Newspaper of Evening Star, May 15, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 15, 1864 Page 1
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V?. XXIII. WASHINGTOIN. IJ. C.. SU NDAY, MAY 15 1861. N-. 3,49*. ? . ? i . AUCTION SALES. ri-TURK uAT?, ft WILLIAMS, AscUonmra. T?NuT|m'? v'VoS0F TWO HAN WOMB BUILD TIvN OFTH* CAPITOL AT AUO *???? the 2i>th instant, I shall sen ^ f?<-M: ot the premises, at do'elock, v. :u bv vir'*?,? ?f" ?ftr^V) the 5uD9orib-*r, .n ,!1'" as ,.** 01 ?*?? ?'?? r- sordid in j fh,-r J uJ " 0J'2.,"l'n"' ?W W. and ooeirfth. Wnd record* for t)*e county of jn tk.* District of Columbia, the follow!^S', ?a' , S i^tf jE&'tf.V1 cit* ^ WwhUgtfn.TL IT* nineteen thonfand fee? of 'r"''V ^;- r?^rry frwDtllonw hun'lr^, ^tU^y.?^ fret?x irrhr, on r.r.rth K betw?"n Thi?t?nVC 12a?d >* ??.*h??T?? ra"h: th* Glance in ?, ? r?r"h*-""r t* si to notes for OAWcfllJ, Pfynf- hearing i0U>-est from the 2fken -rvn? an'1 ? d"?d of trust lftk!!!?T*TW*,B* *f th" purchaser. It the tortus ale not complied in five days 4h? Trusue reserve the ri*ht to V sell the pr^pVtv vlr^l ?U?'dpopt?f first pnr-.fcs.ser. taLiieScer aUlt" * ti~e9ia tn* Nationa. I? ROBERT RIOKRTTS. Trustee 6MMJ W!UlAMj An^' Auction sale op valijabi k rkal ph TATE ON TUB ^OTcVlAO HIVKU, * H? COD.1TY. V.t. ?riiv *lrTU* 01? d???d of trust ->x?eutt*<l by <la*D*r 2r^.nln,;'^.APP""?:n *J Tn^^n.'t.W W*fe. JoJy u% \&?. and rec^rdod tnr.n? the land r^miHor A^xaodria Co nty, Va , -U..7 *?? *W tie T<vrt?ia" e,"? t*u."*?."ed if the rebelli-Mi against the sovereign authority oft'.? United Stat-* and the interest on the debt secured by ?aid* i-ej of YtT^ tL0- ,u *TTS*r ,vA from the jitVlav i?: -hall pro orderofthe t"rrttUrWlr|irHlb? '5rt.ieoft.he Authority con? f? rnj.l br aaid d*?*d, and th?? * taint** in giich cimo pI7>THf,<!? *"don the t9tfidayof Mav ifH4 - I ?ha]4 s?b at auct ion to the highest bid ler for cash i-u't?f VV th" Ci< y of Alex*?: Tkid-Wd' ?;J; r.c'nck' ?? ? tb? prnp.?rtr nim.d ?n Hill'' on t?oan l? ta *" f?rni mll...| ?? Summer UiU on the Potomar rive" in Raid Conntv ? ?h? ??ir.eeompri_ in? .bout orehundred au i fifty acres it,!,,wlt midway between Wauh v y *nrf Alciaodria, Va !KtKU"r,0f^ "ale will be *,*en at ?p ^ld J.-M. 8TBWART. Tra?ee? IJNITfcD jjTATEB MARSHAL'S MALE. ? v^a?!rt?? ?tw5. *r?tof Fieri P?cim. is?u??4 from r "*-J l^Q ? Office of tii? Snpre-DA Ooart .>f th?? fo.Hthft W?trfct?f OolDvnhin. and to S a r ?' I vill expfw# to public ?aie. for c.-*?h ? the frt^t of tie Court House door,of suidCru^ *?. 00 WEDNESDAY, the 25th day of May Di.r" R?v<.a. 12 o clo^k m., all defendaut's rigit, titH* ??aiio 'nd interest in and to th?> north oart "of 34. in Square No. 877, bounded as follows - ?-4meiVh" ""Othe^t comer?f ?>t No 33, on the lm? of beri-nth street east, rin TL ^ thence wwt 91 feet, tbeDc9 north A-et al'rrinV.Tl9Ii!e,'t e beffinnins. t..??ther w th ail singular, the' imMowiuen'ithereon R?i7.^d iad Arnrvfd*1?'^ M m k Pr,>,^,rt* Simnel ?U1 Joh ,Dh Arnold, asd wul b? ??ld t.? satisfy judicial No >"W B. Wh0irte? ' Middleton ^ u^ofElias my.a' WARPH.LAMON. P.8 M?rs>>l,P.C. J- _0. McGUIHJ Jt CO., Auction-ers. TRT"STEE'8 SALB OF PINE BUILDING LOT iv 81XTKKVTI1 ?TRKET ;ErWgE V \ Cli US# TT3 AVENUE AVD NORTH P KTilElT On ? A>rp.OAY A yj ERNOON M,y 2.4 at^ r ; k; prcmisev by yirtue of a dee! of f"' 2^? ,Wi3lJ,n 1. d*l>- record-1 anwi,. the !ftnd r<?^ords for Wa8bingt ;n County ir S^VAbrT^ht- the holder of the noteth?r "? ' shall p-11. Lot N?. H. in W M \I?r ?cX y sub diyision of tbe souf h part of.Sauare No Itl, front in# 22 feet on fist^nth^t.-ee't w"t b? tw-?n MaHsarhusetta aye-, ue and north p qtVeet Aid Tannine bark 1M f^et *o * wi?e p.r h> alley ?Q8 third ??o?h:th? raroaiuds- in ?l* ? *T?nt ,at?rest, secured by deed ?1 tnut on the premises. Corveyynces at the eoet of the cnrchasera _ , , . THOP J. ?I?nER. Tra?tee _My.5-eo td. J c. MrOniRB.V QQ. Ancts. |JT J. 0. McGUIRE t CO.. Anctioaeers, ?fof oVs'MolT^B.IBtWJSg -aI-jt'' "'K>T11 4;fB roCBTEBSTS STRJSSS PS nfl'ln** Af *#d*?d ?J irnU frnm William H C.aravitt and wtfe dated the twenty-third day of He?(*Kiber, eigh een huudred and ti:ty-ei^ht. and recorded in Lir<er J. A. 8., \t> f,,li?3 <77 43fc. a-d i5? one of the la; d Rf-coras for Wash in"-* Dwtort of Columbia, I shall ,e'l It K:on\.?n prexr on T*T' HJD VY ArTKRWOON. iune 2d at fi o'clock, all that lot or pa. rrl of land in the Ci!y i>f Washinjctoa. and Oirt trict of Columbia aft?r?-?aid. b^ing part of Lot nut ^ered one twerity-miiA, ana vhirty, (1, 2"> 3 ; ? in F<loare numbered two hundred and Ifty f2V>l> as ???.>d {>.-1? and Square are marked lai' d >n-. and dif .in^nii-hed 00 the p-in of said city : b?eian5n? Knr #aU partat a point on the line of H street Berth, eirht f?etfoar Dch.H tSfeet 4 inches) east of u? soatb west corn?r or eaii lot uu^hert"! on? and ranmng thence east sitteen feet S IncLes. (15 re? 8 itches.) thence north ninety two feat i9* f**1 > thenco wost six^Pn fe^teiebt'inche?. ,16 f-et * Inches ) tseec^ south ninsty two f^et (02 f'jer.? to the place of beeiuniuir. improve'! by a well built i<n.;k Hous??. with aJj tfca >-.odern impr ;ve.n?ut? .ai property he* just eastof the I>?menou hnild lCf.