Newspaper of Evening Star, May 10, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 10, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Stitracci f?r Marder. sbstbbcb or coukblius toll. Associate Justice Fisher pronounced the sentence in this case. He said : Yoo bare been Indicted by the (rand Inquest for the LMstiLt f Colombia for the crime of tbe murder oi yonr wife, Jane Tuell. To tbat indictment you pleaG not guilty,andpnt your self tor trial apon Clod and yonr country A jury of tour country, upon a fair and impar ts trial, In which you were ahlt defended by Jour counsel, hare declared that yoa are guikv ? manner and form as indicted. Have you anything to say now why sentence of death should not be passed apon yoo T e[To tfcis the prisoner, who had by tMs time placed in a chair, with his head inclined Eward, and -npported By Mr. Ftyman, as? sietant warden of the jail, said nothing* but aeemed to be uttering something to himself, as if utable to speak aloud j - I do not deem it necessary in the condition in which you now appear, to address to you any remarks, but shall simply proceed to discharge the unpleasant task which is imposed upon me of pronouncing the sentence of death udou you v The sentence of the Court is that you be taken hence to the common jail of the District Cplombla, trom whence you came, and that on t nday, tbe Sth day of July next, in theyear ox our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eixty-four, you be taken thence to the place prepared for your execution, in the jail yard of said District, and tbat then and there, between tie hours of .2 o'clock noon and 2 o'clock in 'he afternoon, yon be banged by the neck untilyou are^dead, and may God have mercy on yonr SSSTJSCS OK PBTBB GOODS*. Associate Justice Olin pronounced the sen tence In this case. He said: Feu-r Qooden, you have been tried and con ?icfed of the crime of murder?ol the murder of George Banks, one of your own race. After a patient trial, throughout which yon were defended by counsel with gieat zeal and ability, you were convicted. After yonr con viction your case was carried before the whole court, aud tbere argued again; and by the unan imous verdict of the court your conviction af firmed. Have you anything to say, PAer, why the sentence ol the law should not be p&3sed upon you 1 The prisoner.?No, sir. The Court.?Your case to me has been one of exceeding great and paiofal interest. I am at a less even at tbe present moment to ans wer ~ior your conduct I can hardly conc-ive what motive could have induced you te commit so cruel ard bloody an act. 1 know no'hing of your previous historv, of your temper, dispo sition or h.tbi s. You come herein our midst almcet a s-rnr.ger, until you were broaeht in connection with Bank* ?.u this bloody tratedy, which tr<ced so suddenly in his dea'h Tn-re was eome testimony in the case tending to show tbat you did this act in consequence ot a guilty passion you bad tor Banks' wife. I am arratd tbat was so. I do not know what your con nection was with that family, but the conduct of ihe wife on that i ocasioi>, and particularly yonr conduct, and tbe declarations of thedvins mi.a thai j ou had been corresponding with ni? wife ar.d that althougn hr. had forgiven the offence, tbat when ne saw you in the presence of b s wile again thoce feelinus revived in his bosom. This teEtimoay tended pretty strongly to sb?.w what the motive was for this most cruel act. It is a paininl duty to have to pr ? uounce the sertence of the law that yon are no longer fit to live?that the community, in order to guard itielf ngainst outrag sot this descrip tion, is compelled to take your lite During tne whole course of yonr trial I failed to diecov-r anything like emotion, M ing, apprehension of dan ;er, or remorse tor the cruel act you i ad committed. Cp to ibis mi im ut >ou stand here iu this terrible *i ua ion, with the brand of Cain stamped upon your forehead, and yet without emotion yoo can look here on yonr right baud and see another being now nudrr condemna tion ?or murder, [Cornelius Tuell, who lay With bis bt ad resting on the prisoners' dock, completely prostrated, and with his head b*n o'ag-d.l You s?-e how he (Tuell) is rgpvei by the apprehension of the fate that awaits him. 8till yon are indifferent [A pause J Have you no reeling at all upon the subject of meet ing a ft Ion's doom?an ignominious death on the s<.alfo!d 1 Have you no compunctions for having sent out of the world in an instant one of yonr fellows* who had offended you in no way, except the very natural resentment he might have felt at your improper interference w lib bis family tela'ions ! Does not the future open to your beclouded Intellect something of fearful apprehension in leaving the world wnb such a guilty stain upon your soul? The sentence of tbe law is that you be taken bene* to the common jail of the District of Co lumbia, trom whence yon came, and that on Friday, the 8th day of July next. In the year of onr Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-four, you be takt-n thence to the place prepared tor your execution, in the jail yard of the said District, acd then and tbere, be. tween the hours of 12 o'clock at noon and two in tbe afternoon, you be banged by the neck until yon are dead; and may God have mercy on your soul. Proposals kob Fcbvishibg the Govbbv nest WITH Fl 'Va.?Capt. 5. U. Greene, Com missary of bubsistence, to-day at 12 o'clock opened bids at bis office. No. 223 G street, for furnishing the Government with &,000 barrels of hour. Bids were invited for Nos. L 2 and 3 flour, and a large amount was offered, as the following will show: Na'han Brooks? I,(00 barrels of Na. 2 flour at Se.63 per bai rel; 3,000 at #h.73; 2,200 at #8.73; 3,000 at #8 83; 2,400 at 3S.90; 2,000 at #3.95; 500 No. 3 at *850. Bowland <fc Ewin?1,000 barrels of No. 3, at #8 60; 1,000 No. 2, at #8.73: 1,000 at *3.75; 1,0<j0 at *8 78:1,000 at #3 84. Geo. W Mears?2,000 barrels No 3, at #3.70; 1,000 No. 2 at #-.73: 2,000 at #8.33 l,?;00 at S8.8J. W m. H. tdes-200 barrels No. 2, at #3.75; 200 at *8 83 Ev- n Lyons? 600 barrels No. 2, at #8.75; 200 at Si; 150 No. 3, at^&.iO. John E Given?600 barrels No. 2, at $5.75; 50') No 4, at ?5 30. R. T. Kennedy A Bro ?2,W 0 barrels No. 2, at #8 9#: 2.000 at #8 j-3; 1,1.00 at *3.90. J. L. Liggett & Co.