Newspaper of Evening Star, May 21, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 21, 1864 Page 1
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V?. XXIII. !N-; 3,504. AUCTION SALES. ?TTR? DAT*. |^Y v?M L Wall i CO., Austioneer#, ?JHi' AT 8ALU0K OARlllAflBi AND HARNB38 AT \CCTION. On riU RfeDAY M()R:<INH.May W.commencing at 10 o'clock, we will tell at the Carriage Reposi to y of Thoor vi Young No 400 Pennsylvania av., rear 4S street. aou'h Bile, hlslarg* and extensive t'cH of tirat-cla<s Carriages, A e., embracing? fiNew and S?o nd Hand Family Carriages and Coaches,u,r one and two Hones. part very tine, W Top aid So Top and Trotting Wmod), ?exeral Brett*, Phaetons, and Pbyeioian'a Pbaetoss. 1 Second Bar ?i French Ccopo, 1 English Dog '?'ason, Several Barouch and Hog?? Poles, 40 Setts *rst cl?s? DjuMe and Single Harness, Sil ver and Jajao mounting, p^rt of which is verf fine. Tr eetber with other Carriages not enumerated. The ab)ve stock the largest and finest assortment of Carriages and Harness ever offered ? t auction in this city, and !s disposed of on aocount Of Mr. Yomg retiring from business, and we es pecially call the attention of purchasers to thia aale as the will be p?r?mptorily Bold. The Repository is fjr rent and it is one of the best stands in the cltv for any kind of Vasineas, inquire on the promises. Terms cash. my 13 _ WM. L. W \LL & CO.. Aucta. J^Y J. C. MeGUIRE V CO., Auctioneers. PUBLIC SALE OP VALUABLE IMPROVED PbOPERTY. COR> ER OF SIXTH AND D 3rd., il.tUN'D.) By viitue.of the order and decree of the Orphans' Court of the District of Columbia, passed in-the matter of Ann Elisabeth and Mary Am Baroes, orphans of Hauton Barnes, deceased, bearing date on the lf>th day of February, A. D . 1884. an I duly conficmed by the Supreme Court of the District of Colombia, in Chancery sitting, I shall off. r f-.r sale at Public Auction, to ihe highest bidder, in front of the premises, on MONDAY, the 3.1d day of May, 1864, at 6 o'clock, p m., the entire undivided right, trtle, and interest of the ssid Ann Elizabeth and Mary Ann Barnes, in'ant children or the said flan aon Barnes, deceased, of, in, and to all that certain lotof ground, situate, lying, and being in the City ?f Washington, in the District of Colnmbia, aud known and desigxated as lot aumbered (21>in "Todd and GunnellV'sub divisian of Square numbered four hundred and sixty five (4*'5)ofthe plan of the City of Washington With the insjriv.3? ments thereon .consisting of a large and conveni ent fra&ie dwelling bouse. This valuable properly is situated on the corner of Sixth street west and I) street senth. in the Seventh Ward, in a healthy neighborhood aud offers great inducements to purchasers. Terms: One-ha'fcash: the ba'ance in 6 and li months, tbe purchaser giving his note, or notes, for the deferred payment, with approved security, besrinz interest from the day of mle. Title deed to be retained until the whole of the purchase moiM is paid. All conveyancing at the c?st of the purchaser. JOSIAII SIMPSON, Guardian to Ann Bllzabeth ant Mary Ann Barnes. At tbe same time and place- and on the same terms mectioned in the above advertisement, I ain ? peoialy authorized to off-r for sale the right, tit e and interest of James H . Barnes, adult heir of said Tlsu s. n Barnes, decerned. of, in.and to thethesaid lot No 21 in "Todd and Guno?!l'8"sub division of Fsuare No. 4&<>, of the plan of the City of Washing AJ1 com (sancinc at the cost of t't purcria->4r, my 12 eotd BIUVaON Ageut. . w. McGUIuE A. CO.. Aucts, ?- ? ?M L. WALL & CO., Auctioneers. n ? UNITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE OF SCHOONER ?' INDIAN," HER TACKLE AND OAROO. In virtue of a decree issued from tae Clerk's Of fce of the Supreme Court of the United States, for the District of Columbia and to me directed, I will 4-pll at public sale, for cash, at tbe foot of 6th street wharf, on the Potomac river, on MONDAY, the 23d d-> y of May. inst., 1864, commencing at lOoclock, a in. Tbe schooner " Indian." her tackle, Ao., is. ALSO. T2 Pifs. 12 Chickens, 7 Boies Scaars. 1 bbl. Flour and 1 Ham. 2 Loaf Sugar, 1 Sack Salt, Lot Soap, ana Lot Brooms. _ _ WARD U LAMON, U 8, Marshal, D C. my,17-dJtdti by WM. L. WALL A. CO., Aucts. (Chron.1 0ajil:2i aTwILLIAMB, Auctioneers. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON SEVENTH, DETWBEN N AND O STREETS NORTH, AT AUCTION. w ? ? . On MONDAY, the 23d instant, we shall sell, in front of the premises, 6 o'clock, p. m . part of Lot No. 12 in Square No.?3 having a front of 41 feet 8 ioohes on 7th, between N and O streets no;th, and ICO feet deep . ... The above mentioned property is beautifully sit uate 1 in a very desirable btudntsa location, and btreet railroad immediately in front. Terms: One-thijd cat-b. balance in four, e;gbt, and twelve mont' - the pnrcriaser to give notes for tbe deferred payunnia, bearing interest from day A deed given and a deed of trust taken. * WILLIAMS Ancta. JJNlTiD BTATE8 MARSHAL'S SALE. In virtue of a writ of Fieri Faciaa. Issued from the Clerk'a Office of the Supreme Oonrt of the United Statea. for the District of Columbia, and to me directed, I will expose to public sa'e, for cash, at the front of the Court Housedoor,of said Coun ty, on WEDNESDAY, the 25th day of May next, J3?4. at 12 o'clock m., all defendant s right, title, el aim and interest in and to the north part of Lot No. 34, in Sanare No. K77, bounded as follows Beginning for the same at the southeast corner of Lot No. 33, on the line of Seventh etreel east, run ning thence west 97 feet, thence north 3" feet, thence east 97 feet to the beginning, together with all singular, the improvements thereon, seized and levied upon as the property of Samuel and Joseph Arnold and will be soid to satisfy judicial No 23?, ii? favor of White, MiJdletou & Beall, use of Blias "mTa'^ WARD H. LAMPS. P. B. Marshal, P.O. V AVY DEPARTMENT, WASHtwr.TO*, May 2,19ol. COPPER SCALE There will be offered for sale at public auction on THURSDAY, June 2, at 12 o'clock, m , at the United States Navy Yard, Washington, about sev enty-five thousand pounds of Copper Scale. It can be examined at any time previous to the day of ?'ale upon application to the Commandant