Newspaper of Evening Star, April 22, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 22, 1864 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. ITEMS. V The At-rbodif t Oonferenoe passed aresu laUes at iu session La Hartford, on Tuesday, instructing delegates to th? Oeneral Conf. rence to vote for & rule forever expelling slavehold ers from the.r midbt, and a resolution to send ? petit wu to Conicrves from tbe Conference, t&at an amendment against slavery might be made to tbe Constitution. WTA young girl engaged In a friction matcb > factory in New York, who bad a tooth extract ed was poisoned by the fumes of phosphorus which entered tbe cavity. After intense suf fering the whole upper jaw bad to be taken out to save life. mr Conundrum by au escaped lunatic What is the differencs between the President's proclamation of fteedom and a hair dye ? One emancipates the black* and the other blacks the man's pate. By In describing the difference between ar istocracy and democracy, it is wittily s-aid of Ciacinnati-a-the democracy are those who kill bogs for a h\ mg. The aristocracy those wauee Jhthers killed hogs. MT At the fair in Ne** York the married ladies "Will be distinguished by black aprons, the un married by white. California and other wid tws by aprons hemmed with yellow. t7*A jewelry store inChicagobas been plun dered of ?5,CcO worth of jewelry by a young man who asked permission to write a letter behind tbe counter. WTHf> Philadelphia folks are making a des perate effort to eclipse the New York Sanitary Fair. Eighty-one committees have been ap pointed. 99-ln Rhode Island oil has been substituted for coal in one of the largest manufacturing es tablishments, and at less than half the cost of coal. tsy A Charleston paper proposes offering a full amnesty to all negroes in tne United State* army provided they return at once to slavery This la a big joke. *7"(>reen, who murdered young Converse at tbe Maiden (Massachusetts) Bank some time ago, will plead guilty when brought out for trial. ^"Major Halpine, the original ?? Miles O'Reilly," has resigned his commission on ac count of weak eyes. ?7" There are rich churches in New York ist Paul's for instance?which took up an im promptu collection last Sunday of 812,000. ?7*A gay youth at Stafford, Conn., aged 75> recently led to the altar a blushing maiden of 96. ^The St. Louis Republican has been getting a new eight-cylinder press, and brags over its success in three columns of leaded matter. The receipts and coutributlons to the New York Sanitary Fair up to Monday night amounted to over *900,000. *7" Henry "Ward Beecher and Jno. B.Gough are to make speeches at an American Tract Society breakfast to be held in Boston i^Brig. Gen. McNeill, of Missonri, has been ordered to report to Gen. Banks for orders. ?E^Prices of admission to the New York theaters are to be increased. Maple sugar -is 25 cents per pound in Wisconsin. W Unwholesome "Greens"?the counterfeit *100 Treasury notes. AUCTION SALES 12REEN & WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*. 8EVEN VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS IN THE NOBTHSBN PAKT OK THE CITY AT AUC On W EDNESD AY. the 27th instant, at 6 o'clock ? m. we ?hall sail in front of the praises in cquare No. 513. Lots No. 8, 9,33. 34. and 3fl. ou M street north, between 4th and fith street w??t, also, i.ote No. K> and 21 in Square No. 812 fronting on O street north, between 4th and 5th street west T-rms: One-third cash; balanca in 6, 12, and IS months, for notes bearing interest secured by a usee or trust on the premises. All conveyancing aid revenue ^tampg at the cost ofthe purchaser. ap.21 [Chron 1 GREEN & WILLIAMS. Aucts. J- C. McGUIRE & CO.. Auctioneers. COM MISS lOyER S> SALE OFREA L ESTATE. FRAME HOUSE AND LOT ON NORTH L ST BETWEEN bTH AND TTII STS. WEST The undersigned. commissioners appoiute I by the Supreme Court of tLe District of Columbi a, in the case of Elizabeth A. Fling and oth-rs against John Carroll and others. No. 12?, equity, in ^aid court, to make sale of the real estate of which James W. Ming-died seized, hereby give notice that in pursuance of an order of said court, ??n tered on the 8th day of A pril instant, they will sell on the premises. tb* following described House' the c ty of Washington, D C . on WEDNESDAY, the 4th day of May. l*5t, at 5 o clock p.m.. namely: Lot No. 3. in Square No 480, fronting 16 feet on north L street, between (5th and 7th streets west, ar.d having a depth in the rear 91 feet. The improvements consist of a two rtory trams houoe with a back building Terms cash. THEO. SHECKEL8. ANDREW GODDARD, E F. QUEEN. BE MET HENNING, W. L. ROSS. . Commissioners. ?P20 J. C. McGUIRE A- CO., Auct?. J. C. McGUIRE A: CO., Auctioneers. EXCELLENT BRICK DWELLING HOUSE WITH Xknl'KT T?AnwISit?y> GROCERY STORE AND J4pX?81 ?-t.l9J ?AT THK corner of AUOTHVtP STREETS AT PUBLIC OnMON DA Y AFTERNOON, April 2S,at 8 o'clock, on the premises we stall sell Lots Nos. lland 15 in Square No. 282-each froBting23 feet?on Twelfth *t the corner of north M street and Twellth street west. Lot 14 at the corner, is im proved with a well built th?ee story brick dwelling aouse, with back building, containing eleven rooms, with fine store room and cellars. Lot 15 adjoins tbe above, and has on it. h w&rehousu, s able, and carriage house and will be sold sepa rately. Ihis is the property of Leroy Edwards, Esq., who has conducted the store with great saciess, and only sells on account of failing health. Immedi ate posession given. Terms : One half cash, the remainder in six and twelve months with interest, secured by a deed of trust ob the premises. ? J. C. McGUIBE & CO., Aucts. jJY THOM AS DOWLING, Auct . Georgetown. HANDSOME BUILDING LOT ON HEIGHTS OF GEORGETOWN, AT AUCTION **"1! at pnblic suction, on TUESDAY \F TERNOOM. April 26th at five o'clock. Lot N?? 31. ou the corner of Piospect and Frederick streets fronting 73 feet on Prospect street, and 99 faet on frederick street. P>rscns wanting a beautiful site, commanding a splendid view down the Poto mac, will do well to attend this sale. Title Perfect. Terms at sale. ap 19-dtd ; Intel.) THOS. DOWLING. Aucts. J - 0. McGUIRE & CO., Auctioneers! PROPERTY ON MARY oNSfl?AD?JJA?,?TW1S,1N FIR8T ANDSEC WEST. AT PUBLIC SALE on MONDAY AFTERNOON, April 28:h, at 6 o clock, en the premises, we shall sell Lot No. 8, in Square No. 576. fronting 89 feet on Maryland ave nue. between First and Second streets west, imme diately opposite the Government Botanical Oar Capitol rate, aad improved by two ex cellent framedwelling houses, the western part ???t?Jning 4.110 square fset of ground, with a well built two- Story and attic frame dwelling-house wi ih fcack building and stabling, the house containing *HS? roo,n8. furnished throughout with gas. . The ea?Vrn P?'t containing M24square feet, end unproved by a two-story frame dwelling. e??e,-,ftr^8*Sre flnelI 'riproved with fruit and asTesuie^^s pro"ert'r 11 In k11 aspects desirable Terms: One-third in car h, the remainder in six. b?