Newspaper of Evening Star, May 14, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 14, 1864 Page 2
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THE BVENENG STAR. W. D. WALL AMI, Edlttr and Fr?pnet?r. WASHXN GTON CITY > lATl'ROir MAY 14, 1904* VR1ADINO MATTER ON EVERY PA OK 111 OUTBID! FOR INTERESTING TXJLX GRAPHIC AM> OTHER MATTER. EXTRA. FROM THE FRONT. The Rebel General Longstreet Re ported Dead* Lee Wounded. Arrival or 7.500 Rebel Prisoners at Belle Plains. 40* Rebel Officers amongst the Wonnded. Rebel Genera] Bradley Johnson Captnred. lee Believed to be Ont of Fight ing Distance. Yesterday 7,500 prisoners taken by the Army of the Potomac arrived at Belle Plain, where they were called over and tbe fonr hundred and odd officers were placed on a transport and sent to Fort Delaware. The privates, it is expected will be sent to Point Lookout or brought to Washington to-day. Among them are the two rebel Generals Johnson captured by Hancock. One ci them is Bradley T. Johnson, or Frederick,Md., who, it will be recollected, was formerly employed in the House of Representatives, and was a prominent member of the Legislature of Mary land of l?6l. when it undertook to run tbe {State out of the Union. A rebel prisoner (wounded) who arrived last night ata'es that on Wednesday the rebel Long stre-.-t was wonnded in the right breast and carried off the field, and subsequently his com mand understood tbat be bad died while on the way to Richmond. The rebel General A. P. Hill was also wonnded it the same engago. ment. Before ibis man (prisoner) was taken from the field he beard that General K. E. Lee had been also wcanded. Two of onr men, who were taken prisoners and paroled, state that they heard the same reports in the rebel camp as regards Longstreet and Hill. From the fact that no cannonading 1 was beard yesterday from the front, it is be- : lieved tbat Lee, in shifting his position, has I taken care to put himself out of Immediate \ fighting raage, if he has Bot actually movQd off rapidly towards Richmond. THIS SITUATION. Up to 10 a. m. to-day, the latest news from the front received by the Government here, was embraced in the gratifying dispatch of Assistant Secretary Dana, dated yesterday ats a. m. Tbe late-: unofficial nows from the front received here up to 10 a. m. to-day, is up to noon yesterday?Ingall's despatch to Senator Nes mith?givirg an account of Hancock's brilliant exploit, and stating that Burnside and WaiTen were then pressing the enemy. We, however, know further that the battle continued until 5 p. m., when artillery firing waa no longer heard at Belle Plain. As the country was suitable for the use of artillery, the fact that it ceased to be heard after that hour satisfies us that the battle ended then; and the further fact that nothing has reached here leaving the front after the battle ceased, also satisfies us that onr army was pushing forward "on to Richmond,'' rather than hold ing its position of tbe forenoon or giving back. We may add that throughout all of yester day no artillery firing wa3 heard at Belle Plain. This could not possibly have been tb? ciw if the rebels had not retreated clear be yond the temporary reach of Gen. Grant's Suns, as A&eifatant Secretary Dana stated they were getting ready to do as early as at 8 a. m. of Thursday. Between the Po and tba North Anna there is no ground offering them a chance 1?t making an obstinate defence. So the public may expect, to bear of the oo currenoe of tbe next fight on that river or on che South Anna, a short distance nearer Rich mond. That is, if Lee has not been so weakened in the series of engagements ending on Thurs day l%st at 5 p. m., as to compel him to seek the cover of the Richmond fortifications, or to retreat rapidly in the direction of Lynchburg and Staunton, from which point hi* army has been provi^ped for the most part ever since Grant crossed the K&pidan. We may add that we do not share the appre hension of many around ns that Lee can make a more obstinate defence on the North or South Anna than he made on the Po; the lines to be defended on both these rivers being mach longer than tbat ou the Po, and therefore much weaker?far more easily pierced or turned. ' AN IMPORTANT CORRECTION. We it!i that a careful investigation fixes our total losses in killed, wounded, and miss ing. (including, of course, the prisoners cap tured by the rebels, and stragglers,) incurred by cur Army of tbe Potomac up to the com mencement of the tattle of the day before yeetesday, at about 20,000; not 40,000 as re presented in unofficial statements from the front which are being extensively circulated through the newspapers. We hear that Gen Grant himself endorses tbe correctness of the estimate we state above. I For ht least twenty-four hours reinforce meats bare been joining