Newspaper of Evening Star, April 27, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 27, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMUSJEHJKNT8 TO NIGHT. Obovm'8 Theatkr?THe great tragic alli ance, Messrs. Waliack and Davenport, and Mrs. Farren, will to-night appear in Shak speare's sublime play of Hamlet" Mr. Gro wer announces that this is the only time this play will be performed. "Hamlet" will be represented by Mr. Davenport; "The Ghost" by Mr. Waliack, and "l^ueen Gertrude ' by Mrs. Farren. Ford's 'j hiatrb.?Mr. H. B. Phillips, the efficient stage manager at Ford's, will take a benefit to-night, and as Mr. P. is an admirable Srformer, and is greatly esteemed in private s as well, he will no doubt have a fine house. The grand historical play of the " Jewess" is announced, and will embrace all of Mr. Pord's company in the cast. The charming comedy, "The Little Treasure," will conclude the entertainment. Cawterrt:ry.?The farces of the "Rough Diamond," "Sketches in India," and "A Day In Paris" will be performed to-night, as will also a large number of songs, acts and dances, many of them of a novel and entertaining char acter. Mrs. Frank Drew, Mr. .1. De Forrest, INellie Howard, and others are performing here. Varieties.?The entertainment to be given to-night at this resort will be, as nsaal, very well worth attending. J. S. Maffit, Maggie Priel, Una Windel, Kerns, Thompson, and Sheldon's ballet troupe are all performing ibere. Metropolitan Hall.?Many new per formers have lately been added to the already fine company at this resort. To-night the bur lesques "Jenny Lind" and "My Pleasant ^Neighbor" will both be performed. Fairs.?At Odd Fellows'Hall, the fair for the benefit of the Fourth Presbyterian Cburch is still in successful operation, and it is in every way attractive and deserving of an extended ?ktronage. To-morrow night there will be an teresting visit of Odd Fellows to this fair, and on Friday night the Knights Templar are expected to pay the fair room a visit. On Sat urday night there will be a vocal and Instru mental concert of the most attractive character. At Pompeian Hall, Georgetown, the fair for the benefit of the Catholic Free Schools will be continued throughout the present week. The cause is a good one, and deserves aid. Ball.?The Young Men's Social Club, will give their first grand ball to-night at Temper ance Hall. Lovers of the dance will not have many better opportunities of enjoyment. Removed.?Mr. A. Watson has been removed by Postmaster General Blair from a clerkship in the Post Office Department; the cause, it is understood, being the using of disrespectful language toward the President, both in and out of office. It was Mr. Watson who made the Tabid copperhead speech against Mr. Lincoln at the Union League Room meeting on Friday might last. The demand upon the Administra tion, expressed by resolution and otherwise, at late meetings of the Republican Association, lor the dismissal of unpatriotic clerks, has met With a prompt and satisfactory response. Meeting op : ^tropolitan Police.?Pur suant to a call pu jiished in Star by the officers of the Fourth Ward, delegates from all the police precincts except the First or County, Second or Boundary, and Fourth or First "Ward, met in the Council Chamber at 8 o'clock last night. Roundsman Eckloff, of the Fourth Ward, was called to the chair, and officer Crump, of the Eighth Precinct, was appointed Secretary. The first business in order being the call for resolutions, Mr. Thomas Pendle of tne Fourth Ward, J. V. Grant of the Second, and a dele gate from the Sixth, presented resolutions. On motion of Mr. Frazier, the resolutions were referred to a committee composed of the following officers, to consider and report which series would be proper for adoption: Messrs. Grant, Lipscomb, Noonan, Cronin, Pierce, Clark, and Hepburn, of the precincts repre sented, and Mr. Seibold of the Sanitary detail. Alter about fiiteen minutes' consultation, the committee reported the following preamble and resolutions, offered by Mr. Pendle, which were adopted: Whereas the act of Congress establishing the Metropolitan Police force of the District of Columbia, approved Angust 6, A. D. 1861, and gives to each policeman the sum of forty dol lars per month, excepting the sergeants of the police, whose pay is fifty dollars per month: And whereas since the passage of said act the price of living in this District has increased at least one hundred percent, in fact so sudden and great has been the increase, particularly in house rent and necessary provisions, as to make it utterly impossible for a policeman, although exercising the utmost prudence and economy, to make the scanty pittance received support himself and family; henoe at the ex piration of the month he finds himself in debt lor the actual necessaries of life: and where as, during the past year the corporate authori ties ef Washington and Georgetown, including the Levy Court, appreciating eur necessities, generously advanced to each policeman the sum of 810 per month, which advance, how ever, will soon cease and terminate; and whereas, the utter inadequacy of the salary received, and the very responsible duties de volving on the policemen of this District, and requiring, as it does, more than usual vigilance, skill, and business tact, and is apparent to each and every person; and whereas, experience teaches that, to secure efficient and honest men lor any position, they must be placed above want and temptation, and paid in proportion to the duties and responsibilities of their office: and whereas, in view of these facts, in justice to ourselves and families, it becomes us to make one united effort to obtain some relief from the burdens under which we labor; therefore, be it Resolved by the Metropolitan rolicemen of the District of Columbia, That a committee con sisting of one member trom each precinct be appointed by the chair, with instructions to wait on the appropriate committees of the hon orable Senate and House of Representatives of the United States as soon as possible, and inform them of the Action of this meeting, and respectfully and earnestly appeal to them and urge upon them an Increase of the compensa tion of the policemen ol this District to corres pond with the present high prices of living. Retolxedjfurther, That the Board of Commis sioners and the Superintendent of Police, edi tors and conductors of newspapers, and all 8ood citizens generally, be, and thev are here y, respectfully requested to co-operate with the said committee, and urge our claims to relief. _ Resolved^/urther, That the corporate authori ties of Washington and Georgetown, through their respective heads and appropriate com Tuittees, be requested to act in conjunction with the special committee hereby appointed. A petition to Congress was also reported by the committee, but it was deemed unnecessary and laid on the table. Mr. Pendle (who acted as the committee to represent the police to the District Committee before the recent action of the Senate) said that the petition of