Newspaper of Evening Star, May 3, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 3, 1864 Page 1
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V?. XXIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. MAY 3. 1864. N2. 3.488 AUCTION SALES rUTlKK UAII. ? YJ.C. HcGCIRE A 00 .Auctioneers. CE AKf*RY FAL1 Of I??nD AhD HNIMHROVro PhOPEOTT 0* W ? RB 4* F.N OB. BKTWB"IN B AND C 8TS. B?KTH,NKaR THB oAPirOLGArB Ofi t AflRDAY APTEKN0ON, May Hth, at 5 ? Vteek , en the fr.mUM, \ 1 ?f% <Wre* of He lale Circuit Corn? ai>l m ameo<^ deeree of Ue Supreme Coartof the sitting as aCoortnf SflultT. the latter "leerjf 1ated Aarii 2iHh 1864, and rendered in a cause. No. 7Srt, u herein liixabeth Brerft is o??mpl\inant, and lhai. B Br. nt and others. defendants, the nndnrmgned Trustee Will m'? al' ?/ Lnt?8 9, parts ef 7 and l?,ln f,uWt No ??, M follows? part of I ot No. 7, frott ng 30 feet on Delaware we?? north B end 0 street#, and run ning back HO f. et to a 30-feet alley, iaapro ved by a ist.etaatial ???' wel> built bbfCK D WKLLTNW TIOUSE WITH BACK BtTl LDING8, A'lefLotNo 8.fronting(0 feet 4 ittkMM Dela ?m%re averse, 'between North B Mid O streets, and rript.i' g bach an average depth of IftOk ft<?t to a 30 feet alley, itr proved by a large a id well arranged 1BIC1 DWELLING H0U*E WITH BACK BUILDINGS. P&rt cf Lot No. 10, fronting 36 taet 9 inches on Bslaware avenue. between B end 0 streets njrth, r?Bi<in* back about lei) feet to a lA-fleet allt?y. All this v .luable property is sUuated within a very short distance of the North 6ato of the Capi tol aod if the proposed extension of ths Capitol rr<?no# is consummated will bwimnaediatcly ad joining. Tera??. One-third 'ash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest,-secured to'.he satis laftion of the Trustee, or all w>k, at the option of Htfkver. _ . Conveyances and stamp* at the co?t ef the jur SfcS8#T JUrly possession of the boikl.ngs will be riven. J. GARR'*,!, BRENT, Trustee. ap? d J. q MoGUIRB A 00., Aucts. pY J. o. McGUIRE A CO.. Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S BALE 0F~V ALUABT.B SLAUGH TBR HOUSE PROPERTY, with Briek BuiMlng. Sri'-k ?nd frame Dwelling houses,and VACANT DT8 near the Nary Yard, belonging t? the ?state of the late Charles Miller. On WEDNESDAY AITERNOON, Ma* Wth at 4a'ek>ek on the premises, commencing with the tnt named and continuing in the order herein nan ea by virtue ef a decree of the Supreme Court ?1 the District of Columbia, silting in ehaavery, pa sard on the 9th day of April, Tt>4, in a certain ?u?e wherein Geo. W. Miller is complainant and Mien Miller et al. ore defendants, (No. 146,) we nfcall sell-. Lots No*. 1,2 3, 4,5, 6. 7.?, 9,10 24. 25, 38 , 27, and 2? in Square No. 953, fronting respectively on 9th and h th streets east and south N street, improved by a brick dwelling house, slaughter bouse, ?tables pens, Ac., known as the slaughter yard of the l&te Charles Miller, to be sold entire or di vided as may be deemed most desirable. Immediately after Lots 1. 2. 3. and 4, in 8quare *o. %4. fronting on south 0 street, between 9th and U th etreets east. Itnmedittely after, part of lot No. 2. in Bqnve Hu 9TO fronting 50 feet 8 inches on souta M street and running baok <M feet 3^ inches on H>tb street east and imprsyed by a double two story frame #wvlling house. Immediately after,part of Lot No. 1, Square No. M2, beginning for the fame at S3 fset 6 inches from tha southeast corner of said lot and thence run aing weat and froniing on M street V f?et, thence aorth 75 feet 6 inches, thence east 17 f*et, thence ?*ntb75feet ?; inches to the beginning, together with the improvements, eonniatingofa three story brick dwelling house. Immediataly after, part of Lot 2> same Square. feeirinMng for the same at a point on M "treet tr uth H*'feet from east loth street, thence north about 72 feet thence west 23 feet 9 inches, thence ?outh about 72 feet, thence east 23 feet 9inches to tlM-beginning, together with' the improvements. ?onAlsting of a two-story brick dwelling house. Immediately after, part of Lot No. 3. in Square No. 999, being the south part thereof, fronting 31 feet on 11thstreet east and running back that width ?n M street south 3? feet, together with the im provt-monTs, consisting of a frame dwelliag hou>e. Immedia'ely af er. Lot 13. in Square No. 1,023, froniiei? 90 feet on 13th street east, at the corner afaonth K street, and running back 95 jt*ther with the improvements, cinsisting of a three story brick dwelling bouse, with three story B'iek back building Tvrms : One-third in cash;the remainder in S. 12, aad 18 months, with interest, for which ihe pur ?hawr most give notes secured to tne satiafa.-tion ?f the Tiuateeii. The purchaserto have the option ?f saying all in ttach. Conveyancing and stamps at the coat of the pur ahaeers If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days thereafter the Trustees reserve the right of rfKellmg, at the>risk and expense of the defaulting farcbaser. on ?ne week's notice in the National ntelligencer. GEO. A BOHRER, E. 0. MORGAN, A. TH09. BRADLEY, Trustees. ap21 eoAds J. C. McGUIRl A CO , Aucts. B I J, O. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. flit/Guarurmmst'r's Offire. D.^pot of Waskintton.l Washi?icTO!I, D. C., April 27. 13S4. i Wiil be sold at public auctiou, at the Oorral, near IRr8TElS" BALE OF BRICK HOUSE AND LOT en Twelfth street west, between C and D streets aorth, BRICK HOUSE AND LOT on Eleventh ?treat west, between G and H streets north, and VACANT LOT at the corner af Twelfth street vest and north P street. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, May 1.3, at 5 o'clock, an the premises, we shall sell, by yirtue of adecree ?f the f-upreme Court of the Distriet of Columbia, sitting in chancery, passed on the 9th day of April. Mfr4. in a certsin caure wherein George W. Miller m complainant and Ellen Miller et al. are defend ants No. 1?6? Part of Lot No. l. in Square No. 393, fronting 23 feet 9 inches on 12th street west, ^letWf.en north C and E streets, and back that width the depth of ?