oi the Washington N*vy Yard. Samples of similar a> ale have shown K2 per cent, of metallic copper. Twenty per cont or the purchase money must he deposited at the time of the sale, anl twelve days will be allowed to remove it froai the yard; and,jr x ?t ao removed, the deposit will be forfeited to the Government. ? . . All paytaeuti to be made in Government fnnu, and before the scale ia removed from the Navy Y T<\ my.4-eo2w "a uctionbal*Of condemmbdhorsesT War DKPABTVK5T. CaviLaY Bdbbad, Oppicb of Chibp Qlaitirmaitii, Waskintto*. D. C.. April 25.1?64 , Will be aold at public auction. to the highest bid der. at the times and pl*cea named below, vi*: Newport, Penna . Tnuraday. Ma^ 5th, Gettysburg. Penna.. Monday. May 9th, Altocna. Penna 'Thur;day, May l?th, M iff in, Penna., Thursday, May 19th, Blading, Penna., Thursday. M;iy >6th, Lebanon, Penna., Thursday, June 2d, Northumberland, Penna., Thursday, June 9th. Scranton, Penna.,Thursday, June loth. WllHamanort, Penna , Thursday, June 251. One Hundred (!??) horses at G. tty?burg and Two Hundred and Fifty (2?>> at each of the other placer These horses have been condemned as unut tor the cavalry service of the United Sta-es Array. For road and farm yurpoaea many good bargains nav be had. Sale^b^in^at'lO a. m*, and continue daily until " r?uwl 'XXk ap'* tje20 Lt.Coi and C. Q. M Cavalry Bureau. SaliTof CONDEMNED CLOTHING. CAMP IS AND GARRISON EQUIPAGE. TENT CUT hoarier master'< OJtce, DtpotWaxhinwlonA c kin w ar- Wathin.ton. li C, Mty 12.1.^4. \ WN1 be sold at public anction. at Government Warehouse, No. 6 17th street, between H and 1 streets, Washington City, D. C.. at 12 o clock M., THURSDAY, May1864, under the supervision of Capt D. G. Thoraaa, M. S. K.. U S. A., a large lot of storea condemned as unfit for public ser T'infanTry and CavalryCoatsand Trowsers,Shirts, Drawers, Stockings, Telt Hats Cans Trumneta. Bugles. Vlatrs. Dru?s, Tents. Teni Poles, Mess Pans, Camp Kettlaa. Bpades, Shovels, Knapsacks. Haversacks Bed Baoha, &c., Ae., Ac. Alse. about sixty (60) tona of Tent Cuttings. Terms <-aab, in Government funds. Successful 4>idder? wUTbe required to remove the storea within fire (?) ^ALJ OF CONDEMNBD^BTUCK. *' WA*D*PA*TMl*T,CATAL*TBOMin, J Ofrrr Qf Chief (Jwutermaster, > Washi*?ton, D. ( ?. May 14,1864. i Will be sold at Public Auction to the highest bidder, at Gieaboro Depot, on THURSDAY, the 28th instant, beginning at 10 o clock, a^in . fr?m one hundred and fifty (10 > to two hundred (?*'> DOV8E8 The-e horaes have been gondemned aa unfit for the cavalry aervice of the Army. lor road and f?rm parposes many good bargains may be naa, Horses ao'd ainxly. I,rm.o.,h,I.t.8.~!r.r,iiig A Mllf my 17-td l.t. Col. ACQ. M.. Cav. Bureaa K 'NITED BTATE8 MARSHAL'S SALB. r_ -irtn- of two wrlt< of Fieri Faeias iasued from the C^ s o^ce of the Circuit Court of the iHatriet of Columbia, and to me dlreoted, I will to public sale, for cash, at the front or the Coe^rt Houae door, of aaid county. on MON DAY the ^of Jgna at 12 o clock M., allda ^Ant s rieht title, claim, and interest in and to J,,?No l 2 and 3, in S-uare No. 9?, being the h1?i led third nart of aai^ Lots, seised and levied S Mnu tb enropertT o f Wi.liam Donglasa and will sold to ?jaiisfTlud icialNo.^and W^toOcto^ > ,_ t.rm iku m favor of Wm. U. W. wane ana f ^ ?f B-' 8"w M\ ^LDE^"'' D'.'.V ^dAds late U. 8. Marshal. D 0. ^litOf CONDEMNED HORSBB AND MULES. * . , r^nrttrmasi '* Q/fif. Deft of WaskmntonA D.C., April 27. li?4. i ur-ii anld at oublic auction, at the Oorral.near ,vWni^,^tory n tl' City of Washington, b. C., cn'wbTbllsDlt,K.y 11, 1*4.aad Wj!)NEBDAY. AND MULBS. id comiiwao* I" 0 e"p ft**ECOR JS. ? j. a._ aad Chief Quarter matter, *p,r*t ?^'X>?pet?fWMWn<V)?,D,0, , AUCTION SALES. PUTVRB DAYV J]|V J. C. McGUIRE 4 CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALS OP~VALUABLE SLAUGH TER HOUSE PROPERTY, with Brick Building. Brirh and frame Dwellicg-houses, and VACANT LOTS near the Nav Yard, belonging t? the estate of the late Chfti ios Miller. On WEDNESDAY Ai-'TERNOON. Mar 18th. at 4 o'clock, qd the premises, commencing with the first named and continuing in the order herein nar-ed. by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court ol the District of Columbia, sitting in chancery, passed on the Oth day of April, 1?GJ, In a certain canse wherein Geo. W. Miller is complainant and Ellen Miller et al. are defendants, (No. 146,) we ?hell sell Lots Nos. 1,2 3,4,5,6. 7.8,9,10.24, 25, 28 , 27. and 28, in Senate No. 963, fronting respectively on 9th and V th streets east and south N street, imnr3ved by a brick dwelling house, slaughter house, stables pens, Ac., known as the slaughter yard of the late Charles Miller, to be sold entire or di vided as may be deemed most desirable. Immediately after. Lots l. 2. 3. and 4, in Square No 954. fronting on south 0 street, between 9th and 10th streets east. Immediately after, part of lot No 2. in Square No 976, fronting 5?>feet 8 inches on south M street and running back 94 feet 3>? inches on l'tth street aast and improved by a double two-story frame dwf!'.:ng house. Immediately after, part of Lot No. 1, Square No. 952, beginning for the time at A3 I' .et, c Inches from the southeast corner of said lot and tVnoe run ning west and fronting on M strep* V tetft, thence north 75 feet 6 inches, thence east 17 f?et, then.-9 south 75 feet 6 inches to the* beginning. together with the improvements, consisting of a three-story brick-dwelling honse. Immediately after, part of Lot 2, same Square, beginning for the same at a point on M street s^uth. Iiki feet from east l"th street, thence north abont72 feet, thence west 23 feet U inches, thence south about 72 feet, thence east 23 fe^t 9 inches to the beginning, to*e?her with the improvements, consisting of a two-story brick dwelling house. Immediately after, part of Lot No. 3. in Square No. 999, being the south part there )f, fronting 3* feet on 11thstreet east andfrunninz back that width on M street south 8') feet, together with the im provements. consisting of a frame dwelling hou e. Immediately af!er, Lot 13. in Square No. 1.023. fronting 90 feet on 13th street ea*t. ?t thec-"-" !