Newspaper of Evening Star, May 19, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 19, 1864 Page 1
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V?. XXIII. ' ?? ? I WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. MAY 19. 1864. Mi. 3.502, AUCTION SALES. nJTUftl DATS. B* J. 0. McGUIRE A 00., Auctioneer*. TRUSTEE"? SALE Of~HOU8E AND LOT ON NINTH STREET WEST. BETWEEN 0 AND P S1hEETS NORTH. Pursuant to a deed ;n tract made ud ?xeent?<l bj Eicbard A. Hyde, of Washington city, to the subscriber to secure a certain debt therein men tionrd.I shall proceed to sell, at public auction, on the Seventh day of Jan* next, at 6 o'clock. p. m , on the premises, "all that piece or parcel of ground and premises situated, lying, and being in the said City of Washington, and District of Col umbia, and known and designated u Lot numbered ten (10) In Cruttenden's sub division of Square numbered three hundred and ninety eisht (899,) fronting twenty (30) feet on Ninth street west, be tween O and P streets north,and running back with tbat width to a publis alley, together with all and singular, tbe improvements, privileges, heredita ments and appurtenances to the same belonging, or in any wise appertaining." Terms: One halt of the purchase money cash, the balance in three and six mouths, with inter est The deferred payments to be secured by a deed in trust on the premises. All conveyances inc uding revenue stamps at the expense n* th? purchaser lit the terms sre not compiled with within five days after ti e flay of sale, the propertv will be re sold. at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser, after bve days notice in the Bven ng Star. CHAP. P WANNALL Trustee, my 3-eo&ds J. 0. MoGUIRK A 00 . Aucts. I^YJ.C. McGUIKE & CO., Auctioneers. .SNUG FRAME H0U*E AND NINE GOOD BUILD IN W LOTION THB ISLAND AT PUBLIC AUC TION On MONDAY AFTERNOON. May 13, at 4 o'clock, ?n the premises, we nhail sell original Lots Nos ?>, 21. aid Z*'. in Square No. 644, fronting together 14<? feet 5 inches on south L street be'ween 3d and 4--a streets west,running back 129 feet 1; inches, to .a it'-foot alley, d i? ided into 1<> Building Lo's, one of them improved by a neat an l well built two story t'raan? dwelling.the whol* surrounded with a pa in* fence aod well advanced shade tress. 1 i le perfect. Terms: One-half cash, the remainder in six month*, with irvterest, fecurod by a deed of trust on 'he pr?mises A payment or fZ' on each Lot will be required at the time o sale. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. my.lS-?oAds J.C McGUIRE 3c. CO., Anstfl, I Rep.] B Y GREEN 3c WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TRUSTEE S SATE OK OVER THREE ACRES OF LAND IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF THE NATIONAL RACE COURSE AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the 53d day of Jlav, 1BS4, I shall mil by virtue of deed of trust to the subscriber, snd recorded in Liber N.C. T., No. 3, folio9 471, 472. 473 , 474 and 475, one of the land records for the eountyof W ashington, in the District of Colum bia, at 4 o'clock p. m., on the premises, the follow ing de>cribed property, lying and being in the ??ounty of Washington. District aforesaid, viz: Part of Ridge Tract, beginning for the ?ame at a ?-tone marked the northeast corner of Ridge Tract, at its unction with St. Elizabeth tract, and thenee -unnir.g by a magnetic course north s3 degrees and 3" minutes west along the west boundary of said St. Elizabeth Tracts chains and jtlinks to a stake, thence south 26 degrees and 30 minutes west 3 chains and 50 links to a stake, thence south 83 de grees and 30 minutes east 5 chains and 50 links to a k'.ake Ret on the boundary line separating the said part ot Bidge tract from the tract lying east there of, thence north 25 degrees and 30 minutes east along sail boundary line 5 chains and 50 links to the place of beginning. beiDg parallel lines, eon Three acres and four perches, be the same more or less. Terms cash. All conveyancing, including reve nue stamps, at the cost of purchaser. If ib>' terms of -ale are wot complied with in five days after Hale the trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the first purchaser, by giving three days notice of such re sale in the Evening Star. WM MORGAN, Trustee, ap 21 "oi ls GREEN & WILLIAMS, Aucts. B Y GREEN Jt WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, TRUSTEE'S SALE OK TWOHANDSOME BUILD ING LOT8 EAST OF THE CAPITOL AT AUC T lor! On FRIDAY, the ?)th instant, I shall sell, in front of tbe premises, at 6 o clock, p. va., by virtue c. fa deed of trust to the subscriber, bearing date 'he lit day ot July, 1859. and recorded in Liber J. V S ,No. 122 folios, 36.397, and 39?. one of the '^nd reeords for the county of Washington, in tbe District of Co!:imbia,the following named proper ty lying and being inthecity of Washington, Dis trict aforesaid viz. Lofs numbered nineteen and twenty, in Square numbered ten hundred aud twenty-nine, contain -ng over nineteen thousand square feet of ground. This property fronts one hundred and twesity-one ?eet'ix 'nch?-? on corth F. between Thirteenth and Founeerth street- east, near Maryland ?v. Terms 0f tale: Ore-founh cash; the balance in 6, "2. and 18 months, tbe purchaser t ? give nutes for tbe deferred payments, bearing interest from the day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. A '.1 conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. If the terms are not complied in five days the Trus'ee reserve the ri?ht to re sell the property, at the tisk acd cost of tbe first purchaser, by ad vertising the same three tiaesin the National la tehigencer. RORERT RICKETTS. Trustee, myj GREEN & WILLIAMS. Aqjta. |?Y J C. McGUIRB A CO.. Auctioneers. TKUSIKK 3 SALE OF FINE BUILDINQ LOT ON pi \ I KEN i II STREET BETWEEN M VSSA CliUSaTTH AVENUE AND NORTH P STREET. < n SATl.RLAY AF fERNOON. May 21st. at 6 o'clock. on the premises, by virtue of a deed of *r3?t. dated April 21st, 1SS3. and duly recorded among the land records for Wasbingtsn County, D. C.. at the reqnestof the holrfbrof th? notethere ii -ecnred, I shall s 11. Lot No. 6, in W. M. Mer rick's