Newspaper of Evening Star, May 4, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 4, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AM' hK ?KNT8 TO-NIGHF, Obcvbb'* Thkateb.?The dramatl7\tlou ?fr.m PickeEs' ndvel of Oliver Twtet wiH be performed again to-nigh;. Mr. Wallaces "Fa pin" snd Mrs. Farren's "Naucy Sykes" are among the most remarkable delineations ot character ev r seen upon the Btage. The bean* {,tu i comedy, "Faint Heart never wou lair lady. ' will open the entertainment. Foap't Tuuatkb ?Mfss Alice Gray to-u'gbt taxes a lenefit, and in order to at'ract a fall t.cuse, not only will all the members of Mr. i u70's company appear, bat Miss Susan lieniu, wbo has just returned from a su:ces?ful starring tour, ha* also volunteered for the occa sion. Mist Gray will appear aa ' Widow Obeerly," in the comedy, '-The Soldiers Dautrbser,'" and Miss Benin will appear as ?? Sally Scrages," in "Fketotoe-B in Indit," and v. ill ?ing her famous song, "Whack row de dc w ' CANTBEBrRY?A colnmn of advertising idrsut is scarcely sufficient to indicate the many attractive pieces nightly performed at this popular resort, and among them there is i,ooe more interesting than the prlre drama, ?Tbe Mountain Outlaw," which-Is performed in connection with the regular concert hall entertainment. Varieties.?Good performances, by flrst I class artists, have bad the effect to maks this 1 tall a delightful re?ort. Among the perform f trs a:e J. 8. Maffitt, Lina Windel, Maggie A 1'riel, Ac. i Metropolitan Hall.?This hall ha* be 4 come a favontn resort, and the performers d icver fail to interest the many who nightly Httend. IS'ellie Taylor, Tom Vance, Harry Enochs, and a number of others, male and le? male, will appear to-night. Faibp.?The ladies of Calvary Baptist Church are holding a delightgul fair at Old Trinity Hall, on Fifth street. There is a band ot mnsic in attendance nightly, and the arti tie? are disposed of by the fairest of bands. At Foundry Church, corner of Fourteenth nad G stree s, the ladies commence to-night a fair for the purpose of aiding in the erection of ibe new church edifice. This is the fair that has been looked forward to with so much in :ereet. The gbavd ball for which extensive prep, arations have been made by the conductors and drivers of the city passenger rail jray, will come c>ff to-night at Odd Fellows' Hall. That the entertainment will be one of the mos? agreeable of the season there is every evidence. Thifc railroad association certainly deserves to xr.?et with success upon this occasion. / MEETING OP THE JOTENKVMEK CABPBN tzv.???A special meeting of the Journeymen Carpenters' Association wa& held list evening at foiled Hall, Eleventh street, Mr. W. Hale ir. the chair and F. W. W. Letournan secre tary. A" number of signatures were attached to the Constitution, and some preliminary business vas transacted. Mr McKelden said that he undemocd that tl-.p resolution passed at the last meeting re ciuir.d each and every man to demand fifty cents per day increase, ar.d he acked if the . Tr?asury bauds, who had th6ir wages in 3 creased to 83 per day, were to continue to : v.e~k while tbe 1*2.?o men were lagging b? o.nd Mr. Rogers will not give tbe others the I .id tance, and he would let tbem go and get I wcrk elsewhere. In the room in which he |i icrmerly worked, one had been raised to S3, 1 j wo received *'2.75. and one was left at #*2 50 Was it honorable that those who had failed to g(>t v'ae advance should b* left in the lurch ? Mr. Letournan said that the gentleman had ii^kee' at tt;e matter iti a different light from b a>5f if. He did not think the resolution de. irauded that those who got the advance should all stop wctk. Those who tailed to s->! the advance on the Treasury could get It here?merit will regulate its price. He did not want the Association to back him up tut he wanted the Association to gather strength, and be would guarantee that in one uioo b tbeeffectJot the Association couid be J ielt. It appeared 'hat nhere was not enough 1 .i 'erest taken in the meetings, and it was dif to s*cure the attendance of the members; out in bis opinion, if it was advertised that a ieg of lager would be set up, the meetings would be full. Everything has been dane to brir-g the mechanics out, aniV it was necessary that the members should exert themselves to inild the society up, and make it self sus taining. If something is not done, he would jifce to know who is going to rnn the machine? Ar? old gentleman in the back part of the cim-1"Old Abe will run it; he's the boss, Wid a good one too." Mr. Letournan denied that the President was but that the man with a chefct of tools wao jbObB* Old gentleman?" Old Abe can run the ma chmt rv." 3Ir. Letournan continued?Say ing that many l ot those who bad received tae advance were 1 rot where they should be. If the orgauiza Aiion was made strong they would fiad that it ? would not be necessary for a strike, but the m bosses themselves would encourage it. J Mr. Hiiyard said the S2.75 men could easily ? get work at *3 outside, and that Mr. Borland t'.he boss carpenter at tbe Treasury) had takeu all the responsibility off Mr. Kogers in the mat. j ter or classification." If the organization would I gather strength, anything reasonable could be * cbtainru. Mr. Ballard said he understood that none or |*.e members could work unless all received tae advance, and he had not done anything ?.nce Monday on account of it. Mr. McKelden said he understood that the ?men were to have worked together. It was then that they were in their infancy, but was not the country iuitsinfaocy when she rebelled against Gzeat Britain 7 He would not go back ?n any muu. Mr. Kerle understood that the men wbo got 53 per day were to continue to work. Tho6e wbo were not receiving that sum could find plenty ol work at that price. He knew of two * niei. who wanted some fifty or sixty hands. I Mr T. Oladmon asked what the gentleman 'Mr. McKelden) wanted tbe association to do. Those ?who had goneto work for 9i "5 acknowl edged themselves second-class hands, and had nc c aim?; but for those who con idered ih?m. selves first-class hands and had refused to work lor 1*2 75, tbe association would make up a puise, if they could not get work. Mr. Cole? liked the "grit" shown by the pen lemsn (Mr. McKelden), but if they under took to rnn (he machine on "grit" they would brexfc themselves. Thev had not got enough s aam up yet. All carpenters should be in the society ; bnt there were aome who would work for wbatev>r the boseep would give them. Without coming to any conclusion the meet up adjourned. 