Newspaper of Evening Star, May 6, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 6, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. ' W. P. WALLifH, MUturt Prtyrltter. wabehotoi CITY: MAY 6, 1964* Sew York Steck List?First Beard. (By the People's Line ] U. 8. ooapoa 6'e, ISfcl, 113; U. S. 5-Ws, 10fi; Cwtifioeiee of Indebtedness, 86y Gold, 176 If. Y. Central, 130*; Erie, Hudson, 133?; Harlem. Site*; Keadtnr. 128*; Micb. Central, Miobigan Southern, wj^'j Illinois Cen tral, 121 ^Cleveland and Pittaourg, 101 : Ga fca? and Chicago, 115*; Cleveland and Toledo, lttjf: Chicago and Kock Island, 104#; Mil veaokie and Prairie dn Chien. 59; P.ttsbnrg, Port Wayne and Chicago, 103k; Alton and Ten a Haute, ; Chicago and Northwestern, ; Quicksilver, 65*. THE SITUATION. We have information that op to 7 p. m., of Wedaesdaj evening last, no firing was heard in the direction taken by onr Army of the Potomac the nigbt before, and we have reason to believe that it was definitely known to Oeaeral Grant that Lee had lelt his former poeitioitt before onr advance took place. That op to this honr it is not known here tag telegraph from Fortress Monroe that Lw has attacked or confronted Major Oeaeral "Baldy" Smith's force, strikes as as embracing substantial proof that Grant's pursuit commenced very shortly after Lee's movement?so soon after, as that if he did move against onr troops on the penin sula, he conld hardly open upon them before Urutcan attack his rear. But every succeed iag hour of the absence of Intelligence of a battle in that quarter strengthens the probabil ity that Lee's movement was simply a retreat to get behind the Richmond fortifications; as by this time Grant, if not seriously opposed, could have marched to within thirty or forty miles, at most, of the Rebel Capital, or to within supporting distance of where General Smith's army must be by this time, unless its advance has been de layed by the appearance of Lee in his front; ia which caee Grant's route to his support woald be shorter than if his advance had been unoppoeed. Twenty-four hours at most must, however, solve all the so interesting questions as to what has happened in that quarter up to this time. We have no fear of the success ot any possi ble *ffort of Lee to attack and defeat General Smith's force before it can be amply sustained by the main army under Grant, as we know many facts going to show that among General Grant's purposes is surely that of goarding against any disaster to Smith's army ttmt might oihtrwiae result from Lee's movement. INCIDENTS OP THE RAID ON THE RAIL ROAD. Araoog the captures made by the rebel guer rilla* is their last raid upon the Baltimore and Ghio Railroad at Piedmont, yesterday morn ing, was the capture of Mr. Wads worth, an opposition member of Congress from Kentucky who was held for some three hours and then let go, in (to Mr. W.) blissful ignorance of the value ot their prize. We bear also that a hun dred soldiers of onr Veteran Reserve or Invalid Corp* were taken on the same train with their arrra ia their hands but without a single cart ridge in gun or cartouche box?for which the officer in command of themBhould be instantly dismissed the service. This capturing par ty of rebels was but thirty strong and they had cartridges in abundance. The passengers on the train were summarily plundered of watches, money, Ac., of course. 8ENTENCE SUSPENDED. By direction of the President of the United States the execution of the death sentence (which was to have been carried into effect to day) of Privates Thomas Cusic, Co. D, and Jamee Gray, Co. A, 15th New York Engineers, now In confinement at the Central Guardhouse in this city has been suspended until further ordeee. ?THE REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING of the JOURNEYMEN HOUSE PAINTERS jToTGLAZIERS ASSOCIATION will be held at Temperance Hail FRIDAY EVENING. Mayrtth. By order : P. W. HICKEY, President. C. H. WEST, Secretary. It* SUNDAY p. M., At 3 o'clock, at Smeed's LK^J Hall, 4M 9th street, Mrs. L. Smith will sold a circle that spirit friends can manifest themselves te mortals. Mrs. Smith will describe then and give names if possible. Admission 25 c<?itg. my 6-2t* MASONIC HALL ASSOCIATION-The U*3 Corporator* of the Maconic Hall Associa tion of Washington city are hereby notified to at the counting room of Messrs, McGuire A Fisher at S o'clock p. m. of SATURDAY, May 7. By order of the Association : may e-2t R. McMURDY. Secretary. ivy?THE LADIES' FAIR AT TRINITY HALL, Lk_3 on 5th street, between D and E. promises a grand buccchs. A good object, fine band of music, choic# refreshments and agreeable company all combine to render tbe entertainment pleasant and attractive. Open every night thin week until Sat urday. my 3-4t* FOUNDRY FAIR?The ladies of tho Foundry M. E. Oburch announce to the public that their Fair will be opened on WED NESDAY EVENING. May 4, in toe church build ing, corner of 14th and G sts. Theproceedsof this Fair ?ill be applied to the erection of the new FonndryChnrcn. Season tickets, admitting a lady and k< ntleman. $1: to be procured of the ladie> of U e CI arch. Single admission 15 cents. By order of the Association. icy 3-lw* A. O. R., 8ec'y. EDITOR STAR :?Please announce JODN U 8 H. PEAKE as a candidate for the Board of Aldermen for the.-ixth Ward *,> t> ?? UNCONDITIONAL UNION. ffg* MUNICIPAL TICKET?8IXTH WARD. Fob ALDifMis? JOHN H. PEAKE. For Common Coram.? ? ? ONALD McCATIIRAN. GEOKGE R RUFF, WILLIAM TALBERT. Election?First Monday in June. my tde ttr UNCONDITIONAL UNION TICKET. FIFTH WARD. For Mayor? HICHAK1' WALLACH. For Alukrv*-,? CHA9. I. CANFIELD. For Commo.n Coiscil? WM. P KERHUSON, JAMES B. I)AVI8, J. B WARD. For Abskssok? B. F. DYER. mayf-Sw* fy"s=- SIXTH WARD. U J JUrtK ULECTIOW. The unconditional Union voters of the Sixth Ward will support the following ticket at the June ?