sub div i.ilon of tbe south part of,S<inare No -1, fronting 22 feet on Sixteenth street west, be t-n-en Massachusetts ave ue and north P -treet, ai>d running back 125 feet to a w iJe puMic alley. Terms: One-third in cash; th* remainder in six and twelve months, with interest. Secured by deed cf trust on the premises. Conveyances at tbe cost of tbe purchasers. Til OS. J. FISHER, Trustee, my J eo&da J.C. McOniRBA. CO., Aucta. A UCTION SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ES A TATE ON THE fOTOMAO RIVER, Is Alexandria Count?, Va. By virtne of a deed of trust executed by Gaspar Toehmau. and AppolloniaJ. Tochman, hie wife, da'-ed July 14, lv>7. and recorded among the land records of Alexandria Co- nty, Va ,?the said Gas pi r Tocbrian being eDgaged in the rebellion against ?b? sovereign authority of tbe United Stati>-, and ?h? interest on the debt secured by said d?ed of trust being in arrear a-id unpaid from tha3"th day o*Oetob?r, 1861,-1 shall pro eed, by order af the p^rty secured, and by virtue of the authority con ferred bv paid deed, and the statute in sueh case made and provided and on tbe 19th day of May ,1854, I ?hall sell at auction to the highest bidder for cash, In front of the Mayor's office in the City of Alexan dria, Va., at 12 o'clock, m., the property nsned on ?v.d deed, that is to say the farm called " Summer Hill" on the Potomac river in said County*?the *?wie compri: iug about one-hundred and tifty aeres, aod being situated about midway between Wash ington City and Alexandria, Va. Further particulars of the sale will be given at tne time thereof. _a p jo td J M. STEW ART. Trastee* | TNITED STATES MARSHAL'S8ALE. In vlrtne of a writ of Fieri Faeias. issued from tbi Clerk's Office of the Supreme Court of the United States, for the Distr.cttif Columbia, and to ti e directed. I will expose to public sale, for cash, a*, the front of the Court Housedoor.of said Coun ty, on WEDNESDAY, the 25th day of May next, i >?.at 12 o'clofik m., all defendant's right, title, claim ar.d interest in and to the north part of Lot N<>. J4. in Square No. S77, bounded as follows;? Begitinitg for the same at tbe southeast corner of Lot No 3?,ontbe line of Seventh street east, run oicg thence west 97 feet, thence north 30 feet, thene# east 9? feet to the beginning, together with all singular, the improvement thereon seized and levied nprc as tbe property of Samuel and Joseph A:nuid. at I will b? sold to satisfy Judicial No 2?S, in tvor of White, Middleton 3c Beall, use of Elias K White. my.3 WARDH. LAM0N.U.8 Marskal.D.O. VAVY DEPARTMENT, il *ASHi*QTO?, May 2,]a}4. C0PPBR SCALE There will be offered for sale at publicauetioa on THLBSDVY. June 2, at U ??clo'-k, m, at the Tnited States ?, avy Yard, Washington, about sev enty-five thousand pounds of Copper Scale. It can be examined at any time previous to the day of sale upon application to the Commaudant of the Washington llavy Yard. Sample* of similar r-al* have t>hown 82 per cent, of metallic copper. Twenty per cent cJ the purchase money must be deposited at tbe time of the sale, and twalve days will be allowed to remove it fron the yard; and, if i t so removed, the depr ait will be forfeited to the G-'Verument. . . , 411 payments to be made in Government fund*, vi. J t>?fore the scale ia removed from the Navy Yard. my 4 eo2w ^ALB Of CONDEMNED HORSES AND MULES. fVtf Quartermast '? Qmre. Depot of Washington, t ' ' { WssHtS'iToH, D.O., April 27. 1?4. < ~ >rral, near ton. D. C., NBSDAY, Will be sold at public anctlon. at the Corral, near the Observatory .In the City of Washington. D. C., on WfDNE^DAY.May 11, 1864,and WJBDNU ;'bL Ma* 24 1864. a lot of? ? ay ^e.inof. HoRgKg AjjD MUL1S, condemned as unfit for public service. Terms: Cash In Government funds, Bale to commence at 10 ?'c,<pk^a*^j0Rag Brig. Gen. and Ohi?f Quartermaster, ap.27-2St Depot of Washiugton. D. O. RUCTION SALE OP CONDEMNED HORSES, Wi* DtPARTMKXT. CAVlLar BtJRIAO, Orrics ort'Hiir Quaktbrmastib, Waskimutm. D. a. April 25.1364. W ill be sold at pnb'ic auction, to the highest 1 <er, at the times and pU.ces named below, ris: Newport, Penoa .Thursday. May 4th, Otttysburg. Penna.. Monday, May 9th, Altooca. Penna., Thursday, May 12th, M ifliin, l>nna , Thursday, May 19th, Rrading. peana., Thursday, May Mtk, Lebanon. Penna.. Thursday, June id, Northumberland, Penna , Thursday, June 9th. S'-jran'on. Pennu.. Thursday. Jnne 14th. Wlltiamsport, Penna , Thursday, Jane C^d. One Hundred i i<*>) horses at G-ittVhbiirg. and Two Bandred and FIfty(2Smat ea'-h of theother places. These horses have b*?n cod lemned M unfit tot the cavalry service of tbe United Stated Army. P<>r road and farm purposes many good bargains tsay be bad. Ilvrses will be sebl singly. Sale* begin at 10 a. m., and ooatlnue daily u?til all ar? sold. Terms; eash, in UaitM States Tre?s?'y n?t?a cely. JlMAH A EKIN, ap % t)e20 Lt. Col an4C. Q. M. Cavalry Bureaa, PB1XE3 CASBBDrmatlon aj? lm* AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DAYS. '? 0. McGUIBE A CO.. Auctioneera. ^w?m^?I??XB,BIOK DWELLING HOUSE E!S'? 1Wdlp8tm?8""ra ST"?r i??nn . J1?.fronting on Tenth street fUt 9,,r.e?ts. north, and running back 95 rnn?info ? *U*F. improved by a well built and T?nn?? with Ba-rraD^8dutW0 "tor* Br?C* Dwelliog SS r"m? Bn? Back Building and containing .IS'SJ : One-balf in cash, balance in six months, premises ' 9eciired by ? deed of trust da -.he >??"BarIy possesion given. ny-H d J. C McGUIRE A CO.. Aucta. J- C. McGUIRE A 00., Auctioneera. P*?Trni'lR\>iwiL?1 8UP?'0? GOLD WAICnB"1, FINi JEWELRY TWO vrNK PLA! ID RLA8t> OAsES COIJW f Ktt Ac On Wednesday *v aniNo. Mar 25 ?aa con tinue each evening thereafter, ^til the whole are ?i,Si:???t? ?L0CV *?5? Auction Room*, we SJfiVS ? e?Ishe8t bld<ler, on account of a neater d clining busine?s? ? * *QP?rior G old Hunting Case Watches. Gold Vest, Fob, ard Guard Chains of various cat terns, FiDe setts of Jewelry in boxes. Finger Rings, Ear Rings, Br?astpin?, Sleeve But tons, Studs. Ac., Ac, 4 Cases Surgical Instrument?. Parties in want of Jewelry are invited to the sale, m auality of the goods may be relied on. 1 ptui8 cash. _my,18-1 J. C. MCQUIRE A CO., Anota, GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. SALE OF VALUABLE UNIMPROVED PRQPER T ?, ''By virtue of a decree of the Orphans" Con rt of the District of Columbia passed the 10th day of May 1^4, which decree has been approved by th* Su 8rrfni?.Cv0nJt,?f 8Ai(1 District, in Equity acting ?V-% Public Auction,to the high est bidder, on MONDAY, the 30th day of May. 1864 *-"0 clock, p. m.,all of sub-division Lot num naiv-e^ :"1u*r'* numbered bio, with appurte Terms of *ale,cash. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. .. ??n default of the purchaser to comply with the terms 01 sale, the property will be re-sold at pis expense, upon giving three days further no tice. ISABELLA R, MAGILL. Guardian, my-ia-d GREEN & WILLIAMS. Aucta. IJ^1 GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. BUILDING LOT8 FRONT AT AUCTION TENTH STB. NORTH ? ^^e8DAY, the 24th instant, we shall sell, in front of the premise at 5 o'clock p. m., the lollowing handsome Buildins Lota, viz ? ?,?k?hL- 2?4i7d8?13'Hv15',6?1^ ?Dd 19' ln sub-division of Square No. 365; the?e lots have fronts of 25 fpet each, running back 95 feet to alleys, and very handsomely aituattd. f?" i- One third cash: balance in eix an4 twelve months, for notes bearing interest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyance and stamp* .it the cost of-the nu chaser. F "'T 13-d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. I GltEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON SEVENTH auction N A>D 0 rTKKKT= north, a? On MONDAY, the 23d instant, we shall sell, in front o! the premise-, at 6 o'clock, p. m . part of Lot^?o. 12 in Square No. 423 having a front of 41 , . inches on 7tli, between N and O streets north, and lfiO feet deep Tb?:ibove mentioned property i? beautifully sit uate! in a very deniable business location, and street railroad immediately in froat. Terms : One-thhd cash, balance 5a four, eight, and twelve months, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. . my 18-d GREEN A WII.LIAM3. Aucta. GREEN A WILLI A MS, Auctioned ra. HANDSOME BUILDING I.OT ox TWFVTV FlFTHsTRSKf WEST. BETWEEN li vmj 1 8TRBB I 3 NORTH, AT AUCTION On TUESDAY, the 24th instant, we sba' 6 o'clock, p m? in front of tba premises. Lot No. 3;t? Square No This property is handsomely situattd, fronting 64 feet 4 inches,on Twenty-filth street, and contains 5 613 feet more or lees. Terms: One bait cash, balance in eix (ninths, for nct*-s bearing intfrest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. AH conveyancing and revenue stamps at the rost ofthv yurehaser. >ny 13-d GBEBN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneera. STOCKS At"pUBLIC SALE. On WEDNESDAY AFTEHNOON, May 23, at 5 o clock, at the Auction Rocma, we shall sell, in Lots to suit? 63-I shares of the capital stock ?>f the Firemen's In surance Company ef Washington and Georse t wn, >a,'* o Washington City Corporation eix per cent sioek -2,00" Washington and Georgetown 1st mortgage ra'lroad bonda J2775 Bank of the Metropolis ftock. Terms cash. my.13-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO., AuctaT WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneera, UNITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE 0* SCHOONER DEFY,* HER TACKLE AND CARGO. In virtue of a decree issued from the Clerk's Of fice of the Supreme Court of the United 8tat?s, for the District of Columbia, and to me directed, f will sell at public sale for cash, at the foot of 6th atr?et wharf. 011 the Potomac river, on MONDAY, the 8:$d day of May, inst., 1364, commencing at 1?? o'clock, a.m. The schooner " Defy,'' her tackle. Ac , Ac . Ac. ALSO, A click containing lard. Lot of fait. WARDH. LAMON, U. S. Marshal, D. C. my.TT dAds by W. L. WALL A CO., Aueta. [Chron.] B 1 HM.L. WALL A CO., Auctioneer*. UNITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE OF SCHOONER " INDIAN,"' HER TACKLE AND CARGO. In virtue of a doeree issued from tie Clerk's Of fice of the Supreme Court of the United States, for the District of Columbia, and to mndirected, I will sell at public sale, ft r cash, at the foot of 6th street wharf, on the Potomac vivcr, on MONDAY, the 23d day of May. inst., 1864, commencing at lOo'clock, a. m. The schooner " Indian,"her tackle, Ac., Ac. also. 12 Piga, 12 Chickens, 7 Bores Segars, 1 bbl. Flout and lHani, 2 Loaf Sngar, 1 Sack Salt, Lot Soap, and Lot Brooms. WARD H. LAMON, U. 8, Marshal, D. C. my.l7-dAds by WM. L. WALL A CO., Aacts. t Chron. 1 N1TED bTATES MARSHAL'S 8ALB. In virtue of two writ? of Fieri Facias issued from the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, and to me directed, I will expose to public sale, for cash, at the front of the Court House door, of said county, on MON DAY, the Cth day of June next. Mi, at 12 o'clock M., allde fendant'a right, title, claim, and iaterest in and to Lot* No. 1, 2. and 3, in Square No. go, being the nndiTijed third part of said Lots, seized and levied upon as the property of William Douglass, and will be sold to satisfy judicial No. 293 ana 19P. to Octo ber term 1869, in favor of fm.G, W. White and Brother, use of James R. Smith, use of Henry Dongiaas. WM. SELDEN, my ,13-dAda late U. 8. Marshal. D. O. J^ALB OF CONDEMNED STOCK. Wa? Dkfartmbmt. Cataijit Boriav, I Ojjict of Chief 1/tuHtermaster, > ^ , B?