Newspaper of Evening Star, May 4, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 4, 1864 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. A lingular < ??*. The oafeo* John W. Huiter, * c!erk in the New York 'Juet< ra H u?e, recently uVud oa a charge of f r*ery, presents some remirktbl* {?ature*. It apptars :&?t certvvo 'drafts o * Mr. Oiseo.tbe A^f-istan*. United ^taVs rreasur-r, DHTf to be sitBed by Mr. Hunter, ani th it two inrb drvji oue for S>2tQ Hud the other tor f.'O with > relented -?n I paid, bat worn pro am ced forRe'ies by thecl-rkat tha (Ju^t>m Ujik-. wbo afterward received th?m from Mr C'Ikm , an" stlso by Mr. Hunter. Mr Olsco bowfwr, declared that th y were genuine cfcecks, and hit Mr. Huow arrested oa tha cbsrpeof defrauding the Governm?at ot the irctey p?id on tkpm. At fb-trial, he 6wore touudU tbat Hooter made the checks, and that teknew thatnOfcody out Hunterc ?uld have made them. and that no man wild deceive blm ahonta han'iwriHng vvr.h whicl ha was familiar. Mr. Cisco's clerk testified la the sure vein. The Government also introduced 1^,-tlniouy to shpw that in Jaaaary (tne time ?ben the checks were paid) Hun'.er hid de ported ?m certain banks large amounta of money Tbe defence adapted an ingenious expedient to destroy the force of Mr. Cisco's testimony. They employed an expert penman to imitate the ?>f nature ot Mr. C. in order to test wheth *r be could be deceived as to handwriting aitb wt i b he is fami iar. The soccers of tne eip* riment was perfect. The penman wrote tie words, "Very truly yoars, J. J. Oisoo," ai d Mr. Cisco on bemg nsked if tne writing a a* h>s, anew red' "Undoubtedly it is." Thus perisbed #b?< tfleet of Mr. Cisco's evidence. In ibe n? xt place photographs of the two foreed f becks, and of two ceuuine checks, were made, and tbe writing enlarged to 'be greatest degree consistent with distinctness. This showed tUarly the writing of tbe forged checks was Itsc? d and simulated. The mending up of the 1 iters was as apparent as the letters tbera ?? Ives. Each letter showed that it took a i umber of strokes of the pen to make it. In the next place Mr Hunter satisfactorily account, eo for every cent which be deposited in the t anks during the month of January. The re sult was so complete, th*?t before the defence bad concluded ita testimony, the U. S. Dis trict Attorney rose and stated that he was satisfied of Mr. Hunter's complete innocence, and moved his discharge from arrest, which was done. Economy in a Family. There is nothing which goes so far towards placing young people beyond the reach of pov erty as ?cou< my in tbe management of house hold affairs. It matters not whether a man fur nishes little or much for his family, if there is a con'innal leakage in bis kitchen or parlor, it rune away, be knows not how, and that de mon, Waste, cries More !" like the horse> leech's daughter, until be tbat provided has ao roor< to give. It is tbe husband's duty to bring into tbe bouse: and it is tbe duty of tbe wile to see tbat none goes wrongfully out of it. A man gets a wife to look after his affairs, and fo assist him in his journey through life; to educate and prepare their children for a proper station in life, and not to dissipate his property. Tbe husband's interest should be tfce wife's care, and ber greatest ambition to carry her no farther than his welfare or happi ness. tog*ther with that of her cbildron. This should be her sole aim, ;uod the theatre of her exploits in the bosom of her family, where she may do as much towards making a fortune as be can In the counting room or workshop. It is not the money earned that makes a man wealthy, i- is what he saves l'rom his earnings. Felf-gratification in dress, or indulgence in ap petite, or more company than his purse can well entertain, are equally pernicious. JS JOW BEADY?PRICE 75 CENTS. riOPLE S EDITION OF PARTON '8 GENERAL BUTLER IN NEW ORLEANS. Oae volume, octavo, paper, price 11 cents. With the view of meeting the extensive popular demand for this remarkable bonk, this edition u*s be?n prepared. The page and type ar? similar to tbos<. of Harper's Maxaztne. Some of the less im portant documents are omitted, and in some in utar.ces the account has been condensed, yet never so as to interfere with the interest or completeness of tbe story. Unquestionably tbis book stands pre eminent in Interest among all yet occasioned by the rebellion. Its subject ana author combine to render it fasci nating. Fifteen editions have been called for as fast as they could be printed. It lias been most warmly i^immended by the loyal press of the country,aud scarcely less so by a portion at least of tbe English press, by whom it is acknowledged to be a complete vindication of Gen. Butler from tbe malicious charges which envy and hatred havo brought against him. It contains an anecdotal sketch of Gen. Butler's brilliant and remarkable career at the bar of Mas sachusetts; a history of the secret movements in tbe Charleston conveotion; conversations between Gen. Butler and the leading secessionists at Wash ington in December, 18>i"; the real plans of the traitors; Gen. Butler invited to join them; his ad vice to Buchanan; his efforts in preparing Massa chusetts for war: tbe celebated march, via Anna polir. to Washington; bis night march to Balti more; collision -with Gen. Scott: his course at fortress Monroe; tbe history of the cont.abands; bis advice to the Administration bow to ta^e Richmond: the truth about the battle at Great Jiethel; the Hattera- Expedition; thb secrbt his tory of the New Orleans Exi'kditioji; the ad ventures of the General in getting to Ship Island; A FCI.L ACCOrST OF THK CAPTCRE OF NEW Or IS *ns; tbe landing of the troops in the city; a COMPLETE NARRATIVE OF aCOCEEDISQ EVERTS,with a large number of hishly interesting narratives and anecdotes never before published; the recall of General Butler, and the explanation given of it by the Government; his presentopinions upon the great issues before us. Edition in large type, crown. 