-lection: fun Matoh? RICHARD WALLACH. Fob Alobkmas? DON A l D McCATHRAN. Fob Common Coram? JOHN H. PEAKE, G>0 R. RUf-r. bit WILLIAM TALBF.RT. /v-jr-TBIRD WARD-JUNK ELECTION -The iL J unconditional Union voters of the Third W ard will rapport the following ticket at the ap proaching municipal election, vis: Fob Mavqr? KlCUARD WALLACH Fob Aidbkmak JOSEPH F. BROWN, Foa Commok CemciL? NOBLE D. LARNER. THOMAS A. BTEPHEN8, JOHN W. SIMS. Fob AB6BSSOB? ? JAMES F. McKKkN. ap B tf fy"s=?THIRD WARD?JUiVE ELECTION.?Thti lljf Biconditional Union voters of the Third wird will sapport the following ticket at the Jane ?lectio* : Poa MaTOB? RICHARD WALLACH. Poa AipaaMAa? ? ALEXANDER R. SHEPHERD, foa OoMMoa CoCHCIL? b D. LARNER, JOB W ANGUS, JOHN W. SIMS. ap g te o* ??""?????">">?? JOHN U. bEMMBS. rT?"IOB CREAM, OONFBCTIOIfiRY, fto. llj Receptions. Parties, Wedding*. Balls, Sap ?erg, Fair* and other entertainment* faraiaknd at ?feHwt notice and most reasonable terms, lee and Water Ic?s made by steaaa power, war ? t? be tbe beet la the eity, wholee*le and re Wl. delivered to any eart of tbe eity. Charlotte Basse Jellies Pyram:d? and WeddiagOabee made JMIPH 8HArgiiLJ>>8 Confection #f7,?(?*8Ut*?f..t>et.G aa4 U. Ml-Jn' OOHGBEHSlOriAU XXXVIIlTB 00NGJUC8S.-FIR8T 8R88I0B. Friday, May 6. Skhatb.?Mr. Foot, from the t'omiaittM on Per.sions, reported back the bill in relation to tbe compensation of Government pension agent*, witb amendments. Mr. Oowan, from the Committee on Patent#, called up the bill to amend tbe act of March 3, 1883, to promote tbe usefol arta. It extends tbe time Within wnicb patentees wbo bare neg lected it may pay the final balance fees to se cure tbeir patenta, for six months from and . after the passage of the act. Tbe bill was i parsed. On motion of Mr. Dixon, the bill "to amend | section 5 of an act entitled <an act to continue, I alter and amend tbe charter of the city of ! Washington,' approved Mav 17, 1648, and lur ! ther to preserve tbe purity of elections and ! guard against the abuse of tbe elective fran : chise by a registration of electors for the city i of Washington, D. O.," was taken up. He said that as tbe time for tbe municipal I election in this city was near at band tt was important that the bill should be acted on at once. He submitted an amendment as a new sec tion, providing that if the board ot registration, or any one or more of tbem, shall neclect or refuse to perform the duties required ?f them, tbe Supreme Court ot tbe District, on being in formed of the fact, shall appoint some other person or persons to perform all theduties and things required by the act, and said acts and tbings so done shall be valid the same as if done by said board. Tbe amendment was adopted. Mr. Cowan moved to insert the word "white" before " male citizen" in designating those who are to be voters. Mr. Sumner.?I hope not; I hope not, Mr. President. Mr. Cowan thought this amendment very proper, 'specially when we were making an experiment which now trembled in tbe bal ance, in behalf of a superior race. It was a great mistake to suppose the right to vote was an inherent right, as many seemed to do. It was a mere conventional right, and existed onlv where agreed upon. It was on the basis of wbite men that the experiment of Republican Government was set up in this country. Our white women are not given the right to vote, and it will hardly be claimed that rude, semi barbarous, uneducated negroes who have joat emerged from a degrading state of servitude, as is the case with tbe larger number in this city, are more capable of exercising that func tion tban the intelligent wbite woman. And then there are minors, say from 16 to 21 years of age, who are certainly more generally in telligent and capable of exercising tbe elective franchise tban these negroes, who are not al lowed to exercise political power as a class, and it is not to be doubted that tbe?e colored men would vote or be led to vote as such here, if given the power to do so. Mr. Sumner said that the colored voters in Boston did not do so. Mr Cowan taid thay were too few in num ber there in comparison with the other elec tors to he of any weight in an election, and therefore there was no motive for class action. But even in Boston negroes cannot vote unless they can read and write, so that if these negro?s were tr?rsported to Boston thev wonld not gencally be voters. In Pennsylvania negroes bao formerly voted; but th? moment they te ?ame l.orn- run* euoueh, by reason of the ac cession of fugitives from the border slave States, to h? felt at,d npprecia:ed in the commaniry, the people of the St*te almost unammousiv dectoed to exclude them from the priviles--? of electivefrarn bit-e. He thought his amendment shrtrlri < prevail. 1 Mr. I>oolittIe moved to postpone all prior orders, so as to consider two or three Iniiin bills. Mr Dixon hoped that wonld not be done. He bad alr?a<Jy said this bill was impjrtant in view of the coming election. Mr. Doolntle said be knew these Indian bills werp more important. Mr. Wil'ey hoped the bill wonld be post poned. There was no necessity for action on it Tbe motion to postpone was rejected, yea? 11, na\s2l. Mr. Willey then addressed the Senate at some lenetb in opposition to tbe bill, till thi close of the morning hour, when the national bank bill came up in order. Housb.?Mr. Dawes, from the Committee on Elections, reported a resolution declaring that F. P. Blair is not, and tbat Mr. Knox is enti tled to a seat in the House as a Representative from the First Congressional district of Mis souri. On motion of Mr. Farnsworth, it was Ketolved, That when the House adjourn to day, it adjourn till Monday. FOR SALE?A fine five-year old GREY SADDLE HORSE, Sound and perfectly gentle. Price fia). Inquire of 8. D. MARLOW, 324 Pa. ave nue. between 9th and 10th sis. my 6 lw FOR PALE?A complete set of SHEET IRON and TINMAN'8 TOOLS, in good order, cheap. Apply at 416 G street, corner of 9th. Can be seen at 3d Maine avenue, between and 6th streets. Island. my6 St* NOTICE. ERSON8 Wishing to have night-work done in the second precinct of the Fourth Ward,will please leave the number of their houses, with street, at the Scale House at the Center Market. my 6-3f L. 8IMMAKKR. CARRIAGES! CARRIAGES! CARRIAGES I On hand, a very fine lot of LIGHT CARRIAGES. consisting in part of RockawayH. Extension mid Half Tops. Boat and Skeleton WagouH, Buggies with and without tops, Ac Ac. Repairing promptly attended to. ROBT. H. GRAHAM, Coachmaker, my 6-3t_^ 374 P. and 477 Eighth street. HORSES FOR SALE.