Newspaper of Evening Star, May 20, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 20, 1864 Page 3
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local news. AMUSEMENTS TC-NIGI1T. Gkovik'8 Theater.?Miss Mary Provost takes a benefit to-night, audmakes her last an. ?.,e5fah.Ce^UTODe for i*?Pre??* engagement. * Highland Jessie, or the Relief of Lncknow," if on the bills lor this occasion, and Mi?s Provost appears as ?? Jessie Brown," and will be admirably sustained. Ford's Theater -This is also a benefit night at 1-ord s. Miss Mary Mitchell being the recipient, and she too makes her last appear ance but one, and appears in five distinct char Mttjfh.n .1. d'aiDa 1 Satan in Pans." Miss o J f J* 0 aPPear in a prominent char acter in The btirletta "The Yonth that never ?a^ a Woman." Miss Mitchell deserves a lull hou?e. ?At this hall, "Cudjo's Gave," ?r "The Battle-Cry ot Freedom,'' will be per Tormed to-n:ght again, and in that splendid and entertaining manner for which this company has ever been famous. The bill besides is a goad one and well w>rth seeing. *- Metropolitan Hall.?No one who visits this resort ever fails to b? entertained, and as to-night an especially good bill will be per formed it may be expected there will be a full house The Forged Proclamation.?We have as certained npon undoubted authority that Mr. King, Postmaster of the House and pro P'i tor of the Rochester (N. Y.) Democrat., Mr "Charts Lanman nor Mr. Yillard, of the Western Press office here, no* any one of his Associates was arrested, as rumored yesterday on account of alleged complicity in the pub lication of tbe forged proclamation. Th? re port in currency yesterday to the effect that the bogus dispatch was supposed to have been transmuted by the Western Associated Press Agents here, but it was stopped in New York and did iot get either to Rochester or Cincin nati, ts also, we are assured, without founda tion in tact, as well as entirely Inconsistent With the ch?racter of the gentlemen connected with the Western Press office in this city. Ihe dispatch sent from that office on Tuesday night is as follows, (we clip from the Boston Advertiser :) ?? It is reported that the President on Mon day, in order to keep our armies up to the maximum strength, and finish the war this summer, ordered a draft for three hundred thousand men." As lor tbe bogus Proclamation, we under stand that the Government is satisfied that tt never went over the wires, but wis forged in New York. There is reason to believe that the forger stole the fact that there was to be another draft from the above despatch. Seventh Ward Unconditional Union Meeting.?A large and enthusiastic meet ing ot tbe Unconditional Union voters ol the Seventh Ward who are in favor of the re election of Mayor Wallaeh was held last night at Island Hall, Seventh Ward, and the meet ing was organized by Mr. Jonas B. Ellis be ing called to the chair. Mr. Sam'l Magruder was appointed Secretary. The chair stated that the meeting was.called by the lrienris ot the present Mayor in order to noiuiuate a Ward ticket in his support.and in or der to ascertain the sense of tbe meeting he would offer the following resolution, which he requested the secretary to read : Be it resolved by the Unconditional Union voters of the Seventh Ward, As citizens of the Metropo lis of the Nation, it is due to th^ loyal people of our beloved country that we should cast onr vo'es In the coming" municipal election for some person known to possess the confidence and respect of the Government, and being placed under peculiar circumstances having to choose between a respected citizen of our cwn ward and the present Incumbent, and be lieving that a change either in our Local or General Governments at this time, would be injudicious, we feel it our duty toendorse Mr. Richard Waliach, and will use all honorable means to re-elect him to the office he now fills so honorably to himself, and so satisfactorily to the public. The resolutions were unanimously adopted amid much enthusiasm, and the meeting then proceeded to selec t a candidate for Alderman, and Mr. Crosby S. Noyes was placed in nomi nation ai d unanimously elected as the can didate Mr. Jonas B. Ellis, who was named in the same connection, declined in favor of Mr. .Noyes Nominations lor candidates for ihe Board of Common Council were then called for, and Messrs. Jonas B. Ellis. W. J. Mnrtagh, Dr. R. C. Croggon, W. T. Walker, Otho Boswell, J. H. 1>. Richards, and H. W. Hamilton were nomi nated. Dr. Croggon declined, and his name was "Withdrawn. Mr. Jonas B. Ellis also declined, and stated that he preferred to act now as a private clti ?zen, and would take off his coat and go to work for the ticket. Mr. W. T. Walker said that, in justice to bimself, to the meeting, and to Mr. Se'mmes, he would say he was an out-and-out Semmes man, and that he was running on the other ticket. If this convention chose to nominate nim under these circumstances, they would do 00 knowing exactly how he stood Dr. Croggon and Mr. Henry Barron were appointed tellers, and the balloting was pro ceeded with, and resulted in the election by a large vote of Messrs. Hamilton, Boswell and Richerds. who were therefore declared the nominees, and, or. motion, the nominations were made unanimous. Messrs. Hamilton and Boswell being present ?were called upon for speeches, and pledged themselves, it elected, to do all they could for the best interests of the ward and the city. On motion, an executive committee, consist ing of Messrs Geo. Shekell, Jackson Pum phrey, W. J. Foster, Jos. Codrickand Thomas C. Smithson, was appointed. A vote of thanks was tendered the ladies of the Seventh-street Presbyterian Church (who are about holding a fair at Island Hall) for their kindness in granting the use of the hall lor this meeting The meeting then adjourned with three rous ing cheers for Dick Waliach and the Seventh "Ward ticket; a resolution to the same effect liaving been previously adopted unanimously by the meeting. ? Important Salks of Real Estate.?The following sales were made yesterday by Messrs. James C McGuire &, Co. Two frtme houses and lo s on Four-and-a half street, between Maryland avenue and south C street, one to George Heide for $2,550, and the other to George Bauer for ?