Newspaper of Evening Star, May 5, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 5, 1864 Page 1
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V?. XXIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. MAY 5. 1864. N-. 3.490. AUCTION SALES. ri'TUKK DATS. pY J. C. McOTIRB * CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY ?ALH OF~VALnARLi IMPROVED AND rMM^HOVSD P*OPBilTY OV DW>\ V HB AVKSniS, BKTWBKV 0 A*D C STi. NORTH. NKaRTHEuA 'ITOLOATB. On >ATI RDAY AFTERNOON, May Mth, at a ?>Vl?*k, 011 the premise*. by virtu of* <1-cr^<? of the'ate Circuit Cour'and an amended d-wree of tke Supreme Cxurt of the Di'trict of Columbia, sitT nr *s aCourt of Equity, the lat'or deoj-e dated Apr* 25'h, |f*H, and rendered in a cans# No. 7S1. u herein Elisabeth Brent is complainant, aud lha*. P. Br> nt, and oth?rs, defendants, the aokriufntd Trusts will se'l all of LrttsS 9,p?rta of 7 ana 10,in r"qoarc Ho 6A>, as follow* - Part of lot No. 7, fronting Mfaet oo Delaware avenue. bstwe n north B and C streets, and run sine back 193 feet to a .?-f%et alley, improved by a labstautial and wel< built BUCK DWELLING-HOUSE WITH BACK BUILDINGS. ATof Lot No 8, fronting 60 feet 8 laches on Dela ware avtrue, between North B and 0 streets. and running back an average depth of W4? feet to a 90 fcet alley improved by a large aid woll arraugo-1 BBICK DwELLING-HOU^E WITH BACK ? _ ? BUILDINGS. Part of Lot No, 10, fronting 35 feet 8 Inches on Delawate avenue, between B and C streets n>rth, ruoninr back about 140 feet to a 15-feet alley. All this valuable property is situated within a vyy short distance of t tie North Gat* of the Capi tol and if the proposed extension of tha Capitol ground* i* consummated will be immediately ad Joining. ? Terms : One-tbjrd ca*-h; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured tothe satis faction of the Trustee, or all cash, at the option of purchaser. Conveyances and stamps at the cost of the par lku?r. Early possession of the bnildmgs will He given, J. CARROLL BRENT, Trustee, ap J8-d J. C. McGUIRB A CO., Auets. BY J. C. McGUIRE it CO., Auctioneer?. TWO PRAME HOUSES AND I.OT8 ON POUR and a half street. betwe? n Mary'and avenue and south Cstrset. BRICK HOUSB AND LOT on Sev ?nth ?treete&*t, near the Navy Yard, Handsome BRICK DWELLING HOUSEand VACANT LOT att the corner c f Eleventh street east and Penn sylvania avenue. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, May 19, at 4}? ? ^lock. on the premises, commencinr with the "drat-named and following in the order hereinafter named, by virtue of a docree of the Soprano Oou-t of the Di-triot of Columbia, sitt'rg in Chancery, passed on the 9th day of April, 1164, in a cause, wherein Geo. W. Miller is complwnant and Dilen Miller tt al., are dofendantt. No. 146, we shall sell ?nb divisions G. H, and O.iu fco^iareNo. Mi,front ing <2 feet on Four-and-a-ha'r' street, wast ride, between Maryland avenue an<* south 0 street, and running back l-tn feet, improved with two frame dwelling-houses, to be told separately. IMMEDIATELY AfTlH, Part of Equarc No. 9 7 beginning aWthe end of 01 feet 8 inches from the northeast corner of an alley fronting on L "tr et, running thmce souths feet 2 inches on said alley, thence west 50 f>et t# the south line of a I t leased to Wm. O'Brien, thenee north 23 feet 2 inches, thence east 50 feet to the beginning. Also, oart of said Square begin ing SI feet 3 inches from the northwest sorner and fronting on Seventh street east 21 feet 2 laches, thence east 75 feet, thence north 23 feet 2 inches, thecce west 75 feet to the beginning, together with the improvements consisting of a? i > story brick dwelling-hou?e fronting on 8eveL..i street east, near L street south IMMIPtATILY AFTE1, Lots No. 2, 3,4, 5. and 6, in Square No. 991. front ing respectively on Pennsylvaniaaveaue.Eleventh street east and south G ftreet Lot No 6 is im proved with a handsome brick dwellinghonie, with baek buildings, stable, carriage-house*,&o., being ibe residence of the late Charles Miller, Terms: One-third in cash; the remainder in three eqn 1 Instalments at six. twelve, and eighteen months, with interest, for whieb the purchaser shall give notes secured to the* satisfaction of the Trustees. The purchaser to have the option of pajine all in cash. Conveyances and revenue stamps at the ooetof the purchaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five day* thereafter the Trustees reserve the right to ?e-s?-ll at the risk and co*t of the defaulting pur chaser, on one week's notice in the National Intel ligences GEO. A. BOHRER, -?> #-% at rvnn . at * GEO. A. BOHRER, ) E.G. MORGAN, V A. THOS. BRADLY.S Trustees, ap.21-eodAds J. C. McGUIRE"& CO., Auets._ A UCTION SALE OF VALUABLE REAL-E8* J\ TATE ON THE POTOMAC RIVER, I* Alexandria ConxTY, Va. By virtue of a deed of trust executed by Gaspar Toehman, and Appollonia J. Tochman. his wife, dated Jnly 14,18V. and recorded among the land records of Alexandria County, Va ,?th<? said Gas par Tocb?:an being engaged in the rebellion against tae sovereign authority of tee United State*, and tfie interest on the debt secured by said deed of trnst beirg in arrear and unpaid from the 30th day of October, 13^1,-1 shall pro eed. by order of the usrty secured, and by virtue of the authority con ferred by said deed, and the statute in such case made and provided and on the ISth day of May.l&M, I shall seLi atauct. otbe highestbidder for cash, in front of the Mayor's office in the City of Alexan dria, Va.. at 12 o'clock, ni., the property named on ?aid deed,that is to say the farm called "8ummer Hill" on the Potomac river in said County,?the same compri- ing about one-hundred and fifty aeres, an4 being situated about midway between Wash ington City and Alexandria, Va. Further particulars of the sale will be given at Jhe time thereof. ap 36_td J. M. STEWART, Trustee" JJNITED8TATE8 MARSHAL'S SALE. In virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias, issued from tfcs Clerk s Office of tha Supreme Co?'rf. of the salted States for the District of Columbia, and to me directed, I will expose to public sale, for cash, at tlse front of the Court Hnusedoor.of tiaid Coun ty, on W BDNEhDAY, the 26th day of May nex*, MM. at 12 o'clock m., all defendant's right, title, eiaim and interest in and to the north part of Lot No. 34,in Square No. 877, bourded as follows;? Reginnit g for the same at the southeast corner of Lot No 33. on the line of Seventh streot east, run ning thence west 97 feet, thence north V) feet, thence east #7 feet to the beginning, together with all *ingular, the improvements thereon seized and levifd up< r> as the property of Samuel and Joseph Arnold, and will be sold to satisfy Judicial No 235, in favor of White, Middleton St, Beall, use of Elias ?. White. my.2 WARD H. LAMON, U. 8 Marshal, D.C. OF CONDEMNED HORSES AND MULES. <)i</CtMrUrnai^r'j Qjjict. Drpot of W,tshin*tcn,l W\sHiN'iTos, D. C., April 27 1834 { ,1 1361, a lot of? HOBSES AND MULB8, Ci" ndemnotl as unfit for publicaervice. Term*: Cash in Government fnnds. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, a. m. D. H. RCCKBB. Brig, Gen. and Chief Quartermaster, ap T 58t Depot of Washington. D. C. A UCTION SALE OF CONDEXMBD HORSES. WiR Dbpaktvrbit. Cavalrv Burbap, Orrtcn or CHtir Qcai tirmastbe, IVti -Aia.-:on. D. C.. April 25.1864.. Will be cold at public auotior, to the highest bid der. at the times and places at med below, vix: Newport, Penna , Thursday MaySth, Uettysburg, Penna.. Monday, May 9th, Alt^ona. Penna.. Thursday, May 12th, M ifWin, Penna,, Thursday, May ;9th. Blading, Penna., Thursday, May 96th, Lebanon, Penna.. Thursday. June2J, Northumberland, Penna., Thursday, Jnae 9th. Serantvn, Penna.,Thursday, June 16th. WiUimsport. Peuna , Thursday, June 234. One Hanared (ion) horsns at Gettysburg, and Two Hundred and Fifty (2S0i at each of the other places. These horses have been condemned as nniit for the cavalry service of the United States Army. For road and farm purposes a any tfood bargain* may be bad. Horses will be sold singly. . , .. Sales begin at 10 a m., and eontinue daily until all are sold. . _ Terms: cash, in United States Treasury note* ??ly. JA1E8 A. EKIN, ap^tjey Lt. Col andC.CLM Cavalry Bareau, IT 8. MIlTtAHY RAIL30ADS, L/ ? OJret cfA.isittont Quartermaster. Washington, April 15,1864. AUMr-Wi!l he told, on WEDNESDAY, the 10th dVwIlay, at the Railroad Dtp jt. In Alexan dria. vi^ 00TO SOOVonfl 100 Tons 250 Tons of Cast Baran Iron, 10? Tons of Wroeght Iron, 3 Ton* of Old Brass and CoppMi jOOwons of Old Ballroad Iron, 100 Tons of Old Car Axlec, 3D0 O.l Barrels. _ , _ Terms: Cash in Government Funds. Tsn (10) r?r cent, to be paid at the time of gnrchnae, the alanoe on delivery. The property must be removed vithin ten. 4aya from date of sale. H. L. ROBlNB?lN, a? l? dts. Captain and A. Q. M. PIANOS.?A new assortment of Steinway A Song and Haines. Brother Pianos has Ju?t been received at our warerooms Wehav alto on band one almost new seven-octave *? n* * Wano, cost ?400. wBich will be sold for tfflO, the e?B?r leaving the city. 8everal second-hand Pianos frvmfSOto 1126, upon easy terms, at the Music Store of W. G. MBTZKROTT, ap I Corner of llth street and Pa avenue ^ HEAP B 0_0 K 8 . Upwards of one thousand works of English and Foreign Literature, embracing HISTORY, TRAV ELS, POETRY, NOVELS, etc., etc., at from 10 to go per cent, below the regular prices, at HEILPRIN*8 Bookstore, 344 Pa. avenue, ap 11-lm between 12;h and 13th streets. FJ. HEIliERGER. SUCCESSOR TO H. F. . LOUDON A CO., CIT17b:j\S' AMD MILITARY MERCHANT TAILOR, (Ult Broick's,) ,avenue. Mttropolttan Hotel t lau 3t>"2 l\'unn?ylvania a 1 oc 27 tf | Washington. D. C. fajEVER TOO LATE TO LEARN?By iW^jor 1 X AUx Wolohcsii's Nno and SunpUntd Mukoi fet Piano ForU and Singin* -Professor Wolowskl eontinues his positively last course in Washington, and all those who wish to follow his easy system a*v? no time to lose. Professor's recaption hours are from u to 1<> a. m., at his residence. No. 316 r gtreet, corner ?f lUb. ap21-2w WINDOW SHADE8. ? Now opening, spring stock Gilt Band Window rfcadea. Shade Cord, Tasaela and Fixtures. ?hvdes of any re*nlred style or siae made to ot 4?r Terms ca.-h. J. MARKBTTB8, No. 456 7th ?!reet, sight doors alove apX lmlf* (Ad Fellows' Hall. NOT IC E - All persons havn? aceounts with the Brni ol W M HHUSTER ? CO. are reeneeted to make aa early settlement. They will Ind the t?K>ka in the ha?ls of W. H. Claobtt, at the old Ail pertoes having arconnts against the firm are ft^uigtea t? preeont them for settlement epl6-lm AUCTION SALK8. '? ?? MoOUIRB A 00., Auctioneers. fjiTo _ .u ana vauant LOT8 fear the Nav? Yard, belonging t? the n tt??\?S.i55?5h&r,oa filler. J?VI??1,8I)N,E81)AT AFTERNOON, Mar l?th,nt fir*t^nJtn?^ * premi* s commencing with Ihe {?_ \nd continuing in the order lie ein ?f * decree of the Suprone Court ^District of Columbia sitting 13 chancery. Passed on the 9th day of April, 16t, in a certain antei11?60,- ? Millar is complainant and BhilPsell" *r? defendants. (No. 146.) we oo^?ota " * *' 6 8. 9,10 24, 25, 2?. 27. and 28, in Square No. 953, fronting respectively on 9th Kda* Vhr,vW !?f,1 ?ndso?tt N "^eeMSpr ."d rttblPi i ' l"4 house, slaughter house ^c- *n"wn as the slaughter yard of 1 i ?j 2? k j Miller, to b?? sokl entire or di vided 881 may be deemed most desirable. futeJ-y aft<5r Lot8 1 2'* and 4, in Square Wirt ^lh B^ree'S^Mt.'80* ? "b aft*;.?Mt of lot No. 2. in Square Kngi?? r?ei 8 inchM ?n soutk vf street t "Lf \^D,g back ^ Jeet & inches on loth street SweiliSJ houw #T * double two-story frame oJI^mr.dUt*,yJ*fteE' PRrt of ^ot No. I, Square No th? nnnth^f 1 * 'J010.?4,43 f?'t 6 inches from n i n jcorner or said lot and thence run aJ}d /ron'ing on M stre<- *eet. tlience ??? / * ?inches, thence ea-st 17 ? =>t, thence SSth tkL?