Newspaper of Evening Star, May 10, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 10, 1864 Page 1
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? I I V-2S. XXIII. WASHINGTON. I>. C.. TUESDAY. MAY 10. 1864. N*. 8,491. AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DATS* J^Y J. C. MoGUIRB 4 CO., Auetioue-ira. TBrSTEfS SAL! OF~A HOO?B AND LOT ON hl.Et ? NTH. UBTWBJSN LAN I* M iTttBBfS By ?irtue ofa dfced of trust fr- in ?. B Brilg* dated October 2 1*67 and recorded in Liber J A s ' No* uo.Ac.. ofth* La_d Reoords of the Oo^A'J r?^*?l?in?ton, I*Mi off-rat Auction oa MONDAY, the i?th day of May next on the p ecni ses. ft 6>i o'cloc* p. m., oart of Lot sejren 7) j0 P??*r*vt?r'5 an? f??rty-on? (94L lo WiwV toto* hound-d ?s follow!, *ii; Beglnnl g forty ^Mf-??WT-D inches from the southeast corner Tv f streets and running thence iQpth twenty^flve feet on Eleventh street, thence hundred feet, the wh-le depth of *aid lot. tb?nc? do* north twent*-flve f?et anl then ? west to the begii uing with the improvement* Oooeisting of a Frame Dwelling. Term* of eale: One-third of tVe purchase money Vo be paid n ea*h. and the rgsidae in two *q <al in stalments at six and twebrp months, with interest, to be secured ' The terms of sal* auist be complied with within one week after sal*, or th? property may be resold, ft week notire. at the risk and cost of the first HWiuer, CttAS. B. ENGLISH. Trustee. .ftp 19 lm J. 0 MoBDtfl A. 0Q? Aaats. gv GREEN & WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. T*?*T**T* 3ALE OF TWO HANDSOME BUILB iloN ?F ^ 0APIToL AT On FRIDAY, the *nh Instant, I shall sell, in front cf the premises, at ti o clock, p. m.^by virtue of a deed cf trust to t"a?> subscriber, bearing date thelfetday of Julv,lS50, and recorded in Liber J. A 8 ,No. I>i2. folici?, 33<i. 397, and 893. one of the 1*ito record* for the county of Washington, in the District of Columbia, the following named proper ly, 1) in if and being in theeity of Washington, Dis trict aforesaid viz : Lots numbered nineteen and twenty, in Square pumbered ten hundred and twenty-nine, c mttia ing c ver nineteen tboucand square feet of ground This property fronts one hundred ani twenty-o vj feet six inches on north F. betweeu Thirteenth *nd Fourteenth street? east, near Maryland av. Terms of sale: One-fonrth cash: the balance in 6, 12. and 19 aicnthi. the purchaser t- give notes for tr.e deferred payments, bearing interest irons th<? day of sale. A deed given and a Ljed of trust taken. All conveyancing at the cost oft the purchaser. If the tern,# are wot complied ta ?ve day* the Trns'ee reserve the right to re sell the property, ftttbe risk and cost of the first purchaser, brad vertising the name three tisesin the National In vel.igencer. _ _ ROBERT RIOKSTTS. Trustee. my,6 GBEEN & WILLIAMS. Auots. gY GREEN k WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF~OVER THREE ACRES OF LAND IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF THE NATIONAL BACE COERSE AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the23d day of Ma?, 18?4. I shall ?ell. by virtue of deed of trust to the subscriber, and recorded in Liber N.C.T., No. 8, folios 471, 472 473 , 474 and 475, one of the land records for the county of tv a^hiugton, in the District of Colum bia, at 4 o'clock jv in , on the premises, the follow ing described property, lying and being in the county of Washington, District aforesaid, viz: Part of Ridge Tract, beginning for the same at a stone marked the northeast oornertjf Ridge Tract, at its Junction with St. Elizabeth tract, and thenee running by a magnetic coarse north S3 degrees and S> minutes west along the west boundary of said St. Elisabeth Tracts chains and Si links to a stake, thence south 26 degrees and 30 minutes west 6 chains and so links to a stake, thence south 83 de grees and 30 minutes east 5 chains and SO links to a ?take set on the boundary line separating the said part of Bidge tract from the tract lying east there of. thence north 26 degrees and 30 minutes east along said boundary line 5 chains and 60 links to the place of beginning, being parallel lines, con tuning three acres f.nd four perches, bo the same more or less. Terms eash. All conveyancing, including reve nue stamps, at the cost or purchaser. If the terms of sale are net complied with in five days after sale the trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the first purchaser, by giving three days notice of such re sale in the Evening Star. WM. MORGAN, Trustee, ap 21-eoArts GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. JJY J. C MoGUIRB & CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEES SALE OF FINE BUILDING LOT ON SIXTEEN1* H STREET BETWEEN MA83A CBUSATTS AVENUE ANDNORTH p STREET. On SATURDAY AiTEBNOON, May 21st at 6 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue or a deed of trust. dated April 21st, 1863,and duly recorded among the land records for Washington County, D. C.. at th? request of the holder of the notethor^ ln secured, I shall ?? 11, Lot No. 6, inW.M. M<-r rick s sub division of the south part of Square No 181, fronting 22 feet on Sixteenth street weft, be tween Mas- arbuaetts ave, ue and north P street, ftnd running back 12S ftet to a wide public alley. Tern s: One-third in cash: th- remainder in six ?n<l twelve months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of thenuvebasers. THOS. J. FISHER. Trustee. By- eotds J. C. McGUIRB A CO.. Auctf. ACCTION SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ES TATE ON THE POTOMAO KIVER, Ix Alixancbii Couarr, \'a. By virtue ?f a deed of trust executed by Gaspar Tochman.and AppollontaJ. Toehman, his wife, dated Julv^4. I8j7. and recorded among the land reeords ot Alexandria Co-nty. Va.,?the said Gas par Toehman beingengagei In the rebellion agaiust tne sovereign authority of tea United States, and the interest on the debt secured by said a*?d of tru*t being in arrear a^d unpaid from the 3'ith day of October, i86i,_I shall pro e?d, by .order of the Vrty serured and by virtue of the authority con made^and provided*. ul??M?