Newspaper of Evening Star, May 2, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 2, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AM0BEMXXT8 TO-NIGHT. Groveb's Theater?Mr. Grover, with characteristic determination to please the pub lic, has secured the services of the Wallack Davenpcrt combination for a few nights more, and for this bis patrons will certainly thank mm, for at no time, than now, have better plays been put upon the s;&ge, nor have they ?een better performed. To-night we are to I?ave "The King of the Commons," a play "Which will require the services Qt all of the company. Fobd'b theateb.?For the first time during this engagement Mr. Forrest will appear as ??Spartacus," in the thrilling tragedy, "The Oladiator." Few, indeed, are the actors who dare attempt to perform this part, and we know of no one who is so well qualified in every re spect to give a proper delineation of the char acter as is Mr. Forrest.* Mr. Ford has taken xnuch pains to get the play up In a proper man utr, and has produced new scenery and appro priate costumes. Odd Fellows' Leybk.?The Grand Encamp ment of Odd Fellowr for this District will give cne of the splendid levees for wbich the fra ternity is so famous, to-night, at Odd Fellows' Hall, 7th street. There will be a promenade concert, an address by a member of the frater nity, and after that the votaries of Terpsichore will have a chance to trip it gaily on the light fantastic toe. There will be ample enjoyment lor an. Caktbbrcbt.?Manager Lea presr ts to the pvbllc a new play, " The Mountain Outlaw,'' a prize drama by John F. Poole, and which will embrace in its representation Mrs. Frank Drew, Air. J. DeForrest, and many others. .Besides tbis, tbe regular concert hall entertain ment will be given, and John Mulligan, H. W. Cavanaugh, and all of tbe company will appear. V abj rrtES.?The man agement here announ ee a splendid bill for to-night, and, indeed, for the coming week; and among the performers are J. S. Maffitt, Maggie Friel, LinaWindell, HaU, Kerns, Thompson, and numerous others. The singers have good voices and the dancers are graceful. Metropolitan Hall.?Nellie Taylor, the beautiful and accomplished vocalist, who has delighted many upon other boards, has been engaged and will appear here to-night, as will also Tom Vance, Joe Ohllds, and many others well-known in the Concert Hall business. Pboxbhadi Cokcbbt ahd Fair The ladies of Calvary Baptist Ohurch propose holding a fair the present week in Old Trinity Hall, on Fifth street, and it will commence with a grand promenade concert, at which some of the best musical talent will take part. The fair will be a most delightful one. Balls.?J. H. Russell will give his grand May Ball at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard, to-night. There will be a grand time no donbt, every exertion has been made to make the party a splendid one. The Young Hibernia Club give a ball at Temperance Hall. A good time may be ex pected here. At Green Spring Pavillion a pic-nic will be given. A Case o* Kidnapping.?.On Friday, Mina Alt, a German girl, was forcibly taken from the residence of Mr. Jacob Wilson, on .the Island, by two women, and carried to the house of a Mr. Hartagnsis, on Seventh street, between F and G, Island, whom they re quested to take charge of her until they called. The girl, Mina, it will be recollected, is the complainant against CaspeT Saur, who she charges with attempting a rape on her, and who has been held to bail for court on that charge. She was bound to Saur, and after the alleged offense was committed she left his house and hired berseir in the tamily of Mr. Wilson. iSaur charged Wilson with harboring her, and this cage was heard a few days ago by Justice Johnson, who dismissed it. On Friday, as soon as the girl was missed, Mr. WiUon in formed officer Gibson, who went to the rail road to hinder any attempt to take her ont of the city, but subsequently discovered that she was at the place mentioned. The girl states (hat tbe parties who took her away from Mr. Wilson's were Mrs. Dexter and Oatherins Kaimer, both of whom are relatives of Sanrs, who will probably be made to answer for it. A BOCMTY JCJCPER AT THE GARRISON.? Several weeks ago a young man named Syl vester enlisted in the Marine service and was at the headquarters here, but some of his friends being very anxious that he should not remain in the service, it was arranged that he shonld be discharged when he procured an accepted substitute. On Wednesday last they presented a substitute who was passed by tbe surgeon, and the money, two hundred dollars, paid over to him, but before the last process or making him a marine, signing the enlistment had been consumated, he seized the opportunity of maEing his escape with the money by means of going through the hall of the officers' quar ters and he has thus fa* evaded pursuit. The young man, however, procured another substi tute the following day who he held on to until he was fully mustered in and received his dis charge. Orphan's Court, Judge Purcell.?Saturday, the will of Klchard Smith, bequeathing his es zate, real, personal and mixed, to his wife, Covington Smith, who is also nominated as executor, was proved and admitted to probate. The fourth account of P. H. Mc Naughty ex ecutor of Joseph A. Thompson, was approved and passed. ^ Wm. Douglas, administrator of John Doug las, gave bond with additional security. The letters of C. S. Wallach, executor of Par rott A. Prindle, deceased, were revoked. In the case of the estate of Major Uldo \ on Francois, on motion of Mr. Miller, counsel of Chas. Weinhold, the answer of A. E- L. Keese, administrator to the petition ol Weinhold, was dismissed on the ground of its being insulting. Seizing Government horses.?There was quite an excitement throughout the city yes terday in consequence of the putting into exe cution of a late order of the Secretary of War, requiring the seizure of all horses belonging to the Government that are used by its employes or others for private purposes. The number of videttes was increased in all parts of the city, and patrols moved about the streets during the entire day, and by tbis means about one hun dred and twenty horses were taken possession cf, and a large number of persons committed to the Central Guard-house, but afterwards re leased to appear at headquarters to-day. At the corner of 7th street and Pa. avenue, quite a crowd was collected during tbe morning, as at that point a number of horses branded U.?. were detected in hacKs and other vehicles. Fibe.?This morning, about 2 o'clock, two small frames bouses on D street south, between ?ith and 5th streets east, belonging to the estate of the late Gov. AdamB, and occupied by Moses .BelLftfld Keamon, colored, were discovered on fire and entirely consumed. The several lire companies were promptly on the ground, the American Hook and Ladder, Columbia, Ana costia and Government steamer Rucker going in service, and