Newspaper of Evening Star, May 2, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 2, 1864 Page 1
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AUCTION HXUES. ruTuas oats. 1^1 J. 0 Mcfl (, ] R#\V 'TO., AtlcWou* ts. VBRY V a 1,U A RT.? LOT S?>*? H vI N f H STRf ST I Kl WHEN fOUTII D AN D ?>tR0K 4 WlDNK^DAt AKlBBhOOV ila* 4-h >? l f- chck. rii fhn r>r trim?*. V^alUIl MitrLota \->a s, M, 35, J 37 m snl>'Mi .*i?? "f No. *35. Lot* No*. .34. tt, and 37 rroB^-vch H hhjori Sav-nth {?treet, beiweea s..uth D mil & *<j'rv<'s . uu?i!ng back P4 f?et to a H> f.x>* *H*y. t it J. ''?ants on Eighth street wf?t. b<uwe?/i l> viH B sA;": J*n'l rons ba.?*? ?????-? tV?v*o aJiey. Th*f-fl tro iint n4 U)0 inolA Jdilrahlo lata i j the IflaDd. L ... Terms. Or"-ihir<i >u "ftMli',/ie, i?4*r in sjy and twelve months. with JtfHtypt, secura-l by deed oftru?ton the pr.ttii'es. ? ? B *? 77 -i J 0. CO.. AqctV &IA o6? Awatio Y J. 0. MuGL 1U1.Y 00ft Auatioaeer?. taluaph rnopxRrvijrt tub *ivf'a st. ?*? MARP AT|?CBWAf?eft?4l On WFONHDSY AFT BBWOOII, Hay 4th. ?? ? nVkvk, on th'? promises, w* shall *eH{ lots Wo.:?. 14, 15. *< It. irt. vod W. ia Swart iitm^vred 91, fornix* 131 i*o?oik Sixth *Wf4t wost. su?4 fee,! lo jncbpon south N stroe.t, imnjoved by % iarga Sj-iaJf tbreo-atory Brick Tlotul ffcpiUlig, wiln fiotlM .??i ctr?>jS'xk! room*, with htiga Pfirl -t?. B*r room, Mid"?"ee?s*rTr outbuildings. Thi? tMwil*are puf tlaSy ?urr?indMl with a substantia* s The prox'.mlty of this herd'Om^ JhS*f. - r us'!v*. v.nrv " at "the oot >>T ^*tb ^ th* ?<v> twinetiVw??rk?. ?3... * ictniiu jfiill fttkl *tg t Hatefully Uid oat t*ia rteTim. fniU. ?n?iiowu."fl, ? spfcimlj ml A 1 i?* V> tk re vert. . , jxot^rfy lo th (ttb An i ? . - - ?g?ti ^'irfn a* It -In**. % ?t>li-iw4i>i vl 1-w of Th? Pnu?in*'i rtT-jt.i T*ii<ierm ?ry rniwah!.* k?,jv il*tel or. m<am?r r?xort, *rd to tlil* V CTMlr will l^SvW ?n tire. hob ?u?fe- sppi'.?i.jn m |y lm ei > ?tt. T*n6? One-thvrfl c^- h: ? ? in,-l *wn\Tf tn.>nth?s ?v^th iater^t, McWW *>y i* - t-'A hi tTHK* in in* yrilytftr. Tit) ? p 'fuct, . M jjir ^ _ *??: ^nIr>B & Co.. Aneu. GKi.KX A1WIU.IAsitfi, AmctI ?uee?^ twtotv os* ?AMpxhlb ?pn,iu\( PJi TUB 4Mrtnim IK 8UV MVUr Bi?PAB??Jo 4li ATTIC0TIOV. On W KDNTCSDAY, tft-,4th d?r of Hay n?it, wo ":lock, on i>4 > *' to 29 f?et front > ach, *n of which run back to al i?yii. Tt?i? property :a bean; ifuily r.ituatt'<l, bound ea by. ao-i f-ontin^ 'Mi B and K gtrofita sijatli, and 8tb and ?<h streets weat. and the flile will Ve v ail n nrtby th* attention of purrf.ins wishin* to pur chase a handsnuie buildiag Kite or m&ke a aood in - ypf l*ieut. Terna* "f>n?-half cuh. halnncf* i? six and twelve nonibf, the pnrrha?vra to jcire notea f??r the de fered jrayrnoDtf. l>earin? inter^t from the day of sale, a'dtod given *j;.i a deed of truftt taken. All conr..yanc.'S iuiiluding revenuest*nu>8 At pur C H T9 Cost ay.J7-d jliep ] OltBKN WILLIAMS. Anctn. ? 1*0"VLA3 bowling. Auct ; Georgetown. ^JPESItoABLB BTILDINO LOTS IN GEOUf.E ~ TOWN* AT PUBLIC AUCTION. . On WRUN F.?DAV A FT>:KNtM?N*. May 4th, at 3 o'cJoik. p. m . 1 will sell, in t'ront of the fireiniies, on the corner of Fn-l.-lick and Fit't ^tre< ta, ade mraMo BuildinK Lot fTontinic 7ftfe?i on Frederick ?rtr?-et. %r 4 9n i"?et ou Fi ft It stro-t. Aiso, immediately after the abovo, the undiridnd third part "f Lot No. 223- fr..ntin* 70 fe- t on isixth Ftreet, ranriintf hack I5?feet. Terftis Ob?-third c?*>li. balnne? in six and twelve months secured *>y a deetf of trnst on tl-.c property. Conv*)anciD? aud nt?iup? at the cost of the pur chaser , .? Title I'Prfect. ap yr-i TH?>8. DOW LINO. Auct. ? Y J. C. MoGUiHJI Sc CO., Auctioneers. TKCSTFBf SALB OF A HOUSE AND LOT ON BLXV*NTH. BBTWBKS L AND M STBKKT^. By ?irt*'> of r\ de^d-of trust from B. fl. Hrid?e, dated October 2.1W. and recorder! in L^rr J. A. 6., Ko. 1157, folios 440, ice., of the Land Records of the ?nuptT oi Wasbinglrrn, I will otTer at- Auction on MONDAY. the 16th day of May next, on the premi ses, at 5V. o'clock, p. m., pa't of Lot seven (7) in Pqnar? three hundred and fo?tv-oo<? (.HI?in Wnsh IntOB. bounded as follow!, viz: Beginning forty niaa f*et?even inches from the Boutheast corner ft M and Eleventh atresia and running thence north tw-nty-five feet?n Eleventh street, thence due east one hundred ft t, the whole depth >j{ said lot. then-e due north twentT-fiv f?et, anlthen-e due w?|:o the betfinnirif with the linpr<n^meuta, eonaiHtiny of a I rani" D* etliae. Terms of aale: One-tbird of the purchasp money to be paid hi cash, and ti^e residii"} tn two e<-.'ial in ?talraeats at six ar-'i twelve months, with interest, to be secured The term# of aale mo-it be complied with within ore week after sale, or tke property may b?> resold, after a w-ek"snotiee.attfcerls* and costofUw tirst purctas^r, ChAS. 8 ENGLISH. Trustee, ap Kt lrtr? J. C McttUIRB lr. CO., Aacts. gY~j7C. M GUI RE A CO., Auctioneers. rr.'M v i <s in y Eh >' sjT f: of est a te. FR.*ML HOT SK AND l-OT ON NORTH 1. 81., BET^EKN t.Tli AND 7THSTS. WEST. Tfce coiumWionePH appointed by the Buprem tV>ur.t of the District of toluinbia, in ?tn^ ease of Eliaab'etii A. FTln? and others airalnst John Carroll sad others. No. IM. equity, in strid court, to make sale of the rt-al estate of wlijrh James W. Flin^. Jied seized, "hereby ^ive notice that La pursuance of an Older at said court, en teral on the Sib dny of April ui*t?nt. thi'v will mjIIj rn tb-j premi!?es. th>' followiiviT descrih-'d llouro ur.d L"t. siiuate the cit> of Washiu^ton. I) 0.? tn WEDNESDAY, the 4th day of May. I?;t, at 5 c'tlock y. in., nanvdy: Lot No. :j, in Square No. 45", frontinp 19 t?et on north I. street, betwe.