Newspaper of Evening Star, May 8, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 8, 1864 Page 1
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ysi. XXIII. WASHINGTON. D_ C.. SUNDAY. MAY 8, 1864. IN". 8.492. AUCTION SALES. fUTU&K DAYM? J. Q, ftoGUJXl ft CO., iuUoiMn. ?* VALUABLE IMPROVED AND I N1MKKOVKD PROPERTY ON DEL A W?R1 AJilNOE, BETWBSN B iND C dTS. JJORTH.NBAR THE OAPITOLGiPfW. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, Mm 14th, at 5 ovtf^ck.on tSe premise*, by virtu? of a decree of the late Circuit Court-and an amended <f?crM u' the Supreme Court of the District of Columl- *. dtting afaConrt of Equity, the latter decree dated April ttt^ MM. and rendered in acauN. No. 7?, whereiB Eliiabeth Brent is complainant, and Ohaa. F. Brent, and others, defendants, the undersigned Trustee will sell all of Loteg 9,p*rte of 7 and lo.iS JViarc Nr> fias, as follows? Fart of hot no. 7, frodtlng 30 feet on Delaware avenue, between north B and C streets, and run i*3 5et *1? Alley, improved by a substantial ani Kf It-built BRICK DWeLLING-HOUSR WITH BACK ah #t ?? -BUILDINGS. A>1 of Lot No 9, fronting ?o feet 8 inches on Dela ware avenne, between North B and C itrwU. ud running bach aa average dopth of 184 K feet a lark- aid well arranged l*art of Lot N.j, ;o, fronting 33 fwt 9 Inches on Delaware avenne. between B and C streets n.->rth, mutasr baeh *oout l?o feet to a 15 feet alley. ^ ,V . i8 p??P?rl? ia situated within a Sfi lA -Vrt Bc? of North Gate of the Capi -S rropoaed extension of th* Capitol fclnics? coE^nmmated will be immediately ad Terms : One-third caRh; the remainder In six and ivelT* months, with interest, secured to the siitla fai-tjon of the Trustee, or all cash, at the option of wrcnwuir. Conveyances and stamps at the cost of the pur chaser. Early possession of the buildings will be riven M . , <1. CARROLL BRENT, Trustee. *P ?-<* J. C. McOUIRl Jt 00., Ancts. J. 0. MoGUIRB &. CO., Auctioneers. TIPiTO2?AJiSF~A house and lot on ELEVENTH, BETWEEN LAND M STREETS , ?y .Tlrta'. of * deed oftaast fr?m H. B. Bridge, \lVE ?ndrecorded in Lib^rJ. A. Si, ?nnn^'/fw1 hi $C% ?r thi?.La5<1 RaOO'd* ?f the wnwJ Av^SebStt2n' x^n offer xt Auction on H? ?t uJ' ? ? ? ' ?f May neat, on thg premi ses, ?* Mo eioofe. p. m , pert of Lol sevefi j_7> in Bannrsi throe hundred and forty-one (3*11 in Waffh intoo. bounded ta follows, vis: Beginning forty nine fret sev?u inches from the southeast corner ? J? Eleventh streets, aad running thence on Eleventh stree*, thence ??? hundred feet, the whole depth of said lot. thence due north twenty-fire feet, and then* due west to the beginning vith the Improvements oopsutuig ox a r rame Dwelling. Terms or sale: One-third of the purchase money if ? in ea^h. and the residue in two equal in stalment* at si* and twelve mobths, with interest, to be secured The terms of sale must be complied with within one week after sple, or the property may be resold, after a week 'e notice, at the risk and cost of the first purchaser.. CH AS. 8 BJVGLISH. Trustee *9 ?-lm J. C MoQQIRB A CO,, Ancts. J. C. McQl IRE & CO., Auctioneer?. PALB0F VALUABL1 IMPROVED BTtlMbS PKOPERTY at Ue oornpr of dor Btreet e&flt snd PonnsTlTanis aypnui "^ri? ^HOLE eF SQUARE NO Vl^LOTS onVorth 7? b^Jv' ^o<<*een 3ixth and 9erenth street? east, at PdMic Auction. ' a AFTERN.OON.May 17,at half-past f ? r??, * ??n ?rcmisfB, commenelng and fol lowing In the order herein n%med by virtae of a decree of the Supreme Court of the Distr: tof Cc' a?. i* i-'in chfn,cery-P*?Mdon the s.h day of Ay. ll, 13M, in a rertein cause wherein George W Miller m romtiialnant, and Ellen Miller et ali are v1 *S, i* o* M6?w?BR?u,*Uthe north half or lot No. 24, in Square No 7S, fronting T) feet 2^ ft0?/1 eaf.t- At the corner of south B street at its intersection with Pennsylvania aT6tn? running bark it feet, with the improve n55ls' Cc?rwIfitin,?of * ne*rly ?cw Erick Dwelling Hca*t?. with fiueftore attached. IirmediateJy after, the ahole ofi^ iare No. 841. ^onung respectively on East Capitol and south A n Fifth and Sixth atreet^ east, tub US' VlT<? dt,8ir?bl? building lots fronting on ?ft Capitol and south A screets. Immediately after lots No. 16 and 17, in square W?. aoa. fronting eaea 5: feet on north A street be M . Sojent i streets east, and running back 128 feet 1 inch to r j:>f>ot alley. L<?t 17 is im proved wish a small frame Dwelling-Honse. . Immediately after, the north balfoflot No 15, No. 696 fronting 23? feet on First street south I andK streets, and extend ha?k with ths,t width to the rear of the lot. Tere s: One third in cash; the residue in throe ?<ual instalments- at six twelve, and eighteen months, with interest, for which the purchaser ?hall give notes, secured to the satisfaction of the Trustees The purcha?er to have the option of pairing all ea^h. Conveyances anl stamps at the oost of the pur wanr, If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days thereafter, the Trustees reserve the right to re sell at the risk and cost of the defaulting pur ?taitr. GEO. A BOHRER, 1 E. 0- MORGAN, J Trustees A. THOS BRAbLEYj lruswe*' ?? Jl eodAds J. C. McGUI RM ft Co., Aucta. UCIION SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ES TATE ON THE POTOMAC RIVER, n , I* Alixasdbxa Cocmtv, Va. ^?