Newspaper of Evening Star, May 4, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 4, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR H . D. WALLA* H. WlUr and Pr*pn?t?r. W ABHXNQTOIY CITY l K?K?NE?i?aY M if 4, 1*64. Rw York Stork List?First Board# fBv tlie People's Line.] V. S. coupon ti'3, ttfcit, H3V; s- 5.^0'b, 103 >$; CViUhc&tesof Indebtedness, 96 if, (told, 17!)*,; ?I Y. Central, 13->j^; trie, llljj; Hudson, 13.; ?larlero, 2V7; Keadtu?, 130#; Mlcbipin Central, 134: Michigan Sontliern, &2\\ Illinois Cen tral, Cleveland and Pittsburg, 1091'; Qa 4 i.ft and <:&icai;o, i2'; Cleveland and Toledo, ???; chit-ago and Kock Inland, 15>tf; Mil v hfiklf and Prairie du Chien, 51V; Pittsbnnr, ftrt Wayne and rhioaro. IC'IK; Alton and T< na Haute, ; Chicago'and Northwestern, ; Quicksilver, 69?. OPERATIONS OFThS POTOMA9 FLO. TILLA* ^WO^iiOrSAVD BF8HELS O*CONFEDERATE iiKAIN DESFROVED. A COMPANY OP REBEL CAVALRY PUT TO FLIGHT. ?FACIAL DISPATCHES FROM COMMODORE I* A hKMR The Secretary of Nary has received *be fol lowing official dispatch from Com. Parker, Commanding Potomac Flotilla: Potomac Flotilla, May 3,1861. Sir. I have the honor to report to the Depart, aoent that on the *?th nit., Acting Master Hill, Commanding the U. S. steamer Currituck, suc ceeded in destroying two thousand bushels of Craln, which wag in process of transportation 40 Richmond. (am, sir, veifr rospectfully your obedient servant, Foiua^l A. Pabkbb, Commodore Com'dg Potomoc Flotilla. (Hon. Oiobqk Wcllbs, Sec'tary of the Nary. V b Stkamxr Ella, Potomac Flotilla, May ?lay 3, 1804.?Sir: I have the honor to report ?o the Department that on the 29th ult. an ex pedition under the command of Act. Vol. Lt. ? > ker was sent to Carter's Creek, and suc ceeded in destroying eleven boats and canoes, A large quantity of grain, and a number of log fcu'e saia to have been used as barracks by the rebel soldiers. In approaching these, Acting #laster street, who had charge of the landing parly, consisting of twenty-five seamen, fell in Vith a company of rebel cavalry, who, doubt less nlstaking his force for the advance gnird Cf a much larger one, put spurs to their horses And fled. Contrabands report that they had previously Costroyrd a large quantity or commissary at?H>s, provided f >r t&tJr subsistence. Lieut. Hooker seems to have well planned tee<xpedltion, and Acting Master Street die 9 l*yf o boldness and decision in carrying it out I am, sir, very re?pectfni|y yonr obedient ?<*Yant, Fuxuall A. Pabkkh, Commanding Potomac Flotilla. Uos. Oidsok Welle-*, St-c'y of the Navy. V. UAT IS SAID IS RICHMOND. 4T.IM ACS ABLE PTATE*ENT OF TOE RTfn AiOND EXAMINER. "THISTUE Vt'|V1^0^Tg? WA? WU.CU The Richmond Examiner of the 28th ult. says: II v. c- hold our own in Virginia till this summer ds (nded, the North's power for mischief every. Where will be gone. If we lose, the South'8 capacity tor resistance will be broken. The Cc nfedcraey has ample power to keep lte place gc V irginia, if employed with energy and con ?Ifteccy, and thit it the last year of the war, * hieKf i*r v in*. TL-e Richmond Enquirer of the 30th says a Cc mpat j has been organized with & capital of of which 1,500,000 is paid In. It fieclfnes disclosing the condition of the enter. ?>rlse, but says that the company aspires to grand res nits, a fleet, at least, and it has ?ow every prospect of achieving all its pur posee. Mr. Long's speech in Congress is published ?n the Raleigh Cor. terra five, and spoken of as a A>cld and manly speech, and in several respects, 4jie most remarkable speech that has been de livered in Yaukeedom. PARKER'S SQUADRON TACTICS UNDER 8T LAM. The employment of steam as a motive power ?*n the navy has produced a vast and sudden Change in the means of engaging in action on dfce seaa, causing an entire revolution in naval ivarTare, and rendering necessary the lmme* Ciate adoption of new measures in naval tac tics. This desideratum appears to have been ?applied by a work by Commander Foxhali a Parker, U. S. Navy, after much labor. This ?rork, which has but recently come cut of the publisher's hands, and has already been adopted Py she Navy Department as a text-*book at the Pavy Academy, was a few days ago, for the first time, used by Lieut. Commander Eastman <ln maneuvering a half-squadron of vessels of 4he Potomac Flotilla, giving the utmost satis faction, the vessels deploying from column <aio line and playlag from line into column Brith tne precision of companies of a veteran Aegiimnt forming in line of battle?thereby creaking its simplicity of formation and celerity Of t xecution apparent to all present. ?IAVAL EXPEDITION?THREE THOU3AND BALES OF COTTON CAPTURED. A letter from Rear Admiral Porter, dated April 17, mentions that he recently sent an ex jpedit-on np the Washita as far as Munroe, >1Uch captured three thousand bales or Con #ederau? cotton, brought away eight hundred %yrjes, and destroyed much rebel property. *he expedition was under Lieut. Commahdar Aosttr, and was particularly successful. I otto b?A good many people anticipated, rn* a consequence of the rebellion, the drying ?p of the ootton supply and the stoppage of all Aadusttlal pursolts connected with cotton paenuffcetures ; a great mistake, as the result Pa* proved. We have before ns the well prl-ien first annual report of Mayor J. B. ?lam. of the new manutacturing city of Lew ?ston. Maine, a city of spindles in which Boston Csp tal Is largely engaged, and which Is rising Pith remarkable rapidity, despite the draw. ?>ack* In the way ef obtaining cotton, to a point manufacturing importance superior?with ?u immense w ater power?to that of Lowell. Pot o^iy are the older mill* of Lewlston all Vanning full time, but since the commencement c * the war block after block of perhaps the ?argett ? nd finest mills in the world have bean *1 - *? 