Newspaper of Evening Star, April 29, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 29, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR W. D. W1LLACH. Editor and Frcprietor. WASHINGTON CITY; FRIDAY APRIL 39, 1864. Wuki>|Ut N??r Market. Q notations for atocks, eoin and uncurrent money, furnished by Lewis Johnson k Co., Banker*: Baying. Selling U. S. Coupon Bonds, l$Sl......ll3)f 1143^ V. S. 5.20 Note* Ill * 112* Ktw Certificates 06 ? ? American Silver ....160 _ American Gold 173 _ Nnw York Ratbs?First Board. Coupon 6's, 1881. Ill; U. S. 5.20's, Ulk; Cer* tifict-es of Indebtedness, 9oJi; Gold, 160jf. FINDING# OF COURTS MARTIAL IN THE CASES OF OFFICERS. The following officers have been tried by coart-martials now in session within the lines of the Army of the Potomac : UsnCGolonel Gkieon Clark, lWth Pennsyl vania volunteers, fonnd gnilty of violating the 16th article of war, and sentenced to be cash, iered. Capt. Levi L. Bass ford, 6th Maine volun teers, gnilty pl disobedience of orders and con duct prejudicial to good order and military discipline. Sentenced to be dismissed the service. Cspf. James B. Bigelow, llth ^Jawii-bu ? setts volunteers, gnilty of contemptuous a?d disrespectful conduct to his superior officers. Sentenced to be cashiered. Captain James C. McKenna, 81st Pennsyl* vanla volunteers, gnilty of violating the 14th article of war, neglect oi duty, and oondnct prejudicial to good order and military disci plice. Sentenced to be cashiered. First Lieutenant John B Mungan, Adjutant ?tet Pennsylvania volunteers, guilty of being absent without leave. Sentenced to be dis joussed the military service of the UnitedStatee Capt. S. N. Stanford, 1st Ohio cavalry, gnilty of drunkenness while on duty. Sentenced to be cashiered. First Uent. J. Sidney Munn, 140th New York "volunteers, gnilty ef conduct to the prejudice of good order and military discipline. Sen tenced to be dismissed the service of the United JStatei. First Lieut. James Lee, 13th Pennsylvania volunteers, guilty of disobedience of orders and raising a false alarm In camp, sentenced to be dismissed the service. The sentences in the cases of the above named officers have been approved, and their dismissal from the military service will date from the 25th instant. NOT PICKETS BUT CHICKEN THIEVES. It was telegraphed North, a day or two ago, that a picket near Fort Ethan Allen, was shot at on Tuesday night by guerrillas; but Union men from that section deny that any guerrillas have been about there for a long while. The soldier shot at was not at the time on his post of duty, but was engaged in robbing a hen roost?an aot of plunder to which residents in that neighborhood have ot late been grievously aubjected by soldiers, who sent out for picket duty, leave their posts to make these unlaw ful foraging expeditions. Loyal citizens suffer alike in this respect; and they say that if tbe officers in charge of pickets would not wink so veTy hard when such practices are going on right under their ?yes, there would be no occasion to burden the telegraph with reports of pickets being fired on in close pro ximity to our lorts. Rciuocb Importations?It will be seen in the Senate proceedingof yesterday that the im portant joint resolution which originatsdin the House.of Representatives has been adopted, and when signed by the President it will have the force of law. The resolution declares "that until the end of sixty days from the passage of this resolution, fifty per centum of the rates of duties and imposts now Imposed by law on all goods, wares, merchandise, and articles im inapos'ts now charged on the importation of such articles: Provided, that printing paper, ? unsized, used for books and newspapers ex clusively, shall be exempt trom the operation of this resolution." It is understood that this temporary resolu tion is adopted in order to check the ruinous rate of importations which has tor sometime been in progress, while Congress is engaged In the work of revising the tariff. The u. S. Two Hcn>rkd Million Five Pxr Omit. Loan.?Elsewhere will be found an advertisement of the 10-40 bonds, which just now afford the most favorable investment before the public. The loan is limited te two hundred millions, and, being payable, princi pal and interest, in gold, (on five per cent gold interest, equal to 7* orS per cent. In currency,) 16 being subscribed for by the people at a rate promising to speedily absorb the wholeamount of the loan. It is a noteworthy fact that the entire public debt of tbe United States is not more than one-fourth of the public debt of Great Britain at the conclusion ol her great wars in 18*6, in proportion to the property of the two countries; and also that when the 10-40 bonds are due, with our present ratio of In crease of national wealth, double our present national debt wonld not be a charge of five per cent, on the property of the country. S7M. Shiliington, Odeon Building, sends us an early copy of Frank Leslie's Lady's Maea zine for May. g telegraphic news. the"roml ZSXigZSSSSt?* THE BANKS DISASTER. (By Independent Line.] Nxw York, April 29,-The Timet has a Washington "special" dispatch that the reason for the withdrawal of the French ships is the inopportu neness of the time of their visit. The Times says the President has received a dispatch from Gen. Butler that the rebel forces are withdrawing from North Carolina to rein force Lee. It is now generally understood that Lee will endeavor to fight without leaving his intrench ments. The Timet's dispatch confirms the Triburu't dispatch about Banks's disaster?a letter from Admiral Porter pronounces it so. Besidesover thirty pieces of artillery, large quantity of small arms, several hundred wagons, first class gunboat Eastport, and nearly 4,000 pris oners captured. Paymaster's safe, containing Si.coo,oco greenbacks, captured. Gens. Stone and I ranklin are to be court-martialed. REBEL TROOPS HIRRYIKG TO RICH MOND. BEAUREGARD EN ROUTE TIIEBE. PANIC IN RICHMOND. Nnw Yonx, April 29.?A letter from the fleet off Wilmington, dated the 22d, states that -Masonborongh has been re-inforced by six re giments of infantry and a battery from Wil mlngton. Gen'l Beauregard went through "Wilmington on the Slat with a large number of troops on the way to Richmond. The enemy are sanding all the men they can to the Rebel Capital. A Yorktown letter of the SGth states that rebel desert*!