^d of trust executed by Gaspar ,pp?u?nifcj- Toshman. his wife. ?Uled Jnly-J4, *857. and recorded among the lund renor^s of Altianrtria Coonty. Va..?tb- said Gas par ^ ochman being engaged in the rebeli.on against the sovereign authority of tbe United States, and tne interext on the debt secured by said deed of traet being in arrear and unpaid from the 89th day ofOctooer, Iflol,?I shall proceed, by order of the ?irty secured^and by virtue of the authority con ferred by sa;J deed, and tho statute in such case made and provided, and on the I,-4*i day of May,1364, I -ball Sfcii at anction to the liighfst bidder for cash, in fronCofthe Mayor's office in the City of Alexan ?r"? ' ?t 12 o'clock, m., the property named on Mid deed, that is to say the farm callel " 8nmmnr Bill on the Potomac river in said County,?the same cr mpri-leg about one-hundred and fifty acres, and beinp ?itns.ted about midway between Wash ington City and Alexandria. Ya. Further particulars of the sale will be given at the time thereof. ?P 30 td J. M. STEWART, Trustee" |JNltED STATES MARSHAL'SSALE. In virtue ?f a writ of Ftori Facias, issued from tee Clerk s Office of the 8upreme Court of the United States, for the District of Columbia, and to me directed, I will expose to public sale, for cash, at tbe front of the 0-^urt House doer, of said Coun ty." n V"EDNEBDAY, the 2.1th day of May next, VM at It o'clock m., all defendant's right, title, ??'aim ?nd interest in and to the north part of Lot So 34. in Square Ko. 877, bounded aa follows-? Beginning for the same at the southeast oorner of LotNo 3H,onthe line of Seventh street east, run ning thence west 97 feet, thence north 30 feet, tbence east 97 feet to the beginning, together with all rlngular, the improvementsUiereon. seUedaud 1* - ed upon as the property of Samuel and Joseph AmoH. and will be sold to satisfy Judicial No ZVS, R1 ''feV t BeiH? use of Elia? my a' WARD H. LAMON, U. B. Marshal, D. C. ^ALB OF CONDEMNED HORSES AND MULES. Cku/ Quarltrmaster's Qfiee, Dtpot of Washington,I Washisqto*, D C., April 21,1864. ? WiN be sold at publieaiction^atthe Corral, near the Observatory ,in the City ot Washington J). O.. on WBDNE8DAV,May 11,1864,and WBDN^DAY May 2A 1844, a lot or? BOKSE8 AND MULBS, ?f-ndemned an unfit for public service. Eirms: Cash In GoTemmeut funds. Is to eommenoe at 10 o'clock, a. m. ^ . ^D.H.BBCKBR. __ Brig. Gsn. and Chief Qnartermaster, ap.TT ttt Depot of Washington. D. Q. RUCTION SALE OF CONDEMMBD HORSES. War Dspartmsmt. Oavalby BrraiAn, Orrica or Cutar QuAaTBanAsraa, ii v ,^ Waskinnton. D. C.. April S5,1364., Will be sold at public auction, to the highest bid der, at the times and places named below, vis: Jf*?K>rt, Penna , Thursday, May 5th. Gettysburg. Penna.. Monday. May 9lh, ^J2^na. Penna., Thur>d%y, May lJth, M ifBin, Penna., Thursday, May 19th, Reading, Penna., Thursday. Map Mth, Lebanon. Penna.. Thursday, June 3d, ftorthumbe-land, Penna., Thnrsdar, June 9th. fpfft?ton' I'*n?a.,'Thursday, June Mth. WUiiamsnort, Penna., Thursday, Jnue S9d. One Huaatcxd i K*t) horses at Gettysburg, and Two Bundr?d and Fifty (ISO; at each of the other plaoe*. These horses have been condemned as unfit for the cavalry service of the United States Army. For road Mid farm yurposes saay good bargains may be had. Horses will be sold singly. Salsa begin at 10 a m., and continue daily until all are sold. Terms: cash, in United State* Trewurv noted ealy. _ . JAMBS A. SKIN, ap g t)e20 Lt. Col aadC. Q. M. Cavalry Rnreaa, US. MILITARY RAILROADS. ? Qfim of Assttlum oHarttrmasitr. WA9him?to3, April 16,1164. AUCTION.?Will be sokl, ob WBDNBSDAT, the 16th dap of May, at the Railroad Depot, in Alexan dria, Y?? 100 Jons of Old Railrcvl Iron, 100 Tons of Old Car A .lee. ?0 Tons of Cast Scran Iron, 1?? Teas of Wrought Iron, * 9 Tons of Old Brass and Conser. Snrt Oil Barrels. ' Vrms: Cash In Government Funds. Ten (10) ?er cent, to be paid at the time of purchase, the balance cn delivery. Bfce property must be removed within ten days rois date of aala. H. L. ROotNSkN. a* 14 dts. Captain and A. Q k. A' Never too latb to lbarn-?? p. A?x Wolcxcskt', Nne and SimplxlJrffZkZi *vr Piano roru and Sinring.?Profeeaor Wolowskl roetlnaee his positively last course in Washington and all those who wish to fellow his easy srntev have no time to loee. Professor's reception hoars are from it to lc a. m., at his reeidenee, No. *16 f street, cemar of Uth. ep?-2w rjnHJ LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE A3 ArMTURB, -OKTMENT^f ylL ^^T^GSand v , .V HOUSEKEEPING GOOD8 to be found in tha citv is at 369 SEVENTH STRE1T, BBTWBEW t AMO K STBBBTS Dr n't mistake the piece. THE HIGH AWNING. Yon are allowed a discount of m per cent, on all tr!lsof4A' and anwards. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, 36? 7th st., *p81w between I and K sts. srssisysi All persons flavin* aeeonate against the Arm are r??ue?ted t? preeenfueai for settlement apl*un AUCTION SALES. gY J. 0. McGUIRE 4 CO., Auctioneer.1?. BSSvCTOES' SALE OF VALUABLE BRICK I*ARD AND APPCRB?>. ANCE3. TKjyiAlt, bJuVJ y? V1 ?*?* **? Br^ Residence f? But.dints. lr~*e number of Lflts, somt of tlumxmprovtd unthjusmt picllin* houses, to Material, and Imph menis for the montt.fariurt of Bricks. On TUESDAT AFTERNOON. May 10th, at S 1wM55?S?t,.'??arS abundance of fne Jlay. brick tad tempering sheda 1'if fa??l??4' *5 V 1 necessary outfit for a flrst i%7 of sa?e *djri* *?ri w111 be worked until the _ ' IVMXDIATILT AFTER. We will sell the stock of? Hoires. Mules, Carts, Wheelbarrows. Buggy, Moulds, Seines. Sand. ? j., &o. _. ALSO. ?? forai?ly thj residence 2 Eato5' fronting respectively on Connec i??Lyen^.TVt,et* ,tr*?t north. Q and R i ^ "***?* west, improved by V^?!S4.waOTc"l!Th\te.u'.<? M,d ? * ? ALSO, Lots. Noa 8.9,1ft, w, lfi, 17,18, an, 21, a?d 34 In sub tuTth,2?ffrHu *r* V>ll<l,jtL0ntin* **?h on Twen S a ll > ^?tws^n ft-aod S utraeta, 42,43.44, and45, in same Square, a ?& j?.' ?fn Nineteenth street went, between R ^od B streets; four of the Utter are unproved each with arately *m* dwellia*-house, and will be sold sep The whole of Square No 34,'fronting respectively on Massachusetts avenue, twentieth and Twenty, first streets wert, and north Q streets, with the improvements, consisting of one lar?e frame stable anT0r^BV.W? 915*11 (V? houses, and an office. Terms ofsale: One third cash, the remainder in ?J **?. eighteen months with interest,se cured by a deed of trust on the premises. ?