Newspaper of Evening Star, May 3, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 3, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. ?MU8EMKNTS TO-NIGHT. 1'OED'e l he atkb.?To-nirbt again, and for the last time, Mr. Forrest will appear as, "Spar tacus," in Dr. Bird's trappy. "The Gladiator." The public generally will be well pleaded with ibis an noun cement, for last night was one of thoae unpleasant evenings which deterred many from Tentnring out, and there is undoubt edly a treat desire to see this play. To-morrow Alice Gray takes a benefit. Gbovke'b Th*atsb.?Two fine plays an? announced for to-night, viz: Wil'tins* thrilling romance of the "Scalp Hunters,-' and Torn Taylor's plav, "Still Waters Run Deep." In both plays Messrs. Wallack and Davenport and Mrs Farren will appear in prominent characters. The play of the "Scalp Hunters" bas lately been added to the repertoire of the combination, and will no doubt create a sensa tion. (jAKTKUBrav.?During this week the nightly performance will commence with comedy and end wiih comedy, and the time between the two plays will be filled with really interesting performances, in the way of song, dance. .Ethiopian eccentiicity. Ac. All who want & good laugh we advise to go to Canterbury. Metropolitan Hall.?Nellie Taylor, the beautiful and accomplished vocalist, Tom Vance, the vocalist and comedian; Joe Childs, the clog dancer: Harry Enochs and Charlie Peine, the Ethiopians, and a number of other "well-known artists will appear to-night. Varieties.?A good budget of fun and amusement willbeopened to-night at this hall, ^ome of the best performers in the Concert Hall business will appearand delight all. Mai Ball.?Prof. Marini's grand annual May Bill will be given to-night at Odd Fel lows' Hall, and no one wbo has ever partici pated io these parties can doubt but that it will o?> splendid atTair. There will be an exhibition ?t fancy dances by the Professor's pupils, and afterwards an opportunity will be afforded all to enjoy the danoe. Thh Now-Importation Society.?Yester day afternoon, subsequent to the closing of oar report of the proceedings of the ladies' meeting ^t Dr. Sunderland's church, the pledge was so amended as to read, "For three years, or for the war, we pledge ourselves to each other and the country, to purchase no imported article of apparel," thus making it take effect imme diately. * The following ladies were elected permanent officers: President?Mrs. Gen. Jas. Taylor. Vice President?Mrs. Stephen A Douglas. Recording Secretaries?Miss Rebecca Gilliss, Mis? Virginia Smith. Corresponding Secretaries?Mrs. M. Morris, Sirs. B. B. French, Mrs. S. Bowon, Mrs. H. C. Jngersoll, Mrs. Z. Robbing, Mrs. Prof. Henry. Mrs. Chittenden, Mrs. Capt. Hidden, Miss 'Williams, Miss Matilda Bates. Advisory and organizing committees tor all the States* and Territories within the Union lines were also appointed. On motion of Mrs. Ann S. Stephens, it was Ts )lved that the badge of the National Cove rant thall be a black bee, with wings enameled, according to nature, worn with a tri-color jribton, a little in front of the left shoulder. On motion ot Mrs. Ingersoll, it was Reic4ved, That the members of the Covenant request their husband* and brothers to abstain Jrom such imported articles as wines, liquors, cigars, Ac. After sundry resolutions of thanks to the ?Trustees of the Church; Rev. Dra. Sunderland and McMurdy, Mrs. Ann S. Stephens and others, the meeting adjourned to meet next Monday evening, when they wiU> assemble again in the same church. Before the adjournment, all the ladies pres ent feigned the pledge. Dr. was so inter* ted in the movement that he desired to preserve the appearance of the meeting by the -.hotoerapbic art, and an operator was there ore sect for and pictures were quickly ob tained, and will be for exhibition at Brady's gallery to-day. Thk Cabi enters' Meeting Yesterdayaf lernoon, a meeting of thecarpenters of the Dis trict was held in the Capitol Grounds, and it "was very respectably attended. Mr. Win. Hall, president, and T. W. W. Le tourau. secretary of the association, were called on to officiate. The association, it will be recollected, at their last meeting passed a re.-olution to de Jnand an increase ot fifty cents per day on the old rates after the 1st mst., and this meeting ?was called in order to ascertain how many Jiad succeeded, and the prospects of others. From all we can learn the Navy Yard hands are satisfied, the Secretary and Admiral Smith of the bureau of Yards and Docks having ac ceded to the demand. The joiners employed at the Treasury have J\ot altogether been so fortunate, some thirty only having had their wages increased to three dollars, the sum asked ror, while others had an advance of twenty-five cents added. Some twenty srmore of those placed in this category Siare taken their discharge. Quite a number cf the private shops were represented, and we understand that many of the private bosses tiave agreed to give the advance. But few ot tie hands on the Treasury, and but one or two it the Navy Yard were at work yesterday af ternoon. Several reports were made, and Mr. Harmon, Ot the Navy Yard, addressed, the meeting, in forming them that the Navy Yard hands had been successful. Hon. Amue Myers, of Pa., was introduced, and made a short address, in which he spoEe ?f ?toe importance of increasing the pay of the ^rorkingman, and assured them no memorial Jor their relief would be slighted by the Presi dent or Departments if a reasonable time was given. Mr. Myers assured the meeting: that he ??ras ever ready to serve the workimrman? his own constituents first, and the mechanics of "Wa?hlng'on next. Mr. Myers was frequently applauded, and loudly cheered as he left the Stand. The meeting adjourned to meet to-night. Extbwbivb Robbery or Gold akd Silver. !?li7Abeth Shorter, colored, was betore Justice Thompson this morning, charged with the lar ceny of f#ur 820 gold pieces, one S5 gold piece, two f250 gold pieces, twenty Si gold pieces, right or ten silver dollars, and twenty 25 and Co cent silver pieces, from the house" of Mr. Wm. F. Pruitt, who resides near the Park Hotel. Elizabeth was employed there as a ser vant, and on Saturday Mrs. Pruitt gave her notice to quit. She w*nt up stairs to pack her trunk, and at the same time is supposed to liave secreted the money she is charged with stealing. As soon as the loss was discovered the police were notified,and yesterday Sergeants Johnson and Skippon arrested the girl at the bouse of a colored man named Smller, near the Park, and found upon person 957.15 In silver and Treasury notes. The girl's trunk was lourd at another house, but no money was Jound in It. The accused denied taking the money, but alleged that what was found upon lier was given her by Mrs. Pruitt before leaving. JJri. P. denied giving her any money except -?vages due, which amounted to S3; and as the girl was guilty of telling stories of a 3iintlar charaete-, Justice Thompson committed her to jail for court.. . Rkat. Eptate Sales.?Messrs. J. C. McGuire A. Co made the following sales yesterday: Prick house on Pern?yl vttula avenue, between liHh and 20th streets, to T. R. Wilson, 87,ar>o. JiOt oe Pennsylvania avenue, between 2lstand ST'd streets,to Gilbert Vanderwerken,IM.23. Two lo*s on 21st f treet, at the corner ot north 1 street, containing about 8,000 leet, to Solomon Stover, for 75c. per foot. House and lot on I street, toe' ween 2Ut and 22d, to George Pfluger, for :?T~10. House and lot adjoiumg above, to W. "W. K-ngh, for ?1,750. House and lot on 21st, between H and I streets, to G. W. Emmerson, lor gS.010. House and lot adjoining the above, to Tbos. Berry, tor ?4,025.' Lot co/ner ot H ?ind 21st streets, to Thos. Berry, at lie. Two Jots on H, between 21st and *td streets, to same purchaser, for 36#c. pet toot. Lot on 21st & r<*et, between H and I, to G. W. Kmmerson, at 36c. per foot. Two lots adjoining above, to Joseph Parker Milburn, for Qr^c, per foot, irfjt on 7th street, between H and 1, to S. D. Marlow, for #1.73 per toot. Lot adjoining above, to Paulus Thyson, Sl.Wi. Lot on N, be tween 9th and 10th streets, to John W. Coombs, tog si?c. Small house and lot on i)< street south, to Wm. Macbeth, Iorll,w. A Delightful Fair and Affair iw Prob K EOT*?The ladies et tfm Foundry M. B Church are ivaking treat preparations for their tmr, ?V hich is to be held at their church, corner ot 14tn and G streets, opening Wednesday, May q. The ladies of Foundry are noted for their intelligence, and are as pretty as Intelligent ssc that any festival over which they preside lias some special attractions over any congre gation less favored in the way of wit and beauty. ? POGTi'ONBD.?In consequence of the mclem -<ncy of the westtier last night, the Grand En campment Lttvee, I. O. O. F. was postponed, and will take place on Wednesday night. May 1 fit, when it will come off with many addi tional features ot attraction from the longer time given in vrhlch to make preparation. Committed to the Old Capitol.?Daniel Watban, Riohird Lawrence, and Albert Ash tcc, arrested by an officer ot the Potomac flo tilla Apr a violation of the blockade, were com mitted te the Old Capitol this afternoon by Col. Ingraliam. The two last named are genuine ?'contrabands " Ball To-morbow Night.?The Washing ton ard Georgetown Pa-stnger Railroad Asso ciation will giV' a grand ball to morrow alrbt at Odd tellowt' Hall, Seventh street. The ffenttemen having this matter in charge are *nakin?e%er> tilori to make thl? bail one ot toe most popular of the seasoa. Ubabob o? Pickiio a Pockrt?Yesterday a pic-Dic wu Hires at LoefRer's Qarden, where there was quite a crowd, and while there, a , woman named Anna Oloutbach, who had sev eral hundred dollars in her pocket-book, ac cused another woman named E'len Hlcky with attempting to pick her pocket; a ad officer Hteeler arreat-*d the latter, who was taken before Justice Johnson. The complainant tes tified positively that the accused bad her hand iu her pocket, while another testified that the a cused bad one hand on the fence and the j other in her pocket. The justice dismissed the case. > i Folic* Ar potrtmbkt* ?The Board of Met I xopolitan Police Commissioners have lately ' made the followicg appointments of patrol | men, Thomas Sneed vice Christopher Neil son, filth precinct; Samuel McMouegle vice James Handley, seventh precinct; Christopher Holi ban vice John T. Parker, sixth precinct; John >lonahan vice J. B. New lie, tenth precinct; George E. Grimes Vice T. F. Evans, third pre ! cinct. Don't fobokt the ladies" |air at Trinitf HaLl, on 5th street, between D and E. Excitemtwt Amoko tiik IiADiEf.?Consid erable excitement has been created among our fair friends by Win. Prince, 381 F street, (op posite Patent Office,) in having built and now in use a powerlul machine for fluting or crimp ing the lower portion of ladies' dresses. This trimming is very fashionable, and is taking the place of braiding, bo much worn of late. This machine is the only one in t\e city, and ladies ctn now save the expense of sending to New York or Baltimore to have their work done. Dress makers will be particularly glad of this. * SPECIAL NOTICES. Jeweli:t! .tKWkLKr! Jbwllbt! . a, n Only One Dollar! At the Dollar Store 439 Penn. avenue, n"ar 1}~ atreet. m> 3 *t* * Fp.kf LrtfCH at 8AMsTAo'f. Alh Vaci/ts?? Mr. Samstag takes n trreat deal of pleasure to inform lii* friends and patrons that he wiH given very extensive Lunch on WeduesdHy, May 11 h. this day being the first anniversary of the opening of Sum stae s Ale ^ aults. The choice of the market will be served on this occasion. Come one, come all. my 3-2t* Browk's Brokchul Tbochkjj. These Lozenges are prepared from a highly esteemed recipe for alleviating Bronchial Auc tions. Asthma. Hoarseness, Coughs, Colds, and Irritation or Sr reness of the Throat, vn ? > Public f ptajcers and Vocalists Will find them beneficial is clearing the voice before speaking or singing, and relieving the throat arter any unusual exertion of the vocal organs, having a peculiar adaptation to affections which disturb the orgaus of speech. mhS-d&wtf Tna Fbbt.?Beauty of carriage is mostly depen dent upon a judicious preservation of the feet; it is impossible to move in a graceful manner if the freat support of the whole frame beinadisor ered condition, and nothing impedes so much as Corns. Bunions, Ingrowing Nails, or olher disor ders to which the fret are liable. To aH afflicted we would recommeud an early call at Dr. White's fffiee-Ro. 4124 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4,S and Cth streets. ap6-tf E. J. WiLKiN3,Esa..has been appointed Agent of the Wrest Pennsylvania route, vice K. O. Nor ton. to take effect on thei&th of March. Mr. Wil kius lias been connected with the Office, at the corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, during the past two years, and is thoroughly con versant with the business of the route in all its departments. All applications for information, tickets. 4c., must l.e addressed to E.J. Wilkins Agent Great Pennsylvania Koute, Sixth street and 1 eunsyl varna avenue. Ed. S. Young, General Passenger Agent, ?P ? Great Pennsylvania Route. Diskasfb or thk Nkrvocs, Seminal, Urihart AKiw v xr ai. Systems?new and reliable treatment? ln JPor*R *"e Iloward Association?8ent by ln envelopes, free of charge. Address D. J. Skillin Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth street, Philadelphia mb 2a-.iin FOR SALE?Threw first-rate WORK nORSESfor ?ale Apply to ?IOT>SA 4 ENNI8. 3Hi Pennsylvania avenue, near 7th st. my 2-3t* STEAMER FATRRANR9 HAS ARRIVED a ' Consignees will please attend tt> the reception of their goods at once. Ai HB ^ MORGAN 4 RHINEUART,?>???? P? 2 2t Agents. FOR PALE?At Gladmon's Sale and Livery Stable, corner Bridge and Market streets,/r\. Georgetown, D C., one line bay STALLION, 1^25* kind and gentle, works well in double or* * ? single harness. Also, thirty head of work, saddle and carriage horses and mules, second-band top and no top buggies. my 2-6t* O?" ' NOTICE. ^And after May 1st, 1864. the interest of Geo. w . Wilson in the Wilson ManufneturingCompany cease*, he having retired from said company. The business will be settled by the undersigned. H. C. WILSON. my?