Newspaper of Evening Star, May 13, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 13, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. W. D. WALLAI'Ht Edit WASHINGTON CITY : FRIDAY MAY 13, 1664. HEADING MATTER OS gVBRV PAGE ?IE OUTSIDE rOR INTERESTING TELE OAAPDIO AND OTHER MATTER. EXTRA. GREAT AND GLORIOUS NEWS FROM THE FRONT 1 Dispatch from General Ingalls to Senator Nesnith* Hancock Achieves a Glorious Vic tory 1! Capture of More than 4,000 Pris oners! Capture of 25 Gnns!!I The Rebel General Ned Johnston Captured, with Two Other Rebel Generals and a Host of Lesser Officers! The following despatch haa been received by Senator Nesmith from Gen. Rnfus Ingalls, Chief Quartermaster of tbe Army of the Poto mac. It brines positive in forma won from tbe from the front as late as noon yesterday: ??We bare made a ten-strike to-day. Hancock went in at daylight. He has taken over 4,000 prisoners, and over25 gnns, and 1b still fighting. Everybody is fighting, and bave been for eight days. We shall hive them this pop, thongh it may take a day or two more They fight like devils Our losses are heavy. Can't say how many. If Augur's forces were here now we conld finish them to-day. Hancock captnred Oen'l Ned Johnson and two other Generals, besides lots of lower grades. The old Republic is firm Bet your pile on it. Grant is a giant and hero in war; but all our Generals are gallant, and our mtn the world never had better. Yours, in baste, Ihoaxls. Spottsylvanla O. H., May 12, 12 m." THE TRUE GUIT. In a dispatch to tbe Secretary of War, dated at w o'clock Wednesday mopning, Gen. Grant aays: ?? We bave now ended the sixth day of very '"'TJ lighting. Tbe result to this time is mnch in onr favor. Oar losses have been heavy, as ?well as those of tbe enemy. I think the losses of the enemy most be greater. 44 We bave taken over 5,000 prisoners by bat tle, whilst be Has taien from us but few, except stragglers. "I propose to fight it out on this line, If it take all summer." ARRIVAL OF MORE WOUNDED. Yesterday afternoon, the steamer Iron* sides arrived at the Sixth street wharf Jfroai Belle Plain, bringing np 105 of tbe wound ed ia the late battles. About dark the steamer Connecticut arrived with 1,100, on board, some Of whom were quite seriously wounded. Be tween two and three hundred (enlisted men,) ?fleeted with "weak knees," were fonad on board tbe Connecticut. They were placed Kader guard, and will be returned to their refiaemts to-day. highly important. Enemy'* Communication with Richmond Vmt Oil?Capture of Three Rebel Trains and Release of 500 Union Prisoners. We learn from high authority that a dis patch was received in this city, last evening, from Gen. Sheridan, stat ng that he had cut off Communication with Richmond by destroying tea of railroad between Gen. I<ee and Richmond, captured thre rebel trains, and re leased 500 Union ?rt?oners who were on the traia. Ternana Careno, the woiJ,erfu,d OMld Pianist, whose performances have be?C en" targed upon at so much length by our cotem porarieo elsewhere will soon perform in this city wo learn. FROM THE NORTH CAROLINA COAST. Tre Blockading Squadron Menaced by a Fleet of Rebel Steamer?--One of the Ves sels Iron-clad?Warm Work Expected. BoeToif, May 12.?The Journal gives tbe following extract from a letter dated off New Inlet, near Wilmington, May 7th : Four rebel steamers came out last night. One was the Iron-clad North Carolina, similar ti 'J?e Atlanta. She was supposed to be a bloi^tade runner, and chased off shore. At daylight the iron-clad returned under the guns of the fort. Tbe Houquab and Nansemond were near, and tbe Niphon was to the north ward One shot from tho North Carolina went through the Ho ? q u ah's smokesta. k. T he other three rebel steamers did not come out from onder the guns of the fort. No attempt was made to prevent the iron-clad from getting bark, another visit is expected by daylight, 7- b?n we probably will see some warm work." TH1C WAR IN GEORGIA. A Victory far the Union Arms. Tr>?BL Hill, Ga., May 11.?After three days' beavy skirmishing, in whloh all the coips participated, the enemv were driven tack to Rocky Ridge and Buzzard Roost Mountain, from which we are faat expelling them Everything is going on in a most satis factory manner. f1fl^MA80NIC -A Stated Meeting of St. John's VfJ? L??dge No. 11. will be held THIS (Pridar) ?'clock'a* Masonic Itall, corner Of D a a 3 9th utrtetd. _J! W. MORRIS 8MITH. Bee. f.\,S ?0'cl?ck?p- Smsed's H. 11, 4Sl vth street, Mkh, L. Smith, t?at end developing Medium, will hold a circle for manifestation of spirit*. She will describe them, c?ttiunp?, develop your medium powers; also ex Amine diboa>e. Admiflftiop 25 cent*. my l3-2t* fT5^A MEETING OF THE UNCONDITIONAL U3 UNION CITIZENS of the Third Ward will roV'S..v-n.J5??,,iW>e?,rooln ?f Temperance Hall on FRIDAY E\ LNING, 13th inst., at 8 o'clock, to nominate a Ward Ticket to be supported tt the easmng June election. my 12-Zt* rrr-J?0?