Newspaper of Evening Star, April 26, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 26, 1864 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. COHGBB88IOHAL. I* tri Senate yesterday? The request 01 the House to appoint a com mittee cf conference on the d if agreeing votes in rela'ion to the Territory of Montana, b?iug under consideration Mr. L'oolittle made some further remarks In opposi lou to the amendment of the Senate giving the rightof suffrage, without regard to color; and was replied to by Mr. Wilkinson, after which the Senate agreed to the Conference without instiuctions. In the If oitsk? The consideraMon ot the tax bill was resumed in Committee of tha Whole on the state of the Union. Amendments were made so as to read : On all swine slaughtered tdt sale, ten cents per head. On all sheep and lambs slaughtered for sale, live cents per head, provided all cattle not exceeding Jive in number and all calves, ?wine, sheep, and lambs, notexceeding twenty in number, slaughtered by any person for his or her own consumption, snail be exempt from duty, increasing tax on gross receipts of In surance Companies to one and a half per cent. Increasing the tax on gross receipts of lotteries to Ave per cent. Mr. Pendleton, from the Committee of Ways ami Means, introduced a provision to exempt from tax lotteries, raflles, gift enterprise by the Sanitary Fairs of Religions associations far the relief of soldiers or other charitable use, permission to be first obtained from the Col lector of the District. Another provision was adopted that nothing in the act should be con strued to legalize any lottery. Increasing tax on theatres and other places of amusement two per cent. Pending a motion of Mr. H. Allen to strikeout two-and-a-half per cent., and insert four per cent., the committee rose, and the House took a recess until 7 o'clock. Upon reassembling Mr. Morrill offered a joint resolution raising the duties on imparts, to take place from and after ils passage, and to con tinue in force until the 1st of July next Mr. Kasson moved to amend by a proviso that printing paper, unsized, nsed for books and newspapers exclusively, shall b3 exempt from the operation of the resolution. He said the object was that additional burdens shall not be imposed on the diffusion of intellectual light and knowledge. The amendment was agreed to. Mr. Stevens offered a substitute tor the reso lution, proposing to add fifty per cent, to the tariff now imposed on imported goods for ??ixty days alter the passage ot the resolution. The House proceeded first to perfect the orig inal resolution. Mr. Fernando Wood offered an amendment that nothing in the resolution shall be con strued to include foreign goods in bonded warebonse or in transitu for the place of im portation. After debate Mr. Wood's amendment was rejected, and Mr. Stevens' substitute, with the proviso exempting printing paper, was agreed to, and the joint resolution as thus amended, was passed?yeas S5, nays 20. Mr. Dawes introduced a resolution request ing the President to inform the House whether F. P. Blair, representing the First Congres sional District of Missouri, hold6 any appoint ment in the military service of the United States, and whether he is now acting under ?uch appointment ' The rules were suspended and theresolutioa agreed to. Mr. Fernando Wood's resolution, heretofore offered, in regard to the protection of the in terests of the Government in the mineral lands of the United States was laid on the table. WIESENFELD & CO., Odeon Hall Clothing Rooms, (ESTABLISHED 1847.) Corner Pfn?3tlv.4Xia Ave.vce 4}j Street, Beg leave to call the attention of the citizens and strangers of Washington to our very large and extensive assortment of SPRING CLOTH ING. We say extensive, for, having the roost un bounded facilities for manufacturing, and having a buyer always in market, ready to avail himself cf all the rich and fashionable styles of goods that maybe offered, ve flatter ourselves that we can exhibit the most fashionable and varied assort ment of clothing ever offered in this city. We enumerate in part Black Cloth Frock and Dress COATS, running to the finest grades. Gen uine Bla?k French Doe Skin PANTS; Black Gren adine and other Silk VESTS; from which maybe selected a dress suit of the very finest material, equal in finish and workmanship to the very best, and at much low*>r prices. Our Rfgortment of CASSIMERE GOODS cannot fce excelled in variety of colors and beauty of styles, and all cut and made in the most fashion able manner. We name in part the English Walk ing Coat. the French Jacket, the Business Frock Coat, American Back, and all other styles now in wear. A most splendid assortment of plain and fancy Cassimete Pants and Vests. We call the most especial attention of the ladle8 to our superb assortment of BOYS' CLOTHING' which for beauty of styles cannot be'surpassed, if equaled in this city. We most respectfully ask an examination of those goods before purchasing elsewhere. In the line of MILITARY CLOTHING we have the most extensive assortment in this city, con sisting of Dress and Fatigue Coats; Infantry and Cavalry Jackets; light and dark Blue Pants, both ^lainand reinforced;Shoulder Straps. Sword Belts, gashes, and in fact tverytbing pertaining to an officer's outfit. In the line of FURNISHING GOODS we have an elegant assortment of Cassimere Over Shirts, White and Brown Linen Shirts, of all grades; Under Shirts and Drawers, a full line; Military Cloves, Kid, Silk, Lisle Thread and others. We most respectfully solicit the patronage of the public, who may rest assured of lair dealing and good articles. ENGLISH WALKING COATS, ENGLISH WALKING COATS, ENGLISH WALKING COATS. FRENCH WALKING J ACKET, FRENCH WALKING JACKET, FRENCH WALKING JACKET. FINE BLACK CLOTH FROCK COATS, FINE BLACK CLOTH FHOCK COATS, FINE BL^CK CLOTH FROCK COATS. black cassimere pants, BLACK CASSIMERE PANTS, BLACK CASSIMERE