Newspaper of Evening Star, May 12, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 12, 1864 Page 1
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WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. MAY 12. 1864. N2. 3,496. AUCTION SALES. fPTCTll PAW* gY J. 0. MoGUIRB & CO., Auctioneers. TBFSTBB'S 8ALB Of"~A HOUBB AND LOT ON 1LEVKNTH, BETWEEN LAND M 8TREBT8. By ?irtue of a tfbed of trust frem B. B. Bridge, dated October 2.1*57 andneoorded in Liber J. A. 9., Ho. IS, folios 440, Are., of the Laid Records of the eounty of Washington, I eull offer at Auction on MONDAY, the 16th day of llay next, on tb^?remi M, at o'clock. p. m., part of Lot itrA (7) in B?uar* thro* hundred and forty-one (341) in Wash In ton. bounded as follow*, vis : Beginnlsg forty nine wet seven Indies from the southeast eorner of M and Eleventh streets And rtlnning thence ??nth twenty-five feet on Eleventh street, thenoe duo east on* hundred feet, the whel* depth of said lot, thenee do* north tw*nty-flv* feet and then** . dn* west to the bdiribning. with th* improvements, consisting of a Frame Dwelling. Terms of sal*: Otfc-third of th* pur eh as* money to be paid in eash. and th* residue In two equal in stalments at six and twelv* months, with interest, tobe secured Th* terms of salo mast bo oompli*d with within on* week after sal*, or the property may be resold, after a week's no tie*, at the risk ana eost of th* first parebeser. OH AS. 8. ENGLISH.1Trusteo. a* l^m J. 0 MoGUIBl A TO,, Aneta. B Y GREEN * WILLIAMS, Aaetion*ers, TRUSTIIE'S SALE OP TWO HANDSOME BUILD ING LOTS BAST OP THE CAPITOL AT AUC TION On FBIDAY, the 90th instant, I shall sell, in front of the premises, at 6 o dock, p. rn., by virtue of a deed of trust to the subscriber, bearing date the 1st day of July, 1&59, and recorded in Liber J. A 8 , No. ]R2 folios, 396.397, and 39*. one of the land records for the county of Washington., in the District of Columbia, the following named proper ty, lying and being in theeity of Washington, Dis trict aforesaid, riz : Lots numbered nineteen and twenty, in Sqnare numbered ten hundred and twenty-dtae, contain ing over nineteen thoueand square feet of ground. This property fronts one hundred and twenty-one feet six inches on north P, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth street* east, near Maryland av. Terms of sale: One-fourih cash; the balance in 6, 12, and 18 months, the purchaser t > give notes for the deferred payments, bearing interest from the day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. If the terms are not complied in Ave days jhe Trustee reserve the right to resell th* property, at the risk and cost of the first purchaser, by ad vertising the same threa times in th* National In tolilgoncer, ROBERT RIORETTB, Trustee, my,6 GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auots. B Y J. 0. McGUIBE A CO., Auctioneers. TRUBTEE'8 8ALE OP HOUSE AND LOT ON NINTH 8TBEET WEST, BETWEEN O AND P STREETS NORTH. Pursuant to a deed in trust mad* and executed hy Richard A. Hyde, of Washington City, to the subscriber to secure a certain debt therein men tioned, I shall proceed to sell, at public auetion, on the Seventh day of Jun? next, at 6 o'clock, p. is., on the premises, "all that piece or parcel or around and premises, situated, lying, ana being in tB* said City of Washington, and District of Col ombia, and known and designated as Lot numbered ten (10) in Omttenden's sub division of Bquar* numbered three hundred and ninety-eitht (398,) fronting twenty (90) feet on Ninth street west, be tw*en O and P streets north.and running back with that width to a publio alley, together with all and singular, the improvements, privileges, heredita ments and appurtenances to the same belonging, or in any wise appertaining." Terms: One-halt of the purchase money eash, the balance in three and six months, with inter* **t The deferred payments to be secured by a deed in trust on the premises. All conveyances inc.uding revenue stamps at the oxpenie ci the purchaser. {If the terms are not complied with within five days after tfce "ay of sale, the property will be re-sold. the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser, after five days notio* in the Evening Star. CHAB. P. WANNALL Trustee. my.5-eoAda J. C. McQUIRK A CO.. Aucts. CCTION BALE OP VALUABLE REAL ES TATE ON THE POTOMAC RIVER, In albxahdbia Coqhtt, Va. By virtue of a deed of trust executed by Gas par Tochman.and AppolloniaJ. Toehman, his wife, dated July 14,1857. and recorded among the land ueords of Alexandria County, Va.,?the said Gas par Tocbmac b^ing engaged in the rebellion against the sovereign authority of the United States, and the interest on the debt secured by said deed of trust being in arrear and unpaid from thd 90th day of October, 1361,-1 shall pro:eed, by order of th* ?arty secured, and br virtue of the authority con* ferred by Baid deed, and the statute in such ease mfde and provided, and on the 19th day of May,1864, I shall eel) at auction to the highest bidder for cash, in front of the Mayor's office in the City of Alexan dria, Ya.. at 12 o'clock, m., the property named on ?aid deed,tk*t is to say the farm called " Summer Hill" on the Potomac river in said County,?th* same comprising about one-hundred and fifty acres, and being situated about midway between Wash* ington Oity and Alexandria, Ya. Further particulars of the sale will be given at the time thereof. a>.30 td J. M. STEWABT, Trustee* |JNITfD STATES MARSHAL'S BALE. In virtue of a writ of Pi*ri Paeias. issued from the C leek's Office of the Supreme Court of the CattedBtates. for the District of Columbia. and to me directed, I will expose to public sale, for eash, at the front of the Oourt House door, of said Coun ty, en WEDNESDAY, the 25th day of May next, IK4. at 12 o'clock m., all defendant's right, title, claim and interest in and to