Newspaper of Evening Star, May 19, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 19, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING ST A It. ? . D. WALLAI M. gdifr anil Pr?t?riefr. WASHINGTON CITY t THURSDAY WW 19. I0?4i */" R3ADING MATTER ON gYKRY PAG1 III OUTBID* rOK INTERESTING TKLI GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER. extra: IMPORTANT. Grant Moves on the Enemy! UK IS PUSHING LEK SHARPLY ON THK RIOHT, LEE FALLING BACK TOWARDS BOWLING ORKEN. i Correspondence Associated Press ] HBAIXjrADCEK^ AF.MT OF THE POTOMAC. May lb.?Yesterday was spent in making preparations for an attack this morning, and we aspect a battle to-day, provided Lee has rot disappeared, which is not at all probable, the p< blished reports to the contrary notwith. standing. His army was in strong entrenchments yes terday in front of the 5th corps, on the stage ;oad. nrteeu guns being counted in one place, with strong lines of earthworks, wherever the openness of the country permitted a view. Last night a body of stragglers arrived here firom Washington, to the number of 600, in oludlng seventeen officers, some of them hav lng surgeon's certificates of disability and Othprs slightly wounded. Qen. Meade has or dered the latter to be tried by court martial. Many resignations have been sent in within the past two days All will have to be accepted for the good of the service. It is believed that no officer capable and disposed to perform his duty at this time would resign. It was reported yesterday afternoon that the enemy were moving columns of troops and wagon trains toward Bowling Green, under the impression that our army were endeavor ing to tum their right. This morning, at 1 40, firing opened briskly on our right, a*d it is believed Gens. Grant and M^ade intended to pus>h the rebels sharp ly A large force of cavalry from the dismounted Camp have arrived here witb fresh horses and will be of great service to the army in the ab sence of Sberldan's command. May IS, 6. a. m.?From the firing it is be lieved the enemy are falling back, as the sounds become fainter. FROM THE FRONT. ORAM MAKES A31 ADVANCE. LEE REPORTED TO HAVE EVACUATED HIS WORKS AND CHANGED HIS POSITION. FIGHTING TESTERDAY. IN WHICH THE BIGHT WING AND CENTER WERE ENGAGED. P.UMOR THAT BUTLEB HAS FALLEN BACK TO BERMUDA HUNDRED. The steamer State of Maine arrived here at four o'clock this morning with about lour hundred wounded. Among them were about The boat brings up a report that at 4 o'clock >eeterday morning a charge upon the rebel works was ordered, when it was discovered that the enemy had ehanged position on their right. Cavalry was sent in pursuit, and Gen. Grant was preparing to push the whole army for ward. Later. The steamer Utica, which left belle Plain at 1 o'clock this morning, brings a report that lighting commenced yesterday morning, and that at ooon the right wing and centre ol our army were engaged. It was also reported there by an arrival from Point Lookout that Butler had met with a re verse, and had fallen back to his entrench ments near Bermuda Hundred. The wounded from Butler's command w?n Untied at ruint Lookout yesterday afternoon by the City of New York. v Late from the Army of the Potomac. ARBIVAL OF THE HOSPITAL STEAMER CON NECTICUT WITH FOUR HFNDRED AND SEVENTY NINE WOUNDED. TELEGRAPHIC COMMUNICATION BETWEEN GENERAL GRANT S HEADQUARTERS AND BELLE PLAIN, COMPLETION OF THF. AQUIA CREEK AND FREDERICKSBURG RAILROAD. PITIFUL CONDITION OF TnE WOUNDED BROUGHT UPON THE CONNECTICUT. The hospital steamer Connecticut, Captain t&aahan, which left Belle Plain at 2 o'clock sterday afternoon, arrived at Sixth street wharf last evening at half-past 5 o'clock, with wounded on board, In charge of Surgeon Hood. Parties who left Gen. Grant's head quarters a few hours previous to the departure of the Cencecticnt from Belle Plain, report t lat no fighting had taken place up to that time. It was expected that the ball would open yesterday or to-day, (the weather per mitting,) as Qen. Grant euly desired a few hours' time in which to complete his arrange ments tor a general advauc*. The reinforce ments bad been assigned to the various dlvi Bion?, and all the troops seemed anxious for the coming great struggle. Nothing was known of the reported junction of Breckiu. ridge's forces with Lee's, neither was the re port believed. Telegraphic communication has been estab lished between headquarters and Belle Plain* the work upon the line having been completed yesterday. The railroad between Aquia Creek and Fred ericksburg has been completed, and it was thoaght that trains would be running in a day or two, as the cars and engines sent from Alex andria had arrived at Aquia Creek. As soon as the cars begin running, the boats ?rtli land at Aquia Creek Instead ol Belle Plain The wounded brought upon the Connecticut consisted of those lett in the hospital to the left of Spottsylvania Court-House, which was abandoned by our forces and taken possession of by the rebels, and which was afterwards re captured by Gen. Grant. Owing to the leglect of the rebel surgeons, the wounds of these men were in a frightful condition, which rendered cecetsary to exercise the greatest care in moving the wounded from the