>aid lot. together with tbe improvemaBts, consist teg of a t?o story Brick Dwelling House. Immediately alter, part of Lot No. 6, in Square ?o. 3*5, frontliig 20 feet on 11th street wast, be tween G and H streets north, and running baek w!th that width to the rear of said lot, together with tbe improvements, cotsistlng of a two story Briek Dwelling Honse. In mediately after, Lot No 9, in Square 279. flouting 25 feet <>n 12th street west,at the eornar of aorth P street, and running back as to a 15-foot al ky. and containing 2 124 square feet of grorid Terms: One-third in cash, and the renuue in three equal instalment! at six, twelve, and eight een months, with interest, for whish tbe purcha ser shall give notes, secured to the satisfaction of the Trustee. T ?e purchaser to have the option of paying all in cash. Conveyances and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with in 'fiye days from the day of sale the trustees reserve the ntrft to re se!l. at the risk and ?ost of the default iajr purchaser, on on* week's notice in the National Intelligencer. qeq ^ B0HBER, ) E. C. MORGAN, f Trustees. A. THOS. BRA0LEY.1 ap jveodAds J. O. MoGUIRE A CO , Aucts. ^ALE OFCONDEMNED HORSES AND MULES. 'I " -? r- "Vv "uv "4VM 4 *?" ??? ' I a ni. utar the Observatory ^in the City of Washington, D. C., en WB DNE?DAY. May 11, WW, and WEDNESDAY, May 2J, 1864, a lot of? HORSKS AND MULBS, condemned as unfit for public service. Terms: Cash in Government funds. Bale V> commence at 10o'clock, a. m. D. H. RCCKBB, Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster, ap 27 20t Depot of Washlngrton. D. 0. ^TCTION SALE OF CONDEMNED HORSES. WiR Defabtmkht. Catalst Buriic, ) Orrioi or Chibf QuaaTimxAam, > ^ Washington. D. C., April 25,136i. S Will be sold at public auetion, to tne highest bid der, at the times and placaa named below, rix: Newport, Penna , Thursday, Mayfith, Gettysburg, Penna.. Monday. May 9th, A)V>ona. Penna., Thursday, May 12th, 11 iff in, Penna., Thursday, May 19th, Sading, Penna., Thursday, May 38th, banon. Penna., Thursday. June 3d, Northumberland, Penna.. Thursday, June 9th. ^cranton, Penna.,Thursday, June 18th. Williamsaort, Penna , Thursday, June 231. One Hunared < loo) horses at Gettysburg, and Two ?and red and Fifty <250, at each of tbe other places. These horses have been condemned as unfit for the cavalry service of the United States Army. For road and farm purpose* a any good bargain* sat be had. Hordes will be sold singly. Bales begin at 10 a m., end continue daily until all are sola. Terms: cash, in United States Treasury note* oaly. JAMES A. ERIN, ap >6 tje20 Lt. Ool andC. Q.M. Cavalry Burean, UB. MILITARY RAILROADS', ? Qfc* o/Afsiftami Quartermaster. Washihqtoh, April 15,18b4. AUCTION^Will be *old, on WEDNESDAY, the 10th dav of May, at the Railroad Depot, in Al*zaa iso tons of Old Railroad Iron, 100 Ton* of Old Car Axlaa, 250 Ton* of 0ast Sorap Iron, ton Ton* of Wrought Iron, 3 Ton* of Old Bra** and Copper, 800 Oil Barrels. _ Tens*: Cash in Oorerjment Funds. Tea (10) per cent, to be paid at the time of purchase, the ?alasce on delivery. The property must be removed within ten days from date of sale. H. L. ROBINSON, a?.M dts. Captain and A. Q. M. g 000 H0RSKS WANTED. Wit Dbparthbxt, Catalbt Bcbbad.) Qflc? ?f CkUf Quartermaster, J W*SHi>i?TOB, D. 0.. April 8,1884. S Oae hundred and fifty (Jib1) dollars per head will pa-4 for all CAVALRY HORSES within the next fiftoen < W) day* at the eevertim?nt Stables, Giesboro B. C. Sai11 hora*? to be sound in all particulars, not C**"1 (5> uor more than nine (9) years old; ^.^auds high, full fleshed, compactly nvbridle wise, and of sise sufficient for cavalry 7~Zi* 7 25^' 64 adktrti to and, rtm%dhf tnforred m tr?rp particuUr l^:nj made ond^iTery of ten (JO) and over. Hours ?> froma a. m. to 8 p. m. .... ColoneLand a>B-15t Chief Quartermaster, Cavalry Bureau,' _A ne? M^'tmentof 8teinway4 Son* aod Haines, Brother Pianog has iust_^^^. tesn received at our warerooms. Wehavei^BB ateo on hand one almost new seven octave?T1 Piano, cost $400. which will be soH for owner leaving the city. Several second liand rianos from$3oto f 126, upon easy ternw, at the Maine (store of JV. G. MBTZEROTt ap) Oorner of 11th street and Pa avenue ('HEAP B O 0 K 8 . ~ Upwards of one thousand works of English and Foreign Literature, embraciag BISTORT, TRAV EL?, K>fiTRY, NOVELS, etc , ete., a? ?re? ? to * per cent, beiew the regular prices, at f I1KILFRIN S Beekstere, 344 Fa. avenue, a# 11-la between Iftfe and 19tb etrcet*. AUCTION SALES. BT i. C McGUIRE k OO., Anetioaeers. TWO FKAUE HOTJ8E3 AND tOTfl ON FOOR and a half street. betwe. a Maryland avenueand socth C street, BRICK HOUSE AND LOT on Sev ?nth 'treeteast.near the Navy Yard, TJaudsptng BRICK DWELLING HOU8Hand VACANT LOT at the corner of Eleventh street east and Penn SiMSSKfr APTBRNOON, May 19, at 4* O'clock, on the premises, commencing with the first-named and following in th# order herein after named, by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Colombia, sitting in Chancery, passed on. the 9th day of April, W64. in a eause, wherein Geo. W. Miller is complainant and Ellen Miller et al., are defendants. No. 148, we shall sell sub-divisions O. H,and Square No. 492, front ing 62 feet on Four-and-a-half street, west tide, between Maryland avenue and south 0 street, and running back 1+) feet, improved with two frame dwelling- houses, to be sold separately. IMMEDIATELY irtU, Part of Pquare No. 97. beginning at the end of 61 feet 8 inchee from the northeast corner of an alley fronting on L street, running thrnce souths feet 2 inches on said alley, thence west 50 f?et to the south line of a 1 <t leased to Wm. O'Brien, thenee north 23 feet 9 inches, thence east SO feet to the beginning. Also, part of said Sanare begin ing 61 feet 8 inches from the northwest corner and fronting on Seventh street east 2S feet 2 laches, thence east 75 feet, thence north 23 feet 2 inches, thence west 7# feet to the beginning, together with the improvements, consisting of a two-story brick dwelling-house fronting On Sevento street eaat, near L street south IMMIHiTKLY AFTKB, Lots No. 2,3,4,5, and 6, m Square No. 99i, front ing respectively on Pennsylvania avenue. Eleventh street