-u ar.d Tth streets west, snd having a d.-pth in the y ar^lfe-t The improvement* consist of a two rtory frame house with a ba^k buiMin*. TeriKs ?aih. THF.O. SHECKEL?, AN DREW GODU.VRD, E F. ?UKEN. BBMET HKNNING, W. L. Ri>*8. _ _ Coinmissioners. npyi .T. C. McGUIRE Sc. CO..Aucts. B Y GRI'EN & WILL! VMs, Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALl. T.y authority of a deed of trust and a decree of thf Supreme Court of this District, pa^ed in the ??ane<- ot &? glish Dodge aul Cox asrainst Olias. II. anfi Win. H. Ve .able, th-* sabscriher will, on the 16th day "?f May n"xt, at live o'clock in the after noon e\po>a to ^ale at auctiou, to the highest bid ?'.e-. t e 'iowin- property in this city, near the Nnvy Yar?l namely. Lot No. 16 and part of 17, in Si'tnr" No --17 beginning a: the northeast c?ruer ?<f sni<< lot 16. fronting on Si\tn street east aud running'.hence south 73 feet.thenco west lnS'eet i i ch north 12 f.^et, thence east 105 feet l '.n.-h to the beginning. Tber?' are i n this osreel of ground five tenements a. d each will lie sold separately, with a sallicieiit t?.rtion of cround attae|,..d to each. * - T. rins- One fourth of the purchase money in a?h, sua the reaidae at ?J. 12 and 18 months, with rterest. for which tDe purchaser's bands, with surety, will be taken, aud a lieu on t he premises r ,d retained. A dipo-.t of ?2'? on ea-:h lot will be re jotrfcC at the ssle. D- eds. certificates, bonds, rtamps, at the pttr ? a3er's cost. If the terms are not fully complied with rrjthin uve dajs from the day of uaie, the property will be refold at the defaulter's risk and cokt, W. R?DIN^Xrnatee. ap 13-".lawA.da GRBEN ,V WILLIAMS, tucts. ^ALB OF CONDEMN ED 1H?R8E8 AND MUL.ES. ?. - ?* fh~'f i/XMrt'.Tma*t*r'* OiUn. T)'pot of \Vnsh> W isulN-.Tos, D. C., April 27 IS?t S Will be sold at public portion, at the Corral, near the Ob.-ervatory, in the City of Washington. D. C., on WIDNK.SDAY. Ma; 11, i#U, and WEDNESDAY, -May 26,1804, a lot of? ? _ HORSES AND MULBS, ef>r.denir.ed as nrtit for publi'' aervlee. Term*: Cash in Government fnnds. Sale to commence at In o'clock a. m. D n. BUCK KB. Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaater, np.2T-2fit Depot of Washiagtoa. D. O. JTCTION SALE OF CONDEiftftXD HOUSES. W r. DirARTV?:sr, 0av4lkt BrRKir, Ot rioc or Cms? Qi:ahtib.mast*k, IVusJiiiM/on. D. C., April 25.1?.. Will be =old at public auction, to the highest bid der. frt the times and placea named below, viz: Newport. Penna , Thursday. May-5th, Gettysburg. Penna.. Monday. May 9th, Altoona. Penna.. Thursday, May 12th, M i!!iin. I'enn*., Thursday, May I'Jth, Reading. Penna., Thursday. May 28th, Lebanon Penna.. Thursday, Jun.i'id, Northniaterlaud, Penna.. Thursday, Juae 8th, Serantoa, Penna..Thursday. June loth. V\ illiamspo. t. Penna , Thursday, J une 311. One Hundred i inn) horseaat Gettysburg, and Two Hundrtd and Fifty (2Vi> at each of theother places. Tbe-e borses kave been copdemned as onrlt for the cavalry service of the United States Arnay. For road aud rarm purposea sauy good bargains niay be had. Horses will be sold singly. Sales begin at 10 a m , and continue daily nntil all are sola. Terms cash, in United States Treasury notea rfOly. JA*lES A. EKIN, a;i 2^ Lt Col andC. O.M Cavalry Burean, IMILITARY RA1L30ADS. I ? QJire o>'Assistant QuartermastiiT, \Va-SH!NUIOS, April 15,18W. AUCTION .-Will be sold, on WEDNESDAY. th<? lirtfa day of May, at the Railroad De^ot, in Alexan sJi ia. A a., 500 Tons of Old Railroad Iron, HJ? Tots of Old Oar Axles, n, ) raa, S 25.ISol.N 2^0 Tons of Cast Scrap Iron, ]?<?> Tons of Wronght Iron. 3 Tons of Old Brass and Copper, ?>o 0U Barrels. T'i'-ms Cash 5n Government Funds. Ten lo> j-rnt ;o be pa d at th? time of por.'haoe, .he lalaace on delivery. The ptM)?rtr rrrjst bo removed within ten days OXB date of bale n. h. ROBINSON. ap.19 d*.s. Captain aud A^ ^ M. HOKbES WANTED. Win T)?rvTvr\T, Cav *t ttv Bfnn.ttJ.) Oj]kr*rtf Chi'J Quartfr matter, > W >sirx D C.. ApriH. 1354. 1 <}. ? hun-lr. 1 ^sl i.ity ? Hin;dollars per head will " f?r 1111 CAVALRY nORSES * v red nithin the rcxt fifteen iHI days 4t thd ? r. rnment Stable. Giesboro, D.O. - ud horses to b" sour i in aM t>sr-.^nlars, not t>.?n tlve ift) nor more than nin? 5)y ><\rsold; ?. ., i^.- tj ill bands high, full d?shed. compactly bridle wito. and v?f sue numciant for ta. alr/ ' /YsTliHCiArattons 'cill h* vrytbj ciiKtttd i?i d^.iv^'y'oi t-'n 11''1 and ov;r. 1 <u.'? of iivpection 'rom 9 a. m. to i J^XiS A. EKIN. Lieut. C ?O ! i't Chie/^uartermaster. Cavalry Bur?Kn. OILLJ ABD^TANi *H FOB 8ALB^-ThyHuty?cr7 * b-i' >?r t.>>r?o flrs\ clacs Billiard Tab sa nearly ???,whUr. ie will dL'pose of very low. Injn^re a. ta? fl'iiUrd room, jorasi of IHh stroot. and P?:vi3y:va.nJ? atcbss. znh 14 w AUCTION SALES. gY ?>REEN A W1LLIXM3..Vict^^rs. TRUSTED S SAUB^PViEMJiLra[UfcY SITrA TED LOTS AN^i?or?? Oft WilSI.-VSO. By authority <?f s decree ?>f 4k'' fmitvme Court of thht Di*s ri<"t> pasee-l ?? lit* StH \pri| !8*t, in V-rciu Kane and otiu^Wire coguilaiMant*, 'flRfinotaitf.fiin'nand ? 'i'. r*ara defe$fautft, the 'i>nV*crW?et will f.xpnM to *?.i" ?it to the hrfcfc?*?t W'lff on the .'th-of May ne*t. I'ftwwn The h?>uri* of f<*ir .ii?l itw?