* TO WOUNDED OPFICER8 Lk3 Wounded officers arriving in Washington are earnestlr-'e< ties ted to send their address to toe rSee pf the U. 8. Sanitary Commission, Jit f ?? order that answers can be given to taeir friends inquiring of their whereabouts c JOHN BOWNM, myl2?t* Snpt. Hpspital Directory. nmaPi41 5^0^IC^rw0 Tin-Plate and U-3 S^-lron Wotkert of Was king ton:-\'ou are hereby notified of the expulsion of Messrs <}?o A Hsu. and 8. I?. Flitchk*. first class meinbsrs of the Tigtean's Association of this city, for con duct unbecoming members of the same; they hav ing forfeited their right to membership by work ing for less wages than the Society calls for. Bjr order. P J. OOLLISON, President. Jaa. M. Mattiwolt, Rec. Sec. my lMw* fy-5=*KOTICE.-A SPECIAL MEETING of the llJJ GENERAL COMMA i TIB TO ENCOUR AGE ENLISTMENTS will be held at tbe Council Chamber on FRIDAY EVENING, May IS. at half past seven o clock, to close up business and make a nasi report. Members of the committee, col lectors who mar have fund, on hand, and ali ner M>as who hare claims against the committee are requested to be present st that time P.I. BACOX,Ohtirmta. H. 0. WiL8oa, Secretary. mr J2 ^ FOURTH WARD UNCONDITIONAL UNION TICKET. VB4L Foa Msvoa? RICHARD WALLA0H. Foa Alubkmak? J NO. P. PEPPBB. Foa Oommov Coosoil? ANBURY LLOYB. "IU OFFICIAL. Navy Drfaktmrwt, May 1*, 1961. Circular The S> cretary of the Navy an nounce to the Navy and Marine Oorps the d. ath of Colonel John Harris the Oolonel Oom BRnfant o! the Marine Uorps, which occurrea in tbe citv ol Washington on the mornln? oi the i3tn inMant. The deceased en^rea u?e Marint-C? rpa on th?> 13th of April, 13l*? wa*- appointed to the comnnwd of it JMU j " For half a centurj be i^rfonn^ths dntim entrusted to him with xeal and efficie T? wae reeardi d aa a reliable, upright, and Intel, ligent officer. exerting himself ???*?.^ to maintain the discipline and gallantry oi the C?In reject to his memory, it is hereby direct ed that on the day after the receipt tings at the different Marine Barracks ant* at the wathin? on Navy Yard be hoiited athair n,Mt; also, that eleven n>,nn^ *?n" ** flred from Washington jar4 at meridja.n_ (Jfflcere of the Marine corps will wear crape on the left arm for thirtyd^ WxLLKg Secretary of the N avy. New York Sltck Li?t?First Beard, fBy the People's Line.] U. 8. coupon 6'a, 1381, 113; U. S. 106*; rertiflcatee of Indebtedness, 96* <**}? N. Y. Central, 130*; Erie, 109*; Hndson, 135\, Harlem, '257: Readme, 137)<; Michigan Central. 138m; Michigan Southern. 93; Illinois Central. 124#; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 109 Chicago, 1?'X; Cleveland and Toledo* I16 If, Chicago and Hock Island, 109; Mil wanlfie aivd Prairie dn Chlen, 63; Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, 111; Alton and Ten a Han te, 69, Quicksilver. 70*. ITB UNCONDITIONAL UNION CANDIDATE. For Aldkrman? my 13-3t" JOHN H. PEAKE. UNCONDITIONAL UNION TICKET. FIFTH WARD. FOR MAT?g^jHABD WALLAOH. Fob *????? j. 0an,iild. ,o. CoMJ,owHMOoe?c??5ouaoNt JAMES B. DAYIB. J. B. WARD. For Asbbssor? w* B. F. DYER. mar??" f%^s=?THIRD~WARD?/ITiVB ELECTION-Tha II ? ouoonditfonal Union rotors or toe Tnir j Ward will support the following ticfcet at the ap proacbia* municipal election, vif : AR%HARD WALLAiCH, F?RALDJ0"Api F. BROWN. For Commoh .C?o*cil? THOMAS A. glklSkNS, JOHN W. 8IM8. f0r A.8?HO|g p CKEAN ap a-tf rV^=?THIRD WkK^JWE ELECTWff.-Tk* QCT^ unconditional Union voters of t^e Third TVwd will support the following ticket at the June election: for matricHARD WALLACH. For Alcir*a*-ndkb r 81IE1,t1ERDi For CommorOookoil? JOB W. ANGUB, ^ t JOHN W. 81 MS. aP 23-te rr5=? independent union candidate rrjr *or mayok JOHN H. &EMMES. ap g) te fy-yMCE CREAM, CONFECTIONERY Ao IL? Receptions, Parties. W eddings. Balla, Sup peril, Fairs and other entertainments furnished at shortest notice and most reasonable terms. Ice Cream and Water Ices made by steam power, war routed to be the best in the city, wholesalei and re tail, delivered to any part of the city. Charlotte Ruhr* Jellies. Pyramids and eddingOaKes made toorder,at68EP H SHAFFIBLD'S Confection, err. 386 Sixth St.. bet. O and H. fe ll-3m K ILBOURN & WELLsT 496 9th street, have in?t received one hundred boxes rKjs u LEMONS. Those wishing to purchase would do well to call !* FOE 8iL||1C0N.B.HANB WAJONdrat myi3-3t MURRAY A 8EMMEB. ?poWING~PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, by the 1 PotoniHC Tow Company's boats, Potomac. "Gov. Cnrtln" and "Belle Haveu." Apply to the Captains en board, or t?HN ^ DAVIDSON, my 13-tf R9 Water street. Georgetown. MOM NEW 'WSk mantillas. , Just received this day. a beautiful assortment of Black Silk Sacques and full Circulars with a full stock of Grenadine and other tnin Shawls. Many great bargains in the lot, to which the attention of the lad ies are invited. J. W. COLLEY, my J3-3t 583 7th street, near Pa. avenue. IYJOTICE.?All_persons indebted to me for MF.D il ICAL SERVICES previous to January 1st, 1364> are respectfully requested to settle the same by calling on Mr. W. Eliot. Druggist, corner of F and 12tn streets, who is authorised to receipt for any mcney paid him forme, otherwise their ac counts will oe placed in the hands of a collector, my J3-3t* R. H 8PKAKB, M P. SW AND STYLISH DRESS GOODS. Opened this day, a