- ?nd opposite the Presbyterian Church and is of tbe most desirable rt-sidences of its ciaaa in tb city. Term*: One-third of thf> purchase money in cash: tb" 1 alanre, wtth intrrest., in sis months. A depcl will be jriyen and adeed of trust taken to seeti'e the Oeierred payn;t;ut3. All conveyances, iu-luding reyenue stamps, at tr? cost of tfte purchaser ShoaJd the terms oi sale not be cotnpli?d wit'a withiu three day*. tb? Trastte re?e'ves t?>e r^rt to r^-*eM at the risk and expanses of the pur ^ha.?er. sftcr KiTin*r one week's cot ice in the N% licnal .Irit*llieenc?*r, or other newspaper nub lished in Washington J NO, f>. MoPHERSON Trustee gy 12?erAds J. C MrOriRK & CO.. A-ieta. J^ALE OF CONDEMNED H0RnE3 AND MULEs! C/tu f Quarterma*t 's Ofire Depot of IWashington / Wa^hingtos, I>. C , April 27. 1S>1 < Will be sold At puhtie unction, ar the Corral n^ar thr Obesrvatory^in ttie City of Washington. D C ?.n W' BD^'KSDAY ifayl!. WP4. acd WKDN89DA V' May 2i. Ifl04. a : : of? HOK.3R9 AVD MULH8. &cndemn?d as at fit for puhUesurytcj. Trrw?: Cash in Gf>T?i ament fand3. fate 17> commence at 10 o'cir-ck. a. m. D II aUCKBR. Brig. Oen. and Chief C.aart?rroaster, ap.g-Sgt Depot of Waahi??V?n. O O. ICTION SALB OK WNDBMNBD HORSES. War Drpap.tmest. Cavblbt i?np.sao, Oy^icx or Chik? Qr-aaTSKMAsTEa Writhing to*. D. C., April 25. \SM, , W;?l be sold at public suct ion, to the highest b.i der at the times an-1 places named below, via: Newport, Penna . Thnrsday May 5th, Gettysburg, Penna. Monday. May oth, A^i,':ca?PeEn&Thursday, May 12th, M twin, Pecna , Thnrsday. May '9th, R**diny, Penna., Thorgday. May 86th, l_et i>r.on, Penna.. Thursday. Jnn? 2a, Nonhoroberland, Penna.. Thursday, Jane 9th. |WM!on. P?nna..Thursday. June ifith. WUiiarcsport, Penna , Tnursdav, June 234. f>ce Hundred < 1(V>) horses at Oetty?our?. and Two Hnndr?d and fifty (25-0 at t-ach of theother places These borses have be?n condemned as unfit for Vie cavalry serrtce of the United State* Army. For road and farm purposes cany good bargains may be had. Horses will be ?oid singly. Sales hpgin at >' a m , and continue daily until all are sold, Tertiis: eaab, in United States Treasury notes ?tly. J A *-?? KS A BK IN, ap V> tjegp Lt. Col an tC.Q. M C%valry Barean, ^JNITED fcTATES MARSHAL 8 SALB. In virtue of two writ-' of Fieri Facias issued from the Clark's office of the Circuit Court of the Listnct ot Columbia, and to me directed. I will ? TpoB<* to public sale, for cash at the front of the 0?iart Houredoor. of said county,on MONDAY, the *th day of June next 1S?4, at 12 o'clock M . all de. fer dant 3 right, title, claim, and Interest In and V> w'? K?- 1, 2. and 3, in Square No J>>. being the ed third part of said Lots, seized and levied t>r<*n astbo prooertp of William Douglass, and will l-e void t?> iwtirfy judicial No. 293 aud 290 to Octo> Ur t?rm 18T9, in favor of fm.fl. W W??ite and P.r.-?ther, use of James R. Smith, use of Henry Douglass. WM. 8ELDEN, my.l3-<i4d? late U. 8. Marshal. D. O. U S. MILITARY RAILROADS. ? Offic* qfAssitiani (Junrterma.Uir, WA8HIHGT0H, April 15, Wt ACCTION.-Will be gold, on WBDNBSDAY, the l*h day of May, at the Railroad Depot, is Alexan dria, Va., 600 Tons of Old Railroad Iron. M)A Tons of Old Oar Axlea, 550 ?oua of Cast Scrap Iron, of Wrought Iron, 3 Tona of Old Brass and Copp?r. 9yi#?;l Barrels. Terms: Cash in Government Funds. Ten (K>) a cent, to be p%id at the time of purchase, the knee on delivery. Tbe property must be removed within ten days rmr date of sala. H. L. ROBINSON, ap M dts. Captain and A. Q. M. hr t YdEft k CO. PHILADELPHIA ALB DEPOT I No. 93 Louisiana Avm?. L,r*rvi betVeen <Jtb and 10th *t^ ale b y the barrel as d hale barrel We also invite the attention of Sutlers and the trade to our superior BATTLED ALE AND POR TER. packed and ready for shipment. my< 2w* h*0R SALE?At the Foundry Church, corner of Kth and G street*, 43 Church Seats, with backs and uainted. ]f. Venit'au Blinds. 5 Winlow ^had?s. 25 yards tioor Oil Cloth, 2 Puraaces, with fixture* complete. J Stoves, an<) It' foe/ of stove Hiik", feet of Picket Fence, with cedar posts 'turned. S Cords of Ash Wood. All mr any of the *tove articlss will h? sold very cheap on applica Innto D. A. GARDNER, 460 New York avenue, a-*r l??h street nay 2 tf ALLEN'S RURAL ARCHITECTURE-? 1.25? Downing'* Country Houses; 53. Vanx's VIiTs* and Cottages: $2. London's Encyclopedia of Architecture; London. Hnttifld s American House Carpenter: Si. Hully's Country Seats; #3.5". Village and Farm Cottages; $2.5). A Home for the Suburbs; London. Field's Rural Architecture; 92. Sloan 'a Constructive Archit?n:ture, 4to; So. Sloan's City and Suburban Architecture, foj.'o * 1 J_ FKANCK TAYLOR MILLIARD TABLES FOR BALI. -The Subseri ?1 t?r Stan three 4rst e'ass Billiard Tabiee. nearly aew vlsieh he will dlspoae of imty low, laiu!re l* f UUard room oonte; of litk strwt aud 8 '"rrrrWuiia ???*?? sb iftf AUCTION SALES. |^Y J C. HcGUlHI A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTS?'S SALE OF VALUAD S SLAUGH TER HOUSE PROPERTY. with Brick Building. Brick and *ra-i.e Dwuiliag-houser-. an<1 VACANT LOTS n?-ar the Navy Yard, belonging t? the e-tate of the late Charli's Miller On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Mar 4 o clock, on the premises. cntTim?*uciEff with the first named and continuing in the order herein ed. by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Crurt os the District of Columhia. ^ittini{ lu chancery, panswi on the 9th day of April. a certain cause wherein Geo. W. Mill- r i? complainant and illeo Miller et a], are defendants, (No. 146,) we ah-til Be!!? Lots Nos. 1,2 3, 4,8, 6 7. 