Newspaper of Evening Star, May 7, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 7, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAB. W. D. VFAIXACH, Ed iter aad Frepneter. WASHUBTOTOV CITY: MATUBPAT MAY 7, 1964. extra: Stirring News from the Front! Fighting Going On near the Wil derness* lee's Whole Army In Front of Meade* We Capture 300 Prisoners and Lose Two Guns. A Desperate Battle in Progress. Ksw York, May 7.?A special dispatch to tfce New York Tribune from Union Mills, eays: Wednesday night Warren's headquar> ters was at the Wilderness; Sedgwick on bis right. T he general headquarters were at Qer* mania Ford. Thursday morning the rebels pressed on the pickets, and appeared in strong force on our right. The 5th New York cavalry, on Orange Gourt ]ton?e road, near Per kin's Tavern, waa-driven ill with severe loss, leaving their wounded on die iieid. Griffith's division marched forward Oa the right to feel the enemy's position, tout were met by Oen. A. P. Hill, supported by f wall. A severe action ensued. We captured 3uo prisoners, though it is reported we lost two guns. Hancock marched to the right to con. feerT with Warren's left. resting near Ob&ncel lorsTiUe, and was attacked by Longstreet. Hancock held his position two hours, and half his command suffering severely, inflicting much injury on the enemy. Other develop. meLio show Lee's who ft force on our front. This being ascertained, Meade ordered the line Of battle to be held till morning. Heavy cannonading Friday Qiorning, when , the correspondent passed Kelly's Ford, which leads him to believe we had driven the rebels to their defences, as no heavy guns could be brought into action in our former position. 'COLU MBIA TYPOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY. _ A stated meeting of the Society will be held ?J.iS (Saturday) EVENING. May 7th, in the Council Chamber, City Ball It" J. C. PROCTOR, Bee. Sec. ?THE HALL OP REPRESENTATIVES JET. sMi'i ? ?feen, f?r worship TO MORROW, WufpitJba m- opSimpso.n,ofPhiladelphial ! nrr* KV m horse SHOERS i 4,. requested to attend therogulur month ,!i.r "soeiation on the evenin"..f ! f?0^ ,DA a M&y at 7V2 o'clock, St the Exchange SoUt on I .street, between iyj and 6tli. my7-2t* 'N*,X? MONTHLY MEETING OF 'be held^Tl^RHn a v1'-8 ?it^? p?*blic School? ?t4Vo'cteckp.m. A tfext'the l<*li instant, _F>73t B. T. MORftKi.r, a., 'THE MISSIONARY SOCIETY connected n 4 Protestant Church S&b . .. "Chool, CongresK street, Georgetown will I hold their annual meeting next 8ABBATH ' Mav Wh, at S o clock p.m. Eminent SBe?k?rs pectedto address the meeting peakerS ar? ex" ' ^CATHOLIC TOTAL ABSTINENCE SOi ?*' "'eetat St n?tripk ? school ro.n i TCFMORRO W (Sunday) A r TERNOON. immedlat? ! is h. ***%'?? Punctual attendance is request *d I importance la to be transacted. ! B> order Committee of Arrangements. if ?AN ADJOURNED MEETING of "the f7n~ 1 rr oSc^cVmo N "a r/VC t sf: itendance is reonested tb 8lde- Punctual ! ill- - JA? B- MATTINGLY. Rec 8ec *ens of the a* i^wtf to? attend A!1, lo?al citl* lmportance in which ?l? ??!?? a8 ?,n.91ne8i' of brought before the meetll,*.B, ordt'r * wiU bt -1 3. SEYMOUR. Tern. Pro, - my t)-1*!* ?=? MASONIC HALL ASSOCIATION" n" Us Corporators of the Ma?onk- H.Tl a ?h'' ?ton of Wasbin-ton citv hi?i k A?aocia ??* 'he counting room of Messr/ ifi fi '?? V* fish.-at 8o'clock p. m. of SATURDAY *f '?e By C*der of the Association? Mm> 7 R. McMUBDY. Secretary opeD .WKtyj!" ttjTViSr?V '-di"Vor4t*he iuTEliC that tlie*r Vair'wVnU?rc announce to the By order of the Association. - r 3'lw A. O. R 8ec>. fiftt U :~j-jease ann?uncoJoHN 3^rmHe?^rAt^rxtV?ate f?r th? ?'*1 UNCONDITIONAL UNinv Foe AlmS5?>ABD WALLAOH For I'M- P. FERGUSON, JAMES B. DAVIS. .. 4 J. B. WARD. Ioa Assessor? '? D1ER. ni*vii.3?*' r sixth ward! - Jl \K ELECTION. unconditional I'nion voters of th? tJiVfii on; <,avP?rl the foliowifl* ticket at the JunS Fob Hitor? PC AU.SS.W to, C,.?.o??>oc^!!,?tC ATUR1N^ ESsISflP1 "#0*F'(^^??q?Ci.,,il Section,thaap' FoaA^^ WALLACH. Fo.CoM^^fPWN, Fob Asskssok? 'AMES *? *?KEAN. a. "p??rt following ticket at the June F oa Mayok? F..At.SSf*?? W4U.ACH. fc. Oo.i^JSSR R- ""MKB. ?? D- larnkr, J0n W. ANGUS, 11 - _ _ JOHN W. SIMS. ?p a te CANDIDATE a? ? te? J0HN H' b?Mui*8 raSfSSSSS sotlaj and most reasonable terms. Ice S?g3 "team power, war m?thet.? bet.G m4 h. u n-sn* A FINE TOyNG*MABK,Lfl^Uen hands high; Warranted perfectly aound; will work in*v_ any harnww. Sold for no fault, the owner Trm aarlng no uae for her. Applr to No. 522o2X E^treet. between 4th and Sth ?ts my7-3t? VBANeSS AND LEMONS I ' ORANOES AND LEMONS! ORANGES AND LEMON8! 