11 j going up. King Cotton may be a potentate having Authority in secessia; but he made a grand m istake when he imagined that he had control CI tLe cotton supply of the world. , 40 tbe Western papers state tfinefo^T' St*6,e. captured at Camden, Ark., 2^ hl^Si nf ?f rreat 'trength, fourteen m. beads of sugar, xour hundred barrels of ?no ^ee, several ton. o^rock salt and ttree !^dtS2^ ' two thou. *#-l>uriiu the expedition of Qrlerson's cav i Airy from Memphis, a few days a*o a m J. I ?tamed Hart was eaptured Mar H?raud7 ' Fiif-, having fifty thousand percussion cans' V the waa takiac to the enemy. Oahis' p rtcu was foaad a < of the oath of aiun ?l :c ? copy ?r ma exempUoa from th? H rr vihle miMtia for thirty da^ ' ????< or Mexloo reached Miori c on April X8r where, according te the fic tp&whee, Ae met with a most brUMaat nsoep. < en Of course tfee Preach element tatte ?fiair was very prominent, a# ^ 0Q Ait >t day fordvlU Yecchia, where he would iurrrr!'r,;e)y em hark for Mexieo. ??"Tbe fieg.of-truce boat has arrived at An vai one with over flour hundred paroled priwI r era from Richmond. Nearly all were la a ouerrabie oondiUoB, and Had to tie at ?uee Cwii'erred to the hcspitol, TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM BL'HOFB Departure of Garibaldi ?i?m KnglMd. Nkw Yc*bk, May 3 ?The steamer Scotia, from lav?-rpool, has arrived. _ Cott. n has an upward tendency. BreadBtons unchanged Provtsionb quiet, but steady. Flour declining. _ , .... .. Madeira advices to April 10, gay that the pirate Florida and the United Statos ship St. Jjouia tad been there together. The St. Louis was allowed twenty.four hours start of the Florida , Garibaldi finally quitted London on th.^ 22d, previously breakfasting at the United States coneol's. He expressed strong sympathies with the North. Parliamentary proceedings are unimportant The Paris Temps thinks little of the resolution in the Washington House of Representatives, pencing the civil war. Danish newt is confined to additional details of the fan of Ihippel. Nothing ue w transpired, and no movement of importance has taken place since the King of Prussia visited the troop& engaged at Duppel. Movements of Rebel Treeps* [Washington Dispatch to N. T. Times'.] A dispatch was received to-dav (Sunday) by the Government, from Fortress Monroe, stating that the rear of Beauregard's army passod through Petersburg yesterday morning. His force is estimated at from 18,000 to 20,000 men. Nothing of special note has transpired at the front to-day. Pickets of both armies ex tend up and down the Rappahannock and Rapldan. A considerable rebel force is reported to be at Fredericksburg, throwing up more on the heights. j The rebels are also reported to be withdraw* lngfrom the vicinity of Madison Court House, and concentrating in front of oar left and centre. One division of Longstreet's corps, according to deserters, is at Hanover Junction, In reserve. On the same authority, Lee's strength Is stated to be upward of 100,000 men. Army Changes in Department t( the Seatli. New YonK, May 2.?The Palmetto Herald, of April 8d, published at Port Royal, South Carolina, has been received. Gen. Hatch has been relieved of his command In Florida by Gen. Birney. Col. Howell, of the 85th Penna., has been relieved as com mander of the district of Hilton Head by Col. Davis, of the 101th Penna. Col. Duryea, of the 6th Connecticut, has been succeeded in command of the post at Hilton Head by Col. Hoyt,ot the 52d Penna. Fifteen or twenty rebels, scouting in Vincent Creek, Morris Island, have been captured by the picket of the 45th Massachusetts colored regiment. They confirmed the reports tbat armies for the defence of Richmond have been strergthened at the expense of more Southerly portions. The National Typographical Union. Louisville, May 2.?The National Typo graphical Union convened here to-day. Twenty-on* states were represented. The following officers have been elected for the ensuing year: President, A. M. Carver, of Cincinnati: First Vice President, W. L. Fair child, of Philadelphia: Second Vice President, CI. B. Smith, of New York; Wecretarr and Treasurer, W. F. Moore, of Detroit; Corro spending Secretary, M G. Mason, of St. Louis Death of the < on?ul General for Egypt Price of Gold. Nkw YoBk, May 3?Hon. S. Thayer, Vuited S:ues t oDf-ol General for E*ypt, died at Alex* andriarn the 10th of April. Gold advanced to It 1, but closed quiet at ISO*. ' fY"5=?AN!UVXRSARY OF THE I'RE KDMAN'3 (Jo. BELIEF ASSOCIATION.? The snnne. (>ai y < f the Freedman's R-lief Association of t'ie District of Columbia will be held at the Union League Hall, on 9th street, between D *r>d E. on THURSDAY EVENING, May 6th. at 8 o'clock. The annual report will be presented, and ad JrenhfH vii be made by Senator Wilson. Gov. Boutwell, Judge K^lley and Dr. Hedge, of Mass. By order of the Axecutive Committee, my 4 2t* N. DUBOIS, 86c'y. nr ?