Newspaper of Evening Star, May 23, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 23, 1864 Page 3
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local news. AMUSEMENTS T0-NIGI1T. Oiotxk's Thbatbr.?The Opera Company of Carl An; chut/ it wasexpactad would appear here to night, but circumstances have delayed them on the road Miss Mary Provost will, however, appear in two entirely new char acters, Tlx: As "Francine," in the "Young "Widows Strataeem," and as "Andy Blake," in the "Irish Diamond/' The Opera Company appears to-morrow night Ford's TiiBATBR._Tbe fairy spectacle of the ?'Naiad Queen,' which created such a sensa tion here some time ago, has been revived by Mi6a ?U8an Denin, Mr. J. H. *">" '? connect:^" tumes, tableaux KISew 8cenerF- cos the play will he'tu*#-' haTB produced, and uepiay will be performed id a style in which - - ?u never oeiore produced. V'awtbrkur v.?Manager Lea is determined to keap up Canterbury Hall to the highest Btandnd. and therefore spares no effort to en gage the best talent, and has therefore engaged the services of Marietta Ravel and Msns. Bap tists, m addition to bis regular company. and they will appear to night. The play, ?Oldjo'? Cave," will be reproduced to-night also. Meteopoi.itan Hall.?This week again there will be a splendid bill of song, dance and Ethiopian eccentricity by some of the best per formers in the concert ball line of business. For the programme see advertisement. Ball?The Shields Clnb give tbeir sixteenth grand ball to-night at Temperance Hall. Fic-wic.?The grand pic-nic of St. Domi nick's Sunday School takes piece at Washing ton Park to-day. The weather is delightful, and crowds are availing their selves of the op portunity for enjoyment afforded by this de ligbtlul pic-nic. Am Assault.?About 9 o'clock last night as a colored man named Wm. Newton, who is well known as a quiet, Inoffensive person and a huckster in our markets was passing over the Maryland avenne bridge on his way to his home on Capitol Hill, he was accosted by three young men one of wbom struck him. Newton asked what be had been struck for, when one of the men, Thomas Uuigley, walked toward bim and drawing a knife gave himtL severe cut from his nose across his mouth and under his chin inflicting a ghastly wound. Newton immediately cried murder and Detectives Mc Devitt and Clarvoe, who were on Capitol Hill heard the cries and hastened to the spot and after a short chase arrested Wm. Barry and James W. Gatton, but Quigley made good his escape. The officers found Newton on the ground bleeding profusely, and they took the prisoners to the Seventh ward Btatlon and the wounded man to Dr. Croggon's office where the wound was dressed, and they afterwards took him to his home. A warrant was procured lor the arrest of Quigley and about 12 o'clock they succeeded in arresting him. This morn ing the case was heard by Justice Bos well who held Gatton to bail in S100 for a further examination and committed the others to .jail? Quigiev in default of f"00 and Barry in ?100 bail for a lurther examination The officers in this case deserve much credit for their energy in following .he case np. Arrival op Woi ndeo.?Yesterday morn ing the steamers State ot and Connecti cut arrived at the Sixth street wharf, bringing up wounded, mostly those enraged in the flgbtin* on Thursday last. On the State of Maine about 550 cases and on the Connecticut i?tr; and a large portion were seriously wound ed, over three hundred having to be moved on stretchers. Among the number were Capt. H. M. Stan. Co. A, 8th New York heavy artillery; Capt. J Kelcher, Co. C, 20th Mass.; and Lieut. H.Moore, Co. I, 1st Maine heavy artillery. There were several deaths on?-the boat on the way up and at the wharf. It was indeed a pitiful sight to see so many ot the brave boys' who left this city about a week ago with so much bouyancy and hopefulness returning si me of fh^m with wonr.ds from which they never will re-over, but such is the fate of war. These regiments, 1st Maine and Pth New York, (both heavy ar'illery armed as infaatry) were noticed by us at the time they left here as remarkably fine regiments and it seems they so distinguished themselves in their first fight (an encounter with Ewell's veterans) as to elicit warm praise from Gen. Meade in a special order. Tas Patbkt Okkicb Fair.? Wabhinoton. May 20, l=HM. The undersigned, Committee on Finance, Irave this day examined all ths accounts and vouchers of the late Fair held at the Patent Office Building, and find '-hat the entire amount received up to this date is $36,053 57 Amount paid out on account of pur chase of goods, expenses, <Scc 10,67$ 11 Cash balance ..*25,375 v; We have found the books and vouchers of the Treasurer, Mrs. L. E. Chittenden, coi+ect, and her duties performed in a business-like manner. B. B. Frbkch, President. MrS'M 'TNicholsow, J Mrs. D. W. Blihs, ) on Finance The books and vouchers are still in the pos aeselon of the Treasurer, subject to the exam ination of any one interested in the Fair. Boi.d Robbery?Tuesday night Christo pher Bode was robbed in the house of Thomas Kahoe, on 9th, between D and ? streets south. Bode with some companions went to this houseanddrank together,and Bodefell asleep, and when he awoke he found he had been robbed of his gold watch, coat and vest, and JH55 in money. Wednesday night detectives Mc Devitt and Clarvoe met a man named W. H Dorsey, drunk, and who had or his person the coat stolen frord Bode. They arrested him, and Justice Thompson sent him to jail for a bearing Dorsey then told him that Kahoe took the watch from Bode, and a third party not arrested gave him (Dorsey) the coat Ka tioe has b-en arrested, and was also sent to jail for a hearing; but was subsequently re leased on bail for bearing this afternoon at 3 o'clock before Justice Thompson. Deliberate Scicide?Saturday afternoon. Charles Heina, a German, who boarded at Lnti'i Hotel, corner of 10th and C streets, com mitted suicide by taking poison at the dinner table, ot which be died in a few moments. The cause of the act is not certainly known; but it Is alleged by some persons that be anticipated a spell of sickness that would confine him to t>rd a long time, and he chose to die thus rather than suffer. Others say that pecuniary em barrasfment pressed upon his mind, and dis appointment urged him to the act. The jury cf inquest decided "That the said Charles Htina came to his death by voluntarily swal lowing a poison, named cyanwretum potassii, at the dinner table, which caused his death immediately after. _ It is Important that carpenters and build ers should know that H. W. Hamilton, agent, at No 50-j 7th street, has constantly on band a superior assortment of sashes, blinds, mould