1.900 BOXES MESSINA ORANGES, Prime Sweet Frnlt 300 BOXES LEMONS. #??t arrived at JONESAOO.'S, ?7 Coraer 9th and D streets. FROM LOUISIANA AND ARKANSAS. Bank*' Araay Still at Alexandria?Retur a of Gen. Steele's Farces ta Little Rock? A Severe Battle at Sabine Fork?The Rebels Repalsed. Cairo, May 5, midnight.?The steamer Car roll, from New Orleans on the evening of the 20th, has arrived. A report from Alexandria on the irrth savs the army is still there, but would probably move toward the Mississippi river. Admiral Potter was up the river sixty mile* above Alexandria, where the East port was on a sand bar. Her Runs were being taken off and plating; removed for the purpose of lightening ner off. If this could not be done she would be blown up. Admiral Porter was without infantry ?up. port, ana was barrassed by the enemv. Major den. Hunter had arrived at Alexan dria. A steamer has arrived at Memphis and re Sorts that Steele's army has returned to Little lock. He was followed by Price's forces and con tinually harassed. At Sabine Fork the rebels were turned upon and repulsed, after a severe ' battle, in which the loss was about equal on j both sides * Marmaduke is reported to be on the march ! to join Price's forces, when it was supposed that he intended to attack Little Rock. Discoveries have been made in this city which confirm the statement of negotiations being made between certain parties North and j the rebel General Kirby Smith, whereby the latter was to secure to the former the Confed erate cotton west of the Mississippi river, and receive in return goods, ammunition, <kc. LATER. . Destruction af the G#nboat Rastpart and Two Transports?The Enemy on Both Sides of the River?Union Pickets at Vicksbnrg Driven in?An Attack in twe Places Contemplated by the Rebels. _ Cairo, May 6.?A gunboat has arrived from Red River with Information that, finding it Impossible to get the Eastport off, and being attacked by the enemy while endeavoring to light her, she was destroyed by Admiral Porter to prevent her falling into the hands of the enemy. The iron-clads Fort Hlndman, Joliet, and two transports, dispatched to assist in i relieving the Eastport, were attacked, while | returning to Alexandria, by the enemy, who | lined the banks of the river on both sides, firing ! upon them from a 12-pounder battery, making it necessary also to destroy the transports, which were burned. Several of the crew of the iroh-clads were | killed and wounded. Among the killed was I Sylvester Pool, of Newport, Ky., the exocntwo officer of the Eastport, who had charge of the sharpshooters on the Hindinan; ho was struck in the back- paw nf the head by a twelve pound bail, latest advices from below represent the appearance of the enemy on both banks of the Mississippi. Pickets were drawn in at Vicksbnrg, and an attack is anticipated upon that place. 383 STBAWOOODS. ^ The largest and best ass' rtment of GENTS' BOYS' AND STRAW HATS AN^Ca'pS*1^ in the city at BURR & BRO.'S, _ 3&3 Seventh street, under . Dorsey's Hotel. THKBALTIMOM BARGAIN STORK HAS A A full line of DRESS GOODS, DOMESTICS, LINEN TOWELING, at 12,\i cents per yard. IRISH LINENS very cheap. LANSBURGH A; BROTHER, . 37.5 Seventh street, Third door above I street. ?TILL THE t HEAPE8T STORE IN THE CITY. STILL AHEAD OF ALL COMPETITORS. The cheapest HOSIERY, GLOYKS. HOOP SKIRTS in the city. HOOP SKIRTS, best steel. 25 springs, for fifty cents, I. A. P. COATES' SPOOL COTTON, 10 cents, worth more by the case. Pive yard pieces all shades SKIRT BRAID, io cents, with a great many other bargains too numerous to mention, at LANSBURGH Sc. BRO.'S BALTIMORE BARGAIN STORE. 375 Skvknte Street, my 7-2t? . 3d door above I street. ?REAM SIRUP SODA WATER^ I would hay to my friends and the public that I am now dispensing my celebrated Cream and Fruit Sirup SODA WATER, It js hardly necessary for me to gc into detail as to how iny ?irups aro ufactured. The large demand for Soda at my pla^e satisfies me that that they are acceptable to the publie, and that it nhall be as good in future as it has been?better if possible. Card of priees-l? eents per glass; 3 for cents! II tickets for f l. Respectfully, 0. BOSWELL, Druggist. Corner Maryland avenue and 7th street I have also a larp-o ow* ar?ortment or Per j p.."cy uooas, Patent Medicines and evory. thing usually found in a first-class Drug Store Particular attention paid to the Drug and Pre-' scription Bu-incss, either by self or competent assistants. lniy7-3t*J O. B JUST RECEIVED AT LAN.SB I'RGIl d BRO.'S BALTIMORE BARGAIN STORE, 37.1 SEYENTH STREET, Thikd Doon Above I Strekt, 1.2<? Silk and Gingham 8UN UMBRELLAS of every color and size, at less than manufactur ers' prices. Call at once and secure one. We shall open Monday, the 9th instant, a full as sortment of? BLACK SILK SACQUES and CIRCULARS of our own manufacture. Also, a beautiful lotof SHAWLS suitable for this season. The latter have been imported on our own ac count, and we therefore guarantee to sell them as cheap in retail as the first importing house of the United States. LANSBURGH Si BROTHER, 375 Seventh street, my 7-2t* Third door above I street. P^OR SALE?A fine five-year old GREY SADDLE HORSE, junnd and perfectly gentle. Price * 130.' Inquire of 8. D. MARLOW, 332 Pa. ave&Q nue. between 9th and loth ,-ts. my g }w ,0TINMLAN* ' ToKlh? ?? of SHEET IRON and Ir?iV., iiS/T TOOLS, in good order, rheap. A1 4lb C street, corner of 9th. Can be Been at 35 Maine avenue, between 4X and 0th streets, -lHla' ' my&ii* -PeRSONS Wishing to have night-work done in the second precinct of the Fourth Ward .will please leave the number of their house*, with utreet at Un 8?a f*HoU6e at the Center Market "treet' at -ni> h 3.t L. SIMMAKKR. .CAWUAQ^CAERIAora, On hand,a very fine lot of LIGHT CARRIAGES n.p?rt ?J R?<;kaways. Extension and *|.* J Tops, Boat and Skeleton Wagons, with and without tops, Ac Ac ""as1** Repairing promptly attended to. trlv . R0BT. II. GRAHAM. Cnachmaker, y 374 P.Aod 477 Eighth street. H?vfr^,T.ORt?ALt?\7^ Q st frotn Wp,t v.