large and elegant asssortment of new and styl i?h Summer Dress Oootls. many of them bought at less than the importers' prices, and will be Bold at a small advance to cloBe out at once. The ladies are specially invited to call ^wly. J. W. OOLLE i, my 13-5t No. 523 7th street. Black silks! black silks; VERY CHEAP. A fine assortment of superior Black Silks rang ing ih price from $1 up to very floe grades. Also, a small lot or Check, India and French Bilks. Ten pieces handsome plain Colored Silks, all very ch?ap. J. W. COLLEY, my 13-5t 583 7th street, near Pa. avenue. JR. FOLEY, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ? dealer in Coal Oil, Lamps, Wicks, Chimnies, &c , China, Glass Ware, Table Cutlery and House keeping Article2 generally. No. 316 F street, be tween 10th and Utn streets, invites the attention of restaurant keepers, housekeepers ^nd others to his stock, which is complete in every department, and will be Bold, at the lowest figure for cash. Goods delivered to any part of the city or George town free of charge^ my 13-3t* PROPOSALS FOB COAL AND WOOD ^ Sknatk of thb United Statbs. ) Office of the tiergeant-at Arms, > IT'shington. May 12. 1884.' Sealed Proposals will be received at this office until 12 o'clock noonon THURSDAY, the 2-ifh instant, for the delivery in the vaults of the Senate wing of the Capitol of one hundred tons (2,2 W1 bp. i of large Egg or Steamboat Furnace WHITE ASH COAL. The Coal to be of the beet quality, thoroughly screened, and weighed by the Chief Engineer to the Senate, or his assistant, and to be delivered *h above on or before the Cth of June following. Proposals will also be received at the same time and p'ace for the delivery of twenty cords of the Lest PINE WOOD, thoroughly seasoned, and to be delivered within tne time and at the place for the delivery of Coal. . . , . The Coal and Wood to be packed away in the vaults as the Chief En*ince^jjQ11^lirB^t(jWN *my 13 Sergeant-at-Arms U. S. 8enate. OR SALE-A SORREL MARE, five years old; is a fine traveler; goes well to harness/ and saddle. Can be *een at JOHN BLIGH'S stable, corner of 12th and C streets. Wll^ be sold at a bargain, as the owner is going West. my 12-3t Nu fjjiWDS L.INB " OTICE TO CONSIGNEES ?The schooner Aid from Philadelphia has arrived. Kreight ready for d_eliverjr: it _ t Freight for Philadelphia received until Saturday M. JOHN B. DAVIDSON, my 12-2t* 59 Water street. 0 O D FOR SAL E . The iubecriber has a quantity of superior sea eoned OAK WOOD being delivered from the coun try daily in lots of halfcords and upwards at $9 per cord. All orders left at the Post Office or 4H6 G street addressed to the subscriber will meet with prompt attention. , ray 12-Jtt* W. H. FREAR, Agent. 487 lINE FAMILJLOROCERIS9' 487 Prime Brown Sugar only l?c. Best Sugar-cured Hams 23c. Choice Dried Beef only 18c. Finest Oolong andl. B. Tea only fl.SO, Best Rio Coffee 46c.; good do. 26 and 36c. Old Java Coffee 66c. With large stock of Fresh Goods, Canned Fruits, Wines, Liquors and Cigars low for cash. Goods delivered free. 8. EV AN8. my i2-3t* 487 9th street, between D and 1. SB. CORBIN A CO.. . WHOLESALE DEALERS IN BTRAW GOODS, RIBB0N8, FLOWERS, LACES, AND MILLINERY GOODS GENERALLY. 71 North Beoond at., Philadelphia, 893 Penna. avenue, ?outh side, near 10th street, Washington. a^Goods sold at Philadelphia and New YeTk prices. Pesitively no retailing. _?__v my 12 lw? 0. W. THORN. ry 0 T I ^C E T" IMPORTANT TO DEALERS IN TOBACCO, CI 1 1 GARB AND FANCY OOODB. Having Just returned from Europe, and desiring %o make room for ft new building, I will sell off my entire stock of Cigars. Tobacco, Pipes and Fancy c.??1~ V1'?!c'' ??' "SoBJ o Mm'. my lMw* No. 834 Pa. av.. near Wh at. T NOTICE. ? HE Underlined having bought the premise* known as the Oytsr Bay Hove* at Georgetown, oorner Bridge and Montgomery streets,now osilea the "New Idea," respectfully announce to their friends that they will always haw on hand a fine (gars. Ice,, Ao., i r?nt-. ~Q. BENNHAM, B. FARNHAM, friends that thev will always hate uiortnMt of Wines, Liquors, Olg and have also Furnished Rooms to^r H. ? an?-?w* Proprietors. ROOI1S? 0*M1111T :S " ?> iSff 31^ 'ecn,i' w?Btal:s' lot Correspondence with P. T. Barnnm. ME. BARN US! CONSENTS TO WRITE ro* THE ^EW YORK NERCl'RY, TWO nUNWRID DOLLARS A WEEK. for ONE YEAR. It will be seen from the subjoined letters that Mr Burnum, at the earnest solicitation of the proprietors of TUB NEW YORK MERCURY, has consented to write for the columns of this paper a aeries of articles to be entitled " The Ancient and Modern Humbugs of the World.for the sum Of TE> TU0C8AHD FOCP. HCJDKED HOLLARS ; Kk* York Mercery Officii, / 113 Fulton street, April 25, 19i>M P. T. Barnum, Esq.: Dear Sir : For what sum will you write fo?. pub lication in The NrwYork Mercury a series of fifty-two articles?one per week for one year?upon ' The Ancient and Modern Humbugs of the Worldf" An earlv reply will oblige.respectfully, yours, Cit'LnwiLL & WHnKir, Proprietors of The New York Mercury. A mbrig an Mcsecm, April 26, ISM. CfENTLKMlN: >ours of yesterday is received. I am quite too much occupied, not in humbugging but in amusing and gratifying the public to write fur you on any terms. Truly/ours I'. T.Barnom. Messrs. CauMittll fWhitney, < Proprietors af The New 1 ork Mxrcury.