to their efforts the saving of the adjoining property is attributable. The police ot the Filth and Sixth Wards were also on the spot, and rendered all the assistance in their power. Held for Hearinq.?Last night, officers Lynch and Williams arrested John Kane and John McNulty, two boys, aged 11 and 12 ysars respectively, on the charge of sleeping in a wagon, and this morning Justice Glberson dismissed them on this charge, but held Mc Nulty for a turther hearing on the charge of being an accomplice of Pat'k Grady in break ing into a bake-house on 1 street, aud robbing it of a copper kettle, who was caught at the time committed to jail. A Disorderly Hackman Yesterday, John Nagle, a back man, was arrested yesterday by officer Burch lor disorderly conduct on Seventh street and Pa. avenue. Nagle, it appears, was driving his back, ^hen the guard slopped him to examine the horses, and he r&ieed a disturb ance. The officer had considerable trouble in arresting him ana the affair attracted a large crovrd. Justice Giberson, this morning, fined him *5.64. Petty Labceny.?Last night, officer Mona han arrested David Henry, a colored boot black, one ol a party of live boys who had broken open the frnit and confectionery stand near the corner of E and ?th streets, belonging to C. Casimo, and robbed it of several jars of < andy. J ustice Giberson committed Henry for a further bearing. An Old Soldieb Cared For.?Leonard Thompson, an old soldier sixty-four years of age, was found by the second precinct police sick aud iu abelpless condition near Boundary street. The case was reported to Mayor Wal lach, who immediately granted him a permit to be cared for in the almshouse. All tbe lovers ov music are on the qui rive in anticipation of the musical feast to be served up at old Trinity liail this evening. From those who have attended tbe rehearsals we are persuaded it will be the concert of the season. Goea?ly if you would secure admis sion. ^ A Rare Chance.?By referring to our ad vertising column, it will be seen there is a first class family grocery store, stock sad tixtnres for sale, the pie-ent occupant dolus a good L r. bin ess The store is situated in the Northern Liberties. Resignation ? Friday night, Mr. E S. Shoe maker, of the Common Councllof Georgetown, notified tbe board of hie intention to resign. The ressou assigned was his objection to serving without pay. Tus Sqvars?211?known as ? Kingman's Garden," presents some of the flneal build ing sites on sale In the city. A large portion of these lots will be sold on the premises to-morrow afternoon at fonr o'clock. They have the advantage of high and airy locality, of Potomac water, and the city pass* nger rail road. See the advertisement in our colatnns. No safer investment for spare funds can be found, and no more desirable sites for private residences, than these lots , I.ettbr Carrieh appoikted.?City Post master B?wen has appointed Mr. Joseph O. D. Bowen a letter carrier, in place ol J. F. Mudd, resigned, at same pay of ??0o per annum. SPECIAL NOTICES. PROPEr.Tr owners cannot fail to perceive the advantages they will receive by registering their property on the books of Hall A. Eaton. (Renl Es tate Agents,) for sale or rent. Their office is in Federal Block, corner of 7th and P streets. It* Nottof.?We would call attention to the sale of Dead Letter Office Matter to commence on next Monduy-at 10 o'clock. at oflr store, No. 4317 7th street We shall begin with schedule No. 1 of the catalogue, enibraciDa 2331otsof Clothing. Hosiery, Embroideries. &c.. Ac. Also, Monday 7!j o'clock, schedule No. 2. of 211 lots of Books For descriptions see catalogues, t? be had at the auction store. W. B. Lewis A Co., ap 30-2t Auctioneers. Browk's Broschial Troches. These Lotenges are prepared from a highly esteemed recipe for alleviating Bronchial Affec tions, Asthma, Coarseness, Coughs, Colds, and Irritation or Soreness of the Throat. Public Speakers and Vocalists Will find them beneficial ia clearing the voice before speaking or singing, and relieving the throat after any unusual exertion of the vocal organs, having a peculiar adaptation to affections which disturb the organs of speech. mh29-d&wtf Heaps that Rebel againRt the rales of Taste or Beauty, in their color or in the loss of all their color, may be changed in a few moments to uny Beautiful Shade, by a single application of Cristadoro'* Hair Dyb. The rapidity of its operation, perfect safety, per manent healthful offect, and the exceeding depth and richness of the hues it imparts, distinguish this preparation from all other Dyes in use in this country or in Europe. Cristaooro's Hair Prbservativ*. a valuable adjunct to the Bye, in dressing and pro moting the growth and perfect health of the hair, and of itself, when used alone?a safeguard that protects the fibers from decay under all circum stances and under all climes. Manufactured by J. Cri?tadnro, No. 6 Astor House, New York. Bold by all Druggists. Applied by all Hair Dress era. mh ai-d&rweolm Coi.gate's Hoxet Soap. This celebrated Toilet Soap, in such nniveraal demand, is made from the choicest materials, is mild and emollient in it.- nature, fragrantly scent ed, and extremely beneficir.' "n it* action upon the skin. For sale by all Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers. ja26-eoly B air Dr? I Hair Dye || Batehelor's celebrated Hpir Dye is tkt best in the world. The only harmless, True and reliable Dye know- This splendid Hair Dye is perfeet?changes Be-. iiusty or Grey Hair instantly to a Glossy Black or Natural Brown, without injuring the kair or staining the skin, leaving the hair soft and beautiful; imparts fresh vitality, frequently re storing its pristine eolor, and rectifiesthe ill offsets of Bad Dyes. The Genuine is signed William A Batohelor, all others are mere Imitations, and should be avoided. Bold by all druggists, fee. Fac tory? SI Barclay street. Hew York. Batehelor's aew Toilet Cream for dressing the kair. Jy 7-eoly The Fret.?Beauty of carriage is mostly depen dent upon a Judicious preservation of the feet: it is impossible to move in a graceful manner if the great support of the whole frame be in a disor dered condition, and nothing impedes so much as Corns. Bunions. Ingrowing N ails, or other disor dera to which the feet are liable. To nH afflicted we wouid recommend an early call at Dr. White s office. No. 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4,la and 6th streets. ap6-tf E. J. Wii.kins, Esq.. has been appointed Agent of the Great Pennsylvania route, vice E.O. Nor ton, to take effect on the 28th of March. Mr Wil kins bas been connected with the Office, at the corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, during the past two years, and is thoroughly con versant with the business of the route in all its departments. All applications for information, tickets, Ac., must be addressed to B. J. WUKins, Agent Great Pennsylvania Route, Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue. Y01J*0, General Passenger Agent, ap5 Great Pennsylvania Route. Diseases op the Nervous, Seminal, Urinary and Sexual Systems?new andreliabie treatment? in Reports of the Howard Association?sent by mail in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address D. J. 8killin Houghton. Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth street, Philadelphia pa mh2^-3m Da Dupojtt 's Sugar-coated Female Regulating Pills are the very best in ?.<#. They operate sveedxly and effectively, and being sutar coated create no nausea upon the most delicate stomach. A trial of these Pills will prove their superiority over all others. Price #1 a box. Bold by B.C. Ford, comer 11th street andPa.avenue,Washington,and Henry Gook, Alexandria. Jae-ly Spermatorrhea oar be CCRRD.?Dr Rand's Spe cific cures Spermatorrhoea, Seminal WtaJcnut, lm potencu, Loss of Power, etc.. spctdtly and eff Its effects are truly magical. A trial of the Specific will convinoe the most skeptical of its merits. Price 81 ? bo*. *Jrd? c<?i? street and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Henry Cook, Alexandria. lae-i* BrcrrVDibrabrs. Samaritan's Gift is the most certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetab.e rem edy ever discovered. Cures in two to four days, and recent cases in twenty-four hours Ho mineral, no balsam, no mercury. Only ten pills to be taken. It is the soldier's hope, and * fnend to those whe do not want to be exposed. Male packages, 92; ^SamaVfwjt'j Root and Herb Juims? A positive and permanent cure for Syphi hs.Serof ula .Ulcers, 8orea Spots,Tetters, Ac. Price fl. or six bottles for ?6. Bold t?y S. 0. Ford. See af*yrtisement. mi The cheapestahd best Hair Dye is the World ?Nettr Fades or Washes Out ? Uphani s Hair Dye, 80 cents a box. The best in use. Try it. Sold by 8 C Ford, corner 11th street and Penu. avenue, Washington; and Henry Cook, Alexandria. a G-ly _____ Warranted to Curb i?Six Davb.?Dr. Godfrey's Antidote, an English Specifie of sixty-five years standing, will care Gonorrhea rn sit days. No change of diet required. Price 81 per bottle. Bold by B.O.Ford, corner 11th street and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Henry Cook, Alexandria. Ja6-ly Nervous Debility, Brmiral Weakness. etc.. Can Be Cured by one who has really eared himself aud hundreds of others, and will tell you nothing but the truth. Address, with stamp, Edward H. Traver, mar S-DAW ly Look Box. Boston, Msss. MARRIED, i the 27th of April, by the Rev. G. G. Goss. IN 8 DICKINSON, of Erie, Pa., to ELLEN M . ghter of Robert Clarke, Esq., of this city. * On JOB! daughter* On the 30th day of April. l(?t>4. by the Rev W M. D. Ryan, AUGUST RU1ILENDER to Miss MAR\ DELAY,both of this <?ty. DIED On Sundav morning. May 1, EL1SIIA D PI T NAM in the 69tli year of hi? age. He was a native of New Bampshire, but for the last twelve yesrs sojourned in the West. He was one of the sur viving pensioners of the war of 1812. [Chicago and Michigan City papers please copy. l In Georgetown. D. C., Mr. DAVID IIANE, in the 73d year of his age, one of the old defenders ol Baltimore in 1312. _ His funeral will take place Tuwday, moriuM, May 3. at 10 o'clock, from No. ? est street. 4R6 0VAL PICT?^J? FRAMK?- 4g0 4!?6 ? NEW~STOCK ~-4?6 Just received the richest, handsomest and most varied stock of Gilt aud Dark Wood Oval Picture Frames in the Distriet. These goods are warrant ed to be gilded with gold leaf and of superior work B1A"so!Pa beautiful assortment of Card Visite Fi ames of foreign aud domestic manufacture. All goods warranted as re presented ^^rma cask. No. 486 7th Street, eight doors above ap 1-lmif* "<t(1 Fellowg' Hall. ICfi BPRINGSTOCK ~ 4^0 4^6 PAFERHANGINGB.... ? 4fr6 .Tuat opened, a beautiful assortment of Gold and Velvet, Gold Embroidered and medium priced ^Alsof'a'varied and choice stock of Satin and Blank Papers. Borders. Statues, Center Pieces, Ac. Orders for Paperhangings or Window ehades punctually executed in city or country. Terms cash for goods .p ... j??-m"? i B " L?C,i0|i!p LOUNQKS!) W e have Just received per steamer? 90 ASSORTED BED LOUNG1S. to which wo call the attention of the cititens and public generally. ap U>-eo6t BONT2 A GRIFFITH. PIANOS ?A new assortment ofSteinway A Sons', Raven A Bacon and Haines Brothers, ??^ Pianos have )ust been received at our|B*H warerooms. which we offer for sale at fac-" ? ? " * tory prices. We have also on hand several very good aecond-hand Pianos?one for #100, one for $120 and one for Kyi. Purchasing for cash exclu sively. we are enabled to sell at lower pricep than other house*, and upon easy Wins. Bole agency of M..0. * >????? ^iStzBROTT, ap 36 Corner of 11th street and Pa. avenue. t?IX CHICKERING A SONS'FAMOUS PIANOS 2^ (uat arrived this morning. Good news^^^^^ fAr n,. friends who have been so patientlyBIB waitingThii makes our stock very Ur&HTTT* Wfll aiSoTUda bMBI forty pl?0? from V>#et maker# in the* ronntrr wr rsiit, PiiikOA tuned, Pi^o. mov^d kc KUo Melodeons and Organ. Melodeons. Several good * ap 26 3D6 av., bet. ?th and lcth et. List of letters remaining iw thb post OFFICE. GEORGETOWN, D. C., Ann 30, 1904, To obtain any of these letters, the applicant taunt call for *? advertised letters," give the date of this list, and pav one cent fu* advertising. If not called for withir one month, they will be gent to the Dead Letter Office. Place the pontage stamp on the upper right-hand corner, and leave space between the stamp and ? direction for post-marking without interfering with tl,f writing. A request for tne return of a letter to the writer, if unclaimed within thirty days or leas, written or printed with the writer's name, po-t office, and State, across the left-hand end of envelope. c>d the lace side, will be complied with at the usual pre paid rate of postage payable when the letter is delivered to tne writer. LADIES' LIST. AleAnder Mrs 8 B Kelly Miss Fllie Augur Miss Molly King Mr* Elizabeth R Burns Mrs LeeMrsLuier Buckminster Mrs A M Lafferty Mrs Kate Growly Mrs Mary F Matingly Menervia Ann Dodsnn Miss Josephine Morrison Miss Hattie R Dale MiR? Alice Mahorny Mrs Emily Defour Mr* A6R Oliver Mi?s Mary Evans Mrs Mary Orron MUs Kate Ksoeleth Mrs E A Pake Miss Oathae Fletcher Mrs B*t?y Pond Mr* L 8 Poster Miss Susan Philips Mian Nettie Ferguson Mrs R Paul Mfs Eliza? Fall Mrs Jennie Renolda Miss Cath Fogle Mrs Elisabeth Skinner Isabella Glascof Mrs Betsy Smith Mrs Virginia Griffin Mrs Nellie Pchoot Miss Maty Ami Graham Mrs Margaret Bnllivan Mrs Laura V Grand field Mrs Elleu Smith Mr6 Kate B Grandfleld Catherine Spofford Mrs Hattl* M Ileward Mrs Annie Thompson MrtrtJulia Ann Harrison MissVirginia Trammel! Mrs Marthey-4 Henry Miss M J Tracy Miss Mollie Howard Mri? Mary TrammeHMlssJaneAltce? Hicks Miss M&rv Thompson sir* Jnlia Hnlinrs Mrs Col Trickery Mrs John A Jones Mis- Matilda Taylor Miso Allies Johnfft>? Mrs M H Wright Mibs Martha Koara* Miss Lilly Wilson Mrs M n Kour Mi*s Jennie E Woodard Misa Alice