^ft?iifuay\)f'ifay,1Kf. I shall sell at auction to the highest bidler for cash, la front of the Mavor's office in the City of Alexan dria. Va.. it 12 o'clock, in., the property n?med on a?jd deed, that is to say the farm called " Summer Hill" on the Potomac river in said County,?the aame compri ing sbont one-hundred and fifty aores, a no being situated about midway between Wash ington City and Alexandria, Va. Further particulars of the sale will be g'von at the t me thereof. ? p 30 td J. M. STEWART, Truatee* ^'NITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. la virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias, issued from iti Cterh's Office of the Supreme Court of the United States for the District of Columbia, and to me directed. I will expose to public sale, for cash, ftt the front of the Court House door,of saidCoun* tv, oiwWEDNE*DAY, the 2Sth day of May next, ]B64. at 12 o'clock m , all defendant's right, title, ejaim *nd interest in and to the north part of Lot No 34. in Square No. 877, b->u* ded as follows:? g for the same at the southeast corner oi Lot No 33, on the linn r f Seventh street east, run ning thence west 97 feet, thence north 3>> feet, thence ea*-t 97 ^e?t to the beginning, together with all singular, the improvements thereon seized and levied up< r as the property of Samuel and Joseph Arnold, acd wMl be soM to satisfy Judicial No 214, la r?vor of Whit?, Middleftou A Beail, use of Eli&s S White my J WARD 1. LAMON.U.B. Marshal, P.O. <^ALE OF CONDEMNED HORSES AND MULES. Chiif'T,s Qfrct. Depot of Washington,) Wahhihgtob, D. C., April 27.18S4. V Will be sold at publie auction, at the Corral, near the Observatory^in th?? City of Washington. D. 0., on WIDVKSDAY.Mayll, 1864,and WEDNESDAY, May 28,< 1864, a lot of? H0BSE8 AND MULES, ?ondsmned as ur fit for public service. Terms: Caafc in Government funds. Bftl? to commeno*ftt 10o'cl<gk^a.^n.^^ Brig. Gen. ftad Chief Quartermaster. ap.27 28t Depot of Waahiagtoa. D. 0. RUCTION SALS OF CONDEMNED HORSES. Wjr D*partmk?t. Oavilet Buriiu, ) Orrios or Ca?r Quaitihmastib, } Washington. D. C? April K, 1864.\ Will be sold at public auetion, to the highest bid fter, at the timi s mad plaoea named below, vis : Newport, Penna .Thursday. May Sth. Gettysburg, Penna . Monday. May 9th, 41to?sa Penna. 'Thursday.May 12th, Mifflin, Penna , Thursday* May 19th, Reading. Penna!, Thursday, May *th, Labanon, Penna.. Thursday. June 2d, Northnmberland, Penna., Thursday, June 9th. Scran ton, Penna.. Thursday, June ltjth. Williamsport, Penna , Thursday, Juae 23d. One Hundred < loo) horses at Gettysburg, and Two Bundr-d and Fiftw250' ftt each of thgother plftcea. These horsas have been condemned as unfit tir the cavalry service of the United States Army. For road and farm purpose! cc.auy good bargains any be had. Horses will be sold siagly. Bales begin ftt pi a m., and eontinue daily until ftll are sold. Terms: cftsh, in United State#i Treasury.notes O&jy, A. ?KIN, apKtJeSO Lt. Ool andO. Q.M Cavalry Bureau, U" 8. MILITARY RAILROADS, ? Qfict of A'.nsiunt Quartermaster. Wisniarn, April U, 1W4. AUCTION.?Will be sold, on WEDNESDAY, the 18th day of May, ftt the Rftilroad Depot, ia Alexan drift, Va., 100 Tons of Old Railroad Iron. ion Tons of Old Car Axleg, 260 Tons of Cast Scrap Iron, loosens of Wroagbt Iron, 3 Tons of Old Era** and Coppor. lOO Oil Barrels. t*r?s: Cash In Government funds. Tea (10) ?er cent, to be paid at the time of purchase, the ftalaoee on delivery. The property must ho removed within ten days " i date of sal ~ " ~ *** ~ ?vut ??v? of sale. H. L. ROBINSON, ap.M-dte. Captain and A. Q. M. 562 beventhmbtreet, 502 TO CARPENTERS AND BUILDERS. tOfiOO Lights of 8ash ef all sites, from 8x10 to ttxS), glased and nnglaz^d, l.OfO pairs Blinds, 1 > 0 Doors of all sites, styles and qualities, 9W.000 feet Mouldings of various patterns. Also, a large assortment of Brackets, Newel Posts. Balusters, Door and Window Frames. Glass. Ac., Ac., making in all the -Iftrgest and most complete stock in the builder saline ever offered in tbl* market, all of whloh wfll he sold at small profits to make room for more con stantly arriving from the factories. H. W. HAMILTON, Agent. N. B. I have also the agency far McLean's Ex eelsior Sash Sustamer ana the W?st Castle Slato Company's Mantels. The Sash Sustainer is the best thing ever ia vented, aside from weights and pulleys and ftt less than one guarter the oost. The Maatels manufactured by the above company ftre too well known throughout the country to re quire any comment upon. For cheapness, dura bility and beauty they surpass ftll others. Sample ?*n be seen nt my office. H. W. HAMILTON, A rent, ftplft-eolm* 663 7th st., oppo. Center Market.; fOUBNAL OP THE DISCOVERY OP THE ap XI FRANCE TAYLOR AUCTION 3ALE3. '? C. McGUIRE 4 CO.. Auctioneers. TT*UTtti!ra* DDad2O*?ALUA8T'K 8L AU GH n!&fl.!PS* PROPERTY, with Brick Building. liiTOa^ fr?IT'e and VACANT* * ? /?J ? 8 5av* Yard, bolongine t? the n ^ Gh?vrI^R Milder, i ?'5.JwEON?8?AV AFTERNOON, Ma* 18th. at < o ciocK on tee premises eommpneicg with the nrst named and continuing in the order he ein ?&??&Tirtu? of a.decree of th-e SupremeCurt oi the District of Columbia sitting ia chance'* passed on the 9th d?y of April. l'(U in a certain Ellen Tf?l?r,,??e0r Wilier is complainant and phelfsefi? *T6 defend*?t?. (No. 146.) we ^tsNos 1,2 3,4 5 8 7.8 9,10 24. 25. 28, 27, anl ~?J? ?5n*re No. 953, front in* respectively on 9th and Y th street? east and south N st-eet. impr >v*d b r.* brlc* dwelling house, slaughter house ?$?&??!!? $C"?S8WI1 is th* slaughter yard of J Charles Miller, to be sold entire or di vided asi may be deemed most desirable. *imcISr#l!Lteir alter Lots 1 2-3 and 4, in Squaro "?, BM-ftpntiag on south O street, between 9th ana loth streets east. aft*;-Mrt of let No. 2. in Square ?