Newspaper of Evening Star, May 9, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 9, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. W. D. WALLACH, Editor and Proprietor. WA8HZV0T02T OITT: MORBAT MAY 9, 1964. EXTRA. MORE GLORIOUS NEWS FROM THE FRONT. GRANT VICTORIOUS ON FRIDAY. He Captures a "Field foil of pris - oners." Lee Retreats 12 Miles, leaving his dead and wounded in onr hands* Grant Advances Co Spotsylvania Court House in Pursuits Heavy Fighting on Yesterday* General Wads worth killed* Rebel General San Jones killed. Beports from the fro at (not official) from par ties who left thereon Saturday, are to the effect that the result of the fighting on Friday was yet more advantageous to the Union cause than that of Thursday, resulting in Lee's fall ing back, according to some reports, twelve miles, leaving his dead and wounded in our ? bands. Grant, according to the same report, has ?a field full of prisoners," and had ad* tanced to Spottsylvanla Court House. FURTHER. A verbal message received at General Hal leek's headquarters by a messenger from the Army of the Potomac, is to the effect that the battle closed on Friday, the enemy haviug fallen back about twelve miles, leaving their dead ai.d wotuded upon the field. On Saturday at 3 o'clock Lee's army was in lull retreat iLrough Spottsylvania, and when the messenger left, a few hours afterwards, G*n. Hancock was entering the place in pur suit. We have captured many prisoners, but the r.umber is not known. Casualties Reported. General Wadsworth is reported killed and General Webb wour.ded. Among tbe re^el killed is General Sam Jones. Ben Butler Moving. Butler is reported to be within ten miles of Richmond. This information comes by boat from Alexandria, passengers from there reporting the arrival of parties from Grant's army with information to thai effect. Heavy Fighting Yesterday. Parties in Alexandria County, yesterday, teard firing as from heavy siege guns, in the Jlrection of Spottsylyania Court House, from 11 to i o'clock a. m. The distance is over 60 Mm, but tbc day was quiet ana the wind iTom the southwest, making it not improbable that the liriDg was from a battle going on yes U-rday between Grant and Lee. The Weanded. Owing to the fact of the Rappahannock bridge being out of repair, the order directing that the wounded be brought to Washington has been countermanded for the present. The Mi sic at thi President's Grounds. On Saturday the Marine Band, under Scala, inaugurated the music season at the Presi dent's grounds, the occasion drawing together an immense crowd of persons. President Lin coin making nis appearance upon the portico of the White House during the performances of the band, loud calls were made for him, When the President stepped forward and said: Laditt and Gentltmen?I suppose you want a speech. I propose, in lieu of it, three cheers for General Grant and .the armies under his command. Immediately the crcwd responded vocifer ously, after which the President took a seat upon the portico, where he remained for some time, evidently enjoying the pleasant scene be fore him. tCCCEiSFUL ADVANCE OF GENERAL SHERMAN. Rebels Falling back?Their Dead aid Wounded Left in ear Hands?Army ?f the Potomac?Another Account of the Battle of Thursday last?Decided Ad vantage* Gained by the Caioaarm*?Tae Rebels Reported to have Destroyed Petersburg and Abandoued it?Destruc tion of the tni? G an beat Commodore Jones. ts'aw York, May 8.?a special despatch to t ae Tilbune has reached the Government that {Sherman is fighting his way through success <*u)ly, and pressing npou Dalton, the enemy failing back and leaving their dead and wound ed in cur hands. From the Peninsula the news is glorious, as far as heard from. A letter to the Tribune, dated Thursday ai hi, says, early this morning the march was resumed in the direction of Todd's Tavern, whioh point was reached beiore noon and the troop* placed in line of battle at 1-2 M. Uen. Wilson, commanding Kilpatrick's for mer cavalry division, made his whereabouts kuons by a brisk cannonading several miles touihwesi of the tavern, and in the vicinity of Sha<*y Grove Church, where, for three-quar ters of an hour, he was sharply engaged with a large body of rebel cavalrj and a consider able force of Infantry, by whom be was gradually forced back upon the Second Corps. Had not the manoeuvre of the enemy prevent ed. night would have found Gen. Iianco:k's command at Shady Grove Church, connecting wwth Warren on his right. By this manoeuvre vre would have occupied the pike running In a orthwesterly directionfromGermannaX'ord. on the Eapidan The movements of Lea soon revealed his ? r?al designs. Gen. Warren wa> directed to ! attack him at onca, which he did about li o"clock a m. A determined musketry fight or one i Lour and a half ensued, in wblch Warren ! handsomely drove him from his position, with ' the infliction of great loss. Griffith's division of the 5th corps led the 1 attack, and euffered severely, losing nearly 1,000 la killed, wounded and missing. Finding his efforts to break our centre futile, ' the enemy next attempted to interpose an over whelming forte between Warren and Han rock, the latter of whom, in accordance wir.h ? orders, w a* marching bis corps rapidly to form a junction with the former. Foriunately this advance, consisting of Blrney's division, came up jusi in time u*cireamvent the r<?bel general, who, ato'clock p. m.,commeacea a terriile onslaught on the divisions of ttirney, Gibbons a:id Gettz. the latter of whom hsd h?eu u mpa arily detached from the extreme of Hancock'* ionmard. The fight raged hotly until some time after lark, and resulted in the complete repulse of lie enemy at all points. Oar loss in the en. , 'a*ex?ent does not exceed ooe thousand mea. 