Newspaper of Evening Star, May 23, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 23, 1864 Page 1
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AUCTIOV 8ALES. J. 0. MotfUIRl k OO.. Auctioneers. TRUSTEE* BAL? OF~VALUABLB SLAUGH TER ROUSE PROPERTY, with Brick Building. Brie* and frame Dwelliog houses,and VACANT LOTS near the Nary Yard, belonging U tie estate of the late Charles Millar. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Mat ? ?'clock, on the premises. commencing with the flret named and continuing In the order herein naaned, br virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court ot the District of Columbia, sitting in chancery, passed on the 9th day ef April, 1*64, in a certain cause wherein Geo. w. Miller is complainant and Ellen Miller et al. are defendants, (Ho. 146,) we th?n seiv? Lots Noi, 1,2. S, 4,1, 8. 7.8,9,?, 24,25, 38, 27, and 28. in Square No. 963, fronting respectively on 9th and Kth streets east and south N street, imarivsd by a brick dwelling house, slaughter house, stablea. pens, Ac.. known as the slaughter yard of the late Charles Miller, to be sold entire or di vided as may oe deemed most desirable. Immediately after. Lets l. 8, 3. and 4, in Square Ho 954. fronting on south O street, between 9th and 14th streets east. Immediately after, part of lot No. 2. in Square No 9T6, fronting 50 feet 8 inches on south M stre and mnnlno h?<?v a* ?"1?* ? ..uuviuK ieei a mcaea on south M street and running back 94 feet 3>* inches on 10th street ?eat and improved by a double two-story frame dwelling house. Immediately after, part of Lot No. 1, Square No. 9S2. beginning for the same at 33 feet 8 inches from the southeast corner of said lot and thence run ning west and fronting on M stre?t p feet, thence north 75 fret 6 inches, theuoe east IT feet, thence south 75 feet 6 inches to the beginning, together with the improvements, oonaiating of a three story prick dwelling house. Imuedi ?:y after, part of Lot 2, same 8qaare, beginning f >r the same at a point on M street south 100 teet from east loth street, thencc north about 72 ieet thence west 23 feet 9 inches, thence south about 72 feet, thence east 23 feot 9 inches to the b-ginning, together with the improvements. e^usMting org two-story brick dwelling house. Immediately after, part of Lot No. 3. in 8quare No. 999. being the south part thereof, fronting 21 feet on 11th street east andrunning back that width on VI street south feet, together with the im provements, consisting of a frame dwelling hou>e. Immediately after, Lot 13. in Square No. 1,023, fronting 90 feet on. 13th street east, ?t the corner of south K street, and running back 9$ feet, to gether with the improvements, consisting of a three story brick dwelling house, with three story brick back building Terms: On*-third in cash; the remainder in 8,12, and 18 mouths, with interest, for which the pur chaser must give notea secured to the satisfaction of the Trustees. The purchaser to have the option of paying all in eash. CoBrejuicini and stamps at the cost of the pur chaser V If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days 1 hereafter, the Trustees reserve the right of resetting, at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser, on one week's notice in the National intelligencer. GEO. A^OHRER, A. TH03. BRADLEY, _ Trustees. apSl-eo&ds J. C. McGUIRE & C0.,Auets. EST" TTTE ABOVE SALE IB POSTPONED IN ?'on^eguence of the rain, until WEDNESDAY AF TERNOON. May 25th, at 5 o'clock. OSO. A. BOHRER, E. 0. MORGAN. A. THOS. BRADLEY. T rustees. _ay 19 U Is J. C. McGUIRE JL CO.. Aucts. Y J. O. McGUIRE & 00., Auctioneers. PBRKMPTORY SALE OF SUPERIOR GOT.D WATCHE*. FINE JEWELRY, TWO FINE PLATED GLA8H OA8E8. OOUN TBR. A.O. On WEDNESDAY EV1NING, May 25. and con tinue each evening thereafter, until the whole are discosrd of. at7H o'clock, at the Auction Booms, we shall -ell, to the highest bidder, on acoount of a dealer d dining business? Six f-inerii.r Gold H inting Case Watches. Gold Vest, Fob, and Guard Chains of various pat terns. Fine ?ett* of Jewelry in boxes. Finger Rings, Ear Rings, Breastpins. Sleeve But tons, Studs. Sic,,Ac ALSO. 4 Cases Surgical Instruments. Parties in want of jewelry ar? invited to the sale, aa the quality of the goods may be relied on. Terms caah. my.l*-d J. C. McGUIBB A CO., Ancts. |^Y WM. L WALL A CO., Auctioneers, GREAT SALS OF CARRIAGE* AND HARNESS AT AUCTION On THURSDAY MORN ING. May 26, commencing at 10 o'clock, we will sell, at the Carriage Reposi to y of Thomas Young, No. 409 Pennsi lvania a v., sear 4r? street, south side, his large and extensive stock of first-class Carriages. A.c., embracing? ii? New and See .nd Hand Family Carriages and Coaehes, lor one and two Hortes. part very fine, 70 T* p aad No Top Bugcies and Trotting Wagons. Several fine Bretts, Phaetons, and Pnycician's Fhaetova, 1 Second Hi 4 French Coupe, 1 English Dng,??50D. Several Barouch and Buggy Poles, 40 Setts first class Double and Single Harness, Sil ver and Japan mounting, part of which is very fine. T< gether with other Carriages not eaumer&ted. Tie abovw atock embraces the largest and finest assortment of Carriages and Harness ever offered at auction iu this city, and is disposed of on account of Mr. Young retiring from business, and we es pecially rail the attention of purchasers to this sale as tfce stock will be peremptorily sold. The Repository ia fjr rent and it is one of the best ?tands in the city for any kind of business Entire on the premises. Terms cash. ny 13 WM. L. WITT, V TO . Aunt*. |JNITED STATES MARSH AL'S3 ALE. In virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias, issued from :he* a Udcu of the Supreme Court of the UniUd State* for the District of Columbia, and iO me directed, I will expose to public sale, for cash, at '.he front of the C >urt House door,of said Coun ty, on WEDNESDAY, the 25th day of May next. 1564. at 12 o'clock m . ill defendant s right, title, claim and interest in and to the north part of Lot No 34. in Square No. 877, bounded as follows Begiiiciiig for the same at the southeast corner of Let No Si, on the lie* ' t Seventh street east, run n.Dg thence w?st 97 feet, thence north 3) feet, ?hence east S7 '?