him. By this time a sufficient number have joined him, or are on the way so to do, to make up the entire loss of twenty thousand, while we doubt not that a sufficient additional number will soon be in notion for the front to replace all his losses throughout Thursday last. REBEL PRISONERS. An officer who left tbe battle-field yesterday morning places the number of prisoners in our hmiii up o that time at ten thousand. OIK. AYERILL ON A GRAND RAID. GEN. CROOK MOVfNQ TO STAUNTON. Oivcitoati, May 13.?On tbe-tth. Gen. Aver, ill's expedition reached Logan Uonrt-House Without opposition. Orook's infantry column bad reached Prince ten without opposition. All communication With the expedition had been abandoned. OURGwORIOUB SUCCESSES. OFFICIAL. CONFIRMATION. Capture of the Division of General Johu >?u and Fart of fcarly'i Oimiion-Frtin Thirty te Forty Pieces of Artiiley Cap tured?IVInny Thousand Prisoner* Take* ?Major General Ed ward Johnston, Brig adier General Johnston and Brigadier General Stuart Wade Priso?ers. Washington, May 13, 550 a. itf To Major Central Dix .?Official dispatches are just received by this Department, dated yeeterday 8 o'clock a. m . at the battle-field, ot ar Spottsylvania Court House. They state that during the night General Hancock marched from bis previous position on our right, and occupied the ground between Gen eral Wright and General Bnrnside. At daylight he attacked with bis accustomed impetuosity, forciDg the flrst, then the second lire of the enemy's works, capturing the whole of Major Genera! Edward Johnston's division (Stonewt.11 Jackson's old division.) and part of Karly's division, together with Major General Ed w ard Johnston.Brigadier General Johnston, Brigadier General Stuart, and from thirty to forty cannon. The number of prisoners is not given, but thev are to be counted by thousands. Gen. Hurnside, on the extieme left, opened at the same time with Gen. Hancock, and ad vanced with comparatively little opposition. His right has forced a junction with Hancock, and bis left Is now actively engaged. Maj. Gen. Wright's troops attacked at 7.15, ' ard are now at work. Maj. Gen. Warren is demonstrating to hold the enf my in front of his line. The rebel work-1 i at that point are exceedingly strong. IMPORTANT FROM GEN. BITLER. i Drury'sBInff Threatened?Capture of Des patches for Beauregard?Operations of Gen. Kantr Against the Danville Rail road. ? ? A despatc h has ben received from Gen. But ' ler, dated " in the field near Obester Station, i Va? May I2th-r, 30 p. m." It states that he is tow pressing the enemy i nesir Fort Darling, and has before him all the j troops from North Carolina. Beauregard's courier, captured this morning, going to Gen i eral Hope, commanding Drury's Blufl', had a dispatch stating that "General Beauregard would j^in him as soon as the troops were up." Major General Gilmore holds the intrench ; ments, while Major General Smith demon i strates upon Drury and the enemy's lines. General Kantz and his cavalry have been sent to cut the Danville railroad near the Appo mattox Station, and perhaps to advance on the Jemes river. We have had no telegraphic communications with General Sheiman since Wednesday. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. [A'ofe.?The Brigadier General Johnson cap tured is probably Bradley Johnson, formerly of Frederic-k. Brigadier General Stuart is supposed to be Stuart, of this city, son of Maior General George H. Stuart, formerly eommander of the volunteer regiments in this city F.d. Baltimore American.] The Glorious News Reaffirmed?Genera! Grant says the Enemy have found the "Last Ditch." Office Associated Preps, > Baltimore, May 13, 4 'JO p. m. J The following nows has just been received: Washington, May 13, p. m. Major General Dix: A despatch from General Oraiit has just beeu received, dared ?' near Spottsylvania Court House, May 12th, 6.30 p. m., as follows: ' Thetiyhth day of lall'e closes, having between three and four thousand prisoners in our hands for the day's work, including two General officer's? and over thirty pieces of artillery. The enemy is obstinate, and seems to have found the last ditch. We have lo*tno organization?not even a com pany?whilst we have destroyed and captured one division (Johnson's,) one brigade (Dobts',) and one reyiment entire of theencm is.'' (Signed) E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War. [Y7F*I o. o. f.-mt. nebo encampment, ILjf No. 6.?A special meeting will be held on MONDAY EVEK1N.*. 