Newspaper of Evening Star, 20 Mayıs 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 20 Mayıs 1864 Page 1
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V?. XXIII. WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY. 51AY 20. 1864. IV2. 8,503: AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY hall. MT7BI0 J CANTERBURY HALL,I AND B A L L/CANTERBURY HALL,{ THEATER Louisiana Avisos, Corna of Sixth Strut, Rtar of National and Metropolitan Hottls. Sign of the Big Calcium Light. Bioiei Lsa .. Proprietor W X. Ca*avabob?..? ?.?..Stage Manager. GREAT EVENT OF THE DAY, Performed at four different Theaters in New York on the same night to ENTHUSIASTIC AUDIENCES 1 JOHN P. POOLE'S VERSION 0* CUDJO 8 CAVE. CUDJO'S CAVE, CUDJ0'8 CAVE, CUDJO'S CAVE CUDJO'S CAVB, CUDJO'8 CAVE. CUDJO S CAVE, CUDJO'8 CAVB, CUDJO'8 CAVE, CUDJO 8 CAVE, CUDJO'8 CAVE, CUDJO'8 CAVE, CUDJO'S CAVE, CUDJO'8 CAVE, OR TUB BATTLE CRY QP FREEDOM. BATTLE-CRY OF FREEDOM. BATTLE-CRY OF FREEDOM. BATTLE-CRY OF FREEDOM. BATTLE CKY OF FREEDOM. BATTLE-CRY OF FREEDOM. NEW SCENERY AND APPOINTMENTS. NEW SCENERY AND APPOINTMENTS. NEW SCENERY AND APPOINTMENTS. NEW SCENERY AND APPOINTMENTS. A Village in "East Tennessee. A Ravine in the Cumberland Mountains. Barber Jim's Cellar. The Burning Mountain?. Water falls and Cliffs in the Cumberland Moun tains. Machinery by H. Walker. Appointment* by Mr. Sullivan. Music arranged by Joe Brahatn. The Burning Mountain* and Rescue of Virginia Villars V <me of the*:*? rtawfully grand illustra tions aver presented vo the public. EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK, And on SATURDAY AFTERNOON, at 2 p.m., will be presented the New Drama, dramatized express ly for the Canterbury, by John F. Poole, Esq., en titled CUDJO S CAVE. OR Till BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM. POMP, a self-emancipated bond man.. __ J.DEFORREST Cudjo, a deformed negro,and a fugi tive. but sound in heart ? Billy West PennHapgood aUuafcerschoolmas ter J. J. Dcugherty Cart Minnevick. a German boy, fall ot courage and of enpning W. B.Cavsnagh Rev. Mr. Villars. an aged clergyman and blind. ?. ?Mr. Toby, an old negro, and servant to . , Mr. Villars John Mulligan Stackbridge) t...Mr. Leffert Withers ; Tennessee Unionists ...Mr, Harper Grodd S f ? McPherson l.ysander Sprowl_..l ( Silas Rope* I j Aug. Blythewood. I . ^ Mr.Williams Dan Pepper ill Secessionists. < Mr. Sullivan Gad I .Wilson Derring^ I I ? .Howard Davis ) , \.... Johnson Virginia Villars. the clergyman a daughter Jennie Forrest Mm Sprowl. a widow as has lost her brother? ? Lucy Cufton SYNOPSIS OF SCENERY AND INCIDENTS. SCEN E I.?The Fir?t Muttering* of the Storm in Tennessee?The Vigilance Committee?Prepara tions to Hang the Schoolmaster?" What's the Use of Indication K'?The Hanging interrupted by Pomp?The First Blow for Freedom?'Tableau?'The Lore Widder and her Hopeful Son?A Bright Pros pect in View?Niggers Cheap and Money Plenty? The " Wanderers on the Face of theArth"?Vil larV House?The Schoolmaster Hunted Down Southern Hospitality Illustrated?Toby and ?' de Debil"?Silas Ropes in Pursuit of the Fugitive? Mysteri' us Disappearance of Penn Hapgood?Rage of the Man Hunters?Whipping a Free Nigger? Carl Works a Miracle?Attack upon Villars?A Daughter's Devotion?Struggle with Silas Ropes? " Pcmp, the Slave" No. Pomp, the Freeman !" ?Tableau?Exterior of Cudjo's Cave?The F'ugi ti\e Finds a Friend?The Cave a Refuge?Is it ? i'oomy ??The House of Bondage is Gloomy?Is it Dampv?It is not with the.Cruel Sweat of the Slave's Brow and Back?Is it Coldr?The Hearts of our Tyrants are Colder?Mountain Pass?The Committee Still i? Pursuit?Capture of Penn?A Momentttf Peril?Sudden Appearanceof Po.npnnd Cudjo?One Wiped Out?Pomp's Swing for Life Preservation ol Penn?Grand Tableau?The Bat tle Cry of Freedom SCENE 2.?The Return into Danger?Penn Finds a Substitute, a Volunteer for Lysander?Stack ridge's Hat and Coat get arrested?The Guard H oin??The Dark Hour Before Dawn?Carl a Con federate Soldier?The Drugged Liquor?Cudjo on Hand?A Willing Prisoner?Pomp t<? the Rescue? The Triumph of the Bayonet?Escape of the Priso ners?Tableau?On the Mountain?Carl in the Hands of the Philistines?A Stroke for Liberty?A Phrenological D.-velopement?Th?? Trust at the Round Rock?Virginia in the Wood?Hopes and Fears?A Dark Night and a Sad Road?Silas Ropes Still in Pur-nit?llis Desperate Resolve?"Fire in the Mountain: Bum "em Out'?The Mountain For rest on Fire?Perilon* Position of Virginia?Saved by the Desperate H- roism of Pomp?Thrilling Tableau. (This scene occupying the entire length of the Mage, is one of the most magnificent and effective ever presented.) SCENE 3 ?Interior of Cudjo's Cave? Blythewood a Prisoner?Master &n<L?laie Change Places.?The Hour of Vengeance?Blythewooa's Life Saved by Virginia ? Attack Threatened ? Treachery?Vir gil ia s Defense of th? Cave?Death of Blythewood? Tableau?The Lone Widder's Idea of Confiscation? The Women Whippers?A Little Mistake?Cudjo After " Provisions"?Comes. Off Well Loaded? Cudjo's Cave?Love Making in the Wilderness? TheCouncil of War?The Cave Discovered by Silas Hopes?Preparations for Defense?The Attack?A Warm Welcome to Cudjo's Cave?Grand Tableau? The Runaway and the Free Nigger?Is Carl a Coward?? Villars a Prisoner?Virginia's Appeal to Silas?Her Heroic Resolve?Capting Sprowl Makes a Speech?The Mountain Torrent?Desperation of Virginia ? Timely appearance of Pomp?Cudjo's Vengeance ? Startling Death of Cudjo and Silas j{0p,.s_The Last Attack?Defeat of the Secession ists?The Old Flag^ F'loats Again in Tennessee Grand Tableau of Victory. First appearance of the G reat Contortionist. DON SANTIAGO GIBBON NOISE. DON SANTIAGO GIBBONNOI*B. DON SANTIAGO G1BBONNOISE. DON SANTIAGO GIBBON VOISK. DON SANTIAGO GIBBONNOI8E DON SANTIAGO G I BBONNOISE. ?Return oJ the favorite Ethiopian Comedian, BILLY WEST, BILLY WEST, BILLY WEST, BILLY WEST, BILLY WEST. BILLY WEST. JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MVLLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, J. J. DOUGHERTY, J. J. DOUGHERTY, J. J. DOUGHERTY, J. J. DOUGHERTY. H. W. WILLIAMS, H. W. WILLIAMS, H. W. WILLIAMS. IN THEIR ETHIOPIAN ECCENTRICITIES. MISS JENNIE ENGEL, MISS JENNIE ENGEL, MISS JENNIE ENGEL, JENNIE ANB ESTELLE FORREST, LUCY AND EMMA GARDNER, BITTY LEE, MISS N*OMI PORTER, LUC 3LIFTON, MISS EMMA 8CHELL, MAGGIE WILSON. Ac. ke. Ac. In their