Newspaper of Evening Star, May 17, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 17, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMUSEMENTS TO-NIGHT. Fonti's Theater.?Miss Mary Mitchell lo r if'at as "Lady Gay Spanker," In "London /.tf-ura-cp " The piny will b? produced wan liegac? and appropriate scenery, ar.d Mit-s J-Iitchell vrill be ally supported by a good company. Ukovbr'h Tbeatbr.?Miss Mary Provost to-niflit sgain as "Hob llncrly," in the "Tiekfii of Leave Man.*' lXer representation of this t harncter la.-t night w is superb, aud it is a natter of retrrer her engagement is so fimited that the chr?racter cannot be repeated after to-night. OOTfCRIT von P/.TFTOTIC Pi" r.POf ns.?TeTean Carre no, the child pianist, will give a grand concert to-night at ( d<1 Fellows' Hall, 7th rtreet, asM'ded by aim nber of eun?rb 8inr?r?: The receipts are *o bt* distributed, rnd?r ihe direction of th?? acting Surgeon General, fur the benefit ot the wounded in toe late battles. C/ntebbprv.?" Dud jo's Cave" has rem produced here with row scenery, costnme.j, machinery atd appointments, and is performed in that splendid slyle lor whu h the Canterburv corapanj is fatuous. Othtr acts will also bi performed. hlsr uoroL it a v Hall?Ballets, pantomimes, hurle^que?, comic and sentimental tents, aud a splendid toi. ^rt hall entertainment generally ? pheii nifbily at this popular hall, which is always crowded. Fair ami Festival.?The delightful fair of the Foundry Church, correr ot l!tn and G atreeif, continues this week yet, and is in all particulars worth visiting. Balls.?The Jur.i r Bachelors give a ball to eight at Temperance llall. F. K. Labbe gives his May ball to-night at his JiaL ot. Fennsy lvama avenue. 7 i k District in Congress.?In the Senate veeterdav, Mr. W ill^y miroduced a bill to pro hibit cattle, hor-es. mules, aud other domestic animals, irom running at large iu tlie District of Columbia. Beierred to the Committee on the .District. In tbe House, Mr. .Tames C. Alleu, of I Hi nois. intTOducd a resolution, which was adopted, substantially as follows: Ktstivi'. Tii&tuu Committee on the 7)i?tri"t ol Columbia be insti ueted to inquire and re port what legislation is reees*;try, and wiiai yubhc oflitiais ire ii -eded, to prevent obstruct ing of the streets ol tne city, according to it original plan; and particularly by what au thority cf law Eighth strep: west is obstrnoted i?o ns io present the sight ot the grounds ot the Smithsonian In mute, and the proper ventila tion of taid street: also, by what lawful au thority structures erected upon II street north: also, by v trai law obstructions trench upon the streets leading to the j?nbli ? Mall; and r-.iao, whether the coiporate authorities or ihe <le\crr.mei.t >ie in the receipt of the rent from ihe canal. Police Reports? Setmd I "recite'.?Warren Fietcner. Eliza Fletcher, Harriet Jackscn, a. tauit ar.d batfiy: bail lor peace. Third /'rectnei.?John W Snioot, urunk and (iisordei 3y: .not di*)**-<-d of. S. Moyejr, disor derly s.ii. Kitty .umraers-jn. do. aiic drunk: S2-56. fourth Prec'nrf.?Ch as. Parker and Stephen Tiee, crtrnk. Sl.fiu. Mary Waters, vagrant; dts isiss-ea. f y :U I'reti ?. ?Mary Jounson, street walk ing' dismnstu. Moiiie Johnson, grand lar ceny: do. fiirfh Prt inct. ? John Wilsen, disorderly locked np fix Geo. Carroll. C. if arris: Dav;d Masou, Wm. Henry, Jas. I>jgaf, -ttemp: to stftil; ni l repor'-d. .loLn li-jliaui, difcor djriy; dtsmies^d. Bolo Eobbi!by.?Sundaj- nic:ht a colored naL, iaaeu lii. r/-; Winter, v*as robbed ol a omi'.ii v. a., u, a.i wht i.'roc?ry .^v re o: 1* O ftiirn, comer t 1'fciut ht.>i Lsirs is. t-iuite a r.nmrer ol m n w^ve in the vi >;m y ot the store, ana or.e st th inat:a<-r. >fl Wa ters as lie cam- out of the >ture, aud t-r!ifd Uf1 ?.'itch oft ol hi.- \. vt rocket. Officers He-.-;lcr a.\u Crock, of the FoUiin Wnrd, t?? ingi^ thenei^h borhcvd. casred the entire party, and while se'ttcfcu.g for the watch Her^arsaw ju?- named J. <' Connel! tn'. the watch I rum the window sill aiid slip itin his p; k 't Jerfiniih O Con xell and John, Jii - hroiaer, wtre arrested taken before Ji'-ticeUiberscn, who held tiein toMMfMrt. ; ? ?? . A New Pi.a?- Spbinklk TtiE Stp.p?t? ? Let a four ^ncli j ipe t?o lain m the centre of the fetieet even with the curia e of t^e pav- ioent, the tii per side of Uie pipe to be perforated widi a great number ol .^mnii hoi-s. letting on a pressure from the main the water would be throw:, all over the street, lfc> tis springing it effectually. Thisce?1dgeMrallybe djneb fcre daybreak, so as nat to n.terfc-e with the travel, and wetti. g It tli lfoughly a_= by a ra. n ilicvrt.. II nece-sary, ihe water could be iiif lered to merely run without much pressure through the da\. thus k^epinjr the s'r^et thrtr oughij- wet without interfering with the traffic. vVcuid not this, piun be inure efle- '-uai, and at lea.?t ten tun; s ct caper than the ordinary suede? A. W. A Waphikot"M aw Killed.?Information Las been received her, of the death 0: i antaiu J?la Leil ^mitn, of the Tist Pennsylvania (Oai ifornia rfpin:et.'. kil'tuiu *ne ritrht of l'uur^ <lay last. Cap!. Smith, at the breaking our of t :e reteliion, joineu the Sbsnn er Guaras, and fer>ed as a lieutenant in the three months campaign of our District volunteers, uid wueii lhe> wcrj musi?-red out of f rvice he jjined the celebisted Cal ornia regiment, un^ar the la mented Col. Ilt.ker, in which he has served sine? with mnch IHWWT to himself and com pany, tnteriug it oriKtmily as iieutt-n int. Gapt. {Smith was well known in the ijixth Ward, V. here he leaves a family A'pati.t aki> Hattkp.v ?Y c=*er<iay after noon Otftcer PeEdel, of the Fourth Ward, ar retted Mr. Nathaniel K. Levitt, of the yolice, for an assault and battery on Captain j^atnax. l'ariing, chief of the Capitol, commftted last week. Mr. Kevpt was tak^n belore Justice Bates, who held him to n iil in for a hearing on Saturday i:?*xt. Friends of Mr. Le\ itt who wit:.e->ed the aflatr says that Cap! Darin g made the assault, and that Mr. .Levitt defemie.l hirostdf iih a cane, with w hich he inflicted a wound on the captain's tiead that thrtaUns to prove serious. a writrr in the Chroniclr is conti. ually com plin lag of the Mayor and Govnoils for enaet. ing lawe for ttif laying of pavements on thj streets fciitside of thicklj' settled portions of the city. Dees not this writer know t'aa: the loot-i avements are paid for bv the people <>v u'.r.g 'he property along the line of pave Tient1 This being the casr. why what right has the Chri>r,;c'e to object to us spending our cirn noney* Dees that pap> r object to u poor man having a pn\cm*-n' in front of his door wr.ich he pays lor wi'.h his own hard-earned money.' A PitOT'ERTY Owner on- Eiohth Stebst. The Comijto Pic-mc.?Don't forget the pic r.ic of St. Dominuk's ('hurch Sunday School tocc meot! at the Park on the 2tM iust. The s.'