*. i-.w2n#tIanc?!,,Jnola<llD* revenue stamps at the coktof the purchaser cash payw. ,-nt on each pieco of real estate Will be required at the time ofs&le. GEO. W. HOPKINS,/ ... , JOHN S. HOPKINS f E??utors. _*P^h5 J. O. MoGUIRH A CO., Aucta. JJY J. C. McGUIRK & CO.,Auctioneers. TRU8TBE'8 SALE OF VALUABLE 8LACGH BH^kl P*B PROPFUTY, with Brick Building, T nra J? Fr??e ?w,'llj^ houses,and VACANT* tho Nii?y ikrdi belonging ta tha ^tft^Sf^J.I^0b&rlos MilW. ta* 4 nlWP" AFTERNOON, May 13th. at 40 clock, on the premises, commencing with the nrst named and continuing in the order herein virtue of a decrpp of the Supremo Court ?? +? - Coiumb.a, sitting in chancery, passed on the 9th day of April, IRm, in a certain 9Uan T?-T,reln ?e(V * Miller is complainant aud Sid?Bell?er are defendaata, (?o. 146,) we 2SLi?n^fcH' 3,<L5>6- 7'J' y? I0?2i- 25? 27. and ?n'i m5? S ? 9 fronting respectively on 9th and lfrth sfteetfi es^t And south N street, improved s&Moa ^iTna iV8ll'n<? house, slaughter house. Iv^.1* . ?? known ax the slaughter var l of ChY,0? to bP sold entire or d? 1 T!t 'Icemed most desirable. Immediately ffer. Lots J. 2, 3. and 4, in Square and e0Uth 0 between 9th Pfcr^ of lot No- 2, in Square inn onting 50?eet 3 inches on soutt M treet W-* hac,: 04 feet 3% inches ou loth street dweiling hon^r?Te X a double two-story frame ?L-IT>Sr^f?t*I:part of Lot V?- 1 ? Sqnarp No. ???innin* for the fame at 83 feet 6 inches from corner of fiaid lot and thence run ?rth ? -r{ ?tiB1 ua M 8tr^* 17 r**t< thence ?nnth 6 mches, thence east 17 feet, thence I^iVi ?! ? Jn:hes to;the beginning, together .brLk dwemnghc"^ ' con!ii,tia?of a throe-story After' Part of Lot 2, same Square, beginning fcr the samo at a point on M ?>tiee? 2v"lht J?Ve?'"':n r? st lr,th street, thence north ?K Iv. f^he?c!^weHt ^ feet 9 inches, thence al>oa?t 72 feet, thence east 23 fdet 9inches to the beginning, together with the improvements consisting of a two-story bri^k dwellintr house. K r,nSrfl,a>1* *ft"r- P?rt of Lot No. Square th? south P*rt thereof, fronting *,! it !\ ^ --'eet east and runningr back that width on M street south 59 feet, trigeiher with the icn 'rim^n f'iC011 ?,"rf a f'&ran dwelling hou?e. Immediately after Lot 13, in Square No. 1 02J of?sout? ?ti ? ? 1o1h "troe* east, at the earner ?tk?r ' *nd ruQning back 95 feet, to il v .2 improTements, consisting of a brfcr&aildiniWelliD' h0U"e' With three st01T ?^.erms; On?-t!?irdin rash; the remaindar in 6,12, ?onlh''.' with interest, for which the pur SfSt *,ve ?"tes secured to the satisfaction ?r nltiHi V??*' Tte Purchaser to have the optica ofuaying all in eanh. ^ chaserfl6yanc*u* anU coat of the pur If th? terma of sale a?e not complied with in five days the-eafter. the Tr-.isteea reserve the right of rebelling, at the risk and expense of the defaulting Jurchascr, on ?ne wek's notice in the National ntelligenaer. GEO. A. BOHRER E. 0. MORGAN. A. TOO J. BP.ADLEY. ap 21 eoAds J. C. McGUIRl tc CO^Auct!*'. J^T GBEE2i & WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TR^STT:E'8 SAfR OF~OVER THREE ACRES OF LAND IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF TUB ^AT.l9^L,,BACK CO?RSE AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the23d day of May, 1864. I shall Bell, by virtue of de? 1 of trust to the subscriber. "Ld recorded in Liber N. C. T., No. 8, folios 471, 472, 4(3, 4/4 an : 4<5, one of the land records for tho county of, Wa-hingtou. in the District of Colum bia, at 4 o'clock p. m., on the premises, the follow :ng described property, lying and being in the county of Washington, District aforesaid, vix : Part of Ridg' 1'act, beginning for th.i same at a stone marked tn? northeast corner of Ridge Tract at its junction with St. Elizabeth tra^t, and thenee running by a magnetic course north S3 degrees and 30 minutes west along the west boundary of said St. Eliiabeth Tracts chains and 50 links to a stake, thence south 28 degrees and 30 minutes we*k a chains and SO links to a stake, thence sonth ^de grees and 30 minutes ea*t 6 chains and 50 Upks to a stake set on the boundary line separating^ho said Part of Ridge tract from the tract lying east there of, thence north 25 degrees and 30 minutes cast along said boundary line 5 chains and 50 links to the place of beginning, being parallel lines, con taming three acres and four perches, be the same more or less. Terms cash. All conveyancing, including reve nn? stamps, at the cost of purchaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with in fiv# days after sale the trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the first purchaser, by giving ^three days notice of such re sale in the Evening star. . j ,, MORGAN, Trust.-1*. ap 21-eoA.da GREEN A WILIJAM3, Aucta. pY J. C. McGUIRE 4 CO., Auctioneer*. TRUSTEE S SALE Of HOUSE AND LOT ON gW?T$SZIn?EBT-B?TWBEN 0 ANDP Pursuant to adeed in trrgt made and executed by Richard A. Hyde, of Waahington City, to the anbscriber to aecure a certain debt therein men tioned, I shall pracoed to sell, at public auction, on the Seventh day of June next, ate o'clock, p. m.. on the premises, "all that piece or parcel of ^round1 and premises situated, lying, and being in le said City of Waahington, and District of Col umbia, and known and designated aa Lot numbered ten (10) in Cruttenden's aub division of Square numbered three hundred and ninety eight (996 ) fronting twenty (?) feet on Ninth atreet west, be tween O and Petreeta north, and running back with that width to a public alley, together wTth all and amgular, the Imorovements, nrivileges. heredita ments and appurWnces to the same belonging, o* in any wise appertaining," ?"??* lerme; One-hall of the purchase money cash, the balance in three and six months, with inter* &Suj?Sy$.58BS." b? KC"e''? nnm" "??" ?? ?? compiled with within five dars ttedar ofgale, the ?ro?erty will be re-sold. ^ * COi'' 9^ pe'anltlng purchaser, after flv? day a notice in the Ivemnw gtar. OH AS. P. WANNAL1. Trustee. my.a-goAdB J. O. McOUlRB A CO., Aucta. J- O. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneera. T5Fx8??l?.1flA7.S7V^SK8S0,|80? 'j virtue of % deed of IX tb# reqtie?t of the bolder or the note th-r e red. I shall sail. Lot Mo. 6, in W. m. M^r ml| division of tlw aouth part of Square No. ?..anting a feet on Sixteenth street west, be l^jen Maesaohuaetta avet ue and north P street, and running back 135 wet to a wide publie alley. Terms ? One-third io cash: the remainder in six SftrXt?j?OBt*s? with interest, eeenred by deed ?'Jrajt on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchasers. MyJ eoAda ?.^lfe8ltaEA P ARM AT AUCTION, 9ALET08ITIV J. ,?u;^?o^Hrr.4;: fniteftsssi Terms: for personal property cash- for real a* %'r h,lLV^^Z':SSL'wiTif^/m Zephyr, Alexandria, r . * war?, Mf. AMFSEMENTS. ^MTSIO CAKIERBVftV UU.L. J CANTERBURY HALL./ AND L 1 CANTERBURY HALL.f THEATEB LOCJaiAMA Atiscb. Ntar Cornn of Sixth Street, Rear of Motional ani Mttropoliian Hottls. feign of the Big Calcium Light, Gbobob L*a__? Proprietor W. ?. Ca*atacch Stage Manager. BRILLIANT TRIUMPH f ENTHUSIASTIC RECEPTION OP THE NEW COMEDY COMBINATION. The largest and most Talented Company of Artistes ever seen in the City of Washington. GREAT ATTRACTION FyR THE COMING WEEK. ENTIRE CHAhGE OF PROGRAMME'. EVERY NIGHT THI3 V?EEK, JohnF. Poole's Prize Drama of the MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW. MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, On, TnR WRECK OP A LIFE f ?a, THE WRECK OF A LIFE! Or, THE WRECK OF A LIFE I which received tho premium of FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS k From the American Theater, Now York, and the right of playing it in Washington purchased by Geo. Lea, exclusively for the Canterbury. SYNOPSIS OF SCENERY AND INCIDENTS IN THE DRAMA. SCENE FIRST?Squire Nolan'* House at Con nomara: Meeting of the plighted lovers. Redmond and Kathleen; " Farewell to theland of the Sham rock. green fields, and bubbling Streams?I g? to the Wept, the home of the. aspirin*, America, the birth-place of Washington;" The clandestine meeting overheard by the revengeful brother of Kathleen: " I'll weave a web that shall stay your Journey?Beware! Beware!" Lauty McLaughlin and his $ewel, Judy O'Brien: A cure for the colic: The anticipated ?*ddirg, Lots of child^u and tnaley praties, strawberries and butter milk. SCENE SECOND?The monntain pass; nagh Banian, thi! Outlaw; The convict returned; Itis niotaer and the wrongs of a wretched life; Ven geance 1 11 I will have it?I muat w ait the hour to atrike the avenging blow,'' Philip Nolan is foiled by thn timely arrival of Lanty, who tickles his catastrophe; "Look at the blackbird,'' The out law aid .his foul accusers! Retribution for past * rones;Die like a dog and rot,'' Kathleen dis covers the body of her murdered brother! " Who did it?" " 'Twas I. Hugh Hanlon,the Mountain Outlaw;" For revenge I slew him, and for revenge I now make her mine; Circumstaocial evidence; Redmond accused of murder. SCENE THIKD?A room in 8'iuire Nolan'shonse ?L*nty and Judy undergoing a eros?-questioning from the Squire; The mouse and the male bag; " Meet me, Judy, at the ould hut;': Lanty'hresolve to find the true murderer. SCENE FOURTH?Hugh Ilanlen. farewell; To the land of my birth, my xhame ana my triumph; The escape of Redmond; The outlay confesses the deed: Redmond attempts to drag him to Justice.; Tlerrific combat; Redmond overcome; The outlaw Liberty; Redmond again arrested as the assas^n. SCENE FIFTH?Interior of the old hut; The old oak chest: Kathleen a prisoner, and in the power of the Outlaw: Lanty's arrival with his Juveni ? blunderbuss; He releases Kathleen, and v.,ws to protect her: Judy in search ol her lover; Thi Out law foiled; We are all here;" " Your daughter dies;" Your voung blunderbuss id brought into requisition; The wreck of life I Tableau. Every department of the GREAT CANTERBURY is well filled. DRAMATIC.ETHIOPIAN it TERPglCHOREAN, Consisting vf some of the MOST TALENTED ARTISTES in the profession, *viz; JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MCI.LIOAN, JOHN MULLIGAN JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, H. W. WILLIAMS, H. W. WILLIAMS, H. W. WILLIAMS, J.J. DOUGHERTY, J.J. DOUGHKRTY, J. J. DOUGHERTY. W. B. CAVENAUGH, W, B. CAVKNAUGH, W. B. CAVANAUOfl, DELEHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTV AND WARD, DEEEHANTY AND WARD, DET.EHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, WELEHANTY AND WARD DELEHANTY AND WARD. MR8. FRANK DREW 1 MRS. FRANK DREW I MRS. FRANK DREW 1 MISS JENNIE ENGEL. MISS JENNIE ENGEL. MISS JENNIE ENGEL, MTS9 ESTELL1 FORREST, MISS "BHTBLLE FORREST, MISS E3TELLE FORREST, MR. J. Db FORRE8T, MR. J. Db FORHE8T, MR. J. Db FORREST, MIS8 NAOMI PORTER MISS NAOMI PORTER, MISS NAOMI PORTER. THE BOUQUET ?F BEAUTY consisting of JENNIE FORREST. JENNIE FORREST, LUCY CLIFTON, LUCY CLIFTON, MAGGIE WILBOI*. MAGGIE WILSON, LEONORA CREED, LEONORA CREED, EMMA DREW, EMMA DREW, ELLA CLARKE. ELLA CLARKE^ in the Sbiotipcl Diyfrtisfmekt entitled SCENES AT THE DERBY! SCENES AT THE DERBY I SCENES AT THE DERBY I EVERY ACT NEW THIS WEEK, forming ? GRAND COMBINATION OF TALENT! GRAND COMBINATION OF TALENT 1 i Admlvlon -? , to ?5 Orchestra ; S Private Boxes, holding six persons g 00 Doors open at 7 o'clock; Performanct to eom msnce at d o'clock. FAMILY MATINEE ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, AT 3 O'CLOCK. When the Prize Drama of the r MOUNTAIN OUTLAW will he produced. 'SNOW'S SNOW'S Celebrated Troupe of -I PERFORMING DOGS ANt> MONKEYS HAVE AREIVEP, ? , gcd will make their first appearamee Ob MONDAY. May 9th. AMUSEMENTS. GROVER'S THEATER. PlKWSTLVASIA AT., KXAB WlLLARD'S HOTXL. Lion abi> G*otb?- ??.... ?Dire?tor THIS (Saturday) EVININGvMay 7, Last night positively of MR. ?. L. DAVENPORT, MR. J W. WALLACE, AND MRS. FARREN, [ Performance will commence with the Petite ' G>mcdy of I A MORNING CALL. Sir Edward Ardent ?. Mr E L Davenport Mrs. Chillington.