Newspaper of Evening Star, April 28, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 28, 1864 Page 1
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V25. XXIII. WASHINGTON. D. C., THURSDAY, APRIL 28. 1864. m. 3,481. AUCTION SALES. BUTUR* OATS. '? *CWIW A CO., Auctioneer. BIXTYJNB HAND80MELY LOCATED BUILD* ING LOTS AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On TUK8DAY AFTERNOON, May 3<i. at4o'cbct, rn the premises, we shall sell nearly the whole of Square No. 241, Known as "Kingmaa's Ga-don," frontiug about 26 feet luk on 14th stiest, north Q ?treet, 13th street, the "Circle/' and "kingman all runningback to tine alleyf, with One fa cilities for drainage. of these Lots, being on the high ground Immedatcly north of the PreV. cent s Ilonse and Departments, tie alvantag? of a passenger railroad and Potimac water imme diately in front of the piemtse*. render them very desutfble for Building Sites, and, a* the late will bemaie without reserve, it should comman l spe cial attention. Terms of sale: 0=a-third in cash, and the re mainder in eaual payments 'in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premise*. Convejances at cost of purchaser ?w"A cash payment of fit on each lot at the time ?f sale will be required. ap.H-d J. C. McGUlRE & CO., Auets. gY J. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers, o clock. ?n the premises, we shall sell, Lots No* 3, ? i*vJkn "? ,B sub-dlv*sion of Square No 4Ti. Lota Not. S4.911, and 87 front each 24 feet on Seventh street, betwtca south D and E etreets, running back P4 feet to a 1? foot alley, lot No. 8, front* on Eig hth street wett, between D anil K street* south, ana runs buck same depth to stue alter. These are among the most desirabid lots 01 the Island. Term*: Ose-tbird in ca*h; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, sccursil by <laeU of tru*t on the premises, .. ap.17 d J q> McGUIRE A CO , A acts. B YJ.C. McGUIRE A CO., Auetioneers. VALUABLE PROPERTY AT THJI ?IXT2 ST ? WHARF AT PUBLIC AUCTION On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, May 4tb. at 6 o clock, on the premises, wa shall *a)J, Lots No. 13. 14,15. M 17, M, and 19. in Square numbered 5)2, fronting 183 feet on Sixth street west, and 2>>3 feet in inches on south N street, improved by a large square three-story Brick Hotel Building, with some sixteen good rooms, with large Pariirs, Rtr-room, and neoessary outbuildings. The grounds are par tially surrounded with a substantial stone wall. and are tastefully laid out with choice grapes, fruits, and flowers, especially with view to a summer re sort. The proximity of this handsome property to the extensive wharves at the loot of Sixth street, and the Government works. Arsenal, Ac., commanding B Y GRBEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TWEMTY-ONE VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON THE ISLAND IN SUB DIVISION OP SQUARE No. 41*2. AT AUGTIO*. Oa WEDNESDAY, the 4th day of May next, we shall sell, on tha premises, commencing at fi o'clock, p. m.. the following valuable prop,vrty, viz: All of 8qnare No. 413, except two cr three lots, on which Fundings are erected; the Square is divided into 24 handsome Building Lots, averaging from 23 to 26 feet front each, all of which run back to al leys. This property is beautifully situated, bound ed by, and fronting on E and F streets south, and 8th and 9th streets west, and the sale will be well worthy tha attention of persons wishing to pur chase a handsome building site or make a good in vestment. Terms: One-half cash, balance in Mx and twelve months, the purchaser! to give notes for the de ffcred payment*, bearing interest from the day of sale; a de ed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyances including revenue stamps at pur chasers cost. ap.37-d (Rep. I GREKN A WILLIAMS, Auets. Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auct ; Georgetown, B DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS IN GEORGE TOWN AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, May 4th, at 5 o'clock, p. 111., 1 will sell, in front of the premises, on the corner of Frederick and fifth streets, a de sirable Building Lot fronting 75 feet on Frederick street, ard 90 feet on Fifth street. Also, immediately after the above, the undivided third part of Lot No. 223. fronting 70 feet on Sixth street, running back 16" feet. Terms : One-third cash, balance in six and twelve months, secured by a deed of trust on the property. Conveyancing and stamps at the cost of the pur chaser. TitlV pei*rgct, ap.ZT-U TH<)8. DOWLING, Auct. B Y J. C. McGUIRB A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTER S SALE OV A HOUSE AND LOT ON ELEVENTH, BETWEEN L AND M STRBKTS. By virtue of a deed of trust from R. B. Bridge, dated October 2, 1857. and recorded in Liber J. A. No. 137, folios 440, Ac., of the Land Records of the county of Washington, I will offer at Auction on MONDAY, the 16th day of May next, on the premi ses, at 6Vo'elock. p. m., part of Lot seven (7) in Square three hundred ana forty-one <$il>in Wash in ton. bounded as follows, viz: Beginniog forty nine feet seven inches from the southeast corner <f M and Eleventh streets, and running thence north twenty-five feet on Eleventh street, thence due east one hundred feet, the whole depth of said lot. thence due north twenty-five feet, anl then -a due west to the beginning with the improvements, consisting ofa Frame Duelling. Terms of sale: One-third of tie purchase money to be paid !n ca4h. ..nd the residue in two equal in stalments at six and twelve months, with