hospital to the baat. The surgeon and officers in charge of this itesmer were verv attentive to the suf ferers, and were from live o'clock Tuesday evening to two o'oiock yesterday afternoon in placing them on board. The wounded limbs of taste men were black, and in maay in stance* terribly swollen, requiring tbe imme diate and solicitous attention of our sargeons and their assistants who were ever ready to appJy theneiessary remedies. Three wounded ..oldiei*, whose names are unknown, died on : upward trip. IMrf? Wrt9 a auMf Of MM W#OA0?4 among thoee brought up on the Connecticut, I turw ?1 Whom died t*Iore rsachlng this city. ] These rebel wour.ded C?lf that while the Con federates bad possession of the hospital they were treated bat little better than our wounded, and complain that tbe rebel surgeons robbed them of their money and such food as they had in their haversacks. One poor fellow, who had a limb amputated, remarked to one of the at-endants on the boat that he was glad he had "fallen into tbe hands of clvilixed people, and that he was ??surprised at the kind treatment he had received." Upon the arrival "of the steamer at the wharf in this city, It was found necessary to convey a portion ?1 the wounded to the hospital on stretchers, as some of them were suffering with such intense pain that it was impossible for them to bear Uie jostling of the ambulances over the rough roads. Too much praise cannot be awarded to Dr. Waters, the surgeon in charge of the Sixth street wharf, who was untiring in his attentions to the wounded, and who exerted all hi* efforts to have them removed to comfortable quarters as speedily as possible. THIS SITUATION. There has been no time since the first Bull Run battle when the prospect for the Union cause was as bright as at this moment. Generals Grant's and Mead?'s operations have been a series of most Important successes in their betkring on the future of the campaign. Slowly, and at great cost though it may be, they have driven Lee back from line of defense to lint* of defense, with losses, in killed, wounded and stragglers, fully equal to ours, and three times as large in prisoners and five er six times as lurge as ours in artillery. At least ten thousand or our slightly wounded, enervated and strag glers will be back in line in the next fortnight; while Grant has already been joined by at least twenty thousand fiesh veteran troops, and many thousands more are being pushed to tbe front. We are very sure that by Saturday night be will be as strong, quite, as the day he crossed the Rapidan. While he will then be clear of e%*ery wounded man and prisoner, Lee will still be greatly embarrassed by the presence of thousandsof his wounded. Sheridan, Averill, Kautz and Orooks having immeasurably em barrassed him by destroying his means of clearing his camps of them, and they have also plawd great havoc with his depots of pro vsions and war materiel everywhere within one hundred miles of his position. Richmond is dow completely isolated; her every railroad being so damaged as that months will be required to get them again in fair running order. Butler's operations, too, have been most im portant in their hearing; holding a large force of rebels in front of Richmond and threatening to reduce it at any hour. We have no fears what ever tor him, as for Lee to detach a force suffi cient really to endanger him, will insure his own speedy utter defeat by Grant. Nothing more than he Is accomplishing could possibly be asked of Sherman, whose operations are just now quite as important as those of < Jrant; and if concluded before O.'s, must exf rt tremendous influence towards securing the latter's triumph. Scholield, too, is greatly aid ing our operations elsewhere; his career being as marked a series of victories as those of Sher man. It is not true that Steele has surrendered in Arkansas; bat, en the contrary, we are rapidly recovering 1-n that quarter from the temporary effect of Binks' disastrous blander. We submit these facts to the public as the plain reasons why we feel greater confidence at this moment than ever before in the opinion that the current campaign will substantially end the war in favor of the cause of the Union. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. SIEQE OF FORT OARLINQ. TERRIBLE FIGHTING ON MONDAY, GEN.HECKMAN WOUNDED. Fortress Monroe, va., May 17.?The transport George Levy arrived here this morn ing, heavily laden with wounded of yester day's fight before Fort Darling. The engage ment is represented as being most desperate. Gen. Heckman 1b reported wounded and in the hands of the enemy. The Thomas Collyer brought to the Point, this morning, the rebel crew of the gunboat Bombshell, which was captured about a fortnight since in Albemarle Sound. They numbered thirty-five men, and were all re markably well clad. REPORTS FROM RICHMOND Beauregard Reinforced?Rebels Crowding Troops into Richmond?Great Efforts to Sustain Lee. [Washington correspondence ft. Y. Post ] A telegraphic mesaengeremployed in Peters burg, Virginia, who has just escaped, states that Beuregard has been reinforced by Ran som's di vie ion, and me rebels were crowding their forces into Richmond by way of Greens boro and Danville. He states