PANTS. VESTS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, VESTS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, VESTS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. FINE FANCY CASSIMERE PANTS, FINE FANCY CASSIMERE PANTS, FINE FANCY CASSIMERE PANTS, MILITARY FROCK COATS, MILITARY FROCK COATS, MILITARY FROCK COATS. MILITARY JACKETS, MILITARY JACKETS, MILITARY JACKETS. MILITARY PANTS AND VESTS, MILITARY PANTS AND VESTS, MILITARY PANT8 AND VESTS. BOYS' CLOTHING, BOYS' CLOTHING, BOYS' CLOTHING. SIX LINEN BOSOM SHIRTS FOR ?1?, SIX LINEN BOSOM SHIRTS FOR SI*', SIX LINEN BOSOM SHIRTS FOR $13, FIX LINEN BOSOM SHIRTS FOR *16, SIX LINEN BOSOM SHIRTS FOR $16' 0IX LINEN BOSOM SHIRTS FOR 916. UNDER SHIRTS AND DRAWS, UNDER SHIRTS AND DRAWS, UNDER SHIRTS AND DRAWS. KID GLOVES, KID GLOVES, ' KID GLOVES. NECKTIES AND SCARFS. NECKTIES AND SCARFS, NECKTIES AND SCARFS. WIESENFiELD It CO., gdSon HALL CLOTHING ROOMS, ESTABLISHED 1S47. Corner street and Pennsylvania avenue. ap H3-eo4w MOOLDINGS! MOULDINGS!! MOULDINGS!!! The undersigned is row prepared to execute or ders for any style o* quantity of WOOD MOULD INGS. of superior finish and workmanship. Car Venters and builders would do well to call and examine quality of work, Ac., before ordering elsewhere. By energy, promptness au 1 good work manship I hope to merit a share of publie patron age. ? . K. 8. TORREY, Excelkior Moulding Mill, ap 7 lwi* for. 13th and C sts.. Washington. ^\ LADIES OF WASHINGTON, ^ CD 8, HELLER, .Yo. 3% Marled Sptut btt 7th andlth sM.,5^ Has opened a very largs assortment of Spring and Sumner Cloaks Also, a great variety of Fancy Bonnets and Flowers. Embroideries, such as Lace Collars, Handkerchiefs, Sleeves, Ac., Ac. Fancy Goods, Fancy Parasols, Corsets. H*>op Skirts, and a large assortment of Ladies' Under Clothing and the test cheap price Gloves. Ladies, you will do well by calling and examining our sto^k of goods before yon buy elsewhere. mb 24-liu* Bed Lious g *nn w ? . b e l :. o u n a I 8II We bave just received per ?t?>sr, ?r? 20 ASSORTED LED LOUNGES. to which we '?all the attention of the citizens and ?ablic generally. >p jt-evtt JlQJiTZ 4 .'IBIFflTH. official. War Department, Adjutant General's Ojlc*iI Washington, Marchll,1W. 5 All application* for leaves of absence or per mission to visit Washington must be addressed to Major General Halleck, Chief of Staff, and mnst specify the business for which tbe officer desires the permission. Telegrams addressed direct to the Secretary of War oa this subject will receive no attention. By order of the Secretary of War: E. D Towns** d, Assistant Adjutant General Headquarter* Military District of Washington, ) Washington, D. C., February 16, 1NH. J General Orders No. 3.?Col. T. In graham, 3?th Massachusetts volunteers, la hereby detailed as Provost Marshal of the Military District of Washington. He will be respected and obeyed accordingly. By command of Brig. Gen. Martin dale. John P. Shkkburhi, ft 16-tf Assistant Adjutant General. Passes ?? Visit the Arasy ?( the Petemac. 1. Applications mnst be made at the office of Majer Louis H. Pelouze, No. 203 F street, be tween 17th and 18ih streets, between 11 a. m. and lp. m., except Sundays. Major PeloUae is authorised to sifpi the passes. 2. If not granted at the office at Major Pe louze, tne decision is final, and no reference need be made at the War Department. 3. Passes cannot be given to females to visit the army. By order of the Secretary of War. E. D. Towxmnro, Assistant Adjutant General. ?????????? PERSONAL. MEDICAL.?Magnetism and Electricity is enr mg chronic and acute diseases wheu all other treatments fail. MRS. W&KN.449 K st., t? a t o- between 6th and 7th. Washington, ?r.r. Ladies attended and boarded daring con finement. ap i3 lm? Mrs. l\ smith. an excellent clairvoyant and test medium. 338 corner of 6th street and J1*4","- *r*n*e, over grocery, examines diseases, t^sls by magnetism, sees your dead and living friends, tells their character, gets names, reads ? the future. Hours from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m. I ap 11-Im* LADIE8, ONLY LOOK AT THIS !-Wp are now prepared to do any kind of Embroidery by skiilfnl bands, on such terms that cannot fail to satisfy We do your stamping in elegant style, and no botthtng, and wish it to be understood that ?*.* n?t connected with any other place of the Kind in the city, where Stamping is advertised <wT^nrJLRCTe 13 street, opposite the Patent Look out that yon do not mistake the iel: ye daily receive new Patterns for Braid and Embroidery just out. and s;amp your goodt wWIeyon wait. Machine Stitching neatly done. DENTISTRY. QREAL DISCOVERY IN DENTISTRY. Teeth Ey traded tr?/A(mPDfn t hi Muhrite ?j t aU persons having teeth to eX' ^!1 LEWIE'S offiw.^SS^ JSrt .e.m ta en out by this new4Ej^^ES and harmless process. Also call andv77^WW Doctor's new and ' JoD nBr.Piti fw ? inserting Artificial Teeth. I ss MS ?&.???>? ate -D0Tl3 s. R. LEWIE, M. !>., Dentist. jl'f J* ^ P m rr orfb;&98Sk8xft,?Alp,1hvKyk^iSigf' tends personally at his office in thisiCtfES ?ii?ki*ny Pe"on" c*n wear theso^7TWif? teeth who cannot wear others, and no 1 1 1JJ Pep^^^n?Tiiiar otilers *ho cannot wear these. -J?ii'"*?* ofllc? c*n be accommodated w??SL"tyI*v,n? prtce Of Teeth they may desire, *?