'I Chbontc lb Abcse.?The Chronicle Keeps up i's tirade ol fqtlJe,?because interested and -x.notant,?abuse of the Ci y Couadls for va rious thu gs they have or have not done. As the editors and reporters of the Chronicle art -banged on an average once a week, and we ai o*ether ot the "new-comer" persuasion, it .a not surprising that they should be inia iatormed concerning city affairs, bnt it it snr priiiavr that the publishers should not see how vi lueruble the paper makes itself by coupling tbis it,ore than ohiidia* ignorance of oiuuieipal a'at ere with vindictive onslaughts upon tb >se who do not Me- at to lurther its speculative plHJl*. Thus, supposing it was giving fits to theOity Councils lately lor not improving Peniuyiva. A xia avenue, it unwittingly launched htlf a ? column ot the choicest bi4linEsgat-> on th* bead Y cf Government Oommasiou r B. B French; tbe fact never having leaked through the hair of tbe green Chronicle writer that the avenues , are under the control of the General Govern. <? li-ent. In one column of that paper a Chronicle wn er berates the Councils for improving streets runs ug north ward towards the bonn ?'a y lor "speculative purposes," and in a n ightx ring column ano'her writer, In blissful ig-i ranee of tbe ? line of argnmeut" of hi - f>trey strikes out expansively in fivor of the imj rov?-ment of Ninth street "to Boundary _ street," straight through commons, 6iasbes, or viba*ever may be encountered. Moreover, be calls upon tbe street railwav company to im a,. djat. ly la; a track out Ninth street to tbe fccufldary f Tbe improvement of Eighth street ?Kd ElevenUi street to the boundary smack" of " r-p? eulatiou' most sbo kitig; but the lm Ntfrovement of Ninth, street, past the Chronicle / tttire, (45<S Ninth street,) and the bouse of the / puhluber of the ChronicU, (31* Ninth street,) ' is about tbe correct thing! Great Is humbug ! Wh? n the Chronicle is better Informed, it will 4 learn what lu senseless clamor,generally,?ga:nst pi ih? city lor not entering upon -various maguifi. rent schemes o? improvement, really strikes at Congre-s, which has neper yet accedea to tbe request of the people ot Washington for such an amendment of the city's charter as will permit the rate of taxation to be raised beyond the maximum bow fixed by that cbarter, of 76 ceutsontbe bnndred dollars. That no ade quate system of city improvement can ever be , ctw tu d out apon that rate of taxation Is a fact J.xtedlng no argument. ' V The cobkeb sroMBot the new market-house Has laid yesterdav afternoon at 6 o'oloek la presence of Mayor Wallach, the baildlag <o?m,?tee of the Coeaells, Messrs. Ellis and ^"1>per, and of a number of membeis of Ooun <11 and cit tens. A copper box was safely placed in an aperture cot la a large block of ae, the box coa'amlag tbe names of mem bers oline present Federal Congress aad of the effic^rs of the city government: also, a copy of tbe ?i<eciflra'.ions tor tbe bolldlng and a ne . Intrlal setting forth that*? the contract was en. V'ed is to by the baildlag ooamittee, aottng Tor ihe Corporation, la aocordaaee wHh en # ?P*CJficstioos and drawings, for the suta Of w?,0 ?, on the t6th of March. IMt, wits the m cl Baxron k. Smlthsoa. This corner stoat <! wee laid ^ 11 May 3, >861, at 5 o'clock, in pres ent* of BiCb&rd W&lltcb Mayor; John P. Pepper, or the Beard of Aldermen, and Jobm E EH?f, of tiif Board of UGmmon Council, con etitutirg tho bailding oemmittee, Addph Clus? and W. Kammerbeubbr, the architects; <he prpr&rations bnving been made by Mr. John Webster, the stone mason.** The copper box iwj-o t outained a ropy of tbe Constitution of the United S:aiee, a foe simile of Washington'* farewell address, a copy of the city cbar^r, the Bible, copies of the dally and weekly Star, and of all the daily and weekly pap< rs of the city, a report of Mr. Lyles. mnrliet master, npoc the state ot tb# maiKeio at this time, a copy of the specifications cf the school building in the Mxth Ward, (no corner stone having been laid there.) a rosefe made of ribbon? compoeircgthe national colors, and a bottle of native wine. Before tt? box was closed a number of citizens standing by threw in a quantity of copptr coin and pifce6 of postage currency. As soon as tbe box was covered with the npper stone each member of the bnilding committee took the hammer and gave it a rep, imbeddinsr it in its bed ot mortar; and all in attendance then ad* jonrnrd to the Bank Reetanrant on (J street and ended the ceremony by drinking a bumper in honor of the great city work thus inaugu rated. PAMKS SETWEBH WAPHINOTON AND ALKt ASrp.iA,?The Alexandria Journal denounces the pass system between Washington and Alex* andria as Inconvenient and \tnnecess try?un just to the private and business communities of Washington and Alexandria, and not war ranted by military necessity. SPECIAL NOTICES. The Pic Nic of the Washington Butcher Club No. 1, which came off yesterday at my Pleasure Garden, Capitol Hill, w&a indeed a grand affair. The pic nic w? s kept up to a late hour of the nieht, and at the close some thundering cheers* were given for the Stars and Stripes. The officers and mem bers of the Club will please accept rot- thanks for their courteous behavior on the occasion, and I hope that wo will eoon have another one like it. It* Geo. Jebsemak*. Excitement among the Ladiis.?Considerable excitement has been created among our fair friends by Wd. Prince, 381 F street, opposite the Patent Ottice, in bavins built and now iu use a powerful machine for fluting or crimping the lower portion of ladies' dresses. This trimming is very fashion able. and is taking- tho place of braiding, so much worn of late. This machine is the only ont in the city, and ladies can now save the expense of bend ing to New York or Baltimore to have their work dene. Dressmakers will be particularly glad of this. my 4-&t Jewelry! Jbwhlrt! JkwelrtJ Only One Dollar! At the dollar Store 438 Peun. avenue, near 4% street. my 3-2t* Free Lfkch at 8amstag's Ale Yarns.?Mr. Sam stag takes a great deal of tfleasor* to inform his friends and patrons that he will give a very extensive Lunch on Wednesday. May 4th, this day being the first anniversary of the opening of 8am stag's Ale Vaults. Theshoiceof tne market will be served on this occasion. Come one, come all. my 3-2t* Brows'b Bronptuai, Troche?. These Lorenges are prepared from a highly esteemed recipe for alleviating Bconcnial Affec tions, Asthma, Hoarseness, Coughs, Colde, and Irritation or Soreness of the '''hroat. Pvblit ' penkers and Voealisti Will find tlicm beneficial !