east and south G street. Lot No 6 is im proved with a handsome brick dwelling home, with back bnildinge, stable, carriage-houses, Ac., being the residence of the late Charles Miller. Terms: One-tbird in cash; the remainder in three equ 1 instalments at six, twelve, and eighteen months, with interest, for whleb the purchaser shall give notes secured to the satisfaction of the Trustees. The purchaser to have the option of pa>ina all in cash. Conveyances and revenue stamps at the coot of the purchaser. If the terras of sale are not complied with in Ave days thereafter the Trusters reserve the right to re-sell at the risk and cost of the defaulting pur chaser, on one week a notice in the National Intel ligencer. GEO. A. BOHRER, ) E O. MORGAN, } Trustees. A. TB08. BRADLY.N ap.21-eod&dfl J. C.MoGUlKB Sc CO., Aucts. j^Y J. C. McGt I RE <t CO., Auctioneers. TRU8TEE8' SAL* OF"VALUABLE IMPROVED BUSINESS PROPERTY at the corner of Sec ond street east and Pennsylvania avnnus, THE WHOLE 6F SQUARE NO. *41, LOTS on north A street, between Sixth and Serenth streets east, at Public Auction. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, May 17, at half-past 4 o'clock, on the premises, commenting and fol lowing in the order herein named by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Conrt of the District of Col umbia sitting in chancery, passed on the 9th day of At ril, 1864, in a certain cans* wherein George W. Miller is complainant, and Ellen Miller et al. are defendants, No. 146, we shall stll the north half of lot No. 24. in Pquare No 732, fronting 27 feet inches on Second street east, at the corner of south B street at its intersection with Pennsylvania avune, running back 76 feet, with the improve ments, consisting of a nearly new Brick Dwelling Hou?e, with fine store attached. Immediately after, the whole of square No. 841, fronting respectively on East Capitol ard south A streets, betwe?n Fifth and Si*th streets east,sub divided into desirable building lots fronting on cast Capitol and south A streets. Immediately after, lots No. 16 and 17, in square No. 868 fronting each 51 feet on north A street be tween Sixth ana Seventh streets ea?t. and ruining ' back 1?8 feet 1 ineh to a 3>-f">ot alley. L->t 17 is im proved wish a small frame Dwelling-House. Immediately after, the north half of lot No 16, in square No. 696. fronting 23>? feet on First street *ae?, between south I ana R streets, and extend ing back with that wid'h to the rear of the lot. Tero s : One third in cash; the residue in three equal instalments' at six. twelve, and eighteen months, with interest, for which th? purchaser shall give notes, secured to the satisfaction of the Trustees. The purchaser to have the option of paving all cash. Conveyances and stamps at the cost of the pur chaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days thereafter, the Trustees reserve the right to re-sell at the risk and cost of the defaulting pur chaser. . * GEO. A BOHRER, ) EC MORGAN, S Trustees. A. THOS. BRADLEY,} ap.21-eodAds J. C. McGUIRE A Co.. Ancts. B Y GREEN 4. WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF OVER THREE ACRES OF LAND IN THE neighborhood OK THE NATIONAL RACE COLRSE AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the 23d day of Mav. lrt?4. I shall sell, by virtue of deed of trust to the subscriber, and recorded in Liber N. C. T., No. folios 471, 472. 473, 4ft4 and 475, one of the land records for the county of Washington, in the District of Colum bia. at 4 o'clock p. tn.. orn the premises, the follow ing described property, lying and being in the county of Washington, District aforesaid, vie: Part of Ridge Tract, beginning for the ,*aine at a stone marked the northeast corner of Ridge Tract, at its junction with St. Elizabeth tract, and thenee running by a magnetic course north S3 degrees and 3n minutes west along the west boundary of said St. Elizabeth Tracts chains and 5<i links to a stake, thence south 26 degrees and 30 minutes wegt 5 chains and ?0 links to a stake, thence south 83 de grees and 30 minutes east 5 chains and 50 links to a stake set on the boundary line separating the said part of Ridge tract from the tract lying east there of, thence north 25 degrees and 9) mi nates east along said boundary line 5 chains and 50 links to the place of beginning, being parallel lines, con taining three acres and four perches, be the samo more or less. Terms cash. All conveyancing, including reve nue stamps, at the cost of purchaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days after sale the trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the first pnrchaser, by giving three days notice of such re sale in the Evening Star, _ WM. MORG AN, Trustee. sp21-eoAds GREEN A WILLIAM8, Aucts. B Y J. C. McGUIRE A 00 , Auctioneers. TRUSTEE S >? ALE OF NEARLY ONE ENTIRE SQUARE NEAR THE NAVY YARD. By virtae of a deed of trust from Joseph Curvil lier dated 13th day of May, 1851, duly recorded in Liber J. A. 8., No 77, folio 17, Ao.. of the Land Becoras of Washington county, D C , and atthe requtst of all the parties interested, I shall sell at Public Auction, on the premises, on FRIDAY, the 6th day of May next, atS o'clock p. m. Lots Nos. 1, 2. 5,6 7. 8,12,13.14,15,16, in Square No. 992, in the city of Washington. These lots are located on sonth D and E, and east Eleventh and Twelfth streets. Terms of sale one-third cash, residue in two eqnal payments at six and twelve months, with purcha sers' notes, and deed given and deed of trost taken. Conveyancing and revenue stamps at the pur chasers'cost. WM. B. WOODWARD, Trustee. Atthe same time and place, and on the same terms, the undersigned as executor of Mrs. Curvil lier, will sell at public auction. Lot* 3 and 4 in the above sqnare. JOB. REDPERN, Executor, ftp. 14-eods J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. T ATTENTION. HE Undersigned is now ready to receive her lady friends and the laniesof Washington at^f her FRENCH MILLINERY ROOMS, where? she has the most magnificent Silk, Illusion. Crape, Bombazine and a splendid assortment of Straw Bonnets and Hats of the latest Parisian bonnets and Hats trimmed at the shortest no tice. All goods will be sold at New York prices. Ladies wishing goods wttl do well to call and ex amine my stock nefore purchasing elsewhere. MADAME Db BORRIE8, No. 266 Pennsylvania avenue, ap 27-2w* between 12th and 13th sts. u. r e 1 FJ. HEIBEROER. SUCCESSOR TO H. F. . LOUDON A CO., CJTI7ENS' AND MILITARY MERCHANT TAILOR, Mttropvittmn HoUl (lau Broim'sJ 362 Pennsylvania avenue, oc 27 tf Washington. D. C. Never too late to learn-b* Pxafi?