8,9,1? 24, 25. 2n, 27, and 28, m Square No. 953, fronting respectively on 9th and lth Ptreets east and south N st*eet. imor >ved by a brick dw?Uing house, slaughter house, stable* pens, fee., known as the slaughter yard of the latp Charles Milli-r. to be sold entire or di vided as may be deemed most desirable. immediately after. Lots l 2. 3. and 4. in Square to 954 fronting on south 0 street, between 9th and lcth streets east .Immediately after, part of lot No. 2. in 4*nare No 376, fronting 91 feet H inc+ies on south M street and iunning back 94 feet 3J* inches on lt'th street esst and improved by a double two-story frame dwelling house Irrmediately after, part of Lot No. 1. Square No. H52, beginning for the fame at S3 f<*et 6 inches from t.h? southeast corner of said lot and fhence run nir.g west and fronting on M street " feet, thence north ~5 feet 6 inches, thence east 17 ??*at. thence South 75 feet 6 inches toJ,he beginning, together viih tie improv?ir-.en?s. consisting of a three-story brick d veiling house. Immediately after, part of Lot 2, same Square, beginning for the fame at a point on M street s^'uth. it*' f#et from east l'ith street, thence north about 72 feet theuc? we?t 23 feet 9 inches, th-nce south about 72 f<-et. thence east 23 feet 9 inches to 1 the beginning together with tfc?? improvements consisting of a two-storv brick, dwei'ing t'ouge. Immediately after, part <f Lot No. a, in Square No. D&9. beitg the south part thereof, fronting 2i feet on lith street east and runaing hack that wid .h on M street south 8-i feet, together wUh tbe im provements consisting of a f; ?m? dwelnpg boa-?. Immediately after, Lot 13, in Square No. 1.023, fronting 9<1 feet on 13th street ea^, ?t 'he corner of south K Ptreetj and running back 9^ feet, to gether with the improvements. c->n?isting of a thre?-story brick dwelling house, with thre^ story brick bsck building T rms: One third in cash;The remainder in 5.12, and 18 months, with inter?"f, for which *he pur chaser must rive rotes secured to t&e satisfaction of tne Trustees. The purchaser to have the option <>f paying all in cesh Conveyancing snd stamps at the cost of the pur chasers If the terma of sale are not complied with in five days therea'ter the Trustees reserve the righ' of r^elling. at the ri*k and expense of the defaulting urchaser, on one week's notice in the National nteliigencer.^ GEO. A LOHRER. ? E. O. MORGAN, A. TH03. BRADLEY, HP r ii Rt66fl ap 21 eo&d* J. C. McGUIRl A. CO . Aucts. |>Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TRUPTF.ES SALE OF~OVEft THREE ACR?S OF LAN!) IN THEN ELGH FtORHOOD OF THE NATIONAL RACE COURSE AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the '.'3d day of May, 1^>4. I shall sell, by virtue of deed of trust, to the subscriber, and recorded in Liber N.C. T., No. 8, folios 471, ?172. 473. 474 and 473. one of tiic J records tor the count} of Washington, in the District of Colum bia. st 4 o:clock p. m., on the premises, the follow ing described property, lying and being in the county of Washington. District aforesaid, viz: Part of Ridge Tract, beginning for the same at a stone marked the northeast corner of Ridge Tract, at its junction with St. Elizabeth tract, and thenee rr.nning by a magnetic conrse north 83 degrees and 3> minutes west along the west boundary of said 9t. Elizabeth Tracts chains and 5 -links to a stake, thence south 25 degrees and 30 minutes west 0 chains and SO links to a stake, thence south 83 de grees and 30 minutes east 5 chains and 50 links to a stake set on the boundary line H?parating the said part of Ridge tract from the tract lying east there of, thence north 25 degrees and 30 minutes ea-<t ?ilong said boundary line 5 chains-and 50 linksto the placp of beginning. being parallel lines, con taining three acres and lour perches, be the same m<">re or less. Terms cash. All conveyancing, including reve nue stamps, at the cost of purchaser. If the terms of ?ale are not complied with in five days after sale the trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and cORt of the first purchaser, by giving three days notice of such re sale in tbe Evening Star. WM. MORGAN, Trustee, ap gi-eo&ds GREEN & WILLI A MS, Aucts. ? B Y J. C. McGUlKE <fc CO., Auctioneers TRUSTEES SAt,K OF HOCSK AND LOT ON NINTH fTREET WEST, BET WEEN O AND P STREETS NcBTH. Furs'iattt to aaeed in trust m?.rie *nd eiHCnted by R-.cbard A. Hyde, of Washington City, to the subscriber to secure a certain debt therein men tioned, I shall proceed to sell, at public auction, ? n the .Seventh day of Jan- next, at 6 o'cioek, p. m., or ti e premises, "'all that piece or psreel of ground atd prerrnses. situated, lying, ann bein?r in the said City of Washington, and District of Col umb a. and known and designated as Lot numbered ten (10) in t;ruttenden's subdivision of Squarn numbered three huncred and ninety eiaht (398,) fronting twenty (20) feet on Ninth stre-t wett, be tween O and I' streets nortn. and runniiig back with that width to a pubiii alley, together with all and sirguiar. the improvements, privileges, heredita ments and appurtenances to tae same belonging, or in ary wife appertaining." Terms; One halt of tb.< pureha?