~ ? ?- ...Mrs Farren To conclude with Dickens'Grc?t Play,in four acta, OLIVER TWIST, Mr J W Wallack in his great charactor of... .Fagin Mrs Farrcn m Nancy Sykes Oa Tuesday evening. May 10, the charming actross^ MISS MARY PROVOST, will commence a brief engagement at thi* theater. FORD'S NEW THEATER, TMTB Strkt, abotk Pkx.nsylvasu Atkdi. A Glorious Comedy atd Thrilling Drama. Last appearance of MR. J. McCULLOUGH AND MI83 ALICE GRAY, THIS (Saturday) EfENINO, May 7,1864, By request. Cherry's Co nedy of the THE SOLDIER'S DAUGHTER. Widow Cheerly ... Mi-s Alice Gray To concii ie with trtio drama of the AVENGING HAND. Michael, the Maniac ? Mr J H MeCullough On Monday the popular Coiut-diau MR. J. S. CLARKE, Fuorortcd "by the favorite actress oprvi Migg gugAJl DEXIN< Who will appear in two celebrated characters. METROPOLITAN MUSIC HALL, PamiBTLTASiA Arum aid Ilitirr 8trcet r. raBD'NM* H. ENOCHS Proprietors. PROF. HOLDEN?.? -Musical Director VXL. GRAND COMBINATION! DOUBLE CvMPANY] First week of ' MISS NELLIE TAYLOR, the beautiful *nd accomplished Vocalist; acknowl edged by the Press and Public X L 0 R of the pro fession. TOM VANCE, The inimitable Comic Vocalist and Comedian, in his new. original and local Songs. JOE CHILD*. the greatest Clog Dai^er before the public. ? Leo? berger, the American Warbler. HARRY ENOCHS will see that U seo the dark side of the picture. And the shaking of the sides by tho coadjutor of tlie tfumaid CHARL1E petrif.j torn ? ^SV^MaTmWrel?. who hate been engaged. at great expense, for two weeks, in addition to the regular company. wecu ' gltf. conhtantinb and bis GREAT BAl.LET D1 VERTI8EMENT, arranged by Hip. C. Constantine, entitled LA SICILIAN ! MI?S ANNIE RUSH, M ^dfssHE&SNE SMITH, mi mis8?saY'lie WESNER. MISS LI'/.ZIR WESNER. MISS MOLL IE LANE, MISS ELLA, W. BARTHOLOMEW GEORGE MILES. WILLIAM SCOTT LEW BRIMMER, BILLY THOMAS, the -holrAmakin| tbe^ ^ COMpAjjY ever produced in the city; the performance con cluding wfth the laughable Comic Pantomime of THB OlD FOX ^ GRAND MATINEE On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, at O CLOCK. ?with the whole strength of the Company. Admission ?5 and 50 cents. Private Boxes 13 and $5. my " l* varieties: , varieties; MUSIC HALL AND THEATEB. p*!?woTLv w * fvEvnf Jk. Ninth Street SIGN OF THE BIGGEST DitCMMOND LIGHT! SIGN OK TDK REVOLVING ASH OLuRR LIGHTS ! THE ILLUMINATED AMUSEMENT TEMPLE! Hamuli* A Co - ?-v; 7?j0prletorB Fill Simmons??? S<age Manager and Advertiser. SPLENDID OVATiON TO NIGHT! Just from the American Theater, New York, The Great Comic Pantomimist. J. S. MAFFIT, J S. MAFFIT, J.S. MAFEIT, J. S. MAFFIT, LinaWindel, Mr. Hall, Mgriric Friel, Mr. Kerns, Fanny May, Mr. Thompson, Kitty Lee. Mr. Bloodgood. Maggie Vernon, Mr. Francis, A??i,EU?or&t()rI]>E Mr. Barry. IN A GREAT DOUBLE BTI.L. A GRAND COMIC PANTOMIME. SONGS, DANCES, NEURO ACTS. 4c. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON PERFORMANCE, LADIES' AND CLERKS' LEVEE. Admission 25 and 50 cents; private boxes $fi. Performance at 8 in the evening. EDUCATIONAL. M FEMALE SCHOOL. RS. MARIA C. McCORMICK. late of Alexan dria, Va., having removed her school to Cam bridge, Md., is prepari'd to receivc four or five girls, as boarding pupils, in her family. Their intellectual, domehtic and uiortl training will re ceive her most assiduous care. Her success, while for years engaged, in Alexandria, in educating girls, is well known to all old residents of that Parents in this vicinity who desire farther in formation concerning the advantages of h?r school, are respectfully referred to Lewis McKenzie, Esq., of Alexandria, Va., or W. D. Wallach, Editor of the Washington Star. Her terms for board, tu ition, Ac., are moderate. Cambridge. Md., where she has recently located her school, is one of th? healthiest and most de lightful villages in the Union, and has about it no attributo whatever exeept such as a prudent and solicitous parent will approve in selecting a local ity in which to have a daughter thoroughly edu cated and trained for future usefulness. apSO-dlm UROOKV1LLE ACADEMY.?Students received 15 at any time and charged from date Address ap 26-eolm* m date of entrance. R. K. BURNS. Brookville, Montgomery co., Md. J^REBH STOCK OF SPRING GOODS. ,K'G??KSSrwA0fi?r BUCKETS, Dust, White-Wash and other BRUSH ES, with many other goods suitable for house Special attention is invited to the. celebrated Winship Refrif erator, by far the bent in use; also to the Union Carpet Sweeper, designed for com fort, ease and economy. SIBLEY A GUY, ap 25-eotf [Int. A Times.] 382 D street. W, NEW SPRING GOODS., ^ ILL Op?n this day, a beautiful assortment of Parasols, gun Umbrellas, Grenadine Veils, Guip pure Laces, Bugle Gimps, Bugle Buttons, Dress Trimmings and Buttons, New Ribbons, Hoop Skirts ana Corsets, Hair Netts, a tine assortment; Kid and other Gloves, Braids of all kinds. Collars, CufTs and Sleeves; Stockings, Handkerchiefs, Sha kers. &c., Ac. Also, a fine assortment of Gentle men's Goods. Finn White Shirts, Undershirts and , Collars and Scarfs; Tot IUCU P VVUUB. ! V V ?V Drawers: Soocs, Neckties let Articles. Musical Inst let Articles. Musical Instruments, Toys. Ac., Ac. Call at BOSWELL'S Fancy Store,No. 309 E street, near Hth, and get cheap goods. N. B.?iepot for Boswell A Warner's COLOR IFIC for coloring the hair. ap 23 coat T ATTENTION. ^ . . HE Undersigned is now ready to ^ lady friends and the ladies of L? ber FRENCH MILLINERY IU>OM8. vhenflp she bas the most magnificent Silk* IIIubioo,^^ Crape, Bombazine and a aplendid asflortment of Straw Bonnets and Hats of the latest Parisian * bonnets and Hats trimmed at the shortest no tiee. All goods will be sold at Hew York prices. Ladies wishing goods will do well to call and ox amis* my stoeVWore ^M^d/bQRRIES?' No. 266 Pennsylvania avenue, * - 4 r ap.27-2w* "" between 12th and 13th a OOPINQ F E'L T uyjriAU AND PITCH. ? " Just received and for sale,* choice lot ofFel# _ .3 T> ; ?!. _111 V<v a.