*or Alex. Wolowski'x Ntu> and Simplified Method fur Piane Forte and Singing? Professor Wolowski continues his positively last course in Washington, and all those who wish to follow his easy system have no time to lose. Professor's reception hoars ar? from 9 to in a. m., at his residence, No. 316 F street, corner of 11th. ap 21->w f^ard PHOTOGRAPHS OF CELEBRITIES, OR WORKS OF art. ?U}n Portrsits, taken from life. 25 cents each. Plain Portraits, by the dosen, ?2 5T Plain fancy figures or statuary, 16 cents each. Do , by the dosen, $1??. Colored in oil, 40 cents. Colored in oil. by the dosen. 94. . Photograph Album* in A great variety. Cartes i WottowrtM by mail, free of charge. Liberal diecoont to dealers. J RAN KLIN ft CO., Opticians, a a i?ift d p?- bet. 12t\? and 13th ?ts? And 368 Pennsylvania avenue, under the Na tional. ap 29 3t 486 WINDOW SHADES. f Now opening, spring stock Gilt Band Window Bhadea, Shade Cord, Tassels and Fixtures. Shades of any required style <* sise made to or Terms cash.'- J. MARKR1TB?, No. 4 Hi 7th street, ei^ht doors at 4ve JOURNAL OT THE DlfOdVERT 0? ? Rearce of the Nile. My Capt. Joha ?o?., ilhutratoi; 13JO. lap a FRANCS TAYLOR. TH1 ike; i AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HILL. MUSIC J CANTERBURY HALL,I AND HAL L(CANTERBURY HALL, I THEATER Louisuai Aftuvu, Ntmr Corntf kf Sixth Strut, Run ?( National and Metropolitan Sign of the Big Calcinm Light. Giomoi Lu _ .Proprietor W. ?. Cahavaugh... .. _...Stage Manager. BRILLIANT TRIUMPH! ENTHUSIASTIC RECEPTION OP THE NEW COMEDY COMBINATION. The Urgent and roost Tile n ted Company of Artir;t?.<* ever wen in the City of Washington. GREAT ATTRACTION FOR THE COMING WEEK. ENTIRE CHANGE OF PROGRAMME. EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK, John F. Pooled Prize Drum* of the MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW. On. THE WRECK OF A LIFE! O*, THE WRECK OF A LIFE! Or. THE WRECK OF A LIFE! which received the premium of FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS From the American Theater, New York, and the right of playlngit in Washington purchased by Geo. Lea, exclusively for the Canterbury. SYNOPSIS OF SCENERY AND INCIDENTS IN THE DRAMA. SCENE FIRST?Squire Nolan's Honee at Con nomara: Meeting of the plighted lovers. Redmjnd and Kathleen;" Farewell to the land of the Sham rock, green fields, and bubbling Streams?I go to the West, the home of the aspiring, America, the birth-place of Wellington;" The clandestine meeting overheard by the revengeful brother of Kathleen: " I'll weave a web that shall stay your journey?Beware I Beware!" Lauty McLaughlin and his jewel, Judy O'Brien; A cure for the colic; The anticipated wedding: Lots of children and maley praties, strawberries and butter milk. SCENE 8EC0ND?The mountain pass; Hush Uanlan.the Outlaw; The convict returned; His mother and the wrongs of a wretched life; Ven geance ! " I will have it?I must wait the hour to strike the avenging blow;'7 Philip Nolan is foiled by the timely arrival of Lanty, who tickle* his catastrophe; " Look at the blackbird;" The out law and his foul accusers! Retribution for past wrongs; " Die like a dog and rot;" Kathleen dis covers the body of her murdered brother! " Who did it?" " Twas I, Hugh ilanlon.the Mountain Outlaw;" For revenge I slew him, and for revenge I now make her mine; Circumstancial evidence; Redmond accused of murder. SCENE THIRD?A room in Squire Nolan's honse ?Lanty and Judy undergoing a cross-questioning from the Sauire; The mouse and the m&le bag; " Meet me, Judy, at theoald hut;" Lanty'sresolve to find the true murderer. SCENE FOURTH?Hugh Ilanlon. farewell; To the lajid of my birth, my shame ana my triumph; The c.vape of Redmond; The outlay confesses the deed; Redmond attempts to drag bim to justicc; Terrific combat; Redmond overcome; The outlaw liberty; Redmond again arrested as the assassin. SCENE FIFTH?Interior of the old hut; Theold oak chest; Kathleen a prisoner, and in the pow??r of the Outlaw- Lanty's arrival with his juveni e blunderbuss; He releases Kathleen, and vows to protect her; Jndy in search of her lover; The Out law foiled; ''We are all here;" " Your daughter dies;" Your young blunderbuss is brought into requisition; Tno wreck of life ! Tableau. Every department of the G1UBAT CANTERBURY is well filled. DRAMATIC,ETHIOPIAN A TERPSICHOREAN, Consisting of some of the MOST TALENTED ARTISTES in the profession, viz: JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIOAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, H. W. WILLIAMS, H. W. WILLIAMS, H. W. WILLIAMS, J. J. DOUGHERTY, J. J. DOUGHERTY, J. J. DOUGHERTY, W. B. CAVENAUGH, W. B. CAVENAnOH, W. B. CAVANAUOH, DELEHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD. DELEHANTY AND WARD. DELEHANTY AND WARI), MRS. FRANK DREW! SR8. FRANK DREW ! RS. FRANK DREW ! MISS JENNIE ENGEL, MISS JENNIE ENGEL, MISS JENNIE ENGEL, MIS8 ESTELLB FORREST, MISS ESTELLB FORREST, MISS ESTELLE FORBEST, MR. J. Di FORREST, MR. J. Db FORREST, MR. J. Dk FORREST, MISS NAOMI PORTER, MISS NAOMI PORTER, MISS NAOMI PORTER. TUB BOUQUET OF BEAUTY, ".onsisting of JBNNIB FORREST, JENNIE FORREST, LUCY CLIFTON, LUCY CLIFTON, MAGGIB WILSON, MAGGIE WILSON, LBONOBA CREED, LEONORA CREED, EMMA DREW, EMMA DREW* SVH ??ARK*. ELLA CLARKE, in the BkAOTIFUL DIVKRTI3EMEXT entitled SGENB8 AT THB DERBY! SCENES AT THE DERBY! SCENES AT THB DBRBY ! EVERY ACT NEW THIS WEEK, forming a oiui'S &>S?in1"on 81 tJlIK! Adml vion. ? ? ? ?