that there are five iron clads at Richmond, and that there are heavy batteries on tbe James river from War wick's te Drury's Bluff. He believes that the rebels are making every effort to put their united strength in Lee's army against Lieut. Gen. Orant. He says the prevailing opinion in the country around Richmond is that if they can bold the capital during this campaign the war will terminate; consequently every effort Is directed for its maintenance. The rebels have great confidence in the gen eralship of Lee, and express the belief that the city of Richmond would have fallen a week since under any other commander. The Effect cpow the Market.?The New York Tribune of last evening says: ??Gold, under the effect of the fraudulent Proclamation, sold up to 194)f, and receded to i-i v alter the statement that it was a forgery. Serious alarm has been caused by it, and at noon the quotation is up to 1?3\. ?Stocks on the street were all higher, in sympathy with gold, and buyers are operating with creat confidence." ry-^=?KNIOHT8 OF PYTHIAS?WASHINGTON il_5 LODGE No. 1.?Officers and members of tins Lod*? are hereby notified to assemble In the lsrtfe icom. Temperance Hall, atf).^ o clock on FRIDAY fcVENING. iOth inst..for the purpose of pacing a fraternal visit to Franklin LodgelSo. 2. ByVrder: JOEL R. WOODRUFF, W. C. Wm. R TtrroMB. Scribe. my 19-?t rr*="NoTlCK.?Tn^r? will be a regular monthly LL5 meeting of the lia^men^s Association to beheld on THURSDAY KVENln^; *t Se clock, at the William Tell Hotel. The mtjmbers are *0 ? nested to be punctual in their attendance, as it is or the election of officers and other important business. my 13-2t* JOHN T. BRAXTON. Sec. MpA CONCERT OF VOCAL MU8IC WILL be given by the pupils of the Female Sec ondary School, under the direction of Prof. J. H. the Smithsonian Institution,on THURS DAY EVENINO, the 19th instant, commencing at 6 o'clock The proceeds of the concert will be I unfd for the purchase of pianos for the school. Mr J. F. Ellis has kindly offered the use of one of I his finest pianos for the occasion. my 17-3t fV*?FAIR AND FESTIVAL.-The Fair and IL ? Festival of the Foundry M. E. Church, corner 14th and G streets, will continue another wrek, for the purpose of raisin* funds towards building their new church. Tho public are cor 1 diafly invited to attend. my 16-6t IV=F=?1G? CREAM, C0NF1CTI0N1RV, AO.? . [L5 Receptions, Parties, Weddings. BaUs,Sup per*. Fairs and other entertainments furnished at shortest notice and most reasonable terms. Ice Cream and Water Ices made by steam power, war ranted to be the best In the city, wholesale and re tail, delivered to any part of the city. Charlotte Basse, Jellies, Pyramids and WeddincCakes made to order, at JOSEPH SHAPFIELD'B Confection ery, 3t*6 Sixth St., bet. G and H. ft 11-Sm* MR. M. WILLIAN WILL BE THANKFUL TO any surgeons or officers in charge of hospitals for information of any wounded Hungarians under their care. M. WiLLlAN, n,y I9 .it 336 Penna. avenue. ^ ' DISSOLUTION. Partnership existing between the under trading as J. B Smith & Co., sutlers to 1st The signed. regiment P. R. C., is this day diswlved by mutual pfinKPfit Ao. aS. oMI * May 11.1864. [myl9 3t?) PHILIP F. FRY. T" E~B E8A CABRENO Begs to announce her GRAND FAREWELL CONCERT roa FRIDAY EVENING. May rth, AT ODD FELLOWS' H A LL_. : Aided by her company of talented and favorite 1 "is|l; found at Ellis's Music Store and at i QMMCt to 8* o'olooi. Uw Municipal Bltction ?Candidates, fcc, l flr*?r?NOTICE.?The loyal voter* of the Sixth j I Ward who are in fnvorof John H. Seui'n''* i for Mayor ?f Washington. are requested to meet ?t the hall <>f the Anaeostia Engine Company on FRI DAY EVENING, Mar MB, at 7H o'clock. my 19 2t* ?V^?THK UNCONDITIONAL UNION VOTERS \L " of the Seventh Ward favorable to the re election of Richard Wikliach for Mayor, we re; quested to meet at Inland Hall on THURSt>A\ EVENING. May 13th. at 8 o'clock, to nominate candidate# for Board of Alderna?-n, Common Coun cil, and Assessor. my 1' 3t* II iB "SEVENTH WARD. IJJ? FOR RE-ELECTION. UNCONDITIONAL UNION CANDIDATE FOR ASSESSOR, my iyt* frETER HEPBURN , rv^^ UNCONDITION AL UNION TIOKET. ITj FIRST WARD. For Mayor KICHARD WAJjLACH. Fop. Aldirman? JOHN R. TURTON. Fop. Common Council? JAMES KELLY, H. C. WILSON. JOHN A RHEEM. For Assbssor? jnyJ6 te* THOMAS H. DONOHUE rr5="FOURTH WARD INDEPENDENT UNION liJj TICKET. Fop. Mator?? , JOHN H. SEMMES, For Alderman? JAMES ENGLISH. For Common Council? WM. H. BALDWIN, GEO. X. KENNEDY. ELIJAH EDMON8TON. [Intel., Repub., Chron. &. Con. Union.] my 16-te (JJ-^^nxh^^bd^cnoonuitiohal For Mator? JOHN H. SEMMES. Fop. Alderman? PETER M. PEARSON. For Common Council? JOHN G. DUDLEY, W.T.WALKER, ' GEO. WRIGHT. For Assessor? JOHN H. BIRD. my 1*M3t* KF F0 U "XON ifjK?TN.00N1,"I0KiL Fob Mayor? RICHARD WALLACH. Fob Aldbrman? J NO. P. PEPPER. Fob Common Council? A8BURY LLOYD. JOSEPH FOLLANSBEE, my 12 MICHAEL LARNER. nr5=* INDEPENDENT UNION CANDIDATE LL3 t FOR MAYOR, JOHN H. SEMfifBS. ap 29 te O" UNCONDITIONAL UNION TICKET. ? ? fifth ward. For Mayor? RICHARD WALLACH. FfcR Alderman? CHAS. I. CANFIELD. For Common Council? WM P. KEROUSON. JAMES B. DAVIS, r J. B. WARD. For Assessor? B. F. DYER. mar 6-Sw* (Y^s="THIRD WARD-JUiVB ELECTION.?Tt* ' I < unconditional Union voters of the Thirl W ar4 will support the following ticket at the ap proaching municipal election, vis: F0B R&HABD WALLACH. Fob Alderman? JOSEPH F. BROWN, Fob Common Council? NOBLE D. LARNER, THOMAS A. STEPHENS, JOHN W. SIMS. Fob Assessor ? ? ? JAMES P cKEAN bp S-tf fY^=?THIRD WARD- JUNE ELBCTION.