* v. "iiHf ?n,t Harn?Hs B\ HORSES, which will be sold at fair prices Tra seen at CHAPIN Sc MATL^K'S^SQS i !2$' 4 <U?\2ietwe?eJ?1,6th *n(1 7th sts. GOLD' BLEBVB RTTTTova111, a pVr large size with w?.JrPT?0N8' one C,?"P aepaired new.n.^Tr Tb^ fi J-i0 wraPPe<i in a piece of ^ *v receive a reward of $6 them 450 G, between #th and 7th ^Treetg? my tt-3t* ANTED! Wanted?A stead j first-class FRAME MAKER, One who can miter properly and make himself gen erally useful in putting up Picture Frames and Looking Glasses. None but a first-class steady mechanic need ap ply. To such liberal wages will be paid. Apply to P. J. BELLEW St CO., 510 7th street, ?doors south of 6 3t Odd Fellows'Hall. PROPOSALS FOB 4-4 FLOORING. w-?*A ? , Wahhikqtoii, May 6,18*4. ?nTu MnvSr<,TMlS w}Ll hz?r*ire<1 *hia L. f ,uDAY noon, the ?th instaat fof furnish ing, for the use of this Department. 22Sn foot *~4 J1<>oring. nid flooring to i>e of the best quality, and read \ for a&Uv*ry b y Tuesday Jsfssaffli j- or moaificatmn of the same, must be be made upon the acceptance and delivery of the whole amount. ' uo Proposals muat be endowed "Proposals for 4 4 Flooring," aad be addressed to mt-iw" m' T WANTS. ?rANTED ? OIRL8 to work on caps and cap ll\ covers, atBtore 346S 7th street, near Mw, KTfBUe. " ? \MTAN^F.D-Two GIRLS, for dining-room. Ap *? ply at Pennsylvania Home. 3?>7 0 stree-, between 4* and 6th. ? - l*FANTED-95 YOUNG SHOAT8, for which TT caah will be paid. Apply ?ft?r i o'clock p. m. Hospital Steward Hall, Emory Hospital near Almsh onse my ? -?* _ House PAINTERS.?Wanted, two good HOUSE PAINTERS. Hig>? ?Jt?giR"?.co__ my 7-3t* 5T La. av'.. bet, 6th and 7th sts WANTED TO SELL?The unexpired terrr (six years) of a valuable PATEST-RIOHT for' the District. ?150 will buy it. A. bargain and chance to make money. Address ikPatent-right. Star Office. ? ft _ WANTED-A SITUATION, by a neat, indus trious woman, to do the genera! housework of a small private family; a settled home being the object. Call on Monday at the Star Office, be tween the honrs of 9 and 10 a. tn. It* __ WANTED?A white GIRL, to do housework for two persons; or a joung lady can procure a good home who would do a little housework, by addressing Mrs. M. A. V., Washington Post Office. my 7 _ WANTED IMMEDIATELY?Two Journeymen TAILORS, to make coats. Apply t'? JOHN V.8CHLEIF,Merchant Tailor. No. .?S3 8th street, opposite the Marine Barracks, Navy lard, my 7 4t* A GENTLEMAN wishes to rent a small HOUSE in Washington or Georgetown. Address "K, Bos 933 Georgetown Post Office, stating location, rent. ate. No objection to a house a little way in th?- country. my7-3t W~ ANTED?By a small family and light wurk a nice, tidy GIRL, to do general housework. To one suiting, the comforts of a home and good wages given. Inquire at #81 13th street, Island, near Maryland avenue, southwest corner 13th and Pats. my7-3t _ W/ANTED-A middle-aged WOMAN, white or colored, to go to a village in Maryland to cook and do the general housework for a small family. To one willing to make herself generally useful liberal wages and a permanent home will be given. Apply at No. 4S5 D street, between 1st and 2d. - my 7-3t* ANTED ?Two GIRLS, one to do chamber work and assist in dining room, and one to wash and iron. Apply at 864 F street, between 13th and 14th sts. my 6 3t* ANTED?At the Avenue House, Cook and , Vegetable Cook. 1 wash woman, chamber maid and a few first-rate dining room servant*, my 6-3t* H. I. KING. GIBL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM~ bermaid or nurse. Inani? No. 91 JSth ?treet, betwe??? I aud K. t-rood references given. my 6 H* WANTED?A half-grown GIRL, to attend to a child one year old. Good references re quired. Apply immediately at FRANKLIN 8,244 Pa. avenne, between 12th and 13th sta. my 6-2t WANTED?By a young man, 20 years of age, a SITUATION as salesmau or otherwise. Can come recommended from last employer. Address "M. II.,'' Box 31. Star Office. my ?-4t* ANTED?To buy or reut from 3 to 10 acres of .. I/AND, with or without improvements, in the District, or in its immediate vicinity. Address " Cash,1' Georgetown Post Office. my 6 3t* \\T ANTED?By a gentleman and wife, a ROOM, 11 with Board, in Washington, either with a pri.r&te family or in a boardinff-house. A fur nished or unfurnished room will ao. Terms mod erate. Address Bax 11, Star Office. .my 6 2f ^ IRLS WANTED.-Fifteen oi twenty Girls -Jl wanted, to wash and iron, at the new ( lty Laundry Co., on Hth street, near C. Apply imme diately. Large wages paid. my E. IIOTCHKISS. Jr.. Manager. ANTED?Two good bread BAKERS. Apply at the Star Office. my 5-3t? G W WANT KB immediately, at 4 7 9 12th Street, be 11 tween F and G, agood COOK, WASHJbK and IRONER. Must come well recommended my5-3t W~ ANTKD^-BOARD for a little boy 5 years old. in a respectable private family. Inquire at No. 4SO 13th st. between D and C. nn 5-3t RUG CLERK WANTED-TOne that thoroughly understands the prescription business. Re ference required. Address Box 14, Star Office. my 5-3t* WANTED?To V?uy a HOUSE, frame or brick, with 6 or 8 rooms, between !>th and 15th and D and I streets. Address A. N.,StarOGice,stating locality and terms- my 5-3t* WANTED?By an American lady, WRITING TO DO. or to attend confectionery or dry goods store. Responsible reference given. Address ^ P. A ," Star Office. my 5 3t? ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A healthy white WET NURSE, with a fresh breast of milk, to nurse a child six months old. None but a healthy woman need apply. Call at No. 4W5 west 14th street, between C and D. my S-ut* ANTED?A WHITE NURSE to take charge oftwo childreu,aged four and two years. Sne mast thoroughly understand her business, and be very neat in Tier person. Apply at 349 13th street, between I and K. my 5-3t* W ANTED-A first class COOK, WASHER and IRONER. Best city references must be given. None others need apply. Apply at No, 1?.1 G street, first house above 19tn street, The best wages w tH V<? given. my 5-3t* ACA BONUS.?Wanted to rent a HOL'SE, nil furnished, with from 5 to 10 rooms, be tween Pennsylvania avenue and M street and 2d streel and 13lh street north. Address Box 431 City rost Office. my 5-3t* I EMPLOYMENT FOR ALL'.?Haw to make Monty.' J tit art I tn* Kecrets Htvea'ed .'?Any person endow ing 25 cents to the undersigned will recei ve by re ? irn mail a book containing more than a hundred most valuable ?e?ret?. JA8. EVERMORE, my 5-3t* Baltimore, Md. 117 ANTFIW * - r ct/uiiBCTOR. ?itL <% ii Knowledge of book-keeping. Must be ac quainted with the city, and give undoubted refer ence as to honesty and sobriety. Address Box 16 Star Office. ap 29-61 WANTED?Two first class HOUSE PAINTERS. Bteady wnrk at $3 per day. None but good bands need apply. JOHN T. ANGEL, my 3-5t* 564 7th St., op. Centre Market. WAN?--FLUTING . i FLUTIN01 WANTED. Every lady in the District know that I have, at considerable expense, haii built a "very elegant machine for Fluting or Crimping Dreasee, See. DreHumttkera and others can have any kind of goods Crimped at short notice, in as good style, and as cheap as in any other city. Ladles, remember this is the only machine in town, and done at the only place to get stamping done. 3*1 F street, oppo site Patent Office, Stamping and Machine Stitch lng Depot. my 3 WANTED IMMEDIATELY-200 LADIES to Embroider on Muslin, Linen and Cambric. To good hands constant work and ^ood wages given. Ladies applying will please bring samples of work. Apply at WM. PRINCE'S Stamping and Machine Stitching Depot, 381 F street, opposite Patent Office. * ?e 18 LADIES WANTED TO CALL AT Ann LADIK8 WANTJ5D TO OAUi AT OU.UUil PRINCE'S Stamping Depot, 3M F street, opposite Patent Office, and got their Stamp ing. Stitching, Pinking and Embroidery done. As therc*are other Richards in the field, tadios better look out that they come to Prince's, who is the only practical hand in the city. Be Bare you go to F street, opposite Patent Office. mh 4 PERSONAL. 1%/feADAM GODDARD CAN BE CONSULTED ON IT*the Past and Future, at No. 102 K street,one door from 1st st. my 6-3t INFORMATION WANTED OF CORNRLIU8 WORLF.Y, who when last heard from was in this city, about 3 months ago. Any information con cerning liim will be thankfully received by his nephew. JOHN HARRINGTON, at No. 424 1' st. my 6 3f - ' - LOST AND FOUND. STRAYED OR STOLEN.?Left my place about two weeks ajfo, one red and white spotted COW, with crumpled horns; with a defect in the right horn. A liberal reward paid at oo south x street, between 9th and 10th Islam*.~TT anv my 7-3t* JACOB WILSON. AKEN UP E8TRAY?On Wednesday, May 6th, a BAY MARE, with large sore on right hip; very lame. The owner is requested to come for ward, prove praperty, pay^char^e^and^take her *WRy" N. W. corner 9th and G sts., my 7-2t* opp. Patent Office. TOLEN?From my stable, on Wednesday night last, a cream-colored HORSE, 11 years old, about 15 hands high, a little white in his fore head, no other white recollected. Also, on the night of the 25tb ultimo, a dark brown MULE, same age, well-built, bat small; a wen on the left thigh about the sire of a hen egg. hoofs defective. I will give 910 for either, or f^0 for the two. The horse was brought to Washington by way of the Aqueduct, early Thursday morning. Inquire of Mr. EDWARD CLEMENTS, in Center and West Markets, who knows the animals. A. R. FRA8ER, It* Alexandria county. Va. LOST?On Tuesday night, the 3d instaut, a lady's SILK CLOAK; supposed to have been lost at Jnnneman's Lager Beer Brewery, Capitol Hill. $5 reward will be paid if left at JunnemanV my6-2t* E08T?On April 21, 1804, one PEARL NECK LACE, star set, with drop set in silver, silver clasp, on the way from I street, near 10th, to rail* road depot, A liberal reward will be paid if re turned to No. 435 I street, between 9th and loth "4?"l"' oljjar 1 streets, it being an old .family relic. my 6-3t* REWARD.?Strayed from the commons on <!J5 I U Friday, the 29tb of April, a dark KOAN IiORSS, in good order; lame in right kind leg. The above reward will be paid to any one return ing bim to JOHN W. RlGHTSTINE, No. 400 Mass. avenue, neat litth st. niyfi-3t? ? ftOA REWARD.?Strayed or stolen this morn sPTLV 'n*.,ahout 4 o'clock, in Alexandria, a yel low COW, with short horns and one hip down, and the other aredapotiwd Oow, about 10 years old. The finder will receive the above reward by bring ing the^a to Prince street, between Washington and Pet atreeU. and 160 will be given for the re covery of the thief. mr*>-2t* JAMES CALL AN, about 14 bands high, three white ffeat and knees, fallen in neck, white in forehead, the letters branded on right tide of neck, natural racker. I will give 1fce above reward if sent to me or left where lean get him