-2,3-J5. Two-story brick house and lot on Seventh street east, between L and M streets south, to .Edward O Sanderson for 92,300. Brick house and lot on Eleventh street east, between Pennsvlvanla avenue and south G street, to Mrs. Ell*n Miller, for 88300. Lot at the corner of Pennsylvania avenue ai d Eleventh street east, to Samuel Cross, at tw?nty-five cents per square foot. Two large lots ou south G street, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets east, to Charles Miller, for twenty-five cents per square foot. Six lots on Eleventh street east, between Pennsvlvaula avenue and South G street, to H. C. Greenfield and Thomas Miller, at twen ty cents per square foot. The same firm sold, at private sale, to Hon. X. D. Morgan, three lots on Vermont avenue, between H and Is treets north, for 817,000, about 81.2"' per square foot. Matters in Gkohoktowh.?Business on the canal has been quite lively during a week past. The water has been higher in consequence of the recent rains, but not sufficiently high to impede business materially. The arrivals to-day were the Jutm O'Brien and Daniel Pomrov, with coal to the American ?Jo .; and the John H. Shaw, do. to Frostburg Co. The departures were the J. F. Sterling, -with salt and fish lor Hancack, Md., and four cth-r boats light. / rt of Georgetown.?Cleared?Schooners J. C; pper, Kelso, Accomac, Ya.: Laurel, Rich ardson, do.; J. S. Gibbons, Matthews, do.; fcarah Mince, Gallup, Havre de Grace: M. Bramb&U, Davey, Jersey City, Sarah Eliza beth, Kerr, Patnxent. Teamsters Robhiso Each Other.?Last night JiMhua Lewis, Caleb Hine and William fipence were arrested by officers Crook and llMsler lor stealing a revolver trom Thomas Hastings; a pair ol boots from James Q.uinn; a new coat and panU and a pair of shears trom James Kimmell; a pair of pants from Edw McOinaagan: and a watch and silver pencil from Abram A. Behreu. Several ar ticles of the stolen property were found lu the tent occupied by the accused at Kendall Green park, where all the parties were employed as <Jovernmeat teamsters. Tuis morning they iiad a hearing before Justice Gibersoa who committed Lewis, Hines and Speace to jail for their appearance at the Criminal Court. 0 The Rulesof theStreet Railway.?Yes terday. a man named Chas. Pasner, got on one of the 7th street < ars, having with him a large bundle. Mr. Klo'der, tha conductor, called npon him for hi* fare, and the bundle occupy ing a seat, the conductor took fare for that, -nnder tbe regulations of the company. Mr. Pasner would net consent to pay the fare, and used language is the presence of ladies la tbe carthat induced Mr. K. to put him off. Mr. K. ?was arrested for assault and battery and taken before Jus-ice Barnaclo, who heard the evi dence, and dismissed the case. Teleorafhkrb Released.?We take pleas ure in stating that the Superintendent of the Independent Telegraph Oompan, Mr. J. Worl, and the operators arrested on Wednesday, in consequence of that bogus proclamation, have l>een promptly discharged as innocent ot any connect!?# w?t& ti^e fr?wd Gone to the Frowt.?This corning the re-enlisted men of the 29th Mass. (Obi. E. W. Pierce's) regiment pasted through this city on their way to the frunt, having returned from their homes. (their fuuiongh having expired.) Thejr brought with them their new and beau tiful flag, upon every stripe of which is in scribed an engagement in which they partici pated. A number otthe regiment who were wounded in the recent battles in the Wilder ness arrived in the city vesterday and were rejoiced to meet their comrades. Previous to the recent battles, the 29th participated in eighteen or nineteen severe actions, under va rious officers. They were for a long while connected with Meagher's Irish brigade. Accip*nt oh thk Railroad.?This morning about eight o'clock, as a train containing troops was turning into Mills'sidling, (between this city and Bladens'burg,) one of the couplings brcke and left three or tour cars standing. Another trooptrain came along shortly after, but before it could he stopped it had run into the cars mid smashed them up considerably, three of the soldiers being hi>rt by the collision one of them being badly but not seriously injured, and the others slightly. The trains in consequence were delayed for a couple of hours?the company at once setting a number of handB at work in clearing the track?and now the trains are running on time. Carbi> Fob.?Yesterday, about noon, officer Frazier, of the Fourth Ward, found a wounded soldier on 7th street, near I, in a very leeble condition. Theofficer employed a light waeap, and conveyed the poor soldier to Judiciary Square Hospital, where he was received and cared for. The wounded man was too feeble and sick to talk, and his name and regiment were not ascertained. Whosk ars Thkt J?Last night, Officer Crown met with a boy who had a bottle which contained spirits, and three anatomical speci mens, a finger, a toe, and another member of the human body. The boy said be found them in a box, and the officer suspecting that they might belong to some surgeon's collection, took them from the boy and deposited them at the Fourth Ward Station. Skllinu Liqttor to Soldikrs.?Yesterday, officer Bnrch, of the Fourth Ward, being in the vicinity of the Soldiers' Home, met a col ored man, named .Tas. Johnson, who was smuggling: liquor to the soldiers. Johnson was taken before Justice Giherson, and not having the #20 to pay the fine, the justice sent him to jail for 30 days. TjIcktipiib To be Rkniwid.?See announce ment under above head, in another column, by I^ewis Clephane, Esq. in regard to the require ments of the excise law for the renewal of licenses by the 1st of June. The delighthol hc-kic of St. Dominick's Church Sunday School, concerning which there is so much eager anticipation, will come off at the Park, 7th street, on Monday next. Tickets only -25 cents, and f.r children 10 cents. Editrrr of the Star: Sir.?I respectfully ask for information in behalf oi the friends of our Era re (ficers and soldiers: If there is aay such officer or officers as Government Embalmers 7 Who they are, and where such office is located! By so doing you much oblige one of your sub scribers and attentive readers. * * SPECIAL NOTICES. Notice.?The sale of the stock of Watches and Jewelry commenced this morning at our store, No. 427 7th street, will be continued this even in?. at 7>4 o'clock: also. Saturday evening, same hour, when all will be closed out. It W. B. Lewis & Co.. Auctioneers. Corns, Bcsioss, Bad Nails, Ac. Persons wishing: immediate relief from these roublesome annoyances, should call a> 1>R. White's rooms. No. 4*24 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4% and 6th streets. MARRIED, On Tuesday evening. 17th instant, at FUtebfr Chapel, by Kev. James (J. Hening, Mr. FRANK LIN PAYNE, of Fairfax connty. Va., to Miss RACHEL WEAVER, of Washington. D. C. On Thursday morning. May 19th, by Rev. Wu, T Johnson. Mr. THOMAS E YOUNG to Miss EMMA J. OTTERBACK, all of this city. In Raleigh. N. C., April 11th. 1804. by Rev. Dr. Mason, E. >\ . A YRES. Esq.. of Richmond. Va.. to SALL1E PEYTON, daughter of Hon. S. T. Sawyer. DIED On Thursday evening. May 19th, EMMA, young est daughter of the late Charles H. James. Her funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon, i Saturday. 21st instant.) at 45-a P m.. from the resi dence of her mother, No. 409 U street. Thefriends of the family are invited to attend. * On the 19th inst., ADAM PORTS, in the 68th year of his age. His funeral will take place from his residence. New Jersey avenue. No. 763 south, at 2 o'clock on Saturday, 21st inst. His friends and relatives are invited to attend. [Baltimore papers please copy.l On Thursday evening, 19th inst.. 8AMUEL II. LAMBORN, aged 38 years Funeral Sunday morning, at 10 o'clock, 391 E street north, between 9th and 10th sts., to which friends are invited. ? On the morning of the 20th inst.. after a pro tracted illness. MICHAEL SHANKS, a native of Georgetown. D. C.,. hut for many years a resident of Washington, in the 7?