-The '1. ? unconditional Union voters of the Third Ward will support the following ticket at the June election : For Mayor? RICHARD WALLACH. Fob aldrrman? ALEXANDER R. 8HEPHERD. Fob Common Council? N. D. LARNER. JOB W. ANGUS. JOHN W. 8IMS. ^ aptt-te FOR 8ALE?Two HORSES, HARNESS, and CARTS, at JOHN BLIGH'S Livery Stable, corner 12th and C eta. my 18-2t* Ladies and gentlemen wishing PLAIN SEWING done. Machine Stitching, and also Gentlemen's Shirts made to order, can bo accommodated by calling at MRS. MILLS', No. 173 2d street west. between B and C, opposite Uarnden's Express Office. my 17 1 w * BEAUTIFUL SILK GRENADIKES, Black Grodsd with RICHLY EMDKOIDERED COLORED FIGURES. We have just received from auction the largest ard handsomest stock of the above goods ever ex hibited in this city. 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MAY Sc CO., 308 Pennsylvania avenue, my 18-2t between 9th and loth sts. ??AVALRY HORSES WANTED. War Department, Cavalry Bureau, ) Ojffirt of Chief Quit term ister. > Washington, D. C., Mar 18th. 18M.\ THREE THOUSAND(3,000)HORSES WANTED. One hundredandsixty-five($ltS5)dollars per head will be paid for all CAVALRY HOR8ES delivered within the next thirty (30) days at the Government stables at Giesboro, D. C. Sai-d horses to be sound in all particulars, not less than tivo (6) nor more than nine 9) years old; from fifteen to sixteen bands high, full in He*h, compactly built, bridle wise, ana of size sufficient for cavalry purposes. These specifications will bu strictly adhered to and rigidly enforced in every particular. Payment made on delivery of seven (7) and over. JAMS8 A. EKIN, Lieut. Col, and Chief Quartermaster, myl8-lm Cavalry Bureau._ nft.. 8UMMER OPENING^ ZdfS SsHrM183 M J- PLATT will,on Thnrsday-CW SUmMhy 18th, open a new and splendid as Bortinent of BONNETS. 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Further Good News from Sherman HE DRIVES JOHNSTON FROM RE3ACA AFTER TWO DAYS HARD FIGHTING. JOHNSTON ATTEMPTS TO BURN TUE fiAir. BRIDGE IN HIS REAR.'! SHERMAN'S RAILROAD COMMUNICATIONS PERFECTED AND EVERYTHING IN HOPEFUL CONDITION FOR HIS FURTHER ADVANCE! On the night of the 15th ol May, johnston evacuated Resaca after two days fighting, partly burning the railroad bridge. The bridge would be repaired in a low days. The railroad had been repaired as the army ad vanced from Chattanooga, and railroad trains arrived at Resaca at 6 p. m. of the 16th, with forage for the whole army. The men of the army bad been well supplied from the time they left Chattanooga. This is most credit able to the officers of the Quartermaster's De partment, including those connected with the military railroads in Tennessee. THE BOGUS PROCLAMATION. In a postscript to our last edition yesterday* we mentioned fhe fact of the arrest of the op erators at the different offices of the Indepen dent Line of Telegraph and their commitment to the Old Capitol, on charge of being con cerned in the transmission to New York, of the bogus Proclamation. Messrs. J. Worl, John Locke, and Lis combe, of the telegraphers of the Independent Line, are still confined in the Oid Capital. The ethers have been released Report had it this morning that Mr. Yillard, of the Western press: Mr. Lanmau, correspond ent of the New York Journal of Commerce; Mr. King, Postmaster of the House, (connected with a Rochester, N. Y., paper,) and other newspaper men, had been arrested in this con nection but we cannot learn that such is the case. The bundles of the World of yesterday were seized at the depot last night by the authori ties. The World and Journal of Commtrce were not allowed to issue their papers this morning, but it is said here that the editors of the World have explained the matter satisfactorily to Gen. Dix and that the suspension is only temporary. The bogus despatch is supposed to have been transmitted by the Western A.-sociated Press Agents here, bnt it was stopped in New York and did not get either to Rochester or Cincin nati. ^ The party who wrote the copies of the al leged proclamation did so upon duplicate pa per^ It is said) similar to that used by the As sociated Press, and this fact tended to deceive the press to a greater extent. The offices of the Independent Line in this I city are still guarded by soldiers of the In [ valid Corps. TI1E SITUATION IN THE VALLEY. I The recent defeat of Sigel need create no alarm whatever. We know from his own headquarters, dated but three or four days before Breckinridge whipped him, that his force immediately surrounding him was at least twice as numerous as that of Breckin ridge, who was then thought (there) to be in the vicinity of Staunton. Sigel himself was full of discontent with the extent of his force, tori distrn?t?d It; we 8UPr",?? " al? ti uoieu nun. xne uaioacc of his force, under Averill and Crooks, is more than making np for Sigel's short-comings. Thus A. and C. are damaging