16th iost. A full attend anew of the membership is requeued, it* JOHN F. HA VENN EE, Scribe. ffg8*WASHINGTON CRICKET CLUB.?There (IS? will be a meeting of the Washington Crick et Club on MONDAY EVENING, I ith in*t., at o'clock, at the Star and Garter ( Woodlcy's), be tween 1. th and 15th streets, Penn. avenue. By ordtr of the President. It* RO. CRAWFORD. Hoc'y The members of the vocno cai u ?lies' Friend Society attached to Trinity Th>ircb. Georgetow n, are requested to meat at the f chool-room ot the ?amc church, at f o'clock a. ni. SUNDAY, for jurpo*es appertaining to the devo - tions of the day. It* J. M. STAKE President._ f3=?CATHOLIC TOTAL ABSTINENCE SOCI L3 ETY.?An adjourned meeting of the Cath olic Total Abstinence Society will be held in the school-room adjoining 8t. Patrick's Church, im mediately after vespers TO MORROW <8unday) AFTERNOON. Old and new members are re quested t<> be punctual in attendance. By order Committee Arrangements. It* ?REV. EDWARD BRINDLEY, of Western Virginia, will preach in the Ninth street \ Church (Rev. J.T Ward, pastor.) on TO MORROW (sabbath) MORNING, at 11 o'clock: and Rev. Wimus W.Reisb, of East Washng ton Mission, in the evening, at 8 o'clock. The public are respectfully invited. Collectien after the morning sermon in aid of the Washington City Bible Society. it* rY^5=? ATTENTION. VOTERS OF THE FOURTH (Jot WARD.?All voters in favor of the re-elcc t>on of Richard Wallaoh to the Mayoralty at the ensuing election, arc invited to attend a meet ing at the Metropolitan Hook and Ladder tlou?e, V?e? avenue, between 4th and ."ith streets, on TUESDAY EVENING next. May 17th, at8o'clock, fur the purpose of forming the Ward Ticket. my 14-3t* fY?"SUNDAY, at 3 o'clock p. m., at Sineed's IL3 Hall, 4?1 9th street, MkR. L. Smitb, test and developing Medium, will hold a rirclo for manifestation of spirits. She will describe them, get names, develop your medium powers; also *?* amino disease. Admission 25 cents. my 13-^t* |Y^=? NOTICE TO WOUNDED OFFICKRS. (J3 Wounded officers arriving in Was lington are earnestly requested to send their addrens to the office of the U. 8. 8anitary Commission, ?M4 F stro't, in order that answers can be given to their friends ina?iring of their whereabouts. JOHN BOWNE, my 12-6t* Snpt. Hospital Directory. fV-b^Sl'ECTAL NOTICE -To the Tin-Plate awl IJof Sheet-Iron Worh>.rs of Washington:?} ou are hereby notified of the expulsion of Messrs. Geo. A. Hall and 8. D Fletohfr, first-class members of the Tinman's Association of this city, for con duct unbecoming members of the same; they ha v ing forfeited their right to membership by work ing for less wages than the Society calls for. By order. P. J. COLLISON, President. J as. E. Mattingly, Rec. Sec. my 12-lw* SIXTH WARD. ULS UNCONDITIONAL UNION CANDIDATE. For Aldkr.van? my 13 3t? JOHN H. PEAKE. ry5=? FOURTH WARD UNCONDITIONAL UNION TICKET. For Matou? RICHARD WALLACH. Fob Alpbkmar? , JNO. P. PEEPER. For Common Coprcii.? A8BURY LLOYD. JOSEPH FOLLANHBEE. my 12 MICHAEL LARNER. rcr. UNCONDITIONAL UNION TICKET. FIFTH WARD. For Mayor? _ RICHARD WALLACH. Foe Alderman? CHAS. I. CANFIILD ,0. ??'?^JVS'i?0r30!,, JAMES B. DAVIS, J. B. WARD. For Assessor? , . . B. F. DYER. may6-Sw* proacb in (municipal election,vii: ?B IticHARD WALLACH. ForAldkrmak? JOSEPH F. BROWN, Fob ** 0?Vo?iL(Sre<,LliRN?. THOMAS A. STEPHENS, JOHN W. 8IMS. Fo*A98RS|ORg p pXEAN ap 23-tf rv^=*THIRD WARD? JUNE ELECTION.-Tha ll_3 unconditional Union voters of the Third Ward will sapport the following ticket at the J una election: Fob Mayor? RICHARD WALLACH. For Au.aDK ^ SHEPHERD. FcCommorCop.^ JOHNrWV8I}MH8, apBte INDEPENDENT UNION CANDIDATE rv^> INDEPENDENT UNION C ap2?> te I Tpartne*?hip. HIS IS TO NOT FY THE PUBLIC that Fred erick Hugle. Lewis Beyer, Klward Voigt and others, have formed a partnership, under articles of *?Tr?iueut dated the 23(1 day of April, 1844, re corded In Liber N.C T., No. ??. folio* 8,4,4.5.0 and 7. <>ne of the land record.* -f W%?hinifton county in the District of Oolumhla; and that the aforen tfned. under the aiort aaid articlei, have t, ,-u -iuly elec-ed Directors oi me Me.ropolittn foint Stock Brewery for the six months next ensa tc, and Edward Abner as business agent. They intend to carry on the brewery business on the proTnis** Wth?rto belonging to Ernst Lveffler, and ?olieit the patronage of nls former customers and of US public in general. May H1,1894. EDWARD VOIGT. The undersigned having sold his Brewery to the Metropolitan Joint Ft"?k Brewery Association, recom" ends tk&m to his n?tron. my 14 3t LRNST L'sfrLIil, ?fie. The National Bookstore Still Ahead. The suh...-riber having lat<Iy returned from the Boston. 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NOTICE. tv7? ???o?.tt|ers of Washington county, in the District of 'joluinbta. in a meeting do hereby re solve that trom and aft >r ih?> sixteenth day r,f this May* 18S4 we adopt the following rates, to wit ? I hat we will iuruis.b our customers at the follow ing rates?that is to say, twelve bottles of porter ale. cider and mineral water at??cents. ea';h and all; and we further agree not to use or take in ex change each other's bottles, aud that wo reiue'-t f^r.SV A*1 he. rate of ? cents each for all bottles which they do not return, and that they will be req uired^tn^pj,^month 1 > for the Fame. RlLEY?A.