<th year of his age. The friends and acquaintances of tte family are respectfully inrit?d to attend the funeral, from his late residence. No. 409 F street, between 6th and 7th, on Sunday. 22d inst., at 3 o'clock p. m. * On the 20th instant, Mrs. ANNA RILKY, in tBfe 72d year of her aue. The funeral will take place to morrow. (Satur day.) at 4 o'clock, at the residence of Mr. John Lincoln, on 7th street. Island. No. 651. which the relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend. * DFROM PARIS. E BERNARD?La Cinguantaine; 30. Dumas Fils?Oesarine; 30. Dumas Fils?Un Paquet de Lettres; 30. Murcer?Le Bonhomme Jadis; 2>. De Bernard?Une Aventure de Magistrat; 2">. De Bernard?Le Gendre; 3>. Lamartine Grariella; 35. Lamartine?L' Enfance; 25. Murger?L? Souper des Funerailles: 25. Lamartine?Genevieve; 4(>. De Bernard?Un Acte de Vertu; 25. Karr?Lous les Tilleuls; 45. Karr?Fort en Theme; 40. Scribe?Proverbes; 40. my 19 FRANCK TAYLOR. MORA* A HAYNES. PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL GRAIN ERS, WASHING TON, D. C. Work entrusted to our care, will be executed with neatness and despatch. Shop?No. 564 7th street, near Canal Bridge, my 18-3t* nA . SUMME OPENING. 8WB?MISS m j l'LA t Will,on Thursday,{ XUCVMay a ew and splendid ?s-. Hjrunent of BONnETL. RIBBONS, FLOWLi.o, etc.. comprising all the latest styles of Paris and home manufacture, to which she invites the ladies of Washington and vicinity to call and examine at her rooms, 246 Penn. avenue, near 13th St., aud over the Independent Telegraph Office, my 17-5t* BARGAINS IN MILLINERY AND CHIhDREN' 8FANCY HATS, AT THE NEW YORK ESTABLISHMENT, No. 4 Market Space, second door from 9th street. Having a large and extensive 8tock of Goods, and desirous of reducing it before the close of the season, the prices will be marked down much below their original value. Ladies will now have the opportunity of pur cbasing^pn elegant, stylish Bonnet for the same price they would pay for an inferior one else where. The stock is complete, with every novelty of the season. my 17-2w* HORSE WANTED?Must be gentle, free from vice, and warranted sound, for a lady's saddle horse. Address F. P.. Box 811 Post Office, or per sonal ly at 395 E st., bet. 9th an3 loth, my 16-eo3t* 'IK)WING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, by the 1 Potomac Tow Company's boats, "Potomac," "Gov. Curtin" and "Belle Haven." Apply to the Captains on board, or to JOHN B. DAVIDSON, my 13-tf 59 Water street, Georgetown. QUERY??Who has the largest assortment of pattern for Stamping f Wn# is the only prac tical person that Stamps? Who has the largest number of hands at Embroidery ? Who has the finest stock of Embroideries, Braids, &c., and who is the only perssn in the District that does Fluting for ladies dresses? ?7-PRINCE, 381 F STREET, where ladies can select from 25,000 choice irtftterns for any kind of work, and where they can get ANY PATTERJl stamped. Having stamped for 80,"00 ladies is proof that he knows his business. Indies who do not want their goods spoiled, but stamped as tbey should be, go to the only person in the city who does good work. FLUTING 1 FLUTING! FLUTING! The only mackit in town now in operation. Fluting done as good as in new York or elsewhere, my 9-tf tST'3?l F street, opposite Patent Office. EYSER & CO. PHILADELPHIA ALE DEPOT No. 93 Louisiana Avenue, between 9th and loth sts. ALE BY THE BARREL AND HALF BARREL We also invite the attention of Sutlers and tho trade to our superior BOTTLED ALE AND POR TER. packed and ready for shipment. my4-2w* ^ PICTURE CORD AND TASSELS, Different sixes and colors Picture Cord and Tas sels, Kings, Nails, ire., at J. MARKRITER'S. 486 7th street, Eight doors abov*Odd Fellows' Ilall. Terms cash. ap 29 lmif* JVfOORK'S MAGIC SODA FOUNT 18 now IvJ ready to dispense pure and cold Soda Water to his very numerous pat ons, MOORE S West End Drugstore, my 10-2w 11 '4 Pa avenue west rpHB~MERO0ANT'8 and BANKER'S alma nac, 1964 By Smith HomanB-11.25. routes tr. s. io-4o bonds. These Bonds aryisaued under the Act of Congrese of March 6th. ISM. which provides that ail B?ndsis* sued under this Act SHALL BE REDEEMS) IN COIN, at the pleasure of the Government, at any period net less than ten nor more thorn forty ytars from their date, and until their redemption KITE PER CENT. INTEREST WILL BE PAID IN COIN, on Bonds of not over ene hundred dollars annually and on all other Bonds serai annually. The in terest is payable on the first days of March and September in each year. As these Bonds, by Act of Congress, are EXEMPT FROM MUNICIPAL OK STATE * TAXATION, their value is increased from one to three per cent, per annum, according to the rate of tax levies in various parts of the country. At the present rate of premium on gold they pay OVER EIGHT PER CENT. INTEREST in currency, and are of equal convenience as a per manent or temporary investment. It is believed that no securities offer bo great inducements to lenders as the various descrip tions of U. S. Bonds. In all other forms of in debtedness, the faith or ability of private parties or stock companies or separate communities only is pledged for payment, while for the debt's of the United States the whole property of the country is holden to secure the payment of both principal and interest in coiu. These Bonds may be subscribed fo-r in sums from fyi up to any magnitude, on the same terms, and are thus made equally available to the smallest' lender and tne largest capitalist. They can be converted into money at any moment, and the holder will have the benefit of the interest. The Funded Debt of the United States on which iitterest is payable in (told, on the 3d day of March, 1864, was 1768,965,000. The interest on this debt for the coming fiscal year will be $45,937 126, while the customs revenue in gold for the current fiscal year, ending June 30th, 1864, has been so far at the rate of over $100,000,000 per annum. It will be seen that even the present gold reve nues of the Government are largely in excess of the wants of the Treasury for the payment of gold interest, while the recent increase of the tariff will doubtless raise the annual receipts from cus toms on the same amount of importations, to ll'-O.OOO.OOO per annum. The authorized amount of this loan is ?200,non,000 Instructions to the National Banks acting as loan agents were not issued until March 26, but the Amount of Bonds reported sold at the U. S. Treasury up to May 14th was 54^,964,900. Subscriptions will be receivc i by the Treasurer qf the United States at Washington, and the Assist ant Treasurers at New York, Boston and Philadel phia, and by the FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WASHINGTON FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BALTIMORE, and by all National Banks which are depositaries of public money, and all respectable banks and bankers throughout the country (acting as ageuts of the National Depositary Banks.) will furnish further information on application, and afford every facility to subscribers. my 13-1 w ' BALLS, PARTIES, to Fourth grand afternoon and eve ning pic NIC ISY THE McCLELLAN friendship association.. WASHINGTON VarK, 7th street, WEDNESDAY^May 25th, 1864. QSk Tickets Fifty Cents, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Cojninittu of Arrangements. Al. Zimmerman, J. H, Fowler, Wm. Moore, Wm.Deck. my 19-6t* yy E MEET AGAIN IN HALLSOF PLEASURE. SIXTEENTH GRAND MAY BALL OF THK SHIELDS CLUB Will be given on MONDAY NIGHT, May 23d. 1861. At TEMPERANCE HALL, E st., between 9th aud loth sts., Washingto D. C. This being the last Ball of the season, we re spectfully request all who wish to participate to honor us with their presence. We pledge ourselves that nothing sliall occur to mar the pleasure of the night. Tickets, admitting a gentleman and ladies, 51; can be obtained at Temperance Hall. E street, be tween 9th and l'ith sts. my 19 tt* At the request of many who were unable to attend my May Ball and Exhi bit ion at Odd Fellows' Hall on the loth inst.. I will repeat the same at the Pomriian Hall, J Union Hotel. Georgetown, on WJSDNES.I DAY EVENING. May 2ith. Tickets Two Dol to be had of the pupils, principal music and book stores of Washington and Georgetown. my 16-eo5t* J. W. KRKIs, P. P A GRAND PIC-NIC OF ST. DOMINIC'S SUNDAY SCHOOL Will be given at the WASHINGTON PARK, Seventh street, On MONDAY, May 23d. 1864. Tickets 25 cents. Admission for children 10 cents. Cars running from all parts of the city to the Park. ^ mv 14-7t Eighth grand opening MONDAY, May 2d. of GEO. JUENEMANN'S f PLEASURE GARDEN,' corner of 4th and E streets north, East Capitol Hill. Dancing every Monday afternoon. The Pleas ure Garden is so improved that it cannot be beaten by any ether of the same sort in this city, and can be truly recommended to parties and societies for pic-nics. GEO. JUENEMANN, ap 29-lm* Proprietor. <?k A liars. Za, oi 'fStt LOST AND FOUND. CAME TO THE PREMISES OF THE Sub scriber, a small GREYHOUND, light bluish color. Had a leather collar on. The owner will . come forward and pay charges and take him away. pTERENCE CREAMER. No. :Jt>5 21st street, be tween L and M. my 20-2t* ? SCT REWARD.?Strayed or stolen, on the 16th. a sorrel HORSE, branded on left shoulder "I. C.U.8.;" hair rubbed oil the left side; light streak in his mane. Whoever returns him to his owner, WM. MYERS, Union Alley, between 4VX ani 6th streets, south of N street. Island, will receive the above reward. . my 20-3^ FOUND.?A sum of MONEY was picked up in our store, which the owner can have by prov ing and paying for this advertisement. M. TAYLOR AT CO., my 19-6t No. 42 Center Market Space. ?C REWARD.?Strayed on Friday night. 13th instant, a dark grey HORSE, 4 years old; no shoes on: two hind legs white; T. C. on the left side; white in forehead. Reward given by return ing nim to No. 13 24th st., between M and N sts, my 19 3t? MICHAEL MARBA. LOST?On Tuesday, the 17th inst., a large BAY HORSE, about seven years old, a little stiff in the fore legs; no shoes on. Had on a leather halter with rope rein. A liberal reward will be paid .f returned to NATHAN HEATH,5th st.. between L and M. my 19-2t' G? | REWARD ?Strayed from the subscribers <IJ> 1 on the evening of the 18th instant, A DARK BAY HORSE, about 15 hands high, nick tail, and about twelve year s old. Also, a small BLACK MULE, long tail and mane They are probably both to gether. L. 3. MIDDLETON A CO., my 19 3t Office corner 12th and F streets. LOST-A MOCKTNG BIRD.' The finder will be suitably rewarded on leaving it at the corner of 11th street west and E sireet seuth. my 18-3t* REWARD.?Strayed or stolen from the sub scriber on the 17tn instant, a littl* iron grey MARE, full mane and tail; lost onehinavhoe. The above reward will be paid to any person returning her to my place, Sd street, between K and L sts. my 18 3f Maurice sullivan. Q> C REWARD.?Strayed from the subscriber, on the 14th inst.. one dark brindle buffalo COW, with white face. She gives milk only out of three teats. I will give the above reward ror her, deliv ered to me at No. 500 L street, between 9th and luth, or for any information that will enable me to get her again. GEO. W. DUTTON. my 17-8t* C; CA REWARD.?Lost.aboutthe21st April,one PEARL AND DIAMOND NECKLACE, going from I street to Baltimore?four strands pearls, diamonds set in silver shape ol star, one drop surrounded by small stones. The above re ward will be paid if left *t 43d I street, between yth and 10th sts., Washington, D C. my 16-lw* G. C. SHAU . 61 A REWARD.?Strayed away, on Saturday, tJD I " " 14th instant, two COWS?one a small white and black cow, speckled, about 8 years eld, witfc a leather strap around her neck; the other a dark brown and white cow, with white face; she had only three teats, and a rope around her neck. They w ere last seen in the public Jot sontfe of theTr?as nry Extension. The above reward will bo paid to any one returning them to the subscriber, at 341 Massachusetts av., between I2th a>rl lStb st? M ilrii" x WANTS. %v ANTED?A firrft-class COOK, to go ire mile? ?* in the cojatry. 454 3th street, near D*.!^* WANTED-A BOY?34 Market 8pace, between 7th and 8th nt?. my ??'??* tVTANTKD-Two DIWING-BOOM SERVANTS; ' * also, a CHAMBERMAID. Apply at Hernd?>n Boufe. corner 9th and F sta my 30-3i* ANTED? A GIRLfor general housework;on? ? * who is a rood washer and irorJer, to go in the country. Apply 464 8th street, near V. ,lt' \\f F-T NURSE WANTED?Must coise well r?c * ? ^inraended as to character and health. Ad dress Box 23 Star Office. tny ?>-eo3t COOK WANTED^At.No. 325 north B street. A first-rarte cook, either white or colored. Ap ply im mediately. ^Good given. my30-3t* WANTED? At the Union.Gift Store, a BOY, to attend. Apply at the 6tore, Penn. avenue, near 3d street. It* WANTED-A SITUATION, by an experienced and accomplished Pharmaceutist, as pre scription p.lerk or to take charge of a store. Ad drew ALUM, this office. __ my 20-3t* W' ANTED?A WOMAN, to cook, wash and iron, vv in a small family, to whom wa*M will be paid. Apply at No. 420 New York aveuue?*# tweenJ3th and 14th streets. my 2'-3t* V\r ANTKD TOPUScH A S E-A BRICK HOUSE ? * containing from 8 to .0 rooms, f-fnst be sit uated between 6th and Uth streets and between F and M. Address Box 394 Post Office. my 2u-3t* \\' ANTED~IMMEDIATELY~Two fl*st~claSs vv WAITERS. None but good ones need apply. Good wages ijiven. Apply to T. POTENTINI, 279 Pa. avenue, between l'>th and 11th sts. It* \LT ANTED?Two respectable young ladies, who "? are clfrk6 in a store, desire a ROOM and BOARDING in a private family. Terms must be moderate. Address for two days. Star Office, "S. and M." lt? w \VJ r ANTED?A HOUSE, within one or twosqnares of the Post Office or Patent Office?waat a honse with six rooms, Will pay a liberal price. Also, would exchange forafmuse on 9th street. Inquire 443 7th street, or Box 96 Post Office. It* A BOY WANTED?Must w rite a good hand, he business-like, and reside with his parents; not too far from the office. Apply at the Real 8s tate and Intelligence Office. No. 511 9th street, near Penn. avenue, west. N. H. MILLER, my 2<?