---? ? ?? ??? $0 15 Orchestra ... ? to Private Boxes, holding six persons.... | go Doors open at 7 o'clock;-Performance to com mence at 8 o'clock. :< FAMILY MATINBB ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, AT 3 O'CLOCK. When the Prise Drama of Che When me mounTajN oUTLAW will be produced. SNOWS 8NOW3 Celebrated Troupe of ' PERFORMING BOOS AND MONKEYS HAVB ABBIVED, and will make their first appearance Oa MONDAY, M&j filt. AMUSEMENTS GROVER'g THEATER. PtKBeTLVABlA AT., SB AX WiLLAaD'B HOTIL. LroBARD Urotih. Director _ THI8(Tn*sday)EV?NING,May3,1864, Last night but fonr, most positively, of tho ?? GREAT D?- AMATIC ALLIANCE. MR. E. L. DAVENPORT. MR J W. WaLLAOK. _v AND MRS. FARREN, The performance will commence with Tom Tay lor's beautiful plav of STILL WATERS RTTN DEEP. Predentin)? the following admirable cut of char acter* : J W Wallaek?.~. , - ? John Mildmay Mr E L Davenport?.- Captain Hawksley MrsParren... . Mrs.SternhoM To conclude with Wilkes' thrilling romantic play, in three acts, entitled the ? ? SCALP HUNTERS. Mr E L Davenport ? Seguin Mrs Farren.. . Adela The Manager is pleaded to annonnce that Mr. Wallaek will comply with the requests made to him, and will repeat his great impersonation of PAOTN To morrow (Wednesday) Evening:, when the entire play of OLIVER TWI8T, Including the Great Last Scene, which was una voiriably omitted on Saturday evening last. FORD'S NEW THEATER, TBHTH STRKBT, ABOVB PlJIBaTLVAJIIA AVISCB. LAST THREE NIGHT8 EDWIN FORREST Who will appear THIe (Tuesday) EVENING, May3, Once more, and for the last time, in his great character of SPARTACUS, In Dr. Bird's Tragedy of THE GLADIATOR. Phasarius.... ?. Mr J McCullough Julia... Mrs J H Allen Senona...... Miss Alice Gray To morrow, benefit of MISS ALICE GRAY, Cherry'p glorious Comedv of THE SOLDIER'S DAUGHTER. Widow Cheerly .Miss Alice Gray And the amusing farce of SKETCHES IN INDIA, In which the popular favorite. MISS SUSAN DENIN, Having kindly volur teered, will appear as 8ALLY 8CRAGGS, And sing her favorite son* of WHACK ROW DE DOW. ' v Thnrsday-?-Kdwin Forrest will appear, for the ffrst time in Washington, as CAIU3 MARCIUS f In Shakf-peare^s CORTOLANT78 ? J^E^DIN&S FROM SOME OF THE BEST AUTHORS, AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, Seventh street, above D, Washington, D. C., OH THURSDAY EVENING, May 5,13*, b y ETOENE AHERN. SELECTIONS. Paradise and the Peri; Lala Rooke Moore The Men who Fell at Baltimore J. W. Forney Spartacus to the Glaiiators at Capua Kellogg Twenty Years Ago Anonymous The Vagabonds? Trowbridge The Karsmanian Exile. From the Ottoman ?.J. C. Mangan The American Flag ... Drake Do^r" open at 7 o'clock. commencing at 8 o'clork. Cards of admission, 50 cents. my3-3t* METROPOLITAN MUSIC HALL, PSBBSYLYABIA Avbnub ?*d Elbvbhth 8trbet. F.OABD N1R* H. ENOCHS Pro?vi#tore PROF. HOLDEN ......-?... .?.Musical Director VXL. GRAND COMBINATION' double company i First week of MISS NELLIE TAYLOR, the beautiful and accomplished Vocalist; acknowl edged by the Press and Public X L C K of the pro fession. TOM VANOB. the inimitable Comic Vocalist and Comedian, in his new, original and local Sori^s. JOE CHILD3, the greatest Clog Dancer before the public. LEON BERGER, the American Warbler. HARRY ENOCHS will see that U see the dark side of the picture And the shaking of the sides by the coaljutor of the afv-repaid CHARLIE PETRIEj form an important feature. GUNBOAT MINSTRELS, who have been engaged, at great expense, for two weeks, in addition to the regular companv. SIG. CONSTANTINE and his GREAT BALLET DIVERTI8EMENT, arranged by Sig. C. Conatantine, entitled LA SICILIAN 1 MIFS ANNIE RUSH, M'LLE ELI3E. MISS HELENE SMITH, MISS VIOLA. MISS SALLIE WE8NER. MISS LIZZIE WESNER MI83 MOLLIE LANE, MISS ELLA. W. BARTHOLOMEW GEORGE MILES, WILLIAM SCOTT. LEW BRIMMER. v . .. 4U BILLY THOMAS, the whffle making the LARGEST AND BEST COMPANY ever produced in the city; the performance con cluding with the laughable Connc Pantomime of THE OLD FOX 1 GRAND MATINEE On SATURDAY AFTERNOON. at 2* o'clock. with the whole strength of the Company Admission 25 and 60 cents. Private Boxes 53 and $5. my 2-lw VARIETIES! VARIETIES! MU8IC HALL AND THEATER Pboitwo Pbnmbixtania Avenuh A NihthStrhkt SIGN OF THE BIGGE8T DRUMMOND LIGHT ' 8I4JX or THK revolving and globk lights I THE ILLUMINATED AMUSEMENT TEMPLE! Hamblib A Co Proprietors Fits Simmons Stage Manager and Advertiser? SPLENDID OVATION TO NIGHT f Just from the American Theater, New York The Great Comic Pantomimist, ' J. 8. MAFFIT, J. S. MAFfrlT, J. 8. MAFEIT, J. S. MAFFIT, LinaWindel, Mr. Hall, Maggie Friel, Mr. Kerns, Fanny May, Mr. Thompson, Kitty Lee. Mr. Bloodgood. Maggie V ernon, Mr. Francis, IN A GREAT DOUBLE BILL. A GRAND COMIC PANTOMIME, SONGS. DANCES, NEGRO ACTS, Ac WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON PERFORMANCE. LADIES' AND CLERKS' LEVEE. Admission 25 and 60 cents; private boxes (5. Performance at 8 in the evening. EDUCATIONAL. M__ _ jpj5Male SCHOOL. ES. MARIA C. McCORMICK, late of Alexan dria, Va., having removed her school to Cam bridge, Md., is prepared to receive four or five girls, as boarding pupils, in her family. Their intellectual, domestic and mornl training will re ceive her most assiduous care. Her success, while for years engaged, in Alexandria, in olucating ^irls, is well known to all old residents of that Parents in this vicinity who desire farther in formation concerning the ad vantages of her school, are respectfully referred to Lewis ncKenzie, Esq.. of Alexandria, Va.. or W. D. Wallaeh, Editor of the Washington Star. Her terms for hoard, tu ition. Ac., are moderate. Cambridge. Md., where she has recently located her school, is one of the healthiest and most de lightful villages in the Union,and has about it no attribute whatever except such as a prudent and solicitous parent will approve in selecting a local ity in which to have a daughter thoroughly edu cated and trained for future usefulness. ap HQ-dim . BROOKVILLE ACADEMY ?Students received at any time and charged from date of eatranoe. Address R. K. BURNS. apK-eolm* Brookville, Montgomery eo., Md. PATENT FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR other property. A good chance for o|&king money. Books wanted of every description. Wanted, volumes and sets of Schoolcraft's Indians. *>,f00 Books for sale at aboqtJjalf_prlce and many less. / ap ?