>?'- to the beginning, together with all singular, the improvement thereon seized and >vied up> n as the property of Samuel aul Joseph Arnold a* d will be ??'?M to satisfy Judicial No 2?, !n Tavor of White. Miidleton & Beall. use of Ellas "b*j'%ARD H. LAMON,U. 8. Marskal, D. 0. IXTION SALE UF CONDEMNED HORSES. ,1 WtK DrPUTHBUT OtViLXT BOREID, Orrioa or Cms? QuArtbrmabtbb, IVa.'AiJicoit. D. C., April 25.1364., Will be sold at public auction, to the highest bid l?r, at th> times at i pUcea named below, via: Newport, Penca .Thursday My 5th, Gettysburg, Peuna. Monday, May 9th, Alt. Penna.. Thnr-day, May 12th, M itllin, Per na , Thursday. May 19th, Penna., Thursday, May 36th, Lel-aoon, Pmna.. Thursday. June 2d, Nnrthnmberland. Penna., Thursday, Jane 9th. Scran on. P-noa.. Thursday, June 16th. WUHatr. sport, Henna , Thursday, June 23d. Oti? Hundred t l'K>) hors?sat Gettysburg, and Two Hundred and fifty '25f> at each of the other places. Thrse borses have b?en condemned aa unfit for the ^arairy service of the United States Army. For road and farm purposes n any good bargains lay be had. Horses will be sold singly. Sales begin rtioa m., and continue daily until ail are sold Terms: cash, in United States Treasury notes or'y. JA*K3A.EKIN, *p26t*e^0 Lt. Col andC.Q. M Cavalry Bureau, WALE 0F~CONDEMNED CLOTHING. CAMP AND OABBIf-ON EQUIPAGE. TENT CUT TINGS. Ac. < hit' Oiuirurmaftfr's t>&(? Dtpot Washington,! Wathtnrt. n JJ C , Jliy 12,1864. \ Will be sold at public auction, at Government aarehouae. No.') 17th street, between H and I stre. t?, Washington City, D. 0., at 12 o'clock M., TfiL'KSDAY. May 26. Wri4, nnder the supervision i>f Capt. D. G. Thnmas, M. 3 K.. U. S. A., a large .ot of stores condemned as unfit for public ser vice viz: i:>f*Btry and Cavalry Coats and Trowsers, Shirts, Drawers stockings. Felt Bats, Caps. Trumpets, Bn*les. Flags. Drums, Tents. Tent Poles, Mess Pans, Cainp Ketti*?. Spades, Shovels, Knapsaeks, Haversscka. Bed 8acti>, Ac., Ac., Ac. Al?">. about sixty ;60> ton* of Tent Cuttings. Terms cash in G vernment fands. Successful bidders will be required to remove the stores within five (5) days from date of gale D. H. RUCKER, Brigadier General and Chief Quartermaster, my 12-td Depot of Washington, D. 0 WALE OF CONDEMNBD STOCK. Wi ? Dipabtmsbt, C*va: aT Boasia, ) C&et of Chuf (Juaitermxsttf, > Wa<A if mi cm. D. C., Afiy 16,1464.1 Will be sold at Public Aucti>a to the highest bidder, at Giesroro Deput, on THURSDAY, tha igth instant, be?muint at 10 o'clock, a. m.. from one bundreo and fllty (10 ) to two hundred (200) HORSES Tbes? hnrg?a have be*n eondemned aa unfit for the cavalry aervice of the Army, For road and farm parpo**s many good bargain may be had. Hi.raes so d aiucly. Terms ca-h, in U. 8. currency, JAMES A. SKIN, mv.T7 t-l L*. Col ACQ M.. Cav. Bureau ^'NiTED oTATES MARSHAL 8 8ALJ. la virtue of two Write of Fieri Facias issued from the Cl-rk ? otice of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, and to me dlraeted. I will aj?o?e to public sale, f?r cash at the front of the art Hotted.,or, of said county, on MONDAY, tke 9rb day of J?n* next i(H4. at 12 o'clock M.. allde fe dant's rijfht, title, clai'n, ?nd I- teresi in and to L"*!? No. 1. 2. arid 3, in Sqosre No 9rt b*inc the en<fi\|-el third part of said Lots, seised and levied open ot- the property #-f William Douglass,and will K? soid to kati?fy judicial No. 2!H and 399. to Octo b?-r term 15:9, in f?vor of Wm G. W White ?nd Hr ther. use of James R. Smith, use of Henry Douglass. _ WM. SELDBN, niy.l1-?lAd? late U. 8. Marshal. D O. ^?AL? 0???0NDBMNED HORaES AND ?ULE8. n ?? ? i "huT Gitaru*masl > Qjl< ? Depot af Wasbmttnn, I W a pH i*oTo*, D. C., April 27. 18S4. < ? ill be sold at public aucttou, at the Corral, near the Oca. rvatorv.Iu Lb? City ot Washington, D. C , in W*D*ESDAY.Mar II, 1864,and WEDNESDAY, May 25 18*4, a l"t ot? HOK8KS AND MULES, condemned as uuft tor public service. T?r~r ?? Cash In Government funde. Bale to c>Bnni* aoe at 10 o'sicca, a. m. D H. RUOKSB, Brig Gen. and Chief Quartermaster, ap 27 2?t Depot of Waahlagtoa, D. O. M ARCHING OUT. A Manual of Military 8ur '? veying. Londen Pateraon s Military Drawing and 8urv?ying. Loudon. . . _ Ocacam-Methods de lever l?s plans. Paris. Lalohoe? Oours de Topographs elementair*. Farls. L'Art de lever les plans. * ap 27 FRANCK TAYLOR. AUCTION SALES. FUTURE PAYS. py WM. L. WALL Sc. GO., Auctioneers. THE FURNITURIOF CA8PARIS'HOTEL, CAP _ ITOL HILL, AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY MORNING, 25th instantAt ItO o'clock, we will sell, all the Furniture and E STecs of this establishment, embracing in Parlor Fur niture. Br ocat* lie and Hair Cloth Parlor Suites. Arm Chairs and Brusiels Carpeting*. Marble-top. Centre, Pier, and other Tables, Mirrors, Vases, and Mantel Ornaments, Curtains, Cornices.8hades and Fixtures, Dining Tables and Chairs, Side Ta bl?s. Sideboard. large assortment of Obina Glass, and Crockeryware, Plated Chafing Dishes, Meat Dishes, Castors, Cutlery, and other Tableware. The Cbsmber Furniture of twenty seven rooms, oon?isting of Brussels, three-ply, Ingrain, and other Caroetin*a ? raioxea ana .Enamelled Cottage Chamber suites eon plete. Walnnt Mahogany, and Painted Marble-top Bu reans and Washstands. Wardrobes. Clothes Presses, and Tables, Toilet Bets, and