bid will be considered that doea not oon form to tbe requirements of thia advertisement. Bids to be enclosed inaaealed envelope, endorsed "PropoMlfl for 8.f.. mhJB-lawtd Supervising Architect. r*HUf QUABTBBMAHTJB'BOBfflCB. I V Daro* OP WASHigorog, I each week, a sealed proposal or list. *n dvplieau.ot tke articles they are prepared to farnUh to this Denotata) ort notioe, with the price of each mark ea ia pialn figures, so that, in ease the exigencies of the service require It, the article or articles can be obtained without delay, and at the lowest prioe. I Dealers wiahlna to sell to thia Depot will be re uired to furnish the list punctually every Mon ey morning. D. H. BUOKBB, Brigadier General and Chief Quartermaster, JaB-tf Depot of Washington. M O N 1 T I MOMITI HONII.I M. K. WALSH & CO., /Qv LICENSED PAWNBROKERS, A Q Ho. 89 V 0 street, between ?th and loth ats? Near tbe Varieties. Money advanoed on Gold and Silver Watches Dlamonda, Ladiea and Gentlemen's Wearing Ap parel. Ac. Ac. fa 11-Sm B?"? *"D BUIT TB. TIMBS. We jure. now manufacturing all kinds of BOOTS heretofore charged in'thls city for much inferior articles. Persona In want of BOOTS and BH0B8 of Bastern or City-made work, will alWave find ? good assort ment in store and at the lowest prioea. Give us a call. G&iffXN fc BROTHIB. ap 6-tf 314 Penn. avenue. rfiHi BIVOUAC AND THB BATTLB fIBLDi TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY BALTIMORE A.> O OHIO RAILROAD. v-m On and after Sunday. \pr;l 10th, !S^1. D;tily r^in* ?will be run betwee* Washington and Mew York and Washington and th" W^st, an follows : FOR PHILADELPHIA, \L'\V TORS, AND boston Leave Washington at 7.V a m, '1.15 a ra, 5.20 p m, except Sunday. On Sunday at 5 J*1 v m for PHILADELPHIA, and 7.50 p ni for NEW YoRK. Passengers for Philadelphia will take notice that tke 5.S" p m train is the latest train daily joy Pkila ^'Iraln at 7.50 p m does nor to to Philadelphia, and is for Nor York passentrrs exclusive.y. FOR BALTIMORE Leave Washington iC <5..T* ana, 7..V a m, 11.15 a m, 3.00 p m, 4.9>> p m, 5.20 pm, and S.2H p m, except Sundays. On Sundays at 7.30 a ra. and 3 and 5.20 p m. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. Leave Washington at 6.30 a m, an-t 3 and 8.20 p ra daily, except Sunday. On Sunday, ar. 3 and 5.20 p m. only. FOR WASH IN V TON AND THE SOUTH. Leave Baltimore at 3.45, 4.10. 7. 9 an ! 10 a m, and and 7.f0 p m, daily, except Sunday. On Suiiday,at 8.4" and 4.20 am and 3.30 p m, only FOR ANXAPOLIS. Leave Washington at 6.30 a m, and 3 and 4.30 p ni, daily, except ?:<l<1hv. - Kc {rain tor Annapolis on Sunday. Trams ieaviua Washington at 7.30a rn and 7.50p a po tbroirffh to New Yortt vrithont chai.geof ear?. bleeping Car cn 7.60 p in train. Berths in slepp ins ear can be secured until 5 pm, daily, at tho Ticket Oftiee; after that hour they must be Keoure<l of the sleeping: car eonductor. The first aDd fourth trains from Washington stop iat all wry points. For further information, tickets of every ltind, fee., apply to GEO 8. KOONTZ. Agent at Wash ington i-.tation, or at the Ticketoffice. W. P. SMITH blaster of Transportation. I. M. COLE, General Tfckat Agent. ap 11 tf WINDOW SHADES. GOLD OPAQUE WHITS FVPP GREEN AND BLUE HOLLAND FIXTURES; all approveJ styles. G. L. * J. B KJLTY, Manufaetarev* and Impo.