( New York Merci-hy Office. April 27.l9oi P. T. t-arnvm, Ksq. : Peak Sir Our object is the same as yours?to interest, instruct end amuse the public To this end we devote our time, capital, and whatever talent and knowledge we possess. Yotwe contrive occasionally to find leisure to visit your Museum. Cannot you reciprocate, and pay a weekly literary visit to our columns for the entertainment of hundreds of thousands of readers ? With the hope that you will reconsider the matter, we make the following olfer: We will give vou ten thousand four hundred dollars* payable in weekly advance-install merits of two hundred dollars ($20 >) each for one article per week for one year, on the subject pro posed in our former note?the articles to average respective one column (or more.) The topic, "Ancient and Modern Humbugs of the World,' will give you an opportunity of explaining your views on a very curious and fruitful theme, aud of illustrating them by incidents which have come under your observation Hitrine ;uui u&iennive travels in both hemispheres, and while c.iterinj; for the amusement ?f the public through a long series of years. ... . Your professional reminiscences, given in your peculiar original and humorous style. w?uM, we have no doubt, form a rare chapter of Wit and Romance in the history of popular entertainments of every kind and class. In fact, we will not insist that all of vour articles shall be conf.ned to a Ilis tor\ of Ancient and Modern IlumbufS, but prefer rather that you shall not keep back a good anec dote or illustration, even if it is irre evaut to this particular subject. _ . Although the pecuniary considerition miy be of small consequence to one who cat make money no readily, perhaps the thought of n mistering to tne enjoyment of half a million ol readers per week, for a twelvemonth, may indue* you. on re tlertion. to comply with our request. Hoping for a favorable answer, Ve remain sincerely yours. Cacldwkll fc Vhitnky. Ambrican Mtsbcm. Apri.23, 1361. Gentlemen:?You are irrepressible. Were it not that I know you to be "live" men who jublish a "live" paper. I should think your muni!i<eiit offer a wild mistake: but as you generally ktow what you are about. I am bound to suppose that it is not made at random or on false grounds. Thw consid eration tlatteriug. and affords m<> a imre real izine sense of the value of notoriety thai I hsve ever before experienced. Dismissing, therefore, my first idea, that you were blindly rushiig into a hazardous speculation, and adopting y>ur >stimate ol my own commercial value, I fraukly accede to your proposition. I havealwaysheld it as i maxim that a man should make a prq/ifafc/?use of li? gifts, whatever they may be, alwavs provided that he uses them legitimately; and I know of nc way in which they can he more legitimately enployod thai for tbe delectation of the people. Holding myself in readiness to commmce the series at any time, and accepting your suggestion to introduce proininontly into the papers tie fund of anecdote, incident, and information aiquirt-d during my long experience as a caterer "or the w?.rld7s amusement. I am, gentlemen, ' Your considerably astonished fri?-nd and sirvant, P. T. Baincm. i Messrs. Cauldtrrll 4* Whitney. New Yokb Mkrcchy Office, April 2i. 13SJ P. T Barnum, Esq : Dear Sir:?Perhaps it may relieve yourmind to know that we exp'-et to take the lion's shae of the Brofits of your paj[>ers on the "Ancient andModeru urubugs of the W orld." Inclosed you will And our check fortwo Jundred dollars (f2i*)) for your first article, which ho kind enou gh to send us at your earliest convtnieuce. Please supply us punctually with an article everv week, and believe us. Very truly, yours, Caci.dwell A Whitney. Mr. Barnum's papers on " Tug Anciist and Modern IIlmbcgh of the World," to which the above currespondence refers, commence in THK NEW YORK MERCURY of May 28, now ready at all the news-depots in the Union. READ TnE FIRST LETTER! my IS Zt B Y J. C. McGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneers. BUGGY AND BXPRK83 WAGON AT AUCTION Od TO-MOKKOW. (Saturday Morr ing.lMay Uth in front of the Auction Rooms, we will sell? ' 1 Nc Tcp Buggy Wagon, 1 Light Express W*iou 11 J. C. McGUIRE ft Oo.. Aucts. Y WM. L. WALL ft. CO., Auctioneers. , At the Horse Bazaar, 98 La. a*. B BOSSES AND CARRIAU ES fto? AT AUCTION. Wr call the attention of buyers to our large sale of Horses and Carriages at our Repository- to be nold on SATURDAY MORNING, May 14. commen cing at lo o'clock, as there is a large number, and will be sold without resefve for cash. It W. L. WALL ft 00., Aucts. jgY WM. B. LEWIS & 00.. Auctioneers. LARGE CLOSING OUT*SALE AT AUCTION. 