~ e'earing the voice before speaking or singing, and relieving the throat after any unusual exertion of the vocal organs, hav'cg a peculiar adaptation to affections, yhich disturb the organs of speech. nit.29-dAwtf Tite Fket.?B<*uuty of carriage is mostly depen dent upon a Judicious preservation of the feet; It is impossible to move in a graceful manner if the great support of the whole frame be in a disor dered condition, and nothing impedes so mucU as Corns, Bunions. Ingrowing Nails, or other diser dersto which the feet art liable. To all afflicted we would recommend an early call at Dr. White's office No. 4ii4 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4% and 6th streets. ap6-tf E. J. Wilkins, Esq., has been appointed Agent of the Great Penn?yIvania rout?, vice F. O. Nor ton, to take effect on the 2fcth of March. Mr. Wll kins has been connected with the Office, at the corner-of Sixth street aud Pennsylvania avenue, during the past two years, and is thoroughly con versant with the business of tho route in all its departments. All applications for information, tickets. Ac., must be addres?ed to E.J. WilPins, Apett Great Pennsylvania Route, Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue. Eo. S. Torso, General Passenger Agent, ap C Great Pennsylvania Bowte, Dl.=EA?B6 or THE NkRVOCS, SbMIKAL, Urinart and Sexual SrgTEMS?new andreliable treatment? in Reports of the Howard Association?Sent by mail iu sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address D. J. Skillin Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth street, Phi adelphia Pa. mh 29-3m MARRIED, On the 13th of December, 1>63, by the Rev. Mr. Tbru?h, Mr. HABRISON CCAY WILLIAMS to Misb LEAH JAN* CROWN, both of this city. * In this city. May 3, by the Rev. A. Gilette. Mr. HF.NEY H. TWOMBLY. of Manchester. N. H.. to Miss MARIA L. WARWICK, of this city. No cards. * At Ellicott's Mill?, Md.,on the 5th of April, by the Rev. Mr. Spencer, Liout. WEBLEY MARK WOOD, of Veteran Reserve Corps, to Miss ELLEN McGREGOR. formerly of Prince George's co, * DIED On the 4th instant, of typhcid pneumonia, ifter a lingering illness of 8 weeks, which she bore with great resignation. MARGARET ANN,daughter of Amon Duv.ll, aged 21 years. Her funeral will take place on the 5th instant, at 3 o clock p. ni.. from hep father's residence No. 362 7th street. The friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend. * At fifteen minutes before one o'clock a. m., 4th inst., PATRICK MAGFIRB. in the 4od year of Uia age, a native of the River Chapel, County Wex ford, Ireland, but for the last nineteen years a resident *f Washington city. He leaves a wife and four children to mourn his loss. He was a kind husband, an affectionate father, and a truly honest man. May his soul rest in peace. Amen. * His funeral will take place to morrow, 6th Inst., at 3 o'clock, from his residence, F street south, between 2d and 3d streets west. Island, which the friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend. On the yth of April, after a short Illness. WIL LIAM PARKER, in the 63d year of his age. for merly of Georgetown, but for the last ten years a resident of Washington. * FOR SALE-Three first-rate WORK HORSiESfor sale. Apply to 8IOU8SA A ENNIS, 345 Pennsylvania avenue, near 7th et. my 2-3t* IT'OR SALE? AtGladmon'a Sale and Livery Stable, * corner Bridge and Market atreetw. fry Georgetown, D 0., one fine bay STALLION, jLkA kind and gentle, works well in double v single harness. Also, thirty head of work, saddle and carriage horses and mules, second-hand top ai d no top buggies. my 2-8t* O NOTICE. N And after May lot.JStH, tha interest of Geo. W Wilson in the Wilson ManufacturlngCom^any cease"-, be having retired from said company. The businesi will be settled by the undersigned. h. c. Wilson, my 2-St* T. P. WILSON. Jr. FOR SALE?At the Foundry Church, cornei* of 14th and tfr streets, 43 Church Seats, with backs and painted, 16 Venitian inside Blinds, 6 Window Shades, 25 yardt floor Oil Cloth, 2 Furnaces, with fixtures complete, 2 Stoves, and 5^ f-at of Steve Pipe, 9> feet of Picket Fence, with cedar posts turned, 3 Cords of Aeh Wood. All or any of the above articles will be sold very cheap on applica tion to D. A. GARDNER, 460 New Yor* avenue, m ar 1Mb street. my 2-tf jy8SOLCTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. The firm heretofore existing under the name of 1 B. W. Gray A Co.. in the Flour, ifeed and Produce Businesa is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All claims againat said firm will be settled by R. WGray. R.W.GRAY, J. L. GRAY. Washington, D. C., May 2.1M4. NOTICE.?The undersigned will continue the Flour, Feed and Produce business No. 4'il Mass. avenue, near7th street, and solicits a continuance of the patronage heretofore extended to the old firm liny 2-3t-j B. W. GRAY. 486 p1 o m E 8. 486 A lew choice Engravings and Paintings for sale at J. MARKRITER'S. No. 4SH 7th street. Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hull. Terms cash. ap29-lmif* BUSH J?LS P0TAT0E8. Prime White Mercer, Carter and Peach Blow, for heed and family use. For sale by J. P. BARTEOLOW, Dealer is Hardware and Aur.cultural Implements, Seeds and Fertilizert, 556 &STBHTQ Strut, p 30-.lw Washington city. PAPERHANGINGS. A selected and varied atook of Fine, Medium and Low-prlctd Faperhapglnge. Borders,Statues. 4c., at J M ARKRIlTsk'S, 4"6 7th street. Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. Terms cash. ap?-lmif* The Undersigned*!?"*?? own as the I rner Bridge ? 9 "New I del. friends tbwt th?r will corner Bridge and MBrldW M?n?o?er;7tr"eeU.'now'oalled 5 i? i TT _!??peetfullf announoe to their fr??nds that tb?y will always have on hand a fine Knent or Wines. Llanora, Cigars, Ac.. Ac., ve also Furnished Booms to rsntl test* apg->w* ProprUtors. 486 0VAL P^CTrRK FRAMES. A beantlftkl assortmeot of CHH and Dark Oval Elybt doors above Odd fallows' Hall. Terms caah. ?? at-lmlf* "iff k(pwi bTtu r*?ue?Wd to yreeent th?> fgf setUwat Mll-lM D&&FNIM, CATARRH, and diseases of the EAJK, THROAT. AND AIR passages. Dr. LIGHTHILL, from 34 St. Mark Place, New York. Auttxor ?i "A Popular Treatise on Deafa-**," " Letters on Catarrh," Will make his third visit to WASHINGTON, Ob MONDAY. May SKh, and cru bo consulted. at the EBbitt Hopes for ok? vsik until Saturday evening, May 14th, on, DEAFNESS, CATARRH, and all the various dlseaaee of the EAR. THROAT, AND AIR PASSAGES. Waphihgtow, D. Cm March 5, lt<04. Pb. Ltohttiill?Dear Sir: I taiss this oppor tunity tc put lioly express my grailttide for the wonderful .