*J^ d!'.5DIr ?l?^M2ntbB'!ritb inter?at secured Vi a'e<1 trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of purchaser M-19-d J. C. MoGCIRK fc OQ. Amts. TO" GIA E NOT ICE, that the subscriber has obtained from the Orphans'Court of Wash ington County , in the District of Columbia, letters S^nilIui.Mof"w?h!n ',be ?1?80d*J estate of John J. An' C,ty- D- c - deceased. ^ALper~Du haJlnw C,? F? against the said de chereby warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers tfcerecf, to the subscriher ? before the 12th day of'April n^the'/may the saTd esUte l-Xclu(Jfcd from ^ benefit of Given under my taaiid this 12th day of April. A. Jt. IW?. [ap'l JACOB J. f7NK. IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES ?The hmI? .u ? sraftssIBB a soanty (H. J.) Veal is Philadelphia Butter, Oaaoas, ?eetwtlar7#5^eoek' ,TWT lmw* of Us Boetoa Clear Pork, housed Pigs Feet wd Trlaa Smoked and Pickled Salmon and Halibut, * ' Also, a large nmlr of Foreign aad Domeetls Itults aad VeMtablee. ?mlli?s aad others glvlag eatertalamenta Woti' SfigpZ S"A:%5!iS'Si^SSi' SHi'WSfSj Pennsylvania avenue ok li.w f^LAJUFLBD 012>JBI * Adams * and*' 'T^W*^4' g. Of PursMaasackasetts CLARL^IED OljDj/S,wZfJh iafca,a amiae this before purefcasta* elsewhere Georgetown, B, (J. auction sales. rtJTFRE DATS. J^Y J. 0. McGUIRE 4. 00 , Auctioneers. FORT^ HUTLBINa LOTS AT TH1 CORNBR.OP I. HRELT NORTH AND FIB8T BTKa*i OnEThUB8DAY AFTBRNOON, April^?t h?ir p??t? o'clock, on tk. mU ?rj tscant Loth at the ccrn?r of L street nortn ana First ttrret west, fr< ntmg respectively on sweet. First street andfclxt* feet in tke rear ef L street. Term? ctfb, *nd peremptory. (VnTPVbn^e* ftt the eott of tn* pnrchft"?*?* A c??h Jsyment of $20 will be required at the 1 Tr.jg-n^' J. C. MrfllTlM * CO.. Aaeto. DY BOTELEB 4 WILL80N. Auctioneers. rX"oo'eI AT' ACCTIOS."' On TUESDAY MORNINO. April -AO will cell at the Livery and Sale Stables of Mr. Joseph L. Heine, situated on Rth street. south of Pcnn. avenue, bis entire collection of valuable Horses, Carriages, 4c., via : 25 Horses, embracing several superior pairs, Also, many fine Trotters and Riding Horses, 1 Close Carriage, 1 Open Carriage, 1 Oalesh, 2 Phaetons. These Carriages we nearly new, of superior finish and built Dy the best northern manufacturers, 10 Buggies, with and without tops, 2 Sleighs. 1 Bulky, 15 Sets Double ana Single Harness, Paddles. Bridles, Whips. i Halters. Blankets, Robes, Ac ? rriaees Persons in want of superior Horse*, carnages ?nd Buggies will find it to their interest to attend thTb"inexpfredBlease 'of the stables (bavin eup wirils of four vears torua)if not disposed of at private <*le will be sold at ^r^wtYlIoN1 Au^s ap W [Cliron.] BOTBLER A W1LLSON, Aucts |?Y J. C. McGOlRB A 00., Auctioneers. vi AKDMIMFLT IMPRO'VKD property NEAR HTHE NORTHRBN BOUNDARY OP THE 01TY OITUE^DAY^AFTERNOON, April 26th, at hair pa*t 4 o'clock, on the premises, weshall Mll< on account of the heirs of the late Guy Graham, all of Square No. 92 exeept Lot No. 3, fronAinCrJ?.?eCa tively on Connecticut avenue, north B ana B streets, ar.d Twenty-first street west, handsomely enclosed, laid out. and improved ib i vegetable ana tlower gsrden. ana improved by a desirable Prame Dwelling House, with necessary outbuildings, tLe whole lying Immediately opposite the hand tome gre?nhoon?? *nd Hr.w?r i of Mr. Oong lass .This desirable property will be sold in lots tVerni*"IOne-third cash; the remainder in three, six and nine months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. Conveyancing at the <!?8t of the purchaser. . . ai>12 d J. C. McGUIRE A 00., Ancts. RTJ7o. McGUIRE a CO., Auctioneers, EXTENSIVE SALE 0F~TiNE BUILDING_L0T3 FRONTING 7Tn AND OTII STREETS, WEST AND RHODE ISLAND AVENUE AND 8 STBFET NORTH On MONDAY, tbe^th day of April, we ?hall sell, in ficnt of the premises, at4!j o clock, p. m.,part of Square No. 442, subdivided into handsome Huild iig Lots miming to alleys. This property is situ ated only one square from the Railroad Depot, on 7ch street, in a thriving and fast improving part of the city Terms r One-fourth eash: balance in P, 12,18. and 21 months, for notes, bearing interest from date. A ^eed given free of cost, and deed ol trust, at est of the pur-baser, taken. Title clear. Plats of the Square may be seen at the Auction F"ap"l.ld J. C. McGUIREA Oo.,Aucts. WY J. C. McGUIRE A 00., Auctioneers. VACANT LOTS AT THE CORNER NORTH I STREET AND SEVENTH STREET EAST. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April 27th, at half-past five o'clook. on the premises, we shall for a'-coxiDt of the Convent of the Visitation, Lot? No. IS 16,17,13. and 19, fronting together 272 feet 10;. inches on North I street, between Sixth andSev euth streets east, (in the rear of Mr follanbee's residence.) and 159 feet on Seventh street eas-- to be divided into convenient building lot4, all run ning to alley*. . . . , Terms: One half cash, the remainder in s-.t months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises Conveyances at the cost of thepurchaser. ap.19 d J. C McGUIRE A CO.. Ancts. |*Y J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. SIXTY-ONE HAND80MELY LOCATED BUILD ING LOTS AT PUBLIC AUCTION. OnTUESDAV AFTERNOON, May 3d. at4o'clocK. or the premises, we shall sell nearly the whole of Pquare No. 211, known as "Kingman's Garden, fronting about S5 feet each on 14th street. north 0 streft. l.'ith street, tlie "Circle,'' and "Kinsman Cr.utt," all running back t j tine alleys, with fineta cilities for drainage The beautiful location of these Lot*, being on the high irround immediately north of the Preil dt=nt 8 House and Departments, tie advantage of a city pcs?enger railroad and Potomac water imme diately in front of the premises, render them very desiiable for Building Sites, and. as the sa!? will be ir.ade without reserve, it should command spe cial attention. . Terms of sale: One-third in cash, and the re mainder in equal payments in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at c-st of purcba?er t>- a cash payment of on each lot at tne time of sale will be required. _ ap 14 d J, C. McQUIRE A CO.,Aucts. ?Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A HOUSE AND LOT ON ELEVENTH, BETWEEN L AND M UTREETS. By yirtuo of a deed of trust trom K. B. Bridge, dated October 2,1857. and recorded in Liber J. A.S.. No. 1.57, folios 440. Ac., of the Laud Records of th" countv of Washington, I will olier at Auction on WON Day. the 16th day of v>ay next, on the premi t-es. at ti2 o'clock, p. m., part of Lot seven (7) in Square three hundred and forty-one <Si 1 > m Wash inttn. bounded as follows, viz: Beginning forty nine feet seven inches from the southeast corner < t M and Eleventh streets, and running thence north twenty-five feet on Eleventh Btreot, thence clue ea^t one hundred feet, the whe.le depth of sai 1 lot. thence due north twenty fiv>- fe?t, and then-e due west to the begicning with the improvements, consisting of a Frame Dwelling. Terms of sale : Oae-third of the purchase monay to be paid in cash, and the reHidae in two equal in stalments at six and twelve months, with mtoruat, to be seeured. , ,. . ... _:+v: The terms of sale must be complied with with in one week afver sale, or the property may beresol 1, after a week's the risk and coy orthe lust purck aserT CH AS. S ENGLISH. Trustee, ap 10 im J- C. MoGUIRB & CO., Aacts. UNITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. In virtue of a writ of fierie facias on judgment of condemnation issuad from the Cl^rk s Office ot the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, and to me directed, I will sell at public sale, for cash, at the front of the Court House door of said County, on FRIDAY, the 29th day of April, 1864, at 12 o'clock m., the following described property to WLot No. 1, in Square No. ^2, east half of Lots No. 15,16. and 17, in Square No 7J1, in the city of Wash ington, D. C , together with all and singular the improvements thereon, seized and levied upon as the property of Michael Maloney. and will be soi l to satisfy judicial No. 2S.i,in favor of Ellen Kelly, WARD H. LAMON, ap.7-d U. S. Marshal, D. C. |TNITED STATES MARSHALS SALE. In virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias issued from the Clerk's office.! of the Supreme Court, of the District of Columbia, and to me directed, I will sell, at public sale, for cash, at the front of the Court House door, of said county. on FRI DAY the 39th day of April. 1864, at 12 o'clock m., the follow ing described property, to wit: The north part of Lot No. 19, in Square No, 63, commencing for the said part at a point on 2lst street west, at the distance of 91' feet from the northeast corner of said Square, and running thence south 2n feet with the line of said 21st street, thence west 85 feet, thence north 21 feet, and thence east 85 feet to said 21st street west, and place of beginning, estimated to contain 1.700 square feet, together with all and singular the improvements thereon, seized aad levied upon as the property of Thomas McNamy, and will be sold to satisfy Ju dicial No. 213, ia favor of Isaac Heriberg. _ WARD H. LAMON, ap7-dAds U. S. Marshal, D. O. US. MILITARY RAILROADS. ? Office a/Assistant (Quartermaster, WASHINGTON, April 15,18b4. AUCTION .-Will be gold, on WEDNESDAY, the 18th day ?f May, at the Railroad Depot, in Alexan dri&,M0 ?ons of Old Railroad Iron, 100 Tods of Old Car Axlea, 250 Tona of Oast Scrap Iron, 100 Tona of Wronght Iron, 3 Tons of Old Brass and Copper, 300 Oil Barrels. Terms: Caah in Government Punds. Ten (10) *er cent, to be paid at the time of pnrchaae, the balance on delivery. The property must be removed within ten days from date of sale. H.L.ROBINSON. ap.l6-dts. Captain and A. Q. if. |?Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. TWENTY-THREE WELL SITUATED BUILD ING LOTS ON THE ISLAND AT PUBLIC AUC TIOP. On TUE8DAY AFTEBNOON, April 26, at half past 4 o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell twen ty-three weU located building lots on the Island, belonging to the "Convent of the Visitation,'' Georgetown, at follows: Eighteen lots?fronting each. 24 feetS itches on south G street, between Ninth and Tenta streets west, and running back about 124 feet, to a 85 foot public alley; four lots fronting?4 feet6 inches each on South P street, between Ninth and Tenth st/eets west, and run ? mug back about 128 feet to a 25-foot alley; and one ] lot fronting 21 feet 10 inches?on Ninth street, be tween touth G and H streets and running baclc 93 I feet Tfaese lots are well situated for building pur i poses, and are known as part of the "Old Mansion'' grounds. Terms: One half cash, the remainder in six I months, with interest, secured by 4 deed of trust : on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. payment of *20 on each lot will be required at the time of vale. ap 19-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. V0UATT 9N SHEEP: 75c. I i Randall s fine Wool Sheep Hi?bandrv 71.* Dadd on the Diseases of Cattle; fl. Youtt on Cattle; 81.25. American Cattle Doctor* II. Jennings on Cattle and tneir Diseases: S! Milburn on the Cow: 25c. ' * Richardson on Pigs; 50c. Allen's Domestic Animals: 75c. Flint on Milch Cows and Dairy Farming: Si 50 Guenon on Milch C'ows; 60c. " Va?ey's Natural History of the Ox Tribe: Lon don; $3. Dairy Farming: London; ?2.5). | AP 13 FRANCS TAYLpB, PROPOSALS, ANO? OFFIOE, U War Dbparthmt, Wasiiinotow, April o, 18m. Sealed Proposals will be received at this Depart ment nrtil 4 o'clock p. to. on Wednesday .the 4th day of May. I8f-4.fpr the delivery of all the Wrought Iron Plates ana as hereinafter specified, n?" cessary to build the following Carriages : For 16-inch Guns, . 4 70 Barbette Front Pintle, X} Barbette Center Pintle, For 10 inch Guns, 16f? Casemate Carries, jno Front Pintle Barbette, For 8-inch Guns, 7o Front Pintle Rarbette. The parts required for Wrought Iron Barbette and Casemate Carriages are as follows : roa TOP CARRIAOK. Check-Plates, Brace*, Caps, Shoes, Tr&n,,1?."}^ Guide Hooks. Guide Hook Bar, Trunnion Beds, Ancle Shapes. Bolts. CHASSIS, FROHT AltD 0KNT*R FINTLB Bails, Bail Plates, Bail Chords, Rail Braces, Transoms, Angle Iron Floor Cleats. Pintle Tif soma. Transom Washers. Axle Shapes, For* Shapes, Hurters, Chas?is, 8tep, Assembling Bolt*. CA8KMATE CARRIAGE CHASSIS. Parti named before and rail top bars. The number and dimensions of the iron jrt*tes and bars for each carriage to be as specified in tne bills of iron in ordnance memoranda Iso.t>. copies of which can be obtained upon application at Wat ertown. Frankford or Alleghany Arsenals,the New York agency, or at this office. Printed schedules, containing the number of plates and bars required, can be obtained at the above named places. On these bidders will state the price at which they propose to manufacture each part, in the manner therein prescribed. , .. The iron to be used in the manufacture of tne plates and bars to be as follows: ROLLED IRON. Check-Plates and Bail-Plates of medium quality of iron, fibre in direction of length, tenacity not less than 48,000 lbs per square inch. Transoms all to be of best quality charcoal flange iren. fibre in direction of length, tenacity not less than 48,0"0 lbs per square inch. , Trunnion Bed* to be of best quAlity of charcoal iron, tenacity not less than 54,000 lbs per square Checks, (Braces, Hnrters. and Connter-hurters. all to be of good medium iron. Tenacity not less than 43,000 lbs per square inch. ? . Bails, Rail Chords, Chassis Braces, Caps and Shoes, and Angle Iron, to be of good quality of well-refined fibrous iron. Tenacity not less tnan 50.000 lbs per square inch. . . oll At1c? for fi-inth and 10-inch carnages, and ail Traverse Wheel Journals, to be of best charcoal fibrous iron. Tenacity not less than 55,000 lbs per Uffflolts and Rivets to be of bestchareoal Sbrona iron. Tenacity net ie'.s than 58,000 lbs per square inch. Axles for It-inch Carriages, and all Fork Shapes, and'Tongues for Casemate Carriages, to be of the best charcoal iron. Tenacity