\VA4k mtfce afternoon, th ?? foifriwin* lo?s in Siiiinr* sahdi\ iniiwi r.f oritri ?4Mi!iilltnk SH- n Washington city, as uvvf "K- seen*u tlw >urv?f- >r's office, namely: Xj>t8 ru.-.rkija, iu 'ucli sulraivL-Wu A, D, C, D, K. i 1.;?. Stifan: T$h<fi- th.^lotn ha*7i. front of V<fMYy a dejr.h of is? to \.R,c, and I*, ffvftt f>n -O, stw-'t. Mid th? other* on MiBth il^lria ts with fturtatilc alleys to nil. On lot* 0 and IT*)1'- two good Dwelling honHS. fronting c><\ i' "jF%i J - a"^ i4>vf- J"ts uu<l bouses will he sold SKWRSIigMtWn&rSfirte ^ShtRjfKiSf hiirdowef. *?' Also part of Let No. 1, iu Square Wo. .wi, front iiig on Virginia avenue: fcpginntng3|'*'fec? from the K'o"vW?^?st '-ori><?rcf the lot, and U?vh?? ? front of J >49 tett'i- lurths Tim s.ii?t ftfrim*. aud which has < been divided into t>i.\ lots,"ahout l^feet front by 113 ( fcfcf He'eo. with a ntiitablcalloy. Also, tile eastern half of Lot No 3, ia rcserva- | tion P. The latter, as well as lot* in ?qnare Ml, will be fioWfr'-e from the widow's dow^r r'^ht. The terms as prescribed by the 4MCfC are : One- j third of the purchase money iu caaJt: aau the resi due at6, la. and IS months, for which the purcha ser's bonds. with surety, bearink interest from th.) | day of sain. will he taken. with a retain'"! lien on . the premises. A deposit of $i!t> on each lot will be required at the sale. The coat of conveyaacing, certificates of sale, boudti. kta;npK, to b'"1 borne by th" purchaser. If the terms are notfnlly complied with within five dai s from the day of Pale, the property wi 1 be resold at the risk and -ost of th? defaulting pur chaser. after one week's pnhlie no*iee in the Eve iric?8tar. W. KEDIN, Trustee. ap.i3-eo3wAds GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts, B Y GREEN & WILLIAMS, Auctioneers B Y J. C. Mt GUIRE & CO., Auctioneers. F n i , l VALUABLE BUILDING LOT AT AUCTION. Immediately aftt-r the ?ale of the property of the ?inon estate, w<- shall sell, (on the Sth of May, at 5 o'rloek p. m j) on the premise*,Lot No. 7,in square Wl. froctine 50 f?'et on C street south, between 3d and 4k- streets, running back 237 feet, containing 1square feet. This lot ha- 3u feetaUer?,on the side and rear, and is well adaptod to the erec tion ot a number of small tenements. Terms : One third cash; remainder in C> and 12 months, with interest ap*woAid? foKKKN A WILLIAM?, Aucta. KAECETOPS' PALE OF VALUABLE BRICK YARD AND APITRTKN ANCES Thi irholt&<iuart Xo. 111. vilk tine Unci: owl Oil Buitttin-'s. Inritt numb-T of L"ts, tomtof thrvi ttnprortd v-ith Frame Dtctllinp houses, tn Ktiher with ihe Machinery M'jhrinl, and Jmrlt nti nXsJur th mnnujartv** of Tirirh t. On TURPI'AY. AFTERNOON. May 10th, at 3 o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell the whole of Square Noa !>5 and 96. in the northern part of the Pirst Ward, on Twentieth street west, known as ? Hopkins Brick Ysrd,"' w??ich ij.believed to be one rf the host located in the District, having both Oeorcetuwn and Washington fur a market, an thiiB'lwce of ine clay, brick and tempering sheds, kilns, office*, and all necessary outfit for a lirst clast- Brick Yard; the yard will be worked until the day o! sfcle. IMS PT>T A TFT V AFTKR, We w-ill =ellthe stock of? Horres. Mules, Carts, Wheelbarrows, Bti??y, Moulds, Seines. Sand, &c., Ac. ALSO. The whole Square No. 111. formerly the residence r.f Colonel Eaton, fronting respectively t>n Connec ticut avenue. Twentieth street north. ?} and R streets, and Nineteenth street west, improved t>y a large Brick dwelling house and back buildings, carriage houwes.?r;ibling,Ac.. A-c.; the whole en closed and beautitied with fruit and orijac-ental treea and shrubbery. At so, Lota. Nos ?.??. in, is, if,, 17, 18, 211.21. and 21 in sub division of gqimre No. Ho. fronting each on Twen tieth street, l?tweeu Rand S str?et?. Lots 36.37, ->.39. W,43, 41, and 45, in svne Square, fronring on Nineteenth street wet, between Rand S -treets; four of the Iatterare improv ??d each with a smail frame dwelling house, anu will be ?=old sep arately. ALSO,-.; -1 - | - it The wk'?le of 6qitsr? No Jt. frootlmr reiijwjctively or Mnsasebosette avenu?5 . Twentieth i;nd Twouty hrststr- ets w??^t, and north Q streets, with the improvement^, consistipgof onelarue irame stable and sheds, two small frame houses, and an office. Terms of sale: One-third cash, the remainder in *ix . twelve, and eighteen months with interest,se cured by a deed of trust on the premise*. All conveyances, including revenue stamps, at the coat of the purchaser F7~ A cash pavr. ent on each piece of real estate will be required at th ? tun'- ofsale. GKO. W. BOI'KINS.) v JOBN S. HOPKINS.t *-*?C!itors, a?.2f?-d J. C. McGU IRB .V CO.,Ansta. HEAP BOOKS, Upward'of one thousand works of English and Foreign Literature,embracing HISTORY, TRAV EL?. POETRY, NOVELS, etc., etc., at from 10 to 411 per cent, below the regular prices, at nEILPRIN'S Bookstore, *244 Pa. avenn<?, ftp 11-lm between 12th and 13th streets. m ATTENTION. ,.k HE Und. rsicned is now ready to reeeivo h?~-r lady friends and the ladies of Wnshiuston :?t her FRENCH MILLINERY ROOMS. whereQj) she ha-the most mav'niticent Silk, Illusion C;-ni>e. Bombazine and a splendid assortment of Straw Bonnets and Hats of the latest Parisian ?t vies. Bonnets and Hats trimmed at the_ shortest no tice. All goods will be sold at New York prices. Ladies u ishios cooik will do well to call and ex amine m> stock before purcharing elsewhere, MADAM E Dk fioRRIKS. No. Pennsylvania avenue, ap 27 2* * between 12th and 13th sts. ). II El HERO KR. Sl'CCESSOR TO H i.ornov a ro., < 777//; \ >' .1 XI) MILITARY MERCHANT T AI I.OB. Mtlri'l'olttan Hotel llaU lirotrn'f,) Pennnsvlvania avenue, oc 'j7-tf Washington. 