*nniNNK' BOSS A OTTO, ' OKOWLKY a Golem an. ..... EDMUND WALSH. my " 3t AUGUST MILLER. Coffcspondcncf with P, T. Barnutn. MR. BAKNUM CONSENTS TO WRITE FOR THE NEW YORK MERCURY. AT THE BATK Of TWO HUKDRXD DOLLARS A WEEK. FOR ONE YfiAB. It will be seen from the subjoined litters that Mr Barnum, at the earnest solicitation of the proprietors of THE NEW YORK MERCURY, has consented to write for the Columns of this uau.-r a series of articles to be entitled " The Ancient and Modern Humbugs of the World," for the'suin ofTKS TIIOCSAND KoCR ITCJIiiRKD D01.I.AU3 : Nkw York MkAcgbtOrricB > P. T. Barnum, i?,*?lton ^*' April25'185' < Drar Sib : For what sum will you write for nuh l.cation m ini Nkw York Mkrcurt a wrios of !.l,U tw" articles? one per week for one year?upon wVrVa ?D , odV1rn Humbuirs of the Woria r Aa early reply will oblige, respectfully yours, . cffSpwRLiiWimr ' Proprietors of The New York Mercury. Amrrioan Mcskcm. April ?(J irsi Gentlembn : Yours of y.-gterdav is receiVcd ' T am quite too much occuptcd, not in humbiigsi'ne but iu amu-ing and gratifying the public to wi ife tor you ou any terms. Truly yours Mtstr*. Cavldwll 4* Whitney, ' ' ^?? 4 ''VUM Proprietors cj' The AVte York Mtrcury.^ p. 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Ancient and Modern Humbugs of the World will give you an opportunity of expl,.ininjr vonr ?n a yery curious and fruitful then,H. and ol lllustratin* them bv incidents whichhav ecome under your observation during your exteu-iv.* travels ,n both hemispheres, and while catering Bwies of ye?T0n * PuWiC throu?h ? ?'>?g Your professional reminiscences, given in vonr peculiar original and humorous style. w?uld' we nave no doubt, lorro a rare chaptei of Wit'Mn,i Romance in the history of popular ent. -tainm *ut? of every kind and class. In fact, we wilJ not insist that all o! your articles shall be confine", to a His JJrtlSlw ???."?""" " " " '"-'???< to IM? Although the pecuniary consideration mav bc of small consequence to one who can make money ?o readily, perhaps the thought of ministering tJ the enjoyment of half a million of readers .J? week, for a twelvemonth, may induce vou, on re fl?-ction.tacomply w ith our request. "nopin?for a favorable answer, ' s lul We remain eincefely yours, Cadi.dwbll A WntTsi^r. American Mcsbcm. AprifM Vtf>i G*XTtKMK5 -YOU are irrepressible Wwe it not that I know you to be '"live' men who publish a live'' paper I should think your munificent oifer a wild mistake; but as you generally know What you are about,I am bound to suppose that it is not made at random or on false gr.unds. This eration i* Hattering and affords me a more ?eal liing sense of the value tf notoriety than I have ever before csperlenced. Disinissiug therefore my first idea, that you v?er.i blkidly rusliiBe n,to a hazardous emulation, and adootinc s^ieculatiou. and adopting vnurVstiinat'e of my own commercial value. ! frankly 'Sition. 1 have al way. hold it as ?.? i Hiioiilu m&ky a prqfi fabl?us<* ot' Vjiq v;fis whatever ttiey may be. alwajs provided tha't he usestbemlegjtimately; and 1 Inow of no wav in which they can be more leiritimatol* ? than for the delectation of th? pE& emplo5red Holding myself in readiuess to commence the series at any time, and accentiiic roup ...H ? ?? to introduce prominently info t^e papers fK fund of anecdoU incident and information acquired during my long experience as * caterer^rthe world's amusement, I am. fentlumen Your consioerably astouished friend'and servant. Me art. Cauldwtll Whitney. P'T' Bah*v* r. 1*?i>?. isa. Inclosed you will find our check for twn dollars ($2(0) for your first- Vticle, whTch be kf^d enough to send us at your earliest Mnvenience ,1"' "n -assss Very truly, youtg, Cadldwei.i. 4_ Whitsbt Mr. Barnum'? papers on ? ahd Mopkrb Hcmbcos or thk Worid,? ^ which the above cerrecpondenc# referi, cemmenee in THK NEW YORK MERCURY of Mar^owi! Jfat all the news depoU in the Union ' ow,^6*,1, Rt BEAD TB* FIRST LJ8T ?rll ^ 1 O'CLOCK P. M. IMPORTANT FROM RICHMOND, tiREAT PANIC IN* THAT CITY SEVEN WOUNDED RERKL ffgNKRAI-S C AR R1K1> THERE IN ONE HAY. LONGSTBEET, A. P. IIII.L, AM) JENKINS AMONGST THF NUMBER. A colored man who l#ft Richmond four days ago, and succeeded in getting through the lines, coming via Fredericksburg, reports that at that time there wan a great excitement in the rebel capital, and the opinion seemed to be that Lee had been worsted. On Tneeday no les.