-.ure of deafness you hare in so short a time effected In my case. I was deaf for about six years, and for the last few year? so much so that I could not hear preaching or common conversation; bnt now since your invaluable services have been rendered, I can hear as well as ever. In conclusion, let mo say that the noises wiUi which I have been troubled In my head for years, have also disappeared. Very truly yours. jAHBe R. McCathbaw, loth street, between E and F. WAPHZKQTOir, D. c., March 4,15M. This is to certify, that having been deaf since the year 1666, and since that time gradually loting my hearing until I was unable to hear common conversation or public speaking, I applied to Dr. Lighthill, of New York, who, after a short and painless coarse of treat ment. entirely restored my hearing. I heartl ly recommend Dr. Llghthui to the deaf. Fbepebick Robebtsok, Residence near Fort Saratoga. Washingtoh, D. O., March % 1861. Thl6 is to certify that having been affected for twenty years with deafness, and having tried some of the moat eminent doctors of our city without acy relief, I at last h6ard of Dr Lighthill arid put mysc-lf under his care. His treatment was brief, and successful. I am now completely restored, and the cure is ap parently permanent I have all confidence in Dr. LigttlilU's skill, and would advise all af flicteri with deafness to go and consult him at once. JosKrp Whit net, Residence near P and nth streets, Remarkable Care of D?a2ness, From th< Rev. Je?rph M. Clarkt, R'ctcr of St Jamcit' Church. STRAoreE, February 20,15<6i. I have been deaf in one ear, ever since I was hi college, seme twenty years ago. By the skill ol Dr. Lighthill, its hearing was entirely restored, so that now I hear alike with both tars, and I find that I can use my voice with much more ease and comfort man before. Joseph M. Clark*. my l-eo2w BALLS, PARTIES, &c. jpOBTPONKD TO WEDNESDAY, MAY 11.. THE GRAND ENCAMPMENT LEVKE, (Postponed from Monday evening. Ma/2, In con st-qucuce of the etorm,? will be held on WEDNESDAY EVENING, May 11. Th? Executive Committee will rnoet on Thursday Evening, at 6 o'clock, my 3-at Ma y b a l l or thk WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN PASSEN GER RAILROAD RELIEF ASSOCIATION, AT ODV FELLOWS' HALL. 7 th strut, WEDNESDAY. May 4, I>s54. 4 Tickets 12. admitting a g?ntlem?n and ladk-s. For sale on the cars. Music by Prof. Withers. Executive Committer. W. W. Wallace, E. 8. A*u. G. Ford, G. Kirby, D. Riley. O. T. Graves, N.Porter, w. A. Littlejoha, L. Wetiel, N. Bouret, J. E. Buckingham, 0. Vermilion, J. P. Torbert. i n wn r tavio 4' 1* RR"NER, Chairman. J. C. WILLIAMS.Eec'y. my 3-:it* JL THIRD GRAND BALL or TBS ISLAND SOCIAL CLUB. will be ven at the ISLAND HALfc, On THURSDAY, May Oth, 1864. Committee pledge themselves to spare no pains or expense to make this one of the grandest Balls of the season Tickets ONI DOLLAR, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Commitut oj A*r?tnremtntt. Thomas McCook, 11. F. Beach, G. Dixon, John Mancney, J.C. Pieher, ?Pro. Buckley, Thos.' W. 8tone, Jno. H Weedeu, ? Wn, Hall, F. 8prlngman, Jno. Little, Geo. Miller, Geo. Adams. ap2?-Iw* 2a, oi fcMl Eighth grand opening MONDAY, May 2d, of GEO. JUENEMANN'* f PLEASURE garden, 1 corner of 4th and E streets north. East Capitol Hill. Dancing every Monday afternoon. The Pleas ure Garden is so Improved that It cannot be beaten by any ether of the name sort in this city, and can be truly recommended to parties and sooietlH* for pie-nlcs GEO. JUENBMANN, ap29-lm* Proprietor. LOST AND FOUND. LOST?On Saturday evenine, In Center Market, by a goor widow lady, a POCK ST- BOOK, con taining .35. The finder will be suitably re oJardt?1 ,by leRVJnK lt at 453 Penna. av? between 3d ana 4?-a streets. my 3-St* ?T8Frl?n APnl one PEARL NEOK LAOE, star set, with drop set in silver, silver clasp, on the way from I street, near 10th. to rail road depots A libera! reward will be paid If re turned to No. 436 I street, between 9th and I: th streetB, it heing an old family relic. my 3-3t* LOeT?On 7th street, between E and L BtreetFTa GOI.B WATCH CHAIN, two strand? fine links, with a slide. The huder will b*> liberally rewarded by leaving it at W. D. BEVIER'S st. re, ?v A?e\Yo,;,fua* -?et- ?n<* "th sts. Aiho* tbc x.Baii?ri of the owner. ray3-3t* $10 on Yh^aert Wrllfrrilitu r"S"o8Hr reward o: wil. be paid for information leading kin" 'sTiVfifiuh.'.'dSSS&A S*.? TC?& 'JKKfffii the right ear Whoever will jrlve Information In regard to said cow wi l be suitably rewarded by applying at the realdeoce ofths owner. Mrs MINNA BIKRINGER, No. 30# D ?tr?,etVash Ington. ' my S-4t* C" AME ON TO MY PREMIS18 on April?, 1834 red COW and young CALV marked on boih ears. The owner Is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take her away. myf-3t' JQHN BUCHANAN, on mh end (j it. property, par charges and t^jwa, my?-St* 15th st.,het. M and N, No. 391. ESTRAYBD rROM THE OOMHONS. North of city, on Friday, the 29th of April, a dark roan HORrE in good ord?r; laae In right hlad 1m. A emie, near 1 th stree*. my 2 at* |~08T~A package o# PAP1M. (a ? M JHrel' ope. (.uppoied^H bavr bee? dropped on 9th street, near the Peteot Offloe, They are of to my 2-y WM. L. JAMl*. ft for rent and sale. R *0*7, c ?'iTui " ZZSUfiSnfittk. Applr - %?&? ftju/iGfcig, ^ my4-jt% H *? P?>M K F URN I SHlS DP A RLORS TO KEN T ? njritrnf ?*tw? fentlemeo without boa&d. Also, vthEtr^ t' u-? ?'?* in the cny?too 1 Jir _ m t, between I sndK. ray 4-4t* T^J!E2T~1>? rNFTRNTSHCU KOOMS~otI ^ 'r- ,u * TerJ IiHlthf neighborhood ? ilT."1 ,hp rV*- IiQiire at 57 7 K street, between loth and lltb, Navy Vara. my 4-3t? F^rwS??,? HODFK FOR BENT-A tvo-stoTy r>Ud fH ll0*?E> ?itb I'l RMTUHF,. will bS Ap?iv/t^anntPo^saion girtn Jul.- 1st. App^y at 3??2 G, near 11th sts ray l f-o3t* BlBOrselANT SALE?The ORKKX"tBEE eoldchian fAP~wJ*?ood business will be 7th filial i> fl,l f.Mh- ) t is Pitufcted on the corner of my4 3t" 8treet"' cn tb* W?nd. Call early. A wJvr? QUASCE-FOR SAL9-The STOCK. tor*rrJ LI; an<1 "XTt RES of h shoe -tore fnr fifif;5 business on P?. Rvenuo. Toe reason d ? 0nt' tlu" owner wishes to enga:j? in in ojther business. Appjy at 465 Pa. av. my ?.?r GOOD W^L AND fixtcre9~F0llSALE.No. pkr^- my S-3t* I S,,F?NT-A large 2d story r NPURNI8HED PriTateentrance onD street abo\. 7th. my 3-2t* F*"!^ SA1.E?A wrll fitted out REST AGRANT, Office aOikg ? good business. Apply at the Star ? inj 3-3l* 8\IvJr?Ki, R?NT and FIXTURES for k"T?in.Pennsylvania avenue: desirable lo Mv V v' bu*I?**- Inquire at 93 Louisiana ave. *" 7 -j'oi F?ri?^r'K-?00D WILL ai d FURV ITURETfi uth hi? hJ?.U8e' No- 307 K street, between I* d tcal1 between the hours of 7 ! P o ciock. or, the premises. my 3-3t* F'ptin?.^ J~?n*,ha'f pf aHOUSKat Ellaville, boriTint George's County, Md.. near Bladens n" tf failroaj1 station. Apply to Mrs. A. E. YOUNG on the premises. my 3-31* HAA??MELT FURNISHED ROOMsrvTiuTTTr I * * bo\rd' j1?? be obtaiuedat 399 18th can ft, 1 &ad <\"V" A few Day Boarders can also be accommodated. my3-ot* E*0RSALE? A pleasant COTTAGE RESIDE \'CE ' v,n.R T**y ?e?r?ble neighborhood, and within a short walk of the Bladensburg station Iuim6 tty fat*6 Apply at this office. L'RONT AND HACK PARLOR, BKirkoOM', to nMM)*Pn ^S40 ?