Newspaper of Evening Star, April 28, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 28, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AltUtEttXNTS TO-NIGliP. Fopt>'* XHiATER ^-Mr. Forrest wilfappear to-nigtit again as ? Jack Cade.' The manage meat announce this bill a^ain on account of 'he enthusiastic manner in which it was re ceived on Monday night, the first time it was represented here. As upon the former ocfca sion, Mr. John McCulloch, Mf*. J. II. Allen, Mies Alice Gray and otheis will take part Iu the play. OnovxK's TheaTKe ?For three nights me Wallack-Davenport combination have given Mr. Grover'a patrons some brilliant tragedy plays, and to-night O'Keefe's brilliant enroedv of "Wild Oats," in which Wallack, Daven port and Mrs. Farren will appear. Thrt enter tainment will conclude with the sparkling remedy ol the ?? Lancers.'' Operatic.?Brignoli and his companions? artists of rare merit from Max Maretaek's Ita lian company Will give fheir second and last concert to night at Washington Theater. No one can doubt that the entertainment will be as attractive as was that of Tuesday night, for the tame performers appear, and ttit? pro gramme embraces selections from the most popular authors of the musical world- An opportunity of enjoying so rich a musical treat is, not often given. *?' Caktekbvrv.?Shouts of laughter and thunders of applause heard nightly at the Canterbury Hall indicate how well pleased 2nr. Lee s patrons are with the present com pany. Regular comedy performances by Mm. Frank Drew, J:.De Forrest and others have been added to the flue concert hall bill* Meteopolitan Hall.?To-night, visitors here will be amused with the farces, "Jenny Lind," and "My Pleasant Neighbor," inter spersed with songa, dance?, Ethiopian acts, by a really attractive Company. V'ap.i sties.?J. s. Mafflt and otters of the company now performing her?, will appear in a comic pantomime ?f some merit. Lina Win del, Maggie Friel, Kerns, Thompson, aad others will take part in a varied Mil. Fairs.?The fair at Odd .Fellows'Hall, for the benefit of the Fourth Presbyterian Chnrch, Will continue open until Saturday night, when it will close with a flue vocal and instrumental concert. To-night the Odd Fellows visft the fair. At Pompeian Hall, Georgetown, the fair lor the benefit of Catholic Free Schools continues to be thronged with visitors, all of whom And it an agreeable place. : ; Suspicion or Grand L^ knv.^-Yester day, James Kins:, Francis Smith and George ! Clark, bOTE of Sixteen years of age, were ar- 1 rested for having stolen goods ia their posses sion. Officer Donn took them to the Foofth Ward station. Daring the afternoon, dark, the smallest of the three,^tripped offhls clothes, except bn pantt, and escaped through the ven tilating hole In tha-cell. He was seen by the j officer 1n charge ol tte station, who pursued, bim, but he escaped by dodging through an alley between and Cth streets, tack of Can terbnTy Hall. The goods stolen were a pair of tine gaiter shoes and a fine cassimere business coat. Smith and King were sent to iail for a hearing. Smith and Clark were two of a party brought before the criminal court for stealing clothes. The court disc-barged them on ac count of ttseir youth, andOlark excited so much sympathy that a collection was taken up amrrfe fhe jurors to seud him home to New York. "Hie police recognize the little fellows as old offenders, and are amused by theevmpa thv exhibited in their behftlt Tho?e bciyti are among the sharpest shoplifters thai infest the' city. Tm Miscegenation Case.?On Saturday altemoon, the parties in the case reported iast "week in the Star as having be*-n before Justice Cull, when the complainant, Marv Jane Pen dleton, colored, charged Nathan Heath, (white) wiih assaulting her?the JusUce holding Heath to bail for Court, were before Justice Bates, tbe girl here being charged with breaking open the door of Heath's house and assaulting another yellow girl living with him, and after hearing the evidence, Mary Jane was held to seen: ?ty to keep the peace. After this case bad been disposed of, a civil suit was entered by Marv Jane asainst Heatb for a balance due was heard. The bill Teads for services from April 16th, 1^63 to April 16th, 1S84, ou which rhere is a credit by usual help bed and board of (ifii. The defense set up was that the colored girl was living with Heatb as his paramour or wife, and therefore could not recover. Mr. Oarnsl appeared for Heath, and Norton for the colored gfrl. The Justice holds the case under advisemeai. A VAUABosD^-For a year or more, a fellow ;illed Wm. Dayd in the record, has been wan derii.g about the city lodging at the station houses-bot always carefully avoiding the repe tition of his visits to the same station in such <tuick succession as would send him to the workhcute. He Is able to ask for lodgings uroperlv, and to say that he wants to get some thing to eat; but when he Is asked what his name is. or where he comes from, he u mute, and expresses nothing by word or sign. The Fourth Ward police have lone suspected that he is something more than a mere vagtboud, but could jret nothing to show nim in any other character. Justice Johnson sent him to the worhhouse this morniug to see if a little farm wcrk will not restore to him the more perfect use ol his tongae. ARi.Ef?T OF A Pickpockkt.?Yesterday af ternoon a man, who gave his name as r. W. Dashe. was detected in the act of searching the pockets of T. P. Jsbman, who was drunk and asleep in the hall of the Metropolitan Hotel. Tie attempt was witnessed by Lieut. Edward Murpby, 5th I*. S. Ua>alry, and Captain W. jji. Taylor, Commissarv Department. Lieut. Murpbv testified that Ishmau was drunk, and Dashe playing drnnk. ('apt. Taylor thought bo'h drunk. Officer Donn anrested Dashe and took him before Justice Kinsey, where Dashe put on the garb of offended dignity, and threat ened the dismissal dt* the officers. J ustice Kinsey committed Dashe to jail for court, and t >fficer Donn conveyed ;he prisoner to the po 1 ce headquarters to have his mug taken for the icog tie's Gallery. ^ MEKTiro at Union League Hai i.?The regular wetKly meeting took place at Union Hall, on Nirth street, last night. Mr. J. "VT I'ope opened the exercises by singing in line style the song entitled M Onr Defrndera," and tnrs was followed by earnest and patriotic sr*?-he?= * y Hon. John M. Broomall, of Pa., Mr. A. M. Scott and Col. T. H. Gibbs, of Ten nessee. The latter said the loya! people Of Tencesiee know nothing but Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. If we elect Abraham T iucoli* President and Andrew Johnson \ 1c? President, the rebellion will be speedily ended. He'? anted to see Abraham Lincoln President Dt the whole United States, and if he was ever saved he belie\ed it would be because of his c*evo'Jon to Abraham Lincoln. A Koto Mary Keen au, n'ias Marv McCarm, went to the house ot Mrs. Bo vie. on Virginia avenue, and took a liiasr ctt with her. when Sjergeant Hepburn arrested her and took her to the statiou ; but Mrs B withdrew the charge of larceny. While at the station she was. however, recognized by Officer Drane as the woman he arrested some two weeks since for stealing a coat and um brella f-.'jm Mr. Bates' soip factory, on G street, and who, alter l?ein? lodged cu that oc casion in the station, made Let escape by cra wl jog through a beck window. For am Wa?i> Fetation Oa?p?.? F.dward Doriity, drunk : dismissed. Samuel Kraft, routing a wagon without number, do. John Sullivan. drunk and disorderly: *1 Geo. <'lark, crand larcenv; escaped lrom the ceil. James Kink do.: i*il lor hearing. G. W. Daske, attempting to pii;K a maii'8 pocket; iail for court Lewi? L? lbnn, fotnishing * itizen's < losing to soldiers: sent to Provost Marshal. FiulcI^ bmith, grand lar<<eBr^ jail for hearint;. Wm. l?ard. ?vagmaey.tield fof hearing. Ea. ? . Hrackt dismissed. John Murphy, do.: ?it>. y ^ " I ^ ^ f nT? FtRMTfRK.?Yesterday ?itteinacu Ihnmas- 15. ivBllf.iwho resides iu I'ufiif * Kow, ou B street, near U>f, went home at.d att-napted ro lam his wifb, wh?