Newspaper of Evening Star, April 30, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 30, 1864 Page 3
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LOlCAL NEWS. AMU8EHKNT8 TO-NIGHT. Ford's 'i biatie.?This is one of Mr. Fot Test 6 off.nights; but there will be a rich enter' tainment by Mr. McCulloch, Miss Alice Gray and the members of Mr. Ford's line company Goldsmith's glorious comedy, ? SB* Stoops to Conquer," and the drama, "The Av?nging Hand, will both be performed; thus making a most delightful Saturday night bill. ? ?ro\"'8 Theater-Mi". Grorer,too, offers VJ?^d,<??en'erUUnmenl 'or to-night, and one ijrnich will be certain to attract a fuii jiouse, ?rniT&nc? will commence with il* M rWrM*n8 Shore'" and conclude with SSPiSmS* vere,on "OH s?5 hf* comedy ortlmirnv ferti,e iu witticism and originality. Go see them to-night. ihS^~2>Ln?K Hall.VH? attractions at ? resort have been Increased, ilon ? ?on?? &nd dances which ?4U? always a part ot the entertainment, comedy ?nd farce is also performed, and by i ^ ^L*TI"rTiie.drama of "Jack Shepherd" has been revived here, and last night it ?u ttnd1Vthi,VaSiSulapp,?,"e wWck a^wa3rs at ?? Performances. It will be song and dan<4. ' *?ther good of F^^wf' Hli1w?aliwJkicll-has been held at Odd Jellows Hall for the benefit of the Fourth Pres byterian Church will close to night with a ?rand vocal and instrumental concert, some of geb?t musical talent of city Fwfi111,?aorgetown, for the So^to-niSit. Schools will also w^-"rMARKirr-~Ttle prlces iBeef. best eats, pr lb,20aJfl nest....... a salt hkn dried ve*l.._ .18*20 Mutton, bent chops..20*26 lamb, per sr.... .f ?Pork, freak, per lb... 16*18 corned 14 sBacon A*wb, uncut.. I7al8 hams, sliced .20*25 breasts 15 Shoulder 13 loles.? 10 lard 18 Spinnach. per pk 40 Hftl8 it ^ Sweet poutosb ..J." * j Celery, per bunch. ? 10*2(1 Onions, per peck.. ? *] Turnips ?_ ^ Carrots ._ go Beets... #) Be*ns. butter, pr qt. 25 T .. white loalj Lettuce ? ? 5*25 ?*r head - JUddiBhes, bunch... 6*10 Lsrce rock,each .... $3. Small rock, pr bch. . 60 "Dhickens. pr pair f 1.50a2 Halibut, lb _.... 20 9gt*,P*6ot 26 8e*baas _ 12 gutter,prlb 40 Blue fish U Sew apples,nri^...e0a7o:Sh*d, per pair.......&>*75 w. ? flried.~?.80aSl Pike, per bunch *??lieB,at "0:25 Herring, per do*.... 15 ^Potatoes.Irish, pk.. 40 ~ Cucumbers, per aoi. 26 ^'?nberries, per qt, 15 ^omvnf, perit...... 10 "Country beef,100 lb-S12all Perch, per bunch .... si Lobster, per lb.. ? 12 Cattish, bunch 25 Rye, pr bushel.,..^. 91.7E Corn meal If l.JAal.iu* pork".?12.25al3!Ship stuff " Turkeys.each ?3a5 Brown stu* ? otfefl 3>ried cherries, qt .. 25 Sho-*- 60 Tenison, per lb.... ?*' -?'?-r? 45 Oeese.each ^ ^orn.shelled.. #1.? Blue winardTS^'- Corn, m ear, tbl.... $s "Widseou 9iats -v: Slal.l* ? Clover bar _.?!.? The Grawd Encampment Lbvbe?On Monday night the leyee of the Grand Encamp meet, r. O. O. F., will comeoff at Odd Fellows' Hall, Seventh street. Great interest has been excited in this festival, from the fact that it is the first given by the Grand Encampment, and as this body occupies some of the higher steps in the order, it is anticipated that the entertain ment will be of a corresponding high and en joyable character. The visitors will enjoy the opportunity ol seeing the Encampment in full regalia, andkthe display will undoubtedly be Trery fine. There will be some good speaking? torief and to the point?some capital mnsic. and In the course of the evening we presume the young folks (and others not so young, if so Inclined,) will get possession ol the floor for a joyous dance to the music of Prosperi's excel lent band, which will be in attendance. Ham inerschlag will provide the refreshments: and all the departments of the affair will be at tended to in first-class style. Odd Fellows' festivals have always enjoyed & high reputation, on account of their excellent order and general enjoyableness: and this levee of the Encampment will probably surpass anything of the kind ever got up here. Thb Trbabuby Extension?Yesrerday ?workmen were busily engaged in the vicinity of the Treasury Building in making some of the necessary preparations for the removal of the building occupied by the State Department, ^rnicti work, it is said, will commenco next "week. Secretary Seward and his clerks will 2>robably be provided with temporary quarters an Winder's building. This removal is pre paratory to the completion of the Treasury .Building, according to the design of the archi tect, by erecting a wing on the north end of this magnificent structure similar to that upon the aouth end. Workmen are also engaged in re moving the earth on the wes? side of the Trea Burj-, and cutting away the trees, whose Bhade lias been so pleasant in the summer time, in order to make a wide passage way, which will connect with Pennsylvania avenue, thus lorin ing a beautiful carriage way around the entire ouildmg, and furnishing easy means of access -to any part of it. The grade will be nearly level, the inclination being about one foot in flftj from the southern end of the Treasury ^Building to its junction with Pennsylvania avenue; and the other bank, fronting the Pres ident's mansion, will be of easy ascent, and ^>eautilullj turfed. Deaths op Solpiees.?The deaths of the following soldiers have been reported at the office ot (Japt. Moore, Assistant Quartermas ter, 134 F street, between 21st and 22d streets: Benjamin Hallman, 1st battalion V. R. C\; I^eonard Beagle, Co. H, 2d Pa. artillery; Jas. X>ixon. Co. D, 15th N. Y. Engineers; James B. Morrow, 4th regiment V.R. O.: James Palmer, <Jo. I 50th Pa vols.; Augustus fiill, teamster; J. J. Huneker, Co. F. 56th Pa. vols ; Wm. Steven con, 6th Mich, cavaliy; John D. Proctor, Co. JP, 145th Pa. vols.; Chas. Fox, Co. I, 8th 111. Cavalry; Henry B. Smith, Co G, 5th N. Y. cavalry. Chas. Tumbull, Co. M, 7th N. Y. ar tillery; Lewis J. Fisher, Co. K, 149th Pa. vols.f Henry Baker, Co. H, 1ft D. C. cavalry: John Confhlin, Co. C, 1st N. Y. artillery; James Williams, Co. B. 6<ith N. Y. vols.: Wm. Norton, <-0. D, 2d Pa. artillery; George Jones, Co. F, 300th Pa.; Edward Cline, Co. E, 15th N. Y. Ungn eers; Peter Carver, citizen; John Pool, ?>*th Pa.: Fred. H. Boyer, 119th regiment V. R. <C.; J. E- bow, Co. F, Kith Maine; S. F. Bragg, <5o. C, 24th N. Y. cavalry; Augustus Sickles, <jo. E, 13th N. Y. cavalry: C. Lewis, Co. B, 2d Pa. artillery: Oliver Ellicott. Co. D, 14?th .pa. vols ; W. J. Baughman, Co. A, 2d Pa. cavalry: Albert Eyler, Co. C, 143d Pa. vols.; John Wing, Co E, 1st D. C. cavalry; IN\ H, Tucker, Co. B, 14th Conn. Matters in Georgetown.?Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.?Arrivals?Gipsey Queen, with coal to Central M. and M. Co.; Potomac, do., to Frostburg Co.: Gen. Burnside, do., to Ameri t:o. Departed?Qen. W. .1. North, with gro - and salt to Antietam; and nine boats, cerhj. . Jight. ""*?as Neale, colored, was Jail fnr' imvw '""'Cameron, for arrested this monnsc by omu. stealing a hundred dollar note from u* Jforrar. Neale had been at mork fov the com* flam ant, and when she went to settle with im ?he had a hundred, two fifties and a ten dollar note in her pocket-book. Intending to ftfve him the ten dollar note; she mistook the .hundred for it, and gave the hundred to Neale. A'eale went immediately and got change for the toundred, but never returned any to his em ployer. Discovering her loss, and Neale re fusing to refund,she had him arrested and taken belore Justice Reaver, who sent him to jail for court. A GOOD PLACE TO BE PAT&OXIZED by all who would have the latest news and literary papers, periodicals and monthlies, cartes de "visite, Yankee notions, pocket-books, segars, tobacco, &c., Ac, is the news stand in the Kirk wood House, which is presided over by Barney Green, a prince among good fellows, and one of the mobt accommodating dealers in that line of business. Barney gets all the latest papers in advance of competition, and he sells all his articles at reasonable rates. Sale* op Rbal Estate.?Jamei c. McGuire it Co. sold yesterday the house and lot on K street, between 13th and 14th, adjoining the res idence of Secretary Stanton, to Hon. John Sher man. for S15.000. A three-story house and Jot on south F street Jaetween 11th and 12th, to J. M. Toner, for 97,275. A three-story honseand lot on G stree', be. 'tween 2lst ana 2Sd, to J. F. Gibson, for $7,050. Port op Georgetown.?Cleared?Schrs. Vialta, Blades, Annamesaex: B. N. Fox, Wil son, Poaomoke. M. Kennedy, Kelly, Conn: J. H. Burnett, Merrill, Norwich; Time, Bur nett, Havre-de-Grace; R. Knowles, Shorter, Baltimore; J. B. Cramer, Adams, Sanlabnry; Isabel Blake, Parvere, Boston; M. Washing ton, Harden, St. Mary's; John Warren, Lozier, Ifewbory. Cobrbctton.?Ia the address of the commit' tee of the Carpenter's Association, published in the Star yesterday, a typographical error occurred, the word 44 useless'* being inserted in lien of <? restless." The committee intended to convey the idea that in view ol the oircum stanceein which they are surrounded that they were becoming restless and distrostiul, QIab&ritxr, \b6 7th street, has just laid in a auperb new stock Of spring good* in the paper* hanging and upholstery Una, embracing all the latest and moat tasteful patterns. Among these are snperb styles of stamped goods, fire board prints, picture frames, cords, taseeis, &c. In fact no stock of goods superior in quali^r has ever reached this city, and it should fur ther be said that as Markritsr buys and sells lor cash, ha is enabled to sell on exceedingly tavorable terms. Employing as he does, too, the -very best of workmen, he is enabled to fill any orders in the way of work, in a style of ex cellence that has given him a leading name in his line of business. We have spoken hereto #r?re of the fine stock of pictures and engravings also to be found ** hl8 place, and will only add now that bis daily Recessions to his stock in this respect are well worth examination. However," from the crowd 01 *dmirers always thronging his place we presume advice is bardly necessary. -? Tbx Catholic Fair in aid of the free schools, at the Union Hotel, Georgetown, which for the past two weeks, has been in successful opera tion, will terminate on Monday evening next, at which time all articles remaining unsold? and thsre is a choice variety?will be dis posed of by auction to the highest bidder. The object for which it is held is a most lauda ble one. Arrested.?On Thursday, Sergeant Hep burn and officer Oorman, of the Tenth Pre cinct, arrested Dennis Griffin and Henry Goob ley, teamsters in a wagon train parked on 13w street, between B and O south, and Jeremiah Began, a peddlar?the two former for stealing Government bags, and the latter for buying them, knowing them to be stolen. More Balls in Prospect.?The Island So cial Club will give their third grand May ball at Island Hall on Thursday next, May 5th, and this ball will be equal to any tliat have pre ceded it. On Monday evening, May ?th, the Fenian Brotherhood will have a ball at Odd Fellows' Hall. SPECIAL. NOTICES. Notice.-?We would call attention to the sale of Dead Letter Office Matter to commence on next Monda>\at 10 o'clock, at our &tore. No. 48T 7th street We shall begin with schedule No. 1 of the catalogue, embracing 238 lots of Clothing, Hosiery, Embroideries,&c.. Ac. Also, Monday evening st 7'i o'clock, schedule No. 2, of 211 lots of Books For descriptions see catalogues, to be bad at the suction store. W. B. Lewis &. Co., ?P 3fl-2t Auctioneers. Jewelry! Jewelry! Jewelry! _ Only One Dollar! At the Dollar Store 438 Penn. avenue street. -? "ear <>4 ap 29-2t* Brown's Broechtai. T?00nDo. These Lozenges are prepsje^ * esteemed recipe for alleviat* ?irom * highly tions, Asthma. Hoar*' -.og Bronchial Affec Irritation or ...ueRS, Coughs, Colds, au& -coess of the Throat. W " fvblit freakers and Vocalists . ill find them beneficial clearing the voice before speaking or singing, and relieving the throat after any unusual exertion of the vocal organs, having a peculiar adaptation to affections which disturb the organs of speech. mh29-d&.wtf Nkwocs Debility, Sbmisal Wiakhkss, etc.. Can Be Cured by one who has really eared himself and hundreds of others, and will tell you nothing but the truth. Address, witn stamp, Edward H. Traver, mar t-D&W ly Lock Box, Boston, Mass, MARRIED, On the 28th instant bv ?ev- Father McCarty, Mr. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN tU Miss JANE Mc DK"\ ITT, both of Washington. On the 28th instant, by Rev. Mr Ilandv Mr MARTIN DURHAM to Miss MARGARET" DA oUlJbLDo. * DIED On the 3< th April, ANN, beloved wife of Patrick Nolen. a?ed 23 years. Her funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon at 3}* o'clock, from her late residence, I, between 16th and 17th streets. * Of typhoid fever, in Portland, Callaway county, Mi-., on Thursday, the 21st instant, W. R KID ? ELL, in the 63d year of his at?*. This announcement will l>e read with unfeigned sorrow by those of this community who knew the deceased in former years. He was a native of Fairfax county, Va . was married in this city at till age of 23 and a few years thereafter removed from Wi-st Virginia to Missouri, where he prospered in business, and became the honored head of a large family. His geniality, generosity and self-sacrificing de votion to the welfare of others gained him friends. Iiis sterling integrity, energy and sound practical reuse made him a valuable member of society. He served with ability in the legislature of his adopted State, but seemed not ambitious of political dis tinction. A kind father, a devoted husband, and a faithful friend, he also proved himself a true patriot in the dark hour of his country's trial. May the bereaved ones in their sorrow stay their heart on Him who deeth all things well, Washington city, D. C., April 29, 18*4. W. * CARTE DE VISITE FRAMES, French Gilt, Swiss Carved Wood, and American Composition Card Frames, in variety, at J. MARKRITER'S, 486 7th street. Sight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. Terms cash. ap29-lmif* TO THE CITIZENS OF GEORGETOWN AND vicinity.?Citizens of Georgetown, and strangers visiting the city, will al-j ways find good Hacks, Barouches, Phae tons and Caleches, iu front of the Union Hotel, on Washington street, with careful drivers. ap 29-3t? R CRUIT & SON. 486 l'APERIl ANGINGS. 