'cnrcely any artillery was brought into requi sition, the ebaracu-r of the ground r*nd?rii.g it ?Fe>*tss. The battle-field is covered with a chick growth of underbrush and medium siaed trrts, a&d U 1* owicf to that taot that oar z.% ..nmiiiGA *:&*? - losses are fomj)W?tlTell(!ht Oar captures, in prisoners, amount to five hundred. A great and perhaps decisive battle will be fought to-morrow (Friday.) All are enthusi astic over the success of to-day, and speak con fidently of the movement Nkw Yobk, May 8.?The steamer Western Metropolis, from Fortress Monroe, May 7, re ports that on the 5th mat. the 1st and 3d regi ments of colored cavalry, under Col. west, made a dash across the Chic kahominy river, and two companies dismounted and charged into the camp of the 46th Virginia cavalry, billing thirty men and capturing thirty horses. The horses were immediately mounted by our troops, who pursued the retreating rebels within ten miles oi Richmond. On the 6th Inst, c ir forces, which had ianaea at City Point, movtd on Petersburg, when the enemy immediately set fire to the place and a*On Monday of the same date, the United States gunboat Commodore Jones, while on picket duty in the James river near Turkey Bend,was blown up by a torpedo, one of the cigar shaped infernal machines, and several of her officers and men werekilled and some forty wounded. The rebel who had charge of the torpedo was shot and two of his companions taken prisoners. LomsviLLX, May 8.?A squad of guerillas, under command of Captains Wallace and Thomas, made a raid into Princeton, Caldwell county, on the 4th instant. Thev robbed the stores of a large amount of goods, and stole msny horses from Union citiaens. Rumors from Nashville say Johnson has re treated from Dalton to Atlanta Sherman's forces have passed Tnnnel Hill without opposition, and are outflanking the rebels at Buzzard Roost. FROM RED RIVER. Three Days Skirmishing* New Yobk, May 8.?A telegram from New Orleans, via the Southwest Pass, April 30, re ceived by the Tribune this morning by the Morning Star, says: A skirmish has taken place between Grand Ecore and Alexandria. General Lucas with our rear guard, engaged the rebels, under Wharton, two or three brigades strong, and fought him day and night for three days. The rebels had about ten thousand cavalry and harrassed our force until within seven miles of Alexandria. Our forces were under General Emory. Official Dispatch from Gen. Bntler De tailing his Movements en James Kiver. Off City Point, May 5, 5 p. m.?Lieut. Gen. Grant, Ccmma-der-in-Chitf: We have seized Wilson's wharf landing; a brigade is there; Fort Powhatan landing with two regiments same brigade. Have landed at City Point Hicks' division. The remaining brigade and battery, and tne remainder of both the 18th and Kith army corps have been landed at Bermuda Hnndred, -above the Appomattox. No oppo sition thus tar. Apparently a complete sur ItTise. Both army corps left Yorkto wn during act night. The monitors are all over the bar at Harrison's Landing and above Citv Point. The operations of the fleet to-day (Thurs day^ have been conducted with energy aad success. Generals Smith and Gilmore are pushing the landing of the men. General Graham, with the army gnnboats, led the advance during the n if ht, capturing the signal station of the rebels. Colonel West, with 1,HK> cavalry, made de monstrations from Williamsburg yesterday morning. General Kantz left Suffolk this morning with 3,(nil) cavalry tor the service indicated in a con ierence with the Lieutenant General. The New York flag-of-trnce boat was found lying at the wharf wtth 400 rebel prisoners, which she had not had time to deliver. We are landing the troops daring the night,a hazardous service in the face ot the enemv. B. F. Bctlkr, Major General. ry^5=-ATTENl ION, VIKUIMANS!?The reg 11. ? ular meeting of the Virginia Union League will he held in Union League Rooms on TUE8 1)AY EVENING, 1 th instant, at 7Vi o'clock. Member* are particularly requested to bp present. inV H-2t* R G GREENE. Sec. nr5=? Miss EVANS, llSf The distinguished young oratress from Wales, sixteen years old, will deliver one of her eloquent temperance lectures to young men in the Unitarian Church, (Rev. Dr. Channing'g.) corner 6th and D streets, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, May 11, at 8 o'clock, M iss EvANd has a great reputation in London, Manchester, Liverpool. Dublin. New York, Phila delpha, Boston and other places, where she has lectured to crowded houses. Although very young, she has perfect self-possession, with a clear, strong voice, the most graceful gesticulation,and delivers her own thoughts with remarkable earnestness and power. She has given nearly one thousand dollars for the benefit of the soldiers, and it is hoped that many of them in this citv will havethe privilege of listening to their youthful benefactress. Tickets 25 cents. Reserved seats 63 cents. For sale at the bookstoief-, at the principal hotels, and at the door my 9-3t* THE JOURNEYMEN HOUSE S110ER8 are requested to attend the regular month ly meeting of their association on the evening of MONDAY! May 9th, at V/% o'clock, at the Exchange Hotel on C