-Just arrived from West Virginia, ten Saddle and Harness HOB?E3, which will be *old at fair pric?a. Can be seen at CHAPIN A MATI<0CK'8 Stable, 4.">0 G, between 6tb and 7th sta. Lost, on the 2d or 3d instant, a pair large sue GOLD 8LKETE BCTTON8, one clasp repiired with silver. When lost ^as wrapped in a piece of newspaper. The tinder will receive a reward >?f #5 by having th?-m at 450 G, between 6th and 7th streets. my 6-3t* ANTED! Wanted?A steady Brut-class FRAME MAKER, One who can miter properly and make himself gen erally useful in putting up Picture Frames and Looking Glasses. None but a first-class steady mechanic need ap ply. To such liberal wage* will he paid. Apply to P. J. KELLEW A CO.. 510 7th street, 3 doors eoath of my 6-3t Odd Fellows'Hall. PROPOSALS FOR 4-4 FLOORING. Washi.notos, May 6, 1884. Written Proposals will be received at this office until MONDAY noon, the J<th instant for furnish ing, for tbe use of this Department, 22,310 feet, more or lens, of 4-4 Flooring, said Mooring to he of the be*t quality, and readv for delivery by Tuesday Morning, the H)th inst. It will he hauled from the wharf or lumber yard by (Sovernment teams. An oath of allegiance 6hould accompany each bid No verbal propositions will be entertained, but every hid or modification of the same, must he made in writing. Wood security will be required for the faitbtul fulfillment of any contract made under this advertisement. The flooring will he subjected to a rigid inspection, and payment will be made upon the acceptance and delivery of the whole amount. Proposals must be endorsed "Proposals for 4-1 Flooring,'1 and be addrenaed to ELI AS M. GREEN, Lieut. Colonel and Chief Quarterm<t*ter my 6 2id Department of Washington. CA JU8T RECEIVED? Oil ROLLS 4-4 White and Check CANTON MAT TINGS, firHt importation. Also, l.(k<) yards 4 4. 5 4, 6 4 and 8 4 FLOOR OIL CLOTHS of various qualities and patterns, BONT7. A GRIFFITH, my 4-fit 369 7th street, bet. 1 and K nts. SUFFICE EXTENSION U. 8. CAPITOL. Ac.. W Washington D. C. May 4.18)4. Sealed Proponals will be receivod at this office until SATURDAY, 14th inst.. at 1 p. in., for tbe delivery on tbe wharf at the foot of New Jersey avenue, of the following material, via: Six thousand (6,'0 1 bushels clean white sand. Two thousand (2/00) bushels clean sharp river sand. A sample of the quality required can be seen at this ? ffice. Proposals for each kind must be separate. The right i* reserved to reject any or all of the bids, should it be deemed to the interest of the Govern ment to do no. All bids must be plainly endorsed "Proposals for Sand," and addressed to CLEMENT L. WEST, myfi-td General Superintendent. ?THE I NDER8IGNED would call the attention I of these who wi h to buy PAVING 8T0NKS tbat they can be supplied by applying to B. R. BOHRXR. my 5-1 w* 191 High st? Georgetown, D. C. J?NCOURAGX HOME INDUSTRY! 8 . M . M E Y~E N B E R G , (Late 8. A W. Meysnberg,) 4t? Market f"Pare, bttween Seventh and Eightk its,, Under tbe Avenue House, nas now a very large stock of Home-made Girls' and Boys1 Suits, Blouses, Infanta' Clothe* of every description, handsomely embroidered and plain. Also, a large stock of Silk Mantillas. Pbawl*, Grwn?, Chemises, and a general stock of Dress Goods, Embroideries. Ac. I am also prepared to take orders for Brides' Clothes and Ladies' Linens, Embroidering,Stitch ing. Braiding. Ac. Only ladies will have charge of this department. One price will be a ked without deviation. Ev ery aitiele is marked with plain figures. 8. M. MEYENBERG, 4s Market Space, under Avenas Bouse, my 6-3t between 7*b and 8th sta. FIB SALE, (or will be exchanged for a larger driving horse.) a very fast pacing grey gy eagle ? Ol* t : has paced a mil* In 2.34; sold 1ZS only because he is too small for use ofowa er. Apply t* RICHARD WIL80N. Government Repair Shops, 21st street, between X and V, m* U. ?. I0-40 BONDS These Bonds are issued under the Act of Congress pf March 8th. IBH, which provide* that all Bonds issued under this Act ahall be EXEMPT FROM TAXATION bycr under any State er municipal authority. Subscription*! to these Bonds are re reived in DiltM States cotes or notes of Nat*?a*l Banks. They are TO BF. REDEEMED IN COIN, at the pleasure of the Government, at any period nit Us* than ten nor mart than forty years from their date, and until their redemption FIVE FER CENT. INTEREST WILL BE PAID IN COIN, on Bonds of not over ?ne hundred dollars annually and on all other Bonds semi annually. The in terest is payable on the first lays of March September in each year. Registered Bonds are recorded on the Books of the United States Treasurer, and can be trans ferred only on the owner's order. Coupon Bonds are payable to bearer, and are more convenient for Commercial uses. Subscribers to this loan will hare the option of having their Bonds draw interest from March l*t, by paying the accrued interest in coin?(or in Uni ted States notes, or the notes of National Banks, adding fifty per cent, for premium,) or receive them drawing interest from the date of subscrip tion and deposit. As these Bonds are exempt from municipal or State taxation, their value is increased from one to three per cent, per annum, according to the rate of tax levies in various parts of the country. At the present rate of premium on gold they p*7 over eight per cent, interest in currency, and are of equal convenience as a permanent or temporary investment. It is believed that no securities offer so great inducements to lenders as the various descrip tions of U.S. Bonds. In all other forms of in debtedness, the faith or ability of private parties or stock companies or separate communities only is pledged for payment, while for the debts of the United States the whole property of the country is holden to secure the payment of both principal and interest in coin. These Bonds may be subscribed for in sums from up to any magnitude, on the same terms, and are thus made equally available to the smallest lender and the largest capitalist. They can be converted into money at any moment, and the holder * 111 have the benefit of the interest The fact that all duties on imports are payable in specie furnishes a