ings, bracket, bilusters, window frames and all such material and articles as are needed by builders and carpenters. Sales cheap and ar ticles durable. See advertisement. FofKDow thb Battlb Field.?We have a memorandum book picked up on the battle Held bearing the name of "George A. McLel lan, Upper Stilwater, Maine," which can be obtained by any party haying authority to re ceive it. Hydrophobia.?Yesterday a dog supposed to be mad was killed by Serg't Johnson of the 2d precinct police, on 6th, between K and S streets north. St/tb of thb Th brmombtbr.? At Frank lin A Co's opticians, No. 264 Pennsylvanra avetue, the theimometer stood to-day at 1 o'cli ck 7S in the shade, and 90 in the sun. SPECIAL NOTICES. Cobks, Bestows. Bad Nails. Ac. Persbns wishing immediate relief from then? roubletionie annoyances, should call at Dk. "M hits'* rooms. No 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4H and fith streets. Colgate's oset Boaf. This celebrated Toilet Soap, in such anlveraal demand, i* made from the choicest materials, is mild and emollient in its nature, fragrantly scent ?d, and extremely beneficial in its action upon the akin. For sale by all Druggistaand Fancy Goods Dealers. jatt-eoly E J WiLEiss. Ks? , has been appointed Agent ?f the Great Pennsylvania route, vice K. O. Nor ton, to take effect on the 28th of March. Mr. Wil %ins has been connected witn the Office, at ths corner ?f Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, during the past two years, and is thoroughly con versant with the business of the route in all its departments. All applications for information, tickets, Ac., must be address** to E.J, Wiikins, Agent Gr?at Pennsylvania Route, Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue. Bo. S Yovho, General Passenger Agent, at V Great Pennsylvania Route. Nssvooh UasiLiTT, Bbbieal WbaEBESS. etc.. (fin bt Cmui by one who has really sured himself and hand reds of others, and will tell yon nothing feat the tm(A address, witn staipp, ?dwabd H. Teavbb mar ) M* 'v Look Box, Boston, Mass. Disease* or tee Ncevocs, Bemibal, Ueibaet AED pexcsl SyeTsas?new aud reliable treatment? In Reports of the Howard Association?Bent bf mail in sealer* letter envelopes, free of charge. Andrei* I). J. Sklllln Houghton. Howard Asso ciation, No 3 Booth Ninth street. Phi wlriphlj Taicsuruf ill* esstHaib Dt* ieteb IFoblo ? ISrrrr hmdr* ot Wa ktt Out ? Upbau's Hair Dys, bu eenta * t><.i The beet in use. Try it. Bold by b. 0 Fi rd, corner Utb street and Penn. aveaue, Wsuhfn* on; ard Henry Oook, Alexandria gO-if HARKIBOi Rev. Mr. Sykes. SMITH K MUDD to Mim KMMi VIRGINIA GRINDER, both of this city. * At PHt?field, Maine. on Smdav evening, the l.'th instant. by the ltev. John Getchell. Mr JAHE* SOBblNH. of Washington, D. 0 , to Miss OLIVE [ PUSHAW, of the former place. * DIED On Saturday. May 21st. CLIFFORD WAYNE oJJRDON , ?on of Charles Gordon, aged 16 years. The funeral will take place on Tuesday. Mar 24th at 4_o'clock p. m., from the residence of hi" father, 2fi5 I street, between 17tb and l*th. Tne friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend. It* IT" ID WELL A HENDERSON, Is No. 367 D Strkkt, near NiHTH, Respectfully inform their friends and the public f:rnorally that they have now in store a well se ected assortment of WALL PAPERS AND WINDOW 8HADB3. ?which they are prepared to Bell at the lowest cash prices. Work done at short notice in the city or country by experienced workmen. Remember the place. No. 367 D street, near 9th, Franklin Hall Building. ap21-tf S iWj TEAMER EMPIRE HAS ARRIVED. ? Consignees will please attend to tie reception of their goods at once. ? MORGAN 4 RHINEHART, tny21-tt Agents. Ir>OR SALE?A handsome CARRIAGE and two fine strong HORSES, well matched. (TV The owner going abroad. To be seen in jWn the stable in the alley rear of H street, be- **** tween 17th and l?th streets, lower side, my 21-3t* CREAM SIRUP SODA WATER.-If you wish a glass of Cream Sirup Soda as is Cream. Sirup no milk?should call at Bosweir> Drng Store, where it can be obtained in all its purity. Also, a large and fine assortment of Fancy, Goods. Per fumery, Ac., which will be sold to suit the times. BOSWELL, Druggist, my 21 3t? Maryland avenue and 7th street. CARRIAGES! CARRIAGES! CARRIAGES I On hand, a large variety of New and Second-hand CARRIAGES of all descriptions, of the best make and finish, and will be sold at reasonable rates. Also, several -LIGHT KXVRKS8 or GROCERY WAGONS. xi j , Repairing promptly attended to. ROBT. H. GRAHAM. Coachmaker, nay 21-3t* 374 P, and 477 Eighth street. FOR THE POOR AND UNFORTUNATE, GRA tis consultation from 11 to 1, and gratis medi cines. Dr. BECHTINGH*, Formerly Surgeon in charge in the Austrian and Italian army, informs the public of Washington that be bas juBt arrived from Paris, and devotes bis attention to the treatment of all kinds of dis eases. Particular attention to females and private diseases. He converses in English, French, Ger man, Spanish and Italian languages His diplo mas from the most celebrated university of Eu rope hangs in his office. Penn. avenue, 002, near 3d street. Office hours, 9 to 11 a. re., 4 to 6 p. w. my 21-lw* Hotels and eating houses.?we have in store a superior sto<'k of OLASS-f WARE, CHINA. CROCKERY, OUTLFBY* and PLATED WARE, particularly adapted to thereof the above establishment, to which we invite the attention oi the p oprietors. Goods marked at fair prices, and : ? no cas- wi'l more be asked. WEBB & BKV ifiH iDd-E, my 20 Pt 604. Odd Felloes' Hall. 7th st. J^OR SALE BY LL A EATON, REAL STATE BROKER, AN EXCELLENT BUSINESS STAND. STOCK, FIXTURES, LEASE AND GOOD WILL. Business weM established and profitable, A rare opportunity is offered in the above sale to a man of energy acd business tact. Stock well selected and entirely new. The 6tore has been newly painted and decorated. A neat, well furnished BED ROOM adjoins the store. The whole-will be sold cheap. Terms: One-balf cash; balance 30 and 6" days. FuH particulars will be stated to purchaser and reasons for selling stated. FOR SALE A splendid BRICK YARD. for rent two well-furnished II0USE8 in good locations. nALL A EATON my 21 2t* corner of 7th and F streets. NOTICE. HERE Will be a meeting of all the housekeepfl ers of the District of Columbia at BONT7. A GRIFFITH'S HOUSEFURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, 369 7th street, btlireen I ami K. sts., to examine their immense stock of FURNITURE, CARPETS, 0IL C 0 Iiattings. And HOUSEFURNISHING GOODS in general! which they are selling at less prices than they can be bought for at the manufactories. They also make a discount of 10 per cent, on ml bills of $50 and upwards. _ . . SIGN OF THE HIGH AWNING BONT7. A GRIFFITH. 