11. C. (V EVER TOO LATE TO LEARN ?By Pwffssor 1 * Alex. Wolatnski's Nttc and Simpliii"l Method for Pinno Vort! ami Sine ins.?Professor Wolowski continues bis positi* elv la*t course in Washington, and all th I'M! who wi&ii to follow his easy system have no time to lose. Professor's reception hours are from Lt to in a. in., at his residence, No. 310 F street, corner of llth. ap21-2w FOR SALE WIIVH SACRIFICE ?One of the best and entirely new George A. Prince's MELO DEONS, full live octaves, and wjth double bass, by a gentleman leaving Washington, and is to be seen at Prof. Ale*. Widow ski's rooms. No. 316 F street, corner of llth. Hours of reception only from 9 to 1?o'clock a. m. ap 3I-6t TO THOSE IN WANT OF A GOOD COOKING STOVE.?Try the "Arbiter," the best Bakin; Stove in use. We guarantee them to givesatisfac tion. E. H. A H.I.GREGORY, apjB-Ct 321 Pern, avenue, near 7th street. Cjg*> SEVENTH STREET, 562 TO CARPENTERS AND Bl ILDERS. {V?,r>fiu Lights of Sash of all sizes, from S.\10 to 12^20, glazed and unglazed, l.flno pairs Blinds, 1,51'0 Doors of all sizes, styles and qualities, JW OdU feet Mouldings of various patterns. Also, a large assortment of Brackets, Newel Posts, Balusters. Door and Window Frames, Glass, Ac., Ac., making in hII thu largest and most complete stock in the builders' line ever offered in this market, all of which will bo sold at small profits to make room for inor?j con fctantly arm iug from the factories. H. W. HAMILTON, Agertt. N. B. I have alro the agency for McLean's E.x cel-ior Sa=h Snstainer and the West Castle Slate Company's Mantels. The Sash Su-taiuer is the best thing ever in vented, aside from weights and pulleys and at less than one quarter the cost. Th'- Mantels manufactured by the above com pany ar.. tootvell known throughout the country to re quire any comment upon. For cheapness, dura bility and beauty theyfturpassall others. Sample can be seen at my office. H. W. HAMILTON, Ag^nt, r\p lo-eolm* .>62 7th st.. oppo. Center Market. W'HITE VIRGIN WAX QF ANTILLES?A new ?* French Cosmetic for beautifying, whitening, ao'i preserving the Complexion. It is the most wonderful '? impound hf the age. There is neither chalk, powder , magnesia, bismuth, or tale in its composition, it being composed entirely of puro A lrgin ? ax?hence ivs extraordinary qualities for preserving the skin,-making it soft, smooth, fair, ana transparent. I l makes tlio old appear young, the oouiely. cnnJsome; the hundsome. more beau c m-jst beautiful divine. Price 25 and HUNT'S BLOOMOF BOSE8. n mist perfect color fir the cheeks or h)is, does notwa>hoir or iulure the skin. Pr:ee2Hents and II. HCNT'SOOURT TOILET POWDER, for , hitening p^Verving the ,?k in. Price ^5 #ndo>) cents. Manufactured hv HUNT i Co., 41 South Eighth street, Philadel phia. None genuine unless the name of '* limit fc Co " is blo?r? on ;he bottles. For sale at 4 CR0YEAC H I Baltimore street. Baltimore and W. H. ENTWI8LH, corner Twelfth .street an'i Pennsylvania ave., Washiagton D. 0. apl 3n? PIAN0H.-A new assortm^t of Steinway A Sons an* llaiu^s, Brother Pi-tnos has Jupt^ been r<?eeived atonr wareroptns. We have|BI|H| alro on hfcnd one almost new .?evon-octave*?? III Piano: coSc f*?. which will be s^ld for thu owner l<>a*iDg ih* city. Several second-hand TV!aTZMOTT.'t' apl wfllth uveuu.a. AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MCSIO 1 CANTERBURY HALL.I A.XD DAL L JCANTSRBURY HALL.f THEATBB Locjsusa Arise*. A'fflr Cotmt of Sirth &rrt<t, R'nr of Nntinmii and Mztrvpi>iuai+Jiei*it. Sign of the Hi* Calcium Light. Giokge Lba . - - .Pro?rieto? W. E. Cinavacod StageIfaiiftgOT. BRILLIANT TRIUMPH ! ENTHUSIASTIC RECBPTION OF THE NEW COMEDY COMBINATION. U. Th<> largest and noo?? Talented Company of Artistes #vcr ?t>en in the Cily of,Was h i i\g to n. 1 OREAl^/AT'fRAGTfON FOR - THE COMING * v' ??'" AfWEM?* ENTIRE CHrtNGE OK PROGRAMME. ? 'tiJ *?-*' 2d'-*1* ?? . ,?*t :vnr sJF i ? v *"? ? . ^ HjWgfgigHIS WEHK. JobiyfrVPrize Drama of the .--*** *5f0UNTAINW0UTLAW, 1 MOVNTAW OUTLAW, wrf. - OUTLAW, ^V. 5lOX^<AIN OUTLAW. MOUNTAIN OUTLAW. ? V > MOUNTAIN ^fc TLVW, On. THB^ WRECK (fv "A L+FE t On, TRE WRECK A LIKE! OkT THE WRECK OF A LIFE! . > * >?. ?? hieh r?-c<-i vwedSlhc premium of ? '' FiV-K ttr^WDRKI^DPLT.\RS ?*. FIVE U'CNlDltrir DOLLARS From j^e Auaeriean T>iea<?*, N\>V Y?rk, arid the riMirt of playing ifhi'Wfrsnin^ffiai purchas*-d by Geo. Loa, exclusively lor the_b?nt>Tbury, * A 0 J ? ? ? v? ** r :? auA ?_i - i < ? SYNOP^XgAtf INCIDENTS '* JN THE DRAMA. ,*$]?NE WRST?Squire Nol&n'H House ?t Con Honiara: Meeting of the pi I tjli t ed lovers. Redmond atvl Kathleen; " Farewell to the land of tlie Sham rockagrt?n taeMs, and bubbling. Streams?;I goto the West ?itae home of tbn aspiring, America, tlie birth-place of -* Washington;" . The clandestine me-ting overm-ard by the revengeful brother of Kathleen; I'll weave a weh,that shall Ntay your Jonrnev?Beware ' Beware''" Lauty McT.&ughlin and hisJewtl.JmTy O'Brien: A cure for the colic; The anticipated wedding; Lots of children and maley praties ."^trawflerries aujl butter milk. SCENE SECOND?The .mountain pass; Hugh llaiUan.the Outlaw: The ecun ict retarned; liis mother and tlie ?n<nsit?f a wretched lif.