inthe District of Colombia. w.fl, ROLAND, near Giesboro*Point: my ft-lw* Wathiagton, D. C 9 O'CLOCK P. K. Further Particular!! of the Fight ing between Lee and Grant. Hancock Attacked near Chaneellomille by Lonsstreet with his whole force and part of Swell's. ? >? Our Troops Admirably Handled. General Bnrnside Joins Grant, The Great Battle doubtless Fought yesterday la our first edition we gave from the bulletin of the Independent Line a dispatch from New York, giving the purport of a special dispatch to the New York Tribune, concerning the fight* ing near ChancellorsTille. The Associated Prees dispatch below gives additional particu lars embraced in the same dispatch: New York, May 7.?The Tribune has the fol lowing special dispatch: On Wednesday night Oen. Warren's headquarters were at the Wil derness: Oen. Sedgwick on his right, and head quarters at Germania Ford. On Thursday morning the Rebels pressed our picket, and appeared in strong force on our right. The 5th New York cayalry skirmishing on the Orange Court House road were driven in with a severe loss, leaving many wounded on tbft field Gen. Griffith's division marched forward on our right, about 11 o'clock, to feel the enemy's position, and were met by the Rebel Gen. A. P. Hill, supported by Gen. Ewell. A severe action took place, in which we cap tured about 300 prisoners, though it is reported that we lost two guns. In the meantime Gen. Hancock marched his corps to the right to connect with Warren, and had hardly got into position, his left resting on or near Chancel lorsville, when he was attacked by Longstreet with his full corps and part of Ewell's. Gen. Hancock, with the assistance of Getty's division of the 6th corps, held his position under a musketry fire of two and a half hours' duration, in which his command suffered se verely, and inflicting much injury upon the rebels. Other developments showed Lee to have his whole force on our front. This knowledge of their position was of course highly important, and was thus ob tained only by the greatest skill in the handling of our troops. It not being the purpose of General Meade to advance upon the enemy, he ordered the line of battle to be held till morn ing. The position of the troops on Thursday night was parallel with and a little in advance of the road from Germania Ford to Chancel lorsville, the two flanks resting on those points, and general headquarters being at the Wilder ness. Meanwhile, in the afternoon, the advance of the 9th corps crossed Germania Ford, taking positic n on our right flank. Gen. Burnside's rear arrived this forenoon. It was understood that a general attack was to be made this morning, and heavy firing had commenced on cur right when I left. At 5 o'clock, heavy cannonading was heard, and when I passed at Kelly's Ford about 9 o'clock this forenoon. This leads me to be lieve that we had driven to their defenses, as no heavy guns could be brought into action on the former position. Th?r* oncht to be no donbt. that there has been a great victory. Gen. Meade showed his strength yesterday by stubborn and gallant defence, without, using half his command. He has undoubtedly brought into action his force to-day. The troops are in a high state of enthusiasm. From tlio W??t. FIGHT WITH FORREST AT BOLIVER, TEN'N. ?? THE ENEMY WHIPPED. FORREST RETREATS TO MISSISSIPPI. * ? (JEN. STURGIS IN PURSUIT. GF.N. STEELE'S MOVEMENTS IN ARKANSAS, Caibo, May 6.?The steamer Killman has ar rived with one day's later intelligence. Advices from Memphis state that the ad vance of Gen. Sturgis' cavalry, under Colonel Karge, ad New Jersey cavalry, 700 strong, with two pieceB of artillery, encountered a brigade of Forrest's men, l,u00 strong, near Bolivar, on the south side of the Hatchie, on Monday last. A severe fight took place, lasting two hours, and resulting in the enemy's being driven from the intrencbments and retreating across the river through Bolivar, destroying the bridge behind him. It is reported that Forrest was present in the fight, and it is believed that he is beating a rapid retreat in Mississippi. Gen. Sturgis is in hot pursuit. Our loss is two killed and ten wounded. On the 25th, the train returning to Pine Blufl was captured by the enemy. It consist ed of two hundred and forty wagons, together with an escort, under the command of Col. Drake, comprising the 26th Iowa, 77th Ohio, and the 43d Indiana, with four pieces of artll lery. Gen. Steele left Camden for Little Rock on the 26th, being out of supplies. On the 30th he crossed Sabine river. Before crossing he was attacked by the rebels, under Fagan. During the evening a portion of the rebel cavalry crossed the river above there, and proceeded within eight miles of Little Rock. Oflicers recently from Little Rock report that place and Pine Bluff safe, the latter being strengthened by 300 men, under General An drews In the attack while crossing the Saline river, Major Atkinson and Lieut. Henry, of the Sth Indiana, were killed. The loss was heavy. From the Peninsula. RECONNOI88ANCE TOWA&D8 RICHMOND FROM WILLIAMSBBRG. Nsw Yobk, May 7.?The Herald has a York town letter of the 4th, stating that Col. Onder donk with a detachment of the 1st New York vounted rifles, left Williamsburg yesterday morning, moving along the old Riohmond stage road, and meeting no obstruction until