*?a???, D. 6'., May 16,1864.S W ill be sold at Public Auction to the highest bidder, at Gieaboro Depot, on THURSDAY, the 26th instant, beginninfe at 10 o'clock, a. m.. from one hundred ana fifty (Iff) 10 two hundred (800; HORSES. Thesa horsei have been Condemned aa unfit for the cavalry aervice of the Army. For road and farm purposes many good bargains may be had. lloraea sold ?ingly. T,m,c,,h.l?tl.S.cur?37.iEgi my.l7-td Lt. Col. ACQ. M., Cav. Buraau SALE OF CONDEMNED CLOTHING. CAMP AND GABBltsON EQUIPAGE, TENT CUT TINGS, Ac. , __ _ _ .. C Mt/QuarttrmaUt's Ojfre, JMpotWnskimtt<mA Washington, V C., 12, lf*4. j Will be sold at public aaction, at Government Warehouse, No. 0 17th street, between H and 1 streets, Washington City, D.O., at 12o'clockM., THURSDAY, May 26.1*64, nnder the supervision of Capt. D. (J. Thomas. M. S. K., U. B. A., a large lot of stores condemned ad unfit for nubile ser vice. vii: Infantry and Cavalry Coats and Trowe?r?, Shirts, Drawers. Stockings, Felt Hats, Caj>*. Trumpets, Bugles. Flags. Dro?s. Tents, Teift Poles, Mesa Pans, Camp Kettles. Spades, Shovel*, Knapsacks, Haversacks, Bed Sacks, Ac., Ac., Ac. xlso. about sixty 0)0) tons of Tvnt Cuttings. Terms ruh, in Government fund*. Su cesaful bidders will be required to remov# the stores within dvp (8) days from date of sale. D. H. RUCKEB, Brigadier General and ChiefOuartermaster, my i2-td Dt-pot of Washington. D. O R 00F1NG FELT AND PITCH. Just received and for sala, a choice lot ?fFelt and Pitch. which will k? sold ekuag, together with ?plS-lm* west gjCeTta Bt.,stC?nal bridge AMUSEMENTS, CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC J CANTERBURY HALL, I AND HAL LjCANTERBURY HALL,f THEATER Louisiana Atexob, Pi tar Corntr cj Sixth Strut, Rear of National and Metropolitan Hottls. Sign of the Bie Calcium Light. eiosoi L?a ?. ~.Proprietor W. E. OA3ATAUGH_.._ ?..BtageManager. GREAT EVENT OP THE DAY, Performed at four different Tbeaters in New York on the same night to ENTHUSIASTIC AUDIENCES ! JOHN F. POOLE'S VERSION OP CUDJO'S CAVE, CUDJO'S CAVE, CUDJO'S OAVE, CUDJO 8 CAVE, CUDJO'8 CAVE, SUDJO'S HAVE, UDJO'S CAVE, CCD'O'S CAVE, CUDJO'S CAVE, CUDJO'S CAVE, CTTDJO S CAVE, CUDJO'8 CAVE, CUDJO S CAVE, CUDJO'S CAVE, OR THB BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM. BATTLE-CRY OF FREEDOM. BATTLE-CRY OF FREEDOM. BATTLE CRY OF FR ICE DOM. BATTLK-CkY uP FREEDOM. BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM. NEW SCENERY AND APPOINTMENTS. NEW SCENERY AND APPOINTMENTS. NEW 8CENERY AND APPOINTMENTS. NEW SCENERY AND APPOINTMENTS. A Village in East Tennessee. A Ravine in the Cumberland Mountains. Barber Jim's Cellar. The Burning Mountain*. Water falls and Cliffs in the Cumberland 3Ioun? tain?. Machinery by H. Walker. _ Appointments by Mr. Sullivanv Music arranged by Joe Braham. The Burning Mountains and Rescue of Virginia Villars is one of the most awfully grand illustra tions ever presented to the public. EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK. And on SATURDAY 2 p.m.. will be presented the New Drama, dramatized express ly for the Canterbury, by John F. Poole, Esq., en titled CUDJO'S CAVE, OR TUB BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM. POMP, a self-emancipated bond manl J.DEFORREST Cudjo, a deformed negro and a fugi tive, but sound in heart ?. ..-Billy West Penn Hapgood a Quaker schoolmas ter J. J. Dougherty Cart Minnevick, a German boy. fall ol courage and of cupning *V. B.Cavauagh Rev. Mr. Villars. an aged clergyman and blinds..... - Mr. Toby, an ?ld negro, and servant to Mr. Villars .John MulHean Stackbridge) t.,..Mr. LetFert Withers J Tennessee Unionists ? ? .Mr. Harper Grodd \ ( McPherson Lysander Sprowl?.-1 ( Silas Ropes I Aug. Blythewood. i I Mr.Williams Dan Pepperill Secessionists.' Mr. 8ullivan Gad i I Wilson Derring? | Howard Davis?? ? _ {.... Johnson Virginia Viliars, the clergyman's daughter ? Jennie Forrest Mrs. Si'Towl, a widow as has lost her brother - __Lucy Clifton SYNOPSIS OF SCENERY AND INCIDENTS. SCENE I.?The First Mutteringsof the Storm in Tennessee?The Vigilance Committee?Prepara tion* to Hang the S:'i:oolmaster?" What"sthe Use ot EddicationV?The Hanging interrupted by l'omp?The First Blow for Freedom?Tableau?The Lone Widder and her Hopeful Son?A Blight Pros P?*ct 111 * Wi?e'ioOt?ap (!>?') MoilCy ri^nty ? The " W&od?ror8 on th?* K?no?f v;i lar's House?The Schoolmaster Hunted Down? Southern Hospitality Illustrated?Toby and ** de Debil'"?Silas Ropes in Pursuit of the Fugitive? Mysterious Disappearance of Penn Hapgood?Rage ol the Man Hunters?Whipping a Free Nigger Carl Works a Miracle?Attack upon Villars?A Daughter's Devotion?Struggle with Silas Ropes? "? l'omp. the S!a\ e No. l'omp. the Freeman !" ?Tableau?Exterior of Cudjo's Cave?The Fugi tive Finds a Friend?The Cave a Refuge?Is it Gloomy??The House of Bondage is Gloomy?Is it Damp:-?It is not with the Cruel Sweat of the Slave's Brow and Back?Is it Cold y?The Hearts of otir Tvrants are Colder?Mountain Pass?The Committee Still in Purs-iit?Capture of Penn?A Moment cf Peril?Sudden \ppearaneeot Powpaad Cudjo?One Wiped Out?Pomp's Swing for Life Preservation ol Penn?Grand Tableau?The Bat tle Crv of Freedom. SCENE 2.?The Returti into Danger?Penn Finds a Substitute, a Volunt er for Lysnnder?Stack ridge's Hat and Coat uet arrested?The Guard Home?The Dark Hour Before Dawn?Carl a Con federate Soldirr?The Drugged Liquor?Cudjo on jland?A Willing Prisoner?Pomp to the Rescue? The Triumph of the Bayonet?Escape of the Priso ner*?Tableau?On the Mountain?Carl in the Hands ot the Philistines?A Stroke for Liberty?A Phrenological Developemeut?The Trust fit the Round Rock?Virginia in the Wood? nop"sand Fears?A Dark Night and a Sail Road?Silas Ropes Still in Put suit?His Desperate Resolve?"Fire in the Mountain: Burn 'em Ou-.'?The Mountain For rest on Firt?Perilous Position ol A irgiuia?Saved bv the Desperate Heroism of Pomp?Thrilling Tableau. (This scene occupying the entire le?sth of the stage, is one of the most initgniticent and effective ever presented.) SCENE 3.? Interior of Cudjo s Cave?Blythewood a Prisoner?Master and Slave Change Places.?The Ilour ot Vengeance?Blythewood s Life Saved by Virginia - Attack Threatened?Treachery?Vir ginia's Defense of the Cave?Death of Blythewood? Tableau?The Lone Widder's Idea of Confiscation? The Women Whippers?A Little Mistake?Cudjo After " Provisions :'?Couies_ Off Well Loaded? Cudjo's Cave?Love Making in the Wilderness? TheConncil of War?The Cave Discovered by Silas Ropes?Preparations for Defense?The Attack?A Warm Welcome to Cudjo's Cave?Grand Tableau? TLe Runaway and the Free Nigger?Is Carl a Coward??Villars a Prisoner?Virginia's Appeal to Silas?Her Heroic Resolve? Capting Sprowl Makes a Speech?The Mountain Torrent?Desperation of Virginia ?Timely appearance of Pomp?Cudjo's Vengeance ?Startling Death of Cudjo and Silas Ropes?The Last Attack?Deieat of the Secession ists?The Old Flair Floats Again in Tennessee? Grand Tableau of Victory. First appearance of the Great Contortionist, DON SANTIAGO GIBBON NOISE. DON SANTIAGO