the police was presented to the Senate in time for consideration before the passage of the Senate proposition. He attended the committee to urge the matter, and if possible secure an advance of wages. During his at tendance there he met Mayor Wallacb, who generously co-operated with him, and did all In his power to secure the increase. In fact, Mr. Wallach assured the committee that the Corporation of Washington would be willing to give each policeman 8125 if the Government would give them 8045; and the entire inade quacy of the present pay for a livelihood was urged by him on the committee. After the action of the Senate, Mr. Peddle went to the Hon. Mr. Morrill and explained the effect of the Senate's proposition. Mr. Mor rill declared that the intention of the Senate was to advance the salary, and not to take a cent from the policemen's wages, and invited the polios to make a statement of what they thought would be reasonable and proper for their compensation. Mr. Pendle urged speedy action of the com mittee to wait upon Congress. The chairman announced the following com mittee to wait upon Congress:?Messrs. Grant, Lipscomb, Noon an, Cronin, Pierce, Clark, Hepbnrn and Seibold. On motion of Mr. Pendle, the committee were instructed to ask that the salary be increased to 875 per month. _ ? The meetinK then adjourned to meet on Tues day next at o'clock p. m. Sales or Real Estate.?J. c. McGuire A Co. sold yesterday afternoon the following property, via: Part of lot 5, Square 414, on Ninth street, be tween G and H streets south, to Thomas A. Mitchell, for 8* cents. Lots 35 and 36, in Square 300, G street south, between Ninth and Tenth streets, to Alfred Hail, for eif cents. Lots 23 and 21, same front, Thos. A. Mitchell, for ? cents. Lots 25 and 86, same front, to J. Hepburn, f<* 7 cents. Lot 7, to Square 92, corner of North S street and T srenty.first street west, to Thomas Varnell, at 96% cents. Lot* 4, 5 and 6, same square, to same pur chaser, at 1? cents. Thomas Dowling, auctioneer, Georgetown, yesterday afternoon disposed of the following property. House and lot, corner of West and Congress streets, two-story brick, to T. A. Car roll, at 85,710. Three lots, fronting on West street, just west of ths ho ass referred te, front ing thirty feet each, to Riley A. Shinn, at 840-50 per front foot. Lot next adjoining those three, on the west, to C. B. Jewell, at 57.50 per front foot. Lot next adjoining, on the west, to S. B. Brown, at 868 psr front foot. Lot fronting on the west side of Congress street, north of ths iiouse, u> Joseph Libbey, at 831 par front toot. Lot next adjotning that, on the north, to E. B. Barrett, at 833 per front toot Lot and house on High street, just north of West, tfty feet Cirat, sold uatfcarUtt Stub lex ta,W. V* on the northwest corner of Prospect and Fred erick streets, fronting seventy-three feet on Prospect street, sold to Edward Lynch, at f6l per front foot Thb Baltimorb Ahkual Cohfereicc* of the African M. ?. Church, which has been in session in this city for the last ten days, ad journed this morning to meet in Baltimore next April. The following are the appointments: Washington Oily?Israel Church, J. R. V. Thomas; Union Bethel, Q.T. Watkins; E street Chapel, J. Nicholson. Georgetown, D. C.?John J. Herbert. Alexandria, Va.?M. F. Slnby. Maryland?Baltimore city?Bethel Church, S.L.Hamnonds; Ebenezer Church, J. P. Camp bell; Watera' Chapel, Jamee D. S. Hall; Union Bethel, D. W. Moore; Frederick city, B.T. Tan ner; Hagerstown, Wm. W. Waters; Cumber land, R. A Hall: Hancock, D. Draper; Wash ington county, S. Wilmore: Ellicott's Mills, D. Ridout; Annapolis, J. F. Lane; Long Green, R. F. Way man; Port Deposit, S. P. Byard; Havre-de-Grace, Wm. H. Hopkins; Elkton, to be supplied; Easton, G. M. Whiting. Pennsylvania?Lewiston, G. E. Boyer; Hol lidaysburg, N. H. Turpin; Chambersburg, J. R. Henry: Harrtsbnrg, Joseph Nelson. Delaware.?Wilmington, H. J. Rhodes; Smyrna, G. Waters; Camden, W. H. Williams; Frederica, to be supplied; Lfewistown, Isaac J. Pindell; Laurel, to be supplied. Virginia.?Norfolk Station, John M. Brown; Portsmouth Station, J. A. Handy; Norfolk Cir cuit, James Tynes; Portsmouth Circuit, J. F. Scisson South Carolina Mission.?James Lynch. Florida Mission.?G. Greely Chaplains United States A~my, H. M. Tur ner and W. H. Hunter. D. SLiith transferred te Ohio Conference. F. J. Peck, transferred to New York. The General reference will meet in Phila delphia next Monday. The delegates will leave Baltimore on Saturday morning for the Conlerenqp. Port of Gborgxtowh.?Entered?The H. J. Deleney, Roone, from Philadelphia. Cleared?Schooners Action, Simmons, Hun gary river; Spray, Thorn, Accomac; Cornelia, Reid. Nanticeke; Charles Dennis, Smith, New York; Caroline, Spanlding; do.; Henry May, Parker, Baltimore; Armoniia, Cavalier, Provi dence; Albert Tarr, Lippincott, do.; Mechan icsburg, Cryer, Llewellensburg; Lucy Robin son, Davis, Newark; T. Page, Laird, Baltimore; Susquehannah, Myers, do.; Hetty Anna, Or cutt, Brownsville; brig Burnsale, Sherman, Boston; steamer A C. Stimers, Defois, Buffalo; sloops Zion, Davis, St. Mary's; J. D. Smoot, Anderson, Maryland Point; Oneco, Smith, Chickamoxen- barges Emma Adel, Mann, Oc coquan; Verbina, Hubbard, New York; Wild Ranger, Foster, Pamunkey; Great Western, Clark, Wade's Bay. Arrival* by the Canal.?Boats H. F. Riddle, and Lidie, coal to Borden Co.: G. W. Hetzer, David Palmer and Morgan Miller, do., Cum berland C. and I. Co.; Wave and Alexander Walsh, do., American Co.; Clearspring and W. P. C. Morrison, do., Ontral M. and M. Co. Departed.?R. Cropley, i*?uster. to Shepherd town; W. P. C. Morrison, do., to Cumberland; and fourteen other boats, light. Pa vivo and Draining the Strbbts, tat.? The following bill was introduced by Senator Hale yesterday : ?? Immediately alter the pas sage of this act the President shall cause to be detailed an engineer officer, or shall employ a competent civil engineer, who shall be charged with making contracts for all draining and paving ordered by the corporation, in confor mity with this act, and of supervising and di recting the execution of the same; and the said officer shall have power to select snch objects ef improvement and the mode and manner of construction, as to him shall appear proper and expedient, and lay the same belore the corporate authorities, with an estimate of their expense; and the said corporation shall, there upon, take measures for levying a tax on the property bordering the said improvements suf ficient to defray the expense thereof; I*rovided, where any snch improvement, either of paving or draining, shall pass through or along any avenue of the city, or through or along any public reservation or public space, the Gov ernment shall pay a due proportion of the ex pense thereof, and the Commissioner of Pnblic Buildings shall estimate the sum required therefor, to be appropriated by Congress. Mat Balls.?That pepalar teacher of the art Terpsichorean, Prof. Marin:, announces his grand May Ball for Tuesday evening next, May 3d, at Odd Fellows' Hall. He is making great preparations for the event, and it will no donbt be a superb affair. Prof. Kreis, aaother excellent teacher of the graceful art, gives his May Ball at the same place on the 10th of May, and it will also prove a great success, undoubtedly. Criminal Court, Judge Fither.?Yesterday, Courtney Reeves was tried for an assault and battery with intent to kill, K. B. Harrison, by shooting at him, and acquitted, the defense proving that the act was committed while the prisoner was temporarily insane from the ef fects of liquor. The p?ttlt jury were discharged until Mon dayoiext. SPECIAL NOTICES. Base Ball,-. A large assortment of Bar-e Balls. Rata, Ac., just received and for Bale by H. Clay Stikr & Rro., Booksellers and Stationers. up 27 2t* 47?