486 A selected and varied stock of Fine, Medium and Low-priced Paperhanging?. Borders, Statues, Ac., at J. MARKRITER'S, 486 7th street, Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hail. Terms cash. ap29-lmif* 486 0VAL "CTURE FRAMES. A beautiful assortment of Gilt and Dark Oval Pictures; also, a variety of Carte de Visite Frames, at J. MARKRITER'S, 486 7th street, Eight door? above Odd Fellows' Ilall. Terms cash. ap29 lmif* C? OT TAGE SUITS! COTTAGE St'ITS! Just arrived per schooner from Boston? '20 ASSORTED COTTAGE SUIT8, to which we call the attention of housekeepers and tho?e contemplating furnishing. BONTZ <Jt GRIFFITH, ap 29 6t 309 7th street, JUST ARRi\ ED AND NOW UNLOADING Irom schooner Saconia. from Boston? ?200 COM COTTAGE AND ROUND CORNER BEDSTEADS. to which we eall the attention ot the trade and the public in general. BONTZ & GRIFFITH 309 7th st., Sp29-Bt between I and K sts. I~TlGHTH GRAND OPENING , a MONDAY, May 2d. of GEO. JUENEMANN'8 PLEASURE GARDEN, corner of 4th and E streets north, E-ast Capitol Hill. Dancing every Monday afternoon. The Pleas ure Garden is so improved that it cannot be beaten by any tither of the same sort in this <?ityx Mid can be truly recommended to parties A\x& Societies for pic-nics. GEO, JUENJSMANN, ap29-lm* Proprietor. rpUE LARyES^0^1J?^JFc0MPLET13 A3? FURNITURE. OIL CLOTHS. MATT] NGS and ? . , HOUSEKEEPING GOODS to be found in the city is at 309 SEVENTH STREET1, _ Between I and K Stkeets. Don t mistake the place. THE HIGH AWNING. 1 ou are allowed a discount of 1" per cent, on all W,,""r mc-mUFFiXH, 309 7th at., *n W_^w between 1 and K sts. MAYOR'S OFFICE. April 27~FSu~ HE?' to use, until EkAJMOin f water from street further l. 0 the do61 iQ ^rJ?8e waV at washers to . - ^ often as may Suit the cenveni such times aua . -s. * ence of water take. "?RD WA1.T *nn. Mayor, ap28-eo3t RICH.. * 8,000fSffiKr.^s;!. 4,f>00 sacks Liverpool G. A. Esa.* 1.8X> do do fine Salt Afloat and in store. For sale in lots to suit pur Chaser. J. THOS. DAVIS, 83 Water street, ap i3-lm* Georgetown. D. C. BROOKVILLE ACADEMY-Students received at any time and charged from date of entrance. Address R. K. BURNS, ap 26-eolm* Brookville, Montgomery co., Md. NOTICE.?All persons having accounts with the firm of W. hi. SIIUSTER A CO. are requested to make an early settlement. They will find the books in the hands of W. U. Cl agett, at the old stand. All persons having accounts against the firm are requested to present them for settlement, aplti-lm PAPERHANGlPfeS. A great variety of ENTIRELY NEW STYLES Adapted to PARL?RSi)lNING ROOMS. HALLS. AND CHAMBERS. Aiso, 6,000 YARDS CANTON MATTINGS, 1,000 YARDS FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, Our Mattings are unrivalled in this city, compil ing in part the famous Gowqua brand for parlors Oil Cloths from .1 to 12 feet wide, adapted to dinia room*, halls, Ac. Also? WINDOW SHADES, BRASS CORNICES, PARLOR MATS. See Piper hung by skillful workmen, and all order promptly attended to. Give us a call and sar from 10 to >0 per cent. RIPPLE k FALCONER'S No. 3487th street, between I street aad ap tt-ee Mass. avenue. *MOYkL.-SAMV?L T. DRURY, dttornty mnd Counsellor at Law. has removed his oflo* to No. 389, opposite west wing Citr Hall, apfj-tw* :a, 01 BALLS, PASTIES, &c. P~ " MAT BALI. that hfs flit Shi^8?n?*P*CtfttUr ann0U^eS . . GRAND MAY BALL A in this city will be held on Mm fUESDAY EVENING. May 10th, fll _ AT THK HALL, Seventh Street. The exhibition at 8 o'clock. ?bllen Hornpipe, by two masters, *s d^ceosaise, by two ladies, fisher s Hornpipe. by four gentlemen. Pas Styrjan, by a lady an-! gentlemen. ?*8? * br* Miss. Irish Lilt, by a ,ady and gentleman, L homme a trois Jambes. or the man with three legs, Highland Fling, by three gentlemen, Bailor s Hornpipe, by a gentleman, Pa.1" Styrian. by a Miss and Master. La Manola, by a Miss and Master. Zingarilla. by a Mis* and Master Grand Nat?An?i , ~ by a gentleman And Miss, representing brother Jonathan and the God CMi'on T' arra??*d expressly for the oc Grttnd May Pole Dance, by sixteen, ending with .. ?r?tipe. After which the floor will be cleared for the whol? company. ?,5u >* a gentleman and ladies, $2: to J?. .* ? ?n1 PuP'ls and principal music ana bookfitordft. None sold at the door. rnVtedC8taytesne th<? bMt cotillon bands of th* W- Kreis' * Misted by his brother H. G. Kreis. apSO-eoSt* T?r p?vn nRArTKTN?rS4u0F 1**1-AND. - FIFTH CtRAND BALL of the ga x, FENIAN BROTHERHOOD, 8 at Opd Fellows'Hali.,7th street, on MONDAY EVENING, May 9th, 1B64. fl| Particulars in future advertisement, ap29-2t* THIRD GRAND BALL OF THB ISLAND SOCIAL CLUB, will be given at the ISLAND HALL, On THURSDAY. May 5th, 1864. 1 , Navy 4 Committee pledgethemsclves to spare no pains or expense to make this one of the grandest Balls of the seaBon. Tickets ONI DOLLAR, admitting & gentleman and ladies. Committee of Arrangements. Thomas McCook, H. F. Beach, G. Dixon, John Manoney, J.O.Fisher, Wm. Buckley, Thos, W. atone, Jno. H. Wocdeu, Wm. Hall, F. Springmaa, Jno. Lit'le, Geo. Miller, Geo, Adams. ap29-lw* U7 H.J. RUSSELL'S MAY BALL fT ILL Beheld at Obd Fsu.OTTa' Hall, Navy Yard. Washington, on ' ? ' M0N"I>A Y, May 2d. Tickets ONE DOLLAR; to be had at thei door. Programme of Exhibition. Scotch Dance, byMiKses, Army and Nary Hornpipe, by a Gentleman. yoiifscHnrnpin, by a Master, La Cachuca. ti* Misses, Highland Sette. by a Gentleman, Fisher's Hornpipe, by a Gentleman, Highland Fling, by n Gentleman, Sailor's Hornpipe, by a Gentleman, National Flag Dance, by 20 Misses. Exhibition commences at 8>? o'clock, ap 3t* JJO! FOll THE KENNEBEC ASSEMBLY GEORGETOWN, D. C. The Kennebec Assembly take the pleasure of in formine their friends and the public in gen- ft% eral, tbey will (rive their &Q THIRD GRAND ANNUAL I'IC-NIO /*? at Green Spring l'avilion, on i ... Jfc [ MONDAY, May 2d, 1364. I The committee pledge themselves to make this an evem?~it of nna?0yed enjoyment to all who may attend i-ersons 6f disrepntable character w ill not be allow ?>1 to enter the grounds The original ilC1* IIl\1 Band has been engaged. Tickets fio cents. By of the: Committee. ap 26 5t* J. T. C^ M*-NTS, President. GRAND MAY LEVEE OP TUE Grand Encampment 1.0.0. F? FKihi ENCAMPMENT OF ODD FELLOW 8 of the District of Co- Ta liimbia will hold a Levee at the ] H ?]