Newspaper of Evening Star, May 18, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 18, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMU5>EMENTfi TO-NIGUT. Obovbis'h Thkatib.-The great Parisian b^n-atiou drama, in four acts, entitled "Lucie D'Arvtlle, the Persecuted Wife," will be per formed to-right. Misj Mary Provoet appearing in the principal character This will be the last representation of this play. Fokd'k Theater ? Miss Mary Mitchell is announced to appear to-night as "Henri St. Alme," "Hamet" and "Mathilde de Merle," in the military drama, "Tbe French Spy." Miss Mitchell is a good actress, and enters with spirit into all characters she attempts to por tray. Concert.?Teresa Carreno, the child pianist, ?will give another and a final concert to-night at Odd Fellows Hsll, in aid of the soldiers -wounded iu trie late battles. She will be assisted by some fine vocalists, and the selec tions will be from the most prominent com posers Canterbury.?"Codjo's Cave," is the great attraction here just now. and it may be truly said that it is trot np in first-class style The great Contortionist Santiago Gibbonnoise ap pears among other performers Metropolitan Hall.?Rich, rare and racy entertainments are given here nightly. Ballets, pantomimes, negro burlesques, &c., are all performed in fine style. Tub FaJk and Festival of the Fonndrv M. E. Church, corner of Fourteenth and G streets, is still open to afll who would pass a pleasant evening, and aid in the erection of the sew church building. General Wadswoeth?His Remains in this City.?T>r. Ross, who was sent to the army by Drs Brown and Alexander, embalmers, on Monday a week ago, for the purpose of recov ering the body of the gallant General Wads worth, returned this morning, having been successful in his mission The body was found buried at a point on the Wilderness battle Seld between the Fredericksburg plank roal and turnpike. It had been enclosed in a good coffin, painted black, and was interred, it is said, by a man named Pat Griffin, who lives in the vicini'y of the Wilderness battle field, and who had been befriended by Gen. Wadswortu in Washington, and who bad obtained Gen. Lee's permission to care for the body The remains were recovered by a party sent out under a flag of-true, and were brought to .Fredericksburg yesterday at eleven o'clock, and placed on board the steamer Mary F. Raplty, and brought to this city this morning at two o'clock. The wound which caused death was found to have been made by a minnie ball, which entered on the left side and near the top of the skull, and is supposed to bave thence taken a downward course He laid two days af er being wounded, but was delirious up to the moment of his death. All his clothing except his boots was found upon his person, but the buttons had been cut from bis coat, his straps were torn from his shoul ders, and his watch was gone, and pockets Wen- tamed inside out. It is but just to say that Gen Lee give free consent to have the body exhumed and brought home. butt-ome of his officers did all in thjir power to thwart the party seeking the body, by objecting to slight imormalitiee in the ar rant* men's for the flag-of-truce. The body is at tfce establishment of Drs. Brown tc Alexander, but it is so far decom posed that it cannot be embalmed. It will be, however, placed in a metallic coffin and taken to New York Gen. Srrign?, Adjutant General of the Ftite of New York, is here, by direction of Oca ernor Seymour to take charge of tbe re mains in the name of the State and have them disposed of as the relatives of deceased may direct Gen. Sprague, accompanied by Hon. John F. Seymour, brother of the Governor,) I>r. Fitzhngh, and Hon. F. Clark, all of New Y'or'r, visited the remains this morning. It is the purpose to remove the remains to rui'riow moriiiug. Fcnrrn Ward Unconditional Union JVIektino.?The Unconditional Union voters of the Fourth Ward tavorable to the re-election vf M'. Richard Wallach to the mayoralty, as sembled in large numbers last night at the Metropolitan Hook and Ladc-er House, on Massachusetts avenue, and organized by call ing Mr R. W. Fenwick to the chair and ap pointing Mr. Wm. H. Hoover secretary. The call for the meeting was read, and the object stated to be for the purpose of forming the ward ticket. Mr R Gray Campbell offered the following: Be if re sol vd by the Unconditional Union Voters cf fAd Fourth Ward, That in the chief executive of this city, Richard Wallach, we recognize a loyal and "irue man, who has during his entire ad'ministratlon acted with an "eye solely" to the interest of the city and the" good of the country; and, believing that in times like the present good public servants should be upheld in their efforts for the country's welfare, we tnerefore pledge to Richard Wallach our hearty and undivided support, and that we will use all honorable means to secure his re-election as Mayor of this city at the approaching June election. The resolution was adopted unanimously. The name of Col. John P. Pepper was pro posed as a candidate for Alderman, and he was nominated by acclamation. Two tickets were proposed for members of the Hoard of Common Council. One ticket contained the names of Messrs. Asbury Lloyd, Michael Lamer and Jos. Follansbee, (present incumbents,) and the other was beaded also with the name of Mr. Lloyd, buv Messrs. P. M. l>ubant and Cbas. fl. Anderson were named instead of Messrs. Lamer and Follansbee. Messrs. Thomas Frazier, George Wilson and B. Milbura were appointed tellers, and the balloting commenced and resulted as follows : Asbury Lloyd, 106; Jos. Follansbee, 70; M. Lamer, 60; P. M. Dubant, 41; O. H. Anderson, 36; E. Edmonston. 2; John Wheeler, 1. Messrs Lloyd, Follansbee and Lamer hav ing r< ceivedTi majority of the votes cast, were declared ihe nominees for Common Council. The nominations were made unanimous and the meeting adjourned. lvroRTANT Sales of Real Estate.?Yes terday, Messrs. James C. McGuire Co sold the following property: Two-story brick house and lot, corner 2d street east and south B street, to John Shana ban. for ?5,960. Two-story cottage house and grounds, on 2d street east, between B and C streets south, to "Wm. H. Campbell, for 87,000. The whole of square No. 84i, bounded by Xast Capitol and South streets, and 5th and 6th streets east, to various purchasers, at prices ?arying from 15 to 26)< cents per square foot. Lot en north A street,* between 6th and 7th Streets east, to Joseph Sullivan, at 12}$ cents. Next lot adjoining, Thos. Healy, at 11 cents. N'ext lot adjoining, David Shed, at 10)j cents Next lot adjoining, Ellen Reynolds, at 12# Cents. Lot on 1st street east, between south 1 and K Streets, to Patrick Sullivan, 12 cents. Lot on corner of New Hampshire avenue and n irtb L street, to T- Lally, for 51 cents per square foot. Seventeen lots in square 72, fronting on New Hampshire avenue and north Lstreet,to various purchasers, at prices ranging frem 4 to 14# cents per foot. At private sale, a lot, containing about 7,000 Je?t of ground, unimproved, on south A street, Capitol Hill, opposite the barracks, changed Owners at ?2,200. On Monday, the l?th inst., Green &; Williams, auctioneers, sold? Pait lot 'J, square 513, to Z. Downing, at 51 cents per foot. Part lot 0, in same square, to H. M. Dellinger, at 13^ cents per foot. Part lot 9, same square, to J. A. Burns, 3S cents per foo'. All of lot 8, iu same square, to M. A. Gray, at 40 cents per ;oot. On Pear street, In same square, part lot 31, to A. C. Gayer, at 16 cents. Part of same lot and square, to A. J. Borland, at 14)*' cents. Part of same lot and square, to J. A. Buvers, at 13 cents. Part lot 35. to A. C. Gayer, at r>X cents. Parts of lot 35, in same square, to L. Gass beime, at 13 cents. All of the property fronts on M and O streets, between 4th and 5th streets nortb. On the same evening, lot 16, in square 817 east, with the improvements, to John Hugh, lor ?570. Lot 17, in same square, with four small bouses, to A. Hancock, tor ?4^5 each. Al.