* 7th st.. opp. Gen. P.O. Wapiiiscto*. D. C., April 23. 1861. L'Ottard Gror-rr, ?sq.: Dear Sir?The undersigned, a committee of ar rangement* on the late Ter-Cent??nary Celebra tion of Shakspeare, given by the Washington Lit erary and Dramatic Association at the Washing ton Theater, have the honor to inform you, that as a token of esteem and appreciation of your kindness on that occasion, tne Association, a* a body. tVill attend your Theater on Wednesday evening nf-xt. to witness the representation of Hamlet. Very truly, yours, H. 1<. Hosmer, 8 Wolf, It and others of the Committee, Jewelry! Jewelry! Jewelry I Only One Dollar! At the Dollar Store 438 Penn. avenue, npar4.!? street. __________ ap 2tf-2t* Heads that Rebkl against the rules of Taste or Beauty, in their color or in the loss of all their color, may be changed in a few moments to any Beautiful Shade, by a single application of Cristadobo'I Hair Dyk. The rapidity of its operation, perfect safety, per manent healthful effect, and the exceeding depth and richness of the hues it imparts, distinguish this preparation from all other Dyes in use in this country or in Europe. Cribtadoro'b Hair Prbsibvativb, a valuable adjunct to the Dye, in dressing and pro moting tbe growth and perfect health of the hair, and of itself, when used alone?a safeguard that protects the fibers from decay under all circum stances and under all climes. Manufactured by J. Cristadoro, No. 6 Astor House, New York. Sold by all Druggist*. Applied by all Hair Dress ers. mh 31-dAwealm Brown's Bronchial Troohks. These Lozenges are prepared from a highly esteemed recipe for alleviating Bronchial Affec tions, Asthma, Hoarseness, Coughs, Colds, and Irritation or 8oreness of the Throat. Public Speakers and VotalisU Will find them beneficial in clearing the voice before speakingor singing, and relieving the throat after any unusual exertion of the vocal organs, having a peculiar adaptation to affections which disturb the organs of speech. mh 29-dAwtf The Febt.?Beauty of carriage is nlostly depen dent upon a judicious preservation of the feet: it iii impossible to move in a graceful manner if the great support of the whole frame be in a disor dered condition, and nothing impedes so much as Corns. Bunions. Ingrowing Nails, or other disor ders to which the feet are liable. To aH afflicted we would recommend an early call at Dr. White's office. No. 434 Pennsylvania avenue, between ' and 6th streets. apG-tf E. J. Wilkihs, Esq., has been appointed Agent of the Great Pennsylvania route, vice E. O. Nor ton, to take effect on the 28th of March. Mr. Wil kins has been connected with the Office, at the corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, during the past two years, and is thoroughly con versant with the business of the route in all its departments. All applications for information, tickets. Ac., must be addressed to E.J. Wilkins, Agent Great Pennsylvania Boute, Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue. Ed. 8. Yocko, General Passenger Agent, ap 8 Great gynsylvania Boute. Dibiasm or ?hi Nbrvocs, Seminal, Urisart akd8ixcal8t6tem8?new andreliable treatment? in Beports of the Howard Association?Sent by mail in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address D. 3. Skillin Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 8 South Ninth street. Philadelphia I Ntavoos Debility, Bbmiral Wbaxbbss. ate.. C*n Be Cvrtd by one who hsa really oared himself and hundreds of others, and will tell yon nothing bat the truth. Address, witn stamp, 1 Bnwaan H. Travbb, mar S-D*W,ly Lock Box, Boston, Mats. On the 27th instant, at the Church of the Epiph any, hy Bev. Dr. Chas. H. Hall, General LUCIUS FAIBCHILD8, Secretary of State of Wisconsin, to Miss FBANK BULL, daughter of the late Chas. N. Ball, of this city. On the 26th instant, by the Bev. Father Alia, BED'S SCHBOJDEL to Miss BARBARA YIRN IKE, both of this city. * DIES MAN. Jr.. youngest itn of Charles L. and Marr ?? Bear fiuui. ui (be ?Ui rev ci tua Mfc. BALLS, PARTIES, &C. 1YT AY B A WASHINGTON ANDAYlROAD?WN PAS3EN H F LIE F ASSOCIATION, At ODD FELLOWS' HALL,7th OH WEDNBSDAY, May 4, 1?4. Tickets ?2; for sale on the cars. By order of the ??^"^^knKKR, Chairman. J. C- WILLIAMS. Sec'jr. ap27-3t* .SsEN A Hc FOR THE KENNEBEC ASSEMBLY OF GEORGETOWN, D. C. The Kennebec Assembly take the pleasure of in forming their friends and the public in gen- ft%. eral, that they will give their ? al THIRD GRAND ANNUAL PIC NIC /fl* at Green Spring Pavilion, on UliHk MONDAY, May 2d,18?. The committee pledge themselves to make this an evening of unalloyed enjoymentto all who may attend. Persons of disreputable character will not be allowed to enter the grounds. The original Holy Hill Band has been engaged. Tickets 60 cents. By order of the Committee, ap26-5t* J. T. CLEMENTS, President. IRST GRAND BALL OP THE YOUNG MEN'S SOCIAL CLUB Will be held at TEMPERANCE HALL. ON WEDNESDAY, April S7.1864. & Managers. M. Mack in, James Hughes. T. Judge, J. Farrall, J. Murphy, G. Draught, John Hughes. H. Mctirau. The managers pledge themselves that nothing will be left undone on their part to render this the best Ball of the season. Tickets One Dollar, admitting a gentleman and ladies; to be had of any of the aoore named mana gers and at the door on the night df the Ball. ap 25-3t' PROP. MARINI'S GRAND MAY BALL WILL tak? place at Odd Fellows' Hall, 7tb at., p% on TUESDAY EVENING,May 3d, 1854. Gen tlemen wishing for ladies'invitation can ob-,1 tain them by applying at Mr. John Ellis'w Music Store, or at Messrs. Philp tc Solomon's Lua store. Pa. avenue, bet. 9th ana 10th sts. ap 23-9t* LOST AND FOUND. LOST-LIBBBAL REWARD-A black and tan colored TERRIER BOG. about 17th street. Any one returning the same to Clerk of Claren don House will be liberally rewarded. ap 27'3t* J7*OUND? (n the 13th of Aprilj. on F street, be JF tween 14 h and 15th, six POCKET ARMY TEL EGRAPH A ACHINES, The owner is requested to come forvard, prove property, and take them away. ALFRED D0D80N. ap 27-3t* 15th st., bet. M and N. K REtV ARD.?Strayed or stolen from the sub scriber, on Snnday. 