*?. 97b> fronting-fiO feet 8 inches on south M street ba,'k 94 feet 3>i Inches on l>th street dwemS* ho?8Per?Ted by * *>uble two-story frame Pftrt of I"* No. 1.8<juare No 962, beginning for the fame at 83 f.-et 6 inches from the southeast oorner of said lot and thence ran a?d fronting on M stree* V *eet. thence "a8t 17 thence SSVi ?! inches to the beginning, together bri^feZghonw '*<50nai,tin?of4tWstory Immediately after, part of Lot <?, same Square, ^ /or the same at a poiol on M st*oe{ J?',fe8t fr?? east lnth street, thence north 2^31 Zk 'hencj -rest 23 feet 9 inches, th-nce 72 fJet !}??nce east 23 feet 9 inches to tho begiuning, together with the improvements coTn^1*"?? of* two story brick dwelling bouse. *?"<2?'iiaJel? *ft?r. Part of Lot No. 3. in 8quare fp?t ? south part thereof, fronting ?i ??m??II? street east and running back that width * 8*re8t ?ou?h 8j) feet, together with the im provements. consisting of a fiam ? dwelling hou e afler, Lot 13 in Square No. 1.023 fronting 90 feet on 13th street east, ?t thecjrner ?thor ?w?,Btifet' and rnttnintf bl<* 95 feet, to g*tner with the improvements. c insisting of a brick"w7bVildiniWeIliD* h0Q9"'With throe story . ?' One-third in ca?h;tho remainder in 6,12, ^?.lt,no^lh8.' *i'b interest, for which the pur cV5rT^art *,ve notes secured to the satisfaction of the The purchaserto have the option or paying all >n cash. cjConveyancing and stamps at th* cost of tho pur If the terms of sale are not complied with in Sve days thereafter the Trustee* reserve tharijrhtof reselling, at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser, on one week'e notice in the National Intelligencer. GEO. A BOHRER E. C. MORGAN, A. TH08. BRADLEY, ap 21-eoAds J. C. McQUIRl & CO?Auc% 0. McGUIRE & CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S-SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT ON &?J?tItK:r\VI9T' "?TW"n o'"?? feribTe.r^,reCUre *. ?? rtaiiD debt therein men ?*1,? at public auction, on the Seventh day of June next, ate o'ciock. p. to., on tr.0 premises, 1 all that piec6 or p%rcel *f prC,\il*e? ."boated, lyiDg. ano being in the said City of Washington, and District of Col umbia, and known and designated as Lotnumbered ten (lo) in Crnttenden's subdivision of Square numbered three hundred and ninety eight (393 ) fronting twenty20) feet on Ninth street west, be *71* w?a?wP <!trett?norts.and rnnnio* back with that width to a pnbiia alley. together with all and Vithe insProvements, privileges, heredita ments and appurtenances to the same belonirin* or 10 any wise appertaining." ???*? ?v^eK^8: 0n.e fcalt of the purchase money eash,^ irianci V11 tbree and six months, with inter-' TJLa ? ,e I fJ? Paymente to be secured by a deed in trust on the premises. All conveyances inc uding revenue stamps at the expense n- tb? purchaser Ht the terms are not cmnpli'd with within five dars Srfw 8 ?ay 5 8al?' tb? Pr?pert? will re-sold. 'be risk and cost of the aefaultiug purchaser after five days notice In the Even ng Star r . ?.* W ANN ALL Trastea. my.S-eoAtfs J. C. McGUlRK A OO., Aucts. JPARM AT ADCTION, SALE POSITIVeT hf K e.? wins 5?? aoreB of prime upland in a hifch state of cultivation, fi ie dwelling, goo 1 fenc ing. a varietyof choice fruit, growing crop*, stock and househo.d furnitere. A o. It is about 1 ^ miles from Mount Vernon Wharf, 6 from Alexandria, 13 from Wa.stiington City Terms: for personal property cash; for real es *blr? cash, one-third in thr?e year?,on? tbird in six years wlti interest, semiannually For fuither particulara ada *ess ffm, Ward Mt. Zephyr, Alexandria, V?. my,2, J?'J" BR0WN' A^?oneer. MTajR DAIRY FOR BALE?Large hotel trade and n good retail route. For particulars ad dress City Post Office Box 937 - my 7-st* ^FECIAL NOTICE TO LADIES. F,?r that invaluable secret knnwn ?nly to and held in the h ighest repute by the ladies of the Court of Charles II., and by the a-sistanceof which they added so much beauty to their form* and fine busts, is now in the possession of a lady of rank. "t'O ?'^P?n the receipt of $1, addressed to T. A. ALDREh*?_, Boston, Maw,, impart the import ant information or secret whiah will assist every lady in accomplishing this "greatest claim of love ly womiu. my 7 8t* GE" '8 PATENT MOLDED COLLARS Hare now been before the public for nearly a year They are universally pronounced the neatest an best fitting collars extant. The upper edge presents a perfect curve, free from the angles noticed in all other collars. The cravat canses no puckers on the Inside of the turn-down collar; they are as SMOOTH INSIDE. A8 OUTSIDE, and therefore perfectly free and easy to the neck. The Garotte Collar has a smooth and evenly fin ished edge on both Jdu. These Collars are iiot simply Sat pieces of paper cat in the form of a collar, bat are MOLDED AND SHAPED TO VIT THE NECK. They are made in "Novelty," (or turn-down style;) in every half siie from 11 to 17 inches, *nd in "Jareka," (or Garotte J from 13 to 17 inahee; and packed in " solid sixes" in seat blue car tone, con.aining loo each; also in smaller ones of ten each?the latter a ver y bandy package for travelers army and navy officers. ?y EVERY COLLAR is stamped "GRAY'S PATENT MOLDED COLLAR." Bold by all dealers in meb's furnishing goods. The trade supplied by WALL. STEPHENS & 0C? apVt-Sm 333 Pa. avenue, Waskln gton, .FRANKLIN it CO., ??1 t OPTICIANS. ? 