no less than 55,000 pounds per square inch. , . . .. Bidders wt'1 specify the dnte at which tr.ey can commence deliveries, and the rate at which tney can deliver each part Thereafter. No bids will he received except from parties actually enfae'ed in the manufacture of this or similar kinds of work, and who can brisg ample evidence thf.t they have in their own shops all the machinery and appliances for turning out the tall amount cu work an specified by, them. Bidders -will be required to furnish proper sure ties for the proper performances of the work, ana will enclose, with tneir bids, the written acknowl edgments of thf ir sureties over their own signa Eac'h party rbtaining a cont-act will be required to enter into bonds with approved sureties for its faithful execution. _ ....... Upon the award hems made, successful bidders will be notified, and furnished with forms of con tract and bond. . . . . , The department reserves the right to reject any or all bide, if not deemed satisfactory. Proposals will be addressed to " BngadierOen eral Gto-ge D. Bamsav. Chief of Ordnance, Wash ington, D. C.," and will be endorsed " Proposals for wrought iron plates and bars for iron gun car riages ' GEO. D. RAMSAY, ap8-td Brigadier General. Chief of Ordnance. pEOP 0SA Li FOR FLOUR. Ojf-c Depot Commissary of Subsistenct, I Washington, />. C , April 15.18^1.* Seat ri' Proposals tire invited until the 2.">th Inst., at 12 o'clock m., for furnishing the Subsist ence Department with eight thousand (?,<)00) bar rels of FLOOR. The proposals will be for what is known at this Depot as Nos. 1,2 and 3. and bids will be entertained for any quantity lesa than the whole. Bids must be in duplicate, and for each grade on ler.aratc sheets of paper. The Flour to be fresh ground, and delivered in new oak barrels, head lined. , The delivery of the Flour to commence within five davB from the opening of the bids, and in such quantities, daily, a*-: the Government may direct; delivered at theGovernment warehouse in George town.. at, the wharves or railroad depot in Wash ington, D. O. The delivery of all Flour awarded to be com pl eted within twenty days troin the opening of the Dids. Payment will be made in certificates of indebt edness, or su' h other funds as the Government, may have for disbursement.. Tne usual Government inspection will be r*ad"> just before the Flour is received, and none will be accepted which is not fresh ground. An oath of allegiance must accompany the bid of each bidder who has not the oath on file in* his office. ar: i no bid will Vie entertained from parties who have previously failed to comply with their bids, or from bidders n^t present to respond. Government reserves the right to reje . any 1 rl for any cause. Bids to be addressed to the under signed, at No. G street, endorsed "Proposals for Flour." S. O.GREENE, ap l<i-d Captain and C. ?. V. J)R0POSALS FOB GRADING,STONEWORK.6cc Offk'r of Washington Arsb*ai., i W ashington, 1>. C . April ]?>, { Pealed Proposals will be received at this office, for ten days froin this date, for Grading that por tion of the Arsenal grounds north of the Peniten tiary. and for building and furnishing a part of the stone for asea-wiill on th? west. *He of said grounds, in accordance with specifications, pli.ns, and sections to be v en at this office. The >.?d? will be by the cubic yaru for theerca vutinjr. and by the perch of twenty-five cubic feet for the stonework, the prices to be written out in words in the bids. Each proposal will be accompanied by a guaranty signed uy two responsible persons, that in i-a* such bid ii> acoeptea, the principal or the guaran tors v. ithin five days thereafter, execute the contract with sufficient Mireties .n a suru ecual to one half of the amount of the contract, to fulfil tho same conf< rinably with the specifications; and, in case said bidder should fail to enter into the con tract, they to make good the difference between the offer of said bidder and the next lower bidder, or the person to wlion! the contract may be awarded. The responsibility of the guarantors must he eer titied to by an officer under the United 3?ates Gov ernment, or a responsible person known at this office. Proposals to be addressed to Captain J. G. Bf.n TON at this post, and endorsed " Proposals lor Gra ding, Stonework.&c." All proposals received under this advertisement will be opened on Tuesday, April 20th, at 12 o'clock m., when all bidders may be present. No bid will be considered that does not conform to the requirements of thisadvertisement, and the Government reserves the right to reject any or nil of the bids if it be considered to its interest to do EO. Specifications can be obtained at this office, or will be mailed to applicants j G. BEN TON . Capt. Ordnance, apl6-td Com'g Washington Arsenel. BY DIRECTION OF THE SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY. I hereby ? ive notice that 1 am prepared to receive subscriptions on account of United 8tatf h Bonds authorized by the act ofMarch 3, 1864, bearing date March 1, 1864, redeemable at the pleasure of the Government, after ten years, and payable forty years from date, bearing interest at five per centum a year, payable, on Bonds not over one hundred dollars annually, and on all other bonds semi-annually, in coin. Subscriber* will receive either Registered or Coupon Bonds, as they may prefer. Registered bonds will be issued of the denomina tions of Fifty dollars. ($50.) One Hundred dollars. ($100,) Five Hundred dollars, ($5<>0,) One Thousand dollars. ($1,C00.) Five Thousand dollars, (fo 000,) and Ten Thousand dollars, ($ 10,000,) and Coupon Bonds of the denominations of Fifty dollars, ($50,) One Hundred dollars, ($100,) Five Hundred dollars, ($500.) and One Thousand dollars, ($1,000.) Subscribers will be required to pay. in addition to the amount of the principal of the Bonds, in lawful money, the accrued interest in coin, (or in United fctatos notes, or the notes of National Banks, adding fifty per cent for premium until further notice.) from the first day of March or September, as the case mav be, until the day of subscription and payment. Upon receipt of subscriptions I will issue my certificate of deposit therefor in duplicate, the oiiginal of which will be forwarded Dy the sub scrioer to the Secretary of the Treasury, Washing ton, with a letter stating the kind. (Registered or Coupon,) and the denomination of bonds required. Upon the receipt of the original Certificate at the Department, the Bonds subscribed for will be transmiited to the subscribers respectively, as soon as the same can be prepared. It is expected that the first deliveries of Coupon Bonds will be made not later than the fourth (4th) of April. F. E. SPINNBR, mh 26-4W Treasurer United States. WHITE VIRGIN WAX OF ANTILLES?A new French Cosmetic for beautifying, whitening, and preserving the Complexion. It is the most wonderful compound of the age. There is neither chalk, powder, magnesia, bismuth, or tale in its composition, it being composed entirely of pure Virgin Wax?hence its extraordinary qualities for preserving the skin, making it soft, smooth, fair, and transparent. It makes the old appear young, the homely, handsome; the handsome, more beau tiful, and the most beautiful divine. Price 25 and Cu cents. HUNT S BLOOM OF BOSES. a most perfect color for the cheeks or lips, does not wash off or injure the skin. Price 2.'