Lee's prospects far more than Breck inridge is, or can possibly improve them, with the force?forty-five hundred men?with which he is operating iu the valley. It is believed universally here that the Pres ident has already ordered some vigorous and efiective soldier to the command of Sigel's forces, as to hesitate an instant to do so would be next to madness. NAVAL CA1?TL'RE8. The Navy Department has received infor mation of the following captures: On the morning of the 30th ultimo, off Mobile Bay, the U S. steamer Conemaugh captured the schooner Judson, with a cargo of forty bales of cotton, eleven bales being on rebel account. The master, (L. II. Thomson) of the JudBon professed to be a good Union man, but the vessel was sent to New Orleans for ad judication. On the 27th ultimo, between Tampa Bay and Charlotte Harbor, the U. S. Supply steamer Union captured the English schooner ?'0. K.," a noted blockade runner. The ''O. K." was from Havana, bound to any port on the coast of Florida. Her cargo is an assorted one, con sisting of medicines, spirits, cotton, cards, Jcc. SANITARY SUPPLIES FOR JAMES RIVER. The Sanitary Commission yesterday loaded the steamer Kern and a schooner in Baltimore, with $15,000 to $20,000 worth of sanitary stores, which were dispatehed in charge of Mr. J. B. Clark, for Butler's command on James river. The Commission have recently expended over $1,000,000 In pickles, kraut, &c., for use in our array. ARRIVED. Yesterday afternoon, the steamer Daniel Webster arrived at the 6th street wharf from New York, bringin; a detachment of about 150 of the Veteran Reserve Corps, who have for eome time been doingdnty in New Orleans. TO BE MU8TERED OUT. The ?th regiment Pennsylvania Reserves ar rived in this city at an early hour this morn ing from the front, en route to Pennsylvania, to be mustered ont of service, their terra of en listment having expired. ARRIVAL OF MORE WOUNDED. The steamer State of Maine arrived here this morning at 4 o'clock, having on board between four and five hundred wounded. Among the number were aboat fifty Confederates. MORE ONE HUNDRED DAYS MEN. The itilth Ohio, numbering550men,and 166th Ohio, 900 men, for special service of one hun dred days, have arrived. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. REBEL DEMONSTRATIONS IN THE VICINITY OF PORT HUDSON. New Yobk, May 19?Advices from Port Hudson to May 7th state that the rebels had been making considerable demonstrations in that vicinity. The report was current that they were entrenohed in considerable force at and near Clinton. Gen. Ullman, who is In sole oommand at Port Hudson, has so completely strengthened the fortifications of that post as to defy any attack from ten times the number the rebels now have in that region. Oen. Ullman has received important addi tions to bis army. On the 3d be attacked and pursued some two thousand rebels over five miles, but the enemy declined his offer of battle and skedaddled. The guerrillas are very bnsy cutting the telegraph wires, icc., bnt many had been taken prisoner. It is stated the rebels have planted a gun on the banks of the Mississippi, above Port Hud son, but it is believed It would soon be cap tured. Gen. Ullman'* force i? in good Itealth and ttjietymu. 4 O'CLOCK P. AL MOKE OUKKRIL* a OPERATIONS NEAR BELLE PLAIN. "y ^ arrival of the steamer John Brooks, we ?earn that yesterday afternoon as a small detachment of troops (mostly of the 9th Massa chusetts) whose term of service had expired, were on their way from the front to Belle j Plain, when about three miles from that place the officer accompanying the party (Capt. Smith) walked some distance ahead of the others, and espied four men mounted, unl formed the same as our troops. Thinking tnat they were Union soldiers, he walked lamiliarly towards them, exclaiming. "How are yon, boys!" when the party turned and one of them fired at him, the ball striking head and inflicting a not serious wound. The captain immediately returned the fire, and thinks he wounded one. He called to his men: bnt the guerrillas scampered off and made their escape. Guerrillas still infest the neighborhood, and not a day passes but that some outrage is com mitted by them. On Sunday last a colonel was riding a short distance from the Plains, accom panied by two orderlies, and seeing two men riding a short distance off, he dispatched the orderlies to overhaul tbem; but before they reached them one of the guerrillas wheeled aiid fired upon the orderlies, killing one of them. The remaining orderly however, pur sued them, and succeeded in bringing in one of the guerrillas.