/?2^fT.enth "treet, on ., MONDA\ , the 2d day of May, ? yie membership of the Order appearing in full Rcealia. The evening's entertainment will commence with ijj&n 1 romenade Concert, to be followed by an Address from an able and eminent member of the fraternity; after which the lovers of the Terpsi cnorean art will be offered an opportunity to in unige in the festive Joys of the dance. No efforts will be spared to make this the enter tainment of the season, and even excel 1 those here tofore given, which have contributed so largelyjto pleasures of the fraternity. Tickets Al. admitting a gentleman and ladies, which can be obtained of any one of the pre-.diing officers of the respective Encampments or Lodges, or at the door upon the evening of the Levee. , KXRCDTIVK COMMITTER. WmR McLean Georire H King E P Vaux J C C W haley W P Brown M G Shaw Brown Dan'l Carrigan Wm T Ford r P 'OB s Tucker Wm H Frazier John T Suter Eli Garrett Geo Z Collison ap 23-eo3t PROP. MARINI'S GBAND MAT BALL WILL tskeplace at Odd Feirowa' Hall, 7th st., ?4 on TUESDAY EVENING, May 3d, 1864. Gen- jjl tlemen wishing for ladies' invitation can ob-ilB tain them by applying at Mr. John Ellis'sUuHk Mnsic Store, or at Messrs. Philp A; Solomon's Book store. Pa. avenne, bet. >th and loth ats. ap 23-9t* S1CON D GRAND BALL OF TIIK , , YOUNG HIBERNIA CLUB, Will be held at TEMPERANCE HALL. E street, between 9th and loth streets, on MONDAY, May 2d. 1864. Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Committee of Arrangements. John Myers, Martin Crahan, James Bush, Michael Farrel, John Lightelle, ap7,g,?.28,?,30& May2 "t* 4 LOST AND FOUND. STRAYED AWAY?A smal 1 reddish brown COW without horns. Whoever will return her to No 210 1 street will be suitably rewarded. It* I 08T?On Thursday, the 28th instant, a roll of blank PAY-ROLLS, signed. A reward of $10 will be given if returned to the Star Office. ap 30-1 w* STRAYED?On Wednesday, a brown HORSE, hind feet white, without shoes; running sore on right shoulder. A reward of $5 will b<- paid for its return to J. WEYRICH. corner of 7tb and V streets. ap ?V2t' fljj JT REWARD.? Strayed from Meridian iT sP*-* aboutten days ago. a red COW ?*;,?, if horns, white ?pot on her ri.rop: i?> ? tion. The ?bove reward will J^3t* A' ST0CKBft,^^iedniaMiei!re 108T?A PACKA(iE, containing Patent (Jffice ?*. papera. A liberal reward will be paid for their recovery at the office of the Star or MUNN a CO., corner of 7tli and F streets. it*' I08T OR STOLEN? THREE HORSES-Om large cream-colored Horse, sear on shoulder; 1 small white Horse; 1 bay Horse, white feet, with saber cuts on tail and rump; strayed or stolen. Any information in regard to above given to M0SE8 8WEETSER. ftp 2$-3t' 297 Penn. avenue. [VTOTICE.?Was taken from a gentleman on the i" night of the 26th instant, between the Navy Yard and the termination of the Anacostia Bridge, a GOLD WATCH with Chain. Seals, Ac. A lib eral reward will be paid for the return of said watch, chain, seals, Ac., and no questions asked. to AQUILLA R. ALLEN1. ap 23-3t* I '?|tTa W phQtw;Raph aTbT'M in ths u Kailroad Car coming from Georeetown to the r2wir!i ? 1?^ 8trfj V ?Pu Saturil?> last. A liberal reward J* ill be paid to the finder, by leaving it at ^ns?D s,N?. 291 F street, between 12th a ?i^Atreet8, with the thanks of "P 23 3t* CHARLES D S EL DING. REWARD.?Strayed or stolen, in Wash - r* yjgf?P,fr&,5 front ofCapt. BonselV office, a slim, dark bay HORSE, small spot in forehead, 1i?ofs cf*?ked, tender mouth, branded in distinctly on left front shoulder. Had on at the time a McClellan saddle, nateut leather collar and martingale, two-rein briule hit and brass I mounting*. Tl" abore be pRid ol1^ returning the same iv. .Commit!' * * A?rtRunyon, Va., or any InivfinaliOn to his discovery. Address Box Georgetown ^ tap 28-3t*J B, E. CATLlfr Ski f) 7?trft'red or etolen on the 20th, W.*. "Jt? black IIOR8E. about4 jears old, with a slit in the right ear. The above reward will be given lor gny information left at the Simpson ouse, corner 10th street and Pa. av. ap 25-lw* fcTRAYED.-A HORSE, a dark bay, belonging to b the Government, with one white hind foot, branded ' U. 8." on shoulder and hip, bridled and saddled, broke away from the rider on the Md inst. The person returning him, or giving infor mation which will lead to his recovery, will be rewarded, at Headquarters Army, corner 17th and Fsts. ap 25-Iw BOARDING. DOARDING?For rent, with board, a hand?ome furnished ROOM, on the first floor, with others, excellently located, front and back, large and comfortably furnished. Inmates of the house will receive every attention, and to those who es pecially desire comfort this opportunity is offered. A good table is kept, and a few meal boarders ? e5vi A.W1T *t 395 Eighteenth street, between ? and G streets. ap 29-2t* DOARDING. ? Piessa 111 rooms and first-class ? board at 156 G street, between 20th and 2ist. for gentlemen only. Terms>30. ap23-3t? OOARD WITH PLEASANT ROOMS, can be oh mj tained by families or single gentlemen, at moderate prices. Also, a few Table Boarders vT? v Vapplication at 3T4 9th street, near New York avenne. ap 28-3t* BPARI)JNG.-A few good BOARDERS M.rMUn ni? *n 4at rooms and good board at the ? Bouse, near the end of 14th street horse cars. Terms reasonable. Those wishlnf to 1,1 of May preferred. Inquire at the house. ap J?-St* can obtain board Ui K5 private family IQ Georgetown References re **ISBWrnKSSK FOB REJ^T AND SALE. R.M.Hall. ? W.P. K1TOS. HALL fc EATON, A TTO RyBYS AT LAW and REAL EST A TE BROKERS. Offlce?Corner 7tli and F streets; Room 30, Open from 8 a. m. until 8 p. m. Will buy and sell Real Estate on commission and otherwise, negotiate loans thereon, purchase notes secured by mortgage, examine titles, prepare deeds and other instruments of writing. Persons bavin* property f&r sale are requested to call and le?v? descriptions thereof aju 0f. fice. *er6ons wishing to bvy either city or Maryland property should examine our lists. Maryland Farms at great bargains. Persons wishing to rent or lease property will find oar agency of service to them. A number of good Farms are now on our books for sale at low-prices, located near this city, among them the following: S3!i ACRES, well improved, 4 miles from Wash ington; >6.i per acre. For sale by HALL k EATON. Real Estate Agents. 23X ACRES OF OAK AND PINE WOOD, five miles from Washington; very cheap. A two-acre LOT, 7 miles from Washington; im proved. A very valuable LOT on F street. near 7th. 45 feet front. WANTED-A number of FN IMPROVED LOTS in the northern part of the city. Also, Two or three IMPROVED LOTS in the same sec tion. Also, W ANTED?Half square ef GROUND, on 13th or 14th street. Also, Several HOUSES for sale *nd rent, and FUR NISHED ROOMS. ap 30-2t* FOR RENT?FOUR FURNISHED ROOMS.?Ap plvat434 E street, between 8th and 9th, on and after the 1st of May. ap 29-2t* F'iR RENT?Two well-furnished large FRONT ROOMB. Apply at No. 459 12th street, be tween G and H, west side. ap!B-3t* FOR SALE?The Good Will and Fixtures of a BLACKSMITH SHOP. For particulars apply at No, 13 1st street, Georgetown. ap ?