?r..e capable man'gfineut which ma>le the fuc-nics last year by this church so wunder ?lly successful and enjoyable will secrre the tame results ihts year without doubt; ni.d we advise all who would t ike a day's relaxation uuder the most agreeable auspices to secare 'tickets for thii plc-nic. .. Focrth Ward Station Case1;.?Jeremiaii C?t'or.r:ell and Jno. O'Corncll, grand larceny: ha. 1 for court. Chas. H. Buldle, drunk; dis missed. Jas. Hums, drunk and disorderly; S?2.36. Cba?xLtmo i, disorderly; m.litiry. W. Kiche and Geo. Oliver, fighting: eritih. .las. Carroll, drunk and disorderly: Michael Kendrigan. assault ana battry: jaii for court. Ann Kendrigan. selling liquor to soldiers; dis missed. Sebious Accidknt.?About 0 o'clock yester day mornii g, a little girl about ten years of age, i.umed Carrie Shein. while crossing Penn sylvama avenue at 19 h street west, was knocked down and run over by a street car. j.she attempting to pa-s in front ol the horse-,) the wheel passiur over herrleht foot, crushed it horribly. She was conveyed to her home on li street, fietwren iTth and ISth st-eet?. where *he was attend d by Drs. Smoot a id Miller. Post Okpu b D*i?aetm-int.? Postmaster necersl Hlair, y?>?ter?liv, appointed William Wales, Esq , ol Mil., .hi r clerk of the Post Office Depart*n?nt, vice W. A. IJayan, re signed. Mr. W . qualified and eutert^ upon tis duties. _ Paeai?e The /maco?tia Eire Company ?"were on parade j-e^terday aft. rnoon with mar tial muaic, drawing a hand-; >m? new hose l ar;:ape just piacd in their charge. St At e of th e Thermometer.? At Frank In &. Co.'s. opticians. No. 201 Pennsylvania a\ nue, the thfrmometer st.?d to-day a* l o'c !e k to in th? ^nsde, nnd in the sun. l.H'fE?iR>:n th?? Loi.'turo on the Battle of 1 <ie-.t\sbnrg to-morrow (Wednesdnv) evening, 1 n? ?- o'rlof-lr. T.eff rthurn aurl Eas'em pre.= - HHl in '.he highest 'trn-s ot Mr. Warn-r a D'ctnrer. The /???'?? ? - XtaU J ?lr,ial of Wil- ' mmgton, says of Mr. War ? r's de?crii? ion o:" ihe great battle. h?? pa?*. a over thi- whol* i rere ??*!> 1 y step from the day on which E 37>-il ' ores -u Beverly >'ord with tli? advance of the Ke?>e! Ariry till tbe Ph of July wh?n L e atA^ijOtcd the trighbothood of Gsttysbarg in full .ote fi i Virginia 1 his lecture has Ueew called for and delivered In PhilatfeimMk fsew ^'o^k city, litstot1. Wilrniigton and inahv '?I er tlastert eitiej. We hopetos?t>fh<?HoiiVe ( : Pep/Teientr-ttves filled tooverflowingon that iCCasl'jt. *? spkciat, ntoticl:s. *Y ?<r?isnTO", May 17.1*51. Atsrceti g of the fi urtii Ward bemmes Club, hoj? last evening, the following comoir.oication v ai r c : > c i at;<l accepted: "Cm; or W ashiwotov, May 1f>. 1364. ^'WfnTI.RK PN Your communication ?f tbe 13th v .is duly received Since it.? reception I have bad tb"- subjoct to which it refers under serious coi ? deration and l.nd that to do justice to tbe < face <*ud ray.-' if it v. ill lie entire) > out of mj pow er to comply vith the request of n;> friend-. and thcrefertj return iuy thanks to the committee. aad ft"' 11 r f-:er.ds. v '?? ?> have placed try name in l.onui.atit u a mouiuer of tl.e Ikard ?>f C. uiruou Council of Ibis city. "Y u will picas;* fi* up'-n feme better man. aad v u i:ih> bo assured of iuy entire support ol the vv holt- 1'fkfl. "1 i-r* respectfully rcur oteiisnt scrvrnt, "G K KrjfNSDT. ",T?s li. IMTBOIP, ff.M. H. JOHNSOK, 1> CtAKK, Committee.'' '? ? < ?nir.itfpe appointed lo select a snitqhlo f . K> t>> tili the vacancy will report to the .?ointifD on ThurPoay. P'lb in?t., Club Roam, i?ot:ieiaaa avenue, b>e1 ween oth ani 7th streets. It* 7*"wfi.*y ! .!ewei.kv !' ?JOm Don ah. Geld Plated Jewel?y and Silver-Plated Tea Spoors, lor O.e Dollar, at 43b l'eun. menuf r a- i!- street, at the Dollar FUrp. rny 14 3t* Corns, Bunions, Bai Nails, &c. Persona wishing immediate relief from the:c r< ub'.-sorne annoyances, should call at Da. Weitk'o moms. No 424 Pennsylvania aTenue, between!; z aiid Gth streets. Brows'a Bronchial Teocesb. These Loieuges are prepared from a hichly esteemed recipe for alleviating: RroncMai Aifec tions. Asthma, Floarseness, Coughs, Colds, and Irritation or Soreness of the Throat. Fubhc Zpeakfrs and Vocalists "Vfill find them beneficial in. clearing the voica before speaking or singing, and relieving the throat after any unusual exertion of tbe vocal organs, 1 aving a peculiar adaptation to affections *hic.h disturb the organs of speech. mh*9-d&.wtf D*. Pcpoht 'e He car-crated Female Regn'?.t:ng Piiis ere the very h?*t in v;i. They operate spttdtly ai d effectively, and beinij .cvenr-coutri create n.) B;iasfn upon the most delicate stomach. A trial of these PiilB will prove their mpericnty o- tr aii others. Price Si a box. Sold by S. C. Ford, corner llth street and Pa. avonae.Washington, and Henrr CooS. Alexandria Ja6-ly V> ?*p vfi itj' to Ui.p.b iky?' x Darts.?Dr.Godfrey's At Ti irt", an JnclUh Sr-eeihc of sixty-five' atscding. will cure Oon^rhaa in six d-ys. tin c* ? ?u*?'? f diet require1' Price .?l per htvti.fe. 8ohl by >' C. Ford, ei r*ier llth street ?ad 5'r avenue, W?sbint;ton, acd UenrvC^o\. Alexandria 3 6 -1 > F?WlMATOF.l:HC-A can BK C' HKI Dr Itaod*?Pp? Ci"c cures ?' ?atorrhftn, S n.-:nnl Wt Im l>or- cf i'puvt. ???' t?t .u i'.ij, I - eflect? a:-- trrly i.. -. :ea . * trial ot the gp?-c!8c wi'l convince tk# mnft sltepticnl of its vnoHtn i'vi - gl n box. fioid bj t. C >' .d, corBt r Uth street and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Henrv Cook, Alexandria. Ja6-iy 1 r:CiIKAP2tT AND BEST Hair Dt* in the W'rt!.D ?iVfi't Fori? or fhtt ? Uphata's H'iir Dyo, f a h-ox. Ti.t beat ia UHe. Try it. Sold by f* L K'_rf?. corner 77th street ?rrj Penr.. avenoe, Wrisi; ngcon; ami iieury Coot, Ales.andri&. ii-ly MARRIED, V v T.fh 1'^. st the resii'-nce of the official in a: t - ! v " Rt 'ii'.ck. CHA.S. K. t L ft K ' is. st. . Mas- , t'. Mi ?rSA!f JANE K NV.. of iln^erstiv.n. Ma. [Hfcscrbtov.n pa ; t p:"s=e 1 Ot J?e 1-iii i;-.-'- . at c "'U-.c'-, liMILIA, ? ? otilv ua'in-hti - ( f h-7hia nod tbe Iste Ch"a . Werntr. i iifr il vill t.ilw jj*m"" to j:!r r:oir IV ir.?': '? > f't* - coOn. ** 4 o:clm- .. feoia ti e rt ?. ' irr o)'?*iieX. . <>?/ i'eiiU. a?, ..*1.11 he.' 1. ? - ? Si 1 d? tv. fttefly sro rdst'c ttiiufnitittd'to CliU. * ji av. 'I..> i'. LAM?I?Ori, "wife ( i li-'V X?ij W. H^"*1U -/ K I; -..>i are resin . ? "??'. v SrvHcI f ;>*end 1 ? r 1 uierai. f.i j*j !|ie if-u'? ? . ! Mr. R U-- ir "t- 1 str t ( \V ? .li=- - !?. y 1 afternoon, at alo'elock o ? ii: . tiic- r?'- ust , Dr. IoiAC r. L M' < * K. ? v proceed fre^i Ms'&te resi'i-t.'-o, N . '-'4 t:a\ .-t r. <-t, ^.ec rsffllow,.. tt lunnwiW ; < - hyK Uttb iat &-t o-cl< - . The friend of *U" auiily ar? itfLte.l ?> att' .. KaaauMxiKi -"t.t saaw ?K>R SALF-A hek&i n?1r pvR?;> 1 Inquire of U. N. EASBi", 2ith srtreot v. and D street north. myi ; t* Ij"-'K if Ah K?On-1 good -l;i:;ingt. pi'i'GUY ".3d " s " ' f sburn- i: p * t (^rdai*. P ic ? ? . A pi?ly ( etwi^ii ihe hotiaoj' 'J a. n.. an 1 12 . ut 1T* I oil.- ? ?i<saf 21-.'.. my ! Iw * | I F.-ii WANTED?Mast be ajnt!e. i ~y" fr(;in ? I i ice. and v arr.nnted son?: K " r a l?dy's sa Idle h Ador' S- F. P Bi x " 11 t <.?t Ofri'-e, or : .-? : ''yr.t 3f>.j E st b>-t '.'tl .0 1 i t ., my }t"> eo'lt* '|"m it'KC ! s-A *1 >; A K !!S ?i or f.iie. n l'hiln ! del; ..:a patent V AC11 INH. A!.-.- Fi"frers, lee Chest*. ,Vc. Will be sold a bargain,the own^ :? h.-t'? ii:s r.?* u?e for then'. Also.80m?MarUa-toD ' - Apply at 3^ i i'a wwiiW/ my 16 3t* ^ O il SALE A N It EXi'U A N G K B "1 IIALL A EATi.'X. JiEAT. EST A Ti. FRO. ENS. 4 teres n:oo li ctle FAll.M. lifter. - gord FARM si:. HOI'SM an.l 5 ? acres of good TIMP.IiR, &n<? several o'".ere. 1 ."rQL 4iiE OF GROi NDc -.'