Mirrors. Beds, Feather, Hair, and Shuok; Mattresses Pil lows. and Bolsters, Blankets, Sheets, and other Bedding, All the Kitchen Furniture and Utensils, compri sing everything necesf ary for such an establish ment. Terms cash. my.20 d W. L. WALL. & CO., Ancts. i. C. McGUIRE St CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE IMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED PROPARTY NEAR FOURTEENTH STREET AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, May 24th, at 8 o'clk on the premises, we shall sell. Eleven Build ing Lets in Drury's sub division of Square No. 209, fronting on Fifteenth street wesl, between P and H streets north. AL90, Lots 71,72, and 73, in sub division of Square No. 210. fronting together 6 > feet on north P street, betw?en Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets west, running back 130 feet to a 30 foot alley, improved by a large and substantially built Frame Bnilding with brirk foundation, formerly used as a Church, and rapable of being changed to a Dwel ling Hons*. Terms: One-tbird in cash, the remainder in six, twelve, and eighteen months, with interest secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at cost of the purchaser. my 19 d J. O McGUIEE A CO.. Aucts. gY W. L. WALL 4. CO , Auctioneers. STOCK OF GROCERIES AT AUCTION. On MONDAY MORNING, May 30, commencing at 10 o'clock, we will sell, at the store of Messrs. Fenwick A- Co., Island Hall, corner Virginia avej nue and ith street, their entire stock of Groceries, Liquors, and good will, the Store for rent, and can be had on a leAse. and rent very low, inquire of the Auctioneers. The stock is fresh, sad compri s?s? White and Brown Sugars, Teas, Cotlees, Fkur, Whiskey Wines, Tobacco, Seg&rs, Canned Fruits, and Condiment*, Wooden. Earths rn. and Tin Ware, G.ass ware. Pepper, Stareh, Spices, Together with a variety of articles usually kept in a well selected retail Grocery Store. * 1.80, We will sell, at 12 o'clock precisely. Horse. Wagon, and Harness, Terms:?All sums under ?ao cash, over that amount, a credit of thirty and sixty day*, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, hearing interest. my.20 d W. L. WALL &. CO.,Aucta. DY J. C. McGUIRE St CO., Auctioneers. EXECUTOR'S SALE 6F~HOUSE AND IOT ON SIXTH STREET WEST, BETWEEN F AND G STREETS NORTH. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, May 26, we shall sell, the south part of Lot No. 31, in Square No. 455. fronting 26 feet in1* inches on the west side of Sixth stree'. west, betwe?n F and G streets north, and running bark about 10] feet to a paved alley, and improved by a comfortable two-story brick ba. k building ?a> to take place on the premises at half-past 5 oVioek. Terms: One-third in cash, the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. Title perfect. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. GEO. W COCHRANE,/ HARMON BURNS ( Executors, my.t'i-d J. C. McGUiRE Ac CO.. Anots. j?Y GREEN A. WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. ~ e.^x, v,* , By virtue of a decree of the Orphans' Court of the District of Columbia passed the loth day of May. 1R64, which decree has been approved by the Su preme Court of said District, in Equity sitting. Wo. *24, I shall sell,at Public Auction,to the high e?t bidder, on MONDAY, the 30th day of May, 1864, at 6 o'clock, p. m.,all of sub-division Lot num bered 64, in Square numbered 545, with appurte* nances. Terms of sale, cash. All conveyancirg at the cost of the purekajer. Upon default of the purchaser to eompiy with the terms of sale, the property will be re-sold at bis expense, upon giving three days further no tice ISABELLA R. MAGILL, Guardian, my 18-d OREUN Sc. WILLIAMS. Aucts. J^Y GREEN & WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. ELEVEN VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS FRONT ING ON V AND W AND TENTH 8T8. NORTH, AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY*, the 24th instant, we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 5 o'clock p. m., the following handsome Building Lots, vl* : Lots No. 2,4.7.8,13,14,15,16.17, 13, and 19, in sub-division of Square Ne?. S6?; the?e lot%have fronts of 25 feet each, running back 95 feet to alleys, and very handsomely situated. , , Terms : One-third cash; balance in sixani twelve months, for notes bearing interest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyance and stamps at the cost or the pu ? Cbmyei8 1 GREF.N & WILLIAM8. Auets. |?Y GREEN St WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. II \ND30ME BUILDING LOT ON TWENTY FIFTH STREET WEST. BETWEEN H AND I STREETS NORTH, AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, the 24th instant, we. shall sell,at t) o'clock, p. m? in front of the premises. Lot No. 3. in Square No. Z>. This property is handsomely situattd. fronting 64 feet 4 inches. on Twenty-fifth street, and contains 5 516 feet more or lets. Terms: One half cash, balance in six months, ior notes hearing interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. x .. All conveyancing and revenue stamps at the cost ?