-tlil AbuaM ^ f PT i til E tbttART. Canal bridge ? r ** ttcn> "??> ??? ?w- - ?JJNITEI) STATES SERVICE MAGAZINE,3tAT & iti&l wtoy. AND BANKER'S aXmA THS MERCHANT^ AND BANWER ^ nac, 18H.' By Brffih Homa^i^^^ AYLOB, Army of the Potomac. General Advance of Our Force*? Ma mentoa* Movement*?The Latest from the Front?Supposed Position of Oar 4 Army?The Rebel Army Flanked?Sio General Engagement Yet. [From the Bal itnore American, May 7.] The latest intelligence received at Washing ton last e?emng trom the Army ot tne Potomac was that Geueral Grant had crossed the Rap idan with the entire army, and had abandon* d all bis communications with Washington. The railroad to Alexandria was entirely aban doned, and he bad destroyed the telegraph, pushing on a.'ter the retreating rebel army, and leating no rear to protect. A mail carrier wtio had just armed reported that he had left Cal peper Court House on Thursday and found it entirely abandoned, and for fifteen miles this sioe be oid not encounter a single soldier, until beyond Bull Run, when be met the force of General Burn&ide, which forms the rear guard, advancing. It ia therefore evident that we must look for onr tirst intelligence from tha vicinity of Richmond. The story put for?h yesterday by the Now York World, of a disaster to Gen. Buras-de, proved, like most of the statements of -hat paper, to be entirely fabulous. On the contra ry, a portion of his cavalry on Thursday passed through Thoroughfare Gap, and en countered the rear of Imboden's caTalry, which was moving towards Richmoud from Western Virginia. The skirmish resulted in killing several of the enemy, one of whom was an officer of Imboden's staff, whose body fell into the possession of onr cavalry. On bis person was found tho copy of a dispatch from (J?neral Lee ordering Imboden to join him south of the Rapidan as speedily as possible^ There was no boat arrived yesterday ftom Old Point, and consequently none went down last evening. Whether the boats have been taken for military purposes or to stop all com munication with the seat of war we have not been able to learn. We learn from Washing ton, however, that it was the intention of Gen. Grant to etop all communication except such as he may send by the military telegraph via Fortress Monroe, Irom Yerktown and Wil liamsburg, until some decisive result was ob tained. The report received viaNew York of a move ment of Gen. Baidy Smith towards Petersburg, crossing ihe James river at City Point, threat ening that place as well as Fort Darling, is not credited in Washington. On the contrary, he is believed to have crossed the Pamunkey, malting his base of supplies at West Point. There is, however, no doubt of the fact that we may look at any moment for some impor tant if not decisive intelligence. Gen. Lee is reported at Washington to be retreating to wards Hanover Court-House and the line of the Chkkahomiiiy. Whether he will give battle there, or fall back within the defences of Richmond and stand a siege, a tew days will develop. REWSPAPEK RUMORS AND DETAILS. We copy the following from the New York papers of yesterday: [Special Dispatch to New York Times.] W AfeHiKOTON, May 5.?The Army of the Po tomac began its forward march on Monday. The crossing of the Rapidan was effected with out opposition on Tuesday and Wednesday at Culpeper, J acobs's, Germania and Ely's Fords. No rebel* were seen, except a few pickets, who retired as we advanced. If Lee intends to xr:tke a stand this side of Richmond, it is pos sible he may be met near the old battle ground of CtanceliorBVille, but it is the general im pression that .he has falleu back from his po sition on the "Rapidan to Richmond, in order to protect that city from the formidable force now marching upon it from the rear, and which i3 as likely to strike on one side of the James river as the other. Culpeper is being strongly fortified, and will be used as a depot for stores. It is reported h*?r? fo-day that a strong column of troops under Generals Couch and Sigel are marching from Winchester up the Shenandoah Valley as a co-operating column, destined eventually to cut the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad, while Bntler's force, or a part of it, strikes the other railroad at or near Petersburg, thus severing all railroad .~ommunicati?n6 be tween Richniond and the South. General Bntler took the field in person at the head of the army on the Peninsula yesterday, and his host is marshalled by such lenders aa W. F. Smith, Gillmore, Terry and Godfrey Weitzel. This movement assumes an expeditionary character. An immense fleet of transports and a strong squadron of monitors and gunboats will convoy it up one of those broad rivers to the gates or to the back door of Richmond, and perhaps the iron-clads may once more try the strength of the rebel batteries tlj^i line tbe James, the Pamunky and the Rappahannock. The feeling prevails that there is desperate work before this army. But there is nerve and strength far it. The iron-clads lie in the still waters off Newport News, tyad the fleet of gun boats are in communication with them. Detaits ef the Crossing. [Special Despatch to the N. Y. World,"} Hbakqcartbhs army ok thb Potomac, May 4, 6 a. m.?The grand campaign is inau gurated at last. The Army of the Potomac is on the march! Inasmuch ;tB the.present movment will be known?juad perhaps felt?by the entire rebel army in Mir front before the close oi the day, there can be no harm in making it public at once. The order to march was issued from G?n'l Meade's headquarters yesterday morning, and was disseminated through the army by '2 p. m. Gen'l Gregg's cavalry division, accompanied by a