* P*Jticular and wish the purest .1+ ^ rtrpugest. and most perfect denture thai L"?f?l?50?Min"'d"I!ll5aAL PLiT* l? Booms to this eity-No 338 Pennsylvania avenui and 10th 8tr??t>- Also, 907 Arch st? fniladelphia. ^ mar4-ly Recruits Wanted TO FILL THB QUOTA OF THB DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA* BOUNTY FeR~VBTBBAHB. S83f ?? which will be paid la advaaee. BOUNTY FOR NBW RECRUITS, S93* si which will he paid in advaaee. BOUNTY FOB COLORED R10RUIT9, 91SO, Paid in advaacs. PERSONS WISHING TO ENLIST Will apply to any of the following RECRUITING OffIOSES: ?. B. BAI1I, Bnglae Hall, near the Market, on Pennsylvania avenue, between Seventh and Ninth atreete. J. O. HYDB, Corner of fourteenth and New York avenue. O. A. K1A8BBY, H street, near earner of Nineteenth aad Penn sylvania avenue. JT. O. PARKER. Corner of High and Daabarton ?treet>, George town. 0. O. LANGLEY, Navy Yard Bridge, has been appointed Recruiting Officer. HJNRY A. BOHBETZ, Captain aad Provost Marshal, 1 District of Colombia. PUBLIC STOREHOUSE, (Covering Half an Acre of Ground,) COMMERCIAL building. rRODUCE AND COMMISSION MARKET HOUSE. JOHN F A R R E L L. Bole Ageney for WILLIAM CLAGBTT ft 00 'B Baltimore OBLBBBATED ALB AND POBTBR in Barrela, Haifa and Bottlee. Agency for M. P. SEED'S NSW YORK M. F -XX ALE, Adapted for Bxport Trade. Warranted to keep la any Climate, AgeaA ipr McKNIGHT & 80N-8, Albany.N Y TSRB MAL* ALM WINS SIT: Agency for GSANNIB A TAYLOR'S, of Balti ?CANNED OYSTERS, GOVS SPICED, &c. '0' TELEGRAPH TLOUS MILLS, BAL TIMORE, all the family, Extra, Super and fine BrtDdi. Agency for ALDBICH k YERKSS. of Philadel phia, for all their well known Brands of PICKLES PRESERVES, JELLIES, SPARKLING CHAM PAGES CIDER. Ageney fer BRADfORD A MELLEN >8, BOSTON MABB, PATENT AEMT CHAIRS AND OOTB. Ageney for the OBLBBRATED KENTUCKY WHIBKBY. THB ORESCENT XX BRAND THE DIAMOND COPPEE DISTILLED. ' BRAND'?1* ,4lUmor# 0LD "E ??WELBY Of these ws are instructed to "sell out" to larse bnyeia at eleae prices, as the swners intend tekaaa a uniform and unlimited supply oa hand i?SS*oSBST* *"D HD?"? ??? ?orlh BItw PrM...,.11 ?f ;u.k to the Trade in Cargo Lots. BALES BTBIOTLY ON COMMISSION. LOUISIABA AVENUE, BETWEEN NINTH AND TENTH STRBBTB, -M3'lm WASHINGTON. P.O. 1,000 ART,LLERY ^0R8R8 WANTED AT Q*? ?/ Washington,! JSd and Gstreets, Washingt^ D*|' A 'WrD?r of - s 'O ME MDBIOAL FUBLIO ?J tt .rT.T ?%E2'928 PROPOSALS. /^RDNANC* OFf 108. . U WlADBPlfttMKST, WASDiSGi.jir, April (?, 18*4. Pealed Proposal* will be fec?" Vt-d at this Depart I Tr.ent until 4 o'clock r ? on Wedne?da}, the 4th day cf May, 18*.for Predelivery of #11 the Wrought Iron Plates and Bars as hereinafter specified, ne | ceseary to build the following Carriage*: 1 For^Vinch Gunp, I 7o Barbette Front Pintl#. yi Barbette Center Pintle, i For l<Mnch Guns, 160 Casemate Car riages, 2"0 Front Pintle Barbette, For 8-inch Gun*. ! 7o Front Pintle Barbette. I Th* parts required for Wrought Iron Barbette and Caeea-ate Carriages are as follows : FOR TOP CARMAOB. Check-Plates, Braces, Caps, Shoes, Trans<nrn Guide Hooks, Guide Hook liar. Trunnion Bed**, Angle Shapes, Bolts. CHASSIS. FROST AXT> CE*TEH PTN*T,B. Bails, Rail Plates, Rail Chords, Rail Brace*, Transoms, Angle Iron Floor Cleats. Pintle Tran soms, Transom Washers. Axle Shapes, Fork Shapes, Hurters, Chassis, Step, Assembling Bolts. CASEMATE CARRIAGE CHASSIS, Parts named before and rail top bars. The number and dimensions of the iron plates and oars for each carriage to be as specifie d in the billaof iron in ordnance memoranda No. 6, copies of which can be obtained upon application at Wat ertown. Frankford or Alleghany Arsenal*,the New York agency, or at this office. Printed schedules, containing the number of plates and bars required, can be obtained at the above named places. On these bidders will state the price at which they propose to manufacture each part, in the manner therein prescribed. The Iron to be used in the manufacture of the plates and bars to be as follows: ROLLED IRO*. Cbeck-Plates and Rail-Plates of medium quality of iron, fibre in direction of length, tenacity not less than 48.0&0 lbs per square incn. Transoms all to beof best quality charcoal flange iron, fibre in direction of length, tenacity not less than 48,000lbs per square inch. Trunnion Beds to be of best quality of charcoal iron, tenacity not less than 51,000 lbs per square inch. Checks,(Braces, Hurters, and Counter-hurters, all to be of good medium iron. Tenacity not less than 48,000 lbs per square inch. P, 5(i,ooo lbs per square inch. Axles for 8-inch and 10-inch carriages, and all Traverse Wheel Journals, to be of best charcoal fibrous iron. Tenacity not less than 55,000 lbs per square inch. All Bolts and Rivets to he of best charcoal fibrous iron. Tenacity n^t less than 58,000 lbs per square inch. . , HAMMERED IRO*. Axles for 15-inch Carriages, and all Fork Shapes, and Tongues for Casemate Carriages, to be of the best charcoal iron. Tenacity no less than 55,0*>0 pounds per square inch. Bidders will specify the date at which they can Commence deliveries, and the rate at which they can deliver each part Thereafter. ? No bids will be received except from parties actually engaged in the manufacture of this or similar kinds of work, and who cau bring ample evidence that they have in their own shops all the machinery and appliances for turning out the full amount of work as specified by them. Bidders will be required to furnish proper sure tief for the proper performances of the work, and will enclose, with their bids, the written acknowl edgements of their sureties over their own signa tures. Each party obtaining a contract will be required to enter into bonds with approved sureties for its faithful execution. Upon the award being made, successful bidders will be notified, and furnished with forms of con trffbt and bond. The department reserves the right to reject any or all bids, if not deemed satisfactory. Proposals will be addressed to " Brigadier Gen eral George D. Ramsay. Chief of Ordnance, Wash ington, D. C.," and will be endorsed Proposals for wrought iron plates and bars for iron gun car riages ?? GEO. D. RAMSAY, ap 8-td Brigadier General. Chief of Ordnance. P?. . MAYOR'S OFFICE. April Zi, 1&J1. ROPOSALS will be received at this office until 12o clock m. on Monday, the 2d pro.x., for paving and grading the carriage-way or flth street west, from B street north to the south side of Pennsyl vania nvenue. Bidders will state the price per square yard for paving and cubic yard for grading. The work to be done to the entire satisfaction of the Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner^ JOHN T. GARNER, Commissioner of the Third War ! ^ W H. PHILIP. . , JOHN M. JOHNSON, ap 25-dtd Assistant