. cents and $1. HUNT'S COURT TOILET POWDER, for whitening and preserving the skin. Price 25 and 50 cents. Manufactured by HUNT A Co., 41 South Eighth street, Philadel phia. None genuine unless the name of " Hunt k. Cm " is Mown on the battles. Fer sale at A. CBOYEAU'8. 171 Baltimore street, Baltimore, and W. B. ENT WISLE, corner Twelfth street and Pennsylvania ave.. Washington D. C. apl-3m F.>rEM^WSc8#r''10 V M1T1TWM& iwn *rir it<?. II nnV-tt Washington .D. O, I llut, HUM, Tfe* undersigned have on hand and for tale,Fresh Burned Potomac Lime, at their kilns, on Book aruk OMMatim ?IB HP k, DOWLIWe. 14 korf? ?eoond > H. 8* ?;TO?i??v. ?i??i <viu?. ?Tvuiif,Du. and6th ?tmt?, fitbim* ?LOJ?DO* & OOZ _ _ ?UKARMHSiE"* jnlxmu rotom* -afiasp-' PBOrOSALS. ei, A OlIBr QOilTUKA BVaB*S OfflOI. . ? ? WAsanraroa DaroT.Deo. ?, 186!., niUO PaorosALB ut iiTlttd by the nndsr algned for eupplying the u. ?. QcArterma*ter'? De partment. at Waahia?ten, D. 0.. Baltimore. Md.. Alexaddria, and Fort Monroe, V* . o* either?# *^2?5 Hay, Corn, Oats and Straw. BidJ wUl U reared tor the delivery of wd newarde'? ?* ^ toM ?' ^ or Bidders mart stateat which of the above-named points they propose to make deliveries, and the rates at wklch they will maka deliveries thereat, the quantity of eaak article proposed to ko deliv ered, the time wken said deHveriee shall be oom me need, and wken to be oempleted. Tke price must be written oat la word# oa tke bida. Corn to be put ap la *ood stoat sacks, of about I two baskets each. O&tsln like saeks of about tkree 1 bushels eaak. Tke saoka to be furnished without ; extra eh arte to the Government. The hay aad : straw to ho stcareiy baled. ? The particular kind or deseriptioa of oats, corn, hay or straw proposed to b? delivered most he stated in the proposals. ?11 the articles offered under the bids herein ia | Tited will be subject to a rigid inspection* by the Government Inspector before being accepted. Contracts will he awarded from time to time to hare been delivered aad aeoepted. The bidder will be required to aecompaay his proposal with a guaranty,?lined by two responsi ble persons that In ease his bid is aeoepted he or they will, witnin ten day* thereafter, execute the contract for the same, with rood and sufficient sureties la a sum equal to the amount of the eon tract. to deliver the Corace proposed la oonformitp with the terms of this aavertisemeat; and la case the said bidder should fail to eater into the con tract, they to make food the difference betweea the offer of said bidder and the aext lowest respon sible bidder, or the persoa to whoa the oontract be awarded. ? _ " guarantors mast be lay be awaraea. The responsibilitT of the at shown by the official certiftcate of a U. B. District Attorney, Collector of Customs or any other offi cer under the United States Goverameat or re sponsible person known to tkls office, ?11 bidders will be duly notified of the acceptaaoe oHr ejection of their proposals. The fall same and P. 0. address of each bidder must be legibly written In the proposal. Proposals mart be addressed to Brig. Sen. D. H. Backer, Cklef Depot Quartermaster, Washington, D. C., and should be plainly marked "Proposal! Bonds^n a sam equal to the amount of thejsoa tract, signed by the contractor and both of his ran tors, will be required of the snaaissfnl bid in sicnlna the contract. and bond* una? guarantors, win oe reqnirea or tae mooes der or bidders apoa signing the contract. Blank forms of bids, guarantees, and bou? ha obtained apoa application at this oSoa. FORM Of PBOPOBAL. (Town, Oounty aad Btate> (Date) 1, the subscriber, de hereby propose to furnish and deliver to the united States, at the Quarter master's Department at .agreeably to the terms of your advertisement. inviting proposals for forage, dated Washington Depot, Deo. 8, 1869. tee following articles, vis : . bushels of Cora, in sacks, at ? per bushel of ?6 pounds bushels of Oats, la sacks, at ? per bushel of 39 pounds tons of baled Hay, at ? per too of 1,000 pounds tons of baled ? per toa of 1,000 _ pounds. Delivery to commence on or before the day of . las , and to be completed on or before the day of , 1M , end pledge myself to enter into a written oontract -with the United Btates, with good and approved securities within the space of ten days after being notified that my bid has been accepted. Tour obedient servant. Brigadier General D. H. Bncxaa, General Depot Quartermaster. Washington, D. 0* GUABATY. We, the aadersigned, residents of , in the Oounty of . and State of . hereby. Jointly and severally, covenant with the United Btates, and guarantee in case the foregoing bid of be aooepted, that he or they will, withia ten days after the aooeptanoe of said bid, exeoate the eoatraot for the same with good aad sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to the amount of the oon tract, to furnish the forage proposed in conformity to the terms of advertisement dated Deoember 8, 1843, under which the bid was made, and. In case the said shall fall to enter into a eentract as aforesaid, we guarantee to make good tke differ ence between tke offer by said and the next lowest responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may he awarded. Wits6lfl Given under oar haada aad seals this ?-day of ffiSJ I hereby certify that, to the best of my haow ledge and belief, the above-named guarantors are good and sufficient as sureties for the amoaat for which tkey offer to be security. To be . Jfled by the Uaited Btates District At torney. Oolleotor of Customs, or any other oSoer under the United States Government, or respon sible persoa known to this office, D A.BUOKXB, de 9-tf Brig. Gen, and Q. M. f kBDNANOBOFFIOB, U War DspAnTMsxr. Washington, D. C., March 38, 1864, Skalid Proposals will be received at this office until WBDNB8DAY, April 37th, at 4 p. m.. for loo .Onsets or Infantry Accoutrements, calibre 83, to be delivered in the following quantities at the undernamed Arsenals, vit: 30.000 sets at the New York Arsenal, Governor's Island. 20,000 gets at the Frankfort Arsenal, Bildesburg. 