-3t? T. P. WILBON. Jr. FOB SALE?At the Foundry Church, corner of 14th and G streets, 43 Church Seats, with backs and painted,15 V enitian inside Blinds, 5 Window kha4lps,25 >ards floor Oil Cloth, 2 Furnaces, with complete, 2 Stoves, srd 5^ feet of Stove Pipe. 90 feet of Picket Fence, with cedar posts turned, 3 Cords of Ash Wood. All or any of the above articles will be sold very cheap on applica tion to D. A. GARDNER. 460 New York avenue, near 15th street. m y 2-tf J^ISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. The firm heretofore existing under the name of K. w , Gray 4 Co., in the Flour, Feed and Produce Business is this day dissolved bv mutual conseu All cisims against said firm will be settled by ] "Gray. R. W. GRAY, u. , . . _ J. L. GRAY. Hashington, D. C., May 2.1W>I. NOTICE.?The undersigned will continue the Flour, feed and Produce Business No. 422 Mass. aTe"ue? near7th street, and solicits a continuance of the patronage heretofore extended to the old firln- t my 2 -3t*l B W. GRAY. J. K. P. BOELDEX. W. KRANCIS HBI.LEV BOULDEN 4 HELLEN, STOCK AND EXCHANGE BROKERS, No. 4 North Strekt, BALTIMORE, Buy and sell on commission at Baltimore and Boards, Bonds and Stocks of every de scription. Orders for purchase or sale of Gold promptly executed. ap 30-eo3t** P MAYOR'S OFFICE, April 27 18*4 ERMI8SI0N IS HEREBY GIYE!? to use, until further notice, the Potomac water from street washers to allay the dust in the carriage ways at such times and as often as may suit the conveni ence of water takers. wp 2?-eo3t RICHARD WALLACII. Mayor 486 p'c LLR E s- 486 >(a 5-?d Eight doors above Odd Fellows'Hall. Terms caxh. ap 23-lmif* r^OO SCBUELS POTATOES. Prime White Mercer. Carter and Peach Blow, for seed and family uae. For sale by J . P. BARTHOLOW, Dialtr in Hardware and Agricultural Implements, Seeds and Fertilizers, 55 9 Sevkkth Ftrf. kt, p.O-lw ashington city. 486 PAPERHANGIN08. A selected and varied stock of Fine, Medium and Kow priced PaperhangtngB. Borders. SUtueg. 4c., at J MARKRITER'S. 4*6 7th street, Eight doora above Odd Fellows' Hail. Terms cash.. ' ap29-lmif* NOTICE. I DI, _ IIVIIHI, ? "E I ndersigned having bought the premises known as the Oyster Bay House at Georgetown, an,t' Montgomery streets, now called J"*!8' refP^tfully announce to their they will always have on hand a fine assortment of Wines. Iiionors, Cigars ic Alc and have also Furnished looinite r*nt. ' C. RENNHAM, ao2S2w' * H. FARNHAM, -*p^ 2w Proprietors. 486 ?VAL 1>1CTCBJi FRAMES. A beautiful assortment of Gilt and Dark OwJ Pictures; ?Ijotfjw-I'jtl: o'Carte? de Viaite Frames, at J*ARKEITER S, 4H6 7th street, Eight doors above Odd Fellows'Hall Terms cash. ap? imif* SEVENTH STREET. A oo ?iOo Between G and II streets, east side. L. PRIBRAM Ha* juM received a large stock of latest style SPRING AND SUMMER BONNETS AND HATS BILK AND STRAW. Also, Ribbons. Flowers, Feathers, Head Dresses, Nettd, Laces. Embroideries. Hosiery, 4c., 4c. Ladies' Plain and Embroidered READY MADE UNDER CLOTHING ,frr description constantly on hand ap smv? *n(1 H<kt* B,el*hwl ftad Trimmed. SMHBKJW * SONS' FAMOUS PIANOS for imr mcming. Good newit-_?^ wsltin* Thf. W iT so patiently|n|B Stock rer r large MflTl mtj,,fVuf/fs IV^Vmof HA,ir8HUHTERnf Jf0?o"nU to make an early settlement They wfll Ssja"" w " oI?;S.".'fk.'.il All persons having accoonu against the firm are requested to preaent themfc>rsetUe?ent. OOFINO FELT AKK PITCH. R J?ft received tad for sale, a choice lot of ?''i FEN WICK ft ST1W ART a?K l?* at., atUanai fcrkdga. BALLS, PARTIES, &C. poi 8TPONED TO WEDNESDAY, MAT 11. 8SKN 1 THE GRAND ENCAMPMENT I.KTKK, (Postponed fro? Monday evening, Mar 2. in con sequence of the storm,* will be held on WEDNESDAY EVENING, May 11. tST The Executive Committee will meet on Thursday Evening, at 8 o'clock. my 3 3< May b a l l or THH WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN PA8SEN GKR RAILROAD RELIEF ASSOCIATION ODD FTLI.O vry HALL. 7tk strut, WEDNESDAY, May 4, ISM. Ticket' ??. admitting: a gentleman ani laJIps. For sale on the car?. Music by Prof. Withers E\Kpl TIV oi C, MMITTBB. W. W. Wallace, K. S. Ash, G Ford, G. Kir by, D. Riiev, G. T. Graves, N . Porter, C. A. Littlejohn. L. Wftr.el. N. Ikmvet, J. E. Buckingham, O.Vermilion, j. P. Torbcrt. A. R. BENNER, Chairman. J C. WILLIAMS. Sec'y. my a-3t* PMAY BALL. ROF J, W. KREIS Respectfully annrfio^es that his first exhibition and GRAND MAY BAIL in this city will be held on TUESDAY EVENING, May 10th, at Tna ODD rjST.LOWS' HALL, Snenth street. The exhibition will commence at 6 o'clock. PROGRAMME. ofjoces JL College Hornpipe, by two masters, PasdTCc ? - " ;.Ceosaise, by two ladies, Fisher's Ilornpipe. by four gentlemen, Fas Styriau. by a lady ani gentlemen. Pas de Medley, by a Miss, Irish Lilt, by a lady and gentleman. .. ... L homrueatrois Jambes, or the man wita tii?ee High {and Flii. g, by three gentlemen, bailor's Hornpipe, by a gentleman, Pas btyrian, by a Miss and Master, La Manola. by a Miss and Master, Zingarilla, by n Miss and Master. Grand National Polka, by a gentleman and Miss, representing Brother Jonathan and the Uod dess of Liberty, arrauged expressly for the oc casion, ... Grand May Pole Dance, by sixteen, ending with groupe. , . After which the floor will be cleared for the w nolo company. , , . Cards admitting a gentleman and. ladies, to be had of any of the pupils and principal music and bookstores. None Bold at the door. Music by one of the best cotillon bands oi the United States. . . . . Ballet Master?J. W. Kreis, assisted by his brother H. P. Kreis. ? , Mr. Kreis wishes to return his sincere thanks to his patrons and friends for their kind patronage during the season, and respectfully solicits the same for the next, which commences September 5th. 1864, ap 3 >-eo5t HPHIRD GRAND BALL OFTHI ISLAND SOCIAL CLUB, will be given at the ISLAND HALL, On THURSDAY. May Mh, l?t. A Committee pledge themselves to spare no pains or expense to make this one of the grandest Balls of the season Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admittinjja gentleman and ladies. Committee af Arrangements? Thomas McCook, H. F. Beach, G.Dixon, John Manoney, J.C.Fisher, Win, Buckley, Thos, W. Stone, Jno. II. Weeden, Win. Hall, F. Springmau, Jno. Little, Geo. Miller, Geo. Adams. ap 2ft lw* Prop, marinis gband may ball will take place at Odd Fellows'Ilall. 7th st., on TUESDAY EVENING. May 3d. 18U. Gen tlemen wishing for ladies' invitation can ob-i tain them by applying at Mr John Ellis'si__ Music Store, or at Messrs. Philp & Solomon's Boot store. Pa. svenue, bet. 9th and Kith sts. ap 23-i?t* LOST AND FOUND. ? OST?On Pnturday evening, in Center Market, I_i by a poi'r widow lady, a I OCKBT-BdOK, con taining ?8''.35. The finder will be suitably re warded by leaving it at 453 Penna. av.. between 3d and streets. my 3-3t* LOST-On April 21, 1S64. one PEARL NECK LACE, star set, with drop set in silver, silver clnsp, on the way from I street, near 10th, to rail road depot. A liberal reward will be paid if re turned to No. 43ft I street, between 9th and luth streets, it being an old family relic. my 3-3t* OST?On 7th street, between E and L streets, a a GOLD WATCH CHAIN, two strands, fine links, with a slide. The linder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at W. D. BEVIER'8 store, MOi New York av., bet. luth and 11th nts. Also, the thanks of the owner. my 3-3t* REWARD,?Strayed from the subscriber *plU on the 26th of April, a light r?