.s'lii: a 19-lf,0 s^aar. feet at a I srgain. want to buy three small Ilul'dS and L('TS, We want three five-acre LOTS n' ?r the city and ten ch'.'ap Lots on the Isiai: 1. For Fu'.e, four LO'1'3. 7th street, :.-s' b 'undary lice. L</i cn N street, between 16th aud 17th ?t?. Tc rent, a ?TORK ROOM ?a 7th s're t. The J-TOCK for saio on ioug time. HALL A EATON, my iC-tt'* corner cf 7th an! F streets. SLMMKK liHKSS GOODS FROM THE LAIIGE ALC'HON SALES AT NEW YORK LAST W LEK. V.'e 1 :? re iast returned from >7 w York, having l \r li?-td last week at the la-ge auction sales an ir.mense stock of SUMMKR DRE.-S (;OODS, rnbrac'ng all the novelties of the season, and as g'-od- told cheaper last week than ai.y previous week of the sea-on. we are prepared to offer splen d;? I rgains. We have ala< about Cfty pieces of BLACK SILKS. r..::g!ng in p-ice from ?1 to * 1.5' per y ard. MOURNING ItRi:S.-% GOODS. We Lave all of Lupins' celebrate i fabric in Black Dress G' e la, an ! also a large assort ment ol Second Mourning Got :.' to which we in vite t e attention of laaiilies si oppiug for Mourn ing. J.J. 41A? & CO., 5ft9 Fennsylvania avenue, lj >t V-etwe-r-a Oth and l'dh ti I nn LKATH RR?1.BATHER! II Ml PAIR No. 1 Boot L. gs just r tcivp 1 f.-om l'i.ila'lelpbia 5.V ? worth of prime Calf S-vius and ^ole Leather, and a larg<- U-t of Shoe 1 inditgs c!:eip for cash, at the store of JOHN C. 8H AFER. No. S^0,!4 D street, under the my il St* Richmond llotel. L^OK SALE?Two th< rough-bred F MARLS. C-..e 1 \ a the other r :fh f*?l p.,r % hn '1 .-r particulars apply on C?.d street, b? tween G .-toa Li. to A. UlilDGE. ni>"li-3t' t*LACK SILKP T BLACK SILKS! } VERY CHEAP. A fine asaertment of superior lllack Silks raag iiuf ih price from *? 1 U|> to very line grades. A -0, a email lot of Check, India and French Bilks. Ten pieces handsome plain Colored Hi 1V-3, a'l very 1 :mp. J. W. COLLI.V, ;; y 1.3-T' 5'J3 7th street, near I'a. avenue. \?w AND STYLISH J > DRESS GOODS. Opened thic day, a large and elegant assortment ox livu aod Styiiall Sun: iner Dress Goods, many of teem l-ought at less than the importers' prices. ar:d will he s- Id at a s*nall sdyance to clos<* o;tt at tuce. The ladies are specially invited to call >arly. J. VV". COLLEY. my 13-5t No. ??23 7tb street. CTokpoKATION OF WASHINGTON SIX PER / CENT. WATER STOCK. Tlie sabscribar* have ui sale Corporation of Wa* n Six Per Cent. Quarterly Wat;-r Stork, i -?;:i:? i f one h indred dollar" or upwards. The ? amountof this stock is limited t-> ?16 K'*n\ f* r ? ! >h tlie revenue lr< m w.iter r??iit.s (no* uiacui.litg to about flo.Ohu per atnaiai is pledged, I- sedition to the faith of the city, waking one of t .e Vest a cured storks in the ri unt*v. JAMBS C. McGTIRE * CO., pvf'-ti-iw Auction ?n l Con rnixion Merchants W fe- COLLIN A CO., r*. WHOLESALE DEALERS IX STRAW GOODS. RIU'JONS. FLOWER?, LACEi, AND WlLUNLRY GOODS GKNKRALLY. 7 1 North Second st.. Philadelphia, Pttua. a%euue, south s!da?ut*ar l "th street. Wsshtegti n. ^.'"Gc.' uS sol 1 at Philadelphia and New Yolk pi. ee. Positively 1.0-retail.u* ' C. THORN\_ PI0T^flK 0oBDawi.TA8e.EL8,&e. 'ihe largest and handsomest n^ortment of Pi^ t :re Cora and Taisuis, iliiifci, Najls, Ac., in the District just reefcivt-d a' A J M ARK R1 TER'8, ' No. 4^l> 7th street, eir":^ dt rc F.b; ve . 0-d iel.. wa' Haii. f^Termicash. apriair* w BALLS, PABTIE3, &c. (i R A K D PI C-KIC Ff, DOMINIC'S SUNDAY SCH?OL Will be given at the WASHING TON PA R K. Seventh strut. On MOiDAY, May 23d, 16W. Tickets 25 cents. Admission for children 10 certs. Cars running from a'.I t?rts of the city to the Park. my 14-7t JL MEET AGAIN IN HALLS OF PLEASURE. FIRST GRAND MAY BALL OF THE JUNIOR BACHELORS Will be rriven on ? ? , ? 1 UESDAY EVENING, Tu.ay l<th, 13>4,| A1 TBMPER.4ACE "ALL, E ft., between 9th and 1th ets.. Washington, D. C. Master of Ceremonies?Lieutenant C. i . Baud. Flock Makaqkrs. Eli Garrett, William Dougherty, Henry Booraern, A. S. Brewer. COilMlTTKE. W. II. Bcnrke, George S. Garrett, ,T. B. Burton. This being the lest Ball of the season, we re spectfully request a!l who wish to participate to honor us with their presence. We pledge ourselves that nothing shall occur to mar the pleasure of the evening. .... ?? Tickets, admitting a ge ntleman and_ ladies, 5_, csr i>e obtained at John F. Ellis's Music stord, or at tl.e book stores on Ptnn.avenue, between 9th and K'tli sts. my 13-4t% A GRAND PIC-NIC WILL BE GIVEN BT TH B YOUNG CATHOLICS' FRIEND SOCIETl, AT TH E PAKE, Ok WEDNESDAY, May 1<?th. The Committer of Arrangements pledge th'vn}; solvcs to do everything in their power to make it pleasant to all who may attend. Tickets 50 cents. my 4- Sawfed ^ kTlABBE'S may FESTIVAL 1 P*B-Labbe's Mav Festival will take place on TUESDAY' EVENING, May 17th, at his hull, g% on Penn. avenue, between 6thaiiu. <tb fib., JSS directly opposite the Metropolitan Hotel over the store of Messrs. G. A r. I arker A: UiiClft Co. Nr. ladies will be admitted without receiving an invitation directed by F. R. L&bbe. Servants positively not admitted in the dauemg halK^ niy 4 2w' ?/? IG H TH G RAN DOPE NIN G li MONDAY, May 2d GEO. JUENEMANN'S g PLEASURE GARDEN,' corner of 4th and E streets north. East Capitol Hill. Dancing every Monday afternoon. The PleiR ure I: arden is s<> improved that it can not be beat-n ;?> ?'.!:> r.tb* it the Same hort ili thi.s City. and call be truly recommended to psrtie.- and soe.ieties for pic-cica. GEO. JUENEMANN, ap 29-lm* Proprietor. LOST AND FOUND. f-. ? PVWARD? Straved on the 15th instant, a tli-i ? I'Ki A 1.0 COV? .with a calf. The above re wird will bet.-'; ' brought to No. 96 aw street, b<lvw;?. L and M streets P.11URNEV. inv 17 ot* f/OVM).-A bay HORSE, about 15 hnads I Lieh. h'.-av ? ?-.j-ne and blind in one ( ye. The owner applying and proving property, and (laying charges fi n receive the s?rae of Dr.ll! f Tt'N .44 4 K str? -t, bet Mb and 6th. my 17"31* C^+.-An Italian Greyhound, answering tothr I J name oi 'Beaut* " A ver; liberal r ?ward w;H 1 ? ??i\? n iI reurntd to 254 (i street betw een nth an<1 'd\ streets, or Siny*Information in regard to him. ' my i> .'it* 3 O^T A DIARY i'Oll } -t>4, in which i" h Note * i of hand fur .^14<> i my fn ? or ?vu l?y Si abe t' s K 1! K" The tiieier v d snit ? dy i ?? I .112 ' at ' h * boo .store ui 5l>e:' ' \ Rilm cor er 9 as d 7th sts. 1 i y 17 ;r.* SOL'.'MO.V .f. F ' * ^ V N T 1' KS'i "-IAY?"r l::e i ii int-lan#. a 5 . ?ri: b:?x M ? 'li. about ! m! hlg'i '1 he i-vr.i-r is request it. come iiiv.iu'd, prove prop erty. i>hv ch.irgt ? an i ini;<- her av>ay F. KEATIN-3. Monui ient ?:ir ?. mt On Itth st.. fronting the Cantil_._ 3 "OS't :! i th ;? ' i: t,. L AUKHOU^E I.J RECEll' *? s-: r .fhiles if,.u. sifc-u?: I I.V IL.viA 'hr-wa. West I'otnt. t: Ti. ? r. <.t I va! ;<? t'-#:.y o.i' '? ;f ' ? c own!r. rtvfc foljars ?. iii be p.-J ! f..r their dei:v ?r> rt St.. lit West street, fleoi?.to ? TV. mi 17 at' STRAYED OR STOLEN -l'r m < )miaona,on Jk ' Krulay risht. A!?.v i.i h. ;in r>hl ^.irrel fihout 18 or !'? >eiirs old u ??<>>:? ? 'lands iii^h. iit. 'hehair i ubb i oil <? <i .?i* ;?' ?? s aoonttue body: baireurls on bis lees. re? tird >vil be g-'v ii for the horst*. or j;tfo; the horse and ;n tt. ifnt'den. |'t**| * \V M. ii.\ili*fES. REV/A BP.- Ldst, on Friday afternoon C..U ll:.y 13th, 1-'.!. ft brown MAKE, me.!mm .'?-r i? ?.! 5 ?.