- '"Ut ^ ?o<i running baelc ?5?eet,lo atiuel1 Uitli ilid improvements, consisting 91 ? three story brick dwelling house, with threfi story brick back building Terms : One third in cash.the remainder in 6,12, and 13 months, with interest, for which the pur chaser must give Dotes secured to tne satisfaction of the Trustees, The purchaser to have the option of paying all in cash. . , . Conveyancing and stamps at the coat of the pur chasers If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days thereafter.the Trustees reserve the right of rebelling, at the risk and expense of thedefaulting furchas*r. ou ?ne week's notice in the National i1Eg &>S825f ? A. THOS. BRADLEY, Trustees. ?p 21 eoAds J, C. McGUIRE A CO , Aucts. THE ABOVE SALE TS POSTPONED IN consequence of th?* rain, until WEDNESDAY AF TERNOON Ma v i5th. at S o'clock OEO. A BOHRF.R, E. C. MORGAN. A. THOS. BRADLEY. Trustees, my 19-dA-l- .1 C McGUIRE A CO . Aucts. R y J. C. McGUIRE A VO., Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE OP SUPERIOR GOLD WATCH EC. FINE JEWELRY, TWO FINE PLATED GLASS O APES. COUNTER, Ac. On WEDNESDAY EVENING. May 25, and con tinue each evening thereafter, until th# whole are disposed of. at7* o'clock, at the Auetion Rooms, we shall fell, to the highest biider, on account of a dealer declining business? Pix superior Gold Hunting Case Watches, Gold Vest, Fob, and Guard Chains of various pat terns, Fine set ts of Jewelry in boxes. Finger Rings, Ear Rings, Breastpins, Sleeve But tons. Studs. Ac., Ac ALSO. 4 Cases Surgical Instruments. Parties in want of Jewelry are invited to the sale, as the quality of ibe goods m%y be relied on. lerms cash. my.i8-d J. C. MoGUIRPA CO., Aucts. B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. bALKOF VALUABLE UNIMPROVED PROPER TY By virtue of a decree ot the Orphans' Courtof the District of Columbia passed the 10th day of May. 1861, which decree has been approved by the Su preme Court of said District, in Equity sitting, No. :2?. 1 shali Public Auction,to the high est bidder, on MONDAY, the 30th day of May. 1854, at 6 o'clock, p m.,all of sub-division Lot num bered 61, in Square numbered 545, with appurte* nances. Terms of sale, cash. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. Upon default of the purchaser to comply with the terms of sale, the property will be re-sold at his expense, upon giving three days further no tice. ISABELLA B. MAOlLL. Guardian, my-18-d OBKBN .y WILLIAMS. Aucts. B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. ELEVEN VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS FRONT ING ON V AND W AND TENTH STS. NORTH, AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, the 24th instant, we shall sell, in front of the premises, at S o'clock p. m., the loMowing handsome Building Lots, viz : Lots No. 2, 4,7.8, 13.11.15, 16. 17, 18, and 19, in sub-division of Square No. S.VS; these lots have fronts of 25 feet each, running back 95 feet to alleys, and very handsomely situated. Terms : One third cash; balance in six an4 twelve months, for notes bearing interest. A deed given and a deed ef trust taken. AH conveyance and stamp6 at the cost of the pu ? c 1) my ]H -I GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts._ |^Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. HANDSOME BUILDING LOT ON TWENTY FIFTH feTREEf WEfeT. BETWEEN H AND I STREETS NORTH, AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, the 24th instant, we shall sell._at 6 o'clock, p. in,, in front of the premises. Lot No. 3. in Square No. 29. This property is handsomely oituaUd. fronting 64 feet 4 inches. on Twenty-fifth street, and contains 5 516 feet more or less. Ttrms: One hall't ash, balance in six months, for nctes bearing interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser, my.18 d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. B V J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. STOCKS AT PUBLIC SALE. On WEDNESDAY AFTEHNOON, May 25, at 5 o'clcck, at the Auction Rooms, we shall sell, in Lots to suit? 63? shares of the capital stock of the Firemen's I o surance Company ?.f Washington and George t wn, 58,<* o Washington City Corporation six per cent, si ock. $2,t0f? Washington and Georgetown 1st mortgage railroad bonds ? $'2,775 Bank of the Metropolis Stock. Terms cash. _ my.lS-d J. C. McGUIRE A TO., Aucts. |?Y WM. L. WALL A CO ^Auctioneers. UNITED STATES MARSHAL'S PALI OF SCHOONER ? DEFY," HER TACKLE AND CABGO. In virtue of a decree issued from the Clerk's Of fice of the Supreme Court of the United States, for the District of Columbia, and to me directed, I will sell at public sale for cash, at the foot of 6th street wharf, on the Potomac river, on MONDAY, the 23d day of May, inst., 1864, commencing at 10 The sch'ooner14 Defy," her tackle, Ac., Ac , Ao. also, A cask containing lard. 1 0t WARD H. LAMON. U. 8. Marshal,D. C. mv.17 dAds by W. L. WALL A CO.. Aucts. [Chron.] J?Y J. O. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. TRC8TE1S' SALE OF~VALUABLE REAL E3 TATE-BRICK HOUSE AND LOT. By virtue of a decree of th* Supreme Coart ofthe District of Columbia, sitting in Chancery, passed on the 9th Cay of May. A D.,18H4, w-hsrein, Elwln C. Morgan and Walter 8 Cox, Trustees, were com plainants. and Sosan G. Walker et al.. defendants, we will sell, the following described Real Eatate and the improvements thereon, namely, Lot No. 2", in Square No. one hundred and seventeen, (117.) and the improvements thereon, consisting of a Brick Dwelling Honse on M street between l?th and 20th, in the City of Washington. District of Columbia, ou the premises. MONDAY, 13th day of June, at 6 o'clock p. m. . , , The termsof sale will be, one-third ca-h, balan-.e in 6 )J and 18 months, bearing interest, ano se cured to the satisfaction of the 'Irostees' purcha sers will have the ?'