interest, to be secured. The terms of sale mn?t be complied with wltbin one week after sale, or the property may be resold, a'tej a week's notice, at therisk and cost ofthe first turcbaser. CHAS. S. ENGLISH. Trustee, ap 19-!m J. C. McGUIRR A CO., AttfltJ. B Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. COMMISSIONER# PALE OF 71 EAT. ESTATE. FRAME HOUSE AND LOT ON NORTH L ST., BETWEEN liTH AND 7T1ISTS. WEST. The undersi-med. commissioners appointed by the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, in the case of Elizabeth A. Fling and others against John Carroll and others. No. 128, equity, in siid court, to make sale of the real estate of which James W. Fling died seized, hereby give notice that in pursuance of an order of said court, en tered on the 8th day of A pril instant, they will sell, on the premises, the following described House and Lot. situate in the city of Washington. D. C., cn WEDNESDAY, the 4th day of May, l+>4,at 8 o'clock p. m., namely: Lot No. 3, in Square No. fronting l?j !?*et on north L street, between ?ith ana 7th streets west, and having a depth in the r? ar 91 feet. The improvements consist of a two story frame house with a back building. Terms cash. THKO. SHECKELS, ANDREW GODDARD. E. F. QUEEN. BEMET HENNING, W. L. RO?S, Commissioners, ap 20 J. C. McGUlRE A CO.,Aucts. ALB Of CONDEMNED HORSES AND MULES AT ALEXANDRIA, VA. CAitf Quart'r ma* ter't Qfct. Depot of WaxkiHntom,t Washim?tos, D. C., April 23. 1-W4 S Will be sold at public auction, at Alexandria, Va., on MONDAY. Ma^^aDt UM^a lot of condemned as unfit for puV lie service. Terns: Oath in Government funds. D. H. RUCKER, Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster. ap.26-.*>t Depot ot Washington. ALB or CONDEMNED HORSEB AND MULES. Ckitf Quarter master's QjRrt. D'pot of Wagkin*ton.{ WiSHiJiiiToa, D. C., April B. I8S4. \ will thej on , . May 26,1864, a lot of? HORSE8 AND MULBS, crndemiied as unfit for public service. Terms: Cash in Government fend* Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, a. m. D. H. RDCRBR. Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster. ap.IT 2it Depot of Washington. D. O. tire. ? Early pr ssewion will be givem Terns : (tee-third cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the property. Title perfect. ap ?7-d J. C. MrGUIRE A CO., Auets. RUCTION SALE OF CONDEMMBD HORSES. War Dspartmkst, CAvAi.av Bcrbii-, 1 Orrioa or Chibf QoAanaMAsma, > Washington. D. C., April 35,18M.N Will he sold at public auction, to highest bid der, at the times and places named below, vis: Newport, Penna , Thursday, May 6th. Gettysburg, Penna.. Monday. May 9th. Altoona. Penna., Thunday, May 12th, Mifljin, Penna., Thursday^May l^th. Juao Mb. viio a uuunra I rw/ aui r>*-a asv - Hundred and rifty (?>> at each of thaother places These horses have been condemned as unfit for tht cavalry service of the Unit<jd States Army. For road and farm purpose* *any good bargains may be had. Horses will be sold singly. ? _ j Sales t.egin at K a m., and continue daily until all are sold. _ . . Terms - cash, in United States Tressury no?e? only. JAMBS A. ERIN, aplStiog) Lt.Ool aO'lQ Q. M Cavalry Barean, US. MILITARY RA1LBOADS, ? C&ce f/A'fiftant Quarttrmasttr, Wishtsutos, April 16,18t>4. AUCTION.?Will be Sold, on WEDNESDAY, the 16th day of May, at the Railroad Depot in Alexaa ""*'?00"frons of Old Railroad Iron, 10" Tons of Old Car Axles, ^50 Tons of Oast Scran Iron, too Tons of Wrought Iron, S Tons of Old Br&&* and Cop??r, 9noOil Barrels. . _ . _ ... Terms - Cash In Government Funds. Ten <10) ?tr cent, to be paid at tha time of parchaw, the balance on delivery. . . , The property must be removed within ten days from date of sale. H. L. ROBINSON, ap.lC-dts. Captain ana A. Q. M. D~ ISWHXTDJN OF COPARTNERSHIP.-The coi*?rtBersltip heretofore existing between G. G Corn well and J. M Johnson?under the title of COBN WELL A JOHNSON?doing business at 2l8 Pennsylvania avenue, is this day dissolved by mu tual consent. All outstanding claims will be set tled try G G. Coruwell, who will continue the busineBs at the old BUad. Q o conNWRLL ap ;;-im J. M. JOHNSON. N A1?D AFTEB THIS DATE THB OrFICE of tte Washington and Marl boro' Stage will be kept at the< Stables of HOWARD A ROUSE, on] O. between 6th and 7th streets. Washington, D. 0 , April 4, J864. ap5-lm? AUCTION SALES. |JY J. C. McGUIRE i_CO..Auctioneers. T TE|TT?m-8aP nn?-TAL U A B L B 8LAU OR TKU nTTrroDnnnnY. ?u A w Bl.AUHH sv?1" ?? 4 o>in^ DNf:SDAY Afternoon, May finit nim.'^d Pr????*?, commencing with !be continuing in the order herein ?? PrI 'L V^?U ^?JL* decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, sitting fn chaneiS? v]i )M Miii - ? I" * Miller is compiauiant and SSfsJE" et aL *,e ^?^U, (7?o. 1?.) we aJ^aNJ??ii*& S,?<>*\6- '? *>9? M. 24.2.S 25, 27. anl 2a, in Square No. 953, fronting respectively on qrh J - % dwelling house. Bliuffhter honaa th? w ?/?k' ^c*? ?n,?wn *s the slaughter yard of vMeda- mUV' in be ?M entfre or d? v,?l? " bp deemed most desirable. Wi f? r aft*r' Lot? 1 2' 3. *nd 4, in Square ^TB.DBJn? b*ck W feet s?i in ?h? on Ifrth StEet dwelliSJ- hiuw*Ted '>y * *ouble tw?-8torJr f'?n?e arJlvU11fJ,totft,'r >""? Par1 of Lot No. 1, Square No th? SSlRSli ,h# ????? ?t ?3 feet 6 inches from the Koutbea.^t corner of said lot and tkenee ran no^th%VlL5t ? ??2tin iun * g^eet n feet, thence t,',Pcly?8.thence east 17 feet, thence 2S?i ?! * inches toJ1he beginning,'together aWtT^A?* ft0"1 C4st J,,th street, thence north *?,?".