8vo., cloth, Pr,2 wares, price $2.50. People's Edition, hvo.. paper, 76 cent*. German Edition ?1. Sent by mail on re ceipt of the price. Eoi xaie by MASON A HAMLIN. Boston, and by all Booksellers. Published by MASON BROTHERS, 7 Mercer street, N. V. spjp-.'it QRAY'S PATENT MOLDED COLLARS ? Have now been before the public for nearly a year Tbey are universally pronounced the neatest an best fitting collars extant. Tbe upper edge presents a perfect curve, free from tbe angles noticed in all other collars. Tbe cravat causes no puckers on the inside of the turn-down collar; they are as 8M00TH INSIDE AS OUTSIDE, and therefore perfectly free and easy to the neck. Tbe Garotte Collar has a smooth and evenly fin ished edge on beffi sides. These Collars are not simply flat pieces of paper cut in tbe form of a collar, but are MOLDED AND SHAPED TO FIT THB NECK. Tbey wo made in " Novelty," (or turn-down style;) in every half siae from 12 to 17 inches, and In " Eureka,'' (or Garotte,I from 13 to 17 inches; and packed in " solid sites'' in neat blue cartons, con.aining li)0 each; also in smaller ones of ten ?ach?the latter a very bandy packagc for travelers army sad navy ofllcers. SUBVERT COLLAR is stamped ** GRAY'S PATENT MOLDED COLLAR." Bold by all dealers in men's furnishing gooda. *he trade supplied by WALL, STEPHENS * CO., apH-3m 3aa Pa. avenue, Washington, PAPERHAXGINGS. A great variety of ENTIRELY NEW STYLES Adapted to *ARL0R8, DINING ROOMS, HALLS, ASD CHAMBERS. Also, 0,000 YARDS CANTON MATTINGS, 1,000 YAJtES FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, Oar Mattings are unrivalled in this eity, compris ing in part the famous Gowqua brand for partors ?il Cloths from S to 12 feet wide, adapted to dinia rooms, halls, Ac. Also? WUTDOW SHADES, BRASS CORNICES. PARLOR MATS. Ac Paper bung by skillful workmen, and all order promptly attended to. Give us a call and sav /Tom 10 to %j per cent. ? * FALCONER'S Wo. 348 7th street, betwea* I street aad ***** "?*?. aveaae. i Hoaxm.) ('**??!? a. Monm. MUHUN ft SON, ?oooBMoaa to t. T. Laxaia. LUMBER DEAL El s AnmJ, Bittern Utk mmd 13<A Strtut. ' Waikiaiton, D. 0. th# Lumber Tart Mm. lao. T. Leamaa, are aov prepared te famiato tarn ber of aU kiads at the market rates. They to oall attestioa to their lartestoeft v*i?h paaaiat* la part of the following kiads: Aheat *M? *?* Walaat, aU thlekaeaa*. MM feet X Poplar, prime, peeoo ** Oakaad Aah.vartowalM, umjMJ?t tmatUn* aad Joist. aU leaftltf, ijlJIt *' White Fiae OulUag*, an 400 M ** Flooria?, AtooTa k\r?e eaaatltv ei aU other Ma4eef LaaAer ? ? ???P? * ?M 8,00? ljne de do da# Salt ASoat and *a stere. Fer sale in U?ts to salt par nSL i o Vf w"STS??"-I ; to Major General Ha I leek, Chief of Staff, and must ??>cltj ?be bostawse lor which the officer draire# tbe Wmlesion. Telegram* addreeeed direct to the Secretary of War on this ?abject will reoelTe no attention. By order of the Secretary of War: B. U Townswiro, Assistant Adjutant (leneral Headquarter! Military Duma qf Watkxrujton, j Wukimgum, D. CH February I#, IBM. J GentrtU Order* H?. 3.?Ool. T. In*raham, 38th Massachusetts volunteers, la hereby detailed as ProTost Marshal of the Mllitaurr District of Washington. He will be respected and obeyed accordingly. _ .. ^, ? By command of Brig. Oen. Martindale. Johw P. Shbbborwb, fp Assistant Adjutant Oore^aL PERSONAL. MEDICAL.?Magnetism and Electricity is car ing chronic and acute diseases when all other treatment* fail. MRS WBI>t j[19 K rt? between (5th and 7th. Washington. P. S. Ladies attended and boarded during con finement. ap 13 lm* MR3. L. SMITII.'an excellent clairvoyant and test medium, 33$ corner of 6th street and Mann, avenue, over grocery, examines diseases, heals by magnetism, tees your dead and living friends, tells their character, gets names, reads the future. Hours from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m. ap 11-lm* a DENTISTRY. ^JREAh DISCOVERY IN DENTISTRY. Teeth Extracted without Poin vtitk iht Muhrii* af Ozynen. I would advise all pernor* having teeth to ex tract to call at Dr. LEWIE'S office, and haTe them taken out by this new J and barmleas process. Also call and' examine the Doctor's new and im proved method of Inserting Artificial Teeth. 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BOUNTY fOR NSW KSORUITB. |99l if wSicS will be paid la adrnM. SOU STY FOB OOLORSD SSCSUITB. 01S O, raid la advance. FSRBONB WISHIHB TO SNLIBT WU1 apply to any of the following SSORUITING OFFICERS: S. B. S AS SB. Sngine Hall, near the Market, oa Pennsylvania ivine, between Seventh and Ninth atreats. J.OfHYDS, Corner of fourteenth and New York avenue. O. A. KEA8BBY, H street, near earner of Nineteenth and Penn sylvania avenue. J. O. PABKSB. Oorner of High and Dunbarton streets, George ?own. o. O. IiANGLSY, Nary Yard Bridge, im been appointed Searuiting Offleer. HSNBY A. BOHSSTZ, Captain and Provost Marshal, I ir-tf District of Columbia. PERKINS, STKRNE & Co., 180 Breadway, If. Y., EXCLUSIVE DEALERS IN CALIF aRNIA WINE. We guarantee them all to be ABSOLUTELY PURE. For sale by all first-class Grocers and Druggists ever ywhere. mh 30-3m* ITER MAJESTY" CHAMP AG 3i E, TEE ROYAL WISE OF EXQLAND. A limited quantity of this superior Wine has been secured for the undersigned, and the first shipment of 600 cases has arrived, by the steam ship Olympus, direct from the cellars of the well known house of Messrs. DE VEXOGE A CO., at Epernay, Franee. The present invoice will introduced into this market at tho very low ? TWENTY D0LLAR3 PER CASE OF QUARTS payable in currenq^ which is much below its Co't. The superior quality of this Wine is guaranteed, and it is offered with confidence of its approval by comioieseurs. Orders for one or more cases may be addressed, by letter or otherwise, to the undersigned. WM. HENRY WARD, Wine and Fruit Dealer, No. 1 Broad etroet,near Wall, New York. ap l-30t WNEW SPRING GOODS. ILL Open thin day, a beautiful assortment of Parasols, Sun Umbrellas, Grenadine Veils, Guip pnre Laces, Bugle Gimps, Bugle Buttons, Dress Trimmings and Buttons, New Ribbons. Hoop Skiite and Corsets Hair Netts, a fino assortment; Kid and other Gloves, Braids of all kinds. Collars, CuffS and Sleeves: Stockings, Handkerchiefs, 8fca let Articles, Musical Instruments. Toys, Ac.. Ac. Call at BOSwELL'B Fancy Slore,No. 309 Estreet, near Hth. and get cheap goods. N.B ? Depot for Boswell A Warner's OOLOR It'IC for coloring the hair. ap23-oo6t ^0^1 NSW ATTRACTION. A