they passed Barhamsville. The party here divided, Major Whelan taking the York river road, while the main body was at States vtlle. The object of the division was to capture the rebel picket at New Kent Conrt- House. Near States ville the column was fired upon by guerrillas, who fled. The rebel outpost* were one after another run down and captured, and the moment after the appearance of our column at New Kent the rebel force stationed there fled. They went pursued some distance when our forced re turned. The rebel force at Bottom'* Bridge was found to consist of only Hoi comb's South Carolina Legion. On the return, when six miles east of Brahams ville, after dark, several torpedoes exploded In a dense wood, ud sever al mem and horses were hit but nobody killed. The rebel authorities are removing the ma chinery of the Tredegar iron works from Rioh mond to some point farther South. MoTemfDt of Gnnboats np Jamfs River. ^ ? GENERAL atxrill oo-operating with SIGEL N*w York, May 7.?The Herald't Newport letter reports that the Iron-clads Atlanta, Roa noke, Onondaga and .Tecnmeeh mo red np James river some days ago. A Nashville letter to the Err aid pays that Sberman's army wonld more on the 1st of May, and that a battle wonld take place in the vicin lty of Rome within a fortnight. The Herald report says that a heavy colnmu of troops, nnder Gen. Sigel, moved np the Shenandoah Valley from Martinsburg some days ago. Gen. Averill is co-operaMng from another direction with his cavalry command. A Newbern letter states that the rebel ram left the Roanoke river, got into the Sound, and qnietly stole up some other river, for the pur pose of drawing off our gunboats. Her pro gress was not interfered with by our squadron. HIM HIM. 4 O'CLOCK P. M. THE SITUATION. RUMOR BUN WILD. A cotemporary publishes this afternoon as information received by Government, state ments that a great victory was achieved by General Grant on Wednesday and Thursday, driving the enemy two and a half miles, with immense loss to the enemy, and that Gen. G. was following up that victory on Friday morning by an assault on the enemy's works. We should be very glad to be able to confirm this news, but bave to say that after diligent inquiry we are satisfied that Government has received no such information, or any information of more decisive results than that furnished oy the Tribune dispatch elsewhere. The fact that Meade was able to stand the brunt of the Confederate onset with a portion of his command is considered a hopeful indi cation, and we hope soon to be able to announce a decisive victory; but we shall not tritte with oni readers by manufacturing bogus victories for an hour's sensation. The moment any reliable information is re ceived we shall issue it in a supplementary edition. GENERAL BUTLER IN THE FIELD. successful landing at west point, on ON THE y<^k riveb. OffiSial dispatches at the War Department announce the advance of Gen. Butler, and his successful landing at West Point, Va. West Point is about 40 miles from Richmond by rail road. A TRESENT FROM GENERAL GRANT TO GEN ERAL RAWLINS. To-day we were shown abandsome silktash intended as a present from Major General Grant, to his Chief of Staff, Brigadier General John A. Rawlins. Inscribed upon the sash, in indellible ink,".is tbe following inscription, the signature ol which is in General G.'s own hand-writing: "This sash, worn by me through all my bat tles and campaigns, from, and including the surrender of Vicksburg, July 4th, lt63, is pre sented to Brigadier General John A. Rawlins, my Chief of Staff, in evidence of my apprecia tion as an officer and friend. U. S. Grast, Lieutenant General U. S. ^rmy." APPOINTED major general, Gen. Canby has been appoiuied Major Gen eral by the President and ordered to command in tbe Departments of Louisiana and Arkan sas, not" of all the troops west of the Missis sippi River" as a cotemporary has it. GUERRILLAS ABOUT. As the down train from Braady Station was on the way down thio moruiug, when about three miie? tnis side of Bull Run, it was fired into by guerrillas concealed in the woods. A volley was returned by the guard on the train A RUMOR. Amongst the rumors of the day has been one of fighting at Culpeper This is simply absurd, as there are no troops at Culpeper to engage in fighting. MUSTERED OUT. Major GeneralB French and Keyes have been mustered out of the volunteer service by order of the President ?y From John O. Parker. 370 F street, Hud son Taylor, 334 Pennsylvania avenue, and J. Shillington, Ode on building, Pennsylvania avenue, we have the June number of Harper's. Magazine, containing amongst other attractive matter the opening chapters of Dickens' new novel, "Our Mutual Friend." The "Veneer ings" lamily are introduced in Bozzy style, indeed. Prxvalbht Rumobs.