<i COW. with white on each side, white star in forehead, long switch tail ordinary sized horns, and dry. A reward of $5 will be paid for information leading to her recovery, or $10 if returned to E. MAN - KINS, No. **0 Fayette St., Georgetown, my 3-3t" CTfcAYED FROM TUB PREMISES, April the W 29th. a dark red COW. with a piece cut out of the right ear. Whoever will give information in regard to said cow will be suitably rewarded, by applving at the residence of the owner, Mrs. MINNA BIERINGER, No. 309 D street. Wash ington. my 3-4t? CAME ON TO MY PREMISES on April 26.1864, a red COW and young CALF marked on both ears. The owne,r is requested to como forward, prove property, nay charge^), and take her away. my 2-3t* JOHN BUCHANAN, on 15th and Q st. AMI TO THE PREMISES of the undersigned, on the 30th ultimo, a yellow BUFFALO COW The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and tier away. J. F. GRKKN, Agent. my 2-3t* 13th st., bet. M and N, No. 331. I ^STRAYED FROM THE COMMONS. North of J city, on Friday, the 29th of April, adark roan HORSE in good order; lame in right hind leg. A liberal reward will be paid for his return to JOHN W. RIGHTSTINE, No. 400 Massachusetts av enue, near loth street. my 2 3t* |~OST?A package of P APERS, in a Buir Envel ope, supposed to have been dropped on 8th street, near the Patent Office. They are of no value to any one but the owner. Any one finding the same who will hand them into the office at Willard's Hotel will be liberally rewarded my 2-3t* WM. L. JAMES. LOST?On Thursday, the 2Rth instant, a roll of blank PAY-ROLLS, signed. A reward of 110 will be given if returned to the Star Office. ap 3fl-lw* ?>|/\ REWARD?Lost on Saturday morning the IU .'Mb instant, a BROWN HORSE, between four and five years old. The above reward will be paid if returned to M. SlE'-JEL. apS?3t* 102 street, Ibland fflj C REWARD ?Strayed from Meridian Hill, aboutten days ago, a red COW, with small horns, white spot on her rump; in a poor condi tion. The above reward will be given for her re turn to C. A. BTOCKBRIDOE, Meridian Hill. ap3"-3t* HEREBY CERTIFY THAT JOSEPH HITCH cock, of Washington county, D. C., brought be fore me, the subscriber, this 28th day of April, 1.8K4, as estray, a BAY HORSE, black mane and tail, white face, blacklegs, ana shod all around about nine years old. Given under my hand and seal this 26th day of April,1864 DAN'L ROWLAND, J P. The ow ner of said horse will pleaae call at corner of 7th street west and Boundary street, and prove property, pay charges, and take him awav. an 27 eo3t* JOSEPH UITCHC0CK. 1 BOARDING. A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMO dated with Furnished Rooms and Board, and one Furnished Front Parlor for rent, at 542 H street, one minute's walk from the Patent Office, my 3-3t* (GENTLEMEN WITH THEIR WIVE8 and sin ? gle gentlemen can be accommodated with fdewant ROOMS and good boa'd in a desirable ocality by immediate application at No. 37 7 13th street, between New York avenue and I street Terms moderate. mv 2-3t* nOABD. WITH LARGE AND HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, can now be secured b> members and others, in a pleasant neighborhood by early application House has all the modern improvements Terms moderate. Apply south West corner of H and ?lst street, near Pennsjlva nis avenue, and convenient to the Department*. ni) 2-3t* BOARDING?For rent, with board, a handsome ly furnished ROOM, on the tirnt floor, with e thers, excellently located, front and back, large and comfortably furnished. Inmatesof the house w'll receiyeeyery attention, and to thoae ? ho es pecislly desire comfort this opportunity is offered A good table is kept, and a few meal boarders taken. Apply at 395 Eighteenth street, between F and G streets. my2 2t* GEORGETOWN ADVEE'MTS H IGH STREET MARRET, No. 74 0i-P0siT? Pkoppbot 8rK?aT, Georgetown, D. C. We, the undersigned, beg leave to inform the public that we have on hand a choice assortment of Fresh Meats of all kinds, Poultry Game, Ac Eggs wholesale and retail. Appl** ana Potatoes by the barrel. Canned Fruit* of all kinds at market prices. my 3 1m* H. W. FISHER A 00. CJTOCK OF THE CORPORATION OF GEORGE TOWN. D. C ?PeAons who would wish to par chase stock ?f the Corporation Of Georgetown. D C.. on which intereat will be aayable quarterly oan obtain some on application to WILLIAM LAIRD. Ee*., Clerk of the Corporation. ap 18iDw Eighth grand opening MONDAY. May 2d,of GEO. JUENEMANN'f PLEASURE GARDEN. til! Dancing every Monday afternoon. The Pleas ? re Garden ia ?" Iwprovod that it.cannot b? beaten by my r?ther of the aame nort ii tnia c*ty. and c%o ' Vlof jcSk KMsr. W?l?' Propriotor. F 1 FOR RENT AND SALE. HOOD WILL AND FIXTURES FOR WALK. No. '? 335 F street. my .V3t* TO KKNT-A large Id Hory ON FURNISH RD BOOM, privaleentrariee on D street above 7th Island roy3-3t* l|"OR RENT?Two Cnfuri?Uhed HOOMS,"N~7 4, I between Third a >d Fourth, on Market street, Georgetown. Inquire for three days. It L"M)R 8ALE-A well fitted out RESTAURANT, 1 now doirr a good business. Apply at the Star Office my ,i-3t* ^T0R>7T0R~R ENT ATTD FfXTURK^ FOR PALE?On Pennsylvania avenue: desirable lo cation for bueicess. Inquire at 93 Louisiana are. my S 3t* POR SALE-GOOD WILL and FURNITURE of a I dwelling house. No. 307 K street, betweea 14th and 16th. Please call between the hours of 7 and f> o'clock, on the premises. my 3-3t" L-ROnTaNL> BA<mT PARLOR. RED R)OM. to ? a gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen, near the I>epot and Capi'ol. Inquire 534 North 0 street, near First, Capitol Hill, Washington, D. 0. my 3 St* r|H> RENT ?FIRM "11 ED PARLOR an 1 CIIAM A BER adjoining, on first floor, to rent to gen tlemen only, Good hoara can be had nearly oppo site, at j-& a week. Five minutes'walk from war Department. Apply 2t>6 II st., above 18th mv3 3t' I^OlTsALE?A Three story BRICK HOUSE. No. 500 Tenth street west. rontaining ten rooms. fa?. A-e.. in good order. Pos?es-ion immediately. ?Tice S4.S00, in fee; "it each. Also, two fuur-room IIoust s, new. Inquire of WM. MARSHALL. 