369 Seventh street, myC*'-f.t [ Alex. Gar. A Jonr.l bet. I and K sts. An elegant STOCK OF GOODS. The subscribers have now in store a most superb stock of DRESS GOODS of every desirable fabric, and the ireatt-r part of them having been pur chased at the late large ??l?-s made in New York and Philadelphia by one of our nrm, we are ena bled to offer a great many desirable article* at a verv moderate price; and we really do not think purchasers do themselves justice if they fail to examine our stock and prices before purchasing. We name in part a few very desirable goods for mourning.?which are scarce, and having a large stock on hand, we are selling them under the mar ket price: , Lupin's Black Crare Maret, 2 yards wide Lupin's Black Bange, 2 yards wide Lupin's Black Worsted Grenadine, 2 yards wide Fine Black All wool Lama Cloth 2 yards wid? Single width Crape Maret and Worsted Grena dines ... ,, Lupin's best quality Shalley Lupin's beat Florentine, of the best quality Twenty-five pieces Lupin s Black Bombazines Fifty pieces Black Alpacas, from 50 cents to #1.50 fifty pieces Black and \*hite Dress Goods in striped nnd check Grenadines Striped and Checked Mozambique* . Black and White Ginghams of superior quality Plain Black Organdies and Jaconets AH wool Black and White MouaaeUnes Plain Black Delaine.s, in single and double English Crape Veils in all qualities, and in the assortment are some of the finest we ha\e Black English Crape, by the yard, in all quail tieB" ALSO JUST OPENED One of the most choire assortments or LULUKKU DRFSS GOOD J ever offered in this market, com posing one of the most ehgant stocks of silks to be found this side of New York : , lMi pieces beautiful Grenadines, Florentines, and ^ piecesB3-4 and 6-4 Mozambiques in all of the most desirable colors in use. ALSO ON HAND? A splendid stock ot SPRING CA88IMERE3. suit able for Gents' and Boys' wear, which we are selling exceeding cheap, compared with the prices charged elsewhere One price only. All goods marked in plain figures at tl.c.l,ffcR A BRO.. No. 35. opposite Center Market. mv20-eo6tif between 7th and 8th streets. A RARE CHANCE FOR A PI-MON JUST GO A. in* into business. Two SHOW CABtB, also, two counters, suitable for a milliner or a Uncy Btore. Also, a lot of 1 BENCH FLOWBRS, ^f?'Ch will be sold cheap. Apply at No. 43i E street, near Sth m> 20 31 ? | ICEN3ES TO BE RENEWED. Collector's Office, ) United States Internal Rtvenv*. O.C naihmitton. May 19,18->4. J. I Persons in business in the District of Columbia are hereby notified that all licenses under the I United States Excise law expired May l^lS'vl, and must be renewed before Jun* 1st, ortherwise the penalties prescribed by law wUl be enforced^ Collector for District of Columbia. my 2D-6t Office 46* Seventh St., near h . DURE SODA WATER, WITn FRUIT AND CREAM SIRUPS. Drawn from MARBLE F0UNTAIN8, it WM. A. GRAY'S, Northeast corner Massachusetts av. my* and 4tS street. 2aaa WAGON LOADS OF MANURE FOR jUUU BALI. Hmdqvar'erf Department of Washmfton, ) af? cm Will be sold at public auctiop on SATURDAY, the 2t?th instant, at 11 o'clock a. m.. on the Potomac river, about seventy-five yards west of Uth street at out two thousand wagon loads of good ata ^ Th?*manure is accessible to teams, or may be i?"> ?' "iVlM I? OB SALE?Several very elegantly finished T French COUPEE8 Also, a nnmberA^gkjp of BRETT8 or OPEN BAROUCHES for^jagW^ f?Tbew (Tarrisges'are finished in the most superb manner, and would sutt eithef for pyivate use or for P??>Ucconveyanc^..LiNGKR HUNTER. mv 1??1? ?f H?Wfcrd *Bd ,r>Bkli Bllt^o^ CORPORATION OF- WASHINGTON SIX PER C CENT. WATER STOCK. The aubscribers have en sale Corporation or Washington 8ix Per Cert Quarterly water Stock, in sums of one hundred dollars or upwards. The entire amount of tbis stock is limited to ?1&V?0, for which the revenue from water rents (now rsr.v.s;" my Aiiftlca m Ct?soai?ioo HKCkwV U. &? 10-40 BONDS. These Bends are issued underthe Act of 0?>ngrt>?s of March 8th. ISM. which provides that all B..ud? ia sued under tbls Act SHALL BE REDEEMED IN COIN, at the pleasure of the ftovernmeut at an/ period not Us* than ten norm org than forty yn n from their dtte, and until their redemption FIVE PER CENT. INTEREST WILL BE PAID tN COIN. od Bonds of not over #ne handred dollars annually and on all other Bonds semi annually The in terest is parable on the first days of March and September in each year. As these Bonds, br Act of Congress. are EXEMPT FR?M MUNICIPAL OR STATE * TAXATION, their value is increased from one to three per cent, per annum, according to the rate of tax levies in various parts of the country. At the present rate of preoium on cold they pay OVER EIGHT PER CENT. INTEREST in currency, and are of equal convenience as a per manent or temporary investment. It is believed that no securities offer so great inducements to lenders aa the various descrip tions of C.8. Bonda. In all other forms of in debtedness, the faith or ability of private parties or stock companies pr separate communities only is pledged for payment, while for the debts of the United States the whole property of the country is holden to secure the payment of both principal and interest in coiu. These Bonds tuaybe subscribed for In sums from 960 up to any magnitude, on the same terms, and are thus made equally available to the smallest lender and tne largest capitalist. Ther can be converted into money at any moment, and the holder will have the benefit of the interest The Funded Debt of the United 8tates on which interest is payable in gold, on the 3d day of March, 1864, was f768 965.000. The interest on this debt for the coming fiscal year will be 945.93T 136, while the customs revenue in gold for the current fiscal year, ending June 30th, 1864, has been so far at the rate of over f 100,000,000 per annum. It will be seen that even the present gold reve nues of the Government are largely in exceBS of the wants of the Treasury for the payment of gold interest, while the recent increase of the tariff will doubtless raise the annual receipts from cus toms on the tame fimcunt of importations, to (150.000,000 per annum. The authorized amount of this loan is f 2f*\0fto,000 Instructions to the National Banks acting at lean agents were not issued until March 26, but the amount of Bond6 reported sold at the U. S. Treasury up to May 14th was 548,964,900. Subscriptions will be received by the Treasurer of the United Staus at Washington, and the Assist int Trtasirrers at New York, Bobtcn and Philadel phia, and by the FIRST NATIONAL BANK OP WASHINGTON FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BALTIMORE, and by all National Banks which are depositaries of public money, and all respectable banks and bankers throughout the country (acting as agents of the National Depositary Banks,) will furnish further information on application* and afford every facility to subscribers. my 18-1 w JL BALLS, PARTIES, &c. ?TOX OLD UNITED IN THB YIELD AGAIN SEVENTH GRAND PIC-NIC OF THK OLD UNITED CLUB, I. a: FFLER'S (14 K DE.V. bi On WEDNESDAY EVENING, Msy 25,18tU Tickets Out-Dollar, admitting a gentleman and ladies. my23 2t CHJURTH GRAND AFTERNOON AND EVE r KING PIC NIC BT THB McCLELLAN FRIENDSHIP ASSOCIATION, AT THE WASHINGTON PARK. 7th street, OS WBDNESDAY, May 25th, 1364. Tickets Fifty Gents, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Committee of Arrangement*. Al. Zimmerman, J. H. Fowler, Win. Moore, , Wra. Deck. my 19-6t* 3 B MEET AGAIN IN HALLS OF PLEASURE. SIXTEENTH GRAND MAY BALL ION. i or THE 8HI1LD3 CLUB Will be given on MONDAY NIGHT, May 23d, 1864. At TEMPERANCE HALL, E st., between 9th and loth sts., Washingto D. C. This being the last Ball of the season, we re spectfully request all who wish to participate to honor us with their presence. We pledge ourselves that nothing ahall occur to mar the pleasure of the night. Tickets, admitting a gentleman ana can be obtained at Tsmperance Hall, E street, be tween 9th and l' th sts. my 19-lt* flGHTH GRAND OPENING , _ L MONDAY, May 2d. of GEO. J U EN KM ANN'S /? - PLEASURE GARDEN.' corner of 4th and E streets Borth, , East Capitol Hill. Dancing every Monday afternoon. The Pleas ure Garden is so improved that it cannot be beaten by any ether of the same sort in this city, and can be truly recommended to parties and societies for pic nics. GEO. JUENEMANN. ap 29 Ira* Proprietor. LOST AND FOUND. (OST?On Saturday, May 21st. on Pennsylvania J avenue, between 3d and 4>* sts., a MASONIC MARK. (Maltese Cross). with name engraved thereon. The finder will be rewarded by return ing it to the owner. No. 52 Missouri avenue, be tween 3d ind 4Vi sta. It* 1EFT HtS HOME FOR SCHOOL, on the 13th -J instant, since when "he has not been seen, SOPHOCLES KEMON. aged 13 years; had on, w hen he left, black Kossuth hat. dark blue jacket, dark pants and purple calico shirt. Any information or securement of hint to his anxious parents, on M street, between 18th and 19th sts., will be suitably rewarded. my 23-2t* f OST OR MISLAID-On the boat between Belle La Plain and Washington, on the 2'tb. a \ ALIO E marked Lieut. John McHugh, company A. ti9th P. V.: also, a CORK BED marked Joseph McH igh Any one finding th# above articles,*>y leaving word where they may be found with D. W BLISS, sur geon in charge of Armory Square Hospital, or with JOHN McHUGH, Ward las above, will be suitably rewarded. JOHN McHUGH. my?3-2t* Captain Company A, 69th Pa Vols. HE PAY ROLLS advertised in the Star of the 28th ult.. as lost, have been found, and left at this office. The owner will please call and get them. my 20-3t I OST?O11 the 20th inst., on the train of cars J leaving Baltimore at 9 o'clock a. m., a MEMO RANDUM BOOK, of no use to any one but the owner. A liberal reward will be paid if left at 4 11 Pennsylvania avenue, corner 4)? street my21-3t* JT REWARD?Lost, on last Wednesday, a DARK BAY HORSE with strong mane and long tail. The above reward will be paid if returned on S st.. bet. 9th and 10th sts. my 21-3t* M- BROWN LOST?By a lady this forenoon, between C street, near 4^. and the Star Office, a small GOLD and HAIR HEART, of little intrinsic value, but of great value to the owner. The finder will be liber ally rewarded on leaving it at the Star Office couu ter. my21-3t REWARD.?Strayed or stolen last 8unday, a sorrel MARE, about 14 hands high, with her hind legs a little swollen and her left flank narked C. 8. A., and a C on her left shoulder. The above reward will be paid if returned to the corner of 9th street and New Jersey avenue, Navv Yard. [my 21-2t?) HENRY JONES. ?OC REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR TH recovery of a small BAY MARE, which was stolen from my pasture on or about Sunday, May 15th. She is probably not quite 15 hands high, 6 years oid, has a dark, silky mane, long and full tail, which ahe carrier a little to one aide, and carries her nose a little out when in motion. She has no white marka recollected, but mar have a small atar in forehead and a little white on one or both hind feet. She does not pace or rack, and lias never been broke to harness, out used princi pally as a lady's saddle mare. oha?. h. carter. Upper Marlboro' P. O., Prince George's county. Maryland : Or. JACKSON, BRO. A CO., my 21-8t* Washington. C^OCND?On my premiaea, a small BAY HORSE, r The owner ia requested to come, pay damages and take him away. JOHN McNAMARA, 624 Mass. av. bet. North Capitol st. and my 8 -St* New Jersey avenue. ?? e REWARD.?Strayed or stolen, on the '6th, a sor-el HORSE, branded on left shoulder **I. C. U.S.;" hair rubbed off the left side: light streak in his mane. Whoever return* him to his owner, WM. MYERS, Union Alley, between and 6th streets, sonth of N street, Island, will receive the above reward. my 3>-3t* *Qn REWARD.?Stolen from thy stable of Mrs. ?SU Boh layer, on the morning of the 16th Mar, 1864. a small BAY MARE, about ten hands high; white face; a saddle gall on her back; on the side of back few grey haira left from an old ore. I will five the above reward for her delivery to me at Irs. Bcfclajtr's, corner ?th and 1 Btrwt?. Navg 11^ WANTS. U-?miy uisn-WASiitB. AopW the * ' ibbitt Ileus-. my 21? 3t* ^ ANTKD.?SfTiriil ft-nt-cIsM V. Carpenters can obtain imiUHiittf emrlorraint. Apply at the counter of the Star. my 23 St' V\' Vi'"'"'?^ COOK . ill ??? 'GIRLS of all work, at good wair-s, by A. WrtiJIi. 435 E street, near 7th my ?)-3t* ANTE!/?A middle-aged WOMAN to act " coo* nD-1 housekeeper for a bachelor. Art dress" K. p.."Star OflitiP. my 21 2t" \\ ANTED?A BOY, with good referenda to attend a store?S*^?S Pennsylvania ?vrolit, corner of 1'thst. . It* VV ?