Commissioners. PZ? MAYOR'S OFFICE, April 23, ROPOpALS will be received at the Mayor's Of fice u nti 112 m. on Thursday, A pri I 2*?th, for gradi ng ano gravelling H street north, from Nineteenth street west to Twenty-first street west, or such thereof as the Mayor may direct. The gravel must be nine inches in depth in the centre, and tapering to four inches at the gutter line; and after being graded and gravelled to the entire satisfaction of th.e Commissioner of the Ward and Assistant Com missioners, shall be thoroughly raked and rolled. ?Bidders will state the price per cubic yard for grading and per square yard for gravelling. No part of the appropriation will be paid except npon the certificate of the Commissioners that the work is properly done. P. R. DORSETT. Commissioner of the First Ward ROBT. EARL, Sen , ' orj.,a . WM. BRADLEY, sp.odt.8 Assistant Commissioners. P MAYOR'S OFFICE. April lStU ROPOSALS will be received at the flayor'noffice nntil 12 o clock 111 on Thursday, 2Rtta instant, for *r5,?AalJd traveling 1) street South, between 13th and 14th streets west The gravel to be nine inches in the centre ta peringoff to four ipfhes toward the gutter lino; to be well rolled with a heavy roller, and all boulders or an improper sice to be removed. The surplus earth to be deposited between 1 ith and 15th streets without compensation to the contractor. No part of the appropriation will be paid until the work is approved by the Commissioner and t'oth the Assistant Commissioners. Bidders will state the price per cubic yard for grading and square yard for gravelling J A MRS H. IlIRCH, Commissioner Seventh Ward H. A. CLARKE. D\ NIBli K4G \\ ap?l-eot2S Assistant Commissioners > pnq ., _ MAYOR'S OFFICE, April 20, l&W. ROPOSALS will be received at this office until 12 m. on Thursday, the 28th day of April insN-it for trimming and gravelingSixth street east, from I ennsvlvania avenue toG street sonth Th<> "ravel to be nine inches in the center, tap.ring off to f?Ur inches toward the gutter line; to be w.-ll rolled niv * ?aVn i u ttfte5 graveling, and to be re lieved of all boulders of nn improper size, at th> discretion of the Commissioner of the Ward part of the appropriation will be paid'until ? * W0?? the Commissioner and both Assistant Comnussioners. Bidders will state the price per cubic yard for grading and square yard for graveling . . W. II. HAMILTON, Commissioner of the Fifth Ward. . . W. A. FLETCHER, Commissioner of the Sixth Ward. JOSEPH T MITCHELL, ^ J. H. MEAD, -i-eot?8 Assistant Commissioner*. PROPOBA I ^IAn KR S April 2?, I8rt?.~l ROPOSALS will be received at this office until iz oclock M. on Thursday, the 28th instant, for grading and graveling C street south, between Ninth and Tenth streets west; the gravel io be nine ?.vJie3iin th?ent?r. tapering off to four incfies to ward the gutter; to be well rolled with a heavy roller, and to berH ieyed of all stone of an impro per sue, at the discretion of the Commissioner ? v. paJi; ? the "PP?Pr:ation will be paid until kntK*th. i?'l'prui ? Comniissioner and irlij Ansistant Commissioners. Bidders will state the price per cubic yard for trading and square yard for graveling . JAMES H. BIRCH, Commissioner of the Seventh Ward WM.C BAMBERGER, ' , JOHN MORTIMER, aP -l cot-Stk Assistant Commissioners. "^KOPOSA I OFFICE, April 20, 1864. StSffif SSI! c *"?" 10- b?. Diue inchcs in the center, taper ing on to four inches toward the gutter lice- to be ?rlll i?i. ^i w'thfa heavy roller, aud to he relieved of ?heCommiM?ionermi,rOIM;r sUe<at the ^retion bo^>",iNt^St Commissioners. """"""ner ana rs T? Rtate the price per cubic yard for grading and square yard for graveling _ . JAMES II. BURCH, Commissioner of the 8eventh Ward RHODY O'BRIEN _ap2Teot28th Assisf^^.g^, Ollill lutii H-40 I... w vv K Vl| I JAY COOKE ? CO., Fifteenth Itrnt, R*0*IT* 8uB80BIfTI0S9 FOR TBI NEW NATIONAL LOAN anthoriied fir act of March 3,1814, and known u TEN-FORTY BONDS, being redeemable at the pleasure of the Govern ment, after ten years, and payable forty years from date in coin, bearing Interest at IIVE pjr A YEAR, payable on bondi not oyer f loo annnaUy, and on large bonds semi-annually, in COIN The COUPON BONDS will be issued in *50 SlOO 1300, and *1,000. * * The REGISTERED BONDS will be Issued in ?50, SWO, S50>, f1,000, S9 000, and 910,000. The?e are the only ?old-bearin? securiUes of th Government now procurable at par, and, yielding at present value of eoin OV?* SIGHT PJR 0*NT i PIE ANNUM, offer a rer? desirable investmsnt for large or small sums. We Boy aad Sell, at market rates GO VEMj\ it?NT JJQNVS, OF ALL ISSUES, TREASt'RY NOTES, CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS, and COIN, ' , and pay the highest prices for QCARTIRMASTER 8 C*RTIFIOAt? CHICKS. Oh 20-tt JAY COOILJK * ' PROrOSAXS. puOPOfiALS FOB BITUMINOUS COAL. Chit/ Quarter'natttr's Offite, Dtpot W'l'hint'oH.) Washington. J) C , April22- 136J S Sralea Proposals will be received at this onice until MONDAY, M&t2, l& A, at 12 o'clock m.for the delivery of the following amounts of COAL a? the points named, v-i*: 1.00*1 tonv of BITUMINOUS COAL at Alexan dra. V;i 1 too tons 01* BITUMINOUS COAL at "Washing ton, D.C. Delivery of the whole amoc^t contracted for at each point to be made in twenty days from the date of the contract Bonds in a sum equal to half the amount of the contract will be required of the successful bidder or bidders Bids received for five hun.lred (500) tons or more, and should be made separate for the delivery at each of the points named. Proposals must be plainly endorsed, "Proposals for Bituminous Coal. Washington." or " Alexan dria,1' as the case may be, an?T addressed to the undersigned D. H RUCKKR, Brigadier General and Chief Quartermaster, ap 22 td Depot of Washington p?OPOSAL8 fOB WHITE PINE SHINGLES. k'hitjQuartermaxler'i OJiti, Depot of WnshinttonA Washington, D. C. April 22,18>4. ( Sealed Proposals will ho received at this office until Tuesday, May 10, IS'M, at 12o'clock *for the