47 9 Ninth st.', between D and E ats. my 3-3t^_ ?0R RENT?A three story BRICK HOUSE. on 26th street, between Pa. avenue and M street: newly repaired and fitted up with gas; containing seven rooms, with kitchen and cellar, all com plete. Inquire at No. 44 Water street, George town. my 3-3t * OOMS TO LET-Superior PARLORROOMS and CHAMBER; delightful summer accomraoda tic>n for small family. No. 424 Fifteenth street, between New York avenue and II, and half square above Treasury and State Departments. my ,'i-eo3t* 1/OR RENT-One large FRONT ROOM, and r KITCHEN, on M street north, between Sixth and Seventh street. No. 5?3. f my 2-2t * URNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT?To gentle men, at No. 4 43 loth atreet. between F and G. Reference required. my3-3t* THREE FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT?In quire at No. 533,13th street, between B and C, Island. my 2-3t" For sals or rknt-a brick yard and FIXTURES. Address X. 0 B., through the City Post Office. my 2-3t^_ FOR RENT?A two-story BRICK DWELLING, with five rooms, pleasantly located on the Island. Possession at once. Rent $2*). Bonus ?25. Inquire after 4 p. m on Tuesday, at 5*# Sixth street, between I> and E sonth. my 2-2t* BURNISHED ROOMS for gentlemen, with or _ without board, in a large, airy house, pleas antly located. Cars pass the door every n*e minutes. Terms reasonable. Apply immediately, at the corner of 14th and 8 sts. my 2-3t* l/OR SALE?An old established RESTAURANT, a now doing an excellent business, including a large stock of choice Liquors and Cigars, and an unexpired lease of several years. Price $2,5 to. Ap ply to J. M.. 22* D street. mv 2-3f C"*()R RENT?A neat FRAME HOUSE.containing F five rooms, within five minutes' walk from the Departments, in the First Ward. Apply to GKO. A LANK. 175 K street,between 18th and 19th sts., or 95 Centre Market. my 2 3t* C*0R~SALE?A~1 first-class fami'r GROCERY and r LIQUOR STORE, situated in a good location in the Northern Liberties, facing three streets, will be sold, together with the entire stock goo 1 w ill and fixtures A lease of the store can be had if desireU tor three years. For particulars address Cash. Boy 756 City" Post Officty my 2 3t* l/OR RENT?Three FURNISHED ROOMS, first a floor, with gas ajid bath house. Inquire4l4 Seventh street between G and H. ap 3 '-.'it* A SUITE of handsomely furnished ROdMS; one a large front room, w ith or without board. Terms moderate. Apply at No. 339 F street, be tween Mb ai d lfith. ap SO-.'if" FOR F ALE-The GREENBACK RES r AUR A NT, wit i furnished rooir s attached, and a lesse of five years. Inquire at 452 loth street, first door above Ford's Theater. ap 30-3t* OUSE FOR "itKNT?A three story new FKAME IIOUSE, with a Storeroom; situated on the cornei of23d and I streets. Washington. D C. In nuire of JOSEPH L1BBEY, No. 27 Water stre-t, Georgetown. ap 3>-3t* (TOR RENT-A large BRIOK HOUSE, on L r street, between 9th and Uth streets, contain ing 10 rooms. Apply to JOS. F. KELLEY, Real Estate Broker, office ?th street, near the cor ner of I. north. ap 30-3t* LH)"R SALE~0R RENT-A FRAME HOUSETwfth a five acres of ground, orchard. Ate.,on the Rock | Creek road, six miles from the city and two from Fort Slocum. For terms, &c., apply without de lay to Mrs. DAVIS, 2>>th street, east side, first frame houBe south or U street. ap 3 ' 2w* I^OR RENT?One large front ROOM, first floor, suitable for an office, or will be rented tur p nished or unfurnished, with or without board, to some gentleman, or to a gentlemen and wife. Ap ply at 231 G street, between 17th and 18th, close to the War Department. ap3'-3t* 'OR"S ALE?The~GOOD WILL and FIXTURE3 _ of a well conducted Restaurant on Pennsylva nia avenue, including a lease for two years, stock of liquors, with 12 adjoining furnished rooms. Can be purchased at a reasonable price. Apply to JOS. F. KELLEY, Real Estate Broker, office on 8th street, near the corner of I north. ap 30-3t* 1/OR SALE?8.000 aeres of rich FARMING .T LANDS in Iowa, (Hardin, Storv, Wright, and Franklin counties;) 4,000 acres in Minnesota; tracts from 41) to &40 acres. Located 1856. Patents from the Government. Will exchange for property in or near Washington. FOR SALE ?Two and a half years" lease of a store property on Penn,avenue. now renting for . $200 per month, will be sold, with Confectionery St <>ck, Soda Fountain, and Fixtures complete. if13,000 for a property fronting 4^ feet on Penn. avenue; a three-story brick building, having two stores and eight large rooms additional, now rent ing for ?2,7<0 ner year. MITCHELL & 80N. Real Estate Brokers, ap 3<i-lm* Southeast cor. Pa. av. and loth st. COMFORTABLE FRONT ROOM, with gas; arranged to accommodate two gentlemen, can be had, with board, upon moderate terms, by applying earlv, at No. 7 First street, near High, Georgetown, D. C. ap28-eo3t* 1^0 RENT WITHOUT BOARD?First class FUR NISHED ROOMS. The best of city references given and required. Meals furnished at a good boarding house within a few doors. Apply at No. 89 Penn. avenue, above 21st street. ap28-Iw* F( F^OR SALE ?On reasonable Terms, one of the most productive FARMS in Montgomery coun ty, Md.; 22 miles from Georgetown. D. C., lAa from Seneca Mill; lying on Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. It has fine quarries, oue of flagging stone, good building'-, and fine fruits. For terms inquire of ROBERT PETER, on the premises. ap25eolm* hV)R RENT?The Shepherds'nail, corner of 7th street and Louisiana avenue, over Waite's Drugstore. Suitable for meeting of clubs, par ties. Ac. Apply to A.J.COLLINS, 3^*4 D street, between 7th and 8th. ap 2i-eo5t* C~H?UNTRY SEAT FOR SALE IN HOWARD / COUNTY.?A comfortable Cottage containing 7 rooms with about 15 acres of land, situated on Washington turnpike, 1*4 miles from Jessup's Cut Station, on the railroad. There is carriage house and stabling for several horses; also feed house and store house. A fine orchard just commencing bearing; also small fruits. The house has been painted throughout this spring and is very nicely situated; has a porch the entire front, with large flower garden. Daily fare to Washington can De reduced to a very trifling amouat by taking a com mutation ticket. Price f3,00'. Key at Mr Thos, Howe's, adjoining. For any further particulars address JOHN KEhMODE, 91 north Eu,taw street, Baltimore. ap^.'-eolm* nnA WILL BUY THE LEASE of ? large, O 1 ,UU" commodious HOUSE, with store and stable attached. Address Mr. LEASE, Star Office, ^p 21 lm? F0R~t*ALE?A small tract of I/AND (163-2 acres about three miles from theNavy-V ard bridge, well located for a market trarden farm. Pi ice ?2.000. Also, 80 acres, same distance from Navy Yard bridge, mostly under good fencing, well lo cated,with s fine road leading to it Inquire of JOHpJ W. VAN HOOK, No. 55 Louisiana av. ap 19J!aw8t f^OR SALE OR RENT?A first-rate two-story r FRAME HOUSE, containing nine rooms, to gether with nine BUILDING LO fS. all set out with choice fruit mich as peachwt, pears, piams. cher ries, grapes, all o>f the best selection; with a pump of excellent water in the yard; on the corner of G and WJth streets and Penn. avenue east. For further particulars call at residence No. 57 5. ap 16-lm* D.CARROLL. OR SALB-A valuable SLAUGHTER HOUSE PROPERTY. 26, 0 feet of ground and im provements, M follows: Slaughter bouse. l6x45;one do.,2 a26; ic* house,2 x2 ; stable 18x26?substantial brick building*: cattle and stable yard* well paved, admirably adapted for a soap and candle factory or tannery. Will be sold for ffi. "0. MITCHELL ft SON. Heal Estate Brokers, ap iD-lm southeast cor. Pa. av. and 16th at. F~lTB8ALJfr-A STORE and DWELLING HOUSE, No. 401 ,on7th street, between H and I streets. Lot J by 7' feet. This is a first-rate, business piace. A bRICK U0U8E, No. ???