UIBBONNOI*E. DON SANTIAGO GIBB0NN0I8E. DON SANTIAGO GIBBONNOISE. DON SANTIAGO GIBBONNOISE. DON SANTIAGO GIBBONNOISE. Return of the favorite Ethiopian Comedian, BILLY WEST, BILLY WEST, BILLY WEST, BILLY WEST, BILLY WEST, BILLY WIST. JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, J. J. DOUGHERTY, J. J. DOUGHERTY, J. J. DOUGHKRTY, J. J. DOUGHERTY, H. W. WILLIAMS, II. W. WILLIAMS, H. W. WILLIAMS, IN THEIR ETHIOPIAN ECCENTRICITIES, MISS JENNIE ENGEL, MISS JENNIE ENGBL, MISS JENNIE ENGEL, JENNIE AND ESTELLE FORREST, LUCY AND EMMA GARDNER, KITTY LEE, MISS NAOMI PORTER, LUCY CLIFTON, MISS EMMA 8CHELL, MAGGIE WILSON, Ac. Ac. Ac. In their Charming Ballets and Divertissements. Change in the Olio Department Each Might, Change in the Olie Department Bach Night, Change in the Olio Department Each Night, Change in the Olio Department Each Night, Change in the Olio Department Each Night, Change in the Olio Department Each Night, Admlsfion ? . Jo 25 Orchestra?? ? ?..... .. ?....,.......... M 60 Private Boxes, holdi** six persona..BOO Doors open at 7 o'dock;*Performance to com mence at 8 o'clock. FAMILY MATINEE 8ATURDAY AFTERNOON FAMILY MATINEE SATURDAY AFTERNOON FAMILY MATINEE SATURDAY AFTERNOON AT TWO O'CLOCK. Ladiea26 cents; Children 10 cents. M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, M'lLE MARIETTA RAVEL* The beautiful fpanish Danseuse and Tight Rope Performer, will make her first appearance in Washington ia three years. Also, the celebrated Dancer, BAPTISTIN, Sons, baptistin. With an cntir?new Ballet Taoupe, in a few days. AMUSEMENTS. GROVKR'S THEATER. PiK*BTLTAHIA AT., SBAB WlLLARD'8 HOTEL. L?OKabd (inovstt......... , Director THB COOLEST THEATER IN AMERICA. VEN TILATED BY OVER 10<l WINDOWS. KB WATEK FOR THE AUDIENCE! M^st positively last night but two of thetri umibantly successful engagement of tbe great character actress, MI88 MARY PROVOST. Wbr will, in obedience to the request* of many in flueitial families, appear in her matchless iotper solution of ROBERT BRIERLY. THI8 (Thursday) EVENING, May 19, wil. be presented for the last time, Tom Taylor's greit moral drama, produced in five acts, the T1CKET-0F-LEATE MAN. Robert Brierly ..._ Miss Mary Provost . Time?tbe present day. Place?London. Jriduy evening, farewell benefit <>f MISS MAKY PROVOST, who will appear in another great character part. In active preparation and will bo immediately produced, the great original patriotic drama, founded upon the beautiful episode in the Indian HIOIILAND JESSIE : Oh. THE RELIEF OF LL'CKNOW. FORD'S NEW THEATER, TK5TB Street, abovbPbshstltabiaAthui, Last night but two of the engagement of MISS MARY MITCHELL. wlo will appear THI8 (Thursday) EVENING, May 10.1S51, in ".he celebrated dramatization of MRS. E. D. E. N. SOUTIIWORTITS freat story of the HIDDEN HAND. Capito'a Miss Mary Mitchell Supported by the entire company. TO-MORROW, BENEFIT OF MISS MARY MITCHELL, or. which occasion she will appear in six different characters. The grand spectacle of the NAIAD QTTEEN will shortly be produced in a style ol unequale4 splen d(T. GROVEH'N TH KATER. IMP OR TA NT A NNO UNCEMRy T! Mr. GrcTer takes great ploasure in announcing that he has arranged for the return of the GR * N D OPERA COMPANY, ?eeeDtly so very successful here and more recent ly from the most brilliantly successful seasons in fhiladelpfc'a and Boston ever known in those cities. In addition to the originally strong Company, Mr. Grover is pleased to auuounce that he has en gaged the great Basso Profundo HERMANNS! HERMANNS! From the Royal Italian Opera, London, and lately t he great Keusation of tbe Operatic Circles of New York. It is a well-known fact that this gentle man's connection with Maretzek's Opera Company at the Academy of Music, New York, was the chief cause of the recent unparalleled season there, and that his withdrawal from that company was the occasion of the sudden and unexpected termination of the reason llerr Hermanns has been ENGAGED AT GREAT EXPENSE. And the Chorus and Orchestra have been mate rially strengthened. New and superb costumes and properties have teen added, in order that ALL TUB GRAND OPERAS may be given entire and complete in every detail. The company embraces the established favorites : MAD. BER'J'HA JOHANNt'EN. Prima Donna, M'LLE MARIE FREDERICI, Prima Donna, from Vienna. M'LLE PAULINE CAN 133A, Prima Soubrette, from Paris. M"T LE LA ROCHF. Contralto, from Hamburg. LlERIl FRANZ IliJMKR, Tenor Robusto, from Berlin, IIEKR THEODORE TIXBELMANN, Tenor Dia grams. from Brunswick, HF.HR ZINSIIE1M. Second ?? Tenor. UERR HENRY STETNECKE. Primo Baritone, from Prague, I1ERR K RON FIELD. Secondo Baritone, 1IERR HERMANS, Basso Profundo, from the Royal Italian Opera. London. HERR ANTON GRAFF, Basso Profundo, HERR CARL LEHMAN, Basso Buffo, Beside- a POWERFUL fMST A?MTKA, under tbe direction o In the e*tensive repertoire of thia company are included the popular Opera-i of "Martha," "Don Jnrn.'' "Faust. ' "Don Giovanni." "De Frei sebutz."' "Taunnauber." "La Dame Blanch." "La Barbiers de Seville." "Fidelio," ''Merry Wives of Windsor," "8tradella." and several others never witnessed in Washington. The season will necessarily be very brief, and the performance confined exclusively to the choicest Grand Operas of the repertoire. The fce.asnn will commence on MONDAY EVENING, May 23. METROPOLITAN MUSIC HALL., PlHRBVLVABIA AVKSUE ABD ELBVESTH STREET B. GARD NKR A n. liNODHS >rop<-i*tors. PROF. HOLDEN- -Masieal Director THE COOLEST PLACE*OF AMUSEMENT IN THE CITY 1 TlXK tAROBBT CO MP A W OP VTtTIsTa I BEAUTIFUL BALLETS! COMIC PANTOMIMES! NEORO BURLESQUES! COMIC AND SENTIMENTAL SINGING BY THB UREA T METRO POL J TAX TROUPE. Admission -... 