2*4 avenue, between 12th and 13tli streets, and _ 389 Pa. avenue, under the National Hotel, offer to the officers of the army their well selected stoek of , . . v,fi1li> glasses, single or double, with the best achromatic lenses. OperwGlasses and Compasses at Wie lowest prices, Barometers, Thermometers. Mathematical In Photograph Albums, Cartes de Vlsite, plain or Stereoscopes and Views in a great variety, Bratilisn Pebble and Periscopic Spectacles and' Eye Glasses, carefully suited for every partic nlar eyesight and warranted. apM I^XYSEB A CO. PHILADELPHIA ALE DEPOT IV No. 93 Louisiana Arm*, between 9th and l?th ata AVl SZ?I!F?BWlLJ%'m??iifSh trade to onr superior BOTTLED ALE AND POR TEE, peeked and ready for shipment. my4-2w* |?OV SAL4?"At the Foundry Chureh, corner of r 14thand G streets, 43 Qhurch Seats, with backs and painted, 18 Venitian inside Blinds, 5 Window Shades, 2? " ~ fixtures 90 turned. 3 Cords of Ash Wood. All or any er.the near 1Mb street : : v my t-tf to make an early MtUement. They will find the bonkaiath?fcaadeof:W. H. the old h*y?EF aoeotints against the trss are re<nes<ed to present tkw for setllament apliV-lm The Undersined* havlag 'bought the premises Bouse at Georgetown, *m\L AMIIX CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC JCANTERBURY HALL.I AND Q A L L/CANTERBURY HALL.( THEATER LotJieiASA Avmi, Niar Cointr nf StxtJi Strut. R"tr of National and Metropolitan Hotth, Pign of tbe Bis Calcium Light. G*o*oi L?a . ? Proprieto r W. ?. CaXavaoob Stage Manager. WONDERFUL ARRA*Y OF NOVELTY. SOMETHING NEW. 80METHINU NEW. POMBTI4ING NEW. bOMETHI G NEW. SOMETHING NEW. SOMETHING NEW. EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK, And on SATURDAY AFTERNOON at 2 p. m? Snow"? Celebrated Troupe of PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, PERFO*MIN?4 DOGS ANU M'?N K EYS, PERFORMING DOG8 AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOG8 AND MONKEYS PEHFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS. PERFORM I* G IOGS AND MONKEYS. PERFORM I Nf4 DOG# AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, fERFORMING DOGS AND MOVKF.Vg ERFORMING POG*< AND MONKEYS. PERFORMING DO S AND MONKEVS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS PERFORMING I)OOS AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOOS AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS PERFORMING DOf.S AND MONKEY? PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS PERFORMING DOGS av'D MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKICYR, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEV8 PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, PVR FORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, The Most Wonderful Entertainment of the Age. The Mnst Wonderful Entertainment of the Age. The Most Wondt-rful Entertainment of the Ag&. The Most Wonderful Entertainment of the As^o. The Most Wonderful Entertainment of th?> Age The M?bt Wonderful Entertainment of the Age. The performance of the above troupe Must he Seen to be Appreciated. Must he Seen to ho appreciated. Must be Seen to be Appreciated. Must be Seen to be Appreciated. Must be Sseji to he Appreciated. Must be Seen to be Appreciated. Must be Seen to be Appreciated, ll#-t be Seen to be Appreciated, The most remarkable TRAINED QUADRUPEDS TRAINED QUADRUPEDS TRAINED QUADRUPEDS TRAINED QUADRUPEDS TRAINED QUADRUPEDS TRAINED QUADRUPEDS ever witnessed. Last week of the Driie Drama of the MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, Ok. THE WRECK OF A LIFE I wb, * rt n wnnr>n op a LTKB! Oh, THE WRECK OF A LIFE I Hugh Ilanlon.the Outlaw ... Mr. J. De Forrest lanty M'LaUKhlin a broth of a boy. W BCavaaaJiKlv Redmond love with Kathleen Williams 8quire Nolan, a luftice of the peace^ .T. O Sullivan Philip Nolan, his son J, J. Dougherty Sergeant Trap Billy Delehanty Corporal Dan .... .Johnny Ward Kathleen Nolan, aftinncelto Doyle Jennie Forrest Judy O'Brien, in love with Lanty?Lucy Clifton THE SNOW BROTHERS in their Flying Leaps and Gymnastic Exercises. JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, J. J. DOUGHERTY, . J. DOUGHERTY, J. J. DOUGHKRTY, H. W. WILLIAMS, H. W. WILLIAMS, H. W. WILLIAMS, IN THEIR ETHIOPIAN ECCENTRICITIES. Last week of N MULLIGAN, in hiB great act of OLB BOB RIDLEY. MISS NAOMI PORTER MIKS NAOMI PORTER, MISS NAOMI PORTER. (188 MISS JENNY FORREST, JENNY FORREST, IE WILSON, IE WILSON, VOX MISS EMMA 8QHELL, MISS EMMA SCHELL, LUCY JOHNSON, LUCY JOHNSON, IN THEIR TEBP8ICH0BEAN EFFORTS. MISS JENNIE ENGEL, MISS JENNIE ENGCL, MISS JENNIE ENOEL! IN BOME NEW PATRIOTIC SONGS, An entire new change of performance every night this Week, concluding with ? obaSB IfiEfl;? ??*?' lei I ASK! GRAND STEEPLE OH APE I RAND 8TBEPL .RAND STEEPLE CHASE GR*ND STEEPLE CHASE OH SATURDAY AFTERNOON, AT 9 O'CLOCK, GRAND FAMILY MATINEE for Ladles and. CnTMren, on which occasion the PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS appear at Cheap Prices, viz ; Ladies 18 cents; Children 10 cents, Ji! i.i'j *iV ) ' ?, LOOK OUT FOR LOOK OUT FOR LOOK OUT VOA CtJWO'i GATE, ? cave. The hit BeAMtioa Novelty prodaoad in New T??. ?' igiSi?S?B?iSaSS: W ? *- I >?"- "I '?! with New Btmmry and Appointments, will he pro daeed shortly, my ? AMUSEMENTS. OKOVKH'i THEATER. PlSKHYLVAjni AT., SB A* WlLLAJin'a HoTIL Lbokabd uboter Director TIIE COOIEST TFIEATKR IN AMERICA. VEN TILATED BY OVER lO't WIN DOWS. itit water foh the avdih.sce.> rust arpearance of the versatile (???tress. MIS8 MARY PROVOST. who was areeted two y?ara a?o at this theater by the elite and fashion eD masse of the Otpital city, whOFe Hearty manifestations of delight ?ive u? now'*d#m?nt of the "tnitient ?e ii*n whirh ha* catrled tbi? <h>t?n>TuiMhei la<ty to th? front ran* of American star*, ami elicited 'rom the nr*t journals of America encomiums of tb? most nattering character, without on= dissenting voice. THIS (Tuesday) EVFINING. May 10,1*;<, . MI88 PROVOST wli appear in her une^ns^ed impersonation of in Sheridan Knowing* superb soul-touchine cem, v. , % THBTflUNCHBACK. in which character she is the acknowledge! su perior of aM who have ever attempted the rendi tion of this master piece of dramatic genius. Un H?(iu> sday flvcniuc Miss Mary Provost will appear in her ?reat character of * LUCIE D'AVARVILI.E. FORD'S IfKW THEATER, TlITB St*?BT, 1BOV* PlWMSTLTAHIl AvXJf0?. Second night of the encasement of THE UNRIVALED COMEDIAN. MR. J.