-NT*l>-A SERVANT OIRLT-roTgpneral housework in a small family?44*S 9th street, opposite the Patent Office. my 23 3t* ANTED I MM EDI ATKLY?An assistant yge * table COOK ; woman preferred. Good wage* will be given. Apply at l-TRATTON'S Restaurant 6th street, corner Pa. av..up stairs. ray B-St* 'V* ANTED^Five flrstclass 110U8EPAINT KRS Steady wnrk and good wages. Apply at TH08. A. BROWN'S Painting Establishm?nt. No 1H La. avenue, between 4S and C_sts. my 21-2t* A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A S'TUA tion as chambermaid, or to assist with washing The best of city references given. Call at No. 190 F. st.. between 2l)th and 21st. It* ANTED? A GIRL to do the work of a family ** consist in? of four grown persons and three children. Wages no object to one having good recommendations. A German preferred. Apply to MADAME l'RINCB, J'2 Market J<pace. my23 it* WJ ANTED?A first-class OOAC1I TRIMMER. A " first-clan* COACH PAINTER, and good HORSE SHOE FITTER. Apply immediately, at MOF' ITT A CO.'S, No. 4T3 and 4T5 Eighth st.. nesr D. It* U ANTED?At the Refreshment Hooms of the Balti more Depot, a nettled W< iM AN. a* cook; she is only required to prepare two meals a day. Also, a Woman as assistant iu the kitchen, and two dining-room Waiters. To competent hands, go- d wages. my 23-3t* \\i ANTKD IMMEDIATELY?Three competent DRESS MAKER?. Those understanding to operate on Wheeler & Wilson's machine preferred. Apply at MADAME WUitTENBERG'i D ress and Cloak Making Rooms, 460 Pa. avenue, b"twe?n 4S and 3d streets. my 23-3t ANTED?A WOMAN, to cook, wash, iron and do general housework in a small family. Good wages to one who is worth it. W. E CHANDLEE, Vermont av., between 13th and 14th at*., my23-tf Name on the gate W ANTKD?At United 8tates Hotel, tw.. WASH >T W OMEN and one PORTKR. my2l-2t* w ANTED-Good OOOK and CHAMBERMAID. Apply at No. 7ft Missouri avenue, near 3d street. my 20-Jt* WANTED?A good GIRL, to cook, wash and iron, and do the work of a small family. Ap ply at No. 19 K street, Northern Liberty Market. my 21 -3t* 4)1/ANTED?A young MAN in a "utler's Store, * located in the vicinity of Washington A German preferied. Apply Jl5 F street, first floor, my 21 -at* WANTED- A first rate COOK; also, a WOM VN to assist her. References required, and good wages giv n. Apply at No. 4 1.5 E street, between 8th ana 9th. my ^l-3t* WANTED? Ten or fifteen WA'-IIERS a>id IRONERS, at the City Laundry, on nth street, near C. Also, cn> good c. iored BOY. from 15 to 2ii years. E. HOTCUKIaS. Manager, my 2v-2w* BOARD WANTED.?Two young conples are de sirous of obtaining >-'DR"4>~HKD ROOMS with BOARD, (together if convenient, if not, hupara'e ly.lina private tainily, or where ther* are but. few other hoarders. Terms not to exceed f'>0 i-arh. Addreis, with full particulars, K. II., Star Office my 21-3t* HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTKD?By an American WIDOW, either in a private fam ily or public institution; would not object to leave the city; would like <t ?u'niner resort Is a'-cus tomed to marketing ar.d the manag-menl of ser vants. Best reference given. Please aldress for one week. HOUSEKEKP KR. Star Office. my 21 - St* lA ANTED?A BJY?34 Market Spac*, b 'tw -e<i ?* 7th and 8'b sts. my2-3t* ANTED-Two DINING" ROOM-BERVAN -'S; a I so. a CH AMBER MAID. Apuly at rier.olon House. corner 9th aiid F sts my it* COOK WANTED-At No. 325 north B street. A first-rate cook. either whi'e er colored. Ap ply im mediately. Good wages given. iny 3t* VlfET NURSE WANTED-Must comTwell r?c " ommended as to character and health. Ad dress Box 23 Star Office. - my 2 - oo3t UL ANTED?A WOMAN, to cook, wash andiron, ** in a small 'amily, to whom good wages will be paid. Apply at No. 4 20 New York awnue, be tween 13th and 14th street^ my 2 -3t* W~ANTED TO PURCHASE-A BRICK HOUSE containing from 8 to 0 rooms. Must be sit uated between 6th and 14th street* and between F and M. Address Box 394 Post Office. myii-St* A BOY WANTED?Must write a good band, be business-like, and reside with his parents; not too far from the "ffice. Apply at thn Heal Es tate and Intelligence Office. No. 511 oth street, near Penn. avenue, west. N. H. MILLER, my 2"-3t* Justice of the Peace. W~ANT TO RENT. BY THE MONTH-A small KOU8E, furnished or unfurnished, in a re spectable location, suitable for 4 or 5 persons. If suited, would be permanent. Rent aure. Gas pre ferred in house and water. Or would have part of a respectable house. Reference given. Address HOUSE, at the Star Office. my 20 3t* WANTED ? By a private family, residing in Georgetown, a strong, healthy WOMAN, to cook, wash and iron. On account of their being three other colored servants in the family, a col ored woman preferrel; but to any faithful, con scientious, ti<ty person?white or black?good wages, kind treatment, and a good home will be given. Also, twenty-five more SERVANTS, for all kind of work, wanted. Apply to Intelligence Office, No. 511 9th street, near Penn. avenue. N. H. MILLER, my 2!^* Justice of the Pease. WANTED?An experienced American NURSE, from New York, wishes to make engagements in a few families as monthly nurse. Has ujo objec tion to taking care of an invalid. Can give h"st of references. Can be seen from U> to 4 o'cl?>tk any day. by calling at ta9 Penn. avenue}^between "?* WA streets, till June lat. mv 17-;w* Thirty good Granite stone cutters \WANTED. at the Caestnut street Bridge, Philadelphia. Wages #3 per day. CLARK. McGRANN <fc KENNEDY, my 12-2w Contractors, Philadelphia. W"ANTED~1mm"EDIATELY-200 LADIES to Embroider on Muslin, Linen and Cambrio. To good hands constant work and good wages given. Ladies applying will please bring samples of work. Apply at Wm. PRINCE'S Stamping and Machine Stitching Depot. 3S1 F street, opposite Patent Office fe IS '"anted! FLUTING! FLUTING! WANTED, Every lady in the District to know that 1 have, at considerable expense, had built a very elegant machine for Fluting or Crimping Dresses, Ac. Dressmakersand others ca>; have uny kind of goods Crimped at short notice, in as good style, and as cheap as in any o^iercity Ladies, remember this o t he only machine in town, and done at the only place to get stamping done. 3SI F street, oppo site Patent Office, Stamping and Machine Stitch lng Depot. my 3 WANTED?A white GIRL, to do houR-work for two persons; or a young lady can procure a good home who would do a little housework by addressing Mrs M. A. V., Washington Post Office my 7 en nan ladies wanted to call at ?)U,UUU PRINCE'S Stamping Depot. 3*1 F street, opposite Patent Office, and get their 8tamp lng, Stitcning. Picking and Embroidery dene. As there are other Richards in the field, ladies better look out that they come to Prince's, who is the only practical hand in the city. Be sure you go to F street, opposite Patent Office. mli 4 an" T E D ? SECOND-HAND FURNITURK Also. Mirror*. Carpets, Beds. Bedding and HousefurniBbing Goods of every description. R. BITCH LY 42* 7th street, mb t bet. G and H. east aideS BOARDING. BOARD.?Handsomely furnished HOOMS to let, with BOARD. Apply at 13* G street, betwe n 21st and 22d. my213t* ?