??????"J.SVi** ca*h E C MOUliAH. i Trii / WALTER* COX^J Trunees my,19-3awAds J.C McGUIRE A CO. Aucts. P ABM AT AUCTION. SALE POSITIVE. I will sell, on the premises, on WEDNESDAY, J5th day of May, the fine estate known as Mount Zephyr. It contains 645 acres of prime npland in a high state of cultivation. fine dwelling, ?o??l fenc ing. a variety of choice fruit, growing cross, stock and household furniture. Ac. It is about 1>? miles from Mount Vernon Wharf, 6 from Alexandria, 13 from Washington City. . Terms: for personal property cash; for real es tate, one thirtfpath, one-third in three years, ona third in six years, with interest, semiannually. JPor further particulars address Win. Ward.Mt, Zephyr, Alexandria, Va. W. J. BROWN, Auctioneer. my,2,5,7,11,14,17,21.25, _____ 1 PRIZES CASHED N All legalised lotteries. Information given. Circulars sent free, and all orders promptly at tended to. Address JOSEPH BATE8,11 Wall street. N. Y.. if X lm* AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC JCANTERBURY HALL,I AND H A L LfCANTERBURY HALL,{ THEATER L0DT8IA51 ATBNOB, Near Comer of Sixth Street, Rear of Naiiotwl and j Metropolitan Hotels. Sign of the Big Calcium Light, e*o?o? Lba,??? j . ?? ?Proprietor W. E. Cahataugh?..? ?..BtageManager, GREAT EVENT OP THS DAY, Performed at four different Theaters in Now York on the same night to ENTHUSIASTIC AUDIENCES f JOHN P. POOLE'8 VERSION OF CCi>JO'S CAVE, CUDJO'8 CAVE, CUDJO'S CAVE, CUDJO'8 CAVE), CUDJO'8 CAVE, CUDJO'S CAVE, CUDJO'S CAVE. CUDJO'S CAVE, CUDJO'S CAVE, CUTJO'S CAVE, CUDJO'S CAVE. CUDJO'S CAVE, CUDJO'S CAVE, CUDJO'S CAVB, OR TtlK BATTLE-CRY OF FREEDOM. BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM. RATTI.E-CRY OP FREEDOM. BATTLE-CRY OK FREEDOM. B ATTLE-CkY OF FREEDOM. BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM. NEW SCENERY AND APPOINTMENTS. NEW SCENERY AND APPOINTMENTS. NEW SCENERY AND APPOINTMENTS. NEW SCENERY AND APPOINTMENTS, A Village in East Tennessee. A Ravine in the Cumberland Mountains. ? Barber Jim's Cellar. The Burning Mount-tins. Water talis and Cliffs in the Cumberland Moun tain*. Machinery by H. Walker. A !_ * a- v it - a ??? Vhe B< \ illftl-H ifiwMD U, 1*4 rM. ^ rl* -r 11... J , tions ever presented To tiie public. EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK, And on SATURDAY AFTERNOON . at 2 p. m., will he presented tlie New Drama, dramatized express ly for the Canterbury, by John F. Poole, Esq., en titled CUDJO'S CAVE, on thk BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM. POMP, a self eruancipated*bond man?. J DEFORREST Cudjo, a deformed negro.and a fugi tive, but sound in heart Billy West Penn Hapgood.a Quaker schoolmas ter J.J. Dcugherty Cart Minnevick, a German boy, fall cf courage and of cunning W. B.Cavanagh Rev. Mr. \ illars, an aged clergyman and blind . . . Mr. Toby, an 3ld negro, and servant to Mr, Villars John Mulligan StackbridgeJ I...Mr. Leffert Withers ....5 Tennessee Unionists < ? Mr. Harper Grodd \ , f ? McPherson Lysander Pprowl....l I Silas Ropes j Aug. Blythewood. I j Mr Wiiliams Dan PepperillSecessionists. ' Mr. Sullivan Gftil. . I Wilson D^rring...-. I i .....Howard Davis j _ I.... Johnson Virginia Villars, the clergyman's daughter _ .Jennie Forrest Mrs. Sorowl, a widow as has lost her brother Lucy Ciifton SYNOPSIS OF SCENERY AND INCIDENTS. t-CF.NK I.?The First Mutteringsof the Storm in Tennessee?The Vigilance Committee?Prepara tions to Hang the Schoc 1 master?" What's the Use of EddieationV"?The Hanging interrupted by Pomp?The First Blow for Freedom?Tableau?The Lone Winder and her Hopeful Son?A Height Pros pect in View?Niggers Cheap and Money Plenty? The " Wanderers on the Face of theArth"?Vi! lar's House?The Schoolmaster Hunted Down southern Hospitality Illustrated?Toby and " de Debil"?Silas Ropes in Pursuit of the Fugitive? Mysterious Disappearance of Penn Ilapgood?Rage of the Man Hunters?Whipping a Free Nigger? Carl Works a Miracle?Attack upon Villars?A Daughter's Devotion?Struggle with Silas Ropes? '? Pomp, the S^ave!''?" No. Pomp, the Freeman !" ?Tableau?Exterior of Cudjo's Cave?The Fugi tive Finds a Friend?The Cave a Refuge?Is it Gloomy ??The House of Bondage is Gloomy?Is it Dauipv?It is not^vitli the Cruel Sweat of the Slave's Brow and Back?Is it Cold??The Hearts of our Tyrants are Colder?Mountain Pass?The Committee Still in Pursuit?Capture of Penn?A Moment ?1' Peril?Sudden Appearance of Pomp and Cudjo?One Wiped Out?Pomp's Swing for Life Preservation of Penn?Grand Tableau?The Bat tle Cry of Freedom. SCENE 2.?The Return into Danger?Penn Finds a Substitute, a Volunteer for Lysander?Stack - ridge's Hat and Coat get arrested?The Guard Home?The Dark Hour Before Dawn?Carl a Con federate Soldier?The Drugged Liquor?Cudjo on Hand?A Willing Primmer?Pomp to the Rescue? The Triumph of the Bayonet?BsMpa of the Priso ners?Tableau?On the Mountain?Carl l? tho Hands of the Philistines?A Stroke for Liberty?A Phrenological Developernent?The Trust at th? Round Bock?Virginia in the Wood?Hopes and Fears?A Dark Night and a Sad Road?Silas Ropes Still in Pursuit?His Desperate Resolve?"Fire in the Mountain: Burn 'em Out'?The^Mountain For rest on Fire?Perilous Position of Virginia?Saved by the Desperate Heroism of Pouip?Thrilling Tableau. . (This scene occupying the entire length of the t-tajre. is one of the most magnificent and effective ever presented.) SCEN E 3.?Interior of Cudjo's Cave?Blythewood a Prisoner?Master and Slave Change Places,?The Hour of Vengeance?Blythewood's Life Saved by Virginia ? Attack Threatened ? Treachery ? Vir ginia's Defense of the Cave? Death of Blythe wood Tableau?The Lone Widder's Idea of Confiscation? Tlie Women Whippers?A Little Mistake?Cudjo After " Provisions "?Comes Off Well Loaded? Cudjo's C'ave?Love Making in the Wilderness? TheCouucil of War?The Cave Discovered by Silas Ropes?Preparations for Defense?The Attack-A in ? TFa).w^t>\a ?/. PnH i<?'u Puna /lru *wl T.? vjijnd?Her Heroic Resolve?Capting Sprowl Makes a Speech?The Mountain Torrent?Desperation of Vh-ginia - Timely appearanee of Pomp -Cudjo's Vengeance ? Startling Death of Cudjo and Silas ltoiies?The Last Attack?Defeat of the Secession ist?The Old Flag Floats Again in Tennessee Grand Tableau of Victory. l'irst appearance of the Great Contortionist, DON SANTIAGO GIBBON'NOISE. DON SANTIAGO GIBBONNOI^K. DON SANTIAGO GIHUONNOISE. DON SANTI AGO GI BBONNOTSE, DON SANTIAGO GT UBONNOISE. DON SANTIAGO GIBBON'NOISE. Return of the favo: ito Ethiopian Comedian, BILLY WEST, HILLY WEST, BILLY WEST, BILLY WEST, BILLY WEST, BILLY WEST. JOHN MULLIGAN, JOB N .MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, J. J. DOUGHERTY, J. J. DOUGHERTY, J. J. DOUGHERTY, J.J. DOUGHERTY, H. W. WILLIAM8, H. W. WILLIAMS, H. W. WILLIAMS, IN THEIR ETHIOPIAN ECCENTRICITIES. MISS JENNIE ENGEL, MISS JENNIE ENGEL, MISS JENNIE ENGEL. JENNIE AND ESTELLE FORREST, LUCY AND EMMA GARDNER, KITTY LEB. MISS NAOMI PORTER, LUCY CLIFTON, MISS EMMA 8CIIELL, MAGGIE WILSON,/ Ac. Ac. Ac. In their Charming Ballets and Divertissements. Change in the Olio Department Each Night, Change in theOlie Department Bach Night, Change in the Olio Department Each Night, Change in the Olio Department Each Night, Change in the Olio Department Each Night, Change in the Olio Department Each Night. Admission 10 % Orchestra....