fund for like payment of in terest on all Government Bonds largely in excess of the wants of the treasury for this purple. Instructions to the National Banks acting as loan agents were not issued from the United States Treasury until March 23. but in the first three weeks of April the subscriptions have averaged more than TEN MILLIONS A WEEK. Subscriptions will be received by the Treasurer if ihe Uni ed State/ at Washington, and the /Ijji'h mi Trtosurtrs at New Tork, liocton, and Philadel phia, and by the FIR?T NATIONAL BANK OF WASHINGTON, FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BALTIMORE, FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF PHILADELPHIA, u>d by all National Banks which are depositaries of public money. All respectable banks and bank ers throughout the country will furnish further information on application, and afford every fa cility to subscribers. up 23-1 w WAMT&. ANTED ? Two GIRLS, one to do chamber ' ? work and assist in dining room, and one to :vauh and iron. Apply at iitit F street, between I3tb_and 14th sts. myt>-3t* WANTED?At the Avenue Houhc, fooh and Vegetable Cook, 1 wash woman, cnamber naid and a few first-rate dining room servauts. my 6-3t* H. I KING. WANTED?By a respectable young girl, a SIT UATION to do chamber work and to wash tnd iron ia a small family. No. 99 K street, be ween 21st and 22d streets. It* A GIRL" WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM fX bermaid or nurse. Inquire at No. 94 2.>th itreet, between I and K. Good references given. my 6-lt? WANTED?A half grown GIRL, to attend to a child one year old. Good references re inired. Apply immediately at FRANKLIN 3, Vi44 t?a. avenue, between 12th and Hth sts. my g 2t* years of age. a SITUATION as salesman or otherwise. Can some recommended from last employer. Address 'M. H.," Box 31. Star Office. my ?>-4t* ANTED?To buy or rent from 3 to Ui acres of ?? LAND, with or withont improvements, in .he District, or in its immediate vicinity. Address ' Cash." Georgetown Post Offico. my 6-,'tt* ANTED?By a gentleman and wife, a ROOM, with Board, in Washington, either with a private family or in a boarding-house. A fur nished or unfurnished room will do. Terms mod :rate. Add res* Box II, Star Office. my 6 2t* CMRL8 WANTED.?Fifteen or twenty Girls I wanted, to wash and iron, at the new City Laundry Co.. on 14th street, near C. Apply imme liately. Largo wage" paid. my ?i-3t* E HOTCHKISS. Jr., Manager. ANTED?Two good bread BAKER8. Apply at the Star Offi<-e. my 5-3t* WANTEB immediately, at 47? 12th street, be tween F and G, a good COOK. WASHER and 1RONER. Must come well recommended my5-3t WANTED?BOARD for a little boy 0 years old. in a respectable private family. Inquire at No. 480 13th st. between I) and C. mv 5-3t* DRUG CLERK WANTED?One that thoroughly understands the prescription business. Re ference required. Address Box 14, Star Office. my .V3t? H ANTED?To liuy a HOUSE, frame or brick, with 6 or 8 rooms, between 9th and 15th and D and I streets. Address A.N .Star Office, xtating locality and terms. my 5-3t* WANTED?By an American lady, WRITING TO IK), or to attend confectionery or dry goods store. Responsible reference given. Address " P. A ," StarOfflce. niy 5-3t* WANTED~IMMEDI ATELY?A healthy white WET NUKiJK, with afresh breast of milk, to nurse a child six months old. None but a healthy w? man need apply. Call at No. 4*3 west 14th street, between Cand D. niy6-3t* ANTED?A~WUITE NURSE to take charge of two children, aged four and two years. She must thoroughly understand her business, and be veryneat in her person. Apply at 349 19thstreet, between I and K. my 5-St* ANTED?A first class COOK. WASHER and 1RONER. Best city references must b? given. None others need apply. Apply at No. 185 U street, first house above 19th street. The beat wages will be given. my5-3t* BONUh.?Wauted to rent a HOUSE, un furnished, with from 6 to 10 rooms, be tween Pennsylvania aveuue and M street and 2d street and 13th street north. Address Box 431 City Post Office. my 5-St* WANTED?A middle aged American WOMAN to act as housekeeper. One who has had experience, and who is willing to make herself generally useful in a house, may apply at the southwest corner C and 3d street. Reference re quired. my 6-2t I EMPLOYMENT FOR ALL!?How to m-,k- Money! -J Starthnu Secrets Revealed .'?Any person enclos ing '.15 cents to the undersigned will reeeive by re turn mail a book containing more than a hundred most valuable secrets. J AS. EVERMORE, my 6-3t* Baltimore. Md. ANTED?A BREAD BAKER, second hand. Inquire at 499 Utli street. my 4-3t* W w $50 vv WJ ANTED?A white WOMAN to cook and assist I* in washing and ironing. Apply at 459 6th street, between D and E. my 4-3t* ANTED-Four DINING ROOM SERVANTS, and one W WOMAN. At the SIMPSON BOUSE, at the corner of 10th street aud avenue. my4-3t* WANTED?An unfurnished nOUSE in George town, on ?-r near the Heights. Small house preferred. Rent not to exceed f'H>0; if the house s large, rent not to exceed $1,140. Address "B.,M Lock Box A 34. Washington. my 4 3t" "ANTED IMMEDIATELY?One white~W0 MAN as cook, and three white Women for all work. M*??t brin* good references. Call at the office of the New York Hotel, 7th street, near B. my4-3t* WANTED-A competent.COLLECTOR with a knowledge of book-keeping. Must be ac quainted with the city, and give undoubted refer ence as to honesty and sobriety. Address Box 16 Star Office. ap 29-6t IV ANTED- A COOK, who understands her husl v v ness thoroughly?white or colored?to cook for a gentleman s tamily in the country. To a well qualified woman, who will render satisfaction, 5ood wages ai d an excellent home will be given, ipply at the Star Office. my 4-St WANTED-Two first class HOUSE PAINTERS. Steady work at $3 per day. None but good bands need apply. JOHN T. ANGEL, my 3-ftt* 564 7th St., op Centre Market. W"TlW FLUTING! WANTBD, Every lady in the District to know that I have, at considerable expense, had built a very elegant machine for Fluting or Crimping Dresses, ito. Dressmakers and others can have any kind of goods Crimped at short notice. in as good style, and as cheap as in any "therclty. Ladies, remember thia is the only machine in town, and done at the