GENTLEMEN'S LISt Arms Win Faulkner J A McNeshauSy B Atcheaou Peter Fisher J A Noimyor W Bick Wm ft Fol.som E A Niem&nnGHW BearseCaptW GoneMichl OliverWm Berry Thou GonzalVeallevM Oeiuan Wia BoyerThos M J-2 O'LevyT ,, Brooks Noah Gilkeson Lewis Osborm D W Beaerman L L Hurd 0 C Piumni?r W D-2 Brooke J no M Harris Geo Pelouze L H Berber Geo N-2 Hoftman J V Piearce L B Beeket Clement Hanson Ssnil PluckesJas P Brooke EH Henderson T T PiWarinJa* Benjamin h . Hag?rty T PlyllipaGeo Canning Wm Hardy Austin Rulietuon Wm Corliss OaptT Hynes Thos Ridgely Chas B Canuingham P Johnson R0I4 Bcranton W D Crowley Miehl Jones JnoW Fpencer Thos T Chester Jos R Irwin E Spencer T M Carlton or Wil-Jones Jerry SmailJR ton J Koojtle A C Sullivan J no H Clarke Henry KoeUeirA. SiroaJ W Chase HCH Means Wm-A Smith H W Clarke Capt E MillerW B Schnebly E B CouicC Miller Racy Shroter A Catler Albert-2 Mullen Bobt Turner Win Dougherty W-2 Mackin M Taylor Thos Donaldson Wiu McBride M Tennyson Jno Dorsey Michl MalaheyJno-3 Taylor Jos H Deuaven Isaac MarcyJ T XhuinasJas Daley J a* Meen Jas Williams L W Dennej'Jas McAulilT Jno Wetzel J n-2 ? Duly Jos MellanielRt rllC wtKb Jno Elliot Wm P MoneyHensy -WheeleE Danl F.ddlemaa Wm MeCormick F M Wells David G F&n'worthS McDounelCaptF Waltz Cwirad Frawly Timothy McCarthy Cha*> Zimmerman F Fithean Saml B It HENRY ADDiaQy.P. M. CTOCK OF THE CORPORATION OP GKORGK TOWN.'D. C.?Persons who #onld wish to pur chase stock of the Corporate of Georgetown. D. C , on which fliterest will be j>ay*W!e quarterly, can obtain tnmf on apptfeatMrn to WILLIAM LAIBD. Esq., Clerk of the Corporation. ap 16-d3w ? BALLS, PABTIES,&0. M A Y B A L L was,,ire?iY^d??^own PA85Sf L I LI ASSOC I A TlON, ODD FELLOWS' HALL.7th Mrat, W EDNBSDAY, May 4.1864. 1 Tickets ?2. admitting a gentleman and ladie*. For sale on the cars. Mumc by Prof. Withers. ExtCCTIVF CoMMlTTT-g. W. w. Wallace, E. S. Ash, G.Tord, G. Kirby, D Riley, G. T. Grares. N. Porter% C A. Littlejohn. L. Wetzel, N. Bouvrt. J. E. Buckingham, C. Vermilion, jri. Torbert. A. R. BENNER, Chairman. J. C. WILLIAMS. Bec'y. my 2 3f T A HI RD GRAND BALL or THE ISLAND SOCIAL CLUB. will be given at tho ISLAND HALL, On THURSDAY, May 6th, Committee pledge themselves to spare no pains or expense to make this one ^f the grandest Balls of the season. Tickets ONB DOLLAR, admitting a gentleman and^adies. Commiitft tj Arrangementt, Thomas McCook, H. F. Beach, G.Dixon, John Manoney, J. C Fisher, Wm. Buckley. Thoa. W. Stone, Jno. H. Weeden. Wm Ball, F. Bpringman, Jno. Lit'le. Geo. Miller, Geo. Adams. ?p?9 Iw* GRAND WAY LEV EC OI* THE Grand Encaapaent 1.0.0. F. The R. W. GRAND "ENCAMPMENT OF ODD FEI.LOW8 of the District of Co- ?=* lumbia will hold a Levee at thoT; t* Ilall on Peventh street, on kJ-T MONDAY, the 2d day of May, ?SifVa^V the membership of the Order appearing in full Regalia. The evening's entertainment will commence with a Grand Promenade Coccert, to be followed by an Address from an able and eminent member of tho fraternity; after which the lovers of the Terpsi chorean art will be offered an opportunity to in dulge in the festive Joys of the dance. No efforts will be spared to make this the enter tainment of the season, and even excell those here tofore given, which have contributed so largelyjto pleasures of the fraternity. Tickets ?1, admitting a gentleman and ladies, which can be obtained of any one of the presdiing officers of the respective Encampments or Lodges, or at the door upon the evening of the Levee. EXKCCTIVE COMMITTER. Wm R McLean George H Kiug E P Van* .1 C C M baley W P Brown M G Shaw George Brown Dan'l Carrigjvn Wm T Ford D D Clarke Jos S Tucker WmHFra/.ier John T 8uter Eli Garrett Geo Z ColUfton ap23-eo3t P~ ROF. MARINI'S GRAND MAY BALL WILL take place at Odd Fellows' Hall. 7th st., ?JL on TUESDAY EVENING, May 3d, 1834. Gen S? tlrmen wishing for ladies' invitation can ol' /HR tain them by applying at Mr. John Ellis'sU?Ht Music Store, or at Messrs. PhilpA Solomon's Book store, Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and Itith sts. ap 2i-9t* PICONS GRAND BALL OF THE YOUNG HIBERMA CLUB. Will be held at TEMPERANCE HALL. E street, between Pth and 10th streets, on MONDAY, May 2d, IBM. Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admittinga gentleman and ladies. Committee of Arrangtmmls. John Myers, Martin Urthan, James, Michael Farrel. John Lightelle, ap7,8,9,28,29.3>&May2-7t" A LOST AND FOUND. CAME ON TO MY PREMISES on April 25,1SGI. a red COW and young CALF marked on both ears. The owner i* requested to come forward, pro\e property, pay charges, and take htr away. my 2-3t* JOHN BUCHANAN, on 15th and Q st. P'AMB TO THE PREMISES of the underpinned, on the 30th ultimo, a yellow BUFFALO COW. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and Uke her away. J. F. GREEN, Agent, my 2-.*t* ? ISth St.. bet. M and N, No. 3'21. OSTKAYKD FROM TUB QOMMQNS. North of city, ou Friday, tho 29th of April, adafk. roan HORSE in good order; lame fn right hind leg. A liberal reward will be paid for his return to JOHN W. RIGHTSTINB, No. 400 Massachusetts av enue, near 1 th strict. , my 2 3t* IOST?A paekage of 'PAPBRS, ill a Buff Knvel -< ot>e, supposed to have been dropped on jith street, near the Patent Office. They are of no value to any one but the owner. Any one finding the ssine who will hand them into the office at WillardV Hotel ? ill be liberally rewarded. my 2-3t* WM. L JA!trR9. tjTOLEN?From the house of Thomas Fealy, on O Rhode Island avenue, between 13th ?nd Uth, on 1st May, a black DRESS COAT, containing two promissory notes for fl26 each, passed by Charles V. Segar to Thomas Fealy. I hereby notice the public in negotiating or dealinr in eueh notes, and also offer a reward of flu for the recovery of said proyerty. IV TH0MA8 FEALY. LOtT?On Thursday, the 2?th iustant.a roll of blank PAY-ROLLS, siaued. A reward of 110 will be given if returned to the Star Office, ap 30-lw* ?in RBWARD?Lost nn ^arday morning the wIU Slrth Instant, a BROWN HORSE, between four and five years old. The above reward will be paid if returned to M. SIEQEL. ap 30-3t* 10-3 4&: street, Island. STRAYED?On Wednesday, a brown HORSE, hind feet white, without shoes; ruuning sore on right shoulder. A reward of f5 will be paid for its return to J. WEYRIOH, corner of 7th and N streets. ap 3 '-'Jt ? fr REWARD.-Strayed froai Meridian Hill, <50 about ten days ago, a red COW, with small horns, white spet on her ruB>K au a poor condi tion The above reward will be given for her re turn'toC: A. STOCKBRIDGE, Meridian Hill. ap 3'-3t* LOST OR STOLEN?HOR5?S-0ne large cream colored Horee, Scar on shoulder; 1 aangil white Horse; 1 bay Horse, white feet, with Faber cats en tail and rump, strayed or stolen. Any information in I Peon, avouue. FOR RENT ANb SALE. FOR RENT?Two Jar*? nM handtnoKly for tnshed LOOM8 lor rent, v ;thorwiihoutboard at 400 p street notth, bet. 6th J"th ?U. it* FOR RKNT-One Urge FRONT MbOVt*^n& KITCHEN, on M s-lreet north, bet ween S?t?!