-Ji-s i.!d. u'.f ..hi" ft:.r in f'-r vi an.; l.,i \r. ;? -nl tail: left h'll foot whit-, with t i: B2i lar n< ce ut of earh =i ie of the hoof. A. STROBEL, No. Mil street, m> p-eoSt* bet. Uthand nth ,-ts.. Navy ^ ?"?rd. <C! til REWARI'.-Ftrayc 1 <tr stolen a KORREIi 0 I'J MAKE light-r' ia> :u- .nd ta i, right hind :? :: and swollen; af iiurentiy in foi-l. For in formation of where sb'* may be ! Mind, or if re tnrned to the corner o i: and tv streets. Inland. No i till !.??? ? le-abovereward. my 17 St- N. fSDLLL. G; fT BEWAB P.?5-t r r. ?! ft ci t!ie subscriber, on t? 3 the 14th ii. t., oi.e dark ' ri nd !h bu ifulo i' JW with v bite f'acc. ISiiv 4;;\< - iiiiio only out o! three tfjti I will g ve the aVove reward for her, deliv ered to i e at Ni ">0(' stree*. b-t-.e. n 9th and ] th. or for any .. formation that i 11 enable nie to get hi- r again. GE<_>. W. DLTION, .myg-W* / . : _. 1 08T?This tborniBff. a mHll yellow DOG. with I j n white t. f? rd ti d around his neck. S". reward will I u paid ;! leluriiiil to 0*BOR.'*E l)U"t,*Kli . eor. 1 tl and south B -t?.. fsltnd m> IG.'i1* BBWARB.?Strayed or stolen, on the 15th ?/ instant. :i sr.rrel MARK; bind 'egs swollen; ? C. f". A." on tbe left tlauk. and " C." on lu-r left fhoulder. T! ab.ive rew ard wiil be given if re turned to H EN KY JoNK^. corn ;r ;?th street eist and South Carolina avenue. my Jli 2t* f OST?On Tuesday. Uay 10th, a small ITALIAN I j GBEY'QOUNB. fawn color and witite; white feet end farp. llird on a blaeK aud white collir. Anyone r<turnin? san.e or vin^ infarmatioa, will be liberally r warded. K. F. PAGE. 50'2 7tft st., tny K-3t under Odd Fellows' Hall oc'ii 1: K W AiflK-LoKt.X'ioiit the ?>'t Ct)?l PEARL ANL> DlA.MoSl) NKCKLACfc. Koing frfim 1 street to Baltimore?tour strands pearls, diamonds .set in silver fchape <>t star, one dr< p surrounded by . mall stones. The above re ward will lie paid it' left lit 4'<-> 1 street, between ijth and Kith hts.. Washington, 1>. C. my U IwJ G. C. SilAU . S" OST?On the 15th inet.. between 5 and C o'clock J a. in., between Vfiuiout avenue, out street, to Tenhllyiown. a PACKAGE ?>r CLOTHING, containing a black t- !k coat, triniuied with bugles; one leather c l'JU'd .ge dr. --; an 1 * ' ite p rid gingham Ire^1-; also underclothing j A suitable rev irrtjvill i>e given if returned to Mr. ' A . H KITM1LLEH, on Vt rmont aveuue. botweoa N ai. i O. * my lt? * i C? C>' REWARD.?Taken av. iy trom Center ' ?? 'mi) Market, on ?th stri -t, on Baturlay May Hrl.. betw een 12 and 1 o'clock p. m.. a dark b?;. j liORS si. v. tb h Go\ erninent saddle on, - ? i tii brea-i strap buckled on the saddle; bis left eye sore, and a iitt'e sore tin t'in back; s.nail feet. The above i' v-a'd wiil b - pai l for said horse, if delivered to the t ubst riber. at Bladensburg. or to James Mul 1 v. l'oiice Officer, 2d precinct station house. 7th t reet. WasMiitfton, D. C. E. H WILLARB.' my b>-3t- Bladensburg. Mi. t II REV Aitl>.?Strayed away, on Saturday. 0 ? " 1 Itli in taut, two COWS?one asinall white rmi l.iack cn\:, speckled, about8 years eld.With a rsirapart und her neck; the other a dirk brov n anu white cow, with white lace; she bad 01 1) three teats, anda rope arouuti her neck. They weie la.t *f-rn '.u the public It t south of theTreas iirj E 'e .s in The above r'-ward will be paid to snv r tnruing them to the subscriber, at 34 I M. . hu?etts av.. between Ulh and l.'iti. ata. my 1C .'.t' . ' f V\ K1- N l i' ESTRAY. on the StV . one SOKREL I IIOR'-'E. branded ",T. C." The owner can hav? him in coming fi rwnrd and paying charges? and B streets. Island. my ?-St* JOST BOG?l'up BLOOBIIOUND, five month ft .a oid'wbite spot on his breast; ear.- cut. Straye t av.ay trou hov.-e No. 244 Penn. avenue. A suit able reward will be glveu ior the retain, or infor mant n. my 14 .'ft* Ql A REWARD.?Lost, on the night of the 13th V J "" instaut. in going frcm the depot to 6th st. in a car. a black moiocco WALLET, containing S55 in Trcacu; y notes. The above reward will bo given if returned to niNTON & TEEL. Mer chant Tailor? , on Pa. avenue, between tith and 7tli tts. my 14 3t* IO?T-On l'ennsyiyania aver.ue.or 0 street, be J tween !7th and 21st streets. Thur day morn ir:g. May i^"th, an oval C A MEO BREAST I' f N. me dium size, the setting representing a wreath. The tSr.dcr wiil receive the fuM value of the pin and thanks of tbe owner?it being highly prized as a gift from a deces -f d parent?by leaving it at Room No. 31 Winder's Building, 17th street. myif-3t* fi*Q r. R EWA RD.?Stolen from tbe stable of Wm. 11 Roland,on tbe night of the 3-i of May, lot>4, near Gies'.oro" i't int. a . LIGHT BAY I^RSK. ftb.out 14 hands liigh. three wnite an 1 knees. 1 alien in neck, wiute in forehead, the letters W. R. branded on right side ol neck; natural nicker. 1 will give the above reward ifseut to me t.r left where I can got bin; in the District of Columbia. W. Ii. ROLAND, near Giesboro' i'oint, Eiy 13-1 w* Washington, D. . 487 FAMILY GRQQERIB3. Prime Brown Sticnrfnly ICe Best Sngar-curtti Hams 23c. Croicc Dried Beef only i*c. l-'inest Oolttrig and X. B. Tea on!yft.rJ). Best Eiu Coffee 45c.; ^ood do. 25 and U>c. Old Java Coffee 55c. With large stock of Fresh Goods. Cannetl Fruits, Wires Liquor.- and Cigars lusv for cash. Gi nds delivered free. S. EVANS. my i2 3t~ ibj 9th street, between D and E. ?|K>WING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. by the 1 Potomac l ow Company's boats. *'Potomac," "Gov. Curtin" atd " Belie Ilaveu." Apply to the Cactaina on board, or to ? - JOHN B. DAVIDSON, my 13-ti !>'J Water street, Georgeto-wa. RANGES AND LEMONS!~~ ORANGES AND LEMONS I ORANGES AND LEMON'S' o 1,000 BOXES MESSINA ORANGES, Prime Sweet Sruit. 300 E0XSS LEMONS. Just irrired at /"MfHSft CO.'S, my7St* ?jrajr St?? D aire ? WANTS. vv \\r ANTED?A YOUTH from J6 to Lh years of age to learn the Drue Business. Must bo well recommcndcd. Apply at this office. my 17-3t* 1*'ANTED?In a small private family, a good * ? German GIRL. Good wages will be given. Inquire 3.M fcth street, corner H. ray 17-3t* W ASItD-At &03 12th street, between E and *? F. a GIRL tc coot and do general house work in a fen,nil family. Also, a yomg GIRL as nnrse tor an h 'ant. It, \\l ANTE D? T woSKR V A N T GIRLS, one for ?* general housework in a small family, the other for chambermaid. 445 9th street, opposite the Patent Office. my 17-St* if A N T Y. D?Twenty pood DRE3? M A~K ER?; Vi t ? nations permanent. Call for one week it 243 l'enn. avcr.ue, first floor up stairs, my K.-it* *M7ANTED?A GIRL (white) between 11 and lt> v t years of age, to help take care of a baby. One who appreciates a good home and can come well recommended, apply at '249 I'ean. avenue, be tween 12th and l.'ith streets, south side. It* A YOUNG MAS, teacher and ex-soldier wishes A SITUATION, If one in which he can tearc a good business or have tine for iruprov ?ment, wages not tn ooject. Address, for one week, "A. bTC.," Star Office. my 17 St* A YOUNG MAN, a good writer, having consid erable leisure time, would like to occupy it with copying or other writing. Terms satisfac tory. Address "J. 8. G.?" Box 7 92 Post Office. niv 17-5t* \*/ ANTED?810 per month will be given to a > f good SERVANT. to cook, wa?h and iron in a small family living in the country, a few mile? from the city. Apply at G. W. GULIOK'S grocerv store, corner of New Jersey avenue and south B street.jr;n Capitol Hill. my 17-eoZt* r|K) 8UTLER8 AND BAKERS.