Newspaper of Evening Star, April 21, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 21, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. W. D. WALLACH. Ed iter and Preprieter. WABHINOTbN CITY: THURSDAY APRIL 91, 1864. WREADING MATTER ON EVERY PAGI Bll OUTBIDS FOR INTERESTING TELI GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER. WaihiBftM Mtnty Market. Quotations for stocks, eoin and uncurrent money, furnished by Lewis Johnson & Co., Bankers: Bnying. Selling. XT. S. Coupon Bonds, W91.*,,.,lii 119 U.S.5.20 Note# ...iu?x 111 Suartermasters' Checks.... 9? Xa#S* ? ?w Certificates re* ? American Silver 150 ? American Gold 105 ? Nmw York Rates?First Board. Conpon 6's, 1881, lll^: 5.90's, no*; Certifi cates of Indebtedness, 97$; Cold, 167. BUYING AND USING FORGED FURLOUGHS. A conrt martial held in this city, of which Colonel George W. Gile, 9th regiment Veteran Reserve Corps, was president, arraigned and tried Abraham Steinmetz and David Tittle, or the 110th Ohio volunteers, npon the charge of purchasing and using illegal furloughs signed with the name of Adrian R. Root, Colonel of the 94th New York volunteers, commanding at Camp Parole, near Annapolis, Md. Upon the evidence produced before the conrt the parties were found gnilty, and sentenced " to be dis honorably discharged from the service, with the loss of all pay and allowances, and confined at hard labor for the period of five years." General Martindale bas approved the sentence and directs that the prisoners be confined at Fort Delaware. James O'Rourke, of company G, 149th New York volnnteers, tried for having in his pos session and selling a number of blank fur loughs, also received the same sentence. OFFICERS DETAILED FOR DUTY AT THE CAVALRY BUREAU. ^ By a special order issned from the Adjutant General's Office, under date of AprU 19, the lollowing officers are detaHed for duty at the Cavalry Bureau, Washington, and will report without delay: Major J. W. Cloudman, Capt. R F. Dyer, and Lieut James H. Russell, all of the 1st District of Columbia cavalry. SENT TO FORT DELAWARE. Sixty enlisted men, under sentence ef court martial, were this morning forwarded to Fort Delaware, under guard of a squad of the 9th regiment Veteran Reserve Corps, commanded by Capt. Hill. These men will be confined at the fort until the expiration of their terms of aervice. TO HE EXCHANGED. This morning seven siek and wounded pris oners of war were sent from the Old Capitol pris jn to Baltimore and frotn there will be for. warded to Fortress Monroe to be exchanged. Maretzbk Coming.?We understand that a portion of Max Maretzek's Italian opera troupe have taken the Washington Theater for two grand concerts, to come off next week. The much talked-of American _pianist, Mr. Patti son, is to be with them to make his first appear ance in Washington. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. DEPARTMENT OF THE GULF. The Red River Expedition?Another Fight and Union Victory?2,000 Rebels Cap. tured?*20 Cannon Among the Trophies? \?y Heavy Losses on Both Sides?Addi< tionaland Interesting Particulars. Chic A wo, April 20.?A letter, dated at Grand Ecore on the 11th instant, from a private in the Chicago Mercantile Battery, giving an ac count of the part taken by that battery in the battle, confirms yesterday's dispatch in regard to the disaster to a portion of onr forces com prising the Red River expedition. The letter says:?" Of our whole division. . ?-?.^v^, wuk one thou sand are left to tell the fearful odds against which they contended. Two regiments of the diTision were consolidated, and had in all four teen hundred men and seven officers, the high est in rank being a Captain. The litth Corps checked the rebels and held them for about 25 minutes, whtn they were forced to retire, which they did slowly, and as night came on the bloody conflict ended. The next morning Gen. A. J. Smith came up with his command and relieved Gen. Franklin, and whipped the rebels badly. Twelve pieces of cannon were recaptured and eight hundred prisoners taken A letter from another private in the same battery says:???Our corps (the Thirteenth) were all cut to pieces, and we fell back to this place (Grand Ecore,) five or six miles from the battle-field, to organize. We lost twenty Jour pieces of artillery, all that were in the fight." This letter also says that General Smith captured two thousand prisoners and thirty six guns in a fight on the 9th. Still another letter says :?" We get all sorts of reports from the front The latest is that General Smith whipped the rebels, taking two thousand prisoners and eighteen guns. The expedition is no doubt broken up, and our troops are falling back." Gen. Banks is mentioned as having been on the field on the 5th. Cairo, April 20.-Information obtained from reliable sources confirms the statements of the Chicago Journal's Bed River letter of the 10th inat., concerning the battle of Pleasant Hill on the 6th, that account being mainly correct. Ccr loss, however, was greater than therein stated. The fight wound up in the enemy being hand eomely whipped and driven lrom the field with a heavy loss. HT*>-ORK mEa:vn?NT J"NION' CANDIDATE t#OC rOR MAi OR.? Editors Pleas** announce Mr. JOHN H. SKMME8 as an IndJp*n ? I nion candidate for Mnyor, at the ensuin" ..nap election. |ap21Iw"l MAN Y VOTERS. " J ICE-All JOURNEYMEN CABINET LK-> MAKERS of Washington, D. C . are re requested to attend a meeting to be held o-c??kP?rft,nCe ?U*Y ???AY.nd Tnst.Vat"* ocit p. in., as business of importance claims ?i ur special attention. By order of the - 21 n COMMITTEE. D3T AN?D r* KK* R A KV VMBN BRE A D j BAKERS.?You are reauest^d 3>aVivkntim &t 8o'clock on SATUR By order of the Committee. ap IT NOTICE.?The Master Ilorae-Shoers held lk_3r their meeting last evening, at the Ex Mr'eeft fhJS, ihlfr W1,.? "d 6th lor I?75Cr lor Removes, plain 'SiinJ!!!!! J FRIDaVeVeMo '"f* Hotel on tuose who are carrving on't he faor^ shoeing bus}1 n. ss are requested to attend ?noeing dusi By order of Committee. tp 2i-2t* ft^_^NVENTION.-Ob tieCi le I n ion Convention to be he;d at Baltimore on the V June, the orivilegeof using the City Hall J, ,> l>een obtained Therefore.air'qualifled vo r.' . this District, ?'wko desire the uacon '' 1 maintenance or thejUnion, the supremacy i* Constitution, and thocomplete suppression e*i?ti?g rebellion, with tne cause thereof i - 'doroui war and all apt and efficient means *' h \ i ViKfl 0ity Hl11' on FRIDAY Ap"! ?d, at 7X o'cloclt, for the pur , Jn chP^??.d-fofa*- to Mid Baltimore (?on, fJiii?00'"*- Pr\'id:,?!. TT^ ,;0TAL MEN, ATTEN TION .