street, between and 6th. my7-2t' K"*?THB LADIES'FAIR AT TRINITY HALL, J3 , on 5th aunt, between D and M, prom tne* ? raceeM. a good object, fine liana or music, choice refreshments and agreeable company all combine to render the entertainment pleasant and attractive. Open every night this weelt until Sat urday. m F 3-4t* US ? THE NEXT MONTHLY MEETING OF the BoarcPof Trustees of the Public Schools will be held on TUESDAY next, the 1-th instant, at 4% o clock p. m. _my 7-3t R. T. M0B3ELL, geC. (^FOUNDRY FAIR.?The ladies of the Lkis Foundry M. E. Church announce to the public that their Fair will be opened on WED NESDAY EVENING, May 4, in the church build ing, corner of 14th and G sts. The proceeds of this Fair will be applied to the erection of the new Foundry Church. Season tickets, admitting a lady and gentleman. $1: to be procured of the l&dieti of the Church. Single admission 15 cents. By order of the Association. > my 3-lw* ; A. O. R., 8ei'y. nr*r? EDITOR STAR.:?Please announce JOHN Uvfi II. PEAKE as a candidate for the Board of Aldermen for ihe Sixth Ward, my6-3t* UNCONDITIONAL UNION. OCT UNCONDITIONAL UNION TICKET. FIFTH WARD. Foe Mayor? RICHARD WALLACn, For Alderman? CHAS. I. CANFIELD. Job Common Council? WM. P. FERGUSON, JAMES B. DAVIS, J. B. WARD. Fob AbSEssoR? B. F. DYER. mayG-Sw* fYs3* SIXTH WARD. IL5 JUNE FLECTION The unconditional Union voters of the Sixth Ward will support*the following ticket at the J une election: Foa Mayor? RICHARD WALLACn. Fob Alderman? DONALD McCATHRAN. Fob Common CoraciL? JOHN H. PEAKE, GEO R. RUFF, my 6-4t* WILLIAM TA^BERT. ry5=?THIRD WARD-JTWF ELECTION-The I ?v3 unconditional Union voter* of the Third Ward will support the following ticket at the ap proaching municipal election, via: *?> 4k1cHARD WALLACn. BROWN, For Common Council? NOBLE D. LARNER, THOMAS A. STEPHENS, JOHN W. 8IM8. Fob Assessor? ? JAMES P. McKXAN. ap 23 tf IV^THIRD WAltD?JIWS ELECTION.?The II < unconditional Union voters of the Third w ard will support the following ticket at the J une ?lection: For Mayor? u RICHARD WALLACH. For Aldbrman? ALEXANDER R. SHEPHERD. FOR Common Council? N. D. LARNER, JOB W. ANGUS, JOHN W. SIMS. ap tt-te rT5=? INDEPENDENT UNION CANDIDATE Uof FOR MA YOU. _ _ JOHN H. bEMM&S. ap 29 t* fr^MC* CREAM, CONFECTIONERY, &o. LL3 Receptions, Parties. ?>ddings, Balls, Sup pers. Fairs and ether entertainments furnished at shortest notice and most reasonable terms. Ice Cream and Water Ices made by steam power, war ranted to be the best in the eitv, wholesale and re tall, delivered to aar part of the eity. Charlotte Russe, Jellies. Pyramids and WeddingCakes mads to order, at JOSEPH SHAFFIELD'8 Confection pry, 3*3 Sixth st., bet, G and H. fe ll-Xm* p A P M R H AN O IN G 8. I would most respectfully Inform my customers and the public in general Viet I am now receiving my spring stock of American and French PAPER J1 ANGINAS consisting of the finest French Gilt Papers, suitable for payors, dining rooms, cham bers and-halls. 1 am also in receipt of a large assortment of Gilt Corn'ce, Gilt Window BUades and Picture Cord and Tassels. All persons wishing to purchase will do veil to look for themselves before buying elsewhere, as I have the largest assortment of the above goods in the city. JOHN ALEXANDER. _my 9-eo2ni (Intel.) No. 840 Pa. avenne. QUERY??Who has the largest assortment of pattern for Stamping? Who is the unly prac tical person that Stamp*? Who ha"? the largest number of hands at Embroidery ? W'.io has the finest stock of Embroider!**, Braids, Ac., a^d who is the only person in the District that does Fluting for ladies dresses? |0rpRINCK. 3ftl F STREET.4% where ladies can select trom 25,<mo choice p\tterns for any Unci of work, and where they can ret ANY PATTERN stamped. Having stamped for go. <00 ladies is proof that he knows bis business. La lies who do m t want their goods spoiled, but n'amp^d a*-1 ty should be. go to the only person it the ctty who di>es irood work. FLUTING! FLUTING! FLUTING 1 , The (m't martin in town now in op-ration. Fluting donf as good as ia new 1 ork n* elsewhere, r 9 tf GT351 I street, Ofposilt Patent Office, ; A. 1 1J. 8. 10-40 BONDS. These Bonds are ip?ued under the Act of Congress of March 8th. 1M4, which provide* that all Bonds issued under this Act shall be EXEMPT FROM TAXATION by or under any 8tate or municipal au^oritr. Subscription* to these Bondi are re ceived in United States notes or notes of National Banks. They are TO BE REDEEMED IN COIN, at the pleasure of the Government, at any period net less than ten nor more than forty years from their date, and nntil their redemption FIVE PEE CENT. INTEREST WILL BE PAID IN COIN, on Bonds of not over ene hundred dollars annually and on all other Bonds eemi annually. The in terest is payable on tbo first days of March and September in each year. Subscribers will receive either Registered or Coupon Bonds, an they may prefer. Registered Bonds are recorded on the Books of the United States Treasurer, and can be transferred only on the owner's order. Coupon Bonds are payable to bearer, and are more convenient for Commercial uses. Subscribers to this loan will have the option of having their Bends draw Interest from March 1st, by paying the accrued interest in coin?