Vlril-BlSBB SkN ft#FS Is Ttfe fttrsst* X HAYS OrilSD TBS LARGEST, FINEST. AND CHEAPEST, BOOT AND BBOS 8TOSS fcS*of ?r Wnekington, with a wry extendtv Or erery Style and Quality, at pri^stojinlt eviry Wa Slf Ttk * TO_AL. nol> Ho. BIT 7th ?treet, liteUl^r i P/^S^tTwest nx4?, SOOTB. A^reat ?wrtetyor^MUJT WHITS VIRGIN WAX OF ANTILLKR-A new *y French Cesmetic for beautifying. whiten?n/T and preserving the Complexion. It \s the moti wonderful compound of the age. There is neither ehalk, powder, magnesia, bismuth, or tale in fts composition, It being composed entirely of ?nre Virgin Wax?hence its extraordinary qualities for preserving the hkln, making It soft, smooth, fair and transparent. It makes the old appear young* the homely, handsome; the handsome, more beau tiful, and the moat beautiful divine. Price 28 and ^BUNT'S BLOOMOF ROSES, a most perfect color for the cheeks or lips, does notwathoff or injure the skin. Price 26 cente and 91. HUNT'S OOURT TOII.ET POWDER, for whitening and preserving the sit in. Price 26 and 60 cents. Manufactured by BUNT A Co., 41 South Eighth street. Philadel phia. None genaine unless the name or " Hnnt A Co " is blown on the bottles. For sale at A. CROYEAU'S. 171 Baltimore street, Baltimore, and W. B. ENT WIBLK, corner Twelfth street and Pennsylvania axe., Washington D. 0. apl-3m The bmTll BOUSE AT ALLINGTON. By Anthony Trollope. $125. aloMs'Classic Quotations, 11.26. Lyrics of a Day. fi. i'J **P? and Pigeon-hole Generals. 11.28. o?. r PROPOSALS. ^JRDNAHCE Washis^to"} V 10 J 8eal*d Proposals will bo re*?\ivels this ufflw ? ntil MOND A V. the ZVi day of M*y, l?>4, for the delivery at the fotl*?*:-t'* ar*natavC*valry Ac quirements,Un^Stat-* Cavalry pat^rn, a* hereinafter specified. At the Ntfw Tork Arsenal. 23.001 At tjie St. L- uis Arsenal. 4, OMts. At tbe Frankfort Arsenal, O.WO sets. At the Alleghany Arsenal. W-W" ?? ctrtet These Accoutrements are to bo "???_w??? conformity with the reflation pattern *"???* ean b* ?een at the above n*med ????*; B-vcH set is to consist of one Sabre belt a ad plat*, eamplete ; one Carbine sTlng with swivel complete-on.? fibre -k not; one Carbine Car trvige box ;op?? Pistol ^artrVdge-hox or Pouch , one Belt-holster for Army ?"*? revolver, and one Oap-ponch with cone pie* . All of which are to be made of the ben tna terials and workmanship The ?b re-belt. Sabre kn-t. and Carbine sling are to be of BUFF LE ATBBR BLACKED, and the CartrHge box.^ Be't holster, and Cap-pouch of PbKh OAK TANNED LEATHER. . A. .... _ It If to be distinctly understood that this Depart ment is to have the privilege of inspecting the work dine nnder any contract it may awara.m all stages of its progress; especially, to examine the stock before cutting. They are to he subject to the usual inspection at the Arsennl where deliv ered before being received by tho Government. None are to be accepted or paid for but such as are approved upon inspection Deliveries must bo made in lots ot not less than one-tenth 1-lOth) per week of the whole number contracted for; the first delivery to be on the 9rth day of June. . la . ,. Failure to make deliveries at a specified time ?will subject the contractor to a torfeiture ot the number he may fail to deliver at t lat The Accoutrements must be boxed in the usual manner; the boxes to be charged cost, to be de termined bv the inspector. Bidders will state explicity the Arsenal, or Ar senals, where they propose to deliver, and the number of sets they propose to deliver at each place, if for more than one No bid-t will be considered Irom partie^ other than regular manufacturer", sod as such as are known to this Department to be fully competent to execute in th>*ir own *hops the work proposal for. Should nnv party o' t?inin? a contract offer Accoutrements other than those made in bis own shop?, they will be rejected, and the contract rendered null and void. . Bidders will enclose with their olds the written acknowledgments of their sureties over their own hignatures. ^ . .... ... Each party obtaining a contract will be obliged to?nter into bond with approved sureties for its faithful execution Upon the award being made, snccesstnl b'.aoers will be notified and furnished with forma of con tract and bonds . The Department reserves the right to reject any or all bid* if not deemed satisfactory. Proposals wi 1 be addressed to "Brigadier (>ene ral George D. Ramsay. Chief of Ordnance, Wash ington. D C endorsed, '-Proposals lor Cavalry Accoutrements.' OEOBOB D RAMgAY Brigadier Genera., Chief oi Ordnance. my 3-eodfr't BDNANOK OFFICE/ War Dkpartmbst, Washikqtos, April 6,18P4. Sealed Proposals will be received at this Depart ment until \ o'clock p. m. on Wednesday, the 4th day of May, 1864,for the delivery of all the Wrought Iron Plates and Bars as hereinafter specified, ne oeesary to build the following Carriage* ; For 15-inch Guns, 7o Barbette Front Pintle, 3n Barbette Center Pintle, For jo-inch Guns,_ lfio Casemate Carriages, 200 Front PiMle Barbette, For S-inch Guns, 70 Front Pintle Barbette. The parts required for Wrought Iron Barbette and Casemate Carriages aro as follows : FOR TOP CARF.IAQB. Check-Plates, Brakes. Caps, Shoes, Transoms Guide Hooks, Guido Hook Bar, Trunnion Beds, Anglo Shapes, Bolts. CHASSIS, FRONT A!?D CH5TRR PI5TI.H. Bails, Rail Plates, Hail Chords, Rail Braces, Transoms, Angle Iron Floor Cleats, Pintle Tran soms, Transom Washers, Axle Shapes, r?rK Shapes, Hurters. Chassis. Step, Assembling Bolts, CASRMATR OARRIAOE CHASSIS. Parts named before and rail top bars. The number and dimensions of the Iron plates and bars for each carriage to be as Specified in the bilsof iron in ordnance memoranda No. 6. copi?a of which can be obtained upon application at Wat ertown. Frankford or Alleghany Arsenals,the New York agency, or at this office Printed schedules, containing the number of plates and bars required, ean be obtained at the above named p'aees On tltese bidders will state the prico at which they propose to manufacture each part, in the manner therein prescribed. ? .. Tho iron to be used in the manufacture o the plates and bars to be as fellows: ROLLRD IROS. Check-Plates and Rail-Plates of medium gnality of iron, fibre in direction of length, tenacity not less than 