-3t* Justice of the Peace. ANT TO RENT, BY THE~MONT H^Asm all HOUSE, furnished or unfurnished, in a re spectable location, suitable for 4 or 5 persons. IT suited, would be permanent. Rent sure. Gas pre ferred in honse and water. Or would have part of a respectable honse. Reference given. Address HOUSE, at the Stnr Office. my 20 3t* WANTED ?By a private family, residing in^ Georgetown, a strong, healthy WOMAN, to cook, wash and iron On account of their being three other colored servants in the family, a col ored woman preferred; but to any faithful, con scientious, tidy person?white or black?good wages, kind treatment, and a good home will be given. Also, twenty-five more SERVANTS, for all kind of work, wanted. Apply to Intelligence Office. No. 511 Sthstreet, near Penn avenue. N. H. MILLER. my20-3t* Justice of the Peace. YVANTED-A steady WOMAN, ss nurse and vv seamstress. None need apply but those who thoroughly understand the duties. Apply at 469 6th street, between D and E. my 19-3t ANTED IMMEDIATELY?Three good (JAR~ PENTERS. None but good hands ne*d apply. Inquire of E. BRICKEiD. 265 B street. between 3d and 4l? streets. Inland. my 19-2t* V\rANTED ?By a competent person, a 8IT v* UATION to do chamber work or to wash and iron. She has good references. Please ad dress Box No.j27 Star Office. my lt?-3t \lTANTED? A SITUATION for a boy. now in his l?th year, who is an excellent penman. ?He has had a good education, having attended school during the last six years. Will board with his parents. Address'C. A. S., Box 20 Star Office. my 19-3t* A YOUNG LADY, of considerable experience in teaching, desires a situation as GOVERN ESS. No objections are made to assist in sewing for the family. The be.-t of refe rences given, if required. Addrexs Miss KITTY HOWARD, Alexandria, Va. my 19 3f \\T ANTED? A Frenchman having a few hours v v leisure during the day. from 4 to 12 o'clock p. m..?wishe- to employ them as COOK in a r * tanrarrt or other place. Enquire at Struckm .a's Hotel. No. 501 11th street, above the avenue. my 19-3t* - WANTED?A white WOMAN, who understands v? cooking and housework generally. Must be thoroughly compe'ent to suit; no one else need apply. To the right party extra good wages will be paid, besides a good home and permanent sit uation may be had. A German or Norwegian girl preferred. Apply at 6H1 9th street, Wallach'a Row. between I> and E, Island; or 57 4 litb street, M. JULIHN'S Drugstore my 19-3t? pANTED - First-class OOAT AND PANTS HANDS. Apply to B. H. DUVALL. No. 434 Penn. avenue. my 13-3t* WANTED?A good GIRL. To do plain cookine. at J. BROWN'S Restaurant, cor. 13th street and Penn. avenue. my IS 3t* \yANTED?An OPERATOR on Grovor &. Ba " ker's or Wheeler &. Wilson's Machine. One who understands dressmaking preferred. Apply at 290 B street, between 2d and 3d. my 13 3t* \\TANTED-A BLACKSMITH HELPER. Lib vv erai wages and steady employment given. Apply at No. 553 12th street. my 18-3t* R W JOHNSON. w w ANTED?A good CABINET-MAKER One who understands putting work together will hear of a good situation and liberal wages, by ap plying immediately at No. 31*$ Penn. avenue, be tween 9th and 10th streets, up etiirs. my 18-3t A RESPECTABLE MARRIED LADY WANTS BOARD in a nice private family, where she can have the comforts and quiet of a home during confinement. For a suitable place a liberal price will be paid. Address Mrs. J T. M., through the city po-t office, stating terms, location and name. my l?-3t* A YOUNG MAN, a good writer, having consid erable leisure time, would like to occupy it with copying or other writing. Terms satisfac tory. Address "J. S. G.," Box 7 92 Post Office. my 17-5t* WANTED?An experienced American NUHSE. froru New York, wishes to make engagements in a few families as monthly nurse. Has no objec TlOLl IU tnHing oaro of an invalid. Can *ire bfilt of references. Can be seen from 10 to 4 o'clock any day. iy calling at M9 Penn. avenue, between 21st and 22a streets, till June 1st. my 17-Iw* WANTED-A good DINING ROOM SERVANT, one who will make himself generally useful. Also, a fir?t-rate COOK, who will wa?h and iron. To any such good wages and a good home is of fered. Apply at 1*2 I street, near 21st. my 16-lw* WANTED?A good, neat, intelligent white WOMAN, who understands cooKiag for a hotel. Alfo.a WOMAN, who can do plain sewing. Apply at American House, earner Penn. avenue and 7th street. my 14-6t* HIRTY GOOD GRANITE STONE CUTTERS - WANTED, at the Ccestnut street Bridge, Philadelphia. Wages 53 per day. CLARK, McGRANN tc KENNEDY, my 12-2w Contractors, Philadelphia. 117AKTED IMMEDIATELY?200 LADIES~to " Embroider on Muslin, Linen and Cambric. To good bands constant .work and^ good wa^es T uauuo vvuni?tuv >? _ v. .. __ _ _ .adies applying will please bring samples Apply at WM. PRINCE'S Stampiug and Switching Depot, 391 ? street, opposite given. Ladies ap ofwork. A ' Machine Sf Patent Office ?e 13 \V"TliB FLUTING FLUTING! WANTED, Every lady in the District to know that I have, at considerable expense, had built a very elegant machine for Fluting or Crimping Dresses, Ac. Dressmakers and others can have any kind of goods Crimped at short notice, in as good style, and as cheap as in any other city. Ladies, remember this is the only machine in town, and done at the only place to get stamping done. 391 F street, oppo site Patent Office, Stamping and Machine 8titch 1 n g Depot. my^3_ WANTED?A white GIRL, to do housework for two person*; or a young lady can procure a good home who would do & little housework, by addressing Mrs M. A, V., Washington Post Office. my 7 Prt nnn ladies wanted to call at DU,UUU PRINCE'S Stamping Depot, 391 F street, opposite Patent Office, and get their Stamp ing, 8titcning, Pinking and Embroidery dene. As there are other Richards in the Del J, ladies better look out that thev come to Prince's, who is the only practical hand in the fity. Be sure yon go to F street, opposite Patent Office. mh 4 WAN*r~E D ? BECON D-HAND FURNITURE Also, Mirrors, Carpets, Beds, Bedding and Housefornithine Goods or every description. B. BUCHLY 429 7th street, mh 3n- f bat. G and H, east side! ISLAND DRY GOODS STORE. T. T. WITHKRS.] [3. P. hVHEX. WITHERS & RYNEX, Dealers in FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS. 599 StVKNTH Strkbj, Out Door South of Maryland Avenue, Island, Next to O. Bos well's Drug Store. myl4-eo2w* Washington, B 0. p A p E R II A N G I N G S . I would most respectfnllv inform my customers and the public in general that I am now receiving my spring stock of American and French PAPER HAnGINGS, consisting of the finest French Gilt Papers, suitable for parlors, dining rooms, cham bers and halls. I am also in receipt of a large assortment of Gilt Cornice, Gilt Window Shades and Picture Cord and Ta?sels. All persons wishing to purchase will do well to look for themselves pafore buying elsewhere, as I have the largest assortment of the above goods in the city. * JOHN ALEXANDER, my 9-eo2m [Intel.l No. 240 Pa. avenue. 