^my*18-ldr'^Mer" GREEN & WILLIAMS. Aucts. B Y J, O, McGUIRE St CO., Auctioneers, 8T0CKS AT PUBLIC SALE. On WEDNESDAY AFTEdNOON, May 25, at 5 o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, we shall sell, in Lots to suit es shares of the capital stock of the Firemen's In surance Company ef Washington and George t .wn, fi.Ot-O Washington City Corporation six per cent, sloek. J2.C00 Washington and Georgetown 1st mortgage railroad bonds. f3.775 Bank of the Metropolis Stock. Terms cash. _ WILL BE ADDED 40 shares capita! stock of the New Moxieo Mining Company. my.18-d J. C. McGUIRl & CO.. Aucts. B Y J. 0. McGUIRE Sc. CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT ON ?i5IS^I.T5E,iT?WK8T. BETWEEN O AND P 8TREET8 NORTH. Pursnantto a deed {? trust made and executed by Richard A. Hyde, of Washington City, to the subscriber to secure a certain debt therein men tioaed, I shall proceed to sell, at public auction, on the Seventh day of June next, at 8 o'clock, p. m , on the premises, "all that piece or parcel of ground and premises, situated, lying, and being in the said City of Washington, and District of Col ombia, and known and designated as Lot numbered ten (10) in Crnttenden's sub division of Square numbered threo hundred and ninety eight (398,) fronting twenty (30) feet on Ninth street west, be twe en O and P streets north, and running back with that width to a public alley, together with all and singular, the improvements, privileges, heredita ments and appurxenanees to the same belonging, or in any wise appertaining." Terms: One-bait of the purchase money cash, the balance in three and nix months, with Inter est. The deferred payments to he secured by a deed in trust on the promises. All conveyances including revenue stamps at the ex per** of the purchaser. f If the terms are not complied with within five days after tee day of sale, the property will be re-sold, at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser, after five days notice in the Xven<ng Star. CHAS. P. WANNALL Trustee. my.S-co&ds J. C. McGUIRE St OO.. Aucts. J 0. McGUIRE St CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE BEAL ESTATE ON 1 8TRBET, hEAR THE POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT. AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On TUESDAY, May 31*t, at 8 o clock,p. m.. on the premises, we thall sa l, all that vacant Lot sit* bated on tke north side of X street north, being the eaaVr y part of 1 ot No. in Square 406, lying between the line of the face ofth' easterly wall of a ba;ck house, for many years occupied Dy Wm. Llaton. Esq., and the westerly line of Lot No. 1, in said Square being SB feet B inches more ot lees, in w?dth. ?nO rnsning baek 87 feet 6 Inches to a ten feet alley w?y. A part of a brick stable at the rear pssao* with the land. Tie neighborhood of this property to the Patent and Post Offlco Departments makes it a desirable lora.ion for a private zesidence or for office ptrrpo Terms: All caah or one third cash; balance in six atid nine months, with intcrett.aad secured on the *T?Ue un?u??tionabio. Cost^f coavevance, including revenue stamps, to b* paid by the purchaser. my. 13 7. O. MoGUIRI k CO., Auetg. AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC }CANTERBURY HALL.I AND HAL L)OANTIBBCBY HALL; { THEAT1B Looisuha ATisn, Nfr Cotntr cj Sizt\ Strut, Rear ?/ Xational and Metropolitan Hottli. Gioaai L?1 _. Proprietor W. E. CiHiTACCH_. Stage Manager. BRILLIANT SUCCESS BRILLIANT SUCCESS of the new SPECTACULAR drama, m. spectacular drama. Witnessed last week by over 5,(T*o psr'on?, entitled CUDJO'8 CAVE, CUDJO'S CAVE, CUDJO'S CAVE* CUDJO'8 CAVE, CUDJO'8 CAVE, CUDJO'8 CAVE' CUDJO'8 CAVE' CUDJO'8 CAVE. CUDJO? CAVE, CUDJO'S CAVE, CUDJO'8 CAVB, CUDJO'S cave! CUDJO'8 CAVE, CUDJO'S CAVE, 0* THE BATTLE-CRY OF FREEBOM. BATTLE-CRY OF FREEDOM. BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM. BATTLE-CRY OF FREEDOM. BATTLE-CKY OF FREEDOM. BATTLE-CRY OF FREEDOM. ' Received at each representation with THUNDERS OF APPLAUSE, THUNDERS OF APPLAUSE, THUNDERS OF APPLAUSE, and pronounced by competent Judges th<* SENSATION PLAY SENSATION PLAY SENSATION PLAY OF THE PRESENT DAY. OF THE PRKSBNT DAY. OF THE PRESENT DAY. F.VERY NIGHT THIS WEEK, And on SATURDAY AFTERNOON,at 2 p.m., will pe presented ihe New Drama, dramatized express ly f?; the Canterbury, by John F. Pi>ol<?, E*q., en titled CUDJO'S CAVE, or tii? BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM. POMP, a self-emancip&ted bond J.DEFORREST Cud jo, a deformed negro,and a fugi tive. but sound in heart ,?Billy West PennH&pgood.aQuaker schoolmas ???? J. J.Dangherty Cart Minnevick. a German bov. fall of courage and of curning?.... W. B.Cavanagh Kev. .Mr. Villars, an agt*I clergyman and blind... Mr. Ward negro,and eervantto Mr Villars John Mulligan Stackbridgej V...Mr. Leffert Withers ? > Tennessee Lnionists {..Mr. Harpsi Grodd.... \ f . McPheraon LysanderSprowl?f Silas Rope* -... I i Aug. Blytbewood . ! Mr.Williams Dan Pepperill >8ece?ionli?t8.-! Mr. Sullivan gad.. \ Wilson D?rrmg |?..Howard Davis.... | \ Johnson Virginia Yillars, the clergyman s daughter. ?? ?Jennie Forrest Mrs. Sprowl, a widow as has lost her brother ?..Lncy Ciifton NEW SCENERY, NEW DhESSES. NEW MUSI?, and new and EXPENSIVE PROPERTIES Full of STARTLING EFFECTS and replete with NUMEROUS HITS. First week of M I.LE MARIETTA RAVEL. M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL M'LLE MARIETTA RAVE!,! M'LLK MARIETTA RAVEL. M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL nifce of the celebrated Gabriel and Francoi* Ravel and the principal card of the GREAT RAVEL TROUPE GREAT RAVEL TROUPE, the snpevb beauty and incomparable French and Spanish Danseuf-e. Also, acknowledged to be with out a rival in this country ?s a PERFORMER ON THE TIGHT ItOPB, MON8. BAPT1STAN. M<?NS BAPTI8TAN. M0N8. RAPT 1ST AN, MONS. BAPTIST AN. MONS. BAPTIST AN. The celebrated Parisian Dancer and Maitre de Ballet, and the famous RONZANI BALLET TROUPE. RON7ANI BALLET TROUPE. RONZANIBALLET TROUPE. RONZANIBALLET TROUPE. RONZANIBALLET TROUPE. STXT*F.N LOVELY YOUNG LADIES. SIXTEEN LOVSLY YOUNG LADIES. SIXTEEN L(rt hl/Y VOnao OIKS SIXTEEN LOVELY YOUNG LADtf;?: SIXTEEN LOVELY YOUNG LADIES, selected especially for their GRACE AND BEAUTY, GRACE AND BEAUTY, GRACE AND BEAUTY, each ntie a SOT.O DAN8EU8E. SOLO DAN8EUSE. The rival Beauties and Song-tres^e^ MISS JENNIE ENGEL, MIES JENNIE ENGBL, MISS JENNIE ENGEL. MISS JENNIE