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Apply No. 4 K street, corner 9th and Mass. avenue. my 13-3t* I n REWARD.?Lost, on Monday, the 9th in qp I U stant, a liver-colored POINTER DOG. 8 months old, with white spot on his breast. Any one returning said dog to K. M. CARR, Sup't Warehouse No. 3, N. Y. avenue, near 19th street, will receive the above reward and thanks of the owner. my 13-3t* C;1 A REWARD.?Strayed, on Monday morning, tj? 1 U 9th instant, two COWS. One a white oow, with red spots, neck almost red; the other a red cow, with star in her forehead; the lower part of her tail white. Both dry. 1 will give SiO for information of both, or $0 for either of their return, or information where I can find them. Let use know at the Washington Brew ery. [my 13-3t* ] DENIS KEN ALY. REWARD.?Stolenfrom thestable of Win. H. Roland, on the .light of the 3d of May, 1864, near Giesboro' Point, a LIGHT BAY HORSE, about 14 hands high, three white feet and knees, fallen in neck, white in forehead, the letters W. R. branded on right side of neck; natural racker. I will give the above reward if seut to me or left where I cao get him in the District of Columbia. W. H. ROLAND, near Giosboro' Point. my!3 Iw* Washington. D. C. DISTR'CT OF COLUMBIA. WashinotonCoun ty, Tc-wi.?I hereby certify that James Dove, a resident of the county of Washington, in the District of Columbia, brought before rne, the sub scriber, one of the Justicesof the Peace, in and for the saia county, this 13th day of May. A. D. 1864, as an estray, trespassing on his enclesureg, one bay BOR8K, with foretop cropped, switch tail, aged about A years. Tbe owner of the above de scribed horse is requested to prove property, pay charges and take him away. Given under my hand and seal this 13th day of "mVll^ ^ BENJ. B. KIN8BY. J. P. fL. 8.1 T> MAYOR'S OFFICE. May 12. ifti. J. ROPOPALS Will be reoeived at the Mayor's offioe until 12 o'clock m. on Thursday, the 2Sth instant, for grading and graveling 8th street west, from Rbode Island avenue to Boundary street. the gravel to be of a quality approved by the Commissioner and Assistant Commissioners. The gravel to be nine inebes in the center, ta pering off to four inches to the gutter line when rolled. . Bidders will state the price per cubic yard for grading and square yard for graveling. The superfluous earth to be placed where the Commissioner of the Second Ward may direct. And no part of the appropriation will be paid the contractor without a certificate signed by the Commissioner and Assistants certifying that the work has been ione in a wtisfactory manner And According to contract. WM, RUTHERFORD, Commissioner of theSecond Ward, JAMES H. SHREVK. Sr.. WM. R. McCHESNEY, my 1?-td Assistant Qommissionera. CJTAGX LINE.?From and after Wednesday. Mar O 11,A DAILY LINE of 8t Ages will run from the Pennsylvania House.JUMnRSA on 0 itreet, Washington city, as follows: To Burratts?lUe,T. B . Beentewn,Bryau town, Hugheville, O. Ball, Chaptico, St. C. Bay, f eonardtown. and return daily. Th* line to Piscataway. Duffleld and Port Tobacco will run as heretofore, every Tuesday, Thursday and Satur A. F. KIMMELL. Hint. Washington city. May 9.18*4. my9-lm* TO ICE CBEAM MAKERS.?For sale, a Phila delphia Machine. *Jso. Freecers, Ioe Chests, ftc. Will be sold a bargain, the owner having no use for them. Also, some Marble top Apply At 57i BTCflue, jarl-'-St* _ 1 O'CLOCK P. BL OFFICIAL' CONFIRMATION OF THE GLORIOUS NEWS! Between thirty and forty Pieces of Artillery Captured by Hancock!! One Major General ind several Brigadiers Captured. Burnside and Warren Pressing the Enemy elsewhere on the line. The War Department received at 11 a. m. to day, from Headquarters at the front, a dis patch entirely confirmatory of that of (General Ingalls to Senator Neemith, published in our first extra of this forenoon. It states that at a. m. yesterday morning, Gen. Grant made a general attack, and that by e a. m. Hancock had captured more than four thousand prison ers, and between thirty and forty pieces of ar tillery. Also, one rebel Major General?Ned J Johnson, and several Brigadiers. Also, that i Warren and Burnside were at that hour (a a. m? when the conrier left,) pressing the rebels at other and different points. MORE GLORIOUS NEWS CONCERN ING YESTERDAY'S VICTORY! Hancock Takes Thirty-six Gnns and an immense nnmber of small arms, The Enemy Completely Surprised and Ronted from their Entrenchments. Hancock sends word to Meade that he has taken a whole Division of Hill's corps and now means to walk into Early! Further particulars reaching us of the splen did victory achieved by Hancock yesterday morning show that it was one of the most brilliant achievements of the war. During Wednesday night Hancock changed his entire position, his operations being con cealed under cover of the rain, darkness and fog of the night, and at 4 o'clock yesterday morning he gained a position from which he made a dash upon the line of intrenchments occupied by the rebel Major Gen. Ned John son's division of Hill's corps, complete ly surprised the enemy, and captured the entire division, (Johnson's,) Including Johnson himself, a rebel Gen'l Stuart, another rebel Gen. Johnson, and some thirty officers of lesser degree. Also, a large number of small arms, as well as thirty-six guns. The rebels were taken completely by sur prise, and though they at first offered a despe rate resistance, soon gave