8nnn bushblb bt. UBEB 8alt _ yUUU 1,000 bushels Turks Island Salt 4,000 sacks Liverpool G. A. Bait 1,600 do do fine Salt Afloat and In store. For sale in lots to snlt pur chasers. J, THOB. DAVIS, 93 Water atreet, ap 13-lm* Georgetown. D. 6. PAPEBHAWGING8. A selected and varied stock of Fine, Medium and Low-priced Paperbanjrings.Borders.Statues, &c? at J. MARKRITMR'?, 490 7th street. Eight doors above Od4 Fellows' Hall. Terms cash ap29-lmif* 486 piotjd**8. 486 A few choice Engravlngs'and Paintings for sale at J. MARKRITEB'S. No. 496 7th street, Eight doortaboyv 9^4 Fell^wn' Hall. !?(?? <n*+ FOB AND SALE. r Applr ?' ^",JV ?) *. WEWMAI rooms. ?t*een 3 and "(my?* * ^. Njt^AY?R_ m7T? dvnt?A \*Ym0 k 20 by 5^. For par F??cSSTd?S*&tv ^prpmisw- 3l*J2ft?t' between 16th and 1/th, w?4_ ? ^??? jC?0A rekt-525 H street,, m suuVor^ngle' f rNKURN^nEgROOH^, Ve reMed che'Jpi To respectable tenants they*? my 30-St* none.olbers need apply. . _ x?r If OK KKNT-A part of aHOPS'* M Inau^eTt JT with a cardan attached, if desfren1 Bladens Mr. HVATT'8 ftore, Hyattsville', (O* ?},e KailJ bur*,) five miles from Washington, on\ "0-3t* road to Baltimorer J0* FORRENT-A large three sfory BRl4l?H<H. partially furnished. Fine Ration, all tb??* .. era improvements Apply to F. W. JON Es. AWk nc y at Law, 6th street, between D and K. my 20-3t* , ' FOR rent?The entire FIRST floor of a prl vate d* elling; two parlora, connecting large dicing rorn, bed-room, kiic^en, and servant 8 j room, newly and neatly furnished. 8-asand water. No. t? Missouri avenue, between 4>4 and bth sts. my 20 3t* F^OR salb?a bread.pib and cmke BAKKKV AND CONFECTIONERY no v do ing a good business. with Ice Cream Saloon at tached. Reasons for selling out can be baa by ap plying on the premises. No. 83 Prince street, be tween Fairfax and Royal 8t8., Alexandria, Va. my 2t'-2t* "i^OR-SAL*?j? KAHK (HAiSCS FOIL ~B US I r XESS? A half interest in a new and splendid ly fitt*l up SALOON, including a half interest in a ten years' lease on The whole building. The house contains a large dry cellar, also, a fine kitchen, with stove, rooking utensils and crock ery of every description, suitable for keeping ft first-class eating-honse. Gas and water on the premises. Apply at 4-4P 7th street, opposite the Patent Office, my 20-3t* A_ GOOD BARBER SHOP FOR SALE, on G street, near22d. Inquire at No. 325 7th st. my 19 3t* Jr?OR RENT-A three-story BRICK HOUSE, on K street, near the corner of 17th, containing nine rooms. Inquire at- No. 440 13th street, be tween K and F. _ my 19-St* H)R RKNT-An UNFURNISHED ROOM, suit able for any kind of an office Apply on La. avenue. No. 26. between 4/5 and oth sts. my 19-3t* FOR RENT?During the summer, a FURNISHED HOUSE, delightfully located; No. 143 Wash ington street, Georgetown, containing 12 rooms. Refer noes required. my 19 eo6t I/OK BALE?Furniture and Good Will of a r BOARDING-HOUSE. containing l't rooms and a number of bosrders. Inquire second door from strwt, on P street south, near Arsenal Gate myl9-lw* C<OOD CHANCE FOR AN INDUSTRIOUS BU3I I NF.P8 MAN, WITn SOME CAPITAL?Fur sale?A respectable and profitable BUSINESS, in rnnning order, thriving and large profits. Rea son for selling, sickness. Inquire at GEORjK SCHNELL'S. No. 21*< 20th street. my 19-8f EMRABLE HOUSE AND LOT FOR RKNT I have for rent a fine Brick Dwelling House, containing 9 rooms, winter and summer kitchens, closets, Ac. The grounds are spacious and filled with choice fruit, flowers, fto.; also a vegetable garden sufficient for a large family. Possession given 1st June, and undoubted city references re quired. L.J. KOTHROCK, 452 7th st., n?y i:i-61 Opposite Patent Office. vwcTNICE ROOMS TO RKNT, VERY CH KAP Apply to Mrs. JOHNSON, on 21st street west, between F anl G, opposite Government me6s house. Will be let singly. my 18-3t* F'OR RENT?One handsome SUITE OF ROOMS, one large chamber and one small one; all fiue |y furnished. Bath room in the building, and good boarding near. 404 I street, near 12th. my ID 3t* IX ROOMS TO RENT?One suitable for a Danc ing Academv: No. 131 Bridge ftreet Also, a STABLE on High street, containing twenty stalls. Apply to J LANG, 131 Bridge street. George town. - my ?" F BURNISHED HOI SE FOR P.KNT-'No. 81 Penn. ? avenue, (Six Buildings-.) Rent flO1' per month. Will not be rented as a boarding house. Apply to C INGLE. No. 3 Law Building, 5th strefTl, oppo site City^ I la 1L my 18 3t* |.->OR SALE CHEAP.?The Goo'i will. Stock and r Fixtures of the MONUMENTAL HOUSE at the Baltimore Depot. Inquire at M. KELLY S Provision and Liquor Store, corner of 13 H and D streets. my 13 lw* ?7*OR SALE?A SMALL FARM of 56 acres, in r Montgomery County, 12 miles from Georgetown, and 2>? miles from the ctnal. Location healthy. New Dwelling House (small?. Six acres in fine cul tivation. snd the balf.nce inoine and oak timber In ca^e the purchaser desires, I can 4ell sixtv acresad joining tne same. WM. KILftOl-R, my 18 .it* Trivtee and Attorney. 317 7th st. A" VaLU A BLR FAKM IN MONTGOMERY county, Md.. for sale, near the 7th street road, and within 6 miles of Washington. It contains HO acres of land. 25 of which are in wood, and the balance in a high state of cultivation, and well watered. The improvements consist of two small frame dwelling bouses and some out-houses; large orchards?l.oco peach trees recently planted out. It is opposite Silver Spring, and adjoins the farms of Messrs. Rigg- and Bonifant. F. MACE. Agent for the sale of Maryland lands, my IS-lw* _ air 7th street. IVICELY FURNISHED ROOMS and first class Ixi board, at 301 G street, between 13th and 14th. One suite on first floor. my 17-lw* OR SALir^A beautifully located BRICK HOUSE, 13x32, e'ght rooms and passage; lot 37x9ii to au alley. Immediate possession?only a,OOO feet of Ground, fronting on Pa. avenue, for lease for ten years. MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Brokers, my 17-lm* 8. E. cor. Pa. av and 15th st. FBURNISHED HOUSITfOR RENT?A two-Ktorv BRICK HOL'^E. with FURNITURE, will be rented four months. Possession given June 1st, Apply at 3'>2 G. near 11th st. my 16-eo3t* Furnished rooms for rent, without board. Boarding-house opposite, where meals are served. Apply at No. 320 New York avenue, between 9th ana li'th sts. my 16-lw OK RENT?Part of SQUARE 511. between O and P streets, fronting on 5th st. Possession given immediately. For further particulars inquire at No. 437 7th st. my 16 Iff' FOR SALE?.With immediate possession, a PROPERTY fronting 66 ft>et on ? street, by 140 deep. Improvements, a large double-wing cottage. 