-terj, 369 Broadway, New Yock, CURTAINS, NEW STYLES, *9 Q 1 9 6 4 . SWISS LACE, ? MUSLIN, ? t 55 RROCA.TELLE REPS, % g ? a TERRY CLOTH, DAMASK, <9 ? * JATANESE ? ? CLOTH. COVERS, FOR PIANOS AND TABLES G. L. A J. B. IILTI, IMPORTERS, Kb KMm .180 Broadway, Wew York. lyPDRTAWT TO SUTMR8 BUTLNBS~WrLL FIND H. A. DOWNING k CO.'S CONCENTRATED OLAM TO SI A most valuable ASTJOLE FG THEIR T BAD Hi II Mils Terr rapidly, and U the most cccno&iea yti?u diet f the officer'* mess, It la prepared ? on* minute, and makes a most dellsloas Hot? it Ohor?er. It i* highly rec<*ran?Ei?d Amy aunou. Pke profit* are large H. A. DOWNING A CO., Manufacturer* of Gonoeotrved TroJ No. Ill lut lttb at., New York, o; sa)e by BARBOUR & 8EMMB8, Sole Anat*. ** lon'ri*n* Arena*. ae My WaakiEsrtop. P. O. ~ BlENDAL o7S AHBOK.SI* r?fi f?S i'inf . A MBOL1N moiaiasa, vwAUTiFiaa. jbSFdSTiiii^f If^IQCSA TSU, mOORiBHMa C.MBSLLl'WX' tBB BA13L RANDALLK aKlCullfl l* a rare srrr.p^a^it stimulating extract* f*ora fhwri, jJoots, ?e Herba, for tie GKO ViS. UJIAOTY, ana J?BB UANJMT VlOOUot the HATH "Highly b?5?5cia' wair? tb? b?^r tvcBiree gentle atiaulaat." D?. CH fXiION. " ilare sever had auayWng w^loh ?u n*rt*o ajcrwera the purpoee of a a?ir dre*?!ii?- " WAEP1N WdRD, Mt\? No. a~7 Oana street, 21.1. " After b#5as bald for mtmi years yoar &MD1. LIN1 h&a ooTer4d the *otlre aealp vith N?W HAIB." ?toi. JuIIt' BXNIA, Mb 38 King (tr*Mt. N. 7. *01 tils fcr all Orngglsta ted Fancy Good? Deaiert. pet it* boxee, ? ? oai>iain? lwc bottles,) prloefl, Uanafsstored and for aaie at whole*?i ty XT:NDAX<I< & BAFNISTEK, llMll Mo 44U Bb04D?at, N T. HAPPINbBS OR MIBBRY [?THAT IS THE QUJi#TIQN ?The propletcrs ot ihe ?* FAitl 8IA? CiBl^tT OF W0N1>EE3, ANATOMY, aud MXDIGIMtavo deteraiaei?resardleea of ?x pence? to ieeae,! frse, (for the benetit of sadtr ing huxa&nity,)/cvr of their most iaa^ruotive aud interesting Lectaree oa Marriaga ana itsd'&quaU fications, Kcryoai Debility, Pr?ma;are Decline, Indigestion, Weakness, Psrrcssioc,or ignoi?uoe of Physiology and Nature's Law. These Invaluable lectures have been the meaes of eaiighieclng and saving thousands,and will be forwarded free on the receipt of four stamps, by as dressing Setrttaru Par? isian Cabinttof Anatomy an 1 Mtimnt, 503 Broad way.New Yorh. Jal3-ly SW IBB A BBV1RIDG S70CKSB0KS TO 0H CHARLES 8. FOWL1R & 00. ?? IMPORTERS, IB WHOLESA LB AND RKTAIL DE4LKBBIS CHINA.GLA8B AND EARTHEN WARE, Tine Cutlery, Plated Ware, Roll Metal Goods. Ice Pitchers, Block Tin Goods, Tin ObambeT Bets. Japanned Waiters, Water Coolers, Etherial and Solar Lamps. Goal Oil Lamps, Lan terns, Stone Ware, &eM Ac., Ae. Goods Packed and Delivered in thif City and Georgetown free of charge. 