-A young MAN, i well qualified in the Pie and Bread Baking, just from the front, wishes a situation as the above. Apply for two Cays at JAMBa FLANA GAN'8 Restaurant, corner 10th and C sis. my 17-2t* 117 ANTED?An experienced American NURSK, *? from New York, wishes to make engagements in afew families as monthly nurse. Has no objec tion to tnk*;g care of an invalid. Can give best of references Can be seen fron in to 4 o'clock anv day, by calling at S9 Penn. avenue, between 21 st and 22d streets, till June 1-t. my 17-lw'* Vi," ANTED.?The undersigned wishes to obtain i a good FDRNISIIED ROOM, w ith board, in a centra' location. World prefer to he in a fam ily where there are few or no other boarders. Terms r.ot to cxcecd $30 per mdnth. Best of ref erences given and required. Address Mrs. G. S. A.. Star Office. . my 17-3t* \%j ANTED?One good second ''and BREAD Yv BAKER. Apply at the Star Office. mylo3tT \\J ANTED.?A Dish Washer and Sheet Washer. * T Apply at the fcbbet House. myl'i 3P_ 117ANTED?At the American Telegraph Office. N< 432 Penn. avenue, three MESSENGER BOYS. Must come well recommended. my 1 o-.'it ANTEl)?A cof.i' GIRL, to assist in washing, ironing, and chamberwork. Apply at No. li.r; E street. between 8th (aid tlth. m* WANTED?A CARRIAGE WASHER. Inquire ? v at Fh-mmirg's National Stables, cn C street, between Hi and 6th streets. my 16-3t* V*7ANTED- a DINING ROOM SERVANT. Ap Vv pi) at the I'nion Eating House, iuar the ? iepot. jny l-J-3t* (OOK WANTED ?A WOMAN tn do plain cook ' ii ir. One who is willing to make herseP use ful can apply immediately, at 11** ."th street."hi tcrnation&l Saloon. ' my li'. -t* \V"AN3'E!>?A 8MART BOY. \hits or col ?' ored. to gt> ol errandsandcleanstore. None ?:?'od apply villi- .it geod references. No. t Mar ket Space, up stairs, first fleer. _ my it>-2P_ *.' A NT E D?Two iirs t~cl nss~S ER \ ANTS?one to V cook, v.-jsh iin'l iron: and one as chamber rmiifl ?- <i nt rs* . ? nt thos? competent r.f ! :? \ j Iv. t i 1 imjvI re .> A 1 1* - - ree I. bel ween ?u and 3d. n>y 16 3t' AM 1 :) i V. M El)i AY i,l/i ?A g i ! ( !)()!', v t Y> Ar-1? 1 It ai' l I f.-'NKii; on?- w no '.vould be willing to K" six miles i;i the conn try :->r the urn . Oiio'i >> a: ?\ ? I i be given to a competent w ijivan. Apply at No. 4? d 6th bt reet. my Hr-t | Re pub. J C:7/Ni iil NINO U: )< ? '?< SERVANT, V * one wi>tf v H n?!' ? himself g'tiei'' !.': -fni. * i _? . n fir't rat" C"OK, who will v. n hand iron. To aay such g> o? waee<i and'a good home is of (??red. Api ly at 1-2 1 streti. iie.'rCist. my 'f. ?w* \AI ANTED?111 a Shoe storo. a B'lV, l'? or ;7 * f >i-ai s of age. Must come well recommended. Apply lit No. i;;i Penn# avenue. _ my it W* \\ "ANTED? A WET NBBSE, white preferred. V ? A i.r"\ ?.t No 7 <53 New Jersey u''pbii?. '?? iw< eii L and M s:s. liny H-:?1 MRS. CHILD* '?%/ANTED?Pour (",ist. rlasr. IiOiJ.- 1-. CAIiPEN * i.i i.S.n: th- new iu:i!iiing,e' <i <?! i th street. r.< nr 10simead's burial ground. Apptv at SAM'L li! \ A 1 l.'S grocer} stoic, corner '?. ^' t'*i uii-i 1 sts. iny " VV ANTED ? A good. nei t. intelligent white t ? WOMAN, who understand? cooS'.iujc ?or a hot. V Mm. a WOM AN . who can do il:;<a s -wing Aj iiy at American House, corncr l'etin. avenue and 7th sf reet. my H-Gt* Vl<" ANTED? \ MALK CHILD fr> mtheage of i six weeks to tliree mouths. Any person wanting a good home an ! a kind mother for t-i ir ild will please address Mrs 11. E.. city pos> of tii <?. with full piirticulars and addr< ss my I ? it I S (JUSETv ANT Kll?A gentleman with a small, JLi careful fami!y, to rent a sin ill HOUSE in a rcspi ctalde "neighborhood, in this city or (;? ik' town. Part (>f a house will hv taken, it suitable. Plense addref-, stating location aud tt rms. i?ox ijcii Washington Po^tOnice. my 14 3f TmHTY ."00D GRANITE STONE CUTTERS * WANTED ft the Chestnut street Bridge, Philadelphia. Wages l' i per day. CLARK. MrGRANN & KENNEDY, my 12-2w Contractors, i'hiladelphia. V~ V A N'lrE D? A M A UK E T~G ARD E N E RTTG <"rTn a u * to be preferred,) immediately. Beferenreas to character and experience required. Liberal otter will be ma-le to such an one. Apply at 473 fith street,between D and E sts., at 4 o clock p. in. my 12-eo3t* \VANTED IMMEDIATELY?200 LADIES to < ? Embroider on Muslin, Linen an i Cambric. To good hands constant work and good wa^es gi ven. Ladies applying will please bring sainpies o! work. Apply at-\VM. PRINCE'S Stamping and Machine Stitching Depot, 3bl E street, opposite lalciit Office fa 18 VV' ANTED?A white GIRL, to do housework for *v two persons; or a young lady can procure a good home who would do a little housework, by addressing Mrs. M. A. V., Washington Post Office. my 7 \V ANTED. utino! FLUTING 1 WANTED, Every lady in the District to know that I have, at considerable expense, had built a very elegant machine for F'luting or Crimping Dresses, &c. Dressmakers and othejs can have any kind of" goods 11 r 1 ??-? null ?? ? ? " ? ? ? ' * lag Depot. " my 3 cn TADt'KS WANTED TO CALL AT OU,UUU PRINCE'S Stamping D-pot, 3>1 F street, opposite Patent Office, and get their Stamp ice, Stitching. Pinking and E^nbroider> dene. As there are other Richards in tho field, la-lies better look out that they come to Prince's, who is the only practical hand in the eity. Be sure you go to F street, opposite Patent Office. ^ mht i J A N T.E D-SECOND-IIA N D f URN IT CUtF * Also. Mirrors. Carpets, Beds, Bedding and HouEeiurnishiiig Goods of every description. B. BUCHLY 42** 7th street, mh f bet. G and H.east side* MASONIC hall ASSOCIATION OF .V.V3 1NGT0N CITY, B.C. NOTICE OF OPENING OF BOOKS OF sub script ion to capital stock. In accordance with the fourth section of the Aet of Congress to incorporate the Masonic Mall Association of VVashington city, D. C., approved April ?<?, 1.W4, which provides as follows : tec. 4. And be it further tnailed, That within twenty days after the passage of this act the cor porators n i'ned in the tirst section, or a majority of them, or if any refuse or neglect fo act, then a majority of the remainder, shall cause books of subscription to the capital stock of the said cor poration to be opened and kept opeu in such place and ior a period to be fixed by said corporators, or a majority of them, public notice of which may he given by advertisement or otherwise as said cor porators or a majority of them may determine; and subscribers upon said books to the capital stock ol the corporation shall be held to be stock holders: Provide!, That every subscriber shall pay, at the time of subscribing, such pdr centnm (ten has been determined upon by the corpora tor^ of the amount by biin subscribed to the treasurer elected or appointed by the corpora trrs.ora majority of them, as maybe required by said corators or a majority of them, or his subscription shall be null and void. And when the books of subscription to the capital stock of .