(or in Uni ted States notes, or the notes of National Banks, adding fifty per cent, for premium,) or receive them drawing interest from the date of subscrip tion and deposit. As these Bonds are EXEMPT FROM MUNICIPAL OR STATE TAXATION, their value is increased from one to three per cent, per annum, according to tho rate of ta* levies in various parts of the country. At the present rate of premium on gold they pay OVER EIGHT PER CENT. INTEREST in currency, and are of equal convenience as a per manent or temporary investment. It is believed that no securities offer so great inducements to lenders as the various descrip tions of U. 8. Bonds. In all other forms of in debtedness, the faith or ability of private parties or stock companies or separate communities only is pledged for payment, while for the debts of the United States the whole property of the country is bolden to secure the payment of both principal and interest in coin. These Bonds may bg subscribed fo-r in sums from fSfi up to any magnitude, on the same terms, and are thus made equally available to the smallest lender and the largest capitalist. They can be converted into money at any moment, and the holder will havo the benefit of the interest It may be useful to state in this connection that the total Funded I>ebt of the United Stales on which interest is payable in gold, on the 3d day of March 18.J4, was ?7^ 9J5.000. The interest on this debt, for the coming fiscal year will be Sfi.937 12-3, while the customs revenue in gold for the current Jfiscal year, ending June 30th, 1854. ha? been so far at the rate of over 5100,000,000 per annum. It will be see n that even the present gold reve nues of the Government are largely in excess of the wants of the Treasury for the payment of gold interest., while the recent increase of the tariff will doubtless raise the annual receipts from cus toms on the same am?:>unt of importations, to ?110.000,000 per annum. Instructions to the National Banks acting as loan agents were not issued until March 25, but the amount of Bonds reported sold at the U. S. Treasury up to May 7. was ?4 4,616,1 OO. Subscriptions will be received by the FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WASHINGTON, FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BALTIMORE, and by all National Banks which are depositaries of public money, and all respectable banks and bankers throughout the country (acting as agents of the Nafioral Depositary Banks,) will furnish further information on application, and afford every facility to subscribers. my 9-1 w WANTS. ~ WANTED, at F. W. . . ..A 00. $ Jobbing Shop, on lit i street, between E and F. my ?-3t" W >nN!?I)7T,wo?gco3 COOKS and two seconp V *tr< / ,,f" J*ew Y?rk Hotel, corner 7th and t. streets. Pood wagi-s given, uiys-rjt* YV ANTED?A steady WOMAN, to cook ?>nd wa*!i b"twpc?f STfT at 502 H street, iny 'l-lw* - tw ?cu 6th and ^fh*street^west* !Mw JAMES G. ELLIS? A small girl, 14 years old, wants a PLACE to take care of a child. Call at No. 73, 24th street! "?r my 9-2t* YV AKTMW-At T. RL SSELL'S, two good COOKS ronta accustomed to working in r stau __ my9-3t 117 ANTED?A Hrst-class MILLINER. The best iZ.rLvB?e? Wl11 pa,d at 10~ street. I-'and, immediate!y. [myP 3t?j MOSE8 SIKGEL VV**?E A good plain COOK; one who can . v m.a, ? bread and good desserts. Apply at NoL415 fc street, between 8th and t>th. it* WANTED?A BAKER,OVKN andlriXTURK? one large and one small Also RfratttfRSS Wi00N'- ?"??'? ?>?-?? W-MSZ, VV 1 n rT,f?h Jri?pn?-uA 8111,1,1 fllrn'*hed orun 4 H . ^ "OLSJS, or part of a hou?f> in a. office - ,ocatlon Address W. U. R?Tt _ my 9-3t* W^nJ?nnv Fliddl?"*?(ed WOMAN, a (HRL f/\^ 4 to ?o in the country, tlife woman nlv^t Ihi*/' f wasbin?f and ironing. Ap my * street, between fifth and 14th. YY ANTED?25 YOUNG KHOATS, for which ?? cash will be paid. Apply after I o'clock n mv7-?* T ^ARKBR &'CO., " 50 La av.. bet. 6th and 7th sta. W*Lite UlRLl' to do housework for . J*o persons, or a young lady can nrocure a good home who would do a little housework \,v addressing Mrs M. A. V., WashingCpTst Office* V punuiiir , mercnant Ta'ioc, No Stt3 8lh opposite the Marine Barracks, Navy Yard. my 7 4t* A GENTLEMAN wishes to rent a small HO FSB in Washington or Georgetown. Address" K, Box 933 Georgetown Post Office, stating location, rent, etc. No objection to a house a little way in the country. my7-?r \]LT ANTED?By a small family and light work a ?v nice, tidy GIRL, to do general housework. To one buiting. the comforts of a home and good wages given. Inquire at 501 13th street, Island, near Maryland avenue, southwest corner 13th and D sts. my 7 3t^_ WANTED?A middle-aged WOMAN, white or colored, to go to a village in Maryland to cook and do the general housework for a small family. To one willing to make herself generally useful liberal wages and a permanent home will be given. Apply at No. 4t$?> D street, between 1st and id. my 7-3t* WANTED ?Two GIRLS. one to do chamber work and assist in dining room, and one to wash and iron. Apply at ti64 F street, between I3th and 14th fits. my t>-3t* ANTfcD?At the Avenue Horse, Cook and Vegetable Cook, l wash wo lap. chamber maid ana a few first rate dining room servants. my 6-3t* H. I _KING^ WANTED?By a young man, Sn years of tfd < SITUATION as salesman or otherwise 0" come recommended from last employer. Address "M. H.." Box 31, Star Office. my6 4t* VI7 ANTED?To bny or rent from 8 to W acres of " LAND, with or without improvements, in the District, or in its immediate vicinity. Address " Cash," Georgetown Post Office. mr6-3t* rMKL8 WANTED.?Fifteen or twenty OirU IT wanted, to wash and iron, at the new Oity Laundry Co., on l?th street, near C. Apply imme diately. Large wages paid. my 6-St* E. HUTCH KISS, Jr., Manager. 