-The ad . ? i *?"rne<1 meeting of the Mass Convention ? ' . -lal voters of th. TVimtrift A( VDl!?D ?run mwiiDf 01 me mass Convention era of the District of Columbia for the i ? the nominating convention ?t Baltimore June 7, V&i.will be held s*fh adj<wnmtnt at t^ie Union League 'omioii FRIDAY ?V?!IIlfO(adiSft 1 ?al voter* < onofdelej t ? I. ? held N O THE TAX PA VERS OF THE COUNTY OF WASHINGTON, D.C. , The Board of Assessors. having completed tne f- general assessment for the year 1J>4. hereby I notice that they will sit as a Board of Appeal for the purpose of making any correction thereof from J. Thursday, the 2lstday of April, to Saturday, the .'Kith day of April, inclusive. Sundays excepted, at the office of Nicholas Callan. Esq., No. 213 F St., from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. each day. D. V. BURR. ) , GEO. PLANT, J Assessors, ap 21-d CIIAS. R. BELT.S ty^="A CONCERT OF TOCAL MUSIC WILL I [J. " be given by the pupil' of the female cram mar schools, under the direction of Prof. Daniel, i at the Smithsonian'Institution, on THURSDAY EVENING, the 21st instant, commencing at 6 o'clock. The proceeds of the concert will be need for the purchase of pianos for the schools. Mr. J. F. Ellis has kindly offered the use of one of his finest pianos for the occasion. ap 19-3t fYiS=?FAIR AND FESTIVAL.?The Fair and Fes U3 tiral for the benefit of the FourtlrPresby tenan Church, (Dr. J. C. Smith,) is now open at i ODD FELLOWS' HALL, where may be found a * fine collection of fancy articles, confectionery, &c., at reasonable prices. Come and see us. ap l8-6t* rV3=?A BEAUTIFUL EXHIBITION OF THE Liof Phantasmagoria Dissolving Views will be given at the Methodist Episcopal Church, Dum barton street, Georgetown, on WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY EVENINGS next. The subjects are of a scriptural, historical and miscel laneous character, and will be shown with the ox carbrobydrogen light?the most brilliant light now known The proceeds being devoted for the benefit of the Church. Doors open at o'clock, commencing at 8. Tickets 25 and IS cents. ap 18-St* ^-XOTIC^JO^HE^TAX.PAYERS OF Assbssob's OrriO*, > . Washington, March 14. 1864. t The Board of Assessors, having completed the General Assessment for the year 1854, hereby fire notice that they will sit as a Board of Appeals, and for the purpose of making any correction, from Monday, the 21st day of March, to Tuesday, the 96th day of April, inclusive, (Sundays excepted,) at their room. No. 6, basement story, west wing City Hall, from 9 a. m to 3 ?. m. each day. By order of the President: . ?. JAMES W. SPALDING, mh lg tApg Secretary Board of Appeal. ! ffg=?IC* CRSAM, C0NFECTI0N1RY, Ao. Lk3 _ Receptions, Parties. Weddings. Balls,8up i Fairs and other entertainments famished at shortest notice and most reasonable terms. lee i 5*5 ?n4 I??8 >n*d? by steam power, war ' 1*?.^? J? V18 in the city, wholesale and re tail, delivered to any part of the city. Charlotte Rusae, Jellies, Pyramids and Wedding Cakes made ^"^'?liL^PHSHAFFIRLD'S Oonfection I ?ry,386 81ithst.,bet.G andH. fell-8m* I Tj^OR SALE?One HORSE AND WAGON, and a si run of Bread Customers. Apply at the Star Office. ap21-3t* JOURNAL OF THK DISCOVERY OF TH? Source of the Nile. By Capt. John Speke; 1 vol., illustrated; $3.90. ap21 FRANCK TAYLOR. C>OR SALE WITH SACRIFICE.-One of the best * ?>?d entirely new George A. Prince s MELO DE0N8, full five octaves, and wrh double bassTbv agentleman leaving Washington,and is to be seen at Prof. Alex. olowski's rooms. No. 316 Fstreet, corner of 11th. Hours of reception only from 9 to 1" o clock a.m. ap 21 6t WOOD AND COAL YARD FOR SALE OR RENT?On C street, adjoining the corner lot on u and J2th streets; has been used for several years iu the coal and wood business. Apply to SAMUEL McKKNNEY, 1*24 Dunbarton street. ap 21-3t* Georgetown^. 0. fVEVER TOO LATE TO LE ARN?2>p Proftssor JiUx Wolov-skt't Ntxc an,I Simplified Method JOT rt/ino Forte nn'l Siuenie-?Professor Wolowski continues his positively lastcourse in Washington, audall those who wish to follow his easy system have no time to lose. Professor's reception hours are from 9 to 10 a. m.. at his resfdeuce. No 316 F street, corner of 11 th. ap21-2w Pumpiicat ?MA,Y?R'S April 2rt. 18??.*' JL ROPOSAL8 will be received at this office until 12 o_clock M. on Thursday, the 28th instaYit. for grading and graveling C street south, between Ninth and Tenth streets west; the gravel to be nine inches in the enter, tapering off to four inches to ward the gutter: to be well rolled with a heaw roller, and to be relieved of all stone of an impro per size, ut the discretion of the Commissioner No part of the appropriation will he paid until the work is approved by the Commissioner iwid both the Assistant Commissioners. Bidders will state the price per cubic vard for giading and square yard for graveling JAMES H. BIRCH, Commissioner of the Seventh Ward WM. C. BAMBERGER. Oi JOHN MORTIMER, ap 21 eotpsth Assistant Commissioners. PROPft?*i mM4R?R'S ??FJCE, April 20.1854. ? T1,<> *rayel to be nine inches in the center, taper ?i,'uVunclieR to*"? the gutter line; to be well rolled with a heavy roller, and to be relieved o^eComm?sSonein,pr0^r at ,he d*">etion f" ^^?^T"t^e"ComW!wroner"ind l??<h Assistant Commissioners. Bidders will state the price per cubic yard for grading and square yard for graveling . . JAMES H.BURCH. Commissioner of the Seventh Ward RHODY O'BRIEN, ' mn 91 , ? THOMAS CASSELL. aP 21 eot28tk Assistant Commissioners. Propo* a i a Mf.\0R'8 OPFIOB. April a?. 18?4. in,(ii ? Wlli b<* r?,ceived at the M&yor'sofflce until 1. o clock m.. on Thursday. 3?th instant for L a' ,I!lu,,nd gravelingDstreetsouth, between 13th andI nth streetn west The gravel to be nine inches in the centre t? penng off to four inches toward the gutter line: to he well rolled ? ith a heavy roller, and all boulders ,lnpr?per si/* to be removed. The stirnlu? ?ar?V , e "'Posited between 14th and l.",th streets, w ithout compeusation to the contractor No part of the appropriation will be pHU until I ?'pproI,1"1 by the Commissioner and i Assistant Cominissioaers. Bidders will i-tate the price per cubic yard for grading and square yard for gravelling JAMES H. BIRCH, Commissioner Seventh Ward H. A CLARKE. DANIEL RAO AN ? ap -l eo^j Assistant Commissioners. PpflPOS at q MAYORS OFFICE. April 2?. 