\ awdhia Affairs.?We are requested to state that a meeting of the citizens of this city will take pltce at the Court House to-morrow evening at half past seven o'clock, to complete the organization or a Lincoln Club. The pub lic generally are invited to attend, and espe cially those who favor the renommation of Mr. Lincoln. Competent persons to address the meeting will be present. Francis Roxler, of Maryland, opposite this city, and two gentlemen from Prlnoe George's county, togeiber with Messrs Wells and Beach, residing in the First Ward, are said to bave been arrested by order of the Provost Marshal?Alex Journal, 17fA. Oeatiow oh tub Battle or OETTvaBrao. Our readers will bear in mind that the cele brated oration on the Rattle of Gettysburg, by Rev. Mr. Warner, will be delivered this (Wednesday) evening, at 6 o'clock, in the Hall of the House of Representatives. President Lincoln asd s number ol the Cabinet bave signified their intention to be present. The subject is one of thrilling interest to every Americas citizen, and it is said by those who bave heard the oration to be handled in a mas ter ly maimer. Ruigned.?Editor Star.- Captain Frank T. Barker,of tbeHth New Hampshire volunteers, having tendered hie reelgriation on the ground o! ui-plea^aut feelings between the colonel of the rejrimert and himself, has been honorably dl-cbarped the fcervl"*, notwithstanding a e'Tong effort was made to have it dishonorable; ar.d It wa* so read In presence of the regiment on dress parade; thus attempting to place a stigma upor the character of an honest man. whose favU was, a steady determination that the ratior.e of enlisted men should not be used to profit any officer, whatever his rank might be. The President made the following indorse ment on it, when referred to him for action; "My opinion is that the resignation of officers is not, cor is likely to become a very extensive evil, either in the army or elsewhere; and that when an officer offers to resign rather than to remain and keep ttp a difficulty in his regiment, it is rather meritorious, and tends to the good ?f the service. Let (Japt. Frank T. Barker's resignation be accepted, and he be honorably discharged." ('apt. Barker was a gallant and efficient offi cer, and has endeared himself to bis company and regiment by his gentlemanly appearance and soldierlike bearing. The service has lost an excellent officer and the regiment one of their mot-t cherished friends. -?? Tut! School Examination.?Elsewhere will be found the programme for the coming examinations of the Pnblic Schools. It seems to a matter of regret that the trustees do not flDd it practicable to so arrange the ord r of examinations that they may cover more time not so many per day. With four or more ex aamlnations allotted to an afternoon, It is of course impossible lor those Interested in the public schools 10 be present at enough of them to get an intelligent and satisfactory idea of their respective progress An Event of Interest.?Great interest is felt in the coming pic-nic of St. Dominick's Church Sunday School, to be held at the Park on the 23d inst. Extensive preparations are being marie by an excellent comiv.lttee of ar rangements, and the affair will be distinguished for enjoyment, good order and comfort. Editor of the Star:?In vour local column I noticed a description of a street washer or sprinkler, under the signature of A. W. I am the inventor and patentee of that apparatus, and have Bcen trying to introduce it during the administration of Mayors Berret and Wal lach, ard also through the instrumentality of the Commissioner of Public Buildings, with out success. It is to b? regreted that the tho roughfare of this great Metropolis should be in surh a fll hv condition. It is not mv fault. I have tried every means in my power to have this apparatus introduced in this city. It Jamep P. Ellicott. SPECIAL NOTICES. Thanks tor Aid.?The German Relief Associa tion t> nder many thanks to Me*srs Johnson A On , Kelawpkl. Jone* Bros. Wevand, Ebel Siu<:er. Km erieh,Bchuc].ing, Aigler Car-lie, Uriel, Seitz, Klo 111hu Volkman. Tausig, Cohenlieim. Dilks. Silves, Aikman Helniutb, f-mith. Rullniann. Lutz. Larnis bersc. Hammerscnlas, fleilbrunn. Wieginann, Serin emu nn. GerhaHt, Hammerer fc Kem?ler, Steinleand other*, for their prompt and liberal eon tributionsof ornnc"*, lemons, jellies, sardinr-.(,e;r:*?, wines brandy, whisky, laxrer hecr, weiss be -r. bit - ters. cordials. anodyne, tobacco, lime, shoes, hats, fan.-. underclotL;-. towelling. handkerchief*. bread, ? nickers. apples, tint, reading matter, and sundry other articles. Tbe Association has sent thirteen efficient men to the front A!" the army advances our wants for the wounded will increase. -We must keep our Commission on the held well supplied, and for that^pnrpose *e now appeal to our fellow-.Mtiz ns to ceme forward a d contribute liberally articles or money. V ho could fail to assist those who have been maimed whilst p-oteoting us?? Messrs. A. Eberly. 311 7th street. Charles Klo lDann. 7th street, and K. Muhlinghau*, Market Space near .Stb street. ar? authorized to receive contributions of any kind, and will send for any articles they may be notified as being ready for celivery. By orderofthe Executive Committee; it" JOHN 11IT7., President. Jewelry! Jew klky !!?Onb Dollar. Gold Plated Jewelry and Silver-Plated Tea Spoons, for One Dollar, at 43*s l'enn. avenue, near 4S street, at the Dollar Store. m> 14 3t* Corns. Bunions, Bad Nails, Ac. Persons wishing immediate relief from these roublesome annoyances, should call at Dr. White's rooms. No 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4>? and 6th streets. Brown's Bronchial Troohks. These Lozenges are prepared from a highly esteemed recipe for alleviating Bronchial Affec tions, Asthma, Hoarseness, Coughs, Colds, and Irritation or Soreness of the Throat. Public Speaker* and Vocalists Will find them beneficial is clearing the voice before speaking or singing, and relieving the throat after any unusual exertion of the vocal organs, having a peculiar adaptation to affections which disturb