Charming Ballets and Divertissements. Change in theOliu Department Each Night, Change in theOlie Department Each Night, Change in the Olio Department Each Night, Change in the Olio Department Each Night, Change in the Olio Department Each Night, Change in the Olio Department Each Night. Admiarion fQ as Orchestra?._.? ? ? in Private Boxes, holding six persons. ? BOO Doors open at 7 o'clock; Performance to com mence at 8 o'clock. FAMILY MATINEE SATURDAY AFTERNOON FAMILY MATINEE SATURDAY AFTERNOON FAMILY MATINEE SATURDAY AFTERNOON AT TWO O'CLOCK. Ladies 28 cents; Children 10 cents. M L LB MARIETTA RAVEL. M'LLK MARIETTA RAVEL) The beautiful Spanish Danseuse and Tight Rope Performer, will make her first appearance in Washington in three yeara Also, the celebrated Dancer. MONS. BAPTISTIN, MON8. BAPTISTIN, With an entire new B*Uet Taoupe. in a few days. ? pj ] PRIZES CASHED ^ N All legalized lotteries. Information given. Circulars s?nt free, and all orders promptly at tended to. Addresg ? ? JOSEPH BATES, 11 Wall street, N. Y., ap 28-1 m* Post Office Box 4.364. R OOFI NO FELT AND PITCH. Just received and for sale, a choice lot of Felt and Pitch, which will lewld cheap, together with LIME, PLASTER^C?^ENT,TOr^r ?* west side 7th St., at Panal bridge PIANOS.?Great bargains in second-hand Pianos Five second-hand Pianos, all in best_JM^^ order, will be sold very cheap upon easy|BHH| monthly payments, to make room, at the'i* *" warerooms of W. G. MBTZEROTT, sole agent of Meiuway A Sons'Pianos and Mason * lamlin's Cabinet Organs by 5 ILK DAIRY FOR BALE-Large hotel trade ?rd a good retail route. For particulars ad g/*6? City Post OliiM Eoji 937, my 7-8t* LIST OF LETTERS REMAINING- IN THE WASHINGTON CITY POSPOFFICE, THURSDAY, MAY 19, 1864. OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED IN THD PAPJB HATING THI LARGEST CIRCULATION. Free Delivery of Letters by Curriers at the residences of owoers mar be secured by observing the following Rales : 1. Direct letters plainly to the street and number cf the house. ?. Head letters with the writer's full address, in cluding street and number, and request answers to be addressed accordingly. 3. Letters to strangers or transient visitors in a town or city, whose special address may be un known, should be marked in lower left hand corner with the word " Transient." 4. Place the postage stamp on the upper right hand corner, and leave space between the stamp ar.d direction for post-marking without interfering with the writing. A request for the retnrn of a letter to the writer if unclaimed within thirty days, or leas, written or {>rinted, with the writer s full address across the eft hand end of the envelope, face side, will be complied with at usual prepaid rate of postage, payable when delivered to writer". LADIES' LIST. Gibbins Mary J Peterson J an.} D Gurley Emma E Patten Mrs Jas Green Mary Green Jenny Gerdeon Sarah Beadle Mary E Brown Kate P Brown Kate Bates Kate Bee* Miss E A Brown Margaret Gampgreys Brown Mary J Mary E Booth MalinJa Harts Nellie D Boyd Louisa G Harte Rose M Ball Ann E Hodges LouisaA Robinson Maria | Brown Caroline Ilorr Mrs Chan- Rollens Rachel Hates Matilda cey A Bell Mrs Alex Il&yos Maria B Brown Julia P Hunt Jnlia Brewer Amanda Hall Mrs W B Blake Fanny Houghs Mrs P.tancl ard Hanh Hunt Mary J Bennett Louisa Hardin Geo'na Buekey Mary E Harris Watie P BunTsteadMarvEHeustis Mattb-E Bylr.nd Ra^h<d Bryant Mary Hurbert Har- Rcdmon Mra Bowie Ann riet. S Rix Miss B Blakeman Anna Howard Emma Rieharl Mary Berry Margaret Herbert Mr?M R Rog?r? Mary Boutin Mary V lleron Lottie B Regan Cat.ii liehlpn Ella HusseyJane Rabins Martha Ba'.lingerELottyHareling Mrs H Smoot Joanna J'arrev Adeline Howard LouisaE StilesElizabelhC Iiarm tt Mr? Henry Emma G >n^ith Mary Powers Oath Potter Sarah A Richards MrsL P Rhodes Rachel Re?s Annie Reillv Margffret Robbing Sarah Ml Raymond AunaK Rumbau gh Lyd i a Reynolds Kate P Robinson Mrs Gen J C Rose Su<pn llichard-on Lizze Ross Maria.i Scptinia Harison Julia Beckett Miss F Hollister Mrs Biddle Mrs Thos Nelson Bornan Mrs H M Hartville Mrs Shaw Eliza Smith Caroline Smith Mary Sykes Emma J Sheed Lida Shaw Sarah D Smith Ruth Betiel Ann M Fr?-dk Baker Lillie HintonMrs Broader* Mrs Dulcenia Ilenry Barry Sally Burk Lucy J Brown Mrs E A Bell Charity Bell Eliza BrannanBridget Hays Lucie Brandt Mrs C Hamlet Mary L Brady Mary Hewett Susan L Scoot Sarah E Bii'-kley Mary E Mailman Ellen ShawMargaretA Btll Amanda Bright Mary Bruiiingin Jane Brown Nancy Bungle J an HowardLouiBftE Stoops F*ume Howard MrsG B Sroitn Miss Horton Nellie E Marion Hngerty Margt SwainMrsChasR Harris Lucy 2 Smith Levinia E Howard Georgie Smith Mrs S E Stone M&damL A Shaw Mrs Chas B Shore Sarah D Shepard Emma Stevens Mary H Haws Mrs J no Jones Mary II J ones Mary L J Jerome Frances Sample Tena Jon^s Lucy Sanger Emma Bott Mary A Jackson Ester Sanborn Mary A Barrett Mary Interton Mrs Shallow Sarah Bowie Maria Col Wm II _ Sandburn Miss Bovo Mrs Jno Johnson Sarsht' Simmers Eliza Bradley MrsE A Johnson ElizaA Stevens Christie Buckley Mary E Infantry Kate Sanborne Jane t'unnin"bam Johnson Mrs J B Suckers Mrs Ann F Jackson Mrs Newton ClarkMiss? rank Andrew Sp&ulding Funny Champ Mildy Johnson Katy Sullivan Abbie Book Clara V JacksonRachelBSsnford Miss J Clark Eleanor Kimer Airs C Sedgwici Ein Cook Miss C V MaBon ma Ii CornwaUAmercaKintsbury Mrs Shoemaker Clmpmau Al- Col Hv W Maggi bina I> Kirbv Mary Steward Annie Cari ey Mary Kidder Mrs Capt StevensonEmma Chaplin Miss Kimball Mrs J K Somers Louisa Trypbena King Ellen ^ Sponanl Mary E Cornell Gertrde Knott Mary E Stevens Mary A Cnrley Mary La<'d Miss A A S Sherwood Ro<a Cowan HellenM Law Mrs H St John Aman ia ComellMrsFred Loan Ernelin^ E Sharp Mrs A I) Carter Jennie Lotridge Mrs R Stroman Emily Carter Jennie A Lovring Mrs frterliug Jenni?