way before the ir reaistible lorc-e of Hancock's bayonet charge. This sort of sudden night attack has been the forte of the rebels, and they seemed quite un prepared to be treated to such an effective dose of the same strategy. The fighting ground was sou th wes-1 of Spottsyl vania Court-House, some distance this side of Po creek llancock, upon the conclusion of his hand some morning's work, sent word to General Meade that he had one whole division of Hill's corps and intended now to walk Into Early. Our troops are described as wild with en. thusiasm (battle-worn as they are) over our successes in front, and those of Sheridan in the rear of I^ee, particulars of which were announoed to them in an order by General Meade. This brilliant movement by Hancock, it will be seen by other accounts in this edition was part of a general attack ordered by Grant to take place at daylight yesterday. LATEST FROM BUTLER. ? HE ATTACKS FORT DARLING. The War Department have dispatches this forenoon announcing that Butler Is already pressing Fort Darling. Tiii? is Cood news, because Indicating that all is still going on successfully for our arms on the south side of the James river. MORE DETAILS OF THE BATTLE OF YES TERDAY. Officers arrived thiB forenoon from the front assert that our total captures of artillery in the course of yesterday's engagement?up to noon were forty-slx pieces, and that Brig. General Geo. H. Stuart was among the rebel Generals captured. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FURTHER FRQIW^ GRANT'S ARMY. A VICTORY ANNOUNCED. THE CAPTURE OF 40 GUNS CONFIRMED. MAJOR GENERAL J0HN30N AND A COUPLE OF REBEL BRIGADIERS CAPTURED. EVERYTHING IN OUR FAYOR. New Yobk, May 13.?The World has a poet script giving as the result of Thursday's fight, ing that we have won a glorious victory. It says that a dispatch has been received from Hancock, stating that he had captured from 30 to 40 guns, finished up Johnson, and was going into Early. The dlBpatch states that Maj. Gen. Johnson, Brig. Gen. Johnson, and a whole rebel brigadu were taken prisoners by Hancock. This is dated Tursday noon, and the battle still raging. Prisoners are constantly coming in, and everything is overwhelmingly In our favor. Glorious New* from Gen. Grant. [Dispatch to the Philadelpnla Inquirer.] Nkak spottstlvavia Ooukt-Housb, May 19?8 o'clock a. m?The day opened this morn ing with the following cheering news, sent In the form of a despatch from Gen. Hancock to Gen. Grant: Gmikal: I hare captured from thirty to forty gnns! I have finished up Johnson, and am now going into Early., As I write, the whole line la engaged, bat the heaviest firing la being done by the 2d corps. Major General E. Johnson is captnred. He commanded the " Stonewall" division In Ewnll'a corps, composed mainly of Virginia troops. No doubt of his capture exists, for he is sit ting on a log near a fire before me, at the pres ent moment, in conversation with some of eur generals. The attack waa commenced this morning at daylight by Hancock, who moved forward his whole line, and is now driving the enemv. morning is damp and foggy, but suceess ho far iriakM oar spin's light and ohe*rful. Prift. Gen Stewart, of thr rfbeJ army, has al^o been capturcd, and is safe within our linos. The artillery firing in U?o direction of Han cock is increasing in ?stent and rapidity. A considerable portion of the Fifth corpj is actively engaged and doir.* well. The number of prisoner* taken this morning is variously estimated. The lowest figure places them at 3,000 but I hare just heard from good authority that 5,000 are in our hand?. 11 A. M?The battle continues with great fnry, but we are steadily gaining ground on the rebels. The Sixth Corps have gone to the relief pf the Seoond, and are now actively^en gaged at the present moment. The musketry firing is tremendous, accom panied with heavy salvos of artillery. Every inch of ground lp being sharply contested, and nothing can exceed the ferocity of the contest. Heavy fighting is progressing very near Gen. Grant's headquarters. Several shells struck near his headquarters. The captured artillery are being brought to the rear, and the roads leading to the different corps hospitals are filled with soldiers, who have been wounded at the front, and art* seek ing after medical treatment. A drenching rain set in about 9 o'clock; but it se< ms to have no effect in abating the fighting in the front. 