>? money cash, the ce in three ard six m.intbs. with inter est. Tire deferred payments to be secured by a deed ia trust on the premises. All conveyances mciuding rsv-intic stamps at the e* penKe o: the purchaser lit the terms are not comply d with within five da rs after tre cay of sale, the property will be re-Bold. *t, the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser, after five days notice in the Iveo ngStar. CIIA8. P W ANN ALL Truste?. my.5-?o&<is J. C. McGUIRE .It CO.. Aucts. QRAY S PATENT MOLDED COLLARS Have now been before t he public lor nearly a year They are universally prouounccd the neatest aa best fitting collars extant. , The upper edge presents a perfect curve, free from the angles noticed in all other collars. The cravat causes no puckers on the inside of tbe turn-down collar; they are aa SMOOTH INSIDB AS OUTSIDE, and therefore perfectly free and easy to the neck. The Garotte Collar "has a smooth and evenly fin ished edge on both sides. These Collars are not simply Oat pieces of paper cut in the form of a collar, but are MOLDED ANDHHAPED TO FIT THE NECK. Tbey are made in "Novelty."" (or turn-down elyle:) in every half size from 12 to 17 inches, and in "Eureka," (or Garotte,) from 13 to 17 inches; ard packed in " solid siies" in neat blue cartone, containing 100 each; also in smaller ones of ten each?the latter a very handy package for traveler* army and navy officers. fcTSVERY COLLAR is stamped " GRAY'S PATENT MOLDED COLLAB." Bold by all dealers in men's furnishing goods. The trade supplied by WALL, 8TKPHEN8 & CO., ?pl4-3m 322 Pa. avenue, Washington, TO BUILDERS. Having on band a larg?stock ofI*e.u>b*r,*urh as JOIST, gCANTLINO, SIDING, FLOORING, WHITE PINE CULLBfGS, SHINGLES, &e? and desiring to change the plan of my yard and at the Kame time to avoid the expense of moving and re-piling much of this lumber, I shaH from this date materially reduce my prices in order to close out my stock and make the desired change atonee. I willrtfe" particular inducements to parties pur chasing largely, especially of Framing Lumber. I have a very superior assortment of 1, l>i, 2, S, 4 and 5 inch OAK and ASH, mostly well seasoned, to which I invite the attention of hard wood deal ers. T. RDW CLARK, Office and Yard Virginia avenue, my7-lw^_ between 9th and loth sts. east. WANTED. mHMII FLUTING! FLUTING! . . WANTED, Every lady in the District to kn"?r that I have, at considerable expense, had built a very elegant machine for Fluting or Crimping Drestwe, Ae. Dressmakers and others can have any kind of goods Crimped at short notice, in as good style, and as cheap as in any other city. Ladies, remember this is the only machine in town, and don- at the only place to get stamping done. 3S1 p street, oppo site Patent Office, Stamping and ICaoHne Stitch ing Depot. my 3 NOTICE.?All persons having accounts with the firm of W, MTsIIUSTER ? CO. are re?nested to make an early settlement. They will find the books in the hand* of W. H. the old ft And* 1 All persons having accounts against the firm are r?*u?t?d to present them for settlement apltf-Ia AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC J CANTERBURY HALL,* AND HAL LJCANTEKBURY HALL.f THEATER Locibiara Atihor. fftar Comer qf Sixth Strum, Rtar of National and Metropolitan HoUl*. Sign of tb? Big Calcium Light. Groror Lba. . Proprietor j W. ?. Casavauoh Stage Manner. WONDERFUL ARRAY OF NOVELTY. SOMETHING NEW. something nkw. SOMETHING NEW. SOMETHING NEW. SOMETHING NEW. SOMETHING NEW. EVERY NIQIIT THIS WEEK, And on SATURDAY AFTERNOON at 2 p. nu Snow's Celebrated Troupe of PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKlYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKHYSl PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, PBKFORMING DOOS AND MONKBYS, PERFORMING f'OGS AND MONKBYS. PERFORMING DOOS AND MONKBYS. PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS* PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKS Yd, PKRFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, PERFORMINU DO(iS AND MONKBYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKBYS! PERFORMING DOOS AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS! PERFORMING DOOS AND MONKBYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS* PERFORMING DOGS A*D MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKBYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS. PERFORMING DOGS AND MONKEYS, The Mont Wonderfnl Entertainment of the Age. The Mont Wonderful Entertainment of the Age. The Mont Wonderful Ent'-rtninment of the Age The Most Wonderful Entertainment of the Ago The Most Wonderful Entertainment of the Aire. The Must Wonderful Entertainment of the Age.' The performance of the above tronpo Must be Seen to be Appreciated, Must be Seen to be appreciated. Most be Seen to he Appreciated. Must be Seen to be Appreciated. Must be Seen to be Appreciated. Must be Seen to be Appreciated. Munt be Seen to be Appreejated. Must be Seen to he Appreciated. The most remarkable TRAINED QUADRUPEDS TRAINED QUADRUPEDS TRAINED QUADRUPEDS TRAINED QUADRUPEDS TRAINED QUADRI7PKDS TRAINED QUADRUPEDS ever witnessed. Last *eek of the Poize Drama of the MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW. Or. THE WRECK OF A LIPBt Ok, THE WRECK OF A LIFE I Or, THE WRECK OF A LIFEI Hugh Hanlon,the Outlaw....