-* report a considerable panic at .Richmond and Petersburg, the rebels being in momentary expectation of the appearance ef ?ne or more strong Union columns. Many of the inhabitants are moving South, and the im pression is general that Grant's campaign will eventuate in success, and that wm fall. arrival op Steamer. Pobtlahd, April *>.?The steamship St Rndrew, from Olasgow, arrived at 9 o'clock th-ie morning. FURTHER FROM THE SOUTHWEST. THE REBEL GENERAL MAGRUDER REPORT ?D BETWEEN SHREYEPORT AND GEN. . STEELE, WITH 11,000 MEN. NiwYobk, April29.?A newspaper dispatch, dated Grand Ecore, La., April 16, states oar total loss at 3,400, of which the killed will not probably exceed 300. The total loaa of the 13th corps is 1,723: Emery's division of the 19th corps, 61 killed and 411 woanded?the missing increases this to 600. Lee's cavalry lost 600. There was a report that Magruder was be tween Shrereport and Gen. Steele, with ll,0CX) men. THE REBEL RESERVE. Kmw Yobk, April 28.?A special dispatch says that Longstreet's forces are at Char lottETille, and will act as a reserve for Gen'l Lee. iy*?THJt POLES sre respectfully invited to LL3 meet *t 301 Pennsylvania avenue, between Suiaud ]0th streets, at 3 o'clorjk p. m. MAY 1st, lafrfc sp lQ-*f iMf WASHINGTON SPIRITUAL OONFER llj BNOE?SUNDAY, at 2>4 o'clock p.m., at Smeed's Hnll, 9th street, near B. Mrs.L. Smitii and Mrs, E. Wrkn will open the meeting, ^nd give an invitation for others to speak that wish. Spirits described." Admittance ll) cents. a??>at? rr^ATTfKTION, Tin Plate and Sheet-Iron IL yt Workers ? You are hereby notified that no adjourned meeting of the Association will be held at 8 o'clock MONDAY EVENING, May ad, at the William Tell Hotel, on Pennsylvania avenue, be tween 4>i and 6th streets. Punctual attendance ii requested. By order. ap S-2t* J AS. Jr. MATTINGLY, Rec. Sec. WASHINGTON, D.C., April 29,mi. UJ? th* Editor of the Evtmng Star : fcSir?la yoot publication of yesterday, headed rThe Enrollment and Praft in this District," you say, "Subsequently an Interview was mil with President Lincoln and Col. Fry, Provost Marshal General, by Mayor Wallach and the committee.'' Be kind enough to inform the pablic (if not in compatible with the interests of a certain candi date for the Mayoralty) at whose suggestion that committee w*s appointed, who accompanied it, and what transpired during said interview. It* FAIR PLAY. nr?r**WHTHE UNDKlfcSlGiptD, in consequence Lk5f of the recent advance in Flour, and the in crease expense of conducting our business, will, from MONDAY. May 2d, charge six cents per loaf for onr bread?the loaf No ERR it BRO., ' WM. P. McKELDEN, PHILIP MAY, JOHN VOGT, B. OSTERMEYER, LEWIS NEURATn, M. E. FRASIKR, BENJAMIN PR08ISJD, ?P 29 3t* LOGAN PROSISE. npiB?NOTICE.- We. the undersigned. Master LL3 Horse Shoers of Washington. D. C., mskn Known to the public that the following prices are to be charged Dy all of us for horse shoeing : For bar shoes each 75 For steel-toed shoes per set... ? .. .$2 sn For plain shoes per set_ 2 ?;? For old shoes steel-toed per set 1 76 For removes,plain, per set 1 5't W. H. benkett: t. o. markins, F. W. MURPHY, T. F DORAN. M. B BOYLAND, F. REGLINE. E. M. MOFFITT, J. A. McCATHARAN, Col. HEYES, J. M. SENSILL, LONG, R. O. PARKHILL, WARD. ap29-3t* vui ? D. LC T. W ry*5=?NOTICE-MA8TER BUILDERS.?At a rog Lk3 ular meetingof the Carpenter's Association of Washington, D. C., held on the 26th instant, it was resolved that the members of said Association shall demand SO cents advance upon their present ratesof pay per day, on and after the 1st day of May next. All are to cease work until these de mands are acceded to. All Journeymen Carpenters of the District o Columbia are requested to meet on the west Cap itol Grounds on MONDAY, May 2d. at 2J* o'clock p.m. By order. F. W. W. LETOURNAN, ap 28-3t Secretary. nfB=*TIIE FOURTn PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Ul *C FAIR will close for sale of Articles on Fri day night, and close finally on Saturday night with n Grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert at Odd Fellows'Hall. Tickets 50 cents, to be had at the Fair and at Hall on night of the Concert. SP 27 It* GRAND PROMENADE CONCERT, commencing with Monday,'May 2d, a J^air will be held in Old Trinity Hall, on 5th street, between D Monday, the opening night, a Grand Promenade Concert will be given in which the best musical talent in Washington will be engaged. Monday morula's papers will announce the programme of Solos. Duetts and Opera Choruses. Proceedstoaid in building a church. Tiokets for Monday night cents: to be had at bookstores and door. A band of music will be present upon some or all the remaining evenings of the week. -v o. Doors open half-paste. The Piano to be used is of Chickering tc Sons' make and from John F- Ellis's, 306 Pa. avenue. ap 27 4t* |V5p?FAIR AND FESTIVAL.?The Fair and Feu Lk3 tival for the benefit of the Fourth Presby terian Church, (Dr. J. C. Smith,) is now open at ODD FELLoWS' HaLL, where may be found a fine collection of fancy articles, confectionery, Ac., at reasonable prices. Come and tee us. ap25-6t* ~N 0 T I~C E~. THE TAX PAYERS OF THE COUNTY ? OF WASHINGTON, D.C The Board of Assessors, having completed the general assessment for the year 1864, hereby give notice that they will sit as a Board of Appeal for from 9 a. m. to 4 p m.'iaeh'day. D. V. BURR, ) GEO. PLANT, > Assessors. ap 21-d CHA8.B. BELT.S rY<e=J,CATHOLIC FAIR AT POMPEIAN HALL, LL5 GEORGETOWN.?A Fair, for the benefit ofthe Male and Female Free Sshools of George town, is now open, day and evening, at the Union Hotel, and contains a great variety of things too numerous to detail here. Admission 10 ce . apl9-llt rINDEPENDENT UNION CANDIDATE UJj FOR MAYOR. JOHN H. SEMMES. ap 29-te* fTg SECOND WARD UJ5 UNCONDITIONAL UNION TICKET. For Ai.pkkman? JAMES W. SPALDING.