*2? ftf't. thence west 23 feet!) inches thence south about 72 feet, thence east 23 fatSinehAfttn becinnlnj, toother with th# improvements ^"-"tory brick dweHkur howae. Nn .Si l1' I,.1 ter' P?rt of Lot No. 3, in Square JJpf S?'n-?JBfi.! ? "onth part thereof. frontfng 3) eton lltfc street east audrunninir back that width ?" M ^oet south 90 feet, together with the ira PTmn?31rt?ir'iCOn?' ?a f,amp dwelling home ?. 5J1 U!? 1 after, Lot 18, in 8quare No, 1 ffs of'smitv? ?n? Wtb, *treet cs^t, at the or nor 'its s;?hM5f.iwcnu" ?"""*? "?> ??<* ^"r?*: One-third fn e*,h; the remainder 1*11 fi 12 ehuwmii Ji' w,l,? {ntc**rt'/or which 1h* pur eSfi^P ^*ive n?t?t secured to the satisfaction chasers!Jr*nc,n* ,u4 ?UraI,s *l the cost of the pur .1 JJJth,tenH" ofJ?,eJkW not with in five days thereafter, the Trustee reserve the right of Znrit*'" risk *n?i expense of the defaulting ? MU M,ie week i notice in the National Intelligencer. GJBO. A. BOHRER, 0nal E.O.MORGAN, A. TII09. BRAbLEY, ap21 eoAd^ J. p. McQUIRl Jc Co'.A^tS: ' O.McOi lltEA- CO., Auctioneers. it%Z%bA^Ucn8!Xt,''indB9f*Dth "treet8 eM9t> tstatstijfiszr&s&s'gHg lowing in the order herein named, by virtue of a n^fhU ?-ff Supreme Court of the District of Co' Antil liai i? .V?*nC"ry,v l"8e^ on the 9th d?T of \??iil. '**'In ? rertVn c?nB* wherein George W Miller i8 comrlainant, and Ellen Miller et al are defendants, No. 146. we shall aril the north half of lot No. 24, in Square N'> 732, fronting 27 feet 2A Bystreet1 *tC?ti lnt#ut e*vt'at t^? corner ?f south a street at its intersection with Pennsvlv&ni& areane, running back 73 fe<>t, with the Imirovo ments, eonsirting of a nearly new Brick Swelling Howe, with fine store attached! "weiiinc Imme '.iai ely ?fter, the whole ofiquare No 841 fronting respectively on East Capitol and smith \ ?*e* wef11a?''?'x^h streets east aub ?L?t n '^sirable building lots fronting on east Capitol and ncuth A streets * Wn'^fjV*1/ a?er lota No. 16 and 17, in snuare f ^aC? yj??1 ?n north A street be 1-^1 J Seventh streets east, and runting meh to * ?i-f.?ot alley. L >t 17 is im pr<)\ ed wish a sioall frame Dwelling-House . Immediately after, the north half of lot No lo *M*a&w??n^*WDtin/^ fe?t0n First str??t f^uJh ?/S?.K11Btreetfl' aod extend pf? ?.id-b to the rear of the lot. ?nntia-S: ? ? J", *? the residue in threa 4*?^e, and eighteen nicnthfl, with interest, for wh&eb th# paroh%4er Bhall ?ive note*, M*ciired to the ?at in faction of the pa^n?#ail ca^h paroll*B'}r to h*?a lti<J option of Conveyances and stamps at the coet of the pur chafer. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days thereafter, the trustees rea-rve the risht to chi!Sar a r'' HD C?,,t ?f the dcfauItiD* Pur CEO. A BOHRKR, 1 E.C MORGAN, \ Tra?tes?. A. THOS. BR.vbLKY,S ap.2l-eodA ds j. c. MoGHiRE ft Co., Ancte. J^Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. THU8,T^f!.?AT K <)k"0VER THREE ACRE8 Ot LAND IN THE NEIGMHORIKhiD OF THE ?A?AHiy^BACE OOCR8B AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the28d dayot Mav. WrW, I *hall sell, by virtue of deed of tinist to the sultscriber, and recorded in Liber N.C.T., No. ??, folios ?7I, <72, 173. 171 atid 47.1. one of the land records for the county of W??hinston, in th?* District of Colum bia, at 4 o'clock p. iti.,od the premise*, the follow ing describt-d property, lying and bi'ing in the county of Washington, District aforesaid, vi/>; Part ol Ridge Tract, beginning for the same at >i stone marked the northeast corner of Ridg.i Tract, at its junction with St. Elizabeth tract, an ! thenee running by a magnetic cour?e north S3 degrees and ?J1 minutes w.>ht along the w.-st, boundary of said St. Elizabeth Tract 5 chains and links to a stake, thence south 28 degrees and 30 minutes west S chains and 50 links to a stake, thence south de cree- and .30 minutes east 5 chaius and M links to a stake set on the boundary line separating the -aid part of Ridge tract from the tract lyin- east there of. thenee north 25 degreei and minutes east along said boundary line 5 chains and ?) linksto the place ot beginning, being parallel lines, con taining three acres and lour perches, be the saina more or lean. Terms ca*h. All conveyancing, including reve nue stamps, at the cost of purchaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days after sale the trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the first purchaser, by giving three days notice of such re sale in the Etening Star. WM. MORT. \N, Trustee. apSt eoAds GREEN Sc WILLIAMS, Aucta. ??Y GREEN & WILLIAMS, Auctioueera. . , TRUSTEE'S S \L1. ^ By authority of a deed of trust and a decree of the 8npreme Court ofthie District, pasaed in tha canae of Erglifh Dodge and Cox against Ohas. H. *nd Wm. H. Veaable. the subacriber will, on the Joth day of May next, at five o'clock in the after noon, expose to sale at auctian, to the highest bid der, tha following property in this city, near the Navy Yard, namely, Lot No. 18 and part of 17, in Hqiiare No. 817. beginning at the northeast earner of said lot 16, fronting on Sixth street eaat. and running thence aouth 72 feet,thence west WW 'eet 1 inch, thance north 72 feet, thence east lus foet l inch to the beginning. There are on this parcel of ground five tenements, aid each will be sold separately, with a sufficient portion of ground attached to each. Terms: One foarth of the purchase money in cash, and the reaidae at ii, 12 and 18 months, with interaat, for which tbe purchaser's bpnds, with anrety, will be taken, and a lien on the preaiaea sold retained A deposit of U> on each lot will be required at the Hale. Deed#, certificates, bonds, stamps, at the pur chaser's coat. If the terms are not fully eomplied with within five dafs from the day of sale, the property will he resold at the defaulter's risk and eost, W. R1DIN. Troatce ap lS-Stau A da GREEN &. WILLUMpuctg. Y i. 0. JflcGl'LRE tc CO., Auctioneers, ] UeTEB'8 ?ALE OFTfiARLY ONE KNTIRB SQUARE NEAR THE HAVY YARD. By % irtue of a deed of truat from Joseph Curril lier. dated 13th day of Mar. 1881, duly recorded in Liber J. A.8.. No 77, folio 17, fte., of the Land Eecoras of Washington county, D. C.,and at the request of all tha parties interested, I shall sell at Public Auction, on the premises, on FRIDAY, the 6th day of May naxt, at 3 o'clock p. 111., Lots Not. I, 2. 