Newspaper of Evening Star, May 20, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 20, 1864 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR Polio* Rxpobts?second Precinct.?Patrick Noon, disorderly; f2. Nicholas Auger, threats; ball for peace. Henry Holster and Wm. Hunt, assault and battery; bail for bearing. Third Precinct ? Henry McNicbon, Abasing a torse dismissed. Jas. Bateman, throwing vit riol- f4.?. Aaron Hall, disorderly; Lo cret'ta Harris, do.; dismissed. T. B. Hock, drank; de. Tbos. Henry, do.; military. - Fm*rt\ Prrciuct.?D. Daley, disorderly; f2 Ulizabeth Marceller and Ellen Donaldson, threats; bail for peace. Annie Lair, Fat Cor ren and Sarah Deible. do.: do. Major Hall, disorderly, fi. .Tno. O'Toole, do.; do. James ft rah am, drnnk and disorderly, #*2. A. Parrls, do.; do. Pat Tapey, do ; *3. P\/th Precinct.? John Kelly, drunk; Peter Wilson, suspicion of larceny; dismissed. Lid la TbompsoD, Josephine Miller, drunk; SI each. Jno. Usher, O. H. Wood, disorderly^ each. Maggie Kirby, street walking, S2. O. Miller, Harry Hrock, G. Reed, drunk; military. Sixth Precinct.?Thos. King and M. J. Clark, threats, bail for peace. Louisa Belafjo, disor derly; Otho Bell, grand larceny; Wm. Kernon, disorderly; M. Clark, do.; W. H. Mitchell, as sault and battery: dismissed. William Dant, drunk; 92. W. B. Knott, do .; workhouse Q W. Seals, grand larceny; Dan'I McLaughlin, pick pocket; jail for court. Tenth Precinct.?Josephine Mountleon, grand larceny; jail. Catharine Cullen, do.; bail for court M. Powers, assault Intent to kill; jail lor court. J. Wltzfllder, disorderly; 92. Eliza Matthews, do. and drnnk; S8. Mary Perinski, indecent language, $3. James Jordan, drunk and disorderly: 5*2. D. W. Bill, do ; S5. Wm. ttecket, throwing stones; James Riley, drank; and Patrick Walsh, drunk; dismissed. Fourth Ward Station Cabrs ? Oeorge 1 Rollins, furnishing liquor to soldiers; military. Pat'k Yearby, violating cow law; 92.58. H. A. Hunting, charge of gTand larceny; dismissed. A C Westlake, drunk and disorderly; mili tary. Rachel Gardner, disorderly; dismissed. Wm. Talbot, drunk; military. Wm. Tearney, j do.; S1.5C. Patrick Mangan, Ricb'd Shea and Dennis Mullins, drunk and disorderly; dis missed. Hugh Kean, do ;81.58. Joshua Lewis, Caleb Hine and Wm. Spencer, grand larceny; jail for court. Andrew Sullivan, disorderly and carrying weapons; 82.5*. John Welch, drunk and disorderly; do. Thomas Connelly, fighting; dismissed. Frank Robinson, do.; 810. Chas. F. Bakrker, sleeping in street; 81.58. AUCTION SALES. FUTL'KK DATS. WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers, CHI AT SALE Of CAR~iuAGEd AND UARN1SS AT AUCTION On THURSDAY MORN 1NO. Mav 36,commencing at lo o'clock, we will tell, at toe Carriage Reposi tory of Thomas Young. No. 409 Pennsylvania ay., near 4}i street, sooth side, his largo and extensive stock of first-class Carriages Ac., embracing? flu New and Second Hand Family Carriages and Coaches, tor one and two Horses, part very Sne, 20 Trp and No Top Buggies and Trotting Wagons, Several tme Eretts, Phaetons, and Physician's Phaetons, J Second Hacd French Coupe, ) English Dog Wagon, Several Barouch and Buggy Poles, 40 fetts first class Double and Single Harness, Sil ver and Japan mounting, part of which is very fine. Together with other Carriages not enumerated. The above stock embraces the largest and finest a*"<>rtmf nt of Carriages snd Harness ever offered at auction in this city, and is disposed of on aeconnt of Mr. Young retiring from business, and we es pecially call the attention of purchasers to this sale as the stock will be peremptorily sold. The Repository ia for rent and it is one of the best stands in the city for any kind of business. Enquire on the premises. Terms cash. mv 13 WM. L. WALL A CO., Ancts. J, C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. PUBLIC SALE OP VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY, CORNER OF SIXTH AND D STS., < ISLAND.) by viitue of the order and decree of the Orphans' Court of the District of Columbia, passed in the natter of Ann Elizabeth and Mary Ann Barnes, orphans of Hansen Barnes, deceased, bearing date cd the ltith day of February. A. D.. 1364. anl duly ronficmed by the Supreme Court of the District of ColunAia. in Chancery Bitting, I shall offer for sale at Public Auction, to the highest bidder, in front of the premises, on MONDAY, the 23d day of May, 1864, at 6 o'clock, p. m., the entire undivided right, title, and interest of the ssid Ann Elizabeth and Mary Ann Bsrres. in'ant children of the said Han son Barnes, deceased, of. in. and to all that certain iotof ground, situate, lying, and being in the City ?f Washington, in the District of Columbia, an<l known and desigcated as lot cumbered twenty- one (21) in ''Todd and GnnnellVsnb division of8quare numbered fon.- hnndrtd and sixty-five (tr-5) of the plan of the City cf Washington, with the improve ments thereon, consisting of a large and conveni ent frazeedwelling house. This valuable properly is situated on the corner of Sixth street west and D street south, in the Seventh Ward, in a healthy neishborhood and offers great inducements to purchasers. Terms: One ha'f cash : the ba!ance in Sand 12 months, the purchaser giving his note, or notes, for the deferred payment, with approved security, baring interest from the day of sale. Title deed to be letained until the whole of the purchase monay is paid. All conveyancing at t^e cost of the purchaser. JOSIAH SIMPSON, l-u&rdian to Ann Elizabeth and Mary Ann Barnes. At the same time and place, and on the same terms mentioned in the above advertisement, I am >r, l-iaily authorized to offer for salethe right, title and interest of James H. Barnes, adult heir of said Hansen Barnes,deceased, of, in.and to thetheBaid j lot No 21. in "Todd and GunneHV'sub division of ><mare No. 465, of the plan of the City of Washing ton Ail cenvesaneing 1. ths cost of the purchaser. JOSIAH SIMPSON Agent. by. 12 eutd J^O^ McQClKE A CO.. Aucts. I N IT ED ST AT ES MARSHAL'S SALE. In virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias, issued from '.t> Clerk'h Office of the Supreme Court of the ! l .ted States, for the District of Columbia, and to ii-e directed. I will expose to public sale, for cash, at ttie front of the Court Housedoor.of said Conn '??. on WEDNESDAY, the 28th day of May next, at 12 o'cloCk m.. all defendant's right, title, ejaim and interest in and to the north part of Lot No. 34, in Square No. 877, bounded as follows:? Beginning for the aam? at th? noi>th?M( corner oi Lot No. 33, on the line of Seventh street east, run ning thence west 91 feet, thenc* north 31 feet, thence east 97 feet to the beginning, together with all singular, the improvements thereon, seized and levied upon as the property of Samuel and Joseph Arnold, and will be sold to satisfy Judicial No 236, in favor of White, Middleton A Beail, use of Elias Jf. White. my .1 WARD H.LAMON.U. 8. Marshal, P.O. rVTAVY DEPARTMENT, "iSSlkOTO*, May2,l96?. COPPER SCALE There will be offered for sale at public auction on THURSDAY, June 2, at 12 o'clock, m , at the