18*. i ? J?0P0^LS will be received at th s office until 12 m nn Thursday, the 28th dav of April instant graveling Sixth stre. t froni Penii>}lvan|aa\enue to G street south. The "-ravel to he nin? inches in the center, taperin" ofTtT. <"?..r inches toward the gutter line; to be well ro led J??t.i a heaiy roller after graveling and to here lieved ?>f all boulders of an improper size at the discretion of the Commissioner of the Ward of the appropriation will l.e paid until . . VT. If. HAMILTON. Commissioner ol the Filth Ward. . . W.A.FLETCHER. Commissioner of the Sixth Ward. JO.<EPH .T. MITCHELL. Assistant Conimivsioners. j^JORE NEW DRESS GOODS. FROM THE NEW YORK AUCTIONS. GOODS* fopPfhaUit "f * *e N;weirt Styles of DRESS should not fin t.prfSi t approaching season making their selletV/^ thr"^'' 0llr Stock before all its vaHona hImJ*' ?k* Complete in KM?'"'4nd ,n the a^ortment which we h^?S?^?la,,y ??w and desirable goods under thei? r/. " .1'' at auction much imSy. 1 a,ue? ana wiU b? ?ccord We name, in part, the following Dre^-s Goods RrocadeCej>ia;If T*a,lt 8i,V? iu MoiranUque. Ne^FliiirlS bmv. superb quality, Medium do., qualities and beaatifSfcolorinirt ?llkof whdeh?we guarantee to sell at New York prices ^Ch 6 Grenedfnes inf.f?lo^d ands ^,ack <}r0,,nd Silk coinbinatfo^i ? , ? erery in?a?'nablo desirable and cheV^stVonki'r r'??* on5 of the h?ndsomest this marfet. 0cka of ^reuedine# ever offered in P?rDleC^nd?BU^bins8 in Black *nd ^hite, and Checks in theassortment6 T"r QCat StripeK and .i^?jiece? ?hoic? quality Black Silks for Dresses from 7?^?nVc?Blpri8llyf a11 the various qualities, sortment wifl^T /' a np to, **u6'K and in t,,e as Cord?d^Mm.L^n. s'lw a *?>epdid assortment of yard upwird*^ 8,lks' ran?ine ^om Si.5) per c.,^CO,llpiet?fitock.of nnMhlm price Dress Goods htri,>ed and PlaiJ; Moiambiques" Dret^s nlain'and^tr "UA!'err tl},n article for' tifn?^fn^fi5f ^nd Striped Alpacas for Suits: heau ing dTesses ?f Fods<** for *al*in? and {ravel Pi^kPiGreSenU&orn "i'nH m1 Pelai"R- 5" Plain Blue, cheap. r ' and Modc color?. and all very st?iePsiewen\td.U^^,rRtyle- Poil d?' Cherres in neat styles well adapted for misses and children's w?.r t ^ Pieces elegant FrenehChintses of the celebra ted manufacture of 8tienbach. RoechHn 1 r? ported.110*" t0 th? be8t *rench Chintzes ^m 26 pieces Broche Piques, in beautiful ?nil rnf>* JuaUties, suilible for ladiesJ b^tkfast Weh.l^6 f?10? P warranted perfectl y fast in* Gnortf ?r0?v.?\ ?d ou,r ?aual stock of Mourn m'nt wp wAfiH w*! grades; and ln lhigy??t pnblic th?t ?Ln!liteifor ;he information ofthe Fthrii..,!? u- Almost exclusively in LuDin's world? ' whlch known to be the best iu the ?'rt ,n",f,Ti'tS"ked in No M- SnUSTER 4 BRO., ?p N?- "aaagarjaaa. WHOLESALe/nd retail GROCERY Th. undersigned ^^XTyen^ed i business for a period of twentr-on*^ wJTiPf j -*'ggt!ttvAZZ? *fO Q ROGERS AND OTHERS. S?Al9g iVBS ^ *p lB-ft* ?T1 ftk ^cl^PeiU^fce, BALLS, PABTIES, Sic. ma tne A The members of the ANAC08TIA ENGINE CO., No. 3, Take this method to infbrm their friends & ad the public in general that they will *ive their FAREWELL BALL On MONDAY EVENING. April 2*. 1864,| AT ODD FELLOWS* HALL, Navy Yard. Tickets $1. Admitting a gentleman and ladies: to be had of either of the committee, or at the hall on the evening of the Ball. Committee of Arrangem'tits. Thos. W. Cook, Joseph Frederick, Wm. Vermillion, Geo. Hitchcock, Geo. Young. Jos. Osborn, H. Greenfield, W. A. Nicholson, F.P.Davis, George Osboru. ap21-25-2t* *%. PROF. J. W. KREIS'S A MAY BALL AND EXHIBITION SX U& Transpires at ODD FELLOWS' HALL. (Seventh street.) On TUESDAY EVENING, May 1<Hh, 18*4. See future advertisements. ap 20-4t* First grand ball OK TH* ACTIVE ASSOCIATION or THE METROPOLITAN HOOK AND LADDER COM PANY, No. 1. The Members of the Active Association of the Metropolitan Hook and Ladder Company take great pleasure in announcing to their 9a friends ana patrons that their First Grand Ball will be given in the Hall of the Truckufl^ House, on Mass. av,. between 4th aud nth sts.. on TfaUR8DA Y EVENING, April 21st, 18S4. Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admitting a gentleman and ladies. ap 15-iw* PERSONAL. INFORMATION WANTED OF F. W. STEWARD, by his wife, who is now stopping at No. 535 9th Btreet. [ Bait. Sun copy.] ap 21-2t* THE PERSON WHO LEFT VALICE at Barbor Shop, C street Depot, will call and pay charges, or it will be sold to pay expenses. ap 2=>-2t* NOTICE.?Was left at my shop about five months ago, a TOP BUGGY, to be repaired. The owner of said Buggy is requested to come forward, prove property, and pay charges, otherwise I shall expose it at public auction on Saturday morning, April 23d, 1864, at Wm. L. Wall & Co.'s Bazaar. ap 20-3t* GEO. R. HALL. LOST AND FOUND. FOUND TRESPASSING on my enclosure, on the 17th, a BED STEER, having a mark with tar on the right hip. The owner will please come forward, prove property, pay charges, and takf her away. PIERCE SHOEMAKER, ap 21-31* on Rock Creek. ke ap 21 3i* on Rock Creek. ffiC REWARD.?Lost, on the20th April, between 15th street and Kirkwood House, a GOLD WATCII CHAIN and KEY. The finder will be Said the above reward on returning it to Kirkwood Louse. ap 20-3'* fife ? REWARD.?Lost, this morning, somewhere i&O about the Circle, an ACCOUNT BOOK. The above reward will be paid if returned to W. C. Hazel or John Crumbaugh, Georgetown, D. C., No. 168 Beall street. ap!9-3t* W. C. HAZEL. C REWARD.?Strayed on Saturday. Ifith, a tJP*? DARK RED COW, with large sharp horns: about half of the tail cut oft'. The above reward will be jjiven it returned at No. 809 4th street, be tween K aud L streets. ap 19-3t* THOS. DRAWNY. TO SUTLERS?LOST OR MISLAID?Bran dy Station. on Friday, April 15th, one large CHEST, (fastened with padlock,) containing per sonal clothing, accounts, books and notions, be longing to W. G. Smith. Sutler nth Mass. Vols. Any information left at JOHN*!!. BABTII Sc. CO.'S, 23? Penn. avenue, will be suitaWly reward ed. ap 18-lw* fT REWARD.?Strayed on Thursday, 14th, a tU't# black COW with a white face; she was about 3 years old. The finder will receive the above re ward if returned at J. BROWN'S Restaurant, cor ner 13th street and Pa. avenue. ap 16-iw* BOARDING. Board and furnished rooms for gen tleman and wife or single persons. Location pleasgnt. An experienced person wanted as house Keeper. Apply southeast corner 21st and II sts., near Pa. avenue. ap 21-3t* PERMANENT OR TRANSIENT BOARD can be had on moderate terms, at No. 3W6 North Ctip itol street, near the Depot. The house is kept by ^^enns^^niinady^^^^^^^^^^^^ainSKU* GEORGETOWN ADVEK'MTS ^TOCK OK THE CORPORATION OF (1KORGE ? ^ TOWN, I). C.?Persons ??;>><? wish to pur 1<t.