*n 'nweer Pierce arte^ted bim and took him before Jus tice IVrgtiVOn. by whom he wa^ flnetf S1.9V I nis ditl not provs a -.vamingto htm,%ow?ver, for te iu a fsw hours returuad to his house and smashed up his fuimtare. wh?n he was arrested by Officer Turner aad taken before the ustice ard was promptly committed to jail in tielaul' ol security to keep the peace. Insane?Last night, officer Maxwell, of the seventh Frecinc-t, arrested a man naiaed L. Meenel, who is subject to spells of derange ment. He had behavel rather suspiciously in the house where he bearded, aud brcke the windows in order to get out. He was taken brl' re Justice Gibersor: but the .justice having i o :<t thority to send him :o 'he Asylum, and no oi.e appearing to uiake a cUaige agaiuslbiin, he was dlsmieied Hitcrbed ybom Dixie.?Yesterday, Wm McNair, who left here in the spring ot iH?l and v. eiit S)uth. where lie .ivined the rebel service, nnd has lost a !ez in the s-rvice, made his ap j. arar^e at old te?idence on New Jersey Hver.i e. near I street north. M -Nair, it is sv.d, boasts ot how w-ll the Confederacy is <%ing, at.d states that he wa^ brought froti H.vhmond to our lines ,u a carriage. lir.rA.aKi rr HocsKKEKPmo.?.Tno.i terry, who ket ps a boaromg house at the corner of E end ?<.';?!. streets. First Ward, was arrested yes tercthy by offlc? r Pnrceil for breaking np the furniture of his Sense wit^ar axe, and driving his wife from *be premises with a table leg. Justice Drury fined Cherry SI. and in default of payment committed him W> the workhouse. A <5oot> At T.?Yesterday as Uapt. Todd, 1st* Provost Marthal bete wru coming on from ISVsr Yoik be noticed two yotitrf girls nuoot 14 ytars ol ace in compsuy with two ?*valrjr Officer?, and judging from their actions lie was ?atifrfifd tbat tbejr wen on the road to njin. On the arrival of the train the Captain no?Med officer Clements wbo took the girl to the Sani tary Home. The girls come from some town in Pennsylvania and were on the way here to see their father who is at one ol the neighbor ing forts. Dkliuh'i kll Faik is Pgosi'?CT.?On Mon day night next the ladies of Calvary Baptist Chiuch will commence a fair at old Trinity Hall, on Sth street, for the beneflt of their church. A grand promenade concert will be given on Monday night as an openiar enter tainment, and throughout the week a nnmber of raie fancy and useful articles will be npou the tables for sale by fair band?. Pbofkb*Oji Wolohski.?This gentleman has entered npoa bis last course of instruction in vocal and instrumental music in this city, previous to visiting Europe, and the present affords an opportunity to secure the services of one of the first musical artists In the country. We learn tbat his class *s so well Ailed that he has not time for more than two or three addi ! tiopal pupils at present He is still at his pleasantly situated rooms, 316 F street. SPECIAL NOTICES. Bask Bam.?. A large a*-or:ir>e>.t of Base Bulla, Bats, Jfcc., Just received and for sale hy ft. Ct. tr Stifi; A Rro., Booksellers and Stationers. ?P 27-2t* 478 7th St., opp. ten. P.O. HEAPS that Rebil against the rules of Taste or Brant v.. in their color or in the Ions of all their color, may be changed in a fe w moments to any Btavtifttl Shade, l>jr aeingte application of Crista doro's Hair In. The rapidity of its operation, perfect safety, per manent healthful effect, and the exceeding depth and richness of the hnes it impart*, distinguish this preparation from all other Dyes in use In this country or in Europe. CRtSTADOBo'a Hair PkiskrvAtivx, a valuable adjunct to the Dye, in dressing sad pro moting the growth and perfect health of the hair, and of itself, when used alone?a safeguard that protects the fibers from decay under all circum stances and under all climes. Manufactured by J. Cristadoro, No. 6 Astor Hou^e, New York. Sold brail Druggists. Applied by all Hair Dress ers. mh weolrn Beown's Bronchial Troche*. These Lozenaes are prepared from a highly esteemed recipe for alleviating Bronefiial Affec tions, Asthma. Hoarseness, (Jonahs, Colds, and Irritation or Soreness of the Throat. FvblU fpeakers nnd Vara list* Will find them beneficial sa clearing the voice b?-fore * pea kin<rbr*mgrn?r. and Tellevingthwthroat after any unusual exertion of the vocal organs, bnring a peculiar adaptation to affections which dinturo the organs of speech. mh29~<i&wtf Thf Feet.?Beauty of carriage is mostly impen dent upon a .indielou* preservation of the f^et: it i* impossible to move in a *rra<*efui manner if the jrr.-at ? -*? ,r ' ? rvv, .w>< tv lui'iolii P A1ATIU1 (uauurt 11 IU5 support of the whole frame be in a disor dered condition, sud notb'uu? impedes *o nincn a# Oorns. Bunions. Ingrowing Xail-.. or other disor ders to \i hfch the feet are liibte. To aH amTcted we would recommend an Oariy call at Dr. White's ofHee. No. 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4>i and Oth streets. ap6-tf E. J. Witsiss. Esq., has been appointed Aaent of th? Great Pennsylvania roate-v ice E. O. Nor ton. to t:ike effect on the -.Sith <#f starch. Mr.Wil k?i?s lias l?een connected with the Office. at the < u/Dei 4>f Sixth street and Pennsylvania xvease, during the past two years, and is thoroughly eon verawit with the business of the ri-nte in alF its 'lepartments. All applications for information" tickets. Ac., iiid st be addressed to E.J. Wilkins, Agent Great Pennsylvania Ronte,Sixth street and I'enusy lvauia avenue. Ed. S. Youxo. General Passenger Agent, nv>5 Great Pennsylvania Route. Diseases or thf Nervoits, Semtsal, Urinarv asp Stxr alSvstkm*?new and re liable treatment? in Beports of the Howard Association?Sent by mail in sealet' letter envelopes, free of charge. Address D. ). Sfcillin Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth street. Phi adelphia Pa. ' mh29-3m 1 " i ? - Hair Dti t Hub Dtb II OB Batchelcr's celebrated HpIr Dye is th* btst in the world. The only harmless* tnu and reliablt Dye kno?