Newspaper of Evening Star, April 27, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 27, 1864 Page 1
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v?. xxin. WASHINGTON, D. C.. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27. 1864. ] N2. 8,483. ?- i AUCTION SALES. WfCRg DATS. B1 ' C 4_C0., Auctioneer! ""Tno3?, ^N?5?^?^00ATST? BUILD _ _{?0 LOTS AT PUBLIC AUCTION ObiTDMDAY AFTBENOON, May3dat4o>clo?k en the premises, *t shall sell neari* tim U/ Square No. Ml, known u 3Sd?n?> ST& for d'3SSJSbMk 10 fine iUeya'Wlth *"? f? *\?fc*notifal location of these Lots bein* an V" ground tmmedately north of the Presi i** M*nd Departments, tU advaaUge of a dUt^'Tn'ffo ,P me *?"?>? #?sasftrtk *??> '.jr, SWSaS!"?' ttLn^?% ^inal0Opa^??t.ini^i smsvssis***"-"""-?'?' tS;? Conveyances at coat Or purchaser tf^ftV.Sdof fx oa ?**lot at tbe Un" * J. C. McGUIRE A 00.. Aacta. J> '? ?* MoGUIRE i 00., Auctieneera. T wFST&SS^iiJyLA HOUSE AND LOT ON ELEVENTH, BETWEEN L AND M STREETS. of treat from B. B. Bridge, dated October 2,1867. and recorded in Liber J. A. 8., Wo. 137, folio* ?0, Ac., of the Land Record* of the v^f,h?.lt2n* W offer at A?c?on on MONDAY, the 16th day of May next, on the premi ses, at fiK o clock, p. ro., part of Lol seven (7) in rquare three hundred and forty-one (Stl)in Wash i.t?. j j i .. (cmi in wasn lnton. bounded as follow*, viz : Beginning forty niDM 'nc^?" from the southeast corner cf ?! fnd *leJent_h streets, and running thence north twenty-five feet on Eleventh street, thence due east one hundred feet, the whele depth of said lot, thence doe north twenty-five feet, ani then-a 5neJ"lt? 10 *h? banning with tha improvements consisting of a Frame Dwelling. ' Terms of sale- One-third of the purchase money to be paid in cash, and the residue in two eqnal in stalments at six and twelve months, with interest, lo dg meurM. The terms of sale mnst be complied with within one week after sale, or the property may be resold, after a week's notiee. at the risk and coat of the firet purchaser. CHAS. 8. ENGLISH. Trustee. ap ? lm J. 0. MoGUIRE A 00 ? A acts. JJY J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. COMMISSIONERS' sTlE OF REAL ESTA TB. 111 J&?*8,E AND LOT ON NORTH L ST., BETWEEN 6TH AND TTH 8T8. WE8T .The undersigned, commissioners appointed by the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, in the case of Elizabeth A. Fling and others against John Carroll and others. No. 128, equity, in said court, to make sale of the real estate of which James W. Fling died seized, hereby give notice that in pursuance of an order of said court, en tered on the 8th day of April instant, they will sell on tha premises, the following described House andJr5i'J!1i^%.te.,n the city of Washington, D. C., ?P WEDNESDAY, the 4th day of May, 1864, at 5 o clock p.m., namely: Lot No. 3, in Square No 450, fronting 16 feet on north L street, between 6th and 7th streets west, and haying a depth in the rear 91 feet. The improvements consist of a two story frame house with a back building. Terms cash. THEO. 8HECKEL8, ANDREW OODDARD, E. F. QUEEN. BEMET HBNNING, W. L. R088, ? , ? Commissioners. ?P?> J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. jgY J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. TWO FRAME HOUSES AND LOTS ON FOUR *nd f J?*" street, between Maryland avenue and south C street, BRICK HOUSE AND LOT on S?? ?enth street east, near the Navy Yard. Handsome BRICK DWELLING-HOUSE ind V A'CANT LOT at the corner of llerenth street east and Penn sylvania avenue. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, May 19, at 4? O'clock, on the premises, commencing with the first named and following in the order hereinafter named, by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Oourt of the District of Columbia, sitting in Chancery Mseed on the 9th day of Aptil, 1864, in a cansej wherein Geo. W. Miller is complainant and Ellen Miller et al., are defendants, No. 146, we shall sell sub-divisions G, H, and O, in 8auare No. 491, front ing 62 feet on Four-and-a-halr street, west side between Maryland avenue and south 0 street, and* running back 140 feet, improved with two frame dwelling-houses, to be tola separately. _ A 1MHXDUTILY AFVBB, ?H* o'8?S??No. 9 7. beginning at the end of 61 ieet 8 Inches from the northeast corner of an alley fronting on L street, running thenee south S3 feet 2 inches on said alley, thence west 50 foet to the south line of a l->t leased to Win. O'Brien, thence north 23 feet 2 inches, thence east 50 feet to the beginning Also, part of said Bquare begin ing 61 feet 8 inches from the northwest corner and fronting on 8eventh street east 23 reet 2 inches, thence east 75 feet, thence north 23 feet 2 inches. thence *-- *?- * - - the im,_ dwelling near L street south llHkAJ lATXLV AFVBX, Lots No. 2,3,4,5, and 6, in Square No. 994, front ing respectively on Pennsvlvaniaavenue.Eleventh street east and south G street. Lot No 6 is im proved with a handsome brick dwelling-house, with baek buildings, stable, carriage-houses, Ac., being the residence of the late Charles Miller. Terms : One-third in cash; the remainder in three equal instalments at six, twelve, and eighteen months, with interest, for which the purchaser shall give notes secured to the satisfaction of the Trustees. The purchaser to have the option of paying all in cash. Conveyances and revenue stamps at the cortof the purchaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days thereafter the Trustees reserve the right to re-sell at the risk and cost of the defaulting, pur chaser, on one week's notice