- 500 barrels No.2, at#3,79; 500 at #8.n3. John J. Hews?500 barrels No. 2, 85.9J; 500 at #e.95. L;er j. Darby?1,5( 0 barrels No 8, at #8.75. D L. Shoemaker A Bro.? 2,0,0 barrels No. 2, at ?8.75. A Roes Bay A Bro ?1,000 barrels, No. 2, at #8,75; 1,0*4) No. 3, at #8.50. Thos H. Donihue?1,000 barrels No.2at#8.!?9; ),0t* at #e 9fr; 1,000 at #3.94; l,(iO0 at #?.9t>; l;u00 at *8.85. Baker A Cropley?200 barrels No. 2, #3.75; 30? at #881 20u at 3H87X John S- Price?1,200 barrels No. 2 at #r.93. Tbe bids being considered too high, were all rejected. _ Thb Lbvbb of tbe Grand Encampment, I.O. O.F., will be beld to-morrow evening, at Odd Fellows' Hall, Seventh street, and promises to be one of tbe most successful ever given by tbe Odd Fellows. Tbe members of the order will appear in full rega ia. Tbe entertainment will include an address, a promenade concert, and the dance. Tbere will be no postponement of the levee rn account of the weather?it will certainly come off. Rbal EbtatbSalbs ? Last evening. Messrs. JatoxU McGuire A Co., sold the following: Two lots on Seventh street, between <4 street and Rhode ls.'and avenue, to William H. ?a ton?ore for 03# cents per squire foot, and tae other at 24>* cents per square foot. Three k>ts on Sth stieet, between Q. and R streets?ouj to Wm. E Humphrey for 10 cents per square toot, and two to Christian Abel lor 12 cents per quare foot. Lot on >he corner of south E and 12th streets, to Dr. J. J.. Morgan, for 12 1-16 per foot. Miss Eyaws, thb Youthful Obatbbsh.? Tbe reputation of this remarkable youag g.rl, "who is ooiy sixteen years old, has become so extended that few have not beard of her. New York, Philadelphia and Boston papers have spoken in the highest praise of her, aud she comes to our city endorsed by tbe beet men of tbe land Sbe presents her own tbourbts, and will astonish all who may be fortunate enough to beai ber She ^pnaks to-morrow (Wednes day ) evening in Rev. Dr. (thinning s (Unita rian ) Church, corner of 6tb and D streets. The tickets are 25 cents, with reserved seats for 50 cent*. * Foun Fbahb Houses aso Lore Uwdeb - Tbustbe's Salb ? Messrs. Morns and Mat tingly, Trustees, will s?-H to-morrow afternoon at5 0*cl0vk, on tbe premises, by order of the Supreme Court of the District of Oolumbia, four frame bouses and lots, bo Third street west, between G street north and Massachu setts avenue, to which they invite attention. Dm. Liohthill arrived at the Ebbett House yesterday morning. This is his third visit, and tbat fact of itself la conclusive proet of the success be is meeting with m his branch of medical practice. TboBe afflicted with any dif sse of bis speciality should coniult him tt is week, as he will leave us Saturday after noon ne*L ^ * Tbustbb's Salb or Dbsibablb Pbopbbtv Tbi? Aftkbboo* ?We are requested to call attention to an advertis-ment by J. Carter Marbury. trustee, is another column, for the ssleof two ?b#?e s'ory brick dwniiiag houses, wl'h back building-, on 2'st street we t, be. tween u ?nd H streets north, to take plaoe at o'clock on the premises this afternoon. SPKC1AL, NOT1QE8. NOTICK TO THE M?RCH\!?T3 BETWHB* 9TR AMT> IOtb FTRiiTi), CM Hi. A*isun.? The undersigned would say thi.t we have centractoi with a mat to sprinkle our block for six months and Ha harlai; failed to keep bis contrsct for the last t*ro days. *c have a cart of our ?wn atari y read v and will hare it on independent from all. M. WttLIAW, H. O. Hood, It Br?. F. Frbhch. Jkwrlkt I JawiLar !i Jbwrlrv'II Just received new -nd beautiful Gold-Plated Jewelry, in every variety. at the Dollar ^welry Store. 43b Penn. avenue, near 4H street, 9 my 9-4t* P J. Wilkin*. Eso , has beer, appointed Arent of the Great Pennsylvania rout-, vice K.O. Nor ton, to take effect oo the 28th of March. Mr. Wil kins ha* been connected witp the Office, at the corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, during the i>ast two years, and is thoroughly con versant with the business of the route in all ita departments. All applications for information, tickets, Ac., must be address to B.J. Wilkins, Agent Great Pennsylvania Route, Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue. Ed. 8. Torso, General Passenger Ageflt, ap 8 Great Pennsylvania Route, Brown'8 Bronchial Troorbb. These Loceoges are prepared from a highly esteemed recipe for alleviating Bronchial Affec tions, Asthma, Hoarseness, Coughs, Colds, and Irritation or Soreness of the Throat. Pvblie ?' jwkiTt and VoealisU . Will And them beneficial Is clearing the voice before speak ingor singing, and relieving the throat after any unusual exertion ol the vocal or**n?, having a peculiar adaptation to affection* nhith disturb the organs of speech. mh 2S-dfcwYf Colgate's Honbt Soap. This celebrated Toilet Soap, in such universal demand, is made from the choicest materials, is mild and emollient in its nature, fragrantly scent ed, ard extremely beneficial in its action upon the skin. For sale by all Druggist# and Fancy Goods Dealers. Jatt-eoly 8rBRMATuBKM<*A oam bb Curbl.?i)r Band's Spe cific cures tpfrmatorrfura, fit-minaI Wiakmix, Im {oteney, Loss of Power. ett..spe?dilv and tf tttually ts effects are truly magical, A trial of the Specific will convince the most skeptical of ita merits Price 91 a box. 8old by b. 0. Ford, corner 11th street and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Henry Cook, Alexandria. Jad-lr Warranted to OtJRM im Six Datb .?Dr. Godfrey's Antidote, an Knglish Specific of sixty-five years' standing, will cure tionorrhaa tit six dnyi. No ehange of diet required. Price 91 per bottle. Sold by S. 0. Ford, corner 11th street and Pa. avenue, Washington, and HenrvGook, Alexandria. Ja?-ly >. MARRIED, On Monday morning 9'h instant, by Rev James G. Henning JOHN II. PICKKLL. of Dansville, Livings*'n cocnty, N. Y., to Miss ADELAIDE HENNING. of Hockville. Montgonery county, Md,. aid youngest daughter ot the officiating cinitter. * On the 9th in'ta^t. h? the Rev. B. A. Mtguire, Mr WM II FLKTril Kfc. of Provident. R. I., to Mis- MALTHA R. DANT of this city. UIBD On Sunday, the Hth instant, aflt r a severe illness of t*o weeks. Mrs A*NIB E KALDENHACH. daughter o" tt e late Wm. H.Uo-k. in the 25th year ot her age rbedied trusting in the merits of her crticifled Redeemer. nod in full hope of a blls?fu> im n*>rtU itv beyond the grave. She leaves a bereave 1 fam ily ard * large circle of friends to mourn her un timely loss. | Marlboro pa??ers please ] On the 9th instant, a? H o'clock p. m . *ft?r a long at d painful illn>* s. whi-h he bore with Cnristian resiti a ion. EDWABD WAYSON STsWART. in the S2u year of his a*e, Sou of the late Isuesl Ptf-wart and K'ira Beeves, and grandson of the la*e Kd??r<i Wayson. The friends of the family are requested to atti nd 1he funeral at 3o'c>ock to-morrow afternoon, from hi late residence. Hth street ea*t. Ntvy Yard FOR SAI.E?An ENGINE and BOILER: 8 to m horse power, complete. Apply at DUVAL'S foundry, Georgetown. D. C. my 9-lw* [VTOTICB.?Mi SES T. PARKER has this day II associated with him in the House. Sign and OrramentaA Painting. CHaRLE^ MaCN'L'HOL r M T. PARKKR A. CO , my92t* AT I.a ave , bet. 6th and 7th i?t?. Washington May?. 1861. ^TAGE LINE.?From and after W?*dn?sday. May ^ 11. a DA ILY LINE of Mag?