ENGEL. and MISS ESTE1.LE FORBEST. MISS ESTELLK FORREST. MISS E8TELLE FORREST. MISS ESTELLE FORREST. The ere^t Moguls of Ethiopian comedv. Mesj MULLIGAN, MULLIGAN, WEST, WEST, and WILLIAM?, WILLIAMS. W. B. CAVENAUGH. W. B. CAVENAUGII. Tlie favorite Comedian, Pantomimiut. Comic Vo calist, and delineator of Irish character, whose unbounded versatility and genial humor have won for him a host of admirers. DON SANTIAGO GIBBONXOI8E. DON SANTIAGO GIBBONNOISE. DON SANTIAGO GIBBONN0I8E. DON SANTIAGO GIBBONNOISE. DON SANTIAGO GIBBONNOI8B. The wonderful Contortionist and performer on the Flying Rings. J.J. DOUGHERTY, J.J. DOUGHERTY, the eccentric comedian. J. DE FORREST, J. DE FORREST, the talented light comedian. THE CONSTELLATION OF BEAUTY. THE CONSTELLATION OF BBAUTY. THE CONSTELLATION OF BEAUTY. THE CONSTELLATION OF BEAUTY. THE CONSTELLATION OF BEAUTY. ? A number of young and beautiful ladies, whose combined- loveliness and grace justly entitlos them to the above euphonic title, consisting of MiSEMMA 8CHELL. JENNIE FORREST. KITTY LB*, FANNY MAY. LUCY CLIFTON, NAOMI PORTER, NELLIE HOWARD, KITTY SCOTT. _ EMMA GARDNER, MAGGIE WILSON. ' LUCY GARDNER, who will appear in a charming variety of DANCES. TABLEAUX, &+,, Sic, J. W. GIBBS, J. W. GIBBS. the Tf-cown^d Banjoist and delineator of negro character. Mr. ROBINSON, Mr. ROBINSON. the popular Dancer, And the ENTIRE MAMMOTH COMPANY ENTIRE MAMMOTH COMPANY ENTIRE MAMMOTH COMPANY in a GRAND VARIETY BILfc, GRAND VARIETY BILL. MAGNIFICENT BALLETS, MAGNIFICENT BALLETS, MAGNIFICENT BALLETS. A DELIGHTFUL OLIO OF ETHIOPIAN SONGS, ETUlOP^fcsONGS. DANcll! EXTRAVAGANZAS, EXTRAVAGANZAS, Ac, Ac. ii*. Change in the Olio Department Each-Wight, Chance in the Olio Department Each Fight. Admission . ??? *0 55 Orchestra ?? ? ?? ? ? ?? ? ? ? W* ?????? r?* ? ? *?? ? ? CO Private Boxes, holding six persons... ? . 8 00 Door* open at 7 o'clock; Performance to com mence at 8 o'clock. FAMILY MATINEE 6ATURDAY AFTBBNOON AT TWO O'CLOCK. Ladiea 26 cents; Children 10 cent?. ' ? ? ?? i.i- v HERNANDEZ, HERNANDEZ, The great Pantomimifct and most Tereatile ACtO* in the world ia ecgaged and will ehertfcr an?a?. AMUSEMENTS. FORD'S NEW THEATER) TSWTB STRICT,ABOVB PBSRAYLTiSIA ATMO? THIC00LF>T a?i> BE8T ventilated PLACE OF PUBLIC AMUSEMENT IN THE CITY. The height of the buildis* (about fifteen feet higher than auy similar structure in the city J the scientific ventilating appara'us, visible from the avenue, and the arrangement of windows, all com bine to secure, during the heated term, a copious supply of pure air. and & cool and pleasant atmos phere. To secure this, the proprietor has expend ed over _ _ FIVE thousand DOLLARS while constructing the theater. MONDAY EVENING, May 23, IS&, fibpt nioht of the revival of the GORGEOUS FAIRY SPECTACLE OF THE NAIAD QUEEN, in a style of RESPLENDENT GRANDEUR, with magnificent SCENERY. ELEGANT appointment*. BRILLIANT COSTUMES, GRAND MAROnfes. AND TABLEAUX. ?IXD *>J UN EQUALED CAST OF CHARACTERS, embl&eing the names of the Washington favorite, MISSSl'SAN DENIN. The C*l?brated Pantomimist, MR. J. H. FOSTER, ALL THE favorites OF THE COMPANY, During the spectacle, A GRAND AMAZONIAN MARCH BY EIGHTEEN YOUNG LADIES, magnificently arrayed in GLITTERING ARMOR. GROVEK'8 THEATER. Pkssbtltania at., ssar WiLLABO'a Hotel. Lsosabd Ubotkr?- ? ..-Director THE COOLEST THEATER IN AMERICA. VEN TILATED BY OVER 10i> WINDOWS. ICE WATER FOR THE AUDIENCE! Last night positively of the great Versatile Ac tress of the age. MISS MARY PB0V08T. who will appear in two entirely new characters, ad ?widely different as It is pos?ib!e to conceive ; FRANCINE AND andy BLAKE, MONDAY EVENING. May 23, Wil'.be presented Planohe's beautiful comedy, in two acts, entitled the YOUNG widow S STRATAGEM. Fraacine. with soni-s Miss Mary Provost Tj conclude with the Lsautiful Irish Drama, in twi> acts, of andy BLAKE: Op. THE irish DIAMOND. AaJy Blake, the Irish Diamond.M;ss Mary Provost Tuesday evening. May 24. first night of tha OPERA SEASON. F'otowV G-and Oaera of MARTHA1 GROVER'S THEATER. IMF OK TA V T AN MO UNCEM EXT < Mr Grov^r takes great pleasure in announcing thaT, he has arranged for the return of the GRAND OPERA COMPANY, rpc?ntl-y so very suewssful here and more recent ly from the rajst brilliantly successful seasons in Philadelphia and Boston ever known in those cities. In addition to the originally strong company, Mr. Grover is pleased to announce that he has en gaged the er<>at Rasso Profundo HERMANNS! HERMANNS! From the Royal Italiin Opera, London, and lately the great sensation of the Operatic Circles of New York. It is a well-known fact that this gentle man's connection with Maretzek's Opera Company at the Academy of Music, New York, was the chief cause of the recent unparalleled season there, and that bis withdrawal from that company was tho occasion of the sudden and unexpected termination of the season. Herr Hermanns has been ENGAGED AT GREAT EXPENSE. And the Chorus and Orchestra have been mate rially strengthened. New and superb costumes and properties have teen added, in order that ALL TnE GRAND OPERAS may he given entire and complete in every detail. Tbp company embraces the established favorites : MAD. BKRTHA JOIIANNSEN. Prima Douna. M LI E MARIE FREDKRICJ, Prima Donna,from Vienna. ?nT?ue, ;;:ftE pauline canissa, ph?? couore HERR*FRANZ lUllJiiiu, ...vrmaid. irom IIERR1 THEODORE I1ABELMANN, Tenor Dia erasi?, from Brunswick, HERR /.INSHEIM. Secondo'Tenor, HERR HENRY STEINECKE, Pnmo Baritone, from Prague, HERR RRONFIELD, 8econdo Baritone, HFRR HERMANS, Basso Protundo, from the Boval Italian Opera. London, HKRR ANTON GRAFF, Basso Profundo, IlERR CARL LEG MAN, Basso Buffo, _vn Besides a l'OWEBKCL CHORUS and GRAND orchestra, under the direction of OARii WPCI1UTZ In the c*tensive r-'pertoire of this company are included the popular Opera-of Martha, Ua Jum. ' "Faust," "Don Giovanni. Do tfrei Sfhutz,""Tannhauber." 