-?"NOTICE.?The regular monthly meeting of 1L3 the Journeymen Coachosaker's Association wiTl be held on WEDNESDAY, the 4th instant, at "JJi o'clock, at the Delmonico House, No. 601 11th street. By order of the Presidont. my 3-2t* J AMES F. CROWN. ry^g=?THK LADIES' FAIR AT TRINITY HALL. Lk_3 on 6th street, between D and E, promises a grand success. A good object, fine band of music, choice refreshments and agreeable company aU combine to render the entertamment pleasant and attractive. Open every night thf-? wee* until Sat urday. my 3-4t* JY^=?N0TICE.?A special meeting of the General IL3 Committee to Encourage Volunteer En jistinL'nts will be held at the Council Chamber on THURSDAY EVENING next. May eth, at half past 7 o'clock. Lvory member is earnestly re quested to be present, as business of importance is to be transacted. By order of the Chairman, my 3-3t H. C. WILSON,Sec'y. nr5=?F0UN DRY FAIR.?The ladien of the Foundry M. E. Church announce to the public that their Fair will be opened on WED NESDAY EVENING, May 4, in the church build ing, corner of 14th and G sts. Thoprocoednof this Fair will be applied to the erection of the new Foundry Church. Season tickets, admitting a lady and gentismau, 81; to be procured of the ladies of the Church. Single adumsiou 16cents. By order of the Association. my 3-lw* A. O. R., Sea'y. nr5P=?A CONCERT. OF VOCAL MUSIC WILL Ukjf be given by the pupils of the Female Inter mediate Schools, under the direction of Prof. J. H. Danie', at too Smithsonian Institution, on thursday EVENING, the 5th i istant, com mencing at 6 o'clock. The proeeedsof the concert will boused for the purchase of Pianos for the schools. Mr. J. F. Ellis has kindly offered the use of one of his finest pianos for the occasion. my 3-3t sr. MUNICIPAL TICKET-SIXTH WARD. For Alderman? JOHN H. PEAKE. For Comkgn Council? i ? >NALD McCATHRAN, GEO <GE R RUFF. WILLIAM TALBERT. Election?First Monday in June. my 4-2t* irs=* INDEPENDENT UNION CANDIDATE LkJ for mayok, JOHN H. bEMMES. ap :9-te? ' rv-5=?THIRD WARD?JCWEELECTION.?The !L5 unconditional Union voters of the Third ward will support the following ticket at the June election : For Mator? RICHARD WALLACE. For Aldkrm/n? , ALEXANDER R. SHEPHERD. Foa Common Council? N. D. LARNER, JOB W. ANGUS, JOHN W. SIMS. ap 21-te nT5=?THIRDj WARD-JUNE ELECTION-The Lk_J unconditional Union voters or the Third Ward will rapport the following ticket at the ap proaching municipal election, vie : r0KMiRftuARD WALLAOQ. Fob Aidbbman? JOSEPH F. BROWN. Fob Common C*pnctl? NOBLE D. LARNER, THOMA8 A. STEPHENS, JOHN W. SIMS. For Asbehkob? JAMES P. McKEAN. ap 23-tf fys-40JS CiliKAM, OONFEOTiONMRY. Ao.~ Uof Receptions, Parties. Wedding*. Balls,Sup pers. Pairs ana other entertainments furnished at shortest notice and most reasonable terms. Ice Cream and Water Ices made br steam power, war ranted to be the best in the city, wholesale and re tail, delivered to any part of tat city. Charlotte Basse, Jellies, Pyramids and Wedding Cakes made to order, at JOSEPH SHAFFIELD'S Confection, ery, 38ft Sixth St.. bet. G and H. fe U-3m* FOR BALE-Two BILLIARD TABLES. Inquire lm?t-,d?ately ** the Carroll Hall, C street, be iweenjirth and lath. my 4 2t* F?BrPisound, well broken # .u Bold *r>* no fault, the owner having no UKe for them. Apply at the SUr Office, my 4-lw* TE^ME*EMPIRE HA8 ARRIVED. Consignees will please attend to the reception of their goods at cace ifmmWn MORGAN A RHlNEHART,?SMift _my 4 2t Agents. AIL SORTS OF STAMPING and embroid ering done at the most moderate prices and in the neatest best style, at No..<31 Mass avenue, between 6th and 7tb streets, south side, a few doors frrm the market house. my 4 3t* IZ EYSER k CO. PHILADELPHIA ALE DEPOT IV No. 93 Louisiana At snub, . between 9th an4 lnth sts. ALE FTTH* BARREL AND HALFBARREL We also invite the attention of Setters and the trade to our superior BOTTLED ALE AND POR* TEE. packe>and ready for shipment. my4-2w? J?*8T PARIS KID GLOVES. Full stock on hand of all numbers and colors, plain and embroidered. Price 91.76. 9. J. MAY* CO., 309 Pennay 1 van ia aveaae, between Hh gad 10th if. ^JAV* DEPARTMENT, ??a Je at.pnhikaagtleBOB afettle* SAtueTot el similar sstHhw It ess b_ , ?-i, ? ?i ?vtaixSH. *'A" u. &. 10-10 bonds. These Bonds are issued under the Act of Congress of March 6th. 16G4, which provide# that all Bond* issued under this Act ahall be EXEMPT FROM TAXATION by or under any State er municipal authority Subscriptions totheee Bonds are re ceived in United States notes or note# of National Banks. They are TO BE REDEEMED IN COIN? at the pleasure of tho Government, at any period not less I him ten nor more than forty y eas from their date, and uutM their redemption FIVE PER CENT. INTEREST WILL BE PAID IN COIN, on Bonds of not over %ne hundred dollars annually and on all other Bonds semi annually. The in terest is payable on tho first days cf March atd September in each year. Registered Beads are recorded on th? Books of the United States Treasurer, and can be trans ferred only on the owner's order. Coupon Bond* are payable to bearer, and are mort convenient for Commercial uses. Subscribers to thl? loan will have the option of having their Bonds draw interest from March 1st, by paying the accrued interest in coin?(or In Uni ted StiJtee notes, or the notes of National Banks, adding fifty per cent, for premium,) or receive them drawing interest from the date of subscrip tion and deposit. As these Bonds are exempt from municipal or State taxation, their value is increa?ed from one to three per cent, per annum, according to the rate of tax levies in various parts of the country. At the present rate of premium on gold they pay over eight per cent, interest in currency, and are ofequal convenience as a permanent or temporary investment. It is believed that no securities offer bo great inducements to lendors as the various descrip tions of U. S. Bonds. In all other forma of in debtedness, the faith or ability of private parties or stock companies or soparate communities only is pledged for payment, while for tho debts of the United States the whole property of the country is holden to secure the payment of both principal and interest in coin. ? These Bonds may be subscribed fo-r in rams from ffin up to any magnitude, on tho same terms, and are thus made equally available to the smallest lender and the largest capitalist. They can be concerted into money at any moment, and the holder will have the benefit of tfre interest. The fact that all duties on imports are payable in specie furnishes a fund