* will jfTTtx run from the Pennsylvania lluuie idnfelt on C street, Washington city. ??ty/wV' follows: To Surrattsville, T B . Piscataway, uui Pfld. Port Tobacco, Beentow n. Bryaritown, 'lugis ville. O. Hall. Chaptico, St.C. Bay, and Leonard town, and return daily. _ A. F KIMMELL. Agsnt. Washington city, May 9.1364. my 9-lm' QUERY??Who haa the largest assortment of pattern for Stamping ? Who is the <>nly prac tical perm-n that Stamps? Who has the largest number of hands at Embroidery? Who lias the finest stock of Erabroideri-?, Braids, Ac., a d who is the only person in the District that does Fluting for ladies'dresses? ?"PBINCE. 3?1 F STREET.^* where ladies can select from 25,'WO choice patterns for any kind of work, and where they can get ANY PATTERN stamped. Having starnpsd for oO.-flTi ladit ? is yoof that he knows his business. I.alies who do n* want their goods spoiled, but stamped as t* ey should be, go to the only person in the city who does good work. FLUTING! FLUTING! FLUTINGt The only markint in town now in op-ration. Fluting done as good as in new York fr elsewhere, my 9-tf W3&1 F street, opposite Patent Office. /VbDnInCB OFFICB, U War Dipartmhmt. WakhiMOTOM, May 6,1W4 The following contracts tsave b-cn awarded for Infantry Accoutermente.nnder th? advertisement from this Department of March 2*th, the bids nn ter which were opened April 28. 1634: Hoover, Calbo?n A Co., New York, 16,000 sets at f$ 9 . New Y'ork Arsenal T. C Williams Sc Co., New York, s.roo sets at f4 9". New York Areenal. , Baker A. McKennev, New York, 10.000 sets at #4,iO. New York Arsenal. James Anderson, New York, L>,fX)0 sets at $4.(5, 'innger A Longar, New York. 5,0 0 sets at 94\S">, N?-wYork *rsenal. . L H. W O iver. Pittsburgh, 18,000 sets at f#.i5, Ah"."heal,Aqulncy, 111., sets at Sfi 80, St. LR. TU "oln A Co., Quincy. III., i'' St L? nis Arsenal. ^EO. D. KAM3A1, my9 3t Brigadier General. Chief of Ordnance pBEAM-SIRUP SODA WATER. I would say tc my friends and tha public that I am now dispensingmy cwlebrated Cream and Fruit Sirup SODA WATEB. It is hardly necessary for me to go into detail as to how my Sirups are man ufattured. The large demand for Soda at my place satisfies me that that they are acceptable to the public, and that it shall be as good in future as it has been-better ii possfcle. Card of prices-1 cents per gla*s: 3 for 23 cents; 14 tickets for fl. Respectfully, O. BOSWSLL, Druggist. Corner Maryland avenue and 7th street. I have also a large and tine assortment of Per fumed Fancy Goods. Patent Medicines and every thisg usually found in a Brst class Drug Store. Particular attention paid to the Drug and Pre scription Business, either by self or competent assistant?. (my7-8t*} O B. CM) R~ F, I G N D KJi_ GOODS. Our stock of foreign goodsia now very large and well assorted, and ladies who anticipate buying any articles of foreign importation will no doubt *ave money bv making their purchases as early as possible, as the recent adinxona 'duty of urty per cent put upon them by late act of Congress will make a material difference in the price of all such goods purch?sed after this time; but as we had fortunately purchased very largely before the duty was increased we are now prepared to otfer a great many good* at lower ytten than they cm by purefcased for elsewhere. We name in part the H'SSit fift"''HlV. for ana ^jlld colored SilkR. ranging from fl.tO topper yard. 20 pieces neat check Silks, in all of the rarst fashionable colors in tiae, and at very moderate PIao nieces plain colorpd Ponltdesois, in all of the most desirable colors, and in the assortment are some of the best plain goods we *ver_saw. 2J pieces printed fonlard Silk, at 87S cents and 126 pieces plaid and striwsd taf'ta foulards, which we are Helling very cheap indeed, being X yard wide and only #7* c?dU per yard. ALSO ON HAND A complete stock of medium priced dress goods ranging from *6 to 76 cents per yard, making our assortment of dress go dB more complete than will be found in any other establishment in the District; ar.d purchasers will mob be able to Judge whether they are cheap or not. as 'oor lowest price" ia marked on each piece of goods in plain figures, from which no deviation is allowed. We also have on hand, "?f the best makers. A MAGNIFICENT STOCK OF BLACK GOODS Comprising all of Lupin a fabriquo*. which ar known to be the best In the world; ?sd Bavin purchased them cheap we are prepares to se them at a fair advance and take oar chances for th futnre. ^ M gHU8TKR A BROTHER. No. 38, opposite Centre Market, my s-?tif between 7th and bth streets. A N T Wanted?A steady first-class FKAME-MAKEK. One who can miter properly and make himsalf gen erally nseful In putting ap Picturg Frames and Looking Glasses. None but a fir .t-olaBB steady mechanic need ap p*r. To sueh liberal wagoo w?H he paid. Apply to P. 1. BSLLBW A CO.. $10 7th street. 3 doors south of my 6-St Odd Fellows' Hall. FMjR SaLE-A fine five-year old GKKY SAD!'- K B0K81, Sound and perfectly gentle. Price flSO. Inquire of 8. D MABLOW. 3?s? Fa. av? bue. between 9th and loth sts. my 6-lw FOR SALB?A complete set ofSHKST IRON and TINMAN'S TOtll^, in good order, cheap. Apply at 41* G street, corner of 9th. Can bo seen at 5ft Maine avenue between 4H and 6th streets. 1 sjand. my ^at* ftj^OR SALF?A handsome second-hand J BNNY r LIND ROCKAWAY and HABN<hS will be seld a bargain. *?ply at GBO. R. HALL'S Coaeh Factory, corner 13* and P bU. my 6 DKAfilKN, CATARRH, and diseases of the ear, throat, and air passages. Dr. LIQHTHILL, from 34 St Mark Place, New York, Author of "A Popular Treatise on Pf fnf " Jitters on Gatarrb," is now In WASHINGTON, and can be consulted at tfca Ebbitt Hocbb for ovb win until Saturday evening, May Hta, on DEAFNESS, CATARRH, and all the various diseases of the EAR, THROAT, AND AIR PASSAGES. Testimonials. Rev. Fred. &. Jewell, Prelesser ?I State Normal School, Albany, N. Y. T,bis may certify that I hare been, stnce 1844, subject to violent periodical attacks of catarrh, marked by a highly inflamed con ditto a of the lining membranes of the cavities of the head, producing a most distressing species of head ache tor days at a time, wholly incapacitating me from business, and during the paroxysms confining me to the bed. In some instances tbe inflammation has extended to the teeth, occa sioning too hac he ; to the threat, producing hoarseness and partial loss of voice: and and twice it bas so affected the l?-ft eye as to con fine m? for a month or more to adarkened room. These attacks have be?