25 cents Orchestra Chairs .......50 cents Private Boxes f.3 and $5. A GRAND MATINEE EVERY MONDAY FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS H IGn STREET MARKET, Js'o. 74 Opposite Prospkot Sirket, (reorgetotcn, D. V. W?, the undersigned, beg leave to inform the public that we have on hand a choice assortment of Fresh Meats of all kinds. Poultry, Game. fee. Eggs wholesale and retail.. Apples and Potatoes by the barrel. Canned all ?riceB- H> w, FISHER & CO. PERKINS, STERNE & Co., 190 Broadway, 51. Y., EXCLUSIVE DEALERS IN CALIFORNIA WINE. We guarantee them all to be ABSOLUTELY FUK1. For sale by all first-class Grocers and Druggists everywhere. mh 30-3m* rpnE LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE AS 1 SORT ME NT OF FURNITURE, OIL CLOTHS, MATTINGS and HOUSEKEEPING GOODS to be found in the city is at 369 SEVENTH STREET, BETWEBW I AND K STBEBTd. Don t mistake the place, , THE HIG6 AWNING. You are allowed a discount of 10 per cent, on all bills of 950 and upwards. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, 369 7th St.. tp 29 between I and K sts. franklin a . ? L OPTICIANS. 1 244 Pa. avenue, between 12th and 13tli streets, and 398 Pa. avenue, nnder the National Hotel, offer to the officers of the army their well selected stock of FIELD GLASSES, single or double, with the best achromatic lenses. Opera Glasses and Compasses at the lowest prices. Barometers, Thermometers. Mathematical In struments, Photograph Albums, Cartes de Visite, plain or colored. Stereoscopes and Views in a great variety, Brazilian Pebble and Periscopic Spectacles and Eye Glasses, carelully suited for every partie ular eyesight and warranted. ap26 ]t/| ARCHING OUT. A Manual of Military Sur ifl. veying, London. P&tersonwi Military Drawing and Surveying, London. Osanam?Metbode de lever les plans. Paris. Lalobbe?Cours de Topograpuie elementaire. Paris. L'Art de lever les plans. Paris. _ap27 FRANCE TAYLOR. ALLEN 'S RURAL ARCHITECTURE #1.26. Downing's Country Houses; $s. Vaui's Villas and Cottages; $2. Loudon's Encyclopedia of Architecture; London. Hatfield's American House Carpenter; 93. Holly's Country Seats; 93.50. Village and Farm Cottages; $2.50. A Heuae for the Suburba; London. Field'* Rural Architecture; #2. Sloan's Constructive Architecture, 4to; 99. Sloan's City and Suburban Architecture, <12. [ap 19} FBANOK TAYLOR PI ANOS.-G r eat bargains 1 n second-hand PI* nos Five second-hand Pianos, all in best^j^^^ order, will be sold very cheap upon eaayl^^HB monthly payments, to make room, at the'" ** * warerooms of W. G. METZERO ft, sale agent of Steinsray A Bona' Pianos and Mason * iamlin's Cabinet Organ* myB JLIILK DAIRY FOR SALE?Large hotel trade f&VktfStfSSSSttf# telegraphic news. [ASSOCIATED PRESS DISPATCHES.) A FRAUD fXPOSED. Agency mr the Associated Pre?s, us fir/Midway, \rW York, May lu?11 a. m ?The au I?i^Lproc,ama,lon of ,he President calling for ?iuu,(.-on men, published in the New York World this morning, was not receivdat this Agency, and we bare no knowledge or belief in its authen tlcl,y- D H.Craig. Agent Associated Press. A dispatch from the Secretary of War, ad dressed to Qen. Dix in reference to the ?orged proclamation above referred to. is as tollows Wab Department, Washington, M*y IS? '' m ?Moj. Gen. Viz: 1 have just seen a copy of ihe spnrious proclamation referred to in yonr despatch, it is a base and treasonable forgery. E. M. STawton, Sec'y of War. New York, May 13.? One Thousand Dollars Jfeuard?At an early honr on Wednesday morning a frandnlent proclamation, purport mg?o bee gned by the President, was delivered th to each of the morning papers in By direction of the executive committee of tbe Associated Pr*es,and with the approval of the publishers of the Journal of Commerce, Tribune, Express, World, Times, and H-rald! tbe association -will pay a reward of one thousand dollars forsuch evidence as may lead to The conviction ot the author of the above, named fraudnlentdocumenr. D. H. Crai<;, General Agent Associated Pre?s, 145 Broadway, New York. FROM CITY POINT. Return of General Kautz from his Late 1-riliiont Raid?Great Destruction of Properly?General Hickman Captnred bv t hr f.nnny ' Fortress Monrok, May IS.?Gen. Kantz : returned Jrom his late raid and reached City Point yesterday evening. He destroyed several miles of the Danville Railroad, burned the railroad bridgeoverthe Appomattox,destroyed tne dams, locks and embankments of the Lynchburg and Richmond canal. Sheridan's ca valry is reported to have cressed the James River and joined Butler's forces. Everything if quiet at tbe front to-day. The army is in the same position, etrrnplv entrenched. Lieut Col. Chambers, of the 23d Massachnsetts, is not killed, but wounded in the breast, and is in Chesapeake hospital Oen. Hickman wa ccpiurfd by the rebels. Two hundred and fitiy wounded arrived at City Point, and were taken to Hampton Hospital. FROM EUROPE. New York, May ih.?The steamship Persia, from Liverpool Way 7th, aud CiaeeustCTrn on the $tn, has arrived. A Cabinet council was held yesterday after noon at Cambridge. Berlin papers say tbe Government will agree on an armistice on tbe condition that I>en mark raises the blockade and givea up Alsen They have evacuated Jutland, the war con tribution having been paid. Deal. May 7. The channel squadron stiil remains at Deal. Liverpool, Saturday evening.?The final judgment was given at Edinburg on the 3th, in the case of tbe rebel gnnboat Pampero, on the terms of Compromise already agreed upr-n, and ihe published conviction Is nominal and without penalty. Paris dispatches to-day give a favorable ac count of tbe Tunis insurrection. IMPORTANT FROM LOUISIANA, lilorkadeof Red River. Cairo, May is.?The report of the hloekade of the Red river below Alexandria, Louisiana, is confirmed. It is reported that there is a par tial blockade of the Arkansas river, below I.ittlft T? v%? V. u-iug, made to blockade White rivr also: bat it is believed that Gen. Canby will soon attend to these matters. Baltimore Kveniiig Transcript Suspe:i>ieJ? Baltimore, May IS.?The Evening Tran script, a dislo.val paper, was suspended to-day by orcer of Oeneial Wallace, lor publishing a despatch say ire that the less of the Army ot the Porcmac was rot less than seventy tfve thousand men. and crediting the same to the Associated Pres=, when it was proven that ttie ]>ajer does not take the Associated Press des patches. arsd that the despatch in question did not emanate from any agent of the Associated Press. General lonft-renre of the Methodist Epitropui Church. [From the Baltimore Sun.] Thirteenth riey?Among the reports snbmit'ed was one lrom the committee