for like payment of in terest on all Government Bonds largely in excess of the wants of the treasury for this purple. Instructions to the National Banks acting as loan agents were not issued from the United States Treasury until March 2S, but in the first three wc-eks of April the subscriptions h&^e averaged more than TEN MILLIONS A WEEK. Subscriptions will fce receiv^ by the Trtasurtr tj tht Vni' ed Stales at Washington, and the Assist ant Tnasurtrs at New York, Boston, and Philadel phia, and by the FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WASHINGTON, FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BALTIMORE. FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF PHILADELPHIA, and by all National Banks which are depositaries of public money. All respectable banks and bank ers throughout the country will famish further information on application, and afford every fa cility to subscribers. ap 29-lw WANTS. WANTED?A BREAD FAKER, eeoond hand. Inquire at 499 llt.b street. my4-3t* WANTED?A good iourneymau BARBER, at S. FISHER, 691 7th street, near Marjlund av.x Island. Also, a Barber Shop for sale. my 4-2t* WANTED?A white WOMAN to cook and assist in washing and ironing. Apply at 459 6th Btreet, between D and K. my 4-3f* ANTED?A good COOK for a restaurant. Apply at No. 837 G street, between 17th and mh. [my 4-2t*j O.KLOTZ. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A respectable GIRL to do housework in a private family. Apply at No. 351 Sthstreet. corner of H. my t 2t* WANTED-Three first rate HARNESS MAK ERS; a steady job. at per week, to good hands. None other need apply. At No. 300, 7th street. my4-2t* ANTED?Four DINING ROOM SERVANTS. M\ and one WASH WOMAN. At the SIMPSON HOUHE. at the corner of loth street and aveoue. my 4-3t* WANTED?Ryan American middle-aged woman a SITUATION as cook in a small family and to assist in washing and ironing. Referents can be given if required; plfease address Box 14, Star Office. It* \WT ANTED?An unfurnished HOUSE in George vv town, on or near the Heights. Small house preferred. Rent not to exceed MOO; If the house s large, rent not to exceed SI,000, Address ''B.," Lock Box A 34. Washington. my 4-3t* WANTED?By a respectable young girl, aJJIT U AT ION In a private family. Can do dress making and can make all kinds of boys' clothes, and has no objection to do light chamberwoik. Address Box 44, Star Office. mr4-2t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?One white WO MAN as cook, and three white Women for all work, Must bring good references. Call at the office of the New York Hotel, 7th street, near X. my 4-3t* WA N T E D? At the Gosling Restaurant, a WAITER. One that understands the busi ness will get 52> a month wages the whole year round. Inquire at the Restaurant, 247 Pa. avenue between 12th and 13th sts. my 4-2ff*. HOUSE WANTED?Between this and June 1st, consisting of 8 or 10 rooms; unfurnished aud located between Post Office and Treasury Depart ments; best of references given. Address "House," Box 436 Post Office. my 4-2t* WANTED?A COOK, who understands her busi ness thoroughly?white or colored?to cook for a gentleman's family in thecodntry. To a well qualified woman, who will render satisfaction, good wagt'R and an excellent home will be given. Apply at the Star Office. my 4-3t ANTED-A KITCHEN MAID. Apply at the northeast corner 12th and M sts. my 3-2t* WANTED? GIftLH to learn cap making. fiT quire 346k Seventh street, near Massachu setts avenue?in tBo store. my 3 2t* WANTED-A wbite NURSE. Inquire at B. H, MILLER'S, M. between 11th and 12th Bts. my 3 2t* WANTED-A MAN to assist in the work of mailing papers He must be capable and ex perienced. Apply at the office of the Congressional Globe iay3-3t \V ANTED-Two first class HOUSE PAINTERS. ?? Steady work at J3 per day. None but good bands need apply. JOHN T. ANGEL, my 3-St* 564 7th st., op. Centre Market. WANTED ? Two first-rate LOAF BREA0 BAKERS and one good CAKE BAKE*. Liberal wages and stead? employment given. Ap piy at 37 5 D street, between gth and 7tn. my3 3t* WANTED-Three GIRLS?one a* a cook, who understands her business; one to wash and iron; and one to do charaberwork and assist In dining-room. Apply at 264 F street. my3-3t* ANTED-A SMART BOY, white or colored, to run errands and cjean store. None need apply without food reference. No. 4 Market bpace, up stairs, first floor. my 3-2t* WANTED?A LAUNDRESS; one who under stands her business and is willing. Must be neat in her parson. To such a one good waxes given; none other need apply. Enquire at 314 B sjreet, between 13th and 14th. my 3-3t* WANTED-A competent TRIMMER for~chll dreu's fancy hats. Liberal wages givon to 5hose fully capable. Good references required, Lpply No. 4 Market Space, up stairs, first floor, my 3-2t* WANTED?An experienced DRUG CLERK; one who is thoroughly competent to take charge at the prescription counter. To such a one as will give satisfaction a good salary Is promised. Befer* ences required. Apply at No. 296 E street, near corner 14th st. andTa. av. my 3 Jt* FLUTING! WANTED Every lady in the District to know that I have, at considerable expense, had built a very elegant machine for Fluting or Orimping Dresses, Ac. Dressmakers aud others can have any kind of goods w Crimped at short notice, in as good style, and M cheap as in any other city. Ladles, remember this is the only maehine in town, and done at the only place to get stamping done. 361 F street, oppo site Patent Office, Stamping and Mae bine stitch' log Dq?ot. _ my 3 WANTED IMMEDIATELY?At And. J. Joyce's Carriage Factory, two HELPERS in black smith shop. my3-3t_ nOARD WANTED?By a gentleman, his wife and D child,(a private family preferred,) la either aajreyiHggk. """?vag** and another to take the care