-n accompanied by strong febrile symptoms; by stoppage of the head, and, in the first stages, by watery discharges from the nose, subsequently becoming acrid and yellow, and towards the close of the attack becoming bloody and purulent. I have tried medicines of almost every kind; external ap plications to the bead, such as camphor, gin ger, hot bandages, and fomentations of hot vineger; snnffs of some half adoz?n kinds, aad otbei catarrhal preparations, together with in ternal remedies, sncn as alteratives, cathartics and emetics. These have produced no chance in the occurrence or character of tfce disease and, in most cases, with little or no temporary relief. I had come, at length, to believe the disease to be practically beyond either cure or material alleviation. Under these circumstances-1 was led some fivei months ago, to make atrial of Dr. Light, hiii s treatment, Hi& method atonoeapproved iUellto my judgment, us simple, philosophi cal, and likely to be effective. Notwithstand ing the disadvantages under which he labired. in dealing with a disease of such long stand, ine, aggravated by nervous debllitv and dys pepsia, end constantly induced by the acci dents of ray professional labor, I found the treatment reaching the di^eas^ as it had never been reached before, and producing such a modification and alleviation of its character, as I had supposed imnossime. I chronicle the results thus. Althou h 1 have been situated ee\eral tiroes, so that I should formerly have b* lieved a severe attack of my catarrh inevita ble. 1 bave eei-apeci thus far: tbe symptoms of threatened attack have been very light, and have yielded to the remedies employed by Dr. I iohrhill, without need of recourse to the old hot fermentations, or emetics; and the dischar ges troro the head have resumed the original end natural condition. I count upon a com plete core. That I have been able, however, to obtain so material a relief i6 to me a cause ot gratitude. In that alone, I am repaid for whatever tbe treatment may have cost me. I make this statement unsolicited, as a means ot acknowledging m> obligations to Dr. Light bill's method of treating catarrh, and with a view to aid any who may have suffered from tha; disease, in forming a inst opinion ot its merits, and its probable utility in their own case. Frbdk. S Jbwrll, ??? ? _ Prof Stat? Normal School. Albany, N. Y., March 14, 1864. Cttarrh Cared. From Iter. R. P. Rutrcll, Lynn, Matt. I bave been much troubled with Catarrh of tbe worst tvpe for some twenty years. It gradual!- giew worse, producing cough and hoarseness, destroying the sense of smell, and t>r. aking down my general health to such a degree as to compel me to resign my pastorate, and suspend public speaking. 1 made diligent use of the useful remedies, such a;i snuffs of different kinds, nitrate of silver, tar water, olive tar, and inhalations, but without any saintary eff cts Last sum mer I beard of Dr. LightbUI's successful mode of treating catarrh, visited him, and put my self under his treatment I began immedi'ib*. ly to improve, and this improvement has irone on to the present time. Mv catarrh has gradu ally melted away, my coagh has disappeared, my voice has become natural, and I am onoe more able to preach the blessed Gospel. L*t me advise all troubled with catarrhal difficul ties to apply to Dr. Ligbtbill. T P. R. RCftBBLL, Lynn, Mass., Feb. 1, lB6'i. my 5-eo*2w BALLS, PAFTTRS, fco. A HK FlfifcT GRAND PIC-NIQ or Tu EX GOVERNMENT' AKERS Will b held at NEFFLER-S WASHING u . *;ITY GARDEN, THURSDAY Miy 12lA, 1861. The committee will spare no pains or expense in making this one of the most delightful of the season. _ . Committer. W'Ui*. R- A. Smith, Charles Fox, Msitin Smith. J oh n Fox % Lew in M?idoer. Cash Bode, John K JacgbWikel, Godfrey Markc.lf. Nazarenns, mj lo-3t* 'T'HE F#URTH GRAND ANNUAL BALL * or THI SEYMOUR ULUB will be held at tempbrancb hall, ON THURSDAY EVENING, May 12th, ISeT Committee of Arratmvntntt. * T.H.Reg*?i, J. Digny, C.Herlihy, E. Maher, II. Ready. Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admitting a gentleman and ladies. my 9-3t* T?? I-O.O.F. LBV a E. BB GRAND ENCAMPMENT LEVBB (post poned laot Monday night in consequence of the storm will be held on WEDNESDAY EVENING, MiV 11th, at 0<ld Fellows' U411,Seventh street, the members of the Order appearing in regalia. The programme includes an address, a promenade concert, and the "merry danci?." Tickets $1, admitting a gentle man_and ladies. [m6-3tj THE COMMITTEE. J,1 R. LABBE'S MAY FESTIVAL! F. R Labbe's May Festival will take place on TUESDAY EVENING, May 17th,at bish*l, ' " on Penn.avenue, between 6tb and 7th sts., directly opposite tbe M-tropolitan Uotel.i over the store of Messrs. G. ft 1. Parker ft L__ Co. No ladies will be admitted without receivine an invitation directed by P. R. Labbe Servants positively not admitted in the dancing "a!L; , my 4 2w* - MAY BALL. " ROF. J. W BREiS Respectfully announces that bis first exhibition and at . .v, ... ORAND MAY BALL B in this city will be held on TtBSDAY EVENING, May Kith, ?A AT TH& ^OD%,l?LLO%s' "ALL, Sevtnth street. Tbe exhibition will commence at 8 o'clock. _ PROG RsMBB. College Hornpipe, by two masters. Pasid Eceosaise, by two ladles. Fibber s Hornpipe. by four gentlemen. Pas Styrlan. by aladv ani gentlemen, ,b* * Jr'*b Lilt, by a .ady and gentleman, L bomraeatrois Jambes, or the man with three leas. Highland Fling, by three gentlemen. Sailor's Hornpipe, by a gentleman^ Pas Styrian, b> a Miss and MasterJf La Manola, by a Miss and Master, Zi n gar ilia, by a Miss and Master. La Tarrentalla Pas de Ueux, by a Miss and Master, Grand National 'Polka, by a gentleman and Miss, representing Brother Jonathan and the God dess of Liberty, arranged expressly for the oc easion, Grand May Pole Dance, by sixteen, ending with groupe, After whieb the floor will be cleared for thewhole company. Cards admitting a gentleman aad ladles, ?2; to be bad of any of the pupils and principal music and bookstores. None sold at tbe dbor. Music by Prof. Reuokert ,Ballet Master?J. W. Kreis, assisted by his brother H. P. Breis. Mr. Kreis wishes to return his sincere thanks to bis patrons and friends far their kind patronage during the season, and respectfully solicits the same for the next, which commences September fith- W4. apsXeoflt* JjUGHTB GRAND OPENJN? A eiving corner Bast Capitol Hill. Dancing every Monday afternoon. Tbe Pleas ure Garden is s" iniproved that It cannot be beaten K V Arm Skf via* /if aatMa I mm ikia a4A? J _ PERSONAL. e? ?? mr?-3t*. 347 7th street west. FOB RENT AND SALE. Furnished rooms for small family. for rent ? t {2i pi r rcr nth, at No. 375 13th street, be tween H snri I. my l"-lt* ti*OR SALE?Leue. Fnrnit'iro. S*ock. Ac. of a r REtTAl BAN r and BAR BOOSt A splendid situation and dnirg a good bu*in??a |ff,r further particular* apply to Messrs. WHITE A CO., cor ner 1Mb and t street!. my I"-St* F'OJii RENT?In a private family, a PARLOR and CHAMBER, which could be u?ed a* an office ar o chamber; within a few square* of (he Depart ments and on the line of the city railroad. In <?uirc at 37b H street, one door from eorner ot ISth. my 10 3f |rOR*ALK-A two-story FRAME HOU-E and 1 LOT. situated on Jefferson street, George town, between the canal and Water sfr?et, went side. Terms. Jiftc&eh. For fur-her particulars ept ly to Miss M A. BALT7.F.R. BrHge street, be tween High and Market Space, north aide. my l*' 3f FOR SALE?A email FARM, of M acre*,in Mont? ?ornery county. 