-3t* Over lonthalf price and mas ALFRED HUNTER, r Bank of Washington. CARRIAGES! CARRIAGES!, CARRIAGES! Ob hand, the be*t lot of LIGHT of my own and Noitbern make ever ofcred in this city. Persons in wast wo-id do welt before purchasing. at 39-3t* 374 1* ?wl 47 V Eighth street. CORPORATION AFFAIRS. Ootthcil Psociiome*, May 2.?Hoard qf Aldermen.?In consequence of the storm, only four members of the Board, Messrs. Plaat, Turton, Gulick ud Lloyd. made their appear ? ai ee last night; and on motion. Mr. Lloyd was called to the chair, and adjourned the Board tor want of a quorum. Common Ceunovi.?A communication was re ceived frcm the Mayor, announcing his ap prwval of the following acta:?To repair H street north; to purchase tire apparatus for Western Hose Oompany; for the improTemen ot alley in square 226; for opening, grading giavelling and bridging to the street west from R. I. avenue to Boundary street; for the im provement of alley in sqaare 451; for the Im provement of Judiciary Square; for the im provement of alley In t-quare 342; making au appropriation to supply a deficiency in the appropriation for giading and gravelling 11th street west, from N to P street: making aa ad ditional appropriation for grading and gravel ling 9tb strtet west, from F to H streets south for the construction of a cross-gutter in the Sixth Ward; for relaying and widening gutter on both Bides of Filth street west, exoept the Government square; supplementary act to the act regulating the spirituous and malt liquors; to supply a deficiency in an appropriation for the improvement of 11th street west; for the improvement of 1st street east, from II to K north; joint resolution in relation to the death of John C. Rives. Alto a communicaton returning the bill re lative to the disposal of stands at a action in the several markets without his signature. Tbe Mayor says the law stands the same as pro vided in this bill: All stands except batcher slants being annually put up for sale. The bill, however, makes a radical change as re gards butchers stands. As it now stands, bntchers stalls are put up at auction only when new ones are built, and old ones vacated by withdrawal from business or death of tbe party occupying them, when they are sold for a term of five years. Many of the stalls are now beld, the tenancies terminating at differ ent periods, and it would be unjust to enforce this law. In conclusion, the Mayor says a bill covering the subject, prepared by the Corpo ration Attorney, is now before the Board of Aldermen. The question beicg shall the bill pass, it was decided in the negative. Also, message enclosing a petition of hay and feed dealers, as certain changes in the law relating to tbe sale of those articles; referred. Also, a communication of tbe Surveyor rela tive to the grade of 9th street east; laid on the table. Also, a communication of the Water Regis trar announcing that the time for opening bids for water pipe will expire on Monday next, and requesting tbe boards to meet in joint meeHng in time to open the bids; and a resolu tion for that meeHng was introduced and passed. The following were introduced and referred . By Mr. II. C.Wilson?Petition of Henry New man. By Mr. Stephens?Petition of Nelson White. By Mr. Ferguson?Bill to modify and amend the act to increase the laborers on Cor poration work. By Mr. Peake?Bill to pur chase hose for the Anacostia Fire Company. The following were introduced and passed: By Mr Sbedd?Joint resolution requesting the Mayor to have certain portions of the law re lating to nuisances, as regards the duties of citizens, to be published. By Mr. Barr? Bill for a gravel footwalk on the south front of the west half of square 336. By Mr. N. D. Lamer? To pay the assessors compensation for extra services. By Mr. Shepherd?For the relief of H. Shultbies, and joint resolution requesting tbe Mayor to urge upon Congress the passage of the bill to remove tbe present unsightly jail, and for the erection of a new one in its stead. By Mr. McCathran?To grade and gravel 5th street east. Mr. N D. Lamer introduced a resolution requesting the Mayor to urge upon tbe Senate of the United States the importance of speedy action upon the bill now pending in the Senate gr nting additional powers to the city, said bill having once,been passed by the Senate and re turned by the House of Representatives with an amendment. Mr. Lamer remarked that the Chronicle had charged the Corporation with working tor speculators The fact that the Chronicle ofllce was on 9tb street bad a good deal to do with the matter. He said the committee had pre pared a bill for sewerage, but they had be?u delayed a month in the matter by a certaia clique, the most of whom had no interest here except to make their money and fly off with it elsewhere. He knew not the person who wr^te the articles in the Chronicle, but it would be impossible to find a mau more ignorant of the affairs and duties of the Corporation than t'ae writer ot those articles. He wanted the people to know that they had teen blackguarded Ijy this paper; and in conclusion he defended tbe Mayor, who had done his duty most faithfully, notwithstanding the charges. They (the Coun cils) bad been accused of neglectiug the repair of the avenue, which the Corporation had nothing to do with, and spending the money of the people in the improvement of out-ot-the way streets. This paper was ignorant enough to state, too, that one of tbe streets which had been referred to ran through miles of slashes, when there was not any waste ground through out its entire length. He did not expect the Chronicle to publish his remarks, but th^re were other and better papers here who bad a better right to speak for tne city, and who were better informed. He wished the people to know that there was a paper here called the Morning Chronicle which was continually reviling us Mr. Shedd said he had come in for some of the blame because he introduced a bill for the improvement of one of the streets not near the avenue or Chronicle otfice, and he contended that the people even out to the Boundary should have their streets improved. The course that