only place to get siaitptng done. 381 F street, eapo site Patent Office, Stamping and Machine Stitch ing Dep<t. my 3 WAN TED-SECOND-HAND FURNITURE Also. Mirrors. Carpets. Beds. Redding and Hoasefurnlahing Good* of every description. I. BUCHLY 4t*7U?sW. ?Aan-C fctt.G and B.vm* rife Stirring News from the Front! Movements of Lee and Grant! Baldy Smith on the south side of the James River! Petersburg and Fort Darling in danger. Butler's Army In Notion, aided by gnnboats. Conch and Sigel Moving towards Richmond from Winchester. Sherman's Army Moving South in three columns! Philadelphia, May 6 ?The World details the movement over the Bapidan, and says Lee's intention is to retreat to Richmond or to make a stand near Hanover C. H. Also, that Smith has landed on the south bank of the James river, and that Petersburg and Fort Darling are in danger. The Times reports the advance over the Rap idan. Lee is supposed to be retreating to Richmond. Butler's army is in motion aided by gnnboats. The column under Couch and Sigel is reported advancing from Winchester. Sherman's army is also moving South in three columns. A telegram from Grant says 48 hours would determine whether be was to have battle on the line of the Rapidan, or under the works around Richmond. LATER DOUBTFUL REPORT OF A DEFEAT BY BVRNSiDK. HE TP REPORTED TO HAVE BEEN REPULSED AT THOROUGHFARE GAP BY LONG STREET M ITH A LOSS OP 2,000. THE NEGRO TROOPS REPORTED TO HAVE STAMPEDED. THE WHOLE STORY DOUBTLESS A CANARD. New Yoek, Way 6.?The World has issued an extra containing a report that on Monday last Gen. Burns ides' advance was checked at Thoroughfare Gap by a rebel force under Long street. A battle is said to have occurred, re sulting in our defeat, with a loss of 2,000. The l epro troops are said to have been demoralized and threw down their arms and stampeded to the rear. The story is doubtless a canard. O'CLOCK p. M. Very Important from Bnrnside's Command. THE STORY OF HIS DEFEAT AT THOROUGH FARE GAP A CANARD. HIS CAVALRY ATTACK REBEL CAVALRY PASSING THROUGH THOROUGHFARE GAP AND DISPERSE THEM. CAPTURE OF IMPORTANT ORDERS FROM GEN LEEORDERINF IMBODEN AND THE REBEL CAVALRY IN THE VALLEY TO JOIN HIM INSTANTLY. Yesr?rday afternoon at 2 o'clock, information was received by Gen. Burnside that a large force of rebels was moving south by way of Thoroughfare Gap. This was communicated by signals, and Burnside at once started off a large force of cavalry, who came up with the enemy as they were passing through Tho roughfare trap-, and a volley from our men brought to the ground a lieutenant, (nam<? marked on his shirt Marchand,) who is supposed to have been an aid to ehher I^ee or Stuart, aa orders were found upon bis person signed by order of Gen. Lee, direct ing lmboden and his cavalry and all of the cavalry force in Northern Virginia to move at once and join Lee. These orders wore dated on the 4th Instant, and it is supposed that the cavalry retreating South was not only that of lmboden, but all the rebel cavalry in Northern Virginia, except probably a few guerrilla bands and marauders who could not in time receive the notice. Tbiu information shows that the statements, telegraphed from New York, of a defeat by Burnside at Thoroughfare Gap are without foundation. FROM DOWN RIVER. T1IE R1BELS SUOW THEMSELVES AT MAT THIAS POINT. THEY ARE SHELLED OFF. The Primrose of the Patomac Flotilla ar rived up this morning from the lower river, she reports that a few days ago a party of re bel cavalry were seen near Matthias Point, when the Primrose and Teaser opened on tbem with tbell, causing them to take shelter behind the walls of an old Dnildingtrom whence they were driven; one of the shells of the former knocttirg down the wall, and they, made off in double quick. LOOAL NEWS. THE DEATH OF MAGGIE DUVALL. The Additional Testimony at the Coroner's laqaest. A New Tarn in the Case. Verdict of the J ry that She Died treat Natural law a. Yfsterday afternoon, after our report of tha testimony before the coroner's inqneat closed Col. L. C. Baker. pro*os?. marshal of the War Department, was sworn and examined, and testified that he has been for some time, by order of the Secietariesot War and Treasury, investigating certain charges of Immoral prae tioes against employes of the Treasury and the girls at work there, and while pursuing these investigations he had occasion to summon many females, and among them was Miss Ad elaide Thompson, who a month ago informed Witness that Bliss Maggie Dnvall wassick the result of an endeavor to procure an abor tion. A week a to witness received a note .rom Judge Lewi*, stating that be understood the?e were stories afloat of his son having sedaced a %oung woman. Judge Lewis said he had also received an anonymous note eoatainiag the same information, and a*k*d witness if be knew anyhtag of the charges. Witness told the Judge all be knew of the cue, and Jndge L raid be did not know where bis son was, end aeherf witness if be kaew. Witness told him toe was in Cincinnati: aad farther told the Jodie thai be (wt'neaa) ban maple proof ot his eon'a gu*S there was abnndaat evidence to pr< re al I these statements. Miss Thompson made her statement some weeks ago, aad "ti ter* d uoto minute details, and stated also that Ella Jackson and Lewn each bad gives Mm gl? tlO to go lo Philadelphia. During the la. veetigation In the Treasury, witness obtained possession of Ella Jackaon's diary, evidently carefully kept tor yean, and on certain daya the nam* of Maggie Do vail is mentioned, and atone place the diaryaara"Maggie baa gone to Philadrlpbia; If ehe die* what will become of m*V' and sentences of a similar character often appear In the diary; suchoeniences for inatanoe as that "Maggie Is sick and must take medi cine;' "Maggie was not to see me this morn ing, I fear her medicine has done her harm," and many sent? noes of simil&r import. Uol. Baker said he bad had the diary, but it was now before the Congressional committee in vestigating these charges. It was Miss Thomp son wbo first gave witness the information as to Maggie Duvall'* condition. Mist Thompson here stated that she did not believe that Miss Maggie was ever guilty of connection with any