4 O'CLOCK P. M. SIGEIj HEARD FROM ?! HF. DESTROYS THE RAILROAD TRACK BE TWEEN CHARLOTTSVILLE AND LYNCH BURG FOR A DISTANCE OF 36 MILES! ALSO, DESTROYS THE TRACK BETWEEN CHARLOTTESVILLE AND KESWICK. ALL THE BRIDGES ON THE ABOVE ROADS DESTROYED. AND LEE'S LINK OF SUPPLY COMMUNICATION WITH CHAR LOTTESVILLE AND LYNCH BURG CUT OFF. REBEieCAVALRY REPULSED. An ofllcer who arrived here to-day reports that at three o'clock yesterday afternoon a dis patch arrived at the front from Gen. Sigel'a command dated at Butler's Mountain, (be tween Charlottsvllle and Lynchburg,) on Wednesday at 10 o'clock a.m., and announcing that our cavalry had torn up the railroad be tween Charlottsvllle and Lynchburg for a dis tance of twenty-six miles below the former place; and also that the track of the Gordons ville road between Charlottsvllle and Keswick had been destroyed. All the bridges between the above points on both roads were destroyed. When returning' our forces encountered a body of rebel cavalry, who came from the direction of Carter's mountain, and a skirmish ensued, and ended In a repnlse of the rebels, who fled in the direction they had come. This was the only rebel force met with during the raid. GLORIOUS NEWSFROM SHERIDAN! HE CUTS BOTH RATLROAD3 BETWEEN LEE AND RICHMOND. HE CAPTURES ONE OF LEE'S WAGON TRAINS AND A NUMBER OF PRISONERS. HE HOLD POSSESSION OF HANOVER JUNC TION WITH CAVALRY AND ARTILLERY. A letter was received here this morning from a staff officer at the front dated yesterday af ternoon, in which he speaks In the most glow ing terms of our success, and states also that Sheridan, with ample force, consisting of cav ity and artillery holds possession of Hanover Junction. Otner reports say that Sheridan has captured one of Lee's wagon trains, with its guards, and has destroyed miles ef track on the Richmond and Fredericksburg railroad, above Saxton's Junction, and upon the Virginia Central road, entirely destroying Lee's direct connection with Richmond. LATEST FROM THE FRONT. THE FIGHTIRO YESTERDAY. HEAVY FIGHTING UP TO FIVE O'CLOCK YESTERDAY EVENING. GRANT REPORTED VICTORIOUS AGAIN. The steamer Columbus, having on board 180 wounded, and in oharge of officers of the Christian Commission, arrived here at 2 o'clock to-day from Aquia Creek. One hundred and forty-three of those brought up are among the moet dangerously wounded in the late battles. The balance (37) are supposed to be stragglers, and were at once taken in charge by the medi cal officers and placed under guard. From many of them bandages were torn and not a scratch was fonnd upon them. Lt. Col. Woodell, 1st Delaware and Lt. Col. Happ, 84th P. V.? both wounded have been brought np. The soldier* brought np to-day were not in 'the fight of yesterday, but were laying at Belle Plains, and they report that heavy firing was beard there nil day, bnt it entirely ceased be tween 4 and 5 o'clock p. m., and other wounded brought there reported a decisive victory for Grant's entire army yesterday. LEE'S ARMY IN A STATE OF INSUB ORDINATION FOR WANT OF FOOD. SOMETHING WRONG WITH LEE'S RAILROAD COMMUNICATIONS. Prisoners captured yesterday morning, in Hancock's charge upon Johnson's division, re port the rebel army as in a state of almost total insubordination on account of the want of food. They eay they have received no supplies for a day or two, and the belief is that they have sustained a serious injury elsewhere by the cutting of the railroads leading from Gordons ville to Richmond, as there appears to be a hur rying to and fro; and the prisoners believe if we were successful through the day of yester day in any degree that Lee would be forced to make a hasty retreat. OPERATIONS OF THE NAVY. CAPTURE OF THE REBEL STEAMER GREY HOUND AND THE BLOCKADE RUNNER MINNIE. TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS IN GOLD FOUND ON BOARD THE MINNIE. The Secretary of the Navy has reoeived a telegraphic dispatch from Fortress Monroe, dated May is, which says that the U. B. steamer Connecticut has arrived there from off Wil mington, with the prise steamer Greyhound* which she captured on the evening of the 10th. The Greyhound is a new iron screw steamer, of about 500 tons, three-masted and schooner rigged. She loaded and cleared from Liverpoo1 in January last. and was owned or held by Henry Lafone, the rebel agent Her cargo oonsists of 106 hales of army cloth, 158 bales and boxes the oontents of which are unknown, soda, bar steel, iron, fee. She was at Madeira seven week in consequence of her tubes haying been butnt out. Commander John A. Almy, writing to the Navy Department from ou board the U. S. steamer Connecticut, reports the capture on the 9th instant, of the blockade runner eteamer .??Minnie," at sea in lat. 33 deg. n mln. north, long. 7Sdeg.40 mln. west. The Minnie is a very fine screw steamer, built at Glasoow last year, and her gross tonnage is 955. She is therefore nearly new, and this was her second trip to Wilmington: The quantity of cargo now on the Minnie (she having previously thrown ? portion overboard to aid her escape) Is (aid to be 510 bale* of cotton, 25 tons ot to bacco, and 18 barrels ot turpentine. Abont #10,000 in gold, equal to about tlT,S0fi in Govern men t cnrrency, wan found on board the Minnie in a secret drawer. Lieut. Lincoln C. Leftnieh, of the Confederate service, was on board &s a passenger, and is now held on the Connecticut as ? prisoner. TRE WOUNDED. The State of Maine and Swan arrived at Alexandria last night, bringing each over one thousand wounded. Among the skedaddlers arriving among the wounded, we regret to state, are some offloers, and a few of these are of the regular army One of these skedaddling officers, we bear, left the field with the smallest scratch upon hie person, and started at once to Belle Plain In an ambulance. On the way, however, he received an actual