~ This splendid Hair Dye is perfect?changes fcej jinsty or Grey Hair instantlr to a Glossy Blark or Natural Brown, without injuricg the hair or staining the skin, lecVing ths half soft and beautiful; imparts fresh vitality frequently re storing its pristine oolor, and rectifies the ill effects of Bsd Eyes. The Genuine is signed William A BATOULoa, all others are mere imitation*, and should be avoided. Bold by all druggists, ice. Fac tory?SI Barclay street. Hew York. Batchelor's r Toilet Cream for dressing ths hair. Jy 7-eoly Dn. Drronr's Sngar-coated Female Regulating PIH# are the rtry bent in vsi. They operate uptedily and efffttirfly. and being tvgar-coated create no nausea upou the most delicate stomach. A trial of these Pills will prove their svperiority orrr all others. Price ?l a box. 8old by 8. C. Ford, corner 11th street and Pa.avenue,^Washington,and Henry Cook, Alexandria. Ja6-lr Sprrmatorrhwa oak aaCoaxo.?Dr Band's Spe cific currs Sperwntorrhaa, Seminal Imr pottnry. Loss of Powt^ ett.,*pe?dily and tpvuaAhi. Its eflectfc are truly magical. Atrial of the Specific will convinee the moat skeptical of its merits. Price SI a box. Sold byjs.C. Ford, corner 11th street and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Henry Cook, Alexandria. JaS-ly SkCRKT Diskassr. Gift l.? the most certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only reaetable rem edy ever discovered. Cures in two to four days, and recent ca?es in twenty-four hours No mineral, no balsam, no mercury. Only ten pills to be taken. It is the soldier's hope, and friend to those wbo do not want to be exposed. Male packages, #2; female, Sampritan\< Rom and Herb Juices? Aposltive and permanent cure for 8yphiHs,fc?erofula.Ulcers, Sores Spots. Tetters. Ac. Price 91. or six bottles for SJ. Sold by S. C. Ford. Bee a*'*ertisement. mi Thi obeafbst axd best Hair Dti inthi Woai.D ?Ntvir Fades or Washes Oft.?Upbam's Hair Dye, BO cent- a box. Tte best in use. Try it. Sold by S. C Ford, corner llth street end Penn. avenue. Washington; and Henry Cook, Alexandria. a?>-lT . Wabraxtfdto OoxaixSix Datb.-Dr.Godfrey's Antidote, an Englihh Specific of sixty five years' standing, will cure Gonorrhoea in six days. No ehange of diet required. Price 91 per bottle. Sold by S.O.Ford, corner llth street and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Henry Cook. Alexandria. Js6-ly * Nsavors Dibimtt, SagiaAL Wiaksbss, etc., C in Be Curfd by one who has really cured himself mii hundreds of others, and will tell yon nothing but tLe truth. Address, witu stamp. Edwabd H. Traver msr 2 DAW ly Lock Box, Boston, Mass. DIED %V -daes-lay aftweoon. i7!b instant nfterasliort I ill- e>>. VAlllDA. wile of Henry alker. nged to ! years. " ? The friends of tlie familvare requested to atten<l : the funeral from hex late rt-sidenee. on 6th btreet, I nesr M, to morrow afteruoou, at 2 o'clock. ! On the .-7th inst?nt. in the <S!tis year of hersge. Mi-, i IV.MA Cl'MMINGS. wife of James Cum j nii* gs. j? _ I The funeral ? ill fake ;>lace on Friday afternoon, at :: o'clook, at 3M 2*Hh street, bet. G and II. * On the ?Tth instant, at 8 o'clock, alter a short >>ut painful illness. MABGAItET FITZGERALD, 1 in the 71?t ye;tr of her age. Her funeral will take place on Friday, at 'At ! o'e' on K street, between ad and .Id, which the relatives aud t'rieuiU oft the family are iu^ited to nttend. ? * Or. the t'Tth hi^tart. MAUY 18ABKI-, daughter oj JeruJut- ?uid, Si^iMi-.Tsylor. sged It years. VV. NKW SPRING GOODp,. ?f I1?L Ojteu this dfcy . tr h'-SutifueasB<?r*m?*iit <>( i'aine"ls. Sun liiubiellas. Gfuuadine Veils, Guip i>'.ire Laces. Bugle Gimi>s, Itpgle Buttons.Dre.-s Trjiattiliigw ^wid Hut-tows. New RIMionS, 'Hoop Skirts nbdi-'qrstfl H^irKetta, a!i;ie afc>ortment; Ki.l nit, oHiei Olt?vv?, EriU?tbOt all kiuH.s, Collars, Cu;l> cjid Sleeve*: Stockiusn, UAndLursjilei's,Sha Vu-r?. fre.. 'Also. S liire assortment of Gentle men'# Gwk!h. Fine White Shirts, t'ndetabivta and IsrawBtt. Socks, N?cWties. Ootfars and SnarfH^toi "Tet Art- A'les. Musical lhstriunA-uts. ,Toj^, A c.,Ac. (,'sll a? ROSW KLL'S Fancy Store,No. 309 K strwr, n< sr lltb . and get fheap t'oods, N. B?Dervot for lloswell A Warner's COLOR IFIC for coloring the hair. apZI-eogt 486 WINDOW SHADB8,. 4^() Now opening, spring stock Gilt Band Window Shades, Shade Cord, Tasselifaud Fixtures Shades of any required sttle or size made to or der Terms cash. J. MARKRITER, No. 4t*6 7th 8tree;, eight doors at ove apMmif Odd Fellows'Hall. 486 P1CTCRJt coBPAKD TASSELS, Ac. The largest and hsndsomest assortment of Pic ture Cord and Tassels, Rings, Nails, Ac., in the DUtric jn? received U u>?RITER.g No. 4^6 7th street, eightdoors above Odd Fellows' Hall. My Term* caah. ap 1 Imif 8 A AA BU8HKLS ST. UBKS 8ALT ^UUU l,00n bunbels Turks Island Salt 4,tW ssoks?Liverpool G..A. Salt l.Si?? do do fine Salt Afloet and iu str re. For sale in lots to suit pur chasers. J. THOS. DAVIS, *3 Water street, up la-lin * Georgetown, D. 0. H E A P BOOKS. upwards of one thousand works of English and Foreign Literature, embracing HISTORY, TRAV f! S. POETRY, NOVELS, etc., etc . at from 1> to 40 per cent below tlie regu-ar pricts, at HElLf KIN'S Bookstore, 244 Pa avenue, ap ll-ttu between 12th sui Uth streets. lSSEN A I BALLS, PABTIKS. &e. lard, Washington, on , MONDAY, Mm 2d door ?XE ?1>0LI'AR; u' *<' had nt thei ?- . . Prorrammf fJ Exhibition. .scotch Dance. by Misses. Army and Navy Hornpipe, by a Gentleman ^llege Hornpipe. by* Master. ,I""w,an La Cachuca. by Mllfcf. Highland Sutte. by a Gentleman. MkJht s Horn pi p<-, by a Gentleman Highland Hin?f, by n Gentleman. Pailor- s Hornpipe, by a Gentleman. ' Dance, by JO Mime*. I Exhibition commences atSfj o'clock ? anas-St* Ma y b a l l~ OF THE WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN PASSEN GER RAILROAD RELIEF ASSOCIATION, At ODD FELLOWS' HALL,7 th ttr'e'J _. , . WEDNESDAY* Mar'l.iWJl. Tickets ?2: for sale on the cars. . By order of the Committee. J. C. t?ILDUMg.gee\ BKNK^ChAirtg!^ HO! FOB THE KENNEBEC ASSEMBLY OF CJSOJlG ETO WX, D. c. The Eennebec Assembly take the pleasure of in forming heir friends and the publi" in g?n- U eral, that tby will *ive their 3m t r TIi1RP?KASD ANNUAL PIC-NIOjffl| at Green Sprint Pavilion, on .MONDAY, May 2d. ISM. **** 1 tie Committee pledge themselves to make this an evening 61 pnallovea enjoyment to all who mav attend. Persons of disreputable character will n<iJ he allowed to enter the ground*. The original Holy Hill Band bun been engaged ct'n,K- r "< the Committee i WP -?-5t J- T. CLEMENT8, President OR AMD MAY LEY EE Grand Eacanpnent 1.0.0. F. FKI L^?W/r^RAS?^>,J)yPMJEKT 0F ODD t ?.,?f the District of Co ** . _rTl ii'iVi v'11 ''."J1' a L+y?e theT ii"tract, on | MONDAY .the M day of May. R^talia" "iU,> Ui tlje Artier appearing in full - SSK?in?> ?t?>Wdt will coatmeice with a ^rumi-nade Concert, to be followed by an frnn??Cr-?"kftn eminent member of the rhnro^*T1?" ?*, V V"**.-1*??V rK of tbf TerpM pnorean art Jill be olfbred an <'pp0rtunity to in du'*e the festive jo>3 of the dnw. * p"? ? Si : r i i".h,'ri {? ,1 ~ Ur.rely.tu . admitting a gentleman and bulk-*, Ca" h? obtained of any one of the presdiiug ?????* ! reHP<:t>tive Encampnieut* or Lodges, or at tile door upon the evening ol the Levee -r . ixe.crrtrr. comwittki . Ie Georg* H King- E P Vanr y F l' 'V"* '? M G Shirw M Carriru* Win T Ford ?lWi r i?? S Tucker Wm H Ymrier Ell Garrett Geo Z CollHon PROF. M.VRINIS GRAND MAY BALL WI7.L R *r> Fellows' Hall, 7th st as on Tl ESpA V EVENING. Mav3d5l8?. ?en- M tlemen wUhlng for Ihdie*' invitation can oh-/? ?in fh.-m by apply in* at Mr. John Ellis't-CiaBk Slu-ieStore. orat Me^^ra PhilpA 8ol?,monV BoolT wtorg. Pa. avemie, bet. 9th and IMh stu sp in W X G " N D GRAND BALL or Tim ..... . \Or\G ULBERiMA CLUil W ill be held at TiMPEEANCE HALL. fc ht.n-et, betw?i-n vth Hnd lutli street-. -.,u MONDA.V; May _'d, l?H. wid'ladl* DOLLAR, aduxittinga gtutleinan ! , . f'vmmiUti oi Amine- m-nw. John My era, MhcIiii Cr.tban, James> Bnah. Michael Farrel, John tiigiiteile; ap 7.8<3.S8Jit.SJA May"2-71* a LOST AND FOUND. $?