5,6 7. 8,12,13.14,15,16, in Square No. ?92, in the city of Washington. These Iota an located on south D and E, and eaat Eleventh and Twelfth atreeta. Terms of sale one third cash, residue iatwoequal payments at six and twelve mouths; with purcha sers' note*, and deed ^iven and deed of trusttaken. Conveyancing and revenue stamps at the pur chase rs^cost. WM. K. WOODWARD. Trustee. At tbe same time and place, and on thn aame terms, the uuderaigned as executor of Mrs. Curvil lier, will aell at public auction. Lota 3 and 4 in the above square. JOS REDfEUN, Executor. ap. 14-eods J. C. MoGUIEB & CO., Auc*s. gY THOMAS DOWLING Auct'r; Georgetown. VERY VALUABLE IMPR' VRD PROPERTY ON BRIDGE fTREET, GEORGETOWN. On TUESDAY AH ERNOON. May3.atio'cteck. on the premises, I shall sell, for account of the heirs of Thomaa Oeoh, the southwest part of Lot No. 2, in Old George own, fronting 21 foet 4 j-2 in cheaon Bridge str?et, betweenContffessaud Wash iogton streets, running back S7') feet to a wide pub lic al ey, improved by a three story Brick Dwelling House with hack building, being the property oc cupied by Joa. W. Birch E#q. Terras: One-half wab; the renainder in six and twelve montha, with interaat, secured by indeed of trust on tbe premises. Conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. ap au d THOMAS DOWLING. Auctioneer. BILLIARD TABLM,fOBBALE.?The Subscri ber baa three drat class Billiard Tables, nearly new, which he will dispose of vary loir. Inquire at the Billiard room, eoruer of nth street and PsnnsflTania mh M tt AMUSEMENTS. d " 1*4 ?? ri.l? 9i& (ANTERBCRY KALL. MUSIC \ CANTERBURY BALL.I AND HAL L/CANTERBURY HALL,\ THEATER . .... I LOCI?:ISA ATKKPB, Near Cointr cj Sirtk Strut, Rtar of National and Mttropoliian Hou'u. *. A Bignof the Bit Calcium Light. h i. G*0R6*Lij~?. ? ? Proprietor W. E. C.anavipoH .StageManager. IMMENSE ATTRACTION! IMMENSE ATTRACTION ! IMMENSE ATTRACTION! IMMENSE ATTRACTION I The manager takes pleasure in announcing to his patrons and the public that he bas effected an engagement with a GRAND COMEDY COMBINATION ! GRAND COMEDY COMBINATION ! GRAND COMEDY COMBINATION I Which includes *the names of some of the most talented artistes in tho world, for the express pur pose of presenting, in an acceptable manner, FARCE, COMEDY AND BURLESQUE > FARCE, COMEDY AND BURLESQUE I ? ARCS. COMEDY AND BURLESQUE I First appearance of MRS. FRANK DREW ! MRS. FRANK DBEW ! MRS. FRANK DREW ! MRS. FRANK DREW [ MRS. FRANK DREW ! MRS. FRANK DREW f The celebrated Comedienne, from Niblo's Garden, N* Y" MR. J. De FORREST, MR. J. Db FORREST, MR. J. Db FORREST, The talented Light Comedian, from Niblo's, N. Y. MISS NELLIE HOWARD, MISS NEI.ME UOWARD, MISS NELLIE HOWARD, The mo*t beautiful ahd attractive female Jig Dancer in America. MR. SAM RAINFORTn, MR SAM RAINFORTH, MR. SAM RAINFORTH, The rt-nowned Pantomimist and Maitre d<? Ball'-t. M'LLE CORDELIA M'LLB CORDELIA M'LLE IRENE D ESTEPHE ! M'LLE IRENE D'EflTEPHE I The accomplished Dan?en?*s, |n conjunction with the Standard Favorites. JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, W. B. OATENAUGH, W. B. CAVENAUGH, J. H. DOUGHERTY, J. H. DOUGHERTY, J H. DOUGHERTY, DELF.HANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, DELXHANTY AND WARI>! BILLY WEST. BILLY WEST, BILLY WEST! W H, WILLIAMS, W. H. WILLIAMS, W. H. WILLIAM4, MISS JENNIE F.NOEL, MISS JENNIE ENOSL. MISS JENNIE ENGEL, JENNIE FORREST, MAGGIE WILSON, ESTELLR FORREST, LUCY CLIFTON, KM MA SCHELL, The Laughable N^gro Sketch of OLE BULL IN A TIGHT PLACE! OLE BULL IN A TIGHT PLACE! OLE BULL IN A TIGHT PLACE! Ole Bnil... - ...-John Mulligan The Farces of THE BOUGn DIAMOND! THE ROUGH DIAMOND! THE ROUGH DIAMOND 1 SKETCHES IN INDIA! SKETCHES IN INDIA! bKETCHES IN INDIA! AND A DAY IN PARIS! AND A DAY IN PARIS! ? AND A DAY IN PARIS ! With Mrs. Frank Drew, Mr. J. De Forrest and W. B. Cavanangh in the cant. In active preparation, and will shortly be pro duced, with New Scenery,' the J300 FPRI2E DRAMA, by John L. Poole, Es*., entitled the , mountA ri? outt W, * ?wi ??--SSMSStfc MOUNT AIN^OUTLAW, Or, THE WRECK OP A LIFE! Ar performed in New York for fonr successful weeks. Admiarion...>???-. ??.25 Orchestra St) Private Boxes, holding six persons... J'Xi Doors open at 7 o'clock; Performance to com mence at S o'clock. FAMILY MATIN SB ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, AT 9 O'CLOCK, ? " ' AJni'ssicc? Ladies26 Mata; Children J<Xcentg. rl ? 4 ? 'A 1 ? *Si *y ? ? - ->3fm oi ^' fcKOW'8 CELEBRATED TROUPE 99 PERFORMING flOG8 AND MONKEYS Are erg aged and will shortly appear, T AMUSEMENTS. GROVER'i THEATER. PfKSSYLTASIA AT., Hil WlLLABD'S HOTBL. Leonard U rover. ^.Director THIS < Thursday) EVENING. Ajpril 38,ISM, FOURTH NIGHT OF THE Great Tragic Alliance. MR. E. L. DA V UN PORT, MR J W. WALLACK, AND MRS. FARREN. Only time most positively of this magnificent double bill, A glorious night of conieuy. The eminent stars in two brillisnt pieces. The pet forinanee will commence with 0 Keel' s delightful comedy, in three arts. eutitl-?