on revisals, changing the order of public worship so as to provide for ihe reading of one scripture lesson trcm the Old Testament and one from the New Testament in tbe morning service and ote les sen for tbe afternoon or evening service. They also recommend that the Lord's Prayer be used at the close ot the opening prayer, in which the people are to be exhorted to join audibly with the minister;also that the minis ter always use tbe ritnal at all services of the Lord's supper, baptism and burial of tbe dead. It also makes it the duty of the pastor to keep the records of the church, and to report at each quarterly conference ihe names of all members who had been received, expelled, withdrawn or died during the preceding quarter. The report was ordered to be printed. The reports of the majority aud minority of the committee on slavery were then taken up. Ihe majority recommended for adoption the following resolutions: Resolved, 1. By the delegates of the several Annual Conferences, in General Conference assembled, that we recommend the amendment to the general rule on slavery, so that it shall read : 8LAVEHOLDING, RCTING OR SELLING SLAVES. Resolved, y. That we recommend the suspen sion of the fourth restrictive rule for the pur. pose set forth in the foregoing resolution. Resolved, 3. That the bishops be requested to submit the foregoing resolution to the Annual Conferences at their next sessions, and if tbe requisite number of votes be obtained, to report to the book agents, who are hereby instructed to insert the new rule in all subsequent editions of tbd Discipline. The minority report recommends the selling or buying or holding of slaves be prohibited, "except for reasons purely humane." Rev. John Lanahan, of tbe Baltimore, and Rev. .T. McKendree Rlely, of the East Balti more Conferences, advocated the majority re port. Rev. Mr. Pbelps, of the Baltimore Confer ence, one of the signers of the minority report, did not think the precedents of the past justi fied the adoption of moh a rule as is proposed by the majority. He contended that slavehol ders, as a class, gave as sure indications of piety as any other. He had known them all bis life, and for thirty years had been itiner ating among tbem, more or less. It was also due to himself to say that he had no sympathy with the system of slavery, and he trnsted to God it would fall, and If they could overthrow it, be was with them; but while this was his own feeling on this question, he was not pre pared to say that no man being a slaveholder should be a member of a Christian church. What oppresses us is, that in its dying agonies it may do ns an injury, and you, by your pres. ent action, may contribute to this trouble. Rev. Mr. Harding, of the East Baltimore Conference, and the Rev. Mr. Drummond* of "West Virginia, also opposed the majority re port. Rev. Dr. Tippett, of Baltimore, thought that slavery was doomed, but considered the action proposed by tbe majority premature. The re port would express his views twelvemonths hence. He, however, would vote for the ma jority report. Alter some farther remarks the previous question was ordered, and the yeas and nays were taken on the majority report, resulting as follows:?190 yeas to S nays; so that slavehold ers will be excluded from the church, as there is little doubt ol the action of the annual con ferences. Tub National Convention. ?Previous notice has been made in the American of the recommendation of the special committee of the City Council and Mayor that Front Street Theater should be selected as the place In which to hold the National Presidential Nom inating Convention. Tbe committee being em powered by the Council, have appointed as executive committee Messrs. F. C. Meyer, Wayson, Foreman and Wilmot, for the purpose of making such changes In the interior of tne theater as may be deemed necessary to the accommodation of tbe members. The staging, scenery, Ac., will be removed and flooring laid over the entire parquette. The work will be commenced in time to have the building in readiness for the Convention, which mee's on Tuesday, ?th proximo.?BaU. Xnicriaui, I'Mh. THE BOGUS PROCLAMATION. The following u the bogus proclamation Is sued In the New York World and Journal of Commerce yesterday. The interval erMtOM of lu b?ing a forgery is so apparent that it to dif ficult to imagine how it gntned a moment's credence: l?ur Hundred Thoutaud More T'HH tailed far. ExtcrTiTK Mahhiom, May 17, l$6t?FelUna Cm.'rns of the I niitd Stain : lit ail seasons of exuenoies i becomes a ovion carefully to icrutunze Us Hue of conduct, humbly to ap>. I roach the Thiote ot Grace, and meekly to Im plore forgiveness, wisdom aud guidance. hor rtasons known only to Him, It has bMQ decreed that thin country should be the scene ot unparalleled outrage, and this nation- the mt nomemaJ snfUrer of in? nln?tMntb oon tuiy. With a heavy heart, but an nodicnin i t ? d confidence In onr cause, 1 approach the p?riuimance of a duty rendered imperative by m> teLse of weakness before the Almighty, and ofjusnce to the people. I is not necessary that I shonld tell you that the first Virginia campaign under Lieutenant tieieiai (riant, in whom I have every conti U> nee, ai d whose courage and fidelity the p?opledowell to honor, Is virtually closed. He has conducted bis (treat enterprise with, discieet ability. He has inflicted great loss upon tbe enemy. He has crippled their strength, and dtfeuted their plans. In view, however, of tho situation in Vir ginia, the disaster at Red river, the delay At Ct ail. ston. and th" general sate of the country* 1 Ahiaham Lincoln, dw herehy recommend thnt Thursday, the twenty sixth aay of May, A. L>. 