* b 1BC'1CS to ihe beginning, tbgeih-r brick dwellingh?use,.tS, ?onR'8t*n* of a tJu*e#-story JLf'er? P*1"4 of Lota, same Square, 5r .ftSi?.!Vr%rtl9 at a Point on M st.eet ?C"^ 4?V * fro,n "ast l"th Street, thon-e oortn >n.?ih Zk fe?t 'henc* west 23 feet 0 inch. s. th-nce the he^i nUs f:et "??? w28 feet 9 i[>ches to I??.!together with the improvements TmmaSp ? i* two-story brick dwelling bouse Nn wi 1 ? ?if P?rt of Lot No. 3. in Square fi.St? imi Fth? Boutl1 Par* there >f fronting L u ct, 5 ree.leM" and running backtha: widt on M street south 31 fee*, togetn-r with the im P Tmr^?lB'.conV.'tin?ofRf,arae dwelling hou e Immedia ely afer, Lot 13 in Square No 1023 frontiD?90feeton 13th street east, ^t the earner rtC whh .i.eet' and runnin" back 95 ^et. to v r ? improvements consisting of briek bacli'baHdhip*elJ'n* hons?? wilh three ,tory ?"8 tMird in cash; the remainder in 8,12 wl* interest for which 'he par f,f th2T?H2t/!.veJi 68 8?c?red to tne satisfaction ofSying"urn-Jshe PUrch"ert? haVe the ehalie7seyanCin* anJ *tamp3 at th* COBt of the pur If the terms of sale are not complied with in five aays thereafter. the Trustees reserv the right of *' he riflk ?nd expense of the defaulMng purchaser, on ene week's notice in the National Intelligencer. GEO. a BOHRER E. O. MORGAN. A. THOS. BRAbLEY, ap21 -eoAds J. Q. McOTJlRi & CQ?An*U. JJY '? O* McO-i. IRE & CO., Auctioneers. T Rr^Txiia DPM?VD-nvAL*TABI-K IMPROVED ? PROPERTY at the corner of Seo WH OIK I JTotM^rTf'1"11'1 avenus, THE 2 rtr^f a 1 ? L0T8 OI? north at PT,t)Vc fUcti, n Seventh streets ea?t On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. May 17 athalf-uast 1 nwf ? *iln 1 5 5r*mi8"s, commeneinjf and fol lowing in the order herein named by vtrtiil ?f. decree of the Supreme Court of the Dist-i.-r Xf fv. a" . 'ia *n cbancery passed on the 9th dav of Ap ll, 1864, in a certain caus* wherein Georiro W Miller is comnliinant. and Ellen MiUer eta* ar? 1?, we shall s. II the north half of |ot N?. 24, in gqnare No 732, fronting 27 feet 2-^ B itre ?tD 5?C?tnd ttrf??teast. at the corner of south *? strett at Its loter^ection wirii PeuuBTlvAni*. mVntV- runP"ie bask Mtoet, with the improve* HoSJ?' ^?n?isting ofa nearly new Brk^Dweiiing Hon*e, with fine store attached * Ittmediat-ly after, the whole of?qu?re N0 341 fronting respect. v?ly on EwtCipitolacd soiith \ divldlJf .FlW?a"d Sixth streets east, eub east % .bnil0lng lots tiocting on east Capitol and south A streets NoHl^edfi!;t*t7 aft6ri tot'No. 16'and 17, in sqn-vre ? ? ^ ?'ach 51 feet on north A ha tenSi.thacS Seventh streets ea.t. and runting bac% l^j feet 1 inch to a3 >-f >^t alley L >t 17 ?s irti P'lirim'e7ufll*8Ifa^ 'rfn"! DWflliu^-HoUHO. >tfa? DOrth hfUt' 'flot No 18, fronting^ feet on First gtreet f bet^een south I and K str^eta. and extend mg back with thU jvid h to th? rear of the lot. Teri s: On?j third iu csh; thn residue in thre? mrUiv?hina'i?Ihenttai at, hi7 twelve, and eigoteeu mrnjTbs. with interest, for wbioh the parch tier ?pjf, ?e,V? am?eH- Bec,'Ted to the satis'acti ,o of th'? SSSXnSg. *urchase' to hare the option of cbMereyan,e8a,B(1Stamp9at the cost of the pur If the terms of sale are not compiled with in tire M?lUMll 'v Jrn,u<? reserve the right lo Chaser. lhe dcfaalliQi< pur GEO. A BOIIRKR, ) E.C MORGAN. < Trusteas ? ?, ^ A TH?f. BRADLEY,^ 1^^3W3,? ?P.21 eodAds J Q. McQClRfi Sc. Qp.. Aiets. JJY GREEN fc WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. tSFPiT?iv?A8tSaJ'.??0,f over thuke anrf,^ v'^J^AvSrR 1NTHB NEIGHBORHOOD OK THE n Trnwn?vRAfE COURSE AT AL'OTNN. 11 >10ND^AY, the day of Ma , 18U. I ^hall sell, by virtue of deed of trust to the subscriber ?-n?d.r4C0Jdedln Liber N-C. f., No. 8, folios <71 ?J/2. 4<3, 474 and 475, one of the land record* fo- the county of Washington, in th? Di-trict of Ooltwn pia. at 4 o clock p. m., on the premise*, th "> follow ^Sj^rrlbw ^r.oP?Jty, Iving and being in the p"?ty'of Washington. D'strict atorcsaid. viz ; Part ot Ridge Tract, beginning for the s^me at i stone marked the northeast corner of Ridg-j Tract at its junction with St. Elizabeth Irac'. an I thence running by a magnetic course north to dogre^s and tlniinutea west along the west ^oundsryof St. Elizabeth Tracts chains and .'n links to a stake, thence south 2i degrees and 30 minutes west fl chains and u0 jinks to a stake, thenoe south S3 de grees and 30 minutes east 3 chains and 50 link s to a stake set on the boundary line separating the said part of R,dge tract from the tract lyiSK efst there of, thence north 25 degrees and 30 minutes along said boundary line 5 chains and 50 links to the place of beginning, being parallel lines, con taining three acres and four perches, be the ?anie more or less. Terms cash. All conveyancing, including reve nue stamps, at the cost of purchaser If the terms of sale are not complied with In 5ve days after sale the trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the first purchaser, by giving three days notice of such re 64le in the Lvi ning Star. n, , a MORGAN, Trustee. ap 21-eoAdn OREEN WILLIAMS, Au -ts. THOMAS ?OWL;NG, Auct ; Georgetown. PEREMPTORY SALE oFvAtrARLE IMPROV MO PROPERTY B1TWEEN THK CANAL AND THK POTOMAC RIVER IN GEORGETOWN, D 0.. AT PUBLIC AUCTION I will sell at Public Auction on WEDNESDAY, the llth day of May, W64, at 5 o'clock p m , on the premises, tbat Valuable Property, be'ng part of Lot No 79, in Georgetown, and fronting 71 feet on the south side of Cherry street, and 80 reet on the east side of Potomac street, and opposite to the Cotton Factory. The improvements consist of a large two-story , Basement Brick Dwellinj-House, and Back building, also, two Lots, eachfronlinc 20 feet on Fotomac ttreet. adjoining the above and ronaitig back 71 feet. This property, situated an it is, be t*f?n the Canal and Potomac river, offers great fa cilities for manufacturing or other pnrposes, and ?or an investment such an opportunity seldom oc Tehss: Oue half cash, balance In six and twelve ""SJiiS'' wcured by a deed of trust on the property, dL 1 pcrftcti Oosveyancing and stamps at the cost of the nur chater. " >pjt?d&d? ' THOMAS DOWLING, Anct. '? MoGUIRJ A CO., Auetiencers. _ TRUSTER'S SALS OV~A HOUSE AND LOT OH S ^ AND M STREETS. . ofideed of trust from B. B. Bridge dated October 2, M87 and recorded in Liber J.a" ic-' ?Jth? Land Reeords of the MON1?i ^Hn' I,Tin offer ?t Auction on 2? ? a of Mfy 9?