United States Navy Yard, Washington, about sev enty-five thousand pounds of Copper Scale. It can be examined at any time previous to the day of sale upon application to the Commandant of the Washington Kavy Yard. Samples of similar acale have shown 82 per cent, of metallic copper. Twenty per cent or the purchase money must be deposited at the time of the sale, and twelve days will be allowed to remove it from the yard; and. if net so removed, the deposit will be forfeited to the government. All payments to be made in Government fund*, and b? fore the scale is removed from the Navy Yard. my.4-eo2w RUCTION SALE OF CONDEMNED HORSES. War Dhpartmbxt. Cavalby Burbac, I Orrioa or Chief Qcabtbbmastbs, > Washington. D. C., April 25.1864. \ W ill be sold at public auction, to the highest bid der, at the times and places named below, vis: Newport, Peuna , Thursday, May fith, Gettysburg. Penna.. Monday, May 9th, Altoona. Penna. ,Thurid?y, May 12th. M lit*in, P*nna., Thursday, May 19th, Beading, Penna., Thursday. Mar 18th, Lebanon, Penna., Thuraday, June 2d, Northumberland, Penna., Thursday, June 9th. ^CAQtOD. PiBM Thw?gilsBB * vuua., tuuimiay, iUUtJ S Ponnton, Penna.,Thursday, June 16th. WUllaassaort, Penna , Thursday. June 23d, One Hundred 1100) horses at Gettysburg, and Two Hundred and Fifty <2fru at each of the other places. These horses have b*?a condemned ap unfit for the cavalry service of the United States Army. For road and (arm purposes m any good bargains n>av be had. Horses will be sold singly. tales begin at 10 a. m., and eontinne daily until an are sold. . Terms: cash, in United States Treasury notes cnly. JAMES A. E&IN, ap :>20 Lt. Col andC. Q. M. Cavalry Bureau, *1^1 WM L. WALL * tt>? Auctioneers. I NITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE OF SCHOOWIR " INDIAN," HER TACKLE AND CARGO. In vlrtueof a decree Issued from fie Clerk's Of fice of the Supreme Court of the United States, for the District of Columbia, and to medirectel, I wiU t*ell at public sale, for cash, at the foot of fith street wharf, on the Potomae river, on MONDAY, the 23d day of Hay. inet.. 18*4, ccmmencing at 10 o'clock. The Looner ' Indian," her tackle, ice., &c. ALSO. U Pigs, Ch. "kens, - Boxes Segars, 1 bbl. Flour and 1 Hain, 2 Loaf -augar. I Sa'k Salt, Lot Soap,and Lot Brooms. WaRU H l.AMON.U S. Marshal. D C. mr.n-d&ds by WM. L. WALLA CO., Aucts. (Chron.) SATE OF CONDEMN ED'CLOTHING. CAMP AND GARKihON EvtUIPAGE, TENT CUT TINGS, Ac. , ^ ih it/ Quart* master's O+tt, D'rot Washington J Washington, D C., M-tv 12, ?54. ( Will be sold at pnblic anction. at Government Wareheiis?. No. b 17th street, between H and I et-eeti>. Washington City, D. C., at 12 o'clock M., THTljSDAY. MayM. W64, nnder the supervision cf Cspt. D. O. Thomas, M. 8. K.. U. 8. A..a large lut of stores condemned as unlit for public .ser vice. viz: Infantry and Cavalry Coats and Trowsers.8hirts, Drawers, Stockings, fait Hate, Caps. Trumpets, Eagles, flags. Druses. Tents, Tent Poles. Mess Vias, Camp Kettles, Spades, Shovels, Knapsacks, Jlsversacks. Bed Sacks. Ac., Ac.. Ac. about sixty (tf)' tons of Tent Cuttings. Terms ''ash. in Government lunds. Eui'Cessfal bidders will be required to removs Sk? store* within five (ft) d{)TI'ur0]j[j,^?^,ale Brigadier CltBeralSB'1 cyef Quartermaater. Jtyl3-t4 Depot of ^ftttiBgtons D. C i AUCTION SALES. Future days. t>Y J. C. MeGOIRB A CO.. Auctioneers, TRUSTEE'S HAL* oFv ALU ABLE SLAUGH TER HOD SB PBOPBBTT, with Brick Building, Briek and frame Dweliinghouses. and V AC A JIT. LOT8 near the Navy Yard, belonging *? ?? ectate of the late Charles Miller. 1Ath .? On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON,May????* 4 o'clock, on the premise#, commencing witn tae first named and continuing in the older hwem named hv virtue of a decree of the Supreme vwmi. ifi" Vui'.'r".?"', ?i !?'? 1.*? 3. *< 8.6-7.8.9. *>. 24.?. *. 28 fnSauare No. 953, fronting respectively on 9th and i"th streets east and south N street, improved by a brick dwelling house, slaughter house, utables. pens, Ac., known as the slangh er yard of the late Charles Miller, to he sold entire or di vided as may be deemed mont desirable. _ Immediately after, Lets l._2.3. and Square Ko. 954. fronting on south O street, between 3th and 10th streets east. . 0,?.,Q Immediately after, part of lot No. 2, in BqatJe No 976, fronting OOfeet 8 inches on south M street and running back 94 feet 3^i inches on 10th street east, and improved by a double two-story frame ^ Immediately after, part of Lot No. LSquare No. 962, beginning for the Came at 83 feet 6 inches from the southeast corner of Raid lot and thence rein ning west and fronting on 111 1 north 7.S fret 6 inches, thence east P feet, thence south 75 feet 6 inches to th?i beginning, together with tin improvements, consisting of a tnro6-8tory brick dwelling house. ? a*,-,..* Immediately after, part oi Lot 2^same Sqnare. beginning for the same at a pom. on M st.eex sonth. lui feet from east loth street, thence north about 72 feet, thence west 23 feet P inches, thence south abOut 72 feet. thence east 53 feet 9 inches to the beginning, together with tuei improvements, consisting of a two-story brick uwelling boustf. Immediately after, part of Lot No. 3, in 8qiare No. 999, being the south part thereof. fronUni 20 feet on lit! street east and running back that width on M street south 8" feet, together with the im provements, consisting of a frame dwelling houfe. Immediately after, Lot 13. in Square No. 1,023, fronting 90 feet on 13th street east, at the corner of south K street, and rannitig back 9? feet, to Sther with the improvements, consisting of a ree-story brick dwelling house, with three story brick back building. . , . , Terms: One-third in cash; the remainder in 6,12, and IS months, with interest, for which the pur chaser must give notes secured to the satisfaction of the Trustees. The purchaser to have the option of raying all in caph. . Conveyancing and stamps at the cost of the pur C*If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days thereafter, the Trustees reserve the right of rebelling, at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser, on ene week's notice in the National fc..Ui???r. g?? 4bffi2SP A. THOS. BRADLEY, Truste e?. apjl-eo&ds J. C. McGUIRB A CO., Auctrf'. ?-TIIE \BOVE SALE IB POSTPONED IN consequence of the rain, until WEDNESDAY AF TKRNOON,>I?y ?U,..t5e 5J?