--.Mr. J. De Forrest l.anty M 'Lauuhlin.a broth of aboy. W BCavanaugb Redmond Doyle, in love with Kathleen. .Williams S?u?ro Nolan, a. Justice of the peace. .T. D. Sullivan Pnilip Nolan, bis *on - J. J. Dougherty Sergeant Trap .Billy Delehanty Corporal Pan__ Johnny Ward Kathleen Nolan, affianced to Dovle. Jennie Forrest Judv O'Brien, in lovo with Lanty... .Luey Clifton THE SNOW BROTHERS in their Flying Leaps and Gymnastic Exercises. JOHN MULLIGAN. JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, J.J. DOUGHERTY, J, J. DOUGHERTY, J. J. DOUGHERTY, H. W. WILLIAMS, H. W. WILLIAMS, H. W. WILLIAMS, IN THEIR ETHIOPIAN ECCENTRICITIES. Last week of MULLIGAN, in his great act of OLB BOB RIDLEY. MISS NAOMI PORTER MIHS NAOMI PORTER, MISS NAOMI PORTER. MISS ESTBLLE FORREST, MI88 ESTELLE FORREST. MISS ESTELLK TORREST, JENNY FORREST, JENNY F0RRE8T, MAGGIE WILSON. MAGGIE WILSON, MISS EMMA SQHELL, MISS EMMA 8CHELL, LUCY JOnNSON, LUCY JOHNSON, IN THEIR TERPSIOHOREAN EFFORTS. MISS JENNIE ENGEL, MISS JJSNNIE ENGRL, MISS JENNIE ENGELl IN 80ME NEW PATRIOTIC SONGS. An entire new change of performance every night this Week, concluding with a I GRAND STEEPLE CHASE GRAND STBBPI.E CHASE GRAND STEEPLE CHASE! 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ONLY TIME POSITIVELY oTtbe intesely thrilling historical drama, in three arts, entitled tho FEMALE G AMB'jER: Or, THE MINISTER, SPY AND DECOY. Mgiame De Fontanges Miss Mary Provost The Femalt- <Tiimhler, Spy and Decoy, lbe performance will conclude with tho m.'W au-1 lau.'h!*ble comedietta of TOO MUCH FOR GOOD NATURE Monday, last night but five most positively of Mia Mary Pn.vost. who will appear upon that eveiing in her novel but eminently artistic im perfcnation ROBERT BRIKRLY, Ton Taylor's successful drama of the TICKET-OF LEAVE MAN. FORD'S NEW THEATER, Tbnih Sthkkt. abots PbsssylvAHL* ATiSUB. Last aight of the faTorite Comedian. MR. J. 3. CLARKE, ?who will appear in two great character*. TH18 (Saturday) EVENING, May 14,1^4, the performance will commence with Poole'a eel ?br,ted coined, otpAt}L PRY. Paul Piv Mr. S. Clarko To con<lude with the tbrillins drama of JONATHAN BRADFORD; Or. TBI MURDER AT THE ROADSIDE INN. Caleb Scrimuiidge.^?. _ . Mr .1 S Clarke Ann Bradford Miss Susan Denin Monday, the accomplished actress, MISS MAHY MITCHELL, will tteke her !ir->t appearance in tins theater is Constance, 5ti the "Love Chnse." and au Lady Elizabe'h. in "A Day Afterthe Wedding." The NAIAD QUERN wilt shortly be produced, with intreascd sple'idor. TERESA CARRE NO, THE CHILD P I A N I S 7 , (of only ten years of ????,) CREATURE OF THE RAREST GENIUS AND SURPASSING INSPIRATION, Will appear in GRAND CONC ERT, On TUE8DAY EVENING. May 17, At Odd Ffllows'II ali.. Aided by her entire company of talented ad pop ular artists. my 13 2t* METROPOLITAN MUSIC HALL, PSKBBTLVABIA AVISOS AND ELBTBNTU STRTBT. R. <*ARD VER tt H. ENOCHS ^Proprietors. PROF. HOLDEN Musical Director Our Endeavors have been Crowned with Success. ENTHUSIASTIC REOEPTION " OPTHB GUNBOAT MINSTRELS, AND DOUBLE COMPANY f whose performances have elicited the highest en comiums from the PRESS AND THE MASS. Comment untece?sary. as our programme is CHASTE, UNIQUE AND RECHERCHE. The people proclaim it, and the performances ?"'?"'Sfu OP MUSIC ?Uiott. REPUTATION. For particulars see small bills of the Admission .... ...... ? 25 cents Orchestra Chairs. 00 cents Private Boies $3 and $5. Performance commences at 8 o'clock precisely. 9B AND MATINEE On SATU1DAY AFTERNOON. at 2* O'CLOCK. Expressly f?r LADIES AND CHILDREN, On which occasion the . GUNBOAT MINSTRELS will appear, together with the entire company. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS DRAWING AND PAINTINU, ISS THOMAH Will resuniH hvr cIhsh in Draw ing and Painting Saturday. Mav "th. at her resi dence on Prospect st., corner of Fayette, George town.!) C. Miss T would be pleaded to see her tupils and any other.s who may have a wish to join the class. my 5-iw" H IGH STREET MARKET, No. 74 Opposite Prospect Strkbt, I'itOTKctuicn, D. C. We, tbe undersigned, beg leaTe to inform the public that we have on hand a choice assortment of Fresh Meats of all kinds, Poultry, Game, Ac. Fags wholesale and retail. 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And when tbe books of subscription to the capital stock of said corporation shall lie closed, the corpora tors named in the first section, or a majority of them, and in case any of them refuse or neglect to act, then a majority of the remainder shall, within twenty days thereafter, call the first meeting of tbe stockholder* of said corporation, to meet within ten days thereafter, for the choice of di rectors,of which public notice shall be giveu for three days in two public newspapers published daily in Washington city, or br written personal notice served on each stockholder, by; the secre tary or clerk of the corporation. And in all meet ings of the stockholders each share shall entitle tbe holders to one vote, to be given in person or by proxy. Tne amount of Capital Stock fixed upon vithin tbe limitation of the charter is f 150,mi0 Notice is hereby given that the books of sub scription will be optned on FRIDAY, the 13th in stant, at the counting-room of Jame* C. 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Ju?t received and fnr mle, a choice lot of Felt and Pitch, which will teaold eheap. together ap IS-lm* ?eet aide7th st.. w; Oanal bridge 1 PRIZES CASHED ^ N All legaliied lotterie*. Information ?iTen Circulars sent free, and all orders promptly at tended to. Addresn ? ? JOSEPH BATES, 11 Wall street, N. Y., ?p ?