* The aggravated nature of this guerrilla deed created great indignation at the camp at the time, and there was some talk of banging the fellow on the spot. He will probably be sum marily court martialed. It is believed by those living in the vicinity of the plains that the notorious John Morgan is in that neighborhood and has the direction of all the guerrilla movements thereabouts. Many of our soldiers who saw Morgan in the west, and who havs caught glimpses ol him near the Plains, are equally positive that it is the redoubtable John Morgan who is at work there. LATER FROM SIOEL'S COMMAND. We have news of the arrival yesterday of two officers from Nigel's position in the vicini ty of New Market, at Martinsbarg. They re. port that S. met Breckinridge's advance first on last Saturday, about one mile east of New Market, and a smart skirmish ensued followed by the battle on Sunday, in which Sigel's total loss wae seven hundred. He tell back across tbe river and Breckinridge did not follow as Crooks was close upon his rear. Breckinridge's infantry is not more than 4,510 strong, and Crooks, we believe, had as many *roors a week ago. If a collision occurs between them we feel confidence that Crook's* will be victorious, as his lorceliave every con fidence in him and are flushed with numerous successes. We can have no hope thatSigel will aid him though the force with him is now twice as great as Breckinridge's. He is a chronic lagger? always finding something wanting to enable him to venture to act efficiently. GENERAL BUTLER. The bulls in gold, and for the most part secessionists, are doing their best to create a temporary belief that Butler has been worsted. All who will can see through the motives'of tneir labors. If he has gone to Bermuda Hun dred (of which we have no confirmation, though we hope the rumor may prove true,) he has done so doubtless for strategic reasons. In that position, with the gunboats to aid him if attacked, he is master of thejeituation, and is free to move in any direction in Bupporl of thT heavy cavalry force now vigorously operating in connection with him. At Bermuda Hundred, so situated, he me naces Richmond fai more Beriously than if t U gaged in besieging Fort Darling, being free to act as the circumstances of the main opeia tions between Grant and Lee may render ex pedient. OOHOBEgSIOJIAti. iXXVlIlTH OONttKfcBB.-flRflT 8J88I0N, Thursday, May 1?. Sbkatb.?Mr. Harding, from the Committee on Tublic Lands, reported back tb bill to amend the act of September 27, le50, iu relation to donation settlers upon public lands in C Ui lornia, and it was passed. Mr. Fessenden, from the Committee of Con ference on the army appropriation bill, made a report, recommending that the Senate insist on the amendments thereto, and ask another Committee of Conference, which was agreed to. Mr. Morrill, from the Committee of Confer ence on the disagreeing votes of the two Houses on the bill for the erection of the Territorial Government of Montaao, made a report, which recommends that the Senate recede ffOul its amendment striking out the words "every free ] white inhabitant," in regard to voters, and in serting "all citizens of the United States aud those who have declared their intention to be come such," Ac. A debate arose on the subject in wliich sev eral Senator? took part. HorPE.?Tne House passed the Senate bill changing to the first Wednesday of September the time for submitting the State Constitution of Nevada to the people. Tbe House resumed the consideration of the Indian appropriation bill, and finally passed it. Mr. Dawes, of Mass., rising to a personal ex planation, and referred to the speech of Mr. Loan, of Missouri, delivered during the dis cussion of the contested election case from the seventh Congressional district of that State. He referred to the fact that Mr. Loan had char acterized him as a guerrilla who flies a friendly flag that he may inflict a more effective blow, and who had earned tbe scorn and contempt of every honorable man, and had added a foot note applying to him the expression of Benton as applied to Petti*, of Indiana, that he was a "great liar and a dirty dog." He (Mr. Dawes) had always endeavored to conduct himself courteously, and as he had no intention to be unkind, the remarks of the gentleman were un j u&tifiable. Mr. Loan, of Missouri, in response disclaimed any premeditated purpose to be malicious or unfair, but he considered that Mr. Dawes had cast an imputation on his personal honor. He believed that his reply was nothing but a just and legitimate defense of an unprovoked at tack. if in the opinion of the House it was an unjustifiable reply, he begged pardon of the House, but not of the gentleman. At the in stance of a friend he had omitted the offensive foot note. Mr. Mallory, of Ky., called attention to the fact that Mr. Julian had changed his reported remarks, delivered on a former occasion, aud had committed an offensive forgery in that re spect. Mr. Julian said that he did not alter the sub stance of his remarks, but had merely availed himself of the privileges of other members to change the phraseology. Mr. Mallory replied, insisting on his former position. He said that Mr. Julian did not make use of remarks, as applied to him, which ap pear in the Olobe. The words were never ut tered. Mr. Julian.?It is false. Mr. Mallory.?Your assertion that you ever uttered them is false, and the member knows it Much contusion prevailed,and demands were made that the objectionable words be taken down. Mr. Julian called on Messrs. Longyear, Driggs, and Stevens, who said they beard Mr. Julian utter the language, which Mr. Mal lory characterized as a forgery. The controversy was continued at some length?Mr. Mallory calling on several gentle men, who said they did not hear Mr. Jnliaa make the remark that the blood of Mr. Mal lory flowed in the veins of mulattoes to be emigrated North. telegraphic news. GOV. CVRTIN ISSUES A CALL FOR ONE HUMORED DAY MEM FROM THAT STATE. Philadelphia, May 19th?Governer Curtin has issued the following. Whereas?circumstances render It not im probable that the President of the United States may, within a short time, call on Penn sylvania for her Volunteer Mflltia for a brief term of service; And whereas the example of the brave men new in the field from Pennsylvania, who here tofore on every battle field have been distin guished for courage and efficiency, but who, ia iu* !?