in the National intel ligencer. GEO. A. BOHRER. ) E. 0. MORGAN, ) Trustees. A. TH08. BRADLY,\ ap.21-eodAds J. C. McGDIBE A CO.. Aucts. JJNITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. In virtue of a writ of fierie facias on judgment of , condemnation issued from the Clerk's Office of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, and to me directed, I will sell at public sale, for cash, at the front of the Court House door of said County, on FRIDAY, the 29th day of April, 1864, at 12 o'clock m., the following described property to wit: Lot No. 1, in 8quare No. 843, east half of Lots No. IB, 16, and 17, in Square N o 724, in the city of Wash ington, D. C , together with all and singular the improvements thereon, seized and levied upon as the property of Michael Maloney, and will be sold %o satisfy Judicial No. 230, in favor of Ellen Kelly. WARD H. LAMON, ap.7-d U. 8. Marshal, P. b. IJNITED SsTATES MARSHAL 8 SALE. In virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias issued from the Clerk's office, of the Supreme Oourt, of the District of Columbia, and to me directed, I will sell, at public sale, for cash, at the front of the Court House door, of said county, on FRIDAY, the 29th day of April. 1864, at 12 o'clock m., the follow ing described property, to wit: The north part of Lot No. 19, in Square No, 88, commencing for tho said part at a point on 21st street west, at the distance of 90 feot from the northeast corner of said Square, and running thence south 2n feet with the lice of said list street, thence west 85 feet, thence north 20Teet, and thence east 85 feet to said 21st street west, and place of beginning, estimated to contain 1.700 square feet, together with all and singular the improvements thereon, seised and levied upon as the property of Thomas McNamy, and will be sold to satisfy Ju dicial* No. 213, in tavor of Isaac Herzberg. WARD H. LAMON, ap7 dAds U. 8. Marshal, D. 0. RUCTION BALE OF CONDEMNED HORSES. War Dxpabtmeht, Cavalry Bpriau, i Orrion or Owmr Quartbbmastbx, > ^ Washington.. D. C.. April 25,1864. \ Will be sold at public auction, to tne highest bid der, at the times and placM named bolow, via: >ewport, Penna , Thursday, May 5tb, Gettysburg, Penna.. Monday. May 9th, Altoona. Penna., Thuriday,May 12th, Mifflin, Penna., Thursday, May 19th, Reading. Penna., Thursday, May 29th, Lebanon, Penna.. Thursday. June 2d, Northumberland, Penna., Thursday, June 9th. scranton, Penna.,Thursday, June ISth. William snort, Penna , Thursday, June 23d. One Hundred (WO) horses at Gettysburg, and Two Hundred and Fifty (250) at each of the other places. Theee horses have been condemned ae unfit for the cavalry service of the United States Army, For road and farm purposes many good bargains may be bad. Horses will be sold singly. Bales b " all are soL_ Terms: cash, in United States Treasury note! only. JAMBS A. EKIN, ap 36-tJc2P Lt. Ool andC. Q.M. Cavalry Bureau, US. MILITARY RAILROADS, ? Qtke of Assistant Quartermaster. WASHlXQTOa, April 1ft, 1864. AUCTION .-Will be sold, on WEDNESDAY, the 18th day of May, at the Railroad Depot, in Alexan dria, Ya., ?00 Tons of Old Railroad Iron, 100 Tons of Old Car Axles, 250 Tons of Oast Scrap Iron, 100 Tons of Wrought Iron, ??,n! ?' ?,ld B'ms *nd Copper, 300 Oil Barrels. Terms: Cash in Government Funds. Ten (10) per cent, to be paid at the time of purchase, the valance on delivery. The property must be removed within ten days from date of sale. H. L. ROBINSON, ap.lg-dts. Captain and A. Q. M. 3,000 Bales tagtfn at 10 a. m., and eontinue daily until HORSES WAETED. Wax Department, Cavalry Bcrbap, ) Qfic* of Cki?f Quartermaster, J Washtxotox. D. ?.{ Aprils, 1864. > One hundred and fifty (f 150) dollars per head will be paid for all _ _ CAVALRY HORSES delivered within the next fifteen (M) days at the Oevernment 8tables, Giesboro, B. C. Said horses to be sound in all particulars, not lees than five (5) nor more than nine (9) years old; from 14)4 to 16 hands high, full fleshed, compactly built, bridle wise, and or site sufficient for cavalry purposes. These sp?c in rations u>ul bt rtrittly adhered to and rxridiv en for red in over* particular. Payment made on delivery of ten (10) and over. Hours of inspection from 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. JAMES A. EKIN, Lieut. Colonel and ap 8 15t Chief Quartermaster, Cavalry Bureau. ON A^D AFTER T'JIS DATE THE 0FFIC1 of tne Washington and Marl boro' Stage will be kept at th Stables ofHOWARD A ROUSE, oi G/between ?th and 7lh streets. Washington, D. 0.. April 4,1864. apUn' UILLIARD TABLES FOB SALE ?The Bubecri ?D ber has thro*ftrst-class Billiard TaUss. nwrlr now, which he will dispose of vary low, IntuJre at the Billiard room, corn?r of 11th street and Pwujsylvanix avenue, mh 14 tf AUCTION SALES. RY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. ei2-fcane and others are complainants ??bscribSawmn?^ ^ herf are d?f?n^?nts, the Igg&pg^GSggg m*vfc?inJ<'uVve *i?-5,4? in Washington City \s i 8ui3eyor'B office, namely t m m ? io such subdivision A B o'tl it ?hJ?esLto th.tdo??r 'i?ht therein of the widow of her dower*1' * other lots will be sold free f7om ft?<w With a suftffia^P" tionD'. tern halfof No. 3, in reeerra .??,?? lati?F' a?1_wel\ lots in square (81, will be sold free from the widow's dower right. thTpJfJffS.8 48 PFe8cri^ bT the decree are: One dn? ?tB h Purchase money in cash; and the resi ???? 1 ' i ' l,*8 months, for which the pnrcha dar of 2TilB'Jiif K^u?euT' be*r5n? interest from the rJJ ???