-8 CLARKE, Supported by the popular actress MI88 SUSAN DENIN, And the jnequalcd comedy company. THIS (Tuesday) EVtNING. May 10. ]*>!, MARRIED LIFE. , . Mr H*nryPove Mr J S Clarke Mr 8amu*Coddl? . Mr F B Phillips Mrs > ounglnisban J Miss Susan D-niu Mr? Henry Dove MrsG C Jermon To conclude with tl>e e^^r ^pular and irresistible Timothy Toodles, with his great Drunken ^?"v~ J 3Clarke Mrs Toodles Mrs G C Germon TO MORROW. CLARRE IN TWO GREAT CHARACTERS. NOTICE ?In order to give increased effect to the perfect production of the grand spectacle of the NAIAD QUEEN. It is poptponed until further orders. VARIETIES! VARIETIES! MUSIC HALL AND THE AT BR Fbostiko Pbnbsvi.vania Avknttk A. Ninth Street SIGN OK THE BIGGEST DRUMMOND LIGHT! SIGN or THR REVOLVING AND GLOBE LIGHTS 1 THE ILLUMINATED AMUSEMENT TEMPLE: Hambli* A Co __ _ Proprietor! Fit* SiMMOBa Stage Manager and Advertiser. NOW OPEN FOR THE SUMMER SEASON ! Now engaged at an enornions expense, the Oreat American Illusionist WHITNEY! WHITNEY) All the astounding experiments a* pre?enW in his MYSTIC LABORATORY And display his Nec omantic Wonders a?d Phil osophical Curiosities, which have been the won der and admiration of men of science and learning, and elicited the appJause and approbation of his multitudes of patrons in all the principal towns and cities of the Union and the (Janadas, duriiif his lo g and successful caree# before the public! with his splendid Cabinet Apparatus. ? MRS. WANK DREW. Of the Arch street Theater, Philadelphia, whose Jrofessional reputation, like that of Mr. and Mrs obn Drew and Mr. Frank Drew, are world-famed' as the heads of their special art of acting-. Also, the exquisitely youthful Fairy Danseu^e M'LLE AMELIA. ' M'LLE LINA WINDEL, Brilliant Success of the charmingly attractive Dancers, THE ARCHARD SISTERS! Also, the Great Comic Company, the Selected Ethiopians of the day. FRANK KERNS. JOHN THOMPSON. BOB HALL, H ARRY BLOODG iOD New successes of the People 's Favorite*. MAGCHE VERNON and ANNIE ELMORE, MR. FR ANCIS and <iE<>. SH ELDO.V, And Ballet Troupe, with the Double Star and Stock Combination. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, LADIES' LEVEE. Admission 25^nd fiO cents; private boxes ffi. Performance at 8 in the evening. METROPOLITAN MUSIC HALL, Pmmgylvasia Avi*c? awd Elithth htbkt H. B?05!L9....rrwtatAM, PROF. HOLDLN - Musical Director Our Endeavors have been Crowned with .Success ENTHUSIASTIC RECEPTION OK THR GUNBOAT MINSTRELS. AND DOUBLE C'JMPANT? whose performances have elicited the highest en comiums from the PRESS AND TIIE MASS. Comment unnecessary, as our prograuime is CHASTE. UNIQUE AND RECHERCHE. . Th? people proclaim it, and the performances nightly given at thiR TEMPLE OF MUSIC sustain its REPUTATION. I'or particulars stz small bills of th< day. Admission 25 cents Orchestra Chairs SO cents Private Boxes $S and f5. Performance commences at 8 o'clock precisely. GRAND M ATIN E B On SATURDAY AFTERNOON. at j'CLOOI. Expressly for LADIES AND CHILDREN, On which ocea?ion the GUNBOAT MINSTRELS <" will appear, together with the entire company. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS Tne DRAWiNG AND PAINTING, IBS THOMAS Will resume her class in Draw ing anrt Painting Saturday, May 7th? at her resi dent jn Prospect nt., corner or Fayette, George town. D C. Miss T. <iould be pleased to see her pupils and any others who may have a wish to join the class. myfi-lw* IGH STREET MARKET. No. 74 Opposite Probpeot Stbebi, Gtcrgetoicn, D. C. We, tbe undersigned, beg leave to inform the public that we bavo on hand a choice assortment of Fre^Ji Meats of all kinds, Ponltry. Game, *c Eggs wholesale and retail. Apples and Potatoes by the barrel. Canned Fruits of all kmds at market prices. . myS-lm* H. W. FISHER A CO. T,H ? CORPORATION OF GEORGE TOWN A C.-Persons who would wish to pur chase stock T5f the Corporation of Georgetown. D. O., on which interest will be payable euarterlr, can obtain some on application to WllLIAH LAIRD, Es^., Clerk of tae Corporation. an AV. JDD' 18-<i5w TO BUILDERS. Saving on band a large stock of Lumber, such as JOIBT, SCANTLING, SIDING, FLOOBING, WHITE PINE CULLINtfl, SHINGLES, Ac., and desiring to change the plan of my yard and at the same time to avoid the expense of moving and re-piling much of this lumber, I shall from this date materially reduce my prices in order to close ont my stock aad make the desired change at once. 1 will offe* particular inducements to parties pur chasing largely, especially of Framing I<pmb?r, I have a very superior assortment of l,l>a,2, 3. I and 5 inch OAK and A8H, mostly well seasoned, to which I invite the attention of hard wood deal ers. T. BDW. CLARKr Office and Yard Virginia avenue, my 7-lw* between IHh and l^h sts. east. 11U NOTICE. AM Now prepared to furnish the pnblic with a pure article or SODA * AT?E. prepared with a new and complete apparatus, making pur? soda free from all aeletertdus substsnces usually found in Pod*made with cheap machines. Good Soda is known by its agreeable ana pungent taste and Always on hand, freaband well selected stock of Drugs, Chemiegls. Trusses, Crutches and all arti cles usually found in ? first-class store. JOS. P. SULLIVAN. Druggist, ? _ corner Mas*, avenue, ?Ith and H streets. N. B. The trade having fountains can have them strongly charged at short notice and reasonable rates. ? fmryg-lw*! J. P. 8. r|BAN6iE3 AND LEMONS I w ORANGES AND LEMON8! t j ORANOE8 AND LEMONS! 1,000 BOXES MESSINA ORANGES, Prime Sweet Fruit 300 BOXES LEMONS. /?it arrived at JONBE A 00.'8, ? r 7-8t* Oamr Sfli and P streets. LOCAL NEWH. CORPORATION AFFAIRS. CorsciL PaocanDisns, May 9.?Board of Aldermen?Th* Chair (Mr. Serames) laid be fore the Board a commanicatioa rom the Mayor announcing bla approval of the follow ing rets, vlxAct appropriating $30u to erect a temporary building for ibe use or the Pers*. vert nee Fire Company; ftr gravelling Virgin a avenue, betwt en 4% and tith streets; for con tinning present Fir? iMpartooat orga*i<a?l j.i ur til she 1st of July, ^64; togrttde aud gr.ivel 1st stnet east from N -str?