10 rooms; three small buildings in the rear; good fencing, garden, fruit trees, Ac.; for $6 ,<00. MITCHELL ft BON, Real Estate Brokers, my 16-lm* southeast cor. Pa. av. and 15th at. IVOR RENT-A neatly FURNISHED ROOM. .T suitable for one or two young gentlemen, on 23d street, 4 doors south of I. my 14-lw* OR BALE ?A two-storv and attic FR\ME HOUSE, situated on 13th street, Island. In quire at 87 5 opposite. my H-lw* MALL LOTS FOR SALE VERY LOW. s Ten Lots on 21st. above N street. Four Lots on N street.near 21st. Oneof the beet locations in the First Ward. Six Lots on 21st, above R street. Six Lots en 2 th. above C street. Four Lots on Pennsylvania avenue, between 6th and 7th streets east. . ? , Ten Lots on D street, between 6tKand 7th east. To be sold very low at private sale if taken be fore June Call at 27 7 I street, corner of 17th, between 4 and 6 o'clock p. m. my 14-eo5t OR BENT?A delightful RESIDENCE, with Furniture, on Georgetown Heights, on the square between Green and Montgomery streets, above Stoddard st. Possession given on the 10th of June next. For terms, Ac., apply on the prem ises. my 6 F^OR SALE?S>.000 acres of rich FARMING LANDS in Iowa, (Hardin, Story, Weight, and Franklin coucties;) 4,000 acres in Minnesota; tracts from 40 to 641 acres. Located 1P'j6. Patents from the Government. Willexchanf forproperty in or near Washington. FOR SALE ?Two and a half years' lease ef a store property on Penn. avenue, now renting for $2<*i per month, will be sold, with Confectionery Stock. Soda Fountain, and Fixtures complete. jfl ,H5rt only for a Corner Property in the Hrst Ward. 18 feet front; 6 rooms; lot 70 feet deep. Ti + ]p Dtl'fpct MITCHELL A SON, Beal Estate Brokers. " ap 30-lm* Southeast eor. Pa. av. and 15th at. F^OR SALE ?On reasonable terms, one of th most productive FARMS in Montgomery couu tv. Bid.: 22 miles from Georgetown, D C.xlJa from Seneca Mill; lying on Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. It has fine quarries, one of flagging stone, gooa buildings, and fine fruits. For terms inquire or ROBERT PETER, on the premises. ap 25 eolm (COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALB IN HOWARD / COUNTY.?A comfortable Cottage containing 7 rooms with about 15 acres of land, situated on Washington turnpike, 1^ miles from Jessup's Cut Btation, on the railroad. There is carriage house and stabling for several horses; also feed house and store house. A fine orchard Just commencing be&riDffj also small fruits. w The house has been painted throughout this spring and is Terv nicely situated; has a porch the entire front, y^th large flower garden. Daily fare to Washington can be reduced to a very trifling amount by taking a com mutation ticket. PricefS.OOO Key at Mr. Thos. Rowe's. adjoining, .For any further particulars address JOHN KERM0DE, 91 north Eataw street, Baltimore. ap 22-eolm* ffiTFTkhn WILL BUY THE LBASE of * large, <JS 1 ?U"U commodious HOUSE, with store and stable attached. Address Mr. LEASE, Star Office. ap 21-lm* 1?0R RENT?With or without Board, an exeel l1 lent PARLOR and several well furniBhed BED ROOMS, at 450 12th street, within five minutes walk of the Kirkwood House, Willards' and th? Patent Office, Post Office and Treasury and 8tat# Denartment". The location is unsurpassed in Washington. No childr*** in the honse. de 27-tf BOARDING. BOARDING.?Two gentlemen can be accommo dated with ROOMS and first clas? BOARD, at 156 G street, between 20th and 21st. Terms Wo per month. my 19-3t 1>0ARDING.?Five oriix gentlemen can be ac l> commodated with board In a respectable fam ily, at No. 726 New Jersey avenue, at per month, payable weekly^ my !8-eo3t_ COARD AND HANDBOMBLY FURNIBHED ROOMS, for married or aingle P?r'on? JVVi? large and airy; location pleasant. Terms moder ate. Apply at southeast corner 2Jst and 11 streets p>y 18-3t* TT'OR SALE?Several very elegantly finished I* French COUPEES. Also, a number ?f BRBTTS or OPEN BAROl/CHBS fo'ggg f?ThesVCarrisge^are finished in the most superb manner .amiw oul d su tt either for pyivate use or for public co^'^tLU,GKR A HUNTEB. o of and 1: AUCTION SALES. Ftr ether Aiftlw Ml?? *?? Hut y?g?. THIS AyTtRJUmW AMP TO-MOHROW |^Y GREEN * WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S BALK OP T WO H AN DPOME BUILD ING LOTS EAST OF TUB CAPITOL AT AUO XluB _ . On FRIDAY, the 90th luittnt, I shall nail, ia Iront of the premises, at 6 o'elock, p. m., by virtne of a deed of trust to the subscriber, bearing date the lat day of July, I85P, and recorded in Liber J. A 8 , Be. 1R2. folio*. 396. 97, and 396. one of the land records for the county of Washington, in the District of Columbiavthe following named proper ty. lying and being inthecity of Washington, Dis trict aforesaid vi*: Lots numbered nineteen and twenty, in 84awe numbered ten hundred and twenty-nine, contain ing over nineteen thousand Square feet of ground, This property fronts one hundred and ' Tki? i?i ot (round, ?4t\Fi ??r?T. 0nU on*v h?ndred and tw?utp-oae w 1 Fnnri. '/v. ?.D oorth V between Thirteenth * V fm,W cBMr Maryland av X* . .Dk "fonn^ c**h; balance in I, u- "S"1""' t? give do tee for the deK P?y?ent?, bearing Interest from the d*y of ^ <le?a iq^ | deed of trout All c?ng*>.*nc'?d at the cost of the purchaser. If the terms are not complied in ft re d*Ts the Trustee rwer? the *?_ '? *?" the property, at the risk and aPst of the first parohaser, by al ?trbilnf the nitf three times in the National In Ulligonoer. ROHERT RICKKTT8, Trustee. my,6 ?K?m A WILLI AMB. Amite. gTJ. O. HeG UIBE A 00.. Auctioneers. NICR TWO 9TORY BrToK DWELLING HOUSE WITH BACH BUILDING Off TENTH 8TRBET BBT WEEN O AN D P 8TKETS On FRIDAY AFTERNOON,May m,at?H o'clock, on the premises, we siiall sell parts of Lot 24. is StjuareNo 3SS, fronting on Tenth street west, be tween O and P streets north, and running back M feet to a public alley, improved by a well bctflt and conveniently arran*ed two story Brica Dwelling House with Brica Back Building and containing six rooms. Terms: One-half in cash, balance in six morfiaa, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. ? ay Karl* possession given. my.14 d J ,C McGUIRB A CO , Aucts. B 60,g00 B?ICKS AT AUCTION. We will sell, on FRIDAY. May 21. at t o'clock, p. m.. on the premises, formerly ooe.npied by Ha mea ly, Eleventh e'reet.Island, No. 3!"?0, 5 doors from the corner of Maryland avenue. Terms cash. Sale without reserve my.18 3t* C. R. L. CROWN A CO., Aucta. Y C. R. L. CROWN A CO., Auctioneers. B Y W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. LOT OF GARDEN 8KED AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY MORNING. 21st instant, at 1C o'clock, we will sell, at the'Auction Rooms a large assortment of Fresh Garden 8eed, the stock of a Seedman declining business. my ,19-2t WM L. WALL A CO., Aucta. B Y WM. L. WALL A. CO.. Auctioneers, At the Horse Bazaar, 9P La. av. CARRIAGES AND HORSES AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY MORNING. May 31, commencing at 10 o'clock, we will sell, at our Bazaar and Repos itory, a large number of Horses. Oarringes. and Harness, comprising about forty Work. Saddle and Harness Horses, a part of which is valuable stoct. ALSO, 12 Top and No-top Bugjjy Wagons, Family Car riages, and Rockaways, 1 Park Carriage, and Jagirer Wagon, 2 very superior TrottiLg Wagons, 2 very superior Road Wagons, New and Sccond-fcand Harness and Kxprew Wag ons, ^ 8al? peremptory. r. Terms cash. iuy.l!