^d 7if?' T?r jfrentlemon, near the Depot and Capitol. Innuirr- 534 North C my 3 ??rar *'lrst' c?I'ltol Uill, Washington, D. C. ^1? KENT-FURNI.-IIED PARLOR and CHAM .-* *?>.K adjoining, on tirst tloor, to rent to gon tlemen only, Gooa board can be had nearly orpo Pite. at t* a week. Five minutes'walk from War Department Apply 36ft II 8t.,abi>Te ISth my;: 3t* F??-KJArll;.TA Three-story BRfCK HOUSE, No. *- Teeth street west, contaiuing ten roansK. f^ot'd order. Possession imtm diati/ly. Price Ji,5fn. in fee; Vc&'h. four-room v.vV '1:',11?'. Inquire of WM, MAKS?IIALL. 479 IPI> Hud V 8to. nayS-3t* - K?i< IU?iNTTiV thro, -stcrj BRICK HOnSE.TTc * ?,, lr f.rert between Pa. awnue aud M i-tr^ot: new J j repa:rt.i and fittfd up with gas: containing ee^en rroniS, with kitchtn and cellar, al! cmc p '-e Irquire at No. 44 Wattr etret-t, Ueors-s '* '' ? ?_ my 3-3t l('URMSHED ROOMS FOR RENT?To gentle ? men at No. 4 4 3 I. th street , between F ttn'J O KrTPrenoe required. tny 2-3t* r| UhTE'TuR'NisnFiD rooms forTrent t, I quire at No. ^33, 13th Btruet. betwi hii B sc j C, Island ? nw 2-.']t* (TOR f?ALE^R"rtP.NT-A"liRTckT> ARD AND n.? .!Xw;P' Addrew X.O B,, through the City I C'Ht tt y ii-3t' F*CRNIPOFI> R(K)M9 for gentlemen, \*lor with* \it board, m a lare-??4airy houpe, pleM fttiti> locHtnl, C&rs |)?rr ttiF door pvcry fiF6 miiiutes. Terms rtat-oiiable. Apj jy immediately, at the C( ? net of14th and Ssts. myC-3t* L OR SALE?An eld established R'ESTAL RANT, ? new doing an excellent tusiness. including a .ar?{t stock Liquoraaud, ar.J an u-p'-xpired 'tase of aeveral years. Price *2,5 -l. A p. ply t. J M.. 23? D street. my ; 3t * |? OR bKi.T-A neat FKAMF HOUfcE.containing ? five rooms, within (ne minutes1 w!tlk from the Departments, in the F1 st Ward. Apply to UKO orAK * 'J17 *'K ftreet, I et weeo lfth ai j 1 'th rts., or 9.? Ceotre Market. my2-3t* h'OHPALE?A famj v G ROC FRY and I.IQUOR STORE, situated in a good 1, caUon m the Northern Liberties, facing three streets. wi;j ' e sold, together with the entire stock, goo 1 wj.Iand Oxttires A lease of the store can be l ad if desired for three years F.,r particulars address Cash. Box T^?6 City Post Office. ray 2-3t* IT OR HA L EOR"RENT-A FRAME HOUSE, with ? tiTcacies of ground, orchard. Ac., on the Rock treek road, six miles from tho city and two from Fort Slocum. For terms, <fco., apply without de ls> to Mrs. DAVIS, 2->th street, t-a-t side, first frame bouse south of H street. ap3' 2w* 1/OR .SALE?S,00? acres of rich ]FARMING 1 'AN DP in Iowa, (Hardin, Story, Wright, and Franklin counties;) 4,000 acres in Minr.ese<ta; tracts from 41' to 640 acres. Located 1S55. Patents from the Government. Will exchang- for prnperW In or near Washington. FOR SALE ?Two and a half years' lease of a store property on Penn. avenue, now renting for *200 per month, wijl be sold. w{th Confectionery Bt'K-Jc, Soda F ountain, and Fixturas complete, ? 1.4,000 for a property fronting 4* feet on Penn. avenue; a three-story brick builaing, having two stores and eight large rooms additional, now rent ing for ??., 0 per year. Mil CHELL A. SON. Beal Estate Brokers, ap 3i-lm' 8outheast cor. I'a. av. and 15th st. TO RENT WITHOUT BOARD?First-class FUR NI SHED ROOMS. The best of city references fiven and required. Meals furnished at a good oarding house within a few doors. Apply at No. ^9 Penn avenue, above 21st street. ap 28-lw* ft 1 hnO W ILL Bl;V THE LEASE of ? large, ?JJ 1 commodious HOUSE, with store juid stable attached. Addreaa Mr. LEASE, Star Office ap 21-lm* ""OR SALE?A small tract of LAND (16W acres about three miles from theNayy-Yard hridgf. well located for a market garden farm. Price f2.<W?. Also, 8* acres, same distance from Saw Vard bridge, mostly under good fencing. w. Il lo cated. with ? fine road leading to it. Inquire of JOHN W VAN HOOK, No. 55 Loui- iana av. ap 19 2aw8t FOR-8ALE OR RENT-A first-rate two-story FRAME HOUSE, containing nine rooms, to gether with nine BUILDING LO TS. all set out with choice fruit, such as peaches, pears, plums, cher ries, crapes.all ofthebestselection; with a pump of excellent water in the yard; on the cornerof G and 13th streets and Penn avenue east. For farther particulars call at residence No. 575. ap 16- lm* D.CARROLL. I, UK SALE?A valuable SLAUGHTER Ht?L'SK r PROPERTY, 25, 0'1 feet of ground and im provements, as follows: Slaughter house, 16xi5;one do.,2 x26; ic? house,2 x2 ; stable lftx2??substantial brick buildings; cattle and stable yards well paved, admirably adapted for a soap and candle factory or tannery. Will be sold for ${>,'<10. MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Brokers, ap 16-lm southeast cor. P%. av. and lath et, H'OR 8ALE-A STORE and DWELLING HOUSE, No. 401 ,on7th street, between H and I Greets. Lot 2 b? 7 feet. This ia a first-rate business place. A RRIUK HOUSE, No. M street.between 4th and eth streets. Has six rcms. Sets back from the street. Lot by 219 feet, running through to Ridge street. Is a. very desirable place for a private residence. A BRICK Hf>U8E,No.432,on9thstreot,between G and H streets. Has four rooms. 8ets back, with yard in front. Lot 16 feet 6 inches by 99 feet. A FRAME HOUSE, No. 373, on frth street between I and New York avenue. Seven rooms. Lot 2>> by 1 0 feet. A FRAME HOUSE. No. 342, on nth street between L and M streets. Has six rooms. Lot by iu> feet. A FRAME HOU813, No.342,on G street between Uth and 12th. Six rooms. Lot 2ft by 8') feet. For particulars apply to F. 8. KERN, ap 13-lm* No. 633 M St., bet. 4th atal 8th. I ARGE BRICK DWELLING or. H north, te tween 0th and 7th west. 525, will be eola for $?.1X0. Immediate possession. Terms easy. Would also sell other improved and unimproved property in convenient locations B. MILBURn. apfi-ltn* 524 I street north. b OR SALE OR RENT?That first class DWELU r 1NG HOUSE and lot of ground at the south weet corner of Prince and Columbus streets, Alex andria. Title perreci ana immediate possession riven. Inquire of JAMES A. STOULENBERG, Alexandria, or of the subscriber. Franklin Row, Washington, corner 13th a*d K sts. ap ft-lm* J. H. LATHROP. FOR RENT?With or without Board, an excel lent PARLOR and several well furnished BED ROOMS, at 450 12th street, within five minutes walk of the Kirkwood House, Wlllards' and the Satent Office. Post Office and Treasury and 8tate epartments. The location Is unsurpassed in Washington. No children in the house. deZT-tf BOARDING. A FEW OENTLEMBN CAN B8 ACCOMMO datud with Furnished Rooms and Board, and ot e Furnished Front Parlor for rent, at 513 H street, one minute's walk from the Patent Office, my 3-3t* f^ENTLEMEN WITH THEIk W IVES and sin ?' gle gentlemen can be accommoda'-ed with fdeaf ant K00M8 and good bt>ard In a desirable ocallty by immediate application at No. 3T? Uth street, between New York arenue and I street. Terms moderate. my 2-9t* B<? A ED, WITH LARGE AND HANDSOMEITY furnished ROOM81 can now be secured by members and others, in a pleasant neighborhood, f y early api^loation has all tae modern mproremenTs Terms moderate. Apjply south west corner of H and 21st street, near Pennsylva nia avenue, and convenient to the Departments, uiy 2-3t" OEORGBTOWN ADVBR'MTS IGH STREET MARKET. No. T4 Orro8it? PaoersoT Stbixt (Horfttovn, U. C. We, the undersigned, beg leave to itiorm the public that we h?r? os hand a choice assortment of Vreeh Meats of all klnds. Fonltry. Ac Vl2L^ol^leJMld "Wft- Apples and Potato ee br the barreT Canned Fruits ofall >ibd? ?t market price*. ?yUsi' H. W. FIBHBB A 00. SJTOQB of tb* corporation ot owowm. v TOWN, 9.0.