-lm* P?lt 0&c? B-j* 4,4t4. ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. in Retreat? I nion Forces ia Pursuit? Official Dispatches from Assistant Sro r'tary ?f Wbf Uih. STOTT8YrvA*?A, May 13-f a. m. tlvn. F. )l. Stonron, Shfnetary o f H>y. I*e abandoned his position dnrlugthenight, whether to occupy a new one in th* vicinity, or to make a thorough retrent ? not. determined. ?*ne division of Wright's, and one division of Hancock's, are engaged in settling this qncn. tion, and it 7 30 a. m. had come upon their rear g^ard. Though our army is greatly fatigued from the enormous efforts of yesterday, th news of I,?ee'9 di-parturp inspires; the meu with TrFsh energy. The wholp roree will soon be In motion, bu'the heavy rain of the last thirty iix hours renders the road very difficult. for wagons and artillery. The proportion of severely wounded is greater than in eitbsr ot the previous days' llghsing. This was owing to the great use made or artillery. C. A. Dana. The following dispatch was read yesterday in the House of Representatives, by Hon. Elihu B. Washburne, of Illinois. Mr. Washburne, in presuming the dispatch, said : . "If unanimous consent be (riven by the gen tit man from Ohio, (Mr. Ashiey,) I will state to the Jiovae tiie Importance of the official dis }:fifcti Jroin Mr. Dana, Assistant Secretary ot War. It isdati'd p.' Gen. Grant's headquar ter?, vesterday morning, at. - o'clock. Hp says .that .lie battle v/sf reuew^d at 4.30 yesterday morning. Hancock, during the night, took up a position between Wright and Bnmside., and at daylight attacked with bis usual impetu osity, forcing the iront and Eecond line of the enemy, takingtEe wholeol the rebel Brig. Gen. John-oil's division and part of Geu. Early's, and capturing the rebel Iirig. Gen. Johnson and Gen. Stewart, together with4-> guns. Burn side on the lett opened at. the same time, and advanced with but little opposition, and lorced a junction with Hancock. "Wrieht attacked at 7.15, and was at work while Warren was demonstrating in front to hold the enemy, who wna etronc in his front.. The precue number of prisoners was not known, but they tin be counted by thousands.' [Correspondence Associated Press.] KKADQCAUTEBS IN THE FlBiP, May 13?7 a. m.?Yesterday, as I informed yen by message, was one of the hardest day's fighting we have yet bad?the most severe being in the foreucou. The night previous General Hancock moved part of bis corps to the left ot the 6th corps, where the enemv had a strong position,and the guns from which annoyed our batteries much, and which it was determined to take if possible. At daylight the charge wan made, aud although our men were met with the most destructive fire, yet they gained the first line of wors3 before the rebels could get out and run. The consequence was that over S.WHi prisoners were taken, 3,!-o men, and ail officers, among them Major General E. Johnson, General G. H. Stuart, brother ol President Stuart, of the San itary Commission, besides, :ia is rpported, ferry two"guns, (only sixteen of which I saw, how ever.) with caissons, etc., some of which were manufactured in New York. The rebels made the most strenuous exertions nearly all day t> r? gaiii the position, bu~ failed, each time they C31'.-? lii trgmg toward it b?ing received with i such. vollief as sent them back in disorder. ' Bttrnside*s men were not so fortunate in their atu-mpt to gain the line of works in their front, the ,'d aud 3d divisions being badly cut up while making tbe effort. 1 The loss yesterday was very heavy, the rebels' being more than ours The total enm ber of prisoners in our hands now numbers over7,500 since the openlns ot the campaign. Thie morning tbe enemy F^em to have fallen back, and some believe they are in full retreat. Our troops are being pushed forward, aud we shall soon learn the facts. A dispatch was received yesterday frjm Gen Sheridan, announcing the destruction of ten miles of road, besides bridges at Beaver Ham, the capture of three trains and two lo comotives, and the recaptureof 500 of our own meu. He said he had half a day's forage left, but was going to get more near Richmond. This news being spread through the army created great rejoicing. Aii'oug the wounded yesterday were Lieut. Col.Rogers, 11th Pennsylvania; Gen. Birney, flight Geti. Webb, blight; Capt Keyser, 14th regnlnr*: Capt. Kelly, 6tlib New York. Gen.Rchriver ha;'''ten appointed Governor of Fredericksburg, and has gone thinner to enter upon his duties. THURSDAY'S GREAT FIGHT. [Correspondence of the New York World] Ti.e Army of tke Potomac opened its ceventh consecutive day of battle this morning with brilliant succet-s. Advices to-night (Thursday^ direct from the I lrout state that General Hancock's corps on the centre, just vest of Spottsylvanir Court House, moved at an early hour on A. P Hill's old corps, and after a severe skirmish drove Heath's division and part of Wilcox's, captur ing two thousand prisoners, one Major and two Brigtidier Generals, and fifty field and line office) s. Rumor I as placed the number much higher, but they believed to be the tacts as j>oar as conld be obtained hastily from the Lout and transmitted to Fredericksburg. At nice o'clock a. m. no oth?r lighting had occurred, an i it was hard to say whether a general battle ensued or not. The