delivery at this depot of the following amounts of SHINGLES: One raillion't^ofxyioo) No. 1,18-inch white pine shingles,(sawed clear.) The shingles to be made from good material, to be subjected to a rigid inspection before being-re ceived, and the whole amount contracted for to be delivered within thirty (3)J days from signing of contract. Bonds in a sum equal to half of the amonnt of the contracts will bo required of the successful bidder or bidders. ? Bids received for two hundred and fifty thousand (2ft0,noo) shingles, or more. Samples ef the shingles proposed for will be re quired of each bidder. Proposals must be plainly endorsed, "Proposals for W hite Pine Shingles," and addressed to the undersigned. D. H. RUOKBR, Brigadier General and Chief Quartermaster, np22 td Depot of Washington, D. C. B0P08ALSIOBFOBAGB .1 Quit Qnanuuiml Owen. Wilinnoi Diroi, Deo. I, |M. MAUD Fioroiua tit Invited by the under signed for supplying the U. 8. Quartermaster's De partment, ?t Washington, S. 0., Baltimore. Md.. Alexaddna, and fori Monroe, Va., or either of these plaoeq,with Hay. Corn, Oatc and Straw. Bid* will be reoeived for the delivery of IJd bushels of corn or oiti and #> tons of hay or straw, Bidfers mast state at whleh ot the abovenamad points they propose to make deliveries, and the rates at which they will make deliveries thereat, the quantity of each article proposed to be deliv ered, the time when said deliveries shall he oom menoed, and when to be eompleted. The price must bo written oat In words oa the Corn to ha put up In aood stout saohs, of about two bushels each. Oats in Uke saohs of about three bushels eaoh. The saohs to be furnished without extra charge to the Government. Tho hay and straw to be steareiy baled. The particular hind or description of oats, corn, hay or strew proposed to be delivered most be stated taAU tJe?artloles offered under tho bids herein in vited will he subject to a rigid Inspection by tho Government Inspector before being accepted. Contrasts will he awarded from time to time to the lowest responsible bidder, as the tnterest of tha Government may reqnire and payment will bo made wfasn the whole amount contracted for shall have been delivered and acoepted. The bidder will ho required to aoeompany his proposal with a guaranty, signed by two responsi ble persons that in ease his Did is accepted he or they will, witnin ten day*, thereafter, execute tho contract for tho same, with good and suflcient sureties in a sum equal to the amount of the con tract. to deliver tho foraae proposed la oonformlty with the terms of this advertisement; and in case the said bidder should fail to eater Into tho con tract, they to make food the difference between the offer of said bidder and the next lowest respon sible bidder, or^the person to whom tho oontraot ^T^e ^responsibility of tho guarantors must bo shown by the offloial certificate of a U. 8- District Attorney, Collector of Customs or any other oS cer under tho United States Government or re sponsible person hnown to this ofloe. All bidders will be duly notified of tho acceptance ortrejection of their nronosals. The full name and P. 0. address of oaoh Udder must be legibly written in the proposal. Proposals must bo addressed to Brig. Gen. D H, Booker, Chief Depot Quartermaster, Washington, D. C., and should ho plainly marhod "Proposals Bonds^n a sam equal to the amount of tho con tract, signed by the contractor and both of his guarantors, will bo required of the successful bid der or bidders upon signing tho oontraot. Blank forms of bids, guarantees, aad bonds juay be obtained npoa application at this ofloe. FOBM OV PROPOSAL. (Town, County and State) (Date) I. tho subscriber, do hpreby propose to furnish and deliver to the United States, at tho ^Quarter master's Department at .agreeably to tho terms of your advertisement, Inviting proposals for forage, dated Washington Depot, Do#. 8, 1863, tne following articles, vis : bushels of Corn, In saohs, at per busholof SSpounds bushels of Oats, In sacks, at ? per bushel of a pounds _ tons oi baled Hay, at ? per ton of J,000 pounds tons of balod Straw, at ? per ton of Jjooo pounds. into a'written contract wfth United States, with good and approved securities within the space of ten days after being notified that my bid has been accepted. Tour obodient servant. Brigadier General D. H. Bocxaa, General Depot Quartermaster. Washington, D. O. GUABATT. Ws, tho undersigned, realdents of , In tho County of . and state of . hereby. Jointly aad severally, covenant with tho United States, and guarantee in case the foregoing bid of ? be acoepted, that ho or they will, within ten days after tue acceptance of said bid, execute the contract for the same with good and sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to the amount of the con tract, to furnish tho forage proposed in conformity to the terms of advertisement dated December 8, 1803, under which the bid was made, and, in oaso the said shall fall to enter Into a contract m aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the uiffer enee between the offer by said aad the next lowest responsible bidder, or tho person to whoa the oontraot may bo awarded. Witness Given undtr oar Bands aad seals this -? day of ?,181. I Seal.] [Seal.] I hereby oertify that, to tho best of my know ledge and belief, the above-named guarantors are good and sufloiont as sureties for tho araoaat for whleh they offer to bo security. To bo . Jfied by tho United States District At torney, Collector of Customs, or any other ofleer nnder the United States Government, or respon sible person knows to this ofloe. > D. H. BUCKBB, do?-tf Brig. Gen, and Q. M. jP*HIJW QUABTBBMASTBB'SOBFIOB, 1 V/ Dsrov or WABHiaa*oa, I ... - . Wmtkimton, Ji. C., January 4,1864.