the organs of speech. Colgate's okkt Soap. This celebrated Toilet Soap, in such universal demand, is made from the choicest materials, is mild and emollient in its nature, fragrantly scent ed, and extremely beneficial in its action upon the skin. For sale by all Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers. ja25-eoly Diseases or the Nervous, Seminal, Urinary asb Sexual Systems?new audreliable treatment? in Reports of the Howard Association?Sent by mail in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address D. J. Skillin Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth street, Phi.adelphia Pa. mn29-3m E. J. Wilxins, Esq.. has been appointed A^ent of the Great Pennsylvania route, vice E. O. Nor ton, to take effect on the 28th of March. Mr. Wil kins has been connected witn the Office, at the corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, during the past two years, and is thoroughly con versant with the business of the route ia all its departments. All applications for information tickets. Ac., must be address?d to E.J. Wilkins, Agent Great Pennsylvania Route, Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue. Ed. S. Youno, General Passenger Agent, ap 5 Great Pennsylvania Route Warranted to Curi ih Six Days,?Dr. Godfrey's Antidote, an JCnglish Specific of sixty-five years' standing, will cure Gonorrhoea in six d/ujs. No change of diet required. Price 81 per bottle. Sold by B.C. ford, corner Uth street and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Henry Oook, Alexandria. Jaft-ly Ths cheapest and best Hair Dy? inter World ?Never Fades or Washes Out ? Upbam's Hair Dye, SO cents a box. The best in use. Try it. Bald by 8. C Ford, corner 11th street and Penn, avenue, Washington; and Henry Cook, Alexandria. a 6-ly MARRIED, On the 17th May at Trinity Church, by Rev R / Keeling. MAHLON A8BFORD, of the District of Columbia, to SIDNEY LAKOURCADE, only daughter of James F. Bell, Esq.. of Philadelphia. l*o cards. ? TF??noT^ USa A. Holmead. Mr ED ? k 74?Rw0 MJ ,8 SUSAN JANE LA W KEN CK, bot/i of W a* hing-ton. * On the 17th inst., by Rev. Mr. Maguire. GEO E FALCONER to Miss MAGGIE R. CULVER WELL,' both of this city. No cards. * F DIIP On the morning of the 18th May. after a painful illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude, Mrs. MARY McCA BE, relict of Daniel McCabe, in her 33d year. M*y she rest in peace. Amen. Her funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at "iJ* o'clock , without further notice. Her friends and the friends of the family are invited to at tend. * On Wednesday morning, May 13th, of hemor rhage. Mrs ELLENOR DOUGHERTY, in the 47th year of ber age. Her funeral will take place from her late resi dence on G street, near ad. to-morrow afternoon, at 3 o'clock. The friends of the family aire invited to attend. I Baltimore Sun please copy ] * 17*0R SALE?A nearly new BARGE, lintons ca F pacity. Inquire of H. N. EABBY, 2dth street west and D street north. my l6-3t* OR BALE?One good shifting top BUGGY and set of single harness; in perfect order. Price Apply between ?he hours of 9 a. m. and 12 in.. at lfe*2 I street, near 21st. my 16 lw" HORSE WANTED?Must be gentle, free from vice, and warranted sound, for a lady's saldle hgrse Address F. P., Bo* 411 Post Office, or per sonally at 395 Est_, bet. 9th andluth. my 16 eo3t* TO ICECREAM MAKERS.-For sale. a Phila delphia patent MACHINE. Also, Freezers, Ice Chests, Ac. Will be sold a bargain, the owner having no use for their. Also, Bome Marble-top Tables Apply at 3? 1 Pa avenue. my !6-3t* I AA LEATHER-LEATHER! I"M? PAIR No 1 Boot Legs ju?t received from Philadeipnia. $5,OOi> worth of prime Calf Skins and Bole Leather, anl a large lot of Shoe Findings cheap for cash, at the *tore of JOHN C. BHAFER, Mo. 3SUHI D street, under tne my 14 3t* Riohmoad Hotel. COR SALE?Two thorough bred t4 MARKS. One has a colt, the other with fogl. For further particulars apply on 23d street, be tween G aad H. to A. BRIDGE. _ my 14 3t* BLACK BILKS ! BLACK SILKS! VERY CHEAP. A fine assertment of superior Black Silks rang In* ih price from fl up to very fine grades. Also, a small lot of Oheok, India aad French Bilks. Ten piece* handsome plain Colored Silks, all verych ep. J. W OOLLEY, my 13-6t ft23 7th street, near Pa. avenue. PICTURE OORD amp TASSELS, Ac. ^ The largest and han Jaomest assortment of Plo tureCord and rasm-Is, Rings, Nails. Ac., la ths DM'M UAHKIITIR'8, Mo. 4tM> rtk street, eight doors above Odd Fellows' Rail. WTerms cash. aw l lmlf 8/Win BUSHELS ST. UBKS SALT ? IMIU 1.U0" boshels Turks Island Salt 4,noCt sacks Liverpool G. A. Salt I,y? do do Bne Salt Afloat aad in stora. For ?ale ia lots t? salt par ekasers. J. TH08. ? A VIS. M Wat* ?treet. ifU4a' ftwrwtm, >. 0. BALLS, PABTIES.&c. At tub rbjricjt or mant who wiitb . unable to attend my May Bali &ai Kxbi- e% t'ltion at Odd Fellows' Hall on the i th wist , 1 will repeat the same ?t the Pompiar: mnll./a. J. nioD Hotel. Georgetown, on dai EVENING. may 26th. Ticket* Two Dollars, fc> be had nf the pupils, principal music and book stores of washington and Georgetown ror 16-eoM' j W. kkkis. P. d. AG R A N D P I c-N I 0 or ST. DOMINIC'S SUNDAY SCHOOL Will he given at the WASHINGTON PAKE. Seventh ,tre?, On MONDAY, May 23d, >66-1. Ticket* 25 cents. Admission for children 10 cent*. Cars running from &11 parts of the city to the Park. _ my 14-7t_ A GRAND PIC-NIC WILL BE GIVEN BT THE YOUNG catholics' FRIEND SOCIETY. ~ ATTHK PARK, ' Oh WEDN18DAY, Mat 18th. The Committee of Arrangements pledge them selves to do everything in their power to make it pleasant to all who may attend. Tickets go cento. my 4-2aw?w&d I EIGHTH GRAND OPENING * ?? MONDAY, May 2d. of GEO. J DEN KM ANN'S ftfUt PLEASURE GARDEN,' corner of 4th and e streets north. East Capitol 13ill. Dancing every Monday afternoon. The Pleaa pre Garden is so improved that it cannot be beaten by any *tber of the same sort in this city, and can be truly recommended to parties and societies for pic nics. GEO. JUKNEMANN, ap25>-lm* Proprietor. LOST AND FOUND. LOST-A MOCKING BIRD. The finder will be suitably rewarded on leaving it at the corner ol llih street west and E sirect south, my 18-3t* ? \ rew ARD ?8trayect or stolen froni the aub sciib't on the I7th instant, a little iron grey 5. ARE, full mane and tail, lost one hind shoe. The above reward will be paid to any person returning her to my place, 3d street, between k and L sts royJS_3t* MAURICE SULLIVAN. ??: r^^aj^p.-strayed on Monday, the 16th,\ 3 ko,rrf' HORSE, with a star in hia forehead, ana a wl ite Btrcak in his mane close to his shoul .r.*v*nd r 80re on bio back. The above reward will be paid If brought to the owner. WM. MYERS, e*l . !OD south of N street, between 4*4 and eth Bt?