* MANY VOTERS. lY75=?TniRD WARD?J77V? ELECTION.-The UJ? unconditional L nion voters of the Third Ward will support the following ticket at the June election: For Mayor? RICHARD WALLACn. For. Aidbrman? ALEXANDER R. 8HEPIIERD. Fop. Commom Couhcii,? N. D. LARNER, JOB W ANGUS, JOHN W. 8IM3. ap 23 te ry^=?THIRD WARD-JUJVB ELECTION-The (13 unconditional Union voters of the Third Ward will support the following ticket at the ap proaching municipal election, viz : For Matgr? RICHARD WALLACH. For Aldkkmas? JOSEPH F. BROWN, For. Common C*cxcil? NOBLE D. LARNER, THOMAS A. STEPHENS, JOHN W. SIMS. For Assessor? JAMES P. McKEAN. ap 23 tf nrtr?ICE CRXAM, CONFECTIONERY. 40. LkS Receptions, Parties, Weddings, Balls, Sup pers, Fairs and other entertainments furnished at Shortest notice and most reasonable terms. Ice Cream and Water Ices made by steam power, war rested to be the best in the city, wholesale and re tail, delivered to any part of the city. Charlotte Rnsse, Jellies, Pyramids and WeddingCakes made to order, at JOSEPH SHAFFIBLD'S Confecttoo ery. 366 Bixtk st.. bet. G and H. fe 11-Sm* 486 PIC TJJJt ? s. 486 A few choice F.ngravings and Paintings for sale at J. MARKRITER'S, No. 7th street, Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. Terms cash. W> 29-lmif* PATENT FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR other property. A good chance for making monev. Books wanted of every description. Wanted, volumes and nets of Schoolcraft's Inaians. 4O.(0(i Books for sale at about half pric*^and many less. ALFRED HUNTER, a>> 29 3t' Over Bank of Washington. CARRIAGES! CARRIAGES? CARRIAGES 1 On hand, the best lot of LIGHT CARRIAGES of my own and Northern make ever offered in this city. Persons in want wonld do well to call before purchasing. , Rl ?i'n6S'rt,TakWM"co.chn,.V?. ap 29-3t* 374 P -*nd477 Eighth street. WHEELER ON THE MANAGEMENT OF * V Bees; 16c. Weeks on Bees; 80c. The English Bee Keeper: London; $1.75. finish on Bees: London; $2.?0. r.uu ; uu i?ee VUIIUCS; 2M< Longstroth on the Honey Bee; $1.25. Hamuelson on the Honey Bee; $1.75. Harbison on Bee and Bee Keening: $1. _ ?ARD PHOTOGRAP JS^OF^C^LEBBITIES, OB Plain Portraits, taken from life. 2S cents each. Plain Portraits, by the doten, f 2 SO. Plain fancy figures or statuary, 15 cents each. Do , by the dosen, $150. Colored in oil, 40 cenU. Colored hi oil. br the dosen, C4. . Pbotngraph Albums in a great variety. Cartes rt* Yisite sent to order by mail, free of charge. Liberal discount todealers. FRANKLIN A CO.,Opticians, 344 Pa. av., bet. 12th and 15th ats., And 3P9 Pennsylvania avenue, under the Na tional. ap29ft u. 8. 10-40 BONDS. These Bondsare issued under the Act of Congre" of March 8th. 13*4, which provides that *11 Bond* issued under this Act shall be EXEMPT FROM TAXATION by or under any State er municipal authority. Subscriptions to these Bonds are re ceived in United States notes or notes of Nation*' Banks. They are TO BE REDEEMED IN COIN, at the pleasure of the Government, at any period net less than ten nor morttkan forty years from their date, and until their redemption FIVE PF.R CENT, INTEREST WILL BE PAID IN COIN, on Bonds of not over sne hundred dollars annualtf and on *11 other Bonds semi annually. The in terest is payable on the first days of March an I Seotatnlier in aaeh rear: Registered Bonds are recorded on the Books of the United States Treasurer, and can be trans ferred only on the owner's order. Coupon Bond} are payable to bearer, and are more convenient for Commercial uses. Subscribera to this loan will have the option of having their Bonds draw Interest from March 1st, by paying the accrued interest in coin?{or in Uni ted States notes, or the notes of National Bank), adding fifty per cent, for premium,) or receive them drawing intarest from the date of subscrip tion and deposit. As these Bonds are exempt from municipal or State taxation, their value Is increased from one to three per cent, per annum, according to the rate of tax levies in various parts of the country. At the present rate of premium on gold they pay over eight per cent, interest in currency, and are of equal convenience as a permanent or temporary investment. It is believed that no securities ofTer so great inducements to lenders as the various descrip tions of U. S. Bonds. In all other forms of in debtedness, the faith or ability of private parties or stock companies or separate communities only is pledged for payment, while for the debts of the United States the whole property of the country is Uolden to secure the payment of both principal and interest in coin. These Bonds may be subscribed for in sums from $50 up to any magnitude, on the same terms, and are thus made equally available to the smallest lender and the largest capitalist. They can be converted into money at any moment, and the holder will have the benefit of the interest. The fact that all duties on imports are payabte in specie furnishes a fund for like payment of in terest on all Government Bonds largely in excess 1 of the wants of the treasury for this purpose. Instructions to the National Banks acting as lean agents were not issued from the United State-; Treasury until March 2S, but in the first three weeks of April the subscriptions have average! more than TEN MILLIONS A WEEK. Subscriptions will be received by the Treasurer Of the United States at Washington, and the Assist ant Treasurers *t New York, Boston, and Philadel phia, and by the FIRST NATIONAL BANK OP WASHINGTON, FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BALTIMORE, FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF PHILADELPHIA, and by all National Ranks which are depositaries of public money. All respectable banks and bank ers throughout the country will furnish further information on application, and afford every fa cility to subscribers. apZMw WANTS. WANTED?By a respectable young worain, a SlTLATION, to do general housework. Ad dress Box No. 4 Star Office. ap 29-2t? YVANTED?? to learn Plumbing and Gas ** Apply at 2*J9 Penn. avenue. ap ?