1X7 ANTED?Two first class HOUSE PAINTERS vv Steady wort at 13 perday. None but good hands need apply. JOHN T. ANGEL, my 3-5t* 664 7th st., op Centre Market WAKI",Lt.T.NO, FLUTING I y ^ Every lady in ttie District to know that 1 have, at considerable expense, had built a v ry elegant machine for Fluting or Crimping Dressea. Ae. Dressmakers and ethers can haveanv kind of good* Crimped at short eotW. in as good style, and as cheap as it> any other city. Ladies, remember tSie is the only machine in town and done at the only place to get stamping done. 3*t t street, oddo site Patent Office, Stamping and Machine fc'.ttch lng Dey.t. my 3 j tl7 ANTED IMMEDIATE! Y-900 La OIKS to ? ? Fmbroidrr on Muslin. Linen and Cambric. Tr ti.ud bsiotn constant work and good wages given. Ladiir-ai t'lyii g will please hri>i^aaa>Mea of work. Apptfat WM P iNCE'f ??nplu? and i Machine ftitchlng Depot, 881 F "street, opposite i Patent 0mc?. wtt j / * 8 O'CLOCK r. VERY IMPORTANT FROM THE FRONT. * GEN. LEI REPORTS GEN. LONGSTREET DANGEROUSLY WOUNDED. ALSO. GENS. PEGRAM AND STAFFORD. THE BODY OF THE REBEL GENERAL JEN KINS IN OUR HANDS. THE REPORTED EVACUATION OF PETERS BURG AND RICHMOND BY THE REB1LS PREMATURE. GEN. HANCOCK PUSHING IN THE DIREC TION OF SPOTSYLVANIA COURT HOUSE. HEAVY FIRING HEARD IN THAT DIRECTION FROM AQUIA CREEK YESTERDAY. There Is no foundation for the report that the rebels are eradiating Richmond nor that Petersburg is evacuated. The following is the list of casualties so far as reported to the War Department at the present time: Brigadier General Alerander Hays, Pa.; killed. Brigadier Qen. James L. Wadsworth, New York^ killed. Brigadier (general Webb, wounded; also Col. Wilson, 43d N. Y.; Major Fryar, do.; Colonel Stone, 2d Vt.; Lieut. Colonel Tyler, do.; Col. Lewis, 3d Vt.; Lieut. Colonel Foster, do.; Col. -Stone, Bucktail, injured by fall; Colonel West, 9th Maine, killed; Colonel B*dwell, 49th N. Y. Major Darlington, 19th Pa. An official report of Qen. Lee to the Rebel authorities at Richmond, transmitted by Gen. I Butler to the War Department, states the rebel loss in killed is not large, but many are wounded. He further states that he regrets to say that General Longstreet is dangerously wounded; alto Generals Pegram and Stafford, and that General Jones is also lulled, and his botiy is reported to be in our hands. At the latest dates received ty the War De partment, Gen. Hancock was rapidly pushing by the left to Spotteylvania Court-House. Heavy cannonading lrom that direction was beard at Aquia Creek yesterday. LATE TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Late from Red River. THE REBELS IN FORCE ON BOTH SIDES OF TI1E RIVER. GUNBOATS FIRED INTO. THE REBELS ATTACK GREENVILLE AND ARE REPULSED. THE REBELS DEMAND THE SURREN DER OF ALEXANDRIA. GEN. STEELE ARRIVK3 AT LITTLE ROCK, HAVING LOST HIS WAGONS AND SOME ARTILLERY. OUR LOSS 2.000 KILLED, WOUNDED, MISS ING AND PRISONERS. Cairo, May 6.?Tne steamer White Cloud from Red River reports the rebels in force on both sides of the river with batteries planted above and below the falls. She was fired into below the mouth. The gnnboat Admiral fared worse, being badly whipped, and six of her crew killed or wonDded. The gnnboat Juliett, No. 4, was very mnch dtoaMed, aad bad to b<? towed to Natchez Shells explode d inside the boat riddling it com pletely. Eighteen were killed and many woundtd. Transport Meteor was also badly damaged, and towed to New Orleans. The enemy attacked Greenville, a small town opposite Alexandria, but were driven back by gunboats. They have driven in our pickets at both places several times. The Federal forces now at Alexandria reported .35,000 strong. The rebel force is qnite heavy, nnder Kirby Smith, Magruder, Taylor and others. The White Cloud reports that a flag of truce with a aemand for the surrender of Alexandria was sent to General Banks the day the boat left that place, with what result was not known. The steamer General Grant arrived at Mem phis, reports having learned at Pine Bluff that Steele, with his whole force, had arrived at Little Rock, still followed by theenemy, having lost aU his wagon transportation and greater part of his artillery. No fears of an attack on Little Rock were entertained, it being strongly fortified. The wounded were being brought to Pine Bluff, which is also fortified and considered defeusi* ble against an attack. The steamer Belle arrived at St. Loui? from Memphis, with one day's later dates, with the 1st lowa cavalry, from Little Bock 5th inst., on board, en route lor home on a furlough. Tney confirm former accounts of Steele's loss of trains and artillery. Our loss in killed, wounded, prisoners and missing, is estimated at two thousand. FROM NORTH CAROLINA. THE REBEL 01M IN ALBERMARLE SOUND. AN IRON CLAD ON THE WAY TO MEET HER COMMODORE M. SMITH A88UMES COMMAND OF THE NAVAL FORCES. WARM WORK HOURLY EXPECTED. Nbw Yobk, May 9.?By an arrival firom North Carolina we learn that the rebel ram Alfeimarle which assisted in the capture of Plymouth is now in full possession of Alber marle Sound. Friday last she was seen from Roanoke Island. There Is no knowing what movement she may make to attempt to take Roanoke Island, Newbern and other important points. There are reports that an Iron-clad ha? ar rived frcm Fortress Monroe at Hatteras and is under way to octet tfce rebel ram. Commodore Melancthon Smith has arrived* at Newbern and taken command of the naval forces in North Carolina.. Active and desperate work In the waters of that State are hourly expected. FRCM WEST VIRGINIA* GrN. AVEBILL'S COMMAND AT PRINCETON. THE REBELS ABANDON 1 HEIR CAMP AND REiREAT. Cibciunati, May 9.?The Cincinnati Gazette has a special dispatch from' West Virginia announcing tfce arrival of Gen. Crooks' com mand at Princeton. This is a portion of the commsi d sent out to out ttft Virginia and E: st Railroad. The enemy, 25,000 strong, retreated, leaving their camp in our pcraeseion. ? ? PRICK OP GOLD. (By the People's Line.) Nbw Yobk. May 9.