o< children. Nsae No my PERSONAL. JL 4 O'CIAXJK P. BL FROM THE FRONT. TERBILLi TROOPS. ATTACK BY GUKRglj-LAS ON COLORED THE GUERRILLAS DRIVEN OFF. FIRING IIEA.RP EARLY THIS MORNING ON GRANT'S LEl'T. There was a rumor afloat in the city this morning that the colored troops, or a portion of them, attached to General Bnrnelde's com mand, bad been attacked bj guerrilla* while doing guard duty on the Orange and Alexandria railroad, and that a nnmber of them were killed or wounded. After due inquiry we are satiefied that this in not the case, ft is said, however, that yesterday morning, while a de tachment of colored troops were changing position they were attacked by a email party of guerrillas, who suddenly pounced upon them, but the negroes drove the latter off without sustaining any lose. Guerrillas are at work in the neighborhood of Manassas, and yesterday a wood train was attacked, but the rebels were frightened off before they did any damage. Parties from the army to-day report haying heard firing on our left early this morning. IMPORTANT ORDER BY GENERAL MEADE. MEN REFUSING TO DO DUTY TO RE SHOT INSTANTLY. Maj. Gen. Meade, commanding the Army of the Potomac, has issued the following import ant order: HEAIX4TTARTER8 ARMV OF THE POTOMAC, May 2,1861.?General Order j, No. 24.?The com manding General having learned that notwith standing the camion contained in General Or der, No. 22, Of April 25th, 1S64, from these headquarters, there are men in this army who ref aee to do duty on the ground that their term of service has expired, it will be made known to such men that their conduct, being open mutiny, will be punished with death without trial, unless they promptly return to duty; and, hereafter, any soldier who refuses to do duty on a similar plea will instantly be shot with j. out any form of trial whatever. The honor of the service, and the necessities of the hour, admit of no other disposition of such cases. The Commending General again expresses the hope that the soldiers cf this army will respectfully ask for and cheerfully abide by the decisicn of the War Department with re spect to their term of service, but he has no further word of w arning f<r those who, at a time like the present, choose to defy lawful au thority. Corps and other independent commindere are charged with the execution of this order. By command of Maj. Gen. Meade. S. Williams, Ass't Adj'tGen'l. GENERAL HALLECK AND THE CAVALRY BUREAL. The statement now being extensively pub lished, that "General Halleck has been assigned to the Cavalry Bureau," tnrns ont to he incor rect. The truth is, the Cavalry Bureau has recently been directed to report to him, as Chief ol Staff, a<s other branches of the service do. That's all tbeTe is in the story. ' *HE DRAFT. The draft has been ordered to take place in the following States to fill the deficiencies now existing in their quotas: Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Minnesota, Kentucky and Mary land. AS3I3TANT TO PROVOST MARSHAL INGRA H AM. Captain Theodore MeMurtrie of the Veteran Reserve Corps, has been detailed for dnty at the headquarters Military District of Wash ington, as an assistant to Provost Marshal In grahsm. Captain MeMurtrie is a gentleman of Intelligence, and will doubtless be of great ser ylce to Colonel Imcranam. Not True.?The statement sent to the North ern papers that Mr. S. M. Clarke, the head of the Bank note Printing Bureau in the Treasury Department, has been dismissed by Secretary Chase is untrue. It is understood that the Committee of investigation is engaged with the case to-day. PERSONAL.?General Martlndale, late Mili tary Governor of this District, left the city this morning in the steamer McOlellan, en route to Fortress Monroe, to report to Major General Butler. ______________ Maryland Constitutional Convent mn. ?In the State Constitutional Convention yes terday Messrs. BUllnrsley, of St. Mary's; Blackietou, of Kent: Thomas, of Baltimore city, and Johnsou, of Dorchester, having quali fied before the Governor, appeared and took their seats. Owing to the absence of the Presi dent the Standing Committees of the body were not announced. The session was principally consumed by the discussion of a resolution for the adjournment of the Convention to Balti more, offered by Mr. Scott, of Cecil. A motion to lay the subject on the table was rejected, and and the farther consideration of the resolution was postponed vntll to-day at 1 o'clock, when it will probably be settled.?Baltimore American to-day. , mtr - OOHQBK88IOHAL. XXXVIIITH CONGRESB.?UR8T 8188IQN, Wednesday, May 4. Senate.?Mr. Grimes called attention to. the fact that the bill *? to amend an act to incorpo rate the inhabitants of the city or Washington" was in a suspended state before the Senate. It had been passed by the House aad passed here at the instance of the city authotlties, but the Senator from New Hampshire (Mr. Hale) had moved a reconsideration or the vote, and he desired to know whether the Senator Intended to pi ess or withdraw that motion. Mr. Hale explained that he had made the mo tion for reconsideration at the Instance of some c tixens, wbodid not think it a sufficient bill for effecting the purposes intended, that is, sew erage and paying; and be had introduced another bill since prepared in the city, for the like sonal matter. Mr. Grimes admitted that it was not as com plete a bill as some citizens desired, but It does not preclude the passage of still another bilk on the subject. The bill introduced by the gentleman is now before the District Commit tee, as they are yet considering it. The question was then taken on reconsider ing the vote on the bill, and it was negatived. -,Hotre? ? Mr. Farnsworth, ol Illinois, asked leave to oiler a resolution, calling