24th April, one BLACK HOR8E. 16 hands high, three years old, marked J. C. on the left shoulder, white star on the fore head. The above reward will l?e given if returned to TIMOTHY ALLEN, on H street north and 4th street east. ap 27-3t* LOST?On the 26th instant, either at the Center Market, or on &th or 4V% streets, THREE NOTE?, drawn by George Raum iu favor of Wil liam Mackay. for $5.leach, payable in 6, 12, and 18 month*, with interest from the 18th inst. The public are cautioned against negotiating for said notes. [ap 27 St*] GEO. RAUM. HEREBY CERTIFY TIIAT JOSEPH HITCH cock. of Washington coui.ty, D. C.. brought bft fore me, the subscriber, this 26th day of April. 1864, as estray, a RAY HORSK. blank mani- mi'V tail, white face, blaqji legs. and shod all around; about nine years old. Given under my hand and seal this 26th day of April, 1804. DAN'L ROWLAND. J. P. The owner of said horse will please call at corner of 7th street west and Boundary street, and prove property, pay charges, and take him awav. ap 27-eo3t* JOSEPH HITCHCOCK. CAME TO THE SUBSCRIBER, about ten days ago.abutlalo COW, about 9 years old. The owner can hud her at the Drover's Rest, near the Reservoir. tap 25 3t*] CHAS. FRIZELL. ^TRAYED?About two weeks ago, a small white GOAT, with short horns; was about kidding. Any one returning her to the Exchange Hot?*l will be suitably rewarded. ap 25-2t* ^ I n REWARD.?Strayed or stolen on the 2f>th, OT I "/ a black HORSE, about4 yews old, wiU? a slit in the right ear. The above reward will be fiiven tor any information left at the Simpson [ouse. corner 10th street and Pa. av. ap 25-lw* FOUND?On my premises on Monday, the 25th instant, area and white COW with a young Calf. The owner Is requested to prove property, pay charges and take them away. JOHN CASEY, New Jersey avenue, ap i6-3t* between N and O streets. FOUND?On Monday,the'25th instant, a POCKET BOOK containing some money aud papers, which the owner can have by calling on P. EN RICH, European Hotel, 11th street, near D. and proving property and paying for this advt rtise inent. ap26-3t* ATTENTION.?A small black Stallion, 8addle and Bridle was hired yesterday evening to a man calling himself Henry Roach to go around the city, ana has not been returned since. He was dressed in a suit of dark clothes and his left arm was in a sling. He is about 6 feet 10 inches hiarh. and has a moustache and side whiskers Any in formation concerning the horsethat will lea/' to its recovery will be liberally rewarded by ealling at the corner of 2d and F streets south. No. a??. ap26-2t? GEORGE F. ADAMS. AKEN UP Estray on the 2U>t instant, a gray HORSE, about 9 years old, 14 hands high, lump on the back. The owner is requested to come for ward, prove property, pay charges and take him away. G. W? HOLT, No. 87 Fayette,above8th street, ap 25-3t* Georgetown, D. C. wsHSBiwasas years old. The owner can find her at Philip Har mon's, on the new road, about a quarter of a mile from Georgetown. ap25-3t* PHILIP HARMON. ?JTRAYED.-A HORSE, adark bay, belonging to K5 the Government, with one white hind foot, branded " U. 8." on shoulder and hip, bridled and saddled, broke away from the rider on the 22d inst. The person returning him, or giving infor mation which will lead to his recovery, will be rewarded, at Headquarters Army, corner 17th and F ste. ap 25-ls &1AA REWARD.?Were lost or stolen, on or ? IUU about the 14th of April instant, SIX BONDS of the new 10-40 issue, numbered 1189,1190, 1191, 1192, 1193, 119-1, and each for $301. The bonds were made W. S. Huntington, cashier. Steps have been taken to st?p the payment, and the above rew ard will be paid upon delivery of the bonds to 'W . B. WEBB, Snp't of Police, ap 23-6t PERSONAL. A LADY OF REFINEMENT, desirous of making the Tour of Europe, would like to make ar rangements with a stylish lady of position going, for companionship. -Address, with all particulars, MADAME ANSEL, Washington, D. 0., P. O. ap 20 3t* BOARDING. L HOARD.?Pleasant and well-furnished rooms, v ith tirst-class board, can be had by applying at 3*1 l!?th street, between G and H. ap 27-_t* B OARDING? Georgetown?A few gentlemen, or 1 gentlemen with their wives, may secure pleas ant rooms and good board from the 1st of May. The house is delightfully located. No. 212 Bridge street. Georgetown, near Frederick street. It commands a view of Arlington and of the Poto mac. ap 27-3t* ?<EYERAL GENTLEMEN can obtain board in a private family in Georgetown. References re quired. Address Box 90 Georgetown Post Office. ap 26-Bt* FOR BENT. WITH BOARD, large and excel lently located rooms, front and back. In mates of the house will receive every attention, aud to those who especially desire comfort this op portunity is offered. A good table is kept, and prices are as moderate as the times can possibly permit. A few table boarders taken. Apply at 393 18th street, between G and H. ap a>-2t* A FEW GENTBEL PERSONS Can be accommo dated with Board and Rooms, or rooms alone in a private family. Inquire at No. 499 10th st., between Pa. avenue and O. ap 22-6t* GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS tJTOCK OF THE CORPORATION OF GEORGE K? TOWN, D. C,?Persons who would wish to pur chase stock of the Corporation of Georgetown. D. C., on which Interest will be payable quarterly, can obtain some on application to WILLIAM LAIRD, Esq.v Cleric of the Corporation. ap 13-a3w * ? t ' . .. - ~ ? H E A P BOOKS. Upwards of one thousand works of English and Foreign Literature, embracing HISTORY, TRAV ELS, POETRY, NOVELS, etc., etc., at from 10 to 40 per cent, below the regular prices, at HEILPKIN'S Bookstore, 344 Pa. avenue, ap 11-lm between 12th and 13th streets. ?OCOA MATTING AT PRIVATE SALE. We hare Just received from the importers for private sale, ten thousand yards of Cocoa Matting, different widths, at our furniture warerooms, in the rear of our aaction rooms. W. L. WALL tc CO.. Auct'rs and Commission Merchants, ap lg southerner Pa. ay. and frthst. IT Of THB DISTRICT Of CO No. 86?EQUITY. . John A. Mclntire. Clarence B. Baker and Laura B. his wile, Stephen McDonald L. Page and ana Delozier , Mclntire. _ ie guardian of tho minor and the trustee are hereby notified that on theSSth April. 1864, at my office in the City Hall, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, I shall state the truster's account and ascertain and report to the Court the shares of the parties and their assignees in the treat fund. They are re^uejted to attend. ap 8-3taw3w ??0 PICTURE CURD Ahp TASSELS, Itc. The largest and handsomest assortment of Pic ture Cord and Tassels, Rings, Kj2U,4ke.. in the District Just received aT Ho. 496 7th street, eight doors above . . Qdi follows' 1MU UrienwcMk, afMauT FOB RENT AND SALE. HL*? on N ?tre?t north. between ap W-2t? h> In?wr? wJthia. No. 630. F%JS?^7a Uh0CS>:- located. eon bonus wfif 1/ ?ood- ro<>Hift, kitrhen and cellar. A dress "V \r^ ?<r5<luII^-r,.^or ^11 narticulars ?d - 1. . . .L Bni *3.City PostCffice. aP?7-3t? A a la?? f/?