*??, will be taken, with a retained lien on ?f *? co ?W k? CTS.1% tUSUGSSS &&T&p'7,l?? sffs resold at the risk and cost of the defaulting nur ?n? week's public notice in th? li ning Star. W. RKDIN Trnat#^ aP.13-eo3wAds GREEN & WILL&'^fAucte. ORIEN & WILLIAMS, Auotioneert, VALUABLE BUILDING LOT AT \UOTION Immediately after the sal* of the property of the Sinon estate, we shall sell, (on the 5th of May, at 6 \14 ? Pf'enl * ^ot No. 7, in square fronting 50 feet on C street south. betw^nn sh and 4}t streets, running back 227 feet containing 11,346, square feet. This lot hSi ?lfflSJ the side and rear, and is well adapted to the erec tion of a ntimber of small tenements, mont?!Wito tatorert?"11 '* WBMta4?f iQ 6 and 12 ap2Q-eoAds GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aunts J- C. McGUIBE & CO., Auctioneers. EXECUTOHS' SALE OF VALUABLE BRICK ti . >iRD AND APPURTENANCES r,nd nutSKllf,T^,0- V1, Witk A*e Brick Residence end Out Buildings, large number of Lots, some of .vhL ZZfiZ! &?&??* J?#?* houstuti ftiher with the Machinery, Material, and JmpU lujHlfJorjhe manufacture of Bricks. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Mky 10th. at 3 Pnn.r.'Wn.oS 8?>all Mil the whole of c q a are 17 os 95 and 96, in the northern part of the *HonMM fc?8t^e??tvWeBt' known as ?i? u Triek whieh is believed to be on<? of the best located In the District, having both ?wfr\nA Washington for a market, an day of sale. . immediately after. We will sell the stock of? Horres. Mules, Carts, Wheelbarrows, Buggy, Moulds, Seines. Sand, Ac., Ac . , n ALSO. vqf0arerN?-Jn' formerly the residence of Colonel Eaton, fronting respectively on Connec ticut avenue. Twentieth street north, Q and R streets, and Nineteenth street west, improved by a large Brick dwelling honse and back buildings, Mr225*e5?vS?8'J'a&?in*2&c 'ftc-; th? wholeen tre^ aSd shrobbery. ^ fra" ",d 0r"meatal ? __ also. Lots, Nos 8.9,10,15,16,17,1?, ao, 31, and 24 in sub division of Square No. 110, fronting each on Twen tieth street, between R and S streets. and 45, in s*me Square, ineteenth street west, between B ancf 8 streets, four or the l?tt?rare improved eaoh with a small frame dwelKng-house, andwiU be sold sep arately. * also, The whole of Square No 94, fronting respectively on Massachusetts avenue, Twentieth and Tventv' first streets west, and north Q Btreets, with the improvements, consisting of one large frame stable and sheds, two small frame houses, and an office. Xermsof sale: One-third cash, the remainder in twelve, and eighteen months with cured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyances, including revenue stamps, at the cost of the purchaser Jn^A'"h.Paj1* ent oneach pieoe of real estate will be required at the time ofsale. GEO. W. HOPKINS,i JOHN 8. HOPKINS. S Ex?cat?*?? ? J. C. MoGUIBE & CO.,Aucts> J^V J. C. McGUIRE k CO., Auctioneers, TRUSTEES' BALE OF~BRICK HOUSE AND LOT on Twelfth street west, between C and D streets north, BRICK HOUSE AND LOT on Eleventh 5^?.?! He8!? between G and H streets north, and VACANT LOT at the corner ef Twelfth street west and north P street. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, May 13, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell, by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, sitting in chancery, passed on the 9th d&yof April, 1864, in a certain cau?e wherein George W. Miller is complainant and Ellen Miller et al. are defend ants, No. 146? Part of Lot No. 1, in Square tfo. 298, fronting 23 feet 9 inches on 12th street west.between north C and D streets, and baisk that width the depth of said lot, together w/Th the improvements, consist ing of a t*o story Brick Dwelling House. Immediately after, part of Lot No. 5. in Square No. 345, fronting 20 feet on 11th street west, be tween G and H streets north, and running b&ok with that width to the rear of said lot, together improvements, coasieting of a two-story Brick Dwelling House. Immediately after. Lot No 9, in Square 279, fronting 25 feet on 12th street west, at the corner of north P street, and running back 85 to a 15-foot al ley. and containing 2,12< square feet of ground. Terms: One-third in eash, and the residue in three equal instalments at six, twelve, and eight een months, with interest, for which the purcha ser shall give notes, secured to the satiBfaction of the Trustee. Tfee purchaser to have the option of paying all in cash. Conveyances and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. If the terms of Bale are not eomplied with in five days from the day ofsale the trustees reserve the right to re-sell, at the risk and cost of the default ing purchaser, on one week's notic* in the National Intelligencer. eEO. A. BOHRIR, 1 ap Veod&ds J. C. McGUIRE A CO , Aucts. gY THOMAS DOWLING Auct'r; Georgetown. VERY VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON BRIDGE PTREBT, GEORGETOWN On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. May3, atio'clock. on the premises, I shall sell, for account of the heirs of Thomaa Ceok, the southwest part of Lot No. I, in Old Georgetown, fronting 23 feet 4 1-2 in ches on Bridge strtet, between Congress and Wash ington streets, running back 270 feet to a wide nub hc alley, improved by a three story Brick Dwelling with back talking, being the property oc cupied by Jos. W. Birch, Erq. Terms: One-half cash; the remainder iu six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust c>n the premises. Conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. ap26-d THOMAS DOWLING. Auctioneer. CJALE OF CONDEMNED HORSES AND MULES ? AT ALEXANDRIA, VA. Chit/ Quartermaster's Office. Depot of Washington.I wur?5?,a5io?d;^^.,v.? 0-?" ficiVa!0' condemned as unfit fbr put lie service. Terms: Cash in Government fundi. ? D. H. RUCKER, Gen. and Chief Quartermaster, ap.26-5t Depot ot Washington. 