\jt hi,- corporation of Oeorgetown. I). C., on which interest will be payable quarterly! can obtain some on application to WILLIAM LAIRD. Esq., Clerk of the Corporation. ap 18-d3w npUOS. II. DONOIIUE & CO., 1 PLUMBERS AND OAS FITTERS, No. 70 Bkidoe Stkekt, Georoktown. All orders for Gas Fitting, Alterations and Ex tensions will receive prompt and faithful atten tion. Plumbing in all its branches executed in the best manner. Water introduced and Hydrants put up at short notice. mh 22-lm* If J. HOWELL. AT MISS SANFORD'S. No. 4 J . Market Space, has just received a lot of Puffod Spencer in Wash Lace. Lace Under Sleeves. Ac. Chenille Head Dresses. ap 30-6t* STEAMER EMPIRE HAS ARRIVED FROM New York. Consignees will pleas9 attend to th<<^XK^^9 reception of their goods at once. ap 2!'-2t MORGAN St RHINE!! ART. Agt rp MILK. 1 HE Undersigned wishes a customer to take from 5 to 2.i gallons of Milk daily from the morn ing train from Baltimore. Address by mail, C. S. TYSON, ap 20-3t* Laurel Post Office, Maryland._ TO ICE CREAM MAKERS.?For sale a patent Philadelphia Machine for makiug ice cream. Ice Chests. Freezers, Signs. Ac., with everything complete for the business. The things were made to order and used but two months. Will be sold cheap, the owner having no use for them. Inquire at 371 Pa. avenue. ap 20-3t* l/"0R SALE-A STAND in Center Market, in a 17 good location. Will be sold low. Inquire at 535 Ninth street, opposite the market. ap l!)-eo?t' 1/OR SALE-A Wheeler A Wilson's SEWING -T MACHINE, with all the latest improvements; silver-plated, half case, and cost 331. Can be seen at Mrs. FLaGG'S, corner of C and North Capitol streets. Price 150. ap ltf-3t MRS. E. J. HOWELL HAS-REMOVED TO No. 4 Market Space, upstairs, will open on Tuesday. April 19th, a handsome a sortment of PARIS FLOWERS. The ladies of Washington, Georgetown and ita vicinity are invited to exam ine the goods before purchasing elsewhere. ap 19-3t? . THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING IN HIS Pos session an excellent quarry, offers for sale any quantity of good BUILDING STONE, which be can deliver at any place in the cities of Washington or Georgetown at reasonable terms. Apply to MATTHEW CALLAHAN, Distributing Reservoir. ap 19 3t* ALLEN'S RURAL ARCHITECTURE; f1.25. Downing'* Country Houses: $5. Vaux's Villas and Cottages; ?2. Loudon's Encyclopedia of Architecture; London. Hatfield's American House Carpenter; 93. Holly'a Country Seats: 93.60. Village and Farm Cottages; $2.51. A House for the Suburbs; London. Field's Rural Architecture; ?2. Sloan's Constructive Architecture, 4to; $6. Sloan's City and Suburban Architecture, folio; >12. [ap 19] FEANCK TAYLOR. Notice to grocers of Washington, d. C.?The French Coffee has advanced two cents per pound from this date, owimr to the high price of Coffee and Barley Malt. The quality of the French Coffee will alwaya be sustained. J. F. broadbent & CO., 57 North Calvert street, Baltimore. Baltimore, April 18.1864. ap 18-4tt? OOFING FELT AND PITCH. Just received and for sale, a choice lot of Felt and Pitch, which will be sold cheap, together with LIME. PLASTER. CEMENT, HAIBjcc. FENWICK A STEWART, ap 18 lm* west side 7th at., at Canal bridge. 1VOTICE.?All persons having accounts with the H firm of W. tf. SHU8TER I CO. are requested to make an early settlement. They will find the books in the hands of W. H. Clauett, at the old stand. All persons having acconnts against the firm are requested to present them for settlement. ap!6-lm WINES AND LIQUORS. E Have now on hand a full supply of Califor nia Wines and Brandies. Also, Champagne Wines on draught, a rich native Wine. AIm, Gibson's and Baker's Old Rye, Bonrbon and Nectar Whiskies on dranght and in bottles. Wilson's Old Bye Pancatharticoniied Whisky for Ml? n BG4N % J$RRI?i ap 15-6t Corner E and ?th streets. ^OCOA MATTING AT PRIVATE SALE. We have Just received fron the importers for private sale, ten thousand yards of Cocoa Matting, different widths, at oar furniture warerooms. fn the rear of our auction rooms. W. L. WALL k 00.. Aact'rs and Commission Merchants, ap If south oorner Pa. av. and fth st. R VT>IB4T0LAM r at Mt. Joy ^ xouhMirv 4 O'CLOCK P. M. CLEARING ?UT THE HOSPITALS/ Yesterday evening all of the sick and wound ed soldiers capable of being moved, to the nam* ber of several hundred were brought to this city from the hospitals in and about the Army of the Potomac to be placed in hospitals hare for treatment. From their arrival arose the report prevalent to-day that a large number of wounded had reached here from the front indicating that a battle had occurred. GENERAL GRANT. Lieutenant General Grant arrived in the city yesterday afternoon, and after consulting with President Lincoln and the Secretary of War, returned to the Army of the Potomac this morn ing. Northrup agaik.?'The people of Wash ington, who know well the character of the concern called the ?? Guardian Society of the City of Washington," note with surprise that a bill was smuggled through the House last night (when the House was thin) granting to that "Society" the use of three acres of land "on which to erect buildings for juvenile of fenders." It Is a fact notorious in this community that the "Guardian Society" consists of a single individual, a terrible bore, of the Beau Hick man persuasion, by the name of Northrup. This man Northrup elects himself to fill all the executive offices of the "Society." and by parading a list of names of prominent citi zens?probably without their knowledge aad consent?as managers, he la enaoled to keep his scheme afloat; and only a year or two ago a bill was very nearly juggled through Con gress giving his "society" control of the val uable public ground west of the Smithsonian Institution. The bill smuggled through the House last night, while barely a quorum was present! gives him three acres of ground (out East Cap itol street) in the city of Washington, one of the most valuable pieces of reservation prop erty m the possession of Government! yre trust that the Senate will promptly throw the bill under the table. Certainly, if it passes, the title should be changed to " A bill for the benefit of one Northrup " Brilliast Party.?The Secretary of the Navy and Mrs. Welles entertained a brilliant cempany last evening at their residence on H street, near 10th. Among those present were Lord Lyons, Secretary Stanton, Postmaster General Blair, Gen. Doubleday, and a large number of officers of the Army and Navy. Several Senators and Representatives, and many of our leading citizens were also there. Altogether the affair was a very pleasant and social one, and one of the most enjoyable of the season. COIfOBEgSIOWAL. XXXVIIITH CONGRE88.