^daorael,r.fernirted RW>M3;one TTrms mo'd'e^ aSCiV b,?V" tween 9th and mth. ap^St** F?toouAIA.h;~f shoemakers snopf^Tth " DI> JOSEPH KLAAK. K*jn? or1 fnrD,^?9M8' suitable for housekeep x?w *mgl? gentlemen. Apply ftt 5,?4 Capitol infi n,p",,e- ^etween south X and Bsts.. Vj. ? Cars and Capitol within a minute's ap 27-3t" FUcomfoH.i^N? R*N'T -The Furniture or a houM for M ? W *1 y rand basempnt frame nousv ior sale. The House for rent PoKK^ssion ^^edutely. Apply to W!1H:COLEMAN ap 27 3t- 8treet' ^tween Q and II, Navy Yard. K'li?,,JtE-N-T OR SALE?An unfurnished HOUSE, brooms, in one of the moat desi fmBroT#.ml10?ns m "Vhiaftop; has all the modern iSom c?ne.,Bt"l8 of an excellent bath . d ln ^ rooms To a good ten No AirTwW1 b? ^"ouable. Inquire at Jio. 417 13th street, between G and H. ap27-2t* Athe fi?? ?MELY. fjr RNrsifK d^pXelorTT^ *? , "ffit floor, with board, for rent, at 311 F street, between llth and 12th. apiW-3t* PI? sif H0Vse foiTrent, 1,ith Rtreet? between 11 and I. $?o per f"? _ ap 26 3t* fW?SK?NT~?41?e front ROOM, furnished, second Ko 360 B rtrMt, to ?0OMS, suitable for housekeeping -uiP?W8*"- furnished or unfurnished, with or without board, can be had at No 12a Penn ave nue, between 19th and 20th fits. ap 20 3t* POR 8ALE-A BRICK HOUSE. contafihTFiU ? rooms, situated on 18th street, between K and L. Inquiif ?t Nu. lew ra. avenue. aD2?> ?t? For sale and possession immediately", a comfortable two-story FRAME HOUSE, six rooms and large lot (until the 29th instant.) on easy terms. Apply at this office. ap 25 3t* House forXknt and furnitureTor SALE,?Seven hundred dollars for the furni ture and rent of the house. Inquire at J Brown's restaurant, corner 13th st. and Pa. av. ap 25-3t* OR MNIT?Onit h e 1st of May, (to gentlemen) j'JX. aa Private family, two neatly lurnished CHAMBERS. Location m-ar the depart ments and very pleasant and healthy?460 Ni-w York ayenue, 2d door from 15th st. ap 25-tf 17"0R SALE ?On reasonable terms, one of the most productive FARMS in Montgomery coun ty, Md.: 22 miles from Georgetown, D. C., \k from Seneca Mill; lying on Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. It has tine quarries, one ot flagging stone, good R( nK?^'pPTPB0^UtVt8- For- tonns 'n<iuire of Pli.ThK, on the premises. ap2!5eolm* . - of ap 25 eolm* Union hotel for sale.? the <t00U W1I L and FIXTURES of the "hove tab nsnment, situated on llth street, in Washington City, No. 650, near the wharf, is for sale. The Hotel contains 18 rooms, out-building-, ice-house stable, and a large portico round the building It has a splendid view of the Potomac, and is doint a thriving business There is a lease on the above. r or particulars apply on the premises. ap* |r?R SALE.?fl 6(ifl for the furniture and pos * seision of a first class HOUSE, in the Second chambers, large saloon parlors, kitchen and dining-room, with every modern convenience 26 'f?t ''?out by 15-1, to a ;i' fuet paved alley. Stable and carriage-house. MITCHELL & SON, c r Beal Estate Brokcra. - p 31w S. E. cor. Pa. av. and 15th st. |?OK LEASE, FOR TEN YEARS.?A~splendid l <.c/krrr t'?T?S.tKXi feet of ground. Ont of th^ locations in the city. Will be leased Vn . ?years on.mjtderate terms, provided the lot will be improved, irontson Pennsylvamaaveuue MITCHELL & SON. ' nn"ilu? ' c i' KeanEstate Brokers ap >J-iw S. L. cor. Pa. av. and 15t^rt. ?ST 000 WI,'L VUY THE LEASE of*" aT^r TCi' ? V commodious HOUSE, with store and ap2ei-H]m* Address Mr. LEASE, Star Office. F^R^LK-A 'RAME HOUSE, containing five ?irt 'i?8 h' Iiear L "treet Innuiro at ap 2?-lw* between 1 and New York avenue. ?l>ARDrFirst class FUR" Ja I\lsHl!.D ROOMS. The best of citv references w.otH*an(i re1uir.e.d-. Meals furnished at a good boarding house within a fow doors. Apply at No ^9 Penn a avenue, above 21st street. ap 21-6t* l^URNISHED ROOMS TO RENT?No 360 C X street. aP18-lw? F?FRAJm'k TimTQvENT7^ firRt rate two-story T"4v -i? ."U?E, containing nine rooms to r nine BUILDING LOTS, all seto?with choice fruit, such as peaches, pears, plums clier r&pes,all pfthe Oestwlection; with a pump of ? water in the yard, on the corner of G and streets and Penn. avenue east, for further particulars call at residence No 57 5 ae - D. CARROLL. 84.500 Hn^.PCRCt"A?E ANKATFRiMi l ot 26x114; location unexcelled; title perfect and immediate possession. MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Brokers, ap 15-2w Hontheast cor. Pa. ay. and 15th at. FOR 8ALE?A valuable SLAUGHTER HOUSK PROPERTY. 25,<00 feet of ground and im provements . as follows: Slaughter house, 16x45; one do.,2"x25: ic? house, 2ix2?; stable lfixas-substantial brick buildings; cattle and stable yards well paved, admirably adapted for a soap and caudle factory or tannery. Will be sold for $5,'.*)0. MITCHELL Sc SON, Real Estate Brokers, 15-lm southeast cor. Pa. av. and 15th st. FOR SALE-a STORE and DWELLINGHOUSK, Ko 401,on7th street, between H and I streets. dotVio-' C?$Xt Tin's is afirst-rate basinwss pla<-e. A BRICK nOLSE, No. 666,on SI street^cfwi-en 4tU aud 5th streets. Has six rooms. Sets back from the street. Lot 3^ by 219 feet, running through to residence *' a very desirable place for a private A BBICK HOUSE,No.432,on9thstreet,between It a.T: H streets. Has four rooms. Sets back, with >ard in front. Lot IS feet 6 inches by 99 f.-et. A FRAME HOUSE. No. 373, on 9th street , f and New York avenue. Seven rooms. Lot 2" by M feet. A FRAMK _HOUSE. No. 342, on lf>th street betwef ii L and M streets. Has sir rooms. Lot 2" by It"'feet. A FRAME H0U8K, No.342. on 6 street, bet ween llth and 12th. Six rooms. Lot2obyB<ifeet For particulars apply to F. 8. KERN. ap 13-1 m* No. 633 M St.. bet. 4th and 5th. LARGE BRICK DWELLING on H north, be tween ?>th and 7th wch, 525, will be sold for Immediate possession. Terms easy. Would also sell other improvf d nod unimproved property in convenient locations. B. MILBURN "P6-lm* 524 I street nortV F?lK^M'REi,T,TTTrh8t firRVUss DW ELL * 1M* HOUSE and lot of ground at the south west corner of Prince and Columbus streets, Alex andria. Title perfect and immediate possession fiven. Inquire of JAMES A STOULEN'BERG lexandria, or of the subscriber. Franklin Row Washington, corner 13th and K sts. ' apg-lm* J. H. LATHROP. Houses for sale. A Corner Lot. 150 feet front on Pa. ar., con taining 22.500 square feet of ground, improved by stores, offices, and residences; is one of the best locations for a first-class hotel in Washington The whole of tbis excellent property can be pur chased for S 125,000-825,000 cash, balance on long A'fme Brick Residence on K st., ?ppo. Franklin Square. 12 rooms. 26 by 1X1 ft to 30 U>ot paved al ley. stable and carriage house?? Sio 000 Deeirable Brick on llth St., near Pa. av.,2ti ' by 100.10 rooms g qqo Brick Residence on L at., 22 by 137, 10 rooms, ' food fit able.... 5 fioo A substantial Brick, on B st., bet. 2d and 3d, ' 18 by 100,8 rooms 4 0Q0 A snug little Brick House, on L st., 16 by 100, ' 6 rooms 2 300 Frame Dwelling, 10 rooms, and 10,500 feet o* ground 7 000 A neat Frame Honse, on llth at., 12 by 100,6 ' rooms . 1500 One on 6th st., bet. N and 0 sts., 23 by 12<5, tf "|"mi , 1^00 Two Frames on N st., bet. 4th and 5th sts, 15 byja*. 4 rooms, each... ? ..