-3t? C. DOYLE. THREE FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, very pleasant and comfortable. Two gentlemen would be taken to board. Apply at the four story brick dwelling, No. 323 8th street, corner of L, north of the Patent Office. ap 29-3t* FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT.-Three or fO'ir eligible rooms for rent, with gas ana w?ter, situated on the southeast corner of loth and M streets. Good references required, ap 29-3t* . F""OR RENT?A completely furnished HOUSE containing eight rooms, gas and water, sit uated on Massachusetts avenue, between 5th and 6th streets, No. 46b, now occupied by Capt. H. C. Wood, U. S. A. Inquire of V. GALLANT. No. 150 6th street. Best references required. ap 29-3t* F^OR RENT-A CARRIAGE HOUSE AND STA BLE?An excellent brick carriage-house and stalls for two horses with plenty of room: with a loft which will contain 1>2 tons of hay. Will be rented at a moderate price, if applied for imm?di ately. at No. 324 G street, between 12th and 13th. ap 29-3t* Furnished rooms for rent-to gentle men, at No. 44 3 loth street, between F and G. Reference required. ap 28-3t* A COMFORTABLE FRONT ROOM, with "gas; -*? * arranged to accommodate two gentlemen, can be had, with board, upon moderate terms, by applying early, at No. 7 First street, near High, Georgetown. D C. ap* *7^0 WITHOUT BOARD?First-class F~UR JL NISilED ROOMS. The besi of city referenced given and required. Meals furnished at a good boarding house within a few doors. Apply at No. 89 Penn. avenue, above 21st street. ap 28-lw* FOR SALE?The Good Will. Stock and Fixture, of a GROCERY AND PROVISION STORE now doing a good cash business. Satisfactory rea sons given for selling out. Apply at the Star Of fice. Possession given immediately. ap28-3t* Ij^OR RENT?Three neatly-furnished ROOMS on J. the third floor (with board) of a comfortable howse-pleasantly located. Apply immediately at No. 1 Franklin Place, I street, between 13th and 14th sts. Also, a few Table Boarders can be ac commodated; ap 28-3t* FOR RENT?The IiOUSE on K street, between 26th and 27ih streets. No. 33. containing 14 rooms. Also, a Lot on corner of Second and D streets; a House on Prospect street, No. 44. Georgetown. D C. Possession given immediately. Apply to JOS. F. KELLY, Real Estate Broker, office on 8th street, near the corner of I street. sp ?-3t* FOR RENT?Part of a BUILDING, suitable for manufacturing or storage, first and second ftflers; site 60x20; only two blocks from Pennsyl vania avenue; No. 35 Maine avenue, between 4>| and 6th streets. Apply for particulars at 416 G street, corner 9th. ap2S-3t* I^OR RENT-A small BRICK HOUSE, contain JU ing five rooms. It is situated on 12th street, near Maryland avenue. Also, two fine STORE ROOM8, on F street, near 12th. They will be ready for occupation in about ten days. Apply to Dr JAMES E. MORGAN, corner 12th st. and Mary land avenue. Island. ap28-3t* Large and handsomely furnished ROOMS can now be secured by members and others in a pleasant neighborhood by early appli cation. House has all tne modern improvements. Terms moderate. Apply southwest corner of H and 21st street, near Pennsylvania avenue, and con venient to the Departments. ap 28 3t' I^OR RENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE, supplied , with gas and Potomac water in the chambers; a sink in the kitchen, connecting with the street sewer; a hydrant and pump of fine water in the yard. A large yard, with flowers and choice grape vines. A most healthy and desirable location. Apply at No. 4 K street. N. K. corner 9th street and Mass. avenue. ap28-3t* FOR RENT?On the 1st of May, (to gentlemen) without board. in a private family, two neatlv furnished CHAMBERS. Location near tliedepart ments and very pleasant and healthy?460 New York avenue, 2d door from ijrth st, ap23-tf FOR RENT?The Shepherds' Hall, cor^r 0f tTj, street and Louisiana avenue, ;,Vf.r Wsite s Drug store Suitable for meeti-,., of club* oar? between7 ft\?h A J' C0I:""*S, 3*4 D street, -? aaft ap23-eo5t" S^'T J?AkK 1N' HOWARD p- CuLNT 1.?A comfortable Cottage containing <??oms with about 15 acres of land, situated on Washington turnpike, 1J4 miles from JessupV Cut btw .Ion, r>n the railroad. There is carriage house ami stabling for Several horses; also feed house and store house. A fine orchard just commencing bearintr; also small fruits. The house has been painted throughout this spring and is very nicely situated; has a porch the entire front, with large flower garden. Daily fare to Washington can be reduced to a very trifling amount by taking a com mutation ticket. Price $3,00o. Key at Mr. Thos. Rowe's, adjoining. For any further particulars aildress JOIIN KEHMODE, 91 north Eutaw street, Baltimore. ap22-eolm* nnn WILL BUY THE LEASE of * large, J |UUU commodious HOUSE, with store and stable attached. Address Mr, LEASE. Star Office. ap 21-lm* - " ^a first-rate two story *KAMa HOUSE, containing nine rooms, to gether with nine BUILDING LOTS, all set out with choice fruit, such as peachr*. pears, plums, cher ries, grapes, all of the best selection; with a pump of excellent water in the yard; on the corner of G and 13th streets and Penn. avenue east. For further particulars call at residence No, 575, . _ J>. CARROLL. $4,500 HnTIfi.PURC,HA?K A NBAT FRAME P0U8B- containing 6 rooms (includ ing store and bar room, with *1,5 0 worth of stock.) Lot 26xjj-?, .u'SuOii unexcelled; title perfect and immediate possession. MITCHELL A SON. Real Estate Brokers, ap 15-2W southeast cor. r?. ?t. and 15th at. FOR BALE?a valuable 8LAUGHTER HOUSE PROPERTY, 25.'00 feet of ground and im Srovements, as follows: Slaughter house, 16x45; one o . 20x25; ice house, 2>x2t>; stable 18x25?substantial brick buildings: cattle and stable yards well paved, admirably adapted for a soap and candle factory or tannery. Will be sold for f5,iXK). MITCHELL & SON. Real Estate Brokers, - ap 15-1 m southeast cor. Pa. av. and 15th st. FOR SALE-A STORE and DWELLING HOUSE, No. 401, on 7 th street, between H and I streets. Lot 2> by 7o feet. This is a first-rate business place. **RICK HOUSE, No. 666, on M street .between * - r,h streets. Has six rooms. 8etsbackfrom 4th ?na u,. ? .V) by 219 feet, running through to the street. -v desirable place for a private itidge street. residence. "?h street hptw?f>n A BRICK HOUSE. No .4 3 2, on ?.. *? back^ with G and H streets. Has four rooms, hew f yard in front. Lot 19 feet 0 inches by 99 fa***.. . A FRAME HOUSE. No. 373, on 9th street between I and New York avenue. 8even rooms. Lot 20 by 1(0 feet. A FRAME H0U8E. No. 342, on 10th street between L and M streets. Has six rooms. bot 20 by 100 feet. , A FRAME HOUSE, No. 343. on O street,bet ween 11th and 12th. Six rooms. Lot 20 by 80 feet. For particulars apply to F. 8. KERN. ap 13-lm* No. 633?M rt., bet. 4th and 6th. Houses for sale. ^ , A Corner Lot, ISO fee? front on Pa. av., con taining 22,500 square feet of ground, improved by stores, offices, and residences; is one or the best locations for a first-class hotel in Washington. The whole of thia excellent property can be pur chased for 912B4M&?