<>,on M street.between 4th and 6th streets. IIas six rooms. Set* back from the street. Lot 3 by 219 feet, running through to Ridge street. Is a very desirable place for a private A HRICK HOUSE, No.432,on9thstreet.between G and II streets. Has four rooms. Sets back, with vard in front. Lot 19 feet 6 inches by 99 fest. A FRAME HOUSE, No. 373, on 9th etraet between I and New York avenue. Seven rooms. Lot* by 1<0 feet. A FRAME HOUSE. No 342, on ltth street between L and M ctreets. Has six rooms. Lot t3 bTa'FRAME HOUSE, No. 342,onUstreet betweea llth and 12th Six rooms. Lotby B1 feet. For particulars apply (a . V. S. KERN, apl.l-lm* Wn. H33 M st., bet. 4th and 6th. LARGE BRICK DWELLING on H north, be tween 6th and 7th west. 526, will be sola for $8,000. Immediate possession. Terms easy. Would also sell other improved aod unimproved property in convenient locations. B, MILBURN. apts-lm* >24 I street north. F'OR SALE OR RANT?That first class DWELL ING HOUSE and lot of ground at the sonth west corner of Prince and Uolnotbns streets, Ales andria Title perfect and immediate given. Inquire of JAMES A STOULENBERG. Alexandria, or of the subscriber. Franklin How, VS. LATHROP_ AUCTION SALES. For other Auction Sain ?m firtt page. THIS AFTKRWOOW AMP TO-MORROW |?Y THOMAS DOLLING Auct'r; Georgetown. VERY VA' UABtE TM~PR VED PBOPF?TT ON BRIDGE *TBBET OB RGETOWN. On Tl BS''A\ Ar ? ERNOt'N. MayS at lo'eJock. ob the p*? mines. I sh?l. sell, for account of the h(ir?oi Thoa*sCnok, the southwest part ot Lot N. I, in Oid (ho^ie own frontiag 23 f?*)t 4 1-2 in cheson Bridg- atr. et, between Cues estand Vash i;*ton ?itmm running back JT; feet to a wide pub lip at ey, improved by a three s'ory Brick Dwsfiing Hon?ewi.h back bnitding being ths property oc criied b) Jon. r. Birch E>q. Terns*: On*-half the remainder in six ani twelve tronths, with interest, secured by a deed of trust r.u tl e premises. Convey an en* at the cost of the purchaser ap 26-d THOMAS DO W LI NO, Auctioneer. |^T J. 0. McGUIRE A CO.. Auctioneers. 8IXTT-ONB HANDSOMELY LOCATED BUILD* 1NG LOIS AT PI'B .10 AUCTION, Or TUESDAY A FTERN00N, Mar 3d. at4 o'clock, on tbo pr? n.ises. we ehall eel i nearly the whole of ?qu?.re No. 241. known a* "Ringman's Ga*d<?n," frot ting about ?? feet each on 141r> street north Q street, 13th street, the "Circle," and 'Kinsman Con t," all running back to tine alleys, with Am fa cilities for drainage 1 lie beaat;ful location of these Lots, being en the Inch grouua irnmedately north of the Presi dent 's House and Department?., t ie alvantage of a city passenger railroad ana Potomac water imme diately in front of the premises, render theuve-y desiitfule for Building Sites, and. as the sale will be male without reserve, it should command spe cial attention. lermsof sale: One third in cash, and the re mainder in equal payments in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by adeedof trust on the premises. Coovej anee* at cost of purchaser A cash payment of fe' on each lot at the time of sale will be required ap.l?-d J. C. McOUIRE A 00,, Auct*. JJY J. C. McGUIRE & CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE LOTRON vTrGINI A AVENUE, B1 TWEkH 4K AND 6TH STREET,ISLAND. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, May 4th. at iV, o'clock^ on the premises, we shall sell, part of Lot No. 13. in Square No 4M. fronting 62 feet 6 inches, on Virginia avenue, between 4l* and 6th streets, (Island ) running baat, an average depth of LS feet. If desired it wiUbe dividel into three Lots of about 21 feet front, each. Terms: One-third cash, the remainder in six. and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. ap.'i8 d [Rep.] J C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. Y THOMAB DOWLING. Auct'r; Georgetown. TWO-STORY FRAME "HOUSE AND LOT IN GEORGETOWN AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. May 4th, at 8 o'clock, I will sell, in front of the premises, south part of Lot No. ?34. in Beatty A Ha'vkins addition to Georgetown, fronting 60 feet on Market street, near Seventh street. Ibe improvements consist of a good two-story Frame House with Brick Ba-emeut. Title perfect. Terms cash. All conveyancing aud stamps at the cost of the DUTCh THOMAS DOWLING, Auct. gY THOMAS DOWLING, Auct ; Georgetown, DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS IN GEORGE TOWN AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Mav 4th. at 8 o'clock . p m , I will sell, in front of the premise-, on the cort er of Fiedeiick and Fifth streets. ad? ^irable Building Lot fronting 75 feet on Frederick street, a1 a 9.> f^et on Fifth street. Also, immediately after tbe abov< . the undivided third ps. t ? f Loi No.223.fronting 7? fa* ton Sixth street. nmiuai- back 16 ? feet. Terms: 0"?- third cahh. balance in six and twelve months secured by a deed of trust outhe property Conveyancing and stamp-i at the cost of tUe pur chaser. Title perfect, ap.27 d TH08 DOWLING. Auct. B B V J. C. McGUiRiS & CO., Auctioneers. IMPORTANT BALK OF C30ICK LIBRARY BOOKS. On WEDNESDAY EVENING. May 1th, at 7 o'ciock.-at the Auction Rooms, aud continued ea"h succeeding Evening, at the same h'ur, until the whole it> disposed of, we shall soli. without reserve, a portion of the l.Ibraryof th? !at<?Chas. F. Mayor, of Baltimore. SJd., to which valuable addition* from snotfer source has b?-cn made, the wh le comprising Miscellaneous and Scientific Work*. II lustraten Ed tion.Setsof Monthlies, ParuphJets. Congressional Documents, Ac., Ac. Terms cash. CataU.guesnow ready for delivery. ap.3<>-dtf J. C McGUIRE A CO., Auets. B Y WM. B. LEWIS A CO., Auctioneers. SIX DESIRABLE BUILDTNG LOTS FOR SALE. AT AUCTION. We ehall sell, on WEDNESDAY, May 4th, at 8 o'clock, p. us., on the premises four fine Building Lots, fronting 25 feet by 100 each, on east side ot Ninth street, near Boundary street, in Square No. 393, also, at 6 p. m., same day, one Lot, 18 feet 9 in ches front, by 100 on S?*vent i street.between Rand S streets, and one 'Lot, same stie as above, front ing on Eighth street. The above property being in a vsry desirable lo cation. should demand the attention of builders or others, wishing good investments. Terms. One third cash, balance in six and twelve months. All conveyances at expense of purchasers, ap 30 eoAds WM. B. LEWIS & CO., Auets. |^Y WM. B. LEWIS A CO., Auctioneers. CONTINUATION OF DEAD LETTER OFFICE SALE. Sale resumed THIS MORNING, at 10o'clock, and willbe continued TniS EVENING, at 7 o'clock, also, all day TO-MORROW. (Wednesday.) when wo expect to finish schedule No 4. consisting <f l.tSJ lots of fire Jewelry, Lady's and Gents Gold and Sil ver Watches. Chains Heavy California Gold Rin^s, with a great variety of other goods For descriptions, see Catalogues at the Store No. 427. Seventh street. my 3-2t WM B. LEWIS ft Co.. Aucts. p\' GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. VALUABLE BUILDImTlOT ON SECOND ST. WEST, BETWEEN E AND F STREETS NORTH, AT ar?tTIOM. On KB IDA V, the 6th instant, at 6 o'cltck p.m., we shell sell in front of the premises. Lot No 25, in M G. Deggss' eub d vision of Sauare No. 66-1?a beautiful Building Lot 24 feet 6 inches front, run ning back J40 f?et to ? ifi.foot alley, on Second st., between E and F struts north Terns: One-third cash, remainder in six and twelve months, secured by a deed of trust on the pr?mi?es. All conveyancing and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. my 3-d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. JJY ). C. McGUIRE A CO , Auctioneers. PERKMPTORYSALE oF 8 XT FEN FINE LOTS ON THE IKLAND, Ot FRIDAY AFTERNOON. May 6. at 6 o'olock, on ihe premises, we stall sell the following valua ble Lots bel. cging to the " Convent of the Visita tion." v 1 : Lo'a No. 27 . 