*t. on the premi o?*?" ? clock, p. m., part of Lot seven j7) in hSS,V\ ,Jiu4I,n an" forty-one (3411 in Wash inton, bounded as follow*, Ti? : Beginniog fortv nlne et ser.n inches from the southeast corner of M and Eleventh gtreeta. and running thenee south twenty-Ave feet on Eleventh street, thence d?* f a?t one hundred feet, the whole depth of said lot, thence due north twenty-fivo feet, aui then -e dne west to Um Wgionipg with the improvement/ consisting of a Frame Dwelling. Terms of aale: One-third of th# purchase money to be paid in cash, and the residue In two eqaal in stalments at siJ and twelv* months, with interest to be secured The terms of sale muBt be complied with within one week after sale, or th? property may h) resold after a week's notice at the risk and cost of t he tirat purchaser, CO AS. 8. ENGLISH Trusts*. ap!9 1m J. 0 MoGUIRl & OQ? Aunts. JV* ABM AT AUCTION. SALE POSITIVE. 1 will sell, on the premi?es, on WEDNE8D\Y, ?th day of May, the fine estate known as Mount Zephyr. It contains ??5 aeres of prime upland in a nigh state of cultivation, ft >e dwelling,?>.>i fcne ,D*> a variety of choice fruit, growing cro >s. stock and hou*eho d furnitnrs Ac It is &b<vut l>. n?ii?s from Mount Vernon Wharf, 6 from Alexandria, 13 from Washington City Terms: for .ernonal property cash; for real es eafl1' one-third in throe years, ote ir 1? Tears.witu interest, semiannually. w?-' w"a at mr?? " AUDUBON'S BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA, inflve vols,, royal octavo of text, and one ?!tnifl??nlfo,l3 *17 m* ?f Plates, (site 27 by 40 inches,) in fine binding. For sale-oM copy only pri?eS3 0, by a? ? FRANCE TAYLOR. AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL* MUSIO JCANTERBURY HALL,I AND HAL L/CANTERBURY HALL,{ TREATEB LOUISJlKA ATBSDI, Near L'orntr of Sixth Strut , Run of National and Metropolitan Hottls. feign of tbe Big C&lcfum Light. ftioao* lu? .. ........? .Proprietor W. ?. Casavaogh Stage Manager. BRILLIANT TRIUMPH! ENTHUSIASTIC RECEPTION OF THE NEW COMEDY COMBINATION. The laTgest and most Talented Company of Artistes ever Been in the City of Washington. GREAT ATTRACTION FOR THE COMING WEEK. ENTIRE CHANGE OF PROGRAMME. EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK, John F. Poole's Prize Drama of the MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, Ob. THE WRECK OF A LIFE! Or, THE WRECK OF A LIFE! Or, THE WRECK OF A LIFE! which received the premium of FI<VE HUXDRED DOLLARS FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS From the American Theater, New Tiork, and the right of playing it in Washington purchased by Geo. Lea, exclusively for the Canterbury, SYNOPSIS OF SCENERY AND INCIDENTS IN THE DRAMA. SCENE FIRST?Squire Nolan's House at Con nowara; Meeting of the plighted lovers, Redmond and Kathleen; " Farewell to the land of the Sham rock. greeu fields, and bubbling Streams?I go to the West, the home of the aspiring, America, the birth-place of Washington;'' The clandestine meeting overheard by the revengeful brother of Kathleen: " I'll weave a web that shall stay your journey?Beware! Beware!" Lauty McLaughlin and his }ewel. JudyO'Brien: Aeureforthe colic: The anticipated wedding; Lots of children ana maley praties, strawberries and butter milk. SCENE 8ECOND?The mountain pass; Hugh Hanlan,the Outlaw; The convict returned; His mother and the wrongs of a wretched life; Ven geance ! " I will have it?I must wait the hour to strike the avenging blow;" Philip Nolan is foiled by tbe timely arrival of Lanty, who tickles his catastrophe; *' Look at the blackbird;" The out law and his fool accusers! Retribution for past w rongs; " Die.liko a dug and rot;"' Kathleen dis covers tbe body of her murdered brother! " Who did it?" " 'Twas I.Hugh Haulon, the Mountain Outlaw;" For revenge I slew liim, and for revenge 1 now make her mine; Circuinstancial evidence; Redmond accused of murder. fcCENETHIRD?A room in Squire Nolan's bou*e ?1 auty and Judy undergoing a cross-questioning from the Squire; The mouse and the male bag; ?? Meet me. Judy, at the ould hut;" Lanty's resolv4 to find the true murderer. SCENE FOURTH?Hugh Hanlon. farewell; To the lar^d of my birth, my shame and my triumph; The e:- ape of Redmond; The outlay confesses the dt-ed; Redmond attempts to drag him to justicc; Terrific combat; Redmond overcome; The outlaw liberty; Redtuond again arrested as the assassin. SCENE FIFTH?Interior of the old hut; Theold oak ch?>st; Kathleen a prisoner, and in the power of the Outlaw- Lanty's arrival with his Juveni e blunderbusa: He^releases Kathleen, and vows to protect her; Judy in search of ber lover; The Out law foiled; "We are all here;" " Your dauglwer dies;" Your young blunderbuss is brought into requisition; The wreck of life! Tableau. Every department of tbe GREAT CANTERBURY is well tilled. DR \MATIC,ETHIOPIAN & TERPSICHOREAN, Consisting of some of the MOST TALENTED ARTISTES in the profession, viz: JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN mulligan! JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, H. W. WILLIAMS, II. W. WILLIAMS, H. W. WILLIAMS, J J. DOUGHERTY, J. J. DOUGHERTY, J. J DOUGHERTY, W. B. CAVENAUGH, W. B. CAVENATTGhJ W. B. CAVAN'AUGH, SELEHANTY AND WARD, ELBHANTY AND WVR1>, PBLEHANTY AND WARD DELEHAJNTY AND WARD, DELEHaKTV AND WARD, PELE'lANTY AND WARD, DELEIIANTY AND WARD ? DELEHANTY AND WARp| MRS. FRANK DREW ! MRS. FRANK DREW J . MR3L FRANK DREW I "mis^ennie ENGEL, MISS JENNIE ENGEL, MISS JENNIE ENGEL, MISS B8TSLLB FORREST, MISS ESTELI.E FORREST, MISS ESTELLE FORREST, MR, J.De FORREST, MR. J. Dz FORREST, MR. J. Db FORREST, VISS NAOMI PORTER, MIt*S NAOMI PORTER, MISS NAOMI PORTER. ? THE BOUQUET OF BEAUTY, COEF;<-tiog cf JENNIB E0BRE8T, JENNIE FORREST, LUCY CLIPTOR, LUCY CLIFTONv MAGGIE WILSON, MAGGIE WILSON, LBONORA CREED, LEONORA CREED, EMMA DREW, EMMA DREW, ELLA CLARKE, ELLA CLARJLE) in the Beautiful Divertisemest entitled SCENES AT TBB DERBY I SCENES AT THE DERBY I SCENES AT THE DERBY I EVERY ACT NEW THIS WEEK, forming a GRAND COMBINATION OF TALENT! GRAND COMBINATION OF TALENTt Admlirion .....?? ? fO 25 Orch e ra.. ....."