-FIR8T 8188ION. Thursday, April 21. Senate? Mr. Collamer, from the Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads, reported back the House bill for the relief of postmasters who have been robbed by Confederate forces or rebel guerrillas, and it was taken up and passed. Mr. Collamer also reported favorably on the House bill to establish a postal money order system. On motion of Mr. Wilson the joint resolution for printing tbe official reports of operations of armies of the United States, was taken up and passed. [It requires the Secretary of War to have arranged all reports, telegraphic dis patches, &c., in chronological order, which the Superintendent of Public Printing is then to print, so many copies for the Department, and so many for Congress.] Mr. Morrill called up tbe bill to regulate pro ceedings in cases between landlord and tenant in the District of Columbia, and it was amend ed and passed. [The following is the bill as passed: That a tenancy at will shall not arise or be created without an express contract or letting to that effect; and that all occupatien, posses sion, or holdicg of any messuage, or real es tate, without express contract or lease, or by such contract or lease, the terms of which have expired, shall be deemed and held to be tenan cies by suflerance; and all estates at will and sufff ranee may be determined by a notice, in writing, to quit of thirty days, delivered to the tenant in hand or to some person of proper age upon tne premises, or in the absence of subh tenant or person then such notice may be served by affixing the same to a conspicuous part of the premises, where it may be conveniently rpad. Tbe attornment of a tenant to a stranger shall be void, and shall not affect the rights of the landlord unless it be made with the consent, express or implied, of the landlord. Sec. 2. That when forcible entry i3 made, or when a peauebje entry is made and the posses sion unlawfully held by force, or when pos session is held without right, after the estate is determined by the terms of the lease by its own limitation, or by notice to quit, or other wise, on written complaint on oath of the per son entitled to the premises, to a justice of the peace, charging a forcible entry or detainer of real estate aa aforesaid, a summons may be is sned to a proper officer, commanding the per son complained of to appear and show cause why judgment should not be rendered against him, which shall be served like other writs of summons at least seven days before his ap pearance. If it appears by default or upon trial that the complainant is entitled to the pos session of the premises, he shall have judgment and execution for the possession and costs; if the complainant becomes nonsuit and fails to prove his right to possession, the defendant shall have judgment and execution for bis costs. Sec. 3. That if upon trial defendant pleads title to the premises in himself, or in another Jercon under whom he claims the premises, e thall recognize in a reasonable snm to the complainant, to be fixed by said justice, with sufficient sureties, conditioned to pay all in tervening damages and costs and all reason able intervening rent for the premises: and the complainant shall in like manner' recognize to tbe defendant conditioned to enter the suit at the next term of the Supreme Court of the District, and pay all costs adjudged against him; and thereupon the proceedings sU&ll be certified to said court by the justice. It either party neglects se to recognize, judgment shall be rendered against him aa a non-suit or de fault, and execution shall issue accordingly as aforesaid. Seo. 4. That on ihe trial of said suit, in the Supreme Court of the District, if the jury And for the complainant, they shall assess the damages and intervening rent; and in case of default the same shall be assessed by tbe court. Sec. 5. That the fees of the Justice issuing the process and hearing the issue and making up record and certifying same, and the officer for serving the process, shall be those Allowed civil causes. Sec. 6. That all acts and parts of acta incon sistent with this act, are hereby repealed. Hours.?Mr. Ambrose W. Clark, from the Committee on Printing, mede a report concern ing the publication of the proceedings of Con gress la the Congressional Globe. The report was recommitted with instructions. It pro poses to give additional compensation. The House, (Mr. Washburne, of 111., In the chair,) resumed the consideratian of the bill to provide internal revenue to support the Gov ernment, to pay interest on the public debt and for other purposes. The committee, during the four hours con sideration yesterday and one hour to-day, acted upon all tbe general provisions, comprising forty-sevsn sections. LATE TELEGRAPHIC) NEWS. GUNBOAT SUNK. Boston, April 21.?'The Advertiter says that the gunboat Whitehead is reported sunk on the attack on Plymouth. PRICK OP GOLD. [By the People's Line.] N?w Toms* April 21?10 a. m?Gold, 66*; 12 m., 67Jf; 1 p. m., 68*; ? p. m., 68; 3 p. m., 69*. looal'news. Mysterious Murdsr nr G-aomonowir.? This morning an inquest was held by Coroner Woodward in the store room of Bay 4c Bro.'s mill* over the body of a man named James H. Harrison, who has been employed about the fish wharf. The body was perforated with three shots two of which would cause death. The following were all the ffcots developed by the evidence: BiUUary Eutchint sworn?The deceased left the booth of witness at the fish wharf about 13 o'clock last nJchti with John Paully, Johh Bromley. Wm. Graves aad Oapt Mister. . John MitUr