\ AU dealers la Drugs, Hardware, Lumber, Leath er, Uflof Furniture. Harness, aad Saddlerv, are re qaested to send to this ofleo, on the MONDAY of each week, a sealed proposal or list, in diplicau.ot the articles they are prehared to furnish to this Denotats) ort notloe, with the prlee of each mark en is pinln figures, so that, la oaso the exigencies of the servioe require it,the artlsle or artioles can be obtained without delay, and at* the lowest prlee. Dealers wishing to sell io this Depot will be re quired to furnish tho list punctually every Mon day morning. D. H. BUCKBB, . Brigadier Geaeral aad Chief Quartermaster, Jal-tf Depot of Washington. WHITE VIRGIN WAX OF ANTILLES?A new French Cosmetic for beautifying, whitening, and preserving the Complexion. It is the most wonderful compound of the age. There is neither chalk, powder, magnesia, bismuth, or tale in its composition, it being composed entirely of pure Virgin Wax?hence its extraordinary qualities for preserving the skin, making it soft, smooth, fair, and transparent. It makes the old appear young, the homelv. handsome; the handsome, more beau tiful, and the most beautiful divine. Price 29 and BO cents. HUNT'S BLOOM OF ROSES, a most perfect color for the cheeks or lips, does not wat>h off or injure the akin. Price 2S cen^s and Si. HUNT'S COURT TOILET POWDER, for Whitening and preserving the skin. Price 2fi and SO cents. Manufactured by HUNT A Co., 41 8outh Eighth street, Philadel phia. None genuine unless the name of " Hunt A Co " is blown on the bottles. For sale at A. CROYEAU'S, 171 Baitimore street, Baltimore, and W. B. ENT WlSLB, corner Twelfth street and Pennsylvania ave., Washington D. C. apl-3m r?AP0NS! WHAT'S CAPONST-GO TO WIL v BON'S, 119 Peaasylvanla aveaae.aad see his POBTAHT TO FAMILIES.?The undersigned Informing his old easterners and the public gen Vsr * t|8PS?)'Vea! x ? uu? ?. ?^jfl<lfMia Butter, Qapons, Sucks maty and Mew Jersey Ohlcheas. Tofinfflu u>M?i MMrttialmta 8 wiisssr0" "T wAKftsrtaiM'ssa.. QRUUHU JlXlb H1BZB1BQ * Mil. ?20,000 to loan toall s*uns on Watches, Jewelry, Diamonds, Silver Ware. Ladles' and Henis' A Wearing Appwel. and for the purpose of Awfl enlarging our business, wo have erected a9 W warehouse and we now make loans on Merchan dise, furniture. Ac., at oar old established stand. No. SSI O St., betw. 4M aad 6th, rear of National Moiol. (mhl-8m| I HBRZ8NBG A SOW. 0 N BTt MOSBYI HONS ft m. k. walsh a go., hk LICENSED PAWNBROKERS, Q ^ ?R. < M Diamc rwei, No. S9t 0 street, between 9th and loth Near the Varieties. ?y advanced on Oold and Silver Watche ?nds. Ladles wad Geatlsmen's Wear lag A Ac, Ac. feil-Sm TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. | BALTINflAC AHD OHIO RAILROAD. On and after Sunday, jtjjril 10th. TS'U, Daily Trains will be run between Washington and New York and Washington and tbe West, as follows : FOR rUlLADELPHIA, NEW YORK, AND BOSTON. Leave Washington at 7.3) a ra, 11.15 a ro,5.20 p m, except Sunday. On Sunday atfrfti p m for PHILADELPHIA,and 7.5f) p m for NEW YORK. Passengers far Philadelphia will take notice that the S.jn p m train ia the lattst train daily for Pkila defrhia. Tlie train at7..W p m doe* not no to Philadelphia, and re for Ntto York passengers exclusively. FOR BALTIMORE Leave Washington at 6.31 a m, 7.30 a m, 11.15 a m, 8.0i) p in, 4.SO p m, 5.30 p m, and 8.?' p m, except Sunday*. On Sunday* at7.3"> a m, and 3 an.l 5.20 p m. FOR ALL PARTS OF TUE WEST. Leave Washington at 6.30 a m, and 3 and 8.JO p ra daily, except Sunday. On Sunday, at 3 and 5.20 p m, only. FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH. Leave Baltimore at 3.45, 4.20,7, !> and 10 a m, and 3.30,4.45 and 7.60 p m, daily, except Sunday. On Sunday,at 3.45and 4.20 am and 3J0 p in,only FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Washington at 6.30 am, and 3 and 4.30 p m, daily, except Sunday. No train for Annapolis on Sunday. Trains leading Washington at 7.30a m and 7.50p m go through to New York without change of cars. Sleeping Car on 7.?0 p m train. Berths in sleep ing caT can be seared until 5 pm, daily, at the Tiefcet Office! after that hour they must be secured of the sleeping car conductor. The first and fourth trains from Washington stop at all way points. For further Information, tickets of every kind, Ac., apply to GEO. 8. KOONTZ, Agent at Wash ington Station, or at the Ticket office. W. P. SMITH, Muster of Transportation L. M. COLE, General Tfcket Agent. ap 11-tf K? room. One Mahogany Nunns A Ciarte^j*^ Piano, for ???; one Rosewood Lande ABEMHI Co., for 8120; one almost new Nunns Pi-?I1*I1 , cic., pur Life (j^ECOND HAND PIANOS.very cheap,, to make Pie . Co., for $ 120; ano, for $250. Mason Ac. Hamlin's Cabinet Organs, from $85 to .9300. Steinway A Sons, Raven A Ba con, and Haines Brothers Pianos, at lowest fac tor s prices, at the warerooms of " W. G. METZEROTT, ap 9 cor. 11th street and Pa. avenue. THE UNDERSIGNED, CITIZENS OP WASH ington, having used the remedy of C. Keenan, No. 319 I street, between 6th and 7tb streets, for the cure of Inflammatory Rheumatism, have no hesitation in Baying that we are satisfied it is one of great value to all afflicted with this morit painful disease. We therefore cheerfully recom mend it, WM. C. MAGEE. E, bet. 12th and 13th, MARY NEWTON. 4th, bet. G and H. MARGARET A. MITCHELL. GRACE nURDLE, I. het. 19th and 20th, ROBERT WARREN, 7th, bet. K and L. mh 21-eolm*. JOSEPH REYNOLDS A CO,. PLUMBERS, GAS, AND STEAM FITTERS, No. 500 Nimh Btxiit, near avenue. Have Just received, and will constantly keep on hand, the largest ana beat assortment in tlie city of Chandeliers, Brackets, Drop Lights, Portables, Glass Globes, mica and other Shades, and all arti cles in this line, from the best establishments in New York, Philadelphia, Ac., which will be sold on the most reasonable terms. Also, RANGES, FURNACES, and Fire-Board Stoves. We are prepared to furnish the best RANGB in use anywhere, on very reasonable terms. Hotels, Restaurants, Ac., are invited to call. We do all kinas of GAS and STEAM fittings promptly and cheap, as also everything in the PLUMBING line in the most satisfactory manner. Call and see onr Bathing Tubs, Fountains Water Closets. Wash-stands, BaBins, Ac., Ac., at