96.000 " ? Alleghany '? Pittsburg, Pa, 2J.000 '? " 8t. Louis ?? St. Louis, Mo. There accoutrements are to be made in strict con formity with the new pattern sets to be seen at the Alleghany, New York. Prank(ord,St. Louis, Water Tliet, Watertown, and Washington Arsenals, and the BpringEeld Armory. They are to be subject to Infection at the Arsenal where delivered, before being received for the Government. None are to be accepted or paid for but such as are approved upon inspection. Tb? belts to be of grained leath er, and all the stock to be the best oak tanned. Tke shoulder belt will be included in the set. Deliveries must be made in lots of not less than one fifteenth (1-18 (per week of the whole number contracted for; the first delivery to be made on the 21st day of May. Failure to make deliveries at a specified time will subject the contractor to a forfeiture of the number he may fail to deliver at that time. The accoutrements must be boxod in the usual manner; the boxes to be charged at coat, to be de termined by the inspector. Bidders will state explicity the Arsenal or Arse nals, where they propose to deliver, and the num bers ?f nets they propose to deliver at each place, if for more than one. No bida will be considered from parties othsr than regular manufacturers, and such as are ktown to tbis Department to be fully competent to exe cute in their own shops the work propesed for. hhould any party obtaining a contract offer asoou trementa other than those made in bia own shopa. they will be rejected, and tke contract rendered ! oull and void. I Bidders will enclose with their bida the written acknowledgments of their aureties over their own aignaturea. Each party obtaining a contract will be obliged to enter into bond with approved sureties for its faithful execution. Upon the award being made, sucoeaafal bidders will be notified, and furniahed with forma of con tract and bond. The Department reserves the right to reject any or all bida, if not deemed aatiafactory. Proposals will be addressed to "Brigadier Gene ral George D. Bam say, Ohief of Ordnanoe, Wash ington, D. C.,"and endorsed "Proposals for Infan try Accoutrements." OBOB6B D. BAM8AY. mlufteotd Brig. Gen.. Chief of Ordnance. g^HUF QUABTBBMABTBB'BOBFICJ, 1 Dbfot or Wabhibotow, S Washington, J). C., January 4,1864.\ All dealers in Drugs, Hardware, Lumber, Leath er, Offior Furniture, Harness, and Saddlery, are re quested to send to this office, oa the MONDAY of each week, a sealed proposal or list. ta dvplicau.ot tke articles they are prepared to furnish to this Denot atsl ort notice, with the price of eaoh mark an ta plain figures, so tkat, la ease tke exigencies of the service require it, the article or articles caa be obtained without delay, and at the lowest prloe. Dealers wishing to sell to this Depot will be re quired to furnish the list punctually every Mon day morning. D. H. BtJCKBB, Brigadier General and Ohief Quartermaster, )a>-tf Depot of Washington. Roofing fblti BOOFING FILTH H. O. WILSON A CO., Foot or Do St. Wkst, Was?i?oto?. D. 0., Manufacturers of BOOFING FBLT, DBY AND TABBBD BHBATH 1NG, BOOFING OBMBNT and LAMP BLAOK, F1LT AND OBMBNT, Wholesale aad Be tall. Dealers supplied oa the most liberal terms. Factory-Foot of 33d street west. Offioe?16123d street, below Pa. aveaae. ' mh ll-3m* j^JONBYl MON B Y I MONJYfl M. K. WALSH A CO., /Q\ LICENSED PA WNBROKERS, A A No. 899 0 street, between tth aad loth ata . Near the Varieties. Moaey advanced on Gold aad Silver Watches Diamonds, Ladies aad Gentlemen's Weariag An parol. Ac. Ac. ft lLSm DOOTB AND BHOBS ~ D TO SUIT THB TIMB8. We are now manufacturing all kinds of BOOTS and BHOBS, and constantly reoeivlng a sup- m (Li ply of B astern-made work of everydeacrip- HI tioa, made expressly to order, and will befll sold ata much lower price than has been* Mte heretofore charged la this city for maoh inferior articles. Persons In wantof BOOTS aad BHOBS of Bastern or Oity-made work, will always find a good aaaort ment In store and at tke lowest prices. Give as a call. _ GBIFFIN A BEOTHBR. ep 6-tf 314 Peaa. avenue. TO THB MUSICAL PUBLIC.-J. M. STIBF. Piano Turer and Bepairer, woald respect- ML fully annoance to hia fnenda aad the iiinalnal tlW Jf Orders from the country also atteaded to by ad dreaaing to Washington Post Ofleo. fe 10-J?m? TBI GONPIDIHTIAL GUIDB, A Tr talis* en " Stminal Wtakntss Old, youag, married, aad siagle. will leara some thmf of importance by perasiag thia work, Ladies will also learn eometklng to tkeir advaa lage by perasina ?? Tke Conedential Glide " Sent to any address, la a sealed envelope, oa the i?cei?tof tea Cents aad one red stamp. , dm. a. la Contain, itjrtta'dAw Ikvtoa.Maa, TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. BALTIMORE AN0 OHIO RAILROAD. Oil and after Sunday. ^ril 10th. 1354. Dsily Train* ?will be ran between Washington and New lorn and Washington and the West, as follows : FOR FMLADEL PIII A, NEW TURK, AND BOSTON. Leave Washington at 7.30 a m, 11.15 a in,5.20 p m, e* m for PHIL A DELPHI A, and 7 PMP?nfger^fo^PhnSl*iphia will take notice that the 5 .*> p m train in th* latest train daily Jot rkila 'k^'he'tra.!n at 7..VI p m doos not go to Philadelphia and ? for Sue York ras>m<(r$ txolusicely. FOR BALTIMORE Leave Washington at 6.31 am. 7 SO a m, 11.15 a m, 3.00 m, 4.30 p m. 5.20 Pm< and 8.? ( m, except "^On Funday* at 7.30 a m, and 3 and 5.20 p m. FOR ALL FARTS OF THE WEST. Leave Washington at 6.30 a m, and * and 5.20 P m daily .except funday. On Sunday, at 3 and 5.20 p m, only. FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH. Leave Baltimore at 3.45, 4.20. 7 . 9 and 10 a m, and 3.30,4.45 and 7.{0pm, daily, except f^nday. On Sunday, at 3.45 and 4.20 am and 3.30 p in,only FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Wafhington at 6.30 a m, and 3 and 4.30 pm. daily, except Sunday. No train lor Annapolis on Sunday. Trains leaving Washington at7.30am and7.50p m go through to New York without change of car*. Sleeping Car on 7.50 p m train. Berths in sleep ing car can be seenred until 5 pm.dajlf,at the Ticket Office; after that hour they rauBt be secured of the sleeping car con<1"c.tor. . The first and fcurib trains from Washington stop at all way points. . .. . ? , , . , For further information, tickets of every kind, Ac., apply to GEO. 8. KOONTZ, Agent at Wash ington Station, or at the Ticket office. W. P. SMITH. Master of Transportation. L. M. COLE, General Tfcket Agent. apll tf I jNITED STATES 5-20 BONDS, UNITED BTATEB 7-30 TREASURY NOTES, UNITED 8T ATE8 COUPONS OF 1891, UNITED STATES CERTIFICATES OP IN DEBTEDNESS, Gold, Silver. Uncurrent Money, Exchange on all parts of Europe and the Northern Cities, * BOUGHT AND SOLD. We rre authorised to furnish #-20 Bonds at par until the 1st of Auguit next, wh? the privilege of conversion ceases. Oiders for Stoofcsand Gold executed in New York exclusively on commission. RITTENHOUSE. FANT A CO.. jyl^-tf Bankers, 332 Penn. avenue. jyi ASSET COLLINS A 00.8 PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALB AND PORTER, I am bow receiving large quantities of DRAUGHT ALE and PORTER from this oelebrated Brewery, whieh I am prepared to furnish on short notioe to all persons who will favor me with their orders. Satisfaction guarantied. Orders given to my driven will be promptly at tended to. Goods delivered in all parts of Washington and Georgetown, free of charge. TermsCash on delivery. RILEY A. SHIRK, Agent, Union Bottitnt Depot, 67 Green St., ap'S-tf Georgetown. D. O. OLPOBTA-NT TO SUTLERS. SUTLERS WILL PIRD H. A. DOWN IMG * CO.?? CONCENTRATED CLAM TO RE