<*0HRER E. C. MORGAN. A. THUS. BRADLEY. Trustees. my 19-dAd* J.C.McGUTRE k CO.. Anct-. |>Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. PBBKMPT0RY SALE~OF SUPERIOR GOLD WATCHES. FINB JEWELRY, TWO PINE PLATED GLASS CASES. COUNTER, AO. On WEDNESDAY EVENING, May 25, and con tinue each evening thereafter, until the whole are disposed of, at7)? o'clock, at the Auetion Rooms, we shall sell, to the highest bidder, on account of a dealer declining business? _ . . Six superior Gold Hunting Case Watches. Gold Vest, Fob. and Guard Chains of various pat terns, . . Fine setts of Jewelry in boxes. Finger Rings, Ear Rings, Breastpins, Sleeve But tons, Studs, &c.,Ac. also. 4 Cases Surgical Instruments. Parties in want of jewelry are invited to the sale, as the quality of the goods may be relied on. myr.18-dCaSl1' J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. m GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. ' BALE OF VALUABLE UNIMPROVED PROPER TY. P By virtue of a d< cree of the Orphans Court of the District of Columbia passed the 10th day of May. 1564, which decree has been approved by the Bu Sreme Court of said District, in Equity sitting, To 124.1 shall sell,at Public Auction,to the high est bidder, on MONDAY, the 30th day of May, 18d4, at 6 o'clock, p. m.,all of sub-division Lot num bered 64, in Square numbered 545, with appurte nances. Terms of sale, cash. _ , . All conveyancing at tbe cost of the purchaser. Upon default of the purchaser to comply with the terms of sale, the property will be re-so.d at his expense, upon giving three days further no tice ISABELLA B. MAGILL, Guardian, my 13-d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. JJY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. ELEVEN VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS FRONT ING ON V AND W AND fBNTH BTS. NORTH, AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY', the 24th instant, we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p. m., the following handsome Building Lots, viz : Lots No. 2,4.7.8,13.14.15,16.17. IS, and 19, in sub-division or Siuare No. SSs; these lots have fronts of 25 fret eacn, running back 95 feet to alley*, and very handsomely situated. * Terms : One third cash; balance in six and twelve months, for notes bearing interest. A deed given and a deed et trust taken. All conveyance and Etamps at the cost of the pu ? Chmrlid GREEN A WILLIAMB, Aucts. J^Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON SEVENTH, BETWEEN N 'AN D O STREETS NORTH, AT AUCTION. . ? On MONDAY, the 231 instant, we shall sell, in front of the premises, al 6 o'clock, p. in , part of Lot No. 12. in Square No. 423 having a front of 41 fe?t 8 ioches on 7th, betweenN andOstreetsnoith, and ICO feet deep. . . , ... ? .. The above mentioned property is beautifully sit uated in a verr desirable busin?ss location, and street railroad immediately in front. . Terms: One-thiid cash, balance in four, eignt, ?nd twe've months, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing interest from day fA deed given and a deed of trust taken. Titl^indisputab^-E^ & WILLIAMS. Aucts. ?>Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. HANDSOME BUILDING LOT ON TWENTY FIFTH STREET WEST. BETWEEN H AND I RTBEErSNORTH, AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, the 24th instant, we. shall sell, at 6 o'clock, p. m? in front of the premises. Lot No. 3 in Square No 29. this property is handsomely situated, fronting 64 feet 4 inches. on Twenty-fifth street, and contains 5 516 feet more or lees. Terms: One half cash, balance in six months. Tor notes tearing interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing and revenue stamps at the cost ?my*lf drCh<taer* GBEBN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. OY J. C. McGCIRB A CO., Auctioneers. STOCKS AT.PUBLIC SALE. On WEDNESDAY ABTBRNOON, May 25. at 5 o'clock, at tke Auction Room*, we shall sell, in Lots to suit? ? ^ ... , - 63i> shares of the capital stock of the Firemen's In surance Company ef Washington and George ??.nco Washisgton CUy Corporation six per cent. S2,000?Wsshington and Georgetown 1st mortgage railroad bonds. .. . f J.775 Bank of the Metropolis Stock. J. 0. McGUIRl A CO., Aucts. 1> Y WM. L. WALL A CO , Auctioneers. UNITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALB OF SCHOONER * DEFY," HER TACKLE AND CARGO In virtue of a decree issued from the Clerk's Of fice of the 8upreme Court of the United States, for the District of Columbia, and to me directed, I will sell at publio sale for cash, at the foot of 6th street wkiri? on the Potomac river* on MONDAY9 the S3d day of May, inst., 18b4, commencing at 10 The??cliooner " Defy," her tackle. Ac., Ac., Ao, | ALSO, A cask containing lard. !'01 0*f^AKD H. LAMON. U. 8. Marshal, D. O. xny 17-dAdB hy W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. [Chron.] JJNITED bTATES MARSHAL S 8ALB. In virtue of two writs of Fieri Facias issued from the Clerk's o?ce of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, and to me directed. I will expose to public sale, for cash, at tiie front ttea Court House door, of said county, on MON DAY. the 6th day of June next. 1364, at 12 o'clock M., all de fendant's right, title, claim, and interest in and to Lots No. 1. 2. and 3, in Square No. y>, being the nndivlled third part of said Lots, seised and levied upon as the property of William Douglass, and wiU be sold to satisfy Judicial No. 298 and *99. to Octo ber term I8M, in favor of Wm. G. W. White and Brother, ute of James R. Smith, use of Henry Douglass. WM. SELDEN, my.13-dAds late U. 8. Marshal. D. O. j^ALB OV C0NDKMNED HORSES AND MULES. Chiif QuarUrmast 's Qfiet. Dtpoi q/ Washintton, I Washiboto*, D. C., April 27,1884. < at public auction, at the Corral, sear the Observatory/in the City of Washington, D. C., WEDNESDAY,May 11, 1864,and WEDNESDAY' Will be sold h< on AND KULB8, condemned as unfit for public servioe. Terms: Cash in Government funds. w. to * 10 Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster, ap.57-2? t Depot of Washington, D. C. SiL? OF C0NDBMNBD STOCK. Wi? Dnpintntn*, Bubiiv, RTMinv,CAVAiav Buaaiv, l OJfict *J Chi*/ Uuai tertmasttr, > Washington, D. O., May 14, Will be sold at Public Auction to the highest bidder, at Giesboro Depot, on THURSDAY, the 26th instant, beginniog at 10 o'clock, a.m.. from one hundred ana fifty (UO) to two hundred OJO}? HOB8EB. These horses have been tondemned as unfit for the cavalry service of the Army. For rftad and farm purposes many good birgains may be had. Horses sold singly. i U.S.currency. JAMBS A. BKIN, Terms cash, in U. 8. currenni xny.17-td Lt. Col, 4 C. <1. M.? Cav.JBor?M) i ?, ; PBOPOSALS. 0RJ-E8I HORSES! HORSES I H _ WiB PlFiRTMINT. C AV ALRT Britd?, } Qfiuof CAie/ 0??rX<r wasUr, S e-A.^T, w-*8Hikgtck, D. D.,May le.lf&.j esALED Proposals will be received at this office pn.:l 12 o,dock m Thursday, May 26th, !$S4,fortwo thousand <2,tt?); Cavalry Horses, to be delivered ?t the Government Stables in Chicago. Illinois, and two thousand (2.non) at Government Stables in Davenport, Iowa, within sixty (60) days from date of contract. Said horses to be sound in all particulars, well broken, full in flesh, from fifteen (13) to sixteen (16) sands high, from fire i5> to nine (9) years old, in good conthtioH, and well adapted in every way to cavalry purposes. That iPtcifications will bi strictly adhered to and riridiyinfbrctd in event particular. No bid will be entertained unless accompanied eyaguaranty for its faithful performance. , ?