-10 a. m., Gold, 70; 11 a m'. 1*'? . 7: ^ ? r ?TThe iriat t Prfnc* ot England has had bf? Mnmg" pbo?**r*phed. ' tsrit if*proposed to connect Italy and Sloily tiiid mid. 5 O'CLOCK P. M. GREAT! GLORIOUS! THRILLING NEWS FROM GEN. GRANT!! OFFICIAL DISPATCHES FROM HI*. He is in fall Pursuit of Lee To wards Richmond!!! We Hire Two Thousand Prisoners Wounded Twelve Thousand. Dispatches from General Meade and Lieu tenant General Giant hare just been received by the "War Department. Our army was in full pursuit of the enemy towards Richmond. We hare two thousand prisoners. Our forces occupied Fredericksburg at eight o'clock last night. The hospital for our wounded is established there. Supplies, nurses, physicians, and attendants have been ready for two days, and hare gone forward. The wounded are estimated at about twelve thousand. THE MOVEMENT UP JAMES RIVER. DESTRUCTION OF THE GUNBOAT COMMO DORE JONES BY A TORPEDO. ALL ON BOARI' KILLED OR WOUNDED WITII ONE EXCEPTION. THE TORPEDO MEN KILLED. VALUABLE INFORMATION OBTAINED Or THE LOCATION OF THE REBEL TOaPEDOES. The officers and men of the gunboat Commo dore Jones, wbich was blown up by a torpedo in James James river on Friday, were brought to Fortress Monroe yesterday and placed in the hospital. The Jones, it appears, was pro ceeding up the river, and passed near two scows, to wbich it is probable the torpedo was anchored, and as she passed near them a rebel was seen to get ont of a rifle-pit, and at the water's edge apply the battery, when the In ternal machine exploded, the boat being blown to atoms, and almost timnltaneously with the explosion some of our shaipshooters shot him But one man (wbo was in the magazine at the time) escaped being killed or wounded. Some of tbe injured are very seriously wounded, and will not recover. Tbe captain, we understand, bad both legs broken. The wounded were immediately taken up by other boats in tbe vicinity, and as speedily as possible a company of sharpshooters were sent on shore, when tbe body of the man who touched off the machine was discovered. A paper containing instructions from the Rebel Secretary of the Navy, giving the location of torpedoes and instructions as to setting them off, was lonnd on his person. This informa tion is very valuable and we can well afford to lose the boat for it. General Butler will use the information to good account. They also lound near by in other rifle-pits, two other rebels accomplices of the dead man, who were immediately bayoneted by the enraged sol diers. The Jones is & fanrtb.?lw? mting $42 tons, and carrying 0 guns. She was manned by ten officers, and a crew of some sixty or seventy-Ave men. She was formerly c ferry boat, running between New York and Brook lyn, but was purchased some time since by the Government, fitted up as a gunboat and as signed to Admiral Lee's Sauadron. ARREST OF REBEL SPIES. * To-day tbe military authorities arrested at the William TeU Hotel, in this city, two Rebel officers?a Major and a Captain?who have been sojourning here for seven days past dressed in citizen's clothing. They are report ed to be staff officers of. a well known Rebel General, and when arrested papers werefound upon them showing their connection with the Rebel Government. GEN. BUTLER PR0P08KS TO GO TO RICH MONO ON HIS OWN HOOK. Butler, it is said, proposes to capture Rich mond on his own hook, and has ordered all his negro troops to the front of his army, being determined that whea he enters Richmond the negroes shall bave the post of honor. At the same time orders have been issued to com manders of negro regiments to permit no atro cities or depredations whatever. LEE'S REPORT OF T1IK BATTLE OF THURS DAY. Lee, in his report to Jeff. Davis of the battle of Thursday, alleges that Grant attacked him on that day, and says, "Thank God, we have repulsed tbe attacks of the enemy." His re port does not cover the fighting of Friday. OOBGBE88IOWAL, XXXVIIlTK CONGRKB8.?FIRJ3T BBB8I0N. Monday, -May 9. Sxnatb.?Mr. Foot, from the Committee on Public Buildings, reported a resolution de claring inexpedient the proposed changes in connection with the south front of tbe Treasu ry Extension as designed by the Treasury De partment, with the view of securing addition al rooms. The resolution was adopted. Hocbb.?1Tbe House resumed the consider ation ol waited eiectipa Mr. Bruce against Mr. Loan, the sitting mem* ber. Mr. Eliot, of Mass , made a speech In favor of the views of tbe minority, which^lalm that Mr. Loan is entitled to retain his seat. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS, Aid FOR THE WOUNDED. Boston, May 9.?Ia ret ponee to a call from tbe Surgeon General at Washington, tea sur geons left this city last night to aid oar wounded. LOCAL NEWS. The Alleged Abertie* Case. The case of Miss Ella P. Jackson, charged with aiding and abetting oae Lewis in mal practice on Miss Maggie Duvalt, came up be fore Justice Clayton at noon to-day. Col. L. C. Baker first testified.?Daring the investigation of the difficulties in the Treasury Department, about six weeks ago, witness be came in possession of certain evidence, aad Miss Thompson stated Mr. Marburyi for defence, stated that no er iderce could be given on hearsay. Col. Baker continued, stating that he had n ceived lnlormatlon that Miss Margaret Du val! had been seduced by a certain Enoch L> wis, and an abortion had been, or bad beea attempted to be, produced. Oa the death of the per.-on, a gentleman informed him of the ?act and said be wonld like an inauest to be held. This gentleman found the odrorier. and he eei: t an ofioer with him to tbe house. A Warrant was Issued by the justice, and MUs. Jackson was arreted. When he was at the house. Mr Duvall a*k->d who was the person referred to, wfcen he answered, "Mr. L?wls;*1 aid Mr. Duvaliaaid that that was the nameof tbe person to whom Margaret asked her sister to write. Witavts bud had an analysis m*4e of the contents of one of tbe bottles which were exhibit*! to the ronrt on the pre r lone eaaml nation. On the morning or tha day Whoa the inquest was held, Dr. John Riley Mr. Marbury objected that CoL Baker was proceedinf as a proaecntor. Col. Baker ealcf ha did examine wifcndeaee at the former examination, bnt to-day he appeared in hie private oapaclty; hie dattee at the Treaa nry Department ceased oa Saturday after noon. Witneea is the special agent of the War Department. In December last he was detailed by the Secretary of War at the request ol the Secretary of the Treasury. Knew nothing ot the oase except what he had obtained from others' affidavits, Ac., and from what Mice Jackson told him ths day ot the last examination. She said that Miss Duvali bad been in the family way, and she Knew that medicine had been administered, bnt that she did not do it. Wttaees had a con versation with several gentlemen - on the day of the inqnest, who he afterwards fonnd ont were jarors. At the time he did not know but that the jary had made np their verdict. A. M. Allen, sworn.?Witness knows nothing of the xffliir except from what he heard. Ho did not know Mist Ella Jackson, bnt he knows Mies Thompson. All he knows was from what Miss Thompson said about three months ago. By Mr. Marbury.?Witness never beard Miss Thompson's character called in question. He did not know anything of her being the mistress of Spnrgeon. Mr. J. H. Wise.?Does not know Miss Jack eon, but knows Miss Thompson by eight. lCaa<e continued.] Scicidb ?Yesterday, Wm. Walworth, 1st Lieutenant C)o. LnlOth Ohio Light Artillery, stationed at Camp Barry, D. O., committed suicide by shooting himself with a pistol. He was a resident of Cleveland, Ohio, unmarried, aped 42 years, aad born in Ohio. No caaee la assigned for the act The Government provided a coffin for his body, and the remains will be forwarded to Ohio lor Interment. Sxktxhcxd to bb IIcno.?Justice Fisher to-day sentenced Cornelius Tuell, found gnilty ol the murder of his wife, to be hungon Friday, the fcih day of July next, and Peter Gooden, found guilty of the murder of George JSanke, to be hung on the same day.' Gbovbb's Thbatbb.?Our amnsement-aeek. ing community will rejoice to hear of the en gagement for a limited period of the charming Mary Provost, whoae great versatility and high accomplishments have won tor her mora genuine commendations from the press of every town, city and conntry where she has appeared than have ever fallen to the lot of any lady star whose eucceEses have come under our notice for many years. We ha\e before us over five hundred editorial notices taken from the leading iournala of Australia and the United States, including the following beautiful tribute to her eminent genius, from the Daily Alta C'alifornxan, which, although erroneous regarding her na tavity, gives undeniable proof of the rareat versatility. The Doily Alta Califomian spoke of Miaa Provost as follows: Le Verrier, a Parisian philosopher of rank and eminence, has recently made some inter esting discoveries is regard to the nnmberand position of the stars in the natural firmament; but he has told us nothing of the brilliant stare in the dramatic firmament, which from time to time appear, and then vanish into infinity. People have been astonished by the recent ap pearance in the dramatic empyrean o^ a pUn-t of unrivalled beauty. Unlike that constellation called the Pleiades, the luminous brightness of this star retains the original lustre which it caught from the hand of God. Imagine a young and beautifnl woman, with a physical organization so delicate as to sum mon into existence all those instincts of tender, aess whieb sometimes pulstte in the hearts of mrn??with a voice as swret as the notes of a thrush?whose influence upon the people con stantly increases in intensity?imagine this young stranger, with a brave and gentle heart, crossing two oceans and coming here to lay down at the teet of the California world those pearls of knowledge which she won from the poets and tavans of both hemispheres. This young woman, whose name is Prevost, or Pro vost, we presume, is a native of the United States; but, like Madame Ristori, she has an Italian air, and, like her, will have the dile t.nti at her feet. We fancied there was a.for eign accent, and our impression wae confirmed when we saw the style, which, without any mannerism, ie foreign. During the past week. Miss Provoet has ap? peared in opera, comedy, and in