3,000 HOBS88 W ANTED. War DejmrtmentjCavalry Bureau, One hundred l will be paid for i ... CAVALRY HORSES delivered within the next fifteen (15) days at the Government stables at Giesboro, D. C. , Said horses to be sound in all particulars, not less than P" *?*" purposes. .There specifications will be strictly adhered to and r*ttd:v tnforud in every particular. Payment made on delivery of ten f 10) and over. Heurs of inspection, 9A.H.6 P. M. _, . jaVies a. EKIN, ^'^toiant Colonel and Chief Quartermaster, ?P M-1M Cavalry Bureau. 515 JAMES F. HALIDAY, ^ REAL ESTATE BROKER AND AGENT, No, 613 Elkvksth strkkt, south op Pxsxstl VAW7A ATKHUB, WasHISOTOJT. ?<eolm r?fbige_rators. gg refrigerators. mp o our large stock them to be the ~C~W7B0TET.ER & SON'S House furnishing Stor?, 318 Iron Hall, ftp 13 eoft f ft. ftv., het, ?th and lgth tit, AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC I CANTERBURY HALL, I ANT) HAL L j canterbury HALL,? THEATER Louisiana Aycsux, f Ntar Cttiur (J Sixth Strut, Run of National and Metropolitan Houls. tji~ _ ' ? Iign of the Big Calcium Light. ? GlOEOl L?l_ ? .Proprietor W. E. Cakayacgh Stage Manager. IMMENSE ATTRACTION? IMMENSE ATTRACTION 1 IMMENSE ATTRACTION ! IMMENSE ATTRACTION I The manager takes pleasure in announcing to his patrons and the public that he haft effected an engagement with a GRAND COMEDY combination I GRAND COMEDY COMBINATION ! GRAND COMEDY combination I Whirh includes the names of some of the mast talented artistes in the world, for the express pur pose of presenting, in an acceptable manner, FARCE, COMEDY AND BURLESQUE ' FARCE, COMEDY AND burlesque ! FARCE, COMEDY AND BURLESQUE ! First appearance of MRS. FRANK drew ! MRS. FRANK drew !' MRS. FRANK drew t MRS. FRANK drew ! MRS. FRANK drew ! MRS. FRANK drew ! The celebrated Comedienne, from Niblo's Garden, N* Y' MR. J. D* FORREST, MB. J. Db FORREST, MR. J. De FORREST, The talented Light Comedian, from Niblo's, N. Y. MISS NELLIE HOWARD, MISS NELLIE HOWARD, MISS NELLIE HOWARD! The most beautiful and attractive female Jig Dancer In America. ' ? MR. SAM RAIN FORTH, MR. SAM JLUNFORTH, MR. SAM RAIN FORTH, The renowned Pantomimisi and Maitre de Ballet. M LLE CORDELIA M LLE cordelia A5D M LLE IRENE D ESTEPHE ? M LLE IRENE D'E8TEPHE ! The accomplished Danseuses, in conjunction with the Standard Favorites. JOHN mulligan," JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN mulligan! W. B. CAVENAUGH, W. B. cavenaugh, J. H. dougherty, J. H. DOUGHKRTY, J. H. DOUGHERTY! DELEnANTY AND WARD, delrhanty AND WARD, delehanty AND WARD! BILLY WEST, BILLY WEST, BILLY WEST. W. H. WILLIAMS, W. H. WILLIAM8, W. H.WILLIAMS, MISS JENNIE ENGEL, MISS JENNIE ENGBL, MISS JENNIE ENGEL, JENNIE FORHtST, MAGGIE WILSON, ESTELLS FORREST, LUCY CLIFTON, EMMA SCHELL, The Laughable Negro Sketch of OLE BULL IN A TIGHT PLACE I OLE BULL IN A TIGHT PLACE I OLE BULL IN A TIGHT PLACE 1 Ole Bull* .John Mulligan The Faroes of THE ROUGH DIAMOND ! THE ROUGH DIAMOND * ? . THE ROUQH DIAMOND! SKETCHES IN INDIA 1 SKETCHES IN INDIA! SKETCHES IN INDIA! AND A DAY IN PARIS! AND A DAY IN PARIS ! AND A DAY IN PARIS ! With Mrs. Frank Drew, Mr. J. De Forrest and W, B. Cavanaugh in the east. In active preparation, and will shortly be pro* duced, with New Scenery, the $500 IPRIZB DRAMA, by John L. Poole, Esq., entitled the MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, mountain QUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, mountain OUTLAW. Or, the WRECK OV A LIFE! As performed in New York for four sacoessf .il weeks. ' * r \ ; !/>u ; f ?. Adrnisrion ~.. ,?~ ?.J. fo 25 Orchfstrft?? ? ? ?? ? *- ?? ?. ???-.. ??? ??. ? ? ? 50 Private Boxes, holdin* six persona 5 <x> Doors open at 7 o'clock; Performance to com mence at 8 o'clock. . J&oqd - ??(???? nr* ? .? < ? : '1 I ? ;? I ^ ?' <; ? ? r.*V " i s - FAMILY MATINEE ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, AT 3 O'CLOCK, Admission?Ladies 26 cento; Children 10 eentf, -k.j o d: i) ; iuii ? ' n. u: t* " - ; - i .... 1 ' ? ?' . '/ ?: . , ? * ?> ? ?' ?*; ??. j . wp( i <"?; ? ?? A* f?' r - * .. tt- ' SNOWS celebrated TROUPE OF performing DOGS AND MONKEYS Are engaged and will shwtly appear, AMUSEMENTS. FORD'S NEW THEATER, TSKTB STRICT, ABOTJI PlNNflTLYANlA Atbjtcs, BENEFIT OP H. B. PHILLIPS, Stage Manager. ?THIS (Wednesday) EVENING, April 27, When will be presented the grand historical play of Oh. THE COUNCIL OF^ONs/taNCE. ?*?al*r? a rich Jeweller Mr. H. B.Phillips John 'wester ... Mr. J. A. Heme Rachel Mendizabal, the Jewess... .Miss Alicfc Gray The performance will conclude with the charm ing comedy of ? _ ? THE LITTLE TREASURE. Mr#. J. H Allen as.. ? .Gertrude aa played by her in New York with great success. THURSDAY, EDWIN TORREST, v.nce more and for th< lafit time, in bis great char acter, JACK CADE, In preparation, the grand spectacle of the . ? V A T A HITFFN. GROTER'I THEATER. Pennsylvania at., nba* Willard's Hotel. Leonard Ukotm . ..