- my 18-2t* 151*? ar, Vi7&v?y^ ,on tb* l5th instautTa ^ \ ttJI,*Falo cow . with a ralf. The above re ward will be given if brought to No. 96 23d street, between Land m streets. P. HURNEY. n>y i7-3t* JTQVDdark bay HORSE, about ir> hands * high, heavy mane and tail; blind in one eye llie owner applying and proving property- and paying charges can receive the same of Dr hut TON. 444 k street, bet. 5th and 6th. my 17 ;<t ? i OST ? An Italian Greyhound., answering to the Mj name of" Beauty." A verv liberal reward will bp given il returned to 254 G street, between Ifth and isth streets, or any information in regard to him my l7-.'st* i omp-A DIARY FOR 18*4. in \\ hich is a Note v*?f haijd for s 146. in my favor, drawn bv Klir ftheth h. j\ B. Koones The fiuder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at 'he bookstore of Shep ard A Riley, corner D and 7th sts. my 17-31* SOLOMON J. FAGUE. 1 *AKEN lp ESTRA1?On the 14th instant, a dark bay MARK, about 14^ hands high. The ov.ner is requested to come forward, prove prop erty, pay charges and take her a?ay. f. kkaTiN't, Monument Yard, my "-2t On Mth st., fronting the Canal. 10th instant, five WAREHOUSE -i RECEIPTS, printed on buff paper, for 4 4bales of cotton, signed bj heard ft Dardeo, West Point, Georgia. They are of 110 value to any one but the ???, r-. , V" dollars w'h be paid for their delivery at fto. ill w est street, Georgetown. 1115 17 2t* i 0 ?Strayed or stolen a sorrkl v * mare, lightish mane and tail, light hind leg sore and swollen; apparently in fold. For in formation of where sht? mav be. found, or if re tprntd to the corner of 4^ and K streets, Ihland No. 2 a, I will pay the above reward. my 17 3t* N. ISDKLL. ? k REWARD.?Str iyed from the subscriber, on the 14th lust., one dark brindle buffalo COW, with white faoe. She gives milk only out of three ?eaH I will g ve the above reward for her, deliv ered to me at No. 500 L street, between 9th and 1 th. or for any information that wili enable me to get her again. GEO. W. DUTTON m y 17 6t* r OST?This morning, a small yellow l>og~ with i a white cord tied around his neck, fs reward willle paid if returned to o-BORNK DORS.EY cor. 1' tb and south B sts.. Island. my 16-3** ' I Ma> loth, a small ITALIAN jlj greyhound, fawn color and white; white feet and face. Had on a blacn and white collar. Any one returning same or giving information, will be liberally rewarded. K. F. PAGE. 502 7th st., my 16-3t under Odd Fellows' Hall q ^11 REW ARD.?Lost.about the21st April,one vy" l'EARL AND DIAMOND NECKLACE, going from I street to Baltimore?four strands Searls, diamonds set in silver shape of star one rt p surronnded by small stones. The above re ward will be paid it left *t 435 T street, b?twehn 9th and loth sts., Washington, D C. my lfi lw? G. c SHAU . bewabt).?Taken away from Center Market, on 9th street, on Saturday, May JJth. between 12 and 1 o'clock d m . a dark bay HORSE, with a Government saddle on, with breast strap buckled on the saddle; his lef t eye *ore and a little sore on the back; small feet. The above reward will be paid for said horse, if delivered to the subscriber, at Bladenaburg. or to James mul loy. Police Officer, 2d precinct station house, 7th street. Washington, D. C. E. ii WILLARD my 16 3t* Bladensburg. Md, j{! | () rew ard. ?Strayed away, on Saturday, s? ' y 14th instant, two ('ows?one asmall whit? and black cow, speckled, about 8 years old, with a leather strap around her neck; the other a dark brown and >shite cow, with white face, she had only three teats, and a rope around her reck They we.e last seen in the public lot south of the Treas ury Kxtenaion. The above reward will be paid t.> any one returning them to the subscriber, at 341 Massachusetts av., between 12th and 13tii st-, my 16-5t* coc reward.?Stolen from the stable of wat. ?t*9 h. Roland, on the night of the 3d of May, 18o4. near Glesboro' Point, a LIGHT BAY HORSE, about 14 bands high, three white feet and kneps, fallen in neck, white in forehead, the letters W. R. branded on right side of neck; natural racker. I will give the above reward if sent to me or left where I can get him in the District of Columbia. W. H. ROLAND, near Gieshoro'Point, myl3-lw* Washington, d. BOARDING. Boarding.-Five or six gentlemen can be ac commodated with board in a respectable fam ily, at No 726 New Jersey avenue, at $24 per month, payable weekly. my l8-eo3t* Board and^handsomely~~fcrmsued ROOMS, for married or single persons. Hou e large and airy; location pleasant. Terms moler ate. App!yat291 8th street, near the corner of M. n>y lh-3t* T OWING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, by the ' Potomac Tow Company's boats, "Potomac," Gov. Curtin" and "Belle Haven." Apply to the Captains on board, or to ,-j JOHN B. DAVIDSON, 11 my 13-tf 59 Water street, Georgetown. fVRANGES AND LEMONS! w ORANGES AND LEMONS! ORANGES AND LEMONS i 1.000 BOXES MESSINA ORANGKS, Prime Sweet Fruit. s00 BOXES LEMONS. Just arrived at JONES k co.'8, m yfl-8t* Corner 8th and d streets. IVEW AND STYLISH ^ J D R K s 8 G o o D 8 . Opened this day. a large and elegant asasortmont of new and styl ish Summer Dress Goods, many of them bought at less than the importers' prices, and will be sold at a small advance to close out at once. The ladies areapecially Invit.jd to call ?Jarly, ~ J. W. COLLEY. nay 13-Bt No. 523 7th street. Ss. CORBIN tc CO., . WHOLESALE DEALERS IN STRAW GOODS. RIBBONS, FLOWERS, LACES, and MILLINERY GOODS generally. 71 North Second at., Philadelphia, 293 Penna. avenue, ?outh aide, near ICth street, Washington. ?fygcods sold at Philadelphia^and New York prices. Positively no retailing my 12 lw* C. W. THORN. REFRIGERATORS! i ~~ : 7 rjifr1g ERAT0R8! refrigerators i ? . -ipt^r,, refkigerators i MATTING! MATTING ! MATTING! 1arpet8. MATTING. CARPETS! carpets! For sale by GREEN k WILLIAMS^3 ' my ll-gt Wo. 626, cor. 7th and D sta. north. D RY GOODS AT old PRICES. Having bought largely before the late advance in goods we are thereby enabled to sell them for less than the present wholesale price! We have a full iii.e of Dress Goods, Ladiea' Silk and Spring Cloaks. Sun Umbiellas, Bonnets, Plate, Boys' Straw Hats, White and Checkered Matting, Oil Cloths Ac. v We are selling Cottons at case prices. Look to yoar interest and give us a call. GEORGE J. JOHNSON & CO., nay 14-3t* corner 3l)th street and Pa. ar 486 PICTU*K AND TASSEL8. Different sizes and colors Picture Cord and Tar sals, Rings, Nails. Ac., at J. markriter'9, 4S6 7th (treat. Sight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. Terms cash. ap?-lmir FOR SALH-An ENGINE and BOILER' 8 to 10 borae power, oomplete. A? 1 at DUVAL'S Foundry. Georgetown. d. mv o-lw* MOORE'S MAGIC SODA pocnt i8~NOW ready te dispense pure and oold Soda Water to Uis vary Mmerous pat one, _ MOORE'S West End Drag Store, my 10-tw 114 Fa ?t?ntie woat. WANT8, \Y BOY to ilrirB iwnton, at T. W. ?? WHEELER & CO '8 Jobbing Hliop, 475 11th street. between Kami F. It W ANTED?A cooi petent WOMAN, fur f-,nt,r?l ? honsewrrk in a small family. Apply at 2*2 Stbj^treet. between M and N. if VV A^T?KD - >irrt o'*? ^OAT ANiT PANTS ?? hands. APviy to b. h. duvall. n? 411 1 ftip. hvon 11 p. niy tS 3t* VV ^TKD-Two BELL BOTSTaTUnited State? ? i n Xenn.avenue. Apply at t&eo**teeof the Hotel. my |3 W^J*^ED?A good WOMAN (white', to conk at . if? Ogling House, ? *9 Penn. avenue, be tween ISth aDj gts. my 18-2t* VI/ANTED? A (o?d (ilKL, to do plain rookinr, T n J- BBOWN'8 R-staurant, cor. 13th atreat fttHl Fenn. avenue tny '8 3t* VV ANTED? An OPERATOR on Grover & Bv . "?"J" 8 ?r ^hftler & Wilton's Machine. O^e *"P understand* dressmaking preferred. Apply at V80 B street. between 2d ana 3d. my H 3t* YY A MAN to run a circular mr. ? * steady employment, will he given to a good ,AI'P'* to Excelsior Moulding Mill, corner 13th an" C sts. my 18-gt* VV A^TKD?By a young girl a SITUATION as * * child ? Biirwt or chamHertnaid Apply at No. IPS G street, corner of 19th. Best of references Cft? be given if required. my 18 2t" YV A?