> CI amberlain Alice Curran Ilellen Casey Sarah Cohen Kate Coon? yAnn Light Catharinf Street Mrs Jno LacyMrsCarrieXSroith Ida-2 LacklyMrsElizthSuttle Mary R Shaw Jane Shea Sarah Summers Char lotte Sterling Jenn'e Smith Mary M Steele Mrs J as StephensonMary Stephens Mary A Smith Mrs M \ Sherwood Rosey SmithMrsS; tney BMrs 2 Shipley Matilda May MrsJerusha Stansburj Jane Law rence Pa melia W , Lihby Mrs.J C Csri-eiiterClaraJLindsey Mrs E C Colville I.aura D Lester Miss ChandlerMrsNN Georgie Cropp. nllarrctDhounson Celia Colerran Mary Lee Mrs E Crandall Mary Lucas Jane Collms Kinma L Lewis Margaret Curtis Rodv Lewis Emma A Cojjan MrsEdwd Lammersdorf Crockwell Mrs C A , Campbell Mollie Mann Ida ConnollyMrsME Mills Annie CarpenterEuiily Magee Mary W Chamberlain Marilen Mary C Alice Morgan Jane CarpcnterEmily Merrick MissC J Steele Mrs Carpenter Mrs Morton Mr- Pr Tanners Mrs MP Wm T G Jerome F Carroll Geo'na Mnrtz Lizzie A Tucker Lottie CampbellSophia Morton ElizbhWTuck<r I.aura CrevelingManticMeKnigbtOlivia Truein MrsJasW CooibavighLizzieMiller Cliarltt' J Truman Ann Diekert-onAnnaEMehrly Margt J Tyler Rachel Dex?er Mrs JasE Mason Mary Tuller Fanny DunbarMrsJosK Meryweather ThomsonMariaS Douglas Marv A Mrs A II . Twadell Jennie Doruan Harriet MillerGeorgian&Terril Mra Lt Ed DeuisonMrsM E MnsranMargaret Tnrenns Jane Davis Mary E Miller Martha Thompson Ellen Diviney Mary H McCormickMaryTriplet Eveline Duncan Dealie McCarty Mrs Tyler Ann DennisElizbthR M' NauiursMarv \ ollington Hen Shorter Mary A Sexton MrSi. Smith Nelly Simon? C.ith Somers Mrs i-avis Mary E M<Laughlin DoughertySarah Mary C Ditltou Mary McCormick Davis Mr.-Win R Elixaheth DoughertySusanMartin Mrs DomildsonFanneMcCaffrey Mrs Dunnigan Mrs 1$ M F DoughertySarahMills Mary EldridgeMrsC R Mills Kitty A Klli-worth Ida Mills Susan E Edelin Ida Mason Rachel Edclin Agness Mason Eliza Engle Matilda Moinuy Miss Early Elizal.thA Murphy Ann Eaton Mrs Lieut Malony Mrs Emmerson Julia McNerhany Mrs Washer Mrs Jos Eley Mrs Ja-> W Jno Warren Emma " "" Nitties Emily A Washington Newman Linda Mary J Newton Annv Whittlesv Maria Olingtead MrsAJ Williams Miss T rietta Voush Mrs M M Voorhers Ann Veiney Mary Welch Sarah L Wilson ltachei Woods Mrs Chas A Wood Mrs Wm B White Mrs T W Wright Phebe C Wood Mary Ware Isab* 11 Wells Mrs Jno W Wilson Emily C Emerson Julia E<*herd Marv Flynn Mrs Capt Franur Mra Prealy Fay Ellen Fisk Mrs Capt Saml Ousmond Mrs AlCfBter Olmstead Ro saline Foulks Elizabth Oneill Bridget FentonMaathaR G'Leary Mary Furguson Ilatti?-0:Bri<'n Miss Fletcher Mattie Marion FisherUenriettaPreusa Mrs Chas Willard Carrie Woodbury Mrs C R Watson Louisa E G Wilmoth Laura Withers Margt Whitmore Katy] A Piatt Miss M J WisongGiunie Perpomp Mattie Way Annnie Purcell Mrs T Welch Miss Parker Mollie A White Mrs Robt Parker Julia A Weagley Mrs B Pulizzi Mrs White Julia Vennie Wood Adelia Preston Susan Williams Oath A Gale ElizabethG Parker RosalieE Walters Jos'ne Green Mrs A deli PoppingMarthA Williams Vir Futlerton Mary Fridley Mary A Freelon Dorcus Flynn Lucy Fractions Lncy Greene Mary C Gray Mrs G Gray Julia Gram Carrie Gray Mary C Green Jenny Green Anny Gordon Mrs Chas E G old itboroJ oa'he Phillips Cath ginia Pixley Mrs Williams Ellen Frank M Westhorp Sarah ParkinsonKittie Willett Elizabth Popkins Martha Whitlock Anna Peddicord Cil- Warner ColJasM linda WilliamsIIarriet Gurley Emma E Prease Mrs P H YetterMrsFrank Gushman Annie Pilling Miss M Young Marv GonsaloeB Mary Popkins Annie Youug Mrs Geo ? PeckhamSophia Young Mollie C Gienemann Ma- Paton Mary T Young Miss C D tilda Paterson Chris- ZellersMrsJacob Gordon Mrs tina Zimmerman Obas V PembertonBetsv Eliaabeth Gunion Mrs Z P Patten Jane W . Miscellaueocs.?Miss Blanch: Phebe Ann; Mrs. 91.1. A. 9 QENTLEMEN'S LJST Ashton Dr A E Austin A S Ackerman A C Adams Benj F Avery Chester Armstrong Dr Ammen Com D Adams Edwd Anthewa G R Armes Geo Kytnar II C bbs J Lee Bilgen Capt A P Boyle A 9 Bauer A Bellows Lt A L Brockney A B Boyce A A Boyeu* A A Burbank Asher Bramball B M, Bovee B G Baurn ABurdir.c Bennett CM Benjamins C E Batcheller C F Hurnham C W-2 Bentler Col Brown Capt C Bailey Cjalriu Barger Dale Brereton Edwu Baker E H Battles E M Boutwell E B , Be&ch Col J? Ames Capt J P Agnew J as W AtwoodJ M Anderson Jno AkerJob Arndt J C Alston Jno U Allen K P 4 Aro Lewis Alexander L B Abbey Rev M H Alen Mr Adams Nelson Atwood O W Ayree Philip 2 " Andrews Robt Allen S H Abbro Saml Armstrong Thop Ayer Sergt W F Allen W S Allen Wm U Butler Nacj BrownNehemiah Brndstreet Hon N f* Bailey O B Bell Hiram Butler H W Barrert Hon H Boner Ileury Bassler Jno BakerLt Jerome Barry P Bottwell Lt J R Byan Pa;.k Bahlay Jos Bennett Jno W Bowers Jno M Beadle J N Blais tell J M S Brenen P Brown Rev P R Bamnann 1 Burgett R T Barry R J BrblglandColJ A BatchelderLtCol Boswell Jas RN BeattyJno K Burrows R h BrookinsJH BittonRicbd Burton J W Bellows 8 8 Burton J- B Bridges Stephen Baili Jos Bailey Capt 8 J Bcrnslein Isaac Beales Hauil ByeraCapt J M 2 Bunell 8 S BowdenJno Black S G BristowRevJH S Baldwin 8 W BrownCapt J M Bftlk Lt 8 3 Baker F M Brutenbaker P Barnneit F Brooke F F J Brady F-2 Bey me F R Bovee G B-2 BrovnellG 0' Baird Geo W Bridginan G W Brush Geo Bean Geo H Britton G L Brewer Lt G J Baxter Geo W Brush Geo F Babcock H G Baughman 11 Biokel Hiram Bur?h Henry A Bickerstaff H Cnraings A B Cofroth A J Cobwine A Cauldwell \ Crapo Capt A Collins Amos Carr Beni F Carpenter B T Cnmmings B Cooper C Cumberland C J Carnes Cor Corbin C C Crofts C 11 Corwia C L Clayton D A-2 Cronnin D Croxall DC Cowan I) Carroll D Camp Rev D Clinton DeWitt Oas Danl Caning Cpt E C Comstoek K B Connolly E Carson Edwd Curio f Chase Adj F R Conwell RevF A Clar?- F U Collier Col F II Clarke F J Bixley J H Bearfon I S Boiieeau J ? Beasley Jos Bennett J no Bugle Jno F Bayles Rev J 0 Br>an J as Bird J no S Bate* J no Beers Isaao Been Jacob Barrett L C-2 BrugwinA Smith Beacam Maj T G Brink Lt T L Barton T T Burr T V Brice T W Bell Thos P Belcher W II BiUingg W H Bevier Wm D Burnet Wm Br?ggemanWIIC Butler Wm W Brasnahein L R Braddely Sgt WB Barber Sgt L J Brown Wm II Beall Larkin Be?s L W Brown 31 U-2 Belisle Michl Burhard Mr Beniter Mr C CcO't Freeman Clio ate Geo Cliilson Geo Crosstield Rev G Craw Jacob Crosbie H H Cook L G Carter H P Corsin Mr Clark H Cloon Michl CbamberlainCptCole M 0 J D Clapp M M ConautJosS Co Corbett In? V Bow Wm II Birch Wm II Blunt Col Wm Brown W S Burnett W U Clark J W F Carl Capt J&s Coot Jas app lfini Mi ;hl Culligpn Jas Collett J 8 2 Crowther J T Cftrberry P J C aybangh Jas Clifford Job Collamore J HL Clay R ChagnandJno Cobbs R L Cory J II Crawford Sam Cliffotd Jas II Crain Sam Chamberliu J A Cu8sen 8 S CavileerCaptMM Codd Nich Coleman Pat Cornell P D-13 Conway Pat Conrsey Robt Cain Robt Cudworth J C Calvert Jas Crocker Jas II Currier Jos II Collins J no Clinton J B Clancy J F Cnmmings J Clark J C R Coats Jno Clark Capt JW" X> 11 Chaphe 8 Carter Tasker Cheney Thos J? Carter Wm Coliins Walter Copley W II Custis Wm H Carrier W II Conway Wno Cramer Wm G Do-glassCaptACDawson Jos Dutton Benj DalglieshJC Dickson J N Downy Capt J Donnelly Jno !