-.Director THIS (Wednesday) EVENING, April 27,18S1, THIRD NIGHT OF THE Great Tragic Alliance. MR. E. L. DAVENPORT. MR J W. WALLAOK, AND MRS. FARREN. Only time most positively in S'.akspeare's sublime creation, the glorious play which, in bril liancy of ideas, perfection of expresaion, arrange ment of scenes, jrrandenr of effects, force of argu ment and morality of deduction, eclipse* any play in this or any oth#r tongue. It is one truly worthy to be entitled the sublime imagery of Shakspcare. The performance will consist of Shakspeare'-* five-act Tragedy of HAMLET Hamlet, Nephew of King Claudius, ' Mr. E. L. Davenport In which he is unequaled by any living actor. Ghost of Hamlet's Father Mr. J. w! Wallack tiueen Gertrude, Mother of Hamlet. .Mrs. Farren THURSDAY, COMEDY NIGHT ! The two fine Comedies, WILD OATS AND THE LANCERS. WASHINGTON THEATRE* Eleventh St., near C. On THURSDAY EVENING. April 2S, 1?U, Big. Brignoli ?s second and positively last Grand Concert, together with the following unprecedented array of artists from Mai .Uaretzeck's Italian Opera Company. MISS LAURA HARRIS, SIG. BRIGNOLI. SIG. DRAGONI, Mr. J. N. PATTISON. _ Me. H. MOLLENHAUER, SIG. I. NUliO. PROGRAMME. 1 Fantasia for the Violoncello.Mr H Mollenhauer 2 Romania, Maria di Rnlenz Sig Dragoni 3 Casatina, Lucia di Lammermoor, Miss Laura Harris i Duett, Martha Sigs Brignoli and Dragoni 5 Fantasia for Piano, Martha Mr J N Paitison 6 Romania. Faust ~ Sig Brignoli ' )b? Sunrise MazonskaCaprice.t ^ ^ Pattison 8 Scotch Song, "Coming thro' the Rye,'' Miss Harris 9 8olo Violoncello, "Sounds from thn Alps," Mr H Mollenhauer 10 Duett, Don Pasiuale, M iss Harris and Si<r Brignoli 11 Fantasia, air Ru=Be, by request.Mr J N Pattison 12 Terzett. Atilla, Miss Harris, Sigs Brignoli and Dragoni Ticket?, One Dollar each. ' Secured seats.^ . .V) cent/* extra Sale to commence TO-DAY, at Metzerott's music store. ap 27-2t VARIETIES! VARIETIES ( MUSIC IIALL AND THEATER. SIGN OF THE BTOOEST DRUMMOND LIGHT ! SIGN OF THE REVOLVING AND GLOBE LIGHTS ' THE ILLUMINATED AMUSEMENT TEMPLE FRONTING Pknksylvania Avknde fc Ninth Strbkt Haxblin A Co ?? Proprietors FlTX SlMMOVH . A A-.. Hoc. NF.W NOVELTY WEEK ! J. S. MAFFIT, J. S. MAFFIT, J. S. MAFFIT, J. S. MAFFIT, J. S. MAFFIT J. S. MAFFIT, Just from the J. S. MAFFIT, I J. S. MAFFTT, AMERICAN J. S. MAFFIT, J. S. MAFFIT. T n E A T E R. J. S. MAFFIT J. a. MAFFIT, Broadway, N. Y. J. S. MAFFIT, J. 8. MAFFIT. _ J. S. MAFFIT, IN A GREAT COMIC PANTOMIME, WITH A STAR TROiJPE OP PANTOMIVISTS I MISS FRIEL*and M'LLE WINLEL, KERNS AND THOMPSON. SHELDON'S PALLET TROUPE, MISS MAGGIE ATLANTA. Also. THE STAR COMPANY. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. Ladies' and Clerks' Drkss Assemblage. JACK SHEPI'ARD in preparation. Admission 28 and 50 c<'nt?; private boxes $5. Performance at 8 in the evening. METROPOLITAN HALL, PlNNSTLV ANIA AVENUE AND ELEVENTH STREET. GARDINER A CO ? Proprietors. INCREASED COMPANY! gUTERI OR ATTRACTIONS! In addition to the old favorites, many new on^s will add to the general popularity of this highly popular Music Hall. TO-NIGnT, JENNY LIND AND MY PLEASANT NEIGHBOR. With Songs, Dances, Ethiopian Acts, k c. Look out for those cominff, MISS EMMA GARDINER, MISS NELLIL TAYLOR, And the Ethiopian Comedians FATTY STEWART, HARRY ENOCHS, And the celebrated Comic Sincer, TOM VANCE. GRAND FAMILY MATINEE EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON, AT 3 O'CLOCK. Admission 25 and 50 cents. Private Boxes ?3 and 85. ap 21-tf PROF. G. BORG, LESSONS ON THE GUITAR, <$??. Call and hear the Professor perform, then lBf* you will jr.ilce whether yon will learn or not.uHl You will al*o see what can be done on the?^ Guitar. 341 south 10th street,eorner of C, on the Island, at Mrs. Robey's. ap 21-6t* ^ NOW OPEN IN Slf WASHINGTON, sSlS A, FIRST-CLASS NEW YORK millinery ESTABLISHMENT, Where can always be found the most extensive and recherche styles of spring and summer Millinery and Straw Goods ever offered in this city. Also, the largest and richest assortment of Chil dren's Fancy Hats, Ladles' Riding and Promenade Hats. Infants' Hats, Caps and Turbans, Misses' and Boys' Hats in every variety and 6tyle. No pains or trouble has been spared in having the newest and most fashionable stock of goods in the above line ever offered to the public. MISS J. 8ANFORD, No. 4 Market Space, ap 22-lw* 2d door from 9th street. Refrigerator 81 REFRIGERATORS! Call and see our stock just received. E. H. & H. I. GREGORY, ap 23-6t 331 Penn. avenue. UDUBON'6 BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA, in five vols., royal octavo of text, and one magnificent folio volume of plates, (size 27 by 40 inches,) in fine binding. For sale?one copy only price ?2C0, by ap23 FRANCK TAYLOR. ?ARRIAGES AND HARNESS fob BALE. Just receired and for sale, of the very latest styles, six Shifting-Ton, six Plain Top. and five Ho-Top BUGGIES J twelve^ j^ghtOne-Horse CARRIAGES and two J Thirty se>ts Single and twenty 8?ts Double HAR NESS, some extra fine. . . j n A ? ?MAUlS" " " THoSffi *00*0, ap 23-lm No. 409 Pennsylvaniaavanue. pREBH STOCK OF SPRING GOODS. We are now receiving our spring ro pply ?#RE FRIGERATORS, WATER COOLERS, BROOMS, BUCKETS, Dust, White-Wash and other BRUSH. ES, with many other goods suitable for house keepers. ? ' ... j Special attention is invited to the celebrated Winship Refrigerator, by far the best in nee; also to the Union Carpet Sweeper, dwrtgned for com F OR 8ALL 'SAM Montgomery county* mu. aibv, ? ** perfect order, cost $13#. Persons wishing to pur ohase Euch articles will do well to call and exam ine the above at my retldenfcev two mitos from E. HTOTfa. w' ?giSVffi&ia, to w^ioh we call the attention oi ttt? citisena and MM-SBf""7' K>NTZ * QRIFIITH, TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. [ASSOCIATED PRESS DISPATCHES.] FROM NORTH CAROLINA. The Rebel Ram. Nbwbbkn, April 20.?The terrible ram which baa been, and is expected to be farther, the caate of so much distraction in this district, is described as follows: In shape she resembles the destroyed ram Merritnac, and