12 n-.iles from Georgetown and 2>fmil?? from the e*nal. Location healthy. New DWELLING HOUSE, ? small. > Six acres in high cultivation, and the balance in oak and pine tim ber. WM. RIEGOUR, my lA&t* _Attorney and Trustee. 517 7th at. FOR RENT?Three ROOM8. second floor, on K street. between 7t i and eth. No. tf.t; room *uf fi-ient for a amall family Rent Sis per month. To >ecure the rnrmn it will be necessary to pur chase $125 worth of furniture, in good condition. call bt-twe-n sand l a. m aid 4 and 6 p.m. n?y l -tt BARRER^HOr FOR RENT-At the United Stat? Hotel, Inquire at the segarstore. 470 Pa. av. my 5>-3t* 1). OINZ BURGER. A RARE CHANCE FOR SALE?HOUSE onK street, np?r t- e comer of 19th, containing four rooma and a bar-room attached, with the full fixtures and full license ???d two rears and ire months lease, Inquire of TH08. McCAMA, owner, my 9 lw* L OK SALE?The LEASE and part FURNITURE i of a large Boarding-house; well Ailed. Loca tion pleasant and convenient to the Departments. Price. $2,< ? t?. A list of the furniture, linen, bed ding and plate, at a fair valuation, amounts to 92,SO'. Rent moderate. Sold on account of sick ness. Address, stating wheie an interview may be had, W. JONES. Box 17 Star Office, my 9-3t? TO RENT, from 1st of June to 1st of October, two FURNISHED PARLORS, one can be used as bed room, on second floor, three-story brick, near Heights of Georgjtown Gaa and bath. Good board in same square. Rent #4'>, monthly in ad vance. Piano included $45. Reference* exchanged. Addnss J. A T.. Georgetown, stating when and where applicant can be seen. my 9 3f TFOR SALE. HE GREENBACK RESTAURANT. ADJOIN INU FOBD'S THEATER,ON THE NORTH SIDE. The proprietor of the above popular house, owing to a recent domestic affliction requiring his ab i-ence from the city for several months, will dis pose of the Kood-will, fixtures and furniture at a grfet sacrifice. He will guaraat e a larger per gCd-tage of profits upon the investment than any other t ouse in a similar business in Washington. r.ic.R.OTcMh. ap5"?'?ss p FIll0ca0N my 9 3t* Proprietor. fOR SALE?A GROCERY STORE. Apply at r the Star Office. my 71W HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, in a first c ass house, for rent with board. Apply at No. 49.*> 17th street, between H and I. my 7-3t* FOR RENT-The SUITE~OF HOOMS lately oc cupied by Col. Olary. Inq lire at 513 17th street, near the War Department. Meals fur nished in the house. my 7 3t ?ToiTSALB?A VARIETY KTORE, on the fir*t 1 floor, with fixtures Ac. Also FURN'irCRK suitable for housekeeping. Apply at No. Ml G street, between 22d and 23<f. n?y 7-3t If OR r EN T?Those large HO J MS under the of ? fire of the **iif Li^ht Ootnpiinjr. designed for a first class Restaurant and Saloou, are now abi>ut finished; have every convenience. Apply at the Cia* Office. my7-dlw H?.U*K FOR RENT AND FURNITURE F"R SALE.?Those in waut of a first-class house. ?as. water. and all in g->od order, can learn the particulars Ly calling at 335 8tti street, between K and L, north. my 7-3t* F'OR KFNT-A fiist-class FURNISHED HOUSE. A gentleman, whose family deaicn *penhnf the summer in the rountry. will :ent his first clasa residence, of about twen-tv rooms, an 1 fur niture. b> the month to a careful aud responsible tenant, who will tahe good care of the property, at a very reasonable rate. It cann -t *?e used for a boarding-bo-ise or the rooms rented. Location cent!al. and perfectly h^aithy. Possession <iven on the 14th inst. Inquire of J AS. C. McUL I HE A_l O. ?"y OR RENT?Neatly furnished or unfurnished r BOOMS, on23d street, three doors south of I. my t>-iw* tTOR FENT-A delightful RESIDENCE, with Furniture, on Georgetown Heights, on th? 3uare between Green and Montgomery streets, ?ove Stoddard st Posto-shion given on the l?th of June next. For terms, Ac., apply on the prem ises. F'OR RENT IN GEOROETOWN-A STORK on the north side of bridge street, between Con Sress and High streets, next to Mr. Seymour a Hat ?ore; the most prominent part of the town for re tail; is6! feet deep. Possession will b* given on the first day of June; constantly employed fir 16 years. Inquire at 13t> corner of Green and otod ard streets. ]pj 5-eo3t* F?OR RENT?With orwithout the Furniture, the first class three-atory FURNISHED OWELL ING.with all the modern improvements, large t ack building and fine yard. No. 301 Madison av enue, Baltimore. Apply on the premises, or at No. 36 Hanover at. m7 3 7t |70R~SALE0R BKNT-A FRAME HOUSE, with r fiveac?esof *round.orchard. Ac.,on the Rock Creek road, sixYniler from the city and two from Fort Slocum. For terms, &c., apply without de lay to Mrs. DAVIS, 2 th street, east aide, first frame house south of H street; ap 3 ? 2w* >R SALE? g.OOO aeres of rich FARMING I AN D8 in Iowa, (Hardin, 8tory Wright, and Franklin counties;) 4,000 acres in Minnesota; tracts fioni 40 to 64*'> acres. Located 1855. Pate te | from the Government. Will exchange for property in or near Washington. FOR SALE ?Two and a half year*' lease ef a store property on Penn. avenue, now renting for $200 per month, will be sold, with Conf-ctionery Stock, goda Fountain, and Fixtur-s comp'ete. $13 OOO for a property fronting 41 feet on Penn. avenne; a three-story brick buijdin*, havin? two stores and eight large rooms additional, now rent ing f?|j^Li/a^SON? Real Estate Brokers, ap &:-lm* Sontlwyt cor. Pa. ay. and 16th at. <2,1 nnn WILL BUY THE LEASE of. lar?e, tJHl ,U*"U commodiousHOU8E. with store and stable attached. Address Mr. LRASE, Star Office. ap 21_lm* Cor SALE or RENT?a first-rate two story r FRAME HOUSE, containing nine rooms, to gether with nine BUILDING LOTS, all set out with choice fruft. such as peaches, pears, plums, cher rtea, ?rrapeRt&11 of the be?tMl^ction; with a pump of excellent ^water in the yard; on the corner of G and 13th streets and Penn. avenue east. For further particular call at residence No. oor.f ap 16-lm* CARROLL. f-MjTT8ALE?a valuable SLAUGHTER HOUSR PROPERTY. 28, feet of ground and Im provements, as follows: Slaughter nonne, 10x46; one do .2 x2C; ice house.2 xt ; stable I8x26-substantial brick buildings: cattle and elable yards well paved, admirably adapted for a soap and candle factory or tannery. Will be soM for fo. 00. MITCHELL A SON, heal Estate Brokers, ap !6-lm southeast cor. Pa. av. a'nd 15th st._ L^OR SALE?A STORE~and DWELLING HOUSE, r No.401,007thstreet. between * and 1 streets. Lot 2 by 7 'feet. This is a first-rate business place. A bRICR HOUSE?tfo. S?6. on M strjeet.between 4th and 6th streets. Has six rooms. Sets back from the Ktreet. Lot??by 219 feet, running throng to Ridge street. Is a very desirable place for a private "a hlllCfe;H0U8R, No.