>ickerson J B Divine J no Dutton Barney Davis Chas W Dakiu Chas B Donohoe Cor Dandell Edwd Darrow F Daiker F J Depfer Fredk Dreyfoos&Grad-powling Jno nold Dr?i:'up .fcGrad wohl Davall N Dwyer P O Do si: aw I'eter Dempsey Peter Dowuey Pat Dana B N Dean Simeon DavenportJesse Dike Solon Duucan J no A Danforth 8 W DunniganJas Dexter S R Douglass T B-2 DobleJ N Dodge Til DennislonCptJFDeraing Dr W S Dorren II II Durgin H Dayne Jno Darein J H Ducsn Jas IRrry Jno Erbliman Abm Ely B M Emory Chas Elliott C B Ellis David DeWitt & Co brake J C Dey J as R Dunbar J L Dona dsoft M Dtiffey Micbl Dolin Nathan Edwards G K Egglen Geo EmersonRevGII Eddy Henrv-5 Eaton J no S Eth^ridice E M-2 X^gleston I Evans F-3 Epp!"y G W-2 Elliott Graftf.n Engle Geo W Desmond Wm Dority W O Dawson W L Downing Wm Davis W D Dennis W P Dunham Wm Eld ridge N T Emerson Capt R II 2 Edmondson R Eaton ti M El well T J 2 Elcoek Jnn Edmonds J W E>ans J O Tn Farn?worthColA4-'oster Geo T, EnglanderAJnddE^tes Tho- W Everett Thos D Edwards HonTM Fraxer A E lurbieh A B Footer Andw l'osdick Benj Fahlen C Farmer C 0 I rand C I'air:hi!d C 11 Foster Chas H Forhfg Chas V Fox MS Fiske E E Fiske E'i gene 1'raleigh K M Foster F F Foiilx F Ford Geo F&yinan G II Ferguson LtG T Fisher Henrv Fiojil II li Flanders II F Fick H W F<^rd Henry Fowler Jas Fowler Jos W Fri <by J no B Fullerton J C Frajter Jno Finch J no F.'nn Ja^ G G reason <ieo (Jood y (ieo A Godle Geo F Green Geo C CreggCftpt II (i ibson J iio II <; arritt J no Garner Jno T <! ardner J no Griftin Jas Glackineyei- A Griwold A E <iii threy Cillehrist A Glasgow A Green A II ?rrauIs A Gitij A I' Gloss Cbas Green Lt C (ioodrich C Golden Cha (iray David Grady David-3 Cawer l>nvis (iainlde Lt D Griflin Iteni-1 Geoi se E C <? ra"e Lt EC Gr<>\ er SergtEl (ireen El>vood Good' hild E V Greger G F O W Gruy N H n Hutchinson A 1! Ilartnan Aug lladden A nib Hull Alex H ill rook A P Ilun'. Andw J HiistiDtrs A*C Hnrm W m 15 Ilatren Clirisr Hf.llun C T inn & Co 11 aaseChas F Ha^ner Chat H"ward Chas 11 'inter Chas A W Fonten M C J Freisin M Fox N B FlewellingN B Fields P W Fish Capt R A Fletcher Robt, Fry ^aml FurbeskT W FrasherT C Franco Wm Frank Capt W Fox W >1 Fisher Wm Frtitnan W C Fishback W P '"ranger Oliver Gump IMiillip Oilman (J T Greenwood 7{ M Gardner Stephen (il- ason Stephen (Jail Saml F Gilland 8 2 GaHoway Saml Gilltillau Thos Gardner Joshua <.;?>nov?an V <irune Jno W Grune J F Gray Jno A Grant J S Gait J no G ra Ktul Gordon L C Gusest L Griflin Mi :hl Ganier ^Ia?on Glass Wm Gill W E Godrting Win (abber' W (; Grant Wallace <>e8sler Wm Gonrlay Win Cousalors W Gillette Wm P Gales Col \Vtn GruneMajN St J Gri'lley Will S Howard Geo O HemmingG F HalU Geo A Hawes G P Ilemnan <V Bro Hertz Isaac Horning J M ll?i-iuilton L M Henn?*ssc ? u^j ileil M Hackett M B Hard Miles H H'jbbs M Harris .Mr Hutchinson 8W Hares Prinze Havens Ira Hiekey Jos A Henderson J W IJartnt tt Jn<> Hoamer J as R Harris Jno II Henderson Jno II. nderson Cha? Howard Jno II lloyt C 11 Hurton Danl Ilasw ell I> B Howell D V HoimeB D Hobart D B Harper David Hainblett D J Hitrgins Danl llurd E B llighers Ed wd Hal ley Jas B Hunter Jno W Hickman J B Hewet Judge Hildebrami J lladger Jos F Heisler Jos Henderson J H lloRiner J A Hart man J no Hart Jas Ilarloginf-esEL Haines J R Hanson E A Hickman F I. Howe F E Hall Frank Holbrook F Hall J S Hunt John Hill Jno 11 Hall J?s Ilaysradi L Hudlock Frank Hall Lott Holland G N Harris Geo Hanson Geo A Jones Alfred-2 Jacobean A N Huntley Lay G Habermold L I-.I Johnson Geo H Jaquett Dr G P Jardm Mons A 2 Irving Henry JenisonH Jewett B W James Sere C II Jennings S W Jackson D Jordan Danl I ngersollIIonECJoues J B-5 Irwin ES JoyJosF '2 Johnston Fredk Jones Jos F Hewett I{ C lioltzman R' ht Haslutt Robt Hadtield Robt Henderson Robt Hatrison Itichd Hazard Robt R Hart Capt R 8 Hawk Saiol T Hubhard SbtiI Hoffman Sanil Hurd Seth T lli'sbmau 8 Hursh Siinon lless 8 Haley Thos Harrison Thos Ho ben Win Heise W L Hall Wm W Ha/.elton Wm M Hardy Win Haldgate Wm Hazelton Wm M Haw W 8 A Hocker W K ILdelfinger Wui Henry Wm S Johnson L D Johnson Lloyd Jones Madison Johnson Robt Johnson Geo Kraft A Kaufman A Abm Kaufman BeDi King ChasB Kircber D JuhnstonRevJR Jordan Robt S Johnson CapJB Jane Robt L Johnson J II Jones Saml II JenningsCapJR Jones Thos 2 Irvin Wm Jones Wm P J ohnstonKevWL Jones Dr J J K Kerr Huston King Marion Kimball II on J K2Kelley Martin KilburnJasM Kinney Peter Kimball Jno H Kepler J J KlasnerJacob Krantz Edwd H Key.ser Jno W Krestiuger F King G M King Geo W Kennady G 11 Ketellas Cap H Kesler Jakob Kurt* John Koont/! Jeff Knapp Jere S Kurtz Rev J C Knight HenryM Kirvin Michl Kelly P H-2 Keneman Patk Kline Peter M Knight P G Keech Roman Keating Ribhd Kneelan<r^hosD Kinney WesWy Kenyon Wm C Lochmeyer A Leavenworth Lt Abel E Little A B Lindsay Alfred Larkin B Lee Capt B D Loomis Chas LF Lnngley C 0 Lyford C W Loveridge Lt C Lear Chas Lutner Chas II Lyons Chas Leap Dennis J 2 Lyman D L Lane Edmd B Lyons Kllis LaFountain Mons Emme Lacey E Longley E/ra K Laurence E Z Laffertj Frank McCormiek A B McBrien Alex Morelund Albt Moore Alonto Mitchell A 8 McAndy Cbas Moi'uell Capt Miller Ch Fr Murphy Chas Maning Com Messer Clare Mathias Chr Murray Chas Moak Chas E Manning Cor Mott Capt Murphy Dennis Meads Danl McGregor D Mi'Swiney Danl McCarthy ? A Miller David Martin D G Mnnn D W Monger Dexter Mursh EJ!a? Lac-key Frank A Landon M D Lasell Frank Lamed Otis Lucas Ceo Lutz Peter Lane Henry 8 Lynch Patk Lauck Henry C Leary I eter Lacy Henry Loen Philip Layton Hiram Lewis Ranoi* Loveland II E Lechat Robt B Livingston JA-2 Lamater Saml D Lewis Jas LutzThos LawsonJas Lonsdale Thos Leuion RevJHM Lovett T R Lasche Julius LaRue Josiah Lakin Capt J Lew is J R Lyle Jno V M Lee Jas Lamb Jno Lane Jno W 3 Leland Levi P Lee Caut T F Larki^fchos LisetOTwm R Lutman Wm U Leech LtW S Lacy Wm B Long W Lnce W N Lasell Lt ColWP Lyman Lazarus Levy W W-2 I.awrenceCapMBLewis Wm Lenigen Mienl M McShane H-2 McLain H J McGuinness H Martindale H L McCoiy H M Murick H E McCauley H C Martin Jno Mora., was C B Mills Ira G MarrisJas 1' Miles J C Moore J no H Mines J F Myers Levi A Morris Col L McAndy Lieut McNeel M L Milligan Josiab Monroe Loyis McMiil en J W Mitchell Jas B