-There is a rumor in the city to-day that General Burnside was wounded in a fight which occurred yesterday. * We are confident there is no truth whatever in the report. It is said that our army Is to-day in posses sion of Orange Court House, which to nine miles from Gordonsville. We have no positive information in regard to anv fighting as yet at the front. It is B&id that our lorces took possession ot the rebel for tifications in the wilderness withoatresistance, no forces being found in them Alexandria Journal, May 6th. COaOBBgSIONAU tttVIIItm Q0NGBK88.?TIB8T 81881 ON. Saturday, May 7. Tbe President pro. tem. of tne Senate caused the following to be read: Wabhiroton Citt, May, 1864.?To Hon Daniel Clark, Preiident pro. tem. V. S. Senate.? Sir * In anticipation or an absence from the country, bearing grateful recollections of mv Intercourse with the gentlemen of your honor able body, and fervently praying to Almighty Qod for their present and future welfare through our Lord Jesus Christ, I beg leave hereby respectfully to tender my resignation of the office of Chaplain to the United States Senate for the 38th Congress, to take immediate effect. With sincere regards, Byrok Srrdrblavd. After the presentation of a few petitions, and the reporting of one or two blllB, on motion of Mr Wilson the Senate went into executive ses sion, he urging the necessity of giving a few moments to executive business. Tbe seesion was still in executive session at 10 minutes past I o'clock. TSLEGRAPHIO NEWS. THE REBEL RAID AT P1SDMORT. Baltimore, May 7.?The special dispatches to the New York papers conoeming the late raid at Piedmont, West Virginia, are grossly exaggerated. The whole amount of damage to property will not exceed *XM>00. No person was disturbed, and there was no appearance of murder at any point. All the trains are running regularly, and the road is again strongly guarded by troops under command of Gen.. Kelly, who has resumed active duty after a brief leave of absence. LOCAL NEWS. ? Thb Casx or Eixa Jackso*.?Ella Jacfksoa waa to have been tried to-day before J usttce Clayton on tbe ehazge or complicity In the death of Miss Maggie Duvall, by aldtag la ad ministering medicine to her to procnrs aa abor tion. At thsrequsst of Col. Brfcer who desired to procure more witnesses, tbe case wae post poned until Monday next at 12 o'clock. Msesrs. Mar berry and Ford appear for Miss Jackson. Shootxv* ArrftjLT,?About 10# o'oioek last night a m*n named Thomas Ryon was pomM out to Mr. Patrick H. Gaugbran, a county officer and detective, as a deserter from tbe 5 UK New York regiment, while standing ia front of tbe Greenback, adjoining Ford's Theater, and the latter immediately axrested him aad started for Captain SeheetA offloe. Ryoa, however, showed signs of resistance, whea Mr. Gaughran called on Mr. J. G. Larner to assist him "With the prisoner, and just as the latter took hold of bis arm, Kyon jerked away from them, and drawing a four-barreled Sharp's pistol, fired at Qaufhran, the ball en tering the small of his hack. Oaoghraa im mediately seized <be pistol and, wresting it from Ryon's grasp,fired the remaining charges at him, two of the balls taking effect ia his right side. Officer Reniker took Ryon in cus tody and conducted him to the Third Ward Station. Qaughran was taken to his residence, at tbe corner of Tenth and F streets, when Drs. Keasby and Howard were called ia and probed for the ball, bnt without success. His wound, It is feared, is serious. Dr- Keasby also attended Ryon, at the station, but failed to find tbe balls Ha is held at the station on the charge of an assault and battery with Intent to kill, and is awaiting a hearing before Justice Thompson. ^ ??Nbwbbots' Home.?The lady managers ? the Newsboys' Home intend to glre a free din ner to the boys on Sunday next, and we are requested to say that any donations for it will be thankfully received and sent for If word be sent to tbe matron, at tbe Home, on 7th street, south of tbe canal bridge. The free dinner is for tbe purpose ot inducing tho boys to remain In the Home during Sunday, where they reoeire religious instruction."?Chronicle. The great drawback experienced by the man agers in the way oi keeping the boys in on Sunday is, we bear, from tbe sale of Sunday papers. Does the Chronicle see the point? Strike at the Gab Works.?The men at tbe gas works, about one hundred in number, struck yesterday morning for 82.50 per day instead of 92, which they have been receiving for tbe past six months. The company declined to pay It because they were unable, at the pres ent rates for gas, to make the income meet the expenses, and the men left the works. No gas was made yeeterday or last night, but this morning tbe company were compelled to agree to tbe increased price or put tbe city in dark nees. This will )n vol ve an additional expense to tbe company of some 825,ooo a year. POLICB APPOINTMBWTS AID RESIGNATIONS. At tbe meeting of the Board of Police Oommls* sioaers on Thursday, John H. Harry was appointed patrolman vice Joseph W. Harry, Third Precinct; and Horatio Robey vice Jas. W. Newlln, Tenth Precinct. The following resignations were accepted- Chss. W. Thomp son. Seventh Precinct; Richard H. Moore, Sixth Precinct; Joseph W. Harry, Third Pre cinct; and Oeorge T. James, Fourth Precinct. George ?. Grimes declined the appointment of patrolman in tbe Third Precinct. Kbockbi> Down bt a Ixk omottvx.?Thurs day, about 11 o'clock, as a woman named Mary Shaw, was going from the Depot to Railroad Park, she was struck by an engine and knocked from the track. The engine was stopped Im mediately and she was picked up in a sense less condition, having her bead cut badly, but after tbe application of restoratives she was restored to consciousness, and taken by her friends to Providence Hospital. Gabbiages, Ao.?Special attention is called to