-.-.... ? .. BO Private Boxes, holding six persona. 6 00 Doors open at 7 o'clock; Performance to com mence at 8 o'clock. FAMILY MATINF.E SATURDAY AFTERNOON FAMILY MATINEE SATURDAY AFTERNOON FAMILY &ATINEE 8ATURDAY AFTERNOON AT TWO O'CLOCK. ' - Ladies 28 cents; Children 10 cents, M'LLB MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA RAVBL, The beautiful Spanish Danseuse and Tight Rope Performer, will make her first appearance in Washington in thiee years. Alao, the celebrated Dancer, MONS. BAPTI8TIN, MONB. BAPTISTIN, With M? entire new Ttoupe, in ft few <Ujr?. AMUSEMENTS. 'J* E R E S A CABRESO'S THIRD ? ,1 * JAREWELL GRAND CONCERT Will take p!?ce THIS(Saturday) EVENING. May 21st, ODD FELLOWS' HALL. wt33 TO MORROW (Saturday) EVENING, MI S3 CAhHEN?* will give a GRaND SACREDOON ERT jit the above hall, for which the most desirable and < hoicest selections will be made, both for th > in i truii'entn.1 and vocal programme. The acconp-i n>i!;? a tist?. so talented and popular, will aid la b< tli m'ertaintr ents.. 7 icke's. with reserved seats, Tickets of al mii-sioi! fio cents; to be had at Ellis's Music St .ire and nt t; g door. Concerts to commence at 3V o'clock It GKOVER'S THKATER. Pesnstlvaria at., keab WillardV HoTHI. Leonard Gbover Dirnctor THE COOLEST THEATER IN AMERICA. VEN TILATEDBY OVER XOO WINDOWS. ICE WATER tOti THE AUDIaNCE! Immense hill fo*V the last appearance of MISS MARY PROVOST. who will impersonate two great character*. JES-TE BHOWN AND ROBERT BRIERLY in which she is unanimously acknowledged #9 with out sn equal. THIS (Saturday) EVENING. May 21, will be pres.-nted for the inst time, the ORIGINAL PATRIOTIC DRAMA in three actg, founded nn the beautiful episode in the late Iudiar war. entitled IITCrllT, AN D JE JSTE j Or. THE RfcLIEJf OF LL'CRNOW. '* Jessifi Brown.Miss Mary Provost To conclude with, by special revues', the third and fourth acts of Tom Tayior s Great Moral Drama, the TICKET OF-LEAVE MAN. Robert Brierly ... ?. .Miss Mary Provost Mondav evening. May 23 first. night of th-j OPEHA SEASON. Flotow's Grand O >era ><f M A R T II A ! FOKD'i MEW THEATER, TENTH STHBKT, ABOVE PkSSSTLVAJIIA AVENEl Last night of the engagement of MISa MARY MITCHELL. who will THIS (Saturday) EVENING, May 21.13*4. in accordance with an universal request, repeat her celebrated impersonation of Capitola in the excel lent dramatization of the great story by Mrs. E. D. E. N . Southworth, entitled the HIDDEN HAND. Supported by the entire company. Slonday, the gorgeous spectacle of the NAIAD OUEEN ?will positively be produced. with new and splendid scenerv. costumes and appointments. The Washington favorite MISS SUSAN DENIN will appear as Lurline and the celebrated Panto mimist, MR. J. II. FOSTER, as Amphibio, the Demon Sprite, seconded by the entire company and a Cnrps de Ballet of EIGHTEEN BEAUTIFUL YOrNG I. A DIES. GROVER'S THEATER. IMP OK TA X T A SXO UXCEMEN T Mr. GroVer takes great pleasure in g.nnouneing that he has arranged for the return ot the GRa ND OPERA COMPANY, recently eo ve*-* successful here and more recent ly from the most brilliantly successful seasons in Philadelphia and Boston ever known in those cllieK. In addition to the originally strong company, Mr. Grover is pleased to announce that he has en gaged the great Ba.sso l'rofundo HERMANNS! HERMANNS! From the Royal Italian Opera. London, and lately the great hensation of the Operatic Circles of New York. It is a well-known fact that this gentle man 's connection with Maretzek's Opera Company at the Academy of Music, New York, was th? chief cause of the recent unparalleled season there, and that his withdrawal from tbat company was the occasion of the sudden and unexpected termination of the season. Herr Hermanns has been ENGAGED AT GREAT EXPENSE. And the Chorus and Orchestra have been mate rially strengthened. New and superb costumes and properties have i.een added, in order that . ALL THE GRAND OPERAS may be given entire and complete in every detail. The company embraces the established favorites: MAD BERTHA JOH AN N SEN. Prima Douuft. M'LI.E MARIE FREDERICI, Prima Donna, from Vienna. M'LLE PAULINE CANISSA, Prima SoHbrette, from Paris. M'l LE LA ROCHE. Contralto, from Hamburg, HERR FRANZ HIMMER, Tenor Robusto. from Berlin. . v HERR THEODORE I1ABELMANN, Tenor Dia grams. from Brunswick, 11ERR ZINS3IEI.M. Secondo Tenor, 11ERR HENRY STEINECKE, Primo Baritone. from Prague. HERR R RON FIELD. Secondo Baritone, HERR HERMANS, Basso l'rofundo, from the Royal Italian Opera. London, HERR ANTON GRAFF, ItaFso l'rofundo, HERR CARL LEHMAN, Kn-^Buffo, Besides a POWERFUL CHOTUS and GRAND ORCHESTRA, under the direction of CARL ANSCHUTZ. In the extensive repertoire of thia company are Dopjil^r Ouera^ of "Martb?*" 'iP >>* .Tiu:n. ' 'Faust. Don Giovanni. De Pret schutz,"Tannhauber." "La Dame Blanch." " La Bsrbiers de Seville." "Fidelio," "Merry Wives of Windsor." "St radella." and several others uever witnessed in Washington. The season will necessarily be very brief, and the performance confined exclusively to the choicest Grand Operas of the repertoire. The season will commence on MONDAY EVENING, May 23. METROPOLITAN MUSIC HALL, PlHgSYLVlKIA A V EST! E AND ELEVENTH riTRBST R. GARDNER fc H. ENOCHS .VroD-netnr* PROF. HOLDEN___ Musical Director THE COOLEST PLACE OF AMUSEMENT IN THE CITY! THE LARGEST COMPANY OF ARTISTS! BEAUTIFUL BALLETS! COMIC PANTOMIMES ! NEGRO BURLESQUES ! COMIC AND SENTIMENTAL SINGING BY THK GREA T METRO l'OLl CAN TROUPE. Admission .? 