/>0 ^^A^D-^Lost.on the iTtl. ?n?t.'. about luifiK " clock, on cjtr No. a black 1'OCKET liOU*, eontamin/j ?2.-i5. The rtnd?,i will receive the above reward Tf felt at the;<Ur Office " r. cochr vs. frora '? C"?<lbniati on the v.^d !t ?? *th instant, betwee n th?Na\y ; Vj ' he Anneostin Bridge. A <|OLD WATCH with Chain. Seals. Jkr.. A lib w.fLh "ill be paid for the return of said ^^,A'iT''xLLKN.",,d r,?wT7) Tr*'2 PHOTOGRAPH At.BFM In the r coming from G^or^etoirn to th* corner of J?th street, on 9httfr<!ay la?t. A liberal reward will tie pmd to the bylearineit at ^ between 12th and Uth streets, with the l^knksof ?p2a3f * CHAI.TES D SKI.DINU. S90 REWARD.?Straye-I or stolen. In Wa*h v *n>t?n, ftwni front of Capt. BonSf>t'K office. ?. J1!. / bay I10K8K, siaali spot In forohtal, front hoofs epieked. tender month, branded in diatinctly on left front shonlder. Had on at the time a McClellan saddle, patent leather collar and martingale, two-rein bridle. ^natHe bit ?n<( bras? mountings Tie above reward will be paid t., ai.v one TetnrBing the same t.. the Commissary )>en<.t at tort Knnyon. A a., or any information leading to his discovery. Address 15ot?4?* Georgetown 1 ._Lap2?3fl B.E.CATLIN.B LOST-L T HER AI RE TV A R D- A bl^kTnd~t"an c-?>l?>red 1 EKItliU DOG. about 17th street. Any one returning the same to Clerk of Claren don Horse will l>e liberally rewarded, apff-.U1' FOUND?On the l.'rth of April, on P street, be tween 1 tth and 15th. -i\ POCKF.T ARMY Tl-IL BORAP1I MACHINES''. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, and take them a^ay- ALFRED DODSON. ap27-:tt" , l^th st., het. M and N G{ REWARD. ritT:> >< I or stolen from the sub ?V v anb April, one BL \CK HOK>i, lo hand.- high, three year?uld, murkwl I. C. on tlie lett shoulder, white star on the fore ri irVx.-Siin v,0.V/^,ard wM1 ljt -iv?? if returned to TIMOTHY ALLEN, on II Btrcet north and tth street east. ' apj.7-3t IOtjT?On thealth instant, either at the'Centor /^Msrket. or on 9th or tX streets. THKKK !NOTE8. drawn by George Ramn in favor of Wil lism Mackay, for #Wieach. parable in B. 12. and 18 months, with interest from the ISth inst. The public are cautioned acaiust negotiating tor said notes. |ap I <;?<?. RACM. CAME TO THE SUBSCRIBER, abmit ten day< ago.a buffalo COW. about 9 years old. The ov ner can find her at the Drover's Rest, near the Reservoir. [ap 26 3f] CIIAS. FRIZELL. fifl H REWARD.?Strayed or stolen on the 2fth, ^ * " 8 black HOUSE, about i years old, with a slit in tiip right tar. The above reward will be given or any information left at the Simpson House, comer loth street and Pa. av. ac2S-lw* h^Ol'ND?On my premises on Monday, the 25tli a re?l and white COW w itii a young talf Tbeowueris requested to prove property, pay charges and take thein awny. JOHN CASEY, New jersey av enne. ap26-3t* between N and 0 streets. ^OUNE- On Monday,the 25th instant. a POC K ET i ? v?"K containing some money and papers. * owner can have by calling on P. EM KKH. European Hotel, nth street, near D. au I proving property and paying for tliii advertise """"t- a p 2o-:jt* JfiTRAY ED.?A HORSE, a dark bav, belonging to w !2<'^0ir,n?7??nt' wi<h one wbite hind foot, 5?. j on "honlder and hip, bridled and saddled, broke Hway from the rider on the 22<1 inst. The personi returning him, or giving infor mation which will lead to his recovery, will be rewarded, at Ileadquurters Army, corner 17th and y Ktw- ap 25-1 w Hi 1(10 REWARD ?Were lost or stoleu. on or Si? f/c fA oul Wh ut APril instanl, SIX Bt^ US of the new liMrt Issue, numbered IIS!). 1190. J191, 1192. 1193, 1194, and each for ffiOO. The bonds were made payable tt>. W. S. Huntington, cashier. ?-teps have been taken to st^ptbe payment,anil the above reward w-ill be paid upon delivery of the bonds to H . B. WEBB, Hvip'tof Police. ap2T> 0t ^iMiMa PERSONAL. OI- REFINEMENT.deslronsof making the Tour of Europe, would llketomake ar rangements with a stylish lady of position goin", Lvl;v:i"ir5.nv,j;^- AM****, with all particulars, MADAME ANhJiiL, Wa?hic?ton, D. C., P O. ap 20-St* BOARDING. li'-'ARDING.pPleasant rooms and lirsl cla1-. M>ar?i at 'TAR (J street, belween 211th ami 2 st. h "* ?^jie%eujWU^ u |*BIH \ in?tl?raift prices: A1m<, a f*m Table lu*r4er taken, by early ?pj)licatiou>a ;1? J OtU-street- near New \ork avenue. '' tMTMMER M>ARfflKGTMTe^^d BOMRTEltS ?P ? ,*? ?, V'*as?iit rooms and goad >KMSit at the Meridian Hill House, near the end of 11th street bi'rse cars. * Term* misonaKle. Those wishine to take rooms the 1st of May preferred. Inquire Bt the house. ap 2ii-3t* 110ARD-Pleasant and well-furnished rooms, ^5^lass board, can be had by applying at 3rl 19th street, between G and H. ap g-'it* 110ARDING?Georgetow n? A few gentlemen, or *-* gentlemen with their wives, may secure'pleas act rooms and good board from the 1st of May The bouse is delightfully located. No. Ul* Bridge street, Georgetown, near Frederick, street. It commands a view of Arlington and of the Pnto mac- apg-ar ^E \ ERALi GENTLEMEN can obtain board in a ? . private family in Georgetown. References re quired. Address Box 90 Georgetown Post Office ap 88 .H* v A JEW GENT*EL PERSONS Can be accommo dated with Board and Rooms, or rooms alone in a private family. Inqnire at No. 499 lOthst., between Pa. avenue and C. ap C-6t* GEORGETOWN ADVBR'MTS ttTOCK^OP THE CORPORATION OF GEORGE CJ TOWN D C -Peraons who would wish to pur chase stock of the Corporation of Georgetown. D. C. on which interest will be payable quarterly, can obtain some on application to WILLIAM L AIRD. Esq., Clerk of the Corporation. _ ap 18 d3w JOURNAL OF THE DISCOVERY OF THB Source of the Nile. By Capt. John Speke; 1 vol., illustrated; I3.0P, ?ptt FRANCE TAYLOR. FOB RENT AND SALE. B RENT? At -IIA H street, corner of !2th. ? well furr -lnd Sitting room and Bed room, 3*1 floor. If* I^VKMSUJ.D ROOMS FOB ?~KVI-T?. gentlc JT men. at No. 4 43 10th street, between I' anil G . Reference required. ap'* AOOMKWTABLK FRONT ROOM, with gas; arranged to aicemmodate two gentlemen, (#? oe hati, w ith board, uoon moderate terms. by applying earl\. at No. 7 First street, -near Uigh, Georgetown p. C. ap 23-oo.':t* FOli RENT?Part of a BUILDING, mutable for manufacturing or storage, tirst and second floors; size only two blocks from Pennsyl vania avenue; No.3.*) Maine arf'uue, between t' andiith streets. Apply for particulars at 1 Hi (J street, corner 9tb. ap2?3t* EM>K RENT-A small BRICK HOUSE. rontain J; ing ii\e rooms. It is situated on BMh street, near Mm \ land aveilue. AUd, tw o fine STORE ROOSTS', < n F street, near 12th, They w ill be ready for oreupaiiou in about ten days. Apply to Dr JAMES E. MORGAN, corner vith st. and Mary land avenue. Island. ap28-3t" ARGE AND HANDSOMELYFURNISHED ROOMS can not he Pec??red by members and ntbers in a pleasant neighborhood by earl) aypli cation. House lias *11 the modern improvements. Terms moderate. Apply sotithwtst corner of II and iisr street. near Pennsylvania avenue, and eon \ "nicii* t?> the Departments. ap 2S-3t CV?R RENT?A very convenient BRICK HOUSK, I. situated iu a most ucsirable location, near the Smithsonian Institution, containing four large room.