-aid cc rporation shall be closed, the corpora tors named in the first section, or a majority of them, and in case any of them refuse or neglect to act, then a majority of the remainder shall, within twenty days thereafter, call the first meeting of the stockholders of said corporation, to meet within tin days thereafter, for the choice of di rectors, of which public notice shall be given for three d.".vs in two puMic newspapers published daily in Washington city, or by written personal notice served on each stockholder, by the secre tary or clerk of the corporation. And in all meet ings of the stockholders each share shall entitle the holders to one vote, to be given in person or by proxy. The amount of Capital Stock fixed upon within the limitation of the charter is SJ5U.U00 Notice lfl hereby given that the. hooks-of sub scription vill be opened on FRIDAY, the 13th in stant, at the counting-room of James C. McGuire A Co., and will be kept open for sixty days. By order ol the corporators. * R0BKRT McMURDY, my IS-St Secretary Board of Corporators. 1 It. F 0 L E Y~ W110 L E J ALE A N D RET AIL ?r . dealer in Coal Oil, Lamps. WieKs, Chimnies, A c.. China, Glass Ware, Table Cutlery and House kteping Article generally. No. 3 Hi ? street, be tween Jidli and 11th str?=ets. invites the attention of restaurant keepers, housekeepers and others to Irs stock, which is complete in every department, and wiii^be sold at the lowest figure for cash. Goods delivered to any part ol the city or George town free of charge. my l.'i-it' FOR SALE?A SORREL MARE, five years old; is a fine traveler; goes well to harness cv and saddle. Can be Feeu at JOHN BLIGH'S stable, corner of j~tli and C streets. Will be sol i at a bar?aiu, as the owner is going West. my 12-3t ? tg 1IE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore exlstingun 5 de? the name of EDWARDS A liRONSON was i solved bj mutaa.1 wu-eut on April 2lst,1964. mylS-St* FOR REXT AND SALE. IVICELY M KMbliKU ROOMS ail Crsl c'.ass 1* board, at 301 G street, between 13th and J4t'j. Que suite on first floor. my 17 !w* , FOK RENT?Neatly furnished and unfurnished ROOMS, at No. 422 13th street, one door from corner of G. m> 17-3t* npO B*NT-A three story BRICK HOUSE. on 1 Cth street, near the corner of M, containing eight rcoms. For further particular* inquire at 401 9th street, near E. my 17-3t* tfOlt RENT?To responsible parties, a FUR r NISHED IIOUSE being filled with boarders; pleasantly situated. For particulars address Box 10'i Post Office, stating when aa interview can 3e had. my 17-3t* |^0It IlEKT?Fine SUITE J Ok" R JOM8. just *?? * cated; to be had on immediate applic ition; No. 124 15th street, between New York a\ecue aad II street. Also, a back OFFICE ROOM. n.y i7-eo3t* FOR SALE^Tlie Good-will of a BLACK8MI1 6* SHOR, Stock and Tools, ice. The reason 'f selling- is the party is going in other business. Also, a BAGATELLE TABLE. Inquire at WM. CHASE'S Provision Store, coiner CJth ttreet and Penn avense. my 17-3t* I>0A RD~~AMT HANDSOMELY FURNISH EI) 9 ROOMS, for married or single persons, tran sient or permanent. House large-and airy; loca tion pleasant; near Penn. avenue. Ternis mod erate. Apply S. W. corner 21st and II fits. my 17-3t* A RARE CHANCE -FOR SALE-h RESTAU RANT AND BAR ROOM, with Furniture and Fixtures. Splendid situation, and doing a good business Reason for selling, dissolving partner ship. Apply WHITE A. CO., corner F ana streets. my 17-3teo* FOR LEASE?OORNKR LOT, frnTTting on Penn. avenue?5,001 feet of ground?ten years. 12.MM feet corner 3d and G streets, tire years. LOT. 21x J2'i. I street, between 3d and 4th. ten years. FUR NISHED HOUSE for rent. MITCHELL & SON. Real Estate Brokers, my 17-31* S. E. cor. Pa. av. and !5th at. J/oK SALE ? A beautifully located BRICK J- HOUSE. 18x?2. e'ght rooms and pa^saire; lot 37x9(' to aa alley. Immediate possession?only f,': FIYE ACRES OF LAND WITH DWELLING, and good orchard, near the city, for $850. MITCHELL & SON, Real Estate Brokers. : iy 17-lm* S K ci - Pa. av. ana 15th st. rv; E ATLYCONNECTT NG~FURN I SIIED ROOM?> for rent at No. 137 I street, bet. 22d and 2'id f t*. References given and required. my !?> 3t' A IjESIR'ABLE R(K>M. with board. and BOARD. /A v. ithout rooms, may lie had at 1 3 1 Penn.ave mi.\ between l!dh and2t-th sts. ray l(>-2t" ^SH) LET?Three BOOMS, for a small, respectable A family. Rent $12 per month. in advance. In quire at No. 120 East Capitol street, my l'i-2t* I^URNTsHED ROOMS FOR RENT. Witbont Jl board. Boarding house opposite, where meals are served. Apply at No. 320 New York avenue, between 9th and loth st*. my 16-Iw* tfORRE NT?P~aFToTSQUA RE oil "bet ween 0 and J P streets, fronting on 5th st. Possession given immediatelv. For further particulars inquire at No. 4 37 7th Ft. my 16 lw* r|>0 SELL" OK To' LET?A R E?TAV K ANT wTTTi t three rooms, a stable and other out buildings. There is also a good gar ten attached. The house if in a good business piaee. w here enterprise v. ill be well rewarded. Apply at corner K and 3d sts. eatt my 16-:<t* A RESTAURANT FOR SALE CHEAP, in good XX order and doing a good business, near the Patent Office. Rent low. The building is about 76 feet deep. Sold in consequence of sickness in the present owner's family, (living North.) It must b" sol;' in a few days. Apply to J. F. KfcL LEY. 363 8th street west. my 16-,'It* 8 r OR SALE?With inmediate possession, a JL PROPERTY fronting 6'J feet on E street, by 1i0 deep Improvements, a large doublewing ( Ottnge. JO roiihi.-: thr e small 1. . il l!i:g.- in th s rear: goo' fencing, garden, fruit trees, <J;c.; for ' MITCHELL & SON, Real Estate Broken, m> 10-Jim southeast cor. Pa.av.aud 15th st. ' J'O RENT?With or without'>:rnit:ire. r.nti! 1st 4 ol O'tr brr pi \t. a v -ry p'e:ic?nt PARLOR and large LVD {?( OM en West street Gtoreetovn. second floor. three -tory brick. au ! hath. board near. Reference* exchanged. A>' (S-'-s- C it. W.. <4eore ?town Post 0;t; c, stating where ai d v, Lvn applicant an l?e s. on. my K) ot* "fjM>R_Ri:NT-A nen11 y 1- U!t N l?!i El>" RoO>f. i suita;d( h'r one er twn young gt'iAl"men. <>n ,.d stre? t;-1 doors son th of I. my It 1 v. *" SALE ?A two-story an;', attu FRAME 4 HOUSE, situated on 13tii street. I si and. lu Qnire at 673 opposite. my 14-1W* i, OB SALE?The Good Will. Sto.'-'c and Fi\t-ire ? ..t the MONUMENTAL HOUSE near the D? rot. \pplv at the corner of 13th nnd D street* o M. lyEJ^LY. myiw," l/OR KENT?A large COUNTKK. splendidly f.t* 5 ted up. at i t'*- "tli street oppnsiffi the I'.-urnt Office, i: a ve; y suitable location fortheJew eh> or Cia.'tr and Tobacco busin<-ss. Apidy at In ternational Saloon. 44** 7th street. my 14-3t (Jj <?!'. 1!ENT?1Three b.ige nnfumfshed ROOMS, j? on setoud lio' r <'1 house 7th street, opjio sile the Pa'ent Office. A \er> good location tor tli" Photograph or any light business. Apply it "International Sa! oon." 1 J7 th sj. my 14-,'it* DOOMS FOR RENT?At "Mount Pleasant," Js north of Boundary street, between 7th anl i;th streets. Delightful residence for pe- oons do ing 'itisinefis in the city and desiring a countrv resident . Inquire at grocery store, corner of M and 10th sts. my 14-3t* "of" MITCHELL fc SON, Real Estate Brokers, my 1! jtr 8. E. cor. Pa. av. and 15th st. M ALL LOTsT'OiiTALE VERY LOW. k1* Ten Lotf- on 21st, above N street. FourL"tson N street, near 21st. Oae of the best locations in the First Ward. Six Lots on 21st. above R street. Six Lots en 2 th. above C street. Four Lots on Pennsylv ania avenue, between oth and 7th streets east. Ten Lots on I) street between 6th and 7th east. To be sold very low at pri\ate sale if taken be fore June 1st. Call at 27 7 1 street, corner of 17th, between 4 and ?'