No. 300 Ninth street,near Pennsylvaniaavenue.the largest establishment in the city. fe 2-eotf gffiw 950,000 WORTH wftl fW r|l BOOTS AND SHOES Have Arrived at HEILBRUN'S BARGAIN STORE, 506 Seventh Street, Adjoining Odd Fellows'Hall. The stock consists of all sorts and styles of Bal morals. Gaiters, Boots, Ties, Pumps, Slippers for men, ladies, misses and children, which will be sold at last year's prices. Any Shoes not giving satisfaction will be mend ed free of charge. No trouble to show goods. Wholesale rooms in the basement. ap 8-2w* 306 Seventh street. NR. WOODWARD'S LIVERY, SALB AND . HIRING STABLES, No. 47 North Street, Baltimore, Near Saratoga Street. HORSES, CARRIAGES? HARNESS, Ac., pur chased and sold on commission. The subscriber offers his services to the public, which from long experience and extensive acquaintance gives him superior opportunities. Particular at-? tention given to the selection of Saddle and Har ness Horses. Persons wishing horses shipped in any direction by sending them to my address may rely upon having them promptly attended to with out the personal attention of the owner, thereby saving themselves much time and trouble. Refer to W. D. Wallach, Proprietor Washington Star; Dr. John Gregson, Veterinary Surgeon; Samuel T. Houston, Quartermaster's Department, mh 25-tf ABBEY COLLINS * CO.fl PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALB AND PORTBB. I am nov receiving large quantities of DRAUGHT ALB and POBTBB from this celebrated Brewery, which I am prepared to furnish on short notice to all persona who will favor me with their orders. Satisfaction guarantied. Orders given to my drivers will be promptly at tended to. Goods delivered In all parts of Washington and Georgetown, free of eharge. TermsC*$h en dtliverv. BILBY A. SHINN, Agent. Union Bottling Depot. 57 Green st,, ap?-t Georgetown. D. C. IMPORTANT TO SUT?<EB& EUTLBB8~WILL FIND K. A. DOWNING fc CO.'B CONCENTRATED CLAM TO BB A MOST VALUABLB ABTIOLE FO TBBIR TEASE. It sells very rapidly, and Is the most eeonomiea artu?u dletf the oBeer'ameas. It is prepared n one minute, ted makes a most delicious Soap or Ofeowder. It is highly recommended by Army Burgeons. The profits are large. H. A. DOWNING * 00.. Manufacturers of Oonoentrated Feod, No. Ill Bast 18th St., New York. M sale bv BABBOUB A 8BMMBS, Bole AgeaM, M Louisiana A venae, ??Hy Washington, p.p. JJNITED STATES 5-20 BONDS, UNITED STATES 7-20 TBEASUBY NOTES, UNITED STATES COUPONS OF 1881, UNITED STATES CERTIFICATES OF IN DEBTEDNESS, Gold, Silver. Uncurrent Money, Exchange on all parts of Burope and the Northern Cities, BOUGHT AND SOLD. We are authorised to furnish 8-30 Bonds at par until the 1st of Angust next, when the privilege of conversion ceases. Orders for Stocks and Gold executed in New York exclusively on commission. BITTENHOUSE. FANT A OO.. jyl2-tf Bankers, 352 Penn. avenue. J^BW YORK AND WA8HINGT0N BTBAMBHIf 00MPANY. The Screw Steamships BALTIMORE. SALVOR, BMflBB, JAMB8 B, GBBBN, AID FAIBBANU the line of this company, leaving foot ^ street, R00!I>? >00fIBe H. O. WILBON A CO., Foot 0* Ms ST. WgST, WlSBlBGTOB, ?. 0.. Manufacturers of ROOFING FBLT, BEY AND TABBBD SHEATH ING, ROOFING CEMENT and LAMP BLACK, FBLT AND OBMBNT, Wholesale aad Be tall. Dealers supplied on the most liberal terms. Faetory-Foot of ad street west. Ofleo-161 Md Street,below Pa. avcimo. mh ll-Sm' -THAT IS THE >rsof the " PABI MEDICINE," have determined-regardSm o'f egy yense?to issue>free. (for the benefit of suffer ing humanity,)/o?f of thair most Instructive and iatereeting Lectures on Marriage aad its disquali fications, Nervous Debility, Premature Decline, Indigestion, Weakness, Depression, or ignoranoe of Physiology and Nature's Saw. T^cse Invaluable Seturee have been the means of enlightening and ring, tkousands, end will ha forwarded free on the receipt of four stampe, by aldraeaing Secretary P*f 1 bIGBST OF THBLAW8 0F TUB DISTRICT of Columbia; By M Thompson $8. ee a feanck taylqbb LOOK HOSPITAL, 0tSb,0?&.T FfiSJ/cAiV 5*r^KTJsf*?.% Bfc/d?eo?vet?d the ?0f< Certain, Bpeedy asd II* i ** DMXOW r Relief in Six Uourt !Pi ftrionn Ruined byltnmant rr <*<??"'*? J", J * Deadly Poxtcn Mrrr?Mf. should A CURB WARRA^TBD^^O CHARGE IE * ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wnkotuof tbi Baek, Involuntary Dlaah*rf?. Strictures, Affections of tke ^Wne^ tod BMl", cinctures, iuwuuu? ? .?? '- -r? Impoteney. 6?D?r?l P*M, r,n??fa^?!?ld??r mm* Lansuor. Low Bvifltf i Oonfusioa of laeus, |33?H.m W Heirt, timidity. Dimnem cfSlgkt or GiddineM. Disease of the 1B?*4ii Throat How or Ekin. Affections of th* Uw, muy pw u Mil j uiwviwb ? -? ?' - ?? ? ? victims than the aong of Byrem to the mariners o1 Blyasua. blightfng their mo*t brilliant hopee or anticipations, rendering marriage, Ao? liaieasi bI#* JO UNO MEN ISftHhO m"?h t^Ye'rwi* l^vYin^* ?! tening Senates with the thundsrs of eioqttenoe.e? waked to Mituy the llTlng lyre,may oau witk nil WT1TTrt? ||J |i*J ui OSUCU M^OOITl wT"T?T" ? " ofI<UM, faefetig AnnlM to Boeiety, Belr-Distrust. Lot* of Butt* Timidity, Ae^ RB JAOS Married Persons, oxjoanm mea eo atmUt? Dirrit|?, ?w*ri of MTjgSl Weakaess. <Organl* Bebllity, ffHttBl of the Or cans, Deformities, *0. ' should apply immediately. He whe plaoea himaelf under the out ofO . J. m. religioualy confide inhia honor magentleman, Sd ooBfiienUy rely upoahiaakill ua Phyaiciaa. ORGANIC WBAKBBSB. 