belief is that another one was four ht to day. Intelligence of yesterday's situation is at hand. Heavy artillery Sring and skirmishing were kept np. BuriiMde and Hancock maintained the posi tion which they occupied at the close of" the battle on Tuesday. It was thought that a gen eral engagement could not be prolonged beyond to-day, but it is impossible to tell If one was fought. Those who reae,h here from the front are confident that one corps of Lee's army is across the Po river, and that he will not risk another engagement on this side. In the general advance on Tnpsday the ?th corps captured 1,000prisoners of Dole's brigade, of Rhodes'division, of Ewell's corps, with 27 officers and several stands ot colors, instead of three brigades, as published. It is believed tnat the enemy's loss on Tues day far exceeds that of our army, as It is known that the casualties in Gen. Heath's rebel brigade were enormous. A prisoner stated that nothing had ever been seen like it. The rebel dead were piled up in heaps on the ground. Sheridan had cnt both railroads leading to Richmond at Saxton's Junction, twenty miles from the rebel capital. He has thus effectually destroyed the road. FRVM GEN'L BUTLER'S COMMAND. Beauregard Reinforced by Lee?Butler Successful so far?Railroad Communi cation With Petersburg Cut Off?The Union Troops Reported to have Passed The Outer Line of Rebel Defences* Fortress Monro a, May 12?2 p. m.?The steamer Hero, with two hundred sick and wounded, has just arrived from Bermuda Hundred, liom which the following news is derived: There was no fighting yesterday. Our forces fell back towards the James river some three miles, and were engaged during the day in throwing up entrenchments. Gen Butler intends entrenching from the Appomattox to the James, a distance of some six miles. Beauregard was reinforced during Tuesday night with two brigades from Lee's army, as near as can be ascertained. The James river was obstructed yesterday afternoon by our forces near Turkey Bend sinking a number of schooners and barges. This effectually blockades the rebel irou-clads. Our whole force moved at t a. m. to-day. Probably are engaging the enemy at this tine. It would be well to give publicity to the fact tliat no citizen is permitted to come intothis department without & special pasa from the Secretary ot War. One hundred and seventy rebel prisoners, including three officers, were brought here l ist utelit, taken in the recent engagements near Petersburg They will be forwarded to Point Lookout to-night. Brig. Oen. Geo. J. Stannard and Lieut. G. W. Hooker, A. D. C., arrived here and left for the front yesterday. It is expected Gen. Stan nara will command a division under Maj.Gen. Smith. LATER. Bermuda Hukdrbis Hay 13.?A teamster was snot down this raornieg by a guerrilla, three miles from Bermuda Hundred. At daylight the rear guard advanced. At eight a. m. General Bntler and staff left bis old headquarters. At ten a. m. the whole foroe was moving in the direction of Petersburg ana Richmond. At twelye m. the enemy was dis covered Lnuencbed. The 10th New Uaiapshi?' drewthe .-cem y fruin ihelntn-nrnnienta. ,Th?e was skirmishing ail the afternoon od our right% tutao general engagement. A mimher of ro^l* were captured, one colortel There wan no ftehtinp on tb?? left. The DiH^rs and menare in good spirits. t FROM NfcW UKUA1K. The Red Riv-r EvtThe Fijiht at fane River?The V?at?u Trwrpi Vltfl** ricuf. Ni!* Toek, May 13.? the steamer Creole has arrived trom New Orleans on the 5th. Tin Havana. The report of a fli;ht at Dune river. A pni v:t, i?r con flrmett by <*"" e?ponrtenee in the Sew Orleans papers. Tne rebel ;rjilti jn was taken by ussauii by Gen. Bir?c. at the pom; at tte ^Ajoret, and M) or H? rebate captured. Athong the first killed was Obi Fe>?er,den7 leading his brigade. The rebel* pursand atd ?ware tiguln louud. Their lots was heavy. Oars 175 killed and wounded. Geternl McClernaud arrived a: Alexandria on the '.Hjtti. ? The army occupies a su-on* position, and i# abl" to resist live times its number. All rtie transport* are below the Rills and sajo at Alexandria. There are tight gunboat above the tails.' The Eastporr. was blown tip on the 27th. Tbeentmy made bis appearance oa tha3?th on the Phreveport road, anil drove in onr advance cavalry. General ALcClernand me; ilit-ir. with hi* dommanri, when they withdrew | v iihcnt a fight. The armies, however, are in i cl-tir pTDilmiiy, and the pickets ar.- ftrisg con* ?tn ?iy. A batile win ixjurlv expected, and ovr m?n were anxious to meet the enemy. Nk* York, May 13, p. m.?A NTew Orleans l-:t. r o* the Tib, in ti.e Kxprese, gives a report thn> Gen eral Fanka is retreating by the land roi te to Brfishear City, it hiing impossible to do so bv ti e river, as the bt-amer City Belle, on her way op with a regiment lo reinforce him, was captnred, with s?ll <m board, and t urned. Two other boats were captured and butned. Gold closed heavy at 17*2. LKK III RI(HMOII) W?D!IUED. Rrlle B?