-; Vi-n jieanee ! " 1 will_ha\?- it?1 must w?it the hour to strike the ?>enging blow ;" Philip Nolan in foih-d by tin- timely Arrival of Lauty. who ti<-kles his catastrophe; " Look at tin- blackbird;-' The out law and hit1.foal acruser? ! Retribution for pa"t wrongs; '? Die likv a dog and rot;" Kathleen dis rm er? th??Body of her rrfnrdered brother' " Who did it W'.-'Twh-i I.'Hnuh Hanlon. the Mountain Outlaw For revenue 1 slew him, and for revenge I now make her mine; Cireuinstaucial evidence; Redmond accused o^f innrdt r. g SCEN E THI RD? A" room in SquireNolan's hous,. ?Lauty and Judy undergoing a cross questioning from the Squire; The m<A?e and the male bag; ?' Meet nie, Judy, at theould hut;'.' Lanty'stesoU e to find tne true murderer. SCENE FOURTH?Hugh Hanlon. farewell; To the Ini'd of'Trty birth, n>y nbame and my triumph; The esenpe of Redmond: The outlay confenaes the deed; Redmond at tempts to drag him to JubUcc; T'-rriti<* comhat; Redmond o\ercome.: The outlaw liberty; R?-<lmond'again arrested as the'anHaasin. SCENE FIFTH?lutcri^f of M>?- old hu';Theold onV rhy^; Jjjrfhlj'fi ^ priso^ift, and i? the power of the fJJTjfjtw : tamy's arrindfw ith his juveni'e blunderbtlsg:*He ri li-afles ?"KfitoJi-en. and inw to protect her; Judy in search of her io\ er; The Out law foiled; *'We are all U? re;" '* Your dauffhter dies;" Your younir blunilerbuss is brought into requisition; The wreck of life! Tableau. Uver> department of the GREAT CANTERBURY is well filled.? DRAMATIC,ETHIOPIAN Ac TERPSIt HOREAN. Consisting of some of the " MO^T TALENTED ARTISTES in the profession, viz: JOHN MULLIGAN, 4 JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN. JOHN ML'LLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, n.W WILLIAMS, H. W WILLIAMS, ?. W. WILLI AMD, J J. DOUGHERTY, J. J. DOUGHERTY, J.J. DOUGHERTY, W. B. CAVENAUGH, w. B. oavenattgh; W. B. CAVANAUGH. DELEHANTY AND WARD, dei.ehanty AND WVRD, DELEHANTY AND WARD DELEHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, DEI.EHANTY AND W ARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD) MRS. FRANK DREW ! MRS. FRANK DREW I MIW. FRANK DREW I MISS JENNIE ENGEL, MISS JENNIE ENGBL, MISS JENNIE ENGEL, JJI.-S E8TELL1 FORREST. M1S9 ESTELLB FORREST. MISS ESTELI.E FORREST, MR. J. Dk FORREST, MR J Dk FORREST, MR. J. Dk FORREST. MISS NAOMI I'ORTBR, MIH"1 N \OM 1 PORTER, MISS N VOMI PORTER. THE BOCyl ET OK BEAUTY, con-^ting ol JENNIE FORREST, JENNIE FORREST, LUCY CLIFTON, LUCY CLIFTON, MAGGIE WILSON, MA0O1E WILSON, LFONORA CREED, LEONORA CREED, EMMA DREW, EMMA DREW, ELLA CLARKE, ELLA CLARKE) in the Beattd cl Divirtisemest entitled SCENES AT THE DERBY I -iTMr! AT THE DERBY! fcCENES AT THE DERBY I EVERY ACT NEW THIS WEEK, forming a GRAND COMBINATION,OF TALENT! GRAND COMBINATION OF TALENT I Adroisrion ?........25 Orchestra...? ? ?.... m Private Boxes, holding six persons 5 oo Doors open at 7 o'clock; Performance to com mence at i o'clock. FAMILY MATINEB ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, AT 2 O'CLOCK. When the Prize Dram* of the MOUNTAIN oVtlaw w ill be prouueed. SNOW'S SNOW'S Celebrated Troupe of PERFORMING DOGS A^D MONKEYS .H4YB ARRIVED, a.nd will make their first appearand On MOVDAV. Ma, Cih. PI1 w< 53^ Ltikdi.^ V'. t'.OP : PbMari^m. Julia J'ennna...... propriat# o?turaes Tiu-mla r W edn on whij^'l "in Ch< r)j And the ' hiving 1 itv char ?on*. Tn with dre??* Shak In which '] Roman ?**1 Jallough blKrne Tl*rw?d.apj , -And |iracter.r '? - U ?' - i ? r- ! > -' iZ *A ?i-f? % j-inkfavor ler popular * verses. produced, splendid ,Ac., Ac., In pre - ? G RR_ MR. E. ?7 The The .. been *rt ??ral U phia C Hotsl. Director vthe IA N C E, W ALLACTK, pported by rica. For the Toriral White, Jamc??........ Luck ijj.. ?? - ? ? On Tuesday all Theater has ^?n of sev ini'i irMt Philadel \Mar 2d, Mated the his y Rev. James msa$?WwLe? l it Bavenport Mrs Farren. MKT, PiKrtrtfjL R GARB PROF. ?XI tlAVlOBM Firt-t ?'??k. the inin hir u**w. o the ?reai the Ameri?|? Wi KiAL^.Beeletetote: . .-Mutcal Director lillOS! AMY I _-&cknowrl of the pro in ?M*G?nm$iah, pohlic. ?will ?ee A nd the _ the aftruiaw furm aa i?P? coadjutor of ?zpansc. for two ??m?any. V ? RMENT. ?titled MIF* AN M " t'homas, "cliiBins Admlfitoa > .and S5 riiMtlith* dhitt* perfoi COMPANY rfor??nce con to mi in e of iirxx. _ . ATtHO^CLOOK. of th* Company. PrivaU Boxes 13 - my 2-lw ^ VAIHTIIII TA1ISTIES! ' MgUO 1AIA AITD THlATKR -T"" Ham?lin * C*. Fat BiMtMMt k )N? LIGHT ! obi LiauTs! ^NT TEMPLE' . Proprietors., us Advertiser. * .A Lina ^ ^ Mh??1* F?iinr Kit BPVRNBI* 0TAT1Q5>?0-HI?HT! A?frieaaWkm*er, Few York. ^Re er#aTCe*leP?*temlai?t. ? . MAfTrar: v i 8. mak^it,-^!. MAi FIT. ??d*oodl +. rranriP WEDli -J Mr. Barry, . ? ? ? ^ StJ^GS," ,j | sfe?* au\oxes {5. ?oii kb ottrm Actmi Music i Doorao1 UVTK3 take pleaaura illl4T Wine, 4 "Win^s ap 27-3> 'ATT A GU v,?rrau' Mous withoo, using tl sen tea (' money months sealed money. Albany "r?l Prinle Best" Fi only #1.50, ap W-5t* ^LLEN'S i,>udon*? Hatticld> Holly's Ci Village A Uou* Field's Sloan Sloau'l ? U. WF* variet Head I order, ai solicit a bwtToiM> 486 PNowi fihadej dor. 'of the 118, ap 27-lm I'SUI'H T?**' PUIS; #1.25. >; London, r; ?3. ' "?S Ssk Bl'tl? folio taylor; FORM HIS band a meats," ?rk?d to hopes to avenue, -eo3n?