1MPBDIMBNTS TO IMPOTllfOT KAHUAQ1. By Dr. Johnatona m trveioua treatment. Weafe nhi of the Organs la speedily oared ui fall vlgo* restored. Thousands or tke moat nervous. deblli Uted and impotent, who had loat all hope, have been immediately fills ved. Ail im pediments to marriage, Pkysleal or Meatal Disqualifications. Low of Procreatlve Power, Nar vous Irritability, Tremblings, and Weakaeaa.or fix* hauation of tke moat fearful kind, speedily cured. DB. .TOHBBTON, Member of the Boyal College of Burgeons, Low don, Graduate from one of tke most eminent Col leges in tke tJnlted 8tatea, and tke creator part of whose life kaa keen spent in the hospitals orLon doa, Paris, Philadelnfclaand elsewkere. has efilaeted some of tke moat astonish in* cures that ware ever kaown; many troubled with ringing ia the head and ears wkea asleep,? reat alarmed at auddea sounds, bashfblneaa. with frequent) WOUNG MEN who have injured themselves t?y a oertaia practise Indulged in wkea alone?a habit frequently learned from eril companions, or at acheol, the effects of which are nightly felt, even when asleep, and if not eared readers marriage impossible, and destroys both mind and body, thou Id apply immediately. What a pity that a young maa, the hopa of hU eountry and darling of his parents, should h? snatched from all the prospects and enjoyments of life by the consequenoe of deviation from the path of nature and Indulging in a oertaia secret habit, Buck persons must, be rare oontemplatlng - . MARRIAGE. ' reflect that a sound mind and bodj are the aofl neoeesary requisites to promote eounabial happl aess indeed, withoat these the Journey through life baocmea a weary pilgrimage; the prespect hourly darkena to the view; the mind Deoemes ahadowed with despair and Ailed withfthe melan choly reflections that the happiaesa or aaother 10 blighted with oar owe. DISEASES OF IMPR ODRXCB. When the misr?ided and imprudent votary-01 Rleasurc finds he has imbibed tbe aeedsoftklspala il diaeare, it often happens that an ill-timed sense of shame or dread of disooyery deters him from ap t to those who, from education and reapeeta , can alone befriend him. Ha falls into the S in cat keep him trifling month alter mouxn.or as long as the smallest fee eaa be obtained, and in despair leave him with ruined health to aigh over his gall lag disappointment; or, by the use ef that deadly poison. Msreury, hasten the oonstitutlonal symp toms of this terrible disease such as Affections of the Head. Throat, Nose, Skin, ete., progressing with frightful rapidity until death puts an end t? his dreadful sufferings by sending him to that an* discovered country r ">m whose bourne no traveler retnroie 0*PI0B 7 SOUTH sEBDBKIOK BTRBBT, left hand aide going from Baltimore street, a few doora from tke corner, fall not to observe name and number. ?7"No letter* received unleaa post-paid and con taining a Stamp to be ussd on the reply. Persons writing skould atate age. and sead portioa of ad vertiaemeat describing aymptoma. The Dr.'s Diploma hones in his Office. IND0B8BMBN T Of THB PBBBB. The many thousands cured at tkia lnatitutloa within the last twenty years, and tka numerous important Surgical Operations performed by Dr. Johnston, witnecsed by the reporters of "The Bunv and many other papers, notloea of which have ap peared again and again before the pablie besides his standing as a gentleman of character aind re snonslbility, is a sufficient guarantee to ths af? 11 CXSKIX DISEASES SPEEDILY CURED la ?-ly BCABT DUBA8B81 BBOBBT DISBASBfri BiMAlIT A*N ' B G I SAMARITAN'S GIFT! THB HOST GB&TAIN RBHBDT BVBB UBID M Tes, ? Positive Cure" for GONORRHfEA, GLEET. STRICTURES, Contains no Mineral, no Balsam,no Mercury. Only Ten Pills to be Taken to Effect a Cure. They are entirely vegetable haviag no smell ner any unpleasant taste, and will not in any way In jure the ston ach or bowels of the most delicate. Cures in from two to four days, and resent eases in "twenty-four hours.'> Prepared by a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, one of the most eminent Doctora and Chemists of the preeent day, BO BXP08VBB, HO TROUBLS. XO CBSUOI WHARVES. Let thoeewho have despaired of getting cured, or who have beea gorged with Balsam Oopavia, or TAB-SO,FT. Seat by mailin a plain envelope. Prioe?Male packages, fi. female, 9S. BLOOD! BLOOD 11 BLOOD 1! I BO&OfULA.ULCXBS, BOBE8.8POTB, TBTTBH8, BCALis. BOILS. 8TPBILIB OB ?B NBRBAL DISBABB8. Ac. SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB J VICE . Ia offered tke public as a positive curs. SYPHILIS OB VBNBBBAL DI8BA8BS. tke BA MABITAN? BOOT AND HBBB JUIOi, ia the most potent, oertaia and effectual remedy ever prescribed; it reaches and eradicates every particle of the venereal poison, so that the curs Is thorough and permanent. Take then of this purifying reme dy and be healed, and do not transmit to your pos Mrtt, tk.t tor U.,?i,. will remove every vestige of Impurities from tkg system ^aa well aa all tke bad effects of Msreury. TBMALB81 * fBMALBS 11 In many affections with which numbers of fs males suffer, the BOOT AND HBBB JUI0B8 is moat happily adapted, la Uloerated Uterus, ia Whites, m bearing down, falling of tag Womb, Debility, and for afl complaints incident to tke sex. Sent by expreaa. Price 91 a bottle, or ? bottle* f?r *' SAMABITAN'S OHANOBB WASH. Prioe ? cents. Pull directions. DB8M0ND A CO., Box 181 Philadelphia Port OMce. Bold by B. OALVBBT POBD, corner of 11th aa Pa. avenue. HBBB\ COOK, Alexandria. mayd tf Y CONFIDENTIAL. _ OUN0 MBN who have injured themeelvee hp certain aeeret habits which unfit them tor haslnsss, _* ?- ? - AnaiasAfmanis^ Ufih? slsil niddlt years. b?fore ylMinc tkmiselTM mrat of any one, should first read THB Siillll fMBNDy Married L?lie? wiU lemj ?f Importance by peruaiag4 The Besret frlead. Ben? to aay addraas. in a aealed eavelope oa ra? eeipt of Tea C^^ddr^s f A . de 14-lr oSrw ,0,?"'^22S2?1>- * SS&aSSKiJS'0 flH&tt w u. aeeeasiMs sections of the oountry. .This Oomhaay has age tales ta the priacipal BaUvap Towas la TfoBTH, BABT, WHET. AND N0BTHWB8T. Its principal offices are rASglNGTOg, DTO . W JOBB^TOBTOM WABfiSSIS OIH "oAHtDAJ S tti commercial towas la Grear^ritaia s?/the'0oa TOHNBTON'S AGBIOULTUBAL 0HBMI8TB2 *r Wood's Agricultural Chemistry: Loaded. lilebis s Agricultural uhcmlstry. Liebig's Principles of Agricultural Chemistry, freach s farm Dratnage. , Deep-Land Culture. By Heary Stapheas: Lon doa. . Stesheas' Manual ef Practical Drainage: Lon Aon. mhn On Box will ran roan a Ooxa.? ?? ?-vi? rt (a tto mmz?, '?Kar

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