^'khould any United States officer guarantee the proposal of a bidder who should prove to be irresponsible, his name will be reported to the Secretary of War with a recommendation that eucn ofhccr be dismissed the cervine. All bidders and guarantors will be held to the <tri't fit accountability, and every failure to comply with inmsot c or tract, or to make the contract when award ed, ictl. btjoiloued by prosecution to the full extent cj tfit C(llO. Form of bid and guaranty can be had on appli cation to this office, or to the United States Quar termasters at Chicago snd Davenport. Successful bidders will be prepared to enter into written contracts, with good and sufficient securi ty, immediately on the acceptance of their bids. The o&ih of allegiance must accompany each bid. The undersigned reserves the right to reject all bids deemed unreasonable. Bids for one hundred (100) Horses and upwards will be entertained. Bids for the entire number of Horses required are invited. Payment will be promptly made on completion of contract, A'o Mares will be received. Proposals must be endorsed ''Proposals for Cav alry Horses," and addressed to Lieut. Col. James A. Ekin, Chief Quartermaster, Cavalry Bureau, Washington, D. C. Any other information will be promptly given, on application, personally or by letter, to JAMES A. EKIN, Lieut. Colonel and Chief Quartermaster, Cavalry Bnreaa. Purchase in the open market will be con tinued at Chicago and Davenport until the eon * j1". awarded. Payment made in certificates of indebtedness for eight (8) horses or more my 17-td . ORDNANCE OFFICE, War Department, 0 , . ? , Washington, May 1,1S64. Bte-r'.w/X'KK?8!? wlU be received at this office until MONDAY, the 23d day of May, l&M.for the ^delivery at the following arsenals. Cavalry Ac coutrements, Linited States Cavalry pattern, as hereinafter specified. At the New York Arsenal, 25,000 sets. At the St. Louis Arsenal, 5,000 sets. At the Frankfort Arsenal, 10,C**i sets. At the Alleghany Arsenal, 19,000 sets. These Accoutrements are to be made in strict conformity with the regulation pattern, which can be seen at the above named places. Each set is to consist of one Sabre-belt and plate complete ; one Carbine-sling with swivel complete: one rabre-knot,; one Carbine Cartridge box; one Pistol Cartridge-box or Pouch ; one Belt-aolster for Army size revolver, and one Cap-pouch with con9 pick. All of which are to be made of the best ma terials and workmanship. The Sabre-belt, Sabre Carbine-sling are to be of BUFF LEATHER BLACKED, and the Cartridge boxes, pouch ?f pufa oak It isto be distinctly understood that this Depart ment is to have the privilege of inspecting the work done nnder any contract it may award, in all stages of its progress; especially, to examine the stock before cutting. They are to be subject to the usual inspection at the Arsenal where deliv ered before being received by the Government. None are to be accepted or paid for but such as are approved upon inspection Deliveries must be made in lots of not less tfcnS one-tenth (I-loth) per week of the whole number cSIltpasted for; the first delivery to be made on the 20th day of Jun??. Failure to make deliveries eta specified time will subject the contractor to a forfeiture of the number he may fail to deliver at that time. The Accoutrements must be boxed in the usual manner- the boxes to be charged cost, to be de termined by the inspector. Bidders will state explicity the Arsenal, or Ar senals, where they propose to deliver, and the number of sets they propose to deliver at each place, it for more than one. No bids will be considered from parties oth?r than regular manufacturers, and as such as are known to this Department to be fully competent to execute in their own shops the work prop ?sed for. Should any party obtaining a contract ofTer Accoutrements other than those made in his own shops, they will be rejected, and the contract rendered null and void. Bidders will enclose with their bids the written acknowledgments of their sureties over their own si snaf u res ?Each party obtaining a contract will be obliged to enter into bond with approved sureties for its faithful exeention. Upon the award being made, successful bidders will be notified and furnished with forms of con tract and bonds. The Department reserves the right to reject any or all bids if not deemed satisfactory. Proposals will be addressed to "Brigadier Gene ral Ge.orge D. Ramsay, Chief of Ordnance. Wash ington, D C ," endorsed, "Proposals for Cavalry Accoutrements." GEORGE D RAMSAY, Brigadier General) Chief of Ordnance, mv 3-eodlOt / kRDNANCE OFFICE, " War Department, Washington, D. C., Slay 8,1364. fEAi ED Proposals will be ree*'ivd by this de partment nntil MONDAY. May 30th, at i p. in., for the delivery at the New York Arsenal of 25,000 Light Cavalry Sabers, United States regulation pattern. These Sabers are to be mad" in strict ac cordance with the standard patterns to be s?en at the New York Arsenal. They are to be subject to the usual inspection and proof at the manufactory where made. Deliveries must be made in lots of not i?ss than one fifteenth (1 15th) p* r week of the whole number contracted for. The first delivery to be made on the 22U day of June, 1564. Failure to make deliveries at a specified time will subject the contractor to a forfeiture of the number he may fail to deliver at that-tira^. No bids will be considered from parties other than regular manufacturers of Sabers, and such as are known to this department t<? be such, oompe tent to execute in their own workshops the v>ork proj?oBc?l for , Each party obtaining a contract will be required to enter into bonds, with approved suretres, for its faithful execution. Bidders will enclose with th< ir bids the written acknowledgments of their sureties over their own signatures. Upon the award living made, successful bidders will be notified and furnished witnformsof con tract and bond. Th?- department reserves the right to reject any or all bias if not deemed satisfactory. Proposals will be addressed to "Brig. General GEOKGE I). RAMdAY, Chief of Ordnance, Wash ington. D. C.," and will be endorsed ' Proposals for Light Cavalry Sabers." GEORGE D. RAMSAY, my 11-eotd Brig. Gen. Chief of Ordnanco. PROPOSALS FOR COAL AND WOOD. S&NAT8 OF TlIK UNITED 8TATE3, J Office of the Seriecant-at Arms, S ,, , . ? , Washington, May 12, 1364.S Sealed Proposals will be received at this office nntil J2 o'clock noonon THURSDAY, the 2ifh instant, for the delivery in the vaults ofthe Senate wing ofthe Capitol of one hundred tons (2.240 lbs.) of large Egg or Steamboat Furnace WHITE ASH COAL. The Coal to be of the best quality, thoroughly screened, and weighed by the Chief Engineer to the Senate, or his assistant, and to be delivered as above on or before the 6th of June following Proposals will also be received at the same time and place for the delivery of twenty cords of the bestPINE WOOD, thoroughly seasoned, and to be delivered within the time and at the place for the delivery of Coal. The Coal and Wood to be packed away in the vaults as the Chief Engineer shall direct. GEO. T. BROWN, my 13 Sergeant-at-Arras U. 8. Senate. MAYOR'S OFFICE, May 12, 1&J4. ROPOSALS Will be received at the Mayor's office until 12 o'clock m. on Thursday, the 26th instant, foj grading and graveling Sth street west, trom Knode Island avenue to Boundary street. The gravel to be of a quality approved by the Commissioner and Assistant Commissioners The gravel to be nine inches in the center, ta roUe<f ?ff t0 r?Ur inches t0 gutter line when Bidders will state the price per cubic yard far grading and square yard for graveling. The superfluous earth-to be placed where the Commissioner of the Second Ward may direct And no part of the appropriation will be paid the contractor without a certificate signed by the Commissioner and Assistants certifying that the work has been done in a satisfactory manner an J according to contract. WM. RUTHERFORD Commissioner of the Second Ward JAMES II. SURE YE. Sr., WM. R. McCHESNEY, ' my 12-td Assistant Commissioners, J. HEIBERGER. SUCCESSOR TO H F . - LOUDON 4, CO., U "? CITIZENS' AMI) MILITARY >lft ? MERCHANT TAILOR, ffk Metropolitan Hotel. (late Brown's,) \tw 3<ia Pennsylvania avenue, ? "? ? oe*?