upon the Secretary ol the Treasury to Inform the Home whether a man Is employed in the Treasury Department as a clerk or assistant register by the name of Oarnett, and whether said Gar nette did not bold a position in the rebel army and was not a prisoner in the Old Capitol, and who recommended him for office. Mr. Fenton suggested that the resolution be referred to the committee now examining Into the affairs of the Treasury Department. Objection was made to the resolution, and so B goes over. TELEGRAPHIC) NEWS. FROM LOUISIANA* GENERAL BANKS AT ALEXANDRIA. TBI REBELS FOLLOWING UP. COTTON AND CONTRABANDS OONflWATID. GENERAL STEELE AT CAMPIN. ARKANSAS. New Oelbans, May 4.?The Herald'* New Orleans letter of the 93d ultimo confirms the statement that General Banks has tellen back to Alexandria, la oonsequenoe of the falling of the water in the Red River. Eight hundred rebel eavairy have washed OhaaeyaylUe, l? miles belew Alexandria. ttk gae boats aad transports, except the Eaetport, aye dawn to or below the rails. She, ?M be stripped or deetroyed. ?t?p the Black and Washtegteartvws to with m> bates H inn* >mv* u>?? siuvc piq|/aivvi iu vt?j} avi buo purposes. He did not profess to be per illy competent to instruct the Senate in the beeides convoying down Uu (Utwr Baby with 480 more contrabands Tb? Ruby ba<1 been in ttw employ of tk? rebels. ^ General Stone bad?-Jofl New Orleans for Wathircton. General Steele was at 0amden. Arkansas, on tlie ltth of April. A letter from there con firms the recent accounts via St. Lenin. FROM NORTH CAROLINA. BEAPREGARD COMMANDING THERE. WASHINGTON NOT KVAOCATFD Nrw York, May 4?The Derald't Newbern correspondent to the 3C>th, says: Washington U cot evacuated. Boaurvgard i? commanding ia North Caro lina. The rebel ram io the Neuse river is stuck last. FROM MEXICO. New Yoyk, May 4.?Advices trom Mexico via Havana, state that there is a rumor that Mr. Cor win was about to leave the city, leav ing the legation in charge of his secretary. Great, preparations are being made for the reception ot Emperor Maximilian, who Is ex pected by the end of May. PRICE OF GOLD. [By the People's Line.] Nhw Youk, May 4.-10 a. m., Hold, 60*; 11, a m.,7&Xa7P?. LOCAL NEWS. Chiminai. Court, Judgt ftther.?Yesterday, Timo'^y Hennessey, indicted for the larceny of #7fflom Simuel Stevens, was found guilty. Simon Flynn, Indicted for renting a house for bawdy purposes, gave security for his ap pearance. The grand jury, having gotten through with their work, were discharged. Judge Fisher, in discharging them, tbanxed them for their attention to outy, and complimented them on the manner ia which their-business had been performed. The following recommendation was made by them in reference to the jail, which was or dered to be spread upon the minutes: The grand jury present to the Hon. Ctoart that in accordance with the usual custom they have examined the jail and premises attached thereto. So much has been said heretofore in regard to the unsnitableness of the building and its locality, that we do not propose to a?ain repeat it, but feel compelled to call the attention of the proper authorities controlling to the wretched condition we find it at present as regards the health and comfort of the in mates. The interior ot the building presents a clean appearance?at least, as much so as could be reasonably expected from the dilapidated state of the walls and floors, which need much re pairing. The yards present a very unsightly apjeaiance; collections of robblsh, offal from the building, iuauj places bo low as to be the receptacle of wat^r In wet weather, without proper drainage; deposits of excrement in an opm box, Ac.,?the whole emitting an effluvia dangerous to the entire neighborhood sur rounding. We think it hiehly important, aod our amy to suggest, that immediate attention be gi\en to the sanitary condition in view of the approaching warm weather. I We understand that the piles of rubbish, cflal, Ac, spoken in the recommendation are the accumulations for the past winter, and that the present Warden has made arrange lrerts to have it removed forthwith.? Rtp.J This morning, Seymour Van Cirnp was tried on the charge of stealing a watch, and acquitted. ? Melancholy Accidkkt.?Yesterday about noon a train of new Government wagons were passing down loth street east, near K street sc utb?one team drawinjr two cr three emnty wagons?two email children of Mr. John Lusby residing near by essayed to take a ride by getting en the pole of the'laet wagon In the tia n ont c-f sight of the driver. The sadden motion of the pole when the wheels passed over (be irregular surface of the street caused them to fall off, when the youngest, a boy about four years, was run over?the wheels passing over his breast crushing In his ribs. Theother, about six years old, had bis kaee severely In jured. The two were immediately taken to their parent's residence when Dr. Mr Kim was cabled In and everything done to alleviate their sufferings, but the youngeBt died in about thirty minutes. The other child will recover. There can be no blame attached to the driver on account of this accident as be was not a ware that the children were on the wagon. The Race, yesterday, over the National Track, was closely contested, and the attend ance much larger than on the previous day. The following horses were entered: Fanny Allen. Gen. Averill, and Lady Allen After scoring Lady Allen showed lameness and was withdrawn. The betting was two to one on Fanny Allen. First Heat.?Gen. Averill slightly on thelead. On the back part of the track Fanny took the lead, coming in about one length ahead. Time: 5:46*. Second Heat?A fine start; Fanny ahead, and keeping abead all tho way, pushed hard by Gen. A.; Fanny winning by a