one bot Mr. Lewis. Maggie always said she was mnch attached to the latter. Col. Baker then continued, and stated that the first time he had investigated the case, and when he arrested Ella Jackson, be asked the latter about Maggie, and if she (Ella) did not knew that an attempt bad been made to pro cure an abortion, and Ella acknowledged that sbe did know the fact, and that she did not know the administration of the medicine would affect Maggie. Dr. Burrows here remarked be conld not see how an attempt to prodnoe an abortion conld possibly induce a pulmonary disease. Mist Fannie Chapman, sworn.?Testified that Ella Jackson told her she had some medi cine for Maggie Duvall to take; to produce an abortion. This was about the first of March last, and Ella said sbe kept the medicine at her bouse for fear Maggie's father would And it out and get hold of the medicine, y.n^ told witness the medicine had no effect and that Msggie was going to Philadelphia to see Lewis relative to an abortion. Maggie went to Phila delphia and the doctor did not produce an abortion but gave her medicine to take. Ella Jackson and witness called to see Maggie while the latter was sick in March last and after Miss Jackson had bad some conversation with Maggie, they left, aad Miss Jackson told wit ness that Maggie said the doctor did not know what was the matter with her, but was doctor ing her for typhoid fever. Witness understood that the doctor had been deceived by Maggie Duvall, and Miss Jackson further said she feared the effect of the medicine Maggie Mi taken. Witness always understood from Ella Jackson that it was Lewis who bought the medicine which was intended for Maggie Miss Thompson recalled?Testified that one morning Maggie came to Ella Jackson's room and asked about Mr. Williams, and stated that Williams asked her (Maggie) to marry him. Ella said, "Well, why did you not do it J" and Maggie replied, "My God, how could I in the condition I am in!" Col. Baker hete stated that this man Williams was frequently mentioned during other inves tigations. Miss Thompson continued, and said Ella Jack son told her the child had not passed away lrom Maggie Duvall. Witness recollects dis tinctly that Maggie went to Philadelphia, and recollects also Maggie told her (witness) that the had never had a day's sickness until she took ihe medicine prescribed by Lewis. Thaddeus C. Spurgim, (a printer,) testified that he resided at 276 Pennsylvania avenue, 8Dd knew Ella Jackson. The latter part ol Inst January witness overheard a conversa tion between Ella Jackson and Miss Thomp son to the effect that Maggie Dnvall was with child, and that Ella Jackson was going to steam l?r, (Maggie.) Subsequently witness understood Maggie went to Philadelphia to hH ve some sort ol an operation performed, an d Maggie then appeared sick, and Ella .laeksoa t-aid ehe was sorry she had had anything to do with the case. Witness has seen Miss Duvatl with Miss Jackson, but bad never seen Lewis there, although he had heard that Lewis fre quented the house. The above testimony was what was elicited up to 4 o'clock p. ro., and the jury, not being satisfied as to the cause of death?there being an apparent conflict between the testimony of Dr. Burrows and the witnesses?discussed the propriety of holding a post mortem examina tion, and Dr. Burrows, at the reqne?t of the jury, gave his opinion as to tbe ma-ter. Dr. B. stated positively that he did not believe Miss Duvall died of any other disease than pleuro pneumonia, or some disease of the lunge, and ne did not think au examination could possibly develop anv other fact. There was no medi cine that could be administered to prodncean abortion that conld posribly bring on a violent and acute pulmonary disease. After further consideration of the subject, the jury decided to have other physicians for con sultation with Dr. Burrows, and Dr*. R. K Stone, W. J. C. Duhamel and J. W. Herbert were called in. It was tbe opinion of Dr. Stone and others that no satisfactory conclusion as to the cause of death could be arrived at except by an autopsy; as all other testimony would be merely suppo. sition, founded upon outward evidence, while an examination would give positive evidence; and it was therefore determined to have the operation performed. Some members of the family strongly objected?not, they said, that they tbongbt an examination would develop any guilt on the part ol deceased?but they did not wish to have the body so desecrated. The scene for a few moments was very painful, and the jury, could they have arrived at any defi nite conclusion otherwise, would doubtless have been glad to avoid making a post mor tem, out of respect to the feelings ?f the members of the family, nearly all of whom came rushing into the room where the body lay, as soon as the news of the intended operation was communicated to tbem. Mrs. Robinson (sister of the deceased) threw herself frantically upon the coffin and called upon her sister to rise up and give the lie to the dishonor imputed to her. Efforts were made to take Mrs. R. from the room, bnt she insisted that the post mortem examination conld not be "up j that her sister had never been guilty of acrim i' al act, and that she did not wiBb to have the body desecrated by all present looking upon it. The effort to remove her from the room was flrally accomplished by force, Mrs. Robinson offering much resistance, but Dr. Stone s an nouncement to her that the examination wonld fully prove the innocence or guilt of deceased, and that the jury wonld leave the whole mat. u?r of the examination to the physicians and not look upon the body themselves, made her and other members of the family somewhat more willing to the operation performed The jury then retired outside of the house to await the call of tbe coroner after the phvsi clans had completed their examination. The jury were recalled about 6 o'clock, and the testimony of the physicians was t iken in detail. Dr. Stmt was first sworn, and testified that this lady had been carefully examined. They found much external emaciation, showing ihe existence an acute disease, and upon using the knife the right lnng was found to be com pletely diseased; and