* 486 f'Window i to or 'C. ? .i [all. , B* AMr at all] GRAPHIC NEWS. ^ ^ *? r (ASSOCIATED FEJB?aDISPAT6HE?f r MEWS FROMREP RIVER. The Rebel Lo??es-ttiVReported Capture { ?t Shr*T?port.' N*w York, April 30.?The steamer Colum bia, from New OrleatJi o,n fl^e 23d*lnBtaat, y i* Havana on the 26th, and-the Merrimac, frJra *Ncw Orleans on the JTHh,-- Itavd1 aVrivgd. Among (he passengers in the latter in Gen. Andrews; also a ntUDbWr of other officers, and two hnndr d and fwRhty sick and wounded soldiers. Gen. WeH^elns a passenger in tbe Columbia. ' . ? * Advices from-AfcNcandria, La., to the JPth report that squad* of guerillas and rebel cav alry have made their appearance on Rpd tiver, bet-ween Grand Ecdre. and Alexandria, and had fired on several boate. Jbttt no damage had result* d as je), Theje aAd'.bptn no firing below Alexandria. A*battle is paid tp*be im minent above Grand Ecore, between .the ag - poelnr artrtie*. Our advance pickets h?#come npon the repel outposts, and brick skirmishing easutd. and ebarp shooting was going on con stantly. A general engagement might be brought on at any moment, for which onr troops were fnlly prepared and anxions. The gan boats stationed at the month of Red river report Gep. Steele in possession of Shreveport, and throwing np fortifications. Seven hundred contrabands had been brought to New Orleans from Red river. Gen. Lee and Ool. Dudley had arrived in New Orleans, as also Capt. Hines, to refit bis battery. . Passengers from Red River state that an Impression prevails that the rebels will do all in their power to avoid a gtueral engagement, though picket firing might bring it on. Our army has not vet prepared for an advance, which must eventually take place, and there would probably not be a battle for a short time to come. [AHOTHEB DISPATCH.] N?w York, April 30 ?The steamer John J. Roe, at New Orleans from St. Louis, reports having taken wood on the 19th u the month of the St. James River Tne furnace was filled, when a number of sticks which were loaded with powder expoded, without doing any damage except burning a fireman slightly. Via Cairo. Cairo, April 30.?Prisou^rs, deserters, and o'hers, present during tbe late battles, say the rebel Iobb at Pleaoant Ilill and Sabine Cross Roads cannot iall iar short of seven thousand; it may reach ten thousand killed, wounded, and prisoners. There is three and one-hull feet of water on Red river falls; six and one-half feet from Alexandria doyrn. LATER* Gen. Sttne Superseded by Gen. Owight? Movements of Re el Cavalry above Port Hudson ? Whereabouts of Magrnder's (Rebel) Arm'. Nkw York, May l.?New Orleans advices state that Gen. Stone has been superseded by Gen. Dwight, as chief of Gen. Bunks' staff. A refugee from Shreveport says the rebels admit a loss of only 1,100 men. but admit that they were defeated in the latt day's battle and suffered so heavily that they did hot consider it prudent to renew the attack. Throe thousand rebel cavalry are reported to be In the neighborhood of Clinton, La., above j Port Hudson. It is supposed their Intentions j are to lay waste the plantations worked by Yankees. Magrnder's army, reported to be 30,000 strone, is on the Gaud&loupe, Colorado and Brazos rivers, Texas, with the axception of 5,000 at Galveston. FROM ARKANSAS. General Steele at Camden ? Constant Skirmishing with the Enemy?Capture ?f n Rebel Transport. ST. Louis, April 30 ?Advices from Camden, Arkansas, say that Steele's army is at that place. Thayer joined Steele at Elkin's Ferry, on the Little Missouri, where the rebels were driven from their breastworks commanding the bottom. The enemy next stood at Prairie Dam, fortified with rifle-pits and guns en bar. beUe a mile and a half long. Steele flanked the position, and Price retreated after a brief fight, toward Washington. Other skirmishes oc curred during the march, but onr total loss was less than two hnndred. Price supposed Steele was going to Shreveport by the wav of Washington, and moved his command from Camden to Washington. After a fight at Prairie d'Anna, Steele pur sued the rebels for miles toward Washington : then suddenly turned, and pushed for Camden. Pric? discovered his mistake, and also started for Camden. A desperate race ensned; and, although heavy skirmishes occurred all the way?Marmaduke being in front and Dockery In "the rear with cavalry and artillery Steele came out victor, and entered the enemy's forti fications unopposed. Camden was strongly fortified with nine forts. All the approaches, well gnarded, can be held against largely superior forces. A large rebel transport was captured 30 miles below Camden. It is understood that reinforcements and sup 'plie*B are going overland from Little Rock to Gen. Steele, he not being able now to draw either from Banks. c Steele s force is fully twenty thousand strong, and can whip Kirby Smith, should he attack him. No fears need be entertained for his safety. * ADDITIONAL FROM EUROPE. The Conference on the Danish War?Satis ? factory Understanding between England .and France?Departure of the Emperor ( and Empress of Mexico. '^^lipax, N. S?, April 30.?The London Ob se?ver says that the conference will either put ttLDiJfhd to the Danish-German war altogether, ,%r its Influence will extend far beyond its ^present limit. The Observer also says it is generally believed that Lord Clarendon has succeeded in establishing a complete under standing between Great Britain and France, to which Russia will probably adhere. *n?e Emperor and Empress of Mexico