*et sonh; pro violin ? fr the printing of the water Regis rar s report! Alto, a communication irom the M.'tyor etll ing the attention of he Board to the state of the canal, and asking that some means he adorned looking not only to tbe preven ion if the health or the commnmty, but likew?e to it* general improvement. Referred to commit tee on canals. Also, a communication from the Mayor romit a'in* Leonard Simmaf ker as scavenger ol the ad district of the First Wafd. in pla e ol Jacob Fisher, removed. Referred to cjm mi'tee on police Also, the following commnnication : Mayor's Ofkicb, May 2,1861. To the Board of Aldermen : G h.> TLt.MKN: In discbargeof an official daty, and that yon might know how judiciously a large amount of the city's money, appropriated for that purpose, had been expended, all the letters commencing as far back as August, IM?3. between the War Department and this office, on the subject of the draft and the a now with which the District or Columbia was propeily changeable, were transmitted to vour B^aid at its last meeting. Accompanying these letters was a commu tation stating hrielly their subs ance, a id an additional fact tbat tbe n timber of men claim- d by the Government trom this District wa* then so Ipw that a draft in our midst would be avoldsd. No allusion was made to myself officially or indivionaDy; "great credit" was, however, accorded to all who pirticipa?ed in accom pushing this much-desired end, and particular mention madeot the several amounts of monev respectively contributed by tue Corporations of Georgetown and Washington andour fellow, citizens tor this purpose. Little did 1 expect that so plain an act of public duty would subject mo to anv one's animadversion for "not being energe'ic." Still 1? ss, that the President of your Board, of all others, would impute to any one "a desire to create the impression that they had been in s'mmental in having the quota "of this District reduced and properly fixed," and especially that ??that correspondence bad been allowed to sleep in the Mayor's desk" would be to that gentleman a matter of complaint It will be remembered that the particular occasion to which the President of your Board alludes whm the Mayor was ??not energetic,' was when a committee of the Councils, ap. pointed tor tbat especial purpose, at his sug. gestion, waited, as instructed, on the military authorities to present a letter prepared trom data obtained trom "the correspondence which was allowed to sleep in the Mayor's deBk " and addressed and read by himself to your Board demanding that all the troops furnished by the District of Columbia daring the rebel, lion from the commencement in 1861, to that time?lith of April, 1804?amounting In all to /'SO, of which CA>77 were volunteers in 1861 and 1J-6-J, and 1183 drafted men in 1963. credit for which had long be<ore been obtained should be applied to and credited on the calls of the President lor troops in 1861. which as he savs "would place tbi* District 3624 men in excess over and above all calls." In other words your committee a? instructed were to ipnore all claims of the Government on the District of Columbia for troops in th* years lh6i, 1862 and 1863, and demand that 61K) mustered into the service ot tte Government in these years, part of which (1183) were m?n diaiud in lfetw. ai d nearly four-fifths ol the whole number furnished "should be credited in the calis of 1864." af'Pro"ci>in* the military authorities with this extraordinary demand, 1 said frankly to the president ot your board and the gentle, men composing the committee that there was nothing in tbe point so elaborately made in that ? vweli prepared letter," and if we expecred to accomplish anything by the visit to the mili tary authorities our efforts should b? directed towards procuring an abatement of the inordi nate demands on, and a correction of. the e* cess ire enrollment In this District. "k cur commi'tee presented, as instructed, the point so elaborately made in that "welin-e p;ired letter" to the military au horities, and it was received with the consideration 1 said and supposed?just none at all. An abatement ot the quo'a has since been obtained, wo', however, on thegroundsassumed in that ? well prepared letter," but because 'he demands of ;h^ Government were inordinate and thi enrollment in this District excessive The correspondence which it is charged I '? was allowed *o sleep in the Mayor's desk" ?ef,mlttedKt<!.do so OD,y nnU1 the object for which it was had had been obtained, and was only then tiansmilted U) the City Councils in discharge of an pfflcial duty. 1 8nPPO*ed that the president of your was repugnant lo your knowing what bad been done In a matter ot such vital im portance, involving an expenditure of 8100.000 w?tfci /0Xn 'Vs paid by th? citizens ot l K.J iC,or,? an^ appropriated by yourselves, | ?**ad 1 kB?wn that an act of official duty en titling me to no praise, and which could no i way give me "a claim to the mayoralty," would have occasioned so much temper and spleen towards myself, that correspon dence might perhaps have been allowed to still (leep in the Mayor s desk. Very respectfully, Richard Wallach, Mayor. Mr Semmes said that, as the Mayor hart not controverted any points made by him (Seinmes), ^wonld m&ke no reply to the comuiiBication. ? The commufiicatiott was referred to the com mittee on finance. Mr. Gnlick Introduced a resolution to grade and gravel C street south, from 2d to 4th street east Passed. ?