Marshall J F ft Miller J P MarUe John Milligan J Maloney Jas Marshall J F B Magee J D Moran Jno C McCuire Michl Mull ins M J Meadville P-2 McGill Robt T McDowell H P Mcintosh Robt McCorkel R McKadden Sanil May Stillmnn 8 Myres Stephen II McPherson J H Moore Saml R May.ene JasR Miller Jacob H Mcintosh Jno McConibsJ W Magruder Saml Miles S B McCubbin T M McLeod Thos Mftar Xo6ep T Miller E H McDowell E A Marvin ? G McKan E R Mowman E W Mitchell P A Montgomery F McKay I C D Milott GooH Mitchell Gavin Moonev Jon Mes?erean T T McRibbinJere Manchester T M McCormick J M Morton VVraTG-2 McCarthy Jere MeCarty J H MeHenry J no Muller J ul iu ? McCarthy Jno Munson J F . res Wm Miller Wm Maitland Wn J Mose* Wm E t McDonald Wm' McClure W S Maxwell Geo W McDowell J F Moore Geo E Mead Jno M Mitzn Geo ? Mars Jos B 3V North Arthur E Norwich John NevinsBL Napier John NicholH David Null John McDonald JnoD McCulloek W H Mcllhanney WH McConnell WMJ Neildram F A Nichols Geo Nesan W C N owl and J J Noblir Jos Neiiser Morris Nealou Michl Norton Capt M Norton Mason Nolan Michl o-q 0 Shea David O'Leary Danl (His Col D M O'Kceler J K OsborneFredkM Owey J C Or-er Rev J ere O'Connor Jno P Tower Andw Paulding J O Pfetlermann A Pittet Jno D Porter A J ? PutmanJno Phillippe Adam Porter Col Jasll Paul Monsieur Fetter CbasL- PhilbrookJ A Pepper Matliew Patterson C Putnam J C " " PhippsChsL2 Parsons J T Pierson LtColCLPlondon Jere PageCG Pinkerton Jno Paee i C Perkins Jno jr Prai t E W Polkety J as A Pillsbury E 8 Parsons J T Parker Elihu M Pratt Capt J A Parson^ Frank Pond Rev J W Pugh Jos Piiel J no K Pettinos L C Pr?ntiss L M Phillippi L Parris Geo W Park Geo \V Porter Dr G L Poole Henry B Parks Henry T Porn pill y Isaiah Rldd Andw F Russell A L Raweon B F Ritch Ben i Riordain Cor Ritter Chr RidgleyC J Roach David Riordan Danl Randlett D G Ridge Danl 1 Rule D F Russell E 8 Robinson E W Robis-on E J. R&zier Frank, Rs.thbone G W Ostrader 8erMa> Oshorn Saml 2 tJuesonberryWm ParsonsCol L B Peppinger L M Porter M F Parser Peter Patten Rich Place Robt M Pollard Thos S Page T Peck Thos Powell Victor G Potter Vernoo Pickel Wm Peaslor Wm T Pratt Win A Patton Lewis Pierce Wm K It Rnrks II 8 Rorke II R rtoosa Hiram Ryan Jas Rogers Jas Richards John Reynolds J H Ridgon Jas Ryan J ere Robinson J\s II Roc Jesse R B Rivers Lewis ltoby M Rice Moses Raune Mr Rean&y Patk Roberts P & Co Rtieffin Robt J Reiss 8 Rtsley Capt S G Robitoy&JLittel Rosenthal CaptL Rood Jas W Ryan J no P Roherson J M Kasba'k J Reynolds Jas L It ipley J no H ReadyT8 liopes Rev W L R.-anes Wesley Bowell Wm II Robertson WmA Bobineon Wm Rutherford GW Kogers Isaiah jr Ryan Wm Reynolds Lsaac Ryan John llosbush Jesse Ran John S Smith Frank Sibban Frank Slidel Fred Ramsey G M Roberson Geo Reagon Henry Reagan H R Rich H 8 Shaipe A B St Di jnis B Stu b Adam Schur/ A P St.-vrns Alien Stevenson And Shultz A P Suthkoptl'A D Smith And J Shn nit Amos Smith Maj A J S pratt And J Schwartz A J Sperry A M Stowee Chns D Sijpourney C W Summer- Cha Se aton C W -1 St .wart C Sloan Chafi-2 ?Stewart Chas B Ste\ ens Chas 1. Smith Chas T Sheffield C 11 Sbain Chas F 8towell Ch?J D Sherwood C 1J Smith Danl Smith I) W Stine Dan Swan D A Siever Kucene Scball Ed J Spear Finery, Storer Eben K Stenliouse K 8yle Rev K W Taylor A 1> Tobias A 2 Thomson Alia1) Thorn Geo Robertson Wm Roberts Wm A flonzer Wm Russell Capt W StackwellCa pLD Surck L A Smith M B S? eetzer CapFD Shirly Miltou Scheile Geo Self M G Shannon Goo W Sageuiuler Mr Snively Geo Sheffield Dr 31 Sylvester II C Sage O J Sandioril II Solomons Ph Shoemaker II W Swift Robt Somalia Lt 11 S'hattern Dr R 2 Stratton JAB Sodor R Somers J B Shorter ROW Stewart Tsaae B Sutton Robt Sbipman Jno Snellbeeclier 8 S Scholfield Jos Shipmaik ("apt S Sei{fert Jno M S'-nseny Jas Sticknt-y Maj J 8imms John Smitlier J no S Stevenson * E Stevens J ?; Simpson J no 8 harm an Jas II S'-ott Jno W Sla;k Jno Street Jno C St' arns .1 L Stylos Jno Swart* J no Swartz I va M Shine Jerry Stork Jno Smith Joshua Smit h J no A Sherts L A X Tinslor Geo Thatcher Geo Sabm Dr Sam Swett S C Shipman Capt S Sleeper 3 A StillmanT B 2 Snyd?-f To' :as ?Shanlfj Thos Semuies T t' Snow Thos Shoemaker T F Sellers Val Seratiuo V Shook Wm 8cate< Lt ColWB Smith W Smith Wni ShalUet W <J 2 Sherrill W in 8tonestreet Wni Sherinaral^' W K-J Sell ridge W R Todd CaptJ W Thomas Lewis Toltnan L W ThurstonSetAH Teetz Hermann Tastel N^cholas Tomkins Chas I homa--II Turner Benedict Tobey Jos A Tanner Jno Tranin J<<8 TaberJos Thornby J Ih'imas J no 11 Tucker GolJ T Thompfou J A I'hompson Jas Tri ppe Jas Thorp Cpt J II 3 XJ-V Van Ordf-ii Chas Usher Jas II VanValort'ptCB Van Trus Jno M V.'iiimeter Chas V'man Jacob Tlioma-C M Thass C F Thompson D TroutD H T? inter l? A Thoinp-on F Thomas F M Ty roil Franklin Tuck Ce<> S Tm>lor Geo anmeter Chas VanzandtE Vtlte G . Wn4<.KIU-tll 4 S Wim-l.renei A 1 AV ilkiiiM.n A S Wil'beii Amlrew ibbor Andr> v, \\ iVHi. M A I! 6 \\ ilkiii-'.n IJilij AVright Ben Umphreys Jno YermilyaJ 11 W Wells (iardner \\ IlllK'tUl ?l/olV \V> man <ien Wnrd Gf. W W ite <i AV AVi-. r <:?.. If W i a ver Harry Wick - Henry iter C<?nrad Wells Henry < 1'vl. r B B Thacher S R 'i'nomson Saml I'arnei S F Thomson RevSII Thorn Stanford Thornhnrrv T Thoru Thos TumeyThos Thoni|'4on T II Thomttt Lt T B I'ndf rkill M H Jr Van Ettera P J Vasborgh T H Von KaiiUfihu ber W Whel.H* N 1 w illiiiirPetei'G\? Wiirreii Rowland Whittlesey R II H hil.-ley R Wiiliain-on R II Williams Rol>? AVaples Rnfas W agner Rtnil Wrialit Cyrus Wilson Henry R WoodruffS Charlie K AVright II IV \Villiam-* !i>II 2 W. st H O it Co WliiUork Cha- Wells Henry S WotHe Clinton Will r.'d James Wa?lswor*h Chas Wiismi Jacoh Wesles Cnn< Walton Jno I) Went Worth Ctd Winumn .1<>s Wilder Clias N iley John White Collins D Whitney Jonas \V",'-.lkev Cyrus Whipple Jno P ?r Whitnev t- R Wash bu'rti Sh man H 1 D Wil-ou Til Welsh Thos P Woo l Ti|eo A White T ,M A* illiaius Thos Wnrr< n W \. WertenhakerWE Williams Chas A\ oolaver Jno N Wilson WHcury Wiekhain Cha -L Winslow .1 II Williams Jo? Williams JosO Williams Jos Will a rd Josiah Wright Jas H West Job Wrluht Jm> B Whiting I' J Waife Edward Wright Edward Wheeler Ezra Wills..n Ariwd B Webster Edwin Ward well E 11 Willard Edward Wright Jas I) Wells Ed Wilt Isaac Wadsworth F C Ward J<is F Wallace Frank Wagner Lewis Willard Frank O AVork Lewis M Warren Fred Wilson I, A Winslow G W W eeil Levi Washinston Geo Willett L J AV illiams G II Walloti Geo Wil-ou Wm Wilson W (i Ward Win 11 Wheatley \\ni J Webb W T W.iU Wni West Wm A Wood W W Ward Wm Wi'liams Wm Woolsock Wm Wm M Winthrop Wm W Walker Wm F Weldey Wilfred Webster W W WortenbakerW Wills M F WhitneyMosesII Wil.