> *pd Seventb ctrefct, No 583. -my . :t' BURNISHED tfOOMS FOR MSl-Tc con tie * ini n, at No. 443 1' th street, F auJ (i. Reference required. ? r? <by ? 3t* rpHREE_FI*KNI^IIED ROOMS FOR RENT-T^ ' quire at No. 633,13th street, Settee n D sad C.l-Ml.l. lUf^-it* For sale or~rknt-a brick yard an d FIXTURES. Address X.. 0 B., through the City Poht Oflic*. my i-3t* FOR BENT?On* BRICK HOWE e?M?ininf ten rooms. with gas light* in etpryroom, or? ktreet.l etween L andJW. Enquireof JOHN MURPHY. corner of L and Tenth. . It* FOR REKT-A two story BERK DWELLING, with five rooms, pleasantly located on the Islstd. Possession at once. Reut ?2i. Bunuf *25. Inquire after ? p. m. on Tuesday, at fristii street, between B and E t>outh?. > my 2 2t* FIRNISHED BOOM8 for geatlemvn. with or without board, in a larpe,airy hmw, pleas antly located. Cars pass the dornr every live minutes. Terms reasonable. Apply immediately, at the corner of nth and 8 sts. 1 nay a-.It* POR" SALE-An old establish RESTAURANT, now doing an excellent business, inc^ a large stock of choice Liauorsand Cigars, and an unexpired lease of several years. Price $2,5)0. Ap ply to. J. M., 22?? D street. my 2-3t* I^OR RENT?A neat FRAME HOUSE.containing E five rooms, within five minutes' walk from the Benartments, in the First Ward. Apply to ?EO. A. LANE, 17 5 K street.between 18thand 19th sts., or 95 Centre Market. ?* my2-3t* FORSALE-A first-class faniilv OBOCEBY and LIQUOR STORE , situated in a good location in the Northern Liberties, facing three streets, will be sold, together with the entire stock, gool w ill and fixtures A lease of the store ran be had if desired for three years For particulars address Cash, Bo* 7 56 City Post Office. my 2-3t* F^OR BENT?Double and single ROOMS, with board, et 44P 12th strewt, between G and H. References required. ? ap3o~2t* |T?OR RENT-Three FURNISHED BOOMS, first A door, with gas and bath house. Inquire 414 8eventh street,between G and H. ap J) 3t* A SUITE of handsomely furnished ROOM8; one a large front room: with or without board. Terms moderate. Apply at No. 339 F street, be tween 9th and Kith. ap 30 3t* FOR SALE-TheGBEENBACK RESTAURANT, witi furnishod rooms attached, and a lease of five years. Inquire at 452 10th street, first door above Ford's Theater. ap 3U-3t* HOUSE FOR RENT-A three-story new FRAME HOUSE, with a 8toremom; situated on the corner of 23d and I streets, 1Washington. D. C. In quire of JOSEPH LIBBEY. No. 27 Water str*et, Georgetown. ap3>-3t* FOR RENT-A large BRIOK HOUSE, on L street, between 9tb and 11th streets, contain ing 10 rooms. Apply to JOS. F. KELLEY, Real Estate Broker, office oa 8th street, near the cor ner of I, north. ' ap3>-3t* For sale or rent-a frame house, with five acres of ground, orchard, Ac., on the Rock Creek road, six miles from the city and two from Fort Slocum. For terms, Ac., apply without de lay to Mra. DAVIS, 2"lh street-, east side, first frame house south of H street. ap 3i 2w* l^OR RENT?One large front ROOM, first floor, A suitable for an office, or will be rented tar nished or unfurnished, with or without board,to some gentleman, or to a gentlemen and wife. Ap ply at 231 G street, between 17th and IStb, close to the War Department. _ ap 3'<-3t* C?OB"SALE-The GOOD WlTL and FIXTURES a of a well conducted Restaurant c.n Pennsylva nia a\enue, including a lease lor two vearn, stock of liquors, with 12 adjoining furnished rooms. Chu be purchased at a reasonabjt price. Aunly to JOS. F. KELLEY. Real Estite Broker, ofti -e on Pin street, near the corner of I north ap 30-Mt* K. M. HALL. W.r.EATOS, - HALL A EATON, A T TO R X A YS AT LAW and REAL F.ST ATE BROKERS. Office?Corner 7th and F streets; Room 20. ('pen from 8 a.m. until 8 p. m. Will buy and sell Real Estate on commission and otherwise, negotiate loans thereon, purchase notes secured by mortgage, examine titles, prepare deeds and other instruments of writing. Persons having property for sale are requested to call and leare descriptions thereof at our of fice. Persons wishing to btiy either city or Maryland property should examine our lists. Maryland Farms at great bargains. Persons wishing to rent or lease property will find our agency of service to them. A number of good Farms are now on our books for sale at low prices, located near this city, among them the following: 53*? ACRES, well improved, 4 miles from Wash ington; >5" per acre. For sale by HALL A EATON. Real Estate Agents. 23>? ACRES OF OAK AND PINE WOOD, fire miles from Washington; very cheap. A two-acre LOT, 7 miles from Washington; im proved. A rery valuable LOT on F street, near 7th, 45 feet front. WANTED-A number of UNIMPROVED LOTS in the northern part of the city. Also, Two or three IMPROVED LOTS in the same sec tion. Also, WANTED?Half square of GROUND, on 13th or 14th etreet. Also, Several HOUSES for sale and rent, and FUR NISHED ROOMS. ap 30-2t* FOR RENT?Two well-furnished large FRONT BOOMS. Apply at Ko. 459 12th street, be tween G and H. west aide. ap 29-3t* |/OR SALE?The Good Will and Fixtures of a JT BLACKSMITH S110P. For particulars apply at No. 13 1st street, Georgetown. ap29-3t* C. DOYLE. THREE FURNISHED ROOMS FORRENT", very pleasant and comfortable. Two gentlemen would be taken to board. Apply at the four story brick dwelling, No. 323 8th street, corner of L, north of the Patent Office. ap 29-3t* l^UKNISHED BOOMS FOR BENT.?Three or a four eligible rooms for rent, with ga< and water, situated on the southeast corner of loth and M streets. Good references required. ap 29-3t* l/OR RENT?A completely furnished HOUSE r containing eight rooms, gas and water, sit uated on Massachusetts avenue, between 5th and fith streets, No. 468, now occupied by Capt. H C Wood. U. S. A. Inquire of P. GALLANT, No. 150 Gth street. Best references required. ap 2?-3t* ]7<OR RENT-A CARRIAGirHOUSE AND STA BLE.? An excellent brick carriage-house and stalls for two horses with plenty of room; with a loft which will contain iH tons of hay Will be rented at a moderate price, if applied for irom?di atelv. at No. 324 G street, between 12th and 13th. ap 29-St* 1 ^O RENT WITHOUT BOABD-First class FUR _ NISILED ROOMS. The best of citv references given and required. Meals furnished at a good oarding house within a few doors. Apply at No. &9 Pcnn. avenue, above 21st street. apgo-lw* F'OR RENT?On the 1st of May, (to gentlemen) without board, in a private family, two neatly furnished CHAMBERS, Locution near the depart ments and very pleasant and healthy?460 New York avenue, 2d door from 15th st ap25-tf <E? -a AAA WILL BUY THE LEASE of * large, J. commodious HOUSE, with store and stable attached. Address Mr. LEASE, Star Office. ap 21-lm* , / r FOR SALE OR RENT?a first-rate two story FRAME HOUSE, containing nine rooms, to gether with nine BUILDING LOTS, all set out with choice fruit, such as peaches, pears, plums, cher ries, grapeBJall ofttle best selection; with a pnmp o.