25 cents Orchestra Chairs - ...50 cents Private Boxes $3 and f5. A GRAND MATINEE EVERY MONDAY FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN. GEORGETOWN ADVKtt VITS H IGH STREET MARKET, No. 74 Opposite Prospect Street, GeornttowH, D. C. We, the undersigned, be* leave to Inform the public that we have on hand a choice assortment of Fresh Meats of all kinds. Poultry, Game, Ac. Eggs wholesale and retail. Apples and Potatoes by the barrel. Canned Fruits or all kinds at market prices. my 3-lm* H. W. FISHER Jfc CO. PERKINS, STERNE & Co.. ISO Broadway, N. EXCLUSIVE DEALERS IN CALIFORNIA WINE. We guarantee them all to be ABSOLUTELY PlfttB. For sale by all first-class Grocers and Druggist* everywhere. mh 30-3m* ?' - ?~ K " ?- ni? " OPTICIANS. Tn* 244 Pa. avenue, between 12th and 13th streets, and 388 Pa. avenue, under the National Hotel, offer to the officers of the army their well selected stock of a FIELD GLASSES, single or double, with the best achromatic lenses. OperaGlaases and Compasses at the lowest prices. Barometers, Thermometers. Mathematical In struments, Photograph Albums, Cartes de Visite, plain or colored, Stereoscopes and Views in a great variety, Brazilian Pebble and Periscopic Spectacles and Eye Glasses, carefully suited for every partio ular eyesight and warranted. ap 2d CARTE~DE VISITE FRAMES ^^0 French Gilt, Swiss Carved Wood, and American Composition Card Frames, in variety, at J. MARKRITER S, 4?6 7th street. _ Bight doors above Odd Fellows^ Hail. _Termsca8h. ap 29-lmif* WILLIAM BRADLEY BEGS TO INFORM HIS * * friends and the public that he ha? un hand a variety of large and beautiful style of Monuments, Head Stones and all kinds of Marble worked to ? rder, and is thankful for past favors and hopes to solicit a share of their patronage. Penn avenue, between 18th and 10th sta. mh l8-eo3m* R""" P170B. Just received and for sale, a eholse lot of Felt ^ ... __ " rather witfc telegraphic' news. [ASSOCIATED PRESS DISPATCHES.] ARMY OF THt POTOMAC. Enfmy'? Attack on our Trains?Their Dis comfiture after a Severe Engagement? Knmber of Killed end Wounded. Headquarters, May 20?G a m.?Tbeattack on our flank last night was tor the purpos* of seizing ocr trains and causing a stampede. It was partially successful; but as soon as troops reached the scene the enemy were driven oil", after a severe engagement. The forces engaged on our side were a portion of the second corps, consisting principally of the new tr ops that have just arrived, among them the 7th New York atti!ler?, 1st Maine, and a Massachu setts re* iment. Onr loss whs about 500 killed and wi unned, some say i,ooo. Mostofthemen fought well, although there were som*1 excep tion . The enemy had possession of a portion of the trains, bui helore they pot them otf they were retaken. The rebel "force consisted of Hood's division of Swell's corps. We took about3f;0 prisouers. This was the only fighting done yesterday. * Another Letter. [Correspondence of tha Associated Press.] ^ Headquarters Army o? the Potomac, Zy J?-?A chaplain come iti yesterday from the hospital of the 2d corps, it tho Wilderness batile-firld, and reported that over i'our hun dred wounded belonging to that corps were fetal 1 in hospital there, and that they were en tirely out o! provisions, besides having no medical supplies whatever. Representations of the facts were made to the commanders, aud to-day it is reported they will be brought in. It is said that Lee wilT not recognize a flag of trnce unless it emanates from Grant, as he considers him the commander of the army. The report of a large number of wagons having been captured by gnerr lifts turns Out io be incorrect, arising from the circumstance that o\er sixty wagons loaded with supplies hed disappeared, but it was found that they had gene toward Washington in company with artillery sent thither. The mistakeciused a good deal of anxiety here, as the supplies were wanted at the front. The Sanitary Commission are now doine a good work among the wounded, although they w?re much at fault during the first. The or ganization had proved a valuable auxiliary to the medical department. An attack was made last evening on our right flank by the enemy, but Warren's corps met and drove them hack. The attack caused some interruption to the transportation on the road, and teams returned to Fredericksburg on the donble quick, but none were captured, as it was reported. It is useless for friends to come to the fr*bnt at this time to procure the bodies of those who Jjave fallen jfl battle. The request Is denied in all CftSrfi. All are carefully buried, and their ( names pieced upon a board, 89 that friends can find them after the army nas advanced. FROM EL'ROPE. Port al Basque, N F., May 20.?The steume Pt ruvian, trom Liverpool and Lon donderry on the 13'h inst. for q.aebee, was in tercepted this eveni iig. The steamers City of Baltimore and Saxonia have arrived out. The rebel cruiser Florida destroyed the ship Avon, of Boston, on the 24th of March, in lati tude fourteen degrees norih, longitude thirty four degrees west. (iueen Victoria had a State reception of the Cabinet Ministers and ofiicers ot state, &c., at Buckingham Palace on the 11th, and in the evening, at the Queen's command, a state con cert w as giver, the Queen being represented by the Prince aud Princess of Wales. The British cnannel fleet left Iiowns on the Pith inst., and steered westward. Mr G ladstonehad made an important speech in Uie House of Commons on the Bain's reform bill. The Morning Post had a special telegram fro-n Ileligstrend, May 10, which says, in the late naval engagement, there were one hun dred and seventy killed and wounded on the German side, while the Danes had fifty three wounded, only one killed, and their ship uni? jured. The Herman squadron is now at Cuxhaven. The Danes had left for Norway. It was officially announced at Vienna that Poj-t Cap'aiu Sizelhorf, who commanded the Austrian squadron, hac been appointed Vice Admiral by the Emperor, in recognition of his brave exploits off Heligstrand. The Danish ministers of Justice and the In terior had resigned, being dissatislied with the su?p?tsion of the blockade being agreel to. THE WAR IN GEORGIA. Triumphant Progress of Sherman?The Rebel General Johnston at Atlanta. Nashville, Tenn., May 20.?General Sher man i? in