..i...... ....... ? ?? SO Private Boxes, holding six persona...0 00 Doors open at 7 o'clock; Performance to com mence at S o'clock. FAMILY MATINEB ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, AT 3 O'CLOCK. When the Prire Drama of tbe MOUNTAIN OUTLAW will be produced. SNOW'S * SNOW'S Celebrated Trotip? of PBRFORMINO DOGS AND MONBBY8 HAVE ARRIVED, aai will make their first appearance On-MONDAY, May 9th. AMUSEMENTS. eROVER'S THEATER. ' PSSK8TLTASI-A AT., KBAB WlLLABDS HOTRL. Lbombd Gbovkb Director TIU8 f Thursday) EV1NING, May8, 13<H, ^ ?LMt night positively but two of MR. E. L. davenport. MR. J W. WALLACE, AND MRS. 1- ARREN, And first time ttiia season of the glorious dashing Comedy of _ london ASSURANCE. Which will be presented with a cant of characters of uncaralleld strength : J W Wallack a* ? Diek Da/zle Mr E,L Davenport as?^? Charles Courtley MraFarren as .Lady Gay Spanker Mark Meddle. ? Mr 11 G Rogers Sir Harcourt Courtley ? .^ Mr W A DonaM>>on MaxBarkaway ? Mr J J Prior Dolly Spanker,... ? Mr E S Tarr Cool Mr H MeDonal Isaacs. .Mr C LI Cb?rk John.... ? ? ? . Mr A Green Martin _Mr T C Gourley Grace Harkaway ?...M.-sD Myron Pert-?- ? Miss E Homan FRIDAY EVENING. BENEFIT OK MR. J. W. WALLACE. A magnificent bill for the occasion. The spark ling Comedy of WILD OAT8. And the thrilling melo-drama o'" TERESE; Ok. TI1E orphan of geneva. Mr. Wallack iu two great characters, John Dory and Corwin. FORD'S NEW THEATER, TlSTH Strkbt, abotb Pbxssylvasia Atknuv. positively LAST NIGHT BUT ONE OF THE EMINENT TRAGIDIAN, EDWIN FORREST, ' Who will appear, for the first time in this city, as CAIU8 MARCIUS1 In Shakspeare's gland historical play of CORIOLANUSI Produced with new and splendid scenery, n<^w cos tumes, standards, war cnariots and war imple ments, and a cast of characters, embracing the names of SIR. J. McCULLOUGH, MRS. J. H. ALLEN. MISS ALICE GRAY, AND THE ENTIRE COMPANY. FRIDAY. BENEFIT AND LAST APPEAR ANCE OF EDWIN FORREST. Monday, Mny 9?Reproduction of the Grand F'airy Spectacle of the NAIAD QUEEN. Cast to the strength of an AUGMENTED COMPANY, And introducing EIGHTEEN YOUNG LADIES GORGEOUS AMAZONIAN COSTUMES. R EADING8 FROM SOME OF THE REST AUTHORS, AT ODD FELLOW& HALL. Seventh street, above D, Washington, D. C., OM THURSDAY EVEN*?'G, MsrS.Kl, ? BY ' EUGENE AH ERN. SELECTIONS. Pt#radise and the Peri; Lala Rooke Moore Thw Men who Fell at Baltimore. J. W. Forney S_jmrtaeufl to the Glaliators at Capua. Kellogg Twenty Years Ago Anonymous The Vagabonds. v Trowbridge The Karsmanian E.\ile. F'rom the Ottoman ?J. C. Mangan The American Flag ..Drake Do?rs open at7 o'clock, commencing at So'clock. Cards of admission, S> cents. my 3-3t* METROPOLITAN MUSIC HALL, PBBBPVLVASIA AVBHUBAHD ELBVBBTHSTRKBT. R. OABO NIRA II. ENOCHS Proprietors PROF. HOLDEN_~-.? Musical Director V\L. GRAND COMBINATION! DOUBLE COMPANY ! First week of MISS NELI.IE TAYLOR. the beautiful and accomplished Vooali't; acknowl edged by the Press and Public X L 0 R of the pro fession. TOM VANCE, the inimitable Comic Vocalist and Comedian, in his new, original and local Songs. ? * JO* CHILDS, the greatest Clog Dancer before the public. LEON BERGER, the American Warider. HARRY ENOCHS will see that U see the dark side of the picture. And the Kliaking of the sides by the coadjutor of the aforesaid _ CHARLIE PETRIEJ form an important feature. * GUNBOAT minstrels, who have been engaged, at great expense, for two weeks, iu addition to the regular company, SIG. CONSTANTINE and his great ballf:t divertisemext, arranged by Si^.^CV^ConsUnviuo, entitled MIPS ANNIE RUSH, M'LI.E ELIHE. MISS IIELENE SMITH, MISS VIOLA, MISS SALLIE WESNER. MISS LIZZIE WF.SNER. MISS MOLLIK LANE, MISS ELLA, W. B\RTnOLOMF.U, GEORGE MILES, WILLIAM S^OTT. LEW BRIMMER, BILLY THOMAS, the whole making the LARGEST ANDBF1ST COMPANY ever produced in the city; the performance con cluding w i'th the laughable Comic Pantomime of THE OLD FOX ! GRAND MATINEE OnSATURDAY AFTERNOON, at2*O'CLOCK. with the whole; strength of the Company. Admission 25 and 60 cents. Private Boxes $3 and ?3. my 2-lw VARIETIES! VARIETIES! MUSIC HALL AND THEATER. FrOKTIKO PEXS8YLTA5IA AVEXUB A NjKTH STBIRT SIGN OF THE BIGGEST DRUMMOND LIGHT ! SIGN OK THK RKVOI.VIVO AND fiLOUK LIGHTS I THE ILLUMINATED AMUSEMENT TEMPLJSi Hamblin Ic Co ?? ... ? ? Proprietors Fits Simmon* Stage Manager and Advertiser. SPLENDID OVATION TO NIGHT f Just from the American Theater, New York The Great Comic Paniomimist, ' J. 8. MAFFIT, J. 8. MAFfrlT. J. 8. MAFEIT. J. S. MAFFITl Liq&Wind^l, Mr. Halt, Maggie Friel, Mr. Kerns, Fanfty May, Mr. Thompson, Kitty Lee, Mr. Bloodgood. Maggie Vernon, Mr. Francis. A",9hM,i!:jrfcocIi>F; Mr IN A GREAT DOUBLE BILL. A GRAND COMIC PANTOMIME, 80NG8, DANCES, NEGRO ACTS, &c. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON performance, LADIES' AND CLERKS' LEVEE. Admission 23 and 60 cents; private boxes 16. Performance at 8 In the evening. EDUCATIONAL. \f FEMALE SCHOOL. l*lR3. MARIA C. McCORMICK, late of Alexan dria, Va., having removed her school to Cam bridge, Md., is prepared to receive four or live f;irls, as boarding pupils, in her family. Their ntellectual. domestic and mor&l training will re ceive her most assiduous care. Her success, while for years engaged, h? Alexandria, in educating ?:irls, is well known to all old resident! of that own. Parents in this vicinity who desire further in formation concerning the advantages of her school, are respectfully referred to Lewis McKenzie, Esq., of Alexandria, Va., or W. D. Wallacb, Editor of the Washington Star. Her terms for board, tu ition, Ac., are moderate. Cambridge, Md., where she has recently located her school, is one of the healthiest and most de lightful villages in the Union, and has about it n? attribute w^Atever except such as a prudent and solicitous parent will approvo in selecting a local ity in which to have a daughter thoroughly edu cated and trained for future usefulness. ap 8?-dim OROOKVILLK ACADEMY -Students received I? at any time and charged from date of entrance. Address R. K. BURNS. ?p 36-eolm* Brookville, Montgomery co., Md. T*HE LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE AS 1 SORT MEN T Otf FURNITURE, OIL CLOTHS. MATTINGS and , , HOUSEKEEPING GOODS to he found in the city is at 360 SEVENTH STREET, , Bbtwbix I abo K Stbbbtb. Don t mistake the place, the HIOA AWNING. Ton are allowed a discount of 10 per cent, oa all bills of f(0 and upwards. * ^ * BONTZ A GRIFFITH, 369 7th, at.. ap?2w between I and K at*. RI MOVAL ,-SA M UXL T. DRURY, Ittorntv vaniflftmnlhr at Late* haijfiMTM his office to No. 389, opposite w??t wing City Hall, apO-Jw* TELEGRAPHIC NtiWS. [ASSOCIATED f BESS DISPATCHES.} PROM KORTH CAROLINA. Confirmation of the Report of the Evacu ation of Washington?Tie float left Spiked?More Rebel Massacres?Another Report abont the Rebel Ram< Nkw York, May 4 ?Newbern advices to April 30th confirm the e valuation ol Washing ton, N. C., by order of General Butler. After spiking the gnus and destroying much prop erty that could.not be carried away, it was discovered that the enemy had left foi^ Vir ginia. leaving but seven companies in front of the place. The rebels have already commenced massa creing all who have accepted President Lin coin's amnesty proclamation, and pressing into their service all capable of beartog arms. General Peck is ordered to report to General Buyer's headquarters for such light duty as bis health will enable hjm to perform. It was reported that the rebel ram Roanoke is now at Plymouth, and is delaying for the purpose of mounting the two huudred-pouud er Parrott ?uju which fell into tha rebel hand3 there. , It is generally believed in the interior that the fall of Plymouth and evacuation of Wash irgtou will enable Governor Vance, the seces sion candidate, to secure his re etoctiou. Connecticut Legislature?Message of Gov. Buckingham. New Haven, May 1.?The State Legislative convened to day. M Gov. Buckingham's message is lengthy, giv ing a general statement of the affair* ol the State and its public institutions. He spt aks of the proposed amendment of the State constitution to give the electors in the military service of the United State* the privilege of voting, and recommends a support ot the State militia by taxation of those whose interests are to be guarded. He concludes by declaring that the opposi tion to the General Government must bo met with opposition to the rebellion. The Hundred-Day Men of Ohio. Cincihnati, May 3.?The National Guard of Ohio, mustered yesterday in response to the Governor's call for one hundred days men. ?ut of four hundred and eighty-six companies, all but forty-three have reported, giving thirty five thousand men for active duty. The whole number will reach nearly forty thousand men, ready at a moments notice for the field. The four regiments of this city turned out nearly three thousand men, fully armed and equipped. The Election in Atchison, Kansas. ATcnjBOH, Kansas, May 3.?The city elec tion came off yesterday. John M. Crowell was elected Mayor by two hundred and eighty-live majority. Crowell is a strong Lincoln man, and is very popular in northern Kansas. COHGBE8SIOKAL. In the Senate?yesterday? The special order, the resolutions of Mr. Sherman in regard to a quorum, came up, as follows: "That a quorum of the Senate consists of a majority of the Senators dnlv chosen. ? ?That if a majority ol the Presidential elec tors, duly appointed and qualified, vote for one person, he is the President. ??That if the election of President devolves upon the House of Representatives, and the votes ot a majority of the States represented in the House be cast for one person, he is the Pres ident." After some discussion the resolution was passed?yearf 26, najs 11. The report of the Committee of Conference on the disagreeing votes of the two Houses, on tha bill to establish a Bureau of Military Jus tice, came up as the unfinished busines, and the Senate refused to concur in the report ?ayes 17, nays i?0. Mr. Oollamer moved the Senate adhere to its amendments, asking for another conference. Mr. Wilson moved to lay the biH on the table, that another one might be reported, so as to do justice to Judge Hoit, whom it had been pro posed to reward for faithful service with the rank and pay of a Brigadier General. He could not see why this attempt should be made to de grade Judge Holt. Mr. Hale denied that there was any suci purpose, and held that as the Judge Advocate General's duties were of a civil character, there wat no necessitj- for military title, and as to the pay and emoluments ol a Brigadier, no one knew what they were, as they varied with circumstances Mr. Wilson said that there had been some 14,1,00 cases before the Judge Advocate General during the past year, and that it was a military office of long Etandinp, and the two Assistant Judge Advocates, wfiicb the bill provides for, with the rank and pay of Colonel, were neces sary, and should be good lawyers, so as to dis charge the large amount ot business of this Eort promptly. After further debate the bill was laid on the table. In the House? Mr. Cox spoke in opposition to the bill, and Mr. Bout