-Fers*w?? who would wish to p?? Ohasestocl-of the Corporation of Omietevs. *. v . on which h(eM <r(I| bsMysUs sufW'f, AUCTION 8ALK8. Fer el'.icr AnctiM Sain ?rr first page. 'HIS AHIiR>?0,VARD r?.MOKROW i J C, MrOUI BE A CxT, Auctioneers. VA*\Li?y- lOT?QK VIRGINIA AVENUE. fcK ANDf.TH STREKf.ISLAVt. nHr* 5PAT AFTERNOON, A,y4th.at4W Vn n'Sn H Premises, ?c eh*!l sell eart of Lot nn V r'JSl^i.,n,rc NVAa'-. fronting ?2 feet 6 iscbes. i fslan f\ ?? "'.f'D0 w ? and 8th tit reel* fVt Ifd ??, rf,fr *? ?"?*? depth of US XtVlLots cl Terms: Oca third ea'h, tUo reriainrfo- i? ?<? of trJst on th?P*S?:?tSllaUwt- *f Ai jgy Tsyf Y TSOM Ag DOWLING. Auct'r; TWfc STORY FRAME HOUSE A*B LOT IN ? flWIltWN AT AUCTION .^^F;I>N,?flDAT AFTEBNOON, Mav4th, at t ttmtl r!l I Til * ^ 'r0D' ?f"* pr(?Kli(*?. South KJiliL L' tN?. ?X. in BeattyA Haw*ins idtttio^ ;?n; f*?ntin? ? fejt on Market street, teai roventh street. f71e igrrcTemontPCon^Ft of a coM two storr Fr"I;r Bon* With BMek Bailment f ritl-perfect. Term* cash. puiehM?rf >RnCil,*HUtl eUm?" thd ?o?t of th* sp.30 rtA'ds THOMAS DOWLINO, Aa?t. BV ?OM Ag DOWLING, Auct ; Georgetown." DESIRABlK BUILDING LOTS IN GKORP*. ^ TOWN AT PC BUG AUCTION On WK JNESDAY AFTERNOON, Mar 4th. at S 0 ?i? ? f ? , 1 will sell, in front of the premi s*t on the corner of F,ed?,ick and Fifth strata a d-* street arUj p?*k in,e 7?feet on ?i '? * ~ cu *'fth street. ? v.-Ij0' after tbe above. theundivided th ird part <~f Lot No. 2H. fronting 7?> feet on Sixth street, runmDg back 16 > feet. 8 ? STH." balance in sixand twelve months aectsred by a deed of trust on the property Chaser^**0010' SU (-tftnif6 at 016 cost of tUe P^r Title'perfect, ?P.S7-d TnOP DOWLING. Anct, W M. B. LEWIS A^CO., Auctijueers SIX DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS FOR BALK. ? , AT AUG! 101. We shall sell, on WEDNESDAY, Mar 4th. at ? o clock, p. m.. on the premises four fine Bu lding :fluting 26 feet by ino each, on east side of Ninth street, near Boundary street, in Hqnare Nc 393; also, at 6 p. m? same day. oue Lot, is feet 9 . In ches front. by loo on 8ovect i street.between Rand b streets, end ope Lot, fame t:ze as above, front ing on Eighth street. The above property boiug in a very desirable lo cat.on, shonlo demand tie attention 1t?f builders or others, wishing tood investments. Terms: One third cash, balance in sli and twelve months. All conveyances at e*ptnhe of purchasers. ap W eo&ds _ WM. B. LEWIS A CO.. Auets. JJY J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. COMMISSIONFF S" sTF.RO F RK A L FSTA TE. fbame house and i,ot on north l sr, BETWhFN HTH AND 7TIISTS. WB9T. The undersiirned. commissionerfl appointed by the Supreme Court of the District of Colombia, in thi'case of Elizabeth A. Flint.- and others Hicainst JoKe Carroll and others. No. 128. equity, in said court, \r, niake sale of the real estate of which James W.FticKdied seired, hereby jfirf notice that ir. pursuance of au ord?*r of sai i court t<a tered on tht 8th day of A prtl ic stunt, they *ritf ?m*1 1 on the premises, thf following d?scrib?-.l House an<y*Sr,viiU^tpJ-B tllt Clt*?f Wa?hiri<ft<ic. I> C. ?p Wednesday, tneith day of Ma>. itu Hi j o clock p.m.. ri&mely: Lot No. 3. in Bqua<e No 15 fronting If' feet on north L street, be* ween ^ti. snd 7th streets west, and having a d^pth in tht resr 91 feet. The Improvements consist of a two story irame house with aback buildine Terms cash, THKO SHBCKEL8. AN I?K KV^ tiODDABf. K F. QOEF.N, BEMET HENNISG, W. L. BOSS. _ _ Couimissionera. _?PSC J, C.McQUIBE A CO. . Auots. OK KEN ft WILLIA MdA ictioneeri T5J?E#,J2-ON/.TAI^L? BUILDING loth ON THK 1HLAND IN 8PB DIVIalON OF ?-QIAI!KNo 412 AT ACOTiOV. On W EDNESDAY, tne 4th riay ofBIay nert. wo sob A Bell, on the pr?-mi'e?, comineocing af 5 o'clock ' c 'f,*'owir'<t valuable property, viz: All <.? Square No. 41S, except two . r tl.r<; Ic's on wl ich Puiidlcg- are erected; the Squ-?:-6 ir diviied J1"?2, 1 sndso ce Bui'dlng Lots, averae-int- from i3 to Aj feet frott each, all ol wircfi run hato *1 leys. This property is beautifully situated, bound ed by. Roi fronting r,n E and F streets south. *n1 etb aid yth streets west and the sale will fee will wor?ty th? a tention of p-rs .ns wishing tit pur chs^e a hnndsome building site or make a g>~ od in ?es'roent. Ter?s: One-half cub balance in si*and twelve monthe the purchasers to gire notes for the de fered payments. b?B?ing interest from the day ol sale: a d<ed given and a deed of trust taken. All convey ancefcincludipfj revenue stamps at*?nr CuEBf-r* coat. ap.27 d rRep.1 GREEN >V WILLIAMS. Aucts. |^Y J. C. McGUiBE A CO., Auetioneers, VALUABLE PROPERTY AT THE PIXTB ST ^ ? J* B*RF AT PUBLIC AUCTION On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, May 4th, at 6 ?. ,*1 .re P^mises, we shall sell. Lots No. 13, 14. 15 16 17, IS. and 19. in Square numbered 6>2, fronting 133 feet oo Sixth street west, and 203 feet 10 i neb or on *octh N stroet, iniproved by % Urire square three-story Brick Hotel Building, with snroe sixtren sood rooms, with lar*e Pari -rs, Bar room, and necessary ontbnJldings The gronnlsare pnr tially surrounded with a substantial stonewall, and are tastefully laid out witu choice grapes, fruits, ec^rt ? 68P?c^*1t with view to a suenmer rtj The proximity ofthls handaome property to the ?xtexbiv# wharves at the foot of Sixth street, and *!?Bj'Vernment works. Arsenal, Ac..commanding as it does a splendid view of the Potomac river renders it very valuable as a Hotel or summer resort, and to this end the property will besoM ea tire, Early prs?esslon will be given. Terms. One-third each; the remainder in six and twelve monthi, with interest, secured by a Jeel of trust on the property. Title perfect, ap 27 d J. C. McGUIRE A 00., Auott. J^Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers, VERY VALUABLE LOT8ON SEVENTH STREET BETWEEN KOUTH D AND ? STRRE ? g On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. May 4th. at 5 o clock, on the premises, we shall sell, Lots Nos 8. 