th* north part of Lot No. 34, in Square No. 877, bounded as follows:? Beginning for the same at th* southeast corner of Lot No 33, on the line of Seventh street east,run ning thenoe west 97 feet, thence north 30 feet, thene* east 97 feet to the beginning, together with all singular, the improvements thereon, seised and levied upon as the property of Samuel and Joseph Arnold, and will be sold to satisfy Judicial No ZVS, in favor of Whit*, Middleton A Beail, use of Elias t. White. my.2 WARD H. LAMON,U. 8. Marshal, P.O. ^ALB OP CONDEMNED HOBSES AND MULES. C\i*f Quarter mast 'j Office, Depot of WasKingtonA Wahhihgtoh, D. C., April 27.1864. \ the I on 1 Ma* 25.1864, a lot of? ^ ' HOBSES AND MULBS, condemned as unfit for public service. Terms: Cash in Government funds. Bale to commence at 10 o'eloek, a. m. D. H. BUCKBB, Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster, ap.S7-tfit Depot of Washington. D. O. RUCTION SALE OP OONDBMNBD HOBSES, Wax Dbpabtmzrt. Cavalbv Burbao, ? Or*ion or Cmir QuABTBUMAsm, > Washington, D. C., April 25,1864.\ Will be sold at public auetion, to the highest bid dot, at the times and places named below, vis: ? ewport, Penna , Thursday, May 8th. Gettysburg, Penna.. Monday. May 9th, Altoona. Penna., Thursday,May 12th, lifflin, Penna., Thursday, May 19th, ending, penna., Thursday, May 91th, sbanon. Penna., Thursday, June20, - '{umberland, Penna., Thursday, June 9th. >n. Peuna.,Thursday, June 16th. isport, Penna., Thursday, Jnne 23d. nar?d (100) horses at Gettysburg, and Two Bund red and fifty (960) at each of th* other places. These horses have been condemned as unfit for th* cavalry service of th* United States Army. For road and firm purposes many good bargains may he had. Horses will h* sold singly. Bales begin at 10 a. m., and oontinno daily until &T6 0ol<l mS?*: -*1 "> v',ui 'SSSJTSbST ap 9S-t)e20 Lt. Ool and0. Q.M. Cavalry Bureau, MILITABT RAILROADS, Qfics af Assistant Quart ermastv, WA8BIBQT0S, April 15, 1864. U, AUCTION .-Will he sold, on W1DNB8DAY, the 18th day of May, at the Railroad Depot, in Alexan dria, Ya.. BOO Tons of Old Railroad Iron, 100 Toas of Old Oar Axlea, 260 Tons of Oast Scrap Iron, J00 Tom of Wrought Iron, 9 Tons of Old Brass aad Copper, T^rasMCa^f'in'Government Funds. Ton (W f*f aent. to ho paid at th* time of purchase, the Balance on delivery. . Th* property must h* removed withln ten days rom date of sal*. H. L. ROBINSON, ag.M-dte. Oapteln and A. Q. M. t ^2 BEYCNTHBTBEET. ^ TO CARPENTXRS AND BUILDERS. tr fiOO Lights of Sash *f all sites, from 8x10 to 12x20, glased and unglased, ljQOfi pairs Blinds, ) .500 Doors of all sisee, styles and qualities, 9004)00 feet Mouldings of various patterns. Also, a large assortment of Brackets, N ewel Posts, Balusters. Door and Window Frames, Glass, Ae.. Ae., making in all the largest and moat complete stock in the builders line ever offered in this market, all of which will he sold at small profits to make room for mora ?on trtantly arriving from the factories. H. W. HAMILTON, Ag*nt. ft. B. I have also the ageney for McLean'ii Bx eelsior Bash Sustainer ana the West Oastl* Slate Company's Mantels. The Sash Sustainer is the best thing over in vented, aside from weights and pulleys and at less one quarter the cost. Tke Mantels manufactured by the above company are too well known throughout the country to re* onire any comment upon. For cheapness, dura bility and beauty they surpass all others. Sample ean be seen at my office. H. W. HAMILTON, Agent, ap M-eolm* 063 7th st? oppo. Center Market. W BYBSB A CO. PHILADELPHIA ALB DEPOT H. No. 93 Lodisia?a A ybuob, ale Br TUB f/AL^BARitL TBB. packed and ready for shipment. my4-2w MOTICB.?All persons having aoeonnts with the i\ firm of W. 1T8HUBTBB A CO. aw reeuested to make an early settlement. They will find the hooks in the hands of W. H. Claoitt, at th* old stand All >*e nested to pr F?K BALE?At "th* Foundry Ohnrch, eorner of 14th anu G streets, 43 Church Beats, withhaoks and paintwd, 16 Yenitian Inside Blinds, 5 Window Bhaoes, 2S yards floor " " complete, 2 Bt_ . . jr-?, ??) feet of Picket Fet,,. -- turned, 3 Cords of Ash Wood. All *r any or the All persons having accounts against tk* Arm ar* tresent them for settlement apl6-lm iHQ MiBCHI, to ? CUlllBU ?p niuu ? 0ki1e?. 25 yards floor Oil Clotk% 2 Furnacofl. with flitures complete, 2 Btoves, and 30 feqt of Stove Pipe, 90 feet of Picket Fene*, with cedar post* turned, 3 Cords of Ash Wood. All or any or tho above amicies will be sold very eheap on applica tion t* D. A. GARDNXB. 460 Now York av*nno, near Utk street. my 9-tf AUCTION SALES. BT J. C. McGUIRl A 00..Auctioneers, TRUSTEE'S BALI OF~VALUABLE BLAUGH TER HOUSE PROPERTY, with Brick Building, Brick and Frame Dwelling-houses, and VACANT LOTS near the Navy Yard, belonging to the estate of the late Charles Miller, On WEDNESDAY AFTEBNOO&, Mar 4 o'clock, on tie premises, commencing with the first named and eontinuing in the order herein named, by virtue of a decree of the 8upreme Court ol the District of Columbia, sitting in ehancerr, passed on the 9th day of April, 1*64, In a certain cause wherein Geo. W. Miller is complainant and Ellen Miller et al. are defendants, (No. 146,) we shall sell? Lots Nos. 1,2.3,4.5,?. 