= than seven wounded rebel generals?among whom were Longstreet, A. P. IIill and Jenkins?were taken to Rich mond. The wound of Longstroet if* said to be a \^ry serious one, and there was great excite ment over the event. But lew of the rebel wounded had reached Richmond in consequence of Lee's railroad j communications having been cut with that j city. The geaernl feeling in Richmond seemed to be that its hour of doom had come. ARRIVAL OF THE LIZZIE BAKER WITH WOUNDED. The Lizzie Baker arrived at the Sixth street wharf yesterday evening, at C o'clock, witti 2S0 wounded on board. Those brought up on the Lizzie Baker are more seriously wounded than any that have reached hure yet, many of them being officers. Private William Blutt, of the 17th Pennsyl vania regiment, died on the upward trip. His body was sent to Armory Square Hospital, to await the orders of Capt. Moore, Assistant Quartermaster. The body of Captain John F.vans, of the 2d Delaware regiment, was also brought up and will be forwarded to his late heme to-day. Four guerrillas, captured near Fredericks burg by a detachment of the^th Illinois caval ry and a rebel captain, who was wounded in the ankle, were also on board this steamer. The guerrillas w?re committed to the Old Capi'ol, and the wounded captain placed in hospital. The City of Albany steamed up to the wharf about half-past o'clock, with a large r.urab?r of wounded, but was immediately ordered to return to Alexandria and unload.* H>ON 11T FOR SERVICE AG AIN. Mnjtr General Dir, J orl:: The Actiog Surgeon General reports that of five hundred patients from the recent battle fields admitted into the Harwood Hospital, not oue of them will receive any surgical ope ration, ar.d that, in his opinion, two-thirds of the whole number woundfd will be fit lor ser vice in thirty days. ? Reinforcements are goiutr forward to the i Army of the Ki>wih M. Stanton, Jiecreiary ot War. OUR WOUNDED The total number of wounded brought up from the battle field so far is 12,TOD. Of this number 1,100 were placed in hospital at Alex andria, and the remainder distributed through out the hospitals of thi3 city. Au army ?ur i geon, who came up last evening, says that we have about 15,000 wounded remaining at Fred ericksburg ana Belle Plain. These figures in clude many skedaddlers, who, when separated from the wounded, will decreace the number materially. ARREST OF A SKEDADDLING OFFICER. First Lieut. John Cummings, of Co. H, 62d New Tork volunteers, one of the skedaddling officers from the Army of the Potomac, was arrested yesterday and committed to the < lid Capitol. NURSES EOB THE WOUNDED. J,ast night at half-past nine o'clock, a pro peller left the Seventh street wharf for Frede ricksburg, having on board a number of sur geons and nurses for the wounded. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. - \ ERY IMPORTANT FJIOM THE FROXT. Lee's Retreat Beeomin? a Rout! Thousands of Prisoners being Captured!! -* New York, May 11.?The Timet special, dated 10 o'clock last night, says:?Lee's retreat is becoming a rout. Thousands of prisoners are being captured. The World special is to the same effect. SHERIDAN'S BRILLIANT CAVALRY HASH. ^ DESPATCH FROM SHERIDAN. TilL' REBELS? ADMIT THAT LEE HAS BEEN BEATEN. HEA IXil'ABTERS AEMV OP TUB POTOMAC, May 12.?The following from General Meade was issued last evening and read to the troops, its effect can be imagined lISAlXjUABTBBS Gayalby Cost?, May 10, 1SG1.?Major General Meade, llectiquarters Army of the Potomac: General?I turned the enemy's right find got into their rear. Did not meet sufficient cavalry to stop me. Destroyed from eight to ten miles of Orange Railroad two lo comotives, three trains and a very amount of supplies. The enemy were making a depot of supplies at Beaver Dam. Since 1 got into their rear there has been great excitement among the inhabitants and with the army. The citi?>ns report that Lee is beaten. Their cavalry has attempted to annoy my rear and Hank, but have been run oil". 1 expect to fight their cav alry south of South Anna River. Have re captured five hundred of our men?two Colo nels. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, P. H. Subkidan, Major-Gen. Com'g. HANCOCK AND WARREN FOLLOWING IT LEE. I.KE AGAIN REPORTED WOUNDED. [Despatch to the Philadelphia Inquirer.] Washington, May 13, 2 a. m.?We have advices from the field of battle op to 8 a. m. to day. Yesterday the battle raged with great fierceness all along the lines, and the Rebels held theu positions with considerable tenacity. Gen.1 Grant ordered a general advance with fixed bayonet all along the line at S p. m., but the troops were so worn out and fatigued that it was thought best to give them some rest, so at daylight to-day a charge was ordered, but it was found that the enemy had retreated duriug the night Pursuit was at once ordered, and Hancock and W arren started upon twa different roaftt. About 8a.m. their rear-guard was overtaken, and a brisk engagement was in progress when our informant left. Their next stand