sworn.?Left Mr. Hatching M stated, walked down Water street, met about fifteen soldiers. Deceased ran against or joetledone of them. Thar (the soldiers) said nothing but passed on. This was in front oi R. Ellis' restaurant Witness left his com panions with the deceased corner of Congress and Water streets. Srrgt. Daniel Collins sworn.?About quarter past one heard three shots. Witness was on the corner of Bridge street and Market Space. Walked down near the corner of Potomac and Water streets and found the deceased lying on the pavement. Dec eased's shirt bosom was on fire. Witness extinguished it, and tried to awake the deceased, supposing him asleep and that the fire was caused by smoking a cigar or pipe Went to the corner of Water and Poto mac streets, met patrolman Findley and told that a man lay above either dead or so fiu-t asleep that witness could not wake him. Wit ness saw the man about fifteen minutes after he beard the report of the pistoi. Deceased had no pistol near him, and witness met no one passing. Officer Findley sworn ?Was standing near the corner of Potomac and Water streets, hav ing previously heard the three shots, a soldier approached him and informed him of a man lying on the sidewalk Witness immediately went to the man and found him dead. J. Boomley sworn.?Left Hutchin's booth about 12 o'clock for home. Capt.. Mister, Jno. Paulley and Wm. Graves were with him. Left deceased cornerof Jefferson and Market streets between 12 and l o'clock. Saw no one passing at the time. Deceased had no pistol or money to his knowledge. Mr. Paulley and Graves were with him. M?. Graves sworn.?Left the deceased corner of Jefferson and Water street about 1 o'clock. He was quite lively. He had no pistol. There was no quarrel. Paulley and Mr. Boomley were with him when witness left. Witness had been with deceased all the evening. De ceased was not quarrelsome? always' good natured. He was drunk when witness left him. James Hicks swora.?Witness left deceased and Graves at Oapt. Merritt's Restaurant, on Market street, to take Edward Krouse home, about hall-past 12. Returned soon after and met the deceased and Graves at Factory corner. Deceased was in the habit of sleeping at Chris. Krouse's on the fish dock. James Krouse, sworn.?Left Graves and de ceased at factory corner about ll o'clock. Neither of them was armed. Witness knew of no guard. Deceased had no money. Chris. Krouse, sworn.?Deceased and Graves came to the house of witness about ll# o'clock. They spent about a quarter at the bar, and de ceased drank cider. Deceased invited witness to go to the Canterbury. Witness declined, and advised them not to go. Saw deceased afterwards. There was no quarrel. Witness did not hear the pistol fired. Witness laid down about twelve o'clock. Deceased was not armed. Wm. Robinson, sworn.?Saw deceased at 11 o'clock with Mister. Graves and Pauley re mained at Rutchins about half an hour. Neither of the persons was armed. Drs. Ritchie and Hines held a post-mortem examination of the body. Found three wounds by pistol shots, one about an inch io the right of bis left nipple; one at the lower left rib, the third about two inches above the left hip; two of them would cause death. The jury found that James H. Hrrrison was found lying dead on the corner of Potomac and Water streets, about a quarter past l o'clock a. m., April 21st, 1864, with three pistol shots in his body, which caused his death; and the said shots were fired by some person or per sons unknown. Thk Steamboat War.?In answer to war rants issued at the instance of R. F. Magee, Harbor Master of Washington, Captain Sam'l Uedney appeared this morning at the office of Justice Thompson, on Eighth street, to answer to three distinct charges, viz : 1st, wi'h having moored certain steamers at the Seventh street wharf, thereby preventing other boats from using the said wharf, and preventing business of freight and travel; 2d, with having moored a canal boat outside of the above-mentioned steamboats, still more effectually obstructing business and travel: and the 3d warrant charges him with a refusal to obey the order and corn mac d of the Harbor Master, with regard to the removal of said boats and reopening the wharf to general public use. The warrants were is sued by Justice Bos well, of the Seventh Ward, but the hearing was ruled before Justice Thompson, and the parties appeared this morn ing, but no investigation was gone into on ac count of the absence of certain parties and of the Corporation Attorney, Mr. Bradley. Jos H. Bradley, Jr., appeared for the defense. Justice Thompson suggested that each party submit to him a written statement of the lacts in their respective cases, and he could then best make up his decision, for it was believed that the case would go to a higher court, no matter which way decided by the magistrate. Tffese written statements it is believed will be submitted to-morrow morning, and at the same time the provisions of the city ordinance establishing the office of harbor master will be more fully understood, for Mr. McGee acts under the law, and his powers in these cases wiil no doubt be more fully defined. The question will also come up as to what power the Corporation possesses over a wharf al leged to be a private one. Mr. McGee bases his action upon the fact that other boats are prevented from engaging in a legitimate busi 1?S8,J y 111118 blockading the wharf, and that the Corporation is defrauded of certain reve nues by the action of the blockade. The defendants claim that the new Potomac Company have exclusive control over the wharf by right of purchase, and they allege their ability to prove the purchase. Ikcrkasb op Pat with a Ybngbaicc*!? tor fome time past the members of the Metro joli an Police force have been endeavoring to get an increase of their pay, and were in hopes the present Congress would grant thi^r request. Their pay has been fifty dollars per month? forty dollars by the Government and ten bv the Corporation. The Senate Committee re cently reported in the civil appropriation bill 2??f1I1,?J?1fnt!