~w- 1,100 Building Lots in all parts ef the city. A number of desirable Farms for sale. , MITCHELL & SON, Real Estate Brokers, ap4-tMl 8. E. corner Pa. av. and 15th st. ?LIFTON COTTON FACTORY FOR SALe! The above named factory, with 390acres of land, mostly wood, is ofiered for sale. This property is situated at the head waters of 6*. Aiw-r's riTef. . The factory building is four stories high, with ample water power and ma chinery for manufacturing cotton yarn. There is a gi:st mill,tavern, blacksmith a'id wheelwright shop, storehouse, granery, tailor and shoemaker^ shop with eight dwelling houses attached to the property. To an enterprising man or company 1 this proaerty offers very great inducements, situ ated fU the head of a navigable stream- with a large ana thrifty community surrounding' it. an abund auce of wood and timber, healthy location, it can not fail to pay if properly worked. For further particulars apply to T. W. GOUGH. Leonardtown. St. Mary's county, Md., or MORGAN & RHINE HABT, foot of G street ?Int.^ mh 26-eolm IpOE RENT?With or without Board, an ercel *_Jent PARLOR and several well furnished BK D ROOMS, at 450 12th street, within Ave minutes walk of the Kirkwood House. Willards' and the Patent Office. Post Office and Treasury and State Departments. The location is unsurpassed in W ashington. No children in the house, de 27-tf JVOTICE.?All persons having accounts with the firm of W. M. 8HUSTER & CO. are requested to make an early settlement. They will find the books in the hands of W. H. Ol&gktt, at theold stand. All persons having accounts against the firm are requested to present them for smlemeut. apl6-lm Rare chance for a person wishing TO KNGAtrF IN THE ? WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY BUSINESS. The undersigned h**ir.g been actively engaged in business for a period ?f tw.euty-on?vears and desiring to rettre from the same, ofTer1 their stock, togethtr with*th? good-will of their establish ment, for sale, and tae House for rent. ap 14 SteoVlf - ItfPMtAY k 8EMMES. TOURNAL Off THE DT8COTHKY 0? TH|' Source of the Nile. B? Capt. John Speke; 1. vol., illustrated; ?P21 ? ? fftANCi IAYL08, AUCTION SALES. For other Aupttw Sales im (lrat pt|?. THIS AFTCRKOOW JLtiD TO-MORKOVV J^T J. 0. McGUIRE & CO., Aneticneera. DESIRABLE LOT OS R1DG R STREET BIT WEEN 4TH AND 3TU STREETS WEST. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April 37, at 6 o'clock, on the premise*, we ahaU sell. Lot No. 90, in Sqvare No. 513. fronting 60 feet 6 inches on lfidge street, between 4th and 6th streets west, running bach 108 feet 8 inches This Lot is beautifully situate! on a high and commanding position, and is very desirable aa a site for dwellings Terms: One-third casta, tte remainder in four and eight months, with interest seemed by a deed of tinst on the premises. ap^ d J. C. McGUIMC A CO., Anita. J^Y WM, L. WALL 1 CO.. Auctioneers, TWO FRAM1 DWELLINGS ON SOUTH M _ STREET AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON,27th instant, at 5 o clock. we will sell in front of the premises. Lot SO sub-division of Square ?45, frontingon south M between 3d and 4}? streets, and improved by two Frame Dwellings, containing each four rooms and kitchen. Tern's : One-third cash, balance in si* ano welve month*, for notes, secured by deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing aad stamps at the cost of the purchaser. ap.22 WM. L WALL A CO . Aucta. gY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. SEVEN VALUABLE BUILDING L0T8 IN THE NORTHERN PART OF THE CITY AT AUC TION. On WEDNESDAY the 27th instant, at 6 o'clock, p. m., we shall sell in front of ttae premises in Square No. 513, Lots No. 8,9,33, 34, and 39, on M street north, between <th and Bthstreet west, also, Lota No. jn and tl in Square No. 812 fronting on O street north, between 4th and 5th street west. Terms: One-t&irdeaiA; balanoe in6,12, and IS months, for notes bearing interest secured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. ap.M [Chroo ] GREEN & WILLI A MB. Aucts. JJY GREEN A WILLAMS, Auctioneers. IMMEDIATELY AFTER SALE OF THE PROP ertyBn WEDNESDAY, the 27th instant, on M st., we snail sen, a 7" reet rront, iw f??t rt??r. nn M. next to the corner offfth street north, In Harvev and Lindsey sub division of Square 613 There will be a great advantage to any person in buying this Lot. as they will have two side walls already up for building. Termer One-third ca?>b, balance in three and six months, for notes bearing interest, Secured by a deed of trust on the premires. All conveyancing and revenue stamps at the cost of purchaser.' ' ap.25-d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. B Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers VACANT LOTS AT THE OORNER NORrH I STREET AND SEV ENTH STREET EAS1 On Wednesday afternoon, April 27 th at half-past five o'clock, on the premises, we shall for account of the Convent of the Visitation, Lots No. 15,16,17.18. and 19, fronting together 272 feet 10^ inches on North I street, between Sixth and Sev entta streets east, (in the rear of Mr. Pollanbee's residence.) an4 lfi9 fept on Seventh street east, to be divided into convenient building lots, all run ning to alleys. Terms; One-half cash, the remainder in six months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises , Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. ap.W-d J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. Auets. B Y WM. B. LEWIS & CO.. Auctioneers. At store No. 427 Seventh street, THIS EVE NING. et 7 o'clock, to close a superior invoice of Photographic Albunlsand Family Bibles, Note and Letter Paper, Envelope*, flee., Tanle and Pocket Cutlery.Silver-plated "Ware, such a* Castors, Tea Sets. Baskets. Cups, Spoons. Forks Tea Bells, Ac., with a general assortment of Fancy Goods. ap.26-3t WM. B.LEWIS A CO., Aucts. gY J. C. McGUIRE & CO., Auctioneers. VERY VALUABLE LOTSON SEVENTH STR5ET BETWEEN SOUTH D AND E STREETS. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, May 4U, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell. Lots Nos 34, 35. and 37. in sub-division of Square No. 4?ri. Lots Nos. 31,36, and 37 front eacji 24 feet on Seventh _ streets bouth. and runs baek same depth to sime alley. These are among the most desirable lots on the Island. Terms: Ore-third in cash: the remainder in aiv and twelve months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. ap.27-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO , Aucts, ??Y J. O. McGUIRE A CO., Auction* -rs. FURNITURE OF A LADY DEULININ. HOUSE KEEPING AT PUWLlC S ALE. On MONDAY MORNING. May 2, commencing at in o'clock, we shall sell, at No 374, loth street, between L and M, a small lot of good Household Furniture, embracing? Walnut Hair Cloth Sofa. Walnut Hat Tree Cane Seat Rockersnnd other Chairs, Mahoganv Sideboard, Extension n-^'ig Table, Bureaus. Waoh^tand, and Brussels Parlor and tbJ>a*'P*Jr1?D*lp">r Carpets, Feather Beds. 8;,"ter* 101(1 P"lows? Hair and HuoK Mattresses. China.?lass and Crockery ware, Girandoles, Window Curtains atfu Shades, o?d Cba.mber Stoves. ap.27 d Jt. C. McGUIRE & Co., Aucts. B Y J. 0. McGUIRE A, CO , Auetioneers. VALUABLE PROPERTY AT THE SIXTH ST WHARF AT PUBLIC AUCTION On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, May 4th. at 6 o'clock,on the preiuises. we shall sell, Lots No. 13, 14. 