-tf Washington, D. c. ESTABLISHED 1S30. ?A/,? .ISAAC HERZBERG A RON $20,000 to loan in all sums on Watches, Jewelrv Diamonds, Silver Ware, Ladies' and Gents' "faring Apparel, and for the purpose oImWm. enlarging our business, we have erected aA ? warehouse, and we now make loans on Merchan at our oId established stMd No 3.11 C St., betw. Rnd 6th. rear of National Hotel. tmhl-amj j. HBRZBERG & "'A" piiARIJIlD OlDiR! ? I hare Jnst received ??rI^<S?5Sl>,^?5JL! ? C^ROM LONrON.?larth. Air, Fire and Water- v* How to obserf e tLe Heavens; 3f. Tne Locomotive and Railway Acsidents- *n franck Taylor, PROPOSALS. pBOPOSALS f OR FOKAOB. Chjkf Quartermaster's Omot. I WAglHNfiTO* pBPOT. D?C. 8, 18m. | MMJiiuy;nn, u, v., oftiiimurs, A:examana, and Fort Monroe, V*., or either of these places, with Hay, Corn, 0?.t? and Straw. Bids will be received for the delivery of 5,000 Buetsels of corn or oats and 50 tons of hay or straw, and upwards. Bidders must state at which of the above-named poin.s they propose to make deliveries, and the rates at which they will make deliveries thereat, the quantity ef each article proposed to be deliv ered, tne time when said deliveries shall be COnx menced, and when to be completed. ? The price must be written out in words on the bids. Corn to np in good stout sacks, of about two bushels each. Oats in like sacks of about three bTheiR each. The sacks to be furnished without extra cnarge to the Oovenment. The hay and straw to be securely baled. The particular kind or description of oats, corn, 9r. straw proposed to be delivered most be stated in the proposals. AH the articles offered under the bids herein in vited will be subject to a rigid inspection by the Government Inspector before being accepted Contracts will be awarded from time to time *o the lowest responsible bidder, as the interest of the Government may require and payment win be made when the whole amout contracted for shall have been delivered and accepted. The bidder will be required to accompany his proposals with a guaranty, signed by two respon sible persons that in ease his bid is accepted he or they will, within ten days thereafter, execute the contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties in a sum equal to the amount of the con tract, to deliver the forage proposed in conformity with the terms of this advertisment; and in case tne said bidder should fail to enter into the con tract, they to make good the difference between the offer of said bidder and the next lowest respon sible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may he awarded. The responsibility of the guarantors must be shown by the official certificate of a U. 8. District Attorney, Collector of Customs or any other officer under tbe United States Government or responsi ble person known to this office. Afl bidders will be duly notiSed of the accept ance or rejection of their ^proposals. The full name and P. 0., address of each bidder must be legibly written in the proposal. Proposals must be addressed to Brig. Gen. D. H. Rucker. Chief Depot Quartermaster., Washington, D.C.,and should be plainly marked "Proposals for Forage." . Bonds, in a ram equal to the amount of the con tract, signed by the contractor and both of his guarantors, will be required of the successful bid der or bidders upon signing the contract. Blank forms of bid*, guarantees, and honds, may be obtained upon application at this Office. FORM OF?PROPOSATj. ? Town, County and State) (Date) I, the subscriber, do hereby prdpo?e to fjrn ish and deliver to the United States, at the Quarter master's Department at , agreeably to the terms of your advertisement inviting proposals for forage, dated Washington Depot, Dec. 8,1863, the following articles, viz : bushels of Corn, in sacks, at per bushel of So pounds ? bushels of Oats, in sacks, at per bushel of 32 pounds tons of Baled Hay, at per ton of 2,000 pounds tons of Baled 8traw, at per ton of 2,000 pounds. Delivery to commence on or b?fore the day of . It^j?, and to be completed on or before the day of ?, 1S6?, and pledge myself to enter into a written contract with the United States, with good and approved securities, within the space of ten days after being notified that my bid has been accepted. Your obedient servant, Brigadier General D. II. Rocker, General Depot Quartermaster, Washington, D. C. GUARANTY. We, the undersigned, residents oT , in the County of -, and State of , hereby, jointly and severally, covenant with the United States, and guarantee in case the foregoing bid of be accepted, that he or they will, within ten days after the acceptance of said bid. execute the con tract for the same with good and sufficient sure tieSj in a sum equal to the amount of the contract, to furnish the forage proposed in conformity to the terms of advertisement dated December 9, 18>3, under which the bid was made, and, in case the said shall fail to enter into a contract as aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the differ ence between the offer by said and the next lowest responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. Witness, (iiven under our hands and seals this day of , 186?. fSeal.l [Seal. | I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowl edge and belief, the above-named guarantors are good and sufficient e.s sureties for the amount for which they offer to be security. . To be certified by the United States District At torney, Collector of Customs, or any other officer under the United States Government, or respon sible person known to'this office. D. II. RUCKER, dec 9 tf Brigadier General and Q. M. fAHIEF QUARTERMABTER'3 OFFICE, T~ Deport nr WA3n;.vr;TOS,S Washington, D. C.. January 4,1 St>4. \ All dealers in Dnigs Hardware, Lumber. Leather, Office Furniture, Ilnrness, and Saddlery. are re quested to -.end to this office, on MONDAY <>l each week, a sealed proposal or li*t. in duplicate, oi the article* they ar<' prepared to furnish to this Depot at ?-hort notice, with tne price of eaeh ruarke 1 in plain figures, so that, in ease the exigencies of the service require it. the article or articles enn be obtained without delay, and at the lowest price. ? Dealers wishing to sell to this Depot will be re quired tofurni-h the list punctually every Monday morning. D. II KKCKBK. Brigadier General and Chief Quartermaster, ja S-tf Depot of Washington. ?02 SEVENTH STREET. 