28. 39. 31,32, 33. and 31, in Square 39". fronting ea^b 24S feet on south side of G B'reet south between Nioth and Tenth streets west, and >ut ning back 124 feet luinches to a twenty c re foot alley. Lots No. 9,10 11. and It in Square339. fronting each 2i feet 8 ? nches on the north aide of G street eoulh, between Ninth and T-nth streets wedt, and rurniug back 124 feet 10 inches to a twenty fi re foot a ley. Lots No. 26. 28, 29 *nd 3 >, sane 8<iuare, f-onting feet on booth F street, between Ninth and Tenth Streets, and running back 124 lee: lo inches t< atwenty five foot alley. T?ms: Onf-half cast), the remairder in six month', with interest, secured by a detd of trust on 1 he pr mist s jances at expense of the purchaser. 1 K7~A cash payment of f 20 on each Lot will be re quited at the tim?- of sale nyj-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auets. ^TNITND STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. In virtue of a writ of Fieri Paeias Issued from 'h* Cierk'a Office ol the 8upr?me Court of the United States for the District < f Oo'umbia, and to trie directed, I wilt expose tn public sale, for cash, at the front of the C >nrt Housedoor, sa'd Coun ty , on WEDNE^ DAY. the 25tb day of May nex\ 186i,atl2 o'clock m., all defendant's right, title, cairn sr d interest in end to the north part of Lot No 34. in Square No. fl77, bmuded as follows:? Hegittbii g for the same at the southeast corner of Lot No 33, on the lin? ? f Seventh street east, run ring thi-nce wst 9y feet, thence north 30 feet, thence east 97 'eet to the beg ntmig. together with all singular, the imorovemen'sthereon seized and levud up< ' as the pr toerty of Samuel an t Joseph Arnold a-d will be sold to g%tisfy Judicial Nr> 2t5, in i?vnr of WLit?, Middleton A Reail, use of Hliaa E White my.J WARD H LAMON, U. 8 Marskal.D.O. Y J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers B G???*l..TBEB I!?rSE. ON B STREE '. BE sAV S1C0ND AND THIRD, AT PUBLIC <11 1I1UBSDAY AFTERNOON. May fith at 6 o clock , on the premises, we shall sell, p irt of Lot No 16, in R'aervatio No. 12, improved by a three ' tory brick house ard back bui ding, with slate root, on t.orth B street, between Second and Tnird siieets west, n> w occupied a< a publ'c house, and knoanagthe' Green Tr- e" House. y a lv p. session of th" premises will ba given. T-rtns : ( tie h*1' In c?sh. the r mainder in six. and twelve months, with interest, secmred of Irnst on the premises CrrTe.anoes at tb? coat of the wrcbaser. ap.90 J J. O McGUIRE A OO. Au to. JL^V J. c. MCGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers HANDSOME RUILDING LOT O* D ST ./*IT, NEXT TOIHE U)RNBROFSECOND STi,3KT. OnTBCB8DAY AFTBKNOON. May 6th half piat 'clock, on the premises, we shall a?l v very eligible Unflding Lot,fronting S6 feet on n rth 0 "Irrel, between First and 8econd street? west. (ftWit agaareeaat ?f the City Ball,' and ruaaiag lack la fee' to an alley,with a frame stab'e ia tha ?e?r. and adjoined c? each aide by excellent thr*e ?Jory brick dwellipg-houfea _ Term*: One-half c?sh, the remainder in six ir.ontba, with laierest, secured by deed of trust oa the nrefciaM. Title perfect Cos of conveyances and stamps to be y*id by *VvC*?d'' J.C MoGUIREAOO,, Aucts W. L. WALL A OO.. Apctianears. MO DOZEN llxtra choioe Cognac im| E >cke'l? Brailles, 8cVe>dam B ||ju?d Uia, Royal Fort Wire boartKio and Nectar W Maker C'arats *c re n siejn* ofthe stock of B. Crom-liea A*0-> ;"w?l niv PublicSa'e.oa W*D>iB? HAv.l8tb Mit, At l,lo cioca Tbf mW9 uiif bf , sroom. No. S93, F^nns)! va>?aiMeuae.wcoad Aoor, H* WM. L. WALL * 00.. Aaeta. AUCTION SALES. future days. JJT J. C. McOUIRI A CO , iuMioiwri. COMJHTSFlPyERf? SAl E Of RfAf FVPTJTTf FRAME nor SB AND 1-OT OK NOfcT lllg r BETWEEN bTH AM) 7TH 8T8 W*gT The undotmtrued, eomroiseioner* appointed far tne Supreme Ooart of the District of Columbia, ia John*'*"" "ip* p*her? against court ^"r^ vand ?th7B.VNo' 'r8- ?"?uity. in ?>aid Samei w r*?ke ^of - jr<? efu?* wKi?* ??!? it vimgdied seized, hereby aire noti<w /? PJ'rK*J*nce of an order of said court en tered on theB*bdj?y of April instant, they will Mill Ji e rrf?n'">??*, the following described Qoa? fS irvhvsSi.'fv tA*cit*of Washington, D. C . on WEDNEcDAV. the 4th day of May. 18i4, at ft Lot No. 3, in Square If? ** t ??11 ''?? If foet ?ou D,/\h L street, bet*mi Afc and 7th street* west. and having* depth in th? resrSlfect The improvements consist of a tw? story frsme house with ft hark building Terms cans. TIIEO. SHECEELy, ANDREW GODDARB. ? F. QUEEN, REMET HENNING. W. L. ROSS. ? Commissioner*, apan J. C. McGUIRB A OO , AucU. |^Y J. C McGUIRE A CO., Auctieneer*. TkVwT i" v??ALR OF A no^s* AND LOT OB p ? *N1 i1 ? p<twikn l and m l-trkk rs a?1an ?uv?!f*dee<1 of trout from K. B. Bridgv. Nn m f vM.y!F ani recorded in Liber J, A*8^t l*?- \ c- ?f^ Record, or uU MONDa Y th* wtl ' W offera* Auction on r ?*? ^ *r of aT DPIt- on the p-emi Kti/r/thr^h- ?' ??lrt I-ot neren >7) ia ? ? i ^ hundred m,d torty-one (&4I> id Wa*h inton, bouudml a* follows. rir ; Beginniog forty mne feet fc?veD inches from the southeast corner ?????, t- J" ?en? "treei* wl runnln* thenos r^ntyvfiT^fe^on Ble*?ath street, thane* due east ore hundred feet. the whele depth of **i<l lot. thence due north twentr fife f?*t and then w doe west to the begixning with the improvement?, consisting of a Frame Duelling. Terms of sale. One-third of the purchase mon?r to be paid in cash, and the residue in two eqaal in stalments at six and twelv# months, with internet, vo r>^ 8tcur*<l n^ZlTlmr,of ??*the eompli?d with within a?t*mr. -er **?!*? or,th* proaorty may be reaold, alter a ?eek anotire.atthe n*k and coat of the drsC Pure^*p,,>r. CHA8. 8. BNQLISH Trustee *? 19 lm J. C MoOUIRB A OO,, Anati. J|^ GRLLN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. twenty onk vaixTh^b BUILDING LOTH ON THIS INLAND IN SUBDIVISION OF SQUARE No. 412, AT AUOTIO.V. On WEDNESDAY, the 4th day of Mar nert, w? ?ballMMl.on the premieee, commencing at Bo'claok the following valuable property, rii: AH ofSquare No. 41i.