will be on the banks of the North Anna river, which have been well for tified for some time. We have well founded reports from rebel prisoners that Gen. Lee was badly wounded yesterday and sent towards llichmond. The Cieed News Gone to Europe. Halifax, May 13.?The royal mail steam, ship Europa, from Boston, arrived here this morning, and sailed for Liverpool. The latest war news was placed on board of her. THE REDKL PKISORLRS. New Yobc, May 14.?The followingdespatch has town received: WAsuixoTOW.Mav 13?i:; o'clock midnight.? Maj. V-n. THi: A despatch from the commit* s>ary of prisoners at Belle Plain aii&ouncefc the arrival there of oyer 7,MX> prisoners. including 4<X) officers, with Ma;. Gen. Johnson and Brig. Gen. Stewart. ? E. M. Stanto*, Secretary of War. ? PRICE OF GOLD. [By the People's Line.] New York, May 11.?10 a. m., Gold, ri; 11 a. m.,73; lira., Ti. New Yerk Stork L?M?Kir?t Beard. (By the Pet-pie's Line.] U.S. coupon 6's, 1^1, 115; l".S. 5.W'?. ll?7; Certificates of Ir^Jebtedness, 9; v; Gold, 172 V; N. Y. Central, Ite.V; Erie. UOV; Hudson, 138\'; Harlem, &>f?: Readme, 14lri; Micbijrnn Central, i3'.'X; Michigan Southern, {?,?*'; Illinois Cen tral, 1>J7; Quicksilver, 71. 4 O'CLOCK P. M. LATEST FROM THE FRONT. INTERESTING PARTICrLAKS OF THE FIGHTING ON THURSDAY. MORK GUN8 CAPTURED FROM TUK ENE5IV. Bl'RNSTDEHASOB8TINATEFIGHTING WITH A. P. HILL'S CORi'S. TER RIFLE LOSSES ON BOTH SIDES. The agents of the Philadelphia Inquirer have succeeded in getting through despatches lrom the front up to f p. m. of jesterday, aud ve are indebted to their courtesy for copies of them, v.hlch we publish as follows: Before Svotpvt.vama Court House, May 13, ? a. m.?There has been considerable picket firing during the uipht, the chief object of it on each side having probably been to prevent the other from getting away several pieces of ar tillery abandoned by tha enemy yesterday morning, and left between their lines and those of the Second Corps. They would have b?n brought away by our own men yesterday, but for the lact that they were behiud a high and elaborate breastwork with a wall of thick logb on the interior side over which It was impos sible to get them, and to cut a gap through which to admit of their passage was entirely impracticable, owing to the fire of the Rebel sharpshooters. There is little doubt however, Oat these guns will ultimately be recovered by ns. These are not included in the report of tin* number captured yesterday, and may b* count ed upon as a prospective addition. At this time all is very quiet scarcely a shot being heaid at any point. Troops are chang ing their position ir. line of battle, lllliug up intervals and strengthening weak praces. Bnrn?ide's corps on the extreme left had not up to last uifcht been able to form connection with Hancock on his right, and tlusmorniag the 5th corps ha^ moved up to take its position between them. Our line is thus considerably contracted on the right and is much more com pact in its formation. In attempting to move up and form & junc tion with Hancock yesterday ?orniug, Burn side's corps encountered A. P. Hill's corps of rebels and was busily engaged during a good part of the day. In the early part of the day we had the advantage: pushing the enemy back abont one and a half miles aud driving them | out of two or three lines of rifle pits; but they i afterwards held their ground obstinately and | even retook a portion of what we had gained from them. It was probably owing to this engagement on the left, preventing Burnside uom making connection with the troops to the right of him, that the expected general assault did not take place yesterday afternoon. Before SroTTPVLVASfA CorRT House, May 13, 6 a. m.?The battle of yesterday con tinued up to a late hour last night. The fight ing, which was mainly conducted by tr?ops of Gen. Hancock's, was of the most desperate character, and hundreds and thousands of brave men entered upon the battle-field of to day never again to return. Beyond the second line of earthworks gained from the enemy, nothing further was accomplished. This morning I ascertain the enemy's right is falling back to Spottsylvania Court House There has been considerable firing during the night, which was induced by the occasional attempt made by our men to take from the bat tle field a battery or so of the enemy's guns still remaining there, and which lay between : their skirmishers and the advance of our army. It rained almost continually yesterday, and there was also a heavy shower of rain during the night. The weather this morning is cooi and damp, with a prospect of more rain. Our trocps suflered greatly yesterday there is no doubt, as all the fighting was done daring the rain, and towards noon the ground over which they were obliged to march became very muddy. Still they have