bare length. Tim? much better?5:33%. A Colored Preacher in Trouble.?Day before yesterday Officer Tnrner arrested Thos. H. C. hinton. a colored preacher, Ac., on the charge of swindling Mrs. Cordelia Hughes, who resides on C street. (Island.) It appears that Hinton halls from Buffalo, N. Y., and for merly boarded at Mrs. Hughes\ and It is al leged that he passed himself as a single man and also as the owner of a cottage and lot in Buffalo, on which representations she lent him eighty dollars, or placed the money In his hands for sale-keeping. When she wanted the money he did not plank it up. and she procured a warrant, on which be was arrested and taken before 'notice Ferguson, who held him to bail for court. Real Estate Sales?Thomas Dowllng, auctioneer, Georgetown.?Property on Cherry street, near the market-bouse, fronting 22 'feet on Cherry street, running back 1?5# feet to Beatty street; also the adjoining lot, fronting 2; feet on Beatty street, and running backset leet, with a two-story lrame bouse, was pur chased by Robert Beatty for *970. Also, part of lot 2, in old Georgetown, fronting 23 feet 4)f inc hes on Srttlge street, running back 270 feet, improved by a'thrte-si?rv brick house, with back building; purchased by J". F. Birch for S5,000. The Quota Filled !?We understand from Capt. H A. Scheetz, our efficient Provost Mar shal, that the balance required for filling the quota of the District under the various call*? 22 men?has been obtained and now we are en tirely out of the woods, at least for the present^ IsrANTiciDE. ? This moraine a new bora white infant was found dead in the alley in the rear of the 13th st. Baptist Onurch by a col ored man and taken to the Second Ward sta tion, where an inquest will be held. ' LEFT AT a RE8TAURAWT, of which the sub scriber does not know the nam*, a RED CABRKT BAG The person leaving the same at tbis Office will be liberally rewarded. my4-3t* I OST?On Funday night, the 1st instant, a sorrel j MARE, with her left hind leg a lit'le swollen; capped in ber right hip; bad on a leather head stall *in reward will be given if returned to HENRY JONE8, corner 9th street and South Car olina avenue, Navjr Yard. my 4-2t* APLKA8ANT AND HANDSOtfELY FCIl nished front ROOM, suitah e for two geatle men, can be bad, with or without board, bvap l lying immediately at 2?6 O street, above 17th. _my 4-2t* FOR RENT?With or without the Furniture, the first sJass three-story FURNISHED DWELL ING, with an the modern improvements, large t ack building and fine yard. No. 301 Malison av enue. Baltimore. Apply on the premises, or at No, 36 Hanover st. my3 7t ? L/'tiRMSHED H018E F9K RKNT-Uontaiaing r I" rooms; has gas in parlors and i chambers; a hydrant in the yard and stable and carriage house, heferences required. The house is situa ted In Georgetown. Inquire at this office, mfr 4-eo3t DOXRDING.?Rooms fot rent, large and cheer io ful, with or without board, suitable far fami lies or two or more gentlemen. Persons rooming together will have their charges redaced. The house has modern improvements. An exeelleat table is provided; a few table hoarders taken; Apply at 593 19th street, between P and G its. my 4-2t* 8ioo new, on_May 4_ between f and BoWo^k p m.,otoC _ 4-yt* 9otnJ0jf*PH NATHAN. It 1+hftNfe tip nTp^TU * h Tubs. OFFICIAL. Wak Dkvabtmbvt, t rrvcot f Mar thai (hneral't Ofioc ( WashingUm, Aprtf S). veil ? Ci^iar A*o. 16.?Tlie following opinion the Boo. William Whiting, solicitor of the Department to published tor tke informa tion aud guidance ol all officers of this Bur*** In regard fc. the qir itiort whether the pita of n?n. r- sidw x?i t\t ditfrict where a drafted nu%n <*op n enrvQtd, thould, under ail nreum *'?*<"**? b* regarded &y Boards of Knnlln^ni at a lepa ? ant I proper ground for 'ertmffien fn* mi.iiMry ifrnff under the draft in thai district,*:. OMKIOK. B,^fTt0n' who has been enrolled and I-55'S} *x*uiptio? from draft on the *?>"-r?*Wenee, the Board of Enrol ln *ranTini: it ^ he n.akes Batjsfactorj proof on three points. let. His non-residenc* in the di-trlet wti*?re ^ ?*emptlon af ** ume his enrol ment tnemn. fc2d. What his place of actual r^sldtBM waa at the time when the enrollment therein waa made. 3d. That he was, or Is, actually enrolled, ao4 has been drafted, or 1b liable to draft in his place of actual real dence. All persons from whom military serrl? la requited nnder the Act of Oongresi, are liable to enrollment and draft in some district. The notation of the occupations and residences of persons enrolled Is not required to enable ?am. patriotic citizens by technical objection* to avoid their lair share of public duty, but t? identity the persons drafted and assist in equal. I zing among the dfierent districts their re^pec* tive quotas. Whoever has been enrolled in one district, aud Intends to claim exemption from draft by reason of residence elsewhere, must take care to be enrolled where be resides. If the corrected enrolment be promptly ef fected, an application thereafter made to the Provofct Marshal General, or to the Boards of Enrolment will protect him against double lia bility: but if he neglect this privilege he ought not escape all military service in time of war, by proving that an error ha'd been made In the placf oi his residence, the spelling of his name, or the description of his trade or occupa* tlon. It is deemed a privilege to enter into the mill, tary service of the United States. The patriot owes It to his coantrv; the man of honor owes it to his neighbors to see ^hat every citizen liable to military duty is properly enrolled. James R. Far, Provost Marshal General. P E. LABBES MAY FESTIVAL I F. R Labbe'h May Festival will take Place oa TUESDAY EVENING. May bis hall, ft* on Pt-nn. avenue, between 6th and 7th