like her, carries an instrument of destruction at her prow, which renders her so peculiarly dangerous with wooden vessels. She is built of heavy iron-plat*, brought partly from Wilmington and partly from At lanta, Georgia, and is of rather olumsy move ment. She possesses one aperture at her fore part for the use of a heavy can; but her main purpose is to destroy bv concussion. She is accompanied by a formidable water battery, securely protected by cotton bales, behind which artillery and small arms can be evsran'i narfi It is understood that the rebels have likewise two others* one at Kinston and one at Golds bcro. At the latter point they are known to have organized a complete naval brigade. From this, and in connection with the heavy force now menacing?supposed to number some sixteen or seventeen thousand men and some thirty-six pie:es of artillery?it is evident that the rebels design to compel the Union evacuation of North Carolina. LATER. Important if Trc.e?Our Flag still Floating Over the Fortifications at Plymouth. New burn, April 23.?Beports from Ply mouth have it that our flag still floats over onr fortifications in the place, though the enemy have possessed the town and the river. It is said that Gen. WesselU retired with bis force into the fortifications with fifteen days' pro visions. This report appears to be believed. On the arrival of more gunboats we shall be able to reach Plymouth and ascertain the fact. Washington and Newborn are much better fortified than Plymouth was. The funeral obsequies of Commander Flus ser took place here on the 23d. THE RED RIVER EXPEDITION. The late Rattles iaLouisiana?The Rebels Maintain their Position?Banks Retreats to Grand Ecore?Kirby Smith Reported Killed. St. Lotjip, April 25 ?Cairo dates of yester day, by mail, say the steamer Yon Phnl, irom New Orleans the evening of the 18th, has ar rived. It seemed to be generally conceded that the battles in Louisiana had been against Banks for, while the enemy remained on the ground after Saturday's fight, Banks retreated forty miles. The transport Black Hawk suffered consid erably from the enemy, besides having several killed and wounded. The report that there was another fight on the 10th was a mistake. The steamers Rob Roy and Mattie Stephens bad arrived at New Orleans from the Red river, having run the gauntlet of a large num ber of guerrillas on the banks. The Rob Roy had four guns, and fought most of her way down. A cannon ball passed through the clerk's office. One soldier was killed and five wounded on th'e Mattie Stephens. The rebels are still in the vicinity of Pleasant Ridge. Our army was at Grand Ecore, forti fying on both banks of the river. Admiral Porter reported that there were only five feet of water at Grand Ecore. The gun boat Eastport waa aground there. All the large boats were below, but those of light draught were above. Prisoners say that Kirby Smith and Sibly were killed in the recent battles. THR WAR I* THY. KnT'Tun'PlT Forrest's Force Marching Toward Ala bama?Folk Marching North?Grierson Still Pursaiag Forrest?Evacuation of Camden. Arkansas, by Price?Gen. Steele Takes Possession. St. Louif*, April 25.?Memphis dates to the 22d say Forrest's entire force was moving to ward Alabama, followed by Grierson. Polk is said to be marching North. Forrest, will probably join him. On the morning of the 2ist Grierson's cavalry came upon some of Forrest's troops near Hudsonville, Mississippi. A Sharp fight ensued, and the rebels retreated in ?Le direction of Jackson, passing through Lagrange. A number of prisoners, horses, mules, wagons, &c., were taken and carried to Mem phis. Gen. Price has evacuated Camden, Arkansas, and Gen. Steele occupied the place. About 100 guerillas burned a large lot of wood near Farfleld Point on Friday, and captured a number of citizens of Brownsville. Memphis, April 22.?Grierson has picked up a few of Forrest's men; but Forrest keeps his troops well together, and is too strong for suc cessful attack. His headquarters are still at Jackson, Tenn. From Arkansas. St. Lotris, April 26.?Late Little Rock dates say that Mr. Allison, of Jefferson county, has been elected Speaker of the Arkansas Legisla ture. Mr. Carson, a member of the House, re cently captured by guerrillas, has escaped, and arrived at Little "Rock. The Legislature will immediately provide for the organization of the State militia, the raising of the revenue, and adopt measures rendering it impossible for the rebels and copperheads to grasp the reins ef government. From the South?Richmond in Danger. ' Fortress Monroe, April 26.?The Peters burg Express of the 22d inst. says instructions are given to the First Auditor of the Treasury to remove his bureau from Richmond to Mont gomery next week. A dispatch from Mobile, dated April 19, says: "The Red river has suddenly fallen, leaving forty transports and gunboats above the raft, which cannot get out until the water rises/' Green, the Maiden Murderer, Sentenced to be Hung. Lowell, Mass., April 25.?Edward W. Green, who murdered Frank Converse, teller of the Maiden Bank, was to-day sentenced to be hanged. There was an Immense crowd in and around the court house to hear and know the sentence. Green received it with apparent calmncss. Heavy Artillery Ordered to Washington. Boston, April 25.?All companies of heavy artillery in this State are ordered to Washing ton. A sufficient number of Massachusetts militia will take their places in the forts. OFFIG IAL. Dismissals for the Week ending April 23, l?64. Major W. T. Strickland, 32d Indiana volun teers, to date April 