-, kitei en and cellar; im*r?v?d by flower garden. shad' trees, and handsome arbor. Swbd reference required. APidy to Mrs. SHEA, first frame hon-e u- the rear of the premise*. No. i?30 J'th street, Uetwe'-n B and C. Island. api<-?t* KtNT-A tVKNISllEP HOUSE, supplied X with jca - and rot, iihw water in the chambers; Hi-ink in the kitchen, connecting with the street sewer; a. hydrant and .vump of fine water in the yard. A large yard, witr flowers And choice grnpe rims. A most healthy >nd desirable location. Apply at No. 4 K street, N. E, corner 9th street ?md Mass. avenue. ap HOUSE FOR SALB.on N street north, between 4th and ."dh. Inquire vithiu. No. 630. ap_Z7-2T FOR REkT?A HOUSE, eligibly located, c.on taining ti\e good rooms, kitchen and collar. A bonus will bo required. For full particulars ad dre** " V W..'Bo.\ ag.Cily Poat Office. apff-St" A SUITE of handsomely furnished ROOMS; one a large front room: w ith or without board. Terms moderate. Apply at No. 33? F street, be tween ytli and fr'th. ap 'S-.ft* (ARBEJUS NOTICE?For sale, tbc Fixtures ^ antl good will of an old established BARBER SHOP. now doing a good business. Ttorrt 1ot\\ A bargain can be had if early application be made at ??* Bridge street. Georgetown. P. C. ^ap^-yt," Ii^OR SALK AND BBNT.?The Furniture of a comfortable twicsUtry and bamnent frame bouse for sale. The House tor rent. Possession given immediately. Apply to WM. H. COLBtlAV, So. 5f>0 7th street, between G and II, Navy Yard. _m> Ij'OR HENT t)R SA LB?An unfurnished IIOUSV", r containing 12 rooaio. in one of the most desi rable location* in Was hington; has all the modern iurproveoionts, consisting of an excellent bath room. ti>s and water in the rooms. To a good ten ant the rent will be made reasonable. Inquire at No. 417 13th street, between G and II. upiff-.'t* ITAN1>F0M1:LY FURNISH ED P ARLOR on the fir*t floor, with board, for rent, at .111 F street, between 11th and 12t?i. ^ ap ABf ?>f A FURNISHED HOUSE FOR RUNT, at 37^ loth street, bet*eeu Hand I. #t) in-r month. ap 2fi-3t >(?K RKXT?tine front ROOM, furnished, second llo?'r;to gentlemen only. No 360 D s.treet. be Ivl en nth ard l?th. ap26-3t 1)1 E AS AN r ROOMS, suitable for housekeeping I juui"'i>es, furnished or unfurnished, with or w ithout board. t.i.u be ha<l at No 1 "2'2 Penn. ave nue, between 19th aud 2 tb sts. ap 2.*>3t^ I^OirgALE?A BRICK HOUSE, containing six rooms, situated on !Hth street, between K and L. Inquire wt No. l*?M |?a. avenue. up25 If I/OK BEN T?On the 1st of May, (to gentlemen) " wifluiiit board, in a pritate family, two nentry furnished CHAMBERS. Location nearthedepart Tin utaand very pleasant and healthy?460 New York arennt-, 2d door from 15th ,-t ap25-tf C OR~SALE.-*l.liiiO for the furniture ami pos r session of s first ?Ins" HOUSE, in the hecand M'ard?In chambers, large saloon parlors, Kitchen and dining-room, w ith every modern convenience; 2:. feet front by to a ;<> feet paved alley. Stable aud carriage-house. MITCHELL ,V SON, Real Estate Brokers, ap 23-lw'* S.; cor. Pa. at. ami 1.1th st. IT"OR LEASE, FOR TEN YEARS.?A splendid " corai r LOT?fcet of ground. One of the best htifcincbSlocations in the c?ty. Will be lca?od tor ten rears on moderate terms, provided the lot will be improved. Fiontson Pennsylvania avenue. * MITCHELL A SON. Beal Estate Brokers apOTi-lw*' g. E. cor. Pa. av and lML^t. FOR RENT?The 8hepherds' Hall, corne of 7th street an<l Louisiana avenne, over Waite's Drugstore. Suitable for meeting of elubs. par ties. As. Apply to A. j. COLLINS. 384 I) street, between 7th and Rth. ap 23-eo5t* CCOUNTRY SEAT FOR SALB IN HOWARD j COUNTY.?A comfortable (Jottage containing 7 rooms with abo?it lj ncres of land, situated on Washington turnpike, l,'4 miles from Jessup's Cut Station, on the railroad. There is carriage house and stabling for several hor6es<; also feed house and store house. A fine orchard just commencing bearing; also small fruits. The house has been painted tliroughout tliis spring and is very nicely situated; has a porch the entire front, with largo llower garden. Daily fare U? Washington can be reduced to ? very trilling amount b> taking a com mutation ticket. Price f3,u0>. Key at Mr. Th.os. Bowes, adjoining. For any further particulars ?aa re.*** JOHN KERMODE. 91 north Eutaw street, Baltimore. ap22-eoliu* dk |~ ftTlfl WILL Bt'Y THE LEASE of,, targe, I ^"11"" coinmodioitaHOI'SE, with store and stable attached. Addrees Mr. LEASE, Star Office. ap21-1m* . FOB SALK OR RirNT-A first-rate two-story FRAME 110USE. containing nine room?\ to gether with nine BUILDING LOTS, all set out with choice fruit, such as peaches, uears. plums, cher ries. grapes, all ofthe nest selection; with a pump of excellent water in the yard; on the cornerof G and loth streets and Penn. avenue east. For further particulars call at residence No. 37 5. ap 16-lm* D.CARROLL. ClJ KfW* WILL PURCHASE AN BAT F R AME HOUSB, containing o rooms (includ ing store and bar room,? itli ^1.6 D worth of stock.) L<it 2f.*llf: location unexcelled; title perfect and immediate possession. MITCHELL A SON. Real Estate Brokers, ap 15-Iw southeast cor. Pa. av. and'15that. OrITaI/F-A valuable SLAUGHTER HOUSE PROPERTY. 25,'Oi feet of ground and ira Srovements, as follows; Slaughter house, lt>x is; one o..2 \2T.: ica house. 2 ;x21; stable lRx.Vi?substantial brick buildings: cattle and stable yardswull paved, admirably adapted for a soap and caudle factory or tannerv. Will l*? s<dd for MITCHELL A SON. Beal Estate Brokers, ap 16-lm southeast cor. Pa. av. and 15th st. tmSALE?A STORE and DWELLING HOUSE, No. 401 ,on7th street, between H and I streets. Lot 2 ? bv 7" feet. This is a tirst rate business place. A BRICK HOUSE. No. 666, on M street .between 4th and 5th streets. Has six rooms. Sets back from the street. Lot ;m by 219 feet, running throual^to Ridge street. Is a very desirable plate for a private residence. A BRICK HOUSE.No.432,on9thstreet,between G and II streets. Has four rooms. Sets back, with yard in front. Lot 19 feet 6 inches by 99 feet. A FRAME HOUSE. No. 37 3, on 9th street between I and New York avenue. Seven rooms. Lot 2" by !? 0 feet. A FRAME HOUSE. No. 312, on l"th street between L and M streets. Has six rooms. Lot 21 by 1(0 feet. A FRAME HOUSB. No. 342. on G street,belween 11th and 12th. Six rooms. Lot 41 by ?> feet. For particulars apply to F. S. KERN, ap la-lin* No. 633 M st.. bet >thand5th. LARGE BRICK DWELLING on H north, be tween 6th and 7th west. 58ft, will be sold for fS.dUO Immediate possession. Terms easy. Would also sell other improved and unimproved property in convenient locations. B. MILBURN. ap6-lm* 524 I street north. FOR SALE OR RENT?That flrst-class DWELL ING HOUSE aud lot of ground at the Bonth west corner of Prince and Columbus streets. Alex andria. Title perfect and immediate possession given. Inquire of JAMES A. STOULENBEBG, Alexandria, or ol the subscriber, FrauklinRow, Washington, corner 13th and K sts ap .Vim* J. II. LATHROP. Houses for sale. A Comer Lot, KB feet front on Pa. ar., con taining E^WJ square feet of ground, improved by stores, offices, and residences; is one of tna b? -t locations for a first-class hotel in Washington. The * U<de .of this exceUePt property can be pur chased for ?l25,tHJO-fi?^W cash, balance on long A^^e Brick Residence on K st.,appo. Franklin . fquarg. 