wound?a party of guerrillas firing into the ambulance struck him in the neok. Inflicting a severe wound. MARYLAND MILITIA CALLED OFT I The Government this forenoon made are. qnisition on Got. Bradford for the Immediate services of 2,000 Marvland militia for one hun dred days, on the terms npon which the Gbver nors of different western States have recently placed their militia in the field. They are to relieve other troops now doing guard and post duty in Maryland, who are to go at once to the front. Baltimore alone will fill this call in a single day. . REINFORCEMENTS GONE TO GRANT. * We hear on excellent authority that yester day ten thousand fresh troops went to the frofit, to reinforce Grant. We feel confident also, that every available soldier within reach is to-day being pushed forward on the same errand, and that in very brief time indeed, his available force will be as strong, or nearly so, as when he crossed the Rapidan. BUTLER'S OPERATIONS. A rnmor prevails that Gen. Butler has tele graphed here that he has succeeded in remov ing all the obstructions placed by the rebels in James river. We place no faith in It, as it strikes us that the thing is Impossible until we shall have reduced Fort Darling, which for the time being blocks the passage to the obstruc tions above that point. BURNSIDE'S AND WARREN'S OPERATIONS. Up to this writing, 2# p. m., we have not been able to ascertain that anything definite has reached town as to the fighting yesterday with the enemy, carried on by BurnBlde and Warren. The general Impression amongst officers ar riving here, who left Fredericksburg yester day, is that they were both "doing well." NINE THOUSAND PRISONERS. The 4,0(0 prisoners taken yesterday morn ing makes, with those previously taken, an aggregate of 9.000 prisoners taken by Grant within the week. Grant seems inclined to bag another odd huu dred thousand prisoners to add to those he took in his Southwestern campaigns. TYPOS GOING TO THE BELIEF OF Tils WOUNDED. A detail ot twenty men, consisting of ten book binders and ten compositors, has been made from the Government prin'ing offlfce, to go to Frederitkaburg and assist in caring for the wonnded. It is expected this party will leave to-day for the front. ANOTHER NEW YORK REGIMENT BADLT CUT UP. The 9th New York militia, which went into the fight on Tuesday with three hundred men, came out in the evening with but four officers and fifteen men who were fit for duty. WELL DONE OHIO! It affords us infinite gratification to be able to state that Ohio has already furnished the 20,000 hundred days militia called for from her, and has offered five regiments more, now ready for instant service. GEN. WRIGHT SLIGHTLY WOUNDED. We hear that the gallant Gen. Wright, now in command of the veteran Sixth Corps, was slightly wounded in the fight of Tuesday. NOT SO. No dispatch was received here from Gen'l Grant last evening, aB has been stated. OOnCREHSIOIfAli, XIXYIIItx OONGRES8.-Fl58T 8ESSION. ? Friday, May 13. House.?The Speaker caused to be read the dispatch of Gen. Ingalls to Senator Nesmlth, dated yesterday noon, communicating Union victories. The reading was followed by ap plause. Reports were made from the standing com* mittees of a private character. Mr. Washburne.of 111., read a dispatch from Assistant Secretary of War Dana, giving far ther particulars of yesterday's contest. This was also received with applause. The House passed a bill to punish counter feiting of the coins of the United States. On motion it was resolved that when the House adjourn it be till Monday. gY 3. C. McGUIRE & CO., Auctioneers. EIGHT GOOD BUILDING L0T8 AT THE COR NER SEYFNTI1 AND H STREETS ISLAND. On MONDAY AFTERNOON. May 16. at 6 o'elook, on the premises, we shall sell, eight desirab.e Building Lots in Square 439. fronting each SO feet on Seventh street we*t. at the corner of South H street, and running back 95 feet to an alter. Ttese Lots possess great value from their ciati guity to the extensive wharves in the immediate vicinity. Term*: One third :n cash, the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of truFt on the premises. A payment of 82" will be required at the sale. my. 13-d J. C. McGOIRE A CO. Auets. |^Y J. C. MoGUIRK A CO., Auctioneers. SNUG FRAME HOUSE AND NINE GOOD BUILD ING LOTSON THE ISLAND AT PUBLIC AUC TION On MONDAY AFTERNOON. Mar 53, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell original Lots Nos. 2?.21, and 22. in Square No. 544, fronting torsther 149 feet 5 inches on south L street between Sd and 4streets west, running back 129 feet 11 Inohes, to a 30-foot alley, divided into l( Building Lots, one of them improved by a neat and well built two story frame dwelling,the whole surrounded with a paling fenoe and well advanced shade trees. Tiile perfect. Terms: One-half cash, the remainder in six months, with interest, secured by a deed of trut on u>e premiser A payment of $20 on eaeh Lot will be required at the time of sale. Conveyances at the eo?t of the purchaser. my.lS-coAds J.C McGUIRE A CO., Auets. [Rep.] |?Y i, C. McGUIRE at CO., Auctioneers. 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