#28j000 cash, balance on long time. Square. IS rooms, W by 1*3 ft to 90 foot paved al ley. stable and carriage no use?#10,000 Disirable Brick on lift at., near Pa. av., 36 _oy loo, 10rooms .. ....... 8,0 A_fine Brick Residence on K st., enpo. Franklin "* ' 30 foot pave ' tw. av * yvrnw ????????? ?.?> ??? 8,000 Brick Residenceoa Lat.,2i by 137,10 rooms, good atable. ? ? 0,000 A substantial Brlek, on B at., bet. Xd and 3d, . 18 by 100,8 rooms ... ? 4,000 A snug little Brick House, on L at., 16 by 100, 6 rooms....... ??-........?..^...... ?. ? ? ?.. IfSQO frame Dwelling, 16 rooms, and 10,000 feet of ground. ?. w.. -...... ? ? ? ? ? i _1 ? ?,. h , ....... 7,000 A neat Frame Hotw, on 11th st., 12 by 100,6 rooms.. ?... ?...... ? *-?? 1,600 One on 6th at., bet. N and O its., 13 by 136,6 rooma... . --j*. ?.*??? ? *?"v - ? *- ? ? ? -- 1,400 Two Vramea on H at., bet. 4th and 6th ata, 16 _by 130, 4rooiniimcb? ? ? ?? i"?? ? e?? ? 1400 Building Lots in all j ap4-tMl 9.1. ooraor P*. ?qA Utk ST AUCTION SALES. r*r *tfcw A?cUt? i>lw ?te lir?t m?. THIS AfTlRlOOW AMP TO-MORROW DT J. 0. McGUIRB, ft 00., Auctioneers. SSrSlfTM STREET ~P ROPE MY ILI AVO T ION. CHANCEBY 8ALB Of A AI.n ABL1 pKOPBRTY By ?fatq? ?f % the l*U Circuit Court of the ,? -uiumbia, sitting u a Court of Benity, dat*d on the ?th day of Notimbtr, MS and rvlerod in a cause (No. l,8ta) paodingin said Co^'jt between Christopher Orammer and William Todd, trustees of the late Gottlelb 0. Gramme? and others, complainants, and Julius X. Gramme? and william H. Dunkinson and othsrs. defendants the fronting 3B tee* on oeVoiti, by 10" feet deep, with the privilege of an outlet to an alley jo feel wide. It wlU be offered, if desired, in separate portions, esch having a front of 19 feet. This property is situated opposite Mr. Paulas Treons store, and is now occupied an a livery stable by ^T^eUm.Tfclearer C^ thlrd cash; the bal anoe to be paid in equal instalments, m six twelve months from the day ot the Pay ments thereof to be seeured by the n??tes of the purchaser; and said notes to be secured by a deed of trust on the said property. If the terms of sale are not complied with In fire days from the day of sale, the Trustees reserve the right to resell at the risk and expense of the pur chaser. ?11 conveyancing and stamps at the expense of ap 21-d J.0. McGUIRE ft 00., Aucts. Y J. 0. McGUIRE ft 00., Auctioneers. B PBREMPTORY SALE OF LOT ON NORTH M 8T., BETWEEN NINTH AND TENTH STREETS. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, April an, at half past six o'clock, on the premises, we shall set I. Lot No. 4 in sub-division of Square No. SS7. fronting 24 feet 6 inches on north M street, between 9th ana loth streets west, running back 120 feet to a 30-foot alley, and containing 2 940 square fast. Terms ? One-third in eash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on theprsmises, a p. 26 d J. C. MoGDIRE ft CO.. Auets. B Y J. 0. McGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneers. FRAME HOUSE AND LOT ON 4 W STREET BE TWEEN SOUTH M AND N STREETS. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, April 30th, at ? o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell, parts of Lots 7 and 8, in Square 645, fronting 14 feet, on 4K street between south M and V streets, and running back 120 feet to an alley, with the improvements con sisting of a two-story Frame Dwelling HoV?, con taining six rooms, with a cellar, under r*nt at MO per month. Terms: Two-thirds in cash, the remainder in six months, with interest, aeeoxe* by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the expense ap.Sl-d ?h* expense of tbwpnrehaser. J. C. MoGUIRE ft CO., Aucts. '? C. McGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneers. GP r.'EN TREE HOUSE7 ON B STREEf. BE TWEEN SECOND AND THIRD. AT PUBLIC Bale On THURSDAY AFTERNOON. May 5th, at 6 o clock, on the premise*, we shall sell, part of Lot No. 16, in Reservation No. 12. improved by a three story brick house and back building, with slato roof, on north B street, between Second and Third streets west, new occupied at a public house, and known as the " Green Tree'- House. Early possession of the premises will be given. Terms: One half in cash, the remainder in six. and twelve months, with interest, secured by adee'l of trust on the premises Conve>ances at the cost of the purchaser. ap.9"-d J. C McGUIRE ft CO.. Aucts. PY J. C. McGUIBE ft CO , Auctioneers. PINE BUILDING I OTON TENTH STREET, BE TWEEN G AND II STREETS, NORTH. On FRIDAY AITBBNOOS. " 5 O'c'.oe*, on the premises, we shall sell part of LotNo. 14. in Square .146, fronting 20 feet on Tenth street west, between G snd II streets, running back 1? 3 feet, with the advantage of a brick wall. This lot is centrally located, in a desirable part of the city for a private residence, and is worthy the attention of persons wanting a fine building loca TermR: One-third in cash, the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest,secured by a deed of trust. Conveyances and stamps at the cost of the pur cfa . ap.3?-6t J. C. McGUIRE ft CO.. Aucts. "pY THOMAS LOWLlNG, Auct ; Georgetown. PEREMPTORY SALE oFvALUABLE IMPROV ED PROPERTY BETWEEN THE CANAL AND TUF. POTOMAC RIVER IN GEORGETOWN, D C.. AT PUBLIC AUCTION. I will sell at Public Auction on WEDNESDAY, the lltfe day of May. 1864, at 5 o'clock p m . on the premises, that Valuable Property, being part of Lot No 79, in Georgetown, and fronting 71 feet on the south side of Cherry street, and 80 feet on the east side of Potomae street, and opposite to the Cotton Factory. The improvements consist of a large two-story and Basement Brick Dwelling-House, and Back Building, also, two Lots, each fronting 20 feet on Potomac street, adjoining the above and running back 71 feet. This property, situated as it is, be tween the Canal ana Potomae river, offers great fa cilities for manufacturing or ether purposes, and for an investment such an opportunity seldom oc curs. Terms: One half cash, balanee in six and twelve months, secured by a deed of trust on the property. Title perfect. Conveyancing and stamps at the cost of the pur chaser.