16, 1364, for general ineffi ciency and incompetency. Captain P. J. Phillips, 3d regiment Veteran Reserve Corps, to date April 'J, 1861, for drunk enness. Captain Daniel Gillett, 120th New York vol unteers, to date March 28,19&4, for being in the city of Washington without authority. .. Assistant Surgeon James C. Thorpe, 9thOhio cavalry, to date April 18, 19&J, for habitnal drunkenness and neglect of duty." Assistant Surgeon Thomas L. Morgan, 10th Missouri volunteers, to date April 20,1364, for habitnal drunkenness, gross neglect of duty, and absence wifhont leave. First Lieutenant Francis E. Lacey, 2d United States infantry; First Lieutenant Thomas Jiyrne, 2d United States infantry; and First Lieutenant James Butler, 2d United States in fantry, to date April 21, 1S84, lor absenting themselves from their camp in violation of orders. Second Lieutenant Addison M. Bloom, 12Sth Ohio volunteers, to date April 1664, for drunkenness on duty and conduct unbecom ing an officer an# gentleman. Second Lieutenant J. H. Neesell, 7th Kansas cavalry, to date April 18,1861, for gambling and offering to bribe an officer of the Provost Guard. Second Lieutenant Max Von Gaspers, 4th Missouri cavalry, to data April 22, 1361,for OJBobedienoe of orders, neglect at duty, and violation ?f the forty-second article of war. The following officer*, to date M?rcb y?, 1*44, for absence ?without leave, having been pnb lif hed officially and failed to appear before the commission: Surgeon A. Weidenback, 37th Ohio volan teers. Second Lieutenant Alexander D. Patten, l'c?h Indiana volunteers. The order of dismissal heretofore issued in the ewe of Captain Henry W. Manning, ?let Illinois volunteers, to date March 2?, 18*1, tor gross public drunkenness and breach of arrert, has been confirmed. Dishonorably Discharged. _ Lieutenant John Waltunshaw. ?olan.wr?, to <?.? ? having tendered his resignation for insuf ficient cause at the approach of the seaaon for active campaigns. Dismissals Revoked. The orders of dismissal in the following ? have been revoked: Captain M. A. Downing, 1st New York mounted rifles. Assistant Surgeon David Scott, 143d Penn sylvania volunteers; and hehasbeennonorablv discharged upon tender of resignation, as of the date of the order of dismissal. Restored ta Commission. The following officers, heretofore dismissed are iestored, with pay from the date at which they rejoin their regiments for duty, provided tiie vacancies have not been filled by the Gov ernors of their respective States: Captain W A. Ham, 3d New York independ ent battery. Lieutenant George Brown, ;th Vermont vol unteer?. _ ' Recalled. I&64, in the case of Second Lieutenant A. B. Farnsworth, Ilth United States infantry, is re called, there having been no order of dismissal issued in his case. Disability Removed. The disability to re-enter the military ser vice resulting from dismissal therefrom in the case of S. M. Preston, late Captain and Assistant Adjutant General, has been removed. GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS. A Resolution iu relation to the station-house. Resolved by the Board of Aldtrmen and Board of femmon (oyncit of the Corpora?!#* of Georgetow* That the Clerk is hereby instructed to pay to th* Sergeant of the Georgetown Metropolitan Police tweuty-five dollar, quarterly yearly, for service of scavenger, until further ordered?the same to be paid upon proper vouchers. further. That so much of the resolution entitled A resolution in favor of the Orphans' Court, W. Polkmhorn, C. Wilson, and for another purpose.'' as is inconsistent with this resolution, be, and the same is hereby, repealed. Approved id April. 1861. A Resolution fixing the rates of wharfage on fish. Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council <xf the Corporation Qf Georgetown That the renter of the fish wharf is hereby author ised to charge and collect twenty-five cents for every one hundred shad, and the like sum for every one thousand herring, or for every one hundred bunches of Btring or bunch tiah that may be landed on said wharf. Resolvd, further. That so much of an ordinance ' tor }*f.e ""ting and the regulation of the fish wharf," approved February 5.1853. or of any other ordinance or resolution that is inconsistent with tins. be. and the same is hereby, repealed. Approved 2d April, 1864. A Resolution granting John B. Davidson the privilege of cennecting a four inch pipe with the water main on Water street. Resolvid by the Boa-d of Aldermtn and Board of C&mmon Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, That John B. Davidson be, and he is hereby, per mitted to tap the water main in front of his ware house on Water street, and to connect therewith a four-inch water pipe; provided that he have tbe I ntcecsary work done and the street restored to the I condition it was before the pavement was taken up. without cost to the Corporation. Approved 2d April, 1864. A Resolution to pay certain claims. Resolved by the Board of Aldtr men and Board of Common Counctl of the Corporation of Georgetown. That the Clerk pay to the orderof R. R. Hazard sir hundred and eighty-five dollars and fifty-seven cents, in full of bis bill for repairing pomps id tbis town, of date July 6.1889: to tbe order of Win H. Godey sixty-three dollars, in full of his bill for lime furnished this town to September 3, 1863; to the orderof James F. Essex sixty-seven dollars and fifty cents, in full of his bill for three months' livery of Corporation korse. from January 1 to March 31,1864. inclusive; to the order of Wm H Fletcher ninety-five dollars and eighty-six cents' in full of his bill for repairing the arch on Markei street, corner of Third; to the order of George si* dollars and fifty cents, for his bill for Vr? ? V.1 Wai ao? loot, fcv ?1.v vidvt Ui J fjt ?ln?teen dollars and twelve cents, for bi4 bill for brick furnished for repairing the above arch: to the order of Joseph Libbey sixteen dollars and two cents, for his bill for lumber for the same dated February 4, lgf>4; to the order of James God dnrd thirty dollars, for his bill for furnishing oer h tain signs for the use of this Corporation, dated March 25. 