>-2t W. L WALL A CO., Aucts. B Y J. G. McGUIRB A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF FINE BUILDING LOT ON SIXTEENTH STREET BETWEEN MA83A CI1U8JCTTS AVENl'E AND NORTH P 8VREET. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, May 21st. at 6 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trustv dated April 21st, 186.1. and duly recorded among the land records for Washington County, D. 0,, at the request of the holder of the note there in secured, I shall sf 11, Lot No. 6, in W. M. Mer rick 's sub division of the south part of^Square No. lbl, fronting 22 feet on Sixteenth street west, be tween Massachusetts avei ue and north P street, and running back 12.1 feet to a widepnMic alley. Terms: One-third in rash; the remainder in aix and twelve months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchasers* TH08.J. FI8HKR, Trustee. my.S-eoAds J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auota, . B Y J. C. McGUIRB A CO., Auctioneers. EXECUTOR'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT ON SIXTH t-TREKT WEST, BETWEEN ? AND G tTKEETS NORTII. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, May 26. we shall ?ell, the south part of Lot No II, in Square Ne. 4'ifi. fronting 26 feet in'4 inches on the west side of Si\ih ftree'. west, between F and G streets north, and running bark about 101 feet to a paved alley, and improved by a comfortable two-story brick back building. Sale to take place on the premises at half-past 5 o'csock. Terms: One-third in cash, the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. Title perfect. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser, GEO. W COCHRANE,/ KT?ntop(1 HARMON BURNS S Executors. my.y-d J. C. MeGUiRE A CO.. Aucta. |>Y J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers, TRUSTEES SALE OF~~VALU*BLE VACANT L0T8 ON THE ISLAND. On SATURDAY AFTKRBOON, June 11th, at C o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court cf tne District of Columbia, sitting in chancery, passed on the 3d day of May, A. D. 1H64, ! shall sell at Public Auction. Lots No#. t>M. 70, 71, 72. and 73, in Square No 5-8, fronting each 25 feet on the west side of Four-and-a-half street, between south M and N streets, running back IV) feet to a 31 feet alley. ALSO, Lots Nor. 3. 4. and part of Lot No. 5. in Sauara No 493, fronting on south G street, between rour and a-half street and Sixth Street west. Terms cash. If the terms of sale are not complied with in fivo days after the sale, the Trustee reserves the right to re sell at the risk and expense of the defaulting urchaser. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. T. EDWARD CLARK, Trustee. my 20-S??wAda J. C. McQUIRK A C0.,Auct*. |JY WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. THE FURNITURE OF C AfjPARIS' HOTEL JCAP ITOL HILL. AT ADCTION. | On WEDNESDAY MORNING, 25th instant,at lto o'clock, we will sell, all the Furniture and E ffeen of this ostablishiuent, embracing in Parlor Fur niture. Brocat* lie and Hair Cloth Parlor Suites. Arm Chairs and Brussels'Oarpetings, Marble-top, Centre, Pier, and other Tablts, Mirrors, Vases, and Mint* 1 Ornaments, Curtains,Cornices.Shades and Fixtures, Dining Tables and Chairs, Side Ta bl?s, Sidt beard, large assortment of China Glaw, and Crockeryware, Plated Chafing Dishes, Meat Dishes, Castors, Cattery, and other Tableware. The Clumber Furniture of twenty seven rooms, con?isting of Brussels, three-ply. Ingrain, and other Carpetings, Oil Cloth. Mattings, Hugs, Ac. Walnut, Jenny Lind, and other Bedsteads. Painted and Enamelled Cottage Chamber Suites con- pl?te. Walnut Mahopany, and Painted Marble-top Bu reans and Washstands Wardrobes. Clothes Presses, and Tablea, Toilet Sets, and Mirrors. Beds. Feather, Hair, and Shi.ek; Mattresses, Pil lows. and Bolsters, Blankets, Sheete, and other Bedding, All the Ritchen Furniture and Utensils, compri sing everything necessary for such an establish ment. Terms cash. my 2(1 d W. L. WALL. A CO., Auctg. Y J. C. McGUIRE A 00., Auctioneers. B FURNITURE. CHINA, AND GLAB8. SUPERIOR PAIR OF CARRIAGE HORSES. CARRIAGES, HABNES9, ROBES, fco. On MONDAY MOBNiNG. May 23, at 10 o'clock, at the quarters of the late Col. Harris, Marino Barracks, we shall sell Several superior marble-top Chamber Suites in rosewood and walnut, together witn other artieloa of furniture. Handsome green edge French China dinner and dessert Ware, cut-glaas Ware, Parian China Ware, Ac. At 11 o'clock, in front of the premises, a pair of superior long tail bay carriage Horses, seven yearr old, well matched and fine travellers. Exce lent open family Carriage. One clow family Carriaae, One leather-top Buggy ? . Wolf Robe, single and double Harness. Saddle, Bridles,Ne .s, Blankets, Ac. Terms cash. my 19 d J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucta. J>Y J . C. MoGUIRE A 00., Auetionoors. VALUABLE IMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED PROPERTY NEAR FOURTEENTH STREET AT PUBLIC AUC rlON. ? On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, May 84th, at ? o'clk 011 the premises we shall sell. Elev -n Bund ing Lots in Drury's sub- division of Sqna.e Ho. 2flf? fronting on Fifteenth street west, between P and Vl streets north. At no, Lot6 71,72 and 73, in sub division of Square No. 210. fronting together 60 feet on north P street, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets weet, running back 130 feet to aSO-foot alley, improved runmng oacnd |abltaBti|kIiT built ?rame Building with britK foundation, formerly used ?s a Church, and capable of being changed to a Cottage Dwel lintf HoOB^. Terms: One-third In cash, the remainder ia Six, twelve, and eighteen months, with interest seonred by a deed of trust on tne premises. Conveyances at cost of the purchaser. my 19 d J. O. McGUIRE A PP.. Aucf. BY J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. BRICK H0D8E AND A CANT LOT 0^ K 8TRBKT BKTWIKN NSW JIE 8EYAVENUE AND F1R8T STREET WEST On TUB8I AY AFTKRNOuN, MayX, at 6 o'clk. on the premises-we shall sell, part of Lot No 6. iw Sanare No 669 fronting about 17 feet on north K st/ect between New Jersey avenue and First st. west and running back 161 feet 11 Inches improved hy a well built two story a?d attic Brici Dwelling Houi>e, containing seven rooms, with n pump of excellent water m the yard . Also, adjoining on the oast a Vaoant Lot about 1 Terms: One third in eaah, the remainder In si*and twelve months, with interest, secured br ? deed a# trust on the premises. Conveyances and stamps at oost of the pu.cna a J. C. McGUII^: i 3v., A-;U. (IflJ

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