<l WILD oats: Presenting a superb cast of character* r Rover Mr K L Davenport John Dory , ^..Mr J W Waliack Lady Amaranth _ Mm Farren .Ta conclude with the sparkling, dashing, bril liant comedy, THE LANCERS. Mr J W Waliack a9 .Captain James Delton Mr E L Davenport as? Captain Edward Lennox PRIDAY BENEFIT OF Mn. B. I.' J>AVENPORT, A magnificent double bill ! DAMON AND PYTHIAS! LrCRKTIAUBORGIA! The greatest performance ever given in WashiDg ton ii. onn night. _ FORD'S NEW THEATER, Tbstb Stbkbt, above Pknkstltabia Ave.xpi. THI9 'Thursday) EVENING, April 23, EDWIN FORREST. Once more and for the last time, in his great rhatf acter, JACK CADE. ?'' Hece.ved on Monday evening with the greatest en thusiasm by the largest audience of the season, Mr. Forre't will be supported by MR JOHN MeCULLOUEH, "/ " MRS. J. H. AtLEN, MISS ALICE GRAY, AND THE ENTIRE COMPANY. TO-MORROW. EDWIN FORREST Will appear for the last time as METAMORA. In preparation and will shortly be produced, with new scem-ry, machinery, new and splendid dressts, ensigns, standards, war chariots, Ate., Ate., Shakspeare's historical play of COR 101. ANTS I In which Edwin Forrest will sustain his grand Roman character of _ CAIU6 MARCIUS: In preparation, the graud spectacle of the NAIAD QUEEN. QUE1 WASHINGTON THEATRE. Eleventh Sr., nkar 0. On THURSDAY EVENING, April 28.1S-U. Sig. Brignoli's second and positively last Grand Concert, together with the following unprecedented array of artists from Max Maretzeek's Italian Opera Company. MISS LAURA HARRIS, SIG. BRIGNOLI. SFG. DRAGONI. Mr. J. N. PATTISON. Mb. H. MOLL IN H A U BR, SIG. I. NUNO. PROGRAMME. 1 Fantasia f??r the Violoncello.Mr H Mollenhauer 2 Ronmnza, Maria di Rulenz 8ig Dragoui 3Cas&tins. Luciadi Lammermoor, Misc Laura H.irris 4 Duett, Martha SigK Brignoli and Drayoni 5 Fantasia for Piano,Martha. Mr J.N Patti son tiRomanza. Faust __..Sig Brignoli 7 ! B?Su'nrise Maz-nska Caprice { Mr,N ^"ison 8 Scotch Song, ??Coming thro' the Rye, ' Miss Harris 9 Solo Violoncello, "Sounds from the Alps,'' Mr H Mollenhauer 10 Duett, Don Pasquale, Miss Harris and Sig Brignoli 11 Fantasia, air Russe, by request,Mr J N Pattison 12Terzett. Atilla, Miss Harris, Sigs Brignoli and Dragoni Tickets, One Dollar each. Secured seats 50 eents extra Sate to commence TO-DAY, at Metrerott's music store. ap 27-?t ~ VARIETIES! VARIETIES! MUSIC HALL AND THEATER. SIGN OF THE BIGGEST DRUM MoN l> LIGHT 1 SIOS OF TKF. HKVOl.VINO AND OLOHK I.KJHTS ! THE ILLUMINATED AMUSEMENT TEMPLE! Frobtiko Pehksylvabia Avesde Sc. Nihth Street Hambltm & Co ?? - . .Proprietors Fits SiMM0Sd^_8tage Manager and Advertiser. NEW NOVELTY WEEK! J. S. MAFFIT, _ J. S. MAPFIT, J. 8. MAFFIT, J. S. MAI-FIT, J. 8. MAFFIT J. 8. MAFFIT, just from the J. S. MAFFIT, J. 8. MAFFIT, AMERICAN J. 8. MAFFIT J. S. MAFFIT, THEATER, J. S. MAFFIT J. S. MAFFIT, Broadway, N. Y. J. S. MAFFIT J. S. MAFFIT, _ J. 6. MAFFIT, IN A GREAT COMIC PANTOMIME, WITH A FT AR TROUTK oK V %-NTOM 1MIST8 t MISS FRIEL and M LLE WINDEL KERNS AND THOMPSON. SHELDON'S BALLET TROUi'E, MISS MAGGIE ATLANTA. Also. THE STAR COMPANY. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Lll'Ild' AND Cl.KRKS' DRESS A.SSE V If I. AO B . JACK SHEPPARD in preparation. Admission 25 and ft)cents; private boxes $5. Performance a; a in the evening. METROPOLITAN HALL, Pbbbsvlvakia Avbbubasd Elbtbbtb Street. GABDiNER & CO - Proprietors. INCREASED COMPANY! SUPERIOR ATTRACT! OSS! In addition to the old favorites, many new oneg will add to the general popularity of this highly popular Music Hall. TO-NIGHT, JENNY LIND MY PLEASANT NEIGHBOR. With Songs, Dances, Ethiopian Act*. Ac. Look ont for those coming. MISS EMMA GARDINER. MISS NELLIL TAYLOR, Acd the Ethiopian Comedians FATTY STEWART. HARRY ENOCHS, And the celebrated Comic Singer, TOM VANCE. GBAND FAMILY MATINEE EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON, AT 3 O'CLOCK. ? Admission 25 and SO cents. Private Boxes f3 andf5. ap 21 tf NOW OPEN IN WASHINGTON, A FIRST CLASS NEW YORK MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT, Where can always be found themostextenslveaud recherche styles i>1 spring and summer Millinery and Straw Goods ever offered in this city. Also, the largest and richest assortment of Chil dren's Fancy Hate, Ladles' Riding and Promenade Hats. Infants' Hats, Caps and Turbans, Misses' and Boys' Hats in every variety and style. No pains or trouble has been spared in having the newest and moat fashionable stock of goods in the above line ever offered *</the public. MISS J. 8ANF0RD, Ho. 4 Market Space, ap 21-lw* ail door L om?th street. R?> RIGERATOR8! .. ^ REFRIGERATORS! vail and t> -e our steckjiwt receivwi. . E. & & H. I. GREGORY, ap23 gt , 3#1 P?nn. avenue. CARRIAGES AND HARNESS FOR SALE. Jntrt received and for sale, of the very latest styles,fix Shifting-Top, six Plain Top.MBBj and five No fop BUGGIES; twelveftflOB^ L>ght One Horse CARRIAGES and two?2=*= Bretts. ^Thirty sets Single and twenty sets Double RAR NLS8, some extra line. Also on hand, a number of Second-hand CAR RIAGES. ' THOMAS YOUNG, ap 23-lm No. 409 Pennsylvania avonue. F^OR SALE?A second-band twelve horse power STEAM ENGINE needing some repairs, male by Hoard tc Sons, Watertown, N. Y. For particu lars address Mrs. 8. G. E. HUNTER. Rockville, Montgomery county. Md, Also, a REAPER in perfect order, coat $13S. Persona wishing to pur chase such articles will do well to call and exam me the above at my residence, two miles from Rockville, on the Frederick road. ap22-lw MRS. 8. G. K. HUNTER. 