15- 16 17,18, and 19. in 8quare numbered 512, fronting 13"! ftet on Sixth street wect, and 2'3 feet 10 inches on south N street, inaoroved by a large square three-story Brick Hotel building, with some sixteen good rooms, wrtta larpe Parlors, Bar-room, and nece?:ary outbuildings. The grounds are par tially surrounded with a substantial stone wall, and are tastefully laid out witn chsico grapes, fruits, and (lowers, especially with view to a summer re sort. The proximity of this handsome property to the extensive wharves at the foot of Sixth street, and the Government works. Arsenal. Ac..commanding as it do?s, a splendid view of the Potomac river, renders it very valuable as a Hotel or simmer resort, and to this end the property will be sold en tire. Early possession will be given. Terms : One-third cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the property. Title perfect. ap 27-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Ancts. B Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. ADMINISTRATOR S SALE OF THREE FAT OOw s On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, April 29, at 3 o'clock, in front of the residence of the late Thomas Con ner. New Jersey avenue, between L street and New York avenue, we shall sell, three tine Fat Gows. ~ Terms cash. a )> 26-d By order of the Administratrix. S. C. McGUIREA CO.. Auets B Y J. O. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers, PEREMPTORY SALE OF LOT ON NORTH M ST., BETWEEN NINTn AND TENTH STREETS. On SATUROAV AFTERNOON, April 3ft, at half past six o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell. Lofc No. 4 in sub division or Square No. Sfi7, fronting 24 feet 6 inches on north M street, between 9th and li'th streets west, running back 120 feet to a 20-foot alley, and containing 2.94" square feat. Terma: One third In cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premisea. ap.26 d J. O. McGUIBE & CO.. Ancts. gY C. R, L. CROWN A CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE PROPERTY"AT AUCTTON AND A RARE CHANGE FOR INVESTMENT. We will sell on THURSDAY EVENING, April 28th, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, bein<? part of Lot No. 21, in Square No. 531. Thislot is improved by two well bu;lt frame bouseB, two stories each, and front each 15 feet on "Willow Tree Alley, said alley being S5 feet wide, between 43>S and 3d streets. Island, fai-i lot has a depth of 80feet to a small alley. Ti;l good. ? Terms (. ? sale are: One-half cash; the balance in Gaud J. jnonths, for notes secured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing and stamps at the cost of the purchasers. ap 26-3t* C.. B. I>. CROWN & CQ., Aucts. JJY J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. FRAME HOUSE AND L?T ON 4J&.STREET BE TWEEN SOUTH M AND N STREETS. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, April 30th. at 6 o'clock. on the premises, we shall sell, parts of Lota 7 and 8, In Square MB, fronting U feet, on 4% street between south M and N streets, and running back 120 feet to an alley, with- tee improvements con sisting of a two-story Frame Dwelling House, con taining six rooms, with a cellar, under rent at?? per month. Terms: Two-thirds in cash, the remainder in six months, with interest, secured by a deed of truat on the premises. . Conveyances at the expense of tfie purchaser. ipi-1 J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucta. ll Y J. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer*, FORTY BUILDING LOTS AT THE OORN1R OF L STREET NORTH AMD FIRST STREET WS^T On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, April 23, at half past 4 o'clock, on the premie**, we nail sell Forty Tacanx Lota at the corner of L street north and First street west,fronting respectively, on L street, First street andlaixty feet hi the rear efL street. Term* cash, and aale peremptory. Conveyances at the ocst oftne purchasers. A cash payment of 930 will he required at the time of sale. _ _ ? ?_ H.M-9t J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Anets. "J>\ j. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer* LARGE AND WELL "fIHISHED DWRLLING on the sreauses, we bhall *11. part of Lot 16r in SuareNe, 80, fronting 86 feetonG street north, most rupenor manner throaghouti ceuara under the wbefe buil of truatr, ConvereneM at oert of the Purchaser. ^he bowse i* weU fUrniabed, whiek may ba taken 1 *apS? d MCGUIW ft C9., Ann*. AUCTION SALES. FUTURE PAY?. J^Y i. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. P y SJt??JS&lB?JPI?. VALU ABLE IMPROVBD UBUKP,frHKfr of 8IXTH AKD D By rlrtue #f fhoarder ud decree of tht Orphaas* Court of the Pi strict of Columbia, pMitd in the matter of Ann Eliiabeth and Mary Amu Bvsm, orphuui of Hanson Birnat, deceased. bearing data on the 16th day of Febrj?ary. A. D. ism, an* dnlr confirmed by the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, in Chancery sitting, I shall oflfcr for Bale, at Public Auction, to the highest bidder, in front of the premise*, on SATURDAY, the M day ot April, 1464, at 4 o'clock p. m. the entire, undi vided right, title and intereet of the said An Elizabeth and Mary Ann Barnes, intent children of the paid Hanson Barnes, deceased, of, la. ana to all that certain lot of ground situate, lying,aad being in the City of Washington, in the District of Colombia, and known and designated a* lot ia? bered twenty-one (SI) in "Toad and GunneUV* subdivision of Square numbered foar hundred and sixty fire (4651 of the ground plan of the City of Washington, with the Improvements thereon, con sisting of a large and convenient frame dwelling house. This valuable property is situated on tho corner of Sixth street west and D street aosth, in the Seventh Ward, in a healthy neighborhood,and offers great inducements to puree asers. Terms? One-balf cash. the balance in ? months, the purchaser giving his note, or notes, for the de ferred payment, with approved security, bearing interest from the day of Mia. Title deed to be retained until the whole of tk* purchase monev is paid. All conveyancing at the cost of th.