504 (Odd Fellows' Hall) Seventh at., my 1-eoly Washington. RAVEL BOOFB! GRAVEL R 0 0 V 8 1! G H. O. WILBON AOOH sucoessora to J. F. Walker A Bon, Washington D. O., manufacturers of IM PROVES FIRE and WATER PROOF FELT, 01 IT and GRAVEL ROOFS. *??161 23d street, below Pa. avenue. Orders fee left at offloe Mutual Insurance Company, 7th street and Louisiana avenue, or addressed to Post Office Box 834. All work executed promptly and on the most reasonable tarns, and warranted. Bepaws made promptly. mh Il-Sm* E'T"",B" Uilo HBBZBXRO * ?,?. #30,000 to loan la all iums on Watches, Jewelry, Diamonds, Silver Ware, Ladies' and Gents' /Ak Wearing Appaiel. and for the purpose of AWA enlarging our business, we have erected av W warehouse and we now make loans on Merchan dise, Furniture. Ac., at our old established stand. No. 381 0 St., betw. 4X and 6jh, rear of National Hotel. (ma l-3ml I. HERZBERG A SON. rpBXESMAR?Protected by Royal Letters Patent JL of Englaad, and secured by the seals of tke Boole de Pharmacia de Paris, and the Impsrial College of Medicine. Vienna Triesmar No. 1 Is the effectual remedy for Belax ktien, Bpermatorrhcee. and Exhaustion of the Sys tem. TrieemarNo. ] has entirely superseded the nauseous use of Cepaiva, Gubebs. Ac. Triesmar No, S Is the infallible remedy for all Impurities aad fteondarr Symptoms, thus obviating the use of mercury \nd all other deleterious iagre ll?-nts. ?ku pi iparation ie in the form of a most agreea ble Losecge. Secured from effects of climate and Changes or atmosphere, in tin Sj 3 each, or four 83cases for 99, and in #77 casee, thus saving #9. Divided in separate doses as adminis tered ay Valpean, Sallemande, Roax, Ac., Ae. Wholesale and retail by Dr. BARROW, No. 1B4 Bleecker street, New York. To be had also of S. 0. FORD, No.flSO Pa.av., eorner 11th street. mh 9 am" 93, , JPI Ron to Fredericksburg; #2.50, Gen. Grant and his Campaigns; 81 JO. Cavendish's Laws and Praetioe of Whist: 81.18, Three Months in the South. By Colonel Free mantle; fl.45, ? , Pomeroy's Municipal Law; #3, Thackeray, the Humorist. By Theodora Tay? SewelTs Bounty, Pension, and Prise Laws; 83 SO, Sen. McClellan's Report and Campaigns; 8l.flj), dinburgh Review. January, 1364, London Quarterly Review, January, 1&4, 9IT17ENS' AND Ml? MERGHANT TAIL0 ilTARJ LOB, K& JBrew*'?,)_@F rftviiiA. mmmm Mttrwoinan Hcttl, llalt _ 363 Pennrylranla avenue, o?S7tf Washing ton. D.O, | I'm i| LIMB! L LIMB! _ The undersigned have on hand and for sale,Free a Burned Potomac Lime,' at their kilns, on Bo?Jt NIB NT) A POWLIMG. OTIOB.?For sale, 800 bets of 1,1, ?ad 4 hope second hand HARNESS:also,300 good second hand SADDLES and BRf DLB8. Apply to H. 8. JOHNSON, No. 373 Pean. avenae,bet. 4H nnd 6th streets, BU J Ua? |\B. JOHNSTON, BALTIMOBB office No. 7 south rKBs^RioK^rsia^ ? THE ONLY PH YS1C1AN A DYERTI SING ' Bm discovered the most Certain, 8p#edr and aff? *uai fcumrdv in t>>? w/>r-d for ??*ear ?*?<>?? ylfEABBB OF 1MPBODBNOB. f V* J5*? H""s No Trying > Ftrsons Ruintd'by It nor ant Prttmdtrs, or by ?Deadly Poison Mtrtvry, should apply A CVRE WAN RANTED "on'lfo CHARGE IM w.?k J&OM OXB TO TWO DAYS lM _.w.