3*000 poBSES wasted. Wab Dhpabtmkst, Cavalry Bureau,J Qtf'itt af Chief Quarterwuttttr, > . . WASU1S0T05. D. C., Aprils, ISM. \? One hundred and lifty ($140) dollars per head will be paid for aU * . CAVALRY HORSES lelivered within the next fifteen <W) days at the l GovernmentStabtas,Giesboro, B.C. , bald horses to be sound in all particulars, not Ipbk than five (6) nor more than nine<9) years old; from 14& to 16 Bands high, full fleshed, compactly built, bridle wise, and of sue sufficient for cavalry purposes. Tk'tt spttiAeatie** will bt ftrvtly adhtrtd to md rifirffr enftrcfd in trtrm panic*Utf. Payment made on delivery of ten (M) Bad oTer. Hours of inspection from 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. JAMES A. EE IN, Lieut. Colonel and ap l?t Ctoief Quartermaster eCaral ry Bureau. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. [ASSOCIATED PRESS DISPATCHES] FROM EUROPE. Defeat of the British Ministry in the House of Commtis-Maiimilian Maktai his Appointments ? The Daaish War ?its Progress, etc.. New Yohk, April 27.?The steamship city of New York has arrived from Liverpool. April 13th. The United States frigate Jamestown was at Macao at latest dates. In the House of Commons, oo the 12th Inst., the Government was defeated by a majority of ei*ht on the minor educational question. Miller Gibson stated that there was no im mediate intention of placing lights on Daunt's Rock, on which the City of New York was wrecked, bnt the lights at the entrance of Uork harbor wonld be improved. Garibaldi was received with much enthu siasm. He visited Lord Palmers ton, and stayed an hoar; also Stansfleld, who was implicated HI ID8 recent cuuopiiacy. The Morning Herald saye Liora ui&rniuwra mission to Paris is to restore amicable rela tions, and dispel Napoleon's irritation against England. The Emperor Maximilian's health is im proved. It te stated that he will leave Miramar en route tor Mexico on the 14th of April. He has made sundry diplomatic ana ministerial appointments* The Prussians continue a vigorous bombard ment of Duppel. It was reported that the Danish fire was very weak, several batteries having been silenced. A Flensbnrg dispatch says the Danes are preparing to evacuate the intrenchments. The Pruasiansin Jutland have advanced fur ther northward. They drove tbe Danes out of Horsens, after a short engagement. The Conference has not yet assembled a't Lon don. The Paris bourse is firmer at 60f. .t: *. Latest via Queeastewn. Liverpool, April 14.?The bombardment of Duppel continues vigorously. An unsuccess ful attempt has been made to assault the place. It is stated that the Danes have shown signs of retreat. The Conference has not yet assembled. FROM CHATTANOOGA. The Rebels Moving?Capture ef Pickets. Chattanooga, April 24.?On Friday morn ing, at daybreak, the rebels approached onr outer videttea in Nickajack Gap and were challenged, and one shot by the sentinel, who retreated on the mounted reserve. They attacked the reserve in large force, cap turing twelve and killing fonr. Four of the wounded were killed after falling into tbe hands ot the rebels, but their bodies were re covered. Our cavalry force was about forty, and beloaged to Mlnty's command. Some of our wounded made affidavit that they were fired at by the rebels while lying upon the ground in their blood. On Friday morning filty rebels crossed the railway near Charleston, but did not disturb the track. They were pursued by the cavalry, and twelve were captured. Tbe regular complement of rebel deserters arrlv* daily. Surgeon Phelps, of Ohio, medical director of the 4th army corps, is ordered ^report to Gen. Meade for duty. The army is is-fine condition. GEN. SIGEL'S DEPARTMENT. Spirited Cavalry Skirmish at Newtewn. Hartek's Ferrt. Va., April 25.?A very spirited engagement took place between a de tachment of the First New York Cavalry and & body of rebels at Newtown, near Strasburg. We lost one officer and quite a number of men. The rebel force is reported to have been be tween three and four hundred strong, the strength of our party about one hundred men. The contest, although a decidedly unequal one, was kept up with much spirit for some time. Superiority of numbers alone gave the rebels the advantage they gained. The detachment of 1st New York cavalry thus engaged was out on a scout, being des patched lrom Martinsburg. It is evident they ??scouted" out the position of the enemy, and subsequently "scooted"' for the old position ol friendly quarters. Cumbmlamd, Mix, April 2.'?.?Neither at Harper's Ferry nor Martinsburg is there any tewsof interest to-day. Nothing is said aboht ?the reported advance of Lee. Pennsylvania Militia?No Immediate Call Anticipated. HARRiflBFRt;, April 2T.?It is not probable that there will be a call for the militia of this State at this time. It is known that there is a perfect understanding between the State and national authorities on this subject, and when ever the military force of the State is needed, they will most promptly be ftfrnished. The new militia bill will certainly pass the Legislature, and as soon as the law is revised so as to make the militia etfective, the Gov ernor will immediately organize it so as to be readv for any service needed by the State and nation. CONGRESSIONAL. I* the Senate yesterday? The amendment Of Mr. Pomeroy to the "bill to provide a national currency, secured by a pledge of United States bonds, and to provide for the circulation and ledemption thereof," was debated by Messrs. Howe, Collamer, Chandler, Johnson, Sumner, and others, but no definite action was taken. In thb House? Mr. Garfield