*TED ?By a joune ?irl. a SITUATION as * c"&.nib?rmaid or washer and ironer. in a pri vate family or in a private boarding-house. A<1 dressMARY 8., Star Offioe. It* YVANT?I>-A BLACKSMITH HELPER. LTb TT era! wages and steady employment given. Apply at No. 503 12th street. my 18-.1t* R W. JOHNSON. YY aNTKD a good CABINET-MAKER One who understands patting work together will bear of a good situation and liberal wages, by ap jil> ing immediately at No tfl * Penn. avenue, be tween 9th and loth streets, up st iirs. my I8-3t AR E SP ECT A bUiTm A R RIKD 1, ADY~ W A N T8 BOARD :n a nice private family, where sh? can nave the comforts and quit-'. of h ho-ne daring confinement. J or a suitable place a liberil price will be paid. Address Mrs. J.T M . through the citj post office, stating terms, location and name. my is-3t? \k, ANTED?A YOUTH from 16 to 18 years of age, vv to learn the Drug Biinine?s. Mast he well recommended. Apply at this office. my 17-3t* IV7 ANTKD-In a small private family, a good ** German GIKL. Good wages will be given. Inquire 3A1 Mh street, corner II. my 17 3t* VV AN TED ?TwcT8ERVAN'T GIRLS, one for TT general housework in a small family, the other for chambermaid. 445 S>th street, opposite the Patent Office. my 17 3t* Y\r ANTED?Twenty good DRESSMAKERST~srt vv nations permaneut. Call for one week at 243 Penn. avenue, first floor up stairs. my 17-3t* A YOUNG MAN, teacher and ex-soldier wishes A SITUATION. If one in which he can learn a good business or have tine for improvement, wages not an object. Address, for one week, *'A. Ii. C.." Star Office. my 17 2t* A YOUNG MAN. a good writer, having consid erable leisure time, would like to occupy it with copying or other (rriting. Terms satisfac tory. Address "J. 8. G.," Box 792 Post Office. m> 17-5t* rpo SUTLERS AND BAKERS.?A young MAN, J. well qualified in the Pie and Bread Baking, just from the front, wishes a situation a* the above. Appiy for two flavs at JAMES FLANA GAN'S Restaurant, corner 10th and C sts. iry!7 2t* YY7 ANTED? An experienced American NUkHR. vv from New York , wi nhes to make eugigetnents in a few families as monthly nurse. Ila* n<> objec tion to taking care of an invalid. Can give best of references. Can be seen from lit to 4 o'clock any day, by calling at S9 Penn. avenue, between 2ist and 2id streets, till June 1st. my 17 WANTED.?The undersigned wishes to obtain a good FL'KSI?HED ROOM, with board, in a central location. Would prefer to be in a fam ily where there are few or no other boarders. Terms not to exceed *30 per month. Best ot ref erences given and reiuired. Address Mrs. ft. 8. A.. Star Office. my 17 3t* W #NTED?One good second-hand BRRAD vv BAKER. Apply at the Star Office, my lo-3t* J ANTED.?A Dish Washer and Sheet Washer. Apply at the Ebbet House. myl6 3t* YY^ ANTED?At the American Telegraph Office,' v v No. 4P.2 Penn. avenue, three MESSENGER B'*YS. Must come well recommended, my 16-3t W ANTED?A good GIRL, to assist in washing, ironing, and chamberwork. Apply at No. 4IS E street, between 8th and 9th. my lti 3t* YY' ANTED-A CARRIAGE WASHER. Inquire ? v at Flemming's National Stables, on C street, between 45? and tith streets. my lrt-3t* %V AN T E D- A D1NING ROOM~8ERV'ANt7~aT vv ply at the Union Eating House, near the depot. my 16-3t* YY^ANTED^Two first-class SERVANTS?one to *? cook, wash and iron; and one as chamber maid and nurse, None but those competent need apply, best wage* given. Inquire 511 B street, between 2d and Sd^ my 16-3t* WANTED I MM EDI ATEL Y?A good COOK, WASHER and IRONER; one who would be willing to go six miles in the country for the sum mer. Goou wages will be given to a competent woman Apply at No. 47 5 6th street. my 16-tf [Kepuh.] WANTED-A good DINING ROOM SERVANT, one who will ma^e himaelf generally useful. Also, a first-rate COOK, who will wash and iron. To any such good wages and a good home is of fered. Apply at 1^2 I street, near 21st. my 16-lw* YY/ANTED?A good, neat, intelligent white vv WOMAN, who understand? cooking for a hotel. Aho, a WOMAN, who can do plain sewing. Apply at American House, corner Penn. avenue and 7th Etreet. my lt-flt* 1>I1IRTY GOOD GRANITE STONE CITTTERS 1 WANTED, at the Chestnut street Bridge, Philadelphia. Wages $3 per day. CLARK, McGHANN & KENNEDY, my 12-2w Contractors, Philadelphia. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?200 LADIK8 to Embroider on Muslin, Linen and Cambric. To good hands constant work and ^ood wages given. Ladies applying will please bring samples of work. Apply at WM. PRINCE'S Stamping and Machine Stitching Depot, 391 V street, opposite Patent Office te 18 VV ANTED?A white GIRL, to do housework for two persons; or a young lady can procure a good hoinu who would do a little housework, by Mrs. M. A. V., Washington Post Office. VV addressing my 7 WANTED. FLUTING I FLUTING I WANTED, Every lady in the District to know that I have, at considerable expense, had built a very elegant machine for Fluting or Crimping Dresses, <kc. Dressmakers and others can have any kind of goods Crimped at short notice, in as yood style, and aa cheap as in an y other city. Ladies, remember this is the only machine in town, and done at the only place to get stamping done. 3*i*l F street, oppo site Patent Office, Stamping and Machine Stitch ing Depot. ; my 3 fA AAA LADIES WANTED TO CALL AT DUiUUU PRINCE S Stamping Depot, 3^1 F street, opposite Patent Office, and get their Stamp ing, 8titcning, Pinking and Embroidery dene. As there are other Richards in the field, Indies better look out that they come to Prince's,-who is the only practical hand in the oity. Be sure yon go to F street, opposite Patent Office. mh 4 AN TED-SECOND HAND FURNITURE Also, Mirrors, Carpets, Beds, Bedding and Hoasefurnishing Goods of every description. B. BUCHLY 428 7th street, tnh 91- f bet. G and H, east aide! QUERY??Who hassle largest assortment of pattern for Stamping ? WIio is the only prac tical person that Stamps/ Who has the largest number of bauds at Embroidery f Who ha* the i finest stock of Embroideries, Braids, A:c., and who is the only persan in the District that does Fluting for ladies dresses? fcrPRINCK,-381 F STREET, where ladies can select from 26,'too choice patterns for any kind of work, and where they can get ANY PATTERN stamped. Having stamped for 8t),ooo ladies is proof that he knows his busiiiess. Ladies who do not want their goods spoiled, but stamped as tbey should be, go to the only person in the