-3t J. W. THOMPSON A CO. WANTED AT ONCR-Three first-rate COAT MAKERS. The bill paid. H. RIBNITZKY. merchant Tailor, 478 9th street, between Dand ; ap 29-3t* WANTED?A com Detent COLLECTOR, with a . knowledge of nook-keeping. Must be ac quainted with the city, and give undoubted refer S?eeA?.to honesty and sobriety. Address Box 16 st" ap 29-fit D~?iT * y?un? man, in a small nfc-b Hvin'o. ??? ere thvw? are but few boarders of a linn.?1 siit'l desired as the comforts ANTED IMMEDIATELY? A BOY that can WAffi?vA firyt-class SALESWOMAN and VlfANTRD?A . colored PORTER. Good refer ap jgn3Ct?*8re<lu,re<i. Apply at 33 Market Space. VVA.H1Tpl5?nlAn r,ctive. COLORED MAN, who is n?pf?i iLf w?Hing to work and make himself 4MK ence required. Apply at store No. ^ -*v * 28-'it* W ANTED?A MAN, to take char?* of a Liverv ? stable. A sober man. J. p. VAN KSSON Congress street, Georgetown. ap g-?o3t* YV"APfTKD?One Journeyman SHOEMAKER raJIW* ?? meen O- and H streets. ap27-3t* Ctwo eood SALES ... P '?he Dry Goods business. Good refer ences will be required. JOHNSON A SUTTON -?p 27-41 621 Seventh street. J^ROM 93,000 to 94.000 WANTED-Prom two tate fnr'mor^i,. f', of ttn8t *iven on real es VlJ ANTED TO RENT?Two unfurnished ROOMS ne7so? TTnf^P f^ aS P?rlor ?"d chamber by one person. Unexceptionable reference iriven and re quired. Address Box 35 Star Office antf 3t* \VAkT,,;P~A competent LADY, to attend in ? 0<?ce-, AIso- <* WOMAN to cook, wash A,,l,ly ?tTW. u WHEATLEY'S i>yein? Establishment, 49 Jefferson street. Georgetown - ? ap 27-3t ROOM WANTED? By a young uentleman: with "dow lai1y preferred; between 9th and 14th beATenue- Address B. B i tar Office. ap 35 5t* ' VVANTEU-An OPERATOR, who can furnish fJrr^ nown machine, (Wheeler A Wilson pre Ind il' One who can do any kind of machine work ana is willing to assist in a store steady work gfficT Addre88 "William,"stating ternu^, aU3tar i ap36 6t? PARM HANDS WANTED-Three good Pari Home^ n!?? ih ,arJn at the "Soldiers' the<farm?<lUi ?f ?^VrVwA^tt fo good hands constant work and ?ood wares 50,000 KukC1*W#iSJS!!?^J!!* 181*1 there are other Richards in the field lad iea h?V.^ look out that thev come to Prince's who uVh? only practical hand in the fity Be aiir? ??.. f?7 F street, opposite Patent Office. W TED-SECOND-HAND FURNITURE Also, Mirrors, Carpets, Beds, Beddin? .>!h Housefurnishing Goods of every description ?# B- BUCHLY 428 7th street mh ? tr bet. G and H, east gjde. Tv ... . PRIZES CASHED " ** All legalized lotteries. Information <?;?n tended*to. *^dd ress' aU<UH ?'de" an ? ?^EPH BATK8, U Wall street. N. Y.. p PoBt Office Box 4,26*4 Wf tvvttIP^7a^ N0TICE ?? t INVITE Attention to the sales premises, of the fnllowini: Valuable S Property, on FRIDAY AFTERNOON, Ap?if . . . , at w o'clock, A desirable four-story Brick Dwelling-house on south side of F street, between 11th and ,?h in OTf>ol 1 orti AAn/lU.V. :iL . " l^tn am? 8 I n 11 ent cond it!on? w?i th1 water 'g&s and good drainage. "aier, gas * d . ? w AT s o'clock, wSfk?pfife?wiSr5-?ikssj A , . .AT O'CLOCK, *ell-furnished three storr and cv wim tne iuei. ; D- CASTLlilAN. Etna Lin* Kiln ?P P*. av. and Rock OreScfridge, 4 O'CLOCK P. BL TUB RED RITER EXPEDITION. DISPATCH FROM ADMIRAL PORTER. Admiral Porter, writing to the Navy De partment, off Grand Ecore. La., April 11, of the condition of the fleet at thM point 911 b'? return down river after the repulse of the land expe dition, says: ?I found the fleet at Grand Ecore somewhat In an unpleasant situation, two ot them being above the bar, and not likely to get away again this season, unless there is a rise of a foot. I could not provide against this when over a hundred miles up the river. If nature does not change her laws there will no doubt be Arise of water; but there was one year, 184ti, when there was no rise in the Red river, and it may happen again. The rebels are cutting off the supply by diverting different sources of water into other channels, ail of which would have been stopped had our army arrived as far as Shreveport." MOSEBY SENDS A MESSAGE TO PRESIDENT LINCOLN AND GOVERNOR PIKRPONT. About ten days ago a lady, a resident of Fairfax county, whose husband is a refugee, visited the upper part of the eounty to carry o)T some stores belonging to her, and while there the rebel guerrilla Colonel Moseby rode up, and after some preliminary conversation as to her business, and withoutany attempt to molest her, asked her for a pair of scissors, and cut ting off a lock of his hair handed it to her and told her to present it to President Lincoln, and also to tell the President that he (Moseby) would be dowa shortly to maue his personal acquaintance. He further requested her to go to Alexandria and see Gov. Pierpont, and say to the Governor that he (Moseby) was obliged to him for liberating the negroes of Virginia, and that he (M.) had been working for that same object for a number of years. Moseby requested Pierpont to be informed also that he would vUit him in the course of two or three weeks, but he did not know how agreeable the visit might prove. NAVY-YARD-DEPARTURE OF. ADMIRAL