1864: to the order of C. Myers fifty-five dollais. in full for his bill for coal furnished for station-house and Clerk's office, to March 29,136* Approved April 9, 1864. A Resolution for furnishing the station-house. Resolved by tke Board of Aldtr men and Board of Ummon Council of the Corporation of Georgetown. TVat the sum of seventy-five dollars, or so mucti thereof as maybe necessary, be appropriated for the rurpose of procuring a book case and other turniture for the station-house?said sum to be expended under the direction of E. J. Shoemaker [Approved April 9.1864. ' A Resolution to pay certain claims. Resolved by the. Board of Aldermen and Board of (or,.vion Council of the Corporation of Georgetown. That the Clerk pay to the order of J. F Birch ten dollars, for rent of room for the Judges of elections in the First Precinct; to the order of John Con nor ten dollars, for renl.of room for the judges of elections in the fcecond Precinct; to the order of Henry Reaver ten dollars, for rent of room for the judges of elections. Third Precinct; and to the order of W. Burdett ten dollars, for rent of room for the judges of elections. Fourth Preeinct, in the late> elections in this town. Approved April 9,1864. A Resolution in regard to certain leases. Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, That the leases heretofore granted by this Corpo ration to Josias &. Hilleary Thompson of wharf lots No. 32 and 33, and of lot 31 to Messrs. Bomford A bourse, and all other leases of the same property, are hereby declared forfeited, and the Mayor is hereby requested to re-enter the said property in the name of the Corporation. Approved April 9, 1864. A Resolution in favor of Peter Von Essen. Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, That the Clerk pay to the order of Peter Von Essen tbe sum of twelve dollars, in full of his bill for fur nishing horse and wagon to the police at different times. [Approved April 9, 1864. A Resolution in relation to the high service BISKSFfeSS?. to "" "m? Resolved by the Board of Aldermen an<l Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown. That the Water Board be, and they are hereby requested to call the attention of the Chief Engi neer of tke Washington Aqueduct, or whoever may have the control of its affairs, to the fact that the high service pumping engine has not, as here tofore managed, furnished a sufficient quantity of water for the hijher portions of our town, and that tney urge upon aim the importance and necessity of having an additional pump constructed, or of making such improvements in the present one ati will secure to the large portion of our citizens de pendent upon it the advantages of a sufficient and uninterrupted supply of Potomac water. Resolved, futther.That as the drinking hydrants which are inserted in the gas light posts of the town have proved, after more than four years' trial, to be unfit for the purposes for which they were intended, the Water Engineer be, and he in hereby, authorised and directed to substitute tha Bartholomew hydrant for such of them as in his judgment may from time to time so much ont of repair as to justify their discontinuance, and in such places as the public convenience may require; provided that the whole number of Bar tholomew hydrants erected during the present year shall not exceed thirty. Resolved, fuxther. That whenever any of the hy drants on Bridge street, called fire-plug hydrants, shall need repairs which shall require the expendi tures of fifteen dollars or more, the Water Engi neer be, and ke ia hereby, authorised to ha%a erected near to, and to bo used in place of the hydrant needing such repairs, a Bartholomew or other suitable hydrant of simple and substantial construction, easy to repair, and having its sepa rate stop-coek, and repair the old hydrant only so that it will answer the purposes of a fire-plug. Resolved, further. That there be, and is hereby. liuiuer UI a private oriraufc ?uuui *aar f??wr LUfl neer shall report as having permitted his or their hydrant to remain open or running, or who shall fail to make the necessary repairs to them after the Water Engineer shall given him or them due notice to do tbe same. Tbe Water Engineer shall have the power to shut the water off whonhe shall deem it expedient. Approved April 9,1864. rauioiB Moaua.l [raaaoiss. MUHUN * SOU, Bcooxssoas to J. T. Luoui, LUMBER DEALERS* Canal, Between Urt and 134 Waskiagton, D. O. Tke nndsrslgast having purchased tke Lumber Yard of Mr. Jao. T. Lenman, are now prepared furnish Leather of all kinds at the marl They desire to eail attention to their large 1 vhleh eeasists la part of the following kinds: Aboat 100,000 bet Walnut, all thiaknsssss, HOflOO feet h Poplar, prime, JD0.000 14 Oak and Aab, various sises, MODjm fleet Beantling and Joist, ail lengths, 1,000,000 " White Piae Callings, .4 fOOjOM ** 41 Flooring, Also, a large quantity of all other kindsof Lumber ink 18 3m MOHUK * DON.

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