-on W A Y-Z Young Henry Young Win Zeigler Martin Yam ie John Zeun Jacob G Zimmerman Mr MISCELLANEOUS?Maynard's Arm Co.: Mn thiid; Recruiting Sui?erintendent; H.T. B.; Ren ter; Vermont State Agent; 5th .-treet, between N and O. NAVAL. LETTERS. Schr Florida Schr D Oakes-3 Str Frtuces-2 Sciir Mary Frances Schr Ga/.ette-2 Brit Alston u?, Schr Ann Str Frauces-2 Boat t W Osborn Schr Al<iuizar Schr Mary Barge t|uartery Sebr Ada Ames Frances Schr S P Planes Schr Isabel A1 Schr Gaz.ette-2 SchrJuliaEPratt berto SchrJRGriflith-2Schr EnochPr&tt Schr Amelia SchrGlenwood ShipOceauPride Schr Armeua-3 Schr Wm Str Portsmouth Schr Hatty Gregory 2 Str Putnam Annah-2 Str Sam Groney SchrElizaPharo SchrOsksAmes 2Str Jas S Green Str Pusey Bchr Allegany Barge L P Gar- Str Paint Rock Str Baltic diner Schr Pioneer Str Blackstone 3SehrSP Uawes-4 Brig Perry 2 StrJohnBrooks-2Str Washington 8ehr Jas Powell Setir A J Bird Hunt Str Jno Ratno Schr Genl Banks Schr Gaston T Str Com Keed Schr Francis Hubbard-2 8tr lluugles Burritte Schr Harmony-4 Str Ranker Schr M B Bram- SchrJH Humans Str Karitan hall Schr Ilarbnreer Ser FVIUndolph Schr Jno D Schr Thos Hoi- Schr Wm Ra4rer Buckalew combe SchrJasMBergesgchr J WHine Schr BuenaVista Brii; Harriet ScbrGeoABear?eBarge Jno Has Boat Eastern well Branch Canali>oat Dr S Barge Lizzie R Herrlek Bennett 8ehr IdaAJames 8chrWSargent ? BrigAlruccabab strHnghJenkinsSchr Harriet Ac Bray-2 Bri? Isabolla Sarah-3 Schr NancT J Jewett-2 8cr W Salisbury Brayton-3 Barge Jura 8cr A Stewart Scbrl) Brittain 2 Schr Thos Jef- Scr Bell Seaman Schr H Burnett 2 ferson-2 Schr J B Burnetts Schr Julia ScrRockinghamG Scr G B Smith-2 8cr L P Smith 3 ScrJonasSmith 2 StDiamondState Str SUr Schr Eliza Smith Scr Seadona 8cr Starlight SchisabelBlake6S< hr Flora King Bge RDSiliiman jtchr United Str Keyport Brg Scotland Brothers 3 Str Hugh King BoatJim Stevens Schr J F Carber StrGeoKerl'oot-.'lStr F Satterly SchrBLCondum Barge Mary 8tr Swannee-4 Schr Cornelia Kaufman Col 0 C Sartell Schr F J Cum- 8tr Seth Low Str Tempest mines-2 Str T M Lowis BcrJooTway Schrl) i D Str Genl Lyon Ber A Tirreli-2 Cramer-3 Str Lawrencs Scr S Tabor Schr Clarissa Str Geo Leary-2 Scr D'S Vaughau Str Elly Curie schr Abbott Bge Verbena StrStepheoCloud Lawrence-4 Scr Victory StrGovChase Schr Sarah Mills Scr VanBureir3 Ship Cassandra SchrHelenMar-2Bge A Vanslyke Boat Chieftain-2 Schr Moonlight Brg Volant Barge Citizen Bargo MastUlon C btMVanderbilt BrigChes&peake Brge Mississippi Scr RCA Wanl-2 BrigJHCounts-4 SchrMMunson-2 Ser Wido World ShipDacotah Schr Hannah Scr Free Wind-2 Str Demnlay Martin 2 Ser Oeean Wave Schr E M Dyer SchrW H Mealer Scr K A Wood Sehr MC Durfey Schr Hann&b Scr Fair Wind SehrJtlizaB Matilda Scr Jno Walker Schr Mary Ella BrigLM Merret Scr Jl H Williams Schr Mary Eliza BrigCanima 8?J VWellngtona Bark Emblem Marshall Sor Jno War'..*en Sshr Wm A Ellis Bark MonewIckSBt Red Wiof:-2 Beat 8 i JHy ? Str i B B?? M WUkica Schr Elearue Str Maytiower-2 Bee J Whartuby 8tr Elcia-3 SchrSe&Nymphi 8tr JPWhipple .J Schr Eclipse Bris Catherine 8tr Winisimet 8chrJnoRFord-3 Nichols-3 St M Washington Schr Hendrick Str New York StrRCWood Fish Schr lip reus 11 BrgYazoo-3 SchrCyrusFosset Orr ScrJHYoumans 2 Schr Florence-3 Schr Okolona Brg V A Brig Forger Schr Oneida BgeNt*S7CC.fcICo It 8AYLE8 J. BOWEN, Postmaster. AMUSEMENTS. FORD'S NEW THEATER, Txrtb Strut, aboyi Pennsylvania Ayenci. Benefit and last night bat one of MISS MARY MITCHELL. who will appear THI8 (Friday) EVENING, May 20,18?L in five distinct characters in the beautiful and ro mantic drama of * SATAN IN PARIS, and in the admired burletta of the YOUTH THAT NEVER SAW A WOMAN. To-morrow, last appearance of MISS MARY MITCHELL. Monday, the gorgeous spectacle of the NAIAD OUEEN will positively be produced, with new and splendid scenery, costumes and appointments. The Washington favorite MISS 8U8AN DENIS ~ will appear as Lurline and the celebrated Pauto mimist, MR. J. H. FOSTER, as Amphibio, the Demon Sprite, seconded by the entire company and a Corps de Ballet of EIGHTEEN BKAUTIFUL YOUNQ LADIES. GROYER'S THEATER. PENNSYLVANIA AY., NEAB WlLLARD'S HOTKL. Leonard Grover. -Director THE COOLEST THEATER IN AMERICA. VEN TILATED BY OVER 100 WINDOWS. ICE WATER FOR THE AUDIENCE! FAREWELL BENEFIT and most positively last appearance but one of the great character attress, MISS MARY PROVOST. THIS (Friday) EVENING, May 20, when will be presented. with appropriate scenery and effects, the ORIGINAL PATRIOTIC DRAMA in three acts, founded on the beautiful epipode in t*>e late Indian war, triumphantly successful wherever produced, entitled HIGHLAND JESSIE ? Or, THE RELIEF OF LCCANOW. Jessie Brown Miss Mary Provost Saturday, last appearance positively ot MISS MARY PROVOST, Look ont for the GREATEST BILL OF THE SEASON. two of her greatest character impersonations in one evening. GROVER 8 THEATER. IMF ORTAXT A WO UNCEM EXT.' Mr. Grover takes sroat pleasure in announcing that he has arranged for the return of the GRAND OPERA COMPANY, recently so very successful here and more recent ly from the most brilliantly successful seasons in Philadelphia and Boston ever known in those cities. In addition to the originally strong company, Mr. Grover is pleased to announce that he has en gage'! the great Basso Profundo HERMANNS! HERMANNS' From the Royal Italian Opera. London, and lately the gr.