^ ^rc^M^r. Guard lan to Ann Xlitabeth aad Mary Ann Barnes. At the same time and place, and on the MUM terms mentioned in the aboveadvertisofneut, ( am apec ally authorised to offer for sale all the right. titlet and iaterest of James H. Baraes, adult heir of said Hanson Barnes, deceased, of, in, ana to tho said I.ot No. 21, in "Todd and Gunnell's subdivis ion of Square No. 46ft, of the plan of the Washington/* All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaaer, J0S1 AH SIMPSON .Agent. ap.l9,20AtS J. C. McGUIRE A C6., Aucti. THE ABOVE 8ALK 18 CM AVOIDABLY postponed until THUB8DAY, April 'JS. at io'elk. RV |^Y THOMAB BOWLING, Auct.; Georgetown. SMALL FRAMJt HOUSE AND LOTS IN G KOBGB . TOWN AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, April ?, at $ o'clock, p. at., I will sell, ia front of the premtaaa, on Cherry street, near the Market, Hoaae. Tho property fronts B feat on Cherry street, and run ning bark 16s'i feet to Beatty street, also, the ad joining lot fronting 22 feat on Beatty street, and running back t#it feet. The Improvements are a small two-story Frama House, All conveyancing and stamps at the cost of tha purchaser. Title perfeet. Terms cash. ap.23 THOMAS DOWLING, Auct. |JY THOMAS DOWLING, Auct'r; Georgetown. HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN FURNITUR1 AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY MORNLNd, April 29, at Id o'clock, I will sell, at No 04. Fayette street, between ad and 3d streets, a general assortment of Household aad Kitchen Furniture, the effects of a gentleman leer ing the city. Terms cash. . Sale positive. ap.26-d TO0MA8 DOWLING, Auct. |?Y J. 0. McGUIRE ic CO., Auctioneers. EXCELLENT BRICK HOUSE AND LOT ON W ST.. BETWEEN ELEVENTH AND TWELFTH STREETS, AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. April 29th, at 4*? o" ock. i d theprensise*, we shall sell, Lot " F," in Vdiyision of Square No. 321. fronting 24 feet 7 liicbec on north F strCftt. between Eleventh aad '1 welfth streets west, rnnn:ng back 7? feet, to aa alley, together with the improvements, conti?tiag of a three-story Brick Dwelling Houre. containing eleven roonisand a ba4h-room, with water and gaa* on the premises, and drained by a lateral sewer leading to the main sewer, in Eleventh street; tha whole premises In excellent order. Terms: One-third cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed ot trust on the preraices. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. Immediate possession given. ap.2T> d J. C. McGUIRE A CO., AuctS. B Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. EXCELLENT BRICK DWELLING H0U8E WITH WELL ESTABLISHED GROCERY STORE AND VACANT SIDE LOT AT THE CORNER OF TWELFTH AND M STREETS AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On MON DA Y AFT ERNOON, A pril 28, at 5 o'clock. Twelfth street west. Lot ?i*. at *** oorrer, is Im proved with a well fcuiir story bnck dwelling house, wit* ??ae*. ouilding, containing eleven room*. "'lb flue store room and cellars. Lot 15 .j.ioins the above, and has on It a warehouee. stable, and carriage-house, and will be sold rately. ^bis is thepronerty of Leroy Edwards, Es?., has conducted the store with great sucoese u| only sells on account of failing health. Imniedi at? posession given. Terms : One half cash, the ren>lii4? ;n gjX .^i twelve months with interest, secured by >4^ trust on the premises. _ ap.20-d J. 0. MoGUIBE ft CO., An eta. #7"THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED UNTIt FRIDAY AFTERNOON, April29th, same hour aa< place. apltt-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO..Aucts. J?Y J. 0. MoGUIBE A CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE improved" AND UNIMPROVEB PROPERTY IN THE FIRST WARD AT PUB LIC 8ai,B. On MONDAY AFTERNOON, May 2d, at4 o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell, in the order named, the following described valuable property belong* ing to the heirs of the late Thomas Cook, via,? Lots 1..2 3, half of 22 ^24, aud36,in Square No. 77. Lot n is improved wivo two three story brick dwel ling-houses, with back baildiuea fronting on north I street, between Tweuty-Jiistand Twen tv second streets west. Lots 23 aad 24 are situated at the corner of Yvas ty fl'st and I streets, in full view of Pennsyl vania avenue, fronting 02 feet 9 inches oa I street, and 13U feet IP inches on Twenty-firet street west, occupied at present by 8. Stover. Esq., as a wood and coal yard. Lots 1,2,3. and SB, are situated at the corner of Twenty-first street and north H street, which will be subdivided into convenient building lots, two of them with two desirable two story and basement brick dwelling houses with back buildings. Lot on Pennsylvania avenue, between Twenty-first and Twenty-second streets, in tho row known as the " Six Buildings," with fine substantial wallr, now standing, of a building destroyed hp fire. Terms: One- half cash. the remainder i& 6 months, with interest secured by a deed of trust on th* prsmires. ap.23-d J. C. McGUIBB & CO., Aucts. J^Y WM. B. LEWIS A CO., Auctioneers. EXTENSIVE SALE OF~DEAD LETTER OFflCM MATTER. By order of the Post Office Department we shall sell by Catalogue on MON DAY, May J, 1964, at our Auction Store, No. 4*^7 Seventh street, commen cing at 10 o'clock, and to be continued daily until the Catalogue ia closcd, embracing some thousand lots of every variety of goods accumulated la tka Dead Letter Office since 1850. The lots consist of? Pome very valuable Gold and Silver Watches, Chains, and Jewelry of all kinds. Books, Clothing, Instruments, Ac., Ac. In fact, samples and goods of every description. More particularly described in the Catalogue. Terms cash in Government funds. Catalogues can be had on apniication to the Auc tioneers after the 25th instant. ap.21-10t WM. B. LEWIS A CO., Aucts. jgY W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. 500 DOZEN Extra choiee Cognac and Bochalla Brandies, Scheidam Holland Gin, Royal Port Wine, Bourbon and Nectar Whiskey, Clarets, &e,, re maining of the stock of B. Qroiuelien A Co., will be sold by their order at Public Sale, on WEDNB8 DAY, 18th May, at KTo'clock. The same may ha examined at their sales room, No. 393, Ponnapl* vania avenue, second floor. ap.25 WM. L. WALL A CO., Attete. |?Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. A VACANT LOT NBABdJiSTREET AND MABT> LAND AVENUE, ISLAND. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON,April 29, at t o'clock, on the pcein;&ea,we shall sell Lot 11, in Reservation C.fronting on Maryland avenue 44 feet, with a depth of |27 feet3 inches, running bacs to an alley 28 feet *Terms: One-third cash; the resoainder ia it* and twelve mouths, with interest, secured by daw Title perfect. oavoyanMs' at cost of the purchasers. ap.22d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aaetg. gY J. 0. McGUIRE, ft CO., Auetlonaexs. SEVENTH STREET Jp ROPER J Y AT AVC CHANCERY By Virtue < the District r SALE 0/ valuable propei of a decree of the lata Circuit Con t of Columbia, sitting as a Com Biurty^lated d rendered in a eanaa (No Court between Christopher Gran??ner % B. Todd, trnstaes.of the.latf^o^g^ day of premisee, numbered 459, wide.*"lt*wUl'offered,~lf deiired, in asparato portions, eeeh having a front of 19 feat. Thla property is situated opposite Mir. Paul us Tnaala store, and ia now occupied as a liyery stable br John 0. Howard. The terms of sale are: One-third cash; the bal ance to be paid in equal instalments, la nix an* twelve montha from the day of sale, the pay ments thereof to be secured by the notes or tha purchaser: aad said notes to he secured by a need of trnt on the said property. . If the terms of sale are not complied with In tro days from the day or sale, the Truetees reserve tha right to resell at the risk aad expeaee of tha pur CbAU conveyancing and gtaapa at the the purchaser. Trufteee. ip n-d J. C. McQVIXa't do.. Auata. 1 ? E. Ma^etS^^' 8fNJOED*g. No. ? Crrwi, u"" 6

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