4H.000 lbs per square inch. Transoms all to be of best quality charcoal range Iron, fibre in direction of lengili, tenacity not less than 48,ooo lbs per square incn. _ Trunnion Beds to be of best quality of charcoal iron, tenacity not less than M,U00 lbs per square inch. Checks, JBraces, Hnrters. and Counter-liTirter*, all to be or good medium iron. Tenacity not less than 43,0f*i lbs per square inch. ? Kails, Rail Chords, Chassis Braces, Caps ind Shoes, and Angle Iron, to be of good quality of well-refined fibrous ir?n. Tenacity not lesa tL&n 50,000 lbs per square inch. . ,, Axles for 8-inch and lii-inch carriages md all Traverse Wheel Journals, to be of besJ . qarcoaJ fibrous iron. Tenacity not less than 65,n:0lb8 per square inch. . All Bolts and Rivei; to be of best charcoal fibrous iron. Tenacity net less than 58,000 lbs per square inch. HAMMRRED IBO*. Axles for IB-inch Carria ices, and all Fork Shapes, and Tongues for Casemate Carriages. to be of tho best charcoal iron. Tenacity no less than jj,0U0 pounds per square inch. , Bidders will specify the date at which they can commence deliveries, and the rate at which they can deliver each part thereafter. No bids will be received exc?-pt froni actually engaged in the manufacture of this or similar kinds of work, and who can bring ample evidence that they have ir tlieir own shops all the machinery and appliances for turning out. the fall amount of work as specified by them. Bidders will be required to furnish proper sure ties for the proper performances of the work, and will enclose, with tneir bids, the written acknowl edgements of their sureties over t'ueir own signa tures. Each party obtaining a contract will be required to enter into bonds with approved sureties for its faithful execution. , Upon the award being made, pucce??ful bidders will be notified, and furnished with forms of con tract and bond. The department reserves the right to reject any or all bids, if not deemed satisfactory. Proposals will bo addressed to " Brigadier Gen eral Georgo D. Ramsay, Chief of Ordnance, Wash ington, D. C.," and will be endorsed* Proposals for wrought iron plates and burs for iron gun car riages *' GEO. D. RAMSAY, ap 8-td Brigadier General. Chief of Ordnance. R0P0SAL3 FOR FLOUB. I Office Depot Commissary of Sub*i<t'nrt, , WashiMKton. D. C , April 27, IPjjI.I* Proposal:) are invited until the l"th oi May, at 12 o'clock m.. for furnishing the Sub sistence Department with ' EIGHT THOUSAND (8.000) BARRELS OF FLOUR. The proposals will be for what is known at this Depot as Nos. 1,2 and 3. and bids will be entertained for any quantity lees than the whole. Bids must be in duplicate, and for each grade on different sheets of paper. The Flour to be frefh ground, and delivered in new oak barrels, head lined. The delivery of the Flour to commence within five days from tho opening of the bids, and in such Quantities, daily, as the Government may direct; elivered at the Government warehouse in George town, at the wharves or railroad depot in Wash ington, D. C. The delivery of all Flour awarded to be com pleted within twenty days from the opening of tne bids. Payment will be made in certificates of indebt edness, or such other funds as the Government may have for disbursement. The usnal Government inspection will bo made Jnst before the Fk>ur Is received, and nono will be^ accepted which is not fresh ground. An oath of allcgiancc mast accompany the bid of each bidder who has not the oath on file in thto office, and no bid will be cntertalne* from partios who have previously failed to comply witn their bide, or from bidders not present to Respond. Government reserves tlnyright to reject any bid for any cause. * ? . , , ? Bids to be addressed to the undersigned, at No, 223 Q street, endorsed " o. O. GR.KKNIS, ap 23-td Captain and 0. B. V. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at the C? Mayor's Office nntil 12 m. on Tuesday, the 10th dar of May next, for an extension of the public school building at the corner of New York avenue and tfth street, according to the plans and specifica tions of Messrs. Class Sc Kamernueber, aroMteots, which may be seen at the Mayor's Offioe. mSF mbillkrllacu' hiror" ap 28-td Sub-Board Trustees 8econd District. <2 wairr Rkoistkar'a Office, April J?. 1864. , OIAL1D PR0P0SAL8, in duplicate, addressed one copy to the President of the Board of Alder men and one copy to the President of the Board of Copnjmon Council, will be received at this office y*i Monday, the 9th of May, at 3 o'clock p. m., i?r BW *ater malnB for the Corporation or Washington during the current calendar year. *nd specifications can be had by applying *tthi32J?ce- Randolph coyle, ap 27-t9ioy W?ter Registrar. JPR?BH STOCK OF SPRING GOODS. I fSoeeatobs^waIer ^oolS-k ppMo^' ES, with miinv r.?i!^ito"^j ana other BRnSH keepers Y othcr ?ood" suitable for house wtehin Refrigerator* by^^th^h'eolebr*^ to the Union Cirm?t kZZ rarth? best in use; also fort, ease and economy for com ap2i-eotf [Int. St Times.) r.?r*T" T ? nui set of Whistlers or Moustaches in six weeks npon the smoothest fac? without lUin or injnry to the akin. Any person using thisOngnent ?d fiMUg ft not m sentM l byinforming me of the fact, > ean have their money retnraed to them at any time within three months from day of pnrchase. Prioe Sont sealed and postpaid to "yaddress cm rxoelpt of tho money. Ajflrosa A. 0. CLABK, P. 0. Drawer 118, Albany. N7Y. apglm L^Sver berned pared from mv new Plame Klin, without eoming , Hlln, i, 24m Pa. av. and W 0Bkidge. PROPOSALS. pROPOSALB foa WHITE PINS 8HINGDBS. CkHj ({MTUrmnatr ? (<#c? ?/ lra<*;?^ on. O c April 22. WH. t Pealed will b<? rwiv.?1 at this office until Tu??U*. May to, 12 o'clock *.. for th* dt-Hvir* at this <lopot of the following amounts of SHINGLES: One ?uUloo il,<? JWB) No. 1. 18-incb white pirw ahi??l?*.<s**ea dear.) Th>- shingles t,} b?