34. 36. and 37 in snb-div siou of Square No. V5. Lots Nos. 34.36. and 87 front each 24 feet on Seventh street, between south D and E streets running back P4 feet to a 10foot alley. Lot No. 8. fronts on Eighth street we?t, bet?r??ea D and E streets south, and runs back same depth to siue alley. These are among the most desirable lots on the Island. Terms : One-third in cash: the remainder in six ? and twelve nonths, with interest, secured by de>sd of trust on the premises ap lT-d J C. McGUIRK A CO . Aucts. J. C, tocOCiRb A CO., Auctioneers. IMPORTANT SALE OF C30I0E LIBRARY ?BOOKS. On WEDNEPDAY EVKNING. May 4tb, at 7 o'clock. at the Auction Rooms, aad continued ea h succetding Evenirir. at the #am<? h?ut, until the whole is disposed of, we sha. l sell, without reserve, a portloo of the Library of th' lat*Obss. F Mayrr. of Baltimore, Ma., to which valuable additions from another source Las b^en made, the wh le comprising Miscellaneous ar>d Scientific Work?,Il. lust rated Edtion, Sets of Monthlies, Pamphlets, Coneressiooal Dooumeuts, lc?4c, Tern;s cash. ???"C?talogues low ready for delivery. ap.So dtf J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts,. |^Y WM. B LEWIS A CO., Auctioneers. CONTINUATION OF DEAD LETTER OFFICE SALE. Sale resumed THIS MORNING at lOo'olock. and will be continued THIS EVENING, at 7 o'clock, also, all day TO-M(Wi ROW, (Wedaesd >y.) when we expec' to finish schedn'e No 4. consisting t f l.TO low of fit e Jewelry, Lady's and G?nts Gold and 811 ver Watches Chain* Heav> California Gold Rings, with a sreat variety of other goods Fr.r d?wcriptlons, see Catalogues at the Store No. 4 27, Seventh street, my8-2t WM B. LEWIS A Co.. Aucts. J?Y bREEN A WiLLIAMS Auctioneer;, A VEGETABLE AND VRTTIT STAND AT AUC TION. Auction sale of a fine Vegetable and Fruit Stall In the Oent*i Market, between Ah and btn street No 326. on THURSDAY, the 5tfc day of May, ?tlU? o"cl? ck, a. m., t? be sold without res?rv?. ap 27 d GREEN & WILLIAMS. Auots pv GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auettenecrs. TWO HANDSOME BUILDING L0T8 NEAR THE OBSERVATORY IN T.-E FIRijT WARD AT Al' C T ION. On MONDAY, the fth instant, we shsll sell, on tbe premises, at<5 o clock, p. m.. t?o handsims Fuilring Lots in 'he Firi-t Ward, being Lot No. 1 and 2, in equare N? 9* situated at the corner of north E and 24tb strtets west. Terms : One-half cash, balaneein six and twelve months, lor totes benrit g tere^t fro jq day of sale. A deed giveo and a deed of trust taken. All ojvejancs at cost of purchaser, including revenue stamps Title Indisputable. . my 4-d GREEN & WILLIAMS, Ancts. JJY J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S BALE OF fWb JMBABLE BRICK DWELLING HOUSES AND LO T8 ON T^ytN -TY-F1RST 8TREE1, BITWEES G AND H PTRFKTH On TDEfiDAY AFTERNOOM. May 10th at 6>i ?'dock, uc the prem ses, by virtue of a deet pi trust dated July 26th 1M0, and duly recorded in Liber J A B. *c?2- 2W et "???? ?f }h,f 1...I ..r?> Washington aonntv. D. C., I Shall Vfcil \9l iH'vp _ recorded sub dlvi Jon of O iginal Lo's7.8, and 9, in Square numbered 101, f'ontlag together 30 f?et ca Twenty first west, between B and I street* uorth snd runBlBg bask 1 0 feet, issprored with lw?.^ree'!to.r,r dwelling houses, with back bulldinge, to be sold separately. ferns of sale: One-third in ensh; the mma'ndar in six and twelve months, with interest, securntf k> a deed of trust on the pr mie-e. Cost of oonvcvancea, including revenue stamM to he paid hy the r reaaser. ai"P*, If the Uidi of sale are not cob plied with (> a days, the Trustee reeerv* s the right to re n.ii T! tt. rtu? Wf 4 d J o, M0GU1EE a CO">'!%?., OOliNO V1LT AND PITCH. c ho toe Ivf wlfB AUCTION 8AIES. wTl'*t DAVi. BT GRKE* 4 WIU^. Auction^ T?rKjrjtE'? sale or verv eligibly htttt* 7Fr?oTPAND tfou. b? o* xn " r^ a * d ?f t> Wcr,,? of * decree of t?ve lupr.-tae Court ?f1^t V^trict. pa**ed ontluAti Awil liw ,. ? nri^ri10 2i^a,,e Rn,! *r' tr tr y'ainant* ,?k.' vttl#! ? n? ??* others ar. dcf.-tw t?the ?*?>?'?? to Miu-?t ?uctioo,u; ikSmT^V^V- *n ">*5tl. of Mst next. Ut,!To th* f ??i. Tlr a,nJ ^-..o'clock IB the aft. rn. nc ?i . ? f* "in ?>???'? s-MivUion of "rl* nal l. U in >snare No. .Vi,. In W*shlug?co cit>,^? may 1 e seen in the Survey r*fc office. natnely *-,?>?? mHTKed in Pu**h n A f-i tf* ft IT L M, N 0 Eurh of thlZ xoU h**\ front At- u fwt br?of.p.b of ts. ti usf^t A p r and D fron? on IS street ?D<1 the oth. r l.'tc'on f?'n ^ R'tree*. With suitable alleys to %U <?a lot* L and D Rr- 'wr> *o: <J Dwelling l\ouee?, f>< ctiuir no 4Sj ?tre??; ?nd 'he- e lots and houses wtll h? ?.,id Mibje< Ho the dower right therein of the wM ?? of J?bn f-iron; the other lute will be eold free fro* tier ai wer. Also part I f Lot No. |. ia ?iu%re No. API. front in* *a \ ir/; ?_*a avenue teffinufeft frctn Uv* UQfe^ kJVs? ' f ifceL0t- *r'd b*V'lDJ ? fro .tot j i I on "a,d avenuv *.<1 which has te? a,1;'..? *??? ???? tier*?' e*"to? balfoi Lot No. 3, in reaerr* Ihf latter, as well as lotr in square A&'.will b? ?ok free'rem tnewi low* dower rik-ht mT / ^"i08 V'^ ^rlbed b* the o-cr?e are : One d ?!'?/? nf.1IIn?W "?L,nnr ln M,,h; th* du? M6. It.and jFoiontliP. for which the rnrixh*. \Tn^u,r*?r-bf'?rln* interes from tlw> day of sale, wiL b? taken, with h retained liea on r*o ai'i ed* at*the salef?8 ?f ?n each lot W,U *? The cost cf cocrey?B"in?1 rertiarato? of ?fcie. Dona*' htamps. to Nl noroo by th?* purchaser If the tenn? ar? not fully c mphed wi?b irithia Hve da>H 'rom the day of ?al?, the proi.erty wt 1 b* r??ol!l at the nsk and -out of the <lefauUio? pur chaser after one week's public no too in the *??. nil*Star. Vf REDIN, Trwt? ar ??" eo3wA d? GRILN A WILLIAMS. Aact?. 0RKKN & WILLIAMS, Agetioanrii. VALPAB1.K BUILDING LOT AT \tTOTII>lt Immediately after the eale of the proaerty of tb?i 81 dou estate, we fchall ?^U. (on the 6th of May. at ? o'clock pro ,) on the p'emiBeR.Lot No.T.inaVn, ?? 6JI frottiog 5<> feet ou 0 ctieet ?outh, between ad and 4.S, ?treets.rtiunin* bark 2T7 fot t, containing 1J..MC pqnsre feet. Thfs lot has 30 fe?t alleys, on the side and rear, and ia wrtl adapted to the ereo tiou 1 f a number of rmall tenements. Terms: One third cash ; remaindtr in Caad IS tsonthe with interest ?"?' ? BK?X A WILLIAMS. Aneta, J C. McGUIKK A CO.. Anctioooera. G54kNw?T5F,F!