^acl?U8estrikinK out the item of 8110,1)00 for the police, and inserted therefor an appropriation of *62,000; increases certain sala ries 20 per cent, and requires Washington, Georgetown, and the county to pav one-half oi the expenses. * The increase of the pay of the Superinten dent is &3U); the sergeants staid as they were: and the patrolmen are increased over the left, instead of getting fifty, as at present, they will get but forty-eight dollars per month. The patrolmen have called a meeting for next Tues day night, to consider what course to pursue under the circnmstances. The sum given by the Corporation was a gratuity, and increased Uip patrolman's pay to fifty dollars. The pat rolmen hold, that if this city is subject to the payment of twehe fifteenths of the expense, it cannot, in justice to itself, continue the gratui ty, as the the snm required would overrun the revenue. Were members of Congress required to sup port a family on forty-eight dollars a month they would be inclined to think themselves very badly used, we imagine. It was Done.?The following is the debate in the House giving three acres of valuable Government reservation to the Guar dian Society: " Mr. Rice, from the Committee ou Public Buildings and Grounds, reported a bill grant ing certain privileges to the Guardian Society of The City of Washington. He explained that the bill granted the use of three acres of land on which to erect buildings for juvenile offenders. Mr. Morris was opposed to giving any of the public grounds to be controlled by private cor porations. The reservations were for orna menting and beautifying the city. He was in favor of a house of correction, and had re cently urged the passage of a bill for that pur pose. The Committee for the District of Col umbia, of which he was a member, t**d this subject under considertition, the Houae havinz referred it back te them. Mr. Rice said the bill the gentleman referred to proposed a large sum for a house of refuge, while the one under consideration merely pro vided the granting of a piece of ground to the society, for the erection of snitable buildings by private enterprise, and the establishment of an institution for the prevention and punish ment of crime. The bill was passed. Thb Condemned Man.?To-morrow Is the day fixed tor the shooting to death with mus ketry of Augustus Peabody, of the 15th regi ment N. Y. Engineers, for desertion; but it is thought that the sentence will be commuted. The condemned man, Peabody, is in the Central Guard-house, where he has been visited by clergy, and not long since he bad an interview with his father and mother. Should the sen tence be carried into effect, it will be done quietly, and no persons allowed to be present for purposes ot Idle curiosity. Sam of Stocks ahdRbal Estatb.?James C. McGulre A Go. sold, yesterday afternoon, lot 48, in square 624, on H street, between 1st street west and North Oapitol street, to John H. Cunningham, for 31 cents per sanaiw foot Lot 49, adjoining above, to Ghas. W. Murray, for 21 cents per square foot. Lot 44, in same square, to John McCrann, at * '< cento per square foot. 'he same firm sold 750 ahrres Firemen's In surance Company stock at 154 per cent ?5,700 Corporation of Washington at par. Pkov. Axix. Wolowshi, the well-known Bianist and vocalist,- to continuing his nasi vely last oourse of piano-fbrts and singing. alter which he will leave for Europe/Ali "wm Wbo desire yet to become fine allows or excellent performers, can do no betterthan to opvariviltj, as Prof. Wolowski has given the best proofs of thsoxoeUenoy aad superiority of his maw *ste? of Instraotlon. Professor's residence, 318 F stmt, corner uth "ft A Sibim or BCMLinioiJ Attempts.? Night before last an attempt was made to en tir the grocery store of Andrew SwarUe. on East Capitol street, by catting out the lock, bat fortunately before the job was completed, the burglars were alarmed, and made off. L.asi night Mr. Swaxtze remained in the store, and about 11 o'clock a thumping was heard at the front door, as if some one was using a chisel, and Mr. S war tie going out the back way, came round to the front, when he saw a man leaving, and pursuing him, he fired several shots at him, when the man got among the stone north of the Old Capitol prison, and was lost sight of. About 1 o'clock anotfegr attempt was made to break in the rear part of the store, and Mr. Swartze gave chase to two men, and again used his revolver, when one of the pur sued turned and fired back at him; but Mr. S. continued the chase, and was joined by Officer Sprague at the corner of Second and East Capitol streets, but the burglars escaped, al though fired at by a guard at the barracks. About 3 o'clock officers Parkhurstand Sprague, in going their rounds, found two soldiers, who Pve their names as Charles O'Hara and John H in man, walking about suspiciously, and they were arrested as the burglars, ana taken to the station, and placed in one of the tem porary cells, whence they escaped during the night, by pulling some of the loose bricks out of the wall. 1 n the PROF. G. BORG, LESSORS ON THE GUITAR Call and hear the Professor perform, then you will judge whether you will learn or not. Von will also see what ran be done on the Guitar. 341 south 10th street.corner of C, on Island, at Mrs. Robey's ap 21-6t* FOB SALIC? A splendid dark chestnut MARK, (blooded.) 8 years of aire; very stylish under saddle and in harness; perfectly kind and gentle, and a good traveler; together with Saddle. Bridle and Blanket. To be sold on account of the owner being about to leave the city. Can be sesn at CHAPIN A MATLOCK'S Stables. 450 G street, ap 21-3t* FOR SALE?A very desirable BUILDING LOT, on north F street, between 9th and 10th streets, SB feet 9X inches front, by 159 feet deep, to a 30 feet alley. There are two small brick houses fronting on the alley, which could with little expense, be converted into a stable and carriage-bouse. For a central location thialot cannot be excelled, it being only ISO yards from the Patent and Post Of fices. and six minutes walk to the Treasury, War, and Navv Departments. Persons desiring to pur chase will call at 349 F street, adjoining the prem ises. ap212t* ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. B' SEVEN VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS I* THE NORTHERN PART OF TbX CITY AT AUC TION. On WEDNESDAY the 27th instant, at 6 o'clock, p m., we thall sell in front of the premises, ia square Ho. 613 Lots No. 8,9,33. 