562 TO CARPENTSRS AND BUILDERS. ?0,000 Lights of Sash ?f all sizes, from SxlO to 12x30, glazed and unglazed, l.OGO pairs Blinds, 1,500 Doors of all sizes, styles and qualities, 2"0,000 feet Mouldings of various patteru.i, Also, a large* M?urtii>>-nt of Brackets, N6???5i rosts. Balusters, Door and Window Frames, Glass, Arc., Ac., making in all the largest and most complete stock in the builders'line ever offered in this market, all of which will be sold at small profits to make room for more con fctantly arriving from the factories. II. W. HAMILTON, Agent. N. B. I have also the agency for McLean's Ex celsior Sash Sustainer and the West Castle Siate Company's Mantels. The Sash Sustainer is the best thin? ever in vented, aside from weights and pulleys and at less than one quarter the cost. The Mantels manufactured by the above company are too well known throughout the country to re quire any comment upon. For cheapness, dura bility and beauty they surpassall othen. Sample can be seen at my office. H. W. HAMILTON. Agent, ap lu-eolm* 562 7th St., oppo. Center Market. 'HER MAJESTY" CHAM PAG!* E, THE ROYAL WINE OF ENGLAND. A limited quantity of this superior Wine hag been secured for the undersigned, and the Srst shipment of 600 cases has arrived, by the steam ship Olympus, direct from the cellars of the well known house of Messrs. DE VENOGE ft CO., at Epernay, France. The present invoice will introduced into this market at the very low of TWENTY DOLLARS PER CASE OP QUARTS payable in currency, which is much below its cost. i ? The superior quality of this Wine is guaranteed, and it is offered with confidence of its approval by connoisseurs. Orders for one or more eases may be addressed, by letter or otherwise, to the undersigned. WM. HENRY WARD, Wine and Fruit Dealer, No. 7 Broad street, near Wall, New York, ap l-30t WHITE VIRGIN WAX OP ANTILLES?A new French Cosmetic for beautifying, whitening, and preserving the Complexion. It is the most wonderful compound of tne age. There is neither chalk, powder, magnesia, bismuth, or tale in ita composition, it being composed entirely of pure Yirgin Wax?hence its extraordinary qualities for preserving the skin, making it soft, smooth, fair, and transparent. It makes the old appear young, tbe homely, handsome; the handsome, more beau tiful, and the most beautiful divine. Price 20 and H^PnT'8 BLOOM OP ROSES, a most perfect color for the cheeks or lips, does not wash off or injure the skin. Prioe 26 cents and $1. HUNT'S COURT TOILET POWDER, for whitening and preserving the skin. Price 26 and 60 cents. slanuflMstured by HUNT ft Co., 41 South Eighth street, Philadel phia. None genuine unless the name of " Hunt ft Co " is blown on the bottles. For sale at A. CROYEAU'S, 171 Baltimore street, Baltimore, and W. B. EN TWI8LE, corner Twelfth street ana Pennsylvania are., Washington D. C. apl-3m Happiness or miseryi-that is the QUESTION.?The proprietors of the "PARI SIAN^ CABINET OF WONDERS, ANATOMY, and MEDICINE," have determined?regardless of ex pense?to issue, free, (for the benefit of suffering humanity,) four ?>>?'? J - terestin^ tions. Ne digestion. Weakness, Depression, or ignorance ef Physiology and Nature's Law. These invaluable lectures have been the means of enlightening and saving thousands,and will be forwarded free on the receipt of four stamps, by addressing SecrUary Paristan Cabinet of Anatomy and Medicine, 563 Broadway, New Y ork. la IMy f <OCOA MATTING AT PRIVATE SALE. We have Just received from the importers for private sale, ten thousand yards of Cocoa Matting, different widths, at our furniture wurerooms, in the rear of our auction rooms. W. L. WALL ft CO., Auct rs and Commission Merchant*, south corner Pa. av. and 9th it TISH WANG, THE GREAT CHINESE ,REMEDYfot OONORRH(EA,OLEET, Etc. OSB Box WiLl, PiRKORM A CURB. ingredients are purely vegetable. It is ? to the taste, has no bad odor, and sas&yft1 .ft ? vest without fetr of JOHN I IT&M fre?' Prioe *' * hox. Sold by JUUM j. KROMKR. successor to 8.C Unham 40^ TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. BALTIMORE AJiD OHIO RAILROAD. On and after Snnday, April 10th, 1864, Daily Trains will be run between Washington and New York and Washington and the West, as follows : FOR PHILADELPHIA, NEW YORK, AND BOSK)N. Leave Wg?hington at 7.30 a m,11.15 a in,8.20 p m, except Sunday. _ On Sunday at 5.20p tn for PHILADELPHIA,and 7.50 p m for NEW YORK. Passengers for Philadelphia will take notice Aet the s.JO p m train ia the latest train daily for Phila delphia. The train at 7.50 p tn does not go to PMladtlphia, and ia for Ntu> York passengers exclusively. FOR BALTIMORE. Leave Washington at i.y a m, 7.90 a m, 11.15 a m. 3.00 p m, 4.30 p m, 6.20 pa, and 8.20 pm, except Sundays. On Sundays at 7.3" a m, and 3 and 5.20 p m. FOR ALL PARIS OF THE WEST. Leave Washington at 6.30 a m, and 3 And 9.20 p m daily, except Snnday. On Sunday, at 3 and 5.20 p m, only. FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH. Leave Baltimore at 3.45,4.20,7,9 and 10 a m, and 3 30, 4.45 and 7.50 p tn, daily, except Sunday. On Sunday, at 3.15 aud 4.20 a m and 3.30 p m, only FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Washington at 6.30 a m, and 3 and 4.30 p m, daily, except Sunday. No train for Annapolis on Sunday. Trains leaving Washington at7.30am end 7.60 p m go through to New York without change of cars. Sleeping Car on 7.50 p m train. Berths in sleep ng car can be secured until 5 p m, dally, at the Ticket Office; after that hour they must be secured of the sleeping car conductor. The first and fourth trains from Washington stop at all way points. Por further information, tickets of every kind, &e., apply to GEO. 8. KOONTZ. Agent at Wash ington Station, or at the Ticket office. W. P. SMITH. Master of Transportation, L. M. COLE, General Tfcket Agent. ap 11-tf United States 10-40 Lome* JAY COOKE A CO., v 469 Fifteenth Street, Receive Scbsoriptiohs row rnw NEW NATIONAL LOAN authorized by act of March 3, 1864, and knows M TEN-FORTY BONDS, being redeeir able at the pleasure of the Govera ment, after ten years, and payable forty years from date in coin, bearing interest at PI YE PER GENT A YEAR, payable on bonds not over Sioo annually, and on large bonds semi-annually, IN COIN. The COUPON BONDS will be issued in *50, ?100, f5K), and f l,noo. The REGISTEF.ED BONDS Will be issued in *50, fioo, 150), *1,000, W.ooe, and *10,0u0. These are the only gold-bearing securities of th Government new procurable at par, and, yielding at present yalue of coin OVER EIGHT PER OENT PER ANNUM, offer a very desirable investment for large or smell sums. We Bny and Sell, at market rates, GOVERNMENT BONDS, OF ALL ISSUES, TREASURY NOTES, CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS, and COIN, and pay the highest prices for QUARTERMASTER'S CERTIFICATE CHECKS. mn 29-tf ? ~JAY COOKE fc CO. IS EW YORK AND WASHINGTON STEAMSHIP OOMPANY. The Screw Steamskipe BALTIMORE, SALVG H. EMPIRE. - JAMES 8. G AXE It, AHD FAIRBANKS compose the line of this company, leaving foot Wall Street, New York, and foot High street, e.ornw.