borne up bravely un der all these disadvantages, and never was braver fighting done than that executed by Hancock's corps yesterday. Our list of killed and wounded is very heavy. During these eight .days' engagements Grant and Mea de have probably lost one-fourth of their army. Both these repeated battles and the nature of the country in which they are fought, rendering it impossible to witness them unless undergoing great personal danger, it is impossible to send you anything more than a brief synopsis of the events of each day: stating the corps and divisions engaged and general results. Rebel prisoners state that leer's army is fear fully cut up, aud that their heavy loss has had a very dispiriting effect npon soldiers. Still they are making desperate efforts, and will no doubt fight so long as there is any chance of success. There has been no firing this morning thus far. Still we cannot expect to be idle to-day, as blow after blow must be given untU the foe are abandoned and conquered. The army rings with the praises of Hancock, and that General, with his brave Pennsylva nia troops, are subjects in the mouth of every soldier. YET LATER FROM THE FRONT ! NO GENERAL ENGAGEMENT YESTERDAY. GRANT ADVANCES HIS LINES TWO AND A HALF MILES YESTERDAY. GRANT MOVING FORWARD AGAIN TO DAY. The steamer Keyport arrived here to-day about 1 o'clock, from Belle Plain, bringing up the army mail. The mail messenger reports that there was no general engagement yesterday, although there was some heavy skirmishing in the morning. Daring the afternoon, our lines were ad vanced some two and a half miles, and when be left Gen. Grant's headquarters at daylight this morning oar lines were again being pushed forward. From the fact that no cannonading was heard at Belle Plain when the messenger left this morning the belief was that the enemy were in retreat. . Another party who came up on the Keyport confirms the abpve, bnt expresses the belief that Lee has ouly fallen back to a new position. Very Late from the Army of the Potomac. RETURN OF SENATOR FOMEROY. GBAJ?T'S WHOLE ARMY ACROSS THE PO RIVER AND IN PURSUIT OF LEE. Senator S; C. Pomeroy, of Kansas, who went to the ATmy of the Potomac a day or two ago for the purpose of bringing up Col. W. F. BarUtt', of the 57 -h Mas*, volunteers, who i was woo.ided in the late battle*, returned this morning:, and brings the information that oar entire array is across the Po river and in close pursuit of Lee. The rebels retreated between Thursday eve ning and Friday morning, onder cover of the darkness Before daylight Friday morning our forces were after them, and by nine o'cltxk our entire army was across the Po river, and at ten o'clock when Senator S left the front, Grant nud all of headquarters were about to move also across the same stream; the army being then over two miles b?yond Po river. Senator Pomeroy had a conversation with captured rebel officers who acknowledged that Lee was compelled to retreat, as he was not in a condition to stand another s**ch attack as he has enoountered daily lately. borne ot the Rebel officers bold that Leemu?t surrender if pushed closely; but most of them aver that he will never do so, but will light until every man is killed or disabled. As to the matter of provisions different state ment.- are also made by the rebel prisoners, some asserting that I<ee has r.o adequate sup ply. while others doggedly persist that he has enough and to spare. THK RESULT. We learn through the agents of the ll^lladei phia Inqvirtr, who were so fortunate as to get a courier through from th? front last night, that Gen. Grant's total captures up to last eveuing foot up 11,0* 0, with 44 pieces of artil lery and some 'Jt',000 stand of small arms, and one major general and four brigadier generals. This estimate of the artillery captured doea not include ti e fifteen guns left by the rebels in the entrenchments from which they were driven and contended for up to last night. The chances were ten to one however that by day break this morning they would be ours. THE KOKT11 AND SOUTH ANNAS. We have information that Lee fortified both the North and Sonth Anna rivers before Grant crossed the Rapidau. Unless he (Leo) is as badly cut up as the latest news from the front represents, he will therelore doubtless seek to give Grant heavy fights there. Nevertheless, we believe that Grant can turn his probable positions cn both those rivers. T1U: OPERATIONS IN THE WEST. The cause of the non-receipt of late informa tion of the current operations of Snermaa, Thomes and McPherson is the lact that the wires are down between Nashville and thsir positions. _ THE CAPTURED REBEL OFFICERS. II is said that Hradley Johnson and the 35tf other rebel officers destined for Fort Delaware are to pass through Washington to-day. EXCHANGE OF PRISONERS OF WAR DK GLARED. The following important order has been is sued by the Secretary of war: War Department, Adjutant General't Office, > Washington, D. C., May 7, 1^4. ( Declaration of Exchange of Prisoners. General Orders, Xo. JIM.?I. It naving been officially reported that Mr. Ould, Rebel Com missioner ot Exchange, has declared wimout consulting with the authorities of the Untied Suites, that all rebel prisoners delivered at (Jity Point, up to the a<>th ot April were exchanged, it is? Ordered, Tbat all Federal prisoners of war and all civilians en parole prior to May 7,1564, be declared exchanged, and they are thus de clared exchanged accordingly. 