****>?, On motion of Mr. Utermehle, the regular order of business was suspended for the pur pose of taking np the joint resolution providing '?r * Joint meeting of the two boards to open the bids for laying water pipes, and for select, ing commissioners of elections. Mr. IJoyd moved to etrike out that portion of the resolution referring to commissioners of ?lections. Agreed to. ? Mr. Utermehle moved to further amend the resolution so as to make It read tbat "the Joint .convention assemble in the Aldermen's Cham dc r ? i The resolution, as amended, was adopted. Mr. Lloyd introduced the following, which was adopted: Be solved, That the two boards meet in joint convention on Monday, the 16th instant, for the Sons086 0t 8^ectin* commissioners of elec Mr. Lloyd, from the committee on finance reported favorably on the bill to increase the pay of the Corporation police offloers: which was passed. ? ^ The chairman of tbe committee on finance (Mr. Lloyd) stated that he had in his posses ion the applii ations of Charles Duke andA Gaddns for lta?lng and purchaiing certain proDerty belonging to the Corporation, and he desired said petitioners to meet committee and explain in detail thair propositions. Mr- Pepper, from the committee on improve, menta, reported favorably on the bill to grade 4;h street east, from Pennsylvania avenue to East Capitol street. Passed. Also, the bill to widen the gutter on Missouri avenue, between 3d and 4 k streets. Passed Also, the bill appropriating tl.3?o for the im provement of an alley in square 290; pawed. A1*?, the bill appropriating suo for relaying and adding New York flagging in the allev in square 57? pasted. ~~ " r m Alto, the resolution authorizing the Mayor to tender to the Commissioner of Public Build, ingaasnttdent force for the purpose of clean. ingPenmsylvania avenue. Mr. utermehle jpoved an amendment to the ffiect tbat the Mayor be authorized to cl*an the Tfetui ^1^5 *** ??rw<> and " amended the bill passed. w Mr. Tartnn, from committee on improve, mthts, reported a substitute for the bill to op<*n and pavt the alley in sqiuure 247; passed Also, a bill to gxave I Connecticut avenne ft cm 2oth to Boundary street; pasted. Jft*. Utermehle, from committee on poUce, reported unfavorably on the bill granting oer ta^ privileges to J H. Hatrofl?^Vud asked that th* committee be discharged from its fur ther consideration. The Foagd refused to tUscfcagge the commit, tee; and on motion of Mr. Lloyd, the bill was recommitted. 5< Mr. Plant./vim- ^onsitM bn lire-depart. f^he rules for the for [nations of Wm. fc. Hutchinson,' Kobert SfBoetf^i, Peter M. -2?== ina J. body as chief engli eer; adopted, and th?y were cotiHram. A large gnmkrr of bills from tlw lower Board reitrred to Ui? proper coamatcn. Tb>? Council resolution requesting the Mayor to rail tbe attention of the pollc anthoritie* to tbe r nuance existing along the Potomac river, iii ft out ol the city in the fbip* of hide* and rfal israhlishmetite, r< tten Ash, Ac., with a view to theepeedy statement or such nuisance, was passed Tl>e Council re?olu?ion to abate a nuisance in 1- ii?t street, bttwetn ti and li streets was l>ff. d. Mr Brown presented a resolution Instruct ing the committee on markets to procure the < pinions ot the (Corporation Attorns? as to the legality of the claims ol JoMah Eggleston, the l>aj eis relating to which are in the possession -ol the said committee on markets, adopted. Op motion of Mr tTtermebl?, a committee of two was appointed to wait upon the lower toard and iniorm themthattbe Aldermea Went irady to go into a joint session. Shortly after, wares tbe committee returned and reported that tbe ( ouncil had refused to concur In the am? rdm?nt to he concurrent r? solution, which emitted the selection of Commissioner* of Elections. Mr. Utermehle moved that the Aldermen reefde frcln their amendment; which was ay Teed to. A motion to adjourn was lost, and i n?* C( mmittee appointed toinfqrm the lower board o.' ih? action o't he Aldermen. Tbe bt ard took a recess to go Into joint ses fii u end t'pon the dissolution of the same the bos-id i djourned. Con mon Co 'ncil.?a communication was re ctT>d from he Mayor IncU sin* a petition for he passage of an act to grad? uu street west between H and I strrets north. Referred. 1 b*> :ol lowing bills wer? introduced and ia ted : By Mr Barr? Making an appropria ?1< r to pay W. Thomas for superintending the (anal improvement. By Mr- 11- Lamer? 1 esolution requesting the Corporation Attpr < ey to Infc rm the Board whether, In his opin ion, <bat portion ot the charter ot 1616 giv ng ti e i orpotation rower to close alleye.d*ee not also authorize tb*? disposal of the earns. By Mr.M. Lara*r?To supply a deficiency in the act lor the relief of iJbas. Stewart: to abate a nuisance in 1st stieet, between G and H streets north. By Mr. Ferguson?To pay for coal for scht ol boose in tbe Sixth 'Ward. By Mr. O. Wilsor?'To grade and pave sa alle> in square : 63. By Mr Can fie Id?To grade C street south, fsom 2d to 4th east. By Mr. Raub?To take up and relay gutter and pavem?nt on F street north, bet ween Hth and 18th streets; to take np ai d relav gutter on lltb street, from E to H street. By Mr. N. I). Laraer?To supply a de ficiency jor tbe Perseverance Fire Co By Mr. Kelly?To abate a nuisance in square 126. Tbe following bills w? re reoorted from the cciumlttees- From tbe improvements commit tee?To repair 13,# street, from D to E streets north, (substitute;) to extend a sewer on l(Kh s-reet west, from New York avenue to M street north; to extend a gravel tootwalk in square 1,020. in tbe Sixth ward. Mr. N D Lamer, from tbe committee on im provements, reported a bill for the appointment of a committee to urge upon Congress the pas sage ot a bill to enable the city to raise the necessary amount for the improvement of the rat al. Passed. Also, a bill to enable the Mayor to procure plans and estimates for tbe improvement of the c-aial or tbe plan proposed by Capt. Seymour, appropriating S2.