>0ARDING.?Five or Bix gentlemen can be ac I* commodated with board in a respectable fam ily, at No 7'?!6 New Jersey avenue, at $24 per month, payable weekly. mv !8-eo3t* PERSONAL. PERSONAL?Two pents, sutlers in the army, strangers in the city, wish to form the acquaint ance of some young ladies, with the vievv to matri mony Plcane address, giving name and w here an interview can be obtained. Address W. II. AMES, H. JOHNSON, Post Office. Washington, i). C. my ii3-3t* ^ Election is coming and i wrsH all my friends and otkei'e that have come here since the war broke out. to get their citizen papers ro>ty, so there will be no objection to them voting. I an* a citizen for fifteen years, and could n9t vote here on last election on account oi not having niv papers here An affidavit that I made here under oath with witness, was of no account. my 2g-8f J03. NATHAN. PERSONAL.?A bonup of seventy five -7S) dol lars will he givpn to any r>ers?in who will se cure for the advertiser a CLKRKt?HfP inon-of the Government Departments, on or before the 1st of June. Address 8 M. B., P ?st Office, Washing ton, D C , stating when and where an interview niay he Lad. my 21-3t* A NOTICE. LL PERSONS Indebted to the undersigned wi 1 please call and settle their accounts. _jmy -J -eogt MURRAY A SEMME3. r^ARPETB! CARPETS! V OIL CLOTHS I MATTINGS! MATTINGS! AT BONTZ & GRIFFITH'S, 3 6 9 SEVENTH BTREBT. Bitwbbm I AND K Sthikts. k^-sign of THE HIGH AWNING. my 21 -Bt KKYSKK A CO. PHILADELPHIA ALB DEPOT No. 93 Lodihiana Atbsdi, ?> betweeb 9th and 1 tb ats. ALE BYTHK BAHKKLANI* HALF B.iRRRL We also invite the atteution of tfuttera and the trade to our superior B(>TTt.ED ai B AND POR TJCR, paoJu>4 aqA rMif for sUifiseat, _ nrl 3w* AUCTION SALKS. ,|1 Y J C MoG IKS A CJL. Auctioneers. H ANDSOME ON W? V\n*Ao' NE *R TUKCIV5 at PUBLIC AUO IURSDAY ArrW^?,;^ ?'<?*?* i, o-. tbe pretni*-?, n * J-fli' ?*,*d o. 24. Louisiana ?t?dfc,' '7 ". Mid fetitfa streets, a la*?& ?. _ r" SdJURSDAY ArTWnm*?*i *f,T &_?* .11 Lot Nil. I halfiod ? ,w w FOUR STORY BROWN FRONT ,?wEuLINO HOUSE, v priv.?A with large >i?d well a'raeg-d Offiass, wtv u } ntraoc*, r-audsxme Parlors, and OhssB*^. ? ? " isbed in the best manner with *11 the modern provements. a fine dee* lot. with brfek w*k? srcnnd. .. The location and arrangement of-this orcrff fty render it vary desirable to ProfessionalGentles#!. Turn* ofnlc: one-half cash, the remainder six months, with interest seeurrd by a deed Of tr-strn the pr?mi-es. Immediate possession riven. ? my.g-d J. 0. MoGUlRR ft Co., Aactt. JJY 1. 0 McGUIRE A 00 , Auctioneers. VALUABLE VACANT l*VTS ON N1W YOSK AVENUE. BE T * EEN 6 TU AN O 7TH 8fRJBE ?'? ME*T. AND 6TH STREET WRIT. BETWEEN 1. AM) M STKEE8 NoRTB. On WEDNESDAY APTRRNOON, June 1, *t fi o'c cck, on the premise* ??? will se 1, th* eastern part of Lot No. 6. in S?uare No. 450. f rotting 14 feet cm t> e ni'Tvb si if of New Yorfc avenue, between Sixth and Seventh streets west, and running ba^k lie feet, to bs divided into two Lots of 17 feet front each, IMMDIATILT APTIX. Part of Lot No. 21, and the waole of Lot N? 21, In Square No. 411. dividet into flr? L"t?, fro tin* each 16 feet 7 inches on the w^s*: sideot Sixth street west, between L and M s reets north, and running b?rk 116 feet to a 25 foot alley. ?Terms: One-third cash, the remainder 1b ill. and twelve month*, with interest, secured bya deed of trust on the premise. Conveyances and stamps ?t the colt of the pur ChmrtS d J.C. MoGUIRE A OO., Aaef. FOR RENT AND SALE. FOR RENT?Tift SECOND STORY of House 469 2d street south, Capitol Hill, near St Peter's Church. containing 3 rooons. my 23-2t* L>OR RENT?A small BRICK HOUSE, opposite r Patent Qffice,four ro-"mfi. Suitabie for offices or a small dwelling. Apply to JOHNSON A SUT TON . 620 Seventh street. ~ my23-3t* fOR RENT-A commodious and comfortable i BRICK HOUSE, with extensive grounds; healthy and eligible situation, within a short dis tance of the Capitol, and convenient to the city railrotul. For terms and particulars apply on the premises, 306 Delaware avenue, Capitol Hill. Try 23-eo3t* jV?R fAL>?A beautiful COUNTRY SE \T, con taining 22 acres, but 5 mile* from Washington; three-q?art? rs qf a mile from Bladensburg Depot. Ordinary improvements. This land is level and smooth. with several excel ent spring#; 20 tons of hay now on the place; 5 acres in wood?remainder cleared, first-rate garden land MITCHELL A SON. Real Estate Brokers, my23-lw* 8. E. cor. Pa. av. and 15th St. F'OR SALE ? 1*.000 cash will purchase th? stock, fixtures and furniture (with six years It asc at a nominal rent I of a 1'IRSTCLASS HO fKL, in Washington, D. C.,containing forty rooms. This establishment is conducted on the Kur ?p -an plan, ?.nd is thoroughly stocked and furnished w ith every modern convenience. Location the best in W ashing ton, with an extensive paying patronage. Oal! or address . MIT(JhELL A SON. Real Estate Brokers, S. E. corner Penn. ave. and 15th st., my 23-Ira Washington. D 0_ FOR BENT-Three UNFURNISHED ROOMS. Apply at the corner of 18th and K streets, No. 17*. V&r 21 3t L'OR RENT?One large FURNISHED ROOM. I suitable for one or two gentlemen. App'y at HEMl'LEU'fi Bath Rooms, 310 C street, hetween 6th and 7th sta. ray 21-3t* i^OU RENT?FURNISHED HOUSE, containing r ro< ms. with water and gas No 15tP?nn avenue, between 17th anrt 18th hH.. near the War Department A most defirable location for a den tist. inquire witbin. my 21-lt* I/OR RENT-A large FRONT PARLOR and r BACK hOOM, rn Urst floor, fold ng doors be tween The parlor can be used asab 'dro >m, if rc quired. Cooking done in the house if required A pplv at U street, between 19th and Jith; last oiu' block from the cars. my 20-3t* I'OR RENT?A STORE on Penn avenue, be-ween lltb and litb streets suitable for any light >-neinePP. Poss* t-sicn will be given immediately, i. tHe present occupant has other business to at tend to. Apply at 321, under Metropolitan Hall, we=t end. _ my 21 3t* F^OR SALE?The FURNITURE of a house con taining eight ronn s and HOUSE ?o let, pleas ajitly situ*'ed on New Jerwj avenue. Would answer for a boardinf-house or private family. Ii.quire at house corner of New Jeraey avenue 8>><i F street, middle door. my 21-4t* ?,'< OR SAL E~ A SPLENDID FARM OF '250 ACRES. Fifty acres t f it the best timber, good soil, twen ty acres meadow land. New BRICK HOUSE, Nine room^, cellar hall. two-story servant's house. Tenement House, five rooms, carriage-house. LARGE BRICK BARN, and other out-buildings. Splendid ORCHARD Charming view of the city, river, and Mount Vernon, fp wi any part of this place. It lies on the Potomac. ti\e mileE from Washington JOB SALE. A LARGE COTTAGE H0U-# On Cai'Hol Hill, with si*t?eu rooms. *cod we cistern, shade trees, grape vn A c,. ?nd is on the highest poiut of ground in the city. < uere is I2.ik*i feet of ground. O'ber buildings on tue place that rent for f2" per month. This pro pert > cm be bought at a sricrin'je. 10O OTHER H?>T .