city who does good worn. FLUTING 1 FLUTING! FLUTING! The oi\ly macAitt* in town now in operation. Fluting done as good as in new York or elsewhere. my9-tf ty381 F street, opposite Patent Office. p A P X R H~A N G I N G 8 . I would most respectfully inform my customers and the puhjjc in general that I am now receiving my spring stock of American and French PAPER HANGINGS, consisting of the finest French Gilt Papers, suitable for parlors, dining rooms, cham bers and halls. I am also in receipt of a large assortment of Gilt Cornice, Gilt Window Shades and Picture Cord and Tassels. All persons wishiLg to purchase will do well to look for themselves before buying elsewhere, as I have the largest assortment of the above goods in the city. JOHN ALEXANDER, my9-eo2m [Intel.] No. 240 Pa. avenue. O T I C E . IMPORTANT TO DEALERS IN TOBACCO, CI GARS AND FANCY GOODS. Having] ust returned from Europe, and deal ring to make room for a new bullding^I will sell off my entire stoc^ of Cigars. Tobacco, Pipes and Fancy Goods at reduced prices. My stock consists of old Cigars, fine genuine Virginia Smoking U1 ,tc' my 11-lw* No. 234 Pa. ar., near nth st. OR 8ALE?Several very' elegantly finished French COUPEE8. Also, a number? ? BRETTSorOPEN BAROUCHES fori four persons inside. Tbeae Carriages are finished in the most superb manner, and wonld sutt either for pyivata use or for public conveyances. MCLLINGER Sc HUNTER. Corner of Howard and Franklin streets, my 12-lm* Baltimore. (Mantillas fob ladies, misses and IVi CHILDREN. MAY DAY OPENING AT MAXWELL'S ORIGINAL CLOAK AND MAN TILLA EMPORIUM, (Established i* 185 2.) On Monday. May 18th, we shall have our regular opening of Spring and Summer Mantillas Oloaks, Sacquea.Coats. Ac , for ladies, misaesand children. Our assortment comprises all the neweat and most demrahle styles of Black Silk and Cloth Maatillaa for ladles misaes and children. . Mantilla Department in seccod ftnrr R?bib ber the ulaot>, MAX WILL S, my 14-St 386 Pean. avenue, F of FOR RENT AND HALE. A RARE CHAKCK -A ?ro?l! eTCXV for r?nt, suitaMe for auj business. Ini>ui?? on the premises, corner 9th and 11 sts. north. It* 170 R KENT ?OiafTb andictni"SUIT HO* ROOMS, ? one large chamber and one small one; all fine ly furnished. Bath-room in the building, and good boarding star. 404 I ?trw>t, near Uth. my TWO NICK FONIShA ROOMS TO RENT, rery cheap. Apply to Mre. JOHNSON , on 21st street west, between f anlO, opposite Govern ment urM house. Wilt be let singly. jti\y i8 3t* WI J^ROOMS TO RENT?One suitable for a Dane ^ in* Arade?r\, No 131 Bridge *tr??et Also. a ST A RLE on H'gb street, containing twenty stalls. Apply to J LANG, 131 Bridge street. Weor^e town. c> " *? FURNISHED HOU8KFOR RK NT-No. 94 Penn. avenue,. Six Buildings.) Rent $100 per month. Will not he rented as a boarding liouse. Apply to C INGLE. No. 3 Law Building, 5th street, oppo site City nail. myl8 3t*__ f^OR RENT-A three story BRICK HOCSI.con taini e six rooms and back kitchen, situated on 2d stre+t, between Mass. avenue and K street. Apply on K street, between 14tb and 15th my 18-2t * J AMKf READ) Q FOR SALE CHEAP -The Good will, Stock and Fist-res of the MONUMENTAL HOUSE vt tbe Baitim're Depot. Ioquire at M. KBLLi 8 Provision and Liquor Store, corner of 13S and D street*. my la-lw* f^OR RENT?A FUKNIpnKDHOUss o..e square from State Department; 14 rooms; ail modern conveniences. Will be rented for four mo iths at low rate to satisfactory tenant Apply at Phil adelphia Inquirer Office, 466>4 11th street, oppo site Will ard's. my 18-2t* 'I'O RENT ?The half of the new one story 1 HOUSE, on Chestnut street, between P and Q, four doors from llth street, but a step from the car6. Has two rooms, separate yard and wood kouse. Terms ?10 per month. Apply on the prem ises. my 18-2t* F"OR SALE?A SMALL FARM of 56 acres, in Montgomery County, 12 miles from treorgetow n and iJ-2 miles from the ruial Location healthy New Dwelling House, (small). Six acres in Que cul tivation. and the balance in pine and oak timber In esse the purchaser desires. 1 can sell sivty acres ad Joining tne same. WM. KILGOUR. iny l8-5t* Trustee and Attorney, 317 7th st. IVICELY furni8hkd ROOMS and first class board, at 301 G street, between 13th and 14th, One suite on first floor. my 17-lw* OR liENT?Neatly furnished and unfurnished ROOMS, at No. 42V 13th street, one door from corner of G. my 17-3t* Furnished ROOM8 FOR RENT-No. 1 Frank lin Place, I street, between 13th and 14 h,with board. my 17-3t* F?OR SALE-A RE8TAURANT AND LAGER BEER SALOON, an old stand; unusually cheap rent; lease nr. til May, 1868. For particulars address E. H., Star Office. my 17-3f TO RENT?A three story BRICK HOUSE, on J 6th street, near the corner of M, containing eight rooms. For further particulars inquire at 461 9th street, near E. my l7-3t* FOR RENT?To responsible parties, a FUR NISHED HOUSE being.fllled with boarders; pleassntl) situs ted For particulars address Box 10J-. Post Office, stating when an interview can ?ye had. my 17-St* Handsomely furnished rooms for RENT, in one of the most desirable locations in the city; only two squares from the Depart ments. in a private family. Apply at 276 H street, near 18th. ray 17-3t* b OK KENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE in George town, D. C., containing 8 room"; ploa*ant|y located. Has gas and water. Apply to F. w JONES, Attorney at Law, 5th street, between D and E. my 17-3t* L'Oll HI NT?A STORE on Penn avenue, (suit P able for most any business.) between lOtb and 14th streets. Possession given iuimediately. Ap ply at W. WITTHAFT'S wagon shop, between 3d and 4th sts., Capitol Hill. , my 17-3t* T A B L FT O RTkEN T - A BRICK STABLE, with stalls for 13 horses, containing water and gas; situated on Louisiana avenue, between 6th and 7th streets. Inquire at J Oil N KING of ffm. 4 00 'S, 61 I,a. avenue. my 17-2t P">OK^ALE.?The Good-will of a BLACKSMI TH SHOP, Stock and Tools, Ac. The reison of selling is the party is going in other business. Also, a P.AOATELLE TABLE. Inquire at WM. CHABE'S Provision Store, cornei 2fth street and l'eun a\ enue. my 17-3^ l/OR SALE?The Good will, 8tock of Store, back .T room and fine cellar. No. A9 Bridge street, Georgetown. Also, for rent, to gentleman, sev eraM-'URNISHED ROOMS, in a pleasant locality, at moderate terms. On line of street cars. In quire as above. my 17 3t* OARD AND HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, for married or single persons, tran sient or permanent. House large and airy; loca tion pleasant; near Penn. avenue. Terms mod erate. Apply S. W. corner 21st and H sts. my 17-St* Ii^OR LEASE?CORNER LOT. fronting on Penn. avenue?5,00 ' feet of ground?ten years. 