portion ol the canvas pontoon train, moved yesterday afternoon toward Richardsviile, and were engaged until late at night repairing the road to Ely s Ford. Soon alter midnight that division moved to the ford named, to establish a crossing. About midnight the 3d Cavalry Division, with another portion of the canvas pontoon train, left for Germania Ford, 5 or 6 miles above, there to establish another crossing. It is reported at this hour that both efforts were successful. The advance of the Second Corps, Major Gen'l Hancock commanding, broke camp at midnight, and moved down the Stevensbnrg and RichardsrllJe road toward Ely's Ford. The entire corps were on the march before 3 o'clock this morning in the same direction, and weie expected tc effect a crossing soon after d T^e^Flfth Corps, under Major Gen. Warren, commenced moving atmidnight. The ad vance, consisting of two divisions of infantry and a portion of the artillery, passed through Ste vensbnrg at midnight, closely followed by the remainder of the oorps?all marching toward Germania Ford. The 5th corps was closely succeeded by the 0th, nnder Gen. Sedgwick, which quitted ita camp at 4 a. m. Both the 5th and 6th corps are understood to be crossing the Rapidan at Ger mania Ford. The entife movement of the army resolves itself into the crossing of the Rapidan river at two fords, toward the right flank of the en?my, placing itself crossing,on aline nearly par allel with the river, between. Orange Court House and CfaancellorsYille. At the present hour the movement Is under way, and there ia a probability that it will be successfully ac complished without severe opposition by Leo, to whom this bold push must be more or less of a surprise. It is not probable that any se rious engagement will be fought to-day. Cav alry skirmishing and artillery dueling are likely to make up the day's fighting, unless the enemy contests the advance in force. Thus the event rer which the country and the army have waited impatiently for weeks transpires. All night the sounds of prepara tion and departure nave been heard upon the roads and in the encampments, now almost deserted. The rattle of forage wagons, the lowing of cattle, the slow movement of ambu lances eonveying sick to the rear, the clang of galloping hoofs, and, still later, the deliberate and ponderous tumult of thousands of armed men moving into Hue and thence away over the hills toward the enemy, having filled the hours. ? Upon what battle or what result the Army of the Potomac has gone forth from this dese late place, who shall tell 1 It qiarcber with hope in its heart, sad with abundant rations upon Its back. No cheering; the Army of the Potomac has learned how not to eheer until the Victory is won. The enthusiasm.that used to echo in q* valleys oi the Old Pami^n h" sunk too d*ep for sdeh premature utterance. ??Flght before you cheer1* is the soldier s per ms&mmsm MBMB frt Utt and ?ecspe a pitched battle, the con Diet mutt be nearer Richmond thin tbe Rap id an. TH? VFRY L?TE9T The F???y ittidca (be Llx ?< t&t Rap llM [Special Iiespatcb to the World ) Tfere Is d doubt uow from Intelligence re ceived frum Be alt on station to day, but that Lff h"s entirely abandoLed his line on tbe Rxpioao nod with bis army has taken tbe roars rnnnit g from the south of that -treata to '?rsi ge Springs and (trover's bridge, west of Mine Run, ard of the branches of :r?? NortA ard Sooth Anna river*, destined either for the entrenchments at Hichmood or for a position at Ht?m<ver Court" House There is no indication of a rebel moveubaat into tb? Vmiev of Virginia, and the foot of Lao's genera) retreat, as be did formerly at Mine Kua and beyond, ?:>ems that clearly established. Humor* froaa the Peninaala. Paaf engi ra who arrived in tbto city -Troaa Ftaltimore ia*tevening. state that information * ad been received mare, from Rebel souroes as weL as from Norfolk and Fortress Monro#* that Gen. W. F. i Ba<dv) Smith, wltk a largs army, had disembarked on the south, sxiiof the J?mee rl rer, not far from Fort Darting, on br ury's Bluff, as the Rebels call It. His object way of course a matter of mera speculation?it might be a feint to distract the Rebels and pre Yrut the sending of reinforcements to Lee, but if it was in earnest it meant that Fort Darling and Petersburg were to be captured and Rich mond cut r.ft trom direct railroad communica tion with North Carolina and the rest of tiff South. it <his news is correct,and it is generally be lt. vfo in Bal lmore, the occupation of west Pi int on last Monday was merely to decslvs ibe enemy. Still, all is mere on authenticated minor as yet, aiid Gen'l Smith's army may re '?Fftined for West Point, to oo-operate with the extreme left wing of Gen'l Meade's arrov. [We give the abive without attaching iau portance to it. We know of no information reaching here in regard to Gen'l Smith's move trcnif, <bat can be called more than looee and idle rumor.?Ed. 1 The Armies of the Weal?Active Opera* tiens Began. The movement now taklag place la en A grand scale, and the three great armies are aa doubttdly in motlen. Gen. Sherman'a army* in Northern Alabama and Northern Georgia* was to move on Monday last, in three grand column*-, to give the rebele battle. A poet* ponement of a day or to may have taken place, bat we shall soon hays stirring news from the West also. Gen. Sherman's army ie very large, and under efficient orgaoisaticn and discipline. ' Condition of Cation Soldiers from Rich mond?Visit of the War Committee te Annapolis and Baltimore* BaLttsmna.May8?To day,Maj.Gen.Wal lace and Messrs. Wade, Harding, Gooch, Ju lian and Odell, the Congressional Committed on the Conduct of the War, visited the hospitals in Annapolis for the purpose of examining re turned soldiers from Richmond as to their treatment by the rebels. Several were examined, and confirm the re ports already published