DAI1LGREN. The steamer Harvest Moon, Capt. Warren, left the yard yesterday with Admiral Dahlgren on board for Charleston, when it is expected active operations will be resumed. The Leslie, of the Potomac flotilla, arrived up yesterday, and left again last evening. The Resolute is on the ways undergoing slight re pairs. A new boiler is being placed in the Ella. The Coeur de Lion is undergoing re pairs, which will be finished in about a week. SENTENCES SUSPENDED. The sentences of James Grey and Thomas Cusick, 15th New York engineers, who were to be shot at the camp of the engineer brigade, near the Navy-Yard, this afternoon, were this afternoon suspended by the President until Friday next, 6th inst. DESERTER SHOT. Thompson, a deserter, belonging to a regiment of Ohio cavalry, was s^ot to death to day by musketry, at Alexandria, in the pret ence of his regiment. He was perfectly calm when he took bis seat upon the coffin to await the death discharge. .DETAILED FOR DUTY. First Lieut. H. H- Broom, of the 5th New York volunteers, has been detailed for duty in the Provost Marshal General's office, War De partment. RESIGNED. Assistant Surgeon Walter B. Dick has re signed bis position in the United States Navy. tr The new Dollar Weekly Star, fuller than ever of Metropolitan news and gossip and choice literary reading, is now on our counter ready for delivery to the public. It has recently been greatly ?ninrgod and improved, and now undoubtedly presents much more matter lor the same amount of money than any other weekly in the country. Embraced in its enter taining contents are the following articles: Particulars of military operations; Capture of Plymouth, N. C., by the rebels; More atroci ties and barbarities by the latter: Details of Gen. Banks' movements up Red river, and accounts of the late battles in Louisiana; Federal successes in Kentucky- and particu lars of military operations in all departments of the Army and Navy, and news from the Army of the Potomac. Southern news and extracts from rebel papers; Reports of refugees from Richmond; Troops reported to be flocking into Richmond to re mlorce Lee's army; Reported arrival of Ixmgstreet's forces to reinforce Lee; Rebel acknowledgment of barbarities at Fort Pil low, and other news showing the condition of people in the rebel States, and news indi cating rebel army movements. Foreign news; Progress of the war in lien mark; Maximilian's movements; and details of the operations ot the French in Mexico. Domestic news; Telegraphic and other items; Clippings from the press; Selected and de scriptive articles; Congressional proceed ings; Local news: A good story, ice. Alto, a column for the farmer, gardener and housekeeper. This is just the paper above all others for per sons sojourning in the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance. Pri<;e only five cents per copy, or f 1.50 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Thb Cabu of Gxn. Blair.?The President sent to the House yesterday a reply to the res olution of iheHou^e in reference to the position in the military service of F. P. Blair, jr., stating that prior to and at the commencement of the present session of Congress Robert Schenck, of Ohio, and F. P. Blair, jr., of Missouri, were in the military service holding commissions as Major Generals. That before the meeting of Congress General Schenck tendered his resig nation, in order to enable him to take his seat as a Representative, but that it was understood that if during the session he should desire to recall his resignation, he should be allowed to do so, and be restored to his rank as before. That Blair was engaged in active service and did not reach the Capitol until tu month after the session bad commenced, and that he claimed the same privilege. That recently he has recalled his resignation and has been assigned to a command; and that he, the President, believed that it was competent for him to so restore him without a re-appointment. New Yerk Stock List?First Beard. [By the People's Line.] U.S. coupon 6'b, 1861, 111; U.S. 5.WS, 112; Certificates of Indebtedness, 93 V; Gold, ISO; N. Y. Central, 135*; Erie, 11X4; Hudson, 13?X; Harlem, 281; Reading, 137*; Michigan Central, 14*2; Michigan Southern, 9H*; Illinois Central, 129; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 112Galena and Chicago, 125; Cleveland and Toledo, 147; Chicago and Rock Island, 114#; Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, 117Quicksilver, ?0,S; Canton, 45*: Cumberland Coal Co., 77*. Washington Money Market?Latest Que* tatiens. Furnished by Lewis Johnson & Co., Bank erS' Buying. Selling. U. S. Coupon Bonds, 1BS1 113* 114* U. S. 5J40 Notes HI* 112* New Certificates 99 ? American Silver.* .......100 ? American Gdld.. ..176 ? V*W YORK RATK8?8BCOHD BOARD. Coupon6's, 1B31,114; 5.20's, 111 k; Certificates of Indebtedness, 9S*; Gold, 179; N. Y. Central, 135\: ?rle, 114*; Hudson, 130k; Harlem, 831; RmiAwc,iWX; MicbigauCentral, 142; Michigan Southern, 98X; Illinois Central, 129; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 112*: Chicago and Rock Island, 114*; Quicksilver, "0*. PRICK OF G0LD. [By the Peopled Line.] Nbw York, April 2#?10 a. m.?Gold, 79*; 11 a m.,80Xa?