'I.a Dame Blanch. La BarDiel* a-, shrill.. " \lxrcv 1vftS of Windsor," "Stradella." and several others never witnessed in Washington. . . , , The season will necessarily be very brief, and the performance confined exclusively to the choicest Grand Operas of the repertoire. ThtSe1S0NDAY EVENING, MayM. METROPOLITAN .ML'SIC HALL, Pbufsvltasia Avbhcb and Elrvksth Strbbt. R. OARD'NER A H. ENOCUS~;._v?roprietors PROF. H0LDEN. ? Musical Director THE COOLEST TLACE OF AMUSEMENT IN THE CITY! pir6t appearance of the jjreat lavOrite Ethiopian Comedians, _ FRANK KERNS AND J. THOMPSON' THE LARGEST COMPANY OF ARTISTS! beautiful BALLETS! COMIC pantomimes! NEGRO BURLESQUES! COMIC AND SENTIMENTAL SINGING BY THE GREAT UETROrOLl TAN TROUPE. Admission * - ao cents Urcliesti& A GBAND MATINEE EVERY MONDAY ' SOR LADIES AND children. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS High street market, No. 74 Opposite Prospect Street, Georgctoicn, D. C, We, the undersigne.?T"bee le%T*,to. the public that we have oil hind * ?J}oice assortment of Fresh Meats of all kinds. Poultry, Game, &c. Eggs wholesale and retail. Apples and Potatoes by the barrel. Canned Fruits or all "'mtVl"""""'"'' H. W. PI?HEB & CO. PERKINS, STERNE S Co.. 190 Breadway, M. Y.? EXCLUSIVE DEALERS IN CALIFORNIA WINE. We guarantee them all to be ABSOLUTELY PURE. Voc file by allHrst-class Grocers and Pragfists everywhere. mh30-3m* FRANKLIN &. CO., CJ^Ol OPTICIANS, 244 Pa. avenue, between 12th and 13th streets, 388 Pa. avenue, under the National Hotel, , offer to the officers of the army their welTselected single or douhle^thtffbeftKelowcSprfoa?*" barometers?8 ibSSSBBE? fiflSSSKl I"' Photograph^Albums, Cartes de Visite, plain or EyeGlwses, care lull y suited for every parUo ulsr eyesight &&<i warranted. *P ^ 4Qg CABTE DE VISITE FRAMES, French Gilt. Swiss Carved Wood, and America* T.rmB 1 PRIZES CASHED ueimnsa se&sjgz WOT??l?Er TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. [ASSOCIATED PRESS DISPATCHES.] IMPORTANT capture. Rebel Mail of Two Thaasanri Lrlteri. Baltimore, May -22.? Colonel Wo-. >l ley's ofRcers captured, on Saturday night, in thn Chesapeake Ray, near Ano&poli*, two men* named 'William H. Rogers sod John Fahey, in a yawl-boat, attempting to cross from Virgiui i into Maryland with a rebel mail of about two thousand letters, half of them addressed to persons in Baltimore, and the residue to New Yorkers, Philadelphia!!?, Bostonlan?, Wa?h ingtonians, and various individuals througti out the country. These rapMv?>s also had nearly four thou*and dollars in twenty dollar gold'pieces, besides five hnnrired dollars in silver, and about two thousand in greenbacks, as well as large quan tities of Southern coupon bond*. Many of the letters also contained money. Some of the letters are dated as late as the 9<h of May, and couvey much highly import, ant information Others w?re written before the recent battles. They speak of scarcity of food, and awfully high prices. The capture is viewed as most important. Rogers and Fa hey are now in the military prison. Thev are Baltimor*ans. PROM EUROPE. New York, May 22 -The steamer America, from Southampton on the tlth lu?tant, arrived this morning. In the House of Lords, Earl Russell stated that the conference on Schleswig-lfolstein affairs hsd agreed upon a suspension of hos tilities forthwith, from the 12th, on condition that the blockade of the German ports be raised. The Bank of Franee has raised its discount to eitrhtper cent. In the recent naval engagement between the Imius and the Austrian*, the lacter were badly beaten. The news of this success and the sus pension of hostilities were received in London with ranch joy, and. in consequence, consols ad vanced to 91 ^a-M^. The Austrian* pillaged Horsen, Randers. and other places m Jutland. Fifteen Sweedish and Norwegian war ves?els assembled on the 15th off Gotienburg, under Prince Oscar. * General Garibaldi arrived at Caprera on the 9th. Horrible Octra???The Brothercf ike Fiic tim Shoott and KlUs the Fiend in Open C&urt.?A. few days ago a terr ' le outrage occurred near Springfield, 111. Ii appears a soldier named Phillips seized the little daughter of a clergy man, only ten years of age, and afflicted with St. Vitus> dance, and forcibly placing her in a carriage, drove off with her. and outraged her person. Soon after the wretch was arrested. The little girl identified him as the man, and when her father had taken her home, he was not lsmg in finding out how terribly she had been wronged On his wav back to the magis trate's office, the feelings of a father and a man so far overmastered his sacred character that he seized a brie k, and rushing into th? struck the guiiity man a terrible but not fatal blow. Justice Adams deemed it advisable to posipoee a hearing uu'.il the next morning, and the bleeding and guilty wretch was carried to the jail for safe keeping. Springfield, May ll.?The examination of the guilty wretch was commenced this fore noon at the custom house, the attendance being T ery large, and the excitement intense. \ brother of the afflicted and outraged child got info the building, and drawinga revolver, dis charged it at the prisoner. Two shots took effect, and the examination was postponed. The prisoner was fatally injured, and died to night. The excitement growing out of the affair is intense, and the public feeling is al together with the familv of the unfortunate little girl. The Postal Money-Order System ?The postal money-order system, justestablished by L^Tbmis who receive monev orders are required *-*>crelor the following charges or fees, viz:?For an order