^433,on#tb street,between G and H streets. Has fonr rooms. Sets back, with yard in front. Lot 19 feet S inches by 99 feet. A FRAME HUK8E. No. .173, on 9th street between I and New York avenue. Seven rooms. L*A 'fRAmV'hOUSE. No. 343, on ttth street between L and M streets. Has six rooms. Lot 2) bVpBfAME HOUSE, No. 343,onG street between lltb and 12th. Six rooms. Lot 20 by 80 feet. ?.... t,i:? ""v LOST AND FOUND. af RKW ARD.?Strayed away on tbe 8th Inst, a *0 large RED COW. with rope around her neck The above reward will be given if returned to M. tCHAADGE, Jackson street, between G and H, Washington City, D.C. my .1 " . f 08T?On April ??, 1854, one PEARL SE0K L LACE. sUr set, with drop set in silver, silver clasp, on the way front I street, near 10th, to rail read depot. A liberal reward will jf re turned to No. 43# I street, between 9th and 1th streets, it being an old family relic. my l -3t _ AQn REWARD?Lost, on Monday^ moaning. the 9th. about 9 o'clock, in tha Capitol G ronnfls,|?0 in Greenbacks: also, a DISCH ARiiE, belonging to D. K. Appenxelie, in the nine mon hs service. The finder will receive the above reward b* leaving it at the Star Office. my l#*3t ft C REWARD.?Strayed or stnlen, on the 8th instant, a yellowish bay HC?BSB. with white tare, and left hind leg white The a bo re r will be given if returned to M. CASEY, on K St., between 24th and 24th. my9-2t* wTRAYED?On the 7th instant, two CO #S-one ^arwl cow, with a white strips' along the back, and with a white stomach, and horns bent in, with one of her horns split, and a piece o>PP?<l out of her ear. The other is > red and white cow, mixed, with shorts, *trai{,Vtic)it^' bringing them to Major FRENCH 8. East Capitol street, between 1st and 2d, will he liberally re tarded. 931 fciTRAYib ok STOLEN.-Left my plaoe shout ^ two weeks ago, one s?rwfito7gytted SSR-biJfT! "sh.Xh-'*"* ^ 1"?0? WILSON. St.. n~r ^0R8, about 14 bands high, three white feet and knees, ?2?? !n nwk'whltj\n/?rehead,M^ttersIT.S. branded on right side of neok, natural ragker. * EOLAND. Ogo ,!?AW?00?. The largest and best assortment of -01NT8, CHILDREN'S 8TRAW SATS AND CAPS In the ft BRO. S, AUCTION SALES. other *wtl?> >iif? i?? llr?? yiy. THI? AfTfcKmntW 4WPTO?HIOItllOW 0T J. C. UcOtllSft OO., AsttiNNn. EXECUTORS' 8 A 1.8 of V ALU ABLE BRICK YARD ANDAPPURTWeWe" Tit vHoUlqvart A'o Ml tr*a tot Bnck Rtkidentt tn<i 0*t*. la*tt ?mmbt*of Lots.timnf I htm twptr d \rilk Frimt Lheeilm* hou.w.% le ft htr vnth tht Mathrntm Material. ami Imple ment* Jot the manM.tartwi of Brickt On TUE8 AT AFTERNOON, Mar Wth. at 3 o'clock, < ? th* premises, w* shall Mil the w.h->le of 8<ju n 96 a- d <6. 1b tho aortbwrn iwt ef the e rut W? d in Twentieth street west, known it ' Hopkins Bri.1t Vard." wk i<?h isb?lieT.?dt?b?on<j ? f the be*t I* rated ? th6 ftstrict, having 6 ?tb Gcors> town and Wwblnttoi tot a avtl*. an ? bandar ce of fine clay, brirk and tern perlaObnds. iilns. oBees. and all nwmry on tat fnr a flrst class Br:?k laid; the yard will ba worked until the day o; ssle. IMMKSIATILT AFT?B. We will ?411 the stoca of? B<"r ea. MuU*. Carta, Wheelbarrow*, Buggy, MonMi,Mn*? Sano. Ae.. A<5. _ *L80. The whole Sqnare Na. m. formerly the re*ld*no? of Oolon~l Baton, fronting respectively on Connec tirut arena-. Tw ntleth ? treat north. Q and B streote, and Nineteenth ?treet w?>?t. improve* by a la ?e Brick dwelling house and back ballings, carriage hous?s. 'tabling, Ac., Ac.; the whol? ?n c'osed and beautified with fruit and oraan-ental treta ai>d shrubbery. ALSO, Lot* No* 8.9, |0, IB, 16,17,1*. an, 31, and 21 in suh division of Square ', fronting eooh on Twta tiath street, between R aod 8 ? treats Lot*SB,Sr.38.99, 42 43, 41. aad46. ia aune Square, fronting on Nineteenth i-rert west. between Hand 8 streets; four of the latter are im prove1 ea*h with a small frame dwelling-house. and will ba sold sap arataly. ALSO. The whole of Square No M, fronting respectively on Ifassacbuaetts avenue, Twentieth and T rooty drat streets w?-?t, and north Q atreeta, with t*e improvements, consisting of one larir* frame stable ana eh-ds.two small fr*me house*, and ao office. Terms of gale: Oae third cash, the remainder in six, twelve, and eighteen months with cured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyances including revenue stamps, at the cost of tte purchaser K/*A cash paTi? et t on each piece of real estate ?111be requiied at tbetime " GEO. W. HOPKINS.f JOHN 8 HOPKINS.s ?x*cnt?Te. ap.iO-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO..Auete. B T J.I. McGUIRA A CO., Atof.doteti. 1 BUS*! EE'8 8ALR OP TWO DBS u.VBLE BRICK DWELLING iO'iSBS A * D LO'S ON TWkN 1Y-FIK8T BTREEt, BETWEEN O AND H PTBESTK On TUE8D*Y AFTERNOON, Mar V>'-h at ?K o'eirck, on the prem se?, by virtue of a ieet of trust dat?d July 26th tftV, and duty r*oord?td io Liber J. A 8 No 202. f 1'os 218 et om of the lsurt ri-cords for ** a hiugton county, D. 0 .1 a .all sell parts of Lotf lettered 'E"'*ud' Via roll's recorded sub divi ion nfO iginal Los7.8, a ?d ?, ii Square cum1)* red 102 f outing togetht-r 3i f*et <n Twenty flrsr **t, between O and H atreeta north, sua running ba"? I 0 feet, i ap orel wita two three stoty buck dwelitrff house*, with back building*, to be sold separately. '? erm?of sale: 0n??tiiird in cash; tha rema nder in sis aril twelve nuu ths. wi h interest, aecurea by a deed ??' trust on the pr nas *. Tort of convex anCA? includ;nf revenue stamps to he ps*d by the p rcr a'er. Ifthe t? mi of Male are not cor plied with io days, the Truwtee r i-erv bu> ri?htt> rs n*.l at the risk and e*pM>?? < f t> dd?ulung puvchaser. J CAKr*RMA >sn?Y Trustee, ny .4 d J C. McGU KB k CO Ar t?. B Y J C. UcbU?RK A CO.. Auctioneers. VALUABLE LOT ON NORTH R ?T? BKTWKKN IfeTeTKKKT EAST A >l? DKLA WAKK A?E HUfcT NUB. Or TUESDAV APTEBNOON. May l',at6?'ol*, on the premiers we shak) hell. Lit No A. 1 ?> S-imr* No.716, lioniiiig Buffet on north K street, batwe-o First >tieet e< *t and Delaware avenue, and sui.nios ba"k 1(? feet Term? : One third c&vh, therema'nder in sic and tine moitbe, with inteiest. eeoured by a dead ot trust on the promises Con- eyances st t ?>? cost, of t**e anr^hsser. my.6d [Hep.] J. C. McOD' RE A 00 . Ancts. B Y J. C. McOUlRK A CO., Auatiooaars. IMPORTANT SALE OF C iOICE LIBRARY BOOK 8 On WEDNEfrDAY EVkNINO. May 4 h. at 7 o'c ock. at the Auction Rooms, and ? outiunM e? h surceedinit Kv?ninir, v t the ?au><* h ui until Hie whole is di-posed ? t, we sha 1 seil. with..utr>.i<erve, a portio.i of the Library of th lai Ch?s. F Mayer, ?.f Baltimore. Md., to which valuable aldit ouh from anott er source haa b ei rn^d^, the wt< le comt.r:sinc MiHcell-ne< us aMl Scienti ic Work-, U iuatr*te> Ed tiop. Sets of Monthlies, Pamphlets, Congressional Dooumeuta, Ac.. Ac. Terms cash. ?a^Cstalogues new ready for del very. ap.3W-dtf J. C. fccGCIRB A CO.. Aucts. |^Y THOMAS DOWLINO. Auct'r; Oeorjtetown EXCELLENT Hf U'EHoi.D FrRNITDRE AND ECFECTf< AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY MOHNI??, #ay Uth, at li o'c ock, I wi.l sell at the comer of Oreen a<-d t)%y streets, in Qeorf^tow ?, a evcellent ass itrment of Hi usehold Furniture and Effects, comprising in parr? Wa'nut Hair C'oth Parlor -uit. Rosewood and Patin Parlor suit Two 1 arge French Plate Gilt Frame Mirrors, Walr-ui aon Rosewood MarbN-'oa Center Tables, Three ply Brussels and ngraln Carpets, Walnut Secretary, aud Bo acase. aad Whatnot*. Walnut cbao ber suit M rblr-ioo Cottage suits and other Chamber Furniture, Walnut and oth?r Wardrobes. Mahogany and Marble-ir p a deboards, Cane Seat. T inirg and oiher Chairs, Bureau*. WashaUnda Tables, dec., Hair Husk and ether MatTesaea. Extension a- d other 1 abl ? . Kit'hen, Parlor and ether Stoves, Large assortment of Crockery aud Glassware, and many article? too numerous to mentiou. Sale positive. Terns cash. mir 6-d THOMAS DOWLING. Auct. CCbioa. A Intel ] B Y WM. L. WALL & 00 , Auctioneers 1BE STOCK OF A WOOD t OAL. LIME AND PLASrER DEALER AT ACCTI -N. On WEDNESDAY MORNING. lt>h i .stait. %\ in o'clock, we will sell a* th?