A MOST VALUABLE ARTICLE PO THEIR TRADE. It aella very rapidly, and is the moet eeonomlea artuu dletf the ofleer*s meet. It is prepared n one minute, and makes a most delicious Soup or Chowder. It in highly reoemmended hp Amy Surgeons. The profits are large. H. A. DOWNING * OO., Manufacturers of Concentrated Pood, No. Ill Bast 18th st? New York, or sale hy BARBOUB * SBMMBS, Sole Agents, ti Louisiana Avenue, eel-ly Washington. D. O. _ RERDALL'I AHBOLIII m VII lAIEe lmbolin moisraira, uwAUTinwa, QDOMATMO, iM&onraaira, UfVlGOEATMB, MOUMUBBMO, MMBMLL18BMM IBM BA1M. EBRD ALL'S AMBCLIRB is a rare compound stimulating extracts from Plowers, Boots, aa Herbs, for the GROWTH, BEAUTY, and PER MANENT VIGOR or the HAIR. "Highly beneficial where the hair requires gentle stimulant." Du. CHILTON. " Have never had anything which so perfee answers the purpose of a hair -dressing." WARREN WABD, Bsq., No. 977 Oana street, N. Y. " After being bald for seven years your AMBO LINE has oovered the entire soalp with NEW HAIB." Prof. JOHN BBNIA, Ro. 8* King street, N. T. Por sale by all Druggists and fancy Goods Dealers. Put la boxes, (ooetalning two bot1J??j price SI. Manufactured and for sale at wholeeal by KENDALL * BANNISTER, eic-to No >49 Bxoapwav ,If. t. |^BW YORE AND WASHINGTON BTRAMSHIP COMPANY. The Screw Steamships BALTIMORE, SALVOR, EMPIBB, JAMBS 8. GREEN, AID FAIBRANK8 compose the line of this company, leaving foot Wallstreet, New York, and foot High street, '"""Tfia TiffiSMlMSSE f?24-8m Poot High st., Georgetown. HAPP1NR88 OR MISERY I?THAT IS THB QUESTION.?Tha propietors of the " PARI SIAN CAR1NRT Of WON DER8, ANATOMY, and MBDICINB," have determined-regardless of ex Knee?to issue,! free, (for the benefit of suffer g humanity,) four of their moat instructive and infereetingLeeturee on Marriage and its disquali fications, Nervous Debility, Premature Decline, Indig^tion, Weakness, Depression, or ignoranoe of Physiology and Nature's Law. These Invaluable lectures have been the means of enlightening and eavinc thousands,and will be forwarded free on the receipt of four stamps, by addressing Secretary Par isian Cabinet af Anatomy and Medici**, 363 Broad way. Mew Yora. JuU-ly ? WBBR A BBTBBIDGI,fl| suoonssons to HD CHARLBS8. fOWLBR A 00. ?? IMPORTERS, WHOLBBALH AID UTAIL DBALBU3 II _ CHINA. GLASS AND EARTHEN WARE, Pine Cutlery. Plated Ware. Boll Metal Goods, Ice Pitchers, Block Tin Goods, Tin Chamber Sets. Japanned Waiters, Water Coolers, Btherial and Solar Lamps, Coal Oil Lamps, Lan terns, Stone ware, Ae., Ao., Ac. Goods Packed and Delivered In this City gad Georgetown free of charge. ?Od (Odd Fellows' Hall) Seventh St., my?-oolr Washington. Grayil roopbi GRAVEL ROOPBI! R. O. WILSON A CO., successor* to J. P. Walker A 8on .Washington P.O.. manufacturers of IM PROVED FIRE and WATER-PROOF FELT, OB MBNT and GBAVBL ROOFS. Office?16193d street, below Pa. avenue. Orders may be left at office Mutual Insurance Company, 7th street and Louisiana avenue, or addreceed to Post Office Box 634. _ All work executed promptly and on the most reasonable terms, and warranted. Bepairs made promptly. mh H-lm* ?.T?U.H.I> ,giOb k 930,000 to loan in all iuom on Watches, Jewelry, Diamonds, Silver Ware, Ladies' and Gents' Wearing Appaiel. and for the purpoee ofXWA enlarging our business, we have erected aV V warehouse and we now make, loans on Merchan dise, Furniture, Ac., at our old established stand, No.^ftl 0 St.. betw. 4H and 8th,rear of National Hotel. (mil l-8mi I. HEBZBEEG A BON. rpyjpHMAU?Pmt??t*d hT rnawnl Letters Pat?t 1 of England, and secured by the seals of the Boole de Tharmacie de Paris, and the Imperial College of Medicine. Vienna. , Triesmar No. 1 is the effectual remedy for Belax ation, Spermatorrhoea, and Rxhajution of tte Sys tem. Triesmar No. J ,has entirely superseded the nauseous use of Cepaiva, Oubebs. Ao. Trieoaar No, S is the infallible remedy for all Impurities and Secondarv Symptoms, thus obviating the use of mercury md all other deleterious ingredients, pi jparation is in the form of a most ? ble Lesenge. Secured from effects of climate and ehangos of atmosphere. In tin cases, at 98 each, or OAUlBUS ill ??mwBp?oio1Mi mm vuaeei vo wsw?j vi four 9 8 cases in .one for 98, and in fr eases, thus saving 99. Divided in separate doeee as adminis teredby Valpean, Ballemande, Roux, Ac., Ac. Wholesale and retail by Dr. BARTOW, No. 194 Bleecher street, New Yotk. w __ To be had also of 8. 0. FORD, Ro. 990 Pa. a?., corner 11th street. mh 9 lm* W BUFFALO TONGUBB. B Rave lust received from the West 106 Butklo Tongues, wUeh we recommend to our customers. Tin ?. >im> wrt "A'g^SHStMO, D* "?""Vl.BU ?nTl Rfn< J7 Iz WoriiYor DlBBABBS OV IMP BUDBNUB. Relief in Six Howrt! No ! Ptrton.? Ruined by Ignorant Prttmdtri, or bf Deadly Poison Mertrry, should apply xmmediauljf. A CURS WARRANTED OR NO CHARGE 1M PROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Weakness of the Back, Involuntary Discharges. 8trictures, Affections of U? Kidneys and Bladder, Impotlaer. General Debility, Htrrooaeii. Djt mmt. Usisor, Low Bpirlts, Confusion of idea*. Palpitation of the Heart, Timidity. Trembling, Dimness < f Sight or Giddiness. Disease of the Real, Throat Now or Skin, Affeetlonj of the Lirer Liaif, Stomach or Bowela?those Terrible Disor ders arising from Solitary Habits of Youth?tho MO sir and solitary piactices mora fatal to their ?iotima than the song of Byrena to the mariners of Blywus, blightng their moat brilliant hopea or anticipations, rendering swkrrlage. Ac., Impoasl ble' 10VNB MEN Jr. who have baoometheyietdmsof Soli tary Yice,that dreadful and dartrufltiva habit which annually sweeps to aa on timely prays thousands of Young Man of ths most exalted talent and brilliant iatelleet, who ssishtotherwise hare entranced lis ten ioc Senates with the thunders of waked to exstacy ths living lyreunay call with full eonfldenee.^ PARTICULAR NQTIC5. These ara soma of *54*ad and malanaholy eflbets prodaoed by-??iy habits of youth, ris: Weakness of the Bach and Limbs. Pain In the Head, Dimaeao of Sight, Loss of Musonlar Powar, Palpitation of the Heart, Dytpepsy, Barron a Irritability, De rangement of the Digestive Functions, General Do* bility, Bym^ima of Consumption, *0. Msitalitt.?The fearful effects on the mind ara mn?h to ba dreaded?Loss of Memory, Confusion of Ideas, Dspression of Spirits. Bvil Forebodings, Aversion to Society, Ball-Distrust, Lara of Soli '??mUU'-k'iURRUOB. Marritd Persons, or young men eo ntemplatl n marriage, aware of Physical Weakness, Organic Debility, Wasting oftha Organs, Deformities, *0, should apply Immediately. Ha who places himself under the ears ofO , J, may religiously ocnflde in hia honor as a rentk-maa, and confidently rely upon his skill as a Physician. ORGANIC WBAENBSB. IMPOTBNOY IMPBDIMBHT8 *0 MABRIAGB. By Dr. Johnston's marvelous treatment. Weak lU^Mtn .?a.i;l? Mim^a ..4 BUI" neea of ths Organs is speedily cured and full vigor restored. Thousands of the moat nervous, debili tated and impotent, who had lost all hope, hare been