***nM"p? the Back, Involuntary Dlsaharsee. Strictures, Affections of the Kidneys Ud Bladder IlSDOtAn^T G?n?r?l Nat.. . '"Mil# Throat NosS* or ?kin, AffeitioSTf thi LiSJ' Lungs, Stomach Or Bowel*-those Terrible Disor fier? arising from Solitary Habits of Youth-^tk? sbcrbt and solitary pia-jticfs more fatal to their ?lctlms than the eon* of Syrens to the mariners of L"'i'v. ' their Boat brilliant hopes at bf? U>n*' rendering marjiage. Ac., impossi - ... w \OVm MEN Especially, who hare become the victims of loir. ' iiW Ireadhl and destructive habit which ??nually sweeps to aa untimely grare thousands of Young Men of the moat exalted talent tad brilliant intellect, who ought otherwise have entranced toning Senates with the thunders of eloquence or tonMmt* *** the llTln* It re, mar oaU with fun _ TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. These are some of the sad and melaneholr effect* produced by early habits of youth, TiTwsOntn of the Back and Limbs. Pain In tho Hsad Oim^S of Sight, Loss of Muscular Power. Palpitation of the Heart. Dy?p?p?y. Narrow Irritability, De rangement of the Digestive /unctions. General D*. bilitr, Symptoms of Consumption, *?.D+ Mbbtalitv.?The fearCul effects on the mind ais much to be dreaded?Loss of Memory, Ooafusioa of Ideas, Depression of Spirits, Br 11 Foreboding*. Aversion to Society. Belf-Distrust, LoveofSoB *' ' "mjkriaqs. sssvMsssa w"iSSi,^,,?a: Debility, Wasting of the Organs, Deformitle*%io, should apply immediately." ' ' He wka places himself under the car?of9 . J. may religiously confide Inlis honor as a *en tinman and confidently rely upon his skill aa a Physician.' OBQAMC WBABNBsiT IMPOTBNOY IMPU1MXNT8 *0 MARRIAGE* Bj jDr. Johnston a marreious treatment. Vok nes* of the Organs is speedily cured and full rigor restored. Thousands of the most nsryous debili tate dand impotent who had lost aU hopi. haro been immediately relieved. ? n?U 1 W'l'Pe^Kto marriage, Physical or Mental Disqualifications, Loss of Proereative Power. Ner tous Irritability .Tremblinss. and Weakness or Bx? hauition of the most fearfal kind, speedily oared. w ^ . .w DJ?* 'OHN8T0N. Member of the Boyal College of SargeoM. L<m don, graduate from one of the most eminent Ool leges in the United States, and the greater part of whose life has been spent in tke hospitals orLon don, Paris, Philadelphia and elsewhere, has effected some cf the meet astonishing cures that were ever known; many troubled with ringing In the head and ears when asleep,great at sudden sounds, Dafchfulness, witi frequent blushing, attended sometimes with derasMmiBt of mind were cured immediately, v v , YOUNG MEN who have injured themselves oy a certain practice uiiulged In when alone?a habit frequently learned from evil companions, or at school, the effects of which are nightly felt, even when asleep, and if not cured renders marriage impossible, and destroy* both mind and body, inosld apply immediately What a pity that a young man, the hope of hid country and darling of his parents, should be snatched from all the prospects and enjoyments oI lift bv the consequenoe of deviation from the oath of native and indulging in a certain secret habit. Bnoh persons must, before contemplating . , MARRIAGE. reflect that a sound mind and bods are tke mogl necessary requisites to promote connabial happi ness