* Coal Yard ofN.C MtKntv, < n Seventh s ree', at the Catal Bridge, who intends changing hit business, hisaioca,em braci- g: I ooo busheles Hair, 1 2* 0 barrels Maine Lim?. CO barrels Catsean P aster, 60 barre s Rosendnle O- m?at, ^ 60 barrels Land Plaster. Bocflng lelt and Tar. Three very superior Draught Horse#, One net Double W??on Harness, Thiee sets Cart Harness Cne 1 wo-Horse W? (<>n new, 1 wo Carts nearly new. One Lame Cutting ttox.and lot 4 inch Coal Floor ing, A Word 8plitter? one of ih* best "rerbuilt, Larg? Feed Bin. and R t Bu?gy Harwti, Oflite Furnitura, Desk, Chairs,8io?e, Ac. Terms cash. mv.7 W. L. WALL A CO.. Aucti. B Y J. 0 McGUIRE A CO , Auctioneers. ^ ALTJABT * L'TS ON M AS^ArHU?ETT8 AVE Ms N> ARI4TH 8TREE t aT PUBLIC SAL*. On HO>DAY AFTERN-^ON. May ti, at ? o'clock, on the premises, we shall aell. Lot No. -, in Sat* e No 2?. u ..wiig i?" imI i iuclii s. on Mmuoch.? ?ett* d 162 feet 11 in he , a M <rr?*t. being tse corner Lot at the iotdiseuti >n of P.>ur teemh street. M sfe't. nd Maa'aciuse'taavenue, and immediately qnov.^e the Une residence of Cha? Hill B<u- ft win be dirided in o small Building Lots if desired. ecia^' iy afte*. we s a 1 seH. l ot No -6 in tquar ?<T, f-ontiag 65 fe?i on M lAnachusstta avet n? batwe?n Thjrt-enn and Fo^rt:-?:i:h >.is . and lubiwg back to *3 -foot alley, o be divided u to four lota of 16 teet 3 i:.chea each Terns: Oi e-thiru in e-aah. the remainder in Hit and twelve months, with inter- st,secured Oyaaeei of tr 1st on tbe pre in is s. Conveyar<*?a at the cost "ft^e purchaser. my'Od [Rep.] J. C. MCGUIRE A <SV., Ansts. gY J. C. McGUIRE A <0 , Auctioneer*. EIGHTEEN SMALL BOLDING LOTS AT THE CORNER OF NORT* L STREET AND NEW HAMPSHIRE AVENUE. _ .. On TPE8UAY AV ERNOON, Mar 17th at 8H o'clock, on the premises, we shall aell, the whol io? Let No. 6. in 8qr are Ne. 72. -ituat-d at the corner < f north L street and New Buop'hl e avenue di *i<ied into eighteen Lots of about fifteen feet fr *t, each fronting respeciivel) on L etreet and New Hampshire avenue. Term*: One-third in cash; the remainder in sig . ?nd twelve months, with interest, secured by ?" deed o trust on the premises, or all cash at th e option of 1 he purchaser. Conveyances at the cost of the purobaaer. A payment < f Si" on eac.. lot wfU be required at tb<> tin e of sale. d J. 0. McGUIRE A CO.. Au^tg. |yy J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auetioneers. BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE AND GROUNDS ON CAPITOL HILL Af PUBLIC HA'-fi. ? On TUESDAY AFTERNO N, May m.h at 5 ??'clock, on the premises..we shall "el", La** No. 41, 42, and 43, ia 8?u?n No. W, fronting to*(ethe< I 8 t. et f.>j inobes on Second street ea?t. bctv/?en noutb B am C ?tieeta running tack 116 fee's S laches wit^ a 10-fooi ell-y on the north st# e, and im proved by a Handsome Co?t?g? Dwe II ag, contain fog two Parlors M feet square, separated by a die '-'all and an all Dining Room ii> r.ear, aad Sne Chambera, with brink kitchen aad. sm -11 atable, eisteri-? f water at tack door, end thronghout. The grnnnde ars handsomely laid out with frnlt and abiubbery.ejsd altogether iti', a char aing res idence lor a email family. the Bon*# was built l? thiofnt nuperinr inta ?#r by i iDMtir bniWerfcrhitfiwn QM.IiMibriek foundation, aid i* double tbroa^bo 4% Terms : One third jo -Mh; the rsuaUndar ia sti aad twelve months, with interest, seoured ?y adeed ot tru?t. _ _ _ my.V) J. C. MrfaUM ft 00 . Aaets. BOARDING. OOAED A:ND PLEASANT Rp0M8, for perma O nent and tran.iertt personsT at sot per gist and H atreet>. KOARDING.?Font I> rommudated wtti lly at No. iS Pa. av S36 per month m PICTURES. T|__. doers aboee Odd AUCTION sales. 1* *tm DAYS. gV J. o. McGCIHA * co- Auationaera. Mat lltta.M* . t. parUotLofa >tln( 14 M ob ret.betWeen taAa* ruining beek 78 feet, la pt>v*d *T ? tkrsa-itory Brick bouse. . , . . Tour* Qne fcalfiBcaab, tbe seat ^ar ia six and l*? t# meutba, with iatereet wem ?d by a d?*4 ot trust od fX#r premises. ? ^ ??., me s at the cost of tb? waw kaaer. my 9 d J 0. MpeUrK# t VX).. Aasta. |?Y THOMAS iOWL.SG. Anet ;Gt**/??t<?wB PEREMPTORY 8 ALE oF V ALU A SLB V^ROY^ B-PROPERTY BIT* PEN T1* f AW\L AND Ih^otpmag-bitoriSi oeoroitiw^n. I>. c. at public ?rcTio* _. _ ij "iiiij"'' P?bltc Auetlr* on WSJNlft tbf I!tb da.* Of ???, ^o'clock p in , eo tne pemises^ thai.Valuable Property, ban* sir* of Jf .'? ?''J5'-tnirn, an t fro tin* ?1 I'*?11 lie south sice of CHerry street, end SO n-ee ow the east K?d? of PAtomie street. ax* opposite to the Cottoo Factory. Tr?> improvements consist of alarae C?fes??ry md B*?t ment B-ick Dwelling Htmae, m*8 Back Building. aUo. two Lo>s. each f en tng nrfaet on Pothmac tr, et.adjoii tt tse afovea 4 i**nntng bsek"7 feet. Thi-prop* rty. wtue^isd a? It ia, be t*?*n the Canal ara Potomac riven ?Rrt e.reat fa eilitiea for manufacturing or other parpensa, and for an iaveetment such aa opportnm:y eelAoas or cu rs. Tertrt: One ha'f cash. ba'anea in stx and *? %lve mi ntls, awn ed by a deeitf trust oc'tM prevaJrty. T tl perfect CoweTaocinc and stampa at the cost of M*e .w>r chart! ? ap.? dAds THOMAS DOWLIN&. Ana*. B Y TB0MA8 DOWLING. An<*;Ge?rit?towB DEHBAW B TWO-f TORY WUOK HOU3B ANO LOT IN UK0MGST0WN AT PUtfUC AOC HON. _ On WkWESDAY AFTERNOON. May tm. it?H o'clock, p'n? , 1 wi'l cell, in front <r tia jrremi ??, tiart of Lot No. ti, in Beall's addition tf ftf-^rge town,fronting about*? feet < n-Waeklnat-vu *t'-et, mar Hiid?e street ?nd improved tn aa aaoel oat l?o i or> Brie* Bouse. PowtuiOD |ifia i nmeilately. ail conveyancing and stamp* at &ha cort bf the por-raeer. Ti*la perfect. ' T?rms cash. tty.S-dAdfr TH08. rOWil.WQ Awl. Y THOMAS SOWLIKO, Auefr; Bteorgstown. B Oo WEDNEBnAY AFTERNOON. Majr iltl, l?4 at 4 o'clock p. m., in front of the psejotses, > wtlf aril tin* oa>t i art cl Lo'. No. 131, in B>?*1 rmIoIUob tobforie'ovn tronting '.0 f^e' on tn<* awth ill* ol .. unbbrtiiQ street, ruuoiua batk li'f et, and im proved by a good two story Frame Hnn? lem a; One halfrash balanceiJii'-i anf twcfv# moitba, eecur?d by a deed of truat on the proper ty A'l cot vryanrirg and wtarnpa at t)~* ooat oftha purcba?