? o'clock p.m. my 14-eo8t jC*OB RENT ? A 8 TAB LB and <OARRIA G E* l HOUSE, with stalls for two horses. Apply at No. 422 ltith street, between II atid I. m-- 12-lw* Ij^OK RENT?To gentlemen only, one large fur I nished CHAMBER. Call at 35> 7th street, between I aiid Mh.-s# avenue. ' my 12-5t* A RARE rirANCK~FOR SALE, the Stock, + \ Oood-will tind Fixtures-of the WILt/AliD HOTEL STABLES, one of the best stands in Washington. 1). C., consistir,; i,f ir<irsos, Car nages. Buggies, Ac For particulars inquire of I HOMAS CLARK, at the Stable, c.y 121w* 14th st.. below Penn. avenue. i^OK SALE?The Stock and Good-Will of a GRO CERY. new doinir a good ca*h business. This is a rare opportenity offered t'. any one wishing to go in business. Inquire at this office, or to S. H. HACON. south side Penn. avenue, between J'.- and fith streets, or 13 \RB0UR, SEMMES & CO. Rent moderate. my 11-lw* J^OR SALE?A three-story and basement BRICK HOUSE, containing eight large rooms, sit uated on k th street, between N and O; b -en built about three* years. Price 52.5-0. A t*o-storv FRAMli HOUSE, containing siv roonif, situated Sth 8treet, between L and If; under rent for S.; I rer month. Pi ice $'Three snia'l FRAME IlOUSEc, situated on '>th street, between K and G. Island. Apply to D. HAUPTMAN. ;5I2 Jlth street, three doors north of l'enn. a>enue. _ ''lyJ1"1 I HtiTJSE FOR SALE?On Maryland av<>nue, be tveen '-th and 7th streets. A three-story BRICK HOUSE, with frame back building?U rooms at.d passage. Lot .j iiy ICO feet. F. MACE. Real Estate Broker, my 11 6t* 517 7th street. L'OR SALE-A three-story BRICK HOUSE, No. ? $1? M&ryluM avenue, near (>th stre'-t, bal cony iu front, and contaics 11 rooms. Terms made very easy, and Vrice low. The owner c&nbeseen any evening aftcrC1 o'clock stthe house. Title 1- rfeet. RICHaRD BARNHOUSE. my 11 lw* f^blflExr?A delightful R ESI DEN C E"wi th Furniture, on Georgetown Heights, on the square between Green and Montgomery streets, abo\< Stoddard st. Possession given on the 10th of June next. For terms,&c., apply on the prem ises. my *> I^OR SALE?$.000 acres of rich FARMING LANDS in Iowa, (Hardin, Story, Wright, and Franklin counties;) 4,000 acres in Minnesota; tracts from 40 to G-tc acres. Located 1?'.6. Pateats from the Government. Willexchang' for property in or near Washington. FOR SALE ?Two and a half years' lease of a store property on Penn. avenue, now renting for f. ?? per month. ill be sold, with Confectionery St.icK, Soda Fountain, and Fixtures complete. $13,000 for a property fronting 4 > feet on Penn. avenue; a three-story brick building, having two stores and eight large i ioms additional, now rent irg for i'i.7- 0 per year. MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Brokers. *P 3 >-lm* Southeast cor. Pa. av. and I5th st._ E'OR SALE ?On reasonable terms, one of th a most productive FARMS in Montgomery couu ty, Md.; 22 miles from Georgetown, 1). C., IM from f eneca Mill; lying on Chesapeake aad Ohio Canal. It has tine quarries, one of flagging stone, good buildings, and fine fruits. For terms inquire of ROBERT PETER, on the premises. a;> 25 eolm* /COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE IN HOWARD V.' COUNTY.?A comfortable Cottage containing 7 rooms with about 15 aeresof lstid. situated on Washington turnpike, l.1^ miles from Jessup's Cat Station, on the railroad. There is carriago house and stabling for several horses; also feed hou-e ar.d store bouse. A fine orchard just commencing bearing; also small fruits. The house has been painted throughout this spring and is very nicely situated; lias a porch the entire front, with large flower garden. Daily fare to'Washington can be reduced to a very trilling amount by taking a com mutation ticket. Price JS.OOO., Key at Mr. Thos. Rowe's, adjoining, F'or any further particulars address JOHN KERMODE, 3l north Eutaw street, Baltimore. ap22-eolm* or l nnn WTr;L nl"Y TnE leasft^t* 117*7, C? ??O0 cotiiinodions HOUSE, with store and stable attached. Address Mr. LEASE. Star Office, ap 21-ltn* IT^OR 8ALE?A small tra':t of LAND (l'H acres JL about three miles from theNavy-Yard bridge, well .located for a market garden farm. Price $2,U?. Also,80 acres, same di.-tauce from Navy Yard bridge, mostly under good fencing, well lo cated, with a tine road leading to it. Inquire ol JOHN W. VAN HOOK, No. Louisiana av. ap 19-2aw?t I?OR RENT?With ?r without Br?.rd, an exc! r lent PARLOR and several weiffujmshed BED ROOMS, at 4^0 12th street, witkin fire n!natcs walk of tlie Kirkwc?od Hoasei' Wtllar u and the Patent Office, Pest C#ce and Treaitrry and State I'epartment". The location is unsurpassed :.a Wa^liingtoc. No cli;idr*n ia tie LiousS. de 27 U AUCTION SALES. For vtlifr Auction Sale* see first pa^f. THIS AFTKKXOOW AND TO-MORKOW I^VJ.C.McGl IP.iTa CO., AucUoceere. TRUSTEES' 8ALKOF VALUABLE IMPROVED BUSINESS PROPERTY at tbe corner of St * end street east and Pennsylvania avecu*, TUB WHOLE *T SQl'A KK NO. M 1, U>TS on n?rth A strert, between Sixth aadSerenth street* east, at I'oMie Auction. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Mar 17,at half past 4 o'ciocW, on tbe piemiaaa, commencing and fv>l lowicg in the order herein named by virtue of a decree of the Scpreroe Oourt of the District of Oo1 or bia siUirr is chancery. parsed on the 9th day of Ap'il, lPftt, in H cerl * in rut* wherein George W. Miller ih cemp'.airarit. and Bl.'en Miller et?i. *re defendants, No. I4t>. wo sha'l srll the north half of lit No.24,ib fceuxve No 782, fronting ?J Let is incLeson S'c? nd the earner otsiuth B street at its intersection with Pennsylvania avenue rccnirgback 75 feet, with the improve ments, consisting of a nearly new Brick Lwelling Hou?c, with f:n* store attached. lirmeaiatsly after. the whole cfnoareNo. fill, fronting respectively on East Capitol aid south A streets, belwo?n Fifth and Sixth streets oa^t,sab divided into desirable tsilcing lots frosting ca test Capitol and mouth A streeta. lnitfediit*!y after, lota No 16 and 17, l*> squar# No. ?6f fronting each 51 fe?t on north A street be tw?en Sixth anc Seventh streets east, and runnag back li^ feet 1 inrh to aSt-faot alley. Lit 17 ib im proved wish a entail frtrae Dwellins-House. Immediate!} after , tbe north half of let No. 16, irvsqeare No. 6:w fronting; Wt feet on First street eas*. between south I and K streets, and extend ine back with th?t v idih to the rear of the lot. Terms: One third in cssh; the residua in three equal instalments! at six twelve, and eighteen months, with interest, for which the purchaser shall give notes, secure! to the stktis'&ctian of the Trustees The purchaser to have the option of paying all cash. Conveyances and stamps at the cost of the pur chaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with in firs days thereafter, the Trustees reserve the right to re sell at tbe rift'i and cost of tbe defaulting pa.; chaser. GEO. A BOITRKR, ) E. C. MORGAN, > Trustees. A. TUGS' BRADLEYA pp.21-eodA- ds J . C. McGUI 11K A Co.. Aucts. JJY J . C. MeGUlRE &? CO , Auctioneers. EIGHTEEN SMAf.Ti BUILDING LOTS AT TH* CORNER 0? NORTE t, STREET AND NEW HAMPSHIRE A YEN UK. On TUESDAY A/i ERNOON. May 17th. at elJ o'clock, on the premises. *c sbalt sell, tbe whole of Lot No. ft. in Square No. 72, situated at the coiner of north L street and New Hampshire avenue,di vided jTitt eighteen Lot? of about fifteen feet frost, each fronting respectively on L street and New Hampshire avenue. Terms: One-third in cash; tbe remainder in s:c and twelve months, with interest, sncured b? a deed of trust ou ti e premises, o: ail cash at the option of the purchaser. Conveyances st the cost of the purchaser. A payment of $49 on each lot will be required at the tiir.e of sale. roy.l r-d J. C. McGUIRE A. CO.. Arete. j?Y J. C. KcCUIREA CO., Auctioneers. BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE AND GROUNDS ON CAPITOL MLL AT PUBLIC SALE. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, May 17th. at & o'clock, oil the premises, we shall soil, Lots No. 41, 4", and -53, in Square No. 7 fronting togeth-r P3 leet 6,1. inches on Second street cast.between s? utb I! sntC streets, rnnnine hack 1% feet 8 inches, wit ' e Bf'-font elley on the norih side, and im proTf d bv 6 Handsitne Cottage Dwe'.linir, ontaia me two Parlor- 28 feet square, separated by a fine H&ll and six,ail Diniug Room in rear, and fine Chambers, wit:: bricH kitchen r.nd sm?ll stable, ri stern of water at back. door, and jsas throughout. Tb?= crouads are bar leomely Hid out with imit and shr'jMiory. sttI <?' together itis MCha^rringr"* ide;:. c 'or i< r i ,??] ? f.ttni!). 'ii e Iiou?.i-w aa l<ni!t in t'-ie mr?t HTpe'-ior n:\n rer by h t v.ter b?;il.!.-v fi_r hi- own use.h? nl-rs't fnnndatioii. aid is doable f-ax.ied throngii it J'e- u:s : ii'ii'-t;;i' i -a ; rec.H i> lc-i:> a r ki< iweltt; iuoiitbs. v,th u'.ereSt, sectired 5y adecl % >\1 >" J. C. Mcf-UTRE ?V CO.. Austt. I';vw . L. WALL A. CO.. Auctiocwrs. ">f?0 DOZEN f-."tr? '' 'I-^e (;<'enac ^r.1 Eichs'.'t l'ten lies. Pel t dum H lla::d (i J. Royai Pert Win*. Dour'ion ini-j Ne?:er t\ hi k, . (J'.aret-, ft c., re r. a;: ;:g of'.be stocK of R. Orumeli? a A Co , ?-.ii be p< ! .' by tl.rir order e? PublicSaie,on WKI'Mli LAY. !r<fb Ma*, st 10 o'clock. The same nisy be e\j?mit at their tj ! r room. No. 3Uo, pencsyl* va.nia avetue, stci-nd floor. ap i.5 WM L. WALL A CO.. Auct* 'JI10MAS DOVi'LING,'r; Georgetown, i lUFSrri RE. MOCEhlES. WAGON, CAK M1 AGES, AC.. Ac . AT AUCTION, i On WKl'N K-DAYMORNING, May?-, at 1 o>!c, ! I Will fell, a" ;nv Aucti-iti Stor? No. 174. Bridge ? street ticur tl -Ma'ket House, a g ;od n-sortiuent i cf II. t st l i'M I'iiruttn re. A c.. A <?.? ' i.ot of Gruct-rits and Crockery Ware, Ac., s 4 Poxes Vk ir.iow Glass, ' I Wi.^oa and Harness. ! 2 Carrin?e<i ai'd IlHrntss, And many ,-tber articles too numerous to meS tion myM St THOMAS DOWLING. Auei. )Y J. C. iicGUIi'L A CO , Auctioneers. I 4 < 0O DOZEN TRADE SAf.E CHOICE OLD ' BOUliHON WHISKEY AT A' CTION On WEDNESDAY CORNING, May ISth. at U o'clock, on the first floor of our Auction Rooms, we ph? l stoll in l' tf t<? unit the tca ie, 4,000 DJ/KN CHOJOK OLD DOUR P. ON WUI3? KEY, u handromely libelled and put up ?ncas-s by tje old and reliable lirraof A. Dinning' r A Co. . . The attention of the trade is part.culft ly called to this sale. Terms ??ash. . *Q>.ll-d J. C. McQUIREA CO., A nets. ^<1. C, tlCGl IKE (c CO., Auctioneers. IMPORTANT SALE 09 CHOICE LIBilART BOOKS. On WEDNESDAY EVENING, May 4th, at. 7 o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, a-ad continued eaob succeeding Evening, at the tatye hour, until tbe whole is disposed of, we shall sell, without reserve, a portion of the Library of th? lat? Chas. F. Mayer, of Baltimore, Md., to which valuable additions from another source has been made, tbe whole comprising Miscellaneous and Scientific Work*, Il lustrated! Edition, Sets of Monthlies, Pamphlets, Congressional Documents, Ac., Ac. Terms cash. ?&?-Catalogues now ready for deliver*. J.C.MrGUIRB A CO., Aucts. I I B. MILITARY UAILHUADS, OMict of Assistant Qwtrttrmris'.er, WaSHIHOTOU, April 15. l.So4. AUCTION .-Will bC ?old. on WEDNESDAY, the '^th day of May, at the Railroad Depot, in Alexan dria. Va., 500 Tons of Old Railroad Iron, 100 Toes of Old Car Axles, 250 Tons of Cast Scrap Iron, 100 Tons of Wronght Iron, 3 Tons of Old Brass and Copper, 3no Oil Barrels. ? . _ Terriis: Cash in Government Ponds. Ten (10> per cent, to be paid at the time of parchaae, the balance on delivery. The property must be removed within ten daye rom date of sale. G. L. ROBINSON, sp.16 dts. Captain and A. (J M. BOTELER A WILLSON, Auctioneers. SMALL FRAME BUILDING AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, Ma> lyfh, at 6:, o clock, we shall sell, on the premise-', at the oor rer of Vermont avenue and 1 street, one small ? Frame Bui'dinu, formerly used by LieU.<ijn anl King, as a Wood Oflice. ! Terms cash. ; 1 ny !7-:;t BOTELER A WILLSON, Aucts. 1?Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers GROCERIES-AT AUCTION. Oa rr.IDAY. the 2 tli instant, we shall sell, at P o'cio' a. a. m., at the Grocery Store. No V44. 7th i-treet. between M and N north, a noai assortment of Su^aiR Teas. Cofl'ees, Rice, Syrup, Spices, Flour, Starcii. Whiskies, Wines, and various assortment of goods kept in a retail Grocery. my.l7-d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. J J Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Auc.ioneeri. CANTON COCO MATTINO~FURNITURE, CAR PETS Ao.. AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY MORNING, mil instant, at 10 o'clock, we will sell at our Auction Rooms, with out reserve, for cash, for account of whom it may concern? 4 Pianos, DO rolls tresh white and cbeciuerei 4, 5. and 6 1 Canton Matting,just imported. rolls 4 4 and o 4 Coco Matting, lii rods Carp'-t, 10 Cottage Sets. Jenny Lind, Cott&ge, and other Bedsteads, Marble-top, (flain, and other Bureaus, Hair and Shuck Mattresses, Mahogany and Walnut cane-seat Chairs and Rock eis. Mirrors, Easy Chairs, and Lounges, Marble-top and other Tables, Mahogany and Walnut Sofas and Tete a-Tetes, Safes,Glassware,Crockery. Ac.. With a variety of otter House furnishing gcod4 too numerous to mectiou. Terms ca*h. my.17 2t W. L. WALL.& CO., Aucts. 4JA1.B OF CON DEMNED STOCK. r* ? WiR DEPinuiEST. CavAi.av DaiiKir, I Office 0/ Chit/ (Jmturm^ter, 1 Wa.s/i 1 ?stu?, V. C., May 16, Will be sold at Public Auctiau to the highest bidder, at Giesboro Depot, on THURSDAY", the H6H1 in.^tait,'iunint at n ?clock, a.m.. from one hundred and fifty (150) to two hundred (20J) HORSES. , . These horses have been Condemned as unfit for the cavalry nerviee of the Army. For road aui farm purposes many stood bargains may be had. Horse* sold singly. Terms cash, in U. S. currency. 111 JAMES A. EKIN. my.T7-td Lt. Col. A C <j. M.. Cav. Bureau. 1>Y J. C. BIcGUIKE A CO., Auctioneers. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF YE3Y YALCA BI,K tiBEEN-HOUSE PLANTS On TBUBSDAY MORNING, *-t,H o'clock by virtue of an order fn?> the Honorable Orphans'Court of the District of Columbia, 1 shall aell, near Boundary street, between Twentieth and Twenty first streets, at publvs auction, tor ac count of the estate of the late J ohn Donzlas. ABOUT 150 J A PON ICA8 AND CAPE JE3SA believed to be the finest grtt n-house plants in the Unitec Slates. 'ienns cash. WILLIAM DOUGLAS. Administrator of John Douglas,decea--?4. nry.lfi J c. Jl GUiai A OO ,'AucW. (\f ILK DAIRY FOR SALE-Large bote! trade rVl and a cood retail rputr I or Particu ar? ad dress Cit> iW. 02ite Box 9i.. ni) . 8.

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