* excellent water in the yard; on the corner of G and 13th streets and Penn. avenue east. For farther particulars call at residence No. 575. apl6-lm* - D. CARROLL. FOR SALE?A valuable SLAUGHTER HOUSE PROPERTY. Sfi.'W feet of ground and im Srovements, as follows: Slaughter house, 16r?;one o.,21x25; ice house, 2 >x?); stable 18x26?substantial brick buildings: cattle and stable yards well paved, admirably adapted for a sottp-and candle factory or tannery. Will be cold for *8,000. MITCHELL ft SON, Real Estate Broken, ap 15-1m southeast cor. Pa. av. and tfth st. FOR SALE-A STORE and DWELLING HOUSE, No. 401,on7thstre?t, between H and I streets. Lot 2 ( fcf 7<> feet. This is a first-rate business place. A BRIOK HOC8E, No. 66*, on M street,between 4th and 0th streets. Has six rooms. Sets back from the street. Lot 3<i by 219 feet, rnnning through to Ridge street. Is a very desirable place for a private residence. A BRICK HOUSE,No.432,ondthstreet,between G and H streets. Has four rooms. Sets back, with yard in front. Lot 19 feet 6 inches by 99 feet. A FRAME HOUSE, No. 373, on 9th Btreet between I and New York avenue. Seven rooms. Lot 2<> by 100 feet. A FRAME HOUSE, No. 342, on loth street between L and M streets. Has six rooms. Lot 30 by loo feel. _ 'A FRAME HOUSE, No. 342, on Qstreet.between 11th and )'2th. Six rooms. Lot 20 by 83 feet. For particulars apply to I. 8. KERN, ap 13-lm* No. u33 M at., bet. 4th and 5th. LARGE BBICK DWELLING on H north, be tween ?th and 7th west, 525, will be sold for f3,000. Lnmediate possession. Terms easy. Would also sell other improved and unimproved property in convenient locations. B.MILBUBN, ap6-lm* 524 I street north. FOR SALR OR RENT-That Srst-class DWELLr ING HOUSE and lot of gronnd at the south west corner of Prince and Columbus streets, Alex andria. Title perfect and Immediate gosseMjon given. Inquire of JAMES A. STOULENBERG, Alexandria, or of the subscriber, FrapEHn Row, mh **4 i?hbop. ROOMB.ftt 480 Htb Departments, fiit is unsurpassed in Washington. No cMMm? In *be houae. de ff-tf f I AUCTION SALES. F?r ether Atriln SllM w* flret p?f*. THIS AJTfcKftOOI* AXP TO-MORROW jJT J O. Mcff UT*EA CO.. Auctioneer!. VALUABLE IMPPOVBD AND UNIMPROVED PROl EKTYIN THK FIRST WARD AT PUB 1 Xc h On MONDAY AFTERNOON, May 2d. at4 o'clock, ti,f.shall Fell, in the order naaied, ]he following de*oriti#u valuable property beloag* 11 |1o the htirg of t ie l?ie Thou:a* Cook. fit.? t *ulla5?n "qnare No.77 Lot 22 >* improved with twotir#? ftory brickdttl ling-houses, with bee* b?ildiog*, fronting m north 1 street, between Twenty-firatand T??a ty ficcond streets west. Lc-ts 23 una 24 sre Fituatea at the corner of Twen ty first and I streets, in fnil view of Penusyl vmia avenue, fronting 01 *4t 9 inches on I i-treet, and 130 fe*t I<* inches -n Twen'y-flrst street went, occupied at present by 8. Stover, Esq , as a wood and coal yard. Lets 1,2, S, an 1 2#. are situated at the corner of T went y flrst street and north B street, which will be sub-divided into convenient building li>t"vtwo of them with two desirable twa story and basement brick dwelling bouses with back buiifftaga. Lot on Pennsylvania are? ae, between Twen'v-first and Twenty-second atresia, in the row . uowr as tie "Six Buildinge." with Una substantial walls, now itanding, of a building destroyed, by fire. Term*: One-baKcash. the remainder In 6 months, with interest secured by a deed of trust on the premhes. ap.23-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts, W J. O. McGUIRE Jfc COi, Auctioneers, BUILDING LOTS AT THE CORNER OP NORTH T AND TENTH STREETS. On MONDAY AFTERNOON. May J, at SK o'clock, on thenremises, wa shall sell, Lots No. 1.10.11 and 12. in Square No. 558, fronting 167 feet. 7 Inches, ?? lrtth atreet west, between T and U streets north, and 155 feet.4 inches, on Vermont avenue, at the corner of north T street, the whole to be sub- di vided into convenient Buitdinc Lota. Terms: One-third in cash, the remainder in six, and twelve months, with interest secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of purcb*?^-. ap.l7-d J. P MoQ LI a J A OO. Aueta. Y WM. B. LEWIS A CO., Auctioneers. B B EXTENSIVE SALE OF DEAD LETTEROFFIOB MATTER. By order of the Pont Offlce Department we shall sell by Catalogue on MONDAY, May I, 1864. at our Auetion Store, No. 427 Seventh street, commen cine V o'clock, and to be continued daily an til the Catalogue is closed, embracing some thousand lots of every variety of roods accumulated ia th? Dead Letter Office since 1860. The lots oonsiat of? Some very valuable Gold and Silver Watches, Chains, and Jewelry of all kinds, Books, Clothing, Instruments, Ao., Ao. In fact, samples and gocds of every description. More particularly described in the Catalogue. Terms cash in Government funds. Catalogues can be bad en application to the Auc tioneers after the 2Bth instant. ap.21-l0t WM. B. LEWIS A CO . Auct!. Y THOMAS DOWLING Auct'r; Georgetown. VERY YAf-UABLE ImIpBCYED PROPERTY ON BRIDGE STREET, 6E JBGETOWN. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, Mays at I o'clock, on the premises. 1 shall sell, for account of the heirs of Thomas Ceok, the southwest part ot Lot No. S, in Old George own. fronting 23 feet 4 1-2 its chesen Bridge str?et, between Cong-essand Wash ington streets, running back 270 feet to a widepub lie al ey, improved by a three story Brink DweDing House with back building, being the property oc cupied b? Jos. P. Birch Efq. Terms : One-half wab; the remainder ia six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Copveyancinr at the cost of the purchaser. ap26-d THOMAS DOWLING. Auctioneer. gY J. 0. BlcGUlRE & CO., Auctioneers. SIXTY-ONE HANDSOMELY LOCATED BUILD ING LOTS AT PHB-aC AUCTION. OnTUESDAYAFTERNOON, May 3d. at4?'cloct. on the premises, we shall sell nearly the whole or Square No. 241, known as "Kingman's Ga-den," fronting abont Sf feet each on Mto street, north Q street. l.Tth street, tlie "Circle," and ''Kingman Con t," all running baek to fine alleys, with fine fa cilities for drainage The beautiful location of these Lots, being en ths high ground immediately north of the Presi dent's House and Departments, t ie alvanta^e of a ' city passenger railroad ana Potomac- water imme diately in front of the'pren?ii?e. tedder them very desiiafble for Building dites, and, as the sale will be made without reserve, it chould command spe cial attention. Terms of sale: One third in caah, and the re mainder in equal payments in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Convejanees at cost of purchaser $BT A casb payment of on each lot at the time of sale will be required. ap.l4-d J. C. MoGUFBE A CO., Aucts. I "NITED BTATE8 MARSHAL'S8ALE. In virtue of a writ of Fieri Facia#, issued from th? Clerk's Office of the Supreme Court of the United Btates. for the Wafcrtefof Columbia, and to me directed, I will expose to public sale, for cash, at the froot af the Ootrrt House door,of said Coun ty, on WEDN Kb DAY, the 25th day of May next, 1864. at 12 o'clock m., all defendant's right, title, claim and interest in and to the north part of Lot No. 34. in Square No. 87T, bounded as follows:? Beginning for the same at the southeast corner of Lot No. 33, on the line of Seventh atreet east, run ning thsnce west 97 feet, thence north 50 feet, thence east 97 feet to the beginning, together with all singular, the improvement!thereon seized and levied upon as the property of Samuel and Joseph Arnold, and will be sold to satisfy Judicial No 216, in favor of White, Middleton A Beali, use of Elias E. White. my.2 WARD H. LAMON, U. 8. Marshal, P. C. ARM AT AUCTION, 8ALE POSITIVE. I will sell, on the premises, on WEDNESDAY, 25th day of Mar. the fine estate known as Mount Zephyr. It contains 645 acres of prime upland in a high state of cultivation, fiae dwelling, cool fenc ing. a variety of choice fruit, growing crops, stock ana household furnitnre. Ac. It is about 14 miles from Mount Yernon Wharf, 6 from Alexandria. 