**; battel ii* Virgiiua, hare sliced an enviable distinction by tbeir deeds of Tale* and endurance, should stimulate tbeir brothers at borne to increased efforts to sustain their country's flag and exterminate the rebellion , Now, therefore, I, Andrew J. Ourtin, Got tT^or Of the Common wealth of Pennsylvania, do make this my proclamation, earnestly re. questing the people of the Common wealth willing to respond to such a call of the Presi dent, to join military organizations without delay, in order that they may not be found un prepared to do so. And I do further request that the command ing officers of all military organizations which may be formed in compliance with thiB proc lamation do forthwith report tbe condition of their respective commands, that prompt measures may be taken for getting them into service in case a requisition should be made by the general Government. Such calls, if made, will not be for a less term than 100 days. Tbe troops will be clothed, armed, subsisted and paid by the United States and mustered into service thereof. Oiven under my band at Harrisburg this l?th day of May. By the Governor. Eli SLiria, Secretary of the Common wealth A GOOD BARBER 8H0P FOR SA?E. on G fa. street. near22d. Inquire at No 7th st my 19 3t* I^OR RENT?A tbree-?to-y BRICK HOL'SETou K street, near the corner of 17th containing nine rooms. Inquire at No. 440 13th street, be twcen E and F. my Kt 3t B A CARD. V A Remark in yesterday's 8tar I am accused of being a swindler. Tbe trial of this case, whiefc will come on before court, will prove that the ac '?using party is in fwult and will have to suffer for making a false statement, thereby inju'ing my character. JOS. NATHAN. Washington, May 19, 18*1. It* D EUR ABLE HOUSE AND LOT FOR RENT - I bave for rent a fine Brick Dwelling House, containing 9 rooms, winter and summer kitchen*, closeta. Ac. The (rounds are spacious and filled with choice fruit, flowers, Ac.. also a Testable garden sufficient for a larite family. Posset-aiuu ttiven 1st June, ami undoubted city references re quired. L.J. ROTH ROCK, 452 7th at., my 19-6t Opposite Patent Office. B Y W. L. WALL A CO.. Auctioneers. B LOT OF OA RDEN SEED AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY MORNING, 21st instant, at 10 o'clock, we will sell, at the Auction Rooms a large assortment of Fresh Garden Seed, the stock of a Seedman declining business. my.)9 2t WM L. WALL A CO., A nets. Y WM. L. WALL A CO.. Auctioneers, At the Horse Bazaar, 9s La. av. CARRIAGES AND HORSES AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY MORNING. May Jl, commencing At Id o'clock, we wilt soil at our Bazaar and Repos itory, a Jarge number of Horses. Carri g?s and Harness, comprising about fo>tv Work. Sadiie and Harness Horses, a part of which is valuable stock. also, 12 Top acd No-top Hnttry Wagons, Family Car riaees. and Roekaways, 1 Park Carriage, and Jageer Wagon, 2 very superior Trottir g Wagons, 2 very superior Koad Wagors, New and Second-band Harness and Express Wag ens. Sale peremptory. Terms cash. m?.19-2t W. L. WALL A CO., Ancts. Y J. C McGUIRE A, CO., Auctioneers. B BRICK HOUSE AT-- D LOT AND VACANT LOT O* K STREE r NuHTH. BETWEEN NEW J E It FEY AVENUE AND FIRST STREET WEST. On TUKiSI AY AFTERNOON May 2d. at U o'olk. on the premises we shall sell, part of Lot No 5. ii Square No. 6f>9 fronting about 17 feet ou north K st, ett. between New Jersey avenue and First st west and running back 161 feet II inches. improved by a well built two story and attic Brick Dwellia* Houre, containing seven rooms, with a pump of excellent water in the yard Also, adjoining on the east a Vacant Lot about 19 by 80 Termn: One third :n cash, the remainder iu six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of fust on the premises. Conveyances and stamps at cost of the purcha . my.l9-d J. C. McGUIRE 4 Co., Aucts. jttep.l IT Y J. C. McGUIBE A CO., Auctioneers. FURNITURE. CHIVaTaND GLAS8. BUPERIOTt PAIR OP CARRIAGE HORSES, CARRIAGES, harness, robe?, au. On MONDAY MORN iNG. May 23. at 10 o'clock, at toe quarters rf tbe late Col. Harris, Marine Barracks, we shall sell Several superior marble-top Chamber Suites in rosewood and walnut, together with other articles of furniture. Handsome green edge French China dinner and d. ssert Ware, cut-glass Ware, Parian China Ware. Ac. At 11 o'elock. in front of the premises, a pair of superior long tail bay carriage Horses, seveu years old, well matched acd Una travellers. Exce lent open family Carriage. One cloe? family Carriage. One leather top Buggy. Wolf Bobe. single and double Harness. Saddle, Bridles, Netta, B ankets, Ac. Terms cash. my 19 d J. 0, McGUIRE & CO., Aucts. |?Y J. 0. MoGUIRE A CO., Auotieneers. TRUSTEES' SALE 0F~~VALUABLE REAL ES TATE-BRICK HOUSE AND LOT. Br virtue of a decree of th* Supreme Court of tbe District of Columbia, aitting in Chancery, pass d on the 9th day of May, ?. D.,l?