of their inhuman and cruel treatment. The committee returned to this city to-night, and esamined some soldiers in the hospitals here on the same subject Photographs of some of the half-starved heroes are to bo taken, to accompany the report when printed. Reported Reverse to General Banks?A Dosbtfal Story. New Yoek, May 6.?The Commercial has a report frc m New Orleans that Gen. Banks, on bis retrrat to Alexandria was assailed tha rebels in force at Cane river and suflbred heavily. Thirteen transports and gunboats are said to have been blown up by hie orderd to prevent them tailing into Cms hands of the enemy. This story is certainly doubtful, to my the least as the latest advices via Cairo frcm Alexandria make no allusion to any engagement. _ COKGRESSIOIfAL. In TBf Sesatb yesterday? The National Bank bill cams up In truer, when Mr. Sherman called for the reading of a letter irom Secretary Chase, dated the 'Jo lnst., addressed to Mr. Fessendsn, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and whleh had been referred to In course of debate on Thurs day. The letter is as follows: Sir: Nothing bat my deep sense of the im portance of sustaining, by every possible means, the puhlic credit, upon which the eel* dependence of the Government for means to suppress the insurrection must rest, would induce me to address you this letter upon n subject which has already received so much consideration. The bill in relation to the National Banking system, now under debate, is in the nature of an amendment to the act of last session. Though a complete bill in itself, it contains few provi sions not substantially embraced in (hat act, among which that in relation to the measure and distribution of taxation, may be regarded* ? perhaps, the most important. TJnderordinary circomstances there might be no insuperable objection to leaving the property organized under the National B&ofcing law subject, as are almost all descriptions of prop erty, to general taxation, State, national and municipal. But in the present condition of the country, I respectruiiy submit that this partic ular description of property should be nfaeed in Lhe same category with Imported goods before entry into general consumption, and be sub je< ted to exclusive taxation. At the present moment the duties on import* ft rm the sole reliance.of the Government lor mears to pav the interest on the public debt. If to these means the taxes te be paid by the National Banks shall be added, a moot import act addition will be made to those measure*. The top re fact that these taxes are made payable to tbe General Government, and so rendered available for the payment of the interest on tke public debt, bnd for the reduction ol its prin cipal, will strengthen the public credit, and facilitate the negotiation of the necessary Mann at moderate rates of merest. I have no doabC that such a disposition of these taxes would ba worth more to the Government during the present struggle in practical reeulta than three limes the actual value of the taxes themselves. 1 do not at all suggest that this dgeeription of property should not be taxed as heavily as any other description; on the contrary, 1 think it just that it should bear its fall proportion of the public burden*. I am only auxioue that tbe taxation upon it shall be made to contribute as largely as possible to the general we*. Are. ' And it is the conviction deeply impressed on my mind that it will contribute more when aggregated in one mass, and made to tell upon the gen rel public credit, than when distribu ted between the nation and the States, and nu merous municipal corporations, that prompt me to address these views to you. Under auy plan of partition that may be adopted, the smount of taxation distributable to the several States and municipalities will be comparatively small and unimportant, and iC is quite peetlble that the total taxation of bank ing property for all purposes will be less than it will be if taxed exclusively for national pur poses. The advantages of partition to States and municipalities will, therefore, be small, and the banks may not lose by it.* The nattfn alone will be injured. It will be understood, of course, that ike foregoing suggestions are intended to apply to real estate held by titles under State laws, and should property J?e subjected exclusively in State taxation, except In the event of a direct tax by Congress. The case is otherwise with tbe personal property and credits of the bank ing astoclations. These receive their organisa tions fiom national law an4 for great national purposes, and may therefore be with great propriety, and, as I have endeavored*e skew at the present time, with great public ad vantage, subjected to exclusive national taxa tion. Very respectfully, yours, < ? S. p. rmmL , Tbe 30th section of tbe bill in relation to t&e rate of interest-to be charged by the bank* be* lng under consideration, Mr. Sherman moved an amendment, whlca makes tfee clause read as fellows: "That every association "may charge tbe rats allowed by the Hiws of the State or Tern ? 4* organized under State laws, the rates so llmit od shall be allowed for association# organixed In any such States, trad er this actn The amendment was adapt? d. M?. Chandler offered an amendment ?o r* 3let sectiddi striking out wsjgdw ^therein able 6pl oces^sr^hV retainingsimp 1^Ne^eTork, PhiladeljAiaand Boston as the point* of redempti*, after debats, w*a adoptea. ?S?5BSBfcS5&oa&if eount not exceeding on#-v?erte* of e?e F*? ^Mr- Henderson moved to amehd t*e??eec tiob,r by striking ouVtfce iimifef t^fd?dJ>nrea million ot dollars ftt cifcuUHn^ ngew enass the act, and inaortfcgtke wor* ^<*f *^yy ; Bo tions. called i BM ?Messrs- Upson and Smltler* sltion to the resolution si the MrTDawet supported the ground taksn IV ?? cothmittes.

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