13 from Washington Oity '* Terms: for personal property raah; for real es tate, one third cash, one-third in three years, on i thlrd in six years, with interest, semiannually. For further particulars address Wm. Ward, Mt. Zephyr, Alexandria, Va. W.J. BROWN,Auctioneer. my,2,5,7.11,14,17,21.25, B Y J. 0. McGUIRE tc OO.. Auctioneers. GREEN TREE HOUSE. OW B STREET. BE TWEKN SECOND AND THIRD, AT PUBLIC SALE On THURSDAY AFTERNOON. May rth, at C o'clock, on thepremises, we shall sell, p*rt of l*ot No 15, In Reservatioo No. 12, improved by a three story brick house and back building, with slate roof, on north B street, between Second and Third streets west, new occupied a* a public house, and known as the *'Green Tree" House. Early possession of the premises will be given. Terma: One-half in cash, the remainder in six, and twelve months, with Interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises Conve>anoes at the cost of the purchaser. ap.SO-d J. C MoGUIBE A OO. Aucts. jpj>Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO , Auctioneer!. FINE BUILDING LOT ON TENTH 8TREET, BE TWEEN G AND II STREETS, NORTH. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. May ?th. at $ o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell part of Lot No. 14, In Square 346, fronting 20 feet on Tenth atreet west, between G and II atrpets, running back 100 foet, with the advantage of a brick wall. This lot is centrally located, in a desirable part of the eity for a private residence, and is worthy the attention of persous wanting a fine building loea '^Terms: One third in cash, the remainder in six and twelve months, wilhinterest, secured byadeed of trust. * * , , Conveyances and stamps at the coat of the pur 0lapei-6t J ? 0. McGUIRE ACQ.. Aucta. BOARDING. Gentlemen with titetr wives andsin te'e-centlemen can be accommodated with ftle&cant KOOMS an i good board in a desirable ocality by immediate application at No. U7 7 13th street, between New York avenue and I streot. Terms moderate. mv 2-3t* Board, with large and handsomely furnished ROOMS, can now be secured by members and others, in a pleasant neighborhood, by early application House has all the modern improvements. Terms moderate. Apply south west corner of H and 2lst street, uear Pennsylva nia avenue, and convenient to the Departments. lay 2-3t" BOARDTNG?For rent, with board, a handsome ly furnished ROOM, on the first floor, with others, excellently located, front and batfk, large and comfortably furnished. Inmatesof the house will receive every attention, and to those who es pecially desire comfort this opportunity is onerea. A good table i* kept, and a few me*l boarders taken. Apply at 3?5 Eighteenth street, between F and G streets. m> 2 * EIBBTH OEAKI> OPMSKINOY M, , o?5. JVInkm.;nn;? ?.?nBSTU*A ' PLKA8URE GARDEN, corner of 4th and K streets north, Dsncing e^v M^onday afternoon. The Pleas Garden is so improved that it canno t be beaten 1. v Vther of the same sort in this city. and can ii -vro pfc-njc*. ^ Proprietor. >p ahiP ? TH* i-abo^d m^complktk AS. - " HOUSEKEEPING GOOD3 to be ^nd in^tbecit^t gT r E gT t BrTWKBK I AKO K STREETS, Don't mistake the |ljU*6 AWNJNg You are allowed a discount of 10 per cent, or bills of S^^rA'GRIFFITH, 369 7th-t., ^ 2 2w between I and K Bta- . AAA BUSHELS 8T. UBE8 SALT,. ,UUU 1,000 buBbela Turks Islapd Alt 1 4 000 aacka Liverpool 1A00 do do fiMjWt itin. Afloat and iniitore. For sale lnJ?V J'ffiiV.LSS.'i WBKW ^illustrated;*.* yBswoK TAYLOE. AUCTION SALES. rrriR* days. JJY THOMAS lOWL.NU, Auet ; Georgetown. PEREMPTORY SALKOF VALUABLE IMPROT Ri> PROPERTY BfTWKJNTHK CANAL AND THF TOTOMaC RIVER T? GEORGETOWN, D. C at PUBLIC AUCTION 1 will sell at Public Auction on WKDNFSDAY. the llth day of IIat. IRiM. At S o'clock p m , on th* premises, that Valuable Property. !>?-?? T>?rt of Lot, No 79, in Ger rgetown, and froalin* 71 *e?t on tbe south of Cherry street, tad 80 feet on the east side of PotomM street. and opposite to the Cotton >actory. Tbe improvement* consist of a Urge twe-storp and Bestment Buck Dwelling House, and Bock Building, also, two Lot#, each fronting 30 feat ou Potomac 'trtet, adjoicwg tie above*, ad running h?rk 71 feet. Thi* property, situated as It is, be lwc"n the Cam) auo Putomae river, offcre treat fa cilities for manufacturing or other purposes, aa4 for an investment such au opportunity seldom oc? Tern s: One half cssh, Wane* in six and twelve month*. secured t f a dee# of trust on the property. Titl? perfect , Cosvc> ancing au J * tamps at the cost of the pur chaser. ep S-dAds _ THOMAS DO WLINO. An^t. 0V J. C. McGUIRR A CO., Auctioaoers. V ALUABI.E LOTS ON VIRGINIA AVENT7E.RR TWE*N 4H AND 6TH 8TRF.EP, ISLAND. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. Mar ?th, at4^ o'clock, on the premiseH, we shall aell. part of Lot No. 13. m Square No 494, fronting 62 feet 6 inch*** on Virginia avenue, between 4 >4 and 6th street*. (I Mann > tunning back, an average depth of ttt feet. If desired it will be divided into three Lota of about 21 feet front, each. Terms: One-third cash, the remainder la six. and twelve months, with Interest, secured bp a deed of trust on the premise*. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. ap.aa-d jRe?.] J C. McGUIRR ACQ.. A act*. |^Y THOMAB DOWLING, Auct'r; Georgetown. TWO-STORY FRAMI~HOUSE AND LOT IN _ GEORGETOWH AT AUCTION. OnWEDNRSDAT AFTERNOON, May 4th j clock, I will soil, in front of the premise*. ft 4th, at ? . , tee. south rt of Lot No. 234, in llntty A Hawktat idtltioe Georgetown, fronting SO feet on Market street* near fee Tenth street. The improvement* consist of a good two-story Frame Honse with Briok Basement. Title perfect. Terms cash. . .. All conveyancing *nd stamps at the cost of the PUAa^ds THOMAB DOWLING, Aust. J^Y J. C. McGUIRX A CO., Auctioneers. IMPORTANT BALE OF~ CHOICE LIBRARY ROO K ^ On WEDNESDAY EVENING, May 4th. at P o'clock, fit tbe Auctioa Rooms, and continued e??a succeeding Evening, at tbe same hour, until the whole is disposed m, we shall sell, without reserve, a portion of the Library of the late Chas. F. Mayer, of Baltimore, Md.. to which valoable addition* from anotker source has bcen made. the whi le comprising Miscellaneous and Scientific Work?, Tl 111strated' Edition, Sets of Monthlies, Pamphlets. Onsressional Documents, Ac., Ac. T?rmsrash. ?