paper had pursued was most reprepensi ble, and the paper was becoming a nuisance. Mr. Shepherd alluded to the course of the Chronicle on Corporation affairs, and said that they ought not to blackgnaid the city for not performing impossibilities. If Congress gave the city the power, all the streets would be kept in repair. Pennsylvania avenue was under tbe exclusive control of the Govern ment, and if the avenue was a specimen of the manner in which the Government would at tend to the streets he would say, God help us! If there was to be a big lobby scheme run through Congress?a railroad or other valu able franchise?it was run straight through but if the Corporation asked for anything they were snubbed. It seemed that instead of help ing us to make improvements, they take de light in reviling us. Mr. M. Larner expressed his surprise In reading the petition published in the Chroni cle of Sunday morning, which purported to be signed by the property.holders on and near PennsyiTWia avenue; but some of them did not own one foot of ground?the most of them being persons who do business there. It had become a very common thing for strangers here to attempt to dictate to us what they know nothing about. As for extending the streets, he was in favor of opening every street to the boundary. Mr. C. Wilson stated that he had from time to time read these articles abusing the Corpo ration and comparing the city unfavorably with other cities. But in those cities the taxes are higher than here, and the streets narrower; consequently they could pave their streets. The resolution was unanimously adopted. Mr. C. Wilson introduced a bill to improve the harbor, by driving piles on the west bank of the channel, to which to moor vessels; and, alter some debate, it was referred to a special committee?Messrs. C. Wilson, Shepherd and Ferguson. Mr. Ferguson introduced a bill to iaorease the pay of laborers on corporation work. Re ferred. [The bill is substantially the same as that introduced at the last meeting, giving *2 per day to the laborers, $3 per day for me chanics, and lor horse, cart, and driver.] Mr. C. Wilson, from the committee on ways and means, reported adversely on tne bill amending the act regulating the sessions of the Council, t>y providing that the members of the two Boards shall reoeive S250 per annum, and tbe Secretaries #650 each. Mr. Shepherd moved to lay the bill on the table. Carried. Mr. N. D. Lanier, from the committee on lm provements, reported that in answer to a reso lution of the Board they had received a com munication from Capt. Seymour, Engineer, in relation to the Improvement of the cauui, which was ordered te be published in pamphlet form. Capt. Seymour recommends that the width of the canal be rtdaoed to sixty feet, and a sewer on his plan, which has heretofore been noticed, be placed on the north side. From tbe same committee the following bill* were reported and passed: To grade 16th street, from K street to Massachusetts avenue; to grsde and gravel G street south, flrma 4th to 6th street east; to grade E street umth from loth to 18th east; to grade and gravel 1st street east, frem N to O streets south; smbstMwte for the hill te grade and gravel Mb street eaet, pro vlding for tbe improvement of that street from P Bifj Ivania avenue to the rleer, by ooe sticcting a t utter in ibe een'or. Th# committal' wfw dlitit:trp>d frona turner consideration of the Mils t> gravel tot f-tr et f.iM, from M to N^t somb, ud to frvde ?Bd gravel let street east, fro*n Oaoal ttteetto C street. Mr N. I). Larrer, from the ?ame committee, rep?Ttf<t a bill raakisgspproprtation tor ea*us) repairs cf streets, alleys and gutt?rs, ui fol lowf : ?? lrst Ward, ?7.000". Second Ward, ?8,00tt. T bird Waid, ?g,i00; Fourt n Ward, f&OOO; rift* Ward, ?7,000; Siih Ward, ?7,"C0; 8evenia Ward, ?7.000. Mr. Laruer rem\rke<i lui the committee thought proper to incivaafl U)? ap propriation and insert an amendment provid ing tbat tbe May or may from time to time use Sortions of 'bis fond in barton such street* as e may deem necessary watered. Tbe hill, with the amendment, was pasted. Mr M. Lamer, from tbe drainagecommittee, reported a resolution for priming the Water Registrar's report; which was palsied. Mr. Barr, from tbe claims committee, re ported adversely on tbe petition of Thottae Swift. Mr. M. Lamer, from tbe Fourth Ward dele gation, reported dversely on tbe Aldermen's amendments to the bill to improve Fifth street west, lrom H street to New York a reuse. aid they were non-concurred in. tar. (J. Wilson said tbat u* would like to bear a report from the committee apiKMlsa to confer with the Washington and Atexnndrla Company with a view to a settlement of dif ficulties. Mr. N. I) Lamer remarked that Messrs. Hay and Stewart bad submitted a proposition to them, but it wns not accepted. Mr. Wilson said that there was one install ment of interest and principal now doe, and the bondholders wished to know if the Corpo ration intended to repudiate the bonds. Mr. Lamer replied that the Corporation, under the decision of the court, were not re quired to pay the bonds, and the compacy would eventually have to pay the bondholder*. The Aldernren bill making an appropriation to purchase medals, premiums, Jtc , for distri bution in the public schools was referred. Adjourned. fin our report of the last meeting the aaa? ot Mr. Peake was inadvertently omitted la tbe list of yeas and nays on the passage of Mr Fer guson's bill to Increase the pay of Corporation laborers. Mr. Peake voted in the afflrmative? *<?J FROM EUROPE. Garibaldi Reported to be Abeat Quitting England?Great Victory of the Prussian* ?Capture of Dnppel and Cannsn, Prison ers, Etc.?France on the MexicaaQaes tion. Nkw York, May 3.?The steamship City of Washington, from Liverpool on the 20th ul;, has arrived. Garibaldi was to qnit England on the i?tb, bis health giving way. The ministers indig nantly deny that the Government suggested Lis departure. The steamer City of New York hae broken ap and disappeared. The London Times attributes a slight rally in the Confederate loan and a reaetion on the Paris bourse, to the open defiance of