Indeed, without these the Journey tkroush life becomes a weary pilgrimage; the prospect iocr'.y darkens to the view: the mind becemes Uiadowed with despair and filled witUthe melan ?jhuly reflections that the happiness of another is feiigi'ted with our own. ^ DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Wren the mispaldsd end i-apmdent -rotary cf h? has Imbibed th? se*dsof this pain fnl dip?a?e. >'t cf**n happens thtt an iil-tlm-jd sense of jfcasr e or Jrtafl of ciscorery deterr him from ?p nly'T'g to those who, trcm bducaUf-a and respecte b)ji1y,CAn a'cne fcsfriend him. He falls into the t-jndeof '-r-.r?.ctar(! rr?ten.Jers, who, inctpjb ccf ??ir'na, 5!ch h's pca'aaiary substance, ?rc?p hf-^n trf' >rg aft?r rnocth, cr as long as tfco f^e c^n t># obtained, and in despair '?&v<? him with ?nl^csX health to Bigh cTer his ga!l icg disarjoiL .ent; or, by the use of that deadly poi?on. M-r-t '-y. bacten the constitutional lyap tomi of this terrible d'.seape ruch as Affections of the Read, T*?ros.t, Mo?e, Skin eta., progressing W'th fri?h'f i' rapid-ty until death pints an end te his dre^. ttn! snu^TiDgs by sending Mm to that un discovered country r "o wheso bourne notrayeler returns. OtfPICl 7 SOUTH t ElBDVBICK STRUT, left hand Pide going from Baltimore street, a nf ?leers from the correr, Tuil net to obsprre nam* ind mtafcpr, WNc letter"- received unless post-paid and con taining a stamv to be used on the reply. Person! writing should state age and send portion of ad rertissment describing symptoms. Tht Dr.h Diploma hones in his OJUct. ^ iKDonsEiiiur ot thji paias. ctu*ed 11 this Institution Wuhin the last .wcniy years, and the numerous Important Srrjical Operations perform*d by Dr. Johns.on, witne#sed by the reporters of "Tks8unn and many other papers, notions of whioh have ae< peared again and again before the public besides his standing as a gentlemaa o* character and re 1 tr' iB ? "ulficieat guua&tee to the af? PKIN DISEASES SPEEDILY CURED. J* 29*lf igXCBXT DIBSASra 1 ^BfiOElST DI81Aa*dj| BAMABIT a"n ' S Q I SA MA R1TA X1 S GIFT! IHI MOST C1RTAIN KIM1DT *V1R ngjD A Fosit*, Cure"for ? GONORRHOEA. GLEET. SIRICTURES, 4> Oontaine no Mineral, no Balsam,no Mercury Only Ten P^ls in be Jaicen to Effct a Curt, They are entirely vegetable. having no smell ner unpleasant taste, and will not in any war in jure the fcton aca or bowels oi the most delicate Cures in from two to four days, and recent ca*ea in -twenty four hours." Prepared by"'"gdualS Of the LniTersity of Peunsylrania, oneof themosl eminent Doctors and Chemists of the present dar. ?OgXPOSCMB, ?0?K0DBL?, SO CHASOB WHAVBrBS Dot those who hare despaired of getting cured. aLTciu ^try*the D gor*d(i WiXh i3*ltaia Oopatia, ot B SAMARITAN'S GIFT. Sent oy mail in a plain enrelopc. Prioe?Male packages ,jga. Pwaale, J J. BLOOD! BLOODII BLOOD Ml SCBOPU LA, ULCERS, BOBKS.BPOTSTTBTTlflSi BOALis. BOILS. BYPaiLIS OH Vjf N1R1AL DIB1ASE8, *c" SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB 3 U1CES. Is offered the public as a positive cure SYPHILIS OB VJ&SKSAL D18BASU^the 8 A MABITAN'S BOOT AND liiaB JUlITji ia thc most