well, of Massachusetts, in support of it. Mr. H. Winter Davis introduced a substitute changing the bill in two particulars, requiring instead of one-tenth of the voters oi a seceded State, a majority thereof to recognize a State Government?and alluding those who have held merely ministerial offices under the Rebel State and Confederate Governments and those who have held inferior military offices to par ticipate in and hold office under the recon structed government. He demanded the pre vious question which was ordered. The sub stitute was adopted. f he preamble proposed by Mr. Stevens, to the effect that the so-cailed Confederate States are a public enemy, waging an unjust war, in which they are not entitled to the privileges and immunities of civilized warfare, and that they have forfeited all their rights under the Constitution, and should be treated as public enemies, was refused to be engrossed with the bill?yeas 57, nays 72. On the passage of the bill the vote was?yeas 73, nays 50. Meeting op the Coachmakers.?The reg ular monthly meeting of the Journeymen Coacbmaker's Association was held last eve ning at the Delmonlco House, No. 501 Eleventh street. The meeting was called to order by the President, (D. D. Clark,) and Mr. Wui. Irving acted as secretary. The resignation of James Crown as secretary was received and accepted, and Mr. F. Kane unanimously elected to fill the vacancy. A communication wag received from the Coacbmaker's Association of Baltimore pro posing a formation of a anion of the two so cieties for the protection of each others inter ests, and presenting a series of resolutions to that effect, (adopted by the Baltimore Associa tion,) and asking a concurrence in the same by the coachmakers ol Washington. The commu nication states that the Baltimore Association is now in correspondence with the Philadel phia, Wilmington and New York coachmakers, and that they have appointed a committee to prepare an address to the coachmakers of the different cities for their adoption, looking to the alliance of all coachmakers. The resolutions were adopted. The Chair baving called for reports, Mr. Irwin said that at a former meeting of the As sociation resolutions were passed requesting the bosses to raise all wages below H to that sum, and above that sum asking an advance of ten per cent, leaving piece workers to-reg ulate their own prices in obedience to in structions, the resolutions and scale of prices had been sent to the bosses, but none of them bad returned an answer, although be under stood that Mr. Hall and Mr. Joyce had made an advance of ten per cent, npon former prices. Mr. Clark said that if the bosses did not com ply with the provisions of the resolution the members could act for themselves and demand a compliance with the same. He suggested the adoption of a more explicit resolution. Mr. Brooke accordingly presented the fol lowing, which was adopted unanimously and without discussion: Whereas the employers have taken no notice of oar communication of the aoth of 4lurl11x1 regard to an increase ot wages of ten per oent, Ac.: Be it Resolved, That this Assoclation'be instructed to notify each employer that the hands in each shop will make the demand from the first of May. Accompanying this will beacopy of the aforesaid resolution. The members were then instructed that in case of any boss falling to comply with the t provisions of the above resolution the men em. p*oy?d lu such shop shall Instantly was# work. Several am?Ddm?*nts to the c institution an<l by-laws were offered, but without action the meeting adjourned. Li?nsv of a Hon?c Asn Bcoor.?AKoe* "oVlcck lust evening, Major James a. Hall, of the Mcine Light Artillery, cotnmaDdioi; Camp Barry, lett Ms horse and buggy ti'-d la a ptsr at the cori er of ij?n and K streets, and on c< mine out ol tbe bous* nbout halt nn honr af ter wirds it wa?gone. V. Hall immediately If It word nt tbe Sjrond ward *'-uion. and as officers Barkely and Hawes were going from ibe station about 3 o'clock this morula* Hire ?saw two jif rsons driving a buggy in*o the lum ber yard of J. B. Ward, at the corner of 18th street and tbe canal. Their suspicions w*t4 at once around, and they w nt inro the yard, where tbey fottiid tbat the paiUea bad tied the horse and left, but tbe officers bid b'hind a pile of lumber to watch for whoever should como after it. In a few minutes a colored man named Elijah Robiuson came up,and was urv h itcbicg the horse, when officer Bark ley caught him, and asked him wAat be was doing with it, wheu be replied tbat a man across the sireet bad s^nt bim for it. Tbe officer started across wi h the prisoner, but tbe litter broke away, and ran through the yard And across tbe canal, jumping in and wadinir. Both officers entered into tbe cbnte, and after considerable dodging tbe prisoner was grabbed by officer SulUvtu, who bad been called by the other officer*. Luring tbe cbase officers Barkley and Howes flrrd several shots at bim, and when tbe pri soner wao taken to tbe station it was found mat he bad three wounds?one in tbe right shoul der, one on the right side, and one back of hi* head?but cfficera Newman and Joyce, wtij were called in this morning, pronounce them not of a serious character. There were two bnrnmers in tbe yard at the time, wbo state ibat the buggy was driven twloe into tbe yard by two men. Tbia moruing, tbe case was beard by Justice Clayton, who committed Robinson to jail for conrt. Divorce Case.?Yesterday, Judge Otln, fit ting in equity, made a decree divorcing Anna E. Lnsby from tbe bonds of matrimony with Charles E Lnsby. The decree gives tbe ens tcdy of tbe infant of tbe marriage to the mother, and decrees tbat the respondent shall pay for i*s support. Tbe petition filed on the 4th of April set* forth tbat tbe parties were married oo tbe loth of Jnutinry, t'a02;tbat (be Issue of said marrlaga is one child: tbat nbout three months after said marriage tbe respondent deserted her, and has failed to contribute to her support; and also charges tbat be has been guilty of adulterous acts with lewd women. The answer of the respondent was filed April *2?tb, and be admits the marriage as charged, and also tbat the child is his; but says tbat the marriage was hastily contracted, and tbat be tanrot live bap) i'y with the petitioner. As ?