7.8,9,10, 24,25,28,27, and 26. in Square No. 953, fronting respectively on 9th and 10th streets east and south N street, improved . by a brick dwelling house, slaughter house, stables, pens, Ac., known as the slaughter yard of the late Charles Miller, to be sold entire or di vided as may be deemed most desirable. Immediately after. Lots 1.2,3. and 4, in Square K o 954. fronting on south 0 street, between 9th and 10th streets east. Immediately after, part of lot No. 2, in Square No 976, fronting 30 feet 8 inches on south M street and runinng back 94 feet 3H inches on 10th street east and improved by a double two-story frame dwelling house. Immediately after, part of Lot No. 1, Square No. 962, beginning for the fame at S3 feet 6 inches from the southeast corner of said lot and thence run ning west and fronting on M street r? feet, thence north "75 fret 6 inches, thence east 17 feet, thence south 75 feet, 6 inches toil he beginning, together with the imfrovements, consisting of a three-story brick dwelling house. Immediately after, part of Lot 2, samei Square, beeinnine for the same at "a point on M street south, loo feet from east 10th street, thence north about 72 feet thence west 23 feet 9 inches, thence south about 72 feet, thence east 23 feet 9 inches to the beginning, together with the improvements, consisting of a two-story brick dwelling house. Immediately after, part of Lot No. 3, in Square No. 999, being the south part thereof, fronting 20 feet on 11th street east and running back that width on M street south 80 feet, together with the im provements, consisting of a flame dwelling houre. Immediately after, Lot 13. in Square No. 1,023, fronting 90 feet on 13th street east, at the corner of south K street, and running back 95 feet, to Sther with the improvements, connisting of a ree-story brick dwelling house, with three story brick back building Terms: One-third in cash; the remainder in 6,12, and lSmoaths, with interest, for which the pur chaser must give notes secured to the satisfaction of the Trustees. The purchaser to have the option of paying all in eash. . ... Conveyancing and stamps At cost of tne pur chasers _ ? . ... , . If the terms of sale are not complied with In five days thereafter, the Trusteee reserve the right of reselling, at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser, on ene week's notice in the National Intelligencer. ? GEO. JLBOHRER, A. THOS. BRADLEY, Trusteee, ap21eoAds J. C. McGUIRE A CO , iuctw. J?Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF~OYER THREE ACRES OF LAND IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF THE NATIONAL RACE CoHrSE AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the 23d 9hy of May, 1864. I shall sell, by virtue of deed of trust to the subscriber, and recorded in Liber N.C. T., No. 8, folios 471, 472, 473, 474 and 475, one of the land records for the county of Washington, in the District of Colum bia. at 4 o'clock m., on the premises, the follow ing described property, lying and being in the county of Washington, District aforesaid, viz: Part of Ridge Tract, beginning for the same at a stone marked the northeast corner of Ridge Tract, at its junction with St. Elizabeth tract, and thenee running by a magnetic worse north 83 degrees and 30 mlnotes weirt ilftHg thfc west bounuAFy of saiu St. Elizabeth Tracts chains and 5<)links to a stake, thence south 25 degrees and 30 minutes west 0 chains and 60 links to a stake, thence south S3 de grees and 30 minutes east 6 chains and 60 links to a stake set on Wie boundary line separating the said part of Ridge tract from the tract Mug east there of, thence north 25 degrees and 30 minutes east along said boundary line 6 chains and 50 links to the place of beginning, being parallel lines, con taining three acres and four perches, be the same more or less. Terms cash. All cenveyancing, including reve nue stamps, at tHte cost of purchaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days after sale the trusteo reserves tho ri?ut to resell the property at the risk and cost of the Bret purchaser,J>y giving three days notice of such re sale in the Tvening^tar. WM. MORGAN, Trustee, ap 21-eoAds GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctw. B Y J. C. McGUIKE A CO., Auctioneers. TBUSTEE'B 8ALE OF FINE BUILDING LOT ON SIXTEENTH STREET BETWEEN MASSA CHU8ETT8 AVENUE AND NORTH P STREET. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, May 21st. at 6 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust, dated April 21st, ls63,and duly recorded among the land records for Washington County, D. C,, at th* request of the holder of the note there in secured, I shall sell. Lot No. 6, in W. M. Mer rick's sub-division of the south part of Square No. 181, fronting 22 feet on Sixteenth street west, be tween Massachusetts avei ue and north P street, and running back 125 feet to a wide public alley. Terms: One-third in cash: the remainder In six and twelve months, with Interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchasers. THOS. J. FISHER, Trustee. my.5-eoAds J. C. McGUIRl A CO., Aucts. TO BUILDERS. Having on hand a laige stock of Lumber, such as JOIST, BCANTLING, SIDING, FLOORING, WHITE PINE CULIANAS? SHINGLES, Ac., and desiring to change the plan of my yard and at the same time to avoid the expense of moving and re-piling much of this lumber, I shall from this date materially reduce my prices in order to close out my stock and make the desired change at once, I will offe* particular inducements to parties pur chasing largely, especially of Framing Lumber. I have a very superior assortment of 1, lJi, 2, 3, 4 and 5 inch OAK and ASH, mostly well seasoned, to which I invite the attention of hard wood deal ers. T. EDW. CLARK, Office and Yard Virginia avenue, my7-lw? between 9th and loth sts. east. tJTAGE LINE.?From and after Wednesday, May >5 11.a DAILY LINE of Stages will run from the Pennsylvania House on O street, Washington city, asJALHLC^UC? follows: To Surrattsville, T. B.. Piscataway, Nuf field, Port Tobacco, Beentewn, Bryan town, Hughs ville, 0. Hall, Chaptico, St. 0. Bay, and Leonard* tows, and return daily. _ ? A. F. KIMMELL, Agent. Washington city, May >, 1844. my 9-lm* f AFEBH A IfGlN Gli A treat variety of INTIRILY NSW STYLES Adapted to E00H|U o CHAMBERS. Also, S,000 YARDS 0ANTON MATTINGS, 1,000 YARDS FLOOR OIL OLOTHB, Our Mattings are unrivalled in this city, comprls ing in part the famous Gowqna brand for parlors Oil Cloths from 3 to 12 feet wide, adapted to dinin rooms, halls, Ac. Also? WINDOW SHADES, BRASS 00RNIGS8, PARLOR MATS, to Paper hung by skillful workmen, and a* order promptly attended to. Give us a call and sa from 10 to 90 per cent. RIFFLS A FALCONER'S No. 349 7th street, between I street and ap g-ee Mase. avenue. ILK DAIRY FOR SALE-Large hotel trade and a good retail route. For particulars ad dressClty Post Office Box 937. my 7-gt* NOTICE. ~7~~ ! HE Undersigned having bought the premise* known as the Oyster Bay House at Georgetown, corner Bridge and Montgomery streets, now called the "New Idea." respectfully announce to their friends that they will always haw on band a fine assortment of Wines, Liquors, Cigars, Arc,, Ac., and have also furnished Rooms to^rent^ ^ A jj h. farnham! ap g-2w* Proprietors. 