sti , Jfl directly opposite the Metropolitan Hotai over the store of Messrs. G. Ac T. Parker tMi Co N? ladies will he admitted without receiving an invitation directed by F. R. Labbt. Servants positively not admitted iD the dancing hall. my 4 *w* DRtSS GOODS !?DRESS GOOMSl or FOREIGN AND HOME MANUFACTURE We hare now io store a large stock of PRESS GOODS, both of European and American production, which we are selling at very low prices. Those ? bo are shopping for Dress Goods will save time and money by calling early and m-vklng their selections, as we offer special iuducemsnts la quality, styles and price--. BLACK SILK MANTLES. We sball open to-day s few Black Silk Cloaks Al-o. several very handsomely trimmed Cloth Mantles, which we shall sell at a small advance oa cost. J. J. MAY A CO., 309 Pennsylvania avenue, my 4-2t between 9th and l"th stn. PROPOSALS TOR LUMBER. Chief Quartermaster's Ojice, Dbpot or Wasbinoto*, J ?Washingtos. D. C., May 4. 18o4J Healed Proposals will be received at thisoffloe until FRIDAY, May IS, 1864. at 12 o'clock M. for delivery at this depot of one million (l.'O >,0001 feet of lumber, of the following kind and description, vix: WO/OO feet 4-4, or 1 Inch White Pine Copmon Oulliugs. ? w feet 45-4, or IS inch White Pine Common Oulliugs. fr',<W feet 4-4, or 1 inch White Pine Selects. 160,1*0 feet 4-4, or 1 inch White Tine Flooring (Touffued and Grooved.) 100,ft 0 feet 3x4 Hemlock Sc&ntling. 16 feet long. oQ.000 feet 3x4' Hemlock Scantling, 12 leet long. 25/>O0 feet 4xt> White Pine Timber, assorted lengths. AIT the above described to be good merchantable Lumber, subject to the inspection of an inspector appointed on the part of the Government. All of the Lumber to be delivered within twenty - five (25) days from dat-e of contract. The ability of the bidder to fill the^antract. should it be awarded to him. must be IVranteea by two responsible persons, whose signatures are to be appended to the guaranty. The full name and post office address of each bidder must be legibly written in the proposal. Bond: in a sum equal to half the amount of the contract, signed by the contractor aud both of hiH guarantors, will be required of the successful bidder upon signing the contract. The right t? reject any or all bids that may bo deemed too high is reserved by the Denot Quarter* mafler. Proposals must be plainly endorsed on the en velore "Proposals for Lumoer," and addressed t the undersigned. D.H.RUCKER, Brig. Gen'l and Chief Quartermaster, my 4-td Depot of Waahington. JJY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. ELEVEN VALUBLE BUILDING LOTS FRONT ING ON X AND W AND TENTH 8T8. NORTH. AT AUCTION. ? On THURSDAY, the 12th instant, we shall seQ, in front of the premises, at 0 o'clock p. m., the following handsome Building Lota, vie : Lots No 2,4.7. 8, 13. 14. 15, 16 17, la, and 19, is sub division of Square N?. 368; th?re lots have fronts of 26 feet each, running back 95 feet to alleys* and very handsomely situate d Terms: Onethiro cash; balance in six auJ-twelve months for notes bearing interest. A deed given and a need ef trust taken. All conveyance and stamps at the eost of the pur* cbatur m) 4 GBEEN it WILLIAMS, Ancts. Y THOMAS DOWL1NG, Auct'r; Georgetown. Od WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, May llth, 1884. at 4 o'clook p. m.,in front of the premises, ( wlTl sell the east part ol Lot No. 121, in Be all s addition to Georgetown, fronting SO feet on the north side of Ounbarton street, ranning back ltOf<et, and im proved by a good two story frame House Terms : One half cash, balance in six and twelve months, secured by a deed of trust on the proper^ ty AH conveyancing and stamps at tba oott of tke pu r chaser. A deposlte of >100 will be required at thetiaM of purehase. n>y.4-dAds TH^S. DOWLING. AuCt. B pf J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. SNUG PRAME H?U8B~AND LOT ON T?1L?T STREfT VWtST, eETtVEENO AND k- STREET NORTH. ^ On SATURDAY AFTERNOON. May Tth, at S o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell, part of Lot No. 11. in Square 279, tr- n-ing It f?et 6 lnohes on Twelfth Btreet, between O and P strests north, and runt<ng back S5 feet to an all> y H fe<?t wide, Im proved with a two-story Frame Dwelling Bonn*, containing five rooms, with a good stable on the rear of the lot. Terms: One third in eash: the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, ccctred by a deed o trust on the promises ?^?Possession given in *> d^ys isOer the sale, my.4 d J. O. MoGUIttE A 00 . Au"t*. THE MERCHANT'S AND BANK^R'8 ALMA 1 nac, ltx>4. By Smith Homans: fl.Zfl. my 3 FRANCE 1AVL0R. JUfT RECEIVED AND FOR SALE ON BOAR'S the boat Galen, now lying at 11th st. wharf? 3,0(K)DUBhttls Peach Blow Potatoes. 2.000 Long Island Mercer Potatoes, 1,000 41 Rushia Turnips. Inquire on board the boat or at Fu!i,<}n Market, corner 14th sod E sts, my S-5t* A. M. HEPBURN. LADIES' CLOAKS AND LACE MANTILLAS JUST OPENED. Paris styles of Ladies'Mantels of every descrip tion and prices. Lace Bhawls, Prints and Mantillaa. Also. Barege, Grenadine. Moxambique ml other Shawls of the latest importation. I have also a large stock of Embroideries, Hand kerchiefs, Lace Gooda. Veils. &e. Blaek and Fancy Bilks are bought ao per cent. Is* than they can be replaced for at present, wiu be sold at a small aavabce. h It will be a great advantage to every in wLit of the above goods to examine mr aioea bsfoi# purchasing. g M m.y.nbEBG, (lateS. A W. Mevenfcerg^ ^49 Market rth and 8th streets. to which we eell thV????0B???? ?a ? public U * GRIFFITH 369 7th at., ap29-6t betwe and E sis. ? ?_ - ar ? oai WAGON ?,OTTA?E ? CO* T A G * SUITil ?n ofkouBskeept aPjgTiu. Just arrlt those oon Byju , BUM

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