immediately relieved. All impediments to marriage,Physical ct Mental isqualiflcations. Lois of Prooreative Power, Ner Dlsquaiiflcationa. Lois of Prooreative Power, Ner voua Irritability, Trembling*, and Weakheas.or Bx haustion of the most fearful kind, speedily oared. DB. JOHNSTON. Member of the Boyal College of Burgeons, Lon don, Graduate from one of the most ominont Col leges in the United States, and the greater part of whose life has been spent in the hospitals or Lon don, Paris, Philadelphia and elsewhere, has effseteft some of the most astonishing cures that were ever known; many troubled with ringing In the head and ears when asleep .great alarmed at sudden sounds, bashfulness. with frequent blushing, attended sometimes with derangement who have injured themselves t>y a certain practise Indulged in when alone?a habit frequently learned from evil companions, or at school, the effects of which are nightly felt, even when asleep, and If nob cured renders marriage impossible, and destroys both mind and body, should apply immediately. What a pity that a young man, the hope of hi* country and darling of his parents, should be snatched from all ths prospeou and enjoyments ol life by the consequenoe of deviation from the path of natnre and indulging in a certain secret habit. Bueh persons must, before contemplating MARRIAGE* reflect that a sound mind and bodt ere the moel necessary requisites to promote connubial happi ness Indeed, without these the Journey through life beoemes a weary pilgrimage; tho prospect hourly darkens to the view: tfie mind beoemes shadowed with despair and filled withfthe melan choly reflections that the happiness of another is blighted with our own. DISEASES OP IMPR UDENOR. When the misgaidad and imprudent votary 01 pleasure finds he has imbibed the aeedsof this pain ful disease, It often happens that an ill-timed sensr of shame or dread of discovery deters him from ap plying to those who, from education and reepccta Dility,can alone befriend him. He falls into the hands of ignorant acd designing pretenders, who, incapable of curing, filah his pecuniary substance, keep him trifling mont 1 after month, or as long as the smallest fee can be obtained, and in despair leave him with ruined health to sigh over his gall ing disappointment; or, by the use of that deadlp poison. Mercury, hasten the constitutional symp toms of this terrible disease such as Affections of the Head, Throat, Nose, Skin, etc., progressing with frightful rapidity until death puts an end to his dreadful sufferings by sending him to that un discovered country r ->m whose bourne no traveler returns. OFPIOB 7 SOUTH sBBDBRIOK BTBBBT. left hand side going from Baltimore street, a rev doors from the oorner. Vail not to observe name and number. B7*No letter* received unless port-paid and con taining a stamp to be used on the reply. Person! writing should state age. and send portion of at vertisemert describing symptoms. The Dr.'s Diploma Kan is in his Ctfk*. IND0B8BMBNT OP THB P&BBB. The many thousands cured at this institution within tha last twenty years, and the numerous Important Surgical Operations performed by Dr. Johnston, witnessed by the reporters of "The Bun" and many other papers, notices of which have ap Seared again and again before the public besides is standing as a gentleman of character and re sponsibility, is a sufficient guarantee to the af> SKIN DISEASES SPEED1L Y CURED. Ja ?-lT BCBBT DIBBASBBI BBOBBT DISBA&*?!) 8 A M A B I T Tn ' B G I SAMARITAN'S GIF7' THB MOST OBBTAIN &BMBDY BVBB US1D 14 Yes, A Positivs Cure" for GONORRHCEA. GLEET. STRICTURES, At Contains no Mineral, no Balsam,no Mercury. Only Ten Pills to be Taken to Ejfet a Cttri. They are entirely vegetable. having no smell ner any unpleasant taste, and will not in any way In jure the stonach or bowels of the most delicate. Cures in from two to four days, and reoent cases in "twenty-four hours." Prepared by a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, one of the most eminent Dootors and Chemists of the present day, ?0XXP0SUHE, HO TROUBLE, HO CHANGS WBAVBVHS. Let those who have despaired of getting cured, or who have been gorged with Balaam Copavia, or Mercury try the SAMARITAN'S GIFT. Bent by mail in a plain envelope. Price?Male packages, SI. female, 9>. BLOOD! BLOOD!! BLOOD !!I BCROf U LA, ULCEUS, SOBBS, SPOTS, TBTTBB2, SO ALBS. BOILS. 8YPHILIB OB VB NBBBAL DIBBASBB, *c. SAMARllAN'S ROOT AND HERB JUICES. Is offered the public as a positive cure, SYPHILIS OB YSNBRBAL D1SBA8BB, the 81 M ABIT AN *8 BOOT AND HBBB JUIOrf, is tha most potent, certain and effectual remedy ever prescribed; it reaches and eradicates every particle of the venereal poison, so that the cure is thorough and permanent. Tahe then of this purifying reme dy and be healed, and do not transmit to your pos terity that for ***** Although you may be pronounced'insurable, the SAMARITAN 'S BOOT AND HBBB J0IOBS will remove every vestige of impurities from tha Bystem,:as well as all the bad effects of Mercury, FBM ALBS ! VBMALBB ! I In many affection* with which numbers of Pa males suffer, the ROOT AND HBBB JUIOBB Is most happily adapted. In Uloerated Uterns, in Whites, In bearing down. Palling of the Womb, Debility, and for afl complaints incident to tha sex. Bent by express. Price 91 a bottle, or < bottle# f?* *' BAMABITAN'B OHANOBB WASH. Price SB cents. Pull directions. DBBMOND ft CO., Box If 1 Philadelphia Port Office. Bold by B. OALYBBT FORD, corner of 11th an Pa. avenue. HBNBY COOK. Alexandria. mayd-tf Y CONFIDENTIAL. OUN0 MBN who have injured themselves bp certain secret habits which unfit them tor business, pleasure, or the duties of married life; also middle aged or old men, who, from the follies of youth or other causes, feel a debility in advanoe of their years, before plaeing themselves under the treat ment of any one, should first read " THB 8B0B1T PBIBND." Married Ladies will learn something of Importance by perusing " The Secret Friend," Sent to any address, in a sealed envelope on n* eeipt of Ten Cents Address ?.??? ?E"- *? a.. ABAMM m Wmtkmtton, D. ft S mbbohadibb, monby. jbwblbt, yalu accessible sections of the country. This Oomhany has age teles la the principal Railway Towns la WASHINGTON, D. 0 . NBW YOBK, BOSTO* " nil ilTUnDl G1N to LIYBBPOOL, SOUTHAMPTON andHAYBl. Mid thence by Baropean expresses to all prom inant commercial towns In GreM Britain andthe'Con tinent. Collection of NOTBB.DBAFTB^nd BILLS mad* ?t all aooessible parts of the United B^tss. ^ _ 0. 0. DDNM, Agent, de n Washington, D. O. TOHNSTON'8 AGBICULTUBAL 0HBMI8TBY J Wood's Agricultural Chemistry: London. Chaptal's Agricultural Chemistry. Liebig '* Agricultural Chsmlstrp. Liable's Principles of Apicaltural Chemistry. Deep-CLMd'culture ,fy" Henry Stephens: he a don. Stephens' Manual af Practical Drainage: Lon don. Ditching and Draining Tables: London. Donald's Land Drainage: London. Btrachan's Tables on Drainage: Loudon. mh>7 F BAN OK TAYLOB. *S>V^8:

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