8aaa BUSHELS ST. UBES SALT ,000 MOObushelsTurksIsland Salt 4,000 sacks Liverpool G. A. Salt l,5no do do SneSalt Afloat and {nstore. For sale in lots to suit pur chasers. J. THOS. DA VI8,83 Water street, ap 13-lm* - Georgetown J. 0. 50,000 umaBgLWtfi street, oppositeTatAit Offiee.and get their Stamp ing. Stitching, Pinking and Embroidery done. As were art other RichaiSs in the field, ladles better look out that they eomo to Prinee'e, who is tho amusements. CANTERBURY HALL* MU8I0 , JCANTERBURY HALL, I AND HAL L (CANTERBURY HALL, l THEATER Louisiana Avikui, y$ar Cotntr oj Sixth Strut, Rear of National and Metropolitan Hotels. Bign of the Biff Calcium Light, Gioioi LiA?? ............Proprietor W. ?. Caka*auoh?. ? Btage Manager. WONDERFUL ARRAY OP NOVELTY. 80METHTNG NEW. SOMETHING NEW. SOMETHING NEW. SOMETHING NEW. SOMETHING NEW. SOMETHING NEW. EVERT NIGHT THIS WBEK, And on SATURDAY AFTERNOON at 2 p. m? Bnow'a Celebrated Troupe of PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND M0NKEY8, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS. PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS! PERFORMING D0G8 AND MONKEY&! PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS*, PERFORMING DO'-iS AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS! PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS! PERFORMING DOG8 AND MONKEYS PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOfiS AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEY8, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKKYS, PERFORMING DOG8 AND M?NKEY8, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEY8, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, The Mont Wonderful Entertainment of the Age. The Mont Wonderful Entertainment of the Ag?, The Most Wonderful Entertainment of the Age. The Moat Wonderful Entertainment of th*? Are. The Moat Wonderful Entertainment of thr? Age' The Meat Wonderful Entertainment of the Age, The performance of the above troupe Must be Seen to be Appreciated. Must be Seen to be appreciated. Must be Seen to be Appj-eciated. Must be Seen to be Appreciated. Must be Seen to be Appreciated. Must be Seen to be Appreciated. Must be Seen to be Appreciated, Must be Seen to be Appreciated, The most remarkable TRAINED TRAINED TRAINED TRAINED TRAINED UADRUPEDS UADRUPED8 UADRUPEDS UADRUPEDS UADRUPEDS TRAINED QUADRUPEDS ever witnessed. Last week of the Prite Drama of the MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, ?oS3?H3 SBKiS: MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, On, THE WRECK OF A LIFE f Ob, THE WRECK OF A LIFE! Or, THE WRECK OF A LIFE I Hugh Hanlon, the Outlaw Mr. J. De Forrest I,anty M'Laughlin.abroth ofaboy.W BCavan&ugh Redmond Doyle, in love with Kathleen.. .Williams Squire Nolan, a justice of the peace T. D.Sullivan Phlhp Nolan, his son J.J. Dougherty Serjeant Trap.. Billy Delehanty Corioral Dan___ Johnny Ward Kathleen Nolan, affianced to Doyle. Jennie Forreat Judy O'Brien, in love with Lanty Lucy Clifton THE SN#W BROTHERS in their Flying Leaps^nd Gymnastic Exercises. JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, J. J. DOUGHERTY, J. J. DOUGHERTY, . J. DOUGHERTY, H. W. WILLIAMS, H. W. WILLIAMS, H. W. WILLIAMS, IN THEIR ETHIOPIAN ECCENTRICITIES. Last week of MULLIGAN, in his great act of OLB BOB RIDLEY. MISS NAOMI PORTXR MISS NAOMI PORTER, MISS NAOMI PORTER. MISS ESTblLE FORREST, MIS8 E8TELLB FORREST, . * MISS ESTELLE FORREST, ^ JENNY F0RRE8T, JENNY FORREST, MAGGIE WILSON, MAGGIE WILSON, MIBB EMMA BOHBLL, MISS EMMA BCHELL, LUOY JOHNSON, LUOY JOHN BON, IN THEIR TEBPSIOHOBEAN EFFORTS. MISS JENNIE ENGEL, [88 JENNIE ENGEL, 88 JENNIE ENGEL, Me t IN SOME NEW PATRIOTIC SONGS. An entire new change of performance every night this Week, concluding with a GRAND STEEPLE CHASE I GRAND STEEPLE CHASE { GRAND STEEPLE OHABBI GRAND STEEPLE CHASE I GRAND STEEPLE 0HA8E f GRAND STEEPLE OHASSI ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, AT 8 O'CLOCK, . _ GRAND FAMILY MATINCB for Ladies and Children, on which occasion the PERFORMING DOGB AND MONKSYB appear at Cheap Prices, vis: > ? Ladies 20 cent/?; Children io cents. JUT FOR )UT FOR >UT FOB AVE, AVE, u m. _ s|?8i?8: )J0'8 Oave, WO*8 OAVE, DJ0*S CAVE The tost Beniation Novelty produced In New York, S ACTIVE PREPARATION, - ACTIVE PREPARATION, with New Beenerp and Appointments, will he pro* dneed shertly. apt AMUSEMENTS. GROVER'I THEATER1. PlXHSyLVABIA AT., BBAB WlLLABD'S HOTBL. Lbob abd Gaovaa... ? Director THE COOLE8T THEATER IN AMERICA. YEN . TILATED BV OVER 10<? WINDOWS. ICE WATER FOR TItK AUDIESCE! Third appearance of the versatile actress, ' a MISS MARY PROVOST, greeted last evening by a CROWDED AND FASHIONABLE AUDIENCE, _ _ AND ROUNDS UPON ROUNDBOP APPLAUSE Were showered upon her for her beautiful imper sonation. Acknowledged by the entire assemblage QUEEN OF THE DRAMATIC ART. THIS (Thursday) EVENING, May 12.1^, Will be presented Tom Taylor'* price comedy, NELL GWVNNE. M ? THE ORANGE GIRL. Nell Gwynne; Miss Mary Provost (Her celebrated comely impersonation.) On Friday evening Miss Mary Provost will appear in her groat character of , LUCIE D'AVARVILLE. in the thrilling drama of that name, which is only played by her in the United States. Look out for the FEMALE GAMBLER, soon to be produced. FORD'S NEW THEATER, Tbbtb Stbzbt, abotb Pibbi^tltabia Atbbcb. Last night but two of THS GREAT COMEDIAN, MR. J. S. CLAllKE, who will apj>ear THIS (Thursday) EVENING. May 12,1844, in two humorous characters, supported by MI8S SUSAN DKNIN. and the expire company The performance will commence vith Sterling Coyna'a celebrated com edy Of i EVERYBODY'S FRIEND. Major Wellington DeBoots^-i Mr J S Clarke Mrs 8wand?wn?