* tbe charge of adultery, whil? be admits that In company with other men be baa been in the society of lewd women, be asserts that he is not to"be blamed therefor more than other meu similarly situated, and requires strict proof of such adulterous acts. The testimony ta?o?n before Commissioner Brcwn was to tbe effect tbat tbe respondent visited houses of ill repute, and appeared to be on good terms with the inmates, but it waa not proved that he bad committed adultery. Mr. Joseph H. Bradley, jr., appeared for the petitioner, and Mr. W. T. Fendall for the re spondent. Badlt Bf.ateit.?On Tuesday night, Mich 1 Bnri s, a gardener, who resides near O street Foutb and Uth east, went to the ninth precinct and stated that he had a difficulty with a man who attempted to go into his wife's room, and beat bim with tbe butt of a gun, but did not know whether he had killed him or not. Of ficer Duvnll locked Burns In one of th? cells, and in company with officers Harrison and Walling went to Burns' bona*, where they found the man, who proved to be a soldier i arced JoiA Johnson, belonging to the 69U? company of the 2d battalion, Invalid Corps, stationed at Lincoln Hospital. When found he was lying In a pool of blood perfectly sense less, and had one eye en*lrely closed, with a cut on the bead. Tbe officers removed hina to the station, when he was made as comfort able as possible, and this morning, although very weak lrom the loss of blood, he is able to converse a little. He states tbat Burns as saulted him as he was passing the house with out any provocation. Burns escaped during the night by knocking off a board of the cell. He is rather a desperate character, and a few weks since attacked his wife with a pitchfork, whereupon his son knocked him down. A. warrant was issued against him for this of fence, but the wife did not prosecute the oase. Arrk?t of De^ebtbrs.?Tuesday night of ficers Pierce and Sprague arrested in two houses on Massachusetts avenue, near Fourtto street east, privates Charles Wilson, alias Rich and George M. Smith alias Slat*, who are now enlisted in Baker's Cavalry, having de serted from the First Rhode Island battery. One of them deserted previously frem the Navy They were both delivered to the mili tary. OFF1C 1 Al<* IH-inifrtals i?r the week ending April 30, 15*64. Major Darins Titus, 12th Pennsylvania cav alry, to date April 25, 1661, for neglect of duty, violation of paragraphs 27 ana 249, Revised Army Regulations, conduct unbecoming an officer and gentleman, and conduct prejudicial to good order and military discipline. Chaplain A. J.Lyda, 3d Virginia mounted infantry, to date April 29, 1861, lor violation of the 57th Article of War. First Lieutenant W. M. Kern, 41st Pennsyl vania volunteers, (12th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps) to date April 2S, its6l, for being In the city of Washington without authority, and failing to report at headquarters military dis trict of Washington as ordered. First Lieutenant S. L. Tiller, 3d Tennessee cavalry, and Second Lieutenant David Wittey Oth Kentucky volunteers, to date April 27, 1861, for habitual drnnkenness. Second Lieutenant M. H. Mar<fney, 16th New York cavalry, to date April 23, 1P61, for con duct unbecoming an officer and gentleman. Dismissals Revoked. The oiders of dismissal in the following cases have been revoked : Colonel John P. Post, rth Illinois volunteers, and he lias been discharged upon tender, of resignation, as of the date of the order of dis missal. Surgeon II. Tammage, 31th Kentccky volun teers, he having been previously acquitted on tbe charge on which he was dismissed by a military comtniseion. Captain Jacob Bierer, llth Pennsylvania volunteers, and he has been honorably dis ci arged, to date April 2,1861. Captain John W. Hopkins, G3d Illinois vol unteers, he having been previously honorably discharged. The order of dismissal in the case of Ooiontl Ambrose A. Lechler, 176th Pennsylvania vol unteers, has been so amended as to honorably discharge him as of tbe date of tbe muster OBt of the regiment. Restored te Commission. Tbe following officers, heretofore dismissed, are restored, provided the vacancies have not been filled by the Governors of their respective States: lieutenant Colonel George H. Bowman, lWd Ohio volunteers. Captain Daniel Oillett, 120th New York vol unteers. First Lieutenant Samuel E. Beers, 10th Penn sylvania cavalry. ^ First Lieutenant Jolm Connor, 69th Penn sylvania volunteers, with pay from the date at which he rejoins his regiment for dnty. Lieutenant Joseph Lldick, 06th Illinois vol unteers, with pay from the date at which he rejoins his regiment for duty. E. D. TowirsnHD, Assistant Adjutant General. PICTURE CORD ANDTASSBLS. 486 Different sites and color# Picture. Cord and Tas sels, Rings, Nai! krv? *?fi7th street. Eight doors above Odd Fello*vgh Torws ca*h" *? ???** 486 WINDOW SHADES. 4$() Different colors and sices Window Shades in store. Any required style or size Shade made to order, at f. MARKRITERT?, 486 7th street, oraor, ? E|(ht door# Wd F,11owb, Terms cf?sh. ap39-Unif? ^ CARTE DE VI8ITE FRAME* ^ French Oilt, Swiss Carved Wood, *?<? Amorisan Composition Card Frames, ). M ABKRITEB*, 4?6 fth street, Bight doors above Odd fellows'Hall, Terms cash. ??If-lmif* | PICTURE COB Da* D TABS ELS, &e. Tbe largest snd handsomest wortBeti of PU tare Cord snd Tassels, Rings, Nails, he., In the District J?rt FM.1T* ?J . KTCerniseasb, a? 1-tail*

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