-at sensation of the Operatic Circles of New cause of the recent unparalleled season there, and that his withdrawal from that company was the occasion of the sudden und unexpected termination of the season, Ilerr Hermanns has been ENGAGED AT GREAT EXPENSE. And the Chorus and Orchestra have been mate rially strengthened. New and superb costumes and properties have ?,eon added, in order that . ALL THE GRAND OPERAS may be giten entire and complete in every detail. The company embraces th* established favorites : MAI). BERTHA JOIIANNSEN. Prima Donna, M LLE MARIE FRKDERICI, Prima Donna,from V ienna, M'LLE PAULINE CANI8SA, Prima Soubrette, from Paris, M'LLE LA ROCHE. Contralto, from Hamburg, 11ERR FRANZ HIMMKR, Tenor Robusto. from Berlin, HERR THEODORE 1IABELMANN, Tenor Dia grams. from Brunswick, IlERR ZINSI1EIM. Secondo Tenor, IIERR HENRY STEINECKE, Primo Baritone, from Prague. HERR K RUN FIELD, Secondo Baritone, HERR HERMANS, Basso Profundo, from the Royal Italian Opera. London, HERR ANTON GRAFF, Basso Profundo, HERR CARL LEHMAN. Basso Buffo, B. sides a POWERFUL CHORUS and GRAND ORCHESTRA, under the direction of CARL ANSCIIUTZ. In the extensive repertoire of this company are included the popular Opera? of'"Martha," "Don Jusn," "Faust.'' "Dm Giovanni," "De Frei schutz."'Tannnauber,">La Dame Blanch.""La liarbiers de Seville," ''j-'idelio,""Merry Wives of Windsor," "Stradella," and several .others never wiiuessed in Washington. The sea-ou will necessarily be very brief, and the performance confined exclusively to tte choicest Grand Operas ?>f the repertoire. The season will commence on MONDAY EVENING, May 23. METROPOLITAN MUSIC HALL, PE5K8YLV A XT A AVISOS AND ELEVENTH 8TRBKT R. GAKDfNJSB A H. AiNGGHS /Proprietors. PROF. HOLDEN?? . Musical Director TJIE COOLEST PLACE OF AMUSEMENT IN TUB CITY ! TIIE LARGEST COMPANY OF ARTISTS! BEAUTIFUL BALLETS1 COMIC PANTOMIMES! NEGRO BURLESQUES! COMIC AND SENTIMENTAL SINGING BY THE OREAT METRO 1'OLI FAX TROUPE. Admission 25 cents Orchestra Chairs -. .so cents Privato Boxes f3 and ?5. A GRAND MATINEE EVERY MONDAY FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN. GEORGETOWN ADYER'MTS H IGII STREET MARKET, No. 7 4 Opposite Prospect Street, Georgetown, D. C. We, the undersigned, beg leaTe to inform the public that we liave on hand a choice assortment of Fresh Meats of all kinds, Poultry, Game, &c. Eggs wholesale and retail. Apples And Potatoes by the barrel. Canned Fruits of all kinds at market prices. my 3-lm* H. W. FISHER A CO. PERKINS, STERNE & Co., 1*0 Broadway, N. V., EXCLUSIVE DEALERS IN CALIFORNIA WINE. We guarantee them all to be ABSOLUTELY PURE. For sale by all first-class Grocers and Druggists everywhere. mh 30-3m* P Mayor's Office, May 16.1831. R0P0SALS Will be received at this office until Monday, the 23d instant, for grading and gravel ing First street east, from H to K street north. The gravel to be of a quality to meet the approval of the Commissioner and Assistant Commission ers, and to be nine inches in depth in the center, tapering olT to four inches toward the gutter line. Bidders will state the price per cubic yard for grading and per square yard for graveling. No part of the appropriation will be paid unless upon the written certilicate of "he Commissioner and both the Assistant Commissioners that the work has been properly executed. WM. DOUGLAS, Commissioner Pourth Ward. SAMUEL CASIDY, JACOB FI8CHER, my 18-nFM3t Assistant Commissioners. FRANKLIN A CO.,a I OPTICIAX S 4 244 Pa. avenue, between mh'and ltthstreetsZ and 388 Pa. avenue, under the National Hotel, offer to the officers of the army their well selected stock of FIELD GLASSES, single or double, with the best kfhromatic lenses. OperaGlassesnnd Compasses at the lowest prices, Barometers, Thermometers. Mathematical In struments, Photograph Albums, Cartes de Visite, plain or colored, Sterwicopes and Views in a great variety. Brazilian Pebble and Periscopic Spectacles and Eye Glasses, carofully suited for eiery partic ular eyesight and warranted. ap 26 486 crARTE DE VISITE FRAMES, French Gilt, Swiss Carved Wood, and American Composition Card Frames, in variety, at J. MARKRITER'8,4S6 7th street. Eight door* above Odd Fellow; Hall. T?ras cash. ap 29-lmif* WILLIAM BRADLEY BEGS TO INFORM HIS if friends and the aublie that he has on hand a -- - - ? -?yie of Mo?1?* solicit a char* of their patronage. Penn. avenue, tatwec?ietk??? mbld-titim* ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. Revival ef Hostilities?Attack tbe Eat* ???'* Liars?Conflicting Accounts of til* lie salt. [Special Despatch to the Morn in* Chronicle.} In the Field, May lw ?The center Is the key of our present position. From Nye Ron the ground, by a succession of gradations, reaches a very commanding height, and plain ly overlooks a large Held of open eoantry, 'Which is begirt on all sides by a Heavy second growth of pines, intermingled with dwarf cedars. I Mordecai Gayle's large bonse ie between our flrst and second lines of fortifications. Mon day and Tuesday tbe headquarters of the sig nal corps were here, while the plantation ad joining, known as Frank Beveily's, was ased lor a similar purpose by General Warrgn and stall. Every one fled irom these places upon the approach o! the hatefal bat dreaded Yankees. Tbe ladies were extremely anxious about the furniture they were obliged to leave in tbe dwellings; bat Beverly and Gayle?both ot whcm carried their families away in light wagons?seemtd more exercised about their persons. Owners ot large plantations, and numerous servants, they early amassed large sums of Confederate money, which the wily matures invested In farms about Kicbmond. The servants say "Old Bob Lee" told their masters to never mind the Yankee?, but prose cute the cultivation of their farms. He would protect them, and see that no Yankee marau der came nigh to molest or make them afraid, llicse instructions were implicitly followed fir every available inch of groand flt for til 1' ge has been planted in corn and wheat. ?< OKI Hob Lee," howev er, has failed to be a sufflcien safeguard, and I doubt if tbe proprietors o these fields will "go on raiding crop," or whether they will crib as many barrels of corn as expected. Spottsylvania Conrt House is plainly visible through the longvistaof trees. The rebel lines are about one quarter of a mile from this place, and include tbe old dingy Methodist meeting bouse, as our parallels do Frank Beverly's dwelling. According to recent reperts, we have had possession of this (dace several times. In this many have been mistaken. Qeneral Custar. with his brigade of cavalry, held the Court House for a season, but when be left we bad no further hold on it. The rebels are strongly fortified in this vicinity, and cling to the central portion of their line with great te nacity. Twenty or thirty pieces of artillery stare us in the face from that point, while there is apparently an endless chain of earth works. About twilight Monday evening our batteries near tie road the lied the woods in their front* bnt tailed to elicit any response. Monday tranquility prevailed. The 9!h corps <Bnrn side's) held