quitted Miramar on the 14th of April, amid enthu siastic cheers and salutes from batteries. They rere expected at Rome on the 19th, and would set for Mexico the following day. '" At*lWp?eT; the Prussians had connected their entrenchments with new parallels, and without loss. Cannonading goes on night and day. It is rumored that negotiations are going on for the Eale of the Great Eastern to the French Government. Danish ships are reported making captures at the mouth of the Elbe. The Danes have announced the blockade of the Dantzic and Pillan, from the 19th of April. The Swiss Federal Council have resolved to put in force the decree of expulsion against Mazzjsi, on the ground that he has several times lately abused the right of hospitality. FROM THE FRONT. [Washington Dispatch.] WA'tfHiNOTOw, April 29.?Officers from the lront proless to believe that active operations will not be commenced just yet. The enemy is again strengthening his works along the Rapidan, placing more guns in position, and expending and strengthening his pickets, par ticularly on our left. The rebels are daily manifesting more audacity by frequently dhootirig.not only at pickets and videttes, out at any .person who passes within range of their run? ?itf any people look upon this as a certain indication that Gen. fcee has already com menced, or will soon do so, a retrogade move ment. Picket firing takes place almost every day on onr right. Seven troopers were wound ed two days ago at Warr6n'.on. There is no truth in the report ol the con centration of a large rebel force in theSnen andoah Valley. Rear Front Royal. The only fJbeWorc? in the V8 <*4^10Q 01 E well's' corps, which otit troops there outnum ^f.H iwD to one. Early's forces augmented by irregular cavalry of imboden, White, Mos bv and Gilmore, do not. in all, amount to six thousand. Prescott Smith, of Baltimore, the necessity ol whose position insures full knowl edge of the condition of affairs in that region, fnlly confirms these statements. Something important is expected before long lorm Gen Aver Ul. M a?.achusetts Endorsemen NMiMhtinpre#i5^nt Lincoln. Kofi TOT*, Msv 1.?'In the Massachusetts Sen atevesterday, tne Committee on Federal Rela tions reported a series of resolutions in relation to national aflhlrs, favoring the prosecution of the war, recommending an amendment to the Ooastitution abolishing slavery, and deeiarlng that the President has discharged tike dates of hie oAoe with fidelity, e&gaeity and courage. his Administration deserve* the conn donee of the public ?fc.TILgJ**1* THE POTOMAC. 4lM* ? ?r?ed?l*oc*9* Information ba* been receiT*^Iron the arm r oftfee J'otcirac that the troop. ?k? went to Madicoii Cinrt Htius? oaThursdiy bsrMd ik*> .MTkB?ilb#*' acco*d??K to order* is ?la^VA'. Borm,ld* 0??ml Meado qVortere - 8P* "?IBe ***"" *** Deserters who came <n on Saturday eoUm&ie Lee e army at PC,ooo strong, with 22,000 effec tive cavalry, all tn good conditio?, with ten daya supplies distributed to thorn, and tko railroad iubbIdk night and day bringing more Death mi Cenantedere Perter. Nxw Yobk, May 1.?Commodore Porter. ot the United States Wavy, died to-day OOWOBESSIOWAJL. 1m thb Hocpk on Saturday? i The Army appropriation bill koine >xk* consideration? ~-ThL^nate'8 &?endmente to the army ap propriation bill were all agreed to, win amendments, including thefoiiowia* Ail Mr ??n* o* who h**e beonor may be bmu ?4>rTt?* of the United i n-ceire the same anlforma. eloth ? isfiisr^iKsis ^sasrsns "emoluments, other than boonty, another sol* !b* regulator volunteer forces of the ITiud States, of like arm of the serviwe, from and after the 1st of January, 1861, and that every person of color who shall hereafter bo ronsteied into the service shall receive th-? same amount ot bounty as the President shall cider in the different States or parts of State* net txceeding one hundred dollars. Ar-y per - *son enlisted and mustered Into the service ae a volunteoBj under the call dated October 7,4063, f$r three hundred thousand men. who was at ihe time of ^ - ?s ^ ? draft "in tie rewire from the UnitedIRfiiHSNKSS]SS of bounty aa Whs paid whim toMmsMi said call, not exoeeding in any cane one hun dred dollars. All free persons of color, who have been cr' may be mustered into the military service shall from the date of their enlistment recelvo the same nniforms, clotning, arms, equipment*, camp equipage, rations, medical and hospital attendance, pay, emolument*, and bounty, aj others of the regular or volunteer force of like arm of service. And all enlistment In the reg ular army may be for the term ot three year". A QUABTBR or A MILLION?f EmIOBAHTI. The truth with regard to emigration, this year, has not been overstated The probabiUtv no v is that the highest estimates that have been made are mnch too low. Reports received a; Castle Garden, from all parts of Europe, Indi cate 250,000 as not far from the number that may be looked for at this port, this year. IT this be true, 1MM will be the second moot re markable year for emigration in the annals cl our bietoTy. Not only pillages, but whok: counties in Ireland and England, will bo emptied of their able-bodied industrial popu lations Within the last two months the ex citement on the subject has been intenaitfed by ?e arrival of scores of agenta in Ireland and England from this country, sent ont to enga?