there was a difficult)- to separate it from the cavity of the chest even with tbe knife; and after much exertion only a part of it was taken away. Witness never saw inflammation more intense, and deceased had evidently labored nnder consumption and it bad turned to pleuro pneumonia. The left lung showed slight inflammation, but the right lung was totally diseased; and the wit ness believed that death was caused by this affection ol the lunge. No medicine taken to produce an abortion could poasiblv have caused this inflammation and disease. The womb of deceased was carefully examined, and there was no evidence of pregnancy what ever. The uterus had not at all the appearance ol ever having been occupied by any extrane ous liquid. In answer to a question by a jnror. Dr. Stone stated that if the deceased had ever been pregnant, and an attempt had been made to produce an abortion, there would be some evi dence of tbe fact. He did not oelieve sucn bad ever been the case. Certainly no attentat had ever been made with an instrument, lor the parts would show some evidence of lascera. tion if that had been the case. * Dr. Stone was here informed as to the testi mony given, that deceased had supposed her self to be pregnant and bad taken medicines ro hide tbe fact; and in answer to a question the doctor stated, that he could not well foil whether or not sbe had at past urn" b!?J connection wi?h men; and if ehe h;id ha1. anl her menstrual flux had been s?opp?d *???; mav have imagined herself pregnant, aM ? >:> <? medicines as assented. Hut their was reallv no evidence to indicate 'hat ehe could at any time have had cause for being alarmed. Dr. Duhamel corroborated Dr. Stone, as t0 the state of the longs of deceased, and explained that mnch difficulty wsf experienced in rais ing the ritht lung. He farther stated that the wembappeared to be that of a virgin, ani the interus bad tl e softness, whiteness, and clean liness only found about a womb loto which extraneous matter had never been deposited Dr. Herbert corroborated both of the above statements, and finally? Dr. Burrows test! fled that his statement at the beginning of the examination as to the cause of the death of the deceased had beea fully corroborated by the p?t a >rtem exami nation, aad bo tbongbt the character of tbe d*. ceased as to ebaatity had been fally vindicated by tbe examination. Dr Stone was again questioned aad described the effect of pregnancy upon a womb, iad tes tified that tbe womb of deceased had net tbe least evidence of ever having bee* iairecai ted as the month of the slerw aad a roaad and small appearance, while e state of pregnane* and the passage of anything from it wnald have iot only enlarged it bntgivea it a some what different shape. Tbe tes'imooy hero closed and the jury re tired for eonrultitlon, and about 6 o'clock re tnrnod a verdict as follows: TRl VB8DICT. The jury find that the said Marearet A.a a Duvall died about i. o'clock ou the hotaiii of May 4th, l?M, that the inquest was c:d?n4 en account of various reports affecting the char, acter ot dtotutd and the manner of kardMtt; and after patient bearing of the testimony and a thorough investigation of the facta, aad after a poet morte? examination by Drs. Stone, Dv baiDd, Herbert aad Borrow*, we do flat the caaee of bar death to bare beea the dlwiM known as pUvro pntvm>mia, the appearance of the lunge indicating a long existence of the disease. And we do further find that daoeaood was 21 years of ace, aad unmarried, aad thai she bad no property, being dependent upon her father and her own labors for support. The Caee ef Miss Ella F? Jucksen. This young woman who was up before Jas ties Clayton yesterday, on charge of complicity with Lewis in malpractice on Maggie Du vail, and who was required by Justice O., to give bail in *1,()00 for her appearance to-morrow afternoon, failed to procure the required bail and was locked up'ror the night in a private room at tbe Mitchell House. JSbe was bailed to-day by C. W. Mitchell. Tbe rooms276 Pennsylania avenue, occupied by her and where the alleged visits of Maggie imvall were made, are on the north side of Pennsylvania avenue, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets. She is very respectfully connected in Baltic more, has appeared on tbe stage in Baltimore, and in this city, and was engaged to appear in the If triad Queen to be brought out at Ford's Theater, on Monday night uext. Her friends express a belief in her entire innocence of tbe charges against her. In consequence of tbe turn given to the affair by tbe medical testimony b? ore the coro ier's inquest, ana the \erautof the jury rendered thereform, the case is still further involved ia mystery. The case altogether promises to be one of the celebrated ones of history. A Card freas Miss Ada Theaipsea. B1IB IS HOT THAT MIT OF A WOM AX. We have received the following: Editor Star: In yonr report (published In the third edition of last evening's Star) you make a Blight mistake, which 1 hope you will do me tbe justice to correct. You state that I was employed in the Currency Bureau of the Treas ury Department with Miss Jackson. I am bappy to beable to say that I am not, aad never have been, employed ia thsTreasury, and was never inside ot the building but once. I was one of the first seven lad lee who were sent to this city by tae Chamber ot Commerce, in new York, to act a* nurses in our hospitals. 