-HOW"!." ON BSTHZE-. BE I\LF AND TBIBP, AT PUBI-fc Cn THURSDAY A7TKBNOON, May fith at 6 0 clocxt. cn the premises, we shall sell, p?rt cf I at No 15. jn Rfervatio No. 12, improved b? a tb^?e ftory brick housoand hack l.ufdin?. with ai?to roo'. on north B street, between Second and Tnird stress weat, n( w oteupied a< a r ibl'c houss. and kno? n as the ' Gre? n Tr ?" Hou^^. jla^ ly p fefefcsion of tli? p-emiMt will b? given. T'thi?' One he'f In cash, the r m?i jd?r in six. sne3 twelvp months, vtfc interest, secured by a dotd of tru?t on the premises Co? ve siice# at th? cost of the purcbsser. ap.aod J. c MoGUIBBA 00._Aaetet. J. C. McGUlBE A CO., Auctiontere. I1ANI80M* BUILPING IOT OV n RT?t?T " NKVI TO ^ HF * OHN *R Of 8BOON l> STRKET < 11 *1 III R?I>AY AFTERNOON . May Mh. ?t hUf PV^y tlocii , 00 1 he preiuiReh, v%e *}<hu * H av^rf building Lot, fronting Zff fc^t on north 6 **r e!, between Fitst and Second street> west, (tiif i ^qusre eaf-t of'he Citv liall, ail rjnnin; 1 k.c?? lix fee' to ar> alley, with a 'rim* s'a^ e i 1 14?e i<? r 'it d a^joinei < ? each side by excellent thr .*?? fctorj brick dweilitiK-boii>eH, T-riur- One-hall c sh, th? rnnandf.r in six mont! e, ? ith in.ercet. secured b> deed of trust on tl e nreir.ise?. %'? fie perfect. Cf-s ?.f ci nvey&cces and stamps to be paid by pn rcbai-er. J. C. McOUIRB A 00.. AneU. J. 0. M?6riBE A CO. Auctioneers. MCE FFAMW PWELLINO HOUSE AvPLOT^N MaS.-a( HI>E1T? A V KNt E B ?T ?VFBN 4Tt*. AND.VIII 1KKET Kt<f, AT FCFLIC SALE t'u TBUBfDAY AFTEBNWN. May 5 h. at flit o_ cioik, oil tb?- prem:?>e8 we shall sell, part of Lot No. 3", \n Sona'e No. 517, fronting 13 feet 4 incVs, r n the sonth *id?-o' Mai sacbu^et s?ve* ue., betwea Fourth and Fifth streets west, rnnning ba k 69feet J, nth to a 20-foot alley, improved by a two-sterr I 'irao Hf use. contaii ine si* room(, * Immediate pos^'eisieo given. Terms i ash fcpffld [Ren.l J.C.McGUIRB AOO..Anet<r. GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, AUCTION SALEOF THE CONTENTS OK ASH tail Grocer* at the corner c.fSinth and H str??w north, on FRIDAY, the 6th instaat. at lo o'clock, a m Terics CASh. n-.y? d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aut^f. J. C. McGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneers, PEREMPTORY SALE OF~ S'XTTEN FINE LOTS ?? ON TUE ISLAND, Or. PBIDVY AFTERNOON. May 6. at 5 o'clock, on the premises, we suall sell the followinr valua ble Lots belonging to the " Couveut of the Vlsita ti?n,"yiz: Lots No. 27. 28. 29. 3^. SI. S2. 33. and 34. in Squarff fronting each ul~ fret on south side of G afreet south. b?iween Ninth and Tenth street* west au<l rucniny back UM feet 10inches to a twenty-flrefoofc auey. t Lots No. 9. jo ll. and 1J in Square 3P9, fronting each 24 fe> t 6 tnchea on the north aide ofG street south, between Ninth and Tenth street* weet and rurnmgback lit feet 10 inches to a twenty fire'foot Lots No. K. 2S, a and 30, sau?e Square, front in* 24V. feet on south F street, between Ninth an? Tenth streets, and rnnnin* back 124 leet 10 inchea to a twenty-five foot alley. Terms: One-half casn, the remainder in six month*, with interest, secured by a deed of trtwt cn ihe pr. mises Convr yanees at expense of the ?nrcha?er. A cash payment of ?20 on each Lot will be p? quiTed at the time of sale ^yJNl J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Anct^ |JV GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auetionetrs, \ALUABIE BUILIUNgTlOT ON SBOOND "T. WESWTWBBN E ANDF STRBETd NOBTH. On FRIDAY, the 6th instant, at 6 o'clock ? m.. w *'"*11 aell in fior.t of iho premises. Lot No K. ic M G. Peg/fsg" suh d vision <-f Saaare No. 868?a beautitul Buildms Lot 24 feet 6 inches front, run pit g b^ck J40 feet to a lf -f.iot allsy, on Second at., between E snd F streets north. Terns: One-third cash, remainder io sii ar,4 twelve months, secured by a detd of trust on th? pr- iri?es. All convevancing and revenue staiup? At the eoefc of the purchaser. my 3 d __ OBEBN A WILLIAMS, Auct#^ J* Y J C. MeGUIBE A CO , Auctioneers. FINE BUILDING I OTt?V TRNTH STREKT. BB 1 WKEN u AND n KTHEETS. IfORm. .On FKIDAT AFTERN'lON, Mayrith. at 5o'clock, on t&e premises, we shall sell part o'Lot No. 14, in Square 345,-ronting 20 feet on Tnnth street west, b^i* e> n G pnd II btreets, running back 10 feet, ? itb tne advantage of a brie* wall 1 hi6 ot s centrally 1 ??e.ied. io a desirable pirtof tl,? for a private residence a*d is worthy the attention of persons wanting a fine building toi* lian. Tertra: Ore-third in ca4h, the remainder in and twelve month"-, witht&ter<-at,secured by adeed ot trni-t. ('?nvejances and stamps at the coat of the pur chaser. ap.30-St J O. McGUIRE A CO.. An it#. |'^1 J C. McGCIRE A CO., Auetioneera. PEREMPTORY SALe7)F BRTCK HOUSE AND l,OT ON TWENTIETH STREET, BETWEEN I* AND M STREETS. ? C SATURDAY AFTERNOON, May 7th. at 6 o'cl, ck, r n ibe oremiaes, we ahali tell, parMof Loaa 16 aid 17. in S<i'iare No. 117, fronting 11 f et oa Twentifth street, between Land U street* n.?rtla. running l>aek 78 feet, inproTed bp a three-?t?iT Brick bouse. Terms One half in caah. the remainder in ai* and twe've months, with interest seoured by a deed of trust on the premi??a. Corve>ano?B at the coetof the purcaaser ftp 30 d J. C, McGtCIRK A CO.. Au^tg. |?Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Anciioneera. CHANCERY SALEOF A VALUABLE ?QU AB1J OF GROUN1 ON SEVENTH STREET WKS?J. BETWEEN QSTREBT AND RH JL*E INLAND Oc MoN I) A Y A FT E R NOON, May 9th. at half- past ?j o Vl<ck. on ben emis-s. by virtue of a d. ore? of the late Circuit Court ana anam-ndpddewaa ofth? Supreme Cou tof the Di?'net ??f Co.uaabia. eitting ns a C<nrt of Eau'ty, th? la'-ter decree d?ted 26lh of Ap'il, W64 ? ?nd render, d in a c?use No 7?i. wherein Kliiabetb Brert is comp ainant and <7h?ut. E Rrent, n?d others d?f"iidanti, the nnder-'lgnwl *ill ?eli tbf wbol-of Square No. 4i.t, aub divided In., twenty five desirable Baildin? Lots fronting reapcctively i d Sevei th and Kiehth street# wen be tup-t Q street and Rhode I?land avenue. Terek*: One-third rash, the remainder in aixaud. twel*e months, w th Interest se*ere | to the aatia fectioo of the Truatee, or all cash, ?Ltb? option of the purchaser. All conyeyaaces and .stamps ??. the e*pecee of th* purthaaer. ? ? n J. CARROLL BRENT, TniUw. J. C MoQUiRB A 00.. Auct* j^Y J, C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneerfe fEVINTEEN BUILDING LOTS ON THB IS LAND AtpUBLIC AUOTION. Ob MONDAY AFTERNOON, May y at 5 o flloeB. on tire premises, we a Kail sell, the eoutb?rp r-rt Bquareasp aub-divided Into PeT?nt?e?^da? aW? li?llding Lota of aboatan feet frost each all wllg atley facilities and fronting o? ao?*fc F atreet between Twelfth and Tnirteenth a reate. on Twelfth and Thirteenth eareeta weat. at the oc* n, i of l. street. , , . . . . Terma: One third ?sh. ?lonthe.with interteA.?T?daea of ?nrt wWAU'* OO^Auotte^era. JOURNAL Of TH1 Ptt2?Tl, . J Souroe of the Nil*, if 0?P? fwk*; V, r* FRANCE. ikTlJOM -'JK tlna o' ,tf .G <irwF3*m-<-* lat-flt

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