tbe advertisement by Robert Graham, ooach maker, of light carriages, rockaways, wagons of all styles, buggies, do. do., all of the moeC improved mortal and best construction. The name of Mr. Graham stands-A No. 1, In this community as a straight.forward reliable deal er; and purchasers may rely upon bis repre sentation as true to tbe letter. A Mistake.?In our notice yeeterday of tbe larceny of Maj. Hall's horse and buggy, It, by a slip of tbe pen stated that officers Newman and Joyce were called in to dress the prison er's (Robinson's) wounds. It should be Doctors Newman and Joyce. Preaching at tbb Capitol.?Bishop Simp - son will preach at tbe Capitol to-morrow morning, at 11 o'clock. MILK DAIRY FOR 8ALK?Large hotel trade and a gnod retail route. For particulars ad dress City Post Office Box 937. my7-8t* j^PECIAL NOTICE TO LADIES. For years that invaluable secret knewn only to and held in the highest repute by the ladies of the Court of Charles II., and by the assistance of which they added so much beauty to their forms and flee busts, is now in the possession of a lady of rank, who will, upon tbe receipt of SI, addressed to T. A. MALDREbE. Boston, Mass.. impart the import ant information or secret whiah will assist every lady in accomplishing this "greatest claim of love ly womaa.'' my7-3t*/ ^LDBRNEY COWS FOR BALE On SATURDAY lith day of May, at 2 o'clock, p .fi> ? at the Cattle Scales in Meehanicavilie, Mont gomery County, Md., I will offcer to the highest btdder,Uor 16 valuable fresh Milch Cows with calves, mostly of the Aldernev stock. So justly celebrated for docility, tht richness of their milk, and delicate flavor of their butt- r. Terms of sale; a eredit of four months, the pur chaser giving his note, with interest, and satisfao 'mVJZn'- A. B. DA Via. TO BUILDERS. Having on hand a large stock of Lumber, such M JOIST, BCANTLIKCh SIDING, FLOORING. WHITE PINE CULLING8, SHINGLES, Ac., and desiring to change the plan of my yard and at the same time to avoid the expense of moving and re-piling much of this lumber, I shall from this date materially reduce my prices in order to close out my stock and make the desired chaugv at once. I will ofTe** particular inducements to parties pur chasing largely, especially of Framing Lumber. I ha*e a very superior assortments 1, \'i, 2. 3, 4 and 6 inch OAK and ASH, mostly well seasoned, to which I invite the attention of hard wood deal ers. T. EDW. CLARK, Office and Yard Virginia avenue, my7-lw* between 9th and loth sts. east. Y J. C. McGUIKE it CO., Auctioneers. B ELEYEN BUILDING LOTS IN THE VICINITY OF FOURTEENTH AND P STREETS AT PUB LIC AUCTION. On MONDAY AFTERNOON, May '6, at t o'clook, on the premises, we shall sell, Elev*n good Build ing Lots in Drnry's sub division of Sqnsre No. 209. situated between Fourteenth and Fifteenth street west, and north P and Chestnut street Terms: One- fourth in cash, the remainder in six. twelve, and eighteen months, with interest secured by a dted of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. A cash payment of #20 on each Lot will be re quired at the tim? of sale my.7-d J. C. MoGOIRE A CO. Auets. FOR SAL*?A handsome second-hand JENNY 1.1 ND ROCK A WAY and HARNESS will be sold a bargain. Apply at GEO. R. HALL'S Coach Factory, coiner 13h and D sts. my 6-3t* I NOTICE. " AM Now prejuired to furnish the public ?nth a pure article of SODA WATER, prepared with a new and complete apparatus, making pure soda free from all deleterious substances usually found in Soda made with cheap machines. Good Soda is known by its agreeable and pungent taste and slightly exhilarating qualities, which are striking ly exhibited in Soda prepared with this apparatus. Always on hand, fresh and woll selected stock of Drugs, Chemicals. Trusses, Crutches and all arti cles usually found in a first-class store. JOS. P. SULLIVAN. Druggist, corner Mass. avenue, 4th and H streets. N. B. The trade having fountains can have them strongly charged at short notice and reasonable rates. [my 6-lw*} J. P. 3. r-fi JUST RECEIVED. ~ OIF ROLLS 4 4 White and Check CANTOR MAT TINGS, first Importation, Also, 1 .Kin yards 4-4, 5-4, 6-4 and 8 4 FLOOR OIL cioiHS my 4 6t 369 7th street, hot. I and K sts. THE UNDERSIGNED would call the attention of those who wiah to buy PAVING STONES that they can be supplied by ap|lT^n|^RKR my 5-lw* 151 High st.,Georgetown, P. *C. NCOURAGE HOME INDUSTRY! S. M. M E Y~E KBERQ, (Late 8. & W. Meyenberg,) 46 Market bttvoem Seventh and Eighth Us., Under the Avenue House, Has now a very large stock of Home-made Girls* and Boys' Suits, Blouses, Infants' Clothes of every description, handsomely embroidered and plain. Also, a large stock of Silk Mantillas. Shawls, Gowns, Chemises, and a general stock of Dress Goods, Embroideries, Ac. ? ? I am also prepared to take orders for Brides* Clothes and Ladles* Linens, Embroidering. Stitell ing, Braiding. Ac. Only ladies will have eharge of ^Ouepfteewmbea?ked without deviation. Ev ery article is marked wHh^i mv vtt8 MMket ^n^dHKis. RT""' M??.L -""i"' I have for sale or exchange a lot of wall broke Mules, and keep constantly on hand broke lrfales mv 6-St* 7th street, near Is*, jgg PICttfeiboAbawnTA8SEL8?Ac. butoict iMt No. 486 7th street, eight doorsaWe Old Fallows' Hall. fOTermscash, ' a? 1-lmiP E

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