1 brought my credentials, endorsed by Alex. B. Mott, of that city. I am proud to say that I served my country in that capacity to the best of my poor ability until a severe fit of illness compelled me to abandon it; a fact which I be lieve tbe gentlemanly physician in charge of Kalorama Hospital will bear witness to. Since then 1 nave been employed at differsnt times in various capacities both bv the civil and military authorities; and there are gentle men of the highest respectability in nearly every department of the city who will testify that my veracity has never been impeached ia any assertions I have made or testimony I bare given Circumstances beyond my con trol have involved me in this unfortunate af fair of Miss Jackson's from my having rooms in tbe same bouse with her. If Id my testi timony yesterday I stated one circumstance which is untrue in tbesligb'est particular,she or her triends kuow where to obtain their re drees. There is a legal remedy for periury. I make thi& statement in consequence of see ing an assertion made by Miss Jackson that I had stated many thingB which were untrue. Adklazdb E. Thomfsos. The Ca?e of Young Lewis. In reference to the statement tnat Enoch L<ewis had left the city, some of his friends represent that he has not really been a resident ot the city since November, "having been in Arkansas a considerable portion of the time: nr.d though be bas paid occasional visits to W?shiigton, they allere that he has not been here lor tbe last month. The Funeral ef Maggie Da vail. Tbe funeral of Miss Duvall took plaoe this morning at ll o'clock, and the rem iins were taken to Olenwood Cemetery for interment. The corpee reposed in a rosewood coffin, mounted with silver handles and silver screws, and lined inside with white satin. Tbe shroud was of pure white material, and about the bead of deceased a wreath of white liowers had been placed by the hand of affection: and in her band, and lying upon her breast, was a beauti ful japonica. The funeral was largely attended by the friends and relatives of deceased. Pbrpbvxrancx Exams Horsa.?Workmen are busy to-day tearing off the roof the Perse verance Engine House, preparatory to the re moval of tbe entire building, in order to make room for the erection of the new Center Market House. \LTANTED IMMEDIATELY-Two WOMKN to ? v wash in the kitchen. Apply to T POTEN TIKP 879 Pa. ay- between l"th anil llth sts. ltr WANTED?A good DRESSMAKER to *ew a few weeks in a private family. Applr at 249 Pa. avenue, between 12th and 13th sts., south side. It* dressmaker, one or two FUR h ISHED ROOMS, on or near the avenue Address "K M." Post Office. it' SALE?A handsome second-hand JENNY r LIND ROCK A WAY and HARNESS will be sold a bargain. Apply at GEO. R. HALL'S Coaeh Factory, corner 13?? an'l D st6. nv6-3t' BOARDING.?Foursingle gentlemen ettn be tc commodaM with Board in a respectable fam ily at No. 5si Fa. avenue, corner Zii street. Term* fa per month. my 6-3t? 'OST?On Tuesday night, the 3d instant.a lady's SILK CLOAK; supposed to have been lost at JunneinauV Lager Be?r Brewery, Capitol Hill, f;, reward will be paid if left atJunneman's my6 2t* REWARD.-Stra.ed or stolen this morn < o'clock, ia Alexandria, a yel - low COW, with short horns and one hip down, and other a red spotted Cow, about 10 years old The finder will receive the above reward by bring ins them to Prince street between Washington and Pet streets, and ?50 will be given for the re covery of the thief. my6-St* JAMES CALLAN. I NOTICE. AM Now prepared to furnish tbe public with a pure article of SODA ?? ATKR. prepared with a new and complete apparatus, making pure soda free from all deleterious substances usually found in Soda made with cheap machines. Good Soda ia known b> its agreeable and pungent taste and klightly exhilarating qualities, which are striking ly exhibited in 8oda prepared with this apparatus Always on hand, fresh and well selected stock of Drugs, Chemicals. Trusses. Crutches and all arti cled usually found in a first-class 6tore. JOS. P. SCLLIV AN. Druggist, corner Mass. avenue. 4th and H streets. N. B.The trade having fountains can have them strongly charged at short notice and reasonable rates. lmy6 lw'j J. P. 8. THOU AB DOWLING Auct'r; Georgetown. TWO STORY FRAME "HOUSE AND LOT IN GEORGEIOHN AT AUCTION. On THUR8DAY AFT EHNOON, Mt.y I2tk, at ? O'clock, p ID , I will sell, in front of the premise* near the College gate, the ?g6t part cf Lot No rt. in *i hrecielo's addition to Georgetown. fronting 28 feet oi Second street, and improved bv a two story Frame House, subject to an undi? ded Sixth part. Title perfect. T<rmseaah. All centerancit g and siamea at the coat of th? ou'ebus**. n'v P-dAds THOMAS DOWLING. Anet 0Y J. i, AlcuUiRE ? 00., Auctioneers. L0'r ON NO*TH K HT..BETWEFN ITllUsT STREET EAST AND . ELAWAKE AVE Oi- TUESDAY AFTERNOON. May I\at6o'elk, on the premises we shall sell. Lot No ?, in Square No.716, Hunting 60 feet on north K street, between r irst ?tieeteist and Delawareaveuae, aad ruauiag ba-k 100 feet ' ^ Term* : One third ea*h, the remainder in tit aad tine months, with inteiest, seoured by a deed of trust on the premise*. Conveyances at t*?e cost of the snrehaw. my-6 d t' ep.} J. C. McGU'BE A CO A nets. pY GREEN a WILLIAMS. Auctioneer!. TRU8TCE'S SALE OF TWO HANDSOME BUILD ibO^LOfS EAST Of THE CAPITOL AT AUC On FRIDAY, the instant, I shall sell, ia 'rontct tbe premises, at 6o'clock, p. in., by virtue <fsdfe t i ftrns*to the subscriber, b*trmg date ? he let day of July, i859. and r-corded In Liber* A 8 ,bo. Jri2 tolios, 397. and 992. one of tae land records for tbe couoty of Washiagt >n, in tbe District ot Columbia, the following ntmrd prupir y h jr g ana being in thecity of Washington. Dis ti ic atoiesaid vis: le e n mhored uinet?ea an'l twenty, la Square i n Wr? d < twf?n?v-nin? contain ing ove' nil ?? e n thf ncan1 are e?t nf aroand ? l s p op r> ir utaour hund-*? tweatv-e e 2 ??* inches ?.n north f b twee i Thitteeu h *n? Ft uit. e> th s heets east, no r ?<??? aadav Teimt ef e*le: One-fourth cash; ?h? aJaaoe'ia I 13, end to nths, the porch s. r t gi?e ootei for t e ot-ferred paym<-nt-, b*ar ng inte est from tbe day ot sale A deed g.veu and a deed of t.-n* taken. 411 conveyancing at the enstof the purchaser. If the t*ru,* are not eomdid in Bvedays the Tens ?e reSTvette rigt' to r? ae'l the propirtr, at the-is* a drostof *>>e first jur ftwter. bv ad vertising the ssme ?bre tl esin th? National In tel i(Si>cir, ROBERT RI^KRfTS.Trustee. -,t GEEEN ? W'l.t 'AM* \n-'? Ball a eaton, RAAL ESTATE BROKER-, Coaaaa or Ssveava aid W SntaaTs, n FEDERAL BLOCK, WltJ sell? A number of good * ABM8. of from 80 te SOD i near WaahingV-a, A number of valuable Y AO ANT LOTS, A nenberer HOUSES and LOTS, , K sw want to renl^ a number of800818, Want two ei*eeeof LAKE,of 10aad acres, \ In 9 a lls* of tbe city. Want two goad BRICK HOUPES worth H-?"> eaeb. Fall b eaton, n?Mt* In) Matt Erekees

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