> made from ?ood gnaterial. to be subjected to a ru;id ini-pt'ctioa before bwln* re ceived. and th-? whole ainnuat contracted for to b* delivered within thirty < 3? I day* from sicuin* of contract. Bonds in a wain eqaitl to half of the tmoant of the contracts will be require! of the successful bidder or bidders. Bids received for two hundred and fifty thousand (j6<>.end) shingles, or more. f!i\mpJes ef the shingles proposed for will be re quired of each bidder. proposals mnst bo plainly endorsed. "Proposals for White Pine Shingles. ' and addr?'8??d to th* undersi?nwd. D. H. RCCK*R. Brigadier General and Chief Quartermaster, ?p 22-td Depot of Washington. D. C. p 10 f 0 1 A L 1 WO B rOliBI, OaiBjr QnABTiftMA?TM'a Qvvioa. I WilUMioi Dipot. Dm. t, im. f ?BALM PaorosAi.B ?rs Invited by the uader ?VM toj the ?.?. Quartermaster'? Ds jrfefaiiSii?-yrtswfti tt?H places, with Hey .Corn, Oats and Straw. Bid* wUl be roeeived for the delivery of IM bushels of oora or oata and f> ton* of hay or straw, and upward* Bidders moat itito at whleh of the above-named point* they propose to m?ie deliveries, and the rates at whleh they will maks deliveries th? rest, the quantity of eaeh article proposed Uf bo dallv ered. the time when said deliveries chall be com menced, and when to be completed The pries most bo written out la word* oa the bid*. Oora to bo vat ay la food stoat *aoksJ of aboat two bushel* ss ~ "" vat apin good stoat sack*. of abo iaoh. Oats in liks sacks of aboat thr The sack* to be furnished witho bu*hel*eaoh. The aaek* to be furnished without extra charge to the Goreramcnt. The hay and straw to be s* ennsiy balsd. The particular^kl*d or description of oats, oora, hay or straw proposed to be delivered most be rtstsd la the proposal*. All the article* offered under the bid* hml* in vited will bo subject to a rigid inspection* by the Government Inspector before be in* aeeepted. Contracts will be awarded from time to time to the lowest responaibls biddsr, as the tnterest of the Government may require and payment will be made whea the whole amoaat coatracted tor shall have been deUvered aad aoeepted. The bidder will be required to aoeompaay hi* proposal with a guaranty, signed by two responsi ble persons that In ease his bid i* aeoepted he or they will, witnin tea day* thereafter, execute the oontraet for the same, with good and sufficient sureties In a sum equal to the amount of the con tract. to deliver the for see proyoeed la oonformlty with the term* of thi* advertisement; and la ease the said bidder should fail to eater into the eon tract, they to make good the difference between the offer of said bidder and the aext lowest respon sible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded The responsibility of the gaaraators must be shown by tae official certificate of a U. 8 District Attoraey, Collector of Customs or aay other offi ser ander the Uaited States Government or re sponsible person kffowa to this offloe. All bidders will be duly notified of the acosptaao* oitrejectioa of their proposals. The full aame and P. 0. address of each bidder mast be legibly written In the proposal. Proposals must be addressed to Brig Gea. D H. Sucker, Chief Depot Quartermaster, Washington, D. 0., and should bs plainly marked "Proposal* Bonds^n a sum osaal to the amoaat of tke ooa tract, signed by tae contractor and both of hi* guarantor*. will be required of the successful bid der or bidders upon signing the oontract ' Blank forms of bids be obtained anon bids, guarantees, and bond* .may application at this offloe. VORM OF PROPOBAL, (Town, County and Btate) (DateV I, the subscriber, de hpreby propose to furnish end deliver to the United State*, at the Quarter master'* Department at .agreeably to the terms of your advertisement, inviting propoaal* for forage, dated Washington Depot, Deo. 8, 1886. tee following article*, vis : ? bushels ^Oorn, In sacks, at ? per bushel of busfeUof Oats, la sacks, at ? per bashsl of npounds tons oi baled Hay, at ? ver ton of 1,000 poaads tons of baled Straw, at ? ver ton of 1,000 pounds. Delivery to oommeaoe on or before the ?- day of , 186 , and to be completed on or before the day of , 1M , and pledge myself to enter Into a written contract with the United States, with good and approved securities within the space of ten days after being notified that my bid has been aeoepted. Your obedient servant. Brigadier General D. H. Rookie, Gea era! Depot Quartermaster. Washington, D, 0, _ GUARATT. ^ We, the undersigned, resident* of ,1a the County nf and State of . hereby. Jointly - i severally, covenant with the Ualtea State*, ?ud guarantee la oaae the foregoing bid of ?? be aeoepted, that he or they will, within ten days after the aooeptanoe of sale bid, exeeate the eoatraet for the same with good and sufficient sureties la a ram equal to the amount of the eoa traet, to furnish the forage proposed la eoaformlty to the terms of advertisement dated December 8. 1863, under which the bid was made, aad, in ease the said shall fall to enter into a oeatrae* a* aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the Clffer eaoe between the offer by said aad the next lowest responsible bidder, or the veraoa to whom the contract mag be awarded. Witness, Given aader oar hsada aad aeala this ? lay of gal 1 hereby certify that, to the beat of my know ledge aad belief, the above-named guarantors are good and auiBcient a* sureties for the amoant for whleh tkey offer to be security. To be - Jfied by the United State* District At torney. Collector of Customs, or any other offloer ander the United States Government, or respon sible person knowa to this office, D H.RUCKBB, de t-tf Brig. Gen. and Q. M. r^IlIJJ QUABTBBMASTBR'SORPIOB, V Daror or Wabhimto*, Washington, D. t., January 4, l%4.. All dealers la Dings, Hardware. Lam tier. Leath er, Oflor Puraltur*.Harness, aad Saddlery, are re qaested Vo ssnd to this offloe, on the MONDAY of each week, a aealed propoaal or list, j'w dvplitau.oi the articles they are prepared to furnish to this Denot atsi ort notice, with the price of eaeh mark M..s^ m ?? \ s a&'Mxisrjssjss Mon 7- *TI tk| UIV MA U 'W UI ?ruoiei OAS be obtained without delay, aad at the lowest prloe. to a* 11 to Mil* Depot will b* re I MP.OBTAST TO SUTLEHg* SUTLERS WILL FIND H. A. DOWNING fe CO.'S concentrated CLAM TO BE A MOST VALUABLE ARTICLE TO TIIEIR TRADE, It sells very rapidly, and is the mosteionomioal article of diet for the officer's moss. It is prepared in one minute,and makes a most delicious Soup or Chowder. It is highly recocAnended by Arm Burgeons, Tho profits are