~ . ..Miss Susan Denin Mrs Major DeBoots_? I Mrs Germon Te concludi with J. B. Blanche's comic drama ot HE'S JACK SHEITARD. Simon Pulefoyf Mr T Clarke Jack Shepjard \ Mr J s ^iar*e TO-MORROW, Last night but one of MR. J. S. CLARKE, who willajpear in two new characters. NOTICE.-In order to give increased effect to the perfect ?roductinn of the grand spectacle of the NAIAD QUEEN. It is postponed until further orders. METROPOLITAN MUSIC HALL, PBRBSYITABIA AVBBOB ABO iLBTBBTB HTBSBT, R. GARDNER A H. ENOCHS Proprietor*. PROF. BOLDEN -Musical Director Our Endtavors have been Crowned with Success. ENTHUSIASTIC RECFPTION or THB GUNBOAT MINSTRELS, ABD D0UBL1 COMPANY t whose performances have elicited the highest en conuuice from the PRESS AND THE MASS. Comment unnecessary, as our programme is CHASTE, UNIQUE AND RECHERCHE. The people proclaim it, and the performances nightly given at this TEMPLE OF MUSIC sustain its REPUTATION. For particulars see small bills 0/the day. Admission ?? ?? 25 cents Orchestra Chairs, .50 cents Private Boxes $3 and 95. Performance commences at 3 o'clock precisely. GRAND MATINEE On 8ATURDAY AFTERNOON, at '2? O'CLOCK. Expressly for LADIES AND CHILDREN, On which occasion the GUNBOAT MINSTRELS will appea% together with the entire company, GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS IVf DRAWING AND TAINTING, lvl IR8 THOMA8 Will resume her class in Draw ing ?nd Painting Saturday, May 7th, at her resi den ? on Prospect at., corner of Far?tt?, George town, D C. Miss T. would be pleaded to see her -upi.d and any others who may nave a wish to join '?class. iny5-lw* K H IQH 8TRKET MARKET, No. 7 4 Opposite Prospect 8trbkt, Georgetown, D. C. We, the undersigned, beg leave to inform the public that we have on hand a choice assortment of Fresh Meats of all kinds, Poultry, Game, Ac. Eggs wholesale and retail. Apples and Potatoes by the barrel. Canned Fruits of all kinds at market prices. my 8-lm* H. W. FI8HER A CO. STOCK OF THE CORPORATION OF GEORGE TOWN, D. C.?Persons who would wish to pur chase stock of the Corporation of Georgetown. D. C., on which interest "" " " " can obtain some on 1 LAIRD, Esq., Clerk of an 18-aSw will be payable quarterly, application to WILLIAM the Corporation. NOTICE?On Monday, May 16th, our place of business will be removed from corner of Ver mont avenue and I street, to 16th street, between H and I, where we will continue the wood and coal trade. Our Office, at corner Vermont avenue and I street, will be sold on that day at S o'clock p. m., at auction, unless disposed of previously at pri vate sale. lmylo-3f] DICKSON A KING. FOR SALE WITH SACRIFICE.?One of the best and entirely new George A. Prince's MELC) DEON8, full five octaves, and with double-hass, by a gentleman leaving Washington, and is to be seen at Prof. Alex. Wolowski's rooms. No. 316 F street, corner of llth. Hours of reception only from 9 to 10 o'clock a. m. my 10-6t MULES1 ?t,t?oi MULES1 M U L X 8! I have for sale or exchange alotof well^^^^ broke Mules, and keep constantly on hand broke Mules for sale oryxchange. - S W. james h: shreve,mmmtm my 5-6t* 7th street, near I at. ORDNANCE OFFICE, v/ Wab Dbfabtxbrt, ^ Wabhibqtob, May?. 1864. The following contracts have been awarded for Infantry Accoutermenta, under the advertisement from this Department of March 26th, the bids under which were opened April 28,1834: Hoover, Calhoun & Co., New York, 15,000 sets at 15.90, New York Arsenal. T. C. Williams A Co., New York, 5,000 sets at *4.90. New York Arsenal. Baker A McKenney, New York, 10,000 sets at ?4.00, New York Arsenal. James Anderson, New York, 10,000 sets at 14.75, New York Arsenal. Dinger A Longar, New York, B^X) sets at 94.80, New York Arsenal. H. W. Oliver, Pittsburgh, 15,000 sets at 95,15, Alleghany Arsenal. H. Head, Quincy, 111,, 10,000 sets at 95.80, St. Louis Arsenal. R, Tillson A Co., Quincy, 111,, 10,000 sets at 95 50, St Louis Arsenal. GEO. D. RAMSAY. my 9-3t Brigadier General. Chief of Ordnance. JOBlfH REYNOLDS ft 00, PLUMBERS, OAS, AND STEAM FITTERS^ No. 600 Nibih Stbbbt, near avenue. Have lust received, and will constantly keep on hand, the largest and best assortment in tfce eity of Chandeliers, Brackets, Drop Lights, Portables, Glass Globes, mica and other Shades, and all arti stes in thia line, from the best establishments in New York, Philadelphia, Ac., which will bo sold on the most reasonable terms." Also, RANGES, FURNACES, and Fire-Board ftoyes. We are prepared to furnish the best RANG! la use anywhere, on very reasonable terms. Hotels, Restaurants, Ac., are invited to call. W? do all kinis of GAS aid stfBAM fittings promptly and cheap, as also everything in the PLUMBING line la the most satisfactory manner. Call and see onr Bathing Tubs, fountains Water Closets. Wash-stands, Basins, Ac., Ao., at No. 600 Ninth street, near Pennsylvaniaavsnue, thelargest establishment in the city. fe 8-?otf WILLIAM BRADLEY BEGS TO INFORM HIS v v friends and the public that he has en hand a variety of large and beautiful style of Monuments, Head Stones and all kinds of Marble worked to order, and is thankful for^past favors and hopes to Elicit a share of their patronage. Penn. avenue, itween 18th and 19th sis. mh lg-eoSm* ALLEN'S RURAL ARCHITECTURE 91.28. Downing1!) Country Houses: 95. Vaux'e Villas and Cottage; S2. Loudon's Encyclopedia of Architecture; London, Hatfield's American Honse Carpenter; 33. Holly's Country Seats: #3 50. Village and Farm Cottages; 9U0. A House for the Suburbs; London. Field's Rural Architecture; #2. Sloan's Constructive Architecture, 4to; 94. gw. Ajagjjgyhfflg TH1 UNDERSIGN ED would call the attention J. of those who wish to buy PAVING STONES that they can be supplied by myS-lw? 151 High St.,Georgetown. D.'O. HfOORElfl MAGIC SODA FOUNT IB NOW lvl read? to dispense pnre and cold Soda Water to his very numerous patrons. ^ __ _ MOORE^S West *nd Dnlg Store, my 10-Jw 113 Pa avenue west. Vk90>f bet. 9 and H.east side C ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. A Brief Rest?Lee Reported Again Retreat ing?Another Advance Ordered?The En emy Forced Back. [Associated Press War Correspondence.