\ except two or three loti. oa which Buildings are erected; the Square is divided intoi 24 bandwime Building Lot?. areraging from a Jp 25 fett front eaeh, an of which run back to al leyR. Thin property is beautifully situated, boond ??.?y. and fronting on E and F street* sooth, and 6th and 9th streets west, and the sale will he well wortby the attention of p^rs .ns wishing to par chase a handsome building sit? or make a aood in ?eKtmeat. Terms: One-lialfcuh,balance in six and twelr* months, the pnrchs?ers to gire notee for the de fered ptjreents. bearing interest from the day of Bale: a deed given and h deed of trunt taken. All conveyancesincludingre7enuestaiups at par Ciias<-rs cost. ap.27-d jKep.l G REEN A WILLI AM3, AucU. J. 0 McGUIREA CO., Auct.oneers, YALUABLB PROPERTT AT TUB PIVTH ,ST n wvnlftW A1 AUCTION On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. May 4th, at ? o clock, on the premises, we shall doll. Lots No. Lt. J;,\ ?'? J9- in g<Ju&r? niuibered #e, fronting 133 if et on Sixth street west, and 2^3 feet 10 inches on south N street, imnroT?<i by a tar^e sqnarethree story Bri^k Hotel Building, with tome mxtfen good rooms, with large Pari >ra, B^r room, ana ne(v-?sjiry outbuildings. The grounds are par tially surrounded with a substantia! *tone wall an-1 are tastefully laid oot wit>? choice crapes. fmiU, tlowers, with riew t.? a summer re The proximity of tbis handsome pripertr to th? extensive wharves at the foot of Hixtb street ani the G.'TH-nn.ent woiKS. Arsenal, A c . command ug ?s it utt>, h splendid y jew of the Potomac nv.?r renaerii it very valuable as a Hotel or sumuiet tire?r ar* en 1 tie prop?rt> wiU *a Early prg?e??ion will he given. Term* One tbird ca>h: the remainder in six an-f twel ve months, with interest, secured by a deed o( trust on the property. Title perfect. _ftpJTMt J. C. McGUIRE A 00.. AocU J. C. M( iiL IRE A Cb., Auctioneer!. ~ V?RJ^y rA1?L* 1 0T^ ON SEVENTH STREBT ,WBEJX> EEN SOUTH D AND K 8TRKET8 ,0b VJEDNBPDAY AFTERNOON. May 4th,'at 5 LC-?C^' ?,ren,i*;s- we "hall sell. Lots No? *, 34, 36, and 37 in sub division of Square No 43& Lota Nos. 34, 33, and 37 front each 24 feet on Seventh k'71', ?<'nth D and E streets, runnin* hack 34feet to a li>foot alley. Lot No. 8. fronts oa Eighth street wett. between D and E streets south ,runs ^ ack same depth to same alley ' IslaM* *re amcngtlie moet ^^sirabl? lots cn th? Terms ; One-third in cash; the remainder in air and tw?ive month?, with interest, secured by d??l oftrnston the premises. ap.27-d J.C. McGUIRB A CO .AucU THOMAS BOWLiNO, Auct ; Georgetown. ' 0?ATPUBug HcTwff 6,:0R0Et0WN' D thi^uhA1 at-?i"1'1" Auction on WEDNESDAY. i.U1' d.\y *t 5 o'clock p m., on the premises, that Valuable Property, beinw part of LotMo 79 in Georgetown, and fronting ?l ??et on iA r d *Skerry street, and SnFeet on the Cotton Factory'0?" 8treet? tud ??Po?ite to tha The improvements conaist of a Urge two-s'orr and Basement Brick Dwelling-House, and Back ! i r ^i0^s' ?*("h fronting 20 feet oa Potomac ftreet. adjoining the above and rnnnia* tii-JtKeeo Tlh?*Pr?P*?'ty, eltuated as it is, b? ^?*,n *J?e Canal ana Potomac river, offers great fa cihtiee for manufacturing or other purposes and curs*11 lUTebtmcnt bUc5i anopportunity seldom oc* Terms : 0n? h^lf cash, balance in six and twelva mSn.t,h1, hy a deed of trust on the property Titl* porfert. w? cfcsSerey&UC1U<i *n4 stamp? at cost of tile P? ap.??dAdfi THOMAS BOWLING. Aurt. W GRBEN A ILLIAMS Auctioneers. A VEGETABLE AND FRUIT STAND AT AUO TION. ?.?! i?8!11'?.?' t fine Vegetable and Fruit Stall in the Centti Market, between 7th and 8th atre*t No 3ii6. on THURSDAY, the 5th day of May. at ? C ? *? m < to be sold without reserve d QKEEN A WILLIAMS. AucU. ^Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE of BRICK HOUSK ANB ABD??I ISkEt"7? 8TR,:"' L On SATURDAY AFTBRNOON, Bfay 7tb. at 9 o cUck. on the premises, we shall sell, part*of LoU 16 and 17, in Hqnare No 117, fronting 14 feet oa Twentitth street, between L and M streets north Brick^ou 78 improved by a three atorr Terms One half in cash, the remainder in six an? tweive months, with interest secured b) a d?ed af trust on the premises. torrej auc. a at the cost of the purchaser ap.JO d J. C. McGUIRB A CO , Ancta. ALCTION SALE OF VALUABLE RKALTbII TATE ON TBK POTOMAC RIVKK la Alixandru CorsTT. Va. ' By virtue of a deed of trust executed by Gaspar Appollonla J. Tochman. his wYe, dated July 14. 1857. and recorded amonc the lan^ records of Alexandria Co nty.Va ?the said Oa? par Tochman being engaged in th? rebellion againat I ^ef?7erei*n authority oftte United Stat^.aad tpe interest on the debt secured by ?aid a*ed of ifVw i *D<: iF,*!1 unpaid from tbe Suth day ofOctol er, 1861,-1 shall pro etd, by order of th? Pcrty secured, Bnd by virtue of the atithonty cea ferred by said aeed. and the etatnte in such caae made and provided, and on the 19th day of May W*4. ?n*fr^ *1 ?} auction to the highest bid Jer for cash, in front of the Mayor's office in the City of Alexaa "r.1f 12 o'clock, m., the property muned oa SHid deed that is to say tbe farm called *' 8umm* Hill cn the Potomac rivee in said County,?th? same com pri ingabont one-hundred and fifty acres, and t-eing situated about midway between Wa?h lLgton City and Alexandria, Va. Further particulars of the sale will be given at the t'me thereof. Bp 3U td J. M. STE.WART, Trustee 1^^ J. 0. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer* ~~~ N ICE FRAMB DWELLING-HOUSE AND LOT OB MASSACHUSETTS AVENl E B *T <FKKN 4Ttt A^D?1B -TREBTWEHf, AT PUBLIC SAL1 On THURSDAY AI TKBNOON, May ?h at 6V o'clock, on tb. premises weahalleell. pact of L?< No 3P, in Sqnare No 517, fronting 13 f??t4 inchea, on thesouth side of Matsachuset s avc ue betwitM Fourth and Fifth street? west, running baNk 69 feet I ii ch to a 20-foot alley, improved by a two story Frame House, containing six rooms Immediate poeeetsion given. Termf : aeh ap 28 d | Rep 1 J. C. McGUIRB A 00.. Aneta J.C. McGUIRE A CO , Auctioneers. FINE BUILDING I OT ON TENTH STREET, BB TWEBN u AND H STREETS. BORTH. On FRIDAY aFTERN<K)N. May<th. at 5 o'clook, oc tse premises, we shall sell part t>f Lot No. 14, ia hquareitf. ronting20 feet on Tenth etreet weat, beive-n G and H street?, running back. 100 f#et, * i th tbe advantag" of a brick wall. This ot is c> ntr&Uy 1 f-ated, in a deslraWe part of the city for a private reeideoee, aart ia worthy th? attention of persons wanting a fin# building loaa t?o^. lei ip: C? c t'.Ird :r r??v, the remainder ?a MX and twelve month?, with mtenol,a iff! of troat. . # Copveianoee and sUmps at th?oa#t of tk? p?r ^aTy-gt J O MoGUIRE A 00 . Austc |>Y J.C. McGUIRB *00- Awlio^iao. CBANCERT 8ALB OF A VALUABLB SQUAJUI il&SSS \'iSS IS^r.siafc the late Circuit Coart ana an amewM da ?w? oftka Sucre me Con't of the Dittnct of Ooiooabia sltUar ?^cT?Vt of Bgoity, the UiUf ??reaM 4*3 ?th of ApHI. . snd randend is a e?a*e ?? W, wherein alita^ath Brent is comp'ainaat aad Ohaa. E Brect. and otiars def?Bdaat<, th? will ??1'whol-af 8??re Bo. 4?. eah ftmded inn twenty five desirable Bnlldtag w ? respectively oa Seventh aad Biahth streata wast N twern U street and Bbode If land av?oa?. . Terms: One-tblrd rash, tha ramialndfjf j? *(xsn4 twel-e m >nths, wAb Utslaatss>****>)*' fsetion of tbe i rustae, or all aasnTittk i opti >a ?f "?illSVeVi.? " /tiBHUffBjzar purchaser. Mi4 U

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