largo. H. A. DOWNING Sc CO., Manufacturers of Concentrated Food No. Ill East 18th st., New York. For sale by BARBOUR A SEMMES, Solo Acents, 65 Louisiana Avenue. Be 8-ly Washington, D. C. Happiness or misery i-that is the QUESTION-.?The proprietors of the "PARI HIAVCABINET OF WONDERS, ANATOMY, and MEDICINE," have determined?regardless of ex pense?to issue, free, (for the benefit of suffering humanity,) four of tneir most instructive and in teresting Lcctures on Marriage and its qualifica tions. Nervous Debility, Premature Decline, In digestion, Weakness, Depression, or ignorance of Physiology and Nature's Law These invaluable lectures have been the means of enlightening and saving thousand!,and will be forwarded free on the receipt of four stamps, by addressing bierruary Parisian Cbbintt of Anatomy and Medicine 96. Broadway. Mew York. Ju 13-ly ABSBY OOLLIHB A O0B ~ enp.mi.PWT> DRAUGHT ALB AMD I^RTBB. K am aow reeeivlac large qaaatitie* of DRAUGHT ALB aad PORTBB from thi* oetobrated Brewery, which X am prevared to faraiah oa ahort aotiee to all peraoa* who will fhvor au?ltk MmIt order*. latbMloa gaaraatled. Order* glvea to my drtyera will be ^eaptly aV taaded to. Good* i euro red la all hi* of Waaklagtoa aad Georv*towa, free of charge. terai :-Om* m dtiivsry. BILBY A Hill, Ageat, tfnim Botthat Aval. 0T Greca at., ay'S-t Georgetown, D. Q. jyjONBYl MOW BYI HOHIII M. BL WALSH A OO^ M. K. WALSH A OO^ AK LICENSED PAWNBROKERS,, A A Mo. 9?? O *teeet, bstweea fth aad 10th ?fe. Bear the Yarietiea. Meaey advaaeed oa Gold aad Silver Watehea Diamoada, Ladle* aad Qeatlrana'* Weariag Ap? yagel. Ae Ac. ?> Ha ll-Sm R00""" "Hl ?oo??e ???.. H. O. WILBOM A 00.. Voov ev am Br. Wan, WaanaaToa, D. O., ?OOtlBO nitT. ABT AMD TABMBD B&BATH* IBO, BOOVIMG CBMBMT aad LAMP BLACK, , BBLT AMD OBMBNT, Wholeaalaaad BetaO. Dealer* aa wUed aa the ooit liberal tora*. faetor*?BootefSMatreotweat 01** msi atfset.hohtw Pa. ynmma mh M-?a ? HfOORBV WMT BID DBVG SORB, ' "" ?i w. o, . 'A? a*?* avawwa. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. | Bai.timoke a*u owio RAILR?4D. ?9i uuiud ?fter ^nodtr, April WUh. ItfrU, Diitv Tr*in* will be run between Washington an i New York and Washington *nd the West. ** follow* : FOR PHILADELPHIA, NEW YORK, AND BOSTON Leave Washington at 7 A- a ro. 11 lfti iu..v*? e '?*. a. for PHILADELPHIA, and 7.5 p iu for NEW YT)RK _ 4I .. . Passengers for Philadelphia will take notice that the 6.?> v in train is the iaicst train iiHif rot Fkila Vhe train at 7 a*' p m doe* mm *? to P\iU*dilpkia% and Ks for New York pmtsenetr* trolutireh V FOK BALTIMORE I e*ve Washington at d .?< a na. 7.3U a m, 11.1# a m. 3.t>' p m. 4 30 p tn. #.?? p m. and i.*> p m. except Sundays, . _ . , On Sundays at 7.3" a m, and 3 and ft.IM p ta. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. Leave Washington at rt.30 a m, and 3 and 8.20 p m daily .except Sunday. On Sunday, at 3 and 5.30 p m, only. FOR WASHINGTON AND TUB SOOTH. Leave Baltimore at 3.4ft, i.M. 7. 9 aud 10 a tn. and 3.30. 4 *5 and 7.W p tn, daily, except Sunday. On Sunday,at 3.4ft and 4*20 a m and 3.30 p m, only FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Washington at 6.30 a in, and 3 and 4.30 p m? daily .except Sunday. No train for Annapolis on Sunday. Tram* lea?ing Wa?Hlr>gton at 7 30 a m and 7.B0p m go through to New York without chance of car*. bleeping ^ar ou 7.ft0 p tn train Berth* in sleep tag car can be secured until # pm. daily, at the Ticket Office; after that hour they must be .secured of the sle*piug car conductor. The first and fourth trains from Washington stop at all way points. For further information, tickets of every kind, Ac apply to GEO. 8. KOONTZ. Agent at Wash* In*ton Station, or at the Ticket office. W P SMITH . Master of Transportation L. M. COLE. General TYcket Agent. ap 11-tf PUBLIC STOREHOUSE? (Covering Half in Acre of Grband,) UOUMEBOIAL building. PRODUCE AND COMMISSION MARKET HOUSE. JOH* FARRELL. Bote Agency for WILLIAM OLAGBTT 8c CO.'B Baltimore CBLBBRATBD ALB AN0 P9RTBR, in Barrels, Haifs and Bottles. Agency for M. P. BBID'S NBW YORK M. P. XX ALB, Adapted for Bxport Trade. Warranted to keepia any Climate, Agency for McKNIGHT A SON B.Albftny.N.Y,, OBLBBBATBD MALT ALB AND WIN! BIT* TBB8. Agency for GBANNIB A TAYL0W3, of Balti more. OBLBBBATBD CANNED 0YBTBR8, COVB, 0PIOBD, AO. Agency for TIL18BAPB ILOUB MILLS, BAL TIMORB, all the family, Bxtra, Super and Pin* Brands. Agency for ALDBIOH A YBBKBS, of Philadel phia, for all tkeir weli known Brands of PICK LB}, PBBPBR'V BB, JELLIES, SPARKLING CHAM PAGNB CIDXR. Agency for BRADTOBD Jt MBLLBNU, BOSTON MASS , PATBNT ABMY CHAIRS AND 00T8. Agency for tke OBLBBBATBD KBNTDCKY WHISK BY, THB ORBBCBNT XX BRAND, THB DIAMOND OOPPBB DlaTILLBD. Also, the Baltimore OLD RYB '? WKLBY BRAND." Of these we are iostrneted to "sell oat" to largo burets at elate prices, as tke ewners intend to keep ? uniform and nnlimited supply on kand. Agency of th? NBW I OR* AMD HUDSON NAY. I6AT10N COMPANY. From this Company we are In weekly receipt o Osrgoesof Hay, Brick,Grain, Potatoes,Sto , and Hortb River Prodnoe, all of whiok will be offered to tke Trade in Cargo Lots. BALIS STRICTLY ON COMMISSION. LOUISIANA AVBNUB, BETWEEN NINTH AND TBNTH STRUTS, apMm WASHINGTON, P.O. KENDALL'S idiuii m vu nit. LMBOLlJf mOI&TMMB, UMAOTiriB*, mOOMJ TM&> tJMOBTBMir*, UrViOQMATMB, nouRiaHMs, MMBBLL1BHBB THB HAUL KBNDALL'B AMJcLINB is a rare compound stimulating extracts from Flowers, Boots, ta Serbs, tor tke GROWTH, BBAUTT, and F1B MANBNT VIGOB of tke HAIR, " Highly beneficial wkere tke kalr r*?air*i gentle stimulant." Da. CHILTON. " Hat* never kad anytking which so perfee unriri tke parpo** of a kalr dressing." WARRBN WARD, Bsq? Ho. 9T7 Can a street, N. Y, M After being bald for seven year* roar AMBO LINK kas covered tke *atir* scalp with NBW 3AIR." Prof. JOHN SRNIA, Ho. S* King street, N. Y. For sals By all Druggists and Fanoy Goods Dealer*. Fat in Box**, (eontailing two kotUMj srieefl. Maaafftetared and for Ml* at wkol*aal Bp KBHDRJUL * BAHNI8TEB, ?lMa Ho BAB BaoaDwar.H. F. BW YORK AND WASHINGTON 8TBAM8HIP COMPANY, N Tke Screw Steamiki** BALTIMORB, SAL YOB, BMPIRB, . JAMBS B. GBBBR, AHD FAIRBANKS eompose <tk* line of this company, tearing foot lstr< " ~ ~ " I street. New