^ES AN D LOTS for sale, in all parts of the c t> I1ALL A EATON, Pi^^l Estate Brokers, my 21-2t" or. "to and F^ts_ T/OH~RENT?Three UN I CRN 18HED r6omV JL Apply at No. 49 *e*t 7tli street, between ? and T. [my 2D-'>t*J A. HKWMAYMt. FOR BENT-A TargFsfORE. by 5 For par ticulars inquire > n the premises, 310 I st-eet between 16th and 17th, West my 20 6t IPOR RENT?525 H street, between 6th and 7th r UNFURNISHED RO'?MS. en-wiite-or -ingle To respectable tenants they will be rented cb>iap none others need apply. tny 20^3t" F'OR RE>T?A part of a HO^SE in the country wltJh a garden attached, if desired. Inquire at Mr. H> ATT'S Store, Hyattsville .or Bladens burg.) five miles from W asbintfton, on the Rail ro?d to Baltimore. myan-Sf F"^ORRENT-ATargethree -tory BRIOK HOUSE partially furnished. Finolocation, all the mod crn in'pr vements Apply to F. W JONK3, Attor Ley at-Law. 6th street, between b and E. wy *? -3t* ?, OR RENT?The entire FIRST FLOOR of a pri I vate d welling; two parlors, connecting, large dining-room, bed-room, kiic' eu, and servint room, newly and neatly furnifihe1!. Gas ana No ^ Mi-ibouri avenue, between 4>? and Ota ste n?v 2t?-3t* iTTTb SAt-E-4 KAhE CHA NCR FOR B U<1 r KKSF? A hi.lf interest in a new anil spl ndi i ly fittrd up SALOON, including a halfinterest t a U?n yearb' lease on the whole huii'linir. Th bouse contains a lar^e dry Ctliar. al?o a tine kitchen, with atove, oookine utonHilH an?l croc* ery ?*v??ry description, snil&ble f<^?r Keeping firpt-claBS eatini?-hou?e. Ga^ and water on the preminep. Appl> at 44^ 7th fltre t, opposite th Patent Oflice. myJJO jit_ 4,'OH SALE?Furniture and Good Will of r HOARD1NO-HOUSE. containing 1 rooms an a number of boarders. Inquire second door froi 4>i street, on P street south, near Arsenal Gule my 19- w' _ i 100DCHANCEF0E AN INDUSTRIOUS BUSI II NESS MAN. WITH 8(^ME CAPITAL.-Kor ?A respectable and profitaoie Hl.i'lN in running c-ruer. thriving and larg. pronts R?a son for selling, sickne-s Inquire it GK'lR ii MM1N ELL'S, No -2 lr?'jjt'.i street. ay iWf KURAHLE HOUSE AND LOT FOR KENT. I have for rent a. tine Brick Dwell.x-g House containing y rooms, winter and summer kitchens closets Ac Tbe grounds are spaiiou* sni nlleit with choice fruit, fl< wcrs. Ac.: also a vegetable garden sufficient lor a large family Possestuo tirec ist June, and undoubted city refereucea re quired L.J. ROTH RUCK, 452 7th *t? mv 10 fit Opposite Patent Office. ? m?R s A 1 K CHEAP?The Hood-will. Stock and h Fixtures if the MON OMENTAL faOUSR the Ba tim< re Depot Inquire at 3a. Kttt-LY Provision and Liquor Store, comer ot 13,? ana streets. my 13-lw I^OR SALE-A SMALL "FARM of ,56 acre*, in A1 Montgomery County. 12milesfrom Georgetown, and 1miles from the cuial Location hen.thy New Dwelling House,(small).. Six acres in fineciil tivalion, and the balance in pine and oak timber In case the purchaser desires, 1 can Rell sixty aorrsad joining the same. WM. KILOOUK, my iH-ft* Trostee and Attorney. 317 7tn_?. _ A VALUABLE If A KM IN MONTGOMERY county. Md . for sale near the ith street road, and within 6 miles of Washington. It contains 10 acres of land. 25 of which are in wood, and the balance in a high state of cultivation, aaa w.-ll watered The improvements con?ist of two small l'rame dwelling tiou.-es and some out- houses; large orchard*? 1/tO aeacb trees recently planted out. It is opposite Silver Soring, and adjoins the farms of Messrs. Riggs and Honifant F. M ACE. Agent for the sale of Maryland lauds, 18-lw * 51 7 7t.h street. ?HtR ?SALE ?A beautifully located BRICK ' HOUSE, 18x32, e'gbt rooms and pa?age; lot STx*' to aa alley. Immediate possess'en?oniy **5,000 feet of Ground, fronting on P?. avenue, for'lease for tenjrears. . __ MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Brokers, my 17-lm^ B. F- cor. Pa- ?v *?>d "? IT1 (TR SALE?With immediate possession, a T PROPERTY fronting fi6 feet on ??treet.fty 140 deep. Improvements, * j:?". tn ih5 cottage 10 rooms; three sm^i hu ldings in the rear; good fencing, garden, frnit trees, ?c., lor ^' ^MITCHELL A 80N, it my 16-1m* southe**t oor. Pa^?v. s-aa^Win s*._ t?OR BENT-A delightful RESIDKNCE^^tb 1?'tw^'n?Gree^0r^nl1 Montgomery streets. 5K" RtoddSdrt. ;Syo?tS?r2? gf Jnne next. Tor termp^etiWrHWg" my F AUCTION SALES. rw tliw AlCtiM ItlM ?M first page. THIS AFTERWOOW AXU TO>MURRWW BT GRJCKN * WILUAMS, Auctioneers. Tfi*8ITA8V^9* OV1R THREB iOEU KATIONii mils On MONDAY, theA darof Mav i?2i T .h.ji Si ?ij.'Siai.'Vift? s.o?t vh^z^ kC- at 4 o clock p. m., od thr KtmiHi the follow in, .described property, lying and biing in tka Oount> of W?hin*tcn( District aforesad wit Part of k. ld?e Tract, beginning for the same at a ?ton? mar*."*1 the northeast corner or Ridae Tract at its JuBctiev"' witl1 St. Elizabeth tract, and theaea running by a nv **n?tic eoorw north 83 degrees uj i' minutes weirf k*ion? "the west boundary of said St. Elizabeth Tract andftolinfca to a stake, fhonce sooth 2? decrees and SO minutes west ? chains and so links to sT 'take, thence south 85 <*? nrf M minnt. ft rhkini ahM ka 1i?ka ? "M ?uw?vo iiui ail so aegreH ? . w ?"u?VW 9M| along said boundary line 8 chat.n" ?nd ? links to the place of beginning. being pa?"*H#l lines, con taining three aores and four pereV ?s, he the mm more or lesa. Terms cask. All conveyancing, ia^'oding rere nue stamps, at tke coat of purchaser. If the terms of sale are not complied ? "? ?? days after sa)e the trustee reserves the *".'ght U resell the property at the risk and coat of tW flavt purchaser, by giving three days notice of neb re sale in the Evening star. _ WM. MORGAN. Trustee. ap21eo4d? GRERN A WILLIAMS, Aucta. pr J. c. MoGUIRE too., Aietionwn. SIiES .*??$** HOUSE and NINBGOOD BUILB TION ISLAND AT PUBLIC AOC On MONDAY AFTERNOON. May 3, at? oV?<*. on the premises, we shall sell, original Lota Km. ?iq * i.,n ***< fronting to gather \ inches oa south L street between Si aiwt 4>, streets west running back J? feet 11 inches, to aW-foot alley, divided into Kt Building Lota on* of tkem improved by a neat and well bailt 'two ? .if! r m^- ^ linft't w>|ol? snrronnded with a p ^ *?