the right. Warren bad the 5th corps next, and wa6 joined by Wright With the Gth corps, Hancock being on the extreme left. In the afternoon of Tuesday, the 4th division of the 5th corps marched irom the trenches where they had been lying all day. No notice was taken of this movement bv the enemy, at least they betrayed no signs of concern. Many retired that night very much deceived. Next morning 1 was aroused by the whizzing of shells, and discovered the position of every command changed. The Jd corps had passed te the extreme right, under cover of the night. They bivouacked in the fortifications from whence, only a lew nights before, they Logic such a large number of prisoners. It was 4 o'clock a. m., when the skirmishers advanced The rebels were there, armed and vigilant. Both sides opened with cannon. Smoke and mist bung pale, heavy and motion less over our troops. On the right was Gib bon's 1st division. The Irish Legion bad just joined them. They had seen some service on the Blackwater and Nansemond rivers, near Suffolk, during the investment of thatplace by Longstreet, but had never known the reality of a battle. On the right, the Irish Legion charged with a fierce, wild shout. Two hundred yards of clear field bad to be traversed before the first line of the enemy's breastworks could be r? ached; a battery of four brass pieces played on our men incessantly as they advanced on a double quick All this time the sharpshooters w? re busy, sufficient light was lacking to en able them to sight their pieces with precision, but many an officer owes his death to their marksmanship. A' last the field is crossed. The distance was sh< r?only two hundred yards. Who does not oelieve it seemed a lifetime to many of those men, who, with bent body and erect laycnet, won their perillous way, foot by focr", thiough whistling balls, burstingshellsfgnaw ing grape. Tbe rebls fly irom the fire: en trenched line. Our brave fellows clamber over cteerily and capture a lew dilatory sharp shooters, who lingered too long at their post. About midway between the first and second parallels, tbe line of the Legion grows con fused?their pace waxes ^low by degrees, and finally halts, preparatory to breaking up?to retreating. ' Tbey did fall back a short distance, but tbe veterans of the old 1st and -2d divieions were at band. Tbey look no notice of co?fasion, and heeded the driving bullets no more than a pelting rain. Through the pines they ran, with fixed bayonets, searching in vain for the rebels. A shout rent tbe air, and tbe second line of rebel breastworks was won. The second division did nobly, never halting or faltering till the goal was gamed. Tbe en tire corps did well, and can always be de pended upon. Our los3 in this charge must be between three and lour hundred men Two hours afterwards, our batteries on either side the turnpike running Irom Fredericksburg to Si oitsylvania engaged in a dnel with the rebel artillery. The 1st Pennsylvania artillery and battery B, 4th LTnited States, were engaged, improvement has been going on among tbe rrtel cannouiers, for they shell with greater accuracy than ever before. IMPORTANT NEWS VIA CAIRO. The Rebels Reaten at Yazoo City?Gea'I Banks ordered to report at New Or leans?Rebel Movements ou the White and Arkansas rivers. <*A!uo. May i$?The steamer St. Patrick, from Memphis, has passed up for St. Louis. Her dates are of yesterday morning. In the late capture of Yazoo City by Gene ral McArthur, the rebels were badly worsted, and lost largely in killed and wounded. Be tween twenty and thirty thousand bales of cot ton are reported to be in the vicinity of Yazoo City, six or seven thousand of which are owned by Union citizens, who bought it be fore the city was evacuated by our forces last spring. The future movements of General McArthur are unknown. G eneral Banks has been ordered to report a: New Orleans. An officer of the steamer Commercial has ar rived at Memphis from Duvall's Bluff, and re ports that the rebels erected a battery on the White river at South Bend, near the cut-ofl". Several boats are above, and do not attempt to pass. Two steamers have.recently been fired into in the Arkansas river, and a lady passenger mortally wounded. OFF IC1AL . ? ? Department op Stats, > Washington, May 19,1661. J Citizens of the United States holding com missions and recognized as Consuls of Foreign Powers, are not, by law, exempi-lrom military service, if drafted therefor. Tbe mere enrol ment of a citizen holding a foreign consulate will not be held to vacate his commission; but it he shall be drafted his exequatur will be re voked, unless he 6hall have previously re signed, in order that another Consul may be received in his place. Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States of America, To all whom it may concern? An exequatur bearing date the third day of May, 1*30, having been issued to Charles Hunt, a citizen of the United States, recog nising him as a Consul of Belgium, for Sains Louis, Missouri, and declaring him free to ex ercise and enjoy such functions, powers, and privileges as are allowed to the Consuls of the most favored nations in the United States; and the said Hunt having sought to screen himself from his military duty to his country in conse quence of thus being invested with the consu lar functions of a foreign Power in the United States, it is deemed advisable that the said * Charles Hunt should no.longer be permitted to continue in the exercise of said functions, pow ers, and privileges. These are, therefore, to declare that I no longer recognise the sajd Charles Hunt as Consul of Belgium for Saint Louis, Missouri, and will not permit him to exercise or enjoy any of the funciions, powers, or privileges al lowed to Consuls of that nation; and that I do hereby wholly revoke and annul the sa.d exequatur heretofore given, and do declare tbe same to be absolutely null and void from this day forward. In testimony whereof, I have caused these letters to be made patent, and the Seal of the United States of America to be here unto affixed. Given under my hand at the city of Wash ington, the loth day of May, in the year fX. 8.] of our Lord 1804, and of tbe independence of the United States of America, the &3tfe. Abraham Lincoln. By the President: William h. Seward, Secretary of State

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