>X. XXXTIIITB OON6BMS.?TIMT BJM8IOK. Friday, April 29. . Srnatb.?Mr. Hendricks oalled us his reso lution instructing the Committee on printing to bring in a resolution for printing 50# copies, tor the use of the Senate, of the report of the com mission of Which Major General McDowell was thshead, appointed to examine into cotton operations and frauds in the Western Depart ment, together with the evidence taken by said commission. Mr. Henderson eald that ho had seen letters in the past few days from the Red river, say ing that our defeat there wee on account of ?peculations. The cavalry in advance on that occasion, numbering 3.000, bad 265 wagons, which we know bad confused and obstructed the whole action, and brought disaster. He could not see what that number of cavalry wanted with <65 wagons for transportation, unites it was to gather up the products of the country. Mr. Conness said he desired to state on what he considered the best of authority that these wagons were part of the regular train of that army, and whatever might be the defects of the generalship which brought them there, the statement that Vney were intended to bring in cotton wag not correct. Dir. Henderson said he made no charge ot himself but it was singular that disaster fol lowed iuese statements, had a letter from near Grand Ecore, dated four da/3 before the battle, alleging a conflictof authority between Qen. Banks and Admiral Porter, and stating that the latter was seizing cotton on land as naval prize, and predicting disaster. These predictions, results had seemed to confirm?at least the public mind seemed to so regard it. He hoped the statements were incorrect, and if there had been no disagreement between Ad miral Porter and Gen Banks, let it be known. Mr. Oomiesa declared the statement a cruel and base slander upon Admiral Porter. He had the very highest authority for saying this. Mr. Henderson was glad the gentleman could so authoritatively deny tne state ment, which was only newspaper authority. He himself ya* a personal acquaintance of Admiral Porter, ana thought highly of him. But these statements were having their effect upon the public mind, and it should be en lightened. The resolution was then adopted as amended. Hors*.?Mr. McClnrg, of Missouri, rose to a personal explanation in relation to the re port of the select committee on the charges against F. B. Blair. He charged that the "mil itary member'' had the audacity to assail the radical members of that State by inserting in his printed speech personal matters he never uttered on this floor. He {Mr McClurg) main tained that the evidence snowed that the ??mili tary member" was implicated in the liquor speculation and that there was prima fade evidence that somebody violated the laws. He replied 'at length to the recent speech of Mr. Blair; charging that the ?military member" was vulnerable not only in his heel but ail over his body; and, after the " military mem ber's" attack upon him, was It to be expected be should remain silent 1 He charged that Mr. Blair was animated by a vindictive. Mr. Schenck, from the Committee on Military Affairs, reported back the Senate bill to equal ize and increase the pay of the soldiers. He will call it up at an early day. Mr. Hirby, of California, replied to some re marks of Mr. Blair, denying that any Treasury agents were implicated in frauds. Mr. Clay, of Ky., gave his views. LATE TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM RED RIVER. THE REBEL TROOPS MARCHING ON GRAND KCORE. OUR TROOPS MARCHING OUT TO MEET THEM. St. Lor 18, April *29.?The Democrat's Vicks burg correspondence of the82d says the steam- ? er Lucy brings news from Red River that no more fighting had occurred up to the 20th; but the rebels were reported to be marching on Grand Ecore, and our troops going out to meet them. Our total loss in the late battles feots up 4,000. ' i Our army is believed to be securely en trenched at Grand Ecore on both sides of the river. FROM MEMPHIS. Cairo, April 2?.?Memphis papers of the2Gth contain nothing of special interest. A reception was given to the3lst Illinois veterans, at Carbondale, yesterday, prepara tory to their return to the field, and was fol lowed by a dinner and bail. During the after noon the soldiers, who had an old grudge against Col. Osborn, entered a store where the Colonel sitting and struck him on thi bead with a weight, breaking his skull, and in dicting a mortal wound. The murderers have not yet been arrested. Senator Wade and Representative Gooch leave for the East to-morrow. THE FORT PILLOW AFFAIR. MKMPHie, April 9S. ? The Committee on Conduct of War are here investigating the Fort Pillow affair. It is thought they will exonerate Gen. Hurlburt, as it is generally conceded that the force at bis command was inadequate to deal vigorously with Forrest. LOCAL NEWS. Committed to tbi Old Capitol. ?Mrs. Wm. Key Howard, who was arrested in Bal timore some days ago upon the charge of hav ing recently come from the South and engaged in blockade running and carrying on a corres pondence with the rebels, arrived in this city this morning, in charge of an officer, and was committed to the Old Capitol. At the tim? 0f Mrs. Howard's arreBt a number of letters were found in her apartments, which were taken possession of by the military authorities at Baltimore. Mrs. Howard had hardly reached her quarters in the Old Capitol prison before a number of ladies who came to this city in the same train with her were making efforts to ob tain a pass for the purpose of carrying her a package said to contain clothing. Whether their efforts met with success we are unable to say. A New Statio>-hochb.?The first new sta> t.on-house wiU shortly be handed over to the Police Commissioners by the city authorities. It is located on south D street, between 5th and 6th streets east, has a front of 30 feet by 40 feet det-p, two stories and a basement. The entrance door leads to a convenient office, with a large platform, furred up for the Sergeant in charge, with space for a telegraphic operator. A neat iron railing separates the platform from the remaining part of the room. Adjoining this public office, aad occupying part of front of building, there is a private office. In the rear there is the officers'sitting-room, Roundsman's room, and a passage which forms the sole access to the yard, it being held that all ingress and egress should be strictly controlled. The second story is occupied by dormitories for a large