* a.Qd well advaaoed s&ade trees. Title perfect. -Terms: One-half cash, tha remainder in six months, with interest, secured by a deed of trait on the premises .A payment of ?? on eaek Lot will he required at the time or sale. Conveys ncea at the aoet of tha purchaser. my.l8-?oAdy J. 0 McGUlRB A CO.. Aucta. JJ* J. O. McGUIRE A 00., Abotionaara. PUBLIC BALK OF VALUABLE IMPROVBIF TiSLANdV' C0RaER 0t 8IXTa AND D 8M.. By virtue of the order and decree of the Orphans* Court oftbe Distriot of Columbia, passed in tka mafer of Ann Ili.abeth and Mar/Ana Saras", orphans of Hansen Barnea, accessed. bearing data or tbe 16thi day of February, A. D.. 18&4. anl doiv conncirtd by the Supreme Court of the Distriot of Columbia in Oh an eery sitting, i shall off, r for sale at Public Auction, to the highest bidder, in front SLJb*Jff*9,!ae!? on MONDAY, the iSd day of Mar, 1864 at 61 o clock, p m.. tbe entiro undivided right, title, and interefctof the ssid Ann Kliiabeth an<i Mary Ann banes, ln'snt children of the said Han son Barnes deceased, of, in. and to all thatoertaia , ground, situate, lying, and being in the Uity of war h<ngton in the District of Columbia and ? .wn and drsig. ated as lot r umb-red twenty one (21) in 'Todd and Ou?neH'a" sub division of Square numbereo four hundred and sixty-five (465) of tba plan of the City of Washington with the imarove ment? theraor . consisting of a larce and conveni fn*,V*1. edwelling house. This valuable yroperly is situated on the corner of Sixth street west and D street south, in the 8eventh Ward, ia a healthy neighborhood and offers great inducements to purchasers Terms; One ha'feash: the balance in 6 and U month*, the pnrrhmer vi ving his note, or notea for the d?f. rred payment, with approved aecuribrJ bearing inte est from the day of sale. Title deed to be .e^a ntd until the whole or tha purchase mon?? is paid. All conveyancing at fie cost of the purehaaer n ^, ?, w J08IAH SIMPSON." Guardian to Ann Blizabeth and Mary Ann Barnea. At the earns time and place, and on the same terms mei tioned in the above advertisement, I an specia ly authorized to offer for sale the right, Utie sjid interest of James H. Barnes, adult heir of aaid Hana n Barnes,deceased. of, in.and to thethesaid lot No 21 in odd and GunneilV'sub division of Square No. <6o, of the plan of tbe City of Washing ton All convesanoing at th* coat of the parchasar JCfclAH SIMPSON Agent, my.12 eotd J Q. MoOlilKK & QQ.. Aucta. |?Y GHKKN A WJLLI?M8, Anctionears. VALTAB1.E BUILDING LOT ON 8RVBNTH. AUCTION N AISD ? BT*EETS NORTH, A? On MONDAY, the ad instant, we ahall sell, in front of The premises, a' ? o'clock, p. m , nart of P0!?0-^ in Square No. 423 havfng a front of 41 r-et 8 inches ou 7th. between N and0streetsaoitk. and It*"' feet deep The above mentioned property is beautifully ait oatelin a very desirable business location street railroad immediately in front ** Terms : One third cash, balanoe ia four, eight, and twelve months, the purehaaer to give notes far the deferred paymen-.s, bearing laterest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. my 18 d ORKKN & WILLI AM8. Aactt. J, 0. McGUIRE ft CO., Aactioneers. FCRNITURE.CeiNA. AN n GLAB8 8UPBRIOB PaIK OK . AKKIAOK H0R8K8, CARRIAGRB BARNES". KOBKIr, *o. #B US1 On TUESDAY MORN NG. May 24. at 10 o'clock, attl-e quarteri rf the late Col. Harris, Maria* Barracks, we shall sell? ' Several sup-rior marble top Chamber Suite* ia rosewood and walnut, together with other artiolea o' furriture. Handsome gr-en edge French China dinner and d ^ssert Ware cut-glass Ware, Parian China Ware, At 11 o'clock in front of the nreaises, a pair of superior long tail Kay carriage Horaas, seven year* ^ld, ^*11 ma'ched aid On' travellera. f.*ce lent open family Carriage, One clos- family Oa riage. Ore lesrher V>p Bugav Wolf Robe, single arid double Harhesa. Saddle. Bridles. Netts. B ankets, 4c. Terms cash. , my 13 d J. C. Mcl. UIRE & CO., Auctf. IN ADDITION To the above, we add a choice lot of WINES, tka private stock ot th * late Oou Harris, comprising 20 Cases ei'ra flt:e St. Estepfie Claret, 6 dozen choice Mad-ira, i'nporred from the Island of Madeira by Col. Harris in 1830. fl Cau.1 Imperial OI<mb**c??, 1 Case Cbas. Heid*ick do. pints. Lot of choice old Port Wine, Otard Brandy. Saata Cruz hum, Whiskey. Ac., Ac., Lot of various fine Groceriea. A I. 80, 1 superior %.sewood case Piano Forte, by " Chick enng," Larue Krench plate Mantle Mirror, Lot ?uperior curied llaii Mattresses, Bolsters, and Pillows, Fine enifra^ed Glassware, Antique, Terra Cotta Ware, Ac.. Ac. my vl 1. 0. MoOCIRE A CO.. Aucta. BY WM. L. WALL a CO., Auctioneers. 8. W. comer Pa. av. and 9th at. GROCERIES. ^ a't^I^TION3' AND T0BAC On TUESDAY MOKN INC. 24th inst , at 11 o'clk. we wilt sell at the Auction Rooms an assortment of Groceries, Liquors. Ac., comprising? ?arre s -nd boxes of Coffe?. and Chesta of Tea Box* s Brown. Yell< w and Castile Soap. Hexes Saleratus, ^eas" Powder, and M-istard Bronnis Tuba, Buckets, and Washboards. Baskets Flasks, and C ialOil, Boies Toba *o, Ch?wing and Smoking, 5<i boxes Sperm, Adamaatine and Mould CandlM. t> box-s Pepper Cinnamon, and Ginger. 3 barrels superior Apple Brandy, 1 pipe Holland Gin, ?< barrel old Monorgahela Whiskey, 60 barrels old Bourbon Whiskey, 16 octave Brandy, 1 bar/elaGin, 9 basket' Champagne, Boxes Bitters, Herring, and Beef. aLBC, 4 f.ot Clothing Small Stores, and Hats, Kegs White Lead, ana Paint. Sugar mill. Seal1" Oounter. Ac. v y 21 ?t WM. L. WALL Sc CO.. Auctg. I^Y J C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneera. " EXCELLENT STOCK 67GR?C?RIEa. LIQUORS, TOBACCO AM. SKGAK8 AND FRaMBSTJrM BUILDING AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On TUB-DAY MORNING, May24tii,at ino'clook at the store corner Fourteenth and I atrneta. wa shall sell, the entire stock in trade comprising? Susrars Coffees Teas Syrups, Soap* of various kinds. ?pices, Starch. Candles, Hams. Ush. Flour. Ac.. Ac., 'I ubs. Buckets. Brooma, Brushes, Cigars. T<ibacco, Snuff, A fine stock of Liquors, principally in wood, com prising superior Rye Whi key, Brandy, ?^1b. Bud; Blue: berry and Ginger Brandy, Port, Sherry snJ Madeira Wines, Ac., Ac. Store fixtures. Counter Scales, Ac., Ac. AT 12 O'CLOCK M. The Frame Btore Building, 2^by 2*. with an addi tion ife by i?0, to be removed wil bin three days af tar the Hale. IVrmscash. niy.S-d J 0. McGUIBBA 00. Aucta. DYGREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneera. A LOTION BALK OF HORSES COWS. WAGONS. CARTS OABRI *GB. HAhNESS, PLOWS,H** BOWS * CUI.TIVATOK.H, OARbBN HO?S. SBOVBLS. BAh EH OUtTINO BOX MILCH C0WS7AN;D HOUSEHOLD KUBWITUHB. On WEDNESDAY, the 26th instant, at 10 o'aloek Si m.,?t the residenoe of John Miller, on tke cor ner 3d and Q street north, (th>* Hag vlli defeigsata t he plsae. > all of his stock, ana ?Tard*n lmpleincnta. to the highest bidder, (of cask. myjl-d GREEN ft WILLIAMS. Aacta. |^Y J. C MOGUIKE A CO., Anotioaaara. BRICK HOUSE AND LOT Air?LjAOAWT U>T 0> K 8TRRKT NOR H BKTWBR s BBWJBB SEY AVENUE AND FIRST STRKET WRST. On THI R81 AY AFTERNOON, Mar*.at6o'elk. on tbe premises we shall aell, pa>t of Lat N'> $. la Square No <69 fr ntiug about 17 taetou north K at' eut between N%f Jeraey avenue and First at w^st and running na. k 161 feevll inckAs. iuiproved by a well boilt two atorv aud atlic Brick DwaJHag House, containing aevau rooms, veitk a pump of excellent water m the yard. . Also, adjoining oa tbe east a Vacant Lot akoat VTerma: One third )n cash, tha remainder ia ais ad4 twelve n oath a, with interest, saaurad bp a daad Of trust oa the premises ^ Converaaoes aad staaapa at eoat of tka purcha BAT jay.|9-4 9. 0, U0GU1M fc ??.? A?o*a.

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