^rrW^J^I^.,. fe ?-Sm Foot Higk st., Georgetown. 1 A?fl ARTILLERY HORSES WANTED AT ljOOU ? ONCE. Ojfict of Chit/ Quartermaster, Dtvot cf Wn *Mn*tcn< f Washihgtos, D. C., April 11, :<J>j4. \ 1,000 HORSES, suitable for Artillery service, will be purchased at this depot, by the undersigned in open market, from date until May 11,1864. in lots of one to lii' one hundred and sixty-tive dol lars (-31G6) per animal; each aDimal to be subjected to the usual Government inspection before being accepted. Horses to be delivered to. and inspected by. Cap tain C. H. Tompkins, A. Q. M., II. S. A., corner of 22d and G streets, Washington. D. C. D. IT. KuCK Brigadier General and Chief Quartermaster, apll-27t Depot of Washington, D. C. G~ RAVEL ROOFS! GRAVEL ROOFS!! H. C WILSON A CO., successors to J. F. Walker ft Son. Washington, P. C. manufacturers of IM PROVED EIRE an.1 WATER l'KOOF PELT, CE MENT and GRAVEL ROOFS. Office?161 22d street, below Pa. ftvenue. Orders may be left at offit-e Mutual Insurance Company, 7th street and Louisiana avenue, or address to Post Office Box .034.- , .. All work executed promptly and on the most reasonable terms, and warranted. Repairs made promptly. ll-3m~ OULDINGS! M O U L D I N G SII mouldings:!I The undersigned is now prepared to execute or ders lor any styla or quantity of WOOD MOULD INGS, of superior finish and workmanship. Car penters and builders would do well to call and examine quality of work, &c., before ordering elsewhere. By energy, promptness and good work manship I hope to merit a share patron Excelsior Moulding Mitl. a.p7-lm* cor. 13th and O st*., Washington. rpO THE MU8ICAL PUBLIC.-J. M. 8TIEF, JL Piano Tub er and Repairer, would respect- MMU fully announce to his friends end the musical MM public generally that by leaving their orders at Mr. W. B. ENTWIBLE'S Drug 8tore, corner of Penn. avenue and 13th streets, they will be prompt ly and satisfactorily attended to. Orders from the country also attended to by ed dresslne to Washington Post OMse. fa 10-3m? jyjASSEY COLLINS A CO.S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALB AND PORTEE. I am now receiving large quantities of DRAUGHT ALE and PORTER from this celebrated Brewery, which I am prepared to fnrnish on short notice to all persons who will favor m? with their order*. Satisfaction guarantied. Orders given to my drivers will he promptly at tended to. Goods delivered in all parte of Washington and Georgetown, free of charge. Terms:?Cash #n dtlivtry. ? RILEY A. 8HINN, Agent. Vnitn Bottling Depot. 67 Greea St.. ap'i-t George town, D. O. |?J O N E Y.I MONEY! HONITI M. K. WALSH A GO* LICENSED PAWNBROKERS, _ Mo. 399 0 street, between 9th and loth it*.. Near the Varieties. Money advanced on Gold and Silver Watches Diamonds, Ladles end Gentlemen's Wearing Ap parol. Ac. to. 8s 11-Sm ROOIIH8 ??? H. O. WILSON A CO., Poo* or Ud St. W*bt, Wabeimqtof, D. 0.. Manufacturers of ROOFING FELT, DRY AND TARRED SHEATH ING. ROOFING CEMENT and LAMP BLACK, FELT AND CEMENT, Wholesale and Retail. Dealers supplied on the most liberal terms. Factory?Foot of 2Sd street west. Oflee?161 nt street, below Pe. avenue. mh ll-3m * FSABOIB MOHtm.1 [PKAX01S B. MOHCI, mOhun a son, Bucckbsoks to J. T. Lamua, LUMBER DEALERS, Canal, Enieten 12t\ and 13U Struts, Washington, 9. 0. The undersigned having purchased the Lumber Yard of Mr. Jno. T. Lenman, are now prepared to fnrnish Lumber of ell hinds at the market rates. They deelre to call attention to their large etoek which ttonslste in part of the following kinds; Abont 100,000 feet Walnut, ell thlohneesos, 100,000 feet X Poplar, prime, 100.000 *? Oak end Ash,. various sites, 1,000,000 feet Scantling and Joist, all lengths, 1,000,000 " White PUm Callings, 100,000 " 44 Flooring. Also, e large quantity of ell other kinds of Lumber mh 18 3m MOHUN A BON. 486 0VAL rlCT?P frames. new STCCK^^.^.486 Just received the richest, handsomest and most varied Btock of Gilt and Dark Wood Oval Picture Frames in the District. These goods are warrant ed. to be gilded with gold leaf ana of superior work* men ship. Also, e beautiful assortment of Card Yiaite Frames of foreign end domestic manufacture. All goods warranted as represented. ?Terms cssh. J. MAilKKITJsR, No. 4861th street, elght doors above ep 1-fmif* Odd Fellows' Hall. KA JUST RECEIVED. OU ROLLS 4 4 White and Check CANTON MAT TINGS, first importation, Also. 1,000 yards 4-4, 5-4, 6 4 and 8 4 FLOOR OIL ctf-THi ?r xcj _ . 369 7th street, bet, I ecu a sts, A ? v/is"oi?l r ?S4?*1 DIBKA8B8 OV 1MPBDDMN01. Relit f in Six Hamrt! No 7ViAint I PlMMM Ruintd by It nor ant PrUtndtri, or ftp Dtaclt* Pox son Mercury, should arflv A CVRBWARRA^^Daq?NOCHAMQM 13 FROM ONEJTOTWO DAYS. Weakness of the Back, Involuntary Dischargee, Stricture a, Affeetlona of tk? Kidney* u4 BUun, otoncy. General Debility, HerrwMM. Py? r. Uofsor, Loir Spirits, Oonfoaien of Ideas, itation of the Heart, Timidity. Trembling Dimneea of Bight or Glddlneaa. Disease of tke Bui, Throat. Nom or Skin, Affection* of the Liver, Lu|i, Btomack or Bowel#?thoee Terrible Dlaor* dera arising from Solitary Habits of Youth?tk? bio bit and solitary piaotloea more fatal to thai? Tietima than the song of Byreua to the marinere of Blyssua. blighting their most brilliant hopea cn anticipations, rendering marrUga, Ac., impoeri b,e* JO UNO ME It Especially, who have become the Tietima of Soli tary Tloe.that dreadful and dastruotiva habit whleb annuaHy sweeps to an antlmely grave thonaanda o0 Young Men ofthe moat exalted talent and brilliant Intellect, who might otherwise hare entranced lis tening Benatei with the thnndere of eloeuenss.s* waked to exataey the liring lyre,mar call with nUJ confidenca.^ PARTICULAR NOTICE. Theae are aome of the sad and melancholy aflMtf produced by early habits of youth, via: Weeks sag of the Back and Limte. Pain in the Head. Pirn a ess of Blgkt, Loan of Mucular Power, Palpitation o* the Heart, Dytpepay, Nervoua Irritability, De rangement of Ue I)l?atlTe Punctlona, Qeaenk De bility, Bimptoma of Gmsnmptiou, Jte. M**talitt.?The fearful effects on t*e mind am much to be dreaded?Loaa of Memory, Oonnudoo of Ideaa, Depreaaion of Bpirita, Bril forebodings* Aversion to Society. BelT-Distruat. Lore of BoU tode, Timidity, Marritd Ft sons, or roan* me* go n template* marriage, nware of Physical Weakness. Orguate Debility, Wasting of the Organs, Deformities, *0. sbould apply Immediately. He whe places himself under the care ofO , X. may rellgioualy confide In his honor aa agentlemas, and confidently rely upon hia skill aa a Pbyatoiaa. ORGAHIO WMAKNBSB, . IMPOT1II0T IMPEDIMENTS +0 MARRIAGE. By Dr. Johnston'a marvelous treatment. Weak ness of the Organs la apeedily cured and full vigo? restored. Thonaanda of the moat nervona, debili tated and Impotent, who had loat all hope, have been immediately relieved. All impediments to marriage, Pfcysfeal or Meattf Disqualifications. Loss of Procreative Power, Her voua Irritability, Tremblings, and Weakn*ea.or *s? hauatlon of the moat fearfdl