*dftds . THOMAS DOWLING, Auct. B Y J. C. McGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneers. HANDSOME BUILDING LOT ON D 8TRBBT, NEXT TO THE CORNBR OF SECOND STREET. On THURSDAY AFTBBNOON, May half past ? o'clock, on the premise*, we shall sell a very eligible Building Lot, fronting 15 feet on north D street, between First and Second streets west, {first square east of the City HaH,) and running back 128 feet to an alley,with a frame stable in the rear, and adjoined on each Bide by excellent three story brick dwelling-houses. Terms: One-half cash, the remainder in six months, with intesest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. Title perfect. Cost of conveyances and stamps to be paid by purchaser. *p.S9 <* J- C. MoGUIRE ft CO., Auets. gY J ^ CO t Auctioneers. Chancery sale ofTvaluable square OF GROUND ON SEVENTH STREET WEST, BETWEEN Q STREET AND RHODE ISLAND AVENUE. On MONDAY AFTERNOON, May 9th, at half-past 5 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a decree of the late Circuit Court and an amendeddesree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, sitting as a Court of Eqiflty. the latter decree dated 25th of April, 1P64, and rendered in a cause No. 738, wherein Elizabeth Brent is complainant and Chas. E. Brent, and others defendants, the undersigned will fell the whol* ef Square No. 420, sub divided into twenty-five desirable Building Lots fronting respectively on Seventh and Eighth st reets west be tween Q street and Rhode Island avenue. Terms : One-third cash, the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest seflured to the satis faction of the Trustee, or all cash, at the option of the purchaser. All conveyances and stamps at the expecse of the purchaser. j qARR0LL BRENT, Trustee. ap.23-d J C. McGUIRE & CO.. Aucts. Y THOMAS DOWLING Auct'r; Georgetown.! VERY VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON BRIDGE STREET. GEORGETOWN. On TUBSDAT AF1ERNOON. May3. at Bo'clock, on the premises. I shall sell, for account of the heirs of Thomas Oeok, the southwest part of Lot No. 2, in Old George own, fronting 23 feet 4 1-2 in ches on Bridge str?et, between Cong rest and Wash ington streets, running back J7rt feet to a wide pub lie aliey, improved bya three story Brick Dwelling House with back building, being the property oc ? * by Jos. F. Birch. Esq. .... erjn?? - v,*]f wsh: the remainder in six and Terms: Ou? :-*erest, secured by a deed of twelve months, wltn i?.. trust on the premises. --????ar { at the cost of the pu*y?. ap26-d THOMAS DOWLINGVAuctioneer. gY J. 0. McGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneers. BIXTY-ONB HANDSOMELY LOCATED BUILD ING LOTS AT PUBCIO AUCTION. On T UESDAY A FTBRNOON, May 3d. at 4 o'clocx, on the premises, we shall sell nearly the whole or Square No. 241, known as "Kingman's Garden," fronting about 25 feet each on 14th street, north Q street, 13th street, the "Circle," and "Kingman Court," all running back to fine alleys, with fine fa cilities for drainage The beaatiftil location of the*e Lots, being en the high ground immedately north of the Presi dent's House and Departments, the advantage of a city passenger railroad and Potomac water imme diately in front of the premises, render them very desii^ble for Building Sites, and. as the sale will be ma<le without reserve, it should command spe cial attention. Terms of sale: Ooe third in cash, and the re mainder ifl Payments.*n ?<**?"? twelve month-, interact. k- Z* - ^ on the premises. Coovej ances at cost of purchaser JKTA cash payment of J20 on each lot at the time of sale will be required. ap.!4-d J. C. MoGUIRE ft C0.,Aucta. gY J. 0. McGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneers. TKUSTEB'8 PALB OF~NEARLY ONE B r 1KB SQUARE NBAR THE NAVY YARD By virtue of a deed of trust from Joseph : '?jrvil lier. dated 13th day of May, 1864, duly re-, led in Liber J. A. 8., No 77, folio 17,ftc.. oft Land Becoras of Washington county, D. C , ac at the request of all the parties intereated, 1 shr' sell at Public Auction, on the premises, on FRILaY, the Bth day of May next, ats o'clock p. m.. Lot' Nos. 1, 1.5,6 7. 8, U, IS. 14,15,16, in Siuare No. 99., in the city of Washington. These lots are located on south D and E, and east Eleventh and Twelfth streets. Terms of sale one third eash. residue in twoequal payments at six and twelve months, with pureha iers' notes, and deed given and deed of trust taken. Conveyancing and revenue stamps at the pur chasers'cost. _ WM. B. WOODWARD, Trustee. At the same time and plaoe, and on the same terms, the underpinned as executor of Mrs. Uurvll Uer, wlU sell at public auction. Lots 3 and 4 in the above square. JOS RBD^BRN, Executor ap. 14-coda J. 0. MoGUIRE ft 00.. Auets. 170R 8ALB?The MATERIAL of the Persever .F ance Engine Houee, including bricks .lumber, 6c., will be sold at public auction on Tuesday, ay 3d, at 10 o'clock a. m., to the highest bidder fer eash, to he immediately torn down and removed by the purchaser. J JHIM, Ftcllnt. AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DAYS. JJV 3. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auettonears. FURNITURS OTjk LAM^DK^LI1H N 6 HOUBl 0? HONiSo^MORNIHG.May^! commencing at 10 o'clock, we shall sell, at No 37 4, loth street, b?tCc?n L and M a small lot of rood Household Furniture. em brad ng? Wa'nut Hair Cloth Sofa, Walnut Hat Tree. Cane Beat Rcckersand other Chain, MahoganySideboerd, Extension DiningTable. Bureaus, Washstand, and Chamber Tables, Brussels Parlor and three-nlr Chamber Carpet*. Feather Beds. Bolsters and Pillows. Hair and Huak Mattresses. China, Glass and Crockery ware, Girandoles, ?Window Curtain* and Shadee, Cooking and Chamber Stores. arg * J. C. McGUIRE A Oo., Aucts. Y 3. C. McOUIBE k CO., Anetioneers. B VALUABLE IMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED PROPERTY IN THE FIRST WARD At PUB LIC 8 ALB. Ob MOB DAT AFTERNOON, May Jd. at i o'clock, ?P tK?IS?nu*,? WS ,h*u sell.ln the order named, the iouOWlbg described valuable property be loaf ins to the htirs of the late Thomas Cook, via.? Lota 1,2,3, half of ?. 98. $4, add S, in Square No. 77. Lot IS is improved with two three eVory brick dwel ling-kouses, with back building*. fronting on north I street, between Twenty-first and Twen ty second streets west Lots 23 and 24 are situatedal: the oorner of Twen ty first and ! streets, tnfull riew of Pennsyl vania aTenne, fronting M feet ? inches on 1 street, and 130 feet 10 toehee on Twenty-fir* street west, ooeupied at present by 0. Stover, Kst,, as n wood and opal yard. LoU l, 8,S, and *, are situated at the corner of Twenty-f rat street ard north H street, wkick will be sub-divided into convenient building lots, two of them with two desirable twestorv and casement briok dwelling honses with back buildings. Lot on PennsrlTania avenue, between Twenty -first and Twenty-second streets, in the row known as tke " Six Buildings," with fine substantial vails, now standing, of a building destroyed by Terms: One-half cash, tke remainder in fimonth*. with interest secured by a deed of trust on tkn TShT J. C. McGUIRE k CO., Aucts. B T WH. B. LRWI8 k CO., Auctioneers. BXTSN8IVX SALE OFJDBAD LRTTBR OFFICE MATTER. eing at 10 o'clock, and to be continued daily until tke Catalogue is closed, embracing some thousand lots of every variety of goods accumulated la tkn Dead Letter Office since 1850. Some vei^Valuable GoM and Sliver Watches, In fact samples and gocds of every description. 