number of officers, each of whom has his own closet. A bathing-room and water closet are located in this story. The coal cellar is located in the basement, as is also a portable furnace, which heats the whole building. Ghas and water are introduced throughout the building. In the rear of a paved yard there is a de tached prison of two stories in height. The sheet iron entrance door leads through an arched passage to six prison cells, each one of which has a bench with head-rest, a hopper, supplied with Potomac water, and one iron plate, laid in solid concrete, for a floor. The cells are shut by doors, in the construction of which wrought iron bars have been combined, so as to present, with least weight, the essen tials of strength and a neat appearance. Iron stairs, outside the prison, lead to the second story, which is divided off in two rooms for male and female lodgers. These rooms again have water accommodations, and will receive berths for sleeping. The exterior ot the station bouse is plain, but executed in tasteful solid work; wood having been done away with, except in the crown, moulding of main cornice, which Is protected by tin. It has a bold central projection, bnilt up higher than the sides of the building, which very appropriately we think, gives the station a castellated appearance to this stronghold of public safety, which thus forms an ornament to the neighborhood. It is to be regretted that its location prevents the public at large from observing it. Adolf Cluss and W. Hammer hueter were the architects, Job W. Angus was the contractor. Thomas Lewis attended to the brick work, McLellan executed the iron work, and Sibley did the plastering. iHTsriciToue Mauri ao*.? Last night, Saxah Williams, one of the girls from Lizzie Nelson's ranche got on a drunk, kicked up a fight and was very badly used, having her face bruised and scratched, her beautiful silk dress torn, and her winning features, made dis. gusting. She was locked up in the station house all night, and this morning fined S3. Lizzie Nelson appeared and paid the line for her, with the understanding that Sarah should leave Lizzie's ranche forthwith. About one o'clock last Bight, the call of ??Polioe," "Police," was answered by Detective Big ley, who found an invaMd soldier named John Carroll bom plaining that an assault and battery.had been Committed upon him by a Woman In Hayes' ranche, 13th near C street Ths officer arrested the woman (Who it see ma la the wife of the soldier) and took her to the station house, and she making the :-eame charge against her husband befwas also locked up. This moru ing it appeared in evidence that Carroll mar rted tbftjoung girl, now only seventeen, tak. ing her fromJKadame Hayes' ranche. He took her bom* to his fathers house, but the family soon ascertained that she woidd not suit them for company, and she was obliged to leave. Her husbard returned with ber to Madam Heyea'where she has been staying. A good many little incidents occurred there to mar the matrimonial felicity, and last night they quarrelled. A young man with whom Mm. Carroll bad been driving araund, went with her to a room, and Carroll overheard their con versation, which waa of a character to excite his anger and fealonay. He exhibited his feel ing in a manner to draw bis yoang wife away from her companion, and the undertook to beat him. Justice Clayton fined Bose and dis? missed her husband. ? Mat Balls.?By retereace to oar adTmis. ing columns, it wlH be seen that the vctariea of terpsichore are determined to make the most of the month of May bv announcing numerous Earties and balls. On Monday night the Young [ibernia Club will give a party a: Temperance Hall, and Mr. H. J. Russell will hold bis May ball at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard. On Tneedaf Evening Prof. Hanoi* a?wial May exhibition and ball will be give* ? Fellows' Hall, Seventh street; and on the (Wednesday) the City Passenger Railroad Association invite their friends to meet them at Odd Fellows' Hall, for the enjoyment ef the dances. The Kennebec Assembly of George town will inaugurate the pic-nic season by a party at Green Spring pavlllton on Monday, A SiHorLAB CiKCCMBTAKCB ?On Wednes day, a voung woman, respectably clad, sober and intelligent, aged about 30 years, applied at the station in Georgetown for lodgings, and was accommodated., Last night phe leaped out of the 'second story window, and hurt her self, but not seriously. She was taken to the pobrhonse in a stupid condition, where she will be properly attended to. From the fact that there is the mark of a recent blister on the back of her neck, it Is thought that she had been sick, and was just rrcovering. She gave her name as Mollie Williams; says she was married, but lost her husband in the first battle of Bull Bon. Rxntsks or Bawdy Horstft Iwdicted.?In addition to the list of persons already named, who are under indictment for renting houses for bawdy houses, and who have given bail for their appearance, we have to add the fol lowing, who gave bail this morning: Berth* Brown, alias Bertha Kroschel, for renting house to Mena Berringer; Wm. H. Fanning, for renting house to Louisa Hays; C. P. Seng stack, for renting to Hortense Robert; James J. Bligb, for renting to Susan Crebeling; and Annie Wilson, for renting to Mary Ann Cole man. Hortense Robert alias "Frenchy" Robert, indicted for keeping a bawdy bouse, has also given bail. ^ Ik thk wnoir* Wanni?Last night Harry Runn was picked up drunk and asleep in a wagon in the Fourth Ward. Being taken to the station, he affirmed that he lives in the Second Ward, and had his discharge papers from the justice there, but found himself on this occasion in the wrong ward. Justice Gl berson considered the case as of no importance, and advised him not to get in the wrong ward again. _ Maliciocs Miscai*K?Last