Dumas' drama of "Camille." The "Daughter of the Regiment," with its sharp dialogue and its military episodes, is produced with some in terludes of vocalization which preserve it& identity as ai operatic spectacle. In this rep resentation we found ourselves occupied with a silent comparison ot this interesting stranger with Anna Thillon. We observe that, in all her dramatic efforts, Miss Provost has exhib ited a lyrical utterance or intonation which i& very rare end pleasing. "Camille" has taeu produced twice. Miss P. appears to be the Camille of Dumas?the beautiful, loving, but unhappy woman whom his farcy created. We have no leisure to attend to the details of this thrilling representation. Perhaps the progress of the play was impro perly Ociajrori in some of the scenes; but the Camille ol Mies Provost is the best we ever saw. In the Ixish cnaracteror "Nellie," she * made a conquestof many an Irish heart among her audience. Disputations abont the place of her nativity frequently oc< nrred: but the point was involved in doubt until she sangthe plain tive ballad of "Green Bushes." That eong was decided to be an undeniable proof ot her Irish origin. Weato not often find In the same person a union of the qualities necessary to represent comedy and melo-drama; but in the parts men tioned, as well as in those of Parthenia and Conetance, Miss P. has exhibited wonderful versatility. I shall take occasion hereafter, U> notice some of the original and salient points in ber acting as well ae her reading. O PHOTOGRAPHERS.?An OPEBATOR of77. perience desires a situation in aorae rood gal lery. Address J. A. P.. Pout Office. my 9-2t* WANTED?At American Telegraph Office. 432 P*. avenue, four MESSENGER BOYS. ^Just come will recommended. my 9-3t FOR 8ALE?An ENGINE and BOILER: ?to in horse power, complete. Apply at DUVaL'S Foundry, Georgetown. D. C. my 9-lw* PART OF"a~FURNI8HED HOUSE, suitable for housekeeping, will be rented low to a gentle man and wife. by making application at No. 4I?3 M street, between 12th ami I3th. It* O. Will oblige us by returning the UM BRELLA tbaf was exchanged for hi? own through a mistake on Saturday evening, April 30. H. C. F. CUMMINS 4 CO., myJhSt* 347 7th street west. (VOTICE.-MOSKS T. PARKER has this dar i* associated with him in the llouue. Sign and Ornamental Painting, CHARLES MACSICHOL. M T. PARKKR & CO.. my 9-St* 57 La are . bet, 6th and 7th st#, M ashlngton May 2.1864. Wednesday. May on C street, Washington city, as_ ? follows ? To Surra ttsville, T. B . Piscataway, Dut tield. Port Tobacco, Beentown.Bryantown.Hughs ville, O. Ball. Chaptico, St, C. Bay, *p<l Leonard town, and return daily, M Ageat. Washington rtty. May ?. my^-Uu* CORPORATION OF WASHINGTON' SlX~Pl2R V> CENT. WATER STOCK. The subscriber* have on sale Corporation of Washington Six Per Cent. Quarterly Water Stock, in sums of one hundred dollars or upward*. The entire amount of this stock la limited to f 15%0M>, for which the revenue from water rents (now amounting to abont $18,000 per annum I is pledged, in addition to the farlh of the city, making one of the l-est secured stock* in the Country. JAMES C. McGUIRE A CO., roy9-eolm Auction and Commission Merchants JJOR8E8I BOR8ES! POpEiTi * Wak DbpartmbKt. Catalrt Brr-rir, J Qfie*of CAii> QutrterjruisttT, \ W18HIK610K, D C., Mav 7. IW4.\ Sbai.ed Proposals will be received at this office until ;? o clock M Monday. May j-th, 1854. for Two Thousand (S.noei Cavalry Horses ,to be delivered" .e i*I'Tf-rnmtnt Stables in Harrieburg, Pa., Fithin fifty (jo da>6 from date of -ontract. Said LorseS to be sound In all particulars, well broken, full fleshed, from fifteen (15' to sixteen (16) hands high, from fire (a) to nine <?> years old, in good condition, and well adapted in ewry way to cavairy purposes. Tktx xrcthratitm! teili bt Mrtttli' adhtred to and ntidlv enforced in evtm particular No bid will be entertained unless accompanied by a guaranty for its faithful performance. ?WShculd any United States officer guarantee the proposal of a bidder who should prove to be irresponsible, his name will be reported to the Secretary of War with a recommendation that 6uch officer be dismissed the service. AH bir ders and guarantors will b* held to tht strirt eti actttrntabthty and tvery failwt (<> complv with terms of ton tratt or to make the con trac: when award ed trill bt followed by proHCUttM to ti??/ull txant of the Inte Form ?f bid and guaranty can be ha^ ou Hppi. cation to this ofllce, er to the United States Quar termaster, at Harrisbur*. Pa. , . Successful bidders wHfbe prepared to enter into written contracts, *ith eoea and sof^clept securi ty. immediately on the acceptance of their bids. The oath of allegiance must acco^iyany eacn. bid. The undersigned reserves the right to re.e~t all bids deemed unreasonable. Bid). !<#iifty tt? Horses and upwards ^1.1 be en tertain^. ? , . Bids for thi entire numoer ot Horses rt-i\-i?dare I'ajment will be promptly made on completion of contract. . A'o Mairs vt.l be rtetivtd. ? Pre nosals must be endorsed,iPrf P^'Sals for Cav_ aln Hois, s." and addressed to I^ot A Kkin.^ Chief Quartermaster, Cavalry Buraau, ^AnV^I**? information will be p.^c'ra?Vf Chief Quatlcrmastar. Cavalry Bowau. ?ETPurchase in the open market wul he con tinued nntil.the oortraci is awarded, lueeone hvndred and fnrty flv^ <1.46 d'/Uars^ per heat. Payment made in certiScates of indebtedoess for eight t8) horm or more 9*,a

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