reported from the Committee on Military Affairs a joint resolution appropria ting S2o,0(X>,<X)0 to pay for the Western troops recently called out by the Governors lor a period not less than one hundred days. The joint resolution was passed almost im mediately. The House, in committee, resumed the con sideration of tbe internal tax bill. Mr. Pendleton, of the Committee of Ways and Means, proposed various amenndments to the sections relating to penalties, in order to their more certain and speedy execution. The following, among other amendments, were adopted: Imposing acuty of 2 W per centnm ad valorem on tbe gross amount of the sales of sugar re finers, including all the products of their man ufactories or refineries. A tax of 5 per centum ad valorem on quick silver produced from the ore. One of the clauses was amended so that a duty of 5 per centum shall be imposed on gold and silver produced from quart* mines, from beds of rivers, from the earth, or in an> other way or manner; provided all such duties shall be payable in coin or bullion. Mr'Wallace, the delegate from Idaho, moved to strike out the above proviso, requiring pay ment in coin. It was, he said, in effect a repu d iation of the Government paper. The proviso was stricken out. The proviso to the clause relating to sales of gold and silver, bullion, etc., was modified to read aa follows: Any person, firm, or company, not being licensed as a broker, who shall sell or-offer to sell any gold or silver bullion, sterling ex change, uncurreat money, promissory notes, stocks, or other securities not bona tide at the time his own property, and actually on hand, shall be liable, lq addition to all other penalties provided in such cases, to pay fifty per centum in addition to the rate of duty of one fifth of one per centum on sales or contracts f?The^committee struck out the proviso that all railroad, steamboat, ferryboat, and bridge cor porations shall have tne right to add the duty or tax imposed to their rates of faro whenever their liability thereto may commence, any lim itations which may exist by law, or by any agreement with any peraon or company which may have paid or be'liable to pay such fare, to tbe contrary notwithstanding. The tax on companies is increased to two and a half per centum on the gross receipts of such companies. National Agricultural association. We are informed that the annual exhibition of the National Agricultural society, will this year be held at the Capitol of W ashing ton and will take place about the middle of June. It will on this occasion be conducted under the most favorable auspices, Prominent members of the Government having evinced n. strong interest in ita success, and 'he citizens Washington having already conmba?d^b?r allv toward the prixee. We shall pronaoiy soon be able to publish its ,j^FmS5 of advertising oolumns.? wake*' apmt oj Times. ' _? ' Tabu (1. Saxe is very 111 from effects Of lnjntJes received by a railroad aeci dent last winter. IBB ItRRMlISR or PLYMOUTH, ItKBEf, AC<"OWT. TktrapUrrtfPlynnili. [Editorial from Petersburg Express of Apr.iev] We are still without full official information of tbe brilliant affair at Plymouth. Ws learn, however, upon reliable nnthorlty, tbaf skir mishing ooTnmenced on, continued briskly Monday and Tuesday, andon Wednes day the enemy's works were carried by assault in a most gallant manner. Tbe Yankee com mander, Brigadier General Weesel, as will M seen Irom a Richmond telegram in another co! rffi??.t?rice ?ommonsd to surrender, but iintnnSi *?' the place was stormed and i?w n?tert^?ekn.ainb?!01 Prison?r* t*ken i* h^ITdrVd lK*m fwo thousand fire nun tired, besides tbe negroes who ware taken Dundrcd ponodor ton niar* !???!-? ?u valuable articles captured ^ongst rtia Pegram's and Graham's batteries *?,?, ?. . this city, were engaged in tbs contiict, an<TdS splendid service. We regret, however! to i?rn !h J?.?'" *'*n!f8 Branch, who commanded that bearing bis name, had ote of hit lees t>ro ten and was braised by the fall of hie hors? The wounded have be*n mostly sent to Wei taken^care o'f ** d0?bt UOt* wUi W?U Otn. Hoke has struck a m^et effective blow tor the redemption of his native State. Hie oou>mei.d was composed of North Caroiuaaiis. aid ib* y have nobly and galwntly liberated & most important part oi their State from the invader. We shall have more nad yet grea'er news from this and co-operatiag ex,WioB. Tbe co operating naval expedition is und-r the command of Commander R. F. Pinkuey Commander J. W Cooke commands the ireml clad gunboat Albemarle, in Roanoke River !j^rt tenaP! L,?*aU commands the iron clad gunboat Ncuae, in the Neuse River. a7,t Lieutenant R B. Minor commands a flotilla of ??cutters71 in the Chowan River * * ?C aT?UJ#ii8 *. ?? re'y nch *nd fuli Of sup plles. The two other places held by the Yankees on the North Carolina coAat are WMhlnr^T at the month of Tar River, and Newberr at the mouth of the Neuse. The latter is strongly ; ?Bt " 18 "^P0*^ that the larger part or the forces at Washington had b* a moved up to Plymouth. FROM THE SOCTH. General Grant's Movement*, The Petersburg Express, of the 23d, has tte following: * f??