night Geo. W. Power amused himself by standing at the win dow of Mr. Brook's residence on Fifth street, and cutting the slats from the blinds. He was pursued by two cavalry officers who saw him, and after a chase caught him in the residence of Major Davis, on 6tn, near G street, into which he ran, alarming the family considera bly. Justice Giberson fined Powers &>.53. Accident.?This morning, Augustus Stah?, a supposed deserter, who is confined fn the Central Guardhouse, while scuffling with some of his fellow-prisoners, fell and broke his right arm, near the shoulder. Dr. Ford, sur geon of the military prisons, set ihe bone, and the injured man was sent to Stone Hospital. New Hose On Monday last, the Franklin Fire Co., received from IL W. Dukefcart. of Baltimore, 500 feet of new bose; this purchase making this already efficient company more useful than e\er in time of fire. Bread Ri?inb.-i-Tbe bakers of this city held a meeting lately and resolved that they could not afford to sell bread hereafter for less than six cents per pound, which price will be de manded. } '' I. Charge op Horse Stealing Sergeant Norman B. Davie, ef company D, loth New York cavalry, was committed to the Central Guardhouse yesterday on the above charge. CiRCfiT COTRT, Chief Jut lice Carter.? The case ef M. Thompson against T. F. Bowie is f till on tiial. ??? TO THE CITIZENS OF GEOBGBTOWN AND vicinity.?Citizens of Georgetown and strangers visiting the city, will ways find good Hacks. Barouches, Phae-^" - ? - tons and Caleches, in front of the Union Hotel, ou Washington street, with careful drivers. ap 25>-3t* B. 0RU1T A SON. 486 FBENCH PRINTS. Just rewired .ja choice selection of the above, St J. MARKRITER'8. No. 496 7th street, Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. Terras cash. ap29-lmif* PICTURE CORD AND TASSELS, Different sizes and colors Picture Cord and Tas sels, Rings, Nails. Sec., at J. MARKRITER'S. 486 7th street. Eight doors above Odd Fellows Hall. Term* cash. ?p29 1mif* Jgg WINDOW SHADES. 4#6 Different colors and sizes Window Shades in store. Any required strip or sire Shade made to order, at J. MARKRITER'S. 486 7th Street, Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. Terms cash. ap 39-lnnf* CARTE DE VIS1TE FRAMES. Jgg French Gilt. Swiss Carved Wood.aud Americas! Composition Card Frames, in variety, at J. MARKRITER'S. 486 fth street. Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. Terms cash. ap 29-lmif jgg paperhasoisqT Jgg A selected and varied stock of Fine. Medium an t Low-priced Paperhanginss. Borders, Statues. 4.C., at J. MARKRITER'S, 486 7th street. Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. Terms cash. ap29-lmif* OVAL PICTURE FRAMES^ Jgg A beautiful assortment of Gilt and Dark Oval Pictures: also. a variety of Carte de Viaite Frames, at i. M ARK KIT ER'S. 486 7th street, Eight door6 above Odd Fellows' Hall. Terms cash. a,, 29-imif* OTTAGE SUITS! . COTTAGE SUITS! just arrived per schooner from Boston? 20 ASSORTED COTTAGE SUITS, to which we call the attention of housekeepers an! those contemplating furnishing. BONTZ 4 GRIFFITH, ?-ft ' 369 7th street. JUST ARRIVED AND NOW UNLOADING from schooner Saconia, from Boston? 200 COM COTTAGE AND ROUND CORNER t ? BEDSTEADS. to which we call the attention of the trade and the public in general. _ BONTZ A GRIFFITH, 369 7th at.. ap 29-6t between I ana K sts. OARDING?For rent, with board, a liandsoaie ly turnished ROOM, on tht> tir>t floor, with' others, excellently locatud. front au<l back, larg.? and comfortably furnished. Inmates of the house will receive every attention, and to those who es pecially desire oomfort this opportunity is offered. A good table is kept, and a few meal boarder-, taken. Apply at 39a Eighteenth street, between F and G streets. ap 2?-2t* I EIGHTH GRAND OPENING 1 J MONDAY. May 2d. of GEO. JUENEMANN'8 V PLEASURE GARDEN.! corner of 4tli and E streets north. East Capitol Hill. Dancing every Monday afternoon. The Pleas ure Garden is so improved that it cannot be beaten by any other of the same sort in this city, and can be truly recommended to parties and societies for pic nics. GEO. JUENEMANN, ap 29-im* '? Proprietor."* SPECIAL CARD-VALUABLE BUSINESS STAND FOR SALE ?We call publie attention to the advertisement by the trustees of the lateG. C. Grammer, of a sale to take place TO-MORROW AFTERNOON, at 5,'i o'clock, of one of the most valuable and desirable pieces of property in this city for business purposes, it being in the center of the business of 7th street. This property fronts 3? feet and II inches on the east side of 7th street north, between H and I streets west.and is nearly opposite Mr. PoulusT hvson's store, ap?.' JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts THE LARGESToAND MOSTpC0MPLETE^S flrmoTiPAoths. MATTINGS and , , HOUSEKEEPING GOODS to be found in the city is at 369 SEVENTH STREET, Bf.TWEKS I AND K STRKSTd. Don't mistake the place. THE HIGH AWNING. You are allowed a discount of 10 per cent, on all bills of ?30 sod upwards. BONTZ & GRIFFITH, 369 7th St., sp ?tw Vetweea I and K ats. THE Unflersigned^^vfng bought the premises known as the Oyster Bay House at G*or#?town. corner Bridge andMoatgomery streets, now, oall*l the "New Idea," respectfullr announce to their *??<? 41? ?'i' -i?? !??*? on hand a fine igars, &c? kc., it. 1Mfc ap 2S2w* ? ? ? Proprietors. A QQ SEVENTH STREET, 40Q *00 Between G and H streets, esst side. itW L. PBTb R A M Baa jast received A large stock of latest style SPRING AND SUMMER BONNETS AND HATS, SILK AND STRAW. Also, Rihboa#*flowers, feathers, Head Dresses, Netts, Laces, Embroideries, Hosiery, Ice., Ac. Ladies' Plain ind Embroidered READY-MADE TOPHI CLOTHING Of every description constantly on hand. Bonnets and Hats Bleached and Trimmed. ipS-<f :a, or fcH

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