1gwtKSaKT Ascribed in tie Catalogue. '''wm 'h'liwib* CO.. Au.u. jjY i. o. taoGUIRR k CO.. Auctioneers. ntlLDlNG LOTS AT TBS CORNER OF NORTH T AND TBNTH STREETS. On MONDAY AFTERNOON.JtayS,atS?i o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell, Lots No. 1. to n ana 12. in Square No. 333, fronting 167 feet 7 inches, on loth street west, between T and U streets north, and 185 feet.4 inches, on Vermont avenue, at the corner of north T street, the whole to be sub di vided into convenient Building Lots. Terms : One-third in cash, the remainder in sir. and twelve months,with interest secured by a deed of trubt on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of purchaser. ap.S7d J.C. MoGLIRE Ac CO. Auets. U* BOTELER k WILLSON, Auct^neers. BALE OF EXCELLENT"HOUSEHOLD FURNI TU HB AT AUCTION I>0. ?t-o, ."Si ""TVj we will sell, a good assortment of Household Fur niture. consisting of one superior Rosewood Piano; Jra)nu? Parlor Suite, in maroon Velvet, ten pieces; oseuood. Marble-top. and other Uhles, Damask Curtains. 6orni;"?s *??! Hair cloth ScJas. Chairs, and Rockers: Walnut e^'-tary: Bru.-sels Carpets, nail, Oil-cloih. and Stair Carpet'Og; Marble top and other Kureausand Washstands;OilI Paintings, Walnut and other Bedsteads; Wardrobes, Dinner and Tea Setts,Glassware,and Table Furniture gen erally; Cooking and other Stoves; and a general assortment of Kitchen Furniture. In 28 3tMh' BOTELER k WILLSON. Aucts. ?ALB Of CONDEMNED HORSES AND MULES AT ALEXANDRIA, VA. ChifJ Quarter mas ttr\ Ojfiee. Depot af <?*'l ' Washington, D. C., April S3,1861 t Will be sold at public auction, at Alexandria, > a.. .. iln-ka!0'of" condemned as unfit fbr put lie servioe. Terms; Cash in Government funds^ D. H. BUCKER, Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster, ap.S6-5t Depot of Waakington DY J. C.McGUIRE k CO., Auctioneer!. VALUABLE LOTS ON VIRGINIA AVENUE, BS TWEBN 4>. AND 6TH STREET,I8LANf) On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, May 4tk. at i'j o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell, part of Lot No. 13. in Square No. 494. fronting CS feet,6 inches, on Virginia avenue, between 4>* and ?th streets. (Island ) running back, an average depth of 128 feet. If desired it will be divided into three Lota of about SI feet front, each. Terms: One-third cash, the remainder m si*, and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deea ' of trust on the premises. Conveyanees at the cost of the purchaser. ap.28-d [Rep.] J C. McGUIRE k CO.. Aucts. DY W. L. WALL k CO., Auction?rs. 500 DOZEN Extra choice Cognac and Koehelle Brandies, Scheidam Holland Gin, Rayal Port Wine. Bourbon and Nectar Whiskey, QlareU, Ac., re maining of the stock of R. Cromelien A Co.. will be sold by their order at Pnblie Sale, on WEDNES DAY. 18th Mav, at 10 o'clock. The same may bn examined at their sales room. No. 393, Pennsyl vania avenue, second floor. ap.25 WM. L. WALL k CO., Aucts. DY3. C. McGUIRE * CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY SALE OFTaLUABLE IMPROVED AND UN IMPROVED PROPERTY ON DELA WARE AVENUE, BETWEEN B AND C 8T8, NORTH.NEAR T^E CAPITOL GATE. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, May 11th, at I o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a decree of the late Circuit Court and an amended decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia. sitting as aCourt of Equity, the latter decree date! April 25th, 1364, Attd wnaered io a causa. No. 738, wnerein Elisabeth Brent is complainant, and Chas. E Brent, and others, defendants, the uaderstgn-xl Trustee will sell all of Lots 8,9,parts of 7 and 10, in Square No 686. as follows Part of Lot No. 7, fronting 30 feet on Delaware avenue, between north B and C streets, and run ning back 103 f?et to a 30-feet alley, improved by a BRICK tiai)WELLINO1-,H0U8E WITH BACK BUILDINGS. AH of Lot No 8, fronting 60 feet 6 inches on Dela ware avenne, between North B and C streets, and runnicg back an average depth of 184Ji feet to a S? feet alley, improved by a larne and well arranged BRICK DWELL! NG-HOISE WITH BACK BUILDINGS. .... Part of Lot No. 10, fronting 35 feet 8 inches on Delaware avenue, between B and C streeta north, running back about 140 feet to a 15-feet alley. _ All this valuable property is situated withio a very short distance oftne North Gate of the Capim tol and if the proposed extension of th i Capitol grounds is consummated will be immediately ad ^?Te.rms ? One-third cash; the remainder in aix and twelve months, with interest, secured to the satis faction of the Trustee, or all cash, at the option of Conveyances and stampa at the cost of the pur ch &Ber ??.f p??,?io. of aSKPte,. ap 28-d J. C. McGUIRE & CO., Aucts DY J. O. MoGUIRE k CO., Auctioneers. nice frame dwellTng-house ANDLOTON MASSACHUSETTS AVENGE BIT WEEN 4TH AND 5TII STREET WEST, AT PUBLIC SALE. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, May 5th at 6.H o'clock, on tke premises, we shall sell, part of Lot No 36, In Square No. 517, fronting 13 feet 4 incbas, .id# of Massachusetts avenue, between ?rn thesou-^ ^ *" ~"*t running bark 69feet Fourth and Fifth streeM " * two-storf 1 inch to a 20-foot aller, improvea o? r Frame House, containing six room?, Immediate possetsioo given. Terms caah ap 28-d I Rep.] J. C. McGUIRE k 00. .AueU. J^Y GREEN &- WILLIAMS Auctioneers. A VEGETABLE AND FRUIT STAND AT AUC TION. Auction sale of a fine Vegetable and Fruit Stall in the Centex Market, between 7th and 8tk street, No 326. on THURSDAY, the 5th day of May, at o'clock, a. m., to be sold without reserve. ap.27 d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. J^Y J. C, MoGUIRE k CO., Auctioneers, TRUSTSES'BALE of*brick house AND LOT on Tweltth street weat, between C and D street* UQrth, BRICK HOUSE AND LOT on Eleventh street west, between G and H streets north, and VACANT LOT at the oorner of Twelfth street west atd north P st;ee+. . On FRIDAY AFTEBN00N, May 13. at 5 o'clock, on the premisea.wa shall sell, by of tbe Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, sitting in chancery, passed on t he ?t h da fof * I>rU 1864, in a certain cause wherein George W. Miller {? itmnla'nac. and Ellen Miller et al. are defend Part of Lot No. I. in Square No. Tivu..;; feat ? inches on O^iMt and f) streets. *nd back that www ti? aepin or said lotrufrether with the imnrovemaata, consiat tost of a taortoil Brick DwelW Howe. immediately after, .art of Lof No *, in Squara Ho MS. fronting20 ftet on 11th (tract w*t. be tween G and H streets north, and running hank with that width to the roar of said lot, togathgr with the improvements, consisting of a two-atOTT /^mediately after?'Lot No ?L ontinc 26 feet on 12th atreet weet, at tke eorner or __ m three equal in sUl ments at si x, vweive^ann aigni een months,withlatarea|,fo* w rat iriTe notes, secured to tke satisfaction 01 S. VAitSi S3liucMi to ton at 0,11.0 OC MW ??...? ot - eUi "ZlAm&vL?

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