Yo*, and foot Higk> street, f>2S-t?e Foot Higk st , Georgetown, A A t\ ARTILLERY HORSES WANTED AT ,UUU ONCE. Q^ic( of Chitf QuartermasteryJJepot of Washington, t Washimotos.D. C., April 11,1S^. \ 1,000 HORSES, suitable for Artillery service, will he purchased at thin depot, by the undereigued in open market,from date until May 11, ISM, in lota of on? to fifty, at one hundred and sixty-five dol lars (9165* per animal; each animal to be subjected to the nenal Government inspection before being accepted. Horses to be delivered to, and Inspected by, Cap tain 0. H. Tompkins, A. Q. M., U. 8. A , corner of Wud ? *"Li'"ir.,it1?ndKER, Brigadier General and Chief Quartermaster, ap ll-Z7t Depot of Washington. D. C. II A TEL ROOFS! GRAVEL ROOFSII G H. C WILSON & CO,, successors to J. P. Walker ft Son, Washington, D. C manufacturers of IM PROVED FIRE and WATERPROOF FELT,CE MENT and GRAVEL ROOFS. Office?161 53d street, below Pa. avenue Orders may be left at office Mutual Insurance Company, 7th street and Louisiana avenue, or address to Post Office Box 534. All work executed promptly and on the mos reasonable terms, and warranted. Repairh roadt promptly. mh ll-3nn*o 0ULDINGS1 MOULDINGS II MOULDINGS!!! The undersigned isrow prepared to exeeute or ders for any style or quantity of WOOD MOULD INGS, of superior finish and workmanship. Car penters and builders would do well to call and ?xtaioe quality of work, &c.$ before ordering elsewhere. By energy, promptness and good work manship I bop* to merit a ?hare <^^0 patrou ***' Excelsior Moulding Mill. ap7-lm* eor. 13th and Osta., Washington. a?Mr. V?^?T Vi/lB^S Drug Store,oorner of Orders from tka eoaatry also attended to by *d tr?1? to WMkmsttoa Port OH?. fe 1Mb* nnHB coHFipy riAL guidb. OM. JSlM&fwiUMt rklhSOLUTION OF OOPARTTIKBSH^J'S* CORN WELL A JOHNSON-doiiw^^fJiu. Pennsylvania avenue, is this day di*M j ^ ^.t tual eonseut. All oulstpdind OODtinu? the tied by ? G CotnweffT wko wi" ??? kuainess at the old stand. Q o^rn WELL, % ?VSPo%. f Bas disoovprad ?be mos? I ?rtain, tp#?4y audMflj . 'qat Remed? 'n tlUT worW for ' btVlASlS Of IMPRUDBNCUf. Ht'.itf in S? Hours Wo TVJrin*! futon* Rvtnr.i by I* nor tin I Prttendert, m by Dtadly Pennon Mercury, skoubi apply immediately. A CVRE WARRANTED OR NO CHARUE 1M MOM ONE TO TWO UaY* Wtkin?Mo( the Back. involuntary DImKuml Strifltirci. afl*etion* of tto IMhti and lltdwt. Impotoncy Gnurtl Debility, Nervoamo**. D**I (?!>> Languor. Low Spirits, Confusion of Idaaa. Palpitation of the Heart, Timidity, TnaUlu Dimness' f Mght or Giddiness. Dilute of the Haaa! Throat No* or J kin, Affaetiona of Uu Lira? Lane*, Stomoek or Bowela? those Terrible Dinar* dor* arising from Solitary Habit* of Toith-n. ??obit and solitary piacvee* mora ratal to thate vteMm* than tke song of Syren* to t?i* mariners at B!ys?us, Might ng their mo?t hrtll'aat ho pa* q> anticipation*, rendering marriage, Aa., Impoac? 10UNU MEN Bf paetai >y. Wbo bay a beoome tti victims of BaO. tary vie*..that drealfuland destructive habit wkirt anaaani iwrtti to at antlmeiy nan thouaa?d Tout Man or the moat exalted talent aad brUUaat intellect, wbo m<ght otherwise have entranced 11*. tenlng Senates with the tkondsrs of waked to exstaoy the living lyre,may eall with fail confidence ? TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Tfeeae ara eome of tha sad and meiaaohqjy > produoed by early hablta of youtk, vis: W*i of the Bach aod Limbe Pain In tha Bead. Dimaa^ of Bight, Los* of Muacular Power. Pal pi tattoo at the Heart Dy?pepey, Nervous Irritability. D*. rangement of tae DlnitiTe Functions, Oaatnu Da bill ty Symptoms of Qoosomptioa, &e M?VTAlitt.?The fearful effeot? oo tha mlad ut much to be dreaded?Low of Memory, Ooafoaioa of lleas, Depression of Saints BriJ forebodings. Aversion to Boeisty. Self-Distrust. Lore of BoU MUrrud Ptrtons, or Touaa men eo aHaylatil marriage, aware of Physiool Weakness. Organic Debility, wasting of the Organs. Deformities, As. ahoald apply Immediately. He wh" pi act a klmself under tha aara ofO . f, may religionary confide la hie honor aaaganti?maa, and eonfidently rely upon hi* akill aa a Physician, OBQAMlO WBABNBS8, IMPOTBNOY IMPEDIMENTS +0 MARRIaGB By Dr. Johnston's marvelous treatment. Weak act* of tha Organs la speedily oared aad fall vigo* restored Thousands of tha moet aerroas, debili tated aad Impotent, who had lost all hope, lurt been Immediately relieved. All impediments to marriaga,Physical or Mental Disqualifications. Loss of Proereatiy* Power, Kar roos irritability, Trembli a* s, and Weakaeee.or Es* haostlon of tka most fearful kind, speedily cored. DR. 'OHNBTON. Member of the Boyal College of Btrgeoai, Lob* don. Graduate from oaa of the most eminent Ool? leees in the United Btates. and the greater (art of wooee life has been spent in the hospitals or Lon don, Paris, Philadelphia and elsewhere. haseBbeiet some of the most astonishing cures that were erer known; many troubled with ringing In the baa# aid ears when asleep^reat alarmed at sndden sounds, Daahfolness, witn freeaeat blushing, attended eometimea with derangemaal of mind were cored Immediately TOVSB MES who hare Injured themselves oy a ojrtala praatldS lnaulged In when alone?a habit freeaaatly learaa# from evil companions, or at school, the effects of which are nightly felt, even when asleep aad If aot eared readers marriaca impossible, and deetroyB both mind and body,?fionld apply immediately. What a pity that a young maa, the hope of hia country and darling of his paracts, should ba snatched from all tke prospects aad enjoyments of Ufe by tke conseeaenoe of a*Tlation from tke patk ot nature and indulging in a eertaia secret kahlt. Buck persons must, Dei- re contemplating Az A R R J A ti t?. reflect that a sound mind and bod} ara tha mog| aeoessary requisites to promote connubial kapat aess indeed, without these the Journey tkroagk lite baOkmes a weary pilgrimage; the aroepeo^ hourly daikens to the view: the mind becamaj shadowed with deepalr aad filled witkltke melan choly reflections that tka kappiaesa of aaetkar IB bllgkted with our own. DISEAbES OF lUPRVLtENOE. Waea tbe mis# tided and imprudent votary at pleasure finds ke has imbibed tke seeds of tkis paia ml Alseare, It often happecs that an ill-timed sens* of