34, and 36, on M street north, between 4th and 6th street west, also. Lots No. 30 and 21 in 8<ittare No. 012 fronting on 0 street north, between 4th and 5th street west. Tarms: One-third cask; balance la 6,12, and months, for notes bearing interest secured by a deed of trust on ths premises. All conveyancing and revenue stamps at the eost of the purchaser. ap.21 [Cbron ] GREEN & W1LLIAM8. Aueta. Y J. C. McGl IRE A- CO., Auctioneers. B TRUSTEES' SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED BUMNES8 PROPERTY at the corner of Sec ond street east and Pennsylvania avenus. THIS WHOLE eF SQUARE NO. *41, LOT8 en north A street, between Sixth and Seventh streets east at P blic Auction. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, Msy 17,at half-past 4 o'clock, on the premists, commenting and fol lowing in the order herein named, by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Ool un.bin sitting in chancery, passed on the 9th day of April, 1864, in a certain cause wherein George W Miller is complainant, and Ellen Miller et al. are defendants. No. 146, we shall s?ll the north half of lot No. 24. in 8quare No 732, fronting 27 feet 2-, inches on Second street east, at the corner of south B street at its intersection with Pennsylvania avenue,running back 76 feet, with the improve ments, consisting of a nc arly new Brick Dwelling House, with fine store attached. Immediately after, the whole of square No. 841. fronting respectively on East Capitol aLd south A streets, between Fifth and Sixth streets east, sub divided into desirable building lots fronting oa east Capitol and south A streets. Immediately after, lots No. 16 and 17, in square No. 8T>H fronting each 51 feet on north A street, be tween Sixth ana Seventh streets east, and running back Udfeet 1 inch to ajn-fjot alley. L^t 17 is im prove? wish a small frame Dwelling-House. . Immediately after, the north halfoflot No is. in square No. 6%, fronting 23J? feet on First street east, between south I and K streets, and extend ing back with that width to the rear of the lot. Terms: One third in c?ib; the residue in thr;*e equal instalments! at tix. twelve, and eighteen mtnths. with interest, for whioh the purchaser shall give notes, secured to the satisfaction of the Trustees. The purchaser to have the option of paving all cash. Conveyances and stamps at the cost of the pur chaser. If the terms of ssle are not complied with in five days thereafter, the Trostees reserve the right to re-sell at the risk and cost of the defaulting pur chaser. GEO. A BOHRER. J X. C MORGAN, \ Trusten A. THOS. BRADLEY,S ap.21 eod&ds J Q, McOUIRE A Co., AucU ^RAY'S PATENT ~ MOLDED COLLARS Ilare now been before the public for nearly* y?*? They are universally pronounced the neatest aal best fitting collars extant. The upper edge presents^ perfect curve. fre? from the angles noticed in all other collars. The cravat causes no puckers on the inside of the turn-down collar; they are as SMOOTH INSIDE AS OUTSIDE, and therefore perfectly free aal easy to the neck. The Garotte Collar has a smooth and evenly fin ished edge oil both sij't. These Collars are not simply flat pieces of p*p*r cut in the form of a collar, but are MOLDED ANDSHAPED TO FIT THE NECK. They are made in "Novelty." (er turn-dowa style;) in every half size from 12 to 17 inches, ani in " Eureka.'' (or Garotte.) from 13 to 17 inches; and packed in " solid sixes" in neat blue cartons, containing 100.each; also in smaller ones of tea each?the latter a very handy package for trav elers arniy and navyfcfflcers. I^ITKRY COLLAR is stamped "GRAY'S PATEN1 MOLDED COLLAR." Sold by all dealers in men's furnishing goods. The trade supplied by WALL, STEPHENS 4; CO., ap 11 3m 32'i Pa. avenue, Washington FOR SALE.?A gentleman's SADDLE HOU3K, very tine, and nearly thoroughbred; of t great b?-auty. A lady's SADDLE MAKE. ^L!ctiet^,S2ifnd handsome. A tine HAR-' M>8 HORSt, can trot in 2.45; of great action, powerful made: 7 years old. and line style. Also a splendid pair of family COACH HOR8ES, of fine Mylf: not more than 7years old. and good movers The horses have been selected with great care by the present owner, and are perfectly .sound in every way. Any person wanting fine family horses, a bargain wld. Intending to leave the city is the cause of sale Knquire at 314 E -street, between Ttth and 14th streets, one block below Willard'. ap l?-3f New steam propeller line uetweev PHILADELPHIA AND WASHINGTON __ , ^ AND ALEXANDRIA. s> ?an<*./it*,unch Steamer Propeller Tn03 E C All ILL will leave the first wharl" above > ine street, Philadelphia. foM 84T'c?DlV?f??iE,SSgS,b """ *"*" For freights, which will betaken at low rates, apply to McFADDSN A THOMPSON. No. 3U4 North Delaware ave. Phila., ? ? MAULL, BURTON A CO.. 633 Eleventh st.. Wash'n, ap l5-pr>3t Cli A8. WILSON, Agent, Washington. ~~ REFRIGERATORS. H REFRIGERATORS. We invite particular attention to our large stock of REFRIGERATORS, believing them to be the best and cheapest in the market. G. W. BOTELER A SON 8 House-furnishing Store. 318 Iron Hall. ap 13 eo6t Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10th sts. ]VfGORE'S WEST END DRUG SORE, "I _ , U3 PeHXSIXVkXlk Avkvcs. Night Blooming Cereus, Jocques Pond m Lilly.Ladies' Bloom Youth, Ac. Ague Cures.^iF Itch Remedies.Vermin Killers.French Secret 1? Specific. Ac., Ac. ap 18-2w OL M. TUCKER. Ana D *?*??*** TAILOR. iso. 436 Pa. Avekcb, Bxtw. 4* akd 6tb 8r3., Invitesthe attention of Membersof Congress, Cit irens, his Customers and the public gen mm of SPRfNOil CLOTHS. C APAJMERE8, M ViSTINGS, A*n W V , . BUSINESS COATINGS, which he has just received, and which will be made up in the most flisbionable manner. Army an(fc#iavp Cnifcrms made according to ths latest regulations and at the shortest notice. ap 7-tw ~ FEED. AY, Btraw, Cora, Oats, Corn Meal and Mill Feed for sale by J. F. CREAMER. ap!8-6t? 4T1 8th at., sgnare below Post Offce. ChOICE Brands of extra Flour delivered in any part of the city at *8.80 to <9.80 per barrel. Aieo. Family Flour for sale by J. F. CREAMER, ap!8-6t* 471 8th st..Huare below Post Qgcs WILLIAM BRADLEY BEGS TO INFORM HIS VV friends aad the public that he has oa hand a variety of large aad beautiful style of Mono meats, Head Btonea aad ail klads of Marble worked to order, gad is thaakfnl tor past favors aad hopes te solicit a share of their patronage. Penn. avsaaa, betweaa 18th and Ifth sts. -v " CUGAR,-Forty hhds. Cuba and Porto ,rj?..K Ja.? ?s5bj rSon: IpB 6* fS? y.w> At thi tarBcf Porto *ioe for aal*

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