} <1 caught ov n l*l?ri?ade Runatr? The lledy ef a Inivu t upiaiu Found. FnRTRe-ip JVlovnoK, May 12?The Pet?rr? burg Express of the 11th says Gen. Lee is in Kichmond, wounded. The telegraph lines between Petersburg and Richmond are cut, as well as the railroad. The body of Captain Phelan, o: the gunboa; ?hnwsbcen, was found floating in the James river yesterday evening, *hot. through the head. At the time ot the destruction of the boat he was seen to swim ushore. The noted Belle Boyd was on the blo ckade runner Greyhound, aud is now in Hampton Heads. ? TIIE WAR IN KKORttlA. "Walton F.vacuated by ttie Enemy? The Union Army Occupy the Place. Cincinnati May 13?General Johnston evacaated Iialton last night. Our forces now occupy the place. A f'miiirtl Boston. May 10.?The rep >rt of the sinking of the U. S. sU-aniers Hunt^ville and Do nou> by the pirate Florida was a canard. Bcr.h vessels arrived at Key West on the tftfth ait., from a cruise. Tbey intended to remain in port two weeks lor *nppliee and repairs. Greenbacks as Standard < urrency. Chicago, May IS.?The hankers of the city last nitrht resolved tha? on and after Monday next to adopt greenbacks as the standard car rency. Similar action has been taken m many places in the interior. GENERAL WADSWORTH PROBABLY LIVING. He was Alive m the F nemy's Hospital en Sunday. The c heering news of th<? probable safety of Gen. James S. Wads worth is conveyed in the following extract of a letter from Cape. Philip Schuyler, of Gen. Patrick's staff. The letter says: ??Headquarters Army of th: Potomac, Six Miles North of iSpotlsylvania Court Hotisr, |!? m., May m?We have news this morning from General Wndsworth. A prisoner states that he saw h m Sunday mornine or Satnrday night, lying on a couch In a hospital te.i t, with one of onr officers attending him. He was shot in the head. The bullet entered near the nose. The General was breathing with some dirficulty? and playing with the buttons of hia coat." The last statement in thus letter shows that Gen Wadsworth was so severely injured that his mind wandered. Gen. Patrick, named in Captain Schuyler'5 letter, is provost marshal of Grant's army. OFFICIAL. A be ah ah Ltnoolk, President of the United States of America, To all whom it may concern. Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited tome that Uablo* E. Lblakd has be?jn ap pointed Consul of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, at New York, I do hereby recoguizd him as such, and declare him free to exercise and enjoy such functions, powers, and privi leges, as are allowed to the Consuls of the moss favored nations, in the United States. In testimony whereof, I have caused these letters to be made patent, and the Seal of the United States to Ih> hereunto affixed. Given under my hand at the city ol Wash ington, the 7th day of Mar, A. Tr l^GJ, [L.s.j and of the independence of the United States of America, the S?th. Ahridam LiSCOLH. By the President: William H. Sbwa ati, Secretary of State, Am: ah am Lincoln, President of the United States America. To all whom it may concern. Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited to me that Joas H. Snydxr has been appointed Vice Consul of the Oriental Republic of Uru guay, at New York, I do hereby recognize him ; s such, and declare him free to exercise and enjoy such functions, powers, and privileges, as are allowed to the Vice Consuls of the most favored nations, in the TTnited States. In testimony whereof, 1 have caused these letters to be made patent, and the S?al of the United States to be hereunto affixed. Given under my hand atiheCityof Wash ington, the 7th day of May, A. I). IS6I, [L. s.j and of the Independence of the United States of America the >6th. Abraham Lincoln. By the President: William H. Ssward, Secretary of Staie, Abraham Lincoln, Pre.-ident of tae United States of America. To all whom it may concern. Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited to me that Fribdrich Kluxpp has been ap pointed Consul of Wurttemberg, at New Or leans, for the States of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, I dn hereby reco<cniz? hian as such, and declare him free to exercise and enjoy such functions, powers, and privi* leges, as are allowed to the Consuls of the mosS favored nations, in the United States. In testimony whereof, I haVe caused these Letters to be made Patent, and the Seat of thn United States to he hereunto affixed. Given under my hand at the City of Waab ington, the 9th day ot May, A. D. 1664, fL. P.] and ol l"Se Independence of the United States of America, the 88th. Abraham Lincoln. By the President. William H. Seward, Secretary of Stat?. Ar.RAiiAM Lincoln, President of the United States of America. To all whom it may concern. Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited to me that august Widbnmann has been ap pointed Consul of Wnrttemberg, at Ann Arbor, in the S'ate of Michigan, I do hereby recognize him aa such, and declare him free to esarcia# and enjoy aneh functions, powers and privir leges as are allowed to the Consuls of the most favored nations, In the United States. In testimony whereof, 1 have caused thee# letters to be made patent, and the seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed. Given under my band at the city of Wash ington. the 9th day of May, A. D. 1861, fL.B land of the independence of the United States of America, the dHth. Abraham Lincoln. By the President: William H. Skat a an. Secretary of State. PERKINS, STERNE & Co.. 190 Broadway, M. Y., XXOLtrSIVS D1A L BBS IK CALIFORNIA WINE." ' -j We guarantee them all to be AB80LDTKLY PUB*. for sals by all first-elate grocers and Dvaggifta tvarywhare. . mfcjota*

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