12 aoMiia, 26 by 133 ft to 30 toot paved al ley, sfableand carriage house ? diOJJOO Desirable Rrict on lltH 6t., near Pa. ar.,2t? By BIO. 10 rooms i- 8.000 Brick Besidence on L at., 21 by 137, M) rooms, good stable......... ..... - ? ? ? 5,CU0 A substantial Brick, on B it., bet. 2d and 3d, 18 by 100. 8 rooms ? ? ? ? ? 4.000 A snug little Brick House, on L at.. 16by 1'0? 6 rooms. 2,31)0 Frame Dwelling, 16 rooms, and 10,500 feet ?r ground.? .....?.????*??? 7?wU A neat Frame House, on 11th st., 12 by 100,6 rooms. - ? ? ? - - - '.wo One on 0th st., bet. N and 0 sts., 23 by 126, 6 rooms. -? ?.? ??-'.i; ----- ? ? l?40U Two Frames on N st., het. 4th ana 5th its, 15 by 130, 4 rooms, each^ ? L'OO Building Lots in all parts of the city. A number of desirable Farms for sale. A .MITCHELL A SON, Real Sstate Brokers, ap4-tMl 8. E. corner Pa. ar. and 15th st. IfOR BENT-With or without Board, an excel ' lent PARLOR and several well farniahed BED BOOMS, at 450 12th street, within five minutes walk of the Kirkwood House, Willarda* and the Patent Office, Post Office and Treasury and 8tate Departments. The- location is unsurpassed in Waahinffton. So children in the house.* de g-tf NOTICE.?All_persons ha^ng accounts with the firm of W NTPHUSTKR ? CO. are reoueated to inako an early settlement. Tfcoy will find the hooks in the bauds of W. H. Ci*6itu,at the old All persons having accounts against the firm are requested to presenttbem for settlement, aplo-lm Rare chance fob a person wishing WHOLeIaLKNAND RETAIL grocery business. . , . The undersigned having bden actively engaged in business for a period of twentyjaejeare. and uai" ?X "? torn ES. AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTER.SUPS ASP TO-MORROW H1>V J. 0. MtGUIRfc A CO., Austlooeer*. PUBLIC SAL* Ojf. \TlU.VBL* IMPROVED UPERTY. CORNER Of SIXTU AND I) MtETS. (INLAND ) j ? By Virtue ?,f the ordsr and decree of the Orphan* Court of the District of Co!umM?, passed in the ii htU r ( f Ann Elizabeth ana Hnrv Attn Barnes, orybats ef Hanson Barnes. dec?ascd bearing date on the 16th day of February. A D. 1^>4, and duly confirmed by the Supreme Court of the Oif>trict of Columbia, in Chanceiy sitting 1 shall off- r for sale,at PwMic Auction,to the highest : fi< ntoftJhe premise*, on SATURDAY.the Ud day J ot April. lt*U, at 4 o'c!ock p. m the entire, nndi ! Tided right. title and interest of the faid Am I S'izabeth and Mary Ann Faroes, infant children of the said Hanson Bara*?. deceased, of, la. and to ? all that etrfain lot of greund situate. lying, aid ; being in the Oily of Washiogton. in the lllstitetof ; Columbia and known and designated aa lot num 1 be red twenty-one <21) in ''Toad and Gunnell's" ; subdivision of square numbered four hundred and sixty-flve (465) of the ground plan of the City of Washington, with tbe improvements thereon, con sisting or a large and convenient frame dwellinf bona*. Thia valuable property ia s.itwatecl * corner of S? th afreet west and 3> street kouth.fu tbe Seventh Waul In a aeartay neighborhood and cffeM grcit mtfv.cetoetits to pvci aaer?, - TernisVZi-hal?, the baTance in fi month*, tbe (urchaier giving or Dotes, for the de ft rrec payment, with approved fecuritY, bearing int?reft from the day of sale. Title deed to he retained until the whole of the pnrchase money ia paid. All ccnte>ancing at the cost cf the purchaser. JOSlAH SIMPSON. G uardian to Add PliaabetB and Mary Ann Barnes. At tbe same time and place, and on the same ?* ram mentioned in the above advert!* ment, lam specially authorise teoffer for sale all tbe right, title, and interest of James H. Banes, adalt heir of said Hanson Barnes, deceased, of, in, and to the said Lot No. 21, in "Todd and Gunnell's subdivis ion of Square No. 4t5, of the plan of the Oity ot Washington." AU conveyancing ajt t be eoatof thepurchaser, * ' vMflM&saara J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., ap.l9,2CA23 J. CficGL'fRE XTc6~'Aucta. THE ABOVE SALE IS UNAVOIDABLY postponed until THURSDAY, April 28, at fi o'clk. JOSIAH SIMPSON. Guardian and Agent. ap 25 J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucta. |JY THOMAS EOWLiNG, Auct ; Georgetown. SMALL FBAME HOUSE AND LOTS IN GEOROE TOWN AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, April 28, at 8 o clock, p. no.. I will sell, in-front of the premises, on Cberrv street, sear the Market House. The property fronts 3feat on Cherry street, and run ning back 1C5J, feet to Beatty street, also, the ad joining lot fronting 22 feet on lleatty street, and tunning back #&}? reet. The improvements area small two-story Frame House. All crnveyanclng and stamps at the cost of ths purchaser. Title perfect. rj t riu& c&&ii. ? r ap S3 THOMAS DOWLINg, Anct. j?Y C. It. L. ClttfWN A CO . Auctioneers. VALUABLE PROPERTY"AT AUCTION AND A HARK CHANCE FOR INYESTMKNT. We will sell on THURSDAY EVENING, April 281 b. at 5 o'clock, on tbe premises, being i>srt of Lot No. 21. in Square No. ,V$4. This lot i* improved by two well-built frame bouses, two stories each, and front each 15 feet on Willow Tree Alley, said alley being 3? feet wide, between and.\d streets, fTlsw#!, Psidlot b?> a depth of tWfeet to a small nl'ey. Tit'eirood. Terms of sale ate: Oiwvh.slf cash; the bslanop in Caud 12 inonths, for notes secured liy a deed ot" trust on the pieuiises. All couveyanciug and s-tainpt- st tbe co-?t ot the piircba^^rs. ?P ai-atT C. K.. L. t ROWN A CO.. \ucts. B Y J. C. McGUIRE & CO , Auctioneers, FORTY BUILDING LOTS AT THE CORNER OP L tTRELT NORTH AND FIRST 8XMLET WEST. On THUPSD.VY AFTERNOON. April 23. ?t hilf par-t< o'clock,on tbe premises we shall sell Forty tacaut Lots at tbe corner of L street uarth ana First street west, fronting respectively oa L street, Firnt street audtsixty feet iu ta? roar of L street. Termw casIi, and sale peremptory. Conyeytnces at the cost of the purchasers. A ca?h payment of 52" will be required at the time of sale. *p.l9-9t J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. gTTHOMAS LuWLlNGTAucUr: Georgetown. ' BOU8EH0LD AND KITCIIEN FURNITURE AT AUCItOW^. . ? > ?. . On FRID AY MORNl Nf;. April A. at ^ o'clock, I will ?ell, at No C4. Fayette street, between 2a and Hd streets, a general atscrtmett of Household and Kitchen Furniture, tbe effects of a gentleman lesv itK the city. Terms cash. Sale positive. aov25-d TH0MA8 DOWLING, Au.?t. Y WM. B LaW ISA CO., Auctione#rs. B1 FURNITURE, MATTINO, SAFKS, Ac., AT AUC TION FRIDAY. April2S?, at 1<> o'clock, at onrstore. No. 4 'J7. Seventh stre-t. we shall sell, a ?ood lot of seoend band Furniture, ski yards new Mattmir, s?'Teial Safes, Children's Carr:age?. Crockery, Glass ware. Ac.. Ac, - _ aP 27 WM. B LEWIS A CO., Aacts. U N1TB1> STATED MAUSBAL t> BAUB. In virtue of a.writ of fierle facias on Jadgment of condemnation IsRuad from the Clerk's Office of the Supreme Court of th? District of Columbia, and to me directed, 1 will Self at'p'nbHc sale, for cash, at the front of the Court House door of said County, on FBI DAY. "he 29th day of April, 1K64, at 12 o'elock m., the following described property to wit: Lot No. 1, in Square No. S12, east half of Lots No. 16, lG.and 17, in Square No Til, In the city of Wash ington, D. C , toacther with eliaou singular the Improvements tnefeon, seized and Tevlea upon as the prop<'rti of Mlrhtsl Maloney, and will bi sold to satisfy judicial No. 23a, in favor of Ellen Kelly. WARD H. LAMON. ap 7-d U. 8. Marshal, D. C. NiTEb alATES MARSHALS SALE U1 In virtue of a writ of fieri Facias issued from tbe Clerk's office, of the 8opreine Court, of the District of Columbia, and to me directed. 