kind, apeedily cured. DB. /OHNBTON. Member of the Boyal College of Burgeons, IiM? don. Graduate from one of the most eminent Col leges in the United States, and the ana tor part off whose life kaa been apent in the hospitals of Lon don, Par la, Philadelphia and elsewhere, has efleete# aome ef the moat astonishing cures that were ever known; many troubled with ringing in the heaS and ears when asleep .great alarme* at audden sounda, bashfalncaa, with frequsM blushing, attended sometimes with dsransemesf otm! who have injured themselves oy ? certain practise Indulged In when alone?a habit freeuently learned from evil companiona. or at scheol, the effects oC which are nightly felt, even when asleep, and if noQ cured renders marriage impossible, and destroys both mind and body, should apply Immediately, . What a pity that a young man, the hop* of contktry and darling of his parents, should b* snatched from all the prospects and enjoyments of life by the consequence of deviation from the pat* of nature and indulging in a certain secret ha bit. guch persons reflect that a sound mind and bodv are ths modi necessary requisites to promote connubial hapgi nass Indeed, without theae the Journey through life beoemea * weary pilgrimage; fke prospeet hourly darkens to tke view: the mind freoeme* shadowed with despair and filled wi tilths melan choly reflections that the happiness of another Iff nil disease, it often happens that an ill-timed senss of ahame or dread of discovery deters him froma* plying to those who, from education and respecta bility, can alone befriend him. He falla Into th* hands of ignorant and designing pretenders, who, inoapable of curing, filch hla pecuniary substaae*, keep mm trifling month after month, or as long sS the smallest fee can be obtained, and in daspalx leave him with ruined health to aigh over his gall ing disappointment; or, by the use of that deadly poison. Mercury, hasten the constitutional symp toms of this terrible disease, such aa Affections of the Head, Throat, Nose, Bkin. etc., progrssrinff with frightful rapidity until death puts an end to hie dreadful aufleringa by sending him to that ua* discovered country r "*m whose bourne notrifiliv r*OPPIOa 7 SOUTH yREDBRICK BTBBBT, left hand side going from Baltimore street, a few doors from the corner. Pall not to observe nam* ^SHTNOletters received unless post-paid and con taining a stamp to be used on the reply. PeraoaS writing should atate age, and aend portion of ad vertisement describing aymptoms. Tht Dr.'r Diploma k**zs i* his Qfits. INDORSEMENT Of THE PRSSB. The many thousands cured at this Institstloa within the last twenty years, and the numeroas important Surgical Operations performed by Dr, Johnston, witnessed by the reporters of "TheBun'* and many other papera, notices of whleb have ap? Seared again and again before the public besides ia standing aa a gentleman of character and re sponsibility, is a sufficient guarantee to tke af* SKIN DISEASES SPEEDILY CURED. Jag?-ly JECKET DISEASES! SECRET DISEASES S A M A R I T~A~ N ' 8 GIFT SAMARITANS GIFT/ THE MO?T CERTAIN REMEDY EVER USED, "Yes, A Positive Cure" for GONORIKEA, GLEET, StRlCTVRESt 4c. Contains no Mineral, no Balaam, no Mercury. Only Ten PiUs to be Ta'cen to Effect a Cwrt. They are entirely vegetable, having no smell nor any unpleasant taste, and will not in any way in jure the Rtomach or bowels of the most delicate. Cures in from two to four days, and recent cases In "twenty-four hours." Prepared by a graduate ot the University ofPennsylvania. one ofth<* ? eminent Doctor" and Chemists of the preso | > i FXPOSCRK. SO TROCnLB. NO CH ANGE WHA Let those who have de=paired of getting Cr who have been gorged with Balsam Co pa' llorcury, ^ (J/CT. Sent by mail in a plain envelope. Price?Male p&ckagea, il. 1'ciiiale f3. BT.OOD! BLOOD!! BLOOD!! SCROFULA, CLCKRS, SORES, SPOTS TETTERS, SCALES, ROILS, SYPHILIS OR VENEREAL DISEASES, ?fc. MAHARITAN'S ROOT ASD 11E-RB J VICE 3 Is offered the public as a positive cure. 8YPHILI8 OR VENEREAL DISEASES, the SA ftlARITAN S ROOT AND HERB JUICE, ia th* most potent, certain and effectual remedy eve? prescribed; it reaches an-1 era ticates every particls ofthe venereal thatthecureiatherougb antl permanent. Take then of this purifying reme dy and be healed, and do not transmit to your poa terity that for which you may repent in after years. DO NOT DESPAIR 1 Although von may be pronounced incurable, the SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB JUICES will remove every vestige of impnritiea from the ej stem, as well as all the bad trfTects of Mercury. FEMALES! FEMALES!! In many affections with which nurabera of Fe nvalea suffer, the ROOT _ AND HERB JUICES is most happily adapted, in Ulcerated Uterua, in Whites, iu bearing down. Falling of the Womb* Debility, and for all complaint-incidentto these*. Sent by express. Price $1 a bottle, or 6 bottles i f?r SAMARITAN'S CHANCRE WASH. Price 2S cents. Full directions. DESMOND & CO., Box 101 Philadelphia Port Office Sold by S. CALVERT FORD, corner of 11th and Pa. avenue. _ V> HENRY COOK, Alexandria. may?-tt s EH&duftte He TRIESEMAR?Protected by Royal Letters Pat ent of England, and secured by the seals of the Feole de Pharmacie de l'ario, and the Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna. Trieamar No. 1 is the effectual remedy for Relax ation, Spermatonrhoea. and Exhaustion ofthe Sys tem. Triesmar No. 2 has entirely superseded the nauseous use of Copavia, Cubebs. *c. Triesmar No. 3 is the infallible remedy for all Imparities and Secondary Symptoms, thus obviating tns nseol mercury and all other_deleterious ingredients. Each preparation is in the form of a most agree able Loienge. Secured from effects of climate ana changes of atmosphere, in tin cn?es, at f3 each, of four $3 cases in one for $9. and in $27 cases, thus saving $9. Divided in separate doses as adminia* 0??. 0?roRD. So. 290 v. ..., corner 11th street. mar 9-3m YC O N F I D E N T IAL. , OUNG MEN who have injured themselves bp certain secret habits which unfit them for businees, pleasure, or the duties of married life; also middle aged or old men, who, from the follies of youth or other causes, feel a debility in advance of thei* years, before placing themselves nnder the treat ment of any one, should first read "THE 8BCRM FRIEND." Married Ladles will learn something of importance by perusing "The Secret Friend. Sent to any address, in a sealed envelope on ra? ?,?totT?QD.?UBiddr,isw ^ de l<-ly Boston. Mass. A DAMS EXPRESS COMPANY, __MTT_ A OFFICE 314 PA. AVENU*, y Washington, D. 9i c V\STFRN. NORTHERN, AND WKST* G?AT /^syxPJ^8S?0RWARbERS. MirBOHANDI8K. money, jewelry, valc ABLE& NOTES, 8TOCK8. BONDS, ia, ? WA PHILADELPHIA BALTIMORE GIN JSSJSSuHSSttr'\hPcANAB3jXfSli BRITISH PROVINCES and other steamship line to LI V ERPOOL, SOUTH AMP TON and HAVRE and thence by European expresses to nil promrnent commercial towns in Great Britain and the Conti n Collection of NOTEH, D^FTS, and BILLS mad* at all acwsRible parts ^rthe Un.tod Btotos.^ WaahingtoB, D. C.

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