France oa the Mexican question by the House of Repre sentatives at Washington. The Times thinks, however, tbat the action of the House will be ignored or retracted. The public were startled on the 18th, by (re nouncement that Garibaldi's visit wae to be abruptly terminated, and that he would leave London, en route for Oaprera, on the ?Ad. The excitement was alleged to be too much for h?9 health, and medical evidence was addneed m support, but reports are circulated that hie de parture was suggested by the Government, at the instigation of Napoleon. These reports were emphatically denied by Lord Clarendon, m the House of Lords, and Lord Palmerston, In the House of Commons. They asserted that Napoleon took no excep tion to Garibaldi's welcome, but fully appre ciated it, and scouted the idea that tbe firttnt Government would have listened to any in terference. The Prussians assaulted and captured Dn ppel on the morning of the 18th. There wae considerable loss on both sides. They captured eighty-three cannon, and from two to three thousand prisoners. The Prussian lose slated at two generals, sixty officers, and six bandied erisoners. The Danes are said to have iort etween eighty and one hundred officers, anil four thousand men are reported Korsducornea:. Tbe victory was received with great rejoising in Berlin. It is reported that the Prussians have occupied Alsen, and that the occupation of the whole of Jutland is resolved apoc. The Conference would mee: in London on the 2' til ult. It is reaffirmed that England and France have lully agreed and a pacific result is probable. The Emperor Maximilian arrived at Borne on the 18th, and had a brilliant reception. Qcbekhtown, April 21.?The Danes re treated from Dnppel to tbe Island of Aiscni. Some members of the conference met on tke 20th The representatives of the Dutch were absent, and tney adjourned to the 36th. Garibaldi, it is reported, has god sen ted to reconsider his determination to quit EnaJaad on the 22 d. Later. I'OBT AC Bafqck, N. F , May 2?The Steam ship Belgian, formerly the H ammonia, from Liverpool on the 21st ult, and Londonderry on the 28d, passed here this morning, tn rouit to Portland. Inquiry into the loss of Jte Bohemias is progressing at Liverpool. The Garibaldi fever continued in London. Strong asseitlons continue to be made tnst Goveriimentpressure has been exerted to brm* about his departure from England, Ministeri.Jl denials to the contrary notwithstanding. The Paris Moniteur contradlota the rumor that his visit is to be cut short at the insb*auoa of the French Emperor. The Garibaldi committee resolved to as* the General to rest awhile, and then visit six or eight of the principal provincial towns, ana a deputation presented this address and \?en> so far successful that the General agreed to re consider his determination. His definite de termination would be announced on the 2tet. There had been a meeting at the Duke of Sutherland's to raise funds to secure a perma nent income to the General and his Amu? which resulted in ?2,000 being subscribed on tbe spot. Parliamentary proceedings on the join ??. unimportant. The King of the Belgians has quitted Eng land for home. The EngUsh conrt has gone t? Osborne. The Danish account of the fail of Duppel says, a terrible fire from the Prnoola* artillery destroyed the redoubts No#. 4.1 anrt 6, which were then taken by the enemy. The left wing of the Duppel position wm mdm quently given up, and the Danish troopswere compelled to fall back with great Joss The evacuation of the right wing took nine# under more favorable circumstances, but, also with considerable loss. The greater part of four regiments were annihilated. Tbe tete da Por.t was demolished by tbe Prussian artil lery, but defended itself until the Danish imv crossed to the island of Alsen. 1 The Prussians captured 2,000 Danes, 4M of flcers, and 90 guns. Hostilities were tuwnd ?J? 8lx ?'clock during the lite to allow the Danes to evacuate. The bombaid ment would then recommence. A great part of the Prussian army has been ordered Into Jutland, to occupy all the pro vince, and besiege Frederica. The Empress and Emperor of Mexico left Rome on the 90th for Civita Yecchla, toembajk: for Mexico. FROM OEM. BANKS1 ARMY. It has Fallen Back to Alexandria?The Late Battle?Sea. Banks Claims a Vic. tory?Communication Opcaed with Gen. Steele. Chicago, May 2.?The Tribune publishes a telegram from the month of the Bed river dated April 24th, stating that Banks' army baa fallen back to Alexandria without fighting Tbe gunbeat fleet is at the same pl&oe, soma above and some below the talis The Red river is low and falling. The Ouachita and Tensas are filling from Lake Providence. Tbe papers are not allowed to puhltehaav more Bed river news, excepting an sAeirut despatch, in which Gfen. Banks claim*a vic tory. Guerillas are becoming more troublesome on the eastern banks of the Mississippi. _ Gen. Steele bas opened communication with Gen. Banks. The re-organixation of artillery la the West, under the direction of Gen. Barry, to progressing with great rapidity. Waen dstebsd a complete revolution will have Men eflbsted, and the artillery, which, in nearly a0 the Wes tern armies, has been much scattered and in soma instances mismansgsd, trill, Itie beBevod* be rendered much more efictent. ?y New York papers arges a reform among the Judges of tbat city; who it is alleged do not administer the law in that upright and impartial manner which is sxpeoted of gentle men wearing the judicial ermine. When the rebels catoh a Federalist ka charge of a plantation ic rebeidom they teas him out, make him dig his own gxa vsi aal thsa sbeot bim. ygrTbe New York Board of _ about to erect a new stoek exchange, when completed will present a palatal ap pearance. ?7"Steels Brothers, of Santa On* eounty Cal., have engaged to make a cheese to wa^ti 35,000 ponnds, for tbe beasSt sf the Sanitary Fair ot San Franeisoo. WQsn. Ogles by is spohsaef sa a frotuoent candidate for Gubernatorial boners m IfekMto. MT In one day Inst week the wmgh a* the Boston Custom House am?na*d to?I*,<*ft

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