1 wiL sell, at public sale, for cash, at the front of the Court House door, of said county, on FRI DAY. the 29th day of April. lRiVi, at 12 o'clock m., the follow ing described property, to wit: The north part ef Lot No. 19, in Square No.lW, commencing for the said part at a point on ^'i>t street weat, at tbe distance of 9u feet from the northeast comer of said Square, and running thence south feet with the line of said 2tst street, thence west ts5feet, thonce north 2" feet, and thence east S5 feet t<. said 21st street west, and place of, estimated to eontninl^od square fee% together wUh all and *ingular the Unprorem-mts thereon, seised and levied upon as the property of Thomas McNaniy, and will te sold to satisfy ju dicials No. 21S, ia ;avor of Isaat Herzberg. WARD n. LAMON, ap7-d&ds U. S. Marshal, D. 0. B V WM. B. LEWIS A CO., Auctioneers. At store No. 4-7 Seventh strett. THIS KV K N1NG . at 7 o'elock. to clofe a supe.iu.- i?????-??is*? of Pbotourapbic Alt.urns;io<l Fituilv Bil tns. Note a- 1 Letter Paper. Envelopes, &c.,'TaWe and I'ocVet Cutlery,Silver p'ated Ware, ruch asC<t.stors Tea Sets, Baskets. Cur'', Spoons. Forks Ten *5ells; iVf., w ith a general asB??rtiaent of Fancy (tooda. ap.26-3t WM. B. LEWI 3 A CO . Aucts. B Y J. C. McGUIRE A 00., Auc'-ioueers. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED PROPERi'Y OK DELA WARE AVENUE, BRTWEEN B AN D i -TS. NORTH, NEAR TIIU CAPITOL GATE. On SATURDAY AFTERNOf?N, May 14th, tit.5 o'clock. on tbe premise*, by virtue of a deorcv >f the late Circuit Court and an afriended decree of tb< Supremo Court ot the District,'of Columbia sittirg as aCourti t Equity, the latter decree dated April 2stb. 1W4, and renderedin a '?adse, N'o. ?:S, wherein Elizabeth Brent i?complainant, and <3ha?. E. l}n nt. and others, cefondauts, tbe uadersguid Trustee will sell all of l-ots 8 P,pirtN of 7 aDd In. in Square No <36. as IoIIq*?? Part of ! ot No. 7. fronting 30 feet on Delaware avenue, between north B and C streets, and run ning back ltKS feOt to aJV-feet alloy, improved b> a substantial uud well bi ill BRICK DWELLING-HOUSE WITH DACE BUILDINGS. A'l of Lot No fc.frentiug Hi feet 6 incbo^ on Dela ware avetne, between North B and C street", hud runnlt g batik aneverage depth of ltM?* fret to a S'' teet alley. improveU by a laree and well arranged BhlCK DWELLING noi'SE WITH BACK BUILDINGS. Part of Lpt No,.JI>, froattn?s 35 ftet S Indies on Telawace VutHtu'0 B and C streets noitii. rurmnfirliScK acr^trT lf^Tei t to s ff-f^et allev .t Ali tlii? valuta situaUd TkithiU a Tvry short dl.-fkJiji;eormc,iua:th Gate uttho Caoi tol audifthe proposed c*?#imu?ii Al-flt* oajlrol ?rounds is con-ontnxaUd will 'be ia\?netliateh a< ^ ?erms i Oife-tlnnleaklifthe^te^*hii"ler*iri #1* and twelve niontb.^, with interest, secured to!ba^a.tis faction of tbe Trustee, or all cash, at tlio option of purchaser. ? ot f ' * vu-ftTO. ^Conveyances end atampa at the cout of .the pur ap 2fi d J. C. McGUlRl A QO.\ ^ucts. |^>Y GREEN A WILLIAMS Auctioneers. . A VEGETABLE ANDJRUIT STANi> AT 4UC TION. A act ion sale of a fino Vegetable and Prait 8ta>l in theCentei Market, between 7th and 8t? street, No 3ii6, on THURSDAY, tbe5th day of M*y,at ll}{ o'clock, a m .to l?e sold without reserve, ap 27 d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auets. J.?Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aadtioneers. LARGE SALE OF BRUSSELL8 THR1E-PLY AND INGRAIN C ARPE1S AND MATTING AT AUC T ION On SATURDAY, the.*ith inst., at 10 o'clock, a. *i we shall tei, at our anctton rooms, viz : ?' pieecs American aud Eng isb"Brussels Carpet, " Th*?e-ply and Jngtain Carpets, ?>' '? White and Obockod Matting. 41.V0, A general asHortment of Household Furniture, ap 27 GREEN A WILLI AMS, Auets. (Chron. A Rap 1 B v J 0. MCGOIR* CO., Auctioneers ? ' n t rvrd AT TH* CORNER OP NORTH BCILDlNG^ljSJtH STREETS. Oa MONDAY AFTERNOON. May 2. at o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell, Lots No. 1,10,11 ard 12. in Squara Na. 333, fronting 167 feet. 7 lucae? on ltth street west, bet*sen T and U streets north, and 185 feet. I inches, ou Vermont erenow, at the orrner of ncrth T street, *fce whole .to bo aab di vided into ecavonient Bui!dlrg Lota, Terms: Ote-third in cash, the remainder ia sir, and twelve montha.with Intert st assured by a died oftm?-t on the premises. SSfi'""" a f, ri&cuaTw, imu. AUCTIQX S4I,E?. Fl tlft? Oil's. |?Y J. 0. McGUKJt A CO., Aaetiom-ers. KXfcll.LENT PRICK BOUSE AND TOT OS F 8T BETWEEN KLK\ KMTB A?fD TWELFTH JTBEETfl. At AVCrhoif. On I KID A Y AflERNOOh, April tPth. at 4S o'clock. on theprer:iee?, we shall m?:1; Ut " F," ?a sub Uivisioa of Square Ne. 331. ftoittiag ft feet 7 ladie* ad north F slrc?t. betwtea Eleventh m4 Tm fifth street' west. rui oiug back 7t> feet. to aa alley. together with the improvements, coast-tin* of* three-?tory Brick Dwelling Hotiw, roatatafag elevea room*and a bath-room, with water andean, on the pnniMi, and drairei by a lateral eewer lt-mi-.ii* to the nan ho r. is E exenth Mreet; the whclt premiers in t \celS< i.t order. Terms. 0n? thiro cash; the remainder in r\t. and twelve months, with iuUreat. secured by a d. ed o? trust oa the pr; mises. Conveyances at the cent of the por,;haa*r In mediate poaaaeeion ?!?? n. ap.?Sd J. *^_Mcr'c|RK ? 00., AucU. JgY J.O. McHOIRB ^ pQ Auction??r?. H1W*>T "^,CK dVelUWQ HOUSE WITH Jp ? . tj KbTABLTSHEDORO* ERY STORE AND \ AO AN T SIDE LOT AT THE CORNER OV TWELFTH AMD M BTREEfS AT PUBLIC AUCTION. ? - ??<? ?-v wiuci "? MUi ?u awl PC 1 AXN Twelfth ttreet west. lot li at the Corner. r? Im proved with a well built th*ee atory brick dwelUnc fiouw. with hack building:, containing eleven rooms. with tine store room and cellar*. Lot 1=. adjoin* the above, and hae on it a warehouse, ? able, acd carriage houes and will be sold aapa rately, 1 bis is the property of Larojr Edwards, Est]., who na? conducted toe store wtfn great sacaess. and only sell* on acconut of flailing health. Immedi ate yotMion ir*ven. Terma : Ona half cash, the remainder in si c and twelve months ?ith inteiest, secured by a dead of trust oa the premises. sp.W-d J. 0. McGUIBE A 00., Auots. f^THE A BOY E S A LE IS TOSTPON ED UNTIL FRIDAY AFTERNOON, April2Wh, same hour and plaee. apSC d J. C. McOUIRE A CO.. Auctw. pY J. C. McGUIRI". & CO., Auctioneers. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALI OP THREE FAT OOHS. * , On FRIDAY AFTRSNOGN. April V. atSo'cleek. in front of the residence of the late Thomas Con ner. New Jersey avcaue, between L street and New York avenue, we shall sell, three fine Fat Oows. Terms cash. By order of the AdmiiilHrmtrix. ap26-d J. C. McGUIBE A CO . Aocf. JJY'J, C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer*. LAFGE AND WELL"FINISHED DWELLING HOT PEON G STREET NORTH, BBT Vt'XEN* TWENTY-FIRST AND TWBltff Y 8ECOS D ST BERTS WEST, AT PUBLIC BALE Or FRIDAY AFTERNOON, April?.at*^o'clock, op the premises, we ahail sell, part of Lot IS- in S<jt?ere No. 80, fronting w feet cm O street north, between Tweuty-llret and Twenty-second street* west. aud running back 128 feet 4,'n inches, togetb ejwiVi he improvemeuta, consisting of a well built and finished three-story Brick Dwelliag Douse, with two story Brick Building, with Mar ble Mantels. Water and Oa*. and Refahed ta*fc? moet fiiperior manner throughout; cellars awier tie whole biiUdinf. ItLmcdiate poscession will be giren. Ti-xkb: One third to cash: th? resraindet in aix snd twelve montb^, with interMt, stcurefl by deft of trust. Conveyance*; at cost of the purchaser. The house U well furcikhed, whi:h may be taken at a fair valuation. ap.16 d J. C. MrC 1'IRK A_0_0^ Aucts. JJY QBE KN A WILLIAMS, Aaciioneera. A Y"ACAN1 VOTNEAR47, STREET AND M VRY LAND AVENUE, ISLAND On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Atril 29. at 8 o'clock, on the prem>eK,we shall sell Lot 11, ia Reseryatioa C,fr< nticg ?n MarylaaQ svenue 41 feet, with adepts of 117 febt 3 it-ches, ranninc bacK to an alley 28 feet wide. , Terirs; Oue ?hird ra^h; the remainder in aiz and twelve mouths, with Interest, fecuied by ie?J of trurt. Title perfect. Conveyances at cost of the pa chaser*. ;>p.aA GBEEN A WILLIAMS. Auetr gY i. O McGUlBK Sc CO., Auctioneers. PEREM?TC RY SALE oFlLOT ON NORTH M ST., BETWEEN NINTH A N f> TENTH STREETS On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, April A>. at half cast hix o'clock, on the prenii*>?. w? shall sell. Lot. No 4 io ul? div'.f ion of Square So. SCT, frontiiic 24 f f* it laches on north M street, between <?th and r t.ii strerts west, ran Dinar back 120 feet to a 20-foot alley, and containing t !4>' square fs#t. Terms: One third in c*?a; the remainder in sic and twelve months, with interest, aecured by a deed of trust on the premises _ap.?6 d J. 0. McGPIBE Sc CO.. Aucta. JJY J. C. McGUIRE A CO.* Auctioaeers. FRAME HOUSE ANDL6T ON 4?, *TAEET BE. TWEEN ?0UTH M AND N STREETS. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON , April 30th. at S o'clock . on the premise*, we ^hall sell, par> of Lota 7 an<4 8. in ?<iuare MS, fronting 14 feet, ou 4*-j street betwetu tit>uth M and N streets, and rnnning back 12<) feet to an alley, with the improvements con sittivg of a two story Frame Dwelling House, coa ts ining six rooms, with a cellar, nnder rent at per month. Term? : Two-thirds in ca*<h, the remainder in six months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyance* at the exn .i?e of the purchaser, ap ? d J. C McGUIRE A CO.,*Anct?. B Y 3. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. FURNITURROF A LADY DECLINING II0U31 KEEl'ING AT PULLIC SALS. On MONDAY MORNING. May 2. commencing at h?o'clock. we stall sell, at No 374. 10th street, betwten L and M. * em*!! lot of good Household Furnitnre. embracing? Wa nut Hair Cloth Sofa, Walnut Hat Tree, Cane Seat Rockers and other Chain, Mahogany Sideboard, Extension Dining Table, Burea i3 Washstand, and Chamber Tables, Brussels Parlor and three-ply Cbambar 3arpet?. Feather hc*.ls, Boiste: 6 ana Pillows, Ilsir and Hnsk Mattresses, Cbics, Glass ar d Crockery ware. Gir&ndcles, Winoow Curtaibsand Shades, CO(-kini; and Chamber Stoves. ap.iF d J. C. McGUIRE A Co . Aucts. B Y J. C. M^"GUIRE A 00., Auetione^-s. YALUABLK IMPFOVRD AND UNIMPROVKD PROPERTY IN THE FIRST WARD AT PUC LIC H AIjK On MONDAY AFTERNOON, May 2d. at4 o'clock, u 'ht preimsea, we shall sell, in tne order named, the followirg described valuable property belong* icu to tke heirs ol tie late Thomas C?ok, viz.? l.ot? :. 2. 3, half of 22. 23, 24, sndi6,in Square No.77. Let 22 is improved with twothree story brick dwe? linc houses, with back building*, fronting oa aoith I stx-^bt, between Twenty-fu-stund Twen ty fit Cvnd streets wti-J.. Lots 23 and 24 are situated at the corner of Twen ty lirst and I streets, in full view of PeonsyW var ia t venae, fronting 62 feet 9 inche* cm 1 street, and 130 feet 10 inches r>n Twenty-fir** i-tieet weet,occupied at present by 3. Stover, I'.:.q , a - a wood and coal yard. Lota'. 2. s ani are situated at the corner of Twenty-flrststrteet and north H street, which will le sub-divided into convenient buillmg lots, two of them with tno desirable ,tw-? st^ry and basement brick dwtiling tou.-es with bacX buiioiaga. Lot on Pennsylvania avenue, between Twenty-Erst and Twenty-tecond streets, in the rc-w known ap the "Six Bulltiiuga *'with fine sut^tautlal wa'i6, now rtanding, of a building destroyed tr . " Bre. * Terms: fine-half cash .the remainder inG months, with iutercat secured by a deed of tru-t on Vj* prtruii es. ar.-i-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auct'. Y HM. B. LEWIS A CO., Auctioneers. B EXTENSIVE?ALE OF DEAD LETTRIl0F1I0* MATTER By order of the Post Office Departmeat we shall sell '..y Catalogue>>a MONDAY. May 2. 1964, st o ir Auction SU're, No. 427 Seveaih street, commeix cicg at 10 o'clock, and continued dbiiy until tfce Catalogue ie closad, embracing some thousand lots of every variety of goods accumulated in tha Dead Letter Offii e place igo1*. The lots consist of? Sor?H very valuable Gold and Silver Watches, Chfci':*, and Jewelry of all kinds, Bcoks, Clothing, Instruments, Ae., Ae. In at.i, s*mi.le6 and toe Is of exery de*cri ption. Mi-re psrtjCnlafly dtscribed in tne Ca^alague. Teru>s cash in Government fur ds. CaUlogue.^ can be had on application to the Aue tic.K't is alter the 25tb luatant, ap 21 V>t WM. B LEWIS A CO., Auets. JJY W7L. WAI.T. A CO.. Auctioneers. r.0l? DOZEN Kxtra choice Cognac and MocJwUa S?>be;dam H-o1(m4 tt-ia. Royal Ffert '4 io?t Bourbon au-1 JScetar WJ*i<?keji,. C^arat?,^A.?J,^?e training otthe stock of M. OreroeOt* -4 P?-? jl b?- wold by treir ctJer at rubiittale, on R EDS BS D \ Y. ISth Mav at l?o*4t>ek; T%e*Ame may he examine^ at their taUs rowa, No. 393. P#un<jl TnLia avenue. sectMi? Bo?>r.*- ** '? SE r?XTrt STKEET PROPERTY AT AVC CHANCERY SALE O^VaX'UABLWPROPERTY. By virtue of a decree r.f the late Ciicait C^nrtx>r the District of Coluiabla, sitting a? a .O^urt o^ EyUity, dattd on the 20th da? of Novemlie*. an.t rendered in a cease <Ne. i,3W) * Coait between Christopher GrammexaadH Hlia<4 B. Todd, tourfaeaxf the late g. grammej and othara, wmplainants, and /alius E. Gramaeg tavtvi!>. ou vuuoauuuoi u a ? . , ? r~\ 'odd, UmOeea.of the late &o*tleib C. ?t othara, complainants, anS /alius E. Gr aad V Viau H. Dunbini^a and others, defendants. with the privilege of an outlet to an alley M h-e* wide. It will be offered, If dealred, in separate portiots. oetOi hajutg a froat of 19 fe?t. Thi? property i? siluated oppr?ite Mr. PauluH Tvaon'a Store, and is now occupied as a bvery stable br John C. Howard. The terms of sale are: One-third ra*h; the bal anre u> be raU in tonal irstatmenta. ta tlx aad twelvn months from the day of aale, :he pa> mcnt* thereof to be secured oy the notes of the purchaser; and said notes to be secured bra deed of tiyst cm the said property. ? , . If the tarms of sale are net eoac idled with in Ave days fn.ia the tl*y of sale, tke Tru?te?rt:eHerTa the rieht to rtb?il kt the risk and expanse of the pur chaser , AU ?. vnsey casing and stamps aft the ax pease of "" OUR eitAMKDt J WM. B. TODD, ( T:rait?as. ap 21-4 /. C7 McGUIRH A- OO-, Aucta. - . , . m , m ? ? h ? . ? > .. i. m , , R>M0YA1 .-SAMUfL T. DMURY. 4u<?nn a*</ <'oir?s*Vcr at Lmv, has removed his office t(. No. opposite ?est wing City Hal'.. ajti-U*

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