potent, certain end effectual remedy ever prescribed; it rtaches and eradicates every particle of the venereal poison, so that the cure is thorougk and permanent Take then of this purifying reme Jywid be healed, and do not transmit to tout pot frit, that lot la ^.r ,Mt.. will remove every vestige of impurities from the srstem^as well as all the bad effects of Mercuir. PXMALXS I PIMALES 11 In many affections wit* which numbers of re males suffer, the ROOT AN D HIBB JUI01S is most happily adapted, in Ulcerated Uterus, la Whites, In bearing down, Falling of the Womb, Debility, and for all complaints lnstdent to the sex. ft,-?? express. Price 91 abotUe, or 6 bottled * . SAMARITAN'S 0HANCR1 WASH. Prioe 25 cents. Pull directions. D18M0ND St CO., Box 161 Philadelphia Por! Office. Boldly 9. O&LYERT fORD, corner of 11th en Pa. ayenue. H1NKV COOK, Alexandria. may6-tf Y CON FIDE NT1AL. OUNG MEN who have injured themeelTM by certain secret habits which unfit them tor business, pleasure, or the duties of married life; also middle aged or old men, who, from the follies ef youth or other causes, feel a debility in advance of theix years, before placing themselves under the treat ment of any one, should first read " THJI BBOBKT FRIEND." Married Ladies will learn something of Importance by perusing " The Secret Friend." Bent to any address, in a sealed envelope on r?* oeipt of Ten Cents. Address Da. OHAS. A. STUART ft 00., del4-ly Boston. " A DAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. A OFFIOl fU PA. AVBNUB. Washington, D. 9> GREAT EASTERN, NORTHERN, AND WEST* ERN FXPRE8S FORWARDERS I MEROHADIBE, MONET, JEWELRY, TALU* ABLEB. NOTES, BT00K8, BONDS. Ac., Forwarded with SAFETY AMD DISPATCH to all accessible sections of the oountry. This Oomban7 has age icies In the principal Railway Towns ia ?N0RTH. east, WEST. AND N0RTHWB8T. Its principal offioes are ?ui-^LLiji Connections are made at New York and Boston, with Unes forwarding to the OANADAB and tke EBITIBH PROVINCES and with steamship 11m to LIVERPOOL, SOUTHAMPTON and HAVRE, and thence by European ex?'esses to all promineul commercial towns in Great Britain and the Ooa tinent. Collection or NOTES, DRAFTS,and BILLS matt at all accessible parts of the United States. ? M 0.0. DDNN, Agent, de a Washington. P 0. . JOHNSTON'S AGRICULTURAL CHEMI8TB* Wood's Agricultural Chemistry: London. Chaptal's Agrisultural Chemistry. Liebia's Agricultural Chemistry Liebig's Principles of Agricultural Chemistry. Freccn e Farm Drainage, _ _ Deep-Laud Culture, By Henry Stephens: Lon don. ___ Stephens' Manual ef Practical Drainage: Lofl don. Ditehing and Draining Tables: London, Donald's Land Diainajte: London. 8trachan's Tables on Drainage: London. mbJ7 FRANCK TAYLO"^ TISH-WANG, THJS Q REAT CHIN*** REMEDYfor GONORRHOEA, GLEET Eu. On Box will rnaroaJi a Cvas. Ingredients are purely vagftaEU. *?? _ - . - pleasant to the taste, has noodc^aa^ may be carried in the rest pocket wlthomt . detection. Circulars free. Prioe |l a boe. B"? by JOHH J. BROMBB.sncceeeorto B.O.Ojk^. eat by mail, * " ?"

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