<j factory hands, farmers, mechanics, and labor ers of every description at price* which mw; be irresintahly tempting to the poorly-requited peasants and drudges of the old country. Tb* dissemination of pamphlets and circulars, add the publication of articles from American newspapers by Irish journal* friendly totKi country, have also swelled the tide. Su?h is the unprecedented demand for passages to t*** country for the next two months, that wo un derstand that the paeket lines here are selling no tickets for the hither voyage to be used be fore the 1st of July next It in pleasant to bo able to state that the class of emigrant* who are coming out are very superior, tbe majority of them befng small farmers or mechanic*, who bring property with them,and are industrious, frugal, sober people. Emancipation?At the Union canon*, held in Annapolit- on Thursday evening, it watsn ammously ordered that the Convention was bound by the popular verdict to the adoption of Immediate Emancipation without Stato Compensation This settles the Question a* to the final vote upon the measure when it come* up in Convention, and we hope that the knowl edge of this fact will tend to shorten tho debate upon It. The subject has been very thorongfc ly, if not exhaustively discussed, and wo want the Convention to act speedily, so th?i tho people may soon kave a chance to ratify tftotr action.? Baltimore American. official. War Department, Adjutant General's OjUe, > , ? . Washington, May 2, leW. < The following officers, having been reported at the headquarters of the army Ifri ths iwfkaui j hereinafter specified, are hereby notiAod that they will stand dismissed from the servio* of tbe United Statee, unless, within fifteen <1&) days from this date, they appear before tho Military Commission, in session in thi* city of which Brigadier General John O. Caldwell' Lnited States volunteers, i* president, and make satisfactory defence to the charge* amine t them: ' ~ ~# Fcilte certifying that he had notbfen absent fron% his company and regiment, and thereby fraudu lently obtaining full pay for a period iminj which he had been absent with leave. Captain Thomas Clnney, company A, 40tft New York volunteers. Drunkenness, neglect of duty, and absence toithouC leave. Second Lieutenant Henry A. Hunting, Massachusetts volunteers. Absence without Leave. First Lieutenant Jacob Mattern, Wd Penn sylvania volunteers. E. D. Towwbkhd, Assistant Adjutant General. War Department, Adjutant General's Office, ? __ Washington, May 2, 18M. C ' The following officers, charged with offenoe? and heretofore published, are exempt froa being dismissed tbe service of the United 8tate*s the Military Commission instituted by Specit I Orders No. 53, srries of 1863, from tho War De partment, having reported that eatinfaotory defence has been made In their respective case*, V12 : Colonel Nelson Cross, 67th New York vol unteers. Colonel Eobert B. Merritt, 75Ui New YorS volunteers. Captain Benjamin F. Thnrber, 75th New York volunteers. Captain John M. Kent, feth Pennsylvan a Reserves. Lieutenant L. W. Jackson, 1st Connecticut artillery. Lieutenant Charles B. Harris, loth Ohia battery. E. D. Towbhkhd, Assistant Adjutant General. P1PERHAN8I96I, A great variety of ENTIRELY NEW STYLES Adapted to PARLORS. DINING ROOMS, HALLS, and CHAMBER?, Also, 5,000 YARDS CANTON MATTING8, 1,000 YARDS FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, Our Mattings are unrivalled in this city, compris ing in part the famous Gowqua brand for parlors Oil Cloths from 3 to 12 feet wide, adapted to dinin rooms, hall*. Ac. Also? WINDOW SHADES, BRASS CORNICES, PARLOR MATS, Ac Paper hung by skillful workmen, and all order promptly attended to. Give ua a call and savk from 10 to 30 per cent. RIFFLE A FALCONER'S No. 34S 7th street, between I street and ap 23-ee Maas. avenue. pRE?H STOCK OF SPRING GOODS. We are now receiving our FKIGERAT0RS, WATER BUCKETS, Dust, White-Wash Douoo. E3, with many other goods suitable for house keepers. - Special attention is invited to the celebrated Winship Refrigerator, by far the best in use- alsa to the Union Carpet Sweeper, designed for com fort. ease and economy. SIBLEY A GUY ap 25-eotf [Int. A Times ] 392 D street. ?0C0A MATTING AT PRIVATE SAL*! We have Just received from the importers for crivate sale, ten thousand yards of Ooooa Matting, different widths, at our furniture warerooms, ia the rear of our auction rooms. ^ W. L. WALL A 00.. AuctTB and Commission Merchants, ap 15 south corner Pa. av. aad 9th at, JOSEPH REYNOLDS ? OQ , PLUMBERS, OAS, AND STEAM flTTMMZy No. 000 Nisth Stbust, near *% snue. Have just received, and will oonstanMy keen on hand, the largest and best assortment in tie eity of Chandeliers, Brackets, Drop Li?htn, Portables, Glass Globes, mica and other Shades, and all artt cl?B in this line, from the beat establishment* In New York, Philadelphia, Ac., which will be sold cn the m??t reasonably ter^s. Also, RANGSSTFURNACSS, aad Flr*-B**?d Stoves. , We are prepared to furnish the best RAJJGBla ase anywhere, on very reasonable term*. Hotels, Beetaurants, Ac are invited to o^l. We do all kinaa of GAB and oTBAM Aitia^s promptly and cheap, as alse evwything in the PLUMBING Une in the most satisfactory manner. Call add s*s our Bathiag Tata, Fountain* Water Closets, Wash-stands, Basins, Ac., Ae., at No. AOO Ninth street, near Pennsylvaniaavonuo,toolaifetft ?itablishmont la ths eity. fe 8-oetf

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