12,50 > feet corner 3d and G streets, five years. LOT, 21x 120, I street, between 3d and 4th, ten years. FUR NISHED HOUSE for rent. ? , M1TCHELL A SON. Real Estate Brokers, my 17-31* 8. E. cor. Pa. av. and 15th st. ^OR SALE ? A beautifully located BRICK HOUSE, 18x32, e'gbt rooms and passage; lot 37x9> to aa all^y. Immediate possession?only 'Vive acres of land with dwelling, and good orehard, near the citv, for $850 MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Brokers, my 17-lm* S. E. cor. Pa. av and 15th st. WO furnished OR UNFURNISHED PAR LORS TO LET, with or without board in a beautiful location: but two squares from Penn. avenue, and most desirable for fresh ur through tbe warm summer months. Apply at corner 6tn street east and South Carolina avenue, Capitol Hill. my >7-3t* 1VEATLY CONNECTING FURNISHED ROOMS i> for rent at No. 137 I street, bet. 22d and 23d sts. References given and reqaired. my 16-3tJ URNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT?A two-story BRICK HOUSE, with FURNITURE, will be rented four months. Possession given June 1st. Apply at 3.)2 G, near 11th st. my 16-eo3t l^URNISBED ROOMS FOR RENT, without r board. Boarding house opposite, where meals are served. Apply at No. 320 New York avenue, between 9th and loth sts. my 16-lw* OR RENT?Part of SQUARE 511. between 0 and I' streets, fronting on 5th st. Possession given immediately. For further particulars inquire at No. 437 7th st. my 16 lw* TO SELL OR TO LET?A RESTAURANT wlTh three rooms, a stable and other out-huiidiniffl. There is also a good garden attached. The house is in a ?(ood business place, where enterprise will be well rewarded. Apply- at corner K and 3d sts. east my 16-3t* A RESTAURANT FOR 8ALE CHEAP, in good order an<f doing a good business, near the Patent Office. Rent low. The building In about 75 feet deep Sold in consequence of sickness iu the present owner's family, (living North ) It must be sold in a few days. Apply to J. F. KBL LEY. 363 8th street west. my Ifi-at* I/0R SALE?With immediate possession, a - r PROPERTY fronting 66 feet on 1 street by 140 deep. Improvements, a large double wing cottage. 10 rooms; three small buildings in the rear; good-fencing, garden, fruit trees, Ac.; for *6'<00>1ITCHELL & 80N, Real Estate Brokers, my 16-lm* southeast oor. l'a. av. and 15th st. ^O RENT?With or without furniture, until 1st of October next, a very pleasant PARLOR aud large BED ROOM. on West street. Georgetown, second tioor, three story brick. Gas anl bath. Good board near. References exchanged. Ad dress C. B. W., Georgetown Post Office, stating where and when applicant can be seen. my 16-3t* |/0R RENT?A neatly FURNISHED ROOM, r suitable for one or two young gentlemen, on 23d street. 4 doors south of I. my 14-lw ? >OR SALE ?A two-story and attic FRAME HOUSE, situated on 13th street. Island. Iu quire at Si 5 oppositaJ ; my 14-1 w' gMALlTLOTS FOR SALE VERY LOW. Ten Lo^s on 21st. above N street. Four Lots on N street, near 21st. One of the best locations in the First Ward Six Lots on 21st, above R street. Six Lots en 2 th, above C street. Four Lots on Pennsylvania avenue, between 6tn and 7th streets east. Ten Lots on D street, between 6th and 7th east. To be sold very low at private sale if taken be fore June 1st. Call at 277 I street, corner of 17th, between 4 and 6 o'clock p. m. my 14-eo6t __ let?For the summer, a first-class HOUSE, * completely furnished, in the First Ward. Ap ply at Cottage Market, 300 I street, my 13-eott FOR RENT ? A STABLE and CARRIAGE HOUSE. with stalls for two horses. Apply at No 422 16th street, between H and I. my 12-lw 'OR RENT?To gentlemen only, one large fur * nished CHAMBER. Call at 35S 7th street, between I and Mass, avenue. F rare CHANCE.?for 8ALB, the Stoe,, j.m. Good-will and Fixtures of the WILLARD HOTEL STABLES, one of the best stands in Washington, D. C., consisting of Horses, Car ""Thomas EKk""'." M.? mv 12-lw* 14th st., below Penn. arenne. "^OR BENT?A delightful RE8IDENCB, Furniture, on Georgetown Heights, on the square between Green and Montgomery streets, above Stoddard st. Possession given on the 10th of June next. For termB, Ac., apply on the prem ie F>0R SALE?8.000 acres ?f rich LANDS in Iowa,(Hardin, 8torr, Wright, an* Franklin counties;) 4,000 acresi in_ Hinnesota; tracts from 40 to 640 acres. L?c*ted 18 Patents from the Government. Wlllexchanr for property inF?0R 6SALE^Two ?and a half years' lease of a jt'ic*, Boaa r ounmu, ?nu SI 3 000 for a property fronting 40 feet on Penn. avenue; a three-story brick building, having two stores and eight large rooms additional, now rent ing f?j^f?]py$?1/4*8ON, Real Estate Brokers, ap y>-lm* Southeast ?or. Pa. ar. and 15th st. ffl.-s WILL BUT THE LEASE of .large; AUCTION SALES. >t tiller AkIUb Sales see first THIS AFTERNOON AND TO.MORXOW j?T I. 0. McGUXRZ A 00.. Auctioneers. TRUBTM'8 SALS 0F~~V ALU A BLR 8LAUCHT TRK flOtrgRpROPRETT. w*?h Brick BuUdla*. o * ''M8' Dweilinw-houses.and V AO AMY ^ . JSTfl \ r belonging U the Sh?r,*? Miller. On WX0NK8PAY AFTERNOON. Mar 4 o clock. on tae premi?es. commencing with the first named and ocnttnulug |n the order herein named by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Oo?K of the District of Columbia *11110* la chanoery, paaeed or the 9th daf of April r*4,|n a certain cause wherein Geo, W, Mlll-r is complainant aad Rllen Miller ?< al. art defendant*, (No. 146J we shall 'ell? Lot* Noa. 1,2. 5.4^6 6 7. ?.9,10 24,*.?1.37, and ^ in Square No. 95S, fronting respectively oa PtA and l< th street.-east and south N atreet. impr >ved "J .a brick dwslllng house, slaughter l?oo?e 5w 1 . P*-""' Ac., known as the slaughter yard of ^5 Charles Miller. to be sold entire or di vided aa1 may be deemed most desirable. Immediately after Lot* 1 3. S. and 4. In ft?ua?e ? .** on *outh 0 street, between 9th an<f 10th streets east. Immediately afWr. part or lot Na. 2. in Square No 976, fronting 50 feet 8 inches on south M street and running back 94 feat 3* Inches on l<?tb street east and improved bj a double two story frame dwelling house. Immediately after, part of Lot No. 1. Square N?. 962, beginning for the fame at 83 f?et 6 inches from the southeast corner of said lot and thenc* run ning west and fronting on M atreeT " feet, theooe north 75 fcet 6 inches, thence east n feet, thenoe south 75 feet 6 inches to the beginning, toge her with the improven enU, oonsisting of a three-storr brick dwelling house. Immediately after, part of Lot 3, same Square, beginning for the ianf at a point on M st eet eruth IC' feet from east loth street, thence north about 72 feet thence west 23 feot 9 inches, thnnoe south aboat 72 feet thence east 23 feet 9 inches to the beginning, together with the improvement*, consisting of a two story brick dwrtliug house Immediately after, part of Lot Wo. 3, in Square No. 999. being the south part thereof, fronting IS fret on 11 th street east and running back that width on M stK <jt south SO feet, together with the im provements. consisting of a frame dwelling hou e. Immediately after, Lot 13 in Square No 1 OV, fronting 90 feet on 13th street east, at the c >ruec of south R street, and running back 9S feet, to gether with the Improvements, consisting of a three-story brick dwelling house, with three story brick back bnildln* Terms : One-tDird in cash; the remainder in 6.12, and M months, with interest, for which 'he pur chaser must give notes secured to tae satisfaction of the Trustees. The purchaser to have the optioa of paying all in cash ConnyanciiK and stamps at the coat of the pur chasers If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days thereafter the Trustees reserve the r'ght of reselling, at the riskend expense of the defaulting Krohaser. on ene week's notice in the Nations* telllgencer. OIO. A BOHRBK, K.O.MORGAN, A. TII08. BRAPLRT, Truntees. ap21 eoAds J. C. McGUIRl A OO . A acts. gY J. C. McGUIRE A OO., Auctioneers. NEW THRKE STORY- BRICK DWELLING HOUSE WITH STORK ATTACHED ON R 8T . NKAR CONNBCTICUT AVENUE AT AUO TION. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, May 12ta at ( o'clock on the premises, we shell sell, a detirabte Lot on K street north next to tl e corner of Con necticut avenue, 28x100 f-et, improved by a new three story Brick Dwelling House, with Store Rocm attached, well adopted tor a business plaae as well as a residenoe, being in the vicinity of the prblic Departo ents anc Offices. Immediate possession given. Terms: One-half cash, the remainder In s<* and twelve months, with interest, Sbcured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser, my.7 J. c. McGUIRBAOO., AncW, THE ABOVE SALE >S POSTPONED, IN OON sequence of rain, until WEDNESDAY AKTBR NOON . May 18th, at the same hour snd place, my 13 d J. O. McGUIRE 4 OO. B Y WM. B. LBWI8 k CO.. Aucti 'neers. 4*27 7th st..between O and H ate. Sa'e every Evening this week of Stationery, Pho tograph Albums. Bibles. Books, Table and Poeket Cutlery, Fancy Soaps, and a variety of useful Vaaov goods. my 17-3t WM. B. LEWIS & 00., Auc%?. [Chron.l B Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioned. OR* AT SAI.E OF CARRIAGES ANI>IIARNBi3 AT AUCTION. ? On THC RSDAY MORN ING. May J6. commenaiag at 10 o'clock, we will sell, al the Carriage Reposi tory of Thomas Young, No. 409 Pennsi fvania av., near street, south side, his large and extenaire stock of first-class Carriages, A c., embracing^ 60 New and Seonnd Hand Family Carriages and Coaches, tor one and two Honea, part very 8ne, 20 Top and No Top Buggies and Trotting Wagons, Several fine Brett*, Phaetons, and Plirtioiaa'a Phaetors, l 1 Second Ba?>d French Coupe, 1 English Log Wagon, Several Barouch and Bnggy Poles, 40 Setts first class Doable and Single Harness, sil ver and Japan mounting, part of whioh is very fine. Together with other Carriages not eaumerated. Tne above stock embraces the largest and finest assortment of Carriage* and Harness ever offered at auction in thiscity,and is disposed of on acooont of Mr. Young retiring from business, and we es pecially call the attention of purchasers to thla sale as the stock will be peremptorily sold. The Repository ia for rent and it is one of the best stands in the city for any kind of be si nee*, Enquire on the premises. Terms cash. t my.13 WM. L. WALL A CO., AncU. >Y J. C. MoGUIRK A CO., Auctioneer*. B1 ADMINISTRATORS SALE OF VERY VALUA BLE GREKN-HOU8B PLANTS. On TBURSDAY MORNING, May 19th, at II o'clock by virtue of an order from the Honorable Orphans' Court of the District of Colombia, I shall sell, near Boundary street, between Twentieth and Twenty first streets, at publie auction, for ac count of the estate of the late John Dotrlas. AB0CT 130 JAP0NI0A8 AND CAPS JESSA MINES, believed to be the finest green-house plants in the UniteC Etatee. Terms cash, WILLIAM DOUGLAS, Administrator of John Donglas, deceased, my.18 J. 0. McOUIRK A CO., Aucte B Y WM. L. WALL &, 00., Auctioneers. CANTON COCO MATTING, FURNITURK, OAK PETS. &o.. AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY MORNING. 19th Instant, at M o'clock, we will sell at oar Auction Rooms, with out reserve, for cash, for account of whom it may concern? 4 Pianos, 200 rolls fresh white and cheoqnered 4, f, Aai 6 4 Canton Matting, ju*t imported. led rolls4 4 and 6 4 Coco Matting, 10 roilSXarpet, 10 Cotta*e Sets, Jenny Lind, Cottage, and other Bedsteads, Marble-top, plain, and other Bureaas, Hair and Shuck Mattresses, Mahogany and Walnnt cane-seat Ohairs and Rock ets, Mirrors, Easy Chairs, and Lounges, Marble-top and other Tables, Mahogany and Walnut SofaB and Tete a-Tetee, Safes,Glassware,Crockery, Ac.. With a variety of otter House furnishing goods too numerous to mention. Terms cash. niy.17 2t W. L. WALL. A; CO., Aucte. B Y C. R. L. CROWN A CO., Auctioneers. 60,000 B?UCRS AT AUCTION. We will sell, on FBI l?AY. Mar 31, at k o'clook, v. m.. on the premises, formerly occupied by Humee ly, Kieventh s'reet. Island, No. 590, 5 doors from the corner of Maryland avenue. Terms cash. Sale without reserve my.18 3t" C. R. L. CROWN & CO., Aucts. |?Y GREEN ? WILLIAMS, AacUoneera. VALUABLE BUILDING* LOT ON 8EVRNTH. BETWEEN N AND O 8TREETS NORTH. AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the 23d instant, we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock, p. m , part of Lot No. 12. in Sifuare No. 423 having a front of 41 feet8ioehes on 7th, between N and O streets no^th, and KO feet deep. The above mentioned property is beautifully sit uated in a very desitable business looatun, and street railroad immediately in front. Terms: One-thlid cuh, balanee ia four, eight, ?nd twelve months, the purchaaer to give noted for the deterred payments, bearing interest from dar of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title inaisputable. my 18 d GREEN & WILLIAMS Ancts Y GRXEN tc WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. B nANDSOMB BUILDING LOT ON TWRNTT HFTH aTREET WEST. BETWEEN H AND I BTBEBiS NORTH. AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, the 24th instant, we sha'l sell. at 6 o'clock, p m? in front of the premises. Lot No. 3. in Square Nw 29. This property Is handsomely situated, fronting 64 feet 4 Inches, on Tweniy-flfW street, and contains 5 6'6 feet more or less. Terms: One half cash, balance In six <n>aths, for notes bearing interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing and revenue stamps at the coet of the purchaser, . my lfl-d GREBN A WILLIAM8. Auets. |?Y J. 0. Mo&UIBJ A OO.. Anotlo?eers. 8TOOK8 AT PUBLIC BALK. On WSDNEKDAY AFTK1N0ON, *ay U. at 5 o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, we shall sell, la Lots to suit? ? , . . ... _ 630 shares of the capital ftock of the Firemen's Ia surtnee Company ef Washington and George t WD? Washington Oltr Corporation six per cent. stock $2.00" Washington and Gsorgetown 1st mortgage ra'lroad bonds f 2.776 Bank of the Metropolis 8 to ok. Terms cash. my.lB-d J. 0. MoGUIRB A CO.. Aacic ^AL1 OF 00NDEMN1D 8TOOK. Wab DarABnuaToarAur Btmaiv, 1 Qfiet of CHi*/Qu?trrmuittr. > VTashintton. D. C.% May 16, IB?4.\ Will be sold at Public Aucti m to the high?et bidder, at Giesboro Depot, on THURSDAY, the 36th instant, beginning at 10 ?'olook, a. m . from one hundred and fifty (1SH> to two hundred (2W! UORSKd. Thes* horses have been ?ondemaed as nnbt fer the cavalry servioe of the Array. Fer road and farm purposes many good Bargains may be bad. Horses sold singly. Terms cash, in U.S. currene^^ ^ my.lT td Lt. Col. 4 0. 0. M? Oar, Bureau

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