shame ordread of discovery deters him from ap plying to those who, from education and respecta bility, can alone befriend him. He fallslntoth* hands of ignoraat and designing pretenders, who, incapable of oaring, filoh his pecuniary substance, keep kim trifling moath after montk, or as long aa tke smallest fee can be obtained, and in despair leave him with mined bea'th to sigh over bis gull ing disappointment; or, bv tke use of tkat deadly poison mercury, hasten tae constitutional symp toms of this terrible disease such as Affection* of the Head. Throat. Nose, Bkin eto., progressing with frightful rapidity until death puts an end ta his dreadful sufferings by sending kim to tkat un dlsoovered country r ->m wkose bourne no travel*! returns _ OFVIOJB T SOUTH sRBDBRICK BT&BBT, left band side going from Baltimore street, a fsw doors fron the corner. Pail aot to observe aam? and number. WNo letters received unless post-paid aad con taining a stamp to be used on the reply. Persecd writing should state age and send portion of ad, vertlssmer t describing symptoms ' Th* Dr '3 Diploma hants in At* QJUi. 1ND0RB1MBN r OP THB P&JMB. Tke many thousands cured at this Institution within the last twenty years, and tka aamarwu important Burs leal Operations performed by Dr. Johnston, witnetsed by tke reporters of "The ftut*^ aad many other papers, aotlces of which hava ap rtared again ana again before the public bedded is standing as a gentleman of character aad re sponsibility, is a suBoient guarantee to tka at # SK1X DISEASES SPEEDILY CURED. ja 29-1 y ^ECRF.T DISEASES ( SECRET DISEASES! SAMARITAN'S GIFTI SAMAR1TA.VS GIFT! TIIE MOPT CERTAIN REMEDY EVER USED, "Yes, A l'asitive Cure"' for GOXOBIICEA, GLEET, S t RIC Tl'RES, <?c. Contains no Mineral, no B&l.s&m, no Mercury. Only Ten Pil:s to be Taken to Effect a Cure. Tb^y arp entirely vegetable, havinjrho sn^ll nor any unpleasant taste, and will not in any way in jure the stomach or bowels of th.e most delicate. Cures in from two to four days, and recent ca'o'J in twenty-four hours." Prepared by a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, one of the most eminent Doctors and Chemists of th? present d.iv. SO EXPOSURE, SO TROUBLE. SO CHANGE WHATEVKr.. Let those who have despaired of getting cured, or who have been gorged with Balsam Copavia, or Mercury,try the HA MA RI TAX'S GIFT Sent by mail in a plain envelope. Price?Male packages, $2. Female $.?. BLOOD 1 BLOOD! I BLOOD!! SCROF -LA, VLC-RSORES, SPOT* TETTEUS, SCALES, BOILS, SYPHILiS OR VENEREAL DISEASES, die. SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB JUICES In offered tbe public as a positive cure SYPHILIS OR VENEREAL DISEASES, the SA MARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB JUICE, is the most potent, certain and effectual remedy ever prescribed; it reaches and eradicates every particle of the venereal thattheenre isthorousti and permanent Take then of this purifying reme dy and be healed, and do not transmit to your pos terity that for which tou may rep >nt in aft?r years. ?0 NOT DESPAIR! Although yon may be pronounced incurable, tha SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB JUICES *>11 remove every vestige of impurities from the system, as well as all the bad effects of Mercury. FEMALES I FEMALES! J In many affections with which numbers of Fe males suffer, the ROOT AND H KRB JUICES in most happily adapted, in Ulcerited Uterns, in ^Whites, in befcrin^ down Falling of the Womb, "Debility, and for all complaints incident to the sex. Sent by express. Price fl a bottle, or 5 bottles for $6. SAMARITAN*8 CHANCRE WASH, Price 2ft cents. Full directions. DESMOND & CO., Box 151 Philadelphia FosS Office. Sold by S. CALVERT FORD, corner of 11th an>l Pa. avenue. HENRY COOK Alexandria. mayg-tf TRiESEMAR-Protected by Royal Letters Pat ent of England, and secured by the seals of tha Ecole de Pharmscie de Paris, and th? Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna. * Triennar No. 1 is the effectual remedy for Relax ation, Spermatorrhoea, and Exhaustion of the Sys tem. Triesmar No. 2 has entirely superseded th? nauseous use of Copavia, Cubebs. Ac. Triesmar No. S is the infallible remedy for all Im purities and Secondary Symptoms, thus obviating the use of mercury and all other deleterious ingredients. Kaeb preparation is in the form of a moet agree able Loienge. Secured from effects of climate and changes of atmosphere, in tin cases, at $3 each, or fonr $3 cases in one for f9. and in $27 cases, thus saving 99. Divided in separate doses as adminis tered by Valpean, Sallemando, Roux. Ac., Ac. Wholesale and retail by Dr. BARROW, No. 194 Bleecker street. New York. To be had also of 3. C. FORD. No. 290 Pa av?. corner 11th street. mar 9 3m YC O y F I D E N T I A'L. , . OUNG MEN who have injured themselves by certain secret habits which unfit them for business, pleasure, or the duties of married life; also middlo aged or old men, who, from the follies of youth or other causes, feel a debility in advance of their years, before placing themselves under tbe treaty ment of any one, should first read THBHISCK*.l FRIEND.'' Married Ladies will learn something of importance by perusing "The?ecre^/'r'f Sent to any address, in a sealed envelope on ra ceipt of Ten ^jf ?gniiWjnWABT A CO.. de 14-ly Boston Mv">. dams exfress COMPANY, *" C'FFJCB 514 PA AVENUE, Wasktntton, D. C* ??"'jBimuraiwMarw?* MERCHANDISE. MONEY. JEWELRY. VALW M ABLES. NOTES, STOCK ??, BON DS.Ac., Forwarded with SAFETY AND DISPATCH to all accessible sections of the country. This Company has agencies in the Principal Railway Towns in the NORTH, EAST, WEST, AND NORTHWEST. Its principal offices are WASHINGTON, D 0., NEW YORK, BO9T0N, PHILADELPHIA. BALTIMORE, CIN CINNATI. ST LOUIS, LOUiS VILLE, LEXINGTON. Connections are made at_New York r.nd Boston, , with lines forwarding to xne CAN ADAS and tho . BRITISH PPOVINCES and other steamship line to LIVERPOOL, SOUTHAMPTON and HAVRE, and thence bv-European eipresses to all prominent commercial towns in Great Britain and the Conti CftHeetion ofNOTEB. DRAFTS, and BILLSmada at all accessible parts of the United States. 0. C DUNN. Agent, de 23 Washington. D. C,

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