&i, wherein Edwin C. Morgan and Walter 8. Cox, Trustees, were com plainants. and Snsan G. Walker et al.. defendants, we will sell, the following described Real Estate and tbe improvements thereon, namely. Lot No. ?.i, in Square No. one hundred and seventeen. (117.1 and the improvements thereon, consisting of a Brick Dwelling House on M street between 19th and 20th, in the City of Washington. District of Columbia, on the premises, MONDAY, 13th day if June, at 6 o'clock p m. The terms of sale will he, one-third eash, balance in 6 1*. and 18 months, bearing interest, and se cured to the satisfaction of the Irustees' purcha sers will have the privilege of paying all cash. E C MORGAN. I WALTER 8 COXA Trustees. my,19-3awAds J. C McGUIRE A CO. Aucts. JJY J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE IMPROVED" AND UNIMPROVED PROPERTY NEAR FOURTEENTH STBEET AT PUBLIC AUCTION On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, May 24th, at 6 o'clk on tbe premises, we shall sell, Eleven Build ing Lets in Drury's sub-division of Square No. 209, fronting on Fifteenth street west, between P and streets north. ALSO, Lots 71,72. and 73, in sub division of Squar* No. 210 fronting together 60 feet on north P street, bttween Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets west, running back 130 feet to a 30-foot alley, improved by a large and substantially built Frame Building with brirk foundation,formerly used as aChuich, and capable of being changed to a Cottage Dwel ling Bouse. Terms: One-third in cash, the remainder in six. twelve, and eighteen months,with interest Secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at cost of the purchaser, my 19 d J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. B Y J. C. McGUIBE A CO., Auctioneers, TBU8TEE*S 8ALE OF VALUABLE SLAUGH TER HOUSE PROPERTY, with Brick Building Brick and Frame Dwelling-houses.and VACANT LOTS near the Navy Yard, belonging ts the estate of tbe late Charles Miller. On WEDNESDAY AFTEBNOON. May 4 o'clock, on tae premises, commencing with the first named and continuing in the order herein named, by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court ot the District of Columbia, sitting in chancery, passed on the 9th day of April, 1?64, in a certain cause wherein Geo. W. Miller is complainant and hllen Miller et al. are defendants, (No. 146.) we shall sell? _ Lots Nos. 1,2, 3, 4,5,%. 7 . 8.9,10: 24, 25. 26 , 27, and 23 in Square No. 953. fronting respectively on 9th and lbth streets east and south N street, impr oved by a brick dwelling house, slaughter hohse. stables, pens, Ac., known as the slaughter yard of the late Charles Miller, to be sold entire or di vided as may be deemed most desirable. Immediately after. Lots l. 2, 3, and 4, in Square No. 964. fronting on south O street, between 9th and 10th streets east. Immediately after, part of lot No. 2. in Square No 976. fronting 5" feet 8 inches on south M street and running back 94 feet 3% inches on 10th street east and improved by a double two-story frame dwelling house. . ? Immediately after, part of Lot No. 1, Square No. 962, beginning for the same at 83 feet 6 inches from the southeast corner of said lot and thence ran - nine west and fronting on M street r? feet, thence north 75 feet 6 inches, thence east 17 feet, thence south75 feet 6 inches to the beginning, together with the Improvements, consisting of a three-story brick dwelling house. Immediately after, part of Lot 2> same Square, beginning for the same at a point on M street south loo feet from east loth street, thence north about 72 feet thence west 23 feet 9 inches, thsnoe south about 72 feet, thence east 23 feet 9 inches to the begiuning, together with the improvements, consisting of a two-story brick dwelling house. Immediately after, part of Lot No. 3, in Square No. 999. being the south part thereof, fronting 20 feet on llthsireet east and running baok that width on M street south 80 feet, together with the im provements. consisting of a frame dwelling home. Immediately after, Lot 13. in Squaro No. 1,023, fronting 90 feet on 13th street east, *t the corner of south K street, and running back 95 feet, to Sther with the improvements, consisting of a ree-story briok dwelling house, with three story brick baok building Terms: Ona-third in cash;the rot" under in 6,12, and IS months, with interest, for which the pur chaser must give notes secured to t ao satisfaction of the Trustees. The purohaser to have the option ?f<fonveyanci,ng^d stamps at the coat of the pur fblfifTH If the terms of sale are not oomylied with in five days thereafter, the Trustees reserve the right of reselling, at the risk and expend of the defaulting Gias;r.w?.,M *: THOU. ap Jl-eoAds 0. MoGUIBE A 00 , Auots, SSTTHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED IN consequence of the rain, until WEDNESDAY KM TEBNOON. May 25th, at^o E. C. MOBGAN. A. T1I08. BRADLEY, Trustees. < a.; 15 i. C. McU UiP.E & CO.. Aucts.

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