( 00 for that purpose. Mr Shepherd moved an amendment to pro cure ylp.iis and estimates for B.'shop s plan, and appropriating ?500 therefor. Tf e amendment was adopted and the bill passed. The bill as reported by Mr. Tamer looks to the adoption ot Capt. Seymour's plan toreduoe tbe width of the canal about one half, and the con\erslon of the other half Into a sewer, while tbe plan of Mr. Bishop is to continue tbe canal to near Georgetown, where the current of the channel may be turned into it Mr Noj es introduced a joint resolution re questing the Mayor to call tbe attention of the poitc authorities to tbe nuisance along the Po tt mac river in front of tbe city, in the shape of bide and offal establishments, rotten flsb, Ac., with a view to tbe abatement of said nuisances before a pestilence shall be bred therefrom. Mr Ellis stated that during tbe day he bad teen in a school room, the windows of which bad to be closed on account of thoisitmcb from these causes. Tbe resolution was adopted unanimously. Tbe following were presented and referred: By Mr M. Laraer?petition of the rag pickers, asking that the late law be repealed or mod ified; by Mr. C. Wilson?authorizing O. W. Palmer to extend a sea-wall. Mr. McCathran Introduced a bill for tbe re. lief of the Anacostia Fire Company, which, after some debate, was refeired to the commis sioners appointed under the bill to organize lh? paid fire department. Alto, Introduced a bill amending the act to organize a paid steam flTe department, by pro viding for two hook and ladder companies, which was referred to the fire commissioners. Tbe improvements eommittee reported ad versely on a number of bills of minor impor t?Jlr*. . . Mr. Cacfield (police committee) reported ad versely on the petition of Henry Newman, asking permission to erect a frame building adjoining a brick. Committee discharged. Aiso, reported adversely on the petition of deale rs in bay, Ac. Committee discharged. Also, reported bill to modify the law in rela te n to tbe pay of the Corporation laborers, by rrovining that there shall be paid to the laborers per day, for horse, cart and driver 83, and for mechanics when employed S3, without any r? < c mm; ndation. Mr C'anfleld stated that the committee were divided, End tb&t th6 bill &s reported did not tfontorm to his views. In order to mako It perfect be moved an amerdment repealing so much ot the act of December, 1863, as was in consistent with the bill. Mr Shepherd moved to strikeout the rates of pav and insert "the current rates of pay." Mr. Canfield's amendment was lose?yeas 6, navs 9. The amendment offered by Mr Shepherd, providing that they shall receive the current rate of wages, was adop'ed?,'eas 13, i aya 6. * The resolution in relation to a join. meeting for the selection of commissioner* of the election and lor the purpose of oreaing bids for laving water mains, with amendments of the A'deimen, were non-concurred In. Mr. Noyes, from the public schools commit tee, repotted Aldermen's bill making an ap propriation to purchase medals, premiums for distribution to tbe scholars of the schools. Passed. The act to open a new alley and to grade and pave alleys In square 24? was taken np and passed. JOINT MEETING. A message having been received from the Aldermen that they had reoeded from their amendments to the resolution for a joint meet ing. the Council proceeded to tbe Aldermen Chamber, when Mr. Lloyd, President of the Council, was called to the chair, and a V. Noyes, secretary of the Aldermen, was ap pointed secretary and Mr. Ooyle, the Water Registrar, assistant secretary. It was moved and carried, that when the joint meeting adjourn it be to Wednesday night to select judgee of election lor the vari i ons war da Tbe bids for laying the water mains were opened, which were as follows: Peter Mack?6-iuch pipe, 12 feet lengths, 37 ft cents per foot; 6-inch pipe, 9 feet lengths, 40c.: 4-lnch pipe, 12 feet lengths, 30c.: 4 inch pipe, 9 feet lengths, 35c. Jeremiah Costello?4-inch pipe,18 feet lengths 34 ft c. per foot; 6-inch pipe, 9 feet lengths, 32ftc.; 4-Inch pipe, 12 feet lengths, 32>'c.: 4-inch pipe, 9 feet lengths, 31 ftc. . A. Watson?6-inch pipe, 18 teet lengths, 39c. per foot: 6-inch pipe, 9 feet lengths, 14c.; 4-lnch pipe. 12 feet lengths, 30c.; 4-lnch pipe, ? feet lengths. 38c. Henry McArdle?6-lnch pipe, 12 feet lengths. 390. per foot; 6-lnch pipe, 9 feet length#, 41c.; 4-inch pipe, 12 feet lengths, 37c; 4-lnch pipe, 9 feet lengths, 9c. ? ,c* Thos. W. Miller?6-lnch pipe, 18-feet teiytfis, 31 ft c. per foot; 6-lnch pipe,9-(pet lengths, 32M c.; 4-lnch pipe, 18-feet lengths, 87c.; 4-incfc pipe, 9 feet lengths, 28* c. T* Richard A.Htlf?6-lnch pipe, 18-feet lengths, 41c. per foot; 6-inch pipe, 9-fset lengths, ?9c. 4-inch pipe. 18 feet lengths, aic; 4-lnch pipe, 9-feet lengths, 36c. ' P. and J. P. Crowley?6-lnch pipe, 18-feet lengths, Si per foot; 6-inch pipe, 9-feet lengths, tl; 4-inch pipe, 18-feet lengths, 96c.: 4-lnch pipe, 9- feet lengths, 96c. John Colbert?6-lnch pipe. 12-feet lengths, 29 ft" c.?one bid 27 ft c. per foot; 6 Inch "pipe, 9.feet lengths, 3lftc; 4 lach pipe, 18-feet lengths, 25ft c.; 4-lnch pipe, 9-feet lengths, 27ft c. Tbe following bids for furnishing water pipe were also opened; , _ ? Warren WOflw, Pa -Four-Inch pipe, in 18 feet Jenghte, 990 per too; sixinefct>l?e, 1? fset lengths, tea per ton; branches, ?*., 5 cento Fulton A Co.?Four and six-Inch pipe, in 12 feet lengths, per ton. Other caettnge, 4 cents per lb j. F. Starr?Four and six-Inch pipe, 1*6 feet lengths, *90 per ton. Other castings- 4ft at*. R. D. Wood?Six-inch pipe at S89SOpertoa. The bids were ail irtwrtd to tfce Water Reg. istrar and chairmen ol the JrtUr committees ?nl j.Im'SS!lis diMdw* iii adjourned. KT Michael Knlghtllneer, of Crawford eonn. ty, Pa, advertises hte wife Elixa as leaving hie bed and board, and closes bis aotiee by saying, ?tbis is tbe sixteenth time^he ttaseerwd me

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