for 91, or for any larger sum, Ant not exceeding 810, the sum of ten cents shall be charged, exacted by the post master giving such order: for an order of more than sio and not exceeding ?2<', the charge shall be fifteen cents, and for every order exceeding 820 a fee of twenty cents shall be charged. LOCAL NEWS. -? A Stowe Battle?Yesterday afernoon a stone battle occurred between a large number of white and colored hoys, at the comer of 11th and P streets uorth, in which a large num^r of adults engaped before the battle concluded. The right lasted about half an hour, and the parties tiigaged numbered several hundred. Several policemen attempted to quiet the mob, but he crowd was too 6trong for them, and obliged them to leave. The females in the neighborhood were terribly frightened, and several of the parties were struck with stones: but none were severely hurt. Some of the par ties were subsequently arrested' From what we can learn, the ro? com menced near the Chapel built bvthe American Tract Society near the old contraband camp, where a colored Sunday scheol is now hriu every Sunday afternoon, between some of the colored children and some small white boys who were passing by at the time. Orphans' Court, Jtulge Purcell.?On Satur day, the court received a note from J. R. Thomas, declining to act as an executor of the will of the late Wm. Parsons. The accounts of J. W. B.imaclo, administra tor ol the estate of john HeissIeT, deceased, and the accounts of Andrew Forrest Queen, exe cutor of Mrs. Sarah T. Ilnghes, deceased, were received by the court and ordered to be filed. The will ol the late Gen. Jos. G. Totten was presented and fully proved. By the terms of the will, 8100 per annum is bequeathed to each of his sisters, Caroline and Emma Totten, a3 long as they live uumarried. Theremaindfr of the estate is bequeathed to his children. The will appoints Benj. J. Totten, brother, and W. G. Temple, son-in-law of the late General, as executors of the will. The inventory of the personal estate of the late James Britt was presented and proven, Larceny Cass?.?On Saturday morning Mary J. Robertson, col., was arrested by of ficer Ashton lor stealing 814 from Wm.Holmes, col?d, who slept in the same boase with her the previous night. Officer Gormon arrested John Thomas, colored, for robbing the money drawer of W. H. McGinnis of 817.45 on Sat urday afternoon. Thomas was caught in the act by Mr. McG. and delivered to tne officer who had some difficulty in getting him to the station. Ida Earnest, one of Sal Brown's ducks in Pear Tree Alley, was arrested by of ficer Whitemore on Saturday night for robbing H. Roach, a discharged soldier of S3 and his discharge papers. The three cases were heard by Justice Boswell who committed them to jaU. .? A Gallant Regiment Treats its Skclk erb Rioht.?Yesterday morning, the 1st Mas sachusetts volunteers, numbering about 450 men, arrived on the steamer TJtlca, on their way home, their term of service having ex pired- In their rear there were fourteen or fifteen men who were without arms and were not allowed to associate with their comtadis, because in one of the recent fights they skulked from duty. They, however, fought afterwards, but it was understood that they could not help themselyes, "circumstances beyond their ccm trol" compelling them to wade In. We under stand that these men will be placarded "Cow ards and skulkers," and in this plight be marched home. Second Ward Station Cases.?Flora Thompson, disorderly ; 81. Wm. Lemon, sus picion; dismissed. G. Plass, drunk and dis orderly; 83. Jno. Marshall, suspicion of lar ceny; jail for hearing. Alexander Proctor, do.: do. Jno. Fitzsimmons, drunk; 81. Henry Carr, do; dismissed. EllaLimere. disorderly; 81. Elizabeth Johnson, do.; SI. Wm. Heme, len, do. and drunk; St. Henson Cover, disor derly ; 81. Safrah Jackson, do.; 81 William Williams, do.; 81. ? ? BadBoy.?This morning offlcat Parker of the Second Ward, reported to his sergeant that a boy bad made his way into the Medical Col lege building on F street, between 11th and 12th, and thrown out some human bones. *Tie officer did not catch the boy, fcnt took the bones and replaced them in the building. t Bodies Bropght Saturday evening the mail steamer Wawaaset brought up the bodies el Ool. John Wilsott, ^ Major Dudly, 5th Vermont. They will be sent North to-day. [From Sunday's Extra Star.J Lee makes a sadden Retrograde Movement to the North Anna River! W? are indebted to the Philadelphia J+qmnr for the following, brought through by ?MOf their special couriers?thair arrangement* fbr early and reliable news being moot complete, as fhown hy their con tinned encases. Yesterday morning (General Hanoocb occu pled Bowling Green, making Um mar oh wlth ont finding any rebels In bfcs rente. It la supposed the enemy has been retreating for the last twenty.fonr hoar* to lake a posi tion on the North Anna river Nothing bnt straggling par uee of a few gner rlllas were found all day. The Inquirer't courier left a point two mil** south of Onlnney'e Station yesterday at two p. m. Every thing then was progressing finely, and the army was in the beet of spirits. Orant is now in the open country, clear ol the "'Wilderness," and where ha oan get at Um enemy in something like a fair field; and the whole army feels the moet unbounded confi dence in the result of a fight under theaa im proved circumstances. This sudden retreat of Lee gives color to tb ? belief expressed by Gen. Bntler that Lee bad sent a portion of his army to crash him sud denly with an overwhelming oroe, a piaca ot strategy, however, in wtikh be has been (oiled through the stubborn resistance made by But ler's army. It would appear that the rebel attack on oar right on Wednesday was a feint to oover thin