** Hoc??, April ? -It is re ported that the enemy commenced to-day moving up their rear, preparatory to an ad vance. There is nothing going on in our front indicating an immediate advance. The roade are dry and hard. Ricrmokd, April SI?A flee: ofgunboata ap peared yesterday in Rappahannock river, twelve miles below TappahannocJt. A dredg ing machine was sent in advance to search for torpedoes. It is believed now that Tappahsci nockorPort Royal will be the base of Bern side's co-operative movement against Rich mond. Fight la Mississippi. Mobilb, April On Wednesday, GeaerM Wirt Adams repnlsed 1,500 Federals near MJ chanicsville, Miss. Th* Story AnorT Mrs. Whit*.?The New York Tribune says: We have the highest authority for the follow ing statement in connection with the story tha* Mrs. M. Todd White (a sister of Mrs. Lincoln.) was permitted by the President to carry con traband goods Sontb. Mrs. White went Soutbi with only the ordinary pass whieh the Presi dent gives to those persons whom he permits to go. The President's pass did not perm't Mrs. White to take with her anything but or dinary baggage, nor did she attempt to take anything more. The President's pass did not exempt her baggage from tbe usual inspection, and her baggage did undergo the usual inspec tion. General Bntler found no contraband goods or letters in her baggage. She did not ineultor defy General Butler, nor was anything in her words or action which led him to sce pect that she was either a rebel spy or emissary or that she was violating any of tbe rule* under which persons are sent through tie lines, Alexandria Affairs? Gtn"l Burntid' ? There is much stir and bustle in and around tbe City Hotel to-day, consequent upon *h? vast amonnt of business and detail to be trans acted by Gen. Burnside at hs headqnarte-s Each individual member of bit staffls actively and constantly enraged, and the General him self looks and acts very much as though te had something to say ia w&at is guing on Fisk Market.?The market has been well sed Plied for the past few days, the arrivals beinc very large. Herring were selling at $1 soats v> per thousand this morning, and ?had at tf uj f 11 per hundred. There are but few buyers in the market, and unless the demand should in crease within a day or two the price will ra down to a ruinous tigure.?.4/*#. Journal 7 Affairs i* pRisrBGBORtin'g.?We are glad to learn that Mr. John Z. Jenkins, of Serr&c: h district, in this county, has been released from tbe military prison in which be has been de tained for two weeks past. What he was charged with has not transpired. The four steamers belonging to the Messrs. Wcems have been chartered by tbe Govern ment, and were last week withdrawn from, their route between Baltimore and tbe Pa'cx ent river. At Nottingham, in this county, M. R. S'arcp is appointed postmaster in place of b.s fa:fc?r, John T. Stamp.?Marlboro' Gazette,*:th. tar Tbe State of Illinois has packed dnnng the last season, 1,273390 hogs, of an average weight of 190 lbs. If these were placed in cars, 10 tons to each car, it would make a tram 75 miles long, and allowing 30 cars to each loco motive would require CiO locomotives to draw them. tar It is said the rebel soldiers call General Lee "Maise Robert." They no doubt fnlJy appreciate the abject condition of slavery to which lhey li,ve been lowered by tke tyrants at Richmond, of whom Lee is the executive officer. Senator Fessenden has received infor mation that his son. Col. Fran* Fessenden, reported wounded while lighting at the hea l ot the 3oth Maine in Louisiana, on the tth a., a 9th, was unharmed. ^"The Police of BnflUlo. N. Y, have ttelr bands full of orders to bnnt op young girls be tween 18 and ao years of age. who have ar> sconded frpm their parents as is supposed for the vilest purposes. An immense bed of coal, of superior quality bas been discovered in Wisconsiu, be tween the head waters of St. Croix and Lue Superior. ?STLarge meetings to right the wrongs cf sewing women have been held in Philad* - phia; and tbe participants met with sympathy from all of a humane disposition. i^The time of all the Pennsylvania Re serve regiments expires between tbe iltb c* June and 1st of Angust. j?"Terrible warning to the unmarried?sev eral bachelors were found last winter frozen to death in their beds. ^"It is reported that Governor Morton, will in person command the militia of Indiana lately called oat. ?TTbe cradle in which Rufus Choate was rocked in his infancy, has been presented to Lhe Baltimore Fair. ^"Kavanaugh offers to play any billiard player in tbe world for 110,00-). t9"Th* New York Legislature boa adjourned ifter a cession of 110 day*. a^Rlch mines of zinc sad lead have been developed to Blair county. Pa. Wfteal Dow is very ill at hi* residence in Portland. >\ . ?55B M 0ULDIKO81 MOULDINGS.! MOU LDIH ti Hill ? ? The undersigned is sow prepared to execute cr iers for any style or quantity of WOOD MOUT D tNGS. of superior finish and workmanship. Car penters and builders would do well to call sod sxamine quality of Work, &e., before ordering elsewhere. By energy, promptness and good work manship I hope to merit a share of^ubUc p4troL, ***" Excelsior ^ouldingTfhl. sp7-lm* cor. 13tH and C sts.. Washington RbOf'X'O ?^1SB PITOB." Just received and for sab*, a chnice lot of F- t and Fit<-b, which will bo^ld cheap, together wltd LIMB PLASTIR. CEMENT, HAIR. Ac. FEN WICK A STB WART, aplfc-lm* went side 7th at., at Canal bridge . HI OB1TI MOBETI HOHlTl M. K. WALSH k CJO., AK LICENSED PA WNBROKERS, A 0 Mo, 8S9 0 street, between ?th and 10th ifi,. Hear the Varieties. H H Wearing A? Money advanced on ?JJw Walahee m00^'3 Night Blooming Cer^ns, Jocques Poad^^M Lilly Ladhpn'Bloom Youth, Ac. Ague Cures. Itch ftemedies.Vwriuin &illera,French Secret !? Specific. Ac.. Ae. ap ia ?w IM DBOOKVILLE ACATZMT ?Students receipt tj mi any tl me and^chfrged fro m<l ate of entrance. Address R- K. BURNS, ap 3b-eolm* Brookville, Montgomery co., MJ.

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