^Catalogues now ready for delrvery. ap.?>-dtf J. C. McGUIRR A CO., Auct*. |^Y WM. B. LEWIS A. CO., Auctioneers. SIX DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS FOR BALE* AT AUCTION. ? We sLall se 1, on WEDNESDAY, May 4th. *t ? o'clock, p. m.. on the premises. four fine nuilaln* Lot*. fronting 25 feet by 1W each. on ea*t aid# or Ninth street, bear Boundary atreet. in Square 393; al?o, at 6 p. m., 8am* day, one Lot, H ches front. l>y WSon Seveot1' street, bet wean Ran* S streets, and one Lot, same ??e as above, front ing on Eighth street. . . , , The abov e property being i" a very demrabl* lo cation, Bhoulo aemsnd tae attention of Du.Iilere or others, wishine good investments. Terms : One :hird casb. balance in sixaad twelva months. c All conveyances at exppnof purchaae ap ao eoAds ff M. B. LEWIS t CO.. Aucts. i>Y J c. McGCIRE &. CO., Auctioneers. v?gf SSFSIAR' i?Si,T?-T?lF^FT?HKOON. M., ,U>. .. . o'clock, on the oremises, we shall sell, parts orLote 16 and 17, in Square No. in, fronting 14 feet oa Twentieth street,between L aad M streets north* rutninsr back 78 feet, improved by a three-story Brick Bouse. ? . . ,1 . . Terms One half in caBb,the remainder lasuc and twe've months, srith interest seeared by i dsst tm trust on the premises. m Conveyances at the cost of the jsnrcaaser. ap.30-d J. C. McQUIRE 4 00., Auetg. Auction sale of valuable rbu> eb TATE ON THE POTOMAC RIVER, la Ai.sKA>nsi* Conary, V i By virtfle of a deed of trust executed bp GaspaT Tochman.and Appollonia J. Tochman, tu wife, dated Jaly 14. KSf. and recarded among the lanl records of Alexandria ^ ^ par Tochman being engaged In the rebellion agslaA the sovereign aatbority of tbe United State#, a *? tbe Interest on the debt secured by said 4jj4 < trust being in arrear and unpaid from the JOU ajr of October, 1861,-1 shall pro eed, by erdef of'tha party secured. aad by virtue of the authority coa? Ferred by said deed, and the statute in ??&???? made and provided, and on the 19th day of May.isvi, I shall sell at anction to the highest bidder for cart ? in front of the Mayor's office in the City of AJe*aa dria, Va., at 12 o'clock, m , the property parted o* said deed, that is to say the farm called Summer Ilill" on the Potomac river in said Coaatp.-tha 8ame compri' inarabout on6-faunarod and fifty aoiaf v and being situated about midway between Wash ington City and Alexandria, Va. Farther particulars of the sale wHI be givea at the time thereof. _ M ap.30 td J. M. STEWARTt gY W. L. WALL A CO.. Auctionaers. 500 DOZEN Extra choice Cognac aad RocheIJ? Brandies, Scheidam H- Hand Gin, Royal Port Wiss, Bourbon and Nectar Whiskey, Clarets, Jfcc,, re Baining of the stoek of R. Cromeliea & Ce.. wti* be sold by their order at Public Sale, oa WRDNM DA Y, 18th Mav, at 10 o'clock. The nme mgp fca examined at their salts room, No. 393, Pennsyl vania avenue, second floor? 41, . . ap 25 lie WALL & COm Awlit B Y J. C. McGUIRS tt CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVES AND UNIMPROVED PROPERTY ON DELA WARE avenue, between b and c sts. NORTH. NEAR T^HE CAPITOL GATK. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, Msp 14th, at ? o'clock, on tbe premises, by virtu* of a decree of the late Circuit Court and an amended decree o* tbe Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, sitting as aCourtof Eguity, the latterdecree date* April 26th. 1864, and rendered in a cause. No. 7?, wherein Elisabeth Brent is complainant, and Ohas. E Br<-nt and others, defendants, the uadersigneR Trustee will sell all of Lots 8, 9,p*rts of 7 ?nd 10,1a Square No 686. as follows Part of Lot No. 7. fronting 30 feet oa Delawa** avenue, between north B and C streets, and roa ning back 193 f?-et to a 30-feet alley, Improved by a substantial and well built BRICK DWELLING, HOUSE WITH BACK b UIL D a N lx 9 ? A'lof Lot No 8, fronting 60 feet 6 inches on Dela ware averne. between North B and C street*, aad runniigback an average depth of 184 S f^ette all feet si ley - improved by a large aad well arranged BBICK DWELL) NG-HOl^E WITH BXCK BUILDINGS. ^ Part of Lot No. 10, fronting 33 feet 8 Inches on Telaware avenue, between B and C street* n^rth. running back about 140 feet to a 15-feet alley. All this valuable' property is bITiated, within a vi-ry short distance ofthe North Gate of the Capi tol and if the proposed extension of tin Capitol ground* is consummated will be immediately ad joining. Terms : One-third cash; the remainder in six twelve months, with interest, secured to the satis faction of the Trustee, or all cash, at the o ption ef ^Conveyances and stamps at the cost ofthe hi chaaer Early possession of the buildings will b? rivta. 3. CARROLL BRRNT, Trust**. apttd J. C.MoGUIRl & OO..Auct*. gT J. C. McGUIRR * 00., Auctioneer*. NICE FRAME DWELLING HOUSE AND LOT"* MASSACHUSETTS A YEN I E B?TWRHN 4T? AND 31 H -TRERT WEST. AT PUBLIC SAL1L On THUR8DAY AFTEBNOON. Map 5th at 6h. o'clock, on the premises we shall sell, part^of l^t No. 36, in Square No. 517, fronting 13 feet 4 inches, on the south sideqfM?sachnsst?avef ^e,b f v, ?.,v .nli vjfth streets west, running oa^a w?ieei 1 inch to * a^-foot alley, imp roved by a two-story Frame House, containing six rooms. Immediate possetsion given. ^^Trcp.I J.C. McGUIRR A 00.. Anet*. f>Y GREEK A WILLIAMS Auctioneers. A VEGETABLE AND^UIT STANO AT AUC Anction tale of a fine Vegetable and Fruit Stall in tbe Oentei Market, between 7th and 6th street No 326 ? on THURSDAY, the 5th day of May, at 1JX o'clock, a m.. to t>e sold without reserve. ap g d GRRRW A WILLIAMS. Auot*. OYJ.C. McGUIRE A CO.. Auctioneers. HANDSOME BUILDING LOT OR D 8TRRRT. NEXT TO*HE cORNEROFSRCOND STRRRT. On TBURSDAY AFTERNOON. Map half p*Bt ? o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell a very eligible Building Lot, fronting 25 feet on north ? street, between First and Second streets west, (first square ea*t ofthe City Hall,' and runniatr back 12B feet to an alley, with a frame stable in tae iear, and adjoined on each aide byexo*Ueat threo fctory brick dwelling-houses , . Terms: One half cash, the **^ainderin*ix months, with imerest, secured by deed of tru*t oa tbe premises. Cos'*o??onvejttC?B and ?tamp purchaser. 3 n McOLIRK A 00 , AucU. BY J. O. McGUIRR A CO-. Auctioneer*. ivrcnv h*1R OF A VALUABLE SQUAfc? OR SEVENTH STREET WEST. BETWEEN QSTRRRT ANDRHjDE ISLAND rw Soli DAY AFTERNOON, MayPth.athaif-part k ??'bej>:en?ieos, by virt?? oVa dtereeof *v wt-Vlrcnit Court aa? an amended dewoe ofta* the lat* vlrc V * 4w^ m.s^.4 attM? rr.pfU.-lT rn l.m? fMttoa^alSSVJSiSif5? *tth? ?Pt,on of ^n^Tances and stamps at tUe expense of the purchaser. t CARROLL RRENT, Trustoe. gp ?-d A ?0 ? Ancts.

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