} Dispatches Irom tbs Army of the Potomac speak of Oen. Wright, who succeeds tbe late Qen. Sedgwick, as an able soldier, and who will not fail to secure the confidence of those over whom he ie placed. No movement of the army was intended to be made on Monday, but a brief period of rest given to the army after their heavy labors of tbe past week. All was very quiet along the lines till lato in the afternoon. It was thought the enemy werrf probably falling back, or that Oen. Lee had already gone to Richmond to meet Oen. Smith, who was reported as being close to that place, and therefore a move for ward along our entire line was determined on and commenced at half-past five o'clock, the right consisting of Gens. Bimey's and Oib bon's divisions of tbe 2d corps, acdi Carroll's brigade on the left, joining Warreu's, tbe latter being tbe centre, with the tfth corps on the left. The right croeted a branch of the Po river and charged on a light horse battery which was-posted to cover a small bridge, but which quickly limbered up and started off*, the skir mishers supporting it also retreating. In front of Warren, and on the left of Oen, Hancock, quite a lively engagement ensued, the shell and round shot from one of tbe enemy's batteries placed in the woods coming in rather close proximity to some lookers-on in an open field in tne rear of Qen. Warren's headquar ters, and causing a stampede of tbe cowards. The enemy were driven back about three fourths of a mile, and at dark the firing ceased. A lew prisoners were captured. They be long to Wilcox's division of Hill's corps. It is believed, however, that Longstreet's corps was the only one in our front, and that he was left there to impede our progress as much as possible. "However," adds the cor respondent, ?we shall know in the morning." A rebel cavalry brigade is reported as having been seen on the north side of the Rapidan, on Monday, near Fredericksburg. As the latter Slace is in our pssession, trains of wounded ave been sent thither to be forwarded to Bell Plain, and thence by transports to Washing ton. Messengers have been sent forward to stop all boats going up the Potomac, and to load them with wounded. The Latest?General Warren Handsomely Whips the Enemy. Battlk-pikld, May 10.?Last night abont 11 o'clock the rebels in frontbf Oeneral Warren's corps made an assault on a line of rifle-pita hastily constructed. Our men gave them a volley and fell back, for the purpose of drawing them on to a second line, The ruse was successful, and as the rebels advanced they were received by a de structive fire, which droYe them back in dis order. But finding our men still retiring they followed and made a charge on the third line. Here tbe whole of our line gave them such a raking fire a8 almost to demolish them, and springing after them, we charged and drove them back in utter disorder. Their loss was very heavy, while oar own was light. We also took a number of prisoners. On Tuesday Oeneral Burnside began the attack on the left. No particulars of this battle, however, have yet b?en received. Oen. Grant Steadily Fighting his Way Lee Endeavoring to Check bis Progress? Another Battle Expected?Grant Makes a Flank Movement, and Gains an Ad? vantageons Position. Nnw York, May 11.?Carleton, the intelli gont. RTi d thornnsrHljr raU?Kia of the Boston Journal, makes the following re port : Nbar Spottsyi/vania, May 10,10 o'clock A. M.-We have had five days fighting, and the prospect is for more. Lee is determined to dispute every inch of the way. Longstreet's corps was moved down from the Wilderness to secure favorable ground at Spottsylvania. Lee's whole force is reported to be in lront. Last night the 3d corps, holding the right, made a flank movement across tbe Po river, and are in a position to attack the enemy to day, and there is a prospect of a great battle unless Lee retreats. Tbe 2d corps had closed the fight last night. Oeneral Btrney held the right and Oibbon the center, and Ba^tar the left. The rebels were driven from their position and ground gained, which will enable Oen. Orantto make a favorable disposition of his forces. Everything is favorable. TheTe is no trouble about supplies. Communication is open with Washington, and our woundea are sent to Fredericksburg. SUNDAY'S FIGHT. [Correspondence Daily Chronicle.] The 5th corps has suffered fearfully. It has been in every engagement during this march indeed, what corps has been idle? They marched most of Saturday night, and were i just in time to fight Ewell, near Spotsylvania, Bartlett's brigade, of Oriffln's division, waa in I advance, and was shelled considerably. As usual, tbe rebels, who are acquainted with every inch of the country, fell back to a suit able spot, where they calmly awaited our coming. The rebels posted their artillery near a small run. Battery O, 3d Massachusetts, and D, 5th United States artillery, were plant ed at tbe forks of the road, so they could attend to the rebel batteries near Nye Run. Robin son was on the right, Oriffln on the left. The battle became general and soon waxed warm. The fight continued from 8 to 12 a. m. Abont two hours before dark a division of the 6th corps came to the assistance of Warren, who was very hard pressed by Longstreet and Ewell. We have been on this aide of the Rapidan one week?a longer period than ever before. There has been a great deal of quick marching performed and heavy fighting. We have fifty miles to go over before entering Richmond. Communication being open to Washington, a new supply of provisions can be obtained, tbe men rested, and the wounded cared for. If we advance as far every week as we did this last one, Richmond will surely be reached by the 4th of July. What a fearful Erice it would cost? It wonld be a terrible -lumph. Orant could like the Oreek Fneral Pyrrbus, "Another such victory and am nndone." FROM EUROPE. 