-?^r. A depoelte offiOOwill be repaired 'tat the time of part I'M' . a j 4-rtAda TH^8. DOWLtNG, Auet. B Y IVM. L. WALL Sl CO., Auc ion??r* 8. W corner Pa. av. a A 9.h at. CAKt6n COTO MAT UN 4. FCRNITCHRB, CAB* PETS> Ac. ATACt.T(uNi OnTBI K?DAY M >KM< ? lAt? m-<biBt, at l? c' k. ?e w li a?ll at ?-ur Anctioa Rj^rtu, wU cu1 r> eei*e. f> r cash. fur accutti.} of wttnin it mar to> c? r>i? S*<> t"llr frerh whi*eand cbee<juered 4, 6. and 6 4 Cantoi. Matiinv.jaet imp ?rt?<!. >i t rotia 4 4 at.<J b 4 Ouoo Ukltiug, !(? ro la 1 arp t. loCi>t?aa> fceta Je?t> l n:d On U(*. and other B^drteata, Mi rMe-t. p. plat", and ? tber Buteaaa, li* r ai.d Mitio Mat.reat-es. Mab* cat y and Walnut cane aeat Chairs mad R<>ek ? ?a Virrora. Ka*y ChairN.and L nngea, Marbie-ti-p ?n<i ml er T nl?? Muh n?m anc Wain ti 3ofa*aod Teta a-Telaa, |9kft-n. i?la* ?tr? 1 rwckery.&c. Witl'H var ety cf ot< er House furnishiag goodit toonnn ??rou8 to incnt-ion. Terna cafth, my 7 W, L. WALL & 00., AnoAa. J^Y THOMAS DOWLINO. Aoct r; Georgetown; TWOST^RY frame "house a>?d lot in ItKOR<iKiOHV AT AUCriON On ThTTB8UA ? AF1E \NO?>N. May 12th, at t o'ckct p. m , 1 will eeil. in !tout or thw pr ^minaa, ccw lie 1 cilice tnle, 'j e ? ast par ofLot So if, iti *itrelk?K'a add t ? n to <1? oricetovin, fronti-i^ a fen ot Pee"nd sti^et. with a depth of )so feet, rLd tn ^rover b? a t?o-atorv Frame Uoui, aab ? ject to a? unr ivid?d sixth part. 1 itu p?-lfe;t. 1? rin* easb. AlJ c*n?eyancug and a am ja tt the cost of the puirl.stt-r. n.y 6-dAdfl THOMAfl DQWLINQ, An?V V J.C.McGDIRE Sl CO., Anctioneera. B1 N>W THRKE STOBY HRf^ DWELLING H <VHt W1TB fTORE ATTA? rIRDoN K 8f.4 N EAR CONMOTIOUT aV'KNUK AT ACO TiuN On THURSDAY AFTEHNOO^, May 12tH at, ? o'clork o th? ixerr.aea. we shall aeii. a deuiabl* 1 ot 01. K (*tie t uoitfa next to tV ? cornt r of Oovi n.cnctiT. avente,2ix'.00 f et, improved by a naw ree story Bitot Dwrll"? Uoune. with Stor?i Bo? m aitaebi d. well adopK-d tnr a bu?ine?? ptaa>i as well as a residence. beii:c in tbe viciuity of p. blic U^pait er.taanc Offices. lmmedii te po*aeB?ion given. Ttrms: One-half caati, the remainder ia 4t. anr taeive mnuhn, wtth interest, secured by a dt>M of trast on the premises. Conveyances at the coat of the purchaser, try 7 i 0. MoGUiRI&OO. A??.t?. B Y GREEN & WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. ELEVEN VALCBLE BUILDING LOTS FU0NT if 0 ON V AND W AND TENTH UTS. WORTH. AT AUCTION. On 1 HUB8DAY, the I2th instant, we PhHll aatl, in front of tbe prunes, at A o'clock p. m., the following handsome Bailding Lota, via: Lota No. 2.4.7,8,13. 14. 15, Iti K. H, and 19, ta Kub division of Pqnare N" SB5; tbe^e lots hava fi ontfl of 26 fr^t eacn, running back 96 fee t to alley*, ai d very bandsoTrely situat d. Terme : One thir caab; balance in sin an4 tw-lv? months for notes bearing interest. A deed give a at.d a < eed ef trust takea. ? Ail conveyance and ofthe pur chaser. my 4 GREEN A WILLIAMS. A acta B Y J. 0. M0GCIRS A CO., Aav tioneers. A YERY VALUABLE LOT ON ET G?tTH STREET BBTWEKN PANDQNORTH. Oa FRIDaY AFTERNOON. May 13, at6 o'clock, on the premises, wenball sell, liotNo. li,inSqasrw No.3?7. This Lot ia 63 feet, flinches fr ont on Eiiehth street west, between P and Q strpe* a norta. and 10 > f?*t deep, and will be divided aa.d aold in three e^ual laita Terms: One third caHb.-ar.d tbehalan~e in six and twelve montLs. wit>? lutereet, secured by a deed of trust on tbe property Ail conveyances and sta mps at cost of tbe pur chase r my.9 d J. C. fdcGUIRE & CO., Aucts. BY J. 0. McGUIRJC A CO., Anctioneera. ELEVEN BUILDFNf.i I 0T8 IN THE VICINITY OF >0UR. BKNlH. #NU P STREETS AT PUB LIC AUiiTION. On MOADAV a F7/EBNOON. Msy 6. at 6 o'clock, ol-tb? preiriree v enhtl ?eU, Eleven aood Buiid it g Lt ts in Dnu)'4 sub-oivis on ofS^asro *o 2W, situated betw an Fourteenth and Filteenth atn-ei ?< p , and nortk V and Cheatnnt street Terms: One f urth In cash, 'he remsinaer in six, twelve, and atg'nteen n oatn?. with interest scoured bv a d> ?d of It jhl on the prem'ses. Ct-tiveya* or atth- eos-. ot the purchaser. ?V A rss^a 'payment of ?20 on each Lot wi.l be re> quired at th|j timt of sale my 7-d ^ J. 0. MoGCIRE ft CO. Ancta. PY J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY RALE OfTaLCABLE IMPRO.YED AND 'JN IMPROVED PmOPEBTY OS DELA W-RJj AVENUE, BETWEEN B AND C 3TS. NOB'/H. NEaR TTfl E t>A??ITOL G ATE. On f ATURDAY AFTERNOON. May 14th, at A o'ol?< k,on the premiae-t.'by virtu' of a decree ot tbe kite Circuit Gourmand an amended dncme of tbefjupreme Court of the Di trict of Columbia, sitt ng as aCourtof Equity, the latter decree dated Awrii 24-h, 1864, ai>d rendered in acauae. No. 7S3, fv.erein Elisabeth Brent is complainant, and Ihas. B . Br<nt,and others, defendants, the uadersigned T ruatee will aeil all of Lota 8 9,ptrfe of 7 and 10, la fiauare No 686, as follows? rsrt of I ot No. 7. frortiag 30 f-sat on Delaware avenue, betwe- n north B and C streets, and run ring ba>?k 198 ft et to a SO-feat alley, improved by a tubstantlal an* wel> built bi>ICK DWELLING-HOUSE WITH BA0K BUILDINGS. AM cf Lot No 8, fronting ?> feet 6 inches on Dela ware am ne. between North B and O streets, and runni g back an average depth of 1&% feet to a 30 feet alley improve*! by a large ate well arranged BHICK Dl/BLLlNG-HOU-E WtTfl BACK BUILDINGS. Part of Lot No. 10, fronting S6 'eat 8 inches oo leUwajeavenna bettraen B aodOetre*ta n rth, rut nins back about 140 feet to a 15-feet slley. Alt this r?luable property ia si nated within a very short distance of tne North Gate of the C?M tol andiftha proposed axteaalon of th ? Capitol grounds is consummated will be immediately ed Terme: One-third cash; the remainder ia siaaad twelra tnr nthu, with interest, aecafbd to the aatto factjon ~f the Trustee, or all cash, at the oetion of ' Conareyanoes and a temps at the oost of the par "Cfi p?~?j'KJwLffa'SSjrfSR.. gpg-d J. c. MoQUIRB A OO.; A%rte D Y W. L. WALL k, UP.. Auclionaers. 500 DOZEN Extra ahoioe C<>gnaa SWd Bochell* Brandies. 8clsWam H Hand Gin, ifwaj Port Wl?e. Bourbon and NectsT jraiskes, Q'S^aM, Ae.. re c sioina of tbe steak of B. CroraeD M a Q^ wHl be sold of ' heir OTner at PabUe ^^VBjfrM DATWth loo'olook. 'he same may J* examined at their > a) a room. jio. 80S. P???rt? vanta atraaae. second floor. " . - ap^6 WM L. TxALjU A OQ? Afrta. ^LDIIMT COW* FOa i-ALB. oa SATUB*?AY '.MJi day of May. at 2 a'olook, p n at ib?- Cattle Sw.ilee lo Me- haertcavU e. Mont gomery Oftiafy. MJ l will affaer to tee ktghe?t bidder, ia 2*^ aable fre>h Milck lf .w? with caves, mo tie ae^ the Alleraey aloes. Bo Juaty milk. ca ees, mo tie tft the Alleraey a'ock. 80 ; c>J? kriaaf'^ ei'ity th? r enaeaa of the-r pod delicatefl'>w)reftUelr hou r. .tR w Tera/*''^e; a credit of four montks. vkepar IS&Sfe kl? e* 7^ tA.'B. DA YI8 T ?.b"mER0 PANT'S AND BANKER'S AL I A JgpS ??*' ?^?kfl?aas3lrtini0?

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