'Wi4, be solemnly set. apart throughout tht-se United States as a day of fusling, bumili atios, ai a prayer. L>? ? niing furthermore, that tne present con onion i>f public affairs presents an extraordi ? ary iccation, and in vie a of the pending ex pn ati^n of the service of (IC0,U00) one hundred thousand of our troops, I, Abraham Lincoln* I't et idei. l of the Uniieu States, uy virtue oi UM power vested In me by the Constitution and tbe laws, have thought fit to call forth, and do hereby do call forth, the citizens of the United States between the ages ot (16) eighteen, and (45) forty-flve years to tbe aggregate num ber ot (40V,1 w>) four hundred thousand, in ordfc to suppress the exisilng rebellious combina tions, and to cause the due execution of laws. And furthermore, In case any state or num b?r of states shall fail to furni6h by the UiUfc aay ot June next their assigned quotas, It ia hereby ordered that the same be raised by an immediate and peremptory dratt. 1 he details for this object will be communi cated to the state authorities through the War^ Department. 1 appf ul to all loyal citizens to favor, facili tate, and aid this effort to maintain the honor, the integrity, and the existe^cn of our national Union, and. the perpetuity ot popular govern ment. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set ur.jT band, and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. Hone at the City of Washington, this sev enteenth day of May, in the year oX our Lord one thou!-and eight hundred and sixty-four and of the Independence ol the United States the eighty -eighth. ?(Signed) Abraham Lifcolv. By the President: William H. Skw a hd, Secretary of State. An Explanation from "The World." Tbe following explanatory statement h&a been issued from the office of the WJerld: ??1 hi Boors Proclamation ov Prbwidxb? Lincolw.?The World, in common with tbe Journal of Commerce and all <he city morning papers, was mt>de tbe victim of a malicious toiix by some ecoundrel, who, imitating the manifold copv of the Associated Press, sent an mid the extraordinary proclamation which appeared in our columns this morning. Sup posing it was all right, published it in good taith, and its falsity was not discovered until the edition was nearly worked off The Worid does not stereotype its forms as do several of U;e other morning papers, and as it is now v ot king off a very heavy editiow daily, we are compelled to go to press at an unusu -lly early hour. The Journal of Commerce was deceived in the same way as the World, nnd of course quite as inrocently. The Herald, we under stand, printed the false proclamation In a large edition, but fortunately tor them, discovered is in time to suppress it in *belr regular edition. We regret exceedingly the publication, as we have a ju*t pride in publishing none but reli able r.ews: but it i?! one of taose inexplicable accideuts which is liable to happen tc any newspaper establishment. FROM THE ARMY I ^ VIRGINIA. Reinforcement* for Grant Going Forward, isellf. i?Ka:V5Cfaifiy ?i-K&hYorcem?nfs for Gen. Grant are going steadily forward. To-day live steamers loaded with troops have arrivea at this point. Amoug the regiments are the 107th Pennsylvania Veterans the-lltil Vermont Heavy artillery, 2,*250 strong; and the ?3d Wew Jersey Battery, 170 men, with s;x guns. During the past, week fifteen batteries have left Washington for th- front, and others aie cowing, including cue with '2,500 men from the west. OFFICIAL. Dismissals for the week ending May 14, l!*64. Snrgeon Adolph Msjer, United States volun teers, to date May 6, 1601, for disobedience o1 orders. Surgeon William Freeman, ?th Indiana cav alry, to date May 10, 1561, for drunkenness and incompetency. Captain B. S. Treanor, Commissary Subsist, ence of Volunteets, to date May 6, 1661, for drunkenness and neglect of duty. Captain Benjamin J. Buck, Veteran Reserve corps, to date May ?, ia04, for having surren dered his command without resistance, on the 5th instant. First Lieutenant J. W. Mirtin, quartermas ter 7th Indiana cavalry, to date May 7, 1F61, with loss of all pay and allowances, for un lawfully procuring money from a citizen cf the United States by means of threats; abuse of his position as a quartermaster, in selling pro perty belonging to the United States, and ap propriating the proceeds of said sal*} to his own use: unlawfully -giving authority to and en ticing an enlisted man to sell a Government horse; and conduct prejudicial to good order, military discipline, and unbecoming an officer and gentleman. First Lieutenant Theodore Bradley, 2d United States artillery, to date May 6, 1661, for drunkenness and disobedience of orders. First Lieutenant Edwin T. Leach, 30th Con necticut volunteers, (colored,) to date May 8, 1P64, fOT defranding enlisted men of his regi ment, and for repeated neglect of duty and breach of arrest. First Lieutenant David R. Kelley, 76th Ohio volunteers, to date May 10, 1^61, for cowardice and neglect of duty. First Lieutenant G-. W. Bussier, Veteran Re serve Corps, to date May 9, 1861, for incompe tency and conduct unbecoming an officer and gentleman. Dismissals Confirmed. The orders of dismissal heretofore issued in the following cases have been confirmed: Major John McMahon, Captain James L. Walker, and Ciptain George Millard, -2d Vir ginia cavalry, to date April 80,l?6i, for gamb ling, drunkenness, aud disorderly conduct. Second Lieutenant Rnfns Bean, *d New Hampshire volunteers, to date May 4, 1861, for absence without leave, disobedience of orders, and conduct officer and gentle man. Dismissals Revoked. The orders of dismissal heretofore issued in. the following cases have beea revoked : Surgeon Joshua Owen, United States volun teers. Hospital Chaplain O. H. Pewell. and he hui been honorably discharged, to date August 2Cj 1863. Lieutenant Peter Ford, regimental quarter, master &7th Pennsylvania volunteers, aad he has been honorably discharged on tenuer ot resignation, to date October 13, 1563. Restored to Commission. The following officers, heretofore dismissed* are restored, provided the vacancies have not been filled by the Governors of their respective States: First lieutenant Leonards. Koss, 13 th Illinois cavalry, and Lieutenant James ILGrineU 20tn Ohio volunteers, with pay from the dates at which they rejoin their regiments for daty. Lieutenant and Adjutant N. Flans burg, 5?tf? I.lmoi. voider.. ^ 0 Tg(n|n| Assistant AdjataatOeaer*!. t r?p CARTE DE VISITE FRAMES. ?g( French Gilt, Swiss Carved Wood, and \merisa Compositio^ Bight doors above Odd FeUoW MsU. Terms cash, ,

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