possession of Kingston, Rome, and Cassville. The army had skirmishing with the enemy all the way lrom Resaca. The railroad and telegraph are repaired to the present position of the army. The corps are in good condition and spirits. Johnston is believed to be at Atlanta. The prospect is excellent lor a mo3t impor tant success to our nrm?. Five hundred aud thirteen Confederate pris oners, captured at Resaca, arrived here yes terday. Among them are thirteen commis sioned officers, belonging to Polk's and Har dee's corps. They will be sent North io-jnor row. An Editor of the Richmond Examiner a Prisoner. Boston, May 20.?Edward A. Pollard, an editor of the Richmond Examintr, was a pas senger on the steamer Greyhound, when cap tured; also a woman reported to be Belle Boyd, but her identity with the famous rebel spy is doubtful. The futur|~ destination of Pollard ard the woman will fixed by the United States authorities. From General Butler's Command. Fobtbess Monroe, May 1?.?Latest reports from the front state that, with the exception of skirmishing, matters remain the same. The Thomas Powell arrived at 4 p. m., bringing twenty-live rebel prisoners. SOUTHERN NEWS. Gen. Lee Congratulates his Troops?The Battle between Sigel and Breckinridge? Jenkins not Killed. Tlife Richmond Enquirer of Thursday con tains the following: Lee's Address ts his Troops. We mnst refer to the letter of our correspon dent for the latest items from Gen. Lee's army. It will be seen that nothing of serious impor tance ,has transpired since the great battle of Thursday last, except, perhaps, the movement of the enemy upon Massapouax church, al ready announced by Gen. Lee, and the mean ing of which will soon be developed. Gen. Lee has issued a most encouraging series of congratulatory orders to his army, which will be found in the letters alluded to: The following orders has been issued in Heth's division: gekeral orders?no. ? Headquarters, Heth's Divibion, May 11. lam requested by Gen. Lee and Lieut. Gen. Hill to express to this division their satisfaction at its gallant conduct in attacking and carrying the enemy's line of entrenchments on the iota inst. Words are Inadequate to express to the division my admiration for all its gallant deeds since the 6th inst. Much is yet to be done, and 1 know from the past that all these brave men can do will be accomplished. H. Heth, Major General. [Special correspondence Richmond Knqnirer.) Army of Northern Virginia, May 15.? The following general order ol Gen. Lee, mod est as it is chaste and beautiful, has just been published to and received with enthusiasm by the army; GENERAL ORDERS?NO. 41. IlEAEQUARTtRS. ARMY OF NORTHERN VIR GINIA, May 14?First?The General com manding takes great pleasure in announcing to the army the series of successes that, by the favor of God, have recently been achieved by our arms. Second?A part of the enemy's force threat ening the Valley of Virginia has been routed by Gen. Imboden, and driven back to the Po tomac, with the loss of their train'and a num ber ol prisoners. Thirds?Another body ot the enemy, under Gen. Averjll, penetrated to the Virginia and Ternessee railroad at Dnblin depot. A portion ci bin tor re bar bftu dispersed by Gene. M or gan #t(! W.E. Jones, who are in pursuit of the ttmamder. Fourth?Tbe arrov of Gen. Bauks sustained drltat In Westeru Louisiana by th ? forces of Gf u Kirby Smitb, and ivtreated to Alriardria. hsii g several thousand prisoners, thirty-five piOc?E ot artillery. and a larce num ber of wagons. Some of the most formidable gurbcats ihat acooippanied the expedition vert* destroyed lomvc them from capture. Fif'b?The expedition of Gen. Steele Into Western Arkansas baa ended in a complete disaster. Northern journals of the 10th instant announce bis surrender, witn anfkrmy of ?.000 to Gen. Price. Six:h?The cavalry force sent by General Grant to attack Richmond has b*eu repulsed ard retired towards the Vetiin?uln. Erery ftf mor.?tatioc ot the enemy sooth of James Kiver hae, tip to this time, been successfully ie| elled. Seveuth?The heroic valor of this army, with the blessing of the Almighty God, has thns far checked the principal army of the enemy, and irfliced upon it heavy looses. The ey?>8 ami hearts of yonr countrymen are turned to you with confidence, and their prayers attend you in jonr galiant struggle. Uncouraged by the emcees that has been vouchsafed to us, and stimulated by the great interests that depend npon the issue, let every roau resolve to en dure ailaid bra*e\ll, uuul, by the aa^iatan'.e ot a just and mercitul God, the enemy shall be driver back, and peace secnivd to onr country. ( onWLue to ejaulate the value of the comrades Him haie fallen; and remember that it depend* tij .n ycu whether they shall hive died ia in. 'it is in your power, under God, to de^ f? at the last great etlort of the enemy, estab lish the independence of your native land, an t earn the tasting love and gratitude of your countrymen and the admiration ot mankiad. K. K. Leb, General. The FightonTuesdnjr. About three o'clock p. m. yesterday ashore and shaip fight occurred on the enemvs ex tieme left wing, lasting about llfteen minute-:, with heavy and incessant musketry and can nonading. The firing occnrred whilea charge was being made by Wright's, supported by Harris'brigade, on a hill about halt a mile in our front, which it was desirable to obtain for a purpose. At the given word of command Wright's tri gace charged across the intervening space, as cei ded the hill, and drove the enemy from their breac-tworks under a most severe Ore. While the brlgadeoccupied the works, which were held sufficiently long for the object of tbejr capture, It was" subjected to a rapid shell ing by the enemy, alter which the order wa<* given and the l riptide withdrew to the line which they had previously occupied. General A R. Wright being unable to take the field by reason of a severe attack of rheu matism, the brigade was commanded by Col onel Hall, of the Third Georgia Regiment. Seventy five prisoners and three stands of colors were captured from the eierny and brought off. The killed and wounded wem oonsideiable, hut wehava no means ofascer taining the number. Our loss was a hundred and, twenty.on^ of whom were killed. The loss was sustained chiefly by the Third Georgia Regiment. The prisoners captured Thursday and T** terday ^frere sent to Kichmond to-day. One lot numbered upward of thirteen hundred, in cluding officers, among whom are seveial colonels. The Battle between Sigel and Breckinridge. On Friday last, at six a. in., Major General Breckinridge moved from Stauutou down the valley to Newmarket. On Snnday following he engaged Slgel three miles above Newmarker, and by Sunday evening at seven o'clock had defeated and driven him beyond the Shenan doah river, six milea from Newmarket, having matched forty nine miles, fought, defeated and routed the enemy, numbering from seven to ten thousand, in two days and a half. This simple statemei't will show our readers that celerity of movement, as well as vigor of action, Hid not desert our cause when Stonewall Jackson dted. % General 4. O. Jenkins Not Killed. This gallant officer, who was reported to have been mortally wonnded and taken pris oner by the enemy, In the tight at Dublin, is, we are pleated to learn, not seriously hurt, as was at first reported. He was 6hot through the left side of the abdomen, and while seriously, is not dangerously wounded. He was not cap tured by the enemy, but is, we learn, within our lines and doing weil. Jackson's Old Brigade. The Stonev, all Brigade has suffered terribly in the battles of the present campaign, only three hundred men being left in the brigade. The Filth Virginia has but one hundred ana men left. It is supposed, however, that a number were made prisoners. The Rebel Wounded. The number cf wounded soldiers from the late battles on the Rapidan,*now in hospitals in Lynchburg, is about three thousand five hundred. A large proportion of them are but slightly wounded. COKGRESSIOJfAli. Is thi Hourk yesterday? Mr. Cox, of Ohio, asked leave to offer the following resolution: Resoled, That the forcible seizure by the Fed eral military authorities at New Tfork, of the offices ot the New York World and Journal of Ctrnmerce, and the suspension of their papers for :he ii nocent publication of a forged State paper, is an act unwarranted by the circum stances connected with said publication, as arbitrary outrage upon the Constitutional rights of the citizen, and deserves the reproba tion of every lriend of public liberty and pri vate rip h?. Messrs. Famsworth and Washbnrne, of Ii!.f severally objected to the introduction of the resolution. Both Houses have adjourned over till Mon day. Georgetown Cocmcilb, May 20? Board of Aldernitn.?Tbe President (Mr. Cox) laid be fore the board a communication from the Clerk of thf Corporation, in relation to the erection of the pumii in Valley street, in which the Clerk informs the board that all claims arising out of the opening of Valley street have long since been settled, aud that a surplus remsics in his hands from the tax levied for that pur pose. The Clerk therefore suggests that the costs of erecting the pump be paid out of the suiplus remaining in hid hands. A communication from Walter T. Belt, ask ing the remission of a fine imposed upon him for carrying a concealed weapon, was received and read A memorial from the property holders of Gay street, praying that the lower portion of said street be properly improved, was received and read. Mr. Cox, on ieave, introduced a resolution authorizing the Clerk of the Corporation to pay the cost of erecting the pnmp on Valley street out of the surplus money remaining in his hands from tbe tax levied for the opening of Valley street. Passed. The following resolutions from tbe Board of Common Council were passed : Resolution for the grading, curbing and guttering of a por tion of Gay street; for tbe relief of W. T.Bell; to lease part of 5th street to Wm. H. Calhoun; fixing the salary of the keeper of the poor and work house. Adjourned. Common Council.?A communication from the street commissioner relative to a portion of High street; and transmitting hilla ot Joseph Ltbby, was read and appropriately referred , Mr. Collins, Iron* ways and means commit, tee, asked to be discharged from the consi Jur ation of tbe Mayor's message, relative to a lot ?< on Prospect and Lingan streets. The message was referred to the Recorder, with instructions to report as to the legality of the Corporation title. The committee of ways and means was dis charged from consideration of the petition cf Mr. Linthicnm. Mr. Hill, from the Schools committee, re ported a resolution relative to the West George town schools. Passed. Mr. Hill asked that the petition of Thomas Prolyn, be withdrawn lrom the flies and re ferred to the grievance committee. Agreed to. A resolution to lease part of 5th street to Wm. H. Calhoun, was taken up and passed. A resolution fixing the salary of the keeper of the Poor aud Worihouse, increasing the amount from $250 to S350. Passed. ' Mr. Collins, from the ways end means com mittee, reported a resolution for the appoint ment of a committee to consult the Commis sioner of Iniernal Revenue upon tbe subject of direct tax upon this District. Also, from street committee, a resolution for paving High street, above 8th street; laid over under the roles. . , , A resolution for purchase of hose and placing the same with reels, in varions parts of the town, was taken up. Mr Davis moved to amend by appropriating pi 200 for tbe purchase and repair of hose, and erecting a place of deposit for one of the reels. Adopted, and the resolution as amended, was passed. Mr. Myers, as a gnardlan of the publla schools, invited the members of Corporation, as individuals, to be present at the ?ay party of the schools on next Tuesday if the weather is fair. Mr. Shoemaker, from the police committee, reported e resolution in flavor of J. T. Essex, lor whitewashing the Station-house. Passed, Adjourned. ?7* A panther of huge dimensions has located himself under a church at Portland, Ky., and sallies out periodically and commits depreda tions on man and beast, no lees than Ave men having been attacked by him. KT The Count de Sartiges, formerly French Minister at Washington, has presented his cre dentials at Rome.

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