2. It is lurtber announced, that after deduct ing the number of Federal officers and men embraced in this order, as exchanged, the rebels will remain indebted to the Federal Govrn ment, according to tables carefully prepared by the Commissary General of Prisoners, from official data,?33,596,?for which no equiva lents have been received by the Federal Gov ernment. 3. All paroled officers andenlisted men, here in declared exchanged, who are in camp, wiH be immediately forwarded by. the commin dants of camps to their regiments and com mands, and will be reported to the Commis sary General of Prisoners, accordingly. Those who are absent on leave, will, on expiration of their leave, repair forthwith to the Parole Camps at Annapolis, Maryland, cr Columbus. Ohio. By order ol the Secretary of War: E. D. Townsewd, Assistant Adjutant General. KT'Spottsylvania Court House, mentioned in the dispatches from the seatof war in Virginia, is the county seat of Spottylvania county. It is a village of Less than two hundred resident inhajitants, situated on the Po (or Ta) river, a branch ot the Mattapony. It is twenty or twenty-'.wo miles east of Orange Court House, about fourteen miles southeast of Fredericks burg, and by the course of the roads, sixty-five miles north-northwest of Richmond. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS, tiood News from the Southwest, GEN. SCHOyiELDHAS A VICTORY AND PUR SUES THE ENEMY INTO NOHTH CAROLINA. GEN THOMAS CAPTURES 5.000 PRISONERS AND 12 PIECES,OF ARTILLERY. Philadelphia, May 14.?A special despatch ty the Evening, dated Cincinnati, May 11, says: News has been received here from soldiers to the effect that Gen. Schofield's army moved on the 2d instant from Bull's Gap, and after four hours fighting on the 4th, the enemy re treated. The Union troops are pnrsuing them into North Carolina. No further particular? have been received. The news thai Gen. Thomas has taken Dalton is confirmed. Our forces have captured about 5,(100 prisoners and ten or twelve pieces of heavy artillery left in the works, The rebels have retreated in some disorder to Resaca and Bome, Ga. Onr troops are in pursuit. KENTUCKY TO THE RESCUE! Louisville, May 14.?The following dis patch was received at midnight: Fbankkobt, May i:t. To ihe Editor of the LouittilU Journal : Kentuckians to the Rescue ! I want ten thousand, six month's troops at onoe. Do not hesitate. Come; I will lead you. Let-US help finish this war and save onr Oot ernment. Thomas E. Bramlkttk, Governor ol Kentucky. jyjANTILLAg POR^LADl^B, MTS8ES AND MAY DAY OPENINQ AT MAXWELL'S ORIGINAL CLOAK AND MAN * TILLA EMPORIUM. (Established in 1 8.?U .) On Monday, May isth, we shall have ou,r regular opening of Spring and Summer Mantillas. Cloake, Sacques, Coats. Ac., for ladies, misses and children Oft r assortment comprises all the newest and most desirable styles of BIa< k Silk and Cloth Mantilla* for ladies, misses and children. Mantilla Department in second story. Remem ber the place. MAXWELL'S, my 14-St 323 Ppna, avenue THE LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE AS 1 SORT MEN T OF FURNITURE, OIL CLOTHS, MATTINGS and ? t , . t ?. .? HOUSEKEEPING u-^DS to be found in the citv is at 3 tt ? SEVENTH STREET, Bktwbsn I asn K Streets. Don't mistake the place, THE HIG6 AWNING. You are allowed a discount of 10 per cent, on &ti bills of $60 and upwards. _ BONTZ A GRIFFITH, 369 7th st., apg) Sw between I shd K *<?? OOP FOR SALE. The subscriber has a Quantity of superior sea Boned OAK WOOD being delivered from the coun try daily in lots of half eords and Howards at U rr card. All orders left at the Post Office or 4S? street addressed to the subscriber will meet *W. H. IUAE. ton ' NOTICE. ' BE Undersigned having bought the premises known as the Oyster Bnqr Honse at georgetown^ corner Bridge and Montgomery streeto,now ealled the "New Idea," r?spectfbllr annonnoe to their friends that they will aWays ha^e on hand a fine assortment of Wines, Lisnori, 0'??*** and have also Famished A^S^nVhaM, H e ^ t ap ?-?.? Proprietors^ rrai MERCHANT'S AND BANKERS ALMA Tnac.UM BySmt k fRAHCJ8i'*f AYL0R

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