retrograde movement. Bowling Green, Um point occupied by Han cock in the advance in pursuit of Lee, in the capital of Caroline county, on the road from Richmond to Fredericksburg, Is twsaty mitee from Fredericksburg and forty from Rich mond. It contains, or did contain before tbo war, soma 400 inhabitants. Official War Bulletiu. Wabhi:t*>toi?, May Si?9.30 p. m. Major General Dix : Dispatches from General Sherman state that our forces found in Same & good deal ot provisions and of fine iron works and machinery. We have secured two good bridges and one excellent ford across the Etowah. The cars are now arriving at Kingston with stores, and two days weald be given to replenish and fit up. A despatch just received from General Banks, dated at Alexandria, the ?h of May, states that "the dam will be completed to morrow, (May 9,) and the gunboats relieved. * He would then move immediately fcr the Mis sissippi. General Oanby was at the mouth of Red river on the 14th of May, collecting forcee to assist Banks if necessary. Dispatches from Gen. Butler, dated at 10 o'clock last night report that he had been fight ing all day, the enemy endeavoring to clesa in on our lines. We shall hold on. We have captured the rebel Gen. Walker, ot the Texas troops. iE. M. Stastos, Sacretary of War. ARRIVAL OF H0?TAGEfl. Tfce sixty rebel citizens of Fredericksburg arrested by order of the War Department, and to be held as hostages for the Union wounded soldiers betrayed Into the rebel hands by Slaughter, the rebel mayor of Fredericksburg, arrived here this morning, and were committed to the Old Capitol prison. THE LOSSES IM rHlftsUiY'S FIGHT* Four Hundred and Fifty Rebels Captured; \\ retched Condition of the Hebel Com* missariat. [Correspondenceof the Associated Press.J HKAT)QPAkTBR? ARMY Of TUB POTOMAC, May 21, a. m.? The wounded from the fight of Thursday were attended to, and sent to Fred ericksburg duiin? - ?? "V" r renericksburg without parsing uirough the hospitals in th? field. A large number of wounded rebels wero brought into our hospital? and carea for, some of whom died atterwrtrd Their losa ie esti mated at 1.250 In killed and wounded, bfesldet 4.r;0 prisoners, who were sent t.> Washington iast evening. Prisoners continue to be brought in, about twenty-live having been captured last eve ning. They give gloomv a^oonnts of the con dition of the rehel commlssirtnt, but say that Lev leels certain of final victory. # Chnrge of tonspirney?The War in West Virginia ? General Crooks' Successful Kaid? Immeuse Oantnge Dane o the I n>t Tennessee Railroad, Arc. Cincinnati, Mav 21.?Sam Medary, the editor ot the Columbus Crisis, was arrested on an indictment loi alleged conspiracy with the paitie* arrested some months ago to overthrow the Government. The Commercial's Western correspondent says General Crocks' command is slowly fall iuR barb, afipr B.-nnmpiishing moat thorough ly its object. He has destroyed large amounts of supplier, and damaged the East Tennessee* Railroac1. beyond repair for fully tiiree months. General Jenkins, (rebel,) wounded and cap tured, has since died. LISTOF LETTERS REMAINING JN TUB POST OFFICE, GEORGETOWN, 0. 0., Mat 21, !???>*. To obtain any of these letters, the applicant rou?t call for ** advertised letters," five the date of thid list, and pay one cent for adveitising. If not called for within one month, they will fee sent to the Dead Letter Office. PI Are the postage stampon the upper right-hand corner, und !>*ave space between the stamp and direction for post-marking; without interfering with the writing. A request for the return of a letter to the writer, if urrlsimed within thirty days or less, written or printed with the writer1* name, poet office, and State, across the left-hand end of envelope, on the face side, will be complied with at the usual pre 5aid rate of postage, payable when the tetter ia elivered to tne writer. LADIES' LIST. Arthurs Mary King Miss Fannie Agur Miss Lavenia Keech M-ss Annie E Barton Harriet Ann Laffarty M-aMK Barton Miss Lucy F I.attrris Mrs Bnnsel Mrs Jane l ee Mrs Mar? Keeker Mrs Lottie A Leete ft- ise Mary Brown Mrs Mary Lewi* Mrs Jane firooke Miss Sarah Lncgaon Miss Josephine Hernham Mrs 8 E-3 MeNair Miss Julia W B akeman Mrs ('has W-J Mtvt4> wa Mrs Luciadn Becker Lottie Ayers Meech Miss Boteler Mrs Horatio MflPasiel Mrs Lerenia Baker Hiss Jennie Maley EHza Bron-ley M-ss Eliza Jane Mxirruder Miss Emma Baker Mrs Amanda Morgan Mrs Oatheria* IT Carroll Mrs8usan Ma.n-"er Mrs Ana a Craig Mrs Carr Ann N* vers-n Sarah (colored) Dooiittle Miss Jennie Pneaia Mrs Heaeretta . Dixon Mrs Karhel Paine Mra Liiile Dowry Margaret Quells Hiss Wiaav DeenMitaMary Hitter Miss An/ratina Davis Mrs Fannie-2 Rotinsi-n Mrs M W Davis Miss Fsnny R hi son Mrs Loaisa Y Kdmonst'.n Mrs Annia Rashly Miss Blanch flfM#. a a Sffifc'teV h Fr t Mist- Mary B B.-hast ion Mrs M A Fisher M as Josephine tellers Mrs Lewis H ? Gil]igan mra Mary J-2 8:ewart Mrs Gee W Goodrich Miss Emma RMeMi Mrs A 1 Haskell Mrs ? 8 Mhipman Mra Augustus Henry Miss Elian Talor Mrs Debroagh Kecks Mrs Margaret Tvnma* Mrs T) Keech Miss LlUy Wttllck Miss Isabella GENTLEMEN? f.TST ' Atkinson OR Ghegan Chnriie Ner Thes AllcnGeoS Grace Wheaton Norriaea J? e r BerrvT8&Co naasett WmT i?ick?r^on 0 G Brook Th< s A Haviland O W NUHolleB p Blake Nicholas Hail Capt Wy O'Pok Thos^ Bocth Jlo W .'ohuaoa U ais Owen R Dale Bcmon Joibca Jehneeh Jno T Plu?Biar W D 2 Ba'ton Icaac J u??n L Park Linton a? i" sasW ?sa?%r* iSv?*hp tt'i, ESSSW Casto Robt R Kiml a l UJ . .. Staa'.ou Tlu>s C"o?tolow Patk r.iewm-1 ylmonsRoVt ( lea-sr Jesse Lawrence Sam! 8*indeliJneA (ocbranli.o Leeh n J as ^tanhop? Jno W M' Dow ell P B Lewis Ainps-S Mitt dJT DavieJno * - sxzrss .SsSjQl Effli

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