9* Recent Fighting in Denmark?Me ve< ments of Garibaldi?Whereabouts of the Pirate Alabama. New York, May 11.?The steamer City of Manchester, from Liverpool on tbe 27th, via Qoeenstown on the 28th, arrived her* this af ternoon. The pirate Alabama pnt into Table Bay on tbe lOtn of March for coal. Two fast steamers were launched at Nantes on tbe 23d for the rebels. It is affirmed that the French Oovernment will not prevent their being armed. Notwithstanding Minister Day ton's remonstrances, another rebel steamer at Bordeaux will be ready to sail in a commercial capacity, by the 1st of June. Qen. Oaribaldi remained at Ool. Pearle's on the 28th, and intended to embark on the next day. Ten Broeck's horse Paris ran on the 2d for two thousand guineas stakes. Lord Olasgow's horse, Oen. Peel, won. Nothing new has been received from the Danish seat of war, and there is nothing hut speculations as to the conference. There has been no recent fighting In Dan* mark. The Prussians are penetrating Jutland in force. _ It is said that Austria and Prussia has de clined an armistice. COWGRB8HIOWAL. In TBS Sb*atb yesterday Mr. Davis submitted a preamble and resolu tion in reference to the statements made to the House by the President concerning Oenerals Schenck and Blair having placed resignations of their military cemmiaaioas in his hands at the present session of Congress, with the un derstanding that they might resume commis sions should they retire from Congress, and deolaring such an arrangement in derogation of the oopstitution,.and not within the power of the President or Secretary of War, which was ordered to he printed. Mr. Wilson called up the bill to provide for the better organisation of the Quartermaster's Department Several amendments wsw made, including ene offered by Mr. Orimes allowing the Secretary of Ww to the aews on?J? ,b the advertisements of the if.K^? toupmrtmetkt shall be Dab i *noU,proff<,r?<1 by the same Senator, *^r ??rt JL?P*rmUoB 01 **? a?t to the present ?*" ?n#r- The bill ?U then lh'* Q?*rt?*rmaater,e De far (men t into nine diviakme.. ' from the committee of cost ere nee on the disagreeing votes of the two Hoaxes on the Hooae bili^aUTTto aoDoinU mente in the navy, and afco on the SeBaWit r*\sting to appoinlmente in the naval aer^M ttszs-sr** aud ih"?rss i.?.'' . i*n called ap the House hill to mnt wKpiwi!"ror ri"ro" k""-"'?5ft' l* tbb Houss? bill and Diplomatic Appropriation Dl" *?fender consideration. took place os the Senate's Mnd JwJKi" "? ? ?n miJuJrS "???? A bill 10 secure to persons in the mllitarv or naval service of the United States homestM^fc from confiscated estates in the rebellions States w" l**en np and diaenssed by Messrs. Per nando Wood, of N. Y., and Sloan, of Wis., until S.wX*>,ra *n ?* ttle morning hour. The bill providing for the dismissal from the ^me'np'and06?* UDnaPloy<d?CQeral officers Mr. Schenclr, of Ohio, explained the reeolu tion: after which, the amendment previously pioposed by Mr. Co*, of Ohio, and the substi tute offered by Mr. Kcrnan, of N. Y., were re jectfd. and the bill pnseed. ?- ' ? r< The Senate amendments to the bill to estab lish a postal money order system were agreed GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS. A Resolution to provide for tht ciMnui of the 8W X?2SSXkft*g*? That the sum of eight hundred Sd fortTtfffii snd seventy-nine cents be. and the same is her?b? appropriated to defray the expensesof the fh.t iSl J?r f?r tho 6rat quarter of 1*64; and that the Clerk pay ?hc same to th? order of thg Trustee, upon proper vouchers. Approved April 23.1864. A Befolution chancing the grade of a portion of d , ? ? . _ street. Resolved by the Board of Aldtrmen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown* jf Vk* Tu of ?aiLstreet cast of Montgomery street be an follows: Preserving the grade of Ga? Rtreet for one hundred feet east of Montgomery street; then descending with a uniform grade to Monroe street, to the top of Mr. Davidson's wall, at it* northeast corner; and from Monroe stree^ descending with a uniform grade towards th? creek" 5 xf: ffir""b"" " "?? "?* Approved April 23,1864. A Rnbolctios to pay certain claims. r.~"olvtd?bV l\': Board of Aldtrmtn and Board ?J T Cn?nVl of '?? ifrPoration of Georgetown, That the Clerk pay to the order of McGregorA Jorty-rfve dollars, iu full for thelrbiH rvT?? *1 and hat-racks forthe use of the Common Council; and to the order of E. Myers thirte? dol lars and ninety cents, for carpeting, Ac .furnished by him for same use. {Approved April 23,1664. A Resolution in favor of Charles Memmert, and in relation to repair* of street lamps. Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board at C'S"?0-? QP,*?,{ oj tht Corporation of Georgetown That the Clerk be, and he is hereby, authorisedta pay to the order or Charles Memmert the sum of one hundred and thirty-six dollars and fifty cents in full for his bill of repairs to tbe street lamps from December s. ]8B. to April 15, IS*. inclusive. Resolved./*rthtr. That hereafter the street lamp# shall only be repaired or renewed upon the notice ? w cS*Pla,,nt of the lamplighters to the Mayor, and the Mayor s order given to some conrpetent person to have the same done; and it shall be the duty of the Mayor to inspect them to see that they ar? properly done, ana without unnecessary expense ;? the town. J[Approved April 3j7m? A Resolution for the repair of Bridge, High, and Water Rtreets, and for a contingent fund for fctreet Commissioner. Rtsolvtd by the Boa-d of Aldtrmtn and Board at Common Onmcti of the Corporation of Gtorgewun, That the following sums, for the several streets mentioned, or as much thereof as may be neces sary for the repair or patching of them, be, and the same are hereby,appropriated to be paid by the Clerk to the order of the Street Commifteicner * For Bridge street, $1,000; for Hieb street, S6gQi for Water street, ?60>; and for a contingent runa for the repwr of the various streets and alleys of the town, from time to time, as they may need it, in the judgment of the Street Commi?sioner, the sum of $*0 is also appropriated, to be paid by the Clerk to th^order of the Street Commissioner, he rurnishine proper vouchers for the same. Approved April 30, A RgsoLDTioa in favor of the Mayer's f U 14 >1 , Rtsolrtd by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Countil of the Corporation of Georguoum. That one hundred and fifty dollars be, and the same is hereby appropriated as a contingent fund fo.r the May or, to be paid by the Clerk to the order of the Mayor. [ Approved April 30, A Resolution in favor of Charles M. Mathews and others. Resolved by the Board of Aldtrmtn and Board at Kht (Watto* of Gtmrrtourn, 1 nat Mrs Lucinda L. Mathews and Charies M Mathews be allowed to construct drains, or lav pipes for the purpose of drainage, from their street, and connecting with tie public sewer pasamg along said street provided that travel along said street be not inter rupted during said construction: and provided, also, that said street, where it is opened, be ker? in good repair for twelve months by said parties Approved April 30, 1864. A R?solutio? providing for cleaning and iio^na the streets Resolved bif the Board of Aldermen and Board of fiu7'?!? Council of th4 Corporation of Ototfietown%. That the sum of three hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be needed, be, and the same is hereby, appropriated to be ,.aid to the order of ths Mayor, for cleansing and liming the streets and alleys of the town. th?'??tT??./lthAtr* That tihe ^&yor notice to JrAf i fi? ? any coal ashes or dirt placed ia front of their premises between the 1st ?nd 15th of May will be carted away by the town scavenger, Approved April 30,18<>4. * A RisoLUTios in favor of W C Smith and other* Rtsolvtd by th* Board of Aldtrmtn and Board of Oymmon Coumd of the Corporation of Georgetown, That the Clerk pay to the order of W. C. ^ith eieven dollars, for his bill for the leveling rods for wift^i 1 ? -e5r0?r town: to order of W. H. w) f n r1" Ke?i$ dollars and thirty-five cento, in full for building a round on Washington gtrnt near the canal; and to order of H. B. Walker fort? two dollars and fifty cents, balance ia full for repairs on Bridge street bridge. Approved April So, 1864. A R*solutioh making an appropriation for the repairs of hydrants. ? Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board cf Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, That there be; and is hereby, appropriated tne snm of two hundred dollars, to be expended en the repairs of hydrants, and paid by the Clerk to the order of the Water Xngineer, on proper vouehere. Approved April 30, 1864. THIS 18 TO GIVE NOTICE, that the subscribe* A has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Wash ington County, in the District of Columbia, letters of administration on the personal estate of John $ fink, late of Washington City, D. C.. deceased. All persons having claims against the said de? ceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 12th day of April next: they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given under my hand this 12th ?av of April, A. P. 1864. [ap 13 w3w?] JAOOB J. PINE. nRPRANS' oorRT, Marco 29, 18G4.?Distbict V/ of COLUMBIA, Washington County, To-wit:?In the matter of the petition of James.McSherry, guardian to Helen N., Mary 0., and James C. McSherry .infant heirs of Mrs. Helen Mary McSher ry, deceased, for sale of real estate. The guardian aforesaid having this day made a report of the sale in pursuance of an order and decree ef this Court, which has been duly ratted and confirmed by the Supreme Oourt or the Dis trict of Columbia, sitting in euuity. it is ordered that the said sale be confirmed, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or fcefore the first day of June next, provided a copy of this order be pub lished In the National Intelligencer and Evening Star once a week for three consecutive weeks prior to that time. WM. V. PURCELL, Sole Judge of the Orphans* Oourt. Atrueeopy?Tekt: Z. C. BOBBINS. ap 25-w3w Register of Wills. 1VAVY DEPARTMENT, 11 Washington. May 3, COPPER SCALE There will be offered for sale at publl? auction oa THURSDAY, June 2, at 12 o'elock, m., at tha United States Navy Yard, Washington, about sev enty-five thousand pounds of Copper Susie. It oaa be examined at any time previous to tha deposits? attbe time of tfis sale, and twelve days GU?Srmenta to be made In Ch>verameat